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Tbe Adama Expreaa Company plana as dally
under obllatlona to it for tba very iaiw pp
from tba eastern cltiea.
- . r - ' -
tha 'Amrlaan ExpraB Company has our
cbaukH for Ita dally favor In the snap of the
very latest eastern paper.
Coort of Coimon Vita. Jadge Diciir.of
Koss couuty. is holding court is tbl city lo
place of Jndge Bates, wbo has gone to Chilli
cotbe to bold a term of tbe Ron Common
The following criminal oases were thai dis
posed of on Tacsdsyi " . ,' . . . .
In tbe ease of Jonn Johnson Indited for shoot
Ing with Intent to murder, the Jary returned i
rerdlct of ' Guilty." , 7 '. ' , ' 1 :
HiNftr Dobwart, against whom there were
pending two lodictmen'.e for assault and battery,
oleaded Guilt" In both oases, and waa And
$10 arid ooit In each:
In tbe oaoe of Rum Parker, indicted for an
assault with intent to commit murder, tbe trial
waa oommenoed on Tuesday afternoon, and yea
terday evening the ease waa, under tbe charge
of Judge Dioair, submitted to tbe jury.
IT Hon. Clinton A. Whiti, member oi
Congress from the Brown county district, and
late State Senator, 1 In the city on business
connected with' tbe military
Senator Gaiviild, of Portago, la also here.
He baa been appointed by the Governor Lieut.
Colonel of the 94th Regiment, andBamuel A.
Gilbert of Zincsvllla, Major of the aame regi
11 14 i
Nonet to SoaoioNs. The Board of Medloel
Examiners will meot at Columbua on Tuesday,
June 18, at two o'clock P. M. for the purpose
ot examining candidates for Surgeona and
Surgeon's Mates for the 0. V. M. ,
Certificates ot temperate bablts, of medical
graduation, of good - standing among medical
men, and.of, Are year praotlce for Surgeon's
Matiyana W year for 8ur'geon, must be filed
with tbe Secretary before the candidate can be
admitted to examination. ....... :.
Ia estimating experience, two year will be
allowed for every year of hospital attendance,
whether before or after graduation.
Allcacdldates must be In good bodily health.
CandWates are to be approved with reference
to the three yeare' tervice. Ten additional onea
ere at present demanded. It I hoped the Board
will be able to approve a muoh greater number
than tbi, so that the Governor may be furnish
ed with au ample contingent list.
Tbls notice must be received as. the answer
(0 all letter pi Itqoiry. . . , ? ,
'By order;"' i. . .. .. .
Camf Jacxson We paid a visit to Camp
Jackson yeeterday and found it bad assumed the
appearance pf a liberally aizd town, with great
uniformity of bouses, about one hundred and six
ty In number. . Il look as If the Intention waa
to buildup a permanent military establishment,
at a great expense. ;Tba' lame offioere arein
oommand as when tbe'Companiea first farmed at
tbe city Park, wist -
Col E.'Ai Kihq, Commanding, E..A. Denni-
S3K, Commissary; Thiodorc Jones, Adjuantj
R. E. Chamnon, Qaarter Master; M'.ik Simon.
Ton, -Assistant 1 Quarter-Master; Jonathan
NcttAMsa, Post Adjutant., .,.:-
These gentlemen appear to move along quite
well with the management of the Camp.
There are 27 compwie, on the ground, as
ibiioiTaV-,:.-;' T: : r:ir:' .
- ... , area
Captain Beanet.1...
Johnson .
8Ule..,.... 110
Moor .
, amoia ,.
; BltBS
, WotUr....
, Bmtt.
ZioBtrnukn.... ........
, siocnm
'ford..'. ...
" Pmllh
..;... 17
Agfrrejat number In Cifflp; 2f 1
We found Capt. Walcott, of this city, still In
camp. Threris something singularly strange
in the 'manner: in which ihe company of this
garlahi yoang officer has1 been treated. . It was
one of the very first companies organixsd, and(
for tome reason which requires explanation, it
bat been Muffled" about by the "powers that
be" up to tbia time, and 'note has no position in
a Regiment. We were rejoiced to learn that
It bad been assigned to the 83d Regiment, Com
pany At but since, it has been again thrown out.
Tbls treatment needs explanation. The Gov-
ernor nas appoiuiea tnoioiiowing omocri mr tu
93d Regiment; Mr. Rosiorans, Colonel; Stan,
lit Mathxws, Lieutenant Colonelj and R. B.
Hatis, Major. . .. i .
Thlaoreated some dissatisfaction In tbe Regi
ment, and the officers of the companies protest
eitothe Governor against It. They Insisted
that tbey should be treated as other Regiments
and allowed to eleot their own field officers.
The obfeotlon, we learn, was not to the officers
ODPolnted, but to being that officered, while
'other Regiments bad cleoted their own. -''
Tbe Governor, we understand, Insisted, and
weare not Informed otherwise than that the
Regiment submitted. ;., ,
- Colonel RosxcsANt and Matthews, and Major
Hatis, are here, ready to take command of tbe
RfMytmAni. I ' f '
It Is said by' thoie who' ought to know , that
Camo Jackson will won, be turned over to the
..United Statea authorities', 'v'l7m
mi i 1
. .in ,
J XT-A liotloeman ot J31nolnaati.nied.JlJtrrT'
it was stabbed by a man named Hooks In an
attVay on Monday .nlgutf Norrtia ' has since
died Of .the ; wound. Hoohis and two others
owcerned in the affray, have been arrested and
committed. ;; Hoaaie had been only one month
out of the Penitentiary, where he lerveda term
for a similar offense.
Orrtctss or thh Ninth Riowint. The
eleetttfn of officers for the Ninth (German) Tleg.
. itnent took plaoa at Camp Dennlson 'on Tues
day,' with the following retnlti Colonel, R. L
MoCoox; Lieutenant Colonel, BoNDtasHorv j
Major, Aooojt WatiQH. ;t'"',-;v
D The First Wisooniln Regiment, Col. J. C.
Btaikwiathis, arrived Jin Cleveland on Mon-
day evening, and left tbe same night on the C
IP. Railroad." . .
4 , OuiaiD to Maxcb. The NineUenth Regl
oe6t, Colt BfATTT, received order to aroh
"from CampOdJrd last night for the cat of
Gallant Exploit—Gen. Butler Captures
the Rebel Batteries at Great
Bethel and takes 1000 Rebels Prisoners
—40,000 Soldiers at Washington
City—Balloon Reconnoitering—
City—Balloon Reconnoitering— Regiments Arriving at Washington
to be accepted Without State Authority,
&c., &c., &c.
&c., &c., &c. [Herald's Special.]
WASHINGTON, June 12, 1 A. M.
A snealal messenger, who arrived an hour
since from f ortress Monroe, oring me intern
fence that General Butler this morning pro
needed with a large re-inforoement to Great
Bethel, and, alter a severe ngnt, captured ine
Kebel batteries one or aeven ana tne naiaaoe
of fonrteen suns and also took 1,000 Rebel
prisoner. f . . ,.
[Times' Special.]
Gen.' Blair bats Gen. Butler last night, aa.
aulted the enemy's works at Bethel, where
Brie;. Uen. fierce was rcpuuea, ana carriea
them bv storm.
Within the limits oi ine uanuai, mere are
now enoamoed and auartered seventeen Reg I
mente of Volunteers, numbering fully eighteen
thousand nicked men, thoroughly armed, eqnip
ped and provisioned, under the lupervition of
Uen. Mansneia. in aaauion, mere are sta
tioned on the blehte surrounding the city, Al
eandrla, and beyond tbe bridge, twenty other
full regiments, amounting to over 83,000 sol
diers, including Regulars, under the oommand
of Gen. MoDowell; making 40,000 men, besides
those sent forward yesterday, and those sta
tioned al the Relay House and at Annapolis.
Thev are competent for any present cmsrgenoy
in this quarter, ana reaay ana anxious lorousi
Tbe newly arrived Michigan 3d Regiment
went into camp this morning aoovo usorge
Prof. Lowe, tbe balloonist, la here, and bas
proposed to tbe Government a system ot ration.
noUerlng, whioh will be tested to-morrow. Prof.
Lowe will be accompanied by a telegraph ope
rator. The balloon will be held to tbe proper
hloht bv fiordi
'J . . f. . m t . .a
il win also be oonncotea wiin tne eana dt
insulated wires, which will be attached to the
recording maohine in tbe War Department.
Tbe operator in the balloon will thus communi
cate dlreotly with tbe War Department. Of
course, tbe same experiment will be practicable
in tbe field i the operator and balloon above the
contest, giving Information of all that was tran
spiring in the enemy's camp.
There la another movement of troone to take
place In tbe mornlns. Five Regiments are un
der orders to leave, and will do eo at once. -1
am authorised to state that tbe Uovernmentwlll
receive any Regiments that will come to Wash
ington. If Regiments eome on their own respon
sibility, they will be received, whether they have
the state authority or not.
Gen. Sanford sent back tome fugitive slaves
to Virginian masters, which causes a good deal
of dissatisfaotion. , , ,. ,
The propeller Resolute arrived last night.
She bad seised two schooners down ths rlvsr,
wblob had been carrying provisions for tbe en
emy, and burned them both.
No Truth the Statement of the
Capture of the Rebel Batteries at
Capture of the Rebel Batteries at Great Bethel--Postal Communication
with Mexico.
Nothing was heard at the War Department,
up to a lave hour laat night, of tbe defeat of the
KeDel roroes at Ureal Bethel by Uen. Butler.
There is no truth in the report
Postal communication with Mexico via. New
Orleans, having been interrupted, tbe Depart
ment has directed tha malls for that country to
be made up at New York and sent by every
steamer to Havana, in care ot the American
Consul, who will forward them to Vera Crux.
The Action at Great Bethel—No. further
Military Movements—Only 20
Military Movements—Only 20 Killed, and the Wounded not Numerous.
reus. , ,
Tbe steamer from Old Point bas arrived:
Tbe accounts of yeeterday of the battle of
Great Bethel embrace all the Intelligence re
ceived at headquarters up to the departure of
tbe ateamer.
No further military movements have taken
The Rebel oavalry and Infantry followed the
retreating troops in considerable torce as far aa
Newmarket Bridge, this side of Little Bethel,
inhumanly charging, in one Instance, upon those
bearing tbe dead and wounded. Tbe bridge
was burned. The enemy had in the action alx
guns behind a battery.
There were about twenty Federal troops killed
and it ie said the number of wounded Is not so
great as at first reported. -
Affairs in Maryland.
Two reasons are assigned for the non advance
Ot General Patterson's Division t 1st. That the
Legislature la In aetaion at Frederick, and that
a column from Washington must come by that
route. Tbey bope that the Legislature will ad
journ this week, and tbe Government desires to
keep tne troop out or Aiaryiana tin eiier me
Congressional election to-morrow. ' - -
The aotlon of the Maryland Hoose of Dele
gates, In Instructing tbelr United State Sena
tors to vote for tbe recognition of tbe Southern
Confederacy, has excited deep resentment among
the Union men in this portion of Maryland.
Many say tbat the Federal Government ought
to disperse the Legielature. ... ,
The Accounts of the Conflict at Great
Bethel Greatly Exaggerated.
A gentleman who came paesenrer from Old
Poiot Comfort tbia morning, and spent some
time at the Fortreee. during yesterday and Mon
day, says the passengers were greatly astonished
on reaching here to learn of the greatly exag-
Serated accounts relative to the repulse at Great
ethel. Up to tbe time the boat left last evening,
he wat In conversation with both offioere and
privates who were in tbe engagement. Soma
mortifioatton wae expressed at tha bad manage
ment of Gea Pierce, but none as to the extent
of the lots, which was thought to bo Isee than at
first supposed, or at the temporary advaatagee
gained by tbe rebels. - '
From Baltimore.
A says
fight at Willlamsport, between the Home Guard
and the Rebels, oontinuedall day. 8everal Reb
els were wounded and one killed.
Tbe President to-day called on the uovernor
of Indiana for alx additional regiments. ' -
The forcee nnder Col. stone bare concentra
ted four milea from Washington. t Tbe Cavalry
went ten miles further. : . ' '
The Regiment of mounted Riflemen and
four companies of Dragoons in New Mexico
have been ordered thence proDaDiy nere.
It is reliably aacertatned that the number or
Confederate troops hive been removing from
Harper's terry to Winchester, tnence to Manas
sas, as speeauy as iney can procure wagons.
One of Lieutenant Urtbies' men says lr an
order bad been given to advance Instead of re
treat, tbe battery would have been taken In five
minutes! tbat all but the rifled cannon baa been
silenced. As soon ss tbe order had been given
to retreat. Lieut, urebiee spiked nie gun, so
tbat If it should fall Into tha enemy'e hands it
would be useless, and was killed In tbe act;
Col. Bendlx'e Zjuavas sated with great, har
mony, and were with difficulty prevented from
storming the battery without orders. They
killed 6 Rebel outside the works. -
A Penisylvanta Regiment passed through
here for Ubemberaourg.
It ia not now believed there win be any
trouble at the el eotlon tomorrow.
From Cairo, Memphis, etc.
CHICAGO, June 12.
The Tribune Cairo correspondent save a band
at Rebela were captured at Norfolk, Missouri,
on Sunday, and were examined yesterday before
Uea. rrentlas. inevwere nuaiiy aieroenrea.
after taking tbe oath ot allegiance and sub
scribing to an obligation to be ready at all
timet to dofend the stars and stripes agalmt all
Evert thtmr ws ontet there.
One thousand Rebel troops were added to the
oamp at Union City yesterday. There are now
about 7,000 Rebels at tbat place. Tbe town is
in no way protected by batteriefc , - .
,Tba -steamer City el Altoo,-wlth two 00m.
Daniel of Colonel Oglesbv'a ReMm.nt' and 1
squadjBUrttUerjmen wU.,wo field plecei made
n excursion down the. Mississippi fl?e mile
hiilnir Columbn. Kentnckv. to dav. On return
leg, when near Columbus, some machinery
. . ... .... . ..... i .
the boat broke, ana we noai armea usuuru.
While tbe machinery waa being repaired, the
Captain of tbe boat, with three of tbe crew,
went ashore and out down a secession flag,
which was itlntr. and broueht It to tbl city
No attempt wat made to prevent their taking
tbe Big.
Ik la rnof ted b naaaeDfror who have arrived
rrom Uoiumbue since the wj or Aiiun itsit,
that a loaomotlve and cars were immediately
dispatched to Union City to convey Rebel troops
to Colnmbna. No Rebel trooo were seen
by the tbe excursionists bstwsen here and Co
The Memphis Appeal contains election re
turns from quite a number of precincts, but no
full oounties. Knoxrille gave but two seces
sion msloritv Cleveland, 13U union majority
Ploev District. 47 Union malorltyi Joneeboro,
95 Union majority. Tbe Western part of tbe
State went almoat unanimous tor aecesaion
Vote small.
Six hundred Arkansai troOPS. from Hondo-
mon, arrived at Memphis on Monday, on their
way to Virginia.
More Trouble between the Federal
and State Authorities in Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, June 11.
between the
Federal authorities was held In this city to-day.
Tbe State wae represented bv Gov. Jackson and
Mai. Geo. Price, and tbe General Gorernment
by Gen. Lyon and Col. Blair. The State au
thorities demanded tbe removal or disbanding
of Federal troops from Missouri soil, and the
State would disband the militia. Gen. Lyon
refused this, and the conference, after four
hours' session, broke up without oomlng to any
paoino oonoiusioo.
Gov. Jackson and Gen. Price returnod to Jef
ferson City by speolal train to-day.
From New Orleans.
A young man who left New Orleans on Wedi
esday last, reports that steam tow-boats were
preparing for privateers, and a large flotilla waa
getting ready to go down with the floating bat
tery and capture tbe Brooklyn.
it was asserted at New Orleans tbat 4U.000
troops were enosmped in the neighborhood of
that city.
Tbe New Orleans Picavune of tbe 9th. sava:
Two U. S. transnorta. one snnnoaed lo h tha
Empire City, and said to have bad 1S0O men
aboard, arrived oil the bar yesterday afternoon.
Gen. Twigge bas Issued an order prohibition
all kinds of vessels to pass by Fort Jackson
wiwout tne uoveroors written order.
Alleged Agent of Jeff. Davis in the
Steamer America, for Europe.
BOSTON, June 12.
the following dispatch :
" Niw Yoax, Jane 11 To the Chief of Po
lice, Boston: Wm. Trappenan, a Captain in
the Confederate army, la to sail on the steam
er to-morrow (Wednesday.) He is the bearer
of diipatcbes from Jeff. Davis, and also a com
mission for privateers. These papers ought
to be secured." 1
"Supt. of Police."
In the absence of tho U. S. Marshal and
District Deputy, Mr. Amee, with a posse of
police, visited tbe steamer Amerloa, and after
muoD trouble, discovered Trippman, and asked
to see ble papers. Mr. T. was indignant, de
claring himself to be tbe Prussian Consul at
Charleston, at be was recently, and producing
bla papere in evidence of tbe fact, signed by
Franklin Pierce. He also exhibited a Daaanort
signed by Robert Banch, British Consul at
Charleston. He also bad papers showing that
be was tbe bearer of dispatobes from Lord
Lyons to tbe British Government, and threat.
tentd tho direst vengeance of tbat Government
if he was Interfered witb. His state room wae
searohed, but nothing of an objectionable
cbaraoter was fonnd, and be was'allowed to 20
In tba steamer. Upon returning to his oSice,
Mr. Amee found the following dispatch.
"Niw You. June 13 To the Chief of Pa.
lice, Boston 1 Arrest and hold Wo. Trappman,
of Charleston, S. C , for treason. He is to eail
in the steamer to-day. Secure hie papers. By
order of tbe Secretary of State.
"Superintendent of Police, N. Y."
The dispatch came too late, aa the steamer
naa taiiea.
Proceedings of the Western Virginia
Proceedings of the Western Virginia Convention.
WHEELING, June 12.
The Western Virginia Convention met in
thii city yesterday, and after effecting a tem
porary organization, adjourned to meet this
morning at 10 o'clock.
About 40 counties are represented. Dele
gates are apportioned to each county on tbe
basle of Its representation in the legislature.
Arthur J. Bovemau ot Washington county, was
chosen permanent Chairman, and delivered a
patrsotio address on taking his seat; reviewing
tbe aottcn of the '.Richmond' Convention, and
tbe Ordinance ot Secession, and exhorting tbe
members to firm, decided and, thorough ao
tlon. ' ....
. Tbe delegation from the different counties
were s worn inby the folio wiog oath 1 "We solemn
ly declare that we wlllsopport tbeConatltution of
tbe United Statea and the laws mads in pursu
ance thereof, as the supreme law of tbe land,
anything In the ordinances of the Convention
that aerambled In Richmond on the 13th of
February last, to the contrary notwithstanding.
to help ue God."
1 be taking or tbe oath by each delegation
was very Impressive, end convinced all apecta
tors that the Convention meant business.
The programme marked out by tbe Conven
tion aeeme to be a provisional government for
the whole Slate; the deposition of tbe present
State authorities, who are in rebellion) and an
entire re-organliatlon of tbe municipal govern
ment. No diversity of sentiment on tbls pro
gramme baa been heard among tbe members.
Air. Carlisle onerea a resolution, wblon wae
unanimously adopted,' of thanks to General
McUielian tor sending tne federal troops Into
Western Virginia, commending tbe gallant con
duct of the troops at Pbillipol, and compliment
ing toe bravery or uot. 0 r . Kelly, or the 1st
Virginia Regiment. '
Wm. Dorsey, of Monongahela, offered reso
lutions, deolaring that It shall be a cart of the
business of tbls Convention to make tbe requi
site preparatory arrangements for a separation
from Virginia, and tbe formation of a new
State, composed of tbe counties represented
here; said preliminary arrangements, when
completed, to be submitted for approval to the
Legielature now convened In this olty, as tho
only loyal and legitimate Legislature of Vir
ginia, and thence to the Congress of the United
This mode wsa preferable to reconstructing
the government of Virginia, is equally legal,
and relieves us from tbe overburdening Utate
debt, no part of which Western Virginia owes
in equity, and or tne no less aisaitrout conse
quences of repudiation.
1 hese resolutions, at tbe request or several
members, were withdrawn for tbe present. -
After tbe appointment ot a committee 01
thirteen to prepare business, the Convention
adjourned, to meet at ten o'clock to-morrow at
tbe U. . court reoma. - - ,:
Pennsylvania Congressional Nomination.
i DAM on
SCRANTON, Pa., June 12.
At the Demooratlo Convention held at Wilkes
barre yesterday, H. B. Wright was nominat
ed to represent the ixtb District in congress, in
place of G.W. Scranton, deceased.
Death of Gen. Keim.
NEW YORK, June 12.
General George M. Iteim died at Reading,
ra., on Monday nlgnt. -.i .
War Steamer Appointments.
BOSTON, June 12.
The cfloeps of the steam frigate Susquehan
na, who resigned after she reached this port,
learned to-day irom Washington that tntir
names had been stricken from tbe Navy roll.
It Is rumored tbat Cant. Chauncey, wbo it on
the retired list, bas been appointed to command
tbe Susquehanna. Bhe Is coaling, and w 111 be
readv for eea in a fee days. 2 "
Tbe uoioraao nas received ner oranance
stores, and will sail soon.
NEW YORK, June 12.
. Tbe North Star has arrived, bringing Caiifor
nta mailt to May JU n4 apseie. ; ; , ,
Dispatches from Washington.
[To the Associated Press.]
Aisuranoe have been received from Belgium
that sbe will not recognise tbe Confederates.
Statements of the Rebels Of supplies of arms
from Belgium are greatly exaggerated.
Tha three months' militia and three veers' vol
unteera will be paid at onoe, to Include the Slat
or May Wltb tbia view, tne commanding ol
fleera of these troops will cause dnnlloate mus
ter rolls to be made out immediately, which
they will forward to the raymaeter ueneral
In this cltv. and upon theae rolls the cflbers ol
tha pav department will pay In lull, leaving anv
stoppages to be deduoted at a future payment.
Tbe Utate ot Missouri naving oeen aaoea to
Gen- MoClellan's departmant, ibo bead quar
ters of the Department or the west are re
movad from St. Louis to Ft. Leavenworth.
The Improbable rumor thai Uen. Bailor bad
renewed tbe battle et ureal cetnei caused in
tense excitement throughout the city,
Lieut. Butler brought omoiai aispatc&es or tbe
encasement under Urlg. uen. fierce, ine
do not essentially vary from tbe published ac
counts. It la therein stated that of the four
teen Federal troopa killed, eight fell by tbe
banda or friends by misiaae, as neretoiore
explained. Tbe number of tbe wounded was
rorty-nve. .'
Tha il,mmnt hai ordered the Conitmntlon
of one thousand armed wagons.
It is thought Col. Keyeo win be appointed
General In the
[Herald's Special.]
Annatolis, June 11. Maj. Morgan has ar
rived from Centrevllle wltb one hundred and
aixty men. He had a skirmish with the enemy,
and captured live nunurea sima or arms and
two prisoners. . ,.ri
[Special to the Tribune.]
The columns of General Patterson marching
forward will add so much strength to the de
fenses of Washington, that to aaaailit witb anv
force at the command of Beauregard will be
Tbe Convention at Wheeling will give a fresh
impetus to the Union sentiment in tbe border
States, and the repairing of the Baltimore k
unio Kaiiroad win supply faculties or transpor
tation from tho west, whioh will bind tbe com
mercial men of Baltimore to tbeir correspond
ents. Letters are received In this citv almost everv
day from Kentucky, lull of the strongest Union
sentiments. They ask for arms, and say that
oompanies of true Union men are forming, par
ticularly in the central counties of the Southern
tier. -
Captain Magruder's command was encamned
a few miles beyond Rockvllle, last night, near
the New York Ninth and Pennsylvania Artil
lery, 35 miles hence towards Frederick, which
Is their destination. All was quiet when tbey
entered Rockvllle, although threats occasioned
the cavalry to load tbelr arms. Col. Stone's
column hss probably reached Leetburg.
ine rresiaent having accepted tbe five regi
ments of volunteers under Gen. Sickles, sn or
der was to day issued by the Secretary of War
to muster them into servioe for three years or
the war.
[Special to Post.]
Tbe seeession papers of Baltimore are mon-
trouslv falsi fvini the affair at Bethel. Tha
Sun says 1,000 men were killed and wounded.
I beae misstatement are doubtless Intended to
influence tbe Congressional eleotion in Mary-
iaou, wmon taaes piaoe to morrow, roe Uov
ernmenl ie fully prepared to check soy outbreak
In Baltimore. In H. Winter Davis' district the
vote will be olose, but It is believed be will be
Private advlcea from Eiatern Tennessee aav
the Union men there are fully determined to re
atst secession and take up arms to defend tbe
Government. .
Six steamere are now at tho Washington Na
vy Yard, fully armed and with steam up, rsady
to start at a moment's notice.
The Federal troops are eradnallv - Bushier
their way in the direction of Fairfax Court
House, strengthening their Hues of oommunl-
Lcatlon as thev so.
ruty tnouaand cartridges were Bent to the
Relay House to-day, -Reports
from Kentuckv sav tbe secessionist
there feel confident of driving that State out of
me union at tne proper time.
Tbe Poet Office Department ia perfecting
pou vrDge.uita lor western Virginia.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
Oar informant, who waa In the first engage
ment at netnet, states positively that tne report
of tbe cannon belonging to tbe Federal forces
being tukcu la ialie. Tbey were moved oacB
with the troops, snd tbe latter retired In good
order, only regretting the want ot ammunition
ano tne lau ot Lieut. Urebbie, wbo inspired
tbem mi.f. than any other officer. I have no
doubt th.'. at least one hundred were killed on
our sid' , as will appear when the detailed re
port Is received No donbt tbe heavy loss of lile
waa due to tbe fact that the troops bad literally
to act without a leader. The general opinion is
tbat tha Ignorance of Brigs Her General Pierce
calls for a prompt court-martial. .
Un reoeipt ot tbe news from fortress Monroe
a special meeting or tbe Cabinet wat imme
diately oalled, and remained In session nearly
two boure.
Marshal Kane, of Baltimore, has sworn In
1,000 secessionists ea speolal patrol-men for
speolal duty on election day. This Is 600 mors
than have ever boen sworn before, and It looks
bad. There Is reported to be a secret band of
3,600 men with arms, wbe are ready to rise
against the government as soon aa the Federal
troopa meet with tbe first defeat. It la aaid tbe
U. S. Marabal, Bonifort, of Maryland, will ab
sent himself from Baltimore on election day,
and leave bie department ia obarge ot hia depu
ty. Some say it Is for want of nerve. If 'eo,
tbere are signs of trouble.' '
Congressional Election.
BOSTON, June 12.
The vote in the third Congressional District
yesterday waa very light. Judge Thomas wss
elected by about ten to one.
Additional by the Adriatic.
Tbe London Times has an editorial on the
speeches of the American Ministers and others,
at tbe recent meeting m rans, cnarging tbem
wltb groundless lrritaoiiuy ana anger egainst
England. It also alludes to tha violent ani
madversions of the northern press towards Eng
land, and eays ths Unionists are In fact enraged
because Great Britain pretumss to be neutral.
It adds "li this be tbe temper or tbe Northern
frees now, what will it become months bonce?
t le plain that the utmost eare and circumepeo
tlon must be used by every man and party In
England to avoid giving offense to either of the
inoensed belligerents." -
Livebpool LOTTon mabket, Monday June 9.
8alea to-day 10,000 bales, including 9.000 to
speculators ana exporters, martet closlte quiet
sod steady. No market aince sailing of tbe
arable, frivate aavioee were favorable.
Livaarooi. BaiAMTsrr Markit, June 3.
Market generally dull. Wakefield, Nash &
Co.. Stewart & Co. report flour dull. Buvers
dread reduction. ' Wheat quiet, but quotable
at unchanged prlcea. Corn Quiet: mixed 31s.
Provisions generally quiet, vanoua circulars
report beef and pork ateady. . Bacon heavy and
almost unsalable, . Cheese has slightly declined
Lard dull. Tallow dull. Sugar quiet. Coffee
nulet. Rice steady. -
London jUARxrr, jane a creaastuna auu.
- " n . an . ,.
Wheat has a deollnlng tendency. - Sugar quiet.
but steady. Coffae and tea quiet. Rice firm.
LIVERPOOL, Tuesday Evening, June 4.
Cotton Sales of 15,000 bales, lneludlog
7,500 to speculators exporters' market olosing
firm and active. - ' - -;
BatADiTorrs. Flour very dull. Wheat doll
and has a declining tendency. Corn dull j
mixed 30a. 60318.
London, Tuesday June e. consols cioeea at
SOOyUK. American ttocK sales or Kris K
K. ana XI snares iiiinui iwntrat u ui
oonnt. . : t : : : ,,i ; t -j
Eighteen horses ran for the Derby. Kettle
Drum won by a length. Dundee a blaok horse,
eame In seoond. , v; j , rf.vl, .
From Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, June 12.
About two hundred State troop were eent
from Jefferson City, down tbe Paclnc Kaiiroao
laat night, and part of the Gasconade bridge
thirty mllee this side of Jefferson City, waa burn
ad hw order of State authorities. ?.
Tbe telegraph wlree were out a short distance
from Jefferson City, and operators forbidden to
I i .V. ... - - -. ; ,-
maae repain vt vvue.
" - ' : :l
The New U. S. Senator from Illinois
SPRINGFIELD, Ill., June 12.
O. H. Browning baa been annoloted Seoator
by Gov. Yatee, to fill the vacancy occasioned by
tne aeatn or oenator uougias.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, June 12.
f L0TJB Uarkat baavv, ansattled and So lowtr. Tbtr
lis awlirilt x..ort aod home trad demand. Iilu
ISOO barrel! at 4 74 HO foraniMrfln atitai 14 MX&
9 10 lor eitta iiata; 14 704 80 foruptr4n (4rui
4 65(31 10 for oommon to mtdlum extra ereetern ; $S DO
wo 3 Mr enippiof branss extra round Hoop Ohio, and
5 45 7 for trade brand! do. The market oloatd hear
and drooping. Canadian floor hear and oommon It
lover. Ba'ci 7.8V0 barrele at 14 S&&7 SO for common to
enoice. xxtra Bye Sour eeMlog In small parooli at S3 10
COBNMEAl, Hear and drooplnr.
WUISKY-aiarket a elude Aimer. Salea 400 hernia
at iiittWiuxo.
nuKAT uooa aonnaaprlos srarae and wanted for
expoit, at full prlcae; wblt and prett much all other
kloda are In fair supply and rule batty. Balee 3S.OHO
bnebtle Chlcaio aurlai at 81K4S1U1. 14 000 bubele
sorinwceiern oluo at S I ul Oil; 19,000 bnebtls U Mine
epnngeifiiwgii ia; Ja.uvu nuehols Boeound Mll
kM slab At Mjut): 4HO0U eound do It II IlkAl IS
81 OOO biuheli Amber Wieooniln at tl 1'OJSl 18; 18,100
nneaeis winier red weeurn at VI 30; 4,000 botbala while
weatero at 81 40SI SO; 8,400 buthele Canadian olnb at
0 1 io, ana SMI bushels good white Kentucky at 11 103
A ,11.
BABLKY Dull and nominal atSS90So.
CuhN Then ta nntt tood bnilnaM dolni. ehiaS
home o ineamptlon. and the market li without lmnorlant
ohangt. Belee 143 900 bnehelf at Stt44o for new mixed
weetarn) 4448o lor welters J.llo , and 40o for white
OATS-Plenl and doll at t0232a for weetarn and
uaaadian; axMQBia for itai.
JfOBK -Dull and beary. gales 480 barrels at (IS 75
for meiel 1 10 75 1 1 for prime .
BKKIf market dull aod nominal at 14CB5 50 for
country prune; S5 50as formeia; 1 10(311 lor repack
ed weelern,andS:IS852IBS0 for extra prime. Meee
beef quiet and nominally anchangod. Beef bami quoted
at SIS 50 14 50.
CUC HEATH Dull It 525 Wo for ehouldera. andflA
o40 tor name.
LAKD- uulte dull, wlthaalee 100 barrels at BWosOko.
UUTTEB-Iaselllna-at bill3a for Ohio, and SA15o
CHBK8E-Steady at 57o, at In quality.
COrjES Bio very Una and fair butintai: other de
scriptions without Important change and In moderate
rtqueet. Belee ISrOO bage Bio at II 14 300bagtUguyra
1KSI4, ana nw bags at l3X914o.
BUOABBaw U mora aotira and nrlcea tun advanced
fully Ko Pr pound.
MOLABBEs Holders atlll verr Arm. lnelitlna- noon
higher prion. Laet aalea at UiW for 0 aba Uueoovado,
loujw? ror rorto moo, and socsiaj tor new Orleans.
BTOOKS Btradr without aoilrllr. Chlcura a Bock
Ieland 34X; Ohlcaao aQulnoy SIX. Galena fc Chleaao
58X1 lUnoll Central aorlp Mif; Harlem 10; Budaon
New fork Central 73X i North Carolina 6'i SDit Hie
sonrl S's 374,; Virginia 8 41K; Tcnnceeec S's 34X(
LKmislanaS't 94; Indiana 5'a 7B: United Bute SlBiX
U&ludBtattitt'sSl; do. regiitcred 83J.
Cincinnati Market.
There eontlnnes to be nolhlne more than a retular
consumptive trade doing In flour. Bayers make their
bids at lower price than for a aey or two put, and treat
toe maraoi witn id inainoranc of those wbo expect to
have their own way. Superfine U quoted at tt 4lXi4 50,
but can probably be boigbta little lower; Extrae range
from 4 SO to 14 75, and family from SJ4 85 to (5. Toe
oetabltih.d : faneyl brands are atlll kept at their old flguree,
BJ 10 9 .
Wheat seemi to have been cneckad to-day In tbe down
ward tendency of the tut law days, asd buyera took hold
more freely to-day thin for some lima put, at prlcea
rasglnr from SO for Bod to tl for White, aod tl 18 for
choice Whit. Tbe market doses firmer but at no ad
Vanecabov yestcrday'e figure.
Corn Is In bat moderate requtit and Nil slowly at
Oats are eailly had at 85 cants In balk, receipts being
Ther an ecaroely anv ouotatlon for Barlry. Since
there It no Inquiry forlt, 60o I the nominal flguree.
ay wu taaen lo a email extant to-day etouo. ueitaea
tbl It hudurini the week bo Terr dull.
Whinny (tana more nrmly at ixo, manarestaranaetm-
log to bar reduced their operation mere manly to con
form to lb current want of th trad. Cincinnati
tomnuralal, yunt IS.
Cleveland Market.
Cleveland Market. June 11, 1861.
ILOCO-Sale 40 bbl extra at 14 80: S bbla rd
doobl extra at $i 1SJ,, and 80 bbls whit ditto at
9 9
WHEAT Dall and inactIT. Ho tale ol red are re
ported. S car whit sold at 1 1 15.
uutin itaotiT at 3io.
OATS Inaotlr.
HIOHWISBS-Qntrtat 13Kc
aOaS Bale In email lot at do.
DCTIEE Bile 10 kegeet 10c.
rlDEB Sal 1000 lbat7o. '
Look to Yoosselv in Time. How many, in
conseaaenee of a false delicacy suffer from
seatai,-eaiaal er- cbitrucitd nunstraaden,
and think because thev are voang that bve and
bye nature will work Itself clear from obstruc
tions, ana au eome ngnt in tne ena, uttie oream
inr that tne eeeda of death are already germ
inating: in ibe system because tbe vital ener-
sles are impaired, and tbe entire animal econo
my deranged, debilitated; and yet, careless of
themselves as tbey otrw, ir a romedy at
before tbem which would restore all tbe fono
tlons of the eystem, and re-invlgorate tbe body,
they would take it, and tbus be in time to save
tbelr Uvea. Parents, think of this, and at once
give a bottle of Prof. Wood's Restorative Cordial
and Blood Renovator. New Yoik Couitn.
Tng Little Giant Not Douglas, nor Breck-
inrldge, nor even "Old Abe," but Jamis Pile's
Dietetio Saleratus, tbat in ita own department
possesses more strength and purity tban all ol
them. All other kinds are pigmies to It. De
pot, 345 Washington Street, New York. Sold
by grocers everywhere.
Rail Road Time Table.
Lirru Miami fc 0(umD Jt Xama B. B.
Leaves. ' Arrive
Cincinnati Accommodation. 8:03 A. M. 0:10 P. M.
Xznrcaa 11:40 A. JU. ll:i9 A. Al.
Hall and Accommodation.. 0:10 P. at. 8 00 P. al,
NlghtExpm via Dyton.l:00 midnight. 3:S0A. M.
Jso. W. DontRTT, Agent.
Ooukios It OuvtLAiro B. B. ,'.
Night BxpreH 3:40 A. M. 11:15 P. at.
New Tort Bxpreee... 11:10 A. At. 10:50 A. M.
. x:ju r. aa. :au r. m.
Jambs ParrDteos, Agent.
GaktBalOhio B.
No. 3 Kxprea
No. 9 do .....
3:30 A. M. 11:25 A. V.
8:15 P. tl, 11:45 A. 11.
W. J. Vsu, igent.
PiTTaacaaa, Colombo k Oukwwati B. B.
Hall Train 3 3AA.M. 11:2JA.M.
Bipree Train .. v 1 1:M A. at. 8:45 P. M
Jo. Bosirtsoif, Agent.
CotoNsce c IwDUMorou, B. R.
(OoLoasc f iua a ikouka it. u. )
No. 1 Xxnnss 30 A. M. 2:00 ?, U
Ho. B " 3:00 P. M. 8:4S P. M.
Accommodation 10. 50 A. M.
' 0. W. Emitr, Agent.
Maili for Maw York Oltr. Boatoa. Albany. Buffalo,
PltUborch. BteubenvlUe way. Oleveland, Zantsvlll,
Newark, Qranville. Weahlnfton Olty, Baltlmor, Phila
delphia and NawOrltana, olo daily (Sunday xcpt
d) at 8 o'elook p. m.
Athrongn mail lor new xoraana uievaiana siam
dally (sandaya excepteaj ai a ooioc p.m.
O.O.fcO.1. B. Way Hall olo daily (Sundays ex
aantadl at B otalMk B. m. -
Central Ohio Way Mall dote dally (Banaay esxepwa;
ai 10 a'elock a. m. .
Cincinnati Way Hall cloaei dally (Sundays exoepted) at
10 o clock a. m. -
Chlcuro. Dnbnan. Deli war, alanon ana nonninir-
ton Hall olo dally (Bnndays xeptd) at o'clock
, m.
Mall for Xcnla. Borlnrfletd. Savton. Toledo, Clnoln
nail, Indianapolis, Lonlrvllle, Bt. Lout, aod Detroit,
elotaa dally (Sunday exoepted) at 8 o'oloak p. m.
A throngh mall to Xanla, BprinirSeld and Cincinnati
doeee dally (Sunday exoepted) at 10 o'clock a. m.
Urban, Plqoa, Timn and union utty mau oioa oaiiy
(Snnday exoeptedj at s o'ctcoa p. m.
UnoaeMr, Logan, Neleonvllle, Clrelevlll, Chlllloothe,
yortamonui, vraeninyioa v. a-. umu, a,,,.. w.
Hllliboroa,h malls oloa dally (Sunday xoptd) at 8
o'clMkp.m. , . . - .
But Way Hall by national noac to x,an(Tui ioa
dally (Bandaya exoepted) at It o'clock m.
Harrliburgh Mall clone Ully (dandaya xceptd) at 8
o olook p a.
v kit. Trnon Mall, by way of Woetervllle and lunbnry,
alnaaaAallv fAnnrfava axeantad) atS O'clock D. OB.
PubUn AUU Olo aaiiyiBonaay aicepieajn a o cioca
P. . M ., ,a
irj caster vrayjaaiicioauaiiytDiuiuaavi'wy
o clock m.
Malta from Kew York. Boaton. Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albany, Plttabnrgh, Olmland, Peyton, Toledo, Xenla,
Detroit, Bprinffleld, Cincinnati. Ohllllooth, Bt. Loula,
and all Southern dtlee, arrive btwn th hoars of
a'oloek n. a. and 4 o'clock a. at.
Malli from Indlaoapolla, Ohlcafo and Snbuqn srrlv
at s:4 a. m.
. Malla from Waahlneton Olkv. Baimnor. ' WDeennf,
Eanesvlll, Newark, Bteubenvill, Ml. Vernon, and th
0. 0. a. B. tray aiall, arrtv at is o'clock m.
Way mall mm uinctnnan unm u a o wu p. an,
Laneaatar Mall arrive at 8 o'clock p. sa.
Bast Way Mall over th national aoaa arrives at u
aVlook a. aa,
Ml. Taroon Way Hall arrlv al 11:00 a.
Hall from Dublin arrival at 1 e'olock m.
Urban Way Mall arrive at 0 o'clock p. B
Barrtabargh Hall arrlv at 11 o'olocka. I
LaaOaaier Way Mall arrlv al 18 o'clock
. Offio dllvry open vry day (ezotpt 8
T a'elock a. m. to 8 oVjlock p. sa. Onra
from 7X to 8 o'clock in tho morn lng, and from ( to 8
Dr. J. H. McLEAN'3
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
Trie Uroateet Hosnedy 1st Tbo
ly a clnllB and
Vegetable Compound,
Erocared by th dlsUl
itlon of Boot. Herbs
and Bark, Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot.
Baraaparllla, Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion tntar Into it
MmmnttltlMi Tha an. ... . .
Before TaUns"" reaiuu sixer Taung.
prlnolpl of each Ingredient Ie thoroughly extracted by
my new method of dlitllling. producing delicirai, ci
hilsrallng eplrit, and the mo. IKVALL1BLB remedy for
nnoTatliiff tha dlieaeeo Tetcm. enn miorina iuaKi
nfferln end debiliUted INVALID to HEALTH
Will affectaally care
nhmnlnArHarmnaTJaUlltT. DlaaaM of th Kidncyti
and ail dlteaae arising from a disorder! Liver or Ptom
aah. Dnnanila- Ilearthnm. Inward Pll. Acidity or Blck-
sou of the Blnmacb, Vnllnee of Blood to th Heal, Dull
ain or wimmlng to to head, raiy.tation oi in noan
nllneaa or Weiuht In the Stomach. Boar Iractation
Choking or suffocating feeling when lying down, Drroeee
nrYtltowneeeof theBklnand Nye, nigm Dwcaia, in
ward revcrs, Pain In th email of lb back, cheat or ld.
Budden Flusbe of Heat, Depretelon of Spirit, I rightful
Dreama. Laniruor. Duoondencv or any Hcrvou Dleeaa
Bore or Blotche on th Bkln, and Fever and An (or
Oblilaand fever.)
Over a Mlltloii of atottlee
Have been sold during the last six months, and In no in
tanc bu It failed ta giving entire ntlefaellon. ' Who,
then, will suffer from Weakoea or Debility when Mo
No laninaac can convey an adequate idea or ui unm
dlat and almoft mlraeuloo change produoed by taking
tbls Cordial In th dleeaaed, debtnutM and mattered
narvoue ytem, whether broken down by xo, wak by
nature, or impaired by (icknm. th relaxed and umtrang
oiganiaatlon ia raatored to It priatln health and vigor.
Or others conadons of Inability, from whatever cans,
will find alcLean s Strengthening Cordial a thorough
menarator of tha intern : and all who may hav Inlured
themMlv by Improper Indulgence, will find in th Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
Ta tho Laalee.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
Obetracted orDIScaU Meratruitlon, lneontlncno of
Urine or Involuntary Diaeharc thereor, falling or th
Womb, Olddlneat, fainting and all Dlae Inuldn t
Vernal. .
Tbere is to KisUks About It.
Suffer no lonier. Tak It according to Directions. It
wlllatimnlat. etrengthaa and lnvigorato yoa andoaus
th bloom of health to mount your cheek again.
Ivory bottl la warranted to give eatiefaeuoa.
.; , FOIt OHIliDItEIV i .
If vonr children are alckly, puny, or afflicted, McLean Y
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. DelaJ
not a mymant, try It, and yoa will b convinced.
Cactios. Bewar of Drat
tot or Dealers who sau
try to palm nnen von aeis
lttor or Baraaparllla traab,
which thev can buv cheat), bv cayini It I Juat a good
Avoid (uch men. Aak for McLeaa Strengthening Cor
dial, and tak nothlne !. It I th only remedy that
will purify th blood thoroughly and at th earn Urn
strengthen th yatem.
Un tableanoonrui taxen every morning lasting, ia a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and fever, Yellow
fever, or any prevalent disease. It la pot ap In large
Price only VI per bottl, or S bottle for S3-
Sole Proprietor of this Cordial,
Also McLean Volcanio Oil ulnlment
P rlndral Depot on the oornar of Third and Pin streets,
St. Loal. Mo.
McLean's Volcanio Oil Liniment.
Th best Liniment In the World. Th only sat and
aartaln sure for Canoe re. Pile. Bwelllnra and Bron-
chitlf, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Waakneaa of the
Muscle, cnronlo er lnaammatory ajMumaiiem, aun
ne of th Joints, aontreoted Muacles or Ligament
iraina. n ounae. Freu
Onta. rjloars. fever Bore. Oaki
Brauts Bora Nipples,
Barna, Bcaldi, Bore Thoat, or any Inffammauoa or Palo,
aedtfferano howeevere, or how loni
lowterare, or ho lone the dlaaamay
have existed. McLean a Oi
feain ramadv. -
Thoaaanda of human brine hav been saved a life of
dorpltud and misery by th aat of tha iuvaloabl mod
WIU ralltv pain baot fntanbanonly, and II wit
oleani. pnrlfy and heal th foaled son in an inendi
ly anon urn.
For llarsee and Otoer Anltuala.
McLean celebrated Liniment Is the only f and re
liable remedy for thenra of Bpavtn, King Bone, wind
gall, 8pllnta, Cnnatnral Bump, Node or Swelling. It
will never tail lo our Big Ileed, Poll Evil, fietula, Old
running Son or Sweeny, If properly applied, for
Bprama, Bruin, BoraUshaa, Bom or WounJe, Onckad
Beela, Ohafas, Baddl or Collar Gall It la an Infallible
remedy. Apply It a directed, and a eare ia certain Is
every butane.
Then trill no lorurer with th many worthies Lint-
men a offered to yoa. Obtain a aupply of Pr. McLean'
celebrated Liniment. It will car yoa.
J. II. BIcLEAN, Bolt Proprietor,
Corner of Third and Pin Btreeta, St. Louis, Mo.
for aale bv all drnnit.
for eale by BOBBRTS tc BAHTJBL,
augSoHiawlf Columbua, Ohio.
Town Street.
J tba Union and the Bunny South, I have concluded
tO Mil OUt
The stock ooniLiti of ths largest lot of .
mim goods,
. tn the city of Colnmbna; ' -
son rnnsH cakbbics,
and sll kinds of
the beat IT OOP SKIRTS In Oolnmbns, and at the
toweif prie, 'if jj
Tv boleeale and Betall.
' Then, ladles, all, bth great and small,
Come, give me a call,
And then you'll Aud A. V. K. BToaars
, .In all hi Glory.
. . a. M. K. 8TOBRIB, Agent, :
Bemember th War I No. 82 Town etreet.
aprll:d3m Oolambae. Ohio,
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers In j
Northwest Corner of High aod Caj Sts.,
: EkTo. OX, !
' "A burg Stock of fine aod Staple floodi on hand."
ySl-dtf , ' . . , (
JT GOODS. .. .. i
, Kovaltl In Neck Tl and Bearfi, '
' Byron and Garret Oollari. " 1 5
" Bmbrolderad Pookl Bwdkmhlef.
. Parle Rid Olov, aaperlor mk. I
Golden Hill BhlrU, varlou etle. I
Boy' Golden Hill Bhirta, oo ... ; ,
Driving and 8trrt81ova, do ., i
Hemmed FocWet Hindkerehlefa, Tartoai ityla.
H.U Hoc and UaM -., -
He. 88 Soath High iiml.
Aa xprneaj Nura and female Phytic las, present
, t um atUDtlon of motbsra, Mr
which greatly facilitate th roec of Ua thing, by sof t
nlng the gums, reducing all inflammation wil 1 allay
an, r ain and apaamodle action, and la
Desaoa Bp0B B0thre, 1 1 will flv rest to j ouretlva
W bar put an and aold thli artlala tar orar tan aaan.
what w bar never been able ta aavor an other madl-
ANCB, TO EffBOT A CUBB, aben timely ord. Nev '
er did we know an inatano of dlaatUefaeUon by any on
who naed It. - On th ooatrarv. all am dellrhted with Ita
operation, and (peak In term of commendation of It
magioal aSeota and medical virtu ea. We apeak la thl
matter "WHAT WE DO KNOW;" after ten yean expe
almost vry Inetance where th infant I entering from
f'au ana xnaueuon. renei win d lonna in utecn or
wenty minute after thByrup Is admintewred.
This valuable preparation I the prescription of one of
New England, and bas bean need with NBVEB f AIL
It not only relieve the ohUd from bain, bat mvlior '
ate th etomach and bowele, eomots acidity, and give,
ton and energy to th whole system. It will almost In I
stantly relieve '
and overoom ccnvuieiona, which, If sot spdlly rem "
oiea, ena in oeaui. w oenev it tne usmi and BUK
It ariaes from teething, or from any other eauat. ' W.
would eay to every mother who has child tuffering from
anyof th foregoing complaint -DO NOT LET YOCB
eland between you and your suffering child, and th r
liar mat win b Buna ye, abbulutslx SURE to
follow the are of thl medicine, If timely need, full di
rection for tulng will accompany arh bottle. Non
Senuin ante th fac ilmlle of OCRTIS4 PERKIN8,
w York, I on th outild wrapper.
aoia oy au uruggiiu ihroagnoat the world.
Principal Office 13 Cedar Street N.Y.
ectS7-dfcwly. , . .
Hi I praclaely what It nam Indleatas, for, while
Ipleaaant to th taita. It I reviviryl ng, cxhllarai
una. Invlaorallna and airanathanlna ta tha vita'
bower, and at th aam time ravlvl&e, irin
lOelaUa, and renew tha Rinod In all it purity, an
thua at one rutoru andmuUn (A twUm in
wiMftrwu ut orocc o uiaaaae. it i tn oniy
preparation ever onerea to tn world, to chemi
cally ana aaitirauy eommnM aa io b il moet
d werful tontc and at the earn tint o prfeotly I
toaptM io, a to act in par o aoomanc witn tnei
aw oi naiui. ana nno win ooiA4 Ui4 xotaictsi l
IstomacA, and ton op the dixesdv organ, and I
tnue a
JL prec
'la to I
thua alley all narvoo ana otner irnittion. li ti
prectly exhilarating, and at the aam time It III,
poaea entirely ol veraiaoi, yet o omluna
o prodao th moit thorough tunic tffect, with
out producing any Injarioo ooneqanc Bucbll
a remedy haa long been fall to be a dealderatum loll
ih medical world, for It naert no mdi-al eklll kJ
ee thatdbillty follow all mtacke of dleeaa. and
procMd and lnded lay th ytem open to the
inaldlou attack of many of tbe most fatal, inch.
U for example, aa th following: Ooneumptlon, In-LllMallnn-
DvanADlla. Loaa of ADuetlte. falntneu.l
Marvoaa irniarjiiity. neuralgia, raipitauooot tuc .
Heart, Melancholy, Kignirwaau. languor, uiaai- j
nes, iu taction or, ai wen aa ratniui oMtrucud.
too nrofuM. or too saint Manetratlon. and f all-
inc of th Womb. The all depend upon general
debility. Thl pun, healthy, tonic Cordial anrtl
Blood Renovator ie a aura to ear ai in eun toil
riae and let. There l no mUtalie about It. Bui
ibl 1 not all. If th ytem I weakened, we arel
rxn to btllou attack, tba livr become torpid,
or won dleeaaed, the kidney refui to paiform
their function, and wa er troubled with eoalding
and incontinence oh urio. or Involuntary an i
charie of the aam. pain in th back, eld and b.
tween tn Bouiaer. xcecainiy uaoi to angnui
cold, oougba. ana u at.cnckea, soon maauiioni
followi. and tne patient goe down to a premamre ,
grave. Bat pac will not allow a to raumeratt I
th many ill to wnicn w an iiaw in a weaxenea,'
condition ot in eyiiem. oat w win ay, in tniu
Cordial and Blood hnovatr yon have a perfect,' I
laaf. pleaaant and effectual remedy for loa of jl
Appetite, niiioueneea, autaience, weac ana iicii
Stomach. Lannor, LlrcrOomplalnt. Chill nd
Fev.r, or any Blllooa attack, Ooeilveneaa, acridity
if the stomach, narvounn. Neuralai. Paipita-,
tlon of th Heart, re Mion of epirlia. Soma, I
Pimple on th Pao' or any dtitae arising from'i
mpur oiooa. inch aa Bominia, ryiuiu, vron
hitl. Oouih, difficulty of Breathing, and all that .
Jolaa of dlaeaee called femal weakoea. and PI
snumeraled above. W will lo tay th traveler kj
expoaid to epidemic, change of climate and waM
er, win ana it a pieamnt, ai ana lore rmeay.
wa non enoaia ever travel wiwoui. naaaer.
try it for w anara toa loa will find In It a nnd
Hnded,a wl 1 a a frlnd in need. All pronof .
aadentary nan. te will una itapenect preventive (
a well ai oar for thoee ailment to which they are 1
particularly expoeed. Hencmtnleteri,itudent,at
tornoya. Ittararv t.ntlemen.and ladle who ar not
aocuatomaa to much oaidoor exeiciee, will find it I
0 their advantage to keep e bottle oonetaotly on
nana: and, above all. mower, or in baoominwl
inchi will go through that moat dangaron parloo
ot only wth all their acouetomad atrentth, but
eaf and fro from th thoaeand allmant o prev l
alent among th femal portion of th world. Il
ihort, it I Indeed mothr'e cordial. Try It, old
andioung; no longer ran th rlek of delay ; It Willi
relieve and nrer Iteelf mphiticallv a Rutora I
tiv Cordial and Mlood StnowUcr.
Oa 4 WtiOD proprietor . 444 Broadway. Km
fork, and 114 Mark t Street, BU Lonla. Mo.i an I
old by BOBEBT8 h 8AMTJEL, Calumbo. Ohio.
ana an (ooa lirajgtit, rnc un Doiiti
per Bottl. marchw-daweowly
dlitreaalng oomplalnt as
Mad by 0. B. SEYMOUR 00. , 107 Naaeaa II., N
Frio 81 per box) tent fre by poet.
dMlgn. at 14,00 pr 1,000. "
at ball the prioe charged by small dealers. . ..
TTTaB AD QUARTERS-No. 75 Booth Hlth Street
ytl , a a Carre w t aa n an ir
Culumbu,Hay8, 1W1
., r. , -v . SEW ARK OHIO, "
Daanf actvfar af all klyide at Par
table mn at atatianiarr ataam Esk
luaa, aar Jnil Ui-lat Bill la,
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LASXAiOSISi StaUnl B at . BtMTD TStattnl
J.&J.B. PVTAtL . Btatm III 00LU31BU3
, .4 CO. Btatmilllt "
Oar PorUWa Xugiaa bd Saw Kill '
Wu awardod Ue Brat prauius ot 8M at tba Indiana
8Ut Pair for ISoD aralr Laa a Bodlay' oa aoccnnt of
Prlc( llghtrieaa, flmplidtv,- eoonomy ,of fuel
tnd anperlor eharaoter of lumber aawetl.
Oar Stationary Inytmva awarded at th hub fair
th flret premium of f iOO. '
Our Portable Engtn wa awarded th flrrt premloai of
8100 al th fair at Memphie, Tena., over Blaody'a Du
vail', Oolumbu Haohtn Oo'e., and Bradford a Oo'a.,
by a eommltte of practical Rallrtad Bnlnra.
ferprlo and term addr
Saa-dAwlysel.' - .' Bwark,0hlo.

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