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Tbe "Adams Express Company placet us dally
under obligations to it for tbe very latest papers
I mm the eastern cities. '
The American Express Company has our
thanks for Us dally favors in the shape of the
very latest eastern papers.
Religious Notice. Rev. Thomas Gorman
will deliver a discourse Sunday -evening la tbe
Universale Church "Upon the Me and Char
acter of the late Hon. Stiphin A. Douolas."
Time of service, half past seven o'clock.
Movement or Taoor At six o'olock on
Friday srenlng, the Third Regiment, Col. Mar
bow, and the Fourth, Col. Andbewi, numbering
la the aggregate near nineteen hundred men,
left Camp Dennison, for Bellalre, la two speoial
trains, occupying forty-four oars Major H, B
Ewiso, Brigade Inspector, was in command,
aocompaDied by Capt .Honteb, Aid de Camp
to Qen ScHLiicH, and Quartermaster Hinei,
The troops were in great glee, delighted at
tbe prospect of immediate active service. Cheer
after oheer was given by the gallant soldiers as
their trains were deputing for Bellalre. Tbey
took along two days' rations, and before leaving
were provided with the new Improved mutket,
tbe flanking companies receiving the Enfield
Rlflo. -' '
The two Regiments arrived In this city on
Friday night, and took their departure in fine
spirits early yesterday morning, on the Central
Ohio Railroad for Bellalre.
TheTentb Regiment, Col. Lttle, was expeot
ed to leave Camp Dennison yesterday, to be fol
lowed by tbe Seventh, Col. Tru, aud the Sixth,
Col. BctLir, to-night or to-morrow. Gen
. Schliich, of the Third Biigade, was expeoted
to depart with tbe Tenth Regiment, yesterday,
aecompanlcd by Lieut. Col. Smith and Capt.
Da Bjis. bis Aids-.
Durbm Ward, Esq-, has been appointed volun
teer Aid to Geo Sohliiok.
Court or Common Plsas. The jury, in tbe
attachment case of John Early o Owen Glen
non, for money alleged to bave been stolen from
the plaintiff by tbe defendant, were unable to
aeree. and were discharged. Tbe case was
continued till next term.
In the cue of the State of Ohio o. David
Yopno, Wtt. Jemkini and Samuel Simmons, ln
dieted for burglary in breaking into tbe bouse
of Jamii WaLcbtt, tbe jury, yesterday after
noon, rendered a verdict of "guilty," si to all
tbe defendants. ' The Jury, after reoelving tbe
obarge of tbe Court, were occupied but a few
minutes in making up their verdict.
Thi Storm There (rat a severe storm ot
wind and rain, about sundown on Friday, at
Cincinnati atd vicinity In tbe city, trees were
i" blown down; the residence of the lateN G.
Pendleton, on Eiet Fourth Street, was unroof
d, and the skylight on tbe roof of the Little
. Miami Depot was blown off,
The storm was terriSo at Camp Dennison,
accompanied by a tornado of wind and thick
bill. Tents and cantonments were blown down.
Three spans of the railroad bridge which
crosses the Big Miami, near Lawrenoeburg,
were blown down by the tornado, preventing
the passage of tbe train due from St. Louis, via
tl)e Ohio and Mississippi Railroad.
BTJudge Liavitt, cf the U S. Court, has
fixed tbe bail of Skiff, tbe Cincinnati Mer
"chant, arrested for treason, at $10,000 $5 000
on his own recognizince, and the like sum with
two sureties. It seems that treason is bail
' ble at tbe dlacretlon of tbe Court. Both Aaron
Bdrr and Blennerhassett wero admitted to
bail. .-
Superior Court Terms: Judge Matthews ha.
caused an order to be eotered fixing the times
for the commencement of .the terms of theSti
perior Court for this oounty, for the ensuing
year, as follows: Fall Term Monday Oot.lj
Winter Term Mondty, Jan 6j Spring Term
Monday, March 24: Summer Term Monday,
May 29. ' : -
. Itr List Friday was the Summer Solstice, or
properly tbe commencement of Summer la the
Northern Hemisphere. Friday, yesterday and
to day, are oi equal length, and the longest days
intheyear. After to-day, tbe length of tbe
days will gradually decrease until the shortest
is reached In tbe ever-varying, yet ceaseless
JTIt Is stated that the Twelfth and Thirteenth
Regiments at Camp Dennison are to be filled
out with companies from Camp Chase, and
mustered into service to morrow. -
O Doting the recent passage of the City
Baltimore from. Liverpool to New York, she
passed fifty large Icebe-ga, some of them more
than 350 feet In habt: If they venture
down near this latitude, they will soen disappear,
big as they may be. . - :
Tbe Journal learns that Hon. J. A. Garfielp
bat been compelled by tbe condition of bis pri
vate business, to deollne tbe appointmsnt
' Lieutenant-Colonel of tbe Twenty-iourth Reg
'Jtest, tendered blm by Governor Denniion.
! ST C A- RoaxoBANB baving been appointed
Brigadier-General in tbe U. S. service, Col. E
P. Soammon bat been transferred from tbe
Twenty-iourth to the Twenty-third Regiment
. 07' Parents and the friends of our children
and youth should remember the Publlo School
Examinations on to morrow and Tuesday, and
the High School Exhibition, at Bigelow Chapel
on Tuesday evening. ' ' '
I'--. . m
O Mr. and Mis. Wiu.uk Hall, of Cleve
land, celebrated their golden wedding on Tburt
day evening.' : A letter was read from Rev
rrrr Jonit MoDowiLt, 6f Philadelphia, who married
.- if the couple fifty j ears ago. . ' ,
1 ! BTTen more members of tbe State Fenol
bles left the olty yesterday morning, under Cor
poralW. II Stewart, to join their companions
in arms on or near the Ohio river.
. - 0 Tbe Medloal Board bave derided to
amine no more applicants for Sotgeont or Sur
geone' Mates, as they have 'gtven'eertifloates
already to more than are wanted for.tbe
at present. .,. . K r i-i,fi
- IT Gen. MoClellar and staff, were at Marl
etta on Friday, and went over into Virginia yet
terday. v a-' - - ; " -' '.. '
JJ The gun-boats at Cincinnati were com'
plated yesterdays The armaments are to be
onboard W-morrow, .,.,
CT Tbe Court of Common Pleas at London
Madison oounty, oommenetl to-morrow,
Rail Road Time Table.
Iiittls Mum fc OolomsosIc Xnru B. R. ., r
. . LMvai. Arrives
Cincinnati accommodation. 8 00 a. M. 0:10 P. M.
" Minna IhlO 1. M. ll-lil A M
Hall and Accommodation.. 0:10 P. M. 8 00 P. M,
Night Jtzprwi via Day ton.lfcOO midnight S;20 A. M.
Jro. W. SoBtRTT, Agent.
Night Erorett 3:40 A. M. 11:15 P. M.
New York Expreot 11:10 A M. 10:50 A. M.
CO. t0. Way Express.... S:JO P.M. 7:50 P. U.
Jakes Pattirioii, Agent,
CorrRAiOaio B. B.
No. 3 Express 3:30 A. M. 11:25 A. M.
no. 3 do K:lo v. 11. l:43 A. JU.
W. J. Itu, Agent.
PrrmcaeH, Ooitmsct Jt Owcunun B. B. ,.-
Mall Tralo 3 3 A. M. 11:95 A. M.
Eipreal Train 11:SBa. M. 8H5P.il
Jos. BoaiittoH, Agent.
Oouwsos Jr. iMDiAKoroin. B. B.
No. 1 Express ............ 6:30 A. H 8:00 P. M
no.s " 3:00 P. at. 8:45 P.M.
Accommodation 10:30 A. M.
0. W. Surra, Agent.
No Home Guards Killed at New
Creek Bridge—C I. Wallace's Command
in No Danger—The Mountaineers
Turning Out in Force to
Assist Him.
An express who arrived from Cumberland,
sata there Is no truth In the report that tbe
Cumberland Home Guards, stationed at New
Creek Bridge, were all killed or wounded.
There were twenty-six In all, aud all escaped.
inev bad two small iron oaonon. whioh tbev
spiked and threw into tbe Creek.
U1. Wallaoe la encamped near tbe Dlace. and
his elevated position commands tbe town. He
has no present appreheosioas of an attack, and
feels confident of his ability to defend bis po
sition. He baa abuodanoe of provisions and
On Wednesday, after the burning of tbe
railroad bridge by the Rebel, the mountaineers
collected to tbe number of bUU to 7UU, armed
wlib shotguns and bunting rifles, to assist Col.
Wallaoe to defend bis position, under tbe appre
hension ot an attack from the enemy, Tney
are ready to return at a moment's notice.
From Missouri.
ST LOUIS, June 22.
Capt. Totten'i command returned toSyraouae
yesterday arternoou, baving given up tbe pur
suit of Gov. Jaokeon at Florence, ten miles be
Half a car-load of powder was seized at
Ab ut the same amount of lead was seized
Sjraouie yesterday.
Franklin, the engineer engaged in burning
nriages. was arrested at Tipton.
S H McCullougb, cousin of Ben McCul-
louRb, Is also a prisoner.
The Republican learns that Gen. Price was
LexicRton on WedLeedav.sick.
Troops were flocking rapidly to the State
Gen Raines had arrived in advance of some
1500 troops from tbe Southwest.
It is probable tbat 4UUU troops will be concen
trated at Lexington belore Gen Lyjn, who
understood to be waiting at Boonvllie for rein
forcements, reaobes there, Between 3000 and
4000 troops were collected at the Jaokeon Coun
ty line, but much ditsatistaotion exists smong
them 1 some objecting to serve out of the Coun
while others were anxious for nbt and
ready to go anywhere. Finally over half
their number threw down their arms and went
home, to attend to their farms, the balance pro
ceeded towards Lexington.
It is tboufbt one or botb or tbe Kansas Res
imeots now stationed on tbe border of that S
III come down the Missouri river in bjats and
reach Lexington simultaneously with the forces
under lien. Mon.
uant. Steele, or tbe United States cavalrv.
resigned at St. Joseph on tbe 13ih, and left
Tbe Santa Fe correspondent of the Republi
can save Capt Claiborne and Lleata. Jackson
and mow ell, recently stationed at tort Stanton,
nave real goea. -
troops bave evaouated Lexington. It is not
known where tbey bave gone. No particulars
are given, but the fact of tbe evacuation may
may be relied npon.
A eentleman from Sedalla, tbe present ter
minus of the Paoiflo Railroad, and about twen
ty miles from Camp Cole, says tbat In a fight at
tbe latter place on tbe niKbt or tne lain, be
tween a considerable body of Union men and a
number of State troops from Warsaw, S3 of the
former were killed Tbe Union men were com
manded by Capt Cook, and were the force tbat
were supplied with arms from St. Louis a snort
time slnoe.
Cant- Cook fled, but hit men rallied and forced
their assailanta to retreat, with a loss of 25
killed. J. H. Leaob. editor of the Warsaw
Democrat, and three other prominent oitlxens ot
Warsaw being among tbe killed
Seventeen 01 tbe Unionists wno were killed
were stopping In a barn at the time ot the at
Gov Jackson, with about 600 men, passed
Camp Cole, on tbe 30th, pushing southward
probably lor Arkansas.
rne state trooct nave evacuated juexicewn
and are marching towarda Arkansas, o.UUU
strong-. It is said that Geo. Price is at their
head, but other reports say be resigned pre
vious to tne battle at soonevme. ana situ om
en, that he Is very sick at Lexington-Ben-
McColIough is reported to be at Marys
vllle, Arkansas, with 15,010 men and considera
ble artillery.
Tbe 3d Keeimentof Iowa volunteers, under
command of Col. Bates,! joined Gen. Ljon'e
command at Boonevllle, yesterday.
Tbe steamer J. Q. Swan reaobed here this
afternoon, bringing the volunteers wounded at
Col. Blair also oame down.
Tbe number of State troops killed at Baon-
ville la not known, but fifty is probably a blgb
Tbe stars and stripes now wave from a pole
near tbe gubernatorial mansion, where the se
cession flag reoently bung.
From New York.
NEW YORK, June 22.
Reports from Washington say that the Navy
will be doubled in lite at toon at possible.
Secretary Welles will reoommeod heavy appro
nrlatloot for building war vessels.
wm. m 1 .i. 1 f . Ann nrr
i ne rresioent win can ior at least juu.uuu
men In tbe aggregate, and money to correspond
Congress will, at an early day, suspend the
writ of kab eat corf wherever there is an or
ganised renellion, and in tbe judgment ot the
President It should be suspended tbo tuapen
lion, of course, being temporary. 1
Bids for the Indiana State loan reached II,
403,000. at tbe range of B083 9-10. Tbe
Loan Commissioner! decldoo not to aocept
offeri under 85, and to take till Friday next to
decide whether to accept under 90.
A gentleman wbo hat recently returned from
Riobmond Informe us that when be left there
were only about 5,000 Rebel troops enoamped
there. . . ' '
Troops were arriving and going through to
Manassas and Harper't Ferry at the rate of from
1500 to 3000 dally
Jeff Davit lived at the Spottawood House,
Richmond, and tbe State and other Departments
are in the hotel :
Not more than one third of the nsoal tobacco
oroo has been planted tbli fear. There it no
market lor It, the ground being more valuable
for wheat and Corn These oropt look finely.
It it extremely diffloalt for ttrangert to get
away from Kiobmond. "
CHICAGO, June 22.
Tbe Tribune bas intelligence that Capt Prince,
with font hundred regulars, moved from Kan
sas Clt? to Llbertv. Missouri, on Wednesday, to
disperse a oamp ot five hundred Rebels, under
command of Brigadier General Jesse Morln.
On Toetday, the Rebels, bearing of the an.
proaoh of Oapt Prinoe, broke up and toattered in
every dlreotion. "
Capt. Prinoe took possession of tbe town, and
captured tbe prinoloal MoaulnnUu. fnoludlng
General Morin. All took the oath of alleglanoe,
except Morin, who remains a prleooer.
A Home Guard wat then orgaalud. tad. rV
Dispatches from Washington.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
To-day about 5,000 troops of Gen. McDow
ell's division, looluding tbe two Ohio Regi
ments, have moved forward from Baltimore
Cross Roads to the neighborhood of Fall's
Church, about three miles distant from either
Fairfax Court House or Vienna.
Captain Tompkins, of the oavalry, has return
ed from a reconnoissaooe this p. m. towards
Vienna, and reports a foroe of S500 Rebels at
tbat point. If, as Is probable, tbe latter should
be reinforced to night, a battle between these
forces will be almost Inevitable to morrow.
A oollision oocurred this morning between a
picket guard of tbe 3d Connecticut Regiment
and a Rebel picket near Fall's Church. Tbe
Conneotlcnt picket was ordered to occupy the
position ocoupied by the Rebel picket It Is
repotted tbat on takinc Dossesaion of tbe ground.
one of tbe Connecticut men was killed and four
wounded. The loss of the other side is sup
posed to be greater. - Tbis report needs confirm
atioo, although It Is from a reliable source
1 learn from Uen. waibriage, mat tne uov
ernors of all the States have replied to bis let
ters, Inquiring whether tbey were In favor of a
vigorous prosecution of tbe war Tbey are a
noit In declaring tbat tbey are ready with men
and money to bring the war to an end.
Col Ritchie, oi Gov. Aodrew'e staff, tele
graphed to tbe Governor to night, at tbe re
quest of tbe Government, to start seven of tbe
ten Regiments aooep'efl yesterday oy to mjrrow.
1c Is said tbe seven Keiilments referred to Bave
been drilling for some time and are thoroughly
equipped and ready to start. -Ii
it now evident tbat the main blow against
tbe Rebels will be struck from the Federal Cap
ltal Tbe army of Washington now consists or
fully 45.000 effective mea, comprising two in
fantry aud one cavalry Regiment of Regulars,
31 Regiments from tbe City and State of New
York, fire from fauna; ivanta, lour irom maine,
three Irom Conneoilout, three from Mioblgan,
two from Ohio1, two from Massachusetts) one
from Rhode Island, and six batteries of light
Ten thousand more men will be added to this I
Immense body early next week.
Ten thousand, with tbe District militia, will
be sufficient for the events at the Capital; so
tbat a grand army of 45,000 as spirited troops
as can be found any where, can be moved against
tbe Rebels
With the aid of Gen. Patterson's division,
they will be more tban sufficient to break the
lines of tbe Rebels, and drive them in the di
rection of Riobmond
Surprise baa been expressed in some quarters
at tbe failure of Gen. Scott to prevent tbe ereo
tion of batteries at various points on tbe right
bank of tbe Potomao Tbe Impending advance
of the Union army toward Richmond, bowever,
will either compeil tbe Rebels to remove tbeir
batteries or render them an easy prey to tbe
Union foroes. Geo Scott is simply iodleposed
to take at a great sacrifice of life what will
be had In due time without bloodshed
Geo. McClellan baa been Instructed to sweep
the last vestige of secession, both out of North
western and Southwestern Virginia. His army
will be strongly relnforoed for Immediate ope
rations South of tbe Kanawha river.
Toe heavy sea coast guns are now nearly all
mounted In tbe batteries on tbe Virginia side,
and regular artillerists are dally drilled at them
for several hours
An opinion Is entertained hero tbat tbe main
body of the Rebel army has not returned to
tbe neigbbornood or Harpers ferry, but only
detachments to attract the attention of General
Patterson's division, bt Creating the Impression
of tbe return of all of Gen Johnston's force,
to prevent tbe sending forward of any part of
Gen. Patterson's troops to strengthen the Fed
eral oolumn here Tnere is reason to believe
that in tbe meantime tbe principal part of Gen
Johnston's oommand is now in the vicinity of
and bdward's r
Gentlemen bere who are In oommuoioatlon
with the Unionists of East Tennessee, are ot
tbe opinion tbat tbe Convention called to meet
at Kooxville will pursue a course similar to
tbat adopted by tbe Wheeling Convention, In
Virginia Tbev will repudiate the usurpers at
Nashville, elect a Governor and organize a state
Uovernment, as nearly as possible in oontormity
with tne nrovistODS or tbe state tionstitutlon.
and call noon the loyal men of Tennessee to
.ull tn th4i annnnpt. " ' ' -
The Union men there are at the fighting point
All they want from the Government is arms.
When the? bave these, tbev will take care of
themselves, and close the Cumberland Gap Rail
road against the Rebels. It has been tbe main
avenue lor reinforcements aud supplies to tbe
Rebels in Virginia
This movement will supply another segment
to tbe olrole of Union men tbat Is being gradu
allv tightened around tbe Rebels in Virginia.
Advices bave been received here from Fort
Pic keus to the 10.b inst.
There was no change in the military status.
Active operations wero still kept up on both
Commander Brown had entirely completed
bis means of defense.
Tbe Fort la in the best possible condition, and
no fears were entertained of the Rebel forces
under Gen. Bragg, wbtcb our commander states
are still very large, notwithstanding a portion
of them have been detached for service at some
WASHINGTON, June 22. [N. Y. Times, Special.]
advanoe potts of the enemy, aud from there
toward our lines, are covered by masked batte
rles, to addition to those discovered by Lieut
It has been ascertained tbat there is one,
and perhaps more. In tbe wood near SprlLifield
the first station from Alexandria, on tbe Urange
S Alexandria Railroad, nine miles from Alex
aodrla, and eighteen from Manassas Junction
A force of several buudred protects tnem
It Is believed tbat tbey bave been ereoted late
secretary sewaro gives nouoe mat otrearter
no passports to leave tbe 0 mntry, or to pass
within tbe lines of tbe Rebels, signed by for
eisn Ministers or Consuls, will be good nnlesa
oottotersigned by tbe State Department.
A speoial msaaenger arrived from fortress
Monroe, says two men arrived there who bad
esoaped from Saw ells rolnt.
it seems tbe batter? at seweirs roint is com'
poaed of five Columblada, six pieces of smaller
bore, and three rifled cannon in all fourteen
Between tbe Point and Norfolk are two other
batteries, armed with the stolen guns from
Navv Pard.
At Sewell's Point there are 500 men; at Nor
folk 15,000 men most of them now under or
den for R obmood and at Intermediate points
about 3.0U0 Among them are 1 6UU South
Carolinians, two full Regiments from Louia
na and one from Georgia. Tbe three last bave
been ao muoh dlsaatufled with their treatment
and probable destiny, tbat Howell Cobb, wbo
two sons In tbe Georgia Regiment, was sent
for from Riobmond to address them. He bade
tbem be of good eourage, and pledged! bis word
of honor tbat within three months the Confeder
ate army would not only occupy Washington,
but would bave subdued the entire Union lorots
of the North.
These men also lay that tbe Rebel leaden
will force tbem through a bloody war, and per
sist In tbeir treason to tne end 1 hey also aay
that tbe most exaggerated ace nnts of outrages
committed npon women by Northern soldiers
reached tbe Rebel oampsi tbese oase laorioa
tlona actiua as a stimulant noon the msn
Got. Piokeni baa Issued a proclamation for
bidding any more south Carolina troops irom
leaving Palmettodon. He expresses the belief
tbat northern hordes contemplate an Invasion
of the aaored aoll of South Carolina via Charles
ton.and aayt tbat the first duty of South olinians
It to the State, Tbli it the legitimate
beginning of the end.
li It now laid tnat naraeo it at or
Fairfax witb batteries and 4000 oavalry.
Letters received In this city from oi.e of
middle oounties of Kentuck?, represent in earn
est terms that If tbe oitiieoi there are driven
fiom their present position of neutrality,
is rapidly increasing among them a feeling
stand bv the Union at all halards. Tbe
secessionists art soarce. and the inclination
tbe people is deoldedly in opposition to follow
Inn In the wtk of 8nnlh Carolina.
It is laid Gen Sobenck bat appointed
Pint, of Cincinnati. Commlsaarv of his Brig
ade. and Mr. Cbeeboro, of tbe New York
Regiment, Ald-de Camp, with tbe rank of
[World's Dispatch]
Tht on
letmt to hart bttn tatbtr terlooi affair; as
learn from Virginians who ome over for pro
tection, tbat between rorty and firtv were killed
by tbe bombs tbat were thrown with so muoh as
curacy among them from a howitzer on this
side. A boat load of Rebels were crossing the
mouth of a small oreek, making into tbe river,
toward the close of tbe aotion, when a bomb
from the battery burst Immediately over It, and
after tbe smoke oleared away, only two men
were seen standing out of between twenty or
thirty In it. Mtoy bodies were distinctly seen
in the water about the boat. -
[To the Associated Press.]
Speaker Allen, of Indiana, leaves bere to
morrow for Indianapolis, to lay before ?ov.
Morton a requisition of tbe War Department
for four additional Regiments from tbat State,
to be taken from tbe first, seoond and third Con
gresslonal Districts. A large number of com
panies are already formed in tbat part of tbe
State, and more organizing, with the view of
Immediate service in these Regiments. . -
An evidence of active war preparations it the
fact that Quartermaster General Meigs adver
tises for baggage wagons.
It is believed tbe government will not inter
fere witb tbe due oourse of law In tbe oase of
Captured pirates of the privateer Savannah.
Tbe oase of the oondemned schooner Troplo
Wind will probably be appealed to tbe United
States Court.
Mr. Crittenden will offer bis compromise
at tbe extra session of Congress, probtbly
coupled with a tbreat'of tbe secession of Ken
tucky if It is not adopted.
Beauregard it evidently making preparation!
for advauoing. "'
It It understood that some of the Southern
troops are jealous pf their State designations,
and don't respond with muoh alacrity to their
[Special to Commercial.]
Senator Johnson of Tennessee, paid a visit
this morning to leading btfluials,and was warm
ly received. The Administration la highly
pleased with tbe mauly and vigorous attitude of
[Special to the Post.]
Good judges say will not be a battle for
weeks yet, and peihaps none tbis side of Rich
mood, excepting a ekirmish or two.
The Government will soon Issue orders for
preventing tbe army and navy fiom perform
ing service as slave catchers; that business be-
nging to civil officers
It is eaid tnat eeorttary Cbase will recom
mend Coogresa to Impose a slight inoome tax
Senator jonnson baa arrived bere tie was
red upon while passlog through Cumberland
ap, but is uninjured, tie says tbe Union men
Cast Tennessee will Imitate tbe aotion of
Western Virginia cut loose from tbe rebellious
authorities, aud fight for the UUon.
Oen Soott, baving been asked by Western
men to order tbe retreat of Gen Cadwallader
aoroea the Potomao, the old hero replied: "It's
11 right, all rUnt j yon will lay so three months
A messenger from Falls Church lata there
are now 20,000 Rebel troops at Fairfax Court
oute. . '
A gentleman from Paris ears be saw there a
tetter from Senator Mason, dated February 30,
deotaring that arrangements had been made to
st our e tbe passage or tbe secession ordinance
lo Virginia, and Washington would be seized at
an early day. . mason was then sitting in tbe
Senate. '
From letters reoelved in tbe War Department
to day, there Is reason to believe that tbe
ttebel forces intended to attack Washington
this morning, but for reasons tbo plot did not
come to a head.
Tbe captain of a steamer from below says
there are further indications of tbe location of
Rebel batterlea at Matthias Point.
Prof. Lowe, tbe balloonist, is making an as
oenslon Irom Arlington Higbts thit afternoon,
to view tbe position ol tba Kebela.
Tbezub New Turk Kegiment bas arrived.
From Louisville.
On and after Monday next, freight over the
Nashville road will be refused, unless permitted
by the surveyor ot the pirt
The Journal savs uouu guns were stopped yet
terday at Jcffersonville, consigned to Louisville
'"? mil mm eawtad, that
they are for Union men.
The morning papers oontaln letters from Gen
BuckoertoGov. Magoffin, giving tbe particulars
of an agreement with Geo. McClellan Tbe
Kentucky authorities will protect United States
property in the State, eoforos the laws of tbe
United States according: to the Interpretations
of the United States Courts, and enforoe all
the obligations of neutrality against Southern
States McClellan agrees to reepeot tbe terri
tory of Kentucky, even though Southern armies
occupy It, In suck case, he will call on tbe
Kentucky authorities to remove the Southern
lorces Should Kentucky fall to do tbis,
olaims the tame right of occupation as tbat
given to the Southern forces, and be will call
tor tba aid of Govcnmeot troops. If success
ful In removing them, Gen- McClellan sgrees
withdraw If tbe Administration adopt a dif
ferent policy, Kentucky Is to have timely notioe,
and if Kentucky obanges, the same notice it
bt given.
Of thit agreement uenerai Buckner gave
Governor Harris, of Tennessee, notice la
answer, Governor Harris gave assurances that
tbe territory or Kentucky would be reepeoted
utitil occupied by Federal troops, and gave
peremptory orders to the Tennessee oflloeri
to thistffcot.
Oaing to the excitement in Columbut, Ky.,
Gen. Buckner ordered a detachment of tbe 8tate
Guard ln" oamp there, for restraining the oit
li nt 01 Kentucky from acta of lawless aggres
Hon. Henry C- Burnett, secessionist, It un
doubtedly elected in the 10h District of Ken
tuoky, oy large majority
The Manassas correspondent of the Charles
ton Mercury, on the 18th, writee that the people
about tbe Rebels' camp are hostile. It Is dan
gerous to leave tbe oamp alone Gentlemen
come into camp daily, wbo fear tiielr own
slaves will murder them. Tbe lower classes
whites are inciting tbem to such a degree that
civil war is on tbe point of being inaugurated.
In tbeir van tbe people are hostile, In tbeir
rear they are fearful. The latter will apply
passports hourly, which Gen. Beauregard grants,
provided no horses, wagons, etc., are takon
from the Stale.
Tbe Charleston Courier of the 19th tays: "A
large sloop, name unknown, has been crossing
near Deweet Inlet, supposed to bs sounding and
recoonoiterlng. Tbat portion of our coast
entirely unprotected, and depredations could
Tbs Nsw Orleans Delta of the 19tb tayt
bdg Stephens run the blookade and run Into Ua
tavia Bay, under the guna of Fort Livings
worth. The Havana correspondence of the same pa
per says Mr Weller, late Minister to Mexico,
goes to Florida, to pass through tbe Sjutb
see bis friends Mallorv, Davis, and Toombs,
with whom, lo days past, he acted In defense
Southern rights. 1 '
It is generally eonceded that the Union Con
gresmeo are elected, except In the 1st district
Tbs Journal tavt Andrew Jonnson, in. a
speech at Lexiugton, Ky., says be nevee wrote
the letter to fur. Aawreacei tnat ne never
gotlated, nor never promised to negotiate, with
anv bodv at the North. 1
The Mobile Register of the 19th, tays
Jober. a native of Baltimore, belonging to,
Brooks's N Y. Company at Piokeus, while
swimming, wat waahed ashore at fentacoia
and Is now in tba banda of the enemy. He
well treated, but refuses to give any informs
tion respecting the Fort.
From Boston.
BOSTON, June 22.
The Fifth Reclment of Maine will
Portland for New York on Wednesday stx
trie the Fall River line from Boston
Tbe frigate Santee sailed from Porttmonto
vaatardev. She earrle 60 eons, and offloers
ana erew nanoering duo. ine vinaenocs,
tbe CbarlestowD navv yard, will probably
rnetaay. ine rreoieis reaay wsaii.
Consuls Appointed.
.; .
The President tDDOlnted tbe tollowlnt?
S. Consnltt Wm Porter Miles, of La , at Trl
poll j Wm. F Naat, of Ky., at Stnttgartt
Wm Bebb, or Teno . at Tangierst w u. Has
sel. ot Mo . at Trinidad de Cubei Cbarles J,
Handel, of III , at Bbettioi Oeorge True, of
Onlo. at Fonobeli Jitnet G. V own. of Wis
K.r l B.oer.oi uaio.ai iUataa-
at Hallfaxi
we (as; A. L. Wtlff, ot Iowa, al Baslt.
General McClellan.
and staff were at Park
ersburgb yesterday, en route for Grafton. ' "
The first and aeventb Kentucky Volunteers
marohed Into the city to day, aud were present
ed wlih colore by the ladles of Cincinnati and
Newport, Ky. They made a floe appearanoe,
and were enthuslahti'ially reoelved
Capt Hares' battery left for Vlrgtnia this
, .Three spent of the O It M. Railroad bridge
across the Big Miami, near Lawrenoeburgb,
were blown down by a tornado last evening.
The bridge wilt be reoaired at the eatllMt nni-
sible moment. Passengers change oara there
for the present.
Tbe storm was severe In th clt. htnwinv
doan trees aud damaging roofs of bouses.
Alleged Spies Hung at Martinsburg.
Alleged Spies Hung at Martinsburg. Va.
dated "Williamsport, Friday night," says Col.
oeauuout aia rar. vnaee were nuog at Mar
tintburg yesterday as spies. He says this In
formation is reliable.
From Alexandria.
rumors are afloat of the stoDnlne of
eoalboata going down tbe river, and tbe re ar
rest of Captain Ball, late of tbe secession cav
alry, wbo was released on taking tbe oath of
lotormatlon bas been received here of the
appointment ot Gen. Dix to the Department of
From Missouri and Kentucky.
[Times Special from Cairo.]
CHICAGO, June 22.
It is authoritatively stated that 400 Missouri
secessionists leit Point Pleasant, b0 miles be
low here, lor Memphis, on Thursday.
It Is reported that Mieeourians are crossing
the Arkansas River in large numbers, for
Yellville, tbe county teatot Marion county.
Bjruett, seoesaionlst. Is elected over Trim
ble, Union, by about 40QU majority in tbe firat
Kentucky Congressional district. His majority
two years ago exceeded 9000,
Unit two Union voles were east in Columbut
on Thursday.
From Fortress Monroe.
The Regiment wniob yesterday made a re
connoiasance towards Great Bethel, returned
late in tbe evening, baving gone to tbe neigh-
oornoodot Little bethel. They brought back
intelligence of importance.
It le understood that tbe Confederates are
conoen rating a large force at Yorkiuwn.
It is safe to say that Important movements
are going on at Sewell's Point; also at Wil
lougboy Point, some three miles further down,
aud opposite tbe Rip Raps.
Champion Gun Contest at Pittsburgh.
contest sun offered to
tbe bent drilled company of Home Guards, tOvk
place to-day, and wae awarded to tbe Harper
Zniaves, Cipt Fullwuod Capt F. was form
erly one ot the Chicago Zjuaves.
ST JOHNS, June 22.
Anglo Saxon bat arrived from Liver
pool tbe 13,b, Londonderry the 14ib, with dates
nve dajs later.
The Oreat bastern leaves on tbe Sbib, with
troops lor Uiitbeo. - '
UHton duil and unchanged. All breadstuff
declined. Corn stead? Provisions quiet.
New York Market.
NEW YORK. June 22.
ASHES -Steady and moderate. Bates SI SO for nots,
and tlGJx lor pearl.
core Nnoreaoiire and nroer, Bales 3900 bales
at UH for Utddlnt Uoland.
vluuk tipenea dan ana closed heavy at acsiuo
lower. Extra atate la not very plenty and li la modem e
demand. Bale 13 OOO harrela at St S5 4 an nr ,ojr.
a- .... - 11 ou. emts.i at tji 7004 75, (4 Sod
4 40 for extra stale j 4,K3440 for aapeitlne venom;
tl 009S for common tonjed am extra weaierni fiSO
Ui3 n inr sniDD n Dianas extra ronnd hnon Ohio:
5 ousts B3 for t ade brand, do.t market closlnc beave
anddeollntd Canadian fl'iur rniosh av for common
grades. Bales 800 burels at t4 7C47S0 fnr common to
choice Extra rye floor sellinit ! w y at 13(94.
CORN MBL Nominally unchanged .
WHURY Lower and more aoiire. Bales 1C00 lUs
W UN a 1 Market for common and Inferior hearv and
decllelng. while there la no decided ohanee in go d and
soui d de-oiiptlona. rales 34,600 bnsnels Chi ago spi log
at 80$ 1 1 H6; S600 baahele very lne ior do. at 60j;
SS.IiOU busheis Milwaukee dub at 90 tt Id; 16 000 bath
B.olDf uprlnir at tl 131 14; 6800buhele amber tiwa
at 1 1 17; fc-OO hnebelt oommon to g -od wloter red west
ern at l 83(311 34; ia8o buihelt lniertur c somon white
Oaxidl.natel 10(31 3d; JS00 baibels wnlte -eitern at
i sow J1.
Yic -scarce and firm. Sales lOOObuihe'.e Jersey at
barley Dan and nominal at 959oxc.
(JOK There ! lets dolt , bat ine n arket Is without
Important change. I'alet 37.1 CO kuthe 1 t 483)430 for
In. trior tn p Imt new mixea western; tOSji ior western
yeilow SOAM for white we.tern.
OATr- m modeiete request at S8(S31 for western
and Oanadlan, and SK9S3 fur state.
POBB, Onlv Bodemte bntineta dolre and crista In
favor nf buyer, alts 770 barrel, at IS IS 3S for mesa,
UKBiutt tor prime
baaiir (lontlnare dull and nominal at 14(34 50 for
oonoiry primal fS SO 6 for mtta. In prime m- ts beef
and brer h.mt Uere it nothing of momtul dou-g and our
quotations ar- omit ed.
CUi' MB at 4 Rathe- more active. Sales ISO packages
dnr tailed aeame at SiaVol theouotatlont for Bickied It
fur shoulders aod BJOJi for hams.
L mid - Market tllibl'y favors buyers Bales BOO bbla
Hi) ctsr in moderate request at ihwim for Ohio.
C11SK8E Steady at x37a.
Cincinnati Market.
TIOUR Bailneit seems to be dull In the market, as
It wt lean be. Prices are nominally as I si quoted
11 B4 !0 10 for superui.ei B4 80A4 73 for extra!
and 14 PuieVS lor lamlly. Ua agm,nt on fie part of
buj.it prooabiy, aeruret advitntages on these flgares
Tu.ito k In this market Is low aud 'he trade pribably
never won ed more nearly on its natural level than at
tbe pre-ent time. Itoomro unutuaily near tbe actual
friatof manufacturing, ou theourrent average prloia ol
WHEtT There being but little whnt on 'he mtr-
ket, pricee are) maintained qulie (Irmly at SSdtWo for
rea aua i ucxayi in ror go 00 to prime wane just
nw the farmers a t not marketloi much, nor ere th-T
dltpoaed to until they know what oalaulatlooe they may
mane witn oartatnty on tne yielt f tn growing orop.
Th grla which na passed through Its various danger
till now It at a very erl lc.l point. To Ihla point th
prut pact have been. In thtfagg'Orate, fair for an average,
parbap lull yleld tbougb e-Umata or the damage by
the army worm are .xempled from that cellmate.
UU UN aland at Xrto, ilaoe tba reoelpti an mainly
controlled by the reialUra. SUtillers do not offer
much by LSeo wer b label. - .--
uais are In run reeeiot, and very dull at Mo
B KLE V I, n t quoted since there ts 00 trade la It,
KY t Is quoted at 46o.
WQIaKT-Waakeptatl3ato-iay.bat with a feeble
markai. M. (Jem.
Philadelphia Market.
IIOUB-Qutet SncerflnelS 00315 13m 1 extra II
i 50; fami.y i 753t Oti fancy tS !Ml7 U0
WBltT-Baii. Bales WWO butbels red at ft 90S
1 X3 wnut iii),
COKN QiietatSIo.
00 BA r-COiB-4KA5K0.
WdleKT firmer at 18tf U.
Cleveland Market.
June 21, 1861.
JLOUB Quiet and without Important sales. Prices
WuiaT Lo-er. Sales ot lcarontrackat101Xo,
asdlrardo at BlOt
COttN Bales of KM0 bothtls ot eora at Jte; free
board. I .
OaTS Dull at 880 on track. - - '
HUaWISIS-Stea, j, with tUeSOt 50 bolt at 1.
BtiUS-t ly ai8JtJ, . ,
BU r rt h-Ueeialne dull at 9A10s.
No aalea of OonteauOBet la other artiolet and ao change
in pilot.
Moveltltt in Neok Tl and Bcarh.
' Byron aDdUarrouOolltre.
u ' Embroldtred Pooktt Handkeroblefc
Paris Kid Qlov eup. r-or makt.
Ooldan Bill Shirts various style.
Boys' Ooldet Hill Sblrta. do
DrtTingnd "troet uloree, do
liemm.d Pocket Handkerohieft, various styles.
Ilalf Boat and Under Qarmtate,
BAIN 80 If,
aprlU ; Mo. 89 Booto High tuttt.
O Bit STYLES Stalls he a. No. v s
High trtt, have Ju opened new ttylet of Ctova
Haeaoiaio) and Baoaota, madt It .tht beWaet
mot ttylitb manntr. alto. jfjt)rt) llalts
ttiacia Hilda very beery, declined expreaaly
sU&UUas and BuiuIiin. (aprtil
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
puRiPiEn. -
Ttte Greatest Hoanoay la Tito World
Arib '
.juhdial .
ly a eoientlde and
Vegetable Compound,
proeane by tbe distil
lation, of liooia. Herbs
and Barks, Yellow
Hook, Blood Root,
Banaparilla, Wild
Oharrjr Bark and Dan
delion enters Into its
. 1 mi
. M vwwwhuh. ,11, in- ... , ,
Mm Takius" active remedial liter TaKlni
principle ol each Inirredlent la thnroaghly extracted b
aaj new metbod ot dUUIIlog. producing dalle! na ex
hilarating spirit, and the moat INIALLIBLB rsed foi
nnoTatina the dinaeod antem. and res'orthf he tick.
altering and debilitated INVALID to HEAtm and
,, trill eteemaUf ears
Obronio or Hereout Debility, Diteatet of the Kidneys
and all dljeasct arising from a dltordereJ Liver or "torn
aoh, Dytpeptla, Heartburn. Inward Pilot, Acidity or Blck-
neat or tne Btomacn, runnaae or uiooa 10 tne nea.i, van
Cor swimming In tbe head. Peh-.tation ol the Heart
neat or Weight in the Stomach, Boui tmctation.
Choking or tuflocatina feeling when lying down. Drvnea,
or Yellowueeiof the (kin and Byea. Night Sweats. In
ward leTert. Pain In the email or tbe back, cheat or tide.
Sudden Vluabee of Heat. Depreaion of Spirit, frightful
Dreamt, Languor, Detpondeney or any N enroot Dianas
Bone or Blotches on the Skin, and rover and Aims (01
Ohilla and fever.)
Over a million ol ateuiee .
Have been sold during the last six month and In no In-
atanoe hat It falltd In tiring entire atltfaeilon Wbo.
then, will tufferfron, Weak.ett 01 Debility whe.i Mo
No laniuaire can convey an adequate idea of the lmme
dlate and almott mlracaloua change produced by takiue
this Cordial in the diseased, debilitated and thattered
nervoua is stem, abether broken down by exoett, weak by
nature, or impaired by tickneat, the relaxed and unttrunr
organisation it mured to it pnatine neaiin ana vigor.
Or others consoloas of Inability, from htte.tr cause,
will find HoLean a Strengthening Cordial a thoroub
regenerator of the system; and all who aiay have inlured
themselves by Improper Ind. Igencee, will Bod In the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
To tbo liadlea.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
Is a aovsrelgn and speedy rare for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, incontinence ol
Urine ar Involnntan Dtsohanre thereof, railing of the
Womb, Slddlnets, fainting and all Diseases inoidne t
Females. -
Inert It no Mistake About it.
Suffer no longer. Take It according to Directions. It
wlllittmulate, strengthen and Invlgorata you and causa
the bloom of health to mount your cheek again.
Every oottle it warranted to (tee eatutaotiov
If your children are sickly, puny, or afflicted, II clean Y
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Dela
n t a moment, try it, and you win be convinced.
Oaotio. Beware of Drnrelsts or Dealers who may
tn to nalrn anon you tome Hitter or Sartaparilla traai .
hich tbey can buy cheap, by tayint Itltjuitae gooa.
Avoid such men. Ask lor McLean' Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else It bt the only remedy that
will purify the Mood thoroughly and at the same time
strengthen the system.
One tablespoonrui mean every morning raatinir, ;t
certain preventive of Cholera, Chilli and fever, Yellow
fever, or any prevalent ojicoset. 11 u put up id large
Price only 1 per bottle, or 0 bottles ror t&.
Sols Proprietor of thit Cordial, "
Alto lloLean a Yolcanie Oil liniment.
Prlcclnal Depot on the 00 mer of Third and Pine streets,
Bt. irouis. aio.
McLean's Voloanio Oil Liniment
The best Liniment In the World. The only safe and
sertnin onre for Cancers. Piles, Swellings and Bron
chitis, or Ooitra, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Woaknose of the
ilnecita, unronio Or uuiammaiory rtnenrnane, oun
h of the ioints. contracted Uusoloo or Llcament
Earache or Toothache, Bruitet, Sprains, Wounds, fretb
Onta. Dloara. fever Bore. Dated Breast bore nippies,
Burns, Scald, Sore Thoat, or any Inflammation or Pain,
no difference how tevere, or ho ' long the disease may
have existed. McLean's Celebrated Liniment II I n
tain remedy.
'houtand ortiaxoan Mrnirt bave been laved a Ufa
deorepttude and misery by th ua of thla Invaluable med
Will rellev pain almost Instantaneoutly, and It wll
cleanse, purify and heal the foulest tores in an lncredl
ly tbort tune-
W - WW . nl.AM n I ... u I a
HcLean a celebrated Liniment la the only afe and
llahla ramfuli for thaenranf flnaTin. Bine Bone. Wind
gall. Splint, Unnatural Bumpa, Nodes or Swellings
will never rau to oure uig ueaa. roil im, miuia.
running Borst or Sweeny, if properly applied
Sprain, Bruises, Scratched Bona or W,.unii, Orackw)
Ueelt, Ohafee, Saddle or Collar Oallt it It an Infallible
remedy. Apply it at directed, and a cure le certain
every Isttance-
Then trise no longer with th many wonnittt i,isi
oienta offered to you. Obtain a eupply of Dr. UcLean't
celebrated Liniment. It will core you.
J II. tncLiE. A K, Sole Proprietor,
Corner of Third and Pint Street, St. Louia, Mo.
for sale by all druggists,
tor tale by ROBERTS At SAKUEL,
augSU-dAwly Colombo,. Oitlo.
Town Street,
w th Union and the Bunny South, I have eoneiuded
to tell out
.. . Tha atoek oonalitt of tbs largest lot of
In tbs city of Columbus;. . .
CA MB Sirs,
- nulls,
COlIlKt. EDOlS'lt 6SIXT BE4 O,
and all kinds of
the best HoOP SKIKTa fa olumbus, and at
lovui pric4
Wtaoleeale undBetall.
Then, lad I, all, bith grtat and email.
Com, giro me a call,
And ttieo you'll fi .d A. II. K. StoHsis
In all hit Qlorv.
a. M. K. 8TORRIB, Agent,
Remember the War I No, 0s Town luett,
aprlliiSm Colombo. Ohio,
eniaaa and
. i
j and examine our new mate 01
manufactured by B. BOWARTy 4, CO . eVntna.
The Watnhtt are far euptitor to anything rvrr
to tne public, neretoron. uaTirg tht toiutive
I ean tall them at prices to suit ia Ihset. . I hart
reottved a large nook of - -
manufactured by APPLE TOU, TBACt, At OO ;
Bm ettortmtot of -
. . anra w a hwMw n wr
EltttSSSitB avii v a mam ra a vuai
ta Odd and Bllrtr Cattt, at Panto prlote.
. tanU . W. J BATAHB.
AllauMaandoolortluttovtned tl BAINS.
det.ll. No. W loath High
Ao experieneed Nuns and female hytletaa, prssaate
- to the attaniloaof mothers, tec
800 T H IN 0;;J i'RUi
which greatly faollltatea Out process of ta thing hp tofv ,
ening tne guau, raduelng ail Inttrnmatlon-wUI allay
ALL PA1M and apumodio aotioa, a4 le
Depend upon U. mathan. 1 1 will ) nut ,a mmIm
leu yaaia,
We bare nut UDandn, mi. .nM. ,n. nM.
andOAH Say, in OoNflDimoa lib TanraLartt:
what have never baaa ik t mm at ii?
Bf MOT A OURM, .ben tlaely aeea. Vv
er did t know an inatauo of dletaUtraedoa b any one
wbo used It. Oo the aontran. all n4n.h,i m!t im
operations, and (peak In tarma of rm-ntiidatloa of Its
maeloal edeote and medloal rlrtuee. te euaak la thi
matter ' WHAT WB Do KNOW;" after tn ytara' xp
almoet every Initanot where the In Cut la mOariaf from
f-'M - HMuaHDn, mia, win oe loaae lb aiteeaat
wenty minute after theoyrup le adminittared.
This taluaoie preuaratiei, I the ureeonptloa efeaeef
the most BXPiKIBNOKDaed BKlLLfuL MQt-Bt
inS wOSmJS f AIL-
ItnotOLlf reliara tha shiM trm
ate the atomaoh and Lowe It some It aotdity, and (I ret
tone nd energy to the whole avtm. It win ili ii
ttantly relieve ...
and overoome eonvuisiona, wnieh. If not tpaadily rewia
...r.,, lunoiu jwm uaiioT 11 toe mm&r and sua-
.2i.-rf"0? IN TH" WWKI-O. ' all aaaee of or
BNTERV and ItlABBIISA ID CHILD Eltal, wbetbti
ll arltee from teetblne. or from an otha, man iff..
would tay to every mother wbo ha ehl'd eeuTerlr g from
any of the fore (toll g 00 , plaint DO NOT LBI TOUB
PBkJUDICKa NO 2 THE PRIirDh inntu utnt
tiauri betaeen you and your suffering child, and the re
uia, wm uc nuns ya aorxiuu rL TOBB-4o
follow the ue of thU medtdna. If timale aaad. Sail M.
rs.'Unror using will accompany -b bottle Nona
re'iulLe unUes the fao-eunile of tUBilt At PBBZJNa,
New York, le on the ouuirt wraoner.
Sold by all Drngglate throuabout the world.
Prl clpal Office-. 12 Cedar traatN.Y.
OCt27-dkwly. ;
Is preolsely Wiat IU nam indleatn. for. whilel
nieuaoi to toe ta.ta. it it n-vmri nf . exhilarat
lug. UiTlg irnllug end etreosthenlog t the vita1
pjwert. aoa at tbe aaaw tin ramSrs leln
tatee, ana ran in ninoi in all Hcaarity ai .
thu at ooe rations and nndtrt (A4 twftent tn
wdntrabU to att CJu qdtMaH .It la the on lyl
rouaratio rrer xne ao to in world, -ao ooaail-
all and slllfuily ooaMne- as to be the motl
0 wtrful ton! . and at to same time so parMtlt
dautad to, a to aot to per e too wiaBSe witb tool
awe f nam e. and bene will avoMe U aoeoCeoli
klomacA and tut up th dt.ionve organs, and
thus ailay all narvoua a a othr irritation It 1
oer eotlv exhilarating, ana at tbe earn time It
loompooed tlrely of vegetable yet so oomblned
t to oroaaoetne moittn roann tonic enTsou witn-'
out pr-rlucing any injuriou oooarqueuoes tuohl
'a remadv bt long been felt to be a da.lderatom 1
be medical worio, rot 11 need do medical skill to
rf thatdebii ty follow alt attaoke of dleaaa. abd
proceed and lodeed laye tbe -yt'em open to the
lutidloos attacm or many or me meat fatal. acn
f r example, at the following! Ountumptton, lu
diganion, ujipeptia, um or appeute, yainwet
Nervou Irrlubillty. Neunlgia PaipltaUoool ibel
re-1 tl
Heart. Velanehoiy,NlgbtSweU Laocaor. Qitirt
uess. ueteouco 01, at wen a ratniai oeetraetM
too urofuie. or too ro.nt Utnttruatton. and fail'
lot of th Womb. Theae all dap dapon gaoaraL
debility Thle port, healthy, tonie ..ordinandi
oloou uenovaior h a tur in curt at u tun to
riaa nd set. There I, no mistake about it. But
h e Is n"t all. If the sjstem is weakened, we are!
.pen to bilious attacks, tbe lirtr be-omet torpid,
r Worse diteaiod. the kidoejt refua tn peilora.
heir runcttone ana are troubled wl'h oaldloa1
ind Inoontlteooe or unn. ar invotuntarr aoi-l
charge of the tame, pain lu the bank, aid and n-
tween tbe tnouiaers, exoeeoineiy iiut to tuanil
cold, oouttht. ud if ui cbeaked. too, toitsiati
olinw.. aua tne patient g eadown to precMtur.
grave. But apa will not allow na to enumerate
ibe mnv III. to wbleb w art limbic In a waakenao
coodiilon of the tem. Nut wt will tay, li thi!
Uord ai ana 0100a nenoratur too h.ra a naruui. 1
a', pleaaaot and .ffectual remedy tor lot oT
A. petite. niiiouenea riatulenet wwtk and tfi
Htomih Languor, Liver Uumptaiat Chill sad
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lie Cordial and Blood Rtmrntar. i
O. - W11OD. nriorletoi. 444 Broadway, Me
York, and 114 Hark 1 Street, Bt- Loaia, Mo., ai
told by BOBsRTd At SaMOtL, Oolumbaa. Ohi
ua all good . DrU(gUH rrioe Un Hull
per Bottle. . turchJ8-dkwewly
alto, a
irianufacturers ef all klfiela f
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luet, taw Milla, urlat mill,
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A CO. Btaimllllt- tM
Oar Porubit Eine and Saw Mill
Wat awarded the am premium of (N at tha Indlatt)
Stat Pair for 140 ver Lane Bodlayt ea aosouatat
Friee, lightneae, timplmity, eottOffl of fuel
and superior character of lumber tawed.
Our Stationary Engine wat awarded at She same fall
th Brat premium of BetM.
Our Portable Kngln a twaruw tat um prtmlaw K
100 at tht fair a kteoapkl, Unn.. over Baody't Da
Tall'a, Oolumbu UaohlutOo'., and Bradford ts Oo'.,
by a ooraaiittt of praetioal Railroad Engiaatra.
ATer aeeot and laam aware
W1LLAKD WABNIE, Yrtatarer,
deoS-dfcwljeol. Newark. Ohio.
; wheitsait aatl He tail Aalrlai
' No. BS Fifth fitrtysjt.
mi tan tip n haad sxll m Tft
rswua tin. aire um !
. Mugaiet D. Pbillipt" EitAU.
tht undnlf nod b baaa duly apvoi aed by tbe
Prtbait Ooart of fraotlla toun'y, Ohio, edminl.tratrlat
I of th rtUte of Margaret 0. Phillip, hit el taid touatia,
Dated t US 9.VKY. at 1BT MAXSIB
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