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The Adams Express Company plaoeg ug daily
udn obliK.tioD.-io it for the verf latest papeS
Irom the eastern cities.
Tbe American Exnres. Comnan. haa .
thanks for it. dall, favors In .h. ah'.n. nf
,. I.,.,, f
rf latent eastern papers.
Court or Common Fleas
a -On lWnmU. ti,.
7 u Mnda'' the
e benchdisposed of
Court Judge Bath on the
tbe following cases on the criminal docket:
criminal docket:
it. aliat Jamc v.-
In tbe case of Jan Lk. aliat Jane Van
tlOHNl. alia Jan Vast Vn.u. r..
, a Jan, Vah Vo.h.s, indicted for
woeny, the jury returned a verdict of
of petit laroeny," and the defoodent
grand larceny
was sentenced to eight days in the dungeon of
the county Jail, and to pay the costs of prosecu
, In tbe cue of John Stiil, indicted for an as
sault with Intent to murder, the defendant with
drew bis former plea of "not guilty," and enter
a 0 U 11 1
. ui (juuiyas iu mo asaauit only," and
was seocenoea to tbree days in the dungeon and
In tbe case of Ma.t J. , J
.. . -..,-..
iuw;, vuo jury remrnea a verdict of "not
guilty." "
Yesterday tbe following e, th. ,iia.
' ' . ,
in tbe cue of Joseph Binnztt, indicted for
keeping a room for the sale of intoxicating;
.. .i,. : . . . ... ... .6 . .
TV. J ' T Ver0lCC " mu?' '
and tbe defendant was sentenced to twentv
days' imprlsonmebt in the jail and to pay the
costs of prosecution.
. t i f w n
In the case of Danul Flmino, indioted for
selling intoxicating liquors contrary to law. th
jury also returned a verdict of "guilty," and the
detendant was sentenced to pay a fine of $75
and costs. - -
ine court adjourned to bine o'clock this
morning when another liquor case will be taken
Bob of CooNTrComnsioNs.--The Board
held a special session yesterday, and tbe follow
mg Dills were examined and allowed:
M. C. LUIey; stationery, . :. $112 00
Ohio Statesman, advertising, . 4 50
Tbe Board will sit again to-day.
Thc Adtooati of Fiaoc This journal, pub
at one dollar a year, In monthly numbers, or In
uuuui. uumoers once in two months, oontains
In the number for July and August,Just issued,
tbe proceedings of the Soolety at Its thirty-first
Duiversary, neid In Huston on the 121st of May
last, with the annual report and addresses made
.:, on the oooaslon. From one of tbe addresses,
" delivered by the Hon, Amasa Walk, we take
tbe following extract:
"What, then, has been our object, that which
for a third of a century we have endeavored to
promote I I answer, the prevention of war:
notmag more, nothing less. But what is war,
ST'-V T T '"" conflict be-
only. With the maintainance of law, tbe sup-
session of mobs, insurrections or rebellions,
iered. It has ever protested against th n
fonndlog of war wl:h th tiro.i,nn r -i.n I
government. This fact should be remembered
and action."
CiOTBWQ foe the Tsoopj. Some time since.
tne Asslstiut Quarter Master General adver
tised for .ropoeals for furnishing clothing for
the troops. We understood vesterdav morning
tflftt nnntranta WaA kan . j J I
-..-v.. uu airarueu lor lurnisomg
"" uunu overooats. We called at the
office or tbe Quarter Master General, hilt Ah.
talced no satisfactory Information. But from
. ..v. .Uvuiuu vTcrvwaui were I
awarded as follows:
O'Uiirra 4 Co..
0. Hrf jfonlo. ...
B. E. gmlth....
T. Oumitork....
A. A. BtrWart...
John Wilier....
L. Danaldton...
The above parties are ail residents of this
city. The remaining 1200 overcoats were
awarded to parties in Cincinnati. Tbey are all
to be furnished at $7 CO each, though bids had
been put In offering to furnish them at $7 25
each. Speaking of these contracts, the Journal
ui 7.eruay aajs:
r . I
ONTAOTS We endanrH l.at
find whom the contracts were awarded to for
inaaiDK ins overcoats lor soldlara hut h.ri m
tin It nn a h.rf i.k n j, . .t ., I
Jr - j""' "t; are niainouiea I
iu .omB sre 0r six contractors in this olty, some
of Whom never saw a nnat mada In in.,!. I;-..
Why not give it to some boueet hard working
mechanic, one who is willing and anxious to
work for tbe good of tbe country ss well as for
" loavrt and fiihn " a,nl..k ... ai j i.u
liberal hand7 In our B7 :Xii T"'
. nw.vu .1. U1CUCUHCU WIIH S
ui. . r-'"-i"t i
weUas' inaS?" " lh9 COn,raCt0, "
r ..
Tai Gon-Boats The three steamers now
at the ship yard, Cincinnati,' undergoing? al
terations, etc, that tbey may become gun boats,
f to be completed this weeki one hundred
and fifty b.nd. being emnln.ad L 1. !
The Enquirer saya:
"ine vessels are eaoh pierced for eleven
guns, placed as follows: Three guns on each
side, forward of tbe water-wbeel, and two bow
guns, i wo quarter guns abaft tbe wheels, and
one stern chaser gnn. Tbey will also eaoh be
provided with one heavy mortar, plaoed on the
forward part of tbe boat, making in all twelve
guns, some of wblcb will be ten Inoh ni,,m
bisds. The boilcra bave been placed in the
of tha hnat. hat..-, .k. I.i vi.u I
leaves the decks olear for aotlon. Tbe guns and
armament for tha ... k... -!r u. I
piavsu on ine ooais on oaturday." I
Taoo'w Movino. Col. MoCook' Regiment
.V. Mi.v .... a .i. . JZ I
" '"'""m
morniDg, en routs for Grafton. Col. Lmt'i
Regiment (the Tenth) expects to follow on
Saturday. , ,
' ii ii
rtasoNAi. Mrs. 8. A. Dodolas arrived at
Cleveland en Saturday evening, and left on
Monday mornl?, , the Pittsburgh train, for
v..y. Her father, mother and two
cuuursu scoompnied ber.
. , U. S. Cimwt Cowt -This court commeno
cd its seaaion at Clnnlnna.i .
snsroay, xt was
UBdcratood tbat the counsel for Mr 8tirrWOuld
make annlication for a anaM.i .
ma. sis case mign. oe oisposed of Immediately.
Brigadier Geotral Hanit, U. 8. A., arrived
In Philadelphia on , the. 13th lost., accompanied
ny ms Stan H4family.o.
Tho Eaton (Preble county) i?rofiftr says,
tho army worm Is bow committing its ravages
,J ""weni-parte, or tbat county. ,In many
pis ws meadows, past urea, corn, wheat, and oat
fields are' literally being eaten op. ;' ... . ; . . ,
D Go: eFBiarji of Bhra t.i.nj i. k. I
"rriainw vtajvj vvuvm. , '
REPORTED FOR THE STATESMAN. Attack on the First Ohio Regiment
REPORTED FOR THE STATESMAN. Attack on the First Ohio Regiment at Vienna, Va., by Masked Batteries
REPORTED FOR THE STATESMAN. Attack on the First Ohio Regiment at Vienna, Va., by Masked Batteries of South Carolinians—Five Killed
Six Wounded and Nine Missing.
uZtoi dlsnaX, ' ' 0U tt" M
I left camo, according ta Inatrnntlnna. .ii.
v. 17i. i-i.iJ '
.SfS!' 2" g. and went
."u,"" '.f w Vn"r0D w Pl. "e
'uwaiuimi uireuuun. . i mon prooeeded to
Vienna, with four Comoanle.: LI. p
vi. wuiiui uuuipnuj v, Liieac. woodward.
'terwarda joined by Capt. Pease; Com pan? G,
Capt. Bailey, Company 6, Capt. Hazlett -total
275 men. '
On turning the carve within a quarter of a
0n turning the carve within a quarter of a
mile of Vienna, we were fired noon bvrakino-
mlle. Y lei"a, we were fired upon bv rakimr
I maaval hti..l.. m W al. s .a . "
"""" ui.
log tbe men on th ipfatloms and8 in 1 he oars
WDeo tDe ,raln stopped.
WeJ P?ld mtt on BCCOUn' of damage to some
part of the running- machinery, draw tha tin
CUi'i?f ,tb flre' the D?ine Deln& in the rear.
a idii me cars ana retired to tbe right and
left of tbe train through tbe woeds. Finding
that ill. ...... I. 1. . , B
" "uciuj s uHtenea were sustained by
what appeared to be a Regiment nf inf.n,..
and cavalry, which force we have since under-
" oe i.ouu south Carolinians, we fell
uau" im ne railroad, tbrowingout skirmish-
I Mrm An kntk 4t ! Tvt 1 a .. -
....., i uis was aoout i r. M
iBB,,"V!?rf?A? ?.Dta. off oar wound.
mr md miles, uj mis point, wmoa we
I reacnea at iu o clock.
The following is a list of the casualties:
-il ',Pi H',z,e", i"?Py H. two known
eii,inree wounajid.andflve mleaing,
wpt. uaiiy-B company u, tbreo killed, two
wounded nd two mlssln Capt. Paddock's
oomPD7!" one omoer siigbtly wounded; Com
pany C, Capt. Pease, two miaalne
The engineer, when the men left the oars,
Instead of returning slowiv. I nrrt..rt
tolled uls engine, with ooepassenger oar, from
'he rest of the di.abled train, and abandoned
BiuuuiuK u aicAiuunn, Ouu WG heard
nothing from him since,
Thus we were deprived of a rtMn wnf
'hdkffV meaD cneying the wounded)
wbo had to be carried on littara .nri N.i...
We wait here, holding the road, iu? reinforce.
ments. '1
The enemy did not pursue. " ,, I
I have ascertained that tho in.i. ...
Fairfax Court House, four miles from Vienna,
is dow about 4,000 ;
When all ih .n.n,.t, k.,t.
. Major Hnghey was at his station, on the
foremost platform. Col. McCook was with me,
u v. vi iui ua-penger cars. Uotn these offl
cers, witb otbeisuf tbe commissioned officers,
and many of tbe men. behaved mn.t nnnii. nn.
der this galling flre wbiob we could not return,
and from batteries which we could not flank or
iuru, iruui too naiure ol ine ground
. T.he 'PProa?n ,0 Vln" through a deep cut
'"on Je'.'ving fbe o.rs, and before they could
nj, many of my men 'lost their haversacks
u olDe"ion( orougnt otr all tbeir muskets
excepi it may be a few that were destroyed bv
yo J wlln ,De a'Hed,
Brigadier General.
An Ohio Editor Killed at Vienna.
Among tbe killed at Vienna waa Mr. R.m.
one of tbe editors of tbe Cleveland Herald.
Names Some of the Killed
Wounded at Vienna.
tuv.A,' V. T . "bat Is be
kmoVg the' Imed" d wounded Tff'offi
Killed Jno. Birnes and Dan. Sullivan, both
"S? m ,n
Valmerand 8mlth.of Cnmn.n. r. , '
One of the killed and thren of ih
H.nUl . a.. " " muKiuu
General Schenck at Arlington.
Accounts from Arlinatnn tn.H.v ... .u. .
Geueral Scbenck Is now there, and that the at
tack was irom troops from Centreville. It is
inougai no ulterior object.
Particulars of the Disaster at Vienna.
[Special to Post.]
WASHINGTON, June 18th.
lnere'8Rreoitementbere over the bloody
' ieu i capirca last nignt, and two otb
era wuib morning, no a lama la attneh.H ,n r:.
Scbenck, tbe commander of the Federal troops,
for It is stated that he acted nnder the positive
orders of Gen. McDowell.
jCol. Hunter's 3d Regiment of cavalry was
viuccu wiw iu Vienna last nignt.
Our pickets and outposts generally fell back
last evening.
Pr.hnKI nn r..a,lt.. . .1 . . - Ml . a
extend the railroad comm.iniMnn
BP0 llDe kloDg the Loudon and HamDihiro
'j! ,' nnl" .tn Federal troops are strengthen-
' 6
Upsetting of a Boat—Six Persons
Upsetting of a Boat—Six Persons Drowned.
BOSTON, June 16.
a oartv of
rh .1.1.1.. : j j . .. . .
iiiaru hi uaj, ounng a SQUa 11 In kha
Wan Si Ter,irdfi0irnd' ?anley
weuuia rifon.Jamea
"lcOnrttiT. Thomas Wriitht. anil D.i.hi. m-
r.linr a . . .
PhV t "acuea oy tne pilot boat
Large Arrival at New
from Europe.
NEW YORK, June 18.
-yV'. namourg Southampton
vu .us uiu. naa arrivaa nera.
J! 1 !."A!-SnIty of arm. on board for
tun usiiea Dtaiaa uovapnmant. Ml nnn .
riflss, at least.
From Fortress Monroe.
. 1R(bel' understood to be conoentra
bottom ting in large force on the Jumea Rl.an
Three hundred Zouaves, under Lieut. Col.
wlZ ,Z .riTr . c . T'01
IL?iWf?1..S'Pt Topo
graphical Engineers, left thla morn Inff tn r.onn.
oiter in the vicinity of Bethel aod up toe route
to Yorktown. They took artillery and two days'
The steamer Catallne waa fired at h . n.k.i
tug and from Sewell'a Point.
Men can be seen to-day at work on Sewrll'a
L'n,'J,robbl7 eonetruoting a water battery,
Tb ,lfled 8!1D 00 ,ne R1P RP w' be brought
t0 bearoo them.
Tner is e?try "Wwce of a forward move-
infused great energy Into
"fc.j Mvya. bbucut.
Passengers from Fortress Monroe represent
I rnt as . KT.tvi i r
an qu ei iNotblog was known about anv in,
tended movement.
It is reported that a British war vessel is
orulalng off tbe mouth of the Chesapeake.
Too Gladiator ia now at New York, prob
ably. .i .. ...... i,
The Harriet Lane is coming In. Snman.j.
eengers deolared one of her wheel-houses gone.
It is presumed she bad another
Some soldiers on furlough lay that General
Butler it preparing to advanoe on Great Bethel
In foree.
. There It said to be an Immense foroe of Reb
els between Yorktown and Great Bethel.
From the South.
tha ....
the report tbat Federal troops were at Hilton!
is falae. . . . - - . '
Commodore Btrlngham, of tbe Minnesota,
Infoimrtihe English Consul at Charleston tbat
(no Orew of tna nrlvafaaa flav.nn.k .nIA k.
Ths brig Ha . of r.w... k..k ..t.
nrlaa anrf . J. .' U BS
Tha Minn..n..-ii i
iarleaton b""h Flag are off
i H,J)IW T0r-..
The New Orleans Plna.n . .. ' . . :
th. yach, Oj Tl'
and the orew reladaarl. - . w M nri
Th Powbattan ordered
the Prussian bark
Bho fal!e4- for j,.
Dispatches from Washington.
[Tribune's Special.]
Gen. Scott baa said the evaouation of Harper
terry was ia perfect conformity with bit plans
and expectations and that nothing which tbe
Rebels have done, has interfered in the slightest
wun nis pians or tnts campaign, or witb tbe
several steps wnion ne Das proposed to take.
Everything ia In tbe best condition for an ad
vance to Richmond. . Officers oonfesa that tbe
movement toward there wilt begin within a fort
night, and onoe begun it will not halt until tbe
Kebel lapltal is taken. It is believed the can
ture will be made before tbe day fixed for the
meeting or me uavia Uoogress.
A traveler whose business took him to Rich
mond, returned to-dav. tie Manassas Junction
He saw Jeff Davis reading a special dispatch
affirming the death of Gen. Soott.
Roger A. Pryor has been made special aid to
uen. Aee.
Tbe troons at Manassas ha astlmarea. at
All the Harner's Ferrv force, exoeot the rear
guard, had arrived. The latter bad advanoed
as tar as Winchester.
Msssrs. Miles and Preston are among Beau
regard's aids.
Tbe entrenchments at Manassas are ven
J hey expect an attack from the Federal
troops here on or before Thursday, and swear
they will repulse them wiih great alantrhter.
and drive them across the Potomac
They don't lav what tbev will do in case no
aiiack oe maoe on tnent from tbis dlreotioa
Tue Government has received information
that the Rebels have set a trap in some woods
fifteen miles from Alexandria, and Into which
tbey expeot to draw the nnsuaneatlnir Federal
forces, 8everal small batteries have been crest
ed by them on the outskirts of the woodland,
and a pretense is making of throwing up in-
vreuoumenn cere, i ney propose to array tbeir
loroes at no aisiant uav. and Dress forward their
pickets until a collision ensues.
I be scout wbo briDgs this intelligence also
states that a number ol Indians, dressed in their
war costume, wbo are supposed to belong to tbe
savages wbo volunteered from North Carolina,
were seen inrking aoout.
- Tbe Government. It ia affirmed. Ia ennaMnrinir
u ,.. , . .
pruiwsmuu 01 immeaiaieiy estaoilsoing SOU
marine teiegrapbio communication between
Point Lookout aod Fortress Monroa. A on and
will be placed at Point Lookout to nrntanc. that
...iIh a i . i . . ..
wuuu. suuuuiaga nave aireaav oeen taken
me wooie uistanoe. ,
[World's Special.]
1 bere are Utiog rumors, to-night, of a flaht
between one of tbe Obio Regiments acd a band
of Rebels near Vienna, on tbe Loudon Railroad,
which has been partially confirmed. An en-
gtgement Das no doubt taken place, probably
without serious result.
The eoemv has been on the brldcn two mll.
from Seneoa Mills, which crosses a braooh of
tbe Potomao River, over which the Federal
foroes must march in advancing aoroes tbe
[Times' Special.]
WASHINGTON, June 17th.
The President Of the Cheaaoeaka and OMn
Canal assures me that the works will be ready
for the passage of boats within twent daia.
and that boats enongb are in possession of tbe
oompany to do tbe business of the season.
Troops can be transported from Cumberland
direct to Washington, each boat oarrying 350
It is reported that the Legislature of Mary
land will attempt to pass an act releasing tbe
State of Virginia from paying damage to tbe
citizen of Maryhnd, wbo have sustained dam
age by the wanton destruction of tbe railroads
and canals within the State of Maryland.
B. F. Wilson leaves Washington In a fsw
da) i for Nebraska. He is atot out for tbe pur
pose of overhauling the aooounta of tbe late
officials In that Territory. It appears that J.
Sterling Morton, tbe Secretary, Addison R
Gilmore, Receiver of the Land Offloe, and Wm.
F. West and B. P. Ranking, Marabals, have all
left their offices with balances against them on
the Treasurer's books, for wbiob they have not
aocounted. Eoos Lowe, late Receiver of Iowa
Land Office, is also a defaulter.
A dozen rifled cannon, cast at the western
foundrv have been received nara. Si nf K.m
have gono to Alexandria.
The steamer to Fortress Monroe took several
isoiumoiaas and a large quantity of ajimuoi
A gentleman just arrived from Fortress Mou
roe, states tbat an attack was to be made on
ureal uetnei in force, to-night. -
At Aqufa Creek, several heavy guns on new
batteries bave been mounted bv the Rebaln.
Tbe garrison and troops at Fortress Monroe
ana Hampton were all under arms last nleht.
Ti. i.1 El . I . " .
miles distant
no uik gun, r toya, is now neiog mounted on
the Rip Raps. Shells discharged from her by
way of experiment, reached Sewell'a Point, fnnr
[Post's Special]
was four miles from Vienna at 10 o clock this
morning. The Kebela fell back with their ar
tillery, before daylight.
A geutlemao just from Fairfax, says there are
lourornve negiments 01 Rebels there.
It Is said three of the Rebels were killed at
Ad flees from Edwards' and Molan'a Ferries
State that tbe Virginians bave strong intrenoh.
ments, and evidently intend to resist the passage
vi tug tu viuao uj our troops.
Gen. Scott has ordered the regulars and iav.
eral Regiments of Col, Patterson's Division to
come to Washington at once.
Tbe remainder of Col Pattaraon'a rnlnmn
win ocoupy Harper's f erry.
more troops will also be concentrated at Balti
more. Maj. Sherman, of tbe light artilery, gives the
opinion that tbe Rebels are leaving their posi
tion at Manataaa Junotlon
[To the Associated Press.]
The Ohio Regiment whioo was atucked at
Vienna, was on a train for tbe protection of the
telegraph corps, engaged in ereotlcg a telegraph
line, and all were unaware of tbe masked bat.
terlea whioh were planted in the woods and sur
rounding hills.
The batteries are still there, but It Is under
stood an attempt to take tbem will be made
during the day.
Information has been received here that one
column of the Rebel foroes at Manassas Juno
tlon is on tbe retreat towards Aquia Creek, and
another covering tbeir movement by a pretended
advance towards Fairfax Court House.
The Washington Evening Star of to day
states that the railroad cut, in which the First
Ohio Regiment was caught yesterday, com
mences a mile east of the station at Vienna.
The flre on the Regiment is believed to have
been by small arms from an ambuscade of tha
enemy on both sides of the cut, as well as from
the battery at front. The Star addsi
"We learn at noon to dav that tha total nnm.
ber of killed on tbe spot was six. Tbe men
behaved admirably. " Two of those wounded
died this morning. The few others wonoded
are but slightly hurt.
The Peeaident has appointed Jaa. L. Willlami
formerly M. C. from Kansas, Astooiate Jusiiosof
Diootah Territory. Capt. Budd, commanding
tbe Resolute, bas arrived bere bringing as aprlae
the soboouer Buena Vista seizad in tha St.
Mary's river. He oaptured two other vaaaala.
namely the schooner Bachelor, and tho sloop
u n . o.k. r i. .... .
... v.;, a us iviuier uaa uisregaraed a warn
ing given aeveral daya ago and deoelved Capt.
Rowan by false Information.
Proceedings of the
WHEELING, June 18.
... , .
Mr. Carlile, from the Committee on Business,
reported an ordinance for tbe apprehension of
suspicious persons, in lime of war. Ordered to
be printed.
Also, an ordinance fixing the compensation of
the State officers and members of tbe Legisla
ture, making It mooh lower than now.
Mr Faroaworth, uf Upshire, offered a resolu
tion tbat one of tbe leading cbfcis of tbe Con
vention, after establishing a Provisional Gov
ernment, is separation of Weatern from F..at
ern Virginia. After a long debato.lt was laid
on tie table yeas 67, nays 17.
Resolutions of respect to the memory of San.
ator Douglas were offered ,by;Mr. Harrl-on, of
awr iwugias were ouerea oy mr. Uatrl-on, or
Ohio county, which were nnanlmously ordered to
be entered upon the J urnal.
CAIRO, June 18.
ware to day delivered to their owners.
who reside In Ballard county, Kinwoky. No.1"'"
n'TlftoBttl South.
From Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, June 17.
The Democrat has advices from Kansas that
a portion of Montgomery's men, under Capt.
Jannison, mounted, and armed with Sharp's
.tfl.. ..J - I L . n. -
riusa auu ic.ui.em, rcaouea Wyandotte
tuunuaj, irum jjawreuos.
Montgomery, with aeveral hundred mnnntad
men, will at onoe take position on the Kansas
siae or tne Missouri river, readv tn mu r.
j acajous iorces wnenever tnev make a mora
mens irom independence towards Kansas.
City militia and volunteer eomOB.il, Aa. nnm
berloff lereral tboaafcod. are read tn m.h
. . U I 1 1 .
tw ue uuruera as soon as oraers are given.
Tbe Reoublloan learns that on Sunda mn.n
ing there were 9,000 State troops at Brookvllle,
uu nuutucr tuouaana at tue opposite landing,
Artillery bave been posted on elevated ground
commanding the River, and several pieces
mounted on low ground opposite.
General Lvon'a exoedltion mat tha nt.nn,..
cmuie ana obtained all the Information possi
ble, after which they would determine whether
r . " oswaiuoi
to prooeea direct to boonvuie bv r vamp dia.m.
bark at Rookoort, ten miles below, and att.nir
aoason irom tne river.
'St. LODIS. Jnna If)
A SDeolal disnatoh from Jeffuraon Cit t iv.
Republican says Gen. Lyon's exnedltlnn lft
mere yesterday, in two steamers, it is supposed
for Boonville.
A gentleman reports Cant Kellv mnnlna-
I..U. .11 J....,k.D..IA J i n
kiMius an urj vu kuu . auiuu ruaa Detween Upton
and Syraouae. imnresslng men into tha ap.ia
of the State, and tbat firing was heard for sev
eral hours in the direction of Boonville.
The telegraph line is out of order wegt of
jenerson uicy. no iniormation of movement
can bo got. .
St. Louis, June 18.
The Demoorat learns from a gentlam.n. in.,
from Lexington, that yesterday evening an ad.
Tauue guaru ui u. . cavatry, under Captain
Pierce, were moving along tbe road, a r mil..
from Independence, when tbey suddenly came
upon a considerable body of State troops sta
tioned on top the bill with cannon, command
ing the road. The cavalry fired upon tbe Slate
troops, wbo returned fire, killing tha F....i
troops. Four secessionists are reported killed,
among whom waa Col. Hollowav. in mmmu
of the troops. There was no pursuit of the
cavalry "
On Friday the State troons
ing as oiue nun. taking a strong no. Ulnn .nrf
exoecting an attack from the Federal troons.
r,nl P.tirtl.l Inmm R. . K,
7 " , " ...n.uira, na. iv pruoeea irom
Macon City last nlttht. taking the H.nnih.l
St. Joseph Road, to Renlok station, thence
across the eountry thirty miles to Boonevllle.
About thirty secessionists attacked a small
number of Federal troops guarding Dardenoe
Creek bridge, on tbe Missouri Railroad, near
St. Charles, and were reoulsed. Two FHri
soldiers are said to be mortally wounded.
a special aiapatcn to tbe Demoorat from
tffersoo City says a citizen of thia ni.na
just arrived in a skiff from six mllea baiow
Boonville, brings news tbat Gen Lvon attack .d
and completely routed the State forces at Boon
ville, killing tbree hundred and takino- ! hnn.
dred prisoners. General Price is said to be mor
tally wouoded. Tbe Federal troops sustained
loss of seventeen.
Owing to tbe olaoe from whenca thla la
derived, full confidence Is not plaoed In it.
Col. Bcsrostein Is oontinually rending scout
log parties Into tbe country surrounding Jeffer
son City.
Uue company has mat arrived. hrlnom i .
large number of kegs of DOwder. taken frnm
one of Gov. Jacksou'e secrat deposits in tbe in
terior. Tbe secessionists In Boona. TTniin.a.
Howard counties are fleelup. and ITnlnn rrm.
Guards were beginning to organize in these
A desperate effort wis made bv tha
to esoaje from tbe penitentiary to day, wblcb
was prevented by four companies of troops. Six
oonvicts were killed and several wounded.
CHICAGO, June 18.
. ,
Tbe Evening Journal says that a oentieman
ith whom we are well aooualnted.
through this city this morning, dlraot from Mo
bile and Memphis He bad ODDortanltlea of
judging of the strength and condition of the
Rebels. He eaiimatea the nnmhar nf Rah.i
troops encamped between Meohantcabwg and
Cairo at thirty two tbouaand, all well armed.
He says tbey have a large number of Dahlgren
"' " w sw.es iua. at mooiie there are
now a nunareo thousand of Belgian muskets
woieu naa not oeen unboxed when he left.
Our informant says tbe Rebel soldiers are
eager to go to Cairo or anywhere else, where
hjcju.u ugui toe reaerai troops, whom thev
thinlr thaw nan ah!. ...ii "
He represents the prospects for wheat and
corn crops in Tennessee, Mississippi and Ala
bama as being in the highest degree flittering
A correspondent at Leavenworth. AnnanpviattD
ar.itin fum I". . .
..v 8 : au,M on rrioay says:
" Yesterday two companies of cavalry, and one
of dragoons were sent to reconoiter toward Inde
pendeuce. Tbey went within two miles and a
half of tbat place, when thev cam a nnm, a hnd.
nf a.n..alnn1.. ..u I
fr a) uuuivenug one or iwo thousand,
Tbe officers of tbe regular force were holding a
parley, when the Rebels fired npon the troops,
wounding one man. Another aoldlar had hi.
shoulder crushed in tbe retreat "
The bxpress arrived from Tnrlnmn,i.
tf r,- ,n . . , ---rv.. a.
tt.unii wij tuu o ciook on rrlday morning.
By it we learn that Capt. Holloway, chief of
tbe Rebel foroes, waa killed bv hla n.n man
accidentally, together witb fourteen others in
the fire on the troops yesterday. It seems that
while the officers of the regolara hnMin.
nadaw mith ,k a.k.l. ..k ...
r-..w, w..u.u..suslB, vbuorBaiiempieotoout.
ntnk tbem, but did not sucoeed. Tbe regulars
akti viak1 1 an-J fpt . a 1 .
svviivu 111 iluuu uruor. toe rfnAi hri siAvaan
pieces of caddoq la the fight and fired a few
roucdi. Bat one shot wai fired by the Federal
trooDi as the? did not fira DrrurAH tn u.
large a body.
a nrnni.m.tinn
oalling on all good oitlzeos to organise into mil.
ltary companies. He says, Missouri having
declared war against the Federal Government,
Kansas is liable to invasion by the Rebels. Ha
says one or two infantry companies will be
sworn into the United States service for tbree
Tbe Second Kansas Repl Riant, tn n.mn
Wyandotte, haa been mnstril in r..i
Johnson's command will be organized as sn in
dependent oompany.
Skirmishing at Conrad's Ferry.
sn extra from Conrad'a Frr.
east side of Montgomery, Md., dated 17th, say.
ing the enemy bave been practicing upon us, to
no purpose, from tbree or four six pounders,
planted on the other side of the river. They
bave fired many rounds at a portion of Colonel
Stone's command, stationed here. The total
force of tbe enemy opposite us Is about 800
strong. Their flre was returned from our rifled
muskets by some twenty picked marksmen,
who, in the course of their firing, brought down
one of the enemy's gunners.
From Frederick, Md.
The .Rhode Island Regiment haa arrived
They leave at noon for Washington. They
seised several secession flags in the oity, caus
ing some excitement.
GRAFTON, VA., June 18.
A man reaohed hero to-day from Riohmond,
after a long and tedious Journey through the in
terior of tbe State, reports tbe general Impress.
Ion along his route, aod olalmed It to be founded
relative Information, tbat large reinforce
ment for the Rebel army would be sent Into
Western Virginia Immediately.
They were pressing all men Into the ranks.
A report was brought here to-day that ex
Congressman Garnett nadsuperoeded,Porterfleld
command of tbe foroes, aod waa then at Hat
toovllle, about sixty miles from here.
It was alto rumored tbat Gen Wise was about
strengthening tbe foroes at tbat point. Truth
will probably be ascertained to morrow
The rumored march on Cumberland, by way
Romney, la ascertained to have been a feint
movement, their destination, being evidently
further west . ( , '
Col. Wallace, with the Eleventh ladlana
Kenlment, is still at Cumberland.
No movement of Federal troops from this
point Is yet Indicated.
ELMIRA, June 18.
), Uft hero to
terday, J ot Harrlsbrtrg. Tho Utloa Regiment
Ma. Six. Ksgiments are now
Steamboat Difficulties.
MADISON, Ind., June 17.
this afternoon sayt
the steamer P was not p. evented from
discharging her oargo at Louisville, but as the
shippers could not, get a guarantee from .the
uuuugucn ua i"e provisions should not gi
South, the Captain re shipped what he had dia
cnargeo ana brought the load back to this
The steamer Masonic Gem, while the wharf,
master waa at dlnna twl.w ii.
- - , m. WM WVHU,
without authority, some 70 casks of bacon, and
left for Louisville. Powell, MoEwsn & Co.
ohartered the steamer Princess, and overhauled
tne uem oeiow tbe oitv and bronchi tha baonn
i - - " -
BOSTON, June 18.
The Fourth Maine Regiment arrived to dar
.. IIT..LI " "
... rvui. lur ff aauiugtou.
It appears tbat Gen. Scheuok waa told Rebel
were at Vienna.
When the train was six miles this alda. ft
was oauea ana cautioned by a man.'
It is considered unfortunate that tha General
did not throw out troons etch alda of tha road
oeiore entering the enemy's country.
1 wo more wounded men were found at a
larra bouse i names nnknowa.
frlvate Mercer, of Com nan v H. died thla
The casualties are estimated at eight killed
auu bovcu wuuogea.
NEW YORK, June 18.
FLOUR II enotail a ihada In,,. -ih .,i.i
Inquiry for export, and nodtrate demand for hom. ran.
suaptloa. 8aia or 17 !n0 bbla at snui nn n. ....
ia State: St 60(314 60 Icit mn at.,., a. na e
dlamazira Wattarn, $i SU5 it for hlpploc brands
.T , auu j avwo oo ior trad omuls
Slarkt.oloiUi( quite Drm, with hold.it of extra But
rauiiui to nn at ten man SI to. Cintda floor qao
ea raintr mora .taadT! ..ia. nf lonn ,.i. ., a.
t ui vl ; " .
, w iu, vuiubiuu .o cooicv oiira.
KTB FL Uft Belling ilowhr at 3 0034 00.
OORIf MSAk i;ontlDH. num.
WI1I8KT Witboot Important ehaoft, aad little do-
iuS, Hic.wvoou. aiioMWivWiWItb only a moder
ate mpply.
WHHAl-Th mark a thtd Unner. with a fair ex
port demand. Sal.t 0I 30,000 bushel Chicago tpriog a
0VcSSI 08.3 810 oatheliNoribrateniolob at il
I IS:MeO0 buihala Baclna Mn.in. .. ai ta,i. ,T.
7S.0U0 batbel Uliwaalttt Olnb at 03(411 10: 1740 ba.lv.
amber Iosa at $1 17SH 18; 8 J00 ba.hals v.ry
oholoetolMr Wlnoonin tt 1 SO; iSSuO baib.li winter
w,.,r.?Jf5FJ 'iO iWObnthils whlLllichi.
gan at 1 31(31 M.
UTB OontikUes Arm, wiih hoc A a.anrt innni...
sale 4,000 ba.bels at 68o. '
BAhLKK bullandbeayyat Jo02c.
COBN pupply limli.d and with a (.If ...
export and boo eor,ami,in mirket I flrmer, uls
?U?..K,U ta'1l, ' 4147 ,or n mld ffr-rni
48l lor round )Un; 40451 for old whit: SOiWe
for yellow Wt.itm.
OAT8-In moder.te rrqaeit at 89S33o for Western
and Canadians 525';to forBtats.
POBK-A llttl mor dolog: raarkat 11111 eontlnnes
bear, and declining; tale of 9,380 bbls. at ail 3i
19 S4 for tneta, and 17 83 for clear; 810 80 for
Biter-Continues doll and nominal at (4 C0B4 59
for punei ti SO fi6 for dm; 810311 for repacud
mat. larra mH Deer qulei and without ebaoae.
" unur o.iiu .inwij Bl IVrflllfO.
CUT MSATb Oontlnu. dull liSSAi ... .1 1.1... .
68X0 for hama " "
BACON-Qu t and ttnohanirtd.
L4UD Itaadv; tale! of ASUbbli. al fiufflat'i,. In.
eludloe extra at a " '
uiisit-Biitug at BX(B13i. for Ohio: o10cfor
But; aod 144b ISe. fornraon Co. and Dtlairar.-
OHEK3K Kojr at217o u lo quality.
COFf k B Ma ket Tar Arm far al I n.u..lnltnn. wtfk .
fair iu.bM dolor nlnofWO bg Bio at Ilil4c; 60
bi Iiiguyraat I3V.80 oauJaTaa 17, Bio. ordina
ry to p mt, 1UH09I4 i Ltruyra at 134n; Java ltk
13; 8t lomluollHll J 8
STOCK-Dull ad lover. At aroond Bxard.OaKna
k CM ao 60X1 IHInoU Otntral erli, ttX;Readlng59 ;
NtS-Xork Central 73 MiU. 8.C8, 81.
BUFFALO, June 18.
In ""demta dsmand aalmareet steady.
WHBAT Kirmap and In annn namann L..
SO 000 ba at 75o for No. 8 Chicago aprlngi 8-2o for ebotc
' oiiatcw) ior aiiwtu.ee club; 6740 for ebole
KenothaelUb. Ol 11 for ml alntar.
OOaN-Flrm; al of 30,000 ba at 30133c, mottly at
M.. V.HM. ukiii.,
O ATS ttead. : aalaa at M ono nn at CO.
nriI87?,?d,00,,lDa,Brk,,,lMd'; ' '
inlKKB BBuJiIfIo-'.ll bbla flour; 30,000 bu wheat
IO.UO0 bo oorn.
UAfl.lj HJSUKIPTH 9nn kkl. n..... annMn ...
nu..i, is mi pa corn; b.vuu Da oata; 4 000 bo barley
Western and City Can! frtigbu are llo on wbeat and
,w va cvru w new zorx.
. ..Ulllj nj.ol.BfU uv; itooy ao.aJ 7 w
w WHBAVW)ulit aalit WuObtuhtUi re4l.!r01.83j
COBN Halaa 4000 bnihal. aillk ll.kl uul.... ...
" - ' na u,u. am,,M .
C0PPES rail ; Rlii 13c on time.
Cincinnati Market.
Waa aoueht for nnl. to ma. t a. mail .....i..
M.I. ai. .u T . . . . . B
- u cmuipi an, rsooripa in nricaa. duk tha na..
ket It Terr wsat.aa laitanotad.
WHEAT Wat yery dull, and buyers wsrs relnotact
auoui tuinoi oTtr wo ior prim red.
r. urn oi u nrm oi Bnlly at gta.1. miller In
Hamilton, Ohio, exblblMd, on 'change, uiecimcn of
w.i mmu .Dflaj OI Ul. nmiia in. armw Arm a.n
alo simple of barley, (boslnr ths war In whi , b tii.aa
d.itroj.r do thtlr work. From many of th stock of
nri.j vu. neaa wm cm einn, and fra aiot of them
the blade w r stripped. Tbey are found scattered n
dlffertntaactton of tb countrr. and In tha ava.Mh.
ar dolog a vast deal of harm to grain of all kind aad to
COBN ii .till hald at Sftn ' knt arm ... ..ii ... ik..
freely to tnolUllrs.
OATS Ar steady tt 85.
BABLIY AND RYS irannll ann na.W.4 B.Ik
thea grain, now growing, will b in th banda of the
rwptr In a few day.
WHISKY Haa aronnail talOWn km l. .. ,k.
deolln, Cin. Com.
Cleveland Market.
June 17, 1861.
double extra from whit wheat, at 96,00.
WBI AT-Steady, with talea of 4 oar red at 1.H on
track; ltUObuab from (tor at i,0S, aad 1 car whit at
CORN Dull and lower, l-nt not onnt.hl. . Tha a,.
ket for blpmant would not b ovr at)4SM.
uai b uau ana lowtr. Ret offer 8xo.
HIOaWlNBS 8l,iofSO0 barrel and 150 do at 14c.
BOas-Sal in small lot at 6xo.
HAMS. Ate Bala of OOUr. Cr-tl TT.m. a.A Ihn.l.
at and Bu. , ,
ltOOO yards BaoerPU'.a Black Bilks at jl OO Talus
I SB par yard.
8i500 yards Travlu. Dress and Uantl Ooodt at
i leeants valu 80 oents per yard.
3,000 yards White Brilliant at 19 1-3 cents-
valu fO cent perj arl.
8t0C0 yard Tin aad Oomeatia Glnebams grattly sn-
, , . '' -ALSO: '
LA WIS, 0UI03X8, roriiHs,
Now and SWilonaUe) Sroasi Ooodo
ths most deairabl styl and at very lontrs pries. '
Of alt matwials, mad tn th most stylbh roannar after
latttt Paris Fatbloot-ths most slegant styles la
elty. .
may 30 " ." H0. 89 8"Blh Hhjh stmt.
CLOAK CLOTHS, alas, other maka uf anrin.
oak Cloth. In all dealnblS mlxmraa ainA t..
lt and Button to ma ton. BatM fc SON.
Margaret D. Phlllipt' Eitate. '
NFJ" """jBlrOIVtlt THAT
th and.nl.ncd haa haa. ..i. i, . ,v.
Prthtt. Ooiirt of f raollln ouun-y, Ohio, admlnUtratiU
nlnmt? tUfittP. rhllupa,laioaaid.souatr,
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
"'"""a aaemcoviBi Tlie World.
It a aQlantlfla and
vegetable Com pound,
Lrocuml by th dl.til
tlon of Boot. Herb
and Barka, Tallow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Baraan. rilla. Wild
Oberry Bark and Dan- i?J(
WIWM .aw 111 w lis ,
Before Taking." actu remsdialAftcr Taking.
prlnelpl of each Inrredlent ta thoroughly extracted by
my new method of dUUlllnf. prodoctn;,a delicl'Ui. oi-
nuerating apirit, ana tne mou ihvallihlsi remedy for
renoratlns the diseased syttem, and restoring Jie tick.
rafferlnf and dobllluted INVALID to BBALTII and
Will effectually ear
Chronk) or Nerrona Debility, Dlsaaae of th Sidneys
and all diaewe riinf from a disordered Liver or Htoo
ach, Dytpevila. Heartburn. Inward Pile. Acidity or Biok-
neat of tbBtomach, Fullnen of Blood to the Ilea J, Dull
pain or (wunmlni In th bead, falb.tatlon or the Heart
fullnen or Weight in th Btomach. Bour ructatlont
Ohoklnk or auffooatlnK feallna when lyln down . Drvnen
or xeuownetaor ui Btln and eye, mint sweat, In
ward Ferera, Pain In th amall of u back, ebeit or ilde.
Budden Fluaha of Ileal, Depreaalon of Spirit, Frightful
Dream, Lanruor, Petpondency or any Nerrou Diaeat
vreama, Lnruor, vetpondency or any He
Bore or Blotcbea on
tn Skin, and Faver and Auu (or
Ohlllaand Frr.)
Over at million ol afottles
Bave been sold durini the lut tlx months and Inns In-
tanc baa It failed In tiring entire ntiifwtion Who,
men. win innrrirom weakoew or uewiitr wnen MC
No laniruaire can eonrey an adeuoai idea of Ui Imm
dial and almoat mlraenlon ehanae produced by ukloi
tula cordial In tb diseased, debilitated and tbattered
ntrroui tvaUm, whether broken down byexc, weak by
nature, or Impaired by (tcknes. th relaxed and unttruny
oigaouauon u reswrwa to iu prutine neaimaoa v'fror.
Or others eonsdoaa of Inability, from whatever caoje.
will find UcLean a Btrenatbenlng Cordial a thorough
regenerator of the ayitem; and all who may have Iniurad
themHlre by Improper Ind. Urenre, will find In the Cop
dial a certain and pecdy remedy.
To the Ladles.
McLean's Strengthening Cardial
It a sovereign and speedy cure for
Obstructed or DlrBcnlt Manttmation, incontinence ol
Urine or Inyolnntan Dlicharire thereof, Vailing of the
Womb, Gtddlnese, Fainting etid all Dlteaac lncldntt
There la as Mistake About It.
8u(Ter no lonrer. Take it aerordina to Directions. It
III stimulate. irn(thn and inriaorat yon and cant
lb bloom or nealtn to mount your cneek again.
very bottle ia warranted togiva wuniactloa.
If your children ar sickly, oudt. or afflicted. McLean Y
Cordial will mak them healthy, fat and robust. Dcla
f-t a moment, try It, and yon will lis convinced.
OaCTioN. Beware of Dranlit or Dealer who mti
try to palm upon you torn bitter or Baraaparilia trait,
which they ean bay cheap, byaaylni itUJuitaa good.
Avoid tuch men. Aak for alcLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else It is th only remedy that
ill purify the blood tborouahlv and at the urns time
trengthen th ayatem.
One tabletpoonfnl taken every morning fatting. Is a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and Fever, Yellow
rerer, or any prevalent dlteaac. Ills put uv In larmt
Price only tl per bottle, or 6 bottles for 5.
4. a. MCLEAfl,
Bole Proprietor of thi Cordial,
Also McLean1 Volcanic Oil -.Inlment,
Priiiclpal Depot on the corner of Third and Pine street.
St. Loula, Ho.
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment,
the best Liniment in the World. Th only afe and
certain care for Gin cert. Pile. Bwellinir and Bron-
ohltii, or Ooltre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weaknen of tht
aiutciea, uuronte or innammatory ttneumatitm, stis
neat of th Joints, contracted Muaolei or blgainenui.
aracbe or Toothach. Bruise. Bpniins, Wounds, Freto
Outs, Ulcer, Pever floret. Caked Brauta Bore Nipple,
Hums, Bcaioa, Bora i noat, or any tnnunmation or r atn,
nodiffereno how aevere, or ho loog the dlsaavncay
bat uittea. moLean a ueieurated LiLiiaeni ia a oer
tain rsmeov.
Thoutanda of human being Lav been tavel a life ct
oecrepltude and muery by the as of thu inraloalie mod
Will relieve pain almost Initantaneoutiy, and It wll
cleanse, purify and heal the foulest sores in an Inoredl
lywori lime.
' For Horses and Otbor Animal.
UcLean a celebrated Liniment Is the only safe and re
liable remedy for the ear of Bparln, Ring Bone. Wind
galls, Bplinta, Unnatural Bump, Node or dwelling Ii
will never fall to sure Big Head, Poll Evil, Vistula, Old
running Boroa or Bweeny, If properly applied. For
Sprains, Brnuwa, Scratches, Bore or Wuunda, Cracked
Heel, Chafes, Baddl or Collar Oalit it I an Infallible
remedy. Apply it aa directed, and a cur I certain It
every Isitanc.
Then trifle no longer with th many worthies Lini
ment offered to yon. Obtain a tuppli of Dr. McLean's
celebrated Liniment. It will car yon.
J. II. IflcXE AN . Bole Proprietor.
Corner of Third and Pine Street, St. Louis, Wo.
For sale by all druggist.
For tale by B0BIBTS A SAMUEL,
augSe-dAwlx Colombo, chic.
Town Street,
th Union and th Sunn South. I hava ennrjimhid
Nil OUt
Th stock eonaists of th largest lot or
in th city of Oolnmbnat -
sojt pnnsH CAMBRICS,
and all kinds of
best HOOP SKIKTs In Columbus, and at th
feteeaf priet.
VTbOlssale) at aid Batstil.
Then, lad lea. all, bilh gnat and mall,
Coma, give m a call.
And tban you'll Bud A. M. K. Btorkib
In all hla Glory.
a. M. K. BTORBIE, Agent,
Remember th War I No. 6i Town e.reet,
aprllsd3m Columbua, Ohio.
and examine our new mak of
anafaetniwd by I. HOWARD A CO . Boston. Mass.
iuvh n arena, ar. ntr tu pet tor to anything ever oBered
to pablle, herttofor. Having th eicluatv agency,
can tall thm at price to ault tha timu. r h... i,,.i
rsotlved a targ stock of ,
tsanufaatarsd by APPLETON, TKACY, A CO ; also, a
iMBasortmastof - i
' to 9aU aad Silver 0, at Panic prion.
Jan99 W.J. SAT AOS. '
grt bargain
us a antt
Na.Ttt loath High strat.
. 0
An experienced Hnn and female Physician, presents
to the attention of mothers, her
which greatl faaiiitatM th. .mm. ..v,in. i.. .r. .
ening lhe gumi, reduclnr all Inflammation wil 1 alUif
all, FAIM andtpaimodie action, and Is
Depend npon 1L molhani. it iu .i.. ...
and ' ' b". ...
We bare oat dd svnri bvm this
"i""'", IN OONVIDEMCB AND TBCTufof it)
Z 1 TehTSneTer ben bl say of any other medl
ANCB, TO F.PFK0T A CUBB, when ttmV,; sled.'i,".
er did kau an lnatsnrw nf rfiati.f a
. - aaiBIB) .ISIOS1 vsaf IS WJ WUIW CjuSI
wbo UKd it. On th oontrary. all amdaii.huri .i,h i.
operation, and ipeak in tsrma of sommendatioo of Its
magical eflectt and medical virtue, w apeak in thla
matt., . WHAT WD Do KNOW;" after ten ywri' exp"
FDLILLUENT uP WHAT VI mini mni .i,. ,"
almotl every IntUnc where the Infant 1 ufforlng from
pain and ihamtlon. relief will ba found In fllieen r
("euty minute after theeyrup I admin i.tered.
Thi valuable preparation 1 the pracrlptiou of one of
the moat EXPEklKNCICDand .KiYi vrTi. aim..1;.
Itnotonlv rellevea tha ahild rmm ..i. i.i...
atea the atomacb and bowela, oorrecta acidity, and give
tone and energy to the whole avitem. It win .imn.t i.,i
ttantly relieve' '
0R.p.na is na bowbis, avo wind couo
and overoome convulsions, wnloh, if not speedily rem
died, end In death We believe it the BBsT and HTln
52lil;a"OY IN T,,E WORLD. ' allcaee. ofoVi
ENTEBY and DIARKIirBA in rnn nmiu JJl.,'.
I . ,. vaaaaiwiitjiu. W LtV kj. CJ
II ariaea from teethinr. or from an. h.. ... ....
would tay to every moiherwho but cbild suffering from
Lth '"egolr g complaint. DO NOT LET '0iK
PRfcJUDICES NOtt TUB PllKJL'DI.iEane .., uvifl
land between yon and your (uUering child, and the re
lief that will be BUttE e. ABBOLDTKLY 9l?HB-to
follow the uae of thia medicine, if timely aaed Full di
rection for mine Will acoomnan. avh hnltln M .
genuine unlctatho fac tlmll of tUBlISfc PEBKINK.
New York, I on th outline wrapper.
eviu u an uroggiiu inrougnout tne world.
Prl Clpal Office. 13 Cedar RtraatM.V.
HI Is precisely wnat its name Indicates for, while
plraunt to the ta.te, it la revivifying, exhllar.i.
Ilntf ItlVl.tnll... anj .(M...1. - ...
.... ......... auu H.Uf.UCUlUE . n VI'.
nn.,,1. anil .1 ,k. aum. tl. . .. . . . - .,
i - i.-iTiur. ,cin
Kkates, and renew, the Blood in all It. purity .
pv.thu at nce rtttortt andmdert th nitem in
ivulnsrabls to aU ,cki ofdlMit. It i. ih.
!, uiuaratio ever uns'd to tn. world, aocheaii-
ni"' anu .iiiiuiiy coootne.- to la U e mou
p w.nui iodi i. na at ine tame time ao nrf,-iu
ujauwctj w u u w., ,u j.r aco irn.nc. wlln tbe
awa ni nam e. ana nenre will moth ih tr,,l-.ct
Mtomach end toi.e up the ditauve oi.au, aud
mm anayaii nervou ou otner Irritation It 1
per ecuy rznuarating.ano at tbe e-imBilm.lt t,
jcompoaed tlrely of vegetable, yet ao Combined
ita w proauceine monui rou.n tonic effect, nlth
lout pr -ducing any iDjurloua conaequeucea Such
a remedy baa long been felt to ba a de.ld-r.tnm l
oe menicai wono, 101 uneeu no mediral sa 111 tol
e thatdebti'tyfuiluweali attackaof diaeue. aid
proieeda and lorteed lata the -Vi-em ouen tn ih.
iueldioua atiacka of mauy of the moat fatal, ancb
Nervoua lrrllaoility. neuralgia I'alpliatlonol 'lie'
lieart, ueiancnoiy.nigntaweata Languor, Qildi
oeaa, Betention of, aa well at Painiui obatructed
too nrofute. or too tctnl Menatruatlon. and fail.
Iua of th Womb. Tbeie all deD d Unon wer.nr.l
.debility Thla pure, healthy, tonlo Cordial and1
dlood Renovator ii a aura to cure aa tha ion to
ria ,d act. There it no miatake about it. Hut
ha ia not all. If the neiem ia weakened, wa are
.pen to bilious atuiuke. the liver bei omea torpid .M
t woraa diieuaed. the kidney refuae to peiiorni'n
their function, and we are troubled with icaldiua
Hi.uw muuiiiiiiuuB u, urine, or involuntary d.a
jehartte of the aame, pain io the back, tide and be. IS
tween the ahouldcra, exceedintly liable to allahi'Li
col.ia. cougha, and if unchecked, soon ss.Miatiinlv
'ollowa. and the patient goes down to a prem.ture' .
rf) urave. But pai.-e will not allow u to enumerate'ri
stiitbe many ill. to which wa are liable In a weakened V
condition of the ayatem. Hut we will eay, (n thla
, Cordial aod Blood Renovator you have a penovt.!
aaie, pleasant and effectual remedy for lost ,f M
OlAupetite. nlliouaneat, Flatulence weak and ilckl'
Itomb. Languor, Liver Complaint Chilla andj
iPrVtr, or any Billons attack, timiin.... i.unJ
if tbe Stnm.ch, Nervouaneaa, Neuralgia, Palpita-L
lion of the Heart, re aalon of Bpirit. Borea. M
flmplea on the Fac' or anv dlataae ariaini fr.,m Al
impure bloaa, tnch u Scrofula. Eryaipelaa. Droit ,
hitla, Couith, difficulty of rJreathli.ir. ann all th.l .
nclata of diaeaiea called feu-alo weaknesa. and H
eoumerated above. We will aiao aa the traveler U
leaposed to epidemics change of climate and wat-,
er, will Bnd ita pleawnt. aale and aure remedy, Ui
and none ahould ever travel without. Kewler.l .
,rv(t f... ...... .nH ..H .in . . V-1
indeed, a well u a friend In need, allpertomof
lu.uiary uao.ia win unu ita penect preventive of
u wen a, cure ior loose aumenta to wbicb tbey an-
Ki.ivu,ari extiosea. tience miDiaters.tudHni..Mi
Uirneya, II eraty g.ntlemen.and ladiea wbn are nt
accuatonied to much outdoor exeici... a,,n Ann ,
o their advantace to keeu a bottle eon. rami.
uauu, ami, aoore an, momera. or tnoaa htmm n,
uw, w, Ru .iitvuku uiai most oaogerona perlo,
uot only wth all their accustomed atn.nih. h.
0afe and free from the Ihouaand allmenta ao prev
alentaoong the female portion of the world. Ii
short, tt ta indeed a mother'e cordial. Try It, olr
(and oung; no longer run the rltkof delav; ItwiH
rHeveandprov,ltlf emphatically a Bcttora
(fee Cordial and Blood litnovator.
mO. I. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broadway, Ken
"i York, and 114 Marke t Street, 8t Loula, Mo., an
.old by ROBsUTB At SAMUEL, Columbua, Ohio
ll.ina an good uruggltu. frloe On Doll,
I oer Bottle.
march -d a weowly
and "EHMAItlNT CURE of th
distressing complaint nte
UadebyO. B. glYMOTJB CO , 107 Naaaan Bt., N.
Price ai per box; sent free by post.
deaigni. at St. 00 per 1.000. ,
hall the price charged by (mail dealer.
lEpnE AD QUARTERS-No. 75 South Hleh street.
Oolumbua, toayB, Icol. J.Il. BILKy.
Manufactnrers sf sail Kinds of Por
table astd Mtatiffnary Htetara Ctt
sriatos saw saiiia. t.rlat Xfiiiis,
- eVc.t sto
IAKXS BO VLSI BtauJ 8. at . BLAHD 7 B tol ml
00. Bsafntlllt
Our Portable Begins aad Saw Kill
Wu awarded Use am premium of tV at tb Indiana
Stat fair for 160 over Laos A Bodleys oa acoonctot
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of iiiel
and sapertor character of lumber sawed.
Onr Stationary Engln waa awarded at tb aama jtala
th firat premium of 900.
SlOOat the falra- alemphl. Tan..rr Bland. 'a tw.
vall'e, Co'iamba Uanhin Co., and fcnvfTord it Oo-au.
by a committee of practical Railroad oglaetn,
for price and tenna addre
. . WILLARO WAKSIB, Trsaanrer.
deoSdkwljNjota. Newark, Ohia.
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