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TmmabAy mosmno.iune so, issi.'
1 V'
SrX i! W! CPny place, a. daily
from the i7 " Tpr7 west papers
'!'' on. f -v
J ? American J Express- Company hat
thanks for Its daily favor In the shape of
u)Bi eastern papers.
A Delightful Retbbat.-Id, company with
o..0iine.o.rtf and our mutual friend
Mr. Jahn, of this city, we Daid a vi.it.
, day afternoon, to the Vtlk$ Qntjat People's
- - Garrlan. Want k. M. r .
. ' 7'' oocfiebt, on the
ChUloootho Road, about one mil, Iouthof the
atlta TL 1 ? m . .
u.ia one pi tne most pleaeeii. and do
Ughtfnl retreats in the oonntry and easy of ab
oess. Mr. Sodffzrt is a hospitable, accommo
dating and courteous gentleman.
TIL- w T i
..iuu reopie's Uarden consists . of thirteen
ores, and Is laid ont with taste and skill-
mere are delightful arbors, mounds, walks and
shady retreats on the grounds, which render it
rural resort, not exoelled by the most cele-
oratea fashionable watering places. From the
western slope of the garden the Tiew of the
acioto and the country beyond is enchanting.
Mr. SoorrtiT Is prepared to gratify not only
he ideality of his visitors, but their gustatory
p 'W; e recommend to our cltl
sens and strangers who'need a little relaxation
and rustication, to take a ride or a walk to the
People's Garden. - -
Shiwiints of Military Goons and Aims.
. The Cleveland Leader of yesterday morning
' ' "' ' ' "
.. Large quantities of military goods and arms
have paeaed through from the East for points
West and South within the last few days' On
Moda bont twenty-eight tons went over the
C. C. fe C. and C. & T. Roads, destined to Cin
cinnall.Bl. Looie", and points in Illinois, Indi
- ana, and other Western States. Yesterday
' flIteen ton ot "" passed over the C. &
T. Road, destined to St. Lnnln. tn haiuurf i
,UB ,u rrawm troops in missoun, A Iaree
, v . 1I1 prooaoiy eigni tons,
. also went through to Cincinnati yesterday.
V 5 , .I 5 ;
....Oam JacKson.VThere are thirty-one fcom
. panics now in Camp Jackson. The Twentv-
third and Twenty-fourth Regiments are full.
The Jwenty.fifth .Wfivs and the Twenty-sixth
It is rumored that the name of the camn will
be changed, and that Gen. Roiicbans will call it
vauip ivoase.
DaiTancrioN or Liquor at Camf Dinnisom.
"j; The following is from the Cincinnati Press of
yesterday morning:
The disturbances At f.Amn Danrtlsnn am..
stoned by the too frequent use of ardent spirits,
at last attracted the attention of the officers at
7t..PUce yesterday a squad of men was
. Z ' . r, aetlt0J a ti liquor In the vicinity,
both In and out or the camp. About five hun
dred kegs of beer and a tbouiand bottles of ale
, were emptied on the ground:
. , ' Arc Honrs CoVriuBiNo of Was? The Cin
cinnati Oattlte sayB that on Tuesday, the river
police discovered on board one of the Southern
bound boats, a chest that looked somewhat sus
picious. They started in pursuit of the owner
thereof, anl finding him, demanded an Investi
gation of the contents. On opening the box, the
vognerrles lound a quantity of hoop skirt
frames. Concluding tfiat these were not con
traband, they permitted the package to go on
H(Jts way rejoicing.
Movimint of Troops The Twentieth Ohio
Regiment on Sunday moved from Zinesville to
Bellsir, and are guarding the road between that
point and Grafton. The Seventeenth Regiment
moved to Lancaster to take the place made va-
oant by the Twentieth, but on Monday the Sev
' enteenth and Nineteenth both moved to Bell
t ' air, and are new undoubtedly la Virginia.
The third company of uniformed men from
; Chlllloothe, Capt. Raymond Allbton'i Fuller-
ton Guards, has taken up 111 quarters at damp
Jackson.' This company consists of 103 men,
uniformed and equipped with Sharpe's rifles, at
their own expense. They have already ex
I pended $4,000, and have a contingent fund yet
; left. ' "
' H i I l
BTThe State Fencibles, Capt. Mitchell C.
LiixtT's Company, of this city, are' ordered to
. laave.and will leave this morning at fire o'clock,
fjr Marrietta. They belong to what is called
the Reserve State Milit la.
O Five thousand stand of arms have arriv
ed n Cincinnati from the East, for distribution
; to the Union men of Kentuoky, under the di
rection of General . McClillan, Colonel An
diison and Lieutenant Nelson.
HT The order discharging the three months'
volunteers on furlough, was on Tuesday coun
termanded by General MoClellan, who ordered
U three months' troops to be returned to ser
vice and Immediately put In readiness to be
moved to Virginia for active service : . .
We received last evening,' from our friend
, Wm. Eelsiy, Eeq., of this city, large cluster
of luscious strawberries: We congratulate onr
friend, upon his success In raising such fine
ind delicious fruit.' , ' "":
ETThe ladles of the Bigelow M. E.Chnrch
.will hold an Aid Society In the lecture room of
their church, this evening, at which there will
be an abundance of Strawberries, Ice-cream and
other good things.' ' r ' 11 ; ' ' " .
, . - ". . - - ; '
The Cleveland, -Columbus and Cincinnati
Railroad has declare, ssml-annual dividend
of five per oent. payable' on the first of An
fast. ' ' ""' ' ;...'.;;, :
The Portsmouth, Dblo", 6as Cgmpanj furnish
gas to all military companies at their'drill
rooms, tree of charge".
CO" Two Regiment of Indlana'f olunieen left
auuiiuapuiiB ymvcTUBJ UUUU, DO IU 1. OL
allradr)orthe East.':.;.iV "uo u ' J -.
' D fibw,,Pi4Tr has been appointed on Gener
al Schxhck's staff.. He has resigned the cap-
" nis company and gone to Washington.
ttTCapt. BMHM'oomp,ny from ZaneavlUe,
"Ta t utmp Jackaod on Tuesday. .
.pWiFJ"f! hadreeelv-
, , wkiiivum aegineats u con-
v traaiotea. "' "'"" j v iax
en 'I .! 1 . - ")
i-r n. CT The head-qnsrters of'ibe Department of
tne west bare been removed from St. Louis
to Fort Leavenworth. ,' .
f. O Eighty-six hones were shipped on Mon
day night from Cincinnati for Marietta, destln
J d an a . it Ji )
cd for Grafton.
' ST The eomnSniea beiono-W in' tna Th Ud
. 1 II! ) ' ' r- -."i "Td"--
Kfgijneni, Col. Masaow's, have all been mus-
, f tercd Into iLi U. S. service. , ; i
imu uaiAT HioiiT-It li admitted fry all
physlolans that the grand secret of health and
long life lies la keeping the blood and various
fluids of the body la a high degree of fluidity.
When you eel continued pain In (he head1 or
ooweis, or any continued uneasiness la any ir
gan or other parts of the body, you can prevent
serious sickness by taking Bsanok th's Pills.
Bleeding may give momentary ease, because
the blood left will have more room. But as the
body is made from the blood and sustained by
the blood, to watte our blood is to waste onr
lire, and ruin our constitution. Butfirandreth'i
Pilll relieve the circulation as readily as bleed
tog, by only taking away what it can well snare,
and THiY niTia host.
Mrs. Hooper of Barnstable, Mass. was onrcd
of Bt. Vitus' Dance. General Debility, coorneca
oi oiooa, and costivensss of many years stand'
.. . -
ing, oy urandretb'S Pills. The oase at length
is puousnea in tne pamphlets . Sold by Joh R,
iOOK, lolumbui, O., and by all reaneotabla
ueaiers in medicines
Gcmnsit's Balm Ought to be in ererv fam
Hyln every olty, town, hamlet, and sohool dis
trict In the country. If Its real value was nn.
derstood.lt would not be ten days before every
e.t1 U. . .
lauiiij wuum pofldess u
LOCAL MATTERS. Rail Road Time Table.
tiTru Miami It OoiaMsuaft Xwu B. B.
OlaolanaU Aooommodatlon. 8M?JU'. 9:10 Sf.
KVnfWSMi... 11'iA A M .il .
Z. irS" w"oaaon.. 9:10 P. M. - 8 00 P. M.
a-.ii - . r iimv n au illlW c . ih.
miamgoi. 9:JA. H.
Jxo. V7. Dobtt, Agent.
Nlffht llDIMl...... -AA A W .1.1. n mr
i"k fP 11: 10 A. Jtf .' 10:50 A. M .'
Q. O.StO. WajrCzprtM.... 3:M g. tf. 7:50 P.M.
Jura Pattxkiok, Agent.
Odvtkal Obio B. B. t '
No.aixprait..... 3:30 A. M. 11:S A. M.
Mo. S do 8: IS P.M. li-Ai a m
W. J. f ill, Aent.
PimioRaH, Oolvmici k Ciucwkati B. R.
MallTralB.. 3S0A.M. II:S5A.M.
xpraaaTraln 11;8A.M. 8: P. M
, Joa. BosiifaoK, Agent.
OoLDMina Sc ImiARoroui, B. B. '
lUOLOKIUS riUA Indiana B. B.)
i Aiprcn s:an A. M. 9:00 P. M
No. 8
iM P. M. 8:43 P. M.
, . 10:80 A. M.
I 0. W. Imitm, Agent.
o.1 t" ?,w Tort 01t'' BoatoB, Albany, Buffalo,
Ntwark, Oranjlllo, WMhlngton Olty, BalUmon, Phil.
d. phi, nd NewOrUana, elof dally (Sundays iaoept
a) ate oolook p. m. r
A through mall for New Tork and Olrrelanl cloiM
dally (Sunday, azopted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
." 9: fcP ,B H w "'I "a" (Sundays
oepted) at 8 o'clock p. m
..w"'.1 !o Wv M" cloewedallj (Sundays axctpttd)
at 10 o clock a. m.
lSo"eii a?I,WUI0,,, aII'8un4V,P'l)
Chicago, bubuque, Uwre, Marlon anl Worthlns
ton Alalia eloaas dally (ganuaya excepted) at 8 o'clook
P m
.ullr ?.rXen',!' Bprtn?1'!"!. Dayton, Toledo, Cincin
nati, IndUnapolli, LouIiTilU, fit. Louli, and Detroit,
elowa dally (Bundaya axoepUd) at 8 o'clock p. m.
A through mall to Xenla, Springfield and Cincinnati
elowa dally (Bundaya excepted) at 1 0 o'clock a.m.
Urbana, Piqua, Tiffin and Union City mail elowa dally
(Bundaya excepted) at 8 o'clock p.m.
Lancaater, togan, NeltonTllle, Olrclayille. Chllllcothe,
Porttmouth, Washington 0. H., Athana, Marietta and
Hlllborouh nulla close dally (Bundaya excepted) at 8
oolockp. m. .
aJZ)', Ktil by Ki!4nl to Saneevllle eloaea
dally (Bundaya excepted) at 18 o'clock m. . ,
Harrlaburgh Malloloaea dally (eundaya excepted) at 8
o oiock p. n. ..;. (
.i "1 J?fn?2 M!"' Weatorrllle and Suabury,
clojef daily (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'olook p. m.
Dublin Mall eloaea dall;(8iulaya excepted)! 8 o'oloek
p. m.
Laneaiter Way Mall clotei dally (Sunday s excepted) at
o'clock p. m. . , , ,7,
AM.", V?.?lJ'eZ'!J?!0ttm Pblladelphla, Buffalo,
Alb.PltUburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla
Detroit, Springfield, Cincinnati, Ohlllleothe, Bt. Loula!
and all Southern oitlea, arrive between the hour of 9
o'clook p. m. and 4 o'clock a. m.
Maila from Indianapolis, Chicago and Dubuque arrive
saw 91W s Be a
Alalia from Waahlngtoa Olty, Baltimore, Wheeling,
Zanearllle, Newark, BteubenTllle, Mt. Vernon, and the
v oiui, unn at jx o ciock m.l ,
Way Mail from Cincinnati arrirei at 3 o'clock p. m
lancaater Mall arrives at 9 o'oloek p . m .
uu nt tt Wattonal Boad arrives at II
-civck m.
Mt. Vemon Way MaUarriyaaatll:00a. m.
Mall from Dublin arrlvea at 19 o'clock m.
Urbana Way Mall arrivea at 9 o'clock p.m.
Harrbbargh Mall arrirea at 11 o'clocka. m.
Lancaater Way Mail arrWee at 13 vim-i m I '
Office delivery open every day (except Sunday) from
i o ciocx a. m. to t o'clock p. m. Open on Bundays
from ?x to 9 o'clock in the morning, and from S to 8
Dispatches from Washington.
The War Department has accented threa ad.
ditional Regiments from Iowa, making six,
including one of cavalry.
It is stated on undoubted authority, that
Senator Wigfall visited this city in the disguise
oi a came arover, ana, nicer making a thorough
recoonolssance, returned to Manassas Junction.
The War Department has accepted, for three
years or the war, a Chicago Battalion, raised
by Capt. J W. Wilson, eonalsting of 212 men,
rank and file, called the Illinois Brigade of
Breastwork and Fortification Fosilleers.
'Joe names ot the killed at Vienna, are: 1
Company Q. John Barnes, of Wavarlv. Ohio.
Daniel Sullivan fhilin Strode. Thrw. Flntnn.
Jos. Smith and Ensign Burk: Com nan v H.
Mercer and Geo. Morrison.
The wounded are Holmer. Cnmninr O. U.
tally; David Gates, Company G, hand shot off;
Len man, Company G, badly j Henry Pigman,
badly, . ,. , . , . . , ,
Rebel guns and San are distinctly vlaihl at
Aquia Creek. A large number of tents are
disoernable. ' It is certain that a strong foroe is
gathered there, which is to be reinforced, from
ume to umo, uom ine Maryland shore.
[World's Dispatch.]
Information has reached ham at a lata
to-night that four regiments are advancing to
wards Fairfax Court House. It is said the reb
els have evacuated .the village, retreating to
Officials aoross the river credit ronorta eihlnh
reached them this morning that a large number
ot Rebel troops bad retreated from Manassas
Junction, in the direction of Aqnla Creek. This
is nndoubtsdly true. ..' f I .
Beauregard anticipates that It it the design
of the Federal forces to move on Riobmond
from several different points, and that the Poto
mac River, by Aquia Creek, is one of them.
TblS movement Will no doubt ba annnnrtarl h
re inforcements from the Harper's .Ferry col
umn A gentleman has received Information from
Richmond, that the troops tbere are drilling in
the bayonet exercise, most of the time prefer
ring to adopt that mode of warfare after making
r oharge. , He further states that the
Rebel troops will ultimately fail back on Rich
mond tor the defense of that olty.
It is untrue that no previous reconnoiseance
had been made where the fight took place, at
Vienna. The same train had not only proceed
ed some three or fonr milaa havnlad th
of the conflict, some days before, but onr scouts
uau oeen over tne very ground on whloh the
battery wss erected, i.
The battery consisted of 6-pounders, whtch
fired Seven rounds, the first belnff mnatriMtrnn-
tive, scattering round shot and grape into the
passenger and platform cars, whloh contained
lour companies oi the First Ohio Regiment.
The battery was on a hill almost perpendicu
larly over the track, and it wonld have been
folly to attempt to take it. i The troops were,
therefore, foroed to make a hasty retreat,
flj.w orePrt the battery was manned by
BOOth Carolinian. J...tl... - !..!.- '
1 mo ?re, of Rtblt wtlmated at about
[Herald's Dispatch.]
before 7 vSk. linP ommenoed shortiy
fT. ffnlP"'?- Tlte hoar toooants
r.ssssB7 ? doubt.
--71 r -a mug reaerai foroe near. 1
. a,n.,8chsnck, ,irith iword drwnidly
tbraw himself between the batteries and
men, giving bis orders In a oool and deliberate
manner, and telling tne boys that Ohio cxpeot-
4 .my, hi uu tueir amy.
If .am Spain had m.AvmnnmA inn r.iL..
- .MlV1 IV. ;iuo i ui .ucr,
Jon of life would hare been terrible, end
(be entire expedition medo prisoner! br the
AnaiiM f
VVtcu the Second Ohio Realment raoIal
marohlng orders this morning, every inmate of
me uwfiiai icit tne sici-DSd and loined tne
ranks. ,
The encampment at Falls Churoh was imme-
aiateiy placed In telegrapblo communication
with head quarters.
Movements on both sides indioate that the
soeneor active operations is to be shifted to
mis vicinity.
[Special to Tribune.]
troops, under Ben
MoCullough, have Invaded Missouri.
The President havine sent Gov. Letcher a
pardon for a convict who bad been sentenced
tor robblnc the mail. Letcher answered that
ins rresident's powers were not recognised by
' irgiuiB).
A vessel was ordered from the New Yard to.
day to attend to the battery erected on White
Vienna has been ooouoied bv 4.000 Federal
at is Denevea mat an aavanna m ill
rainaz uonri nonaa to-morrow, inn Mimuu
Junotlon before many days.
The forces of Geo. Johnson and Cadwallader,
it Is believed, are likely to meet at some point
KTa.i. . - e it n
iiuriuwwivoi narper's rerry. ,',
[Special to the Post.]
It is indeed bv soma cautlnna nnranna hapa
that Beauregard, la withdrawing his advance,
aims so eaten uen. niouowell'a column In am
Dueoade. He will hardly succeed, after the
warning at Vienna.
The neonle of Vienna sav the South Caroli
nians lose six men killed by the return fire of
toe unioans.
Good tidinss are reoelved from Kentnnk In
relation to the Congressional elections of to
morrow, i ne union men expect to triumch.
[Special to Commercial.]
There Is no doubt that the RaImIa rt.
ing batteries at Important points on the Poto
mac, ineybope to control the navigation of
k. .lu. . .. J , 1 1 r.. J -
uor,Buu A.pei toeceaerai vessels from Its
waters, closing up the connection with the
North, except by Annapolis.
Persons arrived from Richmond state that the
Rebels are making gigantio preparations for the
defense of Richmond. It seems as though the
first great stand wonld be made at that place.
Masked batteries are placed at advantageous
nti'n Lhe olt7 "rongly fortified. Not less
than 30,000 troops are there.
a neei oi steamers bad gone down the Ohio,
is thought for the DUroosa of oonvaelnir
troops up the Kanawha river, to strike at the
heart of Western Virginia.
No advance was made laat nioht nn vunn.
or on Fairfax.
Repairs on tbs Baltimore and f)Mn Rail rnnrl
are deferred till the Government gets the en-
us uvBsenBiua oi tne route.
About 7000 feet of the brid
the Rebels. '
Five thousand more Federal troona ara .
peoted to arrive In Washington by Friday
A Richmond correspondent of the Charleston
Courier says, Jeff. Davis and Wigfall will take
the field In person this week.
[To the Associated Press.]
The Star says it believed the secession lines
extend from near Occouquaa to Ceaterville.
They are entrenching the neighborhood of
Fairfax Station, with heavy guns, only 14 miles
from Alexandria.
All information tends to the belief that the
Rebels are daily pushing forward from Manas,
sas to points near the Federal lines.
Parties have succeeded in getting a requisi
tion for four additional Regiments from India
na for three years. This will make twenty five
Indiana Regiments, and will entitle them to a
Major General. Probably General Morris will
be selected.
Four additional Reel men tn hava hftan anthm.
ised from Wisconsin and four from Iowa, one of
mo inner 10 oe cavalry.
The Douslas Monument
day. No final conclusion was made on account
of various plans.
It will publish an address to the citizens of
tne u 01 tea states.
It appears that Llent. Stuart, formerly in the
uuueu mates army, commanded the Rebels in
tne Vienna ngnt. , , , j
of the
WHEELING, June 18.
time of the Convention to-day was occu
filed with a debate on the ordinaaoe to ro-organ
ze the State Government.
Mr. West, of Welzel, offered an amendment
that no one who voted for secession be allowed
to bold olfloe la the State during the wsr. It
was supported by Mr. West and his colleague
mr. martin, woo, among otner statements,
said the secessionists in his county were in the
habit of taking the oath of allegiance and after
wards repudiating it. He had no confidence in
their oath. Men had to learn to disregard an
oatn to ne goou secessionists:
The amendment was lost ayes 10, nays 66.
The ordinance finally passed ayes 73, nays 3.
The ordinance provides for the entire re
organization of the State Government. Every
officer is to be obliged to swear allegianoe anew
to the United States and repudiate tho Rich
mond Convention,
The Convention will now nroceed to chowe a
Governor and Council. .
The new State seal and other emblom of
authority have been ordered.
The Rifled Cannon at the Rip Raps.
An officer from Fortress Monroe rennrta that
the trial of the Rifle Cannon at the Rip Raps,
was mgniy satisiactory. many or the balls
went clear over 8e well's Point, and fell into tha
water between that and Craney Island. One
ball went over the enemy's works, and produced
a sensation. Men could be seen mounting
horses and hastening off.
From Fortress Monroe.
Daring the last two nights imnortant recon-
noissance have been' made from Fort Monroe
and Newport News, in the direotion of Great
Last night a strong: detachment was at New
market Bridge.
Lieut Butler and Mr. Wlnthrop yesterday
visited Great Bethel, with a flag of truce, for the
body of the lamented MaJ. Wintbrop. No In
formation was obtained relative to the force at
Great Bethel.
Aocordlntr to tbe latest accounts there wore
five Regiments at Yorktown.
Maf. Winthron'S body is now belne conveyed
to tbe Baltimore boat, and will be taken to
Boston. .. . . - - u . ..
Gen. Butler Is on the Rio Rans to day exoa.
rlmentlng with a rifled
has arrived with tha crew of
tne privateer savannah aboard.
Nothing wss known abont the concentration
of troops above Newport . News. It was doubt-
The steamer seen on James rivsr. was nro-
bably carrying guns to be transported to York
town. Col. Wardron's sword, which Mai. Wlnthron
wore when he fell, has been sent North. It is
considered as a trophy.
Capt.Smitn, of the Topographical Engineers,
has been reoonnnlterlng. He gives the opinion
tuai tne pian oi ine enemy is to occupy the dls
trict between Hamnton and Yorktown.
It Is stated that the Missouri Senators will
not me their seats at the extra session of Con
gress. Possibly they fear a prosecution for
treason. . ' " ...
Affairs in Missouri.
saying that six bnndred State troops, re
treating from Boonville, with six 6 oannon,
reached Syracuse yesterday. They said tbey
were going to draft men from that neighbor
hood, and would take at least every, one who
could furnish a horse. Various reports as to
the number of killed were in voirne. The nra.
bablllties are that abont 150 were killed. Tbere
is no possinie aount that a battle was fought,
anil tha fttara fiWH mmnl.l.l .nnl.J L-. .v.
telegraph being out of order between here and
uoonviue, .we cannot get entirely authentic
accounts oi tne anair.
Rebels Coming Westward.
GRAFTON, June 19.
Information, thought to ba rallahla. aa
teen hnndred Confederate troops are la
neighborhood of Beverly and Phlltippl, and that
au atvaua, win un uiaus on 10 e latter place.
There cm be no doubt but what the Rebels
in rv estern v irginia nave oeea largely ' re-la-foroed,
and some grand movement is contem
plated. ,
The Federal troops will be equal to any emer
gency. Large reinforcements will probably
reaon nere In a few days, rorce anfflnl.nt t
guaro ineat ruver linage has been sent for
ward irom nere.
The Rebel forces from Romnev bnrnad tha
vast road bridge over New Creek, SO miles
west or iumoeriana, early this morning, and
marched on to Piedmont, which Diana thav raw
hold. The telegraph wires east of Piedmont
were cut ny mem. meir number ia var ouilw
estimated from 9000 to 4000. Notice was given
of their approach to town, and the citizens were
preparing to leave. ' '
When Informant left, ail the emrlnaa halnm.
ing to the Bait. & Ohio Railroad were flred nn
..j bah nr..... . i . f . . mi
"s w wriwu. Aoe greatest ex
citement prevailed. A company of citizen anl.
dlers, who were guarding bridges, are reported
killed on the approaoh of the Rebels. The
Piedmont operator olosed the telegraph office
uu ueu, ana we nave no means ot ascertain
Ing what damage Is being done.
Communication br R. R. between
land and this place is now cut off.
Boonville, Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, June 19.
A special disoatoh to the Renubliean )
farther particulars of the battle at Boonviiu.
The federal troops landed five miles below the
encampment of the State furoes. The latter
had a battery near Boonville, pointed toward
tne river, out it was circumvented by the Fed1
erals and proved useless.
Uen. Lion immediately advanced on tha
State troops and was met in a lane, when tbe
nring commenced. The balance of the da.
seription Is substantially the same as reported
laat night. Gov. Jaokson was abont a mile off,
surrounded by Capt. Kelly's company, as a body
guaru. is reported vuat ne was severely rep
rimanded during the engagement bv his own
party, for cowardice and Jlack of discretion.
Col. Parsons was not in the fight, having nre.
vlously been reported sick.
Boonville not Iniured. no shots havlns- hpn
fired Into It.
General Price's absence thus accounted for.
Sunday morning tbe pickets brought the report
of seven steamboats coming up the river with
federal troops; a consultation was immediately
had between tbe Governor and General Price.
The Governor ordered the State troops to dis
band, not being able to sustain themselves
against snob foroe. Price then went home.
Tbe trooos. however, were determined to
have a fight. Col. Marmsdnke then became
disaffected and resigned. A few hours later,
tbe report about the steamboats proved untrue,
and the Governor ordered the troops to prepare
for resistance, appointing Mr. Little to com
mand. There are no authentlo accounts as to the
number killed, wounded, or taken prisoner.
it is stated mat uen. Lyon knew tbe State
troops' position, and could have killed them In
large numbers, but he ordered the firing to
cease, and proceeded to make prisoners.
It is said that State troops are gathering in
the counties west of here, and another stand
ill be made in Jackson county.
The Affair near Independence, Mo.
ST. LOUIS, June 19.
Advices from Kansas City, via. St. Josenh.
gives tbe following account of the engagement
near inaepenoenoe on Thursday last, briefly
alluded to yesterday:
A detachment of Federal troops under Capt.
Stanly, with a flag of truce, visited the oampof
iuc omio irwps to ascertain tne purposes or
Capt. Holloway.
uuring tbe conference Capt. Stanley observed
movements being made designing to attack him.
and ordered a retreat. His detachment, while
retiring, was fired on by State troops, at the
order given by a private, but the fire was so ir
regular, that they killed their own commander,
Capt. Halloway, and J. B. Clanaban, and severe
ly wounded several of their own men.
Stanley's troops did not fire, having reoelv
ed orders not to do so under any circumstances.
Stanley retreated to Kansas City and reported
.1 A r i. n. . . , .
me auair, woea tsspi. rrince witn a strong body
oi troupe aitacKeu ana routed toe state forces.
oipturiDg thirty horses and a large lot of be
gage. There are now 2.500 United State trooos
and volunteers at Kansas City. -
General MoClellan is expected here to-mor
General Sweeney, of the Home Guards, is
making a thorough investigation of the firing
pun vuizeuB vj volunteers.
From the South and Caire.
CHICAGO, June 19.
The Times Cairo correspondent says:
Grandy Bryant, a citizen of that nlace. return
ea trom tne uoutb on Monday. He nava tha
bank of the river seems lined with cannon at
in a few days a heavy battery of twenty enna
will be mounted, commanding for soveral miles
approaches to the city by river.
There are not many troops in the city of
lucmpuiB, ton main ooay Being e miles Daclc.
Tbe heaviest battery in tbe South la at Ran.
dolph, Tenn., it being utterly impossible for any
foroe, however large, to pass within range.
The number of men manning it is variously
estimated at from fifteen bnndred to six thousi
At Union Ctly there ia trouble anions- the
men the Tennessee troops wishing to rally at
Memphis, while the Mississippi troops express
a del Ire to march upon Colombus, and fortily
the town, and provoke General Prentiss into
The guns at Union City are of small calibre.
exoept six thirty-two pounders, a few howitzers
and two sixty-two pounders; while approaches
to Columbus are of snob a nature as to render
a battery of inch charaoter as they woold make,
by no means formidable. - ,
Work on fortifications at Cairo are progress
ing slowly. Every thing already done has a
permanent look, as if it was the nurnose of
Government to render the plaoe a military
W. H. Russell of tbe London Times, arrived
from the South to day.
He says nothing in regard to Southern af
fairs, and complains that his correanondenna
has been tampered with by Secessionists, his
letters detained, altered and some not sent from
the Southern post offioes at all
Senator Andrew Johnson on His
Way to Washington.
LEXINGTON, KY., June 19.
Senator Andrew Johnson, of Tennessee, ar
rived here yesterday, en route for Washington.
He made a three hourt' speech last night to a
very large audience, lor positive and uncondi
tional Union, and.the maintenance 0f the Gen
eral Uorernment. East Tennessee would never
leave tbe Union. If armed, to orevent anbmira-
i tr i
non. ne waa warmiy appiauaed. and bis re-
marxs wen receivea.
Hon. Andrew Johnson, of Tennessee, arrlv.
ed here at noon to-day, en route for Waahing-
A Secessionist and Incendiary Hung.
LANE, Ogle County, Ill., June 19.
J.u. Burke, rabid secessionist, waa hnns
to-day by thecltisens, from tbe third story of
id iourt tiouse onuaing. tie was charged
with causing the destructive fires here on the
7th of this month and in December laat
His guilt was fully- established i It waa also
proven that he bad planned burning all tbe bus
uicao pmceo in mo town, , ( . , , , . ,
Col. Curtis's Movements.
CHICAGO, June 19.
Tbe Tribune has intellitTence that Col. Cur.
tie's Second Iowa Regiment, learning that the
oBoeeeionisw ai oavannan, Missouri, thirty
miles north of St. Joseph, bad driven ont or lm.
Srisoned all Union men ia town, Went tbere on
londay with 400 troops, and after a 'slight
scrimmage, ia which two Rebels were killed,
put tnings to ngnw, aisarming the Secession
sts, end giving the muskets to Union men. !
occupation of FalrfaxfConrt House
premature.; ' -. kt
The Secession advices from Vienna a. v. nni.
34 men in charge of gana besides two ogmpa-
urn wi ouutu varuuua troops.
Indiana Troops Moving.
dI. aVi... T .. ftegiments oi
i. u "B street Market Space,
! Frtw ui . reiresnments. r ,. .
Fourth Street was denselv cmmAmA . an j it..
nvvya n iro eniDusiasuoauy cneered.
The Memnhli Annnl nf ihm IfliK ..... Jl.
r.finrl.M1 -,J Ufa- i a m VlltJ
aauuuiCU iUU Ul I DBsa OI 1 aft V fa tl AAUIsn tsrairo.
oelved therei also a large lot of powder and
The Lawrenflphnrrr. Tniiii.. VlrtM.u.
j" tuat uunoe tne nrosreaaor tha iminn
meeting near Knoxville, on the Wednesday pre
vious to tbe election, a train baarl
..w waa urea into oy i nion men..
From Louisville.
candidate for Cono-
this. District, addled
VWUIUK. UBDTeOiai DsT theft etOira nt ihaa maaMU
"woietB, ana levormg Kentucky's remaining D
joe union as long ss it is consistent with ber
honor. He oooesed eaarnlnn. hnt AmntmA k..
Jf.J! . ' " .
......,wh ncio vuviViUUs
Illinois Troops Moving.
CHICAGO, June 19.
(urges Rifles left thi. ...nin. r.
--.w we UIUK ivi Vila-
oinnasj. ocamoucK S cavalry are here, and
ii5uuui at iairo, ait nnaer or-
uoni to prooeea to ralton, Va.
A member of tbe Fire Zauavea arriri h
reports that a Regiment was yesterday engsged
t v?, "p nwchmeuts within two miles
wi A aina vours nouse. ' '
NEW YORK, June 19.
mi . .
ine saip monsrob of the Sea has arrived
..wm MiTerpooi, witn va mormons for Utah.
Race Won by Flora Temple.
NEW YORK, June 19.
flora Temple wss winner In the two miles'
irut witn JOhD Mnrtran. ta.l.. T:
A New Virginia Governor.
WHEELING, June 19.
of Marlon Connt.
I . . . . - "
uuouiuiuubit nominataa to niht inr linw.
"j "J uDnvenuon ia caucus.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, June 19.
JL0UE The market hu rlvanitaiit KVl IA. a. a
tton salea nf 145 000 bhl. ai uaA 7 Vr'11?.
State; tl 4 j for ext "goT,
runerllne Weitam: S4 y.vaa in ... . ,or
diua extra WeaUrn. SJ J V. .m . ?
extra roaod bom Ohio-andes luStl m ,,hlPP'D 0rol
tT.rteUto.lbnan. irm? ?LS2Sa5..bH.
Tf v a nrntrs ..... .. exira. I
Zmr, lw'.u Wi 00.
loUlloDi. -"" wineM aoing at previous
WniSKT Tl.mafiii .. . i
W WW MtocLTSuVZ,?' a"M flnD!
salet of 1,000 bbla forcuh .1 iiian:
whsat Th.r. 1. 1. i.r".iv
i... ... . . " uut ui mar'
tt sm hi nhi ili r?A-'-i."""" nn; eie oi
ivr rwu nana mnnr m I.. .,. - .... . I
.,.11 mi duos a i 00: 1,6(10 bu North.
h.?i 2 i. ilil.1?' 4S.0O bo very eholo. am-
VM In fair reanani. uIas q iuia ....
for Weetern: 67at3 7, NnVii..-. " ua",J0
BABLElf AMD U ALT Dull and nominally unehanf
COBK Supply limited and .Hk . j . ...
o7PM 0 bnTt4SDJU,,,pt Di " is flrmeTTnle.
Wajtemi MjkUo for yellow Western; J54o formlxednew
prime atmi ,u", ,10 tot
BBBP-Terydullatt4(SI SO for prime mess; B&3U0
STvaS. '' 919 MU Pri
muiQ. Buontu"un"T: Mla of 100 bbla at
siJJMi,iI?3o,,Un" d,,I, t5 ror shoulders;
BACON Quiet and noehangrd.
LARD null! ..u. irJr. ...
BCIiaa-Bellta, at 811, loVSS JdiaiWfbr
CHIBSI gleadv at 9utb. .. .ii.
coyyitis stin u .. isr?;:.. . ..
. - H.ui, who Dcuer ouaineaa
i0iU&'W ,n B'0;. -f'".0' . bag. Bio at lleSMo,
TaLr."",", " t. Domingo at
.-a., v .aaiaiea at o and JO bags Maricabo at
-.vJrl?1' """'rate bustnen doing In raw; Bales
?.h.hd, CabV' Xo; 500 IwxVHavana at
r ilV ' """a sugar ixs.
vt"" . ',n,,"naB"'"",,'y: suies of ssu
oL01 UaKani0 J318c; iS boxes Porto Kieo at
STOCKS At the Seoond Boant wm ..ii.- .-j
Rk. !?L.n v"0 "land Galena it
ChlcaaoSlK: Harlan ttfnH Si. m. vV.i.
Clereland at Toledo 81 w- Tiiinni. i
v-.,, uauwu DJTh micnigan soumern lit bonds 73:
uoicago et Bock Iiland bonds 03; Sri. lit bond. 101k :
Brie bond, of 1871 55: Mew Vorit a, anv- -.'.ill
1,'Zr'S: """"VAronnati U.S. S's of 180J 85W; U.
8. 6's 81; coupons SfSX-
Philadelphia Market.
FLOOR Quiet: annnflna S5 laaix si r.n.
at so so. ' - - . . '
WHBAT Dull: aalea 3000 hnilwt. with nr..in.
and tbe denand moderate. Bedat II 181 S3: white at
1 nmii.
OOFKB-In demand; salts S50 bags It. Domingo at
WHISH-Qautat WXtl'o. .":
Cincinnati Market.
hands of local operator., nd the prloea are regnlated
almost entirely by the regular trade demand Thi. U
eonflned nioitly to tbe higher grade.; but not In auffl.
elent force to auttaln ortcaa. snnarflnawu anld in n..
at S4 S0(9B4 S3; eitrt. are quoted at 14 JO to ti 60;
WHBAT-Haa only a restrloted market, and sellers
have but little chance to provoke any oomnetltian
amODget buyer. Bed la ouoted at Don ta 04a. Whn.
at l 04 to ft OS. MM was sold at SI 0891 03, and
choice White at (1 I4(9fl IS.
uuttR-tiaa for a day or two been a little llmier nnder
the loSueno. of light rieelpu. .nd S8o la Insisted upon,
uvuBi. uui iicvif paio ny onuiier..
OATS Have xttled a llttla in
and Mc Is the llgure for them In bulk.
baklbx Has no market.
KYB-li very dull at S8c.
WHISKT Does not to a. frea to.w .t to v. ik.n.h
Issteady.-Mn. Chm. i
Cleveland Market.
June 18, 1861.
I L0TJ& Remalna dull and nnchund. N ln.
Uom are reported.
W HU AT Quiet, with sales ef B oars red at $1 OS on
MeAJfaoattl 04; and 1 oar white at 1 14. .
vvnn vuti ana not quotable.
OATS Dull etftie. ' , I
HIOHWINBS-Balesof small loU at lis.
LABD-8aleeofllkeg..t8Xo. -
52Ualta-w,IPkrtatBo. '
laOS Small ealee at 8taSc. T. .
APPLKS f ale. at So ror entail lots of dried apolea.
BAKLBI Sale, of 800 ba at Sio. , PP
1,000 yards laser Plain Blaek Sllki at tl OO-valne
1 SSperyard. -
8,800 yards TravelUig pren and Mantle Goods at
I l-aoents-ralae BO osala per yard. .
SiUW yaros White Brilliants at 18 ! ceats-
vaiu SOetnUperiard. .. ,. ,
8,000 yards Fin and Domestic Qlahama greatly1 an
aer value. , i
, ALSOi ... j'
EK0LI8H BmQSI,UmUfl, t
f UwTW, CAH0OI3," T0PL1TS,
Nerw and XtaMonst'blo Thre Goods
In the ssost desirable styles and at var heM nrtaa.
Of all awrerlals, made la the most stylish atanner syter
k- I. . i - m . . ... . . . .
u - .amiona ms moei aiagana styles I
theelty. . - 7 1VT
ajtin ex ao.lt
56 He. W 8ath High stmt.
Dr. J. H. IffiTVE a nr'A ' :
... " eiiaaaaaw SoF -ja
- l . ' . 4
inei. JLJiS, j
I leatssi Bensody in The 'iVorld
1 " AWt f)
ly a eotentlfte and -
Vegetable Ooeapannd,
prooarrd by the dlaUl- '
atieaof Soots. Herbs
S B.rU, yelkiw
Dock,' Blood Boetjl
Bemaparllla, W I I
Oberry Bark end Dan
dellon enters Into Its
Before TaUns'ToS;." llter Taking:'
rrlMlpto ot aoh Iwiredleot e thoromrhly extracted by
etynew method ef dleUlUas. prodacingijt deliohns. ex-
I '"''"e aplriUaml U Boat INIALUBLa remedy for
' Will eSlsetaally amre ' '
Ohronle or Nervoas Debility, Slaaases of the Kldseva:
ana an aiaeaaee aruins rrom a aieoraerej Ltver or rtoaa .
aeh, Dyrpopata, RearttMra, Inward Plica, Acidity or Sick-
or tne Hlomacn. Jullneee or Blood to the BeaJ. Dull
pain or awiBiml&g In tbe bead. PalLiation or tha Heart
raiiaeaaor welant m the Btomaob. Boar Bractaliona
OboklDK or anSoeatlaa feellne wbaa brina down . Drraeai
or leuowneaaoi toe biib and Byea. Mlgnt Bweau, Id
ward rerora. Pais In tha email af She bank, shut or aide.
Sodden Plnabea of Beat, Depreeekm ot Bplrtta, I rightfol
ureana. Aiaanior. iMenonaeaev or anv ttmnni u mim
korai or Blotches en the Skin, and Paver and Anna (oi
voiiiaana fever.;
Over a million of alouiee .
Bars been sold dartos the laat tlx months, and lb do In
stance baa It failed in atria entire entlefeclibb. Who,
then, will inner from Weakaeaa or DeWlitr whan Ido
no lananace can conrev an anaanaia uim or uia nm
aiaia ana almost miracaiona change produced by taking
uua uoraiai in the dlaeaaed, deblliuted and ahattered
nerrons syatem, whether broken down by exoess. weak bv
nature, or Impaired by dekoeas, the relaxed and tmitranf
viganuauon ia rviwreo to iia pneuno neaiu ana vigor.
JnAHBIED persons,
Or otheri eonacloaj of Inability, from whatever cause,
will and MoLean a Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of the eyitam; and all who may have Injured
themaelree by Improper Indulgences, will find in the Cor-
auu a oenau ana epeeay romeuy.
To tno Iiadlee.
McLean's Streggthening Cordial
is a sovereign ana speeayenre ror i .
Obstraeted orDlfflealt Menrtruitlon, Ineontlnence of
Crlne or Involuntary Dlaeharge thereof. Palling qf the
Womb, aiddlnees, Paintlog and all Diseaaes incidnet
lemaiea. .....
There if no Mistake Abont It.
Buffer no longer. Take It according to Directions. It
wllliUaulate, etrengthen and invigorate yon andcauaa
the bloom of health to mount your cheek again.
very bottle la warranted to give aatiafacuoB.
or children ara sickly, puny, o
Oordlal will make them healthy, fat
ot "at' Md U1
If your children ara sickly.
uny, or afflicted, McLean V
and robaet. DeU
OAOTioe.-Bewar. of DranrleU or Caaleri who a
tn to palm upon you aom. Bitter or Banaparilla traau,
wmcn tney can euycaeap, ny aayini it IS lutt as good
f"W ? - -jPraa'aStrangthenlnJoor
auu, ana taae nouiin
ilni ehw It ia the only remedy that
tood thoroughly and at the aaae time
will purify the bl
strengthen the syatem.
One tableenoonful taken every norntng rattlnr.
la a
oertaln prerenttre of Cholera, Chilli and rever. Yellow
rerer, or any pre Talent diaeasee. It ia put bp in lam
Prior only $1 per bottle, or S bottlee for (5. ,
Bole Proprietor of this Oordlal,
Alto McLean a Volcanic Oil mlnlment
Principal Depot oa the eorner of Third and Plae lU-eeta,
at. oui.. mo. '
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
The beet tlnuent In the World. The only salb and
oertaln onre ror VAnoere, rues, Bwellinn and Bron
ehllia, or Oottre, Paralyria, Neuralgia, Wianicei ef the
suede., unronte or lnoammaiory uneumMlaai, Btic-
aracbe or Toothache, Brulaet, Dpraina, Wounds Freib
Out., Ulcere, Perer Bone, Caked Breaits Bore Hippies,
Bums, Bealde, BoreThoat, or any Inflammation or Pain,
no differ nee now rever, or how long tbe dieeaxemay
have existed. MoLean'a Celebrated Liniment ia a ear
tain remedy
Thoneanda of human beings have been saved a Bt of
otarwpHeMM and mtaery by lb aa el this Invaluable mod'
eine. .
Will relieve pals almost Instantaneously, and R wil
clean w, purify and heal the foulest eoree In an looredi
ly abort tint..
. ror Horses stud Other Animals. v
McLean s celebrated Llniioent la the only safe and re-
Uable remedy for tbe euro of Bpavtn. King Bone. Wind-
nils. Snlints. Unnatural Bumps. Nodes or Bwellinn. It
win nsver rail to cure nig ueaa, roil nm, rietuia, uia
running Bore or Sweeny, It properly applied. For
Sprain, Bruises, Boratchea, Bore, or Wuuodi, Cracked
liMia, Chaise, eaaaie or collar sans it u an mralltblt
remedy. Apply It as directed, and a cure la certain In
every In.tano..
Then trine ne longer witn tne many worm lee Lini
ment, offered to you. Obtain a supply of Dr. McLean's
oeiebrated Liniment, it win cur you.
J.II. IflcLEAN, Bole Proprietor,
Comet of Third and Pine Streets, Bt. Louia, Mo.
Por tale by all druggtat.
For eale by . BOBBRT8 St 8AM7BL.
auifSe-dtwly Oolumbua. Ohio.
Town Street,
the Union and the Bunnv South. I have concluded
to sell out
" '' BVXN
I333IL.O"W OOflT?.
The stock eonsmts of the largeet lot of -"
in the city of Oolumbui: - . .
. . ; , - -; . , MILS.
-. H08IKET, mi, BUTTONS,
insrEacEss, hook ako zyzb,
and all kinds of ' ,
the best HOOP SKIRTS In Oolumbui, and at tha
Uncut prio.
WbelesaUe and Betatll.
; Then, ladles, all, both gnat and small.
Come, give m a call, .
, And then you'll find A. M. K. Broaara
In all hta Glory.
A. M. K. 8T0RRII, Agent, '
Remember the War I No, 01 Town atreet,
aprll:d3m Oolumbui, Ohio.
Wlta) vaMSSSSiaiej VSSI MW T'" V4
manufaeturad by 1. HOWARD k CO . Bn.tnn. ir..
Tbae Wataha. are far auperior to anything ever offend
w uai paum, aerewiura. aiiui w XMiwlv agency,
I aaa tall them at prloea to ault tha tlnna. i h... in.t
raoalvad a larra atook of ' - " -
manufaotored by APPLBTOlf , TBACT, k c6 ; also, a
ftne assortment of ; . !
' ' to ftoldaol Silver Cue, at Panic price..
aa94 .. i ,', ;,: .,: W,. J. SATAOI.
O SHAWLSI I In all desirable eolora, and at very
great bargains,
No. (9 Boulh High street.
' . I
An zperienced Mara and female Pbyalemn, presenu
j an BHaouoe ot aaotners, aer
which greatly facilitates the proem of tea thing, by soft
"log the gumi, reducing all InBammaUon will allay
ALL I AIM ud qiaHnodie action, and la
Depend upon It, mothers, It will give rest to yourselves
.-i)?VJ,?iop."lal" tn, rt,c, o'er ten year.
Z5l!eBoDi,K Mt 01 nr oth"
ANOB, TO KH-BOT A CURB, when timely ued. Nev
si ;dld we know an tnetanoa of diaaatUfaatlon by any one
who need it. On the oontranr. all anituhiA ith ,.
operation., and speak la term, of oommendaUon of Ita
magical eflecta and medical virtue.. We eneak In thia
W" 00 WOW ;" After ten year.- eape
IULILLMBNT uf WHAT wsniRS nunr .nu
almoat every Initance where the infant I. anfl.in.'w.
pain and exnauatlon, relief will be found In Uieen ar
"ilnutee after thesyrup I. admlnl.tered.
Thl. valuable preparation ia the preaorlptloo of one of
f'w a na been need with NBTXR FAIL
ING BUOOBbS in - . . ,
Itnotonly relieve, the child from pain, tint Inrtror
atea the atomaoh and bowel., oorrecta aoldlty, and glvei
tone and energy to the whole ayitem. It will almoat la)
atantly relieve" 1
oBiFiira nr the bowels, ato wind colic
and ovenome eonvuiriona, which. If not ineedily rem
u UCUI owiiBve h uia hkba and BUB'
EST RBMBDV IN TIIR wimi.n. in .n
Itarlae. from teethlne. or from an othxr n.n.. u.
would say to every mother who haea child rofferlrg from
"IUls foregoing eompltlnt. DO NOT LSI' YOL'B
stand between yon and your suffering child, and the re
lief that will b SCRS-jee. ABSOLUTELY 8l!RB-to
follow the as of thUmedioina. If tlmel. nut.l. i.
rectlon. for uiiog will aoeompany each bottle. None
genuine nnlewthe fae-aimile of CURTIS Si PHRKIN8,
New York, I. on the outalde wrapper.
Bold by all DruggUta throughout the world.
Principal Office. 13 Cedar Street N.V.
Hi I. precisely what Its name Indicate., for, whllt
Ipleaunt to the taita. It i. rerlrirjl ng, exhllrt
An. invlnr.tln .nil alMt.0tK.nlM ... .u. .....
powers, and at the aame time rerirlflea. t.in
bttates, and renew, the Blood in all it. purity, an.
Ihn. at Ant, mmu. tamrl mJw , I . . , . . i
. I , " " " ' - .wiw.Ft wtw uyntvrn in
wwwnuM w wcaoce oj aieeae.. it t. the onlj
wajcany ana Hiiiiuuy oombtnee a. to be tbe moil
u.'wvnui auu ui. wna un ao uanvai t
uiapicu to, aa va an in periemacooraanca wllb the
U law. of nature, and hence will toottit the tetaktiti
w.v..Mwt miu. Hw ,u aigc.iire orgau., and
uiua allay an nerroua ana oilier irrltallou. It V
iperiectly exniiaratlng, and at tbe luce time It lt
compoted entirely of vegetable., yet ao combined
aa u prwunui. mull uiurouRn tonic cueet, irjtb
out producing aoy iojuriou. oonaequencea. Such
I remeoy na long peeo roll to be a deiiiieratom k
be medical world, for It need, no medical skill tr.
are thatd.billty follow, all attack.of dleeaae. and'
proceed, and Indeed lay. tbe ty.tem open to the
meiaiou. auaca. oi many oi tne moat latal. auch.
'fur example, a the following: Oon.omption, in
rdigeetion. Dy.nen.la. Loae of Annetlte. Vuintnen
Nervou. Irritability. Neuraliia. PalDitatlnnni h,J
1 1 Heart, alelanoholy, Night Bweate, Languor, Uiddi-
iDeia, Heienuon ei, aa wen a. rainlul obetructed.
too prolate, or too eoant fttenMruatton. and a-s.ll-
aaHog of the Womb. Theie all depend upon gene)
ll debility. Thi pure, healthy, tonic CorUialan.il
oiooo uenoraior u ateure to cure a. the sun tol
riN and aet. There la no mlaiako about It. Bull
ihn 1. not all. If the ej eieoi U weakened, we are
open to blliou. attack., the liver hsrome. torpid,
or worm oneaaao. uie aionev . reruae to Daifom,
their funoUona, and we are troubled with icalulop
ui lnooaunenoo ui urine, or involuntary di.
charm; of tbe aame, palu In the back, aide and ha.
tween the ihonkiert, exeeedlntly liable to .lighl
cold., sough., and It unchecked, won emaciation
allow, and the patmtine. down toasraeaimre
I grave. But apace will not allow u. to enumerate
BV the many III, to which we are liable In a weakened
icoDdiiloo or tne ayeum. Bat w will ny, in thi.
Cordial and Blood Renovator Too hare a nen-,t
aale, pleaaant and effectual remedy for ioai ol
Stomach, Languor, Liver Complaint. Chilli and
rever, or any union, attack, Coaiiveneu, Acidity
'it the Stom.ch, Nervouineu, Neuralgia, Palpita-I.
tionof the Heart, re siion of Spirit.. Sore., H
Pimple, on the Face or any dlieaae artiing from JJ
mpure oiooa, ucn ncroiuia, firy.ipeiae, Ilron ,
hitia. Cough, difficulty of Breathim. and all that . .
3clat of diaeaie. called female weakneaa, and H
enumerated above. We will alio ny the traveler U
expoied to epidemic, chann of climate and wal
ler, will fled it a pleaaant, aale and euro remedy, l-
now mould ever travel without. ttaader.,
try it forweattore you you will find In it a 'riendl
indeed, aa well a. a friend In need. AlIper.oo.on
leaeniary uno.li will una it. penect prerentlreol
u well ai cure for tboee ailment, to which tney are I
particularly expoied. Henoe mnUter,itudenu,at
toruevi, literary etntlemen.and ladic. who ara not
aocuaiomea to mucn outdoor exerclae, will Bnd tl
'0 th.ir adranUge to keep a bottle cooitantly or,
nana: Ann, auove all. motnera. or tbsee becom nil
uen, win go tnrougn tnat moat dangerou. ierioi I
noionij win an uieir acouitomed atrenitb. bu
liafo and free from tha Ihonaanri ailtn.nt. u nra. I
O'alent among the female portion of the world, li I
ihort, It U Indeed a mother's cordial. Try It, ol, I
iv.ugi uu wu,w ruu uio lit. ui uciav , lb wil I
Mllnainri .MM ItMlf Mnh.,l..ll. - I
M tiv Cordial and Blood Jimoealor. I
u.j. wood , proprietor, 44 Broadway, Ne I
xorAtBuo. iia nareot Dtreec, st. bout., Mo., an
old by ROBKATb t BaUUBL, Columbu., Ohio
and all good DruggUU. Price One Doll,
per Bottle. mJirchi8-d.weowly
dUtremlng oomplalnt tu
Hade by 0. B. SEYMOUR CO., 107 Name St.. N.
Price Bl per box; tent free by peat.
aaavyS-dacwlyle -
datlgni, at $i,00 per 1.000.
at half th. price charged by amall dealer..
rnHEAD QUARTERS No. 73 Sonlli High street
Columbua, Hay 8, lWil. J.U.RILEY.
tnantifaetarera f all klnde at Per
table ana Htatleaary Mteatat Ka
, , mime; MW. mtlle. Urlat UAU la,
, , cVC. cVC. . aiaiii-'
LAPS A BOD LlTi Statmt IT. of . SUJ2) TBeattn!
J. at . B, JVYALL Beattnttt COLVMBVi
CO. BtaUnlltll
. Our Portable Engine aid few Mill
Was awarded the Brat preultua of (50 at the Indiana
State fair for 1-eo over lane k Bodley'a oa account ol
Prloe, llghtuess, simplicity, eooDOmy of luet
and superior character of lumber sawed. "
Our Stationary Engine waa awarded at the mm Fait
th. flnt premium of S ". ' '
Our Portable Engine was ewardid the flnt premlaw ol
91IW at the Fair at Memphli, Totin., orer Blandy'a Du
vail1., Oolumbua Machine Co'.., and Bradford k Or'. .
by a eommltte of practical Railroad Englneere. '
Verprleaand term, addreas
deoJdfcwlyeoU. Newark, Ohio

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