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Tbe Adams Expren Company plaoeeus daily
under obligation! to it for the Tery latMt papers
rum me eastern cities.
The American Express Company bai oar
tbankf for iti dally favors In tbe shape of tbe
very latest eastern papers. ?
Ladies, Attention!
The ladies of tbe Relief Association, are
hereby notified to meet at Ambos Hall to-day
(Friday morning), for the purpose of supplying
an immediate demand for forelocks, needed by
Colnmbns soldiers. . ,,!, t .. . . . j
A full attendance is nrgsatly requeued. -By
order of the President. ;
June 21.
Urn-nts Statsi Infants? Tactics, roB ths Iitrrarjo-
Statu InrnTSY, Inclusimo IarAwrav of ths
Lisa, Lioht Infantry, an BifUmin. Prepared
under tba direction of the War Department, and au
thorised and adopted by tbe Secretary of War, May 1.
mi. Containing, Tha lohool of tba Soldier; Th
School of the Cosipany; Idi traction for Skirmishers;
The General Calls; The Oalli for Sklrmlibert; and
The School of the Battalion; Including the Artie lea
Y of War and a Dictionary of Military Terms. Phila
. delphla: J. B. Lipplnoott Oo Publishers, 1861. .
. This it the book for military men, and for all
other persons desirous to acquire a knowledge
of the most effective system of movements for
a company or regiment. It la the authorized
drill for the U. S. Infantry, and that by which
they will be instructed and disciplined; and as
such is presented to the volunteers and militia
called Into active service. The work is com
plete in one very neat and conveniently portable
volume, illustrated with numerous engravings.
The (rice is $125. It may be obtained by
mall from tbe publishers, J. B., Lirrmcorr &
Co., or at the bookstores of J. H. Riliv, or
Randall k Aston, Columbus. '
' f ' '" '
Cowr or Common JPhas. On Wednesday,
the case of Edward Pulin and James Sands, in
dicted for keeping a room for the sale of intox
icating liquors, was tried, and a verdict of "guil
ty" returned by the JuryX The defendants'
connsel filed si motion for a new trial. ' '
Tbe trial in the case of John Easst against
Owin Glknnon and wife, being an attachment
for about $3T0 alleged to Live been stolen from
tbe plaintiff by Olrnnon, was commenced on
Wednesday evening. Yesterdsy morning the
cue was snbmltted to the jnry, who had not
rendered a verdict at fire o'clock last evening.
William Gibson, ex-Treasurer of State, came
into court yesterday, and in tbe two cases
against him for embezzlement of tbe State funds,
entered into a recognizance in the sum of $5000
in each case, with R. C. Pcnninoton and Gio.
C. Benham as his sureties, for his appearance
at the next term of tbe Court. ,', r , ' . . ' '
The second or new trial of "Wh. Jenkins,
David Yodno and Samusl Simmons, Indicted for
burglary in breaking into the house of James
Walcott, the jury having been unable to agree
on the former trial, was commenced yesterday.
The Clotbino Contracts. The Commissary
and Quarter Master .General, who,- with Mr.
Chaklm Bollock, comprise the Committee on
Clothing Contracts, after considering no less
than forty-seven proposals for furnishing over
coats for the a rmy, have awarded the con
tracts to the following parties at the prices an
nexed: ,' ,
O'flarra and Breyfogle, Colombo, $7 50
Smith, Oomttoek and Miller, Colombo. 7 SO
A. A. Stewart, Colombo! .' 8 00
Mack At Brother., Cincinnati.. U 00
The bids ranged In prices between $7 00 and
$12 so. ..... ' '
The first delivery is to be made within ten
days and the remainder within thirty days.
Tbe following contracts were awarded for the
manufacture of four thousand blouses, at $3 75
HeUleraeTi Co...... 13.000
MaokStBroe 1,000
Charles Breyfogle I.OU0
The bids range from $9 44 to $6.-
ArroiNTMENis or Sosoeons. The following
gentlemen have been appointed by tbe Medloal
Board at their late meeting, and recommended
to the Governor at Surgeons and Surgeons'
Wm. Clendentn, M. D., Cincinnati, O.
Jos. T. Weeb, M. D.. Clnolnnati, 0. ;i
Norman Gay, M. D.. Columbus, O.
J. Y. Cartwell, M. D., Mansfield, 0.
R. N. Birr, M. D., Columbus, O.
Francis Salter, M D., Waterloo, O,
M. M. Stemmell, M. D., Ada. 0. .
David Welch, M. D , Glenooe, 0.
Wm. R. Thrall, M. D-, Keokuk, Iowa. .
G. R. Meeks, M. D., Bloomville, O. ;
J. L. Crane, M. D., Ashland CO., O. . -
Thos. H. Klarney, Cincinnati, 0.
Thoo. Neal, Cincinnati, Or -
John McCurdy, Youngetovn, 0.
Enoch Pearce, Steobenville, 0.
Lawrence G. Andrews, Yonogstowo, 0. .
Julius C. Schenck, Cleveland, 0.
Andrew Sabine, Union co., O. ' ' :
J. M. Cooke, Toledo, O. ' 1 ' ' ' .
Board or Const? Commissioners ,Sfecial
SEsstort.On ' Wednesday; the Commissioners
visited1 the bridge over the oanal at Lock
bourne. , , V-V-.,7t, f ......
Yesttrdayk .the., following - proceedings were
had fl iv-J vt? tin lj l ' .. - ' ' '
U"U i, -'! ,- i-rlUS 1 ti- .
Ordered, That $100 be appropriated for build
ing a bridge over Big Pi by Run, on J. K
YooNQ't farm, on the Harrisburgh and Alton
road. Prairie township, conditioned that the
bridge befcuilt to the 'Satisfaction of the Com
misslonera, and that It shall have cost $100 or
W. R.' Ranein, Eiqi,' wi iilowed $35 for
feet In criminal oases in which be had bean as
signed at etmnsel for the defendants. '' ' ' .1,
Adjourned till to-day. x
The Bao-tcrner. The New Haven Regit
ter gives an account of a Tory Jogenions Inven
tion called tbe "Bag-turnsr." ., Sipoe the making
of bags' for flour, meal, etov, bat beodnre an ex-1
oiusive ana extensive Business, it wat loana to
be a large' pari of. the labor, after the bags oamt
ftosa the sewing machine, to "turn", them. - By
this machine the bags are laid In a pile, like
"heapsV of .paper on ihe" feeding board of a
printing press, and when the machine is pat. in
motion, a pair1 of Iron fingers1 aelze the bae' at
Its month, two long arms eater and extend, and,
gripping th bottom of the bag, reverse J ln an
Instanb By this machine fifty bags per minute
are turned and, laid eff ,as , smooth aweek's
; !,i . 1 " "kii
There - are near- nln;Regteentt of ; Oblp
State Volunteer troops In Virginia who hare
crossed tbe frontier at ihelr option for the de
. fens or the National standwd Those Regl
menu have neTerbeerj i sntert'd into tbe United
Sutes service, but are paid -bv tbe State as
Ohio Volunteer MlUtla The ;ntd States
twenty' Keglniebtt aie't lefen ii Camp
PennlsoDrionr at Camp Jscksoni' and fire to
be selected 'on of all the Regimsctt of the
SUfe wltoo for tbrts years. 1 ' ' M
ET The following troops left this city at five
o'clock yesterday morning, on the C, t X, and
Li. m. Jisiiroad, to guard a railroad bridge Dear
Aliens, and to ooonpy other points along the
Ohio river: Capt. Csdm's Company, State Fen
clbles, abont fifty men; Cspt. M. C. Lillet's
Company, Home Guards, about sixty men, and
the Dayton Zouaves, from Camp Chase. '
Camp Jackson alias Camf Chase The
Camp, near this city, has been the lubjeot of
various changes. First, they ohanged the loca.
tion from Goodale Park to tbe raoe ground,
four miles west of . the city, but retained
the name first given it of Camp Jackson. But
tbey have now changed tbe name without
changing the location . The Journal announces
that hereafter Camp Jackson will be known as
Camp Chase. w .
07 Capt. Tuinet's company, the Montgom
ery Guards, of this city, Is no longer attaohed
to the Third Regiment at Camp Dennison. The
Captain and the greater number of bis mea are
now la Camp Jackson alias Camp Chase, but
have not as yet been assigned to any Regiment..
HT Adjutant General Cairinqton baa been ap
pointed Colonel of tbe Eighteenth Regiment,
U. S. Infantry. The head quarters of the Reg
Iment will be at this place. : '
Volunteers' Letters. Persons writing to
volunteers should direct their letters to the
care of the Captain, and also write the name
of the Regiment to whioh tbe company is at
WooLThe Delaware, 0-, Standard says
thst quantities of wool are being pnrohased at
that place. Tbe prloes range from twenty-five
to thirty-five cents, according to quality. . ( ,
Gen. McClellan left Cincinnati yesterday
morning for Virginia, to take the field in per
son at commander of our forces. .. .
Tbe Nlntb, Seventeenth and Nineteenth Ohio
Regiments are to be moved Immediately from
Bellaire, down the Ohio and np tbe Kenawha
river to four miles above Maiden, and thence
diverge into Southwestern Virginia. -
The Quarter-Master stationed at Cincinnat1
has purchased about six hundred horses within
the past three weeks, for the army, at prices
averaging $80 per head. . , T ,
ST A little colored boy named Diozir'was
drowned on Wednesday evening, while bathing
in the Scioto, near the Penitentiary.
HTWe learn that Capt. Walcutt'i company,
of this city, has been disbanded, bnt for what
cause we are not informed. -
"Youa Monet ob Yooa Liee." Those who
tell a man any of the poisonous compounds
found in the market, for good Saleratus, not
only rob bim of his money, but slowly take bis
life also. Avoid the spurious, and buy Fyle'e
Dietetic, which alone is pure and safe. Depot,
34b Washington street, New York. Sold by
grocers everywhere. ,, .
Homors. We know of nothing more trying
to the patience more aggravating to tbe feel
ings, or more painful to be borne, than a humor
breaking ont in boils, or internally causing a
canker, exhibiting itself in tbe Erysipelas, or
eating into the very bone in the form of Scrof
ula. Bat thanks to an all-wise Providence,
direful as these afflictions may be, a sure reme
dy has been found a healing potion is within
the grasp of all. Kennedy's Medical Dincove
ry comes like an angel of mercy to the afflioted
with healing in its wings; and there are thous
ands at this moment whose blood, a few months
since, was corrupted by hnmor, bnt now flows
purified through their veins. We do not hesi
tate to deolaro this the greatest uprooter of
hnmor ever known. . ,
Official Statement of the Battle at
ed here this eveninct, with offloial information
of the defeat of the State forces at that plaoe
on Monday last. Tbe offloial statement of the
oumber killed Is not recorded, but the loss of
the State troops is not over 31), of tbe Federal
force two were killed, nine wounded and one
mlseloK. The State troops numbered over
3,000, and it is said lost about 1,500 stand of
arms, a considerable quantity of ammunition
and stores, and. a number of horses and mules.
Gen. Price resigned and went home previous
to the battle. Gov. Jackson la supposed to
have gone to Arkansas.
The steamer H. D. Bacon was met' at Arrow
Rock with State troops on board. It is thought
they will make another stand at or near Lex
ington,, under the command of Col. Weight
man, formerly of the U. S. Army.
Further from Booneville.
As Gen. Lyon with the steamers Iatan and
City of Louisiana were approaching Booneville,
Monday morning, be espied a battery on tbe
river bank fire miles below town, at Adams'
He turned back and went down about oht
miles below BooneUIe and landed bis forees,
amounting to 1700 men and four field pieces.
He left one hundred men to guard the boats.
On the Rock ford road when within six miles of
Booneville ne was attacked by tbe State troons.
three-thousand strong, commanded by Colonel
Little, late of the United States army, who
were conoealedin thick undergrowth end wheat
fields. v . . -' . - i .-C a
After a sharp fight, the State troops were
driven back, and their camp, which was at Ba
con's arm, three muss below Booneville, on
the river bluff, with provisions, equipage and a
number of horses, taken.
The 'State troops retreated west throush
Booneville, in great disorder, poorly armed and
badly disciplined. : ' ,
iiossor federal troops, four killed and nine
wounded, Four State troops are known to be
killed and fifteen or twenty wounded.
Tat federals say many of tbe State troons
were wounded. Tbey speak of walking over
aulte a number of dead bodies.
Gen. Lyon and Col. Blair were In the thickest
of the BKhW .v.. o
No effloers were httrt;- CjiptTBarke", of St.
Louis, naa nis sworn nroxea by a sbot, :i ..
, Vt. uaarles of tbe Bute forces, and a nroml
nent oliizeo of Booneville, was killed. -
The federal troops Say only 500 of their men
were in the battle. . Gen. Lyon, took some eixtv
or seventy prisoners, but released them all this
morning... k-k ?. . 1 -
A large nnmber of State troops, who were
from Booneville, are returning aider the terms
of Lyon't proclamation; ' Several nooses were
searched for contraband articles. Several Se
cession nags were captured, also, several prom
inent Secessionists.. " . . ,. .
' Many person who bare heretofore been Sa
eessionlsts, are now Union men.i. With but few
exoeptions, Gen. Lyon and bis men have made
favorable impressions unon the doodIb. ,-.)..
"On the morning ef the fight, Gen. Jaokaon
wm going to tbe camp witb iMpt. Kelley's com-
pany, bnt When tha hattta hetrin. thnw ImmiutU
ately returned, Kelley'a company emparking on
tbe steamer H. . Baton, and went up the river.
I Z i.r ' AjY, the., vy est on horse-
x: .?-?-,?ppc,r tha i
ST"?".BW Kington
t r "5 tt"..."" TP too the Arrow
r- v i uo vaianoe With
tbe steamers and at the fair Grounds, about
a half a mile below, where Gen. Lyon hat his
neaa quarters.
It is supposed that when reinforcements,
wmcn sre txpeoted on tne steamer 1). A. Janu
ary, arrive, Gen. Lyon will proceed westward -Col.
Blair baa become ooonlar. A man off.
ered COO dollars to any one who would shoot
mm. Tbe man was arrested, and Blair arriv
ing, released him.
A company of 87 Home Guards was raised on
Tuesday night.
Col Tattle, who was in the United States
Armv, but recently resinned. He was breveted
Captain for services in the Mexican War.
The Affair at Independence.
at on
reliably reported as follows:
A party or oavalry under Capt. Stanley were
reoonnoiterinir tne secession lines, when ueDt.
Stanley, nnder a flag of truoe, held a parley
witn iapt. noiioway, tbe secession commander.
While the parley was in progress, a movement
was belnir made bv the rebels to outflank the
regulars, ana wnen uapt. tiouoway aavanoed
towards them to prevent It, he was fired upon
by some seventy armed Rebels snd killed. . ,-.
It Is reported that five other Rebel officers
were sbot. Three regulars were wounded, one
witb a ball In the shoulder. . None were killed.
A movement of same nature took nlaoe from
the camp at Jefferson Cltv. last nleht. but the
facts havs not transpired.
Dispatches from Washington.
[World's Special.]
Scouts have learned that the Rebels bare a
masked battery on the road leading from FaU'l
Churoh to Fairfax.
Tbe Rebels have their scouts within two miles
of the Federal lines. ( , '.
Three pickets of the Michigan Reeiment.
who were sent out last nigbt, had not returned
to Alexandria this morning. It is believed they
have been picked off by the Rebel scouts.
[Special to Tribune.]
Col. Rosseau is authorized to raise two Regi
ments In Kentucky.
There has been no advance on Vienna or
Fairfax, as reported here.
fortifications are being thrown no on tha hill
commanding Fall's Church.
. Rumors of an attack are prevalent. .
Gen. James H. Lane, of Kansas, has been
appointed Brig. General of tbe army.
The fine covered bridge over Goose creek,
near Leesburg, connecting with tbe middle
turnpike road leading to Alexandria, has been
burned by Virginia troops.
[Times' Special.]
WASHINGTON, June 18th.
Three hundred Federal troops, under Cant.
Gardner, of tbe Pennsylvania 1st, had a skirmish
yesterday evening, at Edward's Ferry, witb a
considerable foroe of secessionists.
Tbe fliht lasted nearlv three honra. when
the Rebels fled having had from fifteen to twen
ty of their number killed and wounded.
One private In Capt. Gardner's oommmand
was killed, and three or four wounded slightly.
The flzht occurred from across the river. The
attack was made by the enemy, with a view to
(axing possession oi tne f erry.
Information was brought to Washington bv
Capt. Gardner's 1st Lieutenant, who was en
gsged in the action.
A regiment or Kebels returned;' to Harper's
Ferry on Monday, coming back for some mt-
chanics proficient in rifle making. Having Im
pressed as many oi tnese as they could nod, tbe
regiment retreated.
It is ascertained that the Rebels have lines of
communication across tbe Potomac from Budd's
Ferry. Small boats are used In tbe night,
which are concealed In the woods by day, and
thus avoid tbe observation of our cruisers. Only
letters and newspapers are conveyed thus. Sop
plies of provisions are coins in thronah Ken
tucky and Tennessee, instead of via Baltimore
and trederick, as heretofore.
[Special to the N. Y. Commercial.]
a cruise on the Potomac
Lieut. Mvgatt, tbe commander, renorts that
he captured eleven Rebel vessels on the river,
wmcn were endeavoring to supply tbe enemy
with provisions. He dealt aummarilv with
theet owning two, sinking four, and bringing
the remainder here as prizes.
He also discovered that the Rebels are again
at worx on tneir batteries at Aqaia Creek.
At noon to-day the picket guard of the Fed.
eral forces and of the enemy were in sight of
eacn ouier Dear rairrax uourt nonie.
It has been intimated by the President him.
sen tnat ne win assure tbe countrv in his mes
sage of a speedy termination of the war; that
be will declare bis own purpose of accomplish
log this by tbe most energetio measures, ap
pealing to Congress and the country for support
in bis policy.
a The Post says Lord Lyons yesterday present
to tbe President dispatches from his govern
ment, conveying strong assurances of the desire
to preserve friendly relations with this oonntry,
and to avoid all interference in our domestic
affairs. Lord Lyons also stated that his gov
ernment bad determined not to admit any
prizes taken by Southern privateers into British
ports. ; .
The Post Is informed by a citizen of Mary
land, residing near Piedmont, that the scene of
the reported conflict must have been New Greek
bridge, seven miles from Piedmont. This
bridge has been guarded some weeks by forty
or fifty citizens of Cumberland, under Cant.
Realy, not Rlekly, Clsrk of Allegheny county.
The bridge was well situated for defense. The
oannon used was a small four pounder, loaded
with rail punches tbe size of bullets, which must
prove very destructive to the enemy.
The first and principal patent of the Morse
Telegrsph expired at noon to-day.
[Special to the Post.]
The Rebels in the Maryland Legislature ex
pect to pass an amnesty sot, in order to cover
up tbe crimes of the ruffians who fired on the
Massachusetts troops and burned the railroad
The Baltimore Sun endeavors to encourage
the Rebels, by representing that the North is
sick of the war.
General 8cott is in better haalth than he haa
enjoyed for a long time.
Preparations for Active Hostilities.
[Special to the Post.]
A gentleman from Arlington bits Beaure
gard is advancing upon the Potomac.
fiVtrytbing iooks lite hot work before to
morrow nleht.
A relen of terror prevails in the lower Dart of
rnnoo wiiuam oounty.
Tbe Federal troops are advanoing upon Fair
fax Court House. A fight is expeoted to night.
. . . .v..... -. . -
Tbe 8th N. Y. Regiment, with a batterv.
forms the advance.
Tbe Connecticut troops are at or near Vienna.
Onr foroe in that neighborhood numbers 5.000
men, exclusive of reinforcements sent to-dav:
sufficient to hold the position against an v attack.
isiegrapn wires connect with Head Quarters
here. , . -. . y . ... . r, .
The regulars from Chamberabnrs- arrived
last night and have crossed the Potomac. .
The Government has sent 13,000. Improved
moBKeis to uov. uurtin, ot renbsyivanla, and
4,000 to Gov. Kirkwood. .. , . ' ...
From Baltimore.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
General Cadwallader had arrived at Martins-
burg.l . - ;.: . ' . , ,.;
; There were no signs of Gen. Johnson.
mere is some excitement in Baltimore to-day
in consequence of Col. Smith, of the 13th N. Y,
Kegiment, seizing ana tearing np some Confed
erate State envelopes wbioh a dot was vending.
The bystanders interfered, and made np a sub
scription lor tne boy, and cautioned Col. Smith
not to repeat theaot. Shortly after the Col.
selzsd a lot or Jeff. Lavis' likenesses from a
news store, and tore them up, declaring that If
he caught bim selling any again, he would hav
bim taken to Fort McHenry. Bystanders again
interierea, ana tne excitement was growing
when the Colonel retired. '
Marshal Kane says, If he or any other po
lios officer bad been present, it would have been
his duty to have arrested the Colonel and taken
bim to the Station bouse. Tbe Marshal will
call on Gen. Banks and have the affair inrst-
tigated. .-:T'TT a - . ' '
MENDOTA, Ill., June 20.
Mrs. Coskey and two children werodrowbed,
four miles from here, In attempting to cross a
small stream in a wagon, wbioh capsized
Tbsir bodies were recovered to day.
Proclamation of Brig. Gen. Lyon.
The following Proclamation was issued tq
People of Missouri:
. Upon leaving tbe city of St. Louis, In oonso-
2uence or the declaration or war made by tha
lovernor of this State against tbe Government
ot tbe United States, beoause 1 would not
sume on its behalf to relinquish its duties and
abdicate Its rights of protecting loyal citizens
from the oppression and oruelties of the sees-
sionists in this state, 1 published an address to
tbe people, in whloh I declared my Intention to
nse tbe force nnder my oommand for no other
purpose than the maintenance of the authorit
of the General Government, and tbe protection
of tbe rights and property of all law abiding
The State authorities. In violation of an arrea.
msnt with Gen. Harney, on .the 81st of May
last, aDanaonea tne Lanuai, isanea orders lor
the destruction of the railroad and telegraph
lines, and prooeeded to his point to pot in exe
cution their hostile preparations toward the
General Government.
This devolved upon me the necessity of meet.
log this isaue to tbe best of my ability; and,
acoordingiy, I moved to this point with a por
tion of the foroe under my oommand, and at
tacked and dispersed the hostile forces gathered
here by the Governor, and took possession of the
camp equipage left, and a considerable num
ber of prisoners, most of them young and of
immature age, who represent that tbey have
been misled by frauds Ingeniously devised and
industriously circulated by designing leaders,
who seek to devolve noon unreflecting god do
luded followers tbe task lof securing the ohiei-t
of tbolr own false ambition.
Out of compassion for these misguided vonih.
and to correet impressions created by unscru
pulous calumniators. I liberated them, nnnn
condition that they will not serve In the im
pending hostilities against the U. S. Govern
ment. 1 nave oone idis in spite of the known
faol that the leaders in tbe present rebellion,
having long experienced the mildness of tbe
General Government, still feel confident that
this mildness caniot be overtaxed, even by fao
tlous boitilities, having in view its overthrow.
But lest, as in the case of the late Camo Jack
son sfiitir, tbia clemency shall still bo miscon
strued, it Is proper to give warning that tbe
Government oannot be always expected to In
dulge it to tbe compromise of its evident wel
fare. Having been Informed that those nlottinir
against tbe Government have falsely represent
ed that tbe Government troops intended a forci
ble and violent Invasion of Missouri, for pur
poses of military despotism and tyranny, I here-
uj give ounce w mo people oi this State, that
I shall scrupulously avoid all interference with
the business, rights and property of every de
scription recognised by the laws of this State,
belonging to law-abiding citizens; but It is
equally my duty to maintain tbe paramount
authority of the United States with such force
as I have at my command, which will be retain,
ed only as long as opposition shall render it ne
cessary; and that it is my wish, and shall bs
my purpose, to aeroive any unavoidable rigor,
arising in this issue, upon those only who pro
voke at.
All persons who, nnder tbe mlsannrehenalnna
above mentioned, have taken up arms, or who
are preparing to do so, are invited to retnrn to
their homes, and relinquish their hostile atti
tude to the Federal Government, and are as
sured that they may do so without being molest
ed forpast occurrences.
A. LYON, Brigadier General,
A. LYON, Brigadier General, U. S. V. Commanding.
From the South.
The Memphis Bulletin of the 19th announefe
semUoffioially, that no more twelve month'
volunteers will be received. Troops must en
list for the war.
It learns that 500 muskets, shipped by ths
federal bovernment for tha Union men of
Weakley county, Tennessee, were by accident
sent from Paducah to Union City, and fell into
ths hands of the Southerners there.
D The troops at Memphis were much In want of
arms, wnoie companies being unarmed.
Tbe same paper has information that South
ern Kentucky will aoon secede, tod Pillow will
It states that In Monroe county, Arkansas,
near Helena, several negroes were arrested
lately for an attempted lnsurreotion. On Tues
day last, three were bung. According to their
piui, an me woue maies were to be murdered,
out ids iemaies were to oe spared.
Tbe Austin (Texas) Gazette haa been in
rormed that a secret Union organizstion has
oeen lormea in tnat eiaie. it says tbere are a
few Johnsons, Etheridges and Hickies ln
From Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, June 20.
were esptured bv the Iowa troons. at Hndann.
on the Hannibal k St. Joseph Railroad, on
1 wenty-tbree secessionists were also eintnrarf
at Cameron, part of whom were releasmi on na..
role. Tbe balance were retained for examina
tion. ,
Several wagon loads of lead and a nnnnlltv
of powder, eight cannon, and seventy ,head of
name, were oapiurea oytne federal troops at
n 1 1 . st a m . .
noun, i wemy nve prisoners were also taken.
Col. Solomon's Fifth Regiment.
left Rolla on the 17tb, for Springfield, in the
south-western part of the State. Col. Sigels'
Kegiment soon followed. -
Tbe examination of J. W. Tunlrar. editor nf
tbe Journal, has been DostDoned tilt tha 2,1 nisi
JUIy. I .... . . .
Proceedings of the Western Virginia
WHEELING, June 20.
, Tbe morning session was occuoied in aimlnir
the Delaration, which was an Impressive scene.
i ine rou was eauea by counties, each mem
ber came forward to the desk and signed ths
in tbe afternoon frank H. Pierrjont waa nnan.
Imously elected Governor, and Daniel Paisley M
Mason oounty, Lieutenant-Governor.
Messrs. Lamb, Paxton. Van Winkle. Harrl.
son and Laxre form the Governor's counsel.
1 be eleotion of Attornev General is DORtnnnn rl
until Saturday. -. -
Ine Uovernor was form all v Inanrnrated thin
afternoon. . Taking in addition ts the mml
oath, one of stringent opposition to the usurpers
aiuumonu. ne men aenverea an address to
tbe members of the Convention, urging a visor.
ous prosecution of the work of redeeming the
dmw i rum toe nanus or tne iteoeis.
A message from Gov. PierPont. favoring a
strong military organisation, is expected in a day
or two.
To night the cltv is In a blaze of excitement.
Fireworks, bells ringing, cannon firing, etc.
cTerjoouj rejoicing. J
No reliable details are received yet concerning
the burning of the bridge near Piedmont.
Movements of Troops.
CHICAGO, June 20.
The Second Wisconsin Regiment arrived this
evening and was most enthusiastically received
by our oitizens, who turned out in large num
bers to meet them. Tfaer leave for the East
to-night, via the Michigan Southern Railroad.
The First Minnesota Regiment. Col. Gormen.
has been also ordered East, and will leave St.
rani on Monday next. . .i ,u. . t
BURLINGTON, Iowa, June 20.
The Third lows) Regiment, encamped at
r -1- . . . . . . . . "
neosuK, nave received orders to bold them.
selves ln readiness to march into Missouri.
emanated lrom r the
State Department to dayt 1.
" It is expeoted that hereafter any passport
whioh may be issued by a Diplomatic agent ac
credited to this Government, or by any Consu
lar authority whatever, either to persona abont
to proceed beyond the lines of the U. 8. forces,
or to a foreign country, will De countersigned
by the Secretary of State. - .-
(Signed) WM. H. SEWARD"
. Capt.. Woods, of the Mt.. Vernon, together
with his gusrd, landed at tbe White Houae yes
terday, and scoured tha ooantry for miles. In
quest of secession batteries', which It was re
ported had been erected tbere, but none were
Gen. McClellan Left for Virginia.
Getl. McClellan and staff left Clnolnnati this
morning, to take command of tha army In
Western Virginia.
CINCINNATI, June 20. Col. Blanton Duncan's Kentucky
CINCINNATI, June 20. Col. Blanton Duncan's Kentucky Regiment.
CINCINNATI, June 20. Col. Blanton Duncan's Kentucky Regiment. LOUISVILLE, June 20.
.. TMTi , ... . erpna io mis city
from Winchester, Vlrgluls, oo the lSib.tbat
i WU1. D iniAR MHHfll t. .... U . - ... ...
- cspuio report oi we ism, that the
.w.uw, uouer nis oommand meditate deser
tion, is absolutely false. .Tbey will leave the
rsnks orjly to go to their graves. He does not
,i oig rainer ever expressed the opin
ion attrioeted to bim, relative to this matter. :
From Caire.
CHICAGO, June 20.
annn ¬
at the head of an army variously estimated at
from ten to thlrtv thoiuenri.
Something wilt happen here before long, of
uironur ouoers seem to Da rll
There la a rnmn, i..t . i .
vaaav sat vuua tanu ssfiwsejrsi I onnnAa rai aavh e mm
vura river HI join US.
From Hagerstown.
-rvvaia tivw lUBti ine CB.UIA nr th mn
mo... m ireops across the f otomao on Monday
night, was in consequence of an nnfonnded re-
The Secession acoonntnf thn via.
ssys they captured two wsgon loads of arms
and sixty blankets.
There are a number of unreliable' reports
about the Rebels being at Fairfax yesterday af
ternoon. . '
CAIRO, Ill., June 20.
Tbe First Reeiment of Illinnl. nin,....
arrived this evening. The Eleventh, to day,
relieved Col. Schattoer's Regiment of Missouri
Riflemen at Bird's Point.
scnutner s Regiment went Into camp here.'
Kussell, of the London Timea. uh th
camps to-day ln company with General Prentiss
and other gentlemen. He addressed the troops
and was entirely non-committal in bit remarks,
but complimented them highly for efficiency ln
In private conversation he declared th finnth.
ern troops could bear no comparison to those at
this point, in discipline, drill, arms, and general
Advices received here state that tha MlQ.nnl
State forces recently in tbe neighborhood or In
dependence, have moved toward Lexington,
where it is understood a large body of State
troops are being eonoentreted fn tha
of making a stand against tha Pederal armv
ii n I am flsH T -
uMiaca v vu e JUTUUa
Two Days Later from Europe.
NEW YORK, June 20.
Tbe Africa, from T.irernvtl n. thm Hik .nJ
Sricnn0.11 th 9'h arriTed thu morning.'with
evw(uuv iu specif)
In the House of Lords, .ft inrtiA nnnnatf Irn
the Government financial measures passed the
seoond reading.
In the House of Commons, Lord John Russell
replied to an Inquiry whether the loterdiotiou of
priYaieers, eio., irom bringing prizes Into Brit
ish ports, was according to former practice, that
the Queen's Advocate's opinion was favorable to
toe ngoi oi interdiction, which tbe law of na
tions givss every power. Hence the Govern
ment issued the prohibition. '
Mr. Gregory was appealed to. to nnatnona hia
motion in reference to a prompt recognition of
"uu.uoiu vuuieueracy. ne ssid nis only
motive Was to mske a fair atatamant nf th.
question, that of the Northerners being alreadv
w.u.v iu. uuuiic. Ai me wisn nr rna Hnm..
however, be assented, and ths motion was post-
It is reported that the U. 8.
orders for 275,000 muskets had reached Frank
fort. Tbe Southern Commissioners vara' elan nnn
expected in Germany, with a aimilar object,
funds were depressed at London, Paris and
euewuere, in consequence or favour's death
i ne uoorse closed at 67gf. or 60o.
Garibaldi waa reported seriously ill.
The Pope was likewise indisposed.
It Was reported that Nannlnnn inferrllntoil
Prince Napoleon visiting the United States, but
he will visit Canada.
7, coUoUa f Hungary by tbe
military executions, was being carried ont with
mo greatest severity.
Brea osTurrs. The weather was favorable
ior crops, nicnardson, Bpenoe ft Co. and
Wakefield, Nash ft Co. report all articles verv
dull and lower.
Flour almost nominal, and pressingly offered
-.-.unucr ueuiiue or is since I nesday. JSx
tra State 263(J27b; Ohio 27e28s 6d.
Wheat very dull, and freely offered at i
farther deolineof 34d per cental, making i
lull or bffflSd on the week. Rerl 1(1. R4rato
A. -1.1,. II. flmi " J
C.nm. I-it 1 ,
WJkU 1CTTUU11. DUO IflNn IE In.th.. M-
iliPLlBU 3d' witbout buyers; mlxsd
uutjsouej jewjw outlffijus bd; white 30s bd
iigooe uu. r i
Pbovisions. Beef quiet and nnoqanged.
Pork in moderate reanest- WakaflalH. K.ah
Co. say 2s 6d5a cheaper. Bacon depressed,
uu mai lower; pnoes nominal. -. Lard dnll
ana nominal at sUdabs.
the .brokers' Circular rannrta mni.
dull and fully bd lower. Coffee inactive.
. . - .u VMM.
Rico in lair demand at late receipu.
London Market Baring Brothers report
English wheat ls2i, and foreign Is per quar
ter lower; white American 6ls65j red 67t
63s. Flour dull at 27s 6dia.Ha firl.
dull and 6d lower. Tea unchanged; Cmmn
"isu. wue in Kooa .aemana and ataade.
n -flf- i . . . . r
Tallow flat and lower. . . , - .
Havre report not received. . . ' : "1
Baring Brothers report that American atruitra
have been offered and found buyers only at lower
prices. Less business doing in Railway securi
ties. .
aa anon.
ulators and exporters took 1000; closed dull.
Breadstuff dull, at Friday's decline. Pmvlsinna
dull. Consols 89oW for monev. 90 l-8a
90) for account.
Ha van Cotton Market. Tree ordinaire
110f,basl04f firm: sales of tha week 11.0(10
oaies; bioce, mo,uuv Dales. ;',
Latest per Africa.
In the Bank of Emrlanrl
.A oo"Jinn Tiit..i . - .
cu .i.vto. Aiuuuia aosres auoiea uatnrna.w
at 4039 discount. Erie share 20
x'be census of Englsnd and Wales ihnwa a
popuUtlon of 20,000,000, an inoreaae of over
d.uuo.oou in two years. Ths population of
London is 3,800,000.
The emigration from the Doited Kingdom in
i n cwie Ann
icu jmne wae ,J,uuu." . . - -. . j.
Fire at Wilmington, Delaware.
The Henry Clay Factor, owned bv Dnnont
St, Co., was burped this morning. Tbebnllding
is Insured, and the machinery partially. The
mill waa worked by Mr. Griffith, In mannfac
taring government cloth., The origin of tbe fire
lsunKoown.. 1 . . : , 7- . . , v ..1
is 0,91a. 11 is supposed the country will in
crease It to 15,000. t . . .... .
Crittenden's majority in Fayette is 1,040; in
rraniun uu.
. G. Rider's majority In Bowltngreen is 336'
New York Market.
NEW YORK, June 20.
at IS to for not, an
S8SX for pearls.
OOIION-r Irm and demand fair; sales of 1,500 bates at
MX far middling apland.
rLOOR Opened Unlet and erased heav. anaeMlaa. S
SISo lower; private aooonnts bv Africa a- nsfAVorable:
ealee 0,800 at bole $i 3XSi SO for eaperflna Bute; 4 70
t 80 for extra State; St lit 60 for enperflne Weeb
ern; t 455 00 for common to medlom extra Western,
fS MkiBS 35 for shipping brands extra round hoop Ohio;
and 9i 50(86 85 for trade do.-, market oloelag heavy with
trong downward tendency. Canada floor, rnlea doll,
and common grades lower; sales of 600 bbls at $4 70at
I au rer common 10 cnoioo extra. . 1 i
RTI ELona OaletandnomlnallvnnohaiiraS.
CORN MBAL Dull; wire of 100 boa Oalotloat tSOO,
nuAsn.1 vemana moaerau ana market acamai ao
Bmt sales of 800 bole for cash at iail6o, oluelng at
tba tnetde price. t,- ,1 1
WU B AT Opened hearr and elcstd anoattiel. and IS
5s par onahel lower. The private a-route by tbe AMea
an Terr anfavorable; aalea of SS.OOO bnehela Ohkam
epring atWcdttl 06; 15,800 bushels Racine spring at
I i ,. " iwoeu ember Iowa at el 1
$167 1 ,"10 white Kentockj at
BTB Rtaut
ShKn!I,T1,,'U'n.14nd W1U, adrorport
Uad noma SVinailimnlUn aamlaw. . ta aim. . . r '
w1..?IS-'S o for
"A."1 in moderate requeet at SWSaie for Waaium
and Oanadlam Suavta 1 o ik. a.... ror "eitern
is m rHetr' lower; ' "S bbl. at a 15 45
2 for prixo. chiefly atlntide price"
i5? "All"' u 50 for prime; S550
BOO for men; 8l0for repacked turn It 10 11 0(1
Baas h i TMlTT.V.V.r "nenangea
OUT HIATK In llmli.H ....... .I'lai. . .t . .
a.r.-(VS)flu-. "-"" lor.aooi-
nauoM-Dmi and nnehanged. !..
LARD A (bade easier: hIh nt UPtx kki. . o iiA,y.
- ivi aaaSIMala
BOTTIR Belllnr .1 .n. mT".!:.
at !7o as to quality.
' 6TO0K8 Qenerilly eteady and nnchtnired: New Tork
U. B. 6 s. t 84; V. B. 5' H. Coupon. 76 C. 8768
Ts 40 8: U' G' ' W- 0
Cleveland Market.
June 19. 1861.
ILOUB Quiet and nnchlmed. ' galea araall In .n..H
paroeli for local trade.
WHBAT-Bteady, at tl 6t for red on track, and SI 15
OATS-Dnll at22o on track.
niOHWINEg Saleeetlto. ""
rHUlTH Dried annlaiara n.4nll a 11 n
. , . 1 ' ' " J mm... Kiiuait luw vol.
. uu. reacuei are lDACIlTa at VJn. fnr n.alMil.
Aie eteady at 8)4!).
C II BK.IS Dull and net quotable.
uu riJEhb Kemilna .... Anil t. t li i
In irnall lota. Oooii nuaiiiu. -.11 1. iv.i. - . a
Cincinnati Market.
iln floar there wee a trifla hatt Kn.in... n. .
dar, nroduclns. however, nn chmn In tha laa.t r th
Wheat wee offered enatlniriw. i. a . n..
nun. .1 f I WVf 1 III.
corn eommande See more readil.
Oat are nochano-el In nrlea. hut hulnv in li.i.i Mint.
Barley and Bre are dail8e It the nominal price for
the former, and 48e for Ine latter.
wainy eoid mora freely to-day at KXc- Cincinnati
vvrrtrn crv tJ ( e .
Philadelphia Market.
. .
r LOUR-Bteadv. bat dnll: tnnetflna a.vas en- f.t.
y tS 7S0.
wheat Firmer; itlee of 3,000 ha red at a)l SUS
85; whlreittl 301 40.
OOBN Boaraeand Arm: itlea of l.ono hn miTmi .1
WBI8KV-DallatlB)tail7o. eSSSJSI
Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
The Greatest Henaedyin Tbe Uorld
ever taken.
ly a scientific and
Vegetable Compound,
procured by the dl.tll
lation of Boots. Herhe
and Barks, Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Banaparilla, Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion enters Into Its
Before Takin&tire active remediaiAiter Taking.
principle of each ingredient is thoroaghly extracted by
my new method of distilling, producing i,a delicicua. cx
hlleratlnr anlrit. and the moat INFALLIBLE remedy foi
mnnvatinff the riiaaaaed avatem. and re.torlne: the .Ick,
tufferlns and debiliUted INVALID to HEALTH and
Will effeetoally ears
Chronic or Nervooi Debility, Diseases of the Kidneys;
and all dlseaaee arislna from a disordered Liver or Hum
aen. UTiDecata. Heartburn, inward ruea. Aciuny or bici-
neee of tbe Stomach, lullnaes ot Blood ta tha bead. Dull
pain or swimming ln tbe bead, Palpitation or the Heart
Fullness or Weight In tne Btomacb, Boar cractauoni
Ohokins or suffocating1 feellns when lying down , Drraeat
or reiiowneasor tne nun and res, siignt sweats, in
ward levers. Pain In the small of the back, chest or .irfe.
Sadden Flushes of Heat, Depression of Spirits, Frightful
Dreams, Languor, veeponaeney or any MervonsDiae
Scree or Blotches on the Skin, and Fever and Agae (or
omiisaaa raver.)
Over a Million f Uottlea
Have been sold daring the last six months, and In no h
tanoe haa it failed la giving entire satisfaction. Who,
then, will suffer from Weakness or Debility when Mo-
No language can convey an adequate Idea of the !mm
dlate and almoat miraculous change produced by taking
this Cordial ln the diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
organisation is restorea 10 its pristine neaita ana vigor.
Or others eonsotoag of inability, from whatever cause.
Will find McLean a Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of the system; and all who may have injured
themselves by improper indulgences, will find la the Oor
Sial a certain and speedy remedy. .
. Te the Ladles.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
' Is a sovereign and speedy core for
Obstructed or Difficult Men.tru.tion, incontinence of
urine or involuntary Dtecnarge tnereor, railing of tne
Womb, Giddiness, Fainting and all Diseases incidne t
Tiere is no Xiatake About It.
Buffer no longer. Takalt according to Directions. It
will stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate you and cause
the bloom of health to mount your cheek again.
- -i B Tory Bottle Is warranted to give aauatactlon.
If your children are sickly, pany, or afflioted, McLean Y
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Dels
not a moment, try It, and you will be convinced.
Oaotiok. Beware of Drnggiitt or Dealers who nun
try to palm upon yoa some Bitter or Sanaparilla trash,
which they can bay cheap, by eayini It is just as good.
Avoid such men. Ask lor McLean'. Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else- It is tba only remedy that
will purify tha blood thoroughly and at ths tame time
strengthen the system.
one tabierpoonni taken every morning luting, It a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and fever, Yellow
fever, or any prevalent diseases. It is pot up In largt
Mines. . .
Prioeonlytl per bottle, or 6 bottle, for 5. '
' J.H. McLIANV "
j Bole Proprietor of tht. Cordial,
- Also McLean's Volcanle Oil InlmenL
Principal Depot oa tha comer of Third and Pine streets.
. amis. aso. - -
I - Mr-T.ean'a Volrainln DI1 I.lnimnnt. '
Tha beat Liniment In ths World. The only safe and
certain cure for Canoe ra. Piles. Swellings and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
gineeiea, onronio or inflammatory tUMumalism, Btill
Beaa of tha Joints, eontraoted Muscles or Ligaments
Earacne or xoouacae. Bruises, sprains, wounds, Frein
Oats, Dicers, fevar Sores, Caked Breasts Bore Nipples,
Barns, Bcaias. core xnoac, or any inflammation or rain,
ne difference now severe, or how long tha disease may
nave existed. Habeas s uaiebratea Liniment tt a eer
tain remedy.
Thousands ot naman being, nave been saved a life of
decrepitude ana misery ny ine oe or tnis invaluable mea-
LINIMENT ' v. -i
Wilt relieve pain almost instantaneously, and It wil
elaanaa, purify and heal the foniesl sores in an Inoredt
yasmtUM. . - ...
' Fer Horaes and Other Animals. 1
McLean s celebrated Liniment Is the only safe and ra-
Babla remedy for tneoare of K pa Tin, King Bone, wind
galls, Splints, Unnatural Bumps, Nodes or Swellings. It
will never rail to cure Big ueaa, roil Jtni, sisiuia, uia
running Bores or Sweeny. If properly applied. For
Sprains, Braises, Sera tehee, Bores or Wonnda, Cracked
Heels, Chafes. Baddla er Collar Galls it la an Infalliele
remedy. Apply it as directed, and a core la certain is
sv.ry inataoce. . . . v. . j.i. .
Tbea trine bo looter witn ana saany wenaiesa ua
meets oSTered to yoa. Obtain a supply of Dr. MoLeaa's
o It bra tad iiiatmsni. 11 win cure yoa.
J. Si. ncLKAli, Bole Proprietor. -
Comer of Third and Pins Streets, St. Louis, Ms.
tale by all druggists.
for sale by . . ROBBRT8 It SAMCBL, -aigi-dwlf
Oolumbua, Obis.
j Co rater Smrlsia; tt Water 8ts.,
w. b. potto, aroo
tiva a. 1 11 s.oai js .
Mannfactnrert of Brass and Composition Castings.
febl BIhJIT
. -
MUB, wzztslow,?;
An experienced Norn and female Phyelclao, premnie
10 tne attsntion 01 moioeri, ner
which greatly facilitates the proeeaa of teething, by eoft
enlng the aame, redaolng all tnflaamation will allay
ALL PAIN andepwmodio action, and la
Depend upon It. mother., it win rin
and '
We hare pat an and aula thi. artiri rr .... tn
what we have never been able to u. oi ,m nthnr marfi.
ANCE, 10 EFFECT A CURB, when timely aerd. Mer
er did we know an lnetanoe of diaMtlafMtion by any one
who need IU On the contrary, all are delighted with lie
operation., and (peak In terms of commendation of Its
magical eOeote and medical Tirtaee. We epeek In tbia
matter "WHAT WK DO KNOW;" after ten year.' expe
almoet every In.tanco where the Infant U auffering from
pain and exhauation. relief will be foand In fltleen er
twenty minute, after theSyrnp la admlnl.tered.
This valuable preparation la the preacrlptlon oi one of
New En Eland, and haa bean naed with NEVER SAIL.
It notonly relleree the child from nain. bnt InvleoM
atee the itomacb and bowel., eorrecU acidity, and girer
tone and enerirr to the whole natem. It will almoat Ini
tantly relieve'
and overoome eenvnieiona, which, if not ipeedliy rem-
aim, ena in aeatn. we Deuere It tne BKST and HUE
it arirca from teethlna, or from an other cauae. W.
would aay to every mother who haa a child .uffering from
any of the foregoing complaint DO NOT LET YOUR,
land between yon and your suffering child, and the re
lief that will be SURE yea. ABSOLUTELY BURN-to
follow the oee ot thi. medicine, If timely need. Foil di
rection, for u.inr will accompany each bottle. Nona
genuine unlemthe facsimile of CURTIS PRRKINBi
new 1 one, ie on me ontaide wrapper.
Bold by all Draggtats throughout the world.
Principal Office, 13 Cedar Street If. Y.
H, Ie precisely what IU name Indicate!, for, whllt
Ipleajant to the tatU, it Is revivlfyl ng, exhllarai
.iog, invigorating and strengthening u the vital
powers, and at the same time rerivifles. iein
l.lstes, and renewe the Blood in all Its puriiy. ann
tha. at once rettorea and rtn&trt tht tvitem in-
wulturalile to attack of ditto. It is tbe only
fa cally and skillfully combined as to be the most
p'-woriui miuiu. uu ai iiiv na. live wo penecuy
tdapted to, as to act ln perleot accordance with the
:aws of nature, and hence will tooth th wtaktti
ptomacK, and tone up (he flijestire organs, and (J
thus allayall nervous and other irritation. It l
'per'ectly exhilarating, and at the same time it is L,
composed euttreiy of vegetables, yet so combined H
las to produce the moat thorough tonic effect, with-
H rei
lij ihe
lout producing any Injurious consequences Buchit
remedy nas long neen reu tone a desideratum iu LP
ie medical world, for it needs no mediae) skill to T
see tbatdebillty follow, all attack, of disease, and!
oroceeds and indeed lays ths system onen to tlie
0 insidious attacks of many of the moat latal, snch,
for example, as the following: Consumption, In
idigestion, Dy.pep.la, Loss of Appetite. Falntness.
Nervous Irritability. Neuralgia Palpitation ol hc
Ej Ueart, Melancholy, Night Sweats. Languor, Giddi
C1 oeu, Retention of, a. well as Painful obstructed.
too nrof use. or too scant Menstruation, and Fall-i
log of the Womb. These all depend upon general
debility. This pare, healthy, tonio Cordial and!
Blood uenovator is assure to cures. Uusun lo U
rise and set. There is no mistake about it. BatiOJ
this is not all. If the system Is weakened, wa are -apen
to bilious attacks, the liver becomes torpid,!,,
or worse diseased, tbe kidneye refuse to perform, r
tneir functions, ana we are troubled witn scalding,
and Incontinence of nrine, or involuntary die
charge of the same, pain In the back, eide and fce-l A
tween tne shoulders, exceedingly liable to slight y
oolds. coughs, and if unchecked, soon emaciation I
follows, and tbe patient goes down to a premature -
grare. But space will not allow ns to enumerate fl
the many ill. to which we are liable in a weakened U
condition of the system. But we will say, ln thi.
Cordial and Blood Benovator von hare a n. n--i u
safe, pleasant snd effeotual remedy for loss of J
Appetite, Biliousness, Flatulence weak and aick V
Hi Stomach, Languor, Lirer Complaint, Chills and
iFever, or any Bilious attar k, Coailreness. Sciditv
of the Stomach, Nerroasneas, Neuralgia, Palpita-1. ,
tion of the Heart, re saion of Spirits. Sores, M
Pimples on the Fao9' or any dUase arising from aJJ
impure blood, inch as Scrofula, Erysipelas. Bron
hitis, Oongh, difficulty of Breathing, snd all that ,.
Mbus of diseases called female weakness, and M
enumerated above. We will also say the traveler U
exposed to epidemic cnange or climate and wan
er, will find it a pleasant, sale and aura remedy, I
tnu none snouid ever iravei witnout. Header. ,
trv It. for arn a.niNi iia .nn will And In it m lpi.nil
pndeed, a. well aa a friend in need. All person. of!
rsodentary habits will find it a perfect preventive oil i
u wen as cure for thote ailments to which tbey are M
particttiarly exposed, ilence mtnisters,students,at
torneya, literary stntlemen.and ladies who are not
accustomed to much outdoor exeicise, will Sua it I
10 their advantage to keep a bottle constantly on
hand; and, above all, mothers, or these becoming
such, will go through that most dangerous period 1
001 only win ail their accustomed atrengtb, bat
safe and free from the thousand ailments so prev
stent among the female portion of the world. Ir I
short, it Is indeed a mother', cordial. Try it, old I
and joung; no longer run the risk of delay; It will
relieve and prove itself emphatically a JCtttora
tin Cordial and Mlotd Renovator. I
O. i . WOOD , proprietor, Ut Broadway, New
k org, and 114 Maine t rjcreet, st. Louis, Mo.; anil
sold by R0BBRTS at SAMUEL, Columbus, Ohio.
ana all good -Druggists. Price One Dollsil
per Bottle. " marchJ8-dAweowly I
for tha INSTANT RlLIIf
and PKEMANBNT 0CBB of th 1
. distresaing oomplaint as '
MadehyO. B. BBYM0DK t 00 , 107 Nassaa St.. N.
Price fl per box; sent free by post.
designs, at $4,00 per 1,000. -
at ball tha price charged by small dealers.
JITHBAD QUARTERS No, 75 Booth High street. .
Columbus, Msy 8, leci. J . U. RILK Y.
1 St. !,:; ., a.
- NBWAKKonio, --;;- , ; '
raanafacfarera tall kind el 'Par.
arable attat statlatiaary steam Kit. . ;
. KtsteSf taw ffllUla. irlat Hill lev ft I
tAJfIS BODLX1 Btattnt B. d I. JBUXD TSeatmt
at J. B. DTTfALL JltalmlU OOLUMH7S
CO. Statmlllll
' Oar Portable Zutrina and law Mill
Wat awarded ths Brat previa of $50 as tha Indiana
Stats fair for 1SK) over Lans St Bodice's, oa account of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawotl. ';,
Onr Stationary logins was awarded at the aama r, '
the flrat pramiom of $00. , . ,
Our portable angine was awwRlrS the first premlun .(
$100 at ths Fair, at Memphis, Tenn., ever Blandy's Vaj
rail's, Columbus Machine Oo's., and Bradford a do1..'
by a oommittee of practical Railroad Bnguiesrs.
aor price ana rerm. aaarees
W1LLARD WARNBR, Trsesarer,
deeS-dfcwlyeols. . Newark, Ohio

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