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E- .. ... r t
the Lste DiRtcroai. At the session of the
Conoty Commissioners lor June, 1861, the late
Dlreetors of the Connty Infirmary submitted
. the following report lot the year from the first
, Monday of June, 18b0, to Oot.24.th, I860;,,
. Orders were drawn upon the Auditor of
franklin county for tne amount of $5,18033.
i ue greater portion or satd amount wan for ao
counts contracted erevious to June. 1SC0. Dr.
L. Moeller resigned hit DOSt aa Snnarintanriant
and Physician on the first day of September, at
wnicu time mr, a r. iucn.ivalne wasoppotnted
Superintendent; Dr. 8. Loving, Physician, and
Miss Emily McCloud, Matron.
The coat of tbe Infirmary from September
1st to Oatobor 21th, wa. $1,013 07. Previous
to September! we are unable (o give tbe exact
' amount of the cost of tbe Infirmarv. - Wa mlrl
' to the Treasurer of Franklin county $13, mon
eys received on account or paupers. - - ,
, At tbe same session of the Commissioners, the
present Directors of the Infirmary submitted the
following annual report of the condition and
expenses of that institution for seven months
and seven days, commencing Oct. 24th, 1860,
"and ending Jane 1st, 1861 j " '' . .. . '
At the beginning of cold weather la the Fall
oi 1BUU, tbe uireotors lound it Indispensably
necessary to refit and repair, In a great meas
ure, the whole of the Infirmary, to make it
comfortable for the inmates, which adds much
to the seven months' expenses. The old stoves
and farnaces bad to be repaired, and five new
etoves purchased and put up. The bed-clothing
was found insufficient and scanty; 5 new com.
torts, 150heete, 135 pillow oases, 80 bedticks,
and 108 bedspread were supplied, at a cost of
$008 39.,
The number of paupers in the' Infirmary, on
-the 24 b of October, I860, was 91, since which
time we have received 1217, of whom 196 were
discharged, and 11 deceased remaining at pres
ent 101; of these 41 are adult males; 40 adult
females, and SO children 14 of the males, and
26 of tho females are Insane.
The Inmates are cultivating ten a ores of corn
and threo acros of potatoes, beside the garden,
which contains about two acres.'
Salary, Paid.
.SjtiOO a 330
. 300 175
. 158 911
.m eo
ThefoperlntendentliS. P. If clivals
PbyilcUn. 8. Loving ,
Matron, Miss k. HcOlottd
Anfltant Matron, Mlti A. Mcfllvaln.,
Wa fiod the Iofirmary building too small to
accommodate all the -applicants, whose wante
m'ght entitle Ihem to become Inmates. To 26
of such applicants we have given partial relief,
, at ao average of 70 cents per week. . These
ure mostly widows with small families. We
have furnished the city poor with 170 loads of
wood, averaging ono half cord per load.. The
whole amount of wood distributed and used in
the Infirmary is 200 cords, eostIog$4M), and the
amount of coal used is 3,400 bushels, costing
$306.- There are five milch cows, 3U hogs, two
horses, one carriage, two wagons and harness
tbe property of the Infirmary. . The , whole
expense of tbe seven months, ending June
1st, 1861, $5,747
report present
Superintendent to the Directors of the County
Iofirmary, dated June 1st, 1861, omitting such
details as are cmbraocd in tbe two foregoing
Tbe highest number at any eoe time In the
Infirmary since October 24th,;i8G0, was 125;
the lowest, 95 averaging 101. Natives, 66;
foreigners, 1.51. We have divided the inmates
iuU wards, established a nursery, and appoint
ed a matron for the children who are taught
two hours each day one hour in the morning
and one .in, the evening by a competent
v' teacher. , i , .- '. .' , .., .' ' .
- '' ' The house has been well repaired, whitewash
, edt end put in a healthy condition. We have
fitted up a room tor a chapel, and have religioui
services every Sabbath. Tbe health of the in
juatesla good. 1 '
Tbe amount of orders drawn on tbe County
Auditor from Oot. 24th, 1860, to June 1st,
1861, is $6,516.36, of which $3,347.37 were on old
accounts, made before the 1st of September,
1860; $4,169.49 were on accounts made since
. September 1st, I860. . Money paid Into County
Treasury on account of paupers; $89.05i - '
S. P. McILVAINE, Superintendent.
The accounts and vouchers of the Infirmary
for the year ending May 31, 1861, were exam
ined and approved by the County , Commission
ers at their J npe session, 1861, They expressed
their gratification, with the management of the
' Institution during tbe past year. .
. . ii. i . . i
BT The i Board of Equalization for Franklin
County, contlatlngof tho. Auditor and. Com mis
sioners, will meet at the offiae .of tbe County
Auditor, on Monday next, June 17th. "
, . . i i i- -
Trc Third , Rxoimknt. Five companies of
. the Third Regiment were mustered into the U
S. service on Thursday. All Its companies vol
unteered for? three years, but not all its men,
Seteral companies need tecf nitey The officers
are as follows: . --.. .!' -r
Firld Orncrjis'-Colonel, ,1. ,IL Marrow;
... Lieutenont-Lolobol, John eattj; Major, J
' W. Keifer.T . .. ,,'.' i
Conranv' Owioiaa Company A Captain,
O. A. Lawson; Fust Lieutenant, E. D.' House;
Seoond Lleuteuant. J., W. B wasey. .. ,
. . ComDuvB Captain. JH.Wiu;.First Lieu
tenant W. II. Patterson; Second. Lieut Geo.
L. Burke.
Company C Captain," J." M. Dana; First
Llenteoaut, E A. Cranston J Second Lieut., B.
Prnden. ' ' "
. Uuwpany D Captain, J.. Ci Venapdai First
. ..Lieut., J, li, ii hompsgn;, beqonoi Lient-r P V
.fiCaroenter.-"i i i' ' .. .: im ? ! i
rCom()aBy E-Captaln,' E. ' P." Abbotj First
Lieutenant, unarita AUn; aecono went. .
Johnson.' t . i .
. fComnany F Cant..W, C.i Rossmaot First
Lieutenant, J. B, bert; Second Lieutenant, J.
a. wiUn
Company OCaptaln, Q. T.'Tdrney; First
f. McGui, : : .: i
Cttmpany II Captain j H.- HoUougaTf -First
axLieuterwnt, H. 8 Boll; Seoond -Lieut, frank
aVDalsV"" -: ( . w4i j
Cumnanv I Cantaln. TI. P.. Cnnard: First
Lteotenant, Jamea St. John; Second Lieutenant,
Joseph Moore. r
Company K Cantalrl. rA . H - fiinn! Fint
Lieutenant, Jas, nitlrlei Second, Lleut. Calvin
L. Starr;-' '-'"' .' ,
Niw Rotrrx. Tbe Pittsburg, Columbus &
Clniinfaatl.and Central Ohio Railroads have
' been consolidated. , Passengers are'jioa; tlbkew
ed through to New York by these roads, via
Alltntown,' In 26 hours, and with only 1n
' ohatige of cars.-;;", y .',''tl"
""""" . oiixr sur
We mentioned a few dayi slnce'a sever ac
cident that had befallen XficHOLta Lonqwortx,
Eiq , ot Cincinnati, 'In felling out of 4 window,
breaking an arm And. bruising bis faoa. lie
bad been indisposed before that misfortune,
it. ... ... .. i t 0 v!
,.t . :'-K I i. : ' 1 . m . . . ..a J I. ''f-
Wrtt, SDiTtr.-Tber re only" about "One
hundred suits pending agaiost the City of Cin
Monument ot be Erected in
of, and Eulogy to be Delivered up
of, and Eulogy to be Delivered up on the late Senator Douglas, in
of, and Eulogy to be Delivered up on the late Senator Douglas, in Washington City.
A number of the friends ot tbe late Senator
Douglas, representing various States, assembled
woignt tor tne purpose or ooncerting measures
to erect a suitable monument to his honor, and
to make preparations for delivering: a euWv
upon the deceased, on the evening of the 4th oi
Dispatches from Washington.
General to morrow. .
Hon. E. Joy Morris has acoentod the Mission
to Constantinople, and will to morrow forward
to Gov, Curtin a resignation of bis seat in Con
gress. Tbo President of the Chesanaalrn and Hhtn
Canal had an interview with Gen. Johnston.
commander of the Rebel forces. ' He reman.
strated agaiost the destruction of the dams, boats
ana outer property ot tbe Company, claiming
that thev were the nronertv of Mr1nnrW.
Johnston said his orders wore noaltivatodmtrnw
-ii ..... l- :.r.. : . .7-7
jjruper.j ujb guuiu oe maue to Den ent tbe
u. . forces, and it was nonsense to talk of the
property as belonging to Maryland, for it be.
longed to tbe abolition States. He should,
therefore, obey Instructions, and destroy every
thine; that he could reaoh. . . .
" Tbe President of the canal savs he thinks the
number of troops at Harper's Ferry Is quit as
large as bas been reported. The Kentuckians,
to me numoer or aw, are enoamped on the Ma
rvland side, opposite the Ferrv. Thev werelor.
dsred to retlro across the Ferry but refused to
obey. They were then told that they were
trespassing on the soil of Maryland. To ob
Tlale this obiection, they leased from the own.
ers the ground on which they enoamped, and eo
remainea o. i ne neoeia say tney do not know
upon which side the Kentucklane would flsht
It la reported that the Rebels are erecting a
uanery upon matnias- roint, some miles below
Aequla Creek. This may interfere with the
navigation of tbe Potomac, and perhaps require
its Immediate removal. The channel there is
close under the Virginia shore ''
ine steamers rreeborn and Resolute left the
navy yard to-day, with sealed orders. Posal-
bly their errand is to prevent the completion of
mis oaitery, joined oy toe rawnee, which re
mains off Acquia Creek. These steamers have
changed their armament, and now have long 32
$,Two noted secessionists have been arrested
here, and placed under surveillance."
[Tribune Special.]
, ,
Tbe Arkansas rebels are trananortin? arms
Into MUsourl. .
General Scott Is not entirely oonfident of the
security of the city, and has given orders re
cently which imply some expectation of the
sudden onset of a 'guerrilla party from the
cast. -.
Trustworthy reports from Point Comfort re
duce the number killed in the Bethel skirmish
to twelve, seven of whom fell In tbe action, and
five have died of their wounds. Seven are still
missing. . ' .
fersons who reached the city this evening
from Montgomery county,' Md . represent venl-
cles of every description, ladened with arms,
ammunition and provisions from Baltimore, are
passing over the turnpikes leadiug through that
county during the entire night, on tbelr way to
We are also credibly informed that contra
band goode are almoet dally being shipped
down tbe Chesapeake to the Rebels.
According to a report that reached Great
Falls this evening, a detachment of Colonel
Stone's command was engaged about 11 o'clock
this morning in driving back a Virginia force
which bad crossed the, river at Gooso Creek,
about 4 miles above Edwards' Ferry, and 30
from Georgetown. . .. . - . . ,
Col. Everett's companies of District volun
teers, who left by boats from Great Falls, no tbe
Canal, were obliged to leave them about eight
milee from dam No. S, on account of the boats
running asround, the canal having been cut.
They marched up tbe tow path to the ferry,
where they have probably Joined Col. Stone
by this time.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
Government movement show a determina
tion to carry Harper's Ferry at all hazards.
From all the statements made, it is calcula
ted that something like thirty-five thousand
men will, in a day or two, surround that placo.
Gen. Scott deems this foree sufficient to hold
this position in check, and forestall all aggres
sive movements on Washington; ior it appears,
from evidenoe in possession of the Government,
that such a design waa really entertained.
It is understood that Government has receiv
ed important advices by the Adriatlo.: It ap
pears tbat Lord Palmerston recedes from tbe
poeitlon hitherto taken by the British Cabinet
in reference to Rebel privateering. Secretary
Seward forestalled him in announcing the ao
ceplauce by tbe U. B. of the proposal of tbe
great powers to unite in a declaration making
privateering piraoy. Therefore tbe English
Cabinet will respect tbe authority of the Cabi
net at Washington, as extending over all the
territory of tho Union, and treaty stipulations
now existing will regulate aaberetofore the In
tercourse between tbe two countries.
Tba President and Cabinet to day visited tbe
intrenohmcnte in Virginia. s - - -'
It Is considered certain that all the foreign
governments will refuse recognition or counte
nance to tho seceded States.
Gen. Schenck is assigned to the command of
the Ohio troops and the Michigan! Regiment
here; thus attaching Mm to, the military de
partment of Washington. : '.;'. ': -: a,w-i
v The Secessionists fled from Falls Cbureh, 9
miles Irom here.' - V ' - ' " : , ,' !
,The people desire the Federal troops to occu
py the place ; y i . . ..
Hon. Anson Burlingame has been appointed
Minister to China, on account of tbe relusal of
Austria to receive hrnV ,' - r ; ;. , ;
[Post's Special.]
Col. Parker, of Boston, and Col.i Mil, of
Schoharie, N. Y., have been authorized to arm
and equip, sixteen "Regiments of Comanche
Indiana, to be ready to move August lath.
' A detaohment Of tthe 5th Pennsylvania Reg'
iment captured a wealthy planter, named Win.
Hattoni a member of the Rebel cavalry. He
was taKen to Alexandria. ,.,
The' National Intelligencer' states that tbe
Government will soon-pay alt tbe trooper lu
oluding the three months as well as the three
Jwe voluuteert..1! V y . V
A clergyman who hits arrived her from Man
assa Junction expresses the opinion that Bean
regard intends making a demonstration against
the Federal lines, in onneotion . with General
Johnston, who commands at Harper's Ferry. '
will consist of two thousand three hundred men
The news of the evacuation of Harper's Fer
ry by the Rebels created considerable excite-
... i . mi . . . . ...
mens ncro. ine voveromrnt nas receivea
dispatches-annobholtik tba faoV,..' . J f .
"Postmaster General Blah-: has dispatched to
the fQstmaster"df'Louisville the following:
that tbe order requiring mail matter from-dis
loyal States to beheld for -postage, does not ap
ply to prevent its aenverv-oa payment ot tne
postage. ..., . m , . t r " r
riat uovernment nas been severely cmbar
raeaed by the publication of the plans ot the
campaign by newspapers, enabling the Rebels
to frustrate them; toobriate this, the editors of
the prlnoipal oities meet at Washington, to rei
liev tba Government from further embarras
ment. . .
Senator Bayard Requested to Resign.
DOVER, June 13.
The largest meeting ever held here adopted
unanlmona bv resolutions- icaueatins Senator
fu-grartVoi-JJi.hto resign.
The skirmish at
Romney reports that after, tho Rebels retreated
tbey wercrelnforaad. k.n k.nw
to Romney, when the small Federal force thsra
reared t r.TiC? vUu9 t.-.i ta t??.-
Maryland Congressional Elections.
Maryland Congressional Elections. BALTIMORE, June 13.
Frederick county, .give. , . , Urg; T0V for
Bridge Across the Potomac Blown
and Evacuation
of the Place.
FREDERICK, Md, June 14.
' It Is reported that tbe bridge across the Po
tomao at Harper's Ferrv waa blown un and en
tlrely destroyed, between four and five o'olock
tbie morning. The explosion was distinctly
heard, and the smoke of tbe burning structure
een, uj parties aere. ,
It la also reported that all the troops havs
been withdrawn from tbe Maryland shore, arid
tne town ot Harper's terry bas been evaouated
oy tne great ooey or tbe troops recently there.
a smau roroe is yet there, nrobabiv tbe rear
guard of the retreating arm v. 1.
It is said elcht ear loads tit nrovlntnna were
destroyed, to prevent tbem falling into the
nanas ot tne federal forces, wbo were supposed
hi oe concentrating upon Harpers r erry rrora
the direotion of Greaocsatle and Cumberland.
The dostruotion of the bridge mav ba regard
ed as certain. Confirmatory Intelligence has
oeen received witntn a rew minutes.
The bridge at Shepardstowa la a loo burnt;
From St. Louis.
ST. LOUIS, June 13.
The steamer Iatan. with the 2d battalion of
tne first Kegiment Missouri volunteers, under
command of Lieut. Colonel Andrews: one soc-
tion of Capt. Totten's Light Artillery, ai.d two
companies ot regulars, under vapt. Lathrop;
and the steamer J C. Swan, with tbo first bat
talion of tbe First Regiment, under Col. Blair,
and another eectlon of Totten's battery, and 1 a
detaohment of pioneers, and Gen. Lrori and
staff, numbering fit teen hundred, all told', loft
nere tnis attorooon for some point up the Mia.
sourl River supposed to be Jefferson City,
rioraes, wagons, and all necessary camp equip.
age, ammunition, and provisions for a long
marcb, accompanied the expedition. '
in the case of U. A- Barrett, arrested for
treason, before Judge Treat,' of the United
States District Court, to-day, examination "it
waived and the prisoner released in (10,000
bonds for trial before the U. S. Circuit Court on
tbe ih of July. I
In the casta of Col. Preston. Edward Blet
nerhaseett and Edmund A. Pigous, tbe examl
nstloa was postponed till to morrow, In the
two former oases, end the latter was dis
charged. '.-.!.
The steamers Iatlan and Swsn. of the Mis
souri River expedition, passed Herman, abont
eighty miles above here, at four o'olock, and
the eteamer City of Louisiana, also belonging
to the expidition, passed . Washington, thirty
miles this side, about the same time.
The Seoond Regiment, nnder Col. Biern-
stein, went out on tbe Pacific Railroad thie
afternoon, fully provided with emo equippage
and munitions oi war. It is conjectured tbat
thie Regiment will embark on tbe City of Lou
isiana at Herman, and follow tbe expedition
under General Lyon. -
Under guarantee or protection from the Fed
eral Government, tbe Pacifio Railroad Compa
ny are taking energetio measures to immedi
ately repair the bridges on that road.
the evening flews Iearue that two Regi
ments of Iowa volunteers are encamped at
a.eoKua. r i I . . - J
Four hundred Illinois trooos. from Qtilnr.
nave oeen concentrated at Hannibal, fllo.. and
obecklng Gov. Jackson's movements in that
region. It la said a portion of this force jrlU bo
sent to Lexington and St. Joseph. - " j -The
Newt also says there U good reason to
believe tbat a considerable number of Confeder
ate troops are assembled In Arkansas, the In
dian country and northern Texas, for an ad
vance Into Kansas and Missouri, to seize the
Newtown lead mines, and march to . the assis
tance of Gov. Jackson the moment he invites
St Aoherts, Mo ,19 miles east of Jefferson
City, June 14, 8 P. M, A special aeent. sent
down from Jefferson City with the' mails, has.
just reached bere, baving left tbere this after
noon, tie says tbe Governor and all the State
officers left there yesterday, and that tbe last of
tbe soldiers lett to day, at r. M., taking with
them all the locomotives (I understand tbere
were five tbere) and cars, and burning .the
bridge at Grey's Creek, three miles west of
Jefferson, and also one above tbere, after tbey
had passed over them. It Is supposed that the
Governor baa ordered his forces to concentrate
at BoonevlUe ot Artow Rook, probably tbe Ut
ter. It is thought that Gen. Lyon will hasten on
alter blm, and should be meet with no deten
tion, ba will not be more tban 94 boars behind
tbe Governor.
Tbe Moreau bridge, 4 miles this side of Jof-
terson la unharmed, but the western spap of the
usage orioge, nine muea aom siue, te burnea
Great Bethel, Yorktown, &.
It Is confirmed that tbe Kebels had retreated
from Great Bethel, so far aa their main bodv
Is concerned, but tbe place is still beld by tbem,
ana can oe occupied Dy a large oody on very
short notloe." .
Cant H E. Davis, son of Judge Davis. Liant.
Cbas H. Seaman and Dr. Martin, of Col Da
ryee's Regiment, yesterday entered the enemy's
lines with a flat; of truce, and went twice within
naif a mile of Yorktown.
Tbey saw a formidable batterv at Great
Betbelbut were not allowed to examined in tbe
works, and Irom there to Yorktown were con
ducted by bridle paths and escorted by a Ser
geant and four soldiers, wbo met them at New
market Bridge, three miles irom Hampton, to
wpion pwni tne secession picteis extend. .
Tbey were courteously treated by Col. J. B,
Magruder, who commanded at Great Bethel.
Tbere was a laree encamnment ot cavalrv
at Yorktown, and the plaoe was being strongly
fortified. Tbere were also batteries between
Great Bethel and Yorktown. -
Tbe Secessionists report one killed and five
wounded at the engagement at Great Bethel,
and express tbe wish that Gen. Pierce may be
retained in oommand... .
Mai. Wintbron was shot by a Louisiana rifle
man, while loading a vigorous charge. He waa
buried by the Rebels, and his heroism greatly
P'jlaed .... - ; ., . . ., -,.,' ., ...
Two Zouavet died while prisoners, v
The Rebels say they have other prisoners whom
tney wore willing to exchange.. , .. ... : ;
From Louisville and the South.
Louisville, Juno 14 The Southern naners
advise termers to save every thing In the shape
of fodder; wheat, rye. and oats straw. . Thev
1. L U t - ... !....- '
tue Terj.mucu m want ui eati, printing papor,
itMU auu leakuor.. . - - . . . .
Jamee Stevens, of this eity. is makine ar
rangements to build gun boats for the Govern
ment.. T ,
-Ihe Naahville Patriot statea that a partv.
with tha boat Red Revenger, in the Cumber
land mver, naa eppitea lor betters or Marque,
i Tha Custom House at Atlanta, G..hae been
abolished, and one.is to be established near the
Northern boundary of Tennessee. '
l he Memphis Avalanche, of tbe 10th. advues
tha frea negroes to go to work on the intrench
mente at Randolph, and says they wilt be forced
if they do not volunteer.' It adds tbe remark
tkat tkoee who volunteer will bo discharged as
soon aa tne lorunoations are nnieneo, out those
wbo are forced to enter tbe eervice will be de
tained during the wkr. ( ' t r t j ' ; ' f i
. Tne Courier says tbat a majoritv htralnst sen
aratlon lovsast Tennessee. I estimated at 10.-
000 to lS.'OUO. i
."' " 3' 1 -j i n 1 ' " ' j ..;
From Louisville and the South. From Chicago, Cairo, &c.
CHICAGO, June 14.
were reviewed veatiid.v
afternoou by General McClellau. wbo,eii1 eas
ed bis admiration oi tha troopi in tbe highest
tarma. ' " ' i-..---ii.1: i ,
Tbe Memphis Avalanohe of vesterdav morn
ing givea a very extravagant aooonntof tba cap
ture of a aeoetsion flag at Columbus.' on Wed
needay, saving it required nve bundred Federal
roops, with twelve pieces or artillery.
ine irinune's uairo corresponaent savs re
liable Information reached General Prentlas
that another aeeession company ft toeing1 iorm
ed in Williamson county, In this State. ' Tbe
n'artlee encased In it are known. " "
Ha hae also Information tbat lalao j No." 6,
within Kentucky sovereloty, baa been taken
possession ot by Teunessea Rebel trooos.
Col. Hitcber, of tha regular' armv. arrived In
this city last night, ior the purpose ot mustering
Intoservloe tbejolunteer RegluaepH,now .here.
Proceedings of the Western Virginia
Convention. WHEELING, June 14.
In convention tb-day,' Mr. Carlise, from the
committee on Butinese,' reported aa ordinance
vacating tba seats of all State offioera now In
rebellion agtitgf h United States, proTldlDg
Provisional Government, and for the election
omoers; also, proviaiog mat mate, county and
municipal officers shall immediately take tbe
oath of allegiance to tho United; States. Tbe
ordlnanoe is made the apeoial order for Wed
nesday next.
In the afternoon, a spirited debate ensued
upon tbe declaration reported yesterday.
Mr. Dorsey, of Monongala, took stronir
ground for tbe immediate division of the State.
Mr. Carlisle took the ground that Congress
at the coming session would not be likely to
recognize tne division wnicn recognition is
necessary until the rebellion In the Southern
Stateeispntdown; the object of Congress be
log to restore every original state to tbe Union.
This done, Congress would recognize the provi
sional Legislature, and with the consent of the
Legislature and Congress, separation could be
enrcted at an early day.
Five bnndred stand of Government arms.
loan from Massachusetts, arrived, here to-dav
ior oiBtrioution to tne nome uuaros in this
and adjoining counties.. ! Fifteen hundred more
m... i vf i
are expected to-morrow.
- -r
From New Orleans.
Texan advices sav that Cortinas was attacked
about a mile from Redmond'a ranchero, by a
force under Capt. Benavides, and completely
routed, killing 7 of bis men, wounding several,
and dispersing them from the place. Cortinat
esoaneo wun about ten men into Mexico.
' It is understood that a revolution bas been
Inaugurated In Tarmaullpis. Guerrearro. the
defeated candidate lor Governor, Itsued a woo.
lamation, removing the question as to who
should be Governor from tbe ballot box to the
sword.. , . - , , .
The impression was that the revolution would
become' general, and that Guerrearro would
unite his forces with those of M irqoes and Ma-
jica, who nave been setting tne Juarez Govern
ment at defiance. i - .
ST. LOUIS, June 14.
Jos. W. M.Kce, editor of tbe State Journal.
was arretted by - the U. S. Marshal to-dav.
charged with treason. He was taken before the
united Urates Commissioner, AM afterwards
brought before Judge Treat, under a writ oi
habeas corpus, and admitted to ball in the anm
of 10,000, to appear for elimination on Mon
day next.
Ibdward Belnneihasiet also entered bond of
110,000 to appear before tbe U. S. Ciroult
Ccnrt on tbe Htb of July, '
uoi. rreston win piobatly ba discharged oi
same ' ... , , . 1
A Way dispatch from Herman, dated 9 nVtnok
P. M.,says the Steamer Louisiana, the third ol
the Federal fleet, is now taking on board Cn.
Bternstein's Regiment which came np by rail
road, today, and will be ready to tollow General
Lyoo. , ,
' Tho advance 'steamers had not passed St.
Aubert at 11 o'clock, being detained probably
by tbo heavy storm that Is raging in that seo-
The Courier says the msioritr against tena.
ration in East Tennessee is estimated at ten to
twelve thousand. , , , ..
From Norfolk.
brinca a nan of ih
Tmnscrinc of the !2Sth nit..
names of 111 men wbo voted for the Union,
notwithstanding the.threats of assassination.
He Bays that tbe Merrimao was just afloat when
he left, and he ridicules tbe Idea of her being
used for offensive purposes. No other vessel
was rainea.
From Key West.
NEW YORK, June 14.
The store shin Supply arrived this morninir
from Key West, bringing dates to tbe 23d ult-
very nttie excitement existed at the time or
her departure.
Apparently a warm feeling for the Govern
ment prevailed.
The Crusader, Wyandotto and Water Witch
were In port. The two latter were to leave for
Fort Pickens. All were well. .
The U. 8. steamer Quaker City, from Old
Point Comfort and Hampton Roads, bad -also
The Tribune says that the particulars of the
late expedition were communicated to the
Kebels by a traitor in our camp, who bas been
arrested: Tbe Post's dispatch taya that Gen.
book nas received comrormation ot tbe evacu
ation of Harper's Ferry. Tbe Rebels have
gone, to Leesburg.
From Missouri.
HERMANN, June 14.
: A German from Jefferson City says the
steamer White Cloud was loading at thai place
yesterday with cannon and military stores. It
was said that Gov. Jackson and all the' State
officers were to embark on her for Arrow Rock,
a atrong point about 60 miles above, on the
Missouri River.
Cant. Kellv'a Guard, of 100 men. were tbe
only soldiers in Jefferson City, up to one o'clock
yesterday, mere are no troops at tbe Osage
bridge or Dodd's Island. .. .
ST. LOUIS, June 14.
more com troops a batte
ry of six guns, went out on the Pacific Railroad
last night.
Tbe steamer v. A. January wae booebt Yes
terday by tbe Government. . . ; .
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY June 14, 1861.
Th followln are Ih Mtall nnnratlnna aAM.ail
Wm. H. Bestleux, wholesale and retail grocer. No. 94
Statesman Building! - ; .. " . . -
Wheat.............." ' 1 00,jr O.ttigar 9 E-...Kfc
Oat wed. 16OS0c
Mapla do .'...0(3)100
Oor ml ........ w.
Molasses f gal 4(Xa)0a
Bvrup gal. 603675b
Butter ffc...... 8cl!,c
kara V a........... IMS
Tea 9 aV....SOo.,?5o.(sl 00
Teddo Tea a I (10
Tgllow ft........ 9A Oc
Dried Applet bu cTHSlOO
Dried Feaebei...-9 753 00
White Beans 9 bu.l Oo I S3
Rio Code fB... 13(aVl
81c t, .......... ' 10a
Potatoes s nu.
Rait In tack.....
Bait bbl...:..
Beef cwt
Baini 9
Shonldera 9 .
Bait Port cwt.
Wood t rjorrj...
S0S5c Brooms 9 dox..tl 0091 75
15'.n2VlHay 9 ton . ..,.,.017 (Ml
.tl,eSSoap(nox) 9 dOBo
11 V floor f bbl 5W5SO
UXc wut Wheat do UktSt 00
9 Ry floor bbl... at 00
ftaiOc Oahdlea.Tallow.b. - 12 Wo
t'i'i 5 Oandlen Opal. box. .' loo
Mackerel No.lhfbbl,
Hit flhaaaa a. . BySlOlf
w-.., v....... wi,a
m act err l no i qrooi
B3 Hominv Derbnih. aiiaii
MacterelNol.ltl.. B3 75
Whtaty per
' per. gall. 85l OO
I, M B. Box.. ..8 W)
Whit riih per h'fbbl St S.1
Whit run per qr bbl i Sfflj
Layers ....3 00
uou riab 9 m 7c
" flulUn ft ISo
flp fc..-.t.4-WH(Stl
Prunes h....... 10 It
Horrina bbl tS 00
Don Meal bn, JS4li
Egga 9 ao
Drie Bef,....
6joo Wool IwLn.8o 9 lb.
mo ,v . . :.
Ftotra aleaat!4S0S4 90 lorrad. ani tSSJfMIS
for white. . .
WHiiTwflrr at imatSc. ue '
Coaa sales at 80o
Oaas-alesbrlik atlOiai8o.vl:r -e '
Bra email aalea at 4j(gl5ue.
luv tale at t&aV- 1 .
PoTaToaa aalea at !i0?5o,
BtiMl lrt at 87ca 1 1 SA.
Balt ml at El 00 o-rbM.
Wama Fun rule at 17 500BU 00 par bbl
New York Market.
According te th-reports frora, U'e' 'aavtral market'
places la th city, then have bias raostved thll wck)
- . . . Bhean and
B'ves, Oows. Vesta. Lamhe Earina. Tnt.l
ava aiiervon a, s,.nu eos rm
Browning's.... It v.f J C . ll J5M
O'Brian'a. 83 . 43 s,., 161 1,160
OhamberlUaa.. 87 .. 81,,, ,46 B.3V9
Rec'ed Sunday
Bold tm'rs, Bar. 300 .. ...,,-i.(..'
. . - ....
.... )
t... ...t
Total..... ...36S3 10d 1.U7 9,131 S,4rJ6 19631
T l pr's weak 4 lot IV Kt - 885 , e.064 f f,88S 19. MS
w'k,rtyt.4,30i a-e sat .7Ul ,. 7,ay i,9DU
A. M. Allerton a Co.. Pronrfatnra nf tha Wa.,tna.A.
Drove-yanli, 44th-tt, report the Cattle In Market from
tha fnttnwln atatea! , ,, -.
ireiTork."...'.?..'... 8 40irnino)s..4 t,m
ObtbU..ir...a.anllSlovaa..J..A...,JtSl.r. 181
After tht H icemerl there waa a decided
anxiety on th part ol saleann t crowd off their Hook,
and the eanac.unc ' Is tbat tn market aneaed thia
moining upon annual amp yarua, ana in rsmalnusr of
th ula have M bttr than upon th laat day of any
market for many wteka aad totae rgrt la uprated that
ao many wer eold yeatarday. lb paddllog proceai
Ibtwigr ihre flajs bag be 4trjTartceC4. tAs.tl-1
drovers. - i,. . - T
In nlatlon te tb attempt making to ehange the mar
ktt 4r, Tt are pqustttd by n e( tbe principal tattle
uroiori io Itata te Weitam dramn. not la n.V.
air ohang In tbalr arraofamwta about gattlnf their
stuck forward, so a to faav it bar on Monday UU the
have anUud will noteonatnt to making- tbat the' priaolal
...un vi iiwur, wnioa au-ii all partiae, bo lb
buyers and aellera, as wall as droyer sblpnen. and
raiiroaa mm, 1 raot tarybody but a anall auajtxr of
uroiaiiinf ipecumon, no would open the marktt
"""J uineaa oi jnonaar, ir pomllile. Xbla Ilonduy
movement la not backet! i.y one of the ml eommlu'on
ucu, nor.ooe wno ott a parlttl of reipeet for the Inter
ft or tbe rnTeror Weitiirn ihlDnar. hut I. in Ii.-. nn.
position to tbelr Interest, and they ara cautioned not to
be eanget lu the trap. It It th Interest or the producer
and buyer snd forwarder of cattle to market, to hav eoe
bi uirui oay. wnan all tne etook being oonoentrated
upon on point. In the handaof owner, a, khelr hrnkar.
attract! a grent crowd of buyers, creating life and anima
tion In buiinesa and Awekenlnff Anmntitinn an ir th
drover shcald get no nor money, h getsbettr ntl
v..vu nwn iib h . umwo n r hi n iiaA wmim
u r7 ' BDne at cannot bar by dividing up
ui ouiineia in tne uanaarnow attempted by men whole
uirioa na oojquer. ' it would b to th In-
trrit oi Iht droTen, and ultimate! to tbe butchers, i
wall as evarjbody tin but the forei'aUtri, tf the ol
g-OTerament would pan a law to eompal th sal of a
Bullocki for city alaosh-er to ba mmde t ...
nMI lh. H a nW all
on d. ..v. ..w- "
Drorers wbo are InterMfed fiMtl tblnV tin AVI Itila snklaiit
. Arton will do well t think whethu It
II ror tbelr ln'treatt patronise a movement Ihit will
rentaally work to their Injury as well ai to tba Injury of
... . -HiwauuiWH
ttpon ne bea.UM we beller it to be for the interest
? . ?re,t cU tbe producing cUm-for whom In
Monday a the great market day.becauie It forces a great
many men i to labor on enoday, and forces many tarmeii,
Will, wish .A L, I. . . . , . . . I T
miB. uicm niDoria arsi mana wakawa j
. .i. 7 " tne opening, to coma
to the city on Saturday, much to their Injury In every
reiuect, andlt muit neceaaarllw ln.rf tr. h.
tloo hither, and dririnw thrnn-h ik. ..u . .
h V A i ' ventogs, toth dlitnrbajie of people
rtit z. ' . woianip or peaceful
It Will b Seen bTOIlI'tllhlArifrlMAt.llAnall.al i
illthtly advanced th ratei for the belt avl reduced on
the poorest, taring th the
There ta no cbanc worth rnartin in Ui ! ai .k.
market for milch cows. The cow merchanti oompleln of
extremely dull s.lei, and that moit of the aalaa hav to
be made to the milkmen on credit, el. tbe p-lce la too
low to afford any profit upon coat In the oouctry and x
Pni of liamuortatlon. Wa noticed a i f t.t
oows. aradeSurbam, from Itdiana, at S'3 SMh, .it Is
Very rare that a mllob aoaraaha at that nri.
v -c wars aaiiint- mat aiwint aa wall n Ta....
1.1 f Waalc. (hat f r a I 1 1 I 1. . . . .
... . . . ku.i ".a waigu., tur wo peat
quality, with th txore.lun of now and tha...n i. .
i i.ii.1 at .v an worat Miung ',na are the coarae,
poorly fatted calves of about elgU. Weeks old. Weighing
irotn lbD f.S,ll,.; and lb but ieil,ug loru are the
ion 1.1 . 1 t0 elanl weeki old, and 130 to
w iiv. weign.
- On Wednesday th trade at Vortv.fnnrih alra.t . ...
gwu. tuw arnraie iron tne apper pari of ta Harlem
Ji Ani ,nl 0,t of th c"lT,, T' neV. and
r.. ..ui uiaianany. rom TCry good, lalr-look-
Ini calm, of about i4u tn l.in ih. ..m .
X .aniooarieronea dull at S4o. AI th asm
; ' V" w a loi sold at 9Ko , We gb ng from
30 to 30 lbs but they wer. vy fat and imootS. It
1 oked at noon aa though a 1 the aalwea a.mld nnt h. mu
at any price. Th number for tr week Is larger tban It
baa been before for ae.eial wula Ra.iA. what -a .
acpount f tbere la an equal number, probably, arriving
by the boats.
Rtcelptathliweea, 9 181. -
Thar is another Hat In th ahaan raVr. .l mIm.
are down to a low ebb. There wer about 1 300 sheep
left over at Drowning., aurday night, and l.SuO arrived
on llondajr, all of which oould not be sold. On Tue-
na7 .. ,ouna nearly uuu bead awaiting purchaaere. and
i "Vvf p Brokre qnltly sitting In th ibari. uodia -turbed
by raitomere. Pretty muob theonlyboyere pre,
ent were a few Inquirers for lamb th market for which
ii better than It la tor mutton aheep A fair tot of lamb
that would drat St lb, ware worth about ft Si, bui It
would require a very rood lot of ibeep to average 93
each, and w oonilder 4 cnta a-pound, lire weljht, th
top of tb market. . ...
The bulk of the iheep come from Ohio, and nearly all
the Iambi from New Jerary, where farmers make It tbe
moit proniaote part or the rarming builoeit to produc
lamb for thia market at an earlier neriro than iim
com from any other section. We earneitly reoommand
rarmers in other etates to adopt th lam cour.n.
1 here are a good manv aheeD in marimt ihia wk
quit unot for th batcher, which farmers oould boy at
remarkably low ltgurea. Such ahtep. If taken by tbe
wholesale botcher, will be at a nrl na rnlnnna tn itrnvara
for th reports from Wasblng ton Market of the price of
-"" "T larcaia are igtoe. V B, WDICU would in
dicate leas than t2 a he d a tb vaiue ol a good maoy
aheep now la this market.
The broken' aalea average over S3, but this Is tat all
tb Week, and alio lOOIndea lanba. galea nf taalKr.lrur
au w- wuuiu not
II. N Wrieht. liew York. 491.-. - wiillana nhin
!?3i. Hi" fc Bon' 0nl0' 3M- "amuel Bockwlth, New
York. 28; John Budd. cw VnrV. ! n. n,, ai.
xra, m.,, at. Aiiaire, new ileriey, Xhomaa Ool
man, New Jemy, 83.
nun. 1UU, nicnara Bell t Mil. Anrlreir Rnhhlna 1?
Tnomaa uratten SO. B L. Abbott 141. Jnhn o. M.m.
9, Llndeburry St Button 36 L. Relils 203, Peter A. Bloom
K,ionnuornfiii,K, t-eter BellU Co 30, A. Bnyder
. t . in... i , .no '
rs. .umii a ova.
From Pennsylvania John M-llroy 377r
From Mew York Q. Bearlaa a. .
From Oblo Oowlea at otbaot, SOS, Bllaa Kaynolda 108,
VJfaA at . 1V1 W f WW- .1. a . .
uenanaw, j. L. llvde loo,
Samuel seldner gos. KlnieyOarr 100, J. 0. McOrew OS,
.. i-'iiiu.. aw, r. rron o r. maniey iwv-nf.
UorrtalHI. Tfaomaa Trimble 379, J. Child V03. Joseph
BradBeld 03, Joaeph Button 180, Obarle A. Washburn
111. Total. 3,838. . , . ,
the number from Ohio la verv lanra. Tha HM , m.
otlpttat Browning'! were 493, 933, 1,402,520. 1,122 and
057. The number to arrive to-day 1aueagh to keep tb
market overatooktd with thoi on band that could not
beaoldyilrday. Good iheepar selling to-day at 4c.
v to live weignt, and 7o, 9 A for lambs. t ;
Receipts this week. 5,466. ' "' ',t.; '
Ihe fo lowing ar Henry D. Grant's quotations:
Corn fed Hogs S lb grois............4i1"B4e. -
Ciitlllery Uogi 9 Lb gross .33o. '
Bom old drovers say thev nevenaw tha marVai-'l-i a
duller condition than It ltnow, It being very difficult to
effect aalea at any price. Almoat th only demand It for
city oonaumpilon, and butchira want ihoata of 80 to ISO
ft weight for tbat purpose, and only in limited numbers,
tlr Orant,thi Superintendent, KDorla the market wm
dull ihli morning, with arrivals exceeding the demand.
u. n iurmau rtpona in following prices ot Uogi
thiaweek: , . .- ,
' Live.. Dead wafoht.
First quality corn fed larttesie....4'iiiS-. sua -
Second quality corn-fed 5k(i534
rim quality amatitizeutsc prime ,.
for market butchera 4uai4t ' KVttiit'
Large site, still-fed, fat 3X&3X,,
Second quality still-fed fat 33-.- 4
Small site, choice stock hogi.....5. j3 " 9
' -n i i i i
New York Market.
FLOUR Market ba sraln declined So nar hW. with
moderate balloon doing lor export. nd only a-limited
nom now inquiry, in low grades of extra-Weitcrn
rule verv heavy and nntettled. Sa'ei or 0,400 bbla at
?4 o4 75 fop sarorfln tut; 91 80S4 DO for extra
tate; 4 60at4CS for luperflne Weiern , tt 70
S SO f r eomov.n to medium extra Wotern, SJ SUtg
i 40 fnr thipplng brandt extra round hoop Ohio; and
91 avmi vuivr into oranut ao. siarket oloiiog dull
and Irooplng. Canada Flour lower for common grades,
with amoderat demand; aales of 800 bblt at 14 80(3
7 50 for Inferior to choice extra. ' jt .
HXfl F LOU H Steady at S3 103 4 00.
OOEN UEAL-DuU and nominally la favor of buy
er". . - -i ... . . .. i.
wniaKTtlartota iha.1flner.-wlih rather more
doing; aalei of 750 bolt at lOHiaMGo. " ' ,
nnaiAi iner i ratnr m jra aoing IE Wheat, aul
the market for eund eorln and wlntei1' rtA a-nntlnnaa
flrai; there la alto a little m.ra Inquiry br whit west
ern; tnferlorand unsound wheat ennttnuet heavy! aales
of 50,800 ba Chicago tprlnr at 90c tl 08; S3 000 bu
Northwestern club at tl 04?J Vi. 13..000 bu Racine
ipnogat! Mtflti io; Ji.wu bu unmuLd Mlwaukee
olubat 0cSti 00 snanddo at tl 181 18; 19 000
bo amber Iowa and Wlaoonsinat 91 17(81 18; ti.5(i0 ba
uenaaa ciuo at i is, lo.aw nu winter red Wei ten at
I 88(91 89, the tatier pric fm very ohclce; and 18.300
bu white Western at II 85(91 45. "- '
RYE-qoiet and unohinnd; sales of (00 bu at tea. .
CORN In fair reaneat for horn nnnnn'imr. anil
In moderate demand for xi.nrt; market lemalm iteadv;
taletot I34 00utra at 333Bo for dannerl new mixed
Wrstrnt 409440 for sound do.J 4i0g for Weitern
yellow; and 47o trsouni yellow. ' ' .- - i ,
OaTd pier ty and nail at 30332a for eitrri and
Canadian, and 333o 'or But. - - ' .
purr Bale or nu hhts. at I3.50(ffiIS W Tot mesa!
19 for ramrra and E10.7S for nHma. ' ,
HIV. I'.tkH.nM JhII.4 Ii..h Allt. l H ' J. . . .
at st.wst au ror primet 13 50(96.00 for meat; 110.00
rmiQ au tor repacked meat; f IO.3091.30ror extra nteni
prime met beef d II and nominal ' -
naur a vjuier; sales or 7U bbls. n eittrn at
13.75; whol rang tS 00914.00. J 1 '
CUT MBATi Still oo'4-liiue fluli;" salts At .Q bgk's
at SASXcfor iboulders and d(JS0lo. for hafpi. 1
BACON Dull and unohanged. , ' ''
' IAD Quletj sales of SOO bbls. at S .-S0fer. fcJ '
- BUTTER In 'mod-rate rtqueit at "313 .. tor Dhloi
815o for State; lCKJIOo fur Orange Co and fist. Oo.
OOVFEB-Mi-ood qualities still tult Very ttrm, with
strong upwaid ttndaocy, while other deaoriptlons ar
wunout tnanuai chanr. Thr , bowtver, a fair
bailoett doing; sales of 1 850 hags Rio at 11(9140 ; 1,030
bag Maraealnoen private terma; 1,800 hap Lagulra at
13X1 1.47S b.g Baa Dofclngo at HXUe
BUGAR8 Raw nlll van atrona at th advane. with
a V.ry good builnee. doing; sal .4 3,379 hbdt. at 4K(
5X fjr Cuba; 45 l-So for Porto Rjo. . . ,
JdOtASSEg-Firm; mleacf 1,400 hbds. Porto Xlco at
SJaWo., end 53 bblt. N. O at "5260.
HT0CK5 steady, With fair buslneaa doing'' baWa k
Chicago On; llllnolaOrntral tcrlp06l-2; Michigan Cn
tral quoted 84; Barlem 10Xt.Sri 83; Fiw York Can-
trai , raoius aiaii oo ,,. , ., . .,
Cleveland Market.
Cleveland Market. June 13, 1861.
f Th market remains generally dull. Son. sales of
wheat bar been reported at a deolln. a limited amount
being taken for ahipmant. Oat ar lower and ar
fend a 85o, with one sal at, that tgar. . , Ibr baa
been torn demand for greaa butter, with aalea to a eon
slderabl amount.'-' " ' -t. ... 1
FLOUE--aUart No salt Of hnnortan renoataa.
WHEAT ta let of 7 oars red on track at Bt.09. and a
ijva, ana J
1.1. I
earsfl at f i.wi.r white is nominal at ll.HDl.U
uaiiataujau. j iji Sftj
vai o u.w.1 . .ir. u . a Mr a. ajyaw
i BUTIIR Bales of IK teas graaat ot,
r iota oi gooa ynow m iuo. a,.r,s m u i,ua-it I
JSGUB (steady at OKdHn. - i ,f,0. Ti'j,t.-wi ''f
FRCITa-Oull it toy ,ppia,, aaA 1213a Io
ptachls.-tr. ,-i.i...r
Cincinnati Market.
I LOUR Brags hewvlly, and prion tend downward!,
thnggh tn cannot iot any change la than, since any
MneeialMu that are submrtted to are made nnder a pin-
.!Trtnrwmrka,,fo,,,h,7,TM l"
i. 7.iZlYF? Pnoaaior prim red ol r a
wM.Ok.Nl?n!?nth,.0,lr!,,M';4 U 'vnaento with
whiiky. Bino tha Utter. ban, to.uprT,th for
mer ha declined, anil Waa to-C.y'enelly deoilied b
distil j irs-SJaaie being th but of their
iow .'WMk?' ta r'i" ,hongh not iB"iy
BABT-Ho markat. ' . , ,
RYB -Can b bad at 48c. '
WHISKY Waa ama adwanivkl 'la.I .......
n. - .7 " " -"a
' " OF THB -
STjCSlTHJ OF ottto
Hon. JosepbR. Swan,
Obntalned la twenty-nips volumes of th Ohio anil Ohio
. 5i. -Btabs teports.) . -. ;
In Two Roval 6vo Volnmes. Price 10 00,
No car or expenie baa been anared to maka tba wnrV
oentci ana icuauie m an reapeou. ...
It hiu now the Lealilatlv laxotlon. havtni been an.
piu.Du uv neariv tua nnaniojoui vote OT Dotn Urtnaaa.
and wai ordered to be diatrlbated to the following Bute
auu vvuniy ouiovra. ; - i . . . '
uovarnor. Attorney uaaeral. Sunrema Jodaaa. lanra.
tary, O mptrollor, Xraaaurnr and Anchor of autt. and
to th Prolate Ooarta. Ooarta of Common Plaaa. Snnar.
lor aid Police Courts, Aadltoit, and the Olarn of lb
farlooa Oourti In each county r to Ihe Member of tb
eerjut nu Mause of Uapraaentatira of 'his State, and
uie -..o-ernsTB oi io: aevanu Btatea r tn V nlos.
This book, aonulning, aa it does, all of th Statutes
low in rorce, and me authorltattv eonatraotlon of Ihem
ana or in New nonetitttiloB, will he found to be cipeeiaj
y useful in tn ptrformacae of Unlr dutlee, te all
OOUNTTOFPICBKS r '.'"'-r -"'
; i .tOW.flHIPTK08TtiE,
" v . CIIf.OFFlOKaS.
Inaamnch at verv manv chanffea hava bean maila In iha
Statata aloe tb putlteatton of th iait (dltlnna, by re
peal, alteration and addition. aad manv tmnortaat ria.
siaiona hav been given by th Buprun Court on con-
iFovervcu point ait .. , , ,
Will find this sit invaluable Work.
Two Royal 8m. Tolvmi of oter Mntltm MunArtd
In Btrong law Blading. Price $10.00.
Fubllihed by
Law Publisher, Booksellers; Stationers and Importers.
. :, v i lto. AS VYeit Fourth street, -
fcbUiM3m:l ' .. . OlndtmcU O.
. Town Street, .
- . . ........ 7 '
V th Union and th Bunny South. I hav concluded
to ecu out i
. . E,
-. (.' The i took oontlata ot the largest lot of
'f '-l.a.-.-aaj ...f. .r-.r;,.l
. . aa iua? vttaf Wl VUltUUUUS, -
MoosETs, ..... ... t. .
-- - BaUttlAiro, .-,i- . . ,
l '.. .' ' " 'KdEERALDAS, - .. , '
i " V V:"'.t , , , - -Ktriw, r-".- ,vi
.. . . . , : . piiiuii J
. . . . " ' .HOSim-PWS BUTTONS,
I . - and all kinds of ,
tb teit HOOP SKIRTS In Columbus, and at the
lowut prlc. t
Wboleaale and llctail. . j . . '
Then, ladles, all, both gnat and small,
Come, glv m a oall.
And then you'll flud A. II. E. Stoksii
' - ' In all his Glory. ...........
- A. M. K. 8TORRIE, Agent,
Kariember th War I No. Gi Town street, .
aprll:13m - . - Columbus, Ohio.
IIDNNEWELL'S , , . . .
For all Throat and Lung Oomplatnta, lnctudng, with
most perfect remit, vVnoonaa Oorj, Oautomo aaa
Oouuor Coram, BaowcrruL airs THaoaT Conruirra,
always forerunner of Ooniumptlo. ae a Boothui
Bvaor It hat o superior. .Freed frosa all Opiate or
Emetic propertlea, may ba used by most delicate conatU
tutlons. and with frerfectoonfldiaoe.
, , 'LtrNODYNE.
-1- '- ii -' i
' Tna Grutdt NaTTJtut, OtUts em offered te the
world, containing not a partial of Opitan, fxnr any tab
tanee but ita itrictly vegeuble and medical propirtle.
a aura Remarty for'SrjAiari.' RntmaTniit, Oodt,
Tooth imd Baa acaa. CATAaaa. Koa oxIIat Favaa,
and all mluor'NsvohOombhinta.-' -J
Fob Lom or tuuv. and tleadacn In au in vanetiea,
It hat oo equal, and to which moat undoubted testponl
alt are otTered.
Po DaLiairis Taaoiei It iiambst perfact rferMiy.
- Foa Bowai. OoMrLaiMTa. after removing tbe pain It acts
aa a physio, a most Important contrast wlih th contUpa
tory effeorst Optata.; -. .i ear .
-Te Phyatolana, Formtaaaadlrtal-Battle artll ba tent,
and to Deal or InvaUd a daaorlpbv .paaipiiLe, vhtltout
"pMtage-Stamp." o -ij ,c
- Frlared aadw th epeclal taptrvlttati ef .. '
. L l.iiOUV A-K PtTRJKElt.CI.Iia-
. . .. cumin am nuBjuuBcnvr.
. r, lfo BConiffierelai WliartaBustoa, Mass
v.TowhomplUirt lloamunloatlolai."i.' , !
v trice Irftrr Cough Eeanedys M aaoth pwvhcttv.
Bmall i. ' . . " J . g.i I
:i loin-Anodyne,. . -iOi".-. w ,,,. I
For aala by tb aaual wholesale and retail dealen,
tveiywlrei. '" "" 1 ' a.. :
R0BEHT8 StMDiL,, , N. B. HARPB. ;
JOHN B. OOOC . i L J'i''-' M.'PENlO, '
mayH-wly -4 ; ' ' Agnts for Oolumkn, Ohio.,
Rcnuves and ; pitEVi-irf -rVf if n
naomaUon and pain, and beala th wont bom.
tcald, brnite, cut or fresh wound of bay Mod; vreventi
awaiting and pain from, beiittrjgi, moMjaito bilea, and
poiaonoua plant, neuralgia' theumatlsm, agu In tht
breut, aalt rbeum, to Whraota Internally, It will
positively cur sroup in otuiuran. anu give immediate
relief lath worst 'at thli terrible complaint; alao.
iruovet hoaraeneae and eon throat. Prio, centa
bottl. Should b In every bona. For tale by Drug
gilts and Storekeeper. . . IRV1N 8TONB, . )
bow rrupriawr, nu, ( opiuge ai stew gore '
owttdekwlylt -' ' ' j
No real luetic can ' b fjort' tha
bothy proeansg anV nadlog deeerlpUv pampbleta.
w iuuuu wiui an ueaiara, or win pa eena ny f roprtvur
on demand. Formulae and trial Botala aant an Ph.ai
lan, who wlll,bd daMvipfftvIa; both worthy their
huiinhiwi auu approTai.
' CTtretpoaweno aoualten rramall whda aaMbs t
wunoiity prompia w put o to abov rsllsble Ram
- For Alt rV the niual wholaaal and vaiall Aaalar!
mrjrwbiti:o W I
JOIM aCJntEtrELLi Treprlet. S
CimitBT ANoSiTaitrgoVisT, j.
Mil .CoWefeVtttiaii lUi? t '
HOOna a ntaaa.l H. Jti.Vaa-Ja. Jai Mm linear. 1.
Btulgt tlSsjutg. ., A. jTsohueller Son, AgenU
soruoiumbaa.OUw-Kl jf.t.' iL.r;i -myl-UU
JLtar, CLOAK OLOTH8. Also,'4Uier makeaof Bprlng
u 'oaa uiotna, in an uenraui mixture ninainir. la.
ssh and Button to match. BAIN a ION,
aprllS No. SJ South High stre
An sxpsrleseed Nurs and Female Physician, present
to th attention of mothers, her . v.
Which greatly faellttat the proeeas of teething, by toft
?,.!,n??lP,",, "x1""'" all inflammaaon will allay
all fAlN and apaimodio acUon, and Is ,
Depand upon It. mothera. II vrtii ....
and " '7 .
We bar nntnnanrlauia f hi. bvi.i. .....
wliat we hav never been able to say af any other medl-Cln-NFVEB
ANO, TO EFFECT A CURE, whan tlmal. aaM. N
did we know ao Instance of dimtlafaatton by any on
who used It. On the oontrary, all are delighted with Its
operatlona.and apeak tn terms of ootomendalion of it
magical cBect and medical virtues. W speak In thia
matter "WHAT WE Du KNOW;" after ten yean' axiie
almoat every Initance when the Infant It auffering from
?ain and ezhatutloa, relief will ba found In Oluwn or
wenty mlnutei after thadyrup I admlolatered.
Thia valuable Dnnaratlon la the uraaarintion of nna of
New England and baa been uKi with NEVER FAIL
ING BUCOES8 In : - , ,
It notoiily relieve! tb child from oaln. out Inrliror
at the atomacb and bowelt, cornet acidity, and glrei
ton and energy to the whole ayateta. It will almoat In I
stantly relieve"
and overcome oonvumona, wntch. If not speedily rem
aien, ena in aeatn we ncueve It tn UKoT and BUK
U ariata from teething, or from any other eaute. Wa
would aav to enrr iherwho ha child anrT.Hna frnm
anyof Uie foregolr g enmplainte DO NOT LET YOIIK
stand between yon and yoartufferlng child, and the re
lief that will be SURE ye. ABSOLUCELY SURN-to
follow theuteof thlaiMdiein, Iftloely uaed. Full di
rection! for using will accompany each bottlo. None
gcnnln onlaaa th fae-tlmll of VUBl'ISfc PERKINS,
new i ora, ie on tne oniaiue wrapper.
Boiu by an vruggtitt throughout the world.
Prl clpalOfflcoa 13 Cedar Street N.I'.
n la preeltely what Ita nam Inrlieat. for, whih
lljlpleaeant to the tatM. It la revivifying, exhilarai
lug. Invigorating and strangtbening u lb vita-
powera, ana at tne earn urn le.ivini-s lelo
liiatet, and renews tha Blood In all Da partly an
ithua at once ruton$ and readers th avi'era tn
mlnsrabU to eUtnekt of ditto. It la tbe ouiy
' ....... i in ..a. rifTa.Ail 111 tha anrll ani.ha.ni-
Hiially and aUUfatly comMnea te to be U e rcoit1
lu mini wm.-uu., 'fc. ram, v.m. au iwiicmij
adapted to, u to act io per(eo' acordanoe with the)
awa of natui, and hence will tooth Hit wtaiettY
Momach and ton op tb dhreetlvo organa, "6J
f,ra allaw.ll navvnna anH Alhap IrvllattM. ft I i
j - . . ............. ,
(per ectly exhilarating, and at the sametlmalt Ir
composed entirely of vegetable, yet ao combiner)
w to produc tbe moat (borough tonic elTect, with '
i bet
out prnauving any u.junoui oonaequenua eucii
reaenv naa toni oven ten tone a aeuaeratum i .
i medical world, for It need no medical ikill to
ie thatdebility follows all attack! of diieaae. and
nroeeeda and Indeed lava th ay item open to the
Ollnaidloueattacka of many of the moat fatal, inch,
for example, aa th following: Coniumption, ln-j
Idlaaalion. Dyspepsia, Loaa of Appetite. Falntneaa
Nervoui irritaoiiuy. neuralgia raipnationot tne
Ej Heart, Melancholy, Night Sweati. Languor, GlrWi-j
neu, Retention of, aa well aa Palnfal obstructed
too nrofuie, or too rcant Henitruation, and Fall
a Ing of the womb, ineje an aependupon general
yO debility This pure, healthy, tonio Cordial and
. Blood Renovator Ii asinre to cure u the tun t
a rite and act. Tbere Ii no miatake about It. Bui
Ml ib.ii Is not all. If the system Is weakened, wa are
n jpen to bilious attacaa. the liver berooea torpid,
lor worse diseased, tbe kldneya refuse tn petforn,
-jlthelr function!, and we are troubled with icaldlnn
and Incontinence of nrlno. or Involuntary dia
charae of the lame, pain In the hack, tide aud be
tween lb laoaioora, exoeeatnaiy liable to tlignt
ieotrta. oogni, ana it orjcoacked, aoon einaclation
'ollowi. and tha patient sue down to a Drematnrei
'grav. But tpac will not allow at to enumerate:
tba many Ilia to which we are liable in a weakened W
condition of tbe lyttem. Ent we will aay, In Ibi
Oordlal and Blood Renovator you have a perfect. ,IJ
life, pleasant and effectual remedy for lott cif M
Aipetite. blllcuineet. Flatulence weak and ilcklw
jlomaoh. Languor, Liver Complaint Chills and
fever, or anv Bllioua attatk. Cuatlvenela. Acidlt
of tb Stomach, Nervouineaa. Neuralgia, falpita-l..
Honor tne Heart, r talon or Bpiriit.Bora.irri
flmplea on tbe Fac or any diieaae ariaiog from aU
impure blood, such aa Scrofula. Krynpelaa, Bron I
hltli. Cough, difficulty of Breathing, and all that . ,
jclaat of diteuet called female weakness and M
enumerated above. We will alao aa tha traveler. LJ
ajtgoied to epidemic change of climate and wat-
er, win nnd it a pleasant, aaie ana lore remedy,
ana none tnouia ever travel wunout. Header,
fry It. for w aiur you yon will find tn It a 'Henri
andeed.aa well aaa friend in need, all peraoiaof
sedentary babita will find It a perfect preventive ol
las well aa cure for those ailments to which they aie
partial 'any exposed. Hence ministers ,itudents,al
torneyt, literary gmtlemen.and ladle who are notl
accustomed to much outdoor exerciie, will And ill
o their advantage to keep a bottl constantly nn
nana; ana, above an, motners, or tnet oacominv
ucbi will go through tha. most dangerous period
not only wlh all their accustomed strengib, bm
safe and free from th thousand ailment! eo prev
latent amona tbe female nortton of the world It
U short, it la Indeed a mother's cordial. Try It, olr
and young; no longer run the rlakof delay; It wi .
raltev and prove itaeif emphatically a Sttnra
tin Cordial and Blood Rmovator.
Oa I. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broadway, Na
Tork, and 114 Harke t Street, St. Lonia, Hon an
old by ROBaBTB Be SAMUEL, Oolumbtsa, Ohio
and all good Druggist. Price On Col la.
per Bottls. . , marchtf-dliweowly
dlitrctatng oomplalnt en
HaSa.hy 0. B. SBTMODR 00 , 107 Raaaaa St., S.
f rnov 9' par nuz arut tree oy poH.... ,
meye-datwlyle .t- '
designi, at S4.00 per L000.
at hall lh price chs4 by amall dealer.
Vrytlt AD QUARTERS So. 7 Booth nitrl street.
Clulnjabus, May 8, IBtiK. ... J U. UU.iT
s'--. j- i.. , .j,. f'C a i a
. :.' f a-
newarkvmachine works,
nanatjiclnrere at all kladt af Par
tall and Htntlonitrv Steam En
llnes, Haw iviuia, rit Willarf
.' p '..,'-;','"
IAMM0DLX Btauml B. 1. MIMTDi 'BeaUnt
CO. Btatmtltll
Our Portable Engtae and Vaw' KU1
tFat awarded th Brat premium of BJS at tin Indian
Stat fair fog 1W over Lane It Bodlay'a sa aoooant ol
Prtoe, lightnest, simplicity, economy of lutl
knd snperlor charaoter ot lumber tawett, .
Onr Buulraary Ingrnc waa awarded at th ana Fait
tb Brat premium of SSUO. . .- l - .. e ,a
Our FortaM BngnM was aararaVd th I rat p renin a of
1U0 at th Fair at Uemphnt, Ta.(va Blaaily's Dn
vallat Ootaaba Haohln Oo'., and Bradford 4 Co 'a.,
by a eommitte of practloal Railroad KoglMer. .,r -i
? Frprtosn4 tanns addreo
W1LLARD WARNER, Treaiurer,
do5-dkwlyolt. Newark, Ohio,

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