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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, June 15, 1861, Image 1

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TOL. VIII. NO. 6.:
15, 1861.
InranabllB Advance)
IO" Office Sot. 38, 88 and 40, North High fit.
Dally "' . ' ... $6 00 pryr.
By tbe Carrier, per week. UVS
rrl-Wejlrly . -. SO
0 par year.
Weekly, . . . .......... 1 00
eruis ot Advertleinp; by h "anar.
Mlquar Iyeai...t4tt 00
Una " U niot.the 18 00
Dne ' " months 1 00
3ne ". 3 months 10 00
3nt ' ' B months 8 no
3m ! 1 month. I W
On iqain 1 WMk..,4 OS
On " 8 week.. 3 00
On ' " lirk... 1 7
On " 1 days... 100
On " " Sdaya ... 75
On ' linMrUoa 90
Displayed edvertliimeote half more than tb above
' A-lverrlseniente leaded and placed In th column o
Sotrlal Notice,'' aWieffoorcttfMHY rat. .
Ail notice required tie be published by law, legal rate
K ordered on the Inalileexclnilvely after the Aral week
par ceu:. nor than the abor rataei bat all toon trll
appear In the Tri-Weeklywtthoutoharfte. i
B illness Cards, not exceeding five lines, per year, In
de, $iW per line; ontalde i .
Noilcesof meetings, charitailej odetlef ,11 re companies
Ave, half prlte., .. .::;
A'l Iran tUnt adverUeemmt muet 8 paid or ta
ndtimc Te rale will not be railed frem.
Weekly, same prloeaatha Dally, where th. adrertlw.
9t the Weekly alone. Where he Dally and Weekl
ar both uaed, then the charge lertho Weekly will k
aa I the rutxeof the Dally '
Ho advertltement uken except for a daflnlU period. .
P. A.J.,B. BDttKmS, ' ; ; '
Attorney At IcfW
OSceWAmb" JJulldlnj;, oppoalt Capitol Square. :':
- ooLOMBDs, oino;
Etlachine Manufacturing Company
MANtrtAcnmxM o
Cittlaga, Hill-Gearing, xlchlnry. ;
i . i . . ii
ALSO, ... ' ;!
or mar DESciurnoJi. , ;
0HA8. AMDOS, Bup't. P. AM DOS, Treat.
deal I. la-tt . . .
(J'.y joy 8 e ue a c.q uoi).o ., RLJ .
Winter Arrangement.
Winter Arrangement. Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, Dayton A Indianapolii!
Tbrongh to Indianarjolit without Cbaoge of Cart '
aod but One) Change of Can between . . .
Columbua and St. Louie. '. ,' t ',','( .
BUS. i. " ".'
' fclR3T TRAIN.
(Dally, Mondari excepted.) ' v ' ' '
MldUT EXPKK38, via Dayton, at 8:45 a. Byatop
ping at London, Xenla, Dayton, UlddleMwn and Heoll
ton. arriving at Oinclnnatl at 8:JO a. n. Dayton atS:l
a.m.,Indlanopoltaat 10: IS a o.; e. Loulf at 11:30
A000MM0DAT1ON, at 8:10 a. m.,itopplni at all 8ta
Uon- between Oolanbni and Cincinnati and Daylon, art
rlTlng at Oinclnnatl 1U08 a. m., Dayton atftU a. aa.,
lndlanopeUialB;ip. . ::'
DAT XXPBE38,at 8:30 p. m., atopplag at Alton.
JeSereoo, London, Charleston, Oedarrllle, Xenla.
Spring Valley, Corwin, Morrow. Der&ld, loiter'.
Lorelaod, Ulllfordaod Plilnrille, arrlTlbg at Cloeln
&atl at 7:SU p. m. Bt. Loala at 18 n; Dayton at 9.3S p.
.; IndlanopolU at 10:38 p tn. , . .
leoplnff care n aall Iflg-bt Tralna to
Cinciunallaoe IndfanetpoUa.
fer farther lirortoatlon and Throogh Ticket apply to
- U L. DOllkBTI, -ticket
Agent, Union Depot. Onlnmba, Ohio. ,
'' " Bapertntendent, Oinelnnad.
al3 Agent, Oolombtti,
Just BeeelTsdl . i i . ,.
e A A HP. CH Cttt'iUl and ' BACK
lUU Tfc. 100 bage prime Bio Cone. " .. .,
1A i poekeuold Duton 0 jTernmen t iara Cojee, '
UUgaOey Ion .Coffee. ' '.
90" bole, ataudard Whit Bngara, eonalatlng of fow.
dred, Cbraihed, Oranulaied A and B Oofle.
SO qulniale Qeorga Bnk Cod&ih. . ,: , ',,
gObbla. Men and No. 1 Mackerel. ., , '
Ate. Pick Sjlmon.,' .. .
lOObx. Lajer Kanlnd. ' : . ..
AO hf. box do . do . , : , .; . .,' ,.
l'tOqr.feoa do d " . ' : J ;
100 U Clxtrt, different brand and (rede. " ' .' .
Bri7 wm mcdosald. .
m,,c li l ley;
And Blank-Book Manafanturar, :ii
Red, TOte and Blae ,
, ( lO ... I'
No. 18 South High street.
Just opened by
,.' '.el".
. a M 7.1'il't..
No. M, iouxn niaH btbixt. i. y
Have Juit reoelTsd anew make of BOOP IKIBTI
finished la manner far aoperlor to any yet tfodocel
for - '.'V.c .""'Ia- "i2'iW
It 11
. ,J I .11
u.' "I :w
.1 FAitllUV f EiUUBtet A 0 1 . ; . 3 " i
''.l.'.Ml - J
""INQ'WJ'IjAKE.r'1. 4
Proat "Barnett Mills," Springfield, 0. th baetbraad'ot
a ar ot iu yi "'."v, Battamotion aaaranveeu
lor l only at.' : ..K WM. MoDONALD'B, , h
nov7 ...... ,.n lOtt South High etreek. .
Irieh Den Goods.' -'..V.',
Linen Shirt B em r.aln and fanoy "j.v.
Bhlrtlu and Bosom Linens. .t.i i
, II i Line tfbewttnn and Pillow Csslnin. .' U
Linen Oauibhe aod Long Lawn.
r :n j-vi' i rook.aanda'aHall1.4
Linen Towelllnta and Dlaneri
.'r t.-T. Lletti ITapklBaandD-Oylle. ' l! "
, Linen Table U loins ana aatln Uaamak. a ;, I .
' Linen Towele with colored border.
, " ,'tr-. Llin8ialr-0vftoaOraab'fi .l-;ii ;
I or aal at low pnoea.
1 T.;t-n1 ion fl lv ' BATH d SOW.'- ''
feb9 ..... ... . ro. 88 Booth High trt,
Aj ttuUMro, nsw iwrce, janouen-ary -,t
u.,( He IS South HWh tare..
AUl(ndeleTuopenedat BAINS,
d.Jl. ,a .0o.8thHtohgtmt
.vt . , .t -t . I '
The tateit The largeitThe Beit.
The Cheapeit SeoaON the it.
Ttie Btut Blllia ian4ar au.
; thorlty f thEfllelil.aogTiaa:.
' 5(w Evndrtd Smintut tdutator of Ohio,
' Xerorw Mm funnAtr. 1
'He' are upward ef a Hundred Thoaeand Tfordt,
whot aalttfariou sMaalngt and derlratlou, torether
nth the! eorreot tpelUnf, and pronoiwlatloa are clearly
eat before the ).''
.'. " i i ObiefanaU OmMraL
gtad th4 OtolHont vt Me UemUr f Me QMo Btatt
ZeoeAer' AmoUitton.
, The andtrttgned, membera of the Ohio lute Teacher
Aeeoetatlon, adopt and aim toala teaching, writing
and. paklnjt, the orthography and pronunciation of
Woroeator't Koval Quarto Dlotlonary and we moet eor
dlally reooamend It a th. noat reliable lUndard au
thority of the InglUh language, aa It 1 now written and
pehen. ''.i - ' '
toate AirDRiwt, Prealdent Eenyon Oollere- -.r-r
M D lawirrr. Superintendent Zanearllle gehoelf.
Taoe. W. Uaam. Sup't Uaaalloa Unlea Beh-ele.
M. f. Oowntat. Bup't Pablle Sehook, Sandatky.
JoBH Ltrci, Map't PuMlo Boboole, Olralerlll.
8. W. BAnroae, Principal Clara land female ftemlna-
17 W. Hrrcaatx, 8p't Publle School, Mt. TJnton.
Joan Oeoaa, yrtnoipal. SUte Normal School, Minne
sota. Otbd tfaaoa-, Prlaelpal leurth InUnnedlat Bchool,
OlaelBimU. , . . - ... . ,
B. 8. aUiTte, Bup't Canton union School.
'Intra kasat, Principal UeNeely Normal School.
Bu T. TiiTi, Prof. Hathematiw, Ohio Pnlreralty.
Wat. W. Xnwian, Sup't Tro Union School.
A. O. BoratM, Prlaolpal Weat High School, OUre
Und. ..'. '' ' i
B A. NoaTon, Anoetet Prlaelpal Dljh School, Clr
TaiOBOaa tTaauae, Principal High School, Cler:
a. t
. Bontrrow, Principal Cleveland loitltnt.
i. A.
WAanau, rreaioesi ei .ieue uiiiuai, at-
W l Dau, Prof., of OlMinlJtri,. Ohio Weileyan
UnlTerrlrr. r
H. B. BAamrr, Bx-Ouailjalonr of Common School,
Jam Momoa, Prof. BhMorts, Oberlla Oelltf.
Too. Hux, Preddnt Antlocb College.
0. W. U. OaTaoutT, , Prot. MalhtmaUce, High
School, Peyton.
B. C. CsoxeAOea, Prof, language, High School.
B. at. BAktta, Sup't TJrloa Sohoola, Athlard.
Mor than Sim Btmdrtd ttktr PnHtmt of (MU
ott, Proftuort. AutAori and DUUnpuUML Zduoar
(or, Ao mdarud U abm tmUmmi.
IfAaierrA Oouasa "It la truly a magnificent work,
aa honor to tbe author, the publlaheri, and th whole
eouutry." PreeMent Andrew. ,
; Ohio Watunraa TJamxiiTT . " It exceed! my expecta
tion a. It will be my guide la orthography andpronu.
elation, and will often b conaulted by me for It seat
and acearat definition." President Ihompaoa.
i W. B. loucrrto Coixto. "Heretofore we bar SMd
Weheur'a orthography . At a recent meeting of our
faculty , It wae decided to cbajee It to conform to that
of Wnrotittr' Boyal Quarto Dlctlonary.'-Preildent
Wimxx Banara OoitMa. "I find It worthy of
eordlal approbation. President Hitchcock. .
Oaaaua Cou.ea. "It mor than meet my expeola
tloae. I recommend It a tb itandard authority In
orthoepy to nay children and my pupil." Prldnt
Morgan. . ......
J Armca Count. "I adopt and aim to ua In taaoh
biff, writing and speaking, the orthography and pronan
ttatlon of Woroester' noyal Quarto Dictionary.''
Pnaldent Bill. . , . .
"In all my writing, apeak tog. and leaching, X bar en
deavored to eonrona to th rule for ortt ography and
pronunciation ai contained In Woroeiter1! DwUonary."
Horace atann, late Pmtdanb
! Kaxrox OoLuaaa. Qucaua. ''I mo it cordially reeoiq.
mood It a th meat reliable standard authority of the
English language a It I bow written and spoken."
Pieeldeat Andiewa. ,
irem Btt. AnonSmft, OommUttontr e ftflwwa
A0M at tywae. -
. "Th Diotlooary Is an lmpwrlahakle monument to the
Isarolnrf and lodus'ryof It author, and aa honor to th
world or letter. Th mechanical (aeration I far supe
rior to that ef any other Lex loon with which I am ao
qslntd." , " ,
"Tb doV reliable xuadard aalhorlty of the lan
guage." .......
Treading Newrpapere) of Ohio Say.
.i JramO CU4land Berald of MartA 88.
Th orthorraphy of the Woroestsr Dlotlonary I that
. L I . . h Ik.. jll..lntlA In ht.
country and England, and ooniorms to th gtaaral usage
of ordinary writer ana speakers.
Whatever oreludleoe mar bar existed prertouily, a
oereful itudy of this rolum will Inrarlab'y be followed
b a warm appreciation or n great n-ertte, ana a a en re
io add it lo in well ioa. uorary, o large sr amaii,
It la a library lo Itself, and will remain an Imperisha
ble record of the learning HU compiler, j. .,
from 014 OtneinnaH Cbersnaaroioi o April 80. -'
Bare are onward of a hundred thousand word! rood,
bad and indifferent whose aaltttarloa meanings and
derivations, together with their correal .polling nd pro
nunciation, art set eieany otto re w eye an wore le
uoquesttooab y th greatest Ibnauruaof English Word
ever published. 1 n I :'J : . , . i
tnm tit CUmAomA riaindtaUr oiSnps. CO. I860.
Ivtdratly woaosTB a boy at. qnaavo pumosiir as
eaMd.andeaa by so nose.blllty aufler by omparioa or
eon trove riy
, - JVosa U TUtdo Bkx& 0 JAy !9.
As W noatraxaATioii. Woacrma is n STAir&alta
followed by oar beat aathoret to deflaltlon be learee
aoihiar to be desired and in )TooaArT li 1 iufflolent
t, aay that Woacswria oaa be eat J follorsd.
Pnbllalir, Bokllir A 8 tatlauere,
W-mivrtzw. it., cliyiladd, ohjo.
mat 8 .
DlTldem Jakinarr l 180 1 6 Pr Cent
: Statement Jaaaarp i iseit '
Balaaea, pertaatetaeot Jan. lit, 1960... 1,408, Kl 39
Beealted for-Prlam do-'
Inn lb ar 18(0.. B7BI.Q91 55 ..
keeelrod lor Interest, daring
the yew lew..... aieoie iv
' ,. -,- m i i ie f t -.n '
Total raealo' for 1960...v.o77.067 74 ,. n ...
raid Claim by iMatbtkU', wo. ,. , ....
Paid Pollele sarrea- " '
kil. ,..41.111 89 " i i''"
1 1 d v
fald salaries, Pot
' ehabg, ic..l.... 81.650 54 ' ''
Pskt Commlamene to
, Altt)e)ee)aerl 11,385 30. ., i .
Paid Pbyaklan' fee. 5 MM) 7 .
f aid Annuities i 1,17 00 '
aid Dividend dur- ' J -" ''
. l. . im eiwt fx kik iai .
I; i
sua IHSi pw,vuw(w . wm
411,878 M
:; Net lUUnoe January lit. lfW.,.v...,.yjliMW
, , ii Li-. i -t-i A8SIT8.' if-" '"-
Caahoa hand............ S84 18 v 1
BoadadMortgageeanttasu r-:,.i ,- i ,
.tale,, worm oottbi ue -. . i,., i, ,,.
amount loaned .8.387,841 68
premium Botee, ea Poltde ', .
' toore,eaiyerawiMrw; -
eent. InUrett.. 1,878 M4 17 ,,, .
Ileal Seta e....M...... . .80 891 H, r ,
loansonSerlp...... ........ t , i,314A
fremiuma.KoteeandOaah.ln , , !...
eoaruyf jranamlrloa...v 43Jii 75 . : . ,n
' ,Tot4 AMts.....M..u..u II SliWM SO
TiBTSPolMee 1a f'oroe, lnnrU.t....an43as5S8
I43i aew Pollcl hare beea karaed durlag tbe pear.
v After a earerhl ealenlatleel ef the present ve'n of the
etsUsdlng roltcleoot the- Cempany, and having tb
aneMary awwamf In reserve uerefor, th Dlreotor
bavoeeoMred DrViBax of 45 per cent, en tbe rreml
ue UI as the aabl rata, so all pelleieefor Ufe In force,
wnraopt cAxa, at the Cfto f Ageaen of the Ooav
-y - L. efl. Alt Avian u ..ia.., r.j
..-.. . .u. no. Juhnsoo Block.
nareuae. axA. ct ri" -alaabae,0'
A anAaaAPtSB, aui wwino, f i
avw suereei ua grwen vao( aaa at very low (.
Prtor to Januan l.ibWI.paxabMeeoerainf utae
(resent role of the Company. . , -.., -
Bate for all ktadioi Life Oontlnrencte, PRirpect
aM, atoeMatAy awl Aemlmatlaa, Will ke farnlihed
am a bom.
Scrofula, or King's Evil,
l a constitutional disease, a corruption of tits
blood, by which this fluid become vitiated,
weak, and poor. Being In the circulation, it
pervades the whole body, and may buret out
in disease on any part of it. No organ is free
from iu attacks, nor is there one which it may
not destroy. The scrofulous taint is variously
caused by mercurial disease, low living, dis
ordered or unhealthy food, impure air, filth
and filthy habits, , the depressing vices, and,
above all, by th Venereal, infection. What
ever be its origin, it is hereditary in the coo
stitution, descending " from parents to ohildren
unto the third and fourth generation ; " indeed,
it seems 'to te the rod of Him who ssys, "I
will visit the iniquities of the fathers upon
their children.'
Its effects commence by deposition from th
blood Of corrupt or ulcerous nutter, which, In
the lungs, liver, and internal organs, is termed
tubercles; iu the glands, swellings; and on
the. surface, eruptions or sores. This foul cor
ruption, which genders in the blood, depresses
the energies of life, so that scrofulous constitution.-!
not only suffer from scrofulous com
plaints, but fliey hnvo lor less power to with
atand .the. attacks of other diseases; conse
quently vast numbers pcrkh by disorders
which, although riot scrofulous in their nature,
are still rendered fatal by tide taint in the
system. Most of the consumption which de
cimates the human family has its origin dlreotly
in this scrofulous contamination ;. and many
destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain,
nd, indeed, of all the organs, arise from or
are aggravated by the same cause. ; ' '"' 1
One quarter of all our people are scrofulous ;
their persons aro invaded by this lurking in
fection, and their health is undermined by it.
To cleanse it from the system we must renovate
the blood by an alterative medicine, and In
vigorate it by healthy food and exercise.
Such a medicine wo supply in
Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedy which the medical
skill of our times can devise for this every
where prevailing and fatal malady. It is com
bined from the most active remedials that have
been discovered for the expurgation of tills foul
disorder from the blood, and th rescue of the
svstem from its destructive consequences.
Ilence it should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Eruptivb
and Skin Diseases, St. Anthony's Fuie,
Rose, or Erysipelas, Pimw.es, Pustules,
Bt.otciip.s, Blaixs and Boas, Touons, Tetter
and Salt Rnrstw, Scald Head, RinqWohm,
Hiifi-matism, Syphilitic andMp.ncuitiALDis.
i-ahi:, Ditovsr, Dtspepsia, Deuility, and,
indeed, Af.. Complaints ahisino fhom Vitia
ted on I.ii'uiin lii.ooi). The popular belief
in impurity otn blood is rounuca in tmn,
for M.-rofuht is a degeneration of the blood. The
particular purpose and virtus of this Sarsapa
riiln to purity and regenerate tliis vital fluid,
without wluch sound health is impossible in
contaminated constitutions.
Ague Cure,
roa the speeds' curb or
Intermittent Fever, or Fever and Ague,
Remittent Fever, Chill Fever, Dumb
Anne, Periodical Headarho, or BUIona
Headache, and Illllon Fevers, Indeed
far the whole clnee of dleeaeee orlsrlnat.
Iiifr lie miiavy iraaisrmesas, eameeca ay
the ALlai-ia of lliacmatie Couutrte.
' We are enahled here .to offer the conuminity a
remedy rvlilcli, while it sure the above eomplaiut
with certainty, i still perfectly harmless in any
quantity. Much a remedy is invaluable in districts
phrrc these afllioting disorder prevail. Tui
"Chub" expels the minsmatlo poison of Fbveu
amp Aui'ft from the system, and prevents the de
velopment of the disease, if taken on the first ap
proach of Its premonitory symptoms. It is not only
the beat reiuedv ever vet discovered for this chu
of complaints, hut also th cheapest. The large
Quantity we supply lor a ooliar brings it wttuin tn
reach til every body I and in bilious districts, where
ii.VPii Atn Aour prevails, every body should
have it and use it freely both for cure and protec
tion. A great superiority of this remedy over any
ether ever discovered for the speedy snd certain
Cure of Intermittent is that it contains no Quinine
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
ether injurious eliect whatever upon the constitu
tion. Those cured by it aro left as healthy as if
they had never had the disease.
r ever aim Ague is uui uuuw buu vuuscijui-iii.-? vi
the missmntic poison. A great variety of disor
ders arise from its Irritation, among whioh are
titurnlijia, llheutnatism, Omit, Hradacht, Blind
nesi. Tuothaeit. Earache, Catarrh, Atthmp, Pal-
citation. Painful Affection of tlit Spleen,- iwsfef.
V - n..-.. iL. ur. '-.'- o-lr... ri-
S7, I U ( I ,n IM. www,, vwv, . wmyn. niiu f
rangement of th Stomach, all of which, when
originating iu this esuta. put on the intermittent
type, or become periodical. This Curb " expels
th poison from th blood, and consequently cures
them all alike. It is sn invaluable protection to
immigrant r4V person travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious district. If taken occa
sionally or dally while expoaed to the Infection,
(hat will be excreted from th eyttem, and cannot
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen into dis
ease, tience it is even more vaiuaoie lor protec
tion than cure, and few will ever suffer from Inter,
mittents if they avaQ themselves of the protection
this remedy affords. ........
Prepared byDr.J. 0. AYXB & CO., Lowell, Alass-
HOBBBTB a aAMDfel, Oolomoa.
Andby Druyglst and Dsalert everywhere.
DOVKiya.iweaw ,-
. Liverpool MontreaJ,! Qaebet g
v ' ' ' ' ' ' "and
'The afoatreal Ocean Steamship OempoyS 8rtUt
full-powered Clyde-built Iteamera aall every Rat-
rat a V from PORTLAND, carrying tn vanauiaaena
United Sterna Hail and passengers.
.,- BIBBBNIAN, -c ,
9tirteete Cheapest and QalckestCon
- Tepaaee front V';
' TUfm ot fsiaeJBirei to EurOixs, '
1 .". '.;-Q30,9tx sea -, u '
Will aU from LIV8arXKLTrw Tednosdart
and freenQirBBBO ovory vdatarttay . celling at
LONDONDEBKki toreeervooo Manian. lai e main ana
Peseenrero, to U4 from Inland and Scotland. ' "
irrtheee Bieaaera are bulll of Iroo to water-tight
eooipartmeota, carry each an expeneneed Bargeon, and
every attention la paid to th eom'ort and aocoatimo4a-
Son or paasenrar. as uey proosen oiros so wn hub.
CRT, the great rlak snd delay of calling kt St. John'
bavoldcd. ; " -
Slasfow paatenrert are rarnianea trim rasa pawg
tttket to and from Londonderry.
Beiurn tloketa granted at reduoea rates. ,.
OertlScate Issued for oarrylng to and bringing oat pas
mtera froea all lb principal towns of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rasas, by this line ef teaanere, and
leaving Liverpool every weea.
Sight Draft lot Al audi upward pay-
mDlW IB vn in t rv.aaamf smr
land ar Wales, k , .
Tor rases re, apply at th Office BS hkoaii.
WAlTKew Vark, and WAlEat T
Litverpooi, i . ' - i. - j
BABEt i BXiBXX, Osnersl Igents, .
, nelO-lydAw .-. - . .est Omo,0olambuf..vhl
(Ijeteef Phalon'l Batabltahment, N. T.,) Proprietor e
in. pew ai i.-..
i Bhampeonlnf, Ourllngand Dreeein aaleon. Beat) tale
i street!, over Uie Post Offloe, where aatlalactloa will
be riven In all the rarioos bsanohe. Ladle and
' Children Hair Pressing don U Uv best sty I.
jyiiiiT -
narniwa ail o a K si a re n niniiin ns
O NSW BTTLE8 Ball cV Son. No. South
onvaa. aaesqura and BaCo, (natle lp thd aawett and
meet Ityllsa -manner. - ni
Biaek llas. very heavy, dwiioed. spreeaiytot
ltaaOIUaisaaBhws., .,, pnu
a l:
I ' ' 4
OCR SPBIreOt TOOK S sjnuovau-fro-Ai?;
Gold and Velyet Borders,
, v ' j ' ' ' ( IT' i ' '
: ' AND '
Gold and Painted Shades,
! GOLD .
: 1 AND ;
N. B. Landlords and parson! wishing quantities ef
Paper will make money by buying ot as. Country
Merchant and persona from abroad trill d well to call
andsMu. ' aprlt l-d3modl It. a A.
Spring & ' Summer Millinery.
Trie Shook Raplsmlabed.
MT 8 IOCS OP ' ' '
Spring & Summer Millinery
; I bow complete, eomp rising every variety of Mlllln-
eryi also, a largs assortment of Embroideries, Hosiery
and Notion. Ao , and In quantities and price that oaa,
not tall to suit all who may favor as with a call. The
goods bar beea bought st Panic prices, and will be told
at a (mail advance on cut.
Miis M E. YOUNO. 1st of N. York City,
will anperlntand th hlllllnary Department. Her long
experience In th. most Paahlonabl Establlshmsnt la
Broadway will alon b a warranty that ah will be abl
to give entire satisfaction la matters of taste to ell who
may favor her with thtlr oiders. - i
'The Lad las of Columbus and vicinity wilt Maas a-
ept my slpoer thank tor tbefr liberal patronsge, and
I would respectfully tollclt otatuaaareof thessm.
6S Bast Town St.t Oblambna,' O.
aprll-d3a'od - r. -.-i--," .
Wholesale and Retail Depot for
No. 106 jSouth ; HIsh . Street
! tw AT.T.' 'HEIR TAR TP.'TTRfl: ' . '
:)0v,''"lallr; ; rrlval . Oaada '
For tho 4 Fall and ' Winter " Trade
,i . . .. - 1 -V f if .t 1
: :, Of 1860-61.
TU THh PUBLIC for past favors and petron-
egt, and beUg DBTKBIdtlf l?D to tnair
aeontlBaaaee f saa ay: sulci miaeimaiwm aw
traaesand prampt 4tllTr mt 0adi
Itould call tba 'atatiea of th puhli to th that that
having tUitS sad well uj toel ataek ea
Wnd. andbetnr ta dallt reotlpt of rood! from the differ
ent markets, I flatter myself that leeaofer to thedti-
tac of Oolaaboa or to any Who may dartre W phrckaSS,
aa aatortment ef artlclea appertaining to the QBOOHaT
trade, CNEQtJALEOby anyhoua la th etty.
The price and quality ef tb food offered; I ffaar.
ant) to ajiva aatisfaoilosi, .77 k
Goods ' DellYerei fret of Caarj:,
aov87." ' ' ' '"' WH. MeDOMALD
7 Aji3 Seed Store,
((- '.'"n'BEAiB IB
.NAIth.'OtABS, sX81CTTt,fj6llDAal,
en me. rietaie, Wa"wniaw ware,
' tbetsa BebberHelUnt,. J ace leather, Bee sad
BatM Jl . thI-U
1 snad In the the omcert 01 tnis nana, January win.
loot, so wn: vr m, a. riTr, ri,
Uoopta. Oaalet. rtslgned tbelr office. Davia Tavmb,
Esq., wa the looted Preside! and W. A. Platt ap
pointed Cashier . 3H' ' '
By order of th Board of Dlreotor.
lob 5, UMl-dtf. -Z W.k. PIATT. Cashier.
hi ink krtrrpsi
1M eoWMlltx!
faablonable fare.
UUag at very low prtoee, also all other kind
Dally, par year - 00
Tn-Weekly, per ear f
Weekly peryea X.
Late Letter of the Hon.
Joseph Holt.
We make the following estreat from a late
letter of the Boo. Joseph Holt, of K'ntnoky, in
favor of the people Standing by tbe Union: -
It is true, that before this deliverance of tho
popular mind of tbe South from tbe tbreateu
Lugs and alarms which bare subdued it. oao be
aeoompllsbed, tbe remorseless agitators who
have made this revolutloo, aod now hold Its
rslns, mast be discarded alike from tbe publlo
confidence aod public service. Tbe country, in
its agony, is feellDK their power, aod we well
anderstaad bow difficult will be the task of over
throwing tbe ascendency tbey bave eeoared.
But tbe Union men of tbe South believed to
be io the majority in every seceded State, ex
cept perhaps South Carolina aided by tbe
presence ot tbe Uorernmeot, win De muy equal
to tbe emergency. Let theee agistors nensb,
politically, if need be, by icures . . ,., j.
"A breath can unmake tbem, as s breath bu mad;" .
but destroy this Republic snd '
' "Where Is that Promethean heat,
That eaa it light relumel "
Once entombed, when will the Aote! of tbe
Resurrection deecend to tbe portals of It sep
uleber? Thereto not a voice which comes to
us from tbe cemetery ot nations that does nut
answer, "Never, never!" Amid tbe tormente
of our perturbed existence, we msy bave glimps
es of freedom, as tbe msniao has glimpses of
reason between tbe paroxisms of bis madness,
but we eball attain to neitber national dignity
nor National tenose. We shall beamaee of
jarring, waning, fragmentary States, enleibled
and demoralised without power at nome, or re
spectabillty abroad, aod like tbe Republics ol
Mexico and douiq Amerloa, we will Or lit away
on a shoreless and eussogntned see or civil
oommotion, from which, if tbe teaohinge of bis
tort are to be trusted, we shall be finally rescu
ed by the iron bsDd of some military wrecker,
who will coin tbe shattered elements ot our
greatness aod of onr strength into a diadem and
a throne. Said M. Fould, tbe great French
statesman, to an American cltlren, a few weeke
sloce, "Your Republio Is dead, and It Is prob
ably tbe laet tbe world will ever tee. You will
have s reign of terrorism, snd after that two or
three monarchies." All this may be verified,
should this revolution succeed.
Let ns then twine eacb thread of tbe glorious
tissue of our country's flag about our heart
strings, and looking upon onr homes, and catch
log tbe spirit that brestbes upon us irom tbe
battlefields of our fathers, let ns resolve that.
oome weal or wee, we will, la life and in death,
new and forever, stand by tbe stars aod Stilpei.
They have (bated ove our cradles; let it be our
prater and our struggle tbat tbey eball fljt
over our graves. 1 bey bate been unfurled from
tbe snows ol usnsaa to tne pianes ot new Ur
leans, and to the balls of tbe Monttsumas, and
amid the solitudes of every sea, and every where,
as the luminous symbol or realstlsss and benef
icent power, tbey bave led tbe free to victory
and to glory. It bae been my fortune tb look
apon this flag In foreign lands, and amid the
loom of an Oriental deopotlem; and rtgbt Well
0 1 know, by contrast, how bright are its stars,
and bow sublime are its Inspirations. If this
bsnner, the emblem for us of all tbat Is trans
porting In human bope, It to be sacrificed on the
altars of a sataulo ambition, and thus disappear
forever amid tbe nlgbt and tempest of revolu
tion, then will I feel and wbo eball estimate
tbe desolation of tbat ftellngt tbat tbe eun
baa Indeed been., airloken from th kf ef oar
lives, and tbat beooetorin we shall be but wan
derers and outcasts, with naught but tbe bread
ol sorrow and . pcitury toe our lips, and with
bands ever Outstretched in feebleness and sup
plioatlon, on which, in any hour, a military
tyrant msy rivet tne letters 01 s aeepsiriug
bondsge. Msy Ood in bis Infinite meroy taw
jou aud me, ana toe isoa we so muca love,
from the doom of such a degradation!
No contest so momentoue aa this bas arisen
in human history, for amid all tbe coLiLcts of
men and of natione, tbe life, of no such govern
ment as ours bas ever been at stake- Our
fathers won Our Independence by tbe blood and
sacrifices of a seven years' war, and we have
maintained it against the assaults or the great
est power on earth 1 sod the queetloa cow la,
wbetber we are to peruu oj our own nanas, ana
bare tbe epitaph of the suicide written upon
our tomb. Tbe ordesl throogh which we are
f lasting must Involve Immense suffering aud
osses for ns alt, but tbe expenditure of not
merely hundreds of millions, but of billions, of
treasure, will be well made, If tbe result shall
be tbe preserratlon of our Institutions.
Could my voice rescu every oweiuug in tven-
tucky, I would implore it Inmatee if they
would not have the rivers of their posterity
shrink away, as do unfed e reams beneath the
summer beats to rouse themselves from tbelr
lethargy, sod fly to tbe rescue of their country
before it is everlastingly too late.- Mao should
appeal to man, and neighborhood to neighbor
hood, until tbe electric Area of patrlotiem eball
flash throughout the land. v It is a time in wbicB
tbe work-mop, toe unce, tne counting nouie
and the Add may well be abandoned for the sol
emu duty tbat is opon ns; for all.tbeao tolls
will bring but treasure cot for ourselves, but
tor the ipotler, 11 this revolation le not arrested.
We ere ell, with our every earthly Interest,
embarked la mid-ocean on the' same common
Ofca. a am nuws vi me mwi uu mvui ,.-,
and "the lightning's red glare Is paintipgbsli
oa the sky," sod wbtle the noble ship pitches
and rolls under tb lashings of the waves, tbe
cry Is beard tbat she bas sprung a leak at many
points, and that the rushing waters are mount
inr ranldlv In the bold. The man wbo in sueh
I . 1 , .h afrn-M I l A.. - - -
ao boor will not work at the pumps, Is either a
manlao or S monster.
England and America.
Tha forelen capere received per steamship
Fulton contain eeveral matters of .Interest, to
addition to : tbe extraots maae yesterday morn-
inn . 1, , .. I ; I V 'HO . b-.''-. 1 !t
' foe lanvuue held by Lord BrougharaV la tbe
British Parliament, oo the S7th, nit., io refer
oca to the annexation of dan Oomlogo and
the African slave trades la reported ao tol-
lnsrat ...... . .. 1 ! 1" ' 1. ) J ' :i:
He did not know what toe intention, mignt oe.
Parhana there was no Intention of eetaaUabing
the elave trade when tbe Spanieh Government
bargained for a earn ot money tor putting it aowa
Instead of extendloff it, and yet they had ex
tended it. The m.anethey took it oaery 'oa
the governoteot of their aaw acqutartioo-were
not euoh aa gave him any very great confidence
in their want or Intention to Maouaa slavery
there. ' For ta whom did they entrust tne execu-
ttna of thla decree I The xeoauoii 01 annexa
tion wae entrusted to tho Captain-General of
Cuba, who was to toko neoeeta y means ot car
rying it Into tttmtlejj.'-jin ; -r " ' '
BOW, II tnere wae B wapaaut-wauwiaa 111 an
tbo world whom bo should trust tee tbhn an
nthar for not Dlsntini slaver agaia io San Do
mingo, It would be tbe UAptalo uencrai orvuoa.
He should have abeolata oonfldeaco to him 1 for
extending tbe establishment of slavery ia that
part of tho Bpenleh dominions., 1 He reajerded
with tha atmoet DOtsibia torpriee ihia eonduot ol
the Spanish Government, and recollecting their
oondoct on tne eae traoo us toe isiaoa oa wvam,
he was not In the least degree movoaoy aoae
avowal of their latention to Introduoa elavery
Intn San Dorainno. beinr 1 BerfeetlT oonviooed
that they Hoald re eetabUeb it there if they had
BMaalan or temnutloa to do so. Cuba had now
beea lor yean and years a refuge of U tho
dleoreeted aobleat ot tbo highest rank at tbo
fVmrt af Madrid, wheo eonk in poverty by their
own oxtravagauoo sud loaded with deot, who
rainrttMl la a tear oe tro afterward 'full
plunder, which plunder con slated at tho teee
Bald 10 tnetn tur too vmiiosi ei aaw buvuuusj saw
and aha tnarfid action of slatB4 . ii t tr
Ird Meoaebaa said tho Allison slsse trs.de
ihadltiaHe4tia lN,00l Ur Jmpwejd
. 1P57. to 16 000 In 1858, aod to no less than
. Till film i .1... - .urn
iv,uui iu ma year iojj. ,
[From the London News. ]
England may reasonably hesitate to accept
tbe guarantee of a Captain General of Cuba
against lbs re establishment of elavery io Sc,
Domingo, tbougb It la aoubtleis singular co
incidence only tbat on the outbreak of civil
war in tbe Untied States, Spain can no longer
reject the epoatancoue flection of her poor
lAimlnloaca. jbedeamot general walker
leti a void, which tbe chivalry of 8paln hastens
to fill up, so she ateala a maroh upon tbe aboil
tionlete of tbe North and the slaveholders of
tbe Sooth. il ; ; -
Io a debate In tbe House of Commons, on
the 23:h, Lord John Russell spoke as follows in
regard to the relatione of England snd the
United States;' . r
Lord John Russell, wbo wss very indistinctly
heard, was understood tossy: 1 cannot give any
further- Information to my ' right honorable
friend with regard to the blockade; but the pa
pere oo the subject will shortly be laid on the
table, and wbeu tbey are submitted, the House
win De in possession 01 tne exact state 01 tne
case. But my right honorable friend win uu
detetand that, whatever the formot notification
may be, there Is no form or precedent tbat ap
plies fully to tbe preeeht proceedings Mr.
Seward has not given a general uotlficatlon of a
blockade, but bae lets ll to the naval officer
commanding oo eacb station to declare tbe see
eral ports blockaded, and when that blockade
bae been Instituted, it is to be oonsldered regu
lar. I will not now go Into questions tbat may
have to be argued and decided hereafter In the
prize courts, with- regard tb tbe regularity of
tbe blockade. No doubt the Government ol
the United St tee haa fully considered existing
piectdents, before it took the course it bas
With respect to the queeuoo of tbe honora
ble member for FiU.bury, I must say it Is f,und
sd on rather a vague statement. The prtl .-tiler
oase to wbieb be referred le one on which no
nroceedines can be taken. He alluded to tbe
oaee of tbe master of a merchant ship who was
tarred and feathered. It occurred some months
sgo. and some weeke before any state of civil
war existed, when toe wnoie country was at
peace. lam not sure tnere wae not men some in.
tentlon of seceding; but no eecesslon bad then ta
ken place, thou 0 there were rumors of It.
The master of tbe merobant ship was, io fact,
ill-treated by a mob; but the authorities en
deavored to arrest tbe rioters, and our consul
stated that tbe authorities had done everything
It was possible to effect.
As to ths steps Her Majesty's Government
have taken in consequence of the blockade, or
ders have beeo glveu by tbe Admiralty toeend
out some sblps of war to strengthen a squadron
under the command of Admiral Milael With
regard to the law of tbe United States and ol
tbe southern uonieaeracy aa to persons serving
In the militia, such laws vary In tbe different
States of Europe, and they vary also In tbs dif
ferent State of America.. No doubt tbe pow
ers of theee lawa will be exercised at tbe diacre
tion of the several Governments, according to
tbe law or nations - I still bope that this con
flict will be of short duration, and while a great
and tree State like America Is exposed to all
tbe evils of a civil war, I hope no language
will be nied with regard to It tbst will tend to
create exasperation either- oo one elde or the
other. .... '.. .
The Richmond fxamiatr, referring to tbe
seixure ot all tbe telegrapble messages Io tbe
North for the last twelve months, makes tbe
revelation - of tbo way in which a telegraphio
operator in Washington . City worked out the
echemea of the Southern Aral tori:
: I The grand piaoa, the central point, where the
treasonable. Southern, eeoeealon, rebellious tele
graphic diapstobee were written, sent and filed
last winter ana eorinr, w me wasnington
Citv Telegraob Office. There was wotk enouab
done there last winter to bave bung any quanti
ty of rebels now figuring io tbe Coniederato
armies and Congrese, prepared bow to do a lit
tle banging of their own when occasion shall
Justify or a Yankee deaerve it. From Wash
ington accounts were sent giving early accounts
of all tbe DOB' lie steps or to. nuonanaoana
Llncaln Governments, of the projeots of inva
sion, re-loforcement, supplies, trickery, fraud
and rascality of every description. Uur Irieuds
need the telegraph to some purpose. Tbey did
sot spare money, tut time, or trouble- . Tbey
kept tbe authorities aod tbe people oi tbe Sontb
constantly 00 tbe alert. They advised hostile
eteps whenever tbosttAtopj. were needed to pro
teot oar people. 1 ney eauoseiea pruoence ana
delay, when lo act might bave jeoparded a
great cause, meytooa reiponsioiuty ireeiy,
and fought tbe good fight of the South io tbo
etemy's camp with baiters around tbelr neck.
When It Became necessary ror tne oouin var
olios Commissioners to send tbeir first dis
patch announcing tbe perfidy of Buchanan aud
Holt, bis intention to reiuiorow curt oumter,
and tbeir advice to their State hi reelat it by
force, a meiseuger otme to this cUy to tend it
with ceriamtv and secrecy. Thl wae done about
the 1st of January. .' But toon after It was foond
that there wae one. man In the Washington
office wbo oould bo trusted . implicitly by our
conle. and wo aro glad to record tbat it was a
young Virginian. William Col well by name.
Tbie young man,, by private arrangement, re
ceived the Southern dispatohee, sent tbem him
elf. and filed tbem away rn a private tale, no
obessw tbem but himself .end the parties to
whom tbey were addreeeedV . All through Jan
uary, February, Maroh, and past of April, this
aeuleman aoted for our friends. - Through btm
the dispatohee were seat giving the mQtemetts
,of the Star ot the Wet, and also aupeiouee re
pealing tho reel object aod destination of the
expedition to relieve rorioumaer so oarcmuy
sought to DO sonceaiea oy tna enemy.
. ; Mr Col well one day In April got word private
lj tbat tbe Black. Republicans were coating to
ssiss the effioe- - He quietly took all these ueae
nnabla diaaatobee and burnt them. Thev bave
tbue resolved themselves into their original el
ements. Divine power can alone restore tbe
obaraoter and eigne Dy which tho eeceteionlsts
at Washington tougnt toe enemy, incurrea tree
nr.. dfld ih halter, and saved their oonntrv
Tha diaoaiebee being burnt, Colwell remained at
hla Dost with Dhilo-opbio composure. NtXt
auhiihaTaiik.a troone came into tbo offlue
with mosket and bayonet, and ho politely in
formed them tbat bo atimudered at discretion
and tbat all be bad In the telegraphio dispatch
line was si their dupoeiuoo.
Disclosure. Late and Interesting from the Indian
!Wa find the following otevtement io' the New
Orleans Crescent of Friday let. Of course,
many of tbe assertions contained therein are
axairiraraiions. ' Tbo Crescent le an extreme
oeaaioa eheet. The Indians la tbo Indian
Territory aro In favor of BUveryj and. most ot
them ere elavenoiaerat ... ...... -
had th. t leaaure yesterday 01 ao inter
view with Mr. John A. Peel, wbo bae just re
turned from Fort Unaohlta, la too inotau 1 er
r.tory. Fort Ouaoblta, be informs us and all
tha other forts in the Territory, were evacuated
by the Federal forces bi fore the arrival of tbe
r ' . tt ft.,
Xaxas tlOope nnoer tyoion.i aouugi sn. mm
nan to which Mr Peel belonged, the Deadshot
Ranger, from JeffersonTexas, captured tour'
teeo wagons belonging to 1 Emory's- command,
hiea had been lets oentna a company, irom
rni.tn Conmv also canturod several wagons.
Emory, finding the Texsns in' close pursuit
blm, throw away guns, immumuw ana gov.
ernment store Into tbo Ouachita River, first
destroying the gune by breaking the locks and
taking them to plecee. . Tbo enemy left at Fort
Ouaoulta a large quantity of clothing, some
pro visions, and one field pieoe. ' At Port' Ar-
buckle, also, they abandoned vaMoni Govern
ment stores and supplies, moat of which, were
atolen and carried away by the Indians beloie
0 AfttP taking possession of Fort Arbocklo
was garrisoned try oumpany m v..
Ch,.ckasaw Indians und. apuln Me&Bney.
Fort Ouacbtta was gsrriwned by V Poshoi
gangers nodes CapwlaMayiierrjc1 , ;
' Mr reel also iofotm us tbat lbs CbiukaeaWS
held a council 00 theSdih of May and formally
dleeolved their ewoection with tbo United
Stat Government, and soed a mamfato to
the Cbootawe. Creika, Cberokees and Seailn
olee, and to the Receive Indians, sd vising them
to secede from tbe old Uolon, aod to petition
tbe Southern Coofederac ta ha raaelsvil aa a
dietlnot organised Territory Instead of an Indian
Territory. . Tbe friendly IodUns are all in fa
vor of it Tbey had ordered off all tbe Yaokee
mleeionarles In tbe oonntrv. Tha Indi ana a Ian
took no two abolitionist from North T.t...
on of whom wae a preacher, and bung them.
Tbo forte were all to be garrisoned in twenty
dsys, In accordance with a treaty made with tbe
neeerv. anaiano
Mr Peel further states, ia Ulaatratlon af th-.
plrlt of the Texas troops, that within forty eight
hours after tbe news came across tbo Texts bor
der tbat the Kansas bandit M ntiromar was
coming down, there were 10 000 men ooder arm,
woonartea immediately to meet btm. He rare .
tbat, Instead of there being any abolitionists In
Northern Texaa. th. naonla era nna.nl mnna in
fighting and all classes, Including preachers '
were eager for the frsy. n
A Novel Attachment
The Dead Soldiers to be Embalmed.
Dr. H ilmee, well kuun as a sucaesafnl am.
helming surgeon of Brooklyn, yesterday receiv
ed his commission as Surgeon lo tbe Uuited
States Army, to embalm those who ana ba
killed io battle or otherwise, whose bdles it is
deeirble to preserve fjr transportation or other
purpoees. Tb Dotor, it will be remembered, , ,
embalmed Cook, tbe partner of Jjho Brown In
tbe Harner'e Ferry Insurrection, with great suo-
cess. He, tberelore, think be has eomekuowl-
edge of bow Southern killed bodlee ebould be
treated He has also operated very soocesstul-
lv lo New Orleane aod other Southern elile.
Tbe Doctor bae received Instrucion to rermrt .
himself at Washington forthwith, and will de
part inence early thl week, where be will es-
taousn Dig bendquaiters till ordered elsewhere. ' '
Preparation have beeo made for eo extensive
; The necessary apparatus hss been mads for
embalming three bodlee at a time, and thtee
hogsheads of embalming fluid bave been made,
and will be carried to Waeblogtoo by tbe Doc
tor. This will embalm about nine hundred
bodies Tbe method by which dead bodies sie
preserved by this procei-e le to open an aittry lo '
lhewrlatanrlinipntannantlt.nl' thl. fl.iirt l..t,
Ihe veioe and arteries. We have seen bodies '
to a perfect etate of preservation which were
embalmed b tbie proceis eight year ego, and
they are perfectly sound to-day. We bo tbe
Doctor will not have occasion to nae tbe whole
ot bis fluid upon tbe Federal army. He ex
presses tbs hone tbst if employed upon any one
of celebrity, it will be no leas a personage than
IT' Us vie. lie would take especial Lleaii.ro
u injtctlnga very large amount of embalming
fluid into ble veins snd rendering bim aa rigid
as a marble statue. iV. York Sunday Meteury .'
Dreadful Sufferings at Son.
[From the Montreal Commercial Advertiser, June 1.]
Oo the. I5ih of March last, the brlesntlne-
Perssvrranoe, 195 tone, Captain Wilson, belong. ,
tog to Sirangtord, near Baifaet, Ireland, sailed
from Hamburg lor ot. John's, Newfoundland,
laden with a oargo oonsls'.ing principally ot
bread In bags, consigned to Messrs. Bjwtlog
tfroiners. loe crew consisted of nine men be
sides tbe Captain. Everything went ou Uirly
until tbe nlgbt of Tuesday, tbe 9th of Aptil,
wben tbe ship got suddenly among ice at a dis
tance of about one hundred and fi'ly miles
from port. All bands were called on deck, but
nothing could be done to save tbe sbip, wbioo
sunk almost Immediately, being literally bio
ken into by 'he Immense piesanre of tbe ice.
Tbe crew had but a quarter of an hour io wbioh
to lower the boat ana throw In a email quantity
ol provisions. In the morblng tbe ten men
found themeelves in sn open boat (wbioh eeeaa
to bave been preserved in an almost miraculous
manner) with only twenty pounds weight of
bread and tbe aame quantity of meat They
bad no fresh witter witn them, but tbie deficien
cy was supplied by the ioe by which tbey were
eurrounded lor eeveral daye. Uu rnday, tbe
13 ib, tbe first man died; no further deathi took
place until the following Friday, wben three of
tbe unfortunate sailors, worn out by bunger and
fatigue, were pneble to bear op any longer
agaiuet the privations to whlob they were ex
peeed. The survivors, who were hourly expect
ing a similar fate, Dad barely enough strength
to throw overboard the bodies or tbelr lil-tated
companions Afier tbie day tbe remaining five
eeamen rapidly gave way under tbe combined
tBecte or want ot food and exposure, end drop
ped off one by one, in eeveral lnstauce md
oess seising tbem before death took place. Tbe
Captain aaye that tbe moat painful circumstance
couueoted with tbe catastrophe was avclug lev- .
oral veeeele at different time passing by out of .
bailing distance, and too lar ol to notice tbe
small black speck upon tbe ocean presented by
the email boat. Ua tbe Ml n ol April, how
ever, tbe bark Lord Peter, Captain Bruwu, ob
served the boat, bore djwn toward it, and look
off Captain Wilson wbo was then the only sur
vivor. W Den rescued Irom tnts oorrioie situa
tion, two of tbe crew were lying beeide him
dead, aod bo himself appeared Tike a living .
skeleton, not having tasted any kind of food lor
upwards ot nvedays. wnen ptexea up, tp
uin Wlison bad been iothe boat eighteen de.
He la now In the hospital, and will aooa bs wen .
again. . ,
[From the New York Herald, June 11.]
Great Ten-Mile Foot Race on the
Fashion Course.
Yerterdsy tbe great ten-mile foot race, for
a purse of live hundred doll ire, given by tho
fashion rieasuro wrouua aasooiaiioo, auuen to
sweepstakes of fif.y dollars eaco, entrance
le, came off on tbe fashion iourse, u. 1.
This was tho first of a suceeesion of race, at
different distance, rot op by snd under tbe direc
tion of the shore atSJcitjjn Tha day was opprts
sitely warm, and tbe attendance of spectator,'
though limited aa to numbers, wae of a higher
class than Is usually witnessed 00 each qoommoi.
Th high prio of admission, 1, waa prob
ably the cau wby the sport provtued waa not
mot largely patronited and It la probable that
thetarifi will be reduced on nan on tn aaj
nf tha anaoaedina raoea. .
For te ten-mile raoe four oat of tbo flv .1
entered atpeared at tbe posit tbe filth (Young , ,
Sport) being incapacitated fiom runmi'g by
rheumatism. Tho partlee wbo pot in an r- '
penraoco were Bennett and omito (inaiaoa or
the Cattaraugu and Tonaoauda trioes, and
both welt known ten-mile runner), Mown and , ..
Whit, hath th latter being Englishmen. Tr-a 1
hotting was $100 to $50 on th Indians, coup ad; ' ' 1
their powerful iramea ana tau iwiHira ouuusm.j..
uig-moet markedly .with thelltllo wiiy, bat , ,
small frames of tb other two, and apparently
jtfiifylug the odde laid upon tbem. About
bs)lr-past tnree o cioce, 10 naea wcrowaiiou wp,
and, after kelbg cautioned by tb judgee egaiaet 1 q
jutiliog, the word waa given. Bennett took ,1,
tb ltad, witn vr nite, omitu ana mown luuuw- ,
lug In tbe order named, me nrst mue wae run
in 4:49, Beanstl leading and White elee at bis ' i
quarter t the second mUo wee run ia 0 90, and rq
tne th rd in 6:21; Mown giving up on acojuetcf
alleged sickneae, but evidently uuaoi w run in ,
euhh good com piny.' The race wae now clearly -eobtned
to Bennett aod White, a Smith foil '
faf Into thwear, and, finding be had an cbaoce
ofsucoes. gave opon tb tourth mile, which
wae run lo 8:01. Th seventy of the pace,
combined with th oppressive heat, now began'
to tell upon Beonett, wbo had vainly tried to ,
out tlowo, White, tb latter running well within .,
bitiself. banging lik a shsdow to bis quarters , ,
Tl filth, six aod seventh mile were run in
S.hQ.MM and 6:13, respectively.' Oo n- '
teiiug tbe eighth mil Whiu went op to Ben-
oelt, passed him without so effort, and, lncreas-.
log bis paoe, left Itim so fir behind, that .Ben
neTt, hopeless of Snocese, resign! the oootest,
. ' ' .17 1 I . II.L .L,. ...Inl.- A ...... i
laannw n d w io umu j . i.wmu...
atnla lslsure,erjd to win th race in 63 miuntea
sum eeounu. t ow wiuuer, wuw ji V J j
lul etjie l running wa uoiveraauy auiu-.,
wl loudly cheered. Value of tbe stoke $7U0A
X fifevsulle rsc takes pUeeotxl Monday- u-ei

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