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FRIDAY M0RN1N0,,JUJE 14, 1861.
ft. 1
'; Express Company plaoes ua dally
.iuer uungauoaa to it lor the Tery lateet papers
uui iu eastern cities. '
C " The? American' Ezpreiai'. Componj bat our
f,tbaukstor its daily favors in tbe shape Of tbe
fury latcri eastern papers. . "f.N,
i ' ' . . " T-
i MuRDKa --About ten o'clock on Wednesday
opening, to men, named Fclix Claprood and
John Schwartz, .entered the beet aaloon of
fi,UDB ,on ,lgh iirreet,;opposUe,nhe
v.oMt-houte; and . Cuimod, 'colled., foe -. two
(,, heeV.whloh, were "famished.. He
v-, v i.wen requested Shabi to charge the beer, which
- ;:1be Utter refused, and demanded: his bit
Ciamood said he had the money, but would not
fuj'Vpoii ,'thfs Snini, .reaohing. across the
,., .liyuniercaugnt.Aim by tbe throat with one
hand, and with the other, drew from under the
... " ' oountsr a corn cutter, wittr Which he dealt
'.". '"oob a Bio bn the headr'cnulni through
m bat, 'an. sinking lhe,,bladb, '(hrongh the
skull. 101,0 -the brain.,- Withdrawing the blade,
i-rr-,. m lira wretched man dealt his vletlm another blow
;::.-.: oath left side of the neck, "sererlng arteries
MI atJ t newl.s .ttv
mornings The
.urderer was arrested;, in bis. own bouao, on
the same night on which he oommltted the
bloody deed, hd Is now in jail on the charge of
Gcvxn Lktt The following table shows' the
, . : . . 4 levy pf taxes for tbe county of Franklin for the
years 1860 and 1861: 3 m
' ' r'.- ! -a ..'- .. .. '. ''-ri 1880'. f
f Jounty aeneral Kijwbiw......
MrldM.. .........k 5-
" P00h.K. ....J i 'A
'"CltraoMrnnMnt; 80
j-f School........
4 ,
s ,
40 .. .
. 160 1MU
Tie levy'jfpr ; i ony narposes, this year, ex-
oiunvo oi the assessment for tbe support of vol
y .dWs-, Is thrie.SmIethiofs mill less than
Vilerfy.ar's levy! a Vi A J. u.m u R.'.'
cltI fy0' oity-Durposes, this year, is
tnree and one halfcents less on. the $100. than
Common Plus.' Yesterday morningj "the
gurj in tbe case: of Rnrir Paiki returned
verdict of "Guilty of assault and battery only."
.i-.Twocompanles-Capt. Hull's, of 83mei
V from' Trumbull county, and'Cs'pV ttowaau's, of
o men, from .Lorain arrived In tbe city on
l uesday, and proceeded to Camp Jackson.
. - ;: P ido9. tva call ibo ' attention 'of business
t t i men. to the advertisement in another" column, of
the Ccuoty Commissiooers, for proposals for
,. J: PHliOing Bridges 'In this county.
. . vr. uapt.- farriRBON, late membqr of the
Legislature, arrived yesterday at Camp Jaok-ii'-Z?""1
'P1 K .120 meD,,''frbm.i Ad'ams
uuuiy. ii ig a nrst class oompiny. ,
v " '-'-We understand there are thirty-three compa
nies in camp. ,
- -
Mflfs.' PaHtwotoh Jeays td sewtlott.wemen
are as oad as the sessation men, and tot her
' PH,- the don't see why the. Government should
. ..09 sstisued wltb "merely impending tht msbs,
latbebouth. .- i.,.-"J, lJ:
Ueneral WcClillan's command has -been
'' again' extended so as tq include . the State of
: Missooil. The General's Department now In
: clodes Western PeVM.lyaniWeetern Virginia,
Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Mis-
"1 .
Thi Fivth' Rioimint This Regiment bas
'..'ee,eea W,,S.;Doniiio Colonel, and J. H.
' ' : P atxiok Lieutenant Colonel. ' W; Gasx;u was
: elected Major in place of Major Lono. .The
Keglmcot wae mustered Into the service yes
terdaj,'-j . ..-'
, .,, .Tji,TwtNTrTHiiin Riqimmt. This Regi
ment hesjust been organized at Camp Jackson for
the three years? service. Its field officers, are-
Voipnei, w a. RosrcAi Lieutenant, Stah-
nr MATTMcwsr Majoi',!0:' B. JJaves. The
following are tbe companies comprising ltt
Captain MoJIrath Company" A, tiiyahoga co.
'Ulddangs-Company B, Ashtabula co.
, " ,t SkilCs" Company C, Crawlord co.
" Lovtjoy Company D, Cuyahoga co.
I T: r. .
t ..iioiurmau Vrfomp e., raaooning eo,
Canby Companj F, Logs,n bo.;
"locumCompany. Gv Ashland'
, j PfkrComPaBy H Holmes to. ; '
."., ii Moore, Company I, Lake co.
tanilowasd Company Kj Iwaln co.
' - '" w ' : 1
tTrrli diAKT-Not Donslas. nor Breck.
inridge, nor even "Old Abe," but Jamis Ptlx's
Dietetid Saleretua, thai In Ita own department
poseessctj more streottlh and purity than all ol
tbem. All other kinds are pigmies to it. De
pot, dfo Washington Street, New York. Sold
.. by grocers everywhere, .w. -. , .;
Wall! for New Tom Cltj, Bolton, Albany, Buffalo,
PltUborgh, f uubenntlt wy. Olsreland, ZuefvUlo,
: Newark, flraoTillo, Waihlnfton City, Baltimore, Phllo
(:,;, oelphla and iewOrliana, oIoh dally (baadaji ezotpt
tdj at 8 o clock p. m.
A throogb mail. for New York and Cleveland eloses
. , dally (Buodaya excepted) at o'clock p. . i
,, O.O.ScO. R. U. Way tUUoloies dally (Bandays ex
oepfcd) at 9 'o'clock p.m. .. t, . ,. ,77
Otntral Ohio Way. Mad eloses dally (Sundays excepted)
at 10 o'clock. . o. , n.it. ,
' -ClnoInnaU Way Mall elotes dally (Baodays exeepted) at
.i .) v l o'clock a. m. - ' ' - - - u ,
''."- Obloo,Dkufliie, Pelawart, Martoa and Wirthlnif
t tton Alalia eloen dally (Bundays excepted) at J o'clock
p.m. ;,
Mallf for Xenla.tprlnifleld, Dayton, Toledo, Clnctn
oall, IodUoapolia, LoulTllle, St. Lonla, aod Detroit,
; eloao daily (Bundays excepted) a 8 o'clock p. m.
A through mall to Xonla, Bprtnrfield and Cincinnati
eloats dally (Bundaya excepted) at 10 o'clock a. m.
Crbana, Plqua, l lflln and Colon Olty mall cloaca dally
(Bnndaya excepted) at 4 o'olcok p. m. . . - .
ilJUcaitcr,Loifao,NelonTllle, OirclerllU, Obillleothe,
Porumontta, Waihlngton 0. H , Athena, Harictta and
.Tr.B,,l,b!"W aulls elose dally (Bosaaye excepted) at 8
O'clock p. m. .
Zi'!. " aw Mall by National Boad to ZanesvlUe elcees
v dalr (SoDdayt excepted) at 11 o'eloek m. - . . ,. .,
yua.Wi.s dally (Bundays excepted) ati
dwnJl'i " Wetlerrllle and lunbary1,
. Z (enndaya MWpui) atS o'clock p. m.
DaSlln mall elcec. dall, Sunday. exMpWt 8 e'cloek
FZ"!"" ''W-SxcpUd) at
r KallS from Hew Torn, Boston, PhlladeipM- Snir.i
Albaay, Vittabunrh. Ol.wUod, Daylon, TetaSi xli S
Detroit, Bprlngfleld, Cincinnati, ChlllloVthc.
and all Bonthern clllei, arrlre between the hoar? 1 i
' froB dManapoUa, Cbluaco and Dobnqne arrtre
Ualli from Washinrton Olty, Baltunore, , Wheellne
" fanseTllle, Newark. SteubenTille, Mt. Vernon and the
0. 0. B. A. Way Mall, arrlre at 18 o'clock W
nay wi irau vumioobu arriTCS at I o dock p, m.
Xaoeaster Hall arrives al 9 o'clock p. m . ,v
Bast Way mall over the National Boad arrives at U
oVIook am . , .
Alt. Vernon Way Hall arrlree at 11:00 a. m.1
i laall from Dublin arrlveo at 1(1 o'clock m.
Urbeoa Way Mail arrlTee at 0 o'clock p. m.
HariUborjh Mall arrives at 11 o'clock a. m. ' '
JLancss er Way Mall arrives at 18 o'eloek m. .
' Offlce dellrery open every day (except Sunday) from
v - 7 e'eloek a. m. to H o'olook pr m. Open en Inndaye
- from lit to 9 o clock In the narnlnr. uJ rm.b
o'clock In the STnln.,..k; ,, I
REPORTED FOR THE STATESMAN. Highly Important Proclamation of
REPORTED FOR THE STATESMAN. Highly Important Proclamation of the Governor of Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, June 13.
Tht followlop; proclamation fmm nn T.'ir.
u was receivea 10 aayt j .
A series Of unprovoked and nnnarallalA
uave neen inn intd nnnn tk.
rf;kt. :.jiiL...i.. - .T rK"-
B J vt uia camraDDVStllo. and niuin
..u buu iiuemee oi its people, oy wloked
UDprinoipled men. Drofeaalno to at nH.
authority of the United States Government.
The Solemn ennetmenta nf miii
nave been nnlUfledj your volunteer soldiers have
neon taken plreoners; your oommeroe with your
sister States has been suspended) your trade
uur wu leuow-oniiens nas been and
ubjeeted to tht harassing control of an armed
- ui.mcuc uv oeen imprisoned with
... .....l, ui .! nnononsive, dsfenoelessl
mon, women ana chiiarea have been ruthlessly
shot down and murdered. and other unbearable
iniquities have been heaped upon your State
andyourselves. ;.':'
i o au tnese outrsges and Indignities you hate
I " .u muj WU.UU UaCI
only encouraged the perpetrators of these grlev-
uwiuitbwu wtbU Winona Inm.ir.nna .kl.k I
yu.wruuBew attempt still bo derandmnrH.ueaq
- .it nas been mv earneat mdvavn: ,,n.
these embarraMing circumstances, to maintain
tbe peace of the State, -nri tn aa., t
ble, from our borders the desolating effects of
v.... w. I, HO WBiW eOI ID t ne. I antkna.
lied Major General Price, aenral w.ak.
mf h. .ki.k .k . .." .-".
V. .I . tu ot"i wrmior acre
preserved. -Thev name. Br." a 5 "r7'6.r
w-uv, vt wuivu hue dcb.CH or ins Hrata n .ki k.
to an ndnrafnHiniT
, The State authoJiUhawiJI.rhi-NTr:-'
to mm rmt tha i ,k. " '
rJtti3&!P"!' The
tha tnatant rfu-,i...i fa .kT'-i-T."" . .
tbe instant dismissal of tha dlatiniaka.i .n.
oer who on Its part entered Into jt, but It at
iujvi. UcBWi, buii una unremittingly osrrledout,
' system of hostile Oneratinni. in na.
..TJ.Mi "i, . .Tr1"-18 0iest disre
gard of 1U own plighted ialtb. - :. t
Tbeee acts latterly portended revolution and
olvil war so unmisUkably that I resolved to
make one further effort to avert these dangers
L'uh lt kVtaJ ,omtti -"'"terview
with flrlg. Gen Lyon, oommandine tha Frl.
al army in MisSonrL - It n ....i .u.
10th Inst,, w , ?1 a.. .. , , . ,
, " vwg an questions or personal and official
dignity, I went to Sti Louis. aooomnar.lH k.
MaJ . Wen. Frice. We bad an Interview on the
11th instant With Senaral T.vm .A ri i c
F.tBlalriJr.,awhlob l eubmitted to them this
rjfli 't;V''' ;;.,:;-,:.-V'-j'.;
"ThatJ would dlsbaDd. the State Onavfl anri
break up ite organisation that I would disarm
... ..vr-um wuiua nave oeen armed by the
State; that I would pledge myself not to at-
tempt i organise the militia, nnder the militia
laws to' no arms or muultions of war should
be brought into the State that I would protect
.11 l Oy Stna anil, fl 1 -II .1 I . 1 . '
all oltiiens equally In all their rigbtst regardless
ui uoir puuuum opinionsi tnai i woaid repress
all Insurrectionary movements within tbe State;
that I would repel all attempts to invade It,
Irom whatever quarter and by whomsoever
made! ana tnat 1 would tbas maintain strict
neutrality in tbe present unhappy contest, and
preserve we pease oi tne state. And I fur
thee proposed tbal I would, if neoeaaar. in
voka the assistance of the United States troops
All this I Proposed to do. noon tha annrllllnn
that the Federal Government would undertake
to disarm tbe Home Unards. which is haa in.
golly organised and armed throughout the State,
ana pieug- ivaeu not to OC'jODT with Ita tronna
any looalltlet In the State jow occanlad h th.m
XT LI I . .1 . . . r . J
. wuiug put toe moei earneai desire to avert
the horrors of civil war could have temnted ne
w propose mere; numiMaung terms. I
Thev were rsiected bvtha F.Wfr,m ,.'.
They demanded not only tbedlsoreanication and
aisarming oi tne staie militia, and the nullifl
oation of tbe military bill, but they refused to
disarm, . tbelr own Horn Quanta, ami inaui
that the Federal Government ehoald enjoy tbe
nnreetrfoted rleh to more acd itatltrn Ita tmnm
turouguuui turn osatv waenever and wherever
that might, lo the opinion of ite officers, be
necessary, either for tbe proteotionof loyal sub-i
leott of the Federal Government, or for the re
pelling of Invasion and tbey plainly announced
bat is was tbe intention of the Administration
to take military occupation, nnder these pre.
tests, of tbe whole State, and red ana it.
avowed by Geo. Lyon, himself, to theexaot
condition oi Maryland. .
Ihe acceptance by me or these degrading
terms would not only have sullied the honor of
Missouri, but would have aroused' the Indiana.
tlon of every brave oitlxen, and precipitated tbe
very oonniat woicn nas oeen my aim to prevent.
We refused to accede to them, and tbe confer-
enoewes broksn up." -
Fellow-Cltiiensi All oar efforts towsrds con.
oiliation have failed. We can hone for nothln-
from the lustloe or moderation of tha apatite nf
toe reaerai uovernmeni in tne State. They
are energetically hastening the execution of
tbelr bloody and revolutionary schemes for the
Inauguration of civil war in your midst for tbe
military occupation of your State by armed
bands of lawless invaders; for the overthrow
of your State Government, and for the subver
sion of those liberties which that Government
has always sought to proteot; and they intend
ta exert tbelr whole power to subjugate you, If
possible, to the military despotism. which ris
. i ... . ti .
usurped tne powers of ue federal Uovernment.
Now, therefore, I, C. F, Jackson. Governor
of tbe Bute of Missouri, do, iq view of the
foregoing Jacts, and, by virtue of tbe powers
vested in me by tbe constitutional laws of thl
Commonwealth,-Issue this, my oroclamation.
calling the mUltil Of the State to the number of
0U.UUU mto the aotlve service of tbe State, for
the purpose of repelling said invasion, and for
toe protection or the lives, llbertv and nronern
of cltixensof this Slate. ... '...,.'.. '
And I earnestly exhort all good dltixsnt of
Missouri to rally nnder tbe fle? ol their State
for tbe protection of their' endangered homes
and firesides, and for the defense ol their most
sacred right and dearest liberties. -
In issuing this proclamation, I bold it to be
my solemn duty to remind yon that Missouri ta
still one of the United 8 tat eat that the Execu
tive department of the State Government does
not arrogate to itself the power to disturb that
relation; that power has been wisely vested in
the Convention, which will, at the proper time,
express-your sovereign wills end that, mean
while; It Is your duty to obey ail constitutional
requirements of the Federal Government; but
Is equally my duty to advise you that you are
under no obligation -whatever to obey tbeuiW
constitutional edicts of the military despotism
whioh bat enthroned Itself at Washington, nor
to submit to tbe Infamous and degrading eway
of its wicked minions in this Stata. No hr.a
and true-hearted Misaourlan will obey the one
. . i '
ur auumii to luo rtaer. .. . i
JUse.theo. and drive out Ii?nnmlnlnnl tha
Invaders who have dared to dee cerate tbe toll
which, you labors-have made-fruitful, and
which it consecrated by homes.
Governor. Warlike Aspect of Affairs in Missouri.
x ;.r'i .'.; y.;..t
ST. LOUIS, June 13.
Tbe United Statei authorities at the Ar.en.1
have been for week advised of the attempts to
enlist rcorultt for tbe Southern army . Oa Mon
de night, the steamer Platte Valley wm de
tained tt Donoan's Island batterv. and aixtaan
persona, seieoteo irom tome two hundred pass
engers, were taaeu prisoners. Thirteen of tbem
subsequently were released. Those still held ara
Col. Wm. J. Preston Edmund , A Plgnens and
r. a warn niennarnaufltx.
O. W. Barrett, brother of the lata Cnna-rena.
men Barrett, of tblt Dlttriot, was arrested for
aMfcd treason.- It Is tald tht proofs against
tlduals are Involved In the charge.
aaa ii a .rDnir. mn is a.nsiK nrntw nsMminant inrii
1 1 ' T
From Louisville and the South.
liner nil on " -- - .
the North, and Thl J1" ,r0B.
hnth nk . kt. . wammission or
T.nnl.nu k... t. reuaereo tne
wmm WVHSU Wi 1UII- DQini. h... S J At. .
aaa n . 7 ruucouiv
"" w.av. uuf,. . meiiln. .-J 1
K.v.....uu vt muo wuu tua ouuiai
on tneaeid. :..:; m
an utter prostration of trade with the South
immediately. y. ,., .. .
rosuj matters as to letters are entirely sus
prnded. It is supposed that newspapers . will
come from tbe Soath bers till tbe 1st of July,
Mfl tiu. k. J! t J "
uu law us uisoominutu, '
The steambest Madura, from fit. 1
ClocIooaU, eioloded t boiler flae.hAr thiioitT.
mkaK.J. tsr a am . . ...
onruaj. rr m. uox was ratany aoalded, and
wo hub, uuoieu were arownea. . i
Leonard Streiff. aDromlnantRarniin ni r.anv.
ion, &y., publishes an address to bis oountry
men, adviainp; tbem to beware of all trtekanf
i iub aiinmoniata. ana tn ctanii h. h
,u.vuivu iust uits learn in innmrl. And nt fni
,u" .u. :j r - ,-
I " wniou men ana measures.
.k.l ' - Three citizens of Lsniawllla. rlaUlnurl
I at . Memphis, - undertook to walk here,
.'land were arrmtad twins ! n
. - --- RUW VUB
eehung. They saw near tbe road a man Iv
iDe" De,Ple nd In a dying condition, with his
d ,bTd and his ears and nose out off,. His
a"m w,w oeiog or northern blrtn.
The Macon Telegraph says a company of vol
. unteers at rortsmouth were arrested for voting
- J ,ur fcuo uu,on- j - -- rr -r ,
1 uo A,ouisvuie journal or this morning ao-
oue' (D secesslonlste with taking . tbe. oath to
,nPP" the Constitution, so as to obtain arms,
t tbe same time olaimiog the oath oi not bind-
log. . ' : . .-, "
1 De ville papert yesterday report that at
I oetnei tWBIVA hllnrlrf1 rnnljirl...t.. n.mrflAl
mm . v. ...,. nn muuv.
Magruder, repulsed 3,000 Federals,'- with 100
Surprise and Rout of 500 Secession
Troops by Col. Wallace's Indiana
Camp Equipage, Provisions, &c.—
Only one Indianian Wounded—Two
Secessionists Killed.
-uuu iLCKiuieut, ieit iumoerianaior ttomoev.
r ir tt. . , . .
LVr,u"'.ou .
I 'leT snarp cooniov completely routed SUU
""TT ' W -5,BI P"nere, killing
I lw0 ana taxing some nrst elass camp equipage
provisions, and medicar stores. OdVom fn
,W"B re.urnea to vumoeriana tne same Oar.
'Thi entire State Loan of $3,000,000 for. the
I war has been taken at par.
Dispatches from Washington.
[Times' Special.]
Accounts from Fairfax Court Home atata
that tbrae companies of secessionists suddenly left
I there Mnnrlav. on haarlncnf tha n.nk.u. .j
Tanoe of our troops upon that town. I
L l na wter PlpM tnron8h Ibe villsge and
houses have been taken out sod osst lnni bnl.
let for th Rebel rmy I
It la antlelnated that Pnl. W.llani r.ji. ' .
Zouaves will shortly march upon Pomeroy, to
disperse a detachment of disunion troops in
camp there. ir
. 11 u that the Rebels are entirely out of
'iUer' oelr novemenis are restricted lor
w,nt ' "Doel ai harness for the artillery, &o
iBer- re Dtt( a 19w lm"i tannneries in the
South, and if tbe government will only enfoioe
iu embargo by land aed sea, tbe .Rebels will
a wk ai.Aatlal aa.k. J
ka av waaai t CV am ew. tt a aaa A
Thsy are also short of material for making
perousslon caps, although they have construct
ed a machine for making them at Rlohmond.-' '
' Tbey are also out of obemioals for making
detonating powder, and tbsrelore cannot employ
shells for want of fusee. . '
Ooe or tbe shots fired at the Freeborn, from
Acquia Creek, was a shell from a rifled oannon
similar to the Jamet projectiles, but the shell
was not charged.
Official aceountsTece ived from Fort Monroe
report there were but fourteen men killed and
43 founded on our tide, lu all, at Bethel.
Twelve were killed In tbe fight before the bat
teries. Tbere were three batteries opened oa
our troops Irom the right, left and centre pf tbe
road to Yorktowo; In all,. about thirty oaooon
were served, many of them being rifled. Lieut.
Butler, who was present during tbe conflict,
thinks at least 800 Rebels must have been kill
ed and woanded. But four prisoners wsre ta
ken by the Federal foroes. .
It Is stated positively to night that General
Blckles bas been ordered by Secretary Cameron
to have bla brigade mattered latoeervloe. Tha
President referred tbe whole matter to the Sec
retary, wno tons determines it In favor df Mr
oicxiee. 1 .. i -. .
Mr; Hsrvey will not be reoallcd from Portn
gat-at icaat at prewar,. .
[Tribune's Special.]
Ex Gov. Geary, of Kansas, bas been author
ltca to raise a Regiment in . Pennsylvania of
tnree years men. . , . (
. It is certain that the Indiana troops at Cum-
uanauu wor remiurcea oy a regiment of Gen
Morris' oommsnd, and will soon marah 92 milee
southward, to Romney, for the purpose of die-
ijicraiug reww mroB mere, and that tieo. Mo
Clellan will, within a week, attend to Charles.
town, Va. 1,500 troops are said to be stationed
mere, oemnu intrench ments, on wbiob 6-pound
crs arw uiuuoteu. inev nam In u II tm
ioreeoi ioe memoers or the Wheeling Con
venliooi seised rente;
. f . j "
An agent of .Gov. Wise wtt lb tht city to day,
and makes the following statement! He says
""' r" u,vu troops unaer arms in virelnia
now, aod -that 800.000 will be within a week.
2Mh.e,e,J6'000 re fper's Ferry, and
63.000 at Manassas Junction. Harper's Ferry
is surrounded by masked batteries, and the spy
thought it certain that an v attaeklno- (Wa m,M
Al Great Bethel. Gov, Wine', m.n Ara Art
paper 137 of these batteries between liirrer's
ferry and Winchester.
Gov. Wise hat not ben ill h. t..tvi.
head-quarters, oa. oommanding officer of the
[Herald's Dispatch.]
Six more Ohio Reelmenta hava han
Into Western Virginia from Camp Dennlson.near
Cincinnati. They will Immediately proceed to
dear the valley of the Kanawha river of seces
sionists. .. .. . V v ... ; .
SlxRegimenU of Union volunteers will be
immediately organized in western Virginia, to
be armed and equipped by tbe Federal Govern
ment. , ,j, Jlv
Pror. Lowe was to-dsy ordered to proceed
Immediately with bit balloon to Fortress Mon-
'00. . ,
Collector Bsrnev, Assistant Treasurer Ciscoi
Messrs;. Opdyke, Ketchum.and other prominent
New Yorkers, arrived this evening. , Th.i.i..i
of tbelr visit is a consultation with the Govern
ment as to tne oesi meant or supplying ltt fu
ture peounlary wants. ' .
[To the Associated Press.]
It Is reported on rood authority that nn at.
tempt will bt made on the Rebels tt Manassas
until narpers ferry is taken. . ,
Conereseman Potter la aonn tn hava a
mission lo tbe Volunteer service.
it it Known that penont have left this coun
try for Europe to fit out privateers to wage hos.
tilitles sgaiost the American oommeroe. The
Government is on their I.. V. Unm. .1 .k.
ate hatlves oi the Northern States ,' -. .
senaaiion. rumors are fljing that Beau
regard, at the bead, of a large body of troops,
will soon ettaok Washington. . "
It Is said tbe War Department received this
newt from psrsons who came here afoot, eludins
the enemy's plckeU. They say the Rebels are
to make a dsh on Washington at all hazards.
There are now 24,000 Federal troopi on both
sides of the Potomac nt. :
General is engaged In de
termining on a new style of stamped envelope!,
to be ready for publlo use in a lee days. - The
new tumpt willnotbefurnlthed.unlll tht 1st
Of AoiUSt. ' -.-, i.ja .1-.t i- .i ,
These ohanget have been rendered ' necessary
by the large supply retained by the Postmasters
In the seoeded States, and now heed by them
without equivalent to the United States Postof
flct Department. About two don of. these
Postmasters have returned tbe balance of stamp
en envelopes and stamps, In sums ranglne from
80 cenU to 50 dollars. - . . 8.
The Fustmaster at Mobile refcentfy and hon
orably aooouuted for f3000 worth, x
Although tbe Ptstmaster at Memphis had lu
bis possession suoh property amcoaliDg to $8000,
he wrote for an additional supply ol larga val.
nei but this was refuiedhli dishonest intention
having beeq discovered. . - 4 ;, ? , . T t ,
[Post's Special.]
V Intense exoltement exists Jn ooosequenoe of
Att rMA.a at. - L aL. . DL.1. .
"""t tuat tus neoeis are marching on Wash
togtoB. Advloee to that effect bad beenfeoelf.
ed t the WM Department, bnl thev are not f
lied upon.
uenerai dtow says ue is not afraid of
General Srott sayt be it not afraid nf
itMHM .1 k. T
No apprehensions are felt that the Rebels
mate anuning use a snocesemi demonstration
against vrasnmgton. ' - ; ,
Col. Meics to-dav accented the PrMMaiif
commission as uaarter-Master Ueneral anH
entered upon tne outlet or hit omoe
Mai. Sibley bat been assigned to tha aama
department, with the Brevet or uoionel.
Colleotor Barrev. Aueuate Belmont. anl M,
Cisco. of New York, bad a lone: and frianriu
lu.fjrvivw witu tuv xrvsiueut tusuaj.
I n . ! .1.1. . I T) 1 1 . .
i.j i - -
[Post's Special.] The Condition of Harper's Ferry.
A retor.ied Baltlmorean from Warner's Fer
ry Informs me that tbe number of troops there
nas oeen underestimated.
Additional numbers were arrivins bv ever
trainana. toey w?ro to . oiitrioutea that the)
pretence I could sciicely : be . detected fif
teen minutes if:r tbelr arrival. The oroba
bllity is that they ere forwarded to other points.
They hie abondanoe of artillery, whioh la
so pscted as In his estimation to render tbe place
Impregnable.- f'v " ' : '-. f
Twenty thousand troops were expected there
to-aay ana to-morrow. .T jn ..-. .n
A Baltimore Regiment Is enoamped at Boll'
var, armed With Tehneesee rifles.
The Kentucklsns are regarded with general
uepioioa ana uisuae, ana are in jaimost open
mutiny." ' - ';. "
frovlsiont were abundant, and the strlot dis
cipline was entorcsd, ; - 4
. The Baltimore Citv . Guards are station.!
at Saffolkj near Portsmouth.'
1 The . Maryland Heights were to be aban-
uoneu. .
FREDERICK, June 14. Further Accounts of the Great Bethel
Via BALTIMORE, June 13.
Further account of the Great Bethel affile
say, that on' the disappearance of the Federal
troops, Ihe whole force of the enemy, fearing
an attack under better auspices, left their en
trenohmente and hastily withdrew toward York
town, carrying away their, artillery and burn
ing the adjacent buildinea. ; ,
lot Laotatn of the Zineve. with thai A..
slstant Surgeon, to day have cone to Great
Bethel, with a flag of truce and bearing a let
ter from Gen. Butler respeeoting the burial of
tueaeaa. inev nave not vet returned. .
Msl. WInthroD fell mortallv wnnnrlarl tn (t,a
arms of a '.Vermont, volunteer. Ha am
and acting Secretary to Gen. Butlar. anrl anlhn.
of the brilliant Seventh Regiment article in
the June Atlantlo Monthly. ,
Brigadier Ceneral Pierce haa not al bIvaii an
official account of the unfortunate affair.
1 ne weatbeMs Intensely hot.
From Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, June 13.
The western end tit thaOj... p.m. .v.
Paoiflo Railroad, nine miles this aide 0 Jtffer.
son City, was also bnrned yesterday, and tbe
draw Je! open. . i r, ,
' nsrrett will be brought before U. 8. CommU
sloner Hlokman to-day for examination.
a oo otner prisoners will be brongbt from the
Arsenal, and be arraigned at tbe same time.
Six companies of Cnl Rlr.l'. R.nln... r
a - -"'Qv a ao. ml s Ul v kJ SJ efi
volunteers, belonging to Gen. Lyon's Brigade,
left here last night for Rolls, the terminus of
the South west branch of the Peciflo Railroad,
and four additional comnanlea nftha a.m. d.-.
Iment left this morning for the same destlna-
' - . . 1 1 .1
Squads of troons will ha stailnna t n.nt.,
the different bridges of the rouie, but tbe main
body ol the force is designed for aotion iu tbe
svuiuweiiem pari oi the State.
The Paoiflo Road and telegraph lines will be
plsced under the protection of tbe Federal
troops, ; - -
E'ery effort will be made to reader them ef-
leotive. : -1 - i i. , .. , ,
Three steamers Are now at the Arsenal, tak
ing ontroops. whose destination Is supposed to
be Jefferson City.. r , ....
Circular to Federal Collectors.
. addressed another
circular to the Collectors of Customs, referring
to the Instructions or thefi l
log the transmission ot munluona of war. pro-vUloaa.aroihcc-aappllce.topartlee
In iasur.
recon sgainsi tbe United Btates. They are
.u.uuutcu w eacrcua toe ntmoet vigil,
ancs In arresting and deuining all merchandise
ui hum ever caaracter. '
WASHINGTON, June 13. The Western Virginia Convention.
WHEELING, June 13.
The Convention met at the United States
vuurtroom, - .
A clicalar was read by a member, supposed
to emanate from Mr..Brannon, Senator from
j.ewie county, aoareased to the patriots of
iiyrmweoiern Virginia, denouncing the Wheel
dk vooreutiou as an attemnt tn rli.iH ,k.
ow, .ua atiaoa inis portion to a miserable
Black Republican State, or form the same Into
new and Insignificant free State; and calling
Upon all ODDOSed to beinwtaelrarl tn tha t.it ..3
m n . --a.- r
o nepuDiicaQ aespotlem, to esnd delegates to a
convention to be held at Lswisburg, Green
brier couhty, on the first Mondsy In July, to
enter a protest against the treasonable scheme,
and take snch other action at may be thousht
HPMM. .fl..bMi!..L. 1. . .... .
r-"r" . uuwuij ma result or tne wneei1
eg Convention.
Tblt circular It producive of no effect what.
Mr. Carllle. Chairman of tha
wiHiisin(g Vim
Business, reported a declaration, reviewing tbe
ouhappy condition of the State, setting forth
tbe usurpationi of tbe Richmond
ir..i.n. kin r -ik.. ..
ripuM, repuuiaiing alliance
wuntne southern Confederacy, and vacating
tbe offioes or all who adhere to it, whether leg
islative, executive or judicial. - ..-
' The reading of the declaration wat listened
to with profound Interest. Not a ri;aantin.
opinion was expressed. It waa mada tha arui.l
order for to-morrow. .v;-.-,r
Mr. Psxtoo, of Ohio conntv. effarMt a
lution settlog forth the eriavancaa bins' anSTAi.a.1
by Western Virginia and deolaricg their luten.
tiou oever to laomii to tne urdinance of Seces
sion, but to maintain their rights In the Union.
Adopted,,, " .. ..." . , ., ,
Mr. Frost, of Jackson, effered a raanintUn
calling upon all persons lo rebellion, especially
iiuaicuiKtaiv aieoana ana return to
tbelr allegiance to the Conatltntlnn nf tha n.,:-
tedStates. ..,.-.!! ..-a- -...r.
Movements of Troops toward Harpers
Movements of Troops toward Harpers Ferry.
Hen. Cadwallader and auff raanhari naan.
castle to-day. He takes command nf tha Divi
sion which will oross the Potomao at Williams-
port, or at some other lord near that place.
Col. Ketra commands tbe Division which
moves through Hagerstown and Sbarptbnrg on
tht Maryland tide, and directly opposite the
Ferry. . ...
ihe 4th Brigade bas resched a nnlnt 9 mtlaa
below Greencastle.
Gen. Patterson will remove his head.a
soon to this plaoe. , . . ;-
atciive worn is rapiaiy approaching.
. Col. Mills commands the 4th Brigade. I ', "'"'
State Military Movements in Missouri.
, .v '; ... . aaarl.
HERMANN, Mo., June 13.
It It reported that the Stata tronna hava a
battery on the Island just below tbe month of
tue usage river, and tnat tbere are no troops at
the Osage bridge. . ; . r
A steamer, just from Jefferson City, reports
that troops are concentrating tbere rapidly.
ISOO are reported on the way from Saline eoun
ty.Gov. Jackson's residence, and 1600 from
Cooper county, both secession stroogbolds.
From Louisville.
c Dr. Urban attempted to raise a Secession flag
over hit dwelling to day. Mayor Delph gave
him notice that be would not answer for the
safety of the lives of his family or property,
and be desisted. " ,
'A large orowd of Union men hid assembled
near, many of whom were armed.
-Gamett Dunoan, father of B Ian tod Duncan,
who it at Harper'e Ferry, It of opinion there tt
truth In the rumor of tbe Intention' of the
Kentucklsns at Harper's Ferry to desert In a
body; -j
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., June 13.
The 'third" Michlgto' Ren Iment. ten hnnrlrarl
and forty Six men. left this mo-nlne? far tha
of war.., They are-a;epleodi4 body of men,
fully armed and equipped, and ready lot totivt
Reception of Ex-Minister
- T3 alias tj.n.i.1 ti.
hla eaaM .kl-" ,.fiwuua
. uw morning, u recooaee ta
address by Col.8nowden. be rnabo an 'earnest
vuiwaepeeon, . I i ill
The Maryland Congressional Elections.
ma kuoereeatonai nicntinn la r.m...:..
quietly, and no obstruotion bas so far taken
THE MARKETS. New York Market.
NEW YORK, June 13.
d -Shippers
are bntlna ta a .....t. ....
..Ti'a r.B,? '? ."ales f 1V.800
: " "aniBe weitera; $i 7ik
SMra..MmT';i mMam 'ra Weitern, 05 Sitf
faduBcHtri.. Can.. flo7r In HmT.ii TiaSai liwer
arlMa: aala. r. fin.. ...... ..a. J 15 ,.1.a' "er
:h"' - ' lor inrertor- to
Sl'p.'iua Belltna; slowly at t3 1014 00.
hhl. .1 inu. " ' .W
WuiAt' tpring wheat in fir reqaeet forixnort at
S.'JLfS0?' Wh", 'h" k"" "5 heavy, wl"Pdow!
ward tendenov: salaaof as Mift k- rtki .'. ...
lll0i 88 000 ba Northwajura S5t lWl
80,000 ba unsouad .MIiwspkeTelttb at Wcail )'
5B.0UO b; sound do. at tl OBsjl 10; Ba" 001 Zmti
Iowaand Wlseoesla at 1 101 I8j 9 500 ba winter red
S",?a?. iJ V9.!. 13 B'ne spriTa; at
iym i; juu oa wnila Western at al S5ai Ail.-
BYE Quiet; sales of 1 000 ba atSSo.
BAKI.Er DnllatJ.VffiflVi.
CORN In fair reouest for hnma ..t.
mixed Weelcro; X4io for aottod do, r-v ' ., i
OATSWIa limlta.l r.m.. mt fliu&oo. . .. .L.j .
OoDodlaa, sadMK(Sto umT- w
FOKk Rathor tuore pctlra inrlattitrta Iasv... r
it-,.".,0b,blM,1'"! """-i tM7 for rcpScted
steet; t IOS for prime. - -
Klf Oontlnues quite dall; sales of 100 bbls at t9
50 for prima: S S0 00 do nee..- ait) 5IYA1 1 tS.Z.
tra men; prl ae mets beef dull and aod unchanged; beef
hams dull and lower, salei of 100 bbls St 15 75(3114 50
ODT UIATI Here ctcadr, sales of 140Dackazea at
Mi for Shoulders, uHi tot Sim!., f
. L a. RD Dull eatei ef 17S W.l. at a i Jw, o.
BniHB-8ellog at t(S13 tot, Ohl, aad (WIS tot
CHBE8-eteadyatS8e.'' " '
a mQJ"JSH'a!!!!J0!, io Wlltlae with fair butloen
delog other descriptions without trapirtaot ehanea in
YlS'iVf 1dl;r";salsef70O bags Klo at
ll131-fc,5W) bageLtirnajoraat 13X14c: 500 baas
JavaatiavxS17o:and lUOh... m..i-.. ,.J7
, CK Verj flrra and demand quite moderate: sales of
400 tlercec st S l-Sce 1-xc csth. ' 0
I SUaAR Saw eontiouss in good rrqeest prices have
again advanced Xo per pound ; aalea or 8.760 bbda at 4$
P&'UZfJ IV P?.t0 Klco 174 t0i H"na
7; 680 hhds Melado at 3c
-iiI'A?,,a'IIoli!r" very firm: we notice 'sales
of 1S5 bblaN. O. at ssrn-in- .n hhj. d... o. ....
hhds OnnaMuioaTadoTt B. -
7 5 V, HJ. Vj Lm m" a-'anta ti M 8 sinking fond
7;Ta 0's 43; La64: Oa 48; N O 1; Mo 37; tea x"
Cincinnati Market.
lniJ,ro1,00 market trade la taarlj at a stand s HI.
ILIUR DraeS and Aannnt ha .nM 1 i
log : ennes'sloas, end eoareely then, Unoe these wh, oner
w no j m- iii voa ia draw on ir tutlr oilers wsre llkel to
be recall accepted.. is ,
K BlaT Was in less request than jesterdiy, but not
changed In price. It will now be but a thort. tlad ere
receipts of sew Kentucy will ba announced, and the
promise at to quanilty and quality It. tint it will be
..... ui. raw. some interett it expnsied at to
nat m bt Ihe nrleea fnr Ir hnt Mni. k.. ...
DOob uf a basis fnr calculation. It would seem, how
ever, froa the D retool aondlilon af tha n...... rn. a...
that there la no reason to expset much If any rariatloo
from present prices. Theetiek of aid wheat in farmers'
hands north of the Ohio, I thought to bt still pretty
laree. and such dem.nrf . . ih.ta ... k. ... . i .
grades of Kealurky White whan It shall bt fit for grind,
lng will be m. Inly to att on the fancy qualities of
isn'-i r fW'1"- lar,e indiKrlmiiiate jJe-
.""- very anil, ana aistmert lower their WdS 1
So.perbn.bsl.tu-eilng oely0aS7o. -
OSTe are wry Inactive at 5o. ' -' ' "l " 1
fc."il tlu. ;"-re.taaoUvs,.thoagh there
MT? a?Jf 0la.!S"i 'd,3r'ben transactions
iiJir.i,U""J ?t,1IUl "a4 u not sack at to
aseci in market. , j .
-.T5Kr7t! JI,flt,,'f to-dav. ana the price
aw. vr. unt.,Wl, lott, -
Cleveland Market.
June 12, 1861.
' redlnhlaaa
atjet fin. ' . y - .
Wn4r-rNo sales of any kind reperted la the aotB
bOBlt Bull and without sales.' .' ' " ' ' 1 , , .
OiTB Dnll at 91c-. j it 1 : ' .
HISt POBK-Market wsUat 10 JO for tfn. 1 UatS.
LBD-Dnllat8Xo. - -":'"--' Bf
tiiau tviNa a... uui. u. w -
BlaNS a prist article of small white Nart la in fair
demand al 9191 95 per both. Mixed and Infeilor qual.
i. or. i j mn - . ....
it rang irvm vjv uu.u iu avo. t 2
' 7,: . :;gouGH REMEDY.
for all Throat and LnnW CWolalnts.' tnofadnr. with
Bottptrfect. results, Waoonxa Cocoa, Osaomo urn
Coauton Cot; ana, bioxcual axo tbxoat Coaruurrs,
alwava forerunners of Censamntlon. AS BooTHixe
Bvaot It has co tuptrlor. freed from all Opiate or
lactic properties, may bt used by most delicate constlc
luuoas. ana wiui poncct aonaaonco. .. 9. t
HDNNEWELL'S . . .r:rz
Tae ' daiaTxar Natural Ofuti ever offered to tht
world, containing not a particle of Opium, nor any tub
ttaoot bat ltt strictly vegetable and medical properties.
A sure Remedy for NxoRaLau, RaxoaaTtsa, Oon-r,
Toot axa Ka A en a, OaTaaxa, Boax oa lux I xvxa,
and all minor Nervous Complaints. i
oa Lata at BLaxr. and Headacne In an ita varieties.
hat no equal, and to ehioh most undo able d testmonl
alt are offered." " 1 ' -
foa DaLiaioa Tajaxxwit is a most ptrreet remedy.
Ton Bowxl OoHnanrra. af tar rem ovine tha pain It acts
a physio, a most Important oontrast with tht constlpa-
lory eneott oi vpium. -To
Phystokne. Formula and Trial Bottles will be sent.
and to Dealer or Invalid a deeoriptive pamphlet without
postage-stamp. -
i-reparea unaer tae specmr svpemsion oi
' - : JOHN E. HUN PIE WELL, ;,
' oxmrr axs nuaaucxtmiar,
BTo 90ommereitl Wharf, Boston, Kass
To whom please dlreot all communications.1" f ! .1 i
Prices Largs Cough Bemedy, SO cents per bottle.
,1 ! Small .v. f. t .
Tola Anodyne, 50 . I
for sale by tbe asual wholesale and! retsif dealers,
everywhere. .r ....
6. DSNIQfcBONS, '' ' A. J. 80HTJBLLBB a SON,
mayl7-wly ' . "" Agents for Oolumbus, Ohio.
flammatloa and pain, and heals the worst barn.
Kald.bralee.eat .or fretb. wound ef any kind, niaventa
swelling and pain from bet stings, mosquito hUes, and
poisonous plants, neuralgia., rneumatlam, -ago in the
breast, salt rheum, ato. : When taken InUrnally, It will
positively cart oroup lnthlldraa,aiid glvta lauatdiatt
raiimiauw """ " ww("b oonpi&uit alto,
removes hoanenem and tort throat. Prion, cents
bottle. Buoma ot in every noose, vo sale by
lata aaa BtnrakesDtrt. . . . i . ULYIN BT41N1
. note x ropneiui, a".. aiiruo tl.,tw ork
toMdAwlyla vU-.,.,'t, t.K-lf. j
No real Jostles ean bt dona tht ahova
kot by procuring and reading descriptive pamphlets,
bt found with all dealers, or will be tent by Proprietor
on demand, formulas and Trial Bottles tent to Physl
dans, who all! find developments la both worthy their
acceptance and approval. ,
. Correspondence solicited from all whott ntetttitles or
eorlotlty prompts tt a trial of tht abort rtllablt Berne
dice. . , . , . , T
for salt by the utual wholaeaia and nitn jaaiav
rrerywhere. ' ,,'..',.,.'.',. . ;" . ar
o. Comasrolal Wharf, Bosun, Kais; .
Roberts A Samuel. N. B. Msmla. I. M. n,t i u
Danlg, O. Dtnlg a Sons, A, J. ichaeller A Bon, Agents
for Oolumbus, Ohio. ... , ' , ' -".' - xayrSi
WantbiaEi;ts to ieu
paekaget of 8TATIONBRY and JBWBLRT. .i
third leas than eaa bt aarahtaaa alaawha.
all on or address (stamp enclosed) 1. L. BAILIY. No
134 Court St., Boston, Matt.
marcn ao:asa...
iAdie.' linen Pocket-Handk'ts.
ktrohitrt very wide hems . . I ..
Inen Handk's all nrinaa:
xtemmeq atiicoeaasa plain do, do
do do . colored bordenV
mourning ao biaok borders
.. an A An L Uari.U. i . (
1 Ml.ss.' Plata aad RammaH mi,.ki A- .n - 1
Comprising tht mtt select assorteatnt In tht city tnd
" . :7vT"trw asm a sun,
o. Hi loath High Stmt.
Dr. J.'H. McLEAN'S
StrcDgticiiiDg Cordial aad. j Blood
Th Oreateet tteaaady la The
-y - ANDTHJJ.'
- - Aim J '
Ever taken. V
ly a sclentloo and
n 1 t Vegetable Ocmpcud,
p room red by tht distil-
- latlon or Hoots. Herts
i a n i Barks, - Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Barsapamia, Wild
Onerry Bark and Dan
delion enters into Its
mm Tailiis" activei-iemertiaiAflcr Taking.
principle ol each Ingredient it thoroughly extracted by
y aew method ef dittltlinff, proitaeinir.,a deucirua. ex-
hileratlng spirit, and tM moet IMF ALLIBLH remedy foi
reuoeatlna the diMMd enteft.' and restoiine (he alck.
tuffertnr and debilitated INVALID to liKALTII end
BTKKNaTH. "- ' ... 1. . . , . s
a11 effectnallv en re
Ohronlc dr KervoSt Debility, Diseases ef the Kidneys:
and all dlaeaeeearlalne' mat a dleeniered i.iveror rlom
aoh. Dvmeneia. Heartharn. Inward Piles,' AcWItVor 8ick
neet or tne stomacn, rnllness or moos to tne net 1, uun
pain ot swimming in tne need, raititation or tne tieart
fullness or Weleht In the Stomach. Boar Bractatioas
Ohokinx or suffooatinx feellns when lylnedown. Drmest
or xeiiowneesor tnaaxuana vyec nigai sweats, in
ward Tevers. Pain In tht small Of the back, chest or side.
Sudden flushes of Beat, Depression of Bpirtti, frightful
Dreams. Languor. Desuondency or any nervous Unease
Bona or Blotches on the Skin, and fever and Anne (or
Onuisana 7ever.: . , . ,
. , :- Overa laillioaof BJottleai '
Have been told dnrlna the last six months, and In no In
stance baa It failed In giving entire aulsmetion. Who,
uieu.wtii auuerirom- weaxaess or ueuuity wnta mo
"No lanuaaaoan Manvaaadeanata idea of the hnma-
dlatt andalmost miraculous change produced by takius
tbis Cordial tn ant dieesaad, debilitated and snattered
nervous e item, whether broken down by exceu, weak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, tht relaxed and unstrung
organisation is res wreo to 11s pristine nesiw ana vigor,
Or others crmseioat of inaMHty, from whatever cause.
will end aieUan s- Bveaitbeami uoroiaia Uieroiub
regenerator of the system; apd all who may have injured
Inemselves by Improper Indigeacts, will una in tbe uot
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
" J ' To tbe Ea4lee." 1
McLean's ;SireDgthcDlng Cordial
".. ts S sovereign and speedy cure for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Diacnarn thereof, galling of tba
Womb, Giddiness, fainting and all Diseases incidnt t
Females -
, Itere Jto no Klstoke .Abonf It?) ; , .
Suffer no lonierr Take It according to Directions.' It
wlllstimalate, sireogthen and Invigorate yea and cause
Ue bloom of health to mount yoar cheek again . j
. , avtry bottle ta warranted to give satlatactlon.
-' . .. foR CHILDREN. ' ' '
If your children are sickly, vnny. or afflicted. MctoanV
uoraiai win make teem neaiuryaat ana rtDutt. veis
n t a moment, try It, and you
win no
1 . i ')'-
CtrjTiOK.-Deware ef Vranlsttor Dealers who mas
y to palm open yon some BltterorSarsaparillatrasb,
nicuuieyoan oayaacap. nysayint It II lust as rood.
Avoid such men. Ask for McLean's 8trencthenkii ; Cor
dial, and take nothinxalaa,. It la the only remedx thai
will purify the blood thoroughly and at the earns time
strengthen us system. - -vi t -
one tabiespooniui taken every morning ras-ha. Ir s
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and raver. Yellow
rever, or any prevalent diseases, it is put op in lanrt
tottiet. .
Price enly tl per bottle, or S bottles for 5.
-- " '' L J.H. McLBAN,
Sole Proprietor of this Cordial,
-Also McLean's Volcanic Oil liniment.
Principal Denot on. the ocrner of Third and Pine stream.
- y McLean's voloanio Oil Liniment.
Tht best liniment In the World. Tht only safe and
certain cure for Cancers. Plica, Swalllnn and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of ths
muscles, uanraio or uinanrmawry nneumatism, aim
neet of the lotnta. contracted Muscles or Llaaniente
Baracha or Toothache, Bruitea. Sprains, Wounds, f rash
cats, uicert, rever sores, umlm Breasts Bore Nippies,
Barns, BcaldS, SoreThoat, or any Inhammatton or Pain,
nodlCtrenoe how severe, "or ho long tht disease may
nave exiatea. mcijean'S ueiermtea Liniment rt
lain remedy. '- --'- i ' i
. Thootanda of human beings have beeneavea a life of
decrepitude and misery by Ihe uss of Una invaluable
Sifls. .j .. ... ... ,s ,.(., ! ;
Will relieve pain almost tnttantaneonsly, and It wll
eieante, parity ana neai. wt tooiest toiee in an inorMi
ly snort tuns. .-.,. -: ,
A. Far Haraae aadOtlter Ajtlmala. , ...
McLean t celebrated Liniment Is the only safe and rt
llablt remedy for tbe core of Bpevtn, Kins Bona. Wind-
galls, Splints, TJnnainral Bumps, Nodes or SwelllDn. II
will never fail to cure Big Head, Poll Evil, Fistula, Old
running Sores or Sweeny, If properly applied, for
Sprains, Bruises,- ffemtohes, Bores or Wonntla, Cracked
lioels, Chafes, Saddle orCollar Galls It Is an infallible
remedy. Apply It at directed, and a care is certain la
every lcstance.
- Then trifle no Ion ear with the many worthless Lini
ments offered to yoa. Obtain a supply of -Dr. McLean's
celebrated lilnunentr- it will curt you.
- J. Ha mcEEANe Sole Proprietor,
Corner of Third and Pint Streets, St. Loaia, Mo.
Tor salt by all dragirhts.
' for sale by - - EOBEETB A SAHTJBL.
" aogSO-dAwly Columbus, Otic.
Town Street,
t-S -.. I - tt i L it' ;
it- :
tht Union and the Sunn South. 1 hava cnnointkul
to tell out.. ,..,, j ...j
a o oi s (:s
t ff-
' i.
Ihe ttook eonsistt of the largest lot of '.
v "'' m u,, -iw' nf Colnmbns!-"
BiuLUAirrs, '. i..
.: -.- . i IIMESAIDA9,1 ,
.t-.. J.07)., --JS.TTJ, ' ,'
. ."W"-- ..v rt7t . t'ttmt ,Jc
vUi-LAttS, SDSUrUs, BhuBT BBATD, 1
the best HOOP SKIRTS laOolumbos. end at the
h Vj'-.s" : y,4ow4it prict, '
Wtaaleeala and Retail.- '
Then, ladles, all, both great and small, 7 ,
! .': Come, give me a call, J. '
And tben you'll And A. M. K. BToaart
In all his Glory.
A. M. K. SrORRIE, Agent,
Remember the War 1 No. tx Town street.
aprll:d3m -' Oolnmbas, Ohio.
1 1
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers In
Northwest Consef of Hlgb and Oay S ts., ,
3Nr0v. ex.
vuWVSva'",r' -oiuo.
1 t. . (?( 1j A W t I i ' ' l -I
"A Isrge'Btook ot fins and Stasia Goods oa band."
.Beveltietl. Keck Ties and gearfs. '
,,. a. , ,. M Bjret and Qarrote Oolrars. !
t it, .! , u Bmbroldered Pocket Bandkerchleti-
Parlslld Qlovee anarlwstalrt..i - -
-eWea Hill tkirtt, Terievs strive. 1
- Bays' Ooldtn llill Bhlrta, do J. i i - i ',1 I
u., Driving aadtjlreetttlOTee, do ' . I ! .n
A Hemmed Pocket Handkerchief varleas slylts.i
Ealf Hose and Dader Oarmenla, .
apillS Ho. ti Soath High street.
r f
mw mm isxer
1 . j. f i
An experienced Nnrst and yemale Physlelaa, prsstiiU
. c to the attention of moUuri, ker
'reatly facilitates the proeeea of ttethmg. by soft
n-ja t""" raiocine all
. . m U"S reducing
atl r AIM and spaamodio
Inflammation will allay
and spasmodic action, and Is
Depend. upon Itmothen. tt win
We have nut no and sold this aniMa rn.
what we have never bean able ta eay ol any other madl-eine-NBVBB
ANCB, TO EVfBCT A 0UHB, whan timely ased. New
or did we know an Instance of dlasatlsfaatlon by any ont
who used It. On tht oontrary. all are dalurhted with ita
operations, and speak In terms of commendation of Ita
magical eSecta and medical vlrtnos. Wt speak tn this
matter "WHAT WB DO KNOW;" after ten yeare' expe.
almost rvery InsUnot where the infant la suffering from
pain and exhaustion, relief will be found in fifteen or
twenty minutes after thetjyrup It administered.
This Valuable Drenaratlnn le the nraanrintlnn nf ana nf
the moat KXPBHIBNCBD and BKlLLf DL NOBSiS la
NewEnxland. and haa been used with UtVll FAII-
INO 8DOOB08 In .
It not only relieves the child from twin, ont Invfoor
ates the etomacb and bowels, oorrects acidity, and givei
tone and enerey to tht whole system. It will almost in!
stantly relieve
and overcome eonvnistons, wnlch. If not epeedliy rem
men, ena in aeatn. we oeiieve it tne uxor and HUH
BUT RKMKDT IX THB WORLD, lo all cases otOti
It arises from teethini. or from an other cause. W.
would say to every mother wbo htaa child suffering from
any of the foregoing complslott DO NOT LB I yOt'B
stand between yon and your suffering child, aod the re
lief that will be BUBB tea. ABSOLUTBLY HUB.M tn
follow the ase of this medicine, If timely need, full di
rections for using will accompany each bottle. None
genuine unices tht fat-simile or OUHTIBfc fKRKINB,
New York, it on the outside wrapper.
Bold by all Druggists throughout tht world.
Principal Office, 13 Cedar Street N.V.
Tt preolsely what Its name Indicates, for. while.
ileasant to tbt ta.tt. It Is revivify! ax. exbllarst-
ling, invigorating and tlrengthening tj tbe vital
powers, ana at tue same time it'lvlQrt. icln
naics, ana renews tne Biooa in all Ite parity ens
time at once rutom ana rrndtri tit jvifeot in
fmulnmrabU to alt ickt of ditto. It is tha only
prtparaitoo ever onered to toe world, so chemi-
.-ally and S'lllfully combine ss to be tba. most
a weriul totilJ. and at ins same time to ptrfeeth
.aapieo to, as to act in per ec ace rniance witn tbel
aws or nautie, ana nenco wm tooth uuvtaket
tomach. and tont at tht dlncetive cretins, and
tnus aiiay an nervoos ana otnar irritation. It I
per eotly exhilarating, and at the tame time It I;
composed entirely of vegetables, yet so oombinodi
o to produos tne mo.t tnorouga toulo elict, with
oat pririucing any Icjurtou, consequences Such
a ramtdy bas long been felt to be a deilderatom 1 .
be medical worm, lor it needs no medical skill tiA
iet thatdebil'ty follows all attaokaof dlteua. and
proceeds aud Indeed lajs tht tyt'em open to the
Insidious atiacka of many of the most fatal, such,
f .r example, as the following: Consumption, In
idlntilon. Oispepsla. Loss of AoDetita. Falntneai
Nervoui irritamiuy. neuralgia f alpliaiion or ibe
Heart. Melanoholy, Night Sweute. Languor, OHdi-
nest, neiention oi, as wen at faimal obstructed
too proline, or too rctnt Menttruatlon. and fail'
lna of ths Womb. Theiealldept' d ocbs xenenl
debility Tbis pare, healthy, tonic vordlal anti
Blood Kenovator ii assure tn euro as Ihe son l
rise and set. There It no mistake about It. Bui
h'S Is not all. ir the sjstem ts aeakeued. we are
men to blltiros attacks, tbe liver be, o met tornid
ir worse dieeated, Ibe kidnett refuse tn pei'om.
i heir funoiione, aod e are troubled wlih ualdins1
and InoontiDonoa of nrint, or lnvoluntarv dit-
rhante of the tame, pain lo tha back, aide and be
tween tht eaouldere, exoetdinelx liable to eliiht'
looMe. totalis, aed if ui.ebeeked. eaea esaaawtoo
follows, aud tna patttr.t mutt down to a sramatarel
erave. But soaut will oat allow ua to enumerate
tht many ills to which wt are liable in a weakened
condition of the tystem. Bat we will say, lo thlal
uoruial ana oiooa innovator von nave a DerfecL
salt, pleasant and elrectaal remedy for lost of
appetite, nniousnees, riatuienct weak aad tick
-liomaoh. Languor, Liver Complaint. Chillaand
Pevr, or any Billots attatk, Ooeiivenrst, Aeldity
t us etomacu, ..ervousneas, nearaigis, iraipita
tton of the Heart. . re aaion of Holms. Boraa
Pimples on the Pac' or any dla;asa arising from
impure blood, such ss Scrofula. Erysipelas. Bron I
bills. Cough, difficulty of Brtatblne. and all that'
belaas of diaaasee called female weakness, and
enumerated above. We will also sat lbs traveler
lexpoien to epiaemies. cnange or climate and wat-l
or, will ana it a pleaiant, sale and sure remedy,
and none should tvsr travel without. Header.
try It, for we atsurs ion voa will and In It a trtendl
indeed, as wellasarriena la need, ail persons ofl
sedentary habits will find It a perfect preventive ofl
ta well at care for those ailments te which they aiel
particularly exposed. Hence minlsten,ttudenia,st
toroeys, llierary antlemen,and ladles wbo are not!
atcnsiomtd te amen outdoor txtiolse. will Had ii
o tbelr tdvantaare to keep a bottle eouttantl onl
nana: ana, anove an, motners. or tnese bscomlnc
suohi will go throagh thai most dangerous perioo
not oniy win ait tueir acoattumni strenttn. bu
(safe and fret from tbe thousand allmsnts so prev-
aientaoonx tne lemaie portion oi tne world, lr
short, It is indeed a mother's cordial. - Try It, oh.
ana oang no longer run tne tux ol aslay; It wn
relieve aod prove Itself emphatically a titttora
tint Cordial and Blood Rtnovator.' -
O. i . WoOD , proprietor. 444 Broadway. New
i orx, sou tit name i street, at, Louis, Mo., an
sold by ROBaBTS a 8AMUEL, Oolumbus, Ohio,
and all good SruggUta. Price One Dollai
per Bottle. marchA-daweowly
and FEBhUNBNT 0U&B of ti,
distressing complaint aie
Kade by a B. 81TM0TJB 00., id? Nassaa St., N
rnee at per box; tani tret oy post, --
mayfl-dkwlyis . ,
designs, at 4,00 par 1.000. . .',
vsiov leitsb ass koti T1FKS.
at half tht prictebsrgtd by small dsalsrs.
JTPBBAD QCABTBRS No. ?S South Hlsb street
Oolumbus, May 6, 1601. J H.RILEY,
.tt... ' . :;..-. it.- .
naattfactttrer af all klade af Por
table and dtatianmrw stoata Ea
1 (! Saw Mi Ua, lariat Allll.,
. , , , . Ac., dec. .
IJJfXS BO Din Btatml B. J. EL1SD TBtattnl
tt J. B. J)UYALL JStatmlll COLUltBCS
CO. Btattnllttl
. , Our Tortable JBcgUe and 8iw Mill
Was awarded tkt first preukua of BJU M the Indiana
Statt Fair for 1"00 over Lena fcBodlqr'a en toco ont of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of tuel
and saperior character of lumber tawed.
Onr Sattonary Bngine wat awarded at tht tame fair
tht flrtt premium of M0.
Oar Portable Bnglnt was awarded txt. trst Preenlu of
100 at tht fair at Memphis, Tenn., over Blaody't Da
valfa, CoUmbus Machine Co's., anil Bradford a Ot't.,
by a eommlttet of practical Railroad Bnglnters. --
forprlca and tarmt address
t . WU.LABO WAB.NIB, Treasurer,
decS-dkwlyecU. Heerark. Ohio.

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