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l)tl)tf) Statesman
Tbe Adam Express Company plaoesw daily
under obligations to it for the very latest papers
....... uio VUDlorU VlblCB, ;
The American Express Company has our
thanks for Its dally farora In the shape of the
crj mwuv eastern papers. '., '.
School Norics. The examination of the
public schools in this olty will take plaoe on
Monday and Tuesday, the 24ih and 25th Inst,
The closing exerolies of the High Sohooi will
take plaoe at Bigelow Chapel on next Tuesday
Tbe present term will close on Tuesday the
nn mat. ine schools will be re opened on tbe
via aay of September next. ,
All those oitlzens who aoted last year on the
committee or examiners, and tbe friends of dod
Uar education generally, are cordially Invited
to be present at and take part in the examina
tions next Monlay and Tuesday.
We especially call upon tbe parents to attend,
ana Dy their presence practically manifest their
interest In the mental welfare of their children
intrusted to the care of our teachers. . .. ,
Secretary the Board of Education
COLUMBUS, O., June 21, 1861.
Blackwood's Maoazim. -The June number
of Blackwood is already on our table. It opens
with a moat delightful essay on the mania of
"Book-Huntiog," In whloh this foible, as well
as other weaknesses oi human nature, are treat
ed in a kindly, genial spirit.
"The Monks of the West," takes us back into
tbe times behind the innovations and reforms
of a later and more restless period, and makes
us feel a love and reverence for "aalntl man."
whose llres, If they did not square with our no
tlons of moral and religious duty, were, never
theless, lull of good deeds, j r
Tbe review of Miss Banna's travels and
observations during a two years' tour In Swit
zerland and Italy, and her earnest searohing
for the true church the church of the future
oannot fail to Interest tbe admirers of the
Swedish novelist-.... .... ., ....
The " Cruise up the Yangst'zs In 1858-9'
is a sprightly descriptive narrative of a voyage
up that river beyond Nankin, to be completed
in a subsequent numberi " ,
Tbe articles " From Fatherland" (Germany),
and the " Memoirs of a Tory Gentlewoman,"
together with the continuation of ' Norman
Sinclair," and several short poems, fill out this
number. It Is truly a literary number, Just the
one to turn the mind off for a brief season
from the coLfllctlng elements around us, and
afford instruction and amusement..
This number oloses a volume of Blackwood.
It is published by Lionaio Scott & Co., New
York, the publishers also of the standard Brit
ish Reviews, at $3 a year.
Capt. Wallace, Company B, Fifteenth Regi.
ment, arrived bere yesterday as special messen
ger from Col. G. W. Andrews, making appli
cation to have the Regiment enlisted for three
years. dpt. Wall.cc, as we are Informed,
mado application to Gov. Dcnniion, and after
working hatd all day, is compelled to return
without receiving the least satisfaction or Infor
mation The Reglmont Is divided as follows)
five Companies at Grafton, three at Phllllppl,
two at Cheat River.
Capt. Wallace, Company B, was the only
Company at Phlllippi at the capture of the Se
cession troops. Why it is that offioera oan get
no satisfaction or information at Headquarters
about such Important matters, is difficult to dee
termine on any principle of common sense.
Capt. Wallace returns to his Regiment this
morning, no wiser than he came, so far as the
business of bis mission is concerned.
Tbe Twbntt-Fousth Regiment. The field
officers of this Regiment are Colonel, R.' P.
Scammon; lieutenant-Colonel, J . A. Garfield;
Major, J. A. Gilbert. The following are the
Captains In the Regiment, with the aggregate
number of men in each company:
, 1 fld
Capt. Eellong
" Hlgilni
Patterion . ......
- Arnold
- Bill
Given .
101 '.
1 b7
O We learn that Capt Toenei's company,
the Montgomery Guards, was disbanded yester
day tbe requisite number of men to make a
full company not having been obtained.
We understand that Capt. Toknet Intends
raising another company within two weeks from
this time. ' V.- - ...
Movements or the Taoors The Cincinnati
Eoqulrer gives the following as the expected
movements of troops from Camp Dennlson:
Third and Fourth Regiments last evening, if
transportation could be furnished; (Seventh and
Tenth to-morrow mornlog; -Twelfth and Sixth
on Monday') Fifth and Eighth on Tuesday; Elev
enth and Thirteenth on Wednesday and Thurs
day all over the Cincinnati and Marlotta Road
Into Virginia. -
O Queen Victoeia has been on tbe throne
of Great Britain twenty-four years. She be
came Queen by the death of her ancle, William
IV., June 20, 1837. She was proclaimed Queen
June 21, and crowned Jane 38,;
m-I ! ii ! li i In;
DTThe Third Regiment, Col. Marrow's, wu
inspected at Camp Dennlson on Thursday even
ing, and is now ready to move. ; It Is said to be
one of. the best in the field. ' ? .-. :
lET Col. Roieet Anozeion Jhsa received bis
commission as Brigadier-General la the United
8tateearmy. ; j i' "J,-'-'
Temss Overcoats. The three tbottsand over
coats for the troops are til to' be famished at
$7,50 each, by she following parties: ' '.'.'!
0'Hrra tt Brejfogle. Oolnmbnr. 750 overeoata.
Bmltb, Uoeulock m Ulller. Oolombui....' 790 ' " '
A. A. Stewait, Oolumbut.. ....,,.,.,.. SoO "
Mack Brotfaei,QlnlnnsU.... .,,...,.1200
ItT Brigaaier ueneral Cbaeui W. Hill, of
Toledo, left,.' tills, city yesterday morning, for
uraiton. ' I pe ptate troops comuosmc his Brie
ade are the Mib, 15th, lth, 18th and 291 Rest.
ments. The following appointments to bit staff
are msde from this cityi '. - ,
Brigade Major, Capt. ' Walloatt; Quarter
Master, R. E. Champion) Surgeon. Dr. R,' N.
Bare. u
07 Forty thousand muiketa, back and ball,
arrived In Clnoiunatl on Thursday; evening, per
Adams Express, oonslgned to Gen, Anderson.
1 Vii 1 1 ) 1 ' t ii c. 't-. ;
ST David SclLttant, aa employee in BcftER
& Bro.'s Bakery, bas bad bis bend severely
crushed by being caught In the maohmery., it
Is said he will lose tbe use of it.
: D The examination of the Pubilo Sobools
in mis olty, takes place on Monday and Tuea
oy of next week. The closing exercises
wo nign Bonool will take place on Tuesday
O Yesterday morning;, twenty members
company c, State Fenolbles. left theoltv.nn
der oommand of Corporal R. S. Neil, and oro.
ceeded by railroad via Loveland, to Join their
company at Athens.
iJ" The first nsw wheat of the season was
received at Memphis, Tenn., on the 15th, and
soia iorf l ift per busnel.-
CTWk. McDonald of this city, has been ao
pointed Sutler of the Fifteenth (Col. Ihvine's)
- ' "
Rail Road Time Table.
Cincinnati Accommodation. 5:00 A.?.' 9:10 tVM.
" Kxnrau.. 11'lflA.M . u.f.a a w
u.ti m ..rr" - . .. ? : - " i.
umi ua Aflcammoaiuan.. win v. m . n w
...0-. rimi vavjB.u.w mianigul. Hi, M.
Jiw. W. Dohmtt, Agent,
Oolchsci A CurvgLAini B. B.
nignisxprets 3:40 A. M. . 11:1S t. If.
0. 0. fcO. Way Ixprss 8:30 P. H. 7:50 p. M
, James Pttorioh, Agent.
OnrauLOrno B. R.
No, 3 Express 3:30 A. M. II M A. M
Mo. 5 do 8:15 P. M. 11:S A. If.
; B";' ' W. J. Vul, Agent.-
PrrniDKan, Oolombci fc CmcutruTi B. B.
Mall Train 3. SO A. M. 11:93 A. H.
Bsprese Train ...11:SS A. it. 6:45 P.M.
Joe. BoBimoN, Agent.
COLCHiDi At IitsiAHorous, B. B.
VUOLDMSPe nan, IkduraB. B.) '
No. 1 Express...... e:30 A. M. 8:00 P. M
MO. 3:00 P. M. 8:45 P. M.
Accommodation 10:5O A. H.
I 0. W. Smith, Agent.
tlalll for New York Oltr. Bnatnn. Alhn Bnfr.ln
Plttebareh. euabenvllU w. lmUniTlz.niii.
Newark, aranville, Wuhlngton Olty, BtlUmore, Phila
delphia and New Orleans, olote dally (gandayi except
ed) at 6 o'clock p. m.
A through mill for New York and OlereUnd elotee
uuyioiuMMji excepted) MX o'clock p. m. '
0. O.fcO. B. B. WAV RtailcloMe dlli fBonil.Ti r.
oepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
Central Ohio Way hall clotesdilly (Sundays excepted)
at 10 o'clock a. m.
Cincinnati Way Hall oloies dally (Bnndayi exeeptad) at
v w wiwa ee Ml
Oblcuo. Dnbnane. Daltmn. MHnn Wnrlhtns.
ton Ualls dotes dally (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'olook
tlalll forXenla. SDrinrtaM. Davtnn. Tnian. ninin.
Auunuiapoiii, uooiiTiiie. 01. and Detroit,
clotei dally (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'olook p. m.
A throuaa mall to XenU. Snrinvflaui mi ninannH
oloaea dally (Sundays excepted) at 10 o'clock a. m.
Urban, Plqua, Tiffin and Union Olty mall closes dally
(Sundays excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
Lancaster, Logan, NeUonville, Olrolevtllo, Ohlllleotne,
Portamouth, Wuhlngton 0. U., Athens, Marietta and
Hllliborou,h malls elose dally (Sandajs excepted) at 8
Kaat Wu Hall h NHonl 1UmA ,n ..nnl.
dally (Bundayi excepted) at 18 o'clock m. j
Barritburgh Mall cloaca dally (dundays sxcepUd) atS
O'olockp. m.
Mt. Vernon Mall, b waof Watrnia nA ,n.i.i
cloeeo dally (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'clock p.m.
vuoun auui sioeea uaiiyiBunaaya excepttdjat R o'clock
Unoaeter Way Mall closes dally (Sundays excepted) at
Mails from New York. Rmtnn. Phil.H.inhi. nnir.i
AlbuiT. Plttibnnh. OlaraUnrf. fli.inn ir.idn v..i.
Detroit, Springfield, Cincinnati, Chllllcothe, St. Lenla,
and all Bonthora elllee, arriye between the boars of 9
o'clock p. m. and 4 o'clock a. m. .-
Malla from Indlanapolla, Chicago and Dubuque arrive
at 3:40 a.m.
Malli from Wuhlngton Olty, Baltimore, Wheeling,
Zanetvllle. Newark, BUubenTllle, Mt. Vernon, and the
O. B. B. Way Mall, arrlre at IS o'clMk m.t
Way Mall from Cincinnati arrival t a n'niub n m
Lancuter Mall arrlTca at o'clock p. m.
But Wav Mall orer tbe Nitlnnii RnJ 11
'clock a. m.
Mt. Tenon Way Mai) arrives at VIM a.m.' :
mau rrom miDun arnree at It o'clock m.
Urbana Way Mall arrrreo at 9 o'olook p.m.
Harrlaburgh Mall arrivee at 11 o'olook a. m.
Lanouter Way Mall arrlne at 18 o'olook m.
Ofilce deuverv ooen erarw omw rnnm .....
V o'olook a. m. to 8 o'olook p. m. Open on Bundaya
rvu . t i o'siuck 10 in morning, ana rrom to 0
Proceedings of the Western
WHEELING, June 21.
to-dav adorned an ordinance
reiaung to tne aisoursement or tne publio rev.
enue, and providing for the appointment of an
a uaiwr, treasurer ana secretary of tbe Com
Also an ordinance filing the salaries of cer
tain officers.
A resolution was sffirmed and referred, ran.
ommeoding to the Federal authorltlee the con
struction of a military road from Webster, on
tne worm western Virginia Kallroad, Southward
to some suitable point In Southwestern Vir
ginia. . .
Another was adopted that a codv of the dea a
ration and signatures be forwarded to the
rresidentof tneU. S. .
The Convention adjourned over till Monday.
to afford tho committee of 17 time to oreDare
an ordinance for the organization of tbe State
iwiiiua. '.: if . .
Important from Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, June 21.
.The Bt. Louie Democrat's special from Syr
acuse, aoout twenty-nve miles south or tioone
ville, says an expedition nearly one thousand
etrong, with four pieces of artillery, under Capt.
Totten Of tbe regular service, left Booneville
weaned day night, and reached this place at 10
A. M. yesterday.
Gov. JacktOff. with abont fiOO men. arrived
here on Tuesday. After imnressine the nrao-
erty of both enemies and friends, he got tidings
of pursuit, and suddenly left yesterday forenoon,
proceeding southward toward Warsaw.
Our forces have gone forward to day, but
there is little hope of overtaking the fleeing
party. . .. ; .
A battle took place at sunrise on Tuesday
morning, between 800 Union Home Guards,
under Capt. Cook, near town. Cole Camn. and
a large party of secessionists from Warsaw and
surrounding country, in which fifteen Guards
were killed and twenty wounded, many of them
severely, and thirty prisoners taken.
Aloet or tbe Unards were in a large barn when
the firing began, but they immediately sprang
to arms.
Bit is said they killed 40 of the attacking parly
before being overpowered by superior numbers.
Nearly all of them finally escaped and are ready
to join our forces to dispatch the passage of the
State troops. "
Capt. Cook reached bere this morning in dis
guise and says not over half his force was arm
ed and not more than 200 participated In the
fight. - lie hastened forward to overtake and
consult with Capt. Fulton. . '
aome or j season's part went west from here on
Monday night by railroad, taking what rolling
stock they oould and destroying the rest,' and
burning Limine bridge, ,a costly struoture six
Btiei west oi oere, .
Syracuse is new protested by the Federal
troops. - u . . i
Among several letters captured In Booneville
by Gen. Lyon, are some embracing orders from
bead-quarters to destroy tbe bridges on the
norm juieeouri, nannibai oc at. Joseph and
PaJfio Railroads. and Instructions to (different
officers and individuals respecting the organize-
uon oi troops, eto., oro.
"One enumerates tbe arms and ammunition
seized at the Liberty Arsenal some ttme sinoe.
The list Is as follows: 108 brass and 13 Iron six
pounders, 66 balls; 480 pounds canister, 380
fixed rounds. 180 muskets. 224 rifles. 121 car
bines, 811 pistols, 469 sabres, 39 artillery swords,
1,000 pounds oannon powder, 9,900 pounds mus
ket powder, 4.800 pounds rifle pewder, 180,000
ejrtrldges, 9,000 mnskatoon cartridges,
"w'trldges, 68,000 pistol cartridges,
..,v m.u wrruigeg
ST. LOUIS, June 21. Arrival of 170. Cases of Arms at New
ST. LOUIS, June 21. Arrival of 170. Cases of Arms at New York.
NEW YORK. June 21.
-we learn on excellent authority that the
steamer Bavaria, recently arrived, brought 170
eases of arms. Many of the, box ardouble
tbe usual size. The number of arms la esttmat
4 as betweea 8,0W sod 10,000 stand. ;
Dispatches from Washington.
[Special to the Tribune.]
Gen. MoDowell visited Gen. Boott, to-dsy,
-..u ijiaua uu iruiueiuoaa to oapture tne fcue
my Immediately Gen.Soott answered: "No
Sirs No." ' 1 .
The Ohio camp Is supposed to be directly
menaced. Their picket flags are visible from
wen. oeaencK e I'eaaqnarterc.
The NaVV Denartmnt Irnner
Undloff of our trooDi at Sar-nnih or sliewhera
on ine ooninern coast.
It Should be Understood that a Ura nnmhar
of the Regiments acoepted by Government with
in a few weeks, were acoepted on condition that
mcj aoouia ce reaay to move within a speoifled
time. Not a few have have failed to oomply
witu tuis BViDQiatisn. ana una ta mora rnnm
for new ones than there might otherwise be.
No full Regiment that is ready within ten days
nut urn habit in ue rerasea.
The Secretary of War telerranhed to daw tn
viut. vuriia tor more troops, a similar re
quest, we learn, has been sent to Gov. Morgan
and other States.
It is deemed desirable that all Regiments
now accepted should be ready for tbe field at
we earnest moment.
Tbe Board of Army Sareeons meets to-mor
row, to examine applicants for Surgeons to fill
tbe vaoancies In the army. No one will be ap
pointed, unless certified to bv the Board as dulv
A contract for six hundred of tbe Griffin rifle
guns was awarded to-day. Gen. Melge strong
ly recommended It.
NEW YORK, June 21.
savsi was renal
here yesterday by the steamer Africa, that 60
offioers in the Prussian army have been granted
leave of absence for two years. Their services
are soon to be tendered to the United States
Government for that length of time.
The Texan troops, numbering 489 men, now
at Fort Hamilton, in consequence of having
pledged themselves not to take up arms against
the Confederate States, have Detitioned the
11 r r . . .
nar department lor a aiscnarge.
There are from S5.000 to 30.000 tmona nn th
Virginia aide, within ten miles of the Pntnman
On this side there are from 30.000 to 40.000.
reaay to cross at a moment's notice.
Should the enemv advance from Folrfar.
they will meet not only the number of troops
first named, but a flank movement will be made
oy a force at least 10,000 strong, stationed on
tbe river six miles above the city.
The Federal army will be fully 30,000 men,
wnue oat of tbe Kebels cannot be more than
15,000 or 20,000 at the farthest.
Citizens of the adjoining counties of Virginia
were arriving almost hourly In Alexandria, to
day, by boat and on foot, to escape being Im
pressed Into tbe servioe. Guards are scouring
those counties with lists of voters against the
ordinanoe of secession; and arresting all they
can get bold of and taking them to Manassas
J unotion, Many, who were eicaping, were fired
on by tbe closely pursuing Rebels. The object
in arresting them, is to Impress them Into the
service against the Government.
[Special to the Post.]
came no
ight, and attempted to fire the Long Bridge.
They were fired npon by our troops; four or five
were killed and a number wounded, and the bal
ance, nineteen In number, taken prisoners, and
are now at the Arsenal. The Rebels were pro
vided with powder and matches to destroy the
Bridge. The nnmber killed is probably exag
All tbe Army Surgeons connected with Regi
ments were ordered over tbe Potomac late last
The War Department has discovered female
secessionists carrying on regular correspondence
wun oeauregara via mt. vernon.
The National Republican of this morning,
ssys, It is probable that Congress will place
means at the disposal of the President for the
colonization o( such of our colored people as
ueoire to emigrate to navii: ana mat tbe con-
traoana sieves now held by the federal troops
will be inoluded in this measure.
This morning, the Rebels were concentrating
large foroe at Fairfax Court Houaa.
Ever movement lndlnatra an
lines within a short time.
It Is believed that Beauregard can ooncenlrta
ou.uuu troops at any given point within a week.
Undoubtedly be bas large forces at oommand.
and It is not improbable that be will be forced to
make a speedy advance movement.
To-day advices have been received from the
camp or tbe Connecticut troops, near Vienna,
Va. No new movements had taken place. Our
troops In occupation of Vienna are fully pre
pared for any attack.
. A strict examination of the causes of the
lamentable affair at Vienna, has resulted in the
exculpation or tbe engineer of the train whljh
took np the Unto troops.
Tbe responsibility of the blunder, which re
suited so disastrously for our troops, rests upon
[N. Y. Times, Special.]
Lt. Col. B. F. Wilson, of tbe Massachusetts
Sixth Regiment, now at the Relay House, Is an.
thorised to raise an additional Regiment in
Massachuaeta. Many of the men now in tbe
old Sixth, who are here for three months, will
join tbe new Regiment.
The Pawnee, on her cruise down the river,
seized 10,0001bs.of baoon and other stores, des
[Special to the N. Y. Commercial.]
army say nnleee a collision
occurs before to-morrow evening, there is little
chance of any taking place at any time.
There Is confirming conviction here that the
Rebels are outflanked, and must fight or sur
[To the Associated Press.]
Five Regiments are nnder orders to maroh at
a moment's notice, indicating preparations for
While Mrs. Lincoln and her two younger
children and aome friends were riding in Vir
ginia to day, the tongue of tbe carriage broke
and the horses beoame unmanageable, and the
driver was thrown from the seat.
The consequences looked serious, when the
horses were stopped by a member of tbe New
York Twenty-filth Regiment.
Lieut. Tyler's Marine corps, lately arrested
In New York, were dismissed from servioe.
The American learns that there are eleven
thousand troops In the Rebel camp, four miles
this side of Winchester.
Cadwallader Is still at Wllllamsport. The
secessionists opposite threaten to bombard the
Tbe people are frightened and are leaving.
Something important is expected of Gen.
Patterson's column shortly. Three hundred
Confederate troops arrived at Harnar'a Ferrv
yesterday and completed the work of destruction,
burning the Rifle Factory, Shenannodah Bridge,
and ran a locomotive Into the river. They said
they were Instructed to blow no every houaa in
town that bad . as Union- flag flying; but they
found none. . ,
They arrested eleven Unionists, drivlnv the
balance into the river, firing on them as tbey
swam to the Maryland shore.
A messenger arrived from Col. Wallace from
Cumberland, reports Col. Wallace on tbe point
oi starting lor nearora. tie is sent to Uen. Pat
terson for aid to drive the Rebels from Rom-ney.
From the South.
Tbe Picayune of the 16th sava there are In
new urieans parties wno will undertake to cap
ture tbe steamer Brooklyn for 1100.000.
me raooiie Advertiser or tbe loth says three
pians nave neen suggested to the council or de
fense to sink or drive off tbe Niagara from Mo
bile Point. It adds that the Niagara will be
oougea to get oat or tne way or an iron bat'
tery, wnten win soon be alter her.
Uov. Harris oi Tennessee, in bis meesage.
recommends a law requiring payment of all
sums due from the State to all persons or gov
ernments on terms oi peace, ana advises such
policy towards citizens of belligerent Slates, as
the rules of war justify. He recommends the
issue of treasury notes to pay tbe expenses of
tbe provisional government, the same to be re
ceived as currency.
Maine States Loan.
AUGUSTA, June 21.
Offers for Maine State loan from par to fonr
per oent. premium nave neen mads largely in
excess oi int amount causa ior.
From Fortress Monroe.
a been rumors of
a large Secession force advancing npon Fortress
uionroe irom tne direction or xorktown. A
reooenotssanoe towards Great Bethel, therefore
was made thle morning, nnder the direction of
uapt. omitn, u. a. a.
Max Ebor'e Regiment of German Tuners
with a company of Regulars in charge of two
pieces oi ariiuery leu uampion six hours ago,
and have not been beard from.
Onr picket guard, near Little Bethel, was
yweraay on yen in oy tne neDeis.
Tetes du pont are being formed on Hampton
vrees, preparatory to reDuuaiog tne bridges.
Two persons came in this morning, represent
ine themselves to be deserters from r-awall'i
Point, but I learn from Gen. Butler that their
etatements were so contradictory that ka waa
obliged to send tbem to the guard house as
It is said that the Rebels are erecting strong
masked batteries opposite tbe Rip Raps, since
ins eucoessiui experiment witn sawyer's gun,
important events are exneotea at tnat niaoe.
No correot returns of the killed and wounded
at Great Bethel hare been or ever will be
From ten to twenty Virginians come In dalle
v mac iun oatu oi allegiance.
From Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, June 21.
The First Iowa Regiment. Col. Bntm. lnft
nuason, at tbe function witb Worth Missouri
and Hannibal ft St. Joseph Railroad, Tuesday
morning to effeot a junction with Gen. Lyon at
Nothing new from the West -
New York Troops.
ELMYRA, June 21.
IB..J..L . .Vr .. -. .
av o oiock ior w aenington.;
Five Regiments are now here, and will be
mustered Into the U. S. service for thr
Wisconsin Troops.
ihe second Wisconsin Raiment nmul
i k l .1.1. 7- : . .r
"ivugu uere iuia eTening ior Washington.
They were welcomed by a large and enthusias
tic crowd of citizens. Before leiTinv. th n...
took of refreshments which bad been abundant
ly provided In tbe park,
Funeral of Maj. Winthrop.
NEW HAVEN, June 21.
Mai. WinthrOD'S funeral to-dav waa attend.
ed by tbe Military, City, and State officials, and
It is exceedidgly quiet and hot bere,
The reports of the outnoBts on tha Londnn
Railroad are of a peaceful character, excent
that Rebel flags and pickets are seen four miles
outside of camp.
Columbus Retail Market.
Columbus Retail Market. FRIDAY, June 21, 1861.
Tha rolloalns an lh ivt.il
a . .(wiwmviw wiiniai VI
rvm. TJ. Hectleax. whrtl...!. .t.h ....ii m. ia
Statesman Building: '
Wheat. 80fi
N 0. 8utr .
uaiewtm ....IRSSOcI
Maple do 9SI0c
uornv ca SO
Holaaees f pi 4OaU0e
tyrnp O gal 6US75e
Tea O fc....50o.,75o.OIOO
Teddo Tea el 00
Bettor 8c18Xc
Lard 9 leo
Tallow 0 1, 8! ite
Dried Apple bn87HSI00
Dried Feaobet... 8 753 00
Rio Coffee OS... 12XI6o
Java do SUc
White BeaniObu.Sl 0oSl 8
Bice O R, 10c
Brooms O dot.. tl 00O1 7S
Bay O ton. 8S7 00
Soap (nox) O .... 69St
rotatoes e on SOM-ttc
Salt In sack ....l&Sttc
Bait bbl (i,eo
eu w cwt at w
Hour bbl 3009560
White Wheat do Sj5X(36 SO
Rye Floar o bbl... S4 00
HamaOSj hc
Bhonldert OR. 9
BaltPorkOowt.... 8&10e
Candlee.Tallow.bx. 13Xc
Oandlea, Opal, box. . Ibt
been 9 831SX
wood S cord.... tVA-i S5
Mackerel Ho.l hfbbl 9u
Mackerel No 1 qr bbl $5l
Hominy per bash - S 1 00
Butcaerai no i kits. . 1 75
White Fuh Der h'fhhl Mt 00
Whuky per. gall. S5(S1 00
ttalalns, M K. BOX....S W
" tayers " .... 00
White Fiih per qr bbl S3 10
uoa run e s, 7c
Bultan ft 12ho
Herring bbl S5 00 Fin ft..
Cora Meal 0 ba....35a40cPranei Oft,..
... 1015
aso o ib.
Kr O doe 8cWool Twine .
Dried nwit Miiol
ivr wniw.
Wbaat flrmat WKa.
Ooaa eales at SOo.
OiTi-ealee dnll at 10316c
Bra email aalee at t5(450c.
Hay eales at i56.
FoTATom ealee at S(095o.
Bum enles at 87cSS 1 Si.
Salt rales at 91 55 per bbl.
Writr tun rule at 17 008T 30 per bM
New York Cattle Market
According to the reports from the emrml m.rt.r
places In the city, there have bten reoeived this week:
Sheep and
Oows. Veali. Lambs Swlce. Total
At Allerton's, 1.76S
Browning's..., 101
O'Brien's.. .... 19
Ohamberlln's.. S3
7S9 490
78 3,593
819 1.450
S3 8,561
Rec'ed Bandar . .
Bold bo'ra, Ber. 600
Total .Till
T'l praweek3 v8a
4,235 19,064
5,468 19,831
7,836 lx,988
rw k.i ty T.e.stH
A. M. Allerton Co.. Pronrietsra of tha Valnabiai
Drove-yarda, 44th -at, report the Cattle In Uarket from
tha following Btateai
New York 641
Pennsylvania.. 13
tr . ,
Ohio 355
aiAiwif .im
Indiana 8391
Number reported for this market at
street, 3T60
The prices to-day are emoted as follow,.
Flrat quality 8(s! I Ordinary
Medium 6 B-1 Some extra cood.
The general average of the market Is 6X0.
-u moai oi ine aaies are cwoo.
Total nnmber of Beeves received In the olty this week,
. nla Is 387 head more than lut week, and 151 head
more than the average of last year. Ihe average num
ber of each Wedneeday market lut year wu 3 491 head,
while the number to day being 3,788, shows 875 head
more than tbe average, and 448 head more than this day
(TOwIng to the ooneiderable sales on Monday, and very
extentlve sales yeaterday, there were but few Bullocke
lett tor aaie to. day, and these were soon cloiej out at
prices that make the average of tbe market full u aood
u lutweek. It would have been better If owners and
their brokers bad not loot confidence la their nower to
demand an advance, wbiob they did in consequence ot
not being able to concentrate the trade so as to bring all
the buyers face to faoe with the sellers, so as to see what
waa me airengu oi ine acmana.
xne quality or tne stock this week Is verv rood. In
cluding a good me y Western diatlllory-fed cattle, and
we Bumovr iron aiitnoia aiioDianee every one, even
those wno are well acquainted with the great resources
oi that State.
The sales to-day have been rather slow, at the nriwa
ourrentat the olote of the business lui night, which
were $8 or 9i a head better than at noon. This was oc
caalonedby a good numv coun in butchers who ami in
during the afternoon mm who do not niuall till
muutauay, uui oaring got on oy aavancea pricee lut
Wednesday .concluded to try Tueadav evening, and got
vibau w iuw hi imj uvre uiau may pre
would have had to pay to day for the same Bullocks,
Butchers are beginnlos to complain of tha li.hl
welxht of S tee re that have been cut on a-raaa. ui a
that saleaman all eatimate them too high, their looke
oeiDg more improvca wen tneir weignt or yield of fat.
The general quality thia week le very fair. Tha weather
to-day la quite cool for the season, and favorable to the
eauie treat.
In relation to opening the market on Honda wa m
assured by ktr. Allarton. and reanaatad to auara .n
arovera aoa snippers Of ear ue, that he hu no Intention
of changing tne regular market days from the way they
are now ettabliahed- that la, opening the market on Tuce
day, the eholoe of yards being arawn for on Monday even
ing, laeaoaj. oj lore oi oircumaianoea. navinr beooma
the principal market day, and Wedneadavtha dm for
doling up what is left untold the Brit day, which, unless
ue aar iinrjiwrmj, rareiy amount to over one-fourth
tbe whole number, makes it neecaury that atock should
arrive early Tuesday morning. There Is no aroeulty
that It ahoald arrive on Mondajl bat u a portion of It
does, owners are anxious to make salea, and as proprietor
of the yards, air. Allerton does not feel authorised to
say sales an alt not no made, vealdoo then are oevoral
men who nave been in the habit of selling cattle at Ber
ten on Monday who with to cell the eama olaaa on Man.
day her. It Is the same olaaa who foreetalled the mar
ket by opening sales on Tuesday, until the proprietors
of the yarda were compelled to open the market on lues
day, u they will be on Monday, lt the Monday trade Is
allowed to go on M It hae begun, and that will brlna
Deck ue came train of evtn uut eompe led an abandon
ment of Monday u a market day a few years ago evils
that we battled sgainit then, and will again, because we
contend for one Sabbath day everv weak, and we do not
think that the class who count Saturday ae their Sabbath
are yet quite strong enough to wipe out the Onrlstlan
Sabbath. . To make AC under the market da of beef eattla
will effectually wipe It out with all who asteonaeetad
with the trad la this city. It I contended that to allow
the tame number ana cwse or bullocke now eoli on Mon
day at Bergen to be told at Forty-fourth street oa Mon
day, will not effeot Tueadav and Wedneeday any snort
then It does tertU the cattle there. XiiliUu error (tat
,. r-V- ...''' , ..a. ,w.tMCr
dj uue vm a vero uiiuu u. -. i. i. ...
that. If predated In, wUI eoet tbe Weelera ahippere et
i,l."!'Ji"!i'",B7 trdimoraHMMt at ibeaiar
fc t, by dlrldlng and apllltlBg np buelneee that ihcnld be
concentrated to make it effeatual and beneficial. l7
It It armed In fTor of ooeni,.. th
""""" uaraei mere. To
lutweanseer: then the salesmen will procure them
.iviu buius vuir wurev. n uio aionuay Darket ll
penltted In at Forty.fonrth street, there will ha a.m.
day martet at Bergen, eo drorars will have four market
are a oi oont equal imporianoe, very much
tnelr diaadiraataae. and nothloa la the arinm...
batchers, becaate tbe "divide and conquer" elate will
uuj aua ipwuiiie eui oi nam ororere ana eotchers. I
Is ao to day. Tho leadina- oattla disnn ui hrnk.M Am.
fllare their belief that the market thia araak hu
3 a head loat to them on acconnt of tha ilnnui.an.iit
v. hjv wmum vui oi m nguiar oroer. ii ia tnerefore no
wouuer wai we nna so many wno are bitterly opposed to
opening the market on ktondar. In truth all r
except the few who are always unwilling to be reitralned
vj auj ruiei ana regaiauone tor tne government of so
oletr. AfewwhohatelheOhrliUan 8hh.th. ... .n.
loui (o make Monday the leiding market day, for two
i.uuui. vuv ia. to eoinpei men to aeMarata tha h.v n
else glre np their regular builnees. Another is a hope
.V.HT...IH.UI Miuu uuw vi mm uaae, no as to aire
Hw.K.inwiuui iv vnuinri it. jroTera and ahlb.
rw.VH.H.w g v. lui i, tw oica weir aoiiars.
Keceiola thia weak.
We cannot inform onr fi landa In lh
Is any real IdiproTement In the market for Sheep and
Lambs. It waa lb.ouab.ton llnnou th.t .n
neaa wonia be eiubllabei I but we
found, on Tuceday, the market qalte full and bualaeas
u, .i .uuui loeox a pouna, lire weight, ae the
i?pnpr".?'. w noticed a let of very nice Ohio aheep,
wellfattel, medium liia-thatli. not ii.
aort common in that State and Kentucky-whlch weighed
Jiln ? JO"', nd ' '""'I by the owner
1 i mu ij uiv HiHuto ai mi or vo Si. whfea vill
not sell at orer 4 each-Uie same that the owner wu
offeied at Albany.
We noticed a beautiful lot of 38 grade Southdown Lambs
from the farm or Blchard Wall of llomertown. N J.,
old l)T Wm. S. Bellli. at an r mA ?i .' i'll
. . i " V 7 n - w .v. m. vauicnj
-...uB.uu, uu ui uie iirgeu vaoieiale butchers here,
who sua they are the beat that ho hu seen thia year, and
Mr. Wall a Lambs are always, In point of qualllr, at the
top or the market, he having bad them three jeara. Theae
Lamos ware outof a lot of Kentucky Bwea bought here
lut fall of Mr. Bellli. aha thlnlta ih.t . tS.uii
PV nearly av a head, U he gets the aiual
prloe of auch fat Sheep ai he makes. W
There were a few unnlinnut MhMn in ,rf.t tki. i.
and they brought only about (1 IS more than they would
if clipped.
Tbe bulk of Ihe Sheep are pretty good, but there are
mi prince wni.:n rarmera could bettertffnrd
to glre than take. It will be seen rrom aales that Lamb.
il r" ymr (.vuuil Ulau Ola
There may be a slliht dlrTeranM in r.... e ...
?? ir Je." slight. Henry D. Grant supsrlntendcnt of
iuhci iu lonowing quotations:
Corn fed Hogs V lb gross dXtSIKc.
BUtlllsryHogiO tTgroas s24 c.
llr. Orant renorta tha markat .u d,i. -kiv
will elre the next arr.TaT. .7.. V.L"f "
In demand, and nil In small lots of light prime quality
t V B) i and sell ai tail u they arrive.
George W. Sormsnglres the u the
Lire. Dead welrht.
rirat duality, corn fed. larn aiia..4raau
Second quality corn-fed ii)i
Flrat quality small lire fat As prime,
for market butchers at4X
Large slse, still-fed, fat 3WiaH
Beoond quality still-fed, fat........34
Bmall sUe, choice etook bogs ftjaSSX
New York Market.
NEW YORK, June 21.
. .
FLOtTB Opened stesdv. and cloaed amat anj ,.ih.r
Irregular, with holders eeoerallya little more disposed
to realise; aalee of 13 600 ebls at S4 404 45 for sapor
fine Bute; 7034 80 for extra State; S4 3044 50 for
superfine Wei tern: S4 7035 CO f ,r mmnvui m.ainm
extra Western, (5 3035 35 for shipping branda extra
round hoop Ohio; 5 Umi 85 for trad branda do. Tbe
demand for Oanadlin flour Is moderate and the market
uncnangtai aaies or cw bblsat f 4 7037 50 for common
to ouoice eaira.
BYE FLOUR Rules onlet at Rl-a
CORN HEAL Steady: aalei of 400 kbla Rr.n.wlna
WHISKY Demand moderate and market wlthost lav
portant change; aalea of 150 bbl. at 16),(S16Xo. lnduX
log a parcel of E. As D. at 17c.
WHEAT Common and Inferior rules heavy and
drooping, while good sound Is In moderate request for
export, in part for France, at steady prlcec; aales of
18 500 bu Chicago spring at 90cMl Od; 1.9O0 bu North
western olub at S 1 09iSi lu; 600 bu good Bwlne rpring
at SI IS: 48,000 bu Milwaukee olub at tl 00031 16;
350.000 bu amber WUconiln and Iowa at tl 1731 18:
18,800 bu Canada olub at tl 0091 17; 19,000 bu winter
reiweiternatni x5; andK.000 bu white Western at
i wot oj.
BY E Steady; sties of 3 000 bu at 69e.
BABLEY-Dull at 55209a.
CORN The eupplycontlnues limited, and ths market
may be c aoted a abide firmer: aalea of 54 nnfl ha ana
46s for Inferior to fair new mixed Waatornt 47SMOn far
Rood to prime do.; 51(353o tor Western yellow; 58S57o
aaaMS avMatiflc.
e',rS'.1!'? u K31fl for We,"ra " Canadian
31(B)38o for Stale.
t-onri uuii end prises tend downward; tales of 00
i wan j ior meat and fio 98 for prime.
BEEV Market dull and nominal at B4S4 50 for
HblM.a AfK AT Sl mt AA M . a- n mm - '
wistMCJa fj aFVtU WIOrmHI MHlAK III tnr Mnanbarl Maa
Dd 10cU for extrt men. Prima mtu beef auletand
MtlOhainAurS -
BMKg HAMS Nominal at lSAii.. "
OCT MEATS Rule dnll. with t.im.,...!..
for .i,AM.. ri. ::: " -
BAOON Dull and nominal.
va.vv lur iuuiib. . ,
LARO-Market raise in favor of purchasers, with on
ly a nominal demand; 300 bbls cold at 8Kouo.
BUTTER Bellinir at )uiRI9u. fa. vThT. .-J i-w,ir-
O V u.v HW .HJ.IW
Ho and 800 baga Laguyra at 13X14Xo.
8UOAR Raw In modarau .n..n? ..A -i...
changed; sales of 800 hhda Cuba at 4XS5e: 900 bona
Havana on private terms: and by auction 838 hhda Porto
iibo at aaroxo on tour months. ,..
atULABCJts Unchanged; aalei of 100 bbls Hew Or
leans at 31e: 8 000 hhdi rinha Sui. . ita ,o. a
55 hhda Porto Bico at 803360 j by auction, 60 hhds at
SlXo on four months' time.
TOBA00O There Is a good demand for export and
speculation, especially for Kentucky, and the market
rules quite firm; ths sales Include 541 hhds Kentucky,
37 hhda Mason County, 10 hhds Ohio. 14 hhds Maryland,
and 819 caeca eeed leaf, all on private terms.
BT00KS Dull and lower; nhfea-n a, n.b t.i-.a
34 J(; bonda 10; Cleveland Toledo 83; bonds 10; Oa-
uuwago vuyt ; uieveianu, voiumbus St Cincinna
ti 96; Illinois SMln oSW: Panama lanv; n..l. nM.
ferredSIX; Harlem 9; New York Central 73: Indiana
6's51; North Carolina 6's 44; Mltsoari 6's 37V; Vlr
glnia6's39X; Tsnneaiee fl's 36: n. B.6'81, auJ regis
ttrod 84 e
Cleveland Market.
June 20, 1861.
extremelvdull. and not a aala of Wheat
or flour la reported. Prloea of the former are hardly
sufficiently aettled to allow ot quotaUoss. Prloea of
other articles are about the same, without as demand of
consequence. - . - . . . nM
BCTTIR-8alcs of several small lots at 9c. I
EaQB-Balesof a fsw barrels at So. ,
LARD Bale of a small lot at 6j(o.
Cincinnati Market.
war lltlla AMr,m in
fiour, and, as heretofore, transactions are oenflned to the
high grades.
WHEAT Is, as yesterday, firm, and but little la of
fering. Bed ta held at 93A95e.
uuttn ii held at S8e., but will not readily oommand
that figure from dlatlllers.
OATo-Drag at S4e. In talk,
BaRlII la not talked of. ' ' .v
RYE Has dropped to 48c, and Is hard to sell.
WHISKY Bas advanced to 13i CAnnlmuuitl (Um.
H0. 89 SOUTH EX0H BI1B1T, ;
liOOO yards Buosr PUln Blaok llk at f 1 OOr-valee
11 80 per yard. r- . ,
BtSOO yards Traveling Dress and. Mantle deeds si
18 18 cents velie 80 esnts per yard.
3.000 yards White Brllllanta at 18 18 cent
value 80 cents per jard. ' . :
8e O0O yards fine and Dome, tie Ginghams greatly an
der Tame. s, .!
. -ALSO:- V ' '.'
"J uwhi. cauoozs, ropirjs,
New and 3rahlonblo Drees Good
In ths most desirable styles and at very lowers prices."
Of all materials, made la the most stylish manner after
the latest Paris raahions the most elegant styles In
tne elty.
BAIIf Ac Off,
may 30 1 ' No. 89 South High street.
ejt v w as .
Novelties In Neck Ties and (earfs. ' , '
" , Brron and Oarroto Oollari. ,
" Embroidered Pocket Handkerchiefs.
rarisKId Qlovea, superior make. . . .
(ioldan Hill Bhlrta, various stales, ; ' ' -
Boys' Golden Hill Bhlrta, do, ' .'l '
Driving and Street ttlovee, do '- . "
i Hemmad Pocket Handkerchlefa, variola ttylee.
i Half Host sod Under Garments, . '
' M BAIfcl01l, ,
PriB No. lmth High street.
. v .". ... .-.iw-- -. -- 'c4-w. a
Dr. J..H, UcLEAN'S
StreagtkfwfCwaiaf M Blood
nreawai nentedyin The IV or til,
... X ly a acleatlnn and
.Vegetable Com pound,
, tl procured by tha dlstil-
... latioaof Boots. Herbs
and Barka, Yellow
. ,. Dock, Blood Boot,
, BaraaparllU, Wild
voarry nark and Dan
delion enters Into tu
Before Taklns.-rpi wmcui After Taking.
principle of each Ingredient Is thoroushl extracted be
my new method of distilling, prodncinr.,a dellcirua, ex
uueraiing epint,ana tne most inrALLiHLH remed- for
renovating the diseased syeten, and restorinr iJie aldr.
sarTerrnr and debilitated INVALID to HEALTlt and
IH At.
Will effectually on re
Chronic or Nervous Debility, Slseaaes of the Kidneys!
and all dlaeaaee arising from a dleordered Liver or rllnm',
aoa, vvepepiia, aeartDarn, inwara riles. Acidity or Slok-
ox ine i
Stomach, f nllneea of Blood to the HeaJ. Dnll
pain or ewimmine m tne need, ralL.tatlon or the Heart
rullnessor Welirht In the Stomach. Hour Brarlitlnm
Choking or Juffocatlnr feeling when lying down, Drvness
or lenowneeeoi ine nam ana aye. Night sweata, In
ward fevers, Pain In the small of the back, oheat or aide.
Sudden Hushes of Heat, Depression of Spirits, Frightful
Dreams. Lacsuor. Deanondencv or an Nernna niaeaaa
Bores or Blotches on the Bkln. and fever and Auua lot
Chills and fever.)
Over a Million of liottlea "
Have been sold during the last tlx months, and In no hv
stance has It failed in giving entire eatlsfactlon . Who.
men. win sntrerrrom weakoeea.or Debility when Mo-
No Unman can convev an adeouate idea of tha tam-
dtatasndalmoatmirMulou. etatng. product by taW
this Cordial in the diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down b excess, weak he I
nature, or impaired by aickneee, ths relaxed and unstrung
vigauiaanuB ia rciwroa to iia pnauno neaiw anu vigor.
others conscious of Inability, from whatever eanie.
will fiud McLeans Strengthening Cordial a thnrou-h
regenerator or tne syaiem; and ail wno ma have iniurcd
themselves by Improper indukrences, will find In the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
To tbo Ladles.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
. Is a sovereign and speedy cure for
Obstructed orDUseult Menstruation, Inoontlnenee of
TJrln or Involuntary Discharge thereof, falling of the
Womb, Giddiness, Painting and all Diseases IncTdnet
There la no Xistake Abont it.
Buffer no longer. Take It according to Directions. It
111 stimulate, etrengthen and Invisorate roa andeanae
bloom of health to mount your cheek again.
Every bottle la warranted to give satislacllon.
Ifyonr children are skkl. nun, or afflicted. McLeenY
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robuat. Dels
a moment, try lt, and you will be convinced.
Caotioh. Beware of Drunlita or Dealers whs mat
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Avoid such men. Ask for McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else- It Is the only remedy that
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One tableepoonful taken every morning fasting. Is a
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lever, or any prevalent diseases. It is put up in Urge
Price only tl perbotUa,or6bottleefor5.
Bole Proprietor of thia Cordial,
Also MoLean s Volcanic Oil ointment.
Pric-lptl Depot oa the corner of luted and Ploe etreeta.
nt. i-ouia. mo. .
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment. '
The best Liniment In the World. The only esfs and
osrtaia enre for Canoe ri. Piles, 8 well Inn and Bron-
eblUa, r Ooltre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakneas ot ths
HUtciea, uoronis or innammatoey Kneumaiiem, Btin
neat of the iolnta, contracted Moeele or LUramenta
uracils or Toothache. Brulsee, Bpralne, Wonnda, Ireeh
Onto, TJIeera, fever Bone, Oaked Breasts Bore Nipples,
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iaT uw. ameLMav viaiaoraiaa i,munent is a oar
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cleanse, parity and heal tbe toolset sores in an lneredl
ly snort time. .
For Horses and Other Animals.
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alls. Splints, TJnnatnral Bumps, Nodes or Swellings. II
will never fall to cure Big Bead, Poll Evil, fistula, Old
running Boras or Bweeny, if properly applied, for
Sprains, Brubjee, Sera tehee, Boreo or Wounds, O racked
Heele, Chafe, Saddle orOollar Galls It Is aa Infalltbls
remed. Apply It as directed, and a our Is oartain In
every inatanoe.
Then trine no longer with the many worth lees Lini
ments offered to yon. Obtain a supply of Dr. McLean's
osieDratM Linimenu it win euro roe.
Jail. IflcLiKAN a Bole Proprietor,
Oorner of Third and Pine 8 treats, St, Louis, Mo
for sale by all druggiita.
.for sale by ROBERT A BAMTTIL,
lauc'io-dAvly ' ' ' Oolumbaa, Ohio
Corner Spring- 4c Water Ste.,
Oolumbua, Oliio.
Manufacturers of Bras and Oomposttion Callings,
a inienea araea rrora oi an inscriptions.
Elettro Plating and Gilding!!
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec, -
-. ' stnd '
;The Montreal Ocean Iteamtblp Ooapei)s trst-eleas
Steamers call erery Nat
arday from POftTLAMD, carrying tbe Oanadlaa and
United Btatat tfaii and passengerar
Sbortcet, cheapest andQnickeetCon
' weyaaeo irona
Ratoo ot Paoswg to Kurppei.
Will sail from LITIBPOOL erery Wednesday,
and from QCBBB0 wary fat arday. calling at
LONDONDEUKX, toreoelve on board and land Ataiii aad
Paaaengera, to and from Ireland and Sootland.
TTPTbeee Steamer an ballt of iron.4n waler-tiiht
oompartmenta, cany each an experienced Burgeon, and
every attention ia paia to uie comiort and accommoda
tion of paesengers. As they proceed direct to LONDON-
DBKX, the great risk sna aeuy or oaiung at Bt. John's
Qlaarow passengers are rurnlahed with ran niaaairs
tlckete to and from Londonderry. ,
Return uckete granted at reduced rates.
OeTtltcatee Issued for oarrytng to and bringing out pas
sengers front all the principal towne of Oreat Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rate, by this line of steamer, and
leaving Liverpool every week. -
Sight Draft for ATI and upward pay.
aoie in r.ngtani a.
relatsad. Hi:ot.
laud or Wale.
Tar naasajra. ami at the Offle. 9t RHAAI).
tVAT, New Vorkf and 18 WATttt B TM
r; 8ABEL EEASLX, Beneral Agents,
inolO-lydAw Pott Offloe, Oolumbus, Ohio.
(tsM of Pnalon 's KstabHshment, H. T.,) FoprlrtorV
ine new tore saanionaoie b having, Hair Cutting
Shampoonlng, Curling and Dreealng saloon, lael State
street, ever ue roet umoe, where eatltfaotion will
be givea . la all th various branchea. Lediea and
Cbildrwa's Hair Breaalng aoa ut tha beat etyle. -
syil-dlr . - . . , ... ...
O NSW 8TTLBS Haiti de Bon, No. S Sooth
Illga areet. have lut louarred new style or Cloth Cia
eeiaAU. BaaQuijiM ui Saoacia, mad la th aeweat and
moat atvllih manner. A ao. tistrk Slailaa
Hlaela Mllka, very ' heavy, designed ezprenly fur
SantilKsandBaecatnea, , laprlU
All skeeaad estors Just opened at BAINS,
dec.ll. Mo. SB South Elgb itreefa
--4rf.-iy.,"' ....... -
MRS, WniflLOW,
An experienced Nurse and Female Phyaletan, presents
to the attention of mothers, her .
Which greatly facilitates the process of teething, by soft-
'MJP"M' "aolng all lnfiammaUonwUl allay
ALL t AIM and spasmodic action, and la
Depend nnon IL moiha-a it .in . .
and a
We nave nut nn and aniH ihi. ...i.i. . . ft
what we nave never bean ahla fa ... ...... ! j,7
-"aSi1' Ia?"0.T A 0VE1 "Le Mei
er did we know an inatanoe of disaaUaraetlon by any on
who used It. On the contrary, all are delighted with lu
operations, and speak in terms of commendation of lie
magical enecta and medical virtues. We apeak In thia
"J"" "WHAT WE DO KNOW:" after tenW exp
fULILLMENT Of WHAT WU nana nam.ana .-
almoet every instance where the infant ia sufferlng'rroai
rtfli I n anal awhaMati. 1 1 , a i . m
Pin so oxhauatlon, relief will be fonnd In fifteen
twent mtnutca atter thaflvran ia arfmini.,.
Thlavalnabla nrenaratinn i. th . .
?NaSSoo1.88,i,dU,b'en uui
Itnotonl rellevea the ohllil fmin n.in h...
ate the stomach and bowels, corrects acidity, and giver
lone and enere- to the whole ioitpm. it win .i,T,
stantly relieve i
obip:ho a ihk bowils, and wind colic
ovsrooms eonvuiaions, which. If notspeedll rem
iii' i'i'V'.; " " " "Bl " UB
Zst" iSSJ''ii AI 'l !
itari. frnm t..,i "... -"""ij, wueuie.
from teething, or from any other cause. W.
"other who haa a chlldjnfferlng from
prVjcdICES mrninarViV
ini wil 7ilM?1l!iE?llES!0,irPSB
n. .;. "mIT .7,7..? """'"fCr" "'; " 'e
lief that will baHnkaU-.... .KHnr nTMi'v arm 2
follow the use of thia medicine, if timely used, full di
rections for uaing will accompany earh bottlo. None
Sen nine unleaathe facsimile of CCBTISk PEBKINH.
lew York, la on the ontalrle wrapper.
Bold by all Dragglats throughout the world.
Principal Oilier 13 Cedar Street N. V.
Is preclKly what lu name Indicates, for, while
pleaaant to the taite, it la revivify! ng, exbllarat
,iog, invigorating and strengthening 1 1 tbe vital
powers, and at the eame time rertvtfire. rein
elates, and renew the Blood In all In parity, ami
time at once rutom and rtndtn fAe tvitem in
prmtnmrwnw wv umn& "J mfffaff, At la 10 OUIJ1
- -w " wuiiu, wo enami-
oally and skillfully eomMned aa to be tha mm
l 'wvriui wjuiD. win at iui arnm um ao peneotlj
edapted to, as to act In per cot accordance with Ihe
aw. 01 uatuie, ana hence will tooth tAttctatttl
MomacK ud (od av tbo digculr orxtiDt, ad
uiui Dtirroui ftou oicer irrtutioo. it I1
ectly szbilaratlng. ud at the same lima It l
Sl comp
iaa to
composed entirely of vegetablea, yet ao combined'
aa to proouoe ine moit uiorougn tools cueot, with
K be
out producing any Injurloua conaetiueooea Such
remeoy naa long oten ten to be a detlderatam la
le medical worbl, for it neede no medical aklll to
tee that debility follows all atuckaof dlaeaa. and
oroceeda and Indeed lata the tvatem nnen ta ihp
Dtoemioue aiiacaa oi many oi mo moat fatal, sacb
f'T example, aa the following: Oonaumptlon, In
. digestion. Dripentla, Lose of Appetite. FaintMia.
Nervoua Irritability. Neuralsla i'alDliationot he
Ci Heart, Alelefteholy, Night BweaU. Languor, OlddM
a;"iBa, aeianuoo ei, aa wen ae rainiui o Detracted.
(toe profueev or too feint af enatruation, aad FalJ-
ling of th Womb. Thai all depcud upon general
jdeMUt. Thia pure, bealthy, tonic cordial and
Blood Ateaweaeeees ar t our aa th aun to
ria and ev Cerreiaoaatietaite about it. -But
.hie la not all. If wag ;een ta wealteneil. we are
pen tODiiiousatucits.tlie liver beeaaea tdrpld.
or wore diseased, the UBwew.rt foae ta perforiu
their funotlona, and we erataooba UarWh OTldiofiai
ana iwouuutiwi .v. uruo, w. -lnTorwaSMJI a my I
chante of the lame, pain lu the bacW. ildeaSM he J A
tween tha anouldera, exceedlncl ltima to al'rti1 A-
colds. cough, and if utiCheoked. eoon eeiwetat lorj .
rollowi, and the patient goea down to a premature! '
grave. Bat space will not allow us to enumerate ft J'
the many Ilia to which we are liable In a Ll .
condition of th tyttem. - But w will aay, la thia '
Cordial and Blood Renovator von hava a nen-. t ' .
safe, pleaaant and effectual remedy for Irea of
aa ADoetlte. Blllouaoeea. Vlatnlmn, waair .i-w
HI Stomach, Languor, Liver Complaint. ChiliaaodJ
iFever, or any Bilious attack, Ooativeneat, Acldltil "
ir ins etomacn, oervouineaa, Neuralgia, Palplta-'
llonof the Heart, Depreaaton of Spirits. Bores. H
Hlmples on ths Face, or any dtoaee ariaing from tli
impure blood, anch aa Scrofula. Eryaipelae, Bron I
hltla. Cough, difficulty of Breathlne. and all that . .
laolaas of disoaeeo called female weakneas, and H
enumerated above. We will alao aay the traveler U
ezpoeed to epidemics, change of climate and wat-
ar, win nna it a pleasant, sale and aur remedy,.
auu ouow auouia ever travel wiinout. Header.
try it, for we enure jou you will find in It a friend
indeed, as well aa a friend In need. All peraoucofi
Mdentary habits will find It a perfect nrevantlvao!1
aa well ai cure for tboae aliments to whtca they are
particularly expoiea. nence mtniitentadeni,at
torneye, llierarv c.ntlemen.and lediea who are nn:
aocuatomed to much outdoor eierciae, will find n
o their advantage to keen a bottle eonaUnti rl
nana; ana, bdov an, moiners, or those becoming
luch, will go through that moat dangaroua perioc
ot oni win ait ineir aocuitoanM atrenein. hni
tata and free Imm tha Ihnnaanrf illm..i. M n
Olalent among the female portion of tbe world . Ii
jihort, It la indeed a mother 'a cordial. Try It, ok
,vw . hv auujiv, ' ui. ataa ui ueiar . It Wll
tiv Cordial ami ltod Renovator.
Ul O.J. WOOD , proprietor, 444 Broadway, Ne
lynrlr. anil 1 IA MarVaf Htrmmt. Br r.l. u. ...
sold by BOBBBTS St SAYtUKL, Oolumbua, Ohio
'and all good Drugglata. Prioe One Dolla
per Bottle. .' ... maroh3-dfcwwnwl
Ior th IN8TANT BlLUr
and PKRMANIKT CURS of th ,
i dlstremlng computet as . -'
UadsbyO.B. BUTMOtJB CO , 107 Naasaa Bt . !S. '
Frio a I per box eent free by post.
IOR BALI At ALL DBOaoiPfS -auro-dtwljia
designs, at 94,00 per 1.000. ; . .
half the price charged by jupall daalera.
0n AD QUARTER No. 74 South High street. -Oolumbua,
May 8, Irfll. v.! , J;.il. RILETi.
manufacturers ofall klnde of Por '
lablo and Mtatlottary Mtearn
fiaae, Slaw irttlla, urlat XUilla, v , ,
i . i , . , ;,. ,
LASS A BODLt ttaUnl AT. et I. BLAND YBattl
J. et JT. B. DUYALL Statmlll OOlVMSCi
.i - ' - ' at OO. Brntmlttll
Our Portable Etiftne and Saw Kill
Wss awarded the first premium ot ISO at the Indiana
State lair tor lSW over Lane A Bodlcys aa eoooeot of
Price, lightness, slmplioitj, economy of (uei
. BDd superior eharaeter of lumber saweil.
Oua Stationary Bnglne wa awarded at tbe name Fair
the first premier of (M0, .
Our Portable Rnglne was awarded th first preailam oi
tlO0atthealrMMemphli,Tn.,Tr Blandv'a Du
vaU't, Oolumbua Machine Oo'., and Bradford Sa Oe's
by a commute of practical Railroad Boglaeer.
for prioe and term, aklreea . -it'u,:
. .a.'. !-'WIHAW WARHIB, Treaaurar,
dso5-dAwIyol. Newark, Ohio
trV -rti -'ll. ,

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