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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, June 25, 1861, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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'I U ": l- .-III ., ( ' ;
' i! '7 !,;:.; J.:1 :..f . ; .1 tsrt
Inrtrlably In Adrtnci
..:H H.'Jl ,
..tJ. i! 1 15
v ... rr . i ... : t- ., ;) ,i z 11
' ril 1 II ,r. -a. M.
i i " -i i ' ' i -
CTPffiM Hot. S8, 8t a4 10, Sorth Elgh IU
Dally , . , ,.,6 00 pwyMi.
y uie v&mer, per whi, a6 unit.
Trl-WosVlT - . - SOOptrynr.
Weekly, .. oo ) n.-3
cri 6r AdretUulag by the 8qnar.
ctsqtinrol yeai...$20 00
Od " Umottbt 18 00
3n " 6 month! IS 00
0n " 3 montlu 10 00
3d ' ? 2 month! 8 00
One " 1 bobUi., 8 00
One ttjoare 3 weekly. 4 00
One .j-M .,-2 weekf.. 3 00
One' week... 175
On o
'. 3d.n...0U
'' llsMrtton 40
Displayed adTnilttmenti half more than tha abev
latM. .. i I. . Ii
AitretMsementir letded and placed In the eolama f
ivMHol(xt," double ordinary rat4. V :
All notices reqalreu to be publlihed by Uw, legal rate.
ii oraereaon tuemiiaeexciaitTeiy alter tnnrtraea
per cent, more than tha abora rate: but allatohwll
appear In the Trt-Wckl without oharre. . a u.
Bailnesa Cardi, notexceedlng flta line, pet year, la
Notlcei of meeting!, oharltahles ootetlssvlr oompanle,
&c, half price. ..
All irantirHt advtHUtmmU mtut 14 paid or tn
adv'tne- Xl rule will not be Trled frm. 1 . '.
Weekly, same price aa the Dally, when the advertiser
aesthe Weekly alone. Where 'he Dally and Weekly
ara both nsed, then the chart larth Weekly will a
ar the rates of the Daily .-'..J . .1.
Mo advertisement taken except for a definite period. 1
Attoriiey At 3jtvot
Offlc Aiub-i Building, opposite Capitol Square. e
ooijTT2.i:i3rja z'c
Machine Manufacturing Company
11 jr,yxii
(DUO 004,0 0 QU 0 .004 .0
CMtlngi,;)Ilil-Ooarljig,' Kaehlnfry. ;g
.'.'.. n ALSO, .P.f;rf. !
I?J.ttllxoccl Work.
' or kvibi Disournoii. l'j?r
"' ,!) aCULUlfiBus, oiiiu.r.
0HA8. AM BOB, Bup't f. AMB08. TreM.'i
deoll. IHM-tf "l '
' fcitWii W'-f' T' :"T m-I l'-'!'
Winter Arrangement.
Winter Arrangement. Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, Dayton ft Indianapolitl
Through to lodianaooliB without Change of Carl
and but One Change of Can between (;
Columbus and St. Louia r: i"v
'1 U. :-A 1
.iMl 1
'1 .If . :
ffuilv. Mondays excesled.V
NIQnT EXtllliS8,a Dayton, at S:i5 1. nitop
plng at London, Xenla, Dayton, Ulidletown and Hamil
ton, arrtring at Cincinn.tl at 8:20 a. m.; Dayton atS.tf
a. ., IndlanopolUal 10:a. a. m. Ht.j.touUat 11:90
ACCOMMODATION, at 6:10 a. m., stopping at all Sta
tion! between Columbus and Cincinnati and Dayton, a
itTing at Cincinnati 11:02 a, m., Dayton at 0:18 a. m,
lodlanopolla at ;S8 p. m. - ;.'.. : .0 ..'
THIRD TRAIN.'i. a h-jw.
DAT BXPBRBS.at S:30p. m., flopping at Alloa,
JeSersoD, London, Charleston, Oedanrllle, -' Xenia.
Spring Valley, Corwln, Morrow, DeerAeld, JoiUrs.
Loreland, UiUford and PlainTille, arrlrlng at Cincin
nati at 7:20 p. m.; St. Louis at IV (ni Dayton at 8:85 p,
m-i IndlanopolUat 10:3d p.m. ' j'v(
leeplnar Cnr on all Nlffbt Trains to
Cincinnati and Indlanapolla. u :
For further Information and Through Ticket, apply to
Ikket Agent, Union Depot, Columbus, Ohio.. 'X
Snperlntendent, OlnelnnaaUj
.' JNO. W. DOHlltlx" A
Jnl3 Agent, OolmnMaV'.
'c;Jait Bceelved!
I aa iif." cii ukkeh ana uuvk
lUlF 1'EAS 100 bags prime Bio Con. . r.ui.
1 AO pocket eld Dutch OoTernment JaTa Ccffee. . ':
7 5 bag Ceylon Coffee. . . , !' 1. 1. . , 1 t . '' '
gOObbls. standard Whit gnganvaotislitlng'of Powi
dred, O brush od, Granulated A and B 0offe..i - '
50 quintals Ooorge Bank Codflrt.--.1.1 t: . r.t.i-x-'':
SObbls. Mess and No. MackorM ' - "t't.tvD
5 tea. Pick g.lmon. ,f ..'!Ct-?l 14 f
J 00 bx. Layer Raisins. , ' . J. .1 .C'
50 hf. box do do 3'
lOOqr. box do- Ue .Y-j.'ujl .S .
100 M Cigars, different brands and grides.' : 1 ' y t 1
norOT . - . WM. MoDOSALD. '
M. C. LILLEYf".1 i1
And Blank-Book Manaftraturer,
suril-dly ...
Red, White i.dBlB.Vik.,
NECK a-lES'" '
Just opened by
v -....'t
No.88 86nth High street.
. .t.
'.i".'1 I" t,I
No.89,80VrH BIOttiimiaTft!,
Eav Just reoelrsd'a new malr-ojHOOP BKIRT1
flniihtd In a manner tar superior to any ret lotroduosd
h ---. .0 ,'f't- C I .Jl 04.I.J
man. . lh n vwiwiw stoiva'ii
- HIT. A tr" .aWOM .U
from l'BTOettMtlU,iDrlnrteld.0hbesibiinii of
yiourbrouBhtto ouitoarkat. Batlifaotlon naiartetd,
for sal; only at WM. MoDON ALD'B,,.r v
mm ......a, . ... 10 Boulh illga lirl. J
Irlsh.Iinen Goods.' ,
Llaen Shirt Bmd Plain and Vaney i i'.d
Shirting and Bosom Linen.
. Ovi tt.' Lloea-tihetln and FlHow Oartnrs:r?A3
Linen Oambrlca and Lon Lawns.
i.l arwlol t'n tinea Pocltst-Bamik'fs, all slsee.;!j'
aUlUCIl lUWGie mvu wivivu ayviuvrn
. : irtir - Linen Btan-OererlngsandOraah;. in
V I f. I- lk mUuJ
. s-qr sal allow prioes. .
feb Ho. (9 South High street c
nuoiTta. mewatxla.iufronsdbT .
jiAin as pun,
,u;ow no. n aoata nun itnei
i4 64 -4, White an Rcdtaa
White Checked of tuperior quality. ToreaUny
MS t, 88 Sou High it,
Tha latest Th largeit The Beit,
. . The Cheapest Beoiuio tha Best. ,
UTh neat BUak at andard Au
thority of th EnaTltlEana-naK.
SimEundrtdXmintnt Mutator of Ohio,
Ria aMttnirarda'nra llnndred Tntksand Word),
who mniurarions meaning and darlYalioas, together
with theh correot spelling, and pronunciation ar clearly
aet before the .''
sad IA Vtelttont of Ma Mmitrt of (7M
The nndcrdgned, members or th Ohio Stat Teachers'
iMi.iin. ainni .nrf .lm tn bh In taachlnff. writing
and anMhln. tha ortboarawn and pronunciation of
Worcester's Koval Quarto Dictionary, and w most cor.
iii.ii r.mmiwi it ui tha moat Mllahl standard an.
thorlty of th Ingllab language, a It I now written and
poxen. i :
Loatx Aimaiwa, President Kenyon College. .
at. D. Inwrr, Superintendent-ZaneaTill Sohooll.
, Tno. W. IUaY, Sup't Vassllon Union School. ,
M. P. Cswoaax. Sup't Publlo Schools, Saadusky.
Joan Lxxca, Sap't Pabllo Bobools, ClrcleTlll.
. N. Baxroan, Prioclpal Olewland Vernal Bernini-
' Wwl WtMK il (an'i IhiMla flckaola. Mt. TJnlen. '.
Job Oodkm, frlnolpal Stat Normal Bohool, Mlnfie-
Oraus Naw, Principal lourlh Litermsdist School,
ylpcinnatl, - 1 i 11
.11. B. Maana, Bup't Canton TJelon Schools. '.
, Enwia HxsaL, Prlnolpal KcNoely Normal Bchool. ' ,
Bu T. TarraH, Prof, Mathematical Ohio TJnlTSrilty.
, Wa. W. Bnwaan, Bup't Troy Union Bchool.
. -A. 0,. Donuiis, Principal West High Bohool, Oler
8 'L Koto, AMocIat Principal High School, Cirri-
Tntosoa B-naima, Principal High Bohool, Clara
land.'' "'' -- I -'--': '- ''
B. f . HimisTow, Principal Clereland InaUtnt.
Jt A. aaruLB, Paasldan of B lecUc Inetltule HI
Mm. : ' K' " ; i i i 1 ' ' - ; f . , : 1. ' r.
1 W. L. Haaaw, Prof, of ChemUtry, Ohio WssUyan
ODHanttp., i I" ... - - -H.
H. Baamnr; Bi-Cnmlilir of Common Schools
Ohle - - -ci v, w .v :'-. -.. ,
' Jan-z Momtoav Prof. Shetork), Obsrlln Oolleg. .
THnfl.HnPrMldent Antlfmh flolleae. . - ..::'
. 0. W. U. OaTHoaaT,,. .Prof., Matbematic, High
School, Dayton. ........... ... . .
8. 0. Oatnuaoaa,' Prof, .language. High Bchool
Dayton.- ' - ; ' ' " k" '
8. M. Baaan, Snp't Ualcn Bchool, Ashland.
Mart ihan Sim Bundroi oUur Praidmt of 001
oil, J'roftort, AvUiori tmd DisUnQlth4d JUuoa
tort, oe 4orM sm aoovt imwmmt. .
Maainra Goujtg."It I truly a magnlfleent work.
an honor to the author, th pubUher,and the whole
country." president Andrew -x 0 1 ,,..,,.. ...
Ohio Wmtraa Cxitctsitt .-"It exoeed my expect.
Hon. It will be tut eald l-rUuiraiib and pronun
itla. and will often b consulted by m for II neat
and accurate definitions." President Thompson.
W. B. IcLicTtoCoUJco"Heretoforew Ian nsed
Webater's oiUwgraphy . At a recant meeting of our
Faculty.lt was decided to change It to conform to that
of Worcester' Eoyal Quarto Dictionary." President
uarnsia. , - ......
WawranM Bauav Collki. "I find It worthy of
cordial approbation." Presldenrilitchcook. : j
" Oaxs.li CoLito. "It mbrtThsn meets mytpctaJ
Uon. I recommend It aa the sUndsrd authontyld
orthoepy to my children and my pupils." President
morgan, . , . v - -.
Aimooa Oottxa. ! adopt and aha to use l teach-
inc. wriunx and iDeaklnz. Uwertnoirapny ana pronun.
eiauon of. Worcester' Jloyal quarto uietionary.
President Hill. , . ,
'In all my writing. ineaklnB. and teaablog. I hat en
deavored to ooBform to the mle for orthography and
pronaneattaaiaeaotained la wroiri7iouonary.
Horace Mann, late President.. . .. r .
Kiaroa Ooiutaa. Quism. "I most cordially reoom
mond It as th most reliable standard authority of th
BogUah iami mm, to. iu sow Wrlttso and spoken."
jrrvsiueos aaan,,.
From Boo. Anton AayfA, CommMotur of Common
iBOAOOM f cwo. ; .
"Th Dictionary iaaa tmparuhaU monamsnt to the
learning and industry 0 Its author, and an honor to th
world 01 letters, in mecnanteai execution is rar supe
rior to that of any other Lexicon with wnloh I am ac
quainted." . - v
Prom Hon. B. B. Sarnev- MMJommUoionor of
"The most reliable standard authority of the lao-
WHAT TH : . .
Lead inn Newrrpaper of Ohio Say.
r H ' Jrom iio Clmland Btraii of MmrA .
Theerthographyof th Woroester Dictionary I that
1 1 r I . . . 1 , . 1I.ML I. hl.
used uj molt, ti dui .... wwui. w. ..u.u. .-
country and ingland, and conforms to th general nnage
of ordinary writer ana apeuer. -Whium
nnindlea ma bar tallied pratlonslF, a
careful study of this volume will Inrarlaely be followed
by a warm appreclauon 01 it great menu, ana aernre
to add It to the well seleoted library, be It large er ms II,
It ki library In Itself, and will remain an imp rial ta
ble record of the learning of Its compiler.
iron (M OlnrtnnaH Oomrnoretal of JprU 20.
Her are upward of a hundred thouaand word good,
bad and Indifferent whose multifarious meanings and
derivations, together with their soiree spelling and pro
nunciation, ar aet clearly before the eye. Th work I
unquestionably th greatest Thesaurus of BngUsh Word
erer published. ' , ... , ..,
from th Oltukmdriaindeaior of Sept. SO, i860,
c trldently Woaoim' Bora QoaaT DitrrtoxiaT U
no only th hut, tut thtnrrwork of til kindoomrU
tt,ndean by no possibility suffer by eomparlsoa or
, rp, from th TVUdo Elai Of Jdy Sp. ' t
A to rs.oxDHcii.noa-. WoacrvTO is nil ST&xnaau
followed by oar best authors; In definition be leave
nothing to be desired, and In OaTHOaaarar It la sufficient
to say mat woacaaroa can n saieiy ioitoweu.
PnbUahera, Bookaellera ic Statsonora,
matO ?'''
, i N&X3VaVl3Lm Nm T-
Dlrldend January i( 1861 45 Pair CenC
A8BBTS j.............BJ19,$5 SO.'J
B tatement JJjary J ,l 89 U '
Balance, per statement Jan. lit, 1809. ; ,"r .tS, 408,581 30
Received, fcr Preailnms- duv - -
Inc the i car l0.,-.v..;t7oJL0M 53 ,' rT 7
Beoalved for Interest during , : i '- u ,rn n J
th year I860 xli.OU 18 .
Total recelol for I860.,. -.$977,087 74 ik'1 '
Paid Claims by Dath,7,0M 00 , x , r . . , 3 , frr
Paid Polkies surren- . -;.m:r.i
dered 41,111 xy
Paid alarie,poit- ; ,
sura. lUvti as
'Sanxe.etci... 31.820 - ? .' ' M
Pat Coamtsston to : ': tv '.rt.-l.-it
' Ascnt4....it. 81,325 80 -' ' l b:t'i-.- t-a
Paid Fnymcbmi' rea. S.UCd 75
PaU'Annulttek.w- l,5tT0O ''"
PM Plvklwiaur' "J2'"'Vi!Jr?
lug in jear ioe,3vu i dos.wi 6 , i,.T) i
Nat Balance January 1st. lB01.;..'.i.L5,S,5J8 60
w wm..Borttnrti.jaaj ja'-irnr3t;z'. -
Cash on hand. t. ...... -1 (8,8384 19
Bondsand aortgagaaon steal u-ci
1(0 '.j I'
BsMte, wort. ooaDi v .li.:r.i;-u ,,, ':;
amount loaned X.3W.M1 08 .
Mmtnaa Moksa. ett Polkrfe - -' '
t force, nlr drawing en v ---' - v."b u..t s.io
cent. Inter. lJt7,884 17 . . ..
Beal lit. ..... W.89J 87 .
Lcanson Bcrip. .......v. :ui : 8,931 44 ' " ;
premiums. Notes and uasn, in
, Muiseof tranaaUialoBwv ' 4543. 7V ,-;f..M .n
3,flS,55 SO
ill , litbit , at.!l.
TtSTi PoUOu In fiea,-naulB.a...i8oi4Bar6S8
, 1,435 new Pollekaikbm saw daTtagthjeraar.r-i
! After a oaieful calculation of the present vnla el th
outetandlog Pol)oleaoX.th. Compaia. nd-hjivliig- ih
ctary . amount In reserv. therefor, tb-. Dlrtor
aaeAec4asda Divintol tt'prat. ea PmdI
am paid at th tabl sate, to-alL pollciee for llleia) toro.
Issued prior to January J,lBC0,arabls aooprdlna to th
present rale or U,. finimvJ '- -
JUt for- M kladai T.lfk OnnUnMtMlaalr I'auew!
uses.BUtemenU. and AppllcaUona, will be fninahed
w..nvur v.,asin uffloorAgnQ oi. us War
feat. '-..Ii4i i .i'Yj,. I ri . . -, ,"oj....
! rfli''? tnoral BOBTr IrifaTTWWann. Piy aa
'U;V?i?tlMo. '7
i mi cuauiM wmm.mmim9nAgtn,i
It- i v "i- Tf --" 1 A mTiasii JliiB. J
NarehaB, JBHaw Hm eiUlaem ,Mi OvlbaaOwui
PJA1HAH f Ittllaiini MACK
jl. viiBBBB BJ.ii&s, i vrv graa. TO BUSS i
aswrtaMot In th slty, aad at m net reasonable ratae.
Aprils Be, N loath High street.
A compound remedy, desfgsca. to U the mbtt
effectual AUtrativ that can be made. It is
s concentrated extract of Para Sartaparilla,
so combined -with 'other substance! of ttill
greater alterative power aa to afford an effec
tive antidote lor tho dlaeasea Saraaparilla Is
reputed to cure. It b believed that such a
remedy ia wanted by those who suffer from
Strumous complaint, and that one which will
accomplish their curt mutt prove of immense
service to this large claas of our afflicted fellow
citizens, .. How completely this compound will
do It has been proven by experiment on many
of the worst cases to be found, of the following
complaints: :; -
PiMVLBr Blotches, Tuxoks, Salt Bubuk,
Scald Head, Stfhili and Syphilitic Asm
SECTfOKS, Mcbcdeial Disease, Ddofst, Nee.
baloia on Tio Doolouhbux, Dedility, Drs-
on St. Anthony's Fire, and indeed the whole
class of complaints arising .icnm lirpouiTt of
thb Blood. 4aV
This compound will B6tund a great pro
motor of health, when taken in the spring, to
expel the foul humors which fester in the
blood at that season of the Tear. By the tirr.
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders
are nipped In' (he bud. Multitudes can, by
the aid of this remedy, spare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which the system wilt strive to
rid Itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through the natural channels of the body
by an alterative medicine, Ulcanse out the
vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores i cleanse it when you lind it ia ob
structed and sluggish in the veins ; cleanse it
whenever It ia foul, and your feelings will tell
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live
longer, for cleansing the blood. - Keep the
blood healthy, and all ia well I but with this
pabulum of life disordered,, there can be no
lasting health. Sooner or later something
must go wrong, and the great maohinery of
liia ia disordered or overthrown. '
Earsanarilla has. and deserves much.' the
reputation of accomplishing these ends. . But
tho world has been egregiously deceived by
preparations or it, partly because toe drug
alone has not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
.contain but little of, the virtue of Saraaparilla,
or anything else -.'!', ..
Dunns late Years the tmblio tiave been mis
led by large bottles, pretending to give o,uart
oriixtxactot earsaparuia toronoaouar. aiosc
of these have been frauds upon the aick, for
they not only contain little, if any, Sarsapa
rilla, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed the use of the various extracts of
Sarsaparflla which flood the market, until the
namo itself ia justly dospiaed, and has become
synonvmOUs with imposition and cheat. Still
we call this compound Sorsaparilla, and intend
to supply such, a remedy a shall rescue the
name from the load of obloquy which rests
upen it, - And we think we have ground for
believing it has virtues which. 'are irresistible
by the ordinary run of the diseases it is Intend
ed to curo-In order to secure their complete
eradication from the system, tho remedy should
be Judiciously taken according to directions on
the bottU.'. : -TiO- . '.-.a . .; - -PREPARED
BY . .
fn. B. . AEtt.A Cn.i
'.'.''TLOWELL, MASS.' - -Ptloc,
ft par Bottle fix Bottlee tpr $0,
"AyerV Cherry Pectoral
has won for Itself such a renown for the cure of
very vaiiitf of Throat and Lung Complaint, that
it i entirely unneowaary for us to recount the
evidence of it virtues, wherever it has been em
ployed. A it ha long been in constant us
throughout this section,' w need not do more than
assure the people it quality i kept op te the best
it over ' bus been, and that it may be relied on to
do for their relief all it has ever been found to do.
AyerV Cathartic Pills,
. FOB THE CXTBB 01 - -
Cottivetufi, Jaundict, ' Dyspepsia, ' Indigestion,
Dytontery, Foul Stomach, Eryilptlat, Uiadaokt,
Piles, RheumatUm, Eruplum and Skin Diseaies,
Liotr Complaint, Dropsy, Ttttef, Tumor and
Salt Jlhetim, Wornts, Coul, Neuralgia, as a
Dirmtr Pitt, and fir Purifying tho Blood,
They are sugar-coated, so that the most sensi
tive ean take them pleasantly; and they are the
best aperient in the world for all the purposes of a
family physio, r yr
Price 85 cents 'per' Box;' rive boxes for $1.00.
' Great numbers of Clergymen, Physicians, Suttos
mn. and eminent nersonsces. have lent their
name to certify the unparalleled nsefutness of these
emedles, out our paee tier- vriH not permit tne
rasartion of them. The Agents below named fur-
nish gratisour Af ewoaw Almanac in which they
aaegiveui with also full descriptions or tha above
coaiDlaints. and the treatment that should be fol
lowed for their cure. . .... .......
- Do not be put off by unprincipled dealer with
other' preparations they make more profit on.
Demand Aybb'- and take no others. The aick
want the Jkest aid there is for them, and they should
have it. j-.'-uj ; i tv i i . -'' 1 -.- . . '-"'J
AH our omedies'ffre for sale by 1 r 1 (; ,
' ' B0BIRT8 t BAMTJBL. Ooluabus." :.
And by Drug gfat and Dealer vry where. .. e . .
7-. vio and i-uuai' .M, - ,
U9 r: '.
.' IiiverpbcuV' Montreal,. Qaebeo,'
- NAil W , YORK.
The Bontml 0eisi Bveamshlp Oompsny' first-las
rail-powredOlydc-Miit eteamera sail every ai
n ret ay from PORTLAND, oarrylngths Canadian and
United State Hall and passengers, .
, , BOUBMIAN, , . ANOL0-8AX0N, , ,
' :'" CANADIAN,.., , ; ", HOYABOOIIAB. : ,
8hartet Cneapeat andQnlckcatCen
:j iTSfaacs axvsaa .
- Katea ot laawigw to jsttropa,
". ';'.';' 930. Beo. 930. ;, ..v.
Will sail from ItVBBPOOL ewes-y Wedaesday,
and fromQUlBBO every Saturday . exiling at
LONDONDB&RY, to rcsalv o hoard and lanJ Malls and
Passenger, to and from Ireland and Boot and. v
Harness Steamer - ar built f Iron, la water-tight
aawtartaants, cany each an aprMned flargeen, and
every attention . u ftxu so n com'tn ana acomao-
(lon oi passengers, aw way procaeei uireos n aivnuun
DXRY. th geat rlskmd dsiay of calling at Bt. John's
Itavoldad,! v, f. ,. : -.. - -. '
' fllasgow paassngors ar furatthtd with rata passage
tkett and from Londonderry -rom. v. .
. xieiuru uqbw gnwwu as iwuiaa nuta,-. .: . i
Certificate Issued tor oarrylni to and brlnaincout Mar
sengen from all th principal town f Onat Britain and
Ualand, at ranueeo, rat, cy ints un i s teamen, and
leaving Liverpool every week.
aig-ht Drafte ft iaai apWaMs pay
..ablelnEnarland.lralaadt tai
tu M.MB -.kmmA ir Htlts. u . n:
tor paasag, ai
WAT, New 1
1 I wan tnl.J
ily at th Offlc. !3 RROAD
ork, ana 10 WATER 8X,,
:,;.;lc..; -BABBt.,4 dilLB, ' ijaiitnte,'
or to ?; ft; ARM3TRONC, '
noieijojfcW' n'v.l" Poet Offloe, Columbus, Ohio.
i iw " . 7.
aw JAMBS ADOBR BAIN as partner In my busi
ness, which will hereafter be conducted ender-the firm
Of Bln r, ,,irf-r wwaia sign pi.
t Colnmteta, eb 15. 18SU v. i H) . i . . fable
"..V.n BEN HI fUKal&iKM .iu, .:ir:
(Ssasaj Fhalcn'e' IstabllshtaaBt, tT. 'Pieerftlev
.iMawiYarkaVahleaamt SbaylB. Hair OutMnt
lAhMpecBtaS,luTllngM Drsavtag Baleen, Bast Stat
ataiat, ever lb Poet Offlc, whet aaUaanwoB will
be aive In all th varlooa branch. Ladles and
OhIUlren'l Bait P retting aone In VI best style.
N33W, !
lv larg and well assorted. The very latest pattsrns
from AHXBIOAN, 1NOLIBH and IBBXOH faotarlce.
- Gold and Velvet Borders, .
Gold and Painted Shades,
', ,.':' ".' ' AND .' ' '' ;
WINDOW FI2TUEE3, all kinds,
lOO SoxxttL Hiela3t.
N. 4. Landlords aad person wishing coantttles of
Paper will mak money by baying of ns. Country
Merchants and persons from abroad will do well to call
and us. sprll 1-dSmeodl L ": il.A.
.. i ..:: i." : : . '' t ' v .-
AND Steubenville Short Line
Shortest, Quickest & Most Reliable
Route to all Eastern Cities I
z Trains Leave Columbus as follows : .
Leave Colambos 1.30 A. M. from Union Depot, via
Bellalr or Bteubenviilei arrive at Bellalre. 10.90 A.
M. Bteubenvllle, 18. SO P.M.I FltUburgh, 3.40 P.M.;
Hsrrliburg, 1.10 A. M.i itaAUtntowt, arrives at New
York 8.00 A. M.t via PMtadtlchia. arrive it Phila
delphia. 5. 10 A. M.) Bew York, 10.30 A. M. Connects
also at Harrlsbarg for Baltlsiors, arriving at 7.45 A. at.
Sleeping Cats attached to thia Train
troln Oolumbus, ran directly through to Bellalre or
Pittsburgh without change) and Paawnger via Allan
town arrive an New York at! A. M.( - :
., ... : laaaa. v , - -
This Train also cooneots at Bellalre with the
... Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. :
Leave Columbus II SS A H , front Union Depot, via
Htaobenvllle; arrives at Newark, 18.50 P. M. Ooshec
ton. 8.15 P. M.I- Bteubenvllle, 6 P. M.; PltUburg, 8.40
r. a. iirrnis u tnecniy routs ny wuioa rassengers
can Mav Ulncinnau at 7 A. a., go tnrcugn to ruts
burgh In daylight, without Chang of oar or delay.
,i . ? . .
bivt-. J. ' . : past inw.C"'' '
Leave Otlaabal 8.15 P. MM from TJnloa Depot, via
Bellalret arrive at nawara, a. v. at. lanesviiis,
4 33 P. If .1 Bellalra.7 .55 P. M.l Pittaburab. 11.85 P.
M. Harrlsbarg, 9.00 A. M.J Ha AUtntovn, arrive
at New York, 4 T. It.; via PMladtlpMa, arrive
PblladetDbla, 1.10 P. M.t New York, 8 P. M, This
Train also eoancet at, ttaaiibarg (or Baltimore, ar
rlvln. at 1 P. M. .. .
Thla Train runs through to Bellalr or Pittsburg with
out abanaw of Cars; and from Pittsburg there I no
chang of Oars to Philadelphia, or via Allentown to
New gora uus onejing , , a . .:, ... ,
The only Route from Colnmbaa fo Baltimore,
- Fbiladelphla, or New York, with only -yv-
cm abaore'of Cars.'' ' 51 "-
By thl Train Puseniers arrive" in New Toik fir
hour In advance of th Northern lines.
Thl Train also ceased at Bellalr with In Baltimore
andOhlcB. . . i j ta....- .
ITTThle Route Is 30 miles shorter to Pittsburg,
ana 'more tntn iw mile snorter to - .
New Tort,tlian Northern Lines. v '
Baggage Cheeked Through to all im-
v - portin. joints iiatt.
i i i j ? -t :
1 ; on-. ASK YOB TI0KIT8 Til1 I
beLlairb or steubenvilLe. j
: ; .' " '3i ' i ' - t .... . ( , a .
Ticket Good ' aver either Route,
JNO. W.BROWB.' 'll
! -'- flsfl. Ticks t Agent Central Ohle B. B.
I. A. HUTOfllNBOK, -0tn
Tkte Agen BtsusovHh Short Lin.
:'.!-: ot b'l' t" J '.o ft-'W-MD .Jl i!
liliaixi .. Olll
'-'-'odtVBVCSs'OHlOV.'''"' "
,;; AdSood,Storo,i::: ,:;
J itBiifi .aa
Oane, prt)l,;reod Wllleiw Ware,
. ether and fcubbsr Belttng, lace Lathr, Boa aad
,..; v,.i .....-.... , . ert-aiF
W 600BI. : t'fl T'i !.;-.a -vui
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Drlvlng and Btrt Sieve, do . rt
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Balf Bee and Vadsr Oannent,
aprilS No. 88 loath High street.
Dally, per year ..8 00
Trl-Weokly, periar... 00
Weekly, per reat 180
Death of Capt. Crawford at Phillippi.
The remains of this officer of the Fourteenth
Ohio Regiment, were brought from Pnllllppl by
his brother, Andsbw Crawford, and A. L
Nisly of New Philadelphia, and burled in the
cemetry on Monday, the 17th Inst,
Capt. Ahdiw,Cawfobd was of the Union
Guards, 14th Regiment, from Napoleon, Hen
ry county, where be had resided abont one year,
and engaged in the praotice of the law.
Tbe Taaoarawat Adweat girts the following
history of Ma deaths ;
The particulars of hit death, ae we learned
them from Mr. Neely and Dr. Crawford, may
be stated as follows: It appears that during
Monday, the officers became satisfied, from the
report of their spies, that tbey Would probably
be attacked during tho night, by tbe Rebels.
A strong picket guard was placed round tbe
camp. Ueneral Morris, at midnight, ordered a
number of Captains to pais around tbe lines,
and see whether eaoh sentinel waa at his post
1 ney were requested to approacn toem quietly,
and then they could discover whether the senti
nels were wide-awake, and faithfully discharg
ing their duties as soldiers. As men on guard
bad orders not to fire onless tbey gave tbe
warning, by Inquiring, " Who comes there 1"
the officers did not feel In any danger, while
stealthily approaching them. Captain Crawford
and another officer bad nearly passed around
tne line assignea to mem tuey were within a
few feet of tbe sentinel where they had agreed
to meet. Tbe other officer, In comlntr tbroueh
the woods, made some noise, and tbe sentinel
anxiously looked In the direction where there
appeared to be danger. At that moment, Cap
tain C. approacbtd from behind be bad on a
light pair of shoes, and stepped soitly perhaps
with the intention of surprising tho. sentinel,
but when within six feet of him, bis sword
struok a stone. The sentinel instantly whirled,
and withont the least warning, fired, and dis
charged a musket ball and two buckshot id the
stomach of Capt. Crawford. Tbe unfortunate
officer staggered and fell back, with bis arms
outstretched, exclaiming; "My God, I am shot!
muraerea: muracrta i y mi brother ran to
his assistance but after he reached him. he
only breathed once and expired. '
me sentinel was Immediately arrested and
placed under guard. A court martial waa held
bnt after learning all the circumstances con
nected with the aad affair, tbe accused was ac
quitted. Un trial, tbe soldier daolared that be
bad not intentionally fired but that the mus
ket went off accidentally, as be wheeled to see
what bad caused the noise behind him. Ai
the sentinel was a German bov. onlv seventeen
yean of age, the eourt received his statement
as ttuej although it was generally believed that
the boy was terribly frightened when he fired.
It appears to ni, that they should not bave
placed a mere boy in such a responsible posi
tion, wnen tney were oouriy expecting an attack
from tbe enemy. -'; r
It is a strange circumstance, that Capt.
Crawford was killed within fifteen miles of the
place where be was born. A great number of
on relatives uve near rmiuppi, ana are strong
leaeaiionisbj. , Many of them, have enrolled
themeelves under the banner of the Southern
Confederacy, while Captain C. was gloriously
fighting for the Onion., We badalmoat foreot-
Uu to state that he waa at the battle of PhlluDnL
bA aha berwaa one of the first to enter that
traitorous town at the head of his company. At
uie time vi ai oeato, usptain tv, Belonged to
the 14th Regiment, and bad tbe command of a
oompany from Napoleon, Henry connty, in this
State.. ... , ., t-:
Mr. Neely informs as, that be waa looked uta-
on as a brave and gallant officer, and that his
untimely death oast a gloom over bis entire
company. ' Although stricken down In the prime
of manhood, he has died In a glorious cause.
ms me nas oecn saennced while servlne big
country,, : .: -,
-u "Bach soklisr's name . ' . .
Shall ehlne untarntah'd on th roll of fame,
And aland th example of each distant age, ' 1 --
And add new lustre to th historic pig."
-'. - ' fl . . r
The Mormon Elders Among us.
On Wednesday, Elder Nathaniel Vary Jones.
of Salt Lake, the Atlantic agent for the recep
tion ot Mormon emigrants from Europe, was in
this eitv negotiation: for the BMeae-e of a nnm-
ber of tbe Saints over our Western roads to St.
Joseph, Missouri. . ,. ,
Elder Jones, we learned, was accompanied by
Elder Jabes Woodward, Elder H. O. Hanson.
and Elder NIel Willinmion. . ,
These latter named arrived at the port of
New York on Tuesday, in the shin Monareh of
tne (sea, witn nine nnnarea sod forty-nine Mor
mon converts, tne largest oomoer ever arriving
in one vessel at an American port, . Two recent
arrivals at tb-e same port brought out six hun
dred and eighteen, and three hundred tnd sev
en t nine Mormon. . . .V.
. Elder Jabea Woodward Is tbe captain or presi
dent of the oompany. He baa been for years
distinguished English Mormon missionary, and
has made frequent journeys to tbe churches In
Germany, France, Switzerland, end Italy. He
speaks four language fluently, and preaches
eloquently, his bearers say, in English, French,
German and Italian. Tbe people appear to
nave a prorouna respect lor ni person and hi
teachings. ''- t .
Tbe Monarch's crew was made np of nine
oinerent . nationalities, vis: English, Welch
(with a few Scotch and a very few Irish;,
French, German, Swiss, Italians, Danes, Swedes
and Norwegians. Of these, no less than 649
are Scandinavians, and present tbe wholesome
and healthy' appearance notioeable In that olaas
of emigrants. The general health daring the
passage waa excellent. One old woman and six
oblldren died, and aix children were bora oa
board; Tbey behaved wall-there was not a
single quarrel amongst tbe passengers, and the
eaptain says ho never brought out a better olat
of emigrants. They are irons the middle and
lower olaasee in life, and are farmer, meohan
ics and laborer. . While there are a lew who
are "eldere" in ageU AOtby appointment, the
larger part Of toem are middle-aged and young
mere were many cnuoren on ooard, and
large number of glrle front fifteen to twenty
years of age, soma of whom, were quite good
looking. As a class they are not remarkably
intelligent, but seemed plain and very ordinary
affllgraoto. " ' - ''--' -'
They all brine means enoogh to eartf theta
to their Josrnej' end, bat not moon nor than
enongn., ueneraiiy speaking, tbey are.coor
fortably clothed, and tbe deck and hold of the
ship shoud a considerable quantity of baggage.
They did not euoceed In smug' arrangementa
la thia ait t and wo believe that they Dateed.
yesterday, over the New York and Erie Rail
road to St. Joseph, MO.i thence they go up the
river to Florence, which It a Mormon settle
ment, fifty four aailee from JeffereoQ City, and
thin commence tbe long jonraey on ox teams
across the plaint 1,130 miles to Salt Lake City.
If they have money enongh to oarrjr them
rlorence, tbe brethren win always see that tbey
are conveyed aero as the plalnit Oa arrlviSg at
this point, they cans-elect their. own route4 to
the West- bat they generally prefer to leave the
matter lo the hands of the Morman agent, who
oootreois iQtoers ana,. passages. at. a. reeooea
prim They also like to go oa together, and
prefer traveling with -the -"eatnta" rather than
the ordinirt sinners who go West to IdoAte.,.
;Wheo -these people arrive ia Utah very few
them ever oome away again, except those who
are employed ss agents and mneronariw. El
der Jones Says that they have all the elements
of.prospetlty and happiness rwHhln their
borders they are mining and manufacturing
. i , i . . .. . a . . . . . . .
snetr lead ana iron, sua r DVEinning i vene
dW seta eefltn. - They have Urge nail works;.
manufacture woolen and cotton olotbs, and, in
deed, find fall employment lor all elassea
their people.
The elder says that tbe Mormons of Utah
arenotat allaffeMed by the rebellion in tbe
Southern etates. Tbe withdrawal of the Unl
ted States troops from Utah necessitated a mil
itary organisation of tbeir own, as a protection
against Indian depredations on tbe frontier,
but otherwise neither their trade nor their feel
ings are particularly affected bv the war In the
' The latest reports from Salt Lsko City give
a moot ravoraoie account or tne crops, ana an
nounoes that a Urge emigration is expected
from Missouri and the frontier States daring
tne season. -in, rren.
[From the London Times.]
The Export of Gold to America.
Tbe disoetch of 5.000.000 in gold to New
York during tbe early part of tbe v ear waa fol
lowed, with omy a abort intermission, by a fur
tber sum of 1.400,000, forwarded withlo the
past three weeks. Of this latter total, 330,
000 bad already arrived out at the date of tbe
last advises, yet tbe rate ot exchange showed
no improvement, tbe quotation being still
106 : All the leading bankers in that oity, as
well as the principal firms here, are perplexed
at tbe result. The apparently anomalous re
mittances in January and February were in some
measure accounted for alter a variety of fu
tile explanations hd been attempted by tbe
rush of our people to purchase American 8e
eurltiee at what they believed to be greatly de
preciated prices, but since that time their opera
tions are believed on the average to have tedded
rather tbe other way. With . the cotton seaton
elosed, and little produce to oome forward ex
cept grain, flour, and salted provisions, the fact
that under these circumstances we are sun re
mitting bullion at tbe rate of more than a mil
lion and a half a month may well excite sur
prise. ' Tbe value even of tbe enormous quan
tities of breadstuff we are receiving from New
York eannot be estimated at more than about
1,800,000 per month, and, as tbe Americsn
Importation of our goods, although greatly
reduced, has still continued during the
present year at a monthly rate of at least
1,000,000, the existence of a very adverse bal
ance, seems now inexplicable. -But, ot oourse,
there mast be a satisfactory reason for it, and. a
little reneotion - will show where It lies, for
years past we bare aoted as bankersfof Ameri
ca in nearly all her transaction with tbe East,
and partially also in tbose with tbe Uontinent,
Australia and elsewhere. When a merchant in
Amerioa sent orders to China or India he would
direct the bills for the amount to be drawn np
on his correspondent In London, and to provide
for this liability be would remit bills or specie
to oar market. Hence tbere was a steady Bow
hither of California gold, anl the rate of ex
change at New York was nearly always in fa
vor oi England. Hut tt now appears that since
January there has been a remarkable suspen
sion ot American orders to tbe East, as well as
to tbe Continent of Europe, and consequently
that Hie claims on London falling due irom
these quarters on American account must for
some time be unusually smnll. Tbe Americans
not having to provide tor such claims bave been
enabled to instruct us to remit to them in spe
cie those amounts we should otherwise have
had to retain in preparation for payments to
other parties on their, account. Thus, while
their . rates of exchange have been rendered
most favorable to ns, those between China and
England and the Continent and England bave
been advantageously influenced. With this so
lution we can understand . how it is that since
the beginning of January we bave parted with
6,000,000 of gold to Amerioa, instead of re
ceiving from her a certain amount, as under
normal circumstances we should have done,
and that tbe bank bullion, nevertheless, stands
at this moment almost exaotly as high aa at
that period. ..,;.....
Irish "Repeal" Again.
Another effort ii about to be made by the
Irish members of Parliament to secure a re
newal of the Gaiway contract, and Mr. Smith
O'Brien has availed himself of the opportunity
to give the cancelling of that contract a direc
tion In favor of tbe repeal of tbe Union between
England and Ireland. ' Mr. O'Brien says:
"if anv argument be required to convince
any Intelligent Irishman that Ireland will never
prosper until we posses a Parliament invested
witn tbe entire control over tbe r sources of
this country, surely such an argument would be
suggested ay tne numtnating attitnao in wbicb
the Irish members bave been placed during the
debates of tbe last week. A proposal Is brought
forward by tbe Government for the repeal of
the duty on paper. Many of the Irish members
consider that measure to be eminently useful
ana deserving or support, x et tbe constituen
cies of Ireland call npon their members to op
pose this useful proposal, not because they dis
approve of it, but because the Government
which brings it forward has signified Its Inten
tion to deprive Ireland of tbe subsidy which
has been granted to the Gaiway Atlantio Com-
. v : ... :. .
"By various organs ot pumio opinion, tbose
members who are xealoaa advocates of a repeal
of the paper duties, bave been nrged to vote
against their eonviotlons, simply with a view to
rx-torf from Lord Palmerston's Government tbe
restitution to bis country of a fraction of the
revenue contributed by Ireland to the Imperial
Exchequer. I each a coarse of proceeding
consistent with tbe dignity of a great nation!
Can we bope for tbe respect of foreigners, wnen
we are thus wanting in respeot for ourselvest
Uoes any rational irishman doubt tnat a steam
communication between thia country and Amer
ica would bave been established long since, if
Ireland bad possessed a domestic rarllamentT
Would it not be a course more worthy of a
high spirited nation to instruct its representatives
to demand a repeal of that Union which subjects
us, from week to week, to this sort oi aegrad
log humiliation, rather than to invite them to
belle tbeir own declarations and to record their
votes In opposition to their own convictions, as
well as in opposition to the general interests of
tbe united xkiogdomr . . ,
Woman's Educational Empire.
educates man'
the intellect; and In this fact consists the chief
element of her superiority, as an eduoation of
the intellect without that of the heart, may
make a demon; for the understanding, when
divorced from tbe affections, Is fit only to pro-
duoe such monsters. . Bat woman, when proper
ly qualified for her mission In the world, hap
pily oombines the heart and Intellect, so that
neither Is trained at the expense oi the other,
bnt both are .educated In the most perfect
nniton. Man may educate tbe heart, but Ibis is
not ordinarily his part as an educator. Tbe
haart I more esoecia Iv at woman'e disposal
And no one le so eminently endowed by nature
with all the Important qualifications for the en
tire work of education, ode teaches us to love
what Tnan teaches ns to betleve. She ingrafts
Bpon-our affection what man tmplante In ber
memories, oneieaai us to nonor ana virtue,
bv inspiring in us admiration tor all that is good
and true; he indicates the theoretic prlnoiples of
an honorable and virtuous life) as the subject ot
intellectual apprehension. She Is the sunshine
of the tool, comprehending both light and beat,
to Illuminate and vivify all tbe eoui's activities;
be la the sunshine of the' Intellect, radiating
splendors upon its researches alter troth, but
splendors which are; too often, cold and.philllng
as the fuaihlne of bleak and Icy winter.
Aim Martin, a French author, says that "ooj
of, sixty-nine monarchg who have worn the
crown of France, only three have .loved the
peoples and remarkable oironmatanccs, all three
were brought np by tbeir mothers." .The same
remark would ba substantially true, no doubt,
of the potentates oi all orders: tbey love la pro
portion aa tbey hare been eduoated to love, and
il ia la too providence oi a mother's lonuence
and training, especially, to develop ing attribute
of human naturo. ... . ., -r ,
"Give ot mothers who know how to educate
. 1 t .LIIJ....II V. I . ha'.. ,1. KIa alnoa nf
God, would, ere long, result in tbe ushering in
Oof a universal .empire of intelligence, and law
and righteousness and P0 and Joy. T Will it
not, threJore,.b bur special care, looking .for
Iward to .tbe wold'a progress and tbe future
elevation of tbe whole race, of mankind, not
only to educate, carefully and thoroughly, our
tons, for the sphere of life In wbloh tbey may
be called to more and aot, bat also our daughters,
whose sphere or doty and influence Is even more
grand and glorious, snd involves more terrible
responsibilities than that whlob Provldenoe as
signs to our eons. Woman's empire le tbe em
pire whioh is to blest or curse mankind la the
.n?.Mv,B th PM,J but lf ,h u properly edu
oated to ber sovereign mission, her empire will
only be a blessing, not a curse.
Co-oriRiTioii of TRi Win -No man ever
rAWrJ0 lu Torld r001 the -operatioa
or rewards bis labors with an endearing smile,
with what confidence will he resort to his mer
chandise or bis farm, fly over lands, eall npon
seae, meet difficulty and encounter danger ,lf be
knows that he is not spending bis strength In
vain, but that his lnbor will be rewarded by tbe
sweets of home! Solitude and dis.ppolnunent
enter the history of all men's lives; and be I
but half provided for bi voyage who finds not
an associate for bis happy hours, while for his
months of darkness and distress no sympathlz
ing partner is prepared. .
IIaio ow tri Bbothi The followlog ilngu.
lar eorap Is from a Methodic nan.. i
aid, published in Boston t
- A man bad emigrated from charoh to cburoh.
breaking, up each as he passed. At length be
found himself In the Presbyterian Church,
where he was making great progress. The
preacher, In great distress, said to one of bis
elders: "What shall we do with him I" Oh,"
replied the elder, "I bave been praying tbe
Lord to send bim to hill." "Oh, brother,
what do you meant' "Mem what I .... f
bope be will get to hell. Ha vnnlit An mnra
good there? he would break up the eatabUah-
uicu. m six ween."
Hon. Joseph H. Swan,
'Contained In twenty-nine volume of the Ohio and Ohio
Stat Reports.)
In Two Royal 8vo. Volumes. Price $10 00.
No car or expense has been snared to mak tha work
oerfeet and reliable In all respects.
It has now th Legislative aanctlon, having been ap
proved by nearly the unanimous vote or both Bouses,
snd was ordered to be distributed to the following But'
tnd County officers:
. Governor. Attorney General, Supreme Judge. Secre
tary, Comptroller, Treasurer and Auditor of state, and
to the Prdbate Courts, Courts of Common Pleaa, Super
ior and Police Oourts, Auditors, and the Clerks of the
various Oourts In each county, to tha Members of the
Senate and Heuse of Representatives of this Dtate, and
the Governors of the several Btates of th Union.
This book, containing-, aa It doea.all at tha Btatntaa
now in force, and the authoritative construction of them
and of the New Conetltutton, will be found to be especial
v uiciui m ue pe no nuance oi inetr outlet, to all
T0WN8HIPTRU8TEB8, ' - ':
Inasmuch as very many chances have bean mails In tha
Statutes slnoeth publication of tha last editions, by re
peal, alteration and additions, and many important de
cisions have been given by the Supreme Court on con
troverted points, ml
Will find thl an lnvaluabl Work.
Two Royal 8o. Tolumes of oner Xtnttetn Hundred
- . Pag,
In Strong Law Binding. Price 110.00.
Published by
Law Publishers, Bookseller; Stationers and Importers.
No. 45 West Fourth street, .
. fbl8:d8m:i Cincinnati 0.
Steam Between Ireland and America.
Th followlne- new and mavnlflnant flnl--l.,.i,tHl..
wheel Steamships compose the above line:
ADRIATIC, 3,888 ton burthen. Capt, J. M.uar
(Formerly of tha Collin Lin )
HIBERNIt, 4,400 ton burthen. Cant. N. Paowaa.
COLUMBIA, 4 4U0 H. LtiTca.
ANULla, 4,40tf " Nicaouow.
PACIIIO, 8 000 " " " I. Smiiu.
" " " J.WaLSta.
On of th above shins will leave New York
alternately every Tuesday fortnight, for Gaiway, car
rying the government malls, touching at Bt. Johns,
Th Bteamer of this line hire been constructed with
th gretest care, under the supervision of the govern
ment, bave water-tight compartments, and ar unexcel
led forcomfort, safety and speed by any steamers afloat.
They arc commanded by able and experienoed omoers,
tnd every exertion will be made to promote th oomfort
of passengers.
An.experieneed Burgeon attiobad to etch ship.
First clus N. T. or Boston to Gaiway or Liverpool fluo
Becond-clais, " " 7S
First-class, to it John' 15
Third-class, " " to Gaiway or Liverpool,
or any town In Ireland, on a Railway, - - - 30
Tblrd-laB passengers are liberally supplied with pre
vleions of tbe beet quality, cooked and served by the ser
vants of th Company.
Parties wishing to tend for tbeir friends from th eld
country can obtain tickets from any town on a railway, In
Ireland, or from the principal cities of England and Boot
land, at very low rates. -
Passengers for New Tork, arriving by the . Boston
Steamers, will be forwarded to New York free of charge.
Por patsag or further Information, tpn ly to
At th offlee ot th Oompany, on th wharf, foot of
Canal street. New York.
prlll8:d8m. - - - -
OF : ,
Spring' &
- .. The StoOfC R pi etn lathed A
. NfW-YO-R-K;
..... : , . T M Y STOCK Of . ... .
Spring & Summer Millinery
. I now complete, comprising every variety oi Millin
ery: also, a lug tstortmant of Embroideries, Hosiery
And Notion.- fee,, end In quantities and price that can;
not fall to suit all who may favor us with call." Tfl
goods have been bought tt Pule priest, tnd will be sold
tt a small advance on cost. ' ' ' '..'
, Mist M YOUNG, late of New York City,)
will npriotne tb- Millinery Department. Her long
experience In th meat fathlonabl Establishment la
Broadway will alone b B warranty that she will b abl
to giv entire satisfaction In matter ot tat te (11 who
may favor hr with thefr orders. ' ' .
- Th Ladles of Columbus and vicinity will -pM ac
cept my sincere thanks for their liberal patronage, and
I would respectfully solicit a continuance of the earn.
R. H. WARE, '
68 Eat Town St., Celaaaka, t.
f Jj eiant Ribbons, In great variety at B AIM'S,
;.cat ..;..;-',.- No. xu. High street. .'.
OLOAK CLOTHS. Also, other make of Spring
0 lock Cloth, In all desirable mixture Bindings, Tas
sels tnd Buttons to match. BAIN at BON,
aprlU No. 8 South Highstre

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