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Tbe Adama F.Vnaiiiaia. (inu. i,,., .tall.
, - . r- - wuiui uinu w umiij
- . vsa,,, , ls lunoa Verj mini papers
The Amur lean Express Company baa our
,. thanks for , Its dally favort,luU snap of the
. . Terr latent eastern nanara. t .' i
r - - - j
Council. Prom idinos. The . City Counoil
neid a regular, session last evening- '
Mr. Comhtooi oreaenled' a Detition from aim
dry citizens for the passage of an ordlnaaao to
regulate the height of smoke-stacks, to require
lighter placed upon the top, and proper secur
ity of tbe furnace, go that it will not endanger
m adjoining property.; The petitioner! oalled
the attention of tbe Couneil nartfdula'rlv try
on the corner of State and Front street, that
iney thought extremely dangerous, having set
fire to the adjoining premised two or three timet
in one day. The petition was referred to the
committee on Ordinances and Revision.
Quite a large number of Paving Ordinances
.were read the first and second time.' ;
The ordinance was nasaed.' aa'ciaimr tune
, . o r
oial tax upon the real estate bouqdhig the East
siue oi oonin Btreet, between, Town ana W al
, nut streets. . The ordinance assesses a tax ol
25 cents 9 mills per foot front of said real es-
tate. v1 i .. . : ' , .',.,!;
The ordinance was Blso'Dassed to renrade
aud repave the side-walks,' gutters and , croas-
.., ings on the bast side of Front street between
- Broad and State streets. C'- v. :. .!: ' '
Mr. Staormq offered a resolution' v?blcli was
adopted, authorizing the City Civil Engineer
to contract with John G. Bicem. for grading
a ad paving the side-walksa gutters and crossings
on Fourth alley and Division street, from New
. street to Poot Honae lane," on IheTfollowing
terms: .!!".. ? , .... i .' j ,-,
For excavating 'and eradine. 20 cents ner
. cublic yard; for. paving gutters, 33 cents per
cuoioyard; for -graveliDg side-walks, 50 cents
per cubic yard,, ; ;: 9 f, 7 .'.
Tbe ordlnaneo making appropriations for the
r fiscal arl861-v62, wa. taken, y.p, read the
,hird time and passed. :i a !; i 1
Tbe Council then adjourned. !
t Coust of Common Pijas. The, defendants
who. were found' guifty of burglary last week,
were yesterday morning sentenced by Judge
Bates to the Penitentiary Yotwo and Jcnbins
for seven yean eaob, and Simmons for five
years. The prisoners were taken to tbe Peel
. tentiary In the afternoon. '
The Court, adjourmd to the 5th of July.
Judge Bans left far London yesterday, to bold
.a term of the Common Pleas for Madison
connty. '''
V.The'First BaioADi. Tha following U the
-, organltiUon of tbe 1st Brigade, 1st Division, of
the Ohio troopi In active service in Virginia:
OjarlesW. Hill, Brigadier General; John W.
Fuller, Assist.' Adj. Gen'l, rank Lieut. Colonel;
t ' William A. Collins,' Judgo Advocate, rank
Lieut. Col.; E. F. Plait, Chaplain, rank Cap
talnJA. W. Hall, Ald-de-Camp.rank Captain;
John R. Bond, Aid de-Camp,- rank Captain;
Reuben E. Champion, Quartermaster, rank
Captain; Charles C. Wolcutt, Brig. Inspector,
tank Major. "'J
. Thz GuN.BnT4 Tha ih
' nave been remodeled at the best yards in Cia-
,cinnati,are now In condition to leave noon an, '
; .riHn .v -J' -J
xpeditlon on 'which they may
. . . - . . ' " ' u'
A. 0. Tu Ur and the Lainvton are niorced for
ten gucs, and the Conatoga for five. Captain
Rogers is now In New York or Brooklyn, procur
ing guns and men, to be forwarded at once by
special train to Cincinnati. The men will prob
ably be taken from the receiving ships at the
Brooklyn Navy-yard, and will be thoroughly ed
ncaied in tbe routine of their duties." The guns
; will. te of heavy caliber, cipable of . a range of
four miles. u .. .'. .! '
Sa Casoaltt to a . SoLDira On the'
rival vt the train' at tbo 'denot last evenlnr.
bringibg the Tenth Regiment, a soldier belong
ing to Company H7Cspt.TiiRii0N, jumped from
tbe car whilst It was in motion, and falling on
the track, tbe wheels pissed over bis leg and
oat it off below the knee. He was Immediate
ly temovd to tbe Hospital in tbe Penitentiary,
. where be will be properly carsd Tory
, U. S. Aa.Tiu.iRT Compant.Oq Sunday morn
ing, Company G., U. S Artillery, arrived at
the depot in this city, from their quarters in
tbe Orphan Asylum lot, Cinoinhati, where they
, .had been encamped since their arrival in that
' oity from Fort Randolph, Nebrkka.'" Cln
clnnati Commereitl gives tbe following deecrtp
tion of thcCompany, and of its march through
the olt7,onUjrday. evening, tflihe Little
Miami depot:-, ; , - i ti '"
There were six field pleces,'eaeh"drawn by
six bones, every piece accompanied by a cais
son, also drawn by six horses, riders mounted
upon the lead and wheel horses, and artillerists
upon the gun carriages and caissons, ail thorough
. ly equipped in tbe United States uniform, with
- accoutrements complete, ' - - - ' 1
- Each piece was in charge of a Sergeant and
Corporal, mounted, and following the battery
were tbe battery .wagon and camp forge, the
first drawn by six, tbe latter by four horses, oo-
compaoitd by the artificers, also mounted men,
: In all, there were 65 men and 112 horses, com-
manaea Dy vapt. Albion r. Howe abd Lieut.
F. L. Guenther, thsJalter acting as Commissi
rv and QaartarmMtari Nomailn hii ,k
r. approach of this formidable body, but as the
heavy gun carriages rumbled over the pave
menis, and tbe praoclDS steeds clattered their
sboddeo hoefs upon the bowlders, the, .sounds
" gave note of dreadful preparation, and impress
ed every beholder with the reality of grim vhv
aged War;-'! n-.'l , 1 1' f'r ?jr'.:: :'l
si This Company has been- acting :9'' Infantry
for several yeattr, eioept flnHflg a bri,cf . tour, of
duty as artillerists; at .Fortress Monroe, about
year since. Many of tbe meu were mounted
here for the firtt time, and tbe horaes are. all
. green, bat the battery is in charge' of experi
enced officers, both commissioned and non-com
missioned, the Sergeants. especially being fine
a looking, intelligent men, and we do not -fear
"but that after a few days practice in the field,
j. Company Q,4;h AriilkrycvijlJjrBblCBI'glve
,.si good report qf . Itself. ,, ."CI?
.The Company left here at a Httlef bifo're noon
on Sunday, em. jjl,"cVntral Obip. .Railroad, fir
Bellaire, " i
Mariitta Collxoi Th n..,i v.r .11. 1
i.iierary ooeietiesot Marietta eii.0. i.
delivered by AlphonsoTTaft, Esq., 0f Cincin
nati, on Wednesday evening June 2BV"The ors-
nvu unun turn niuuiui, ot nev. ti. UiMm.. 1
of Chllllcothe Tueaiiy .ranini' 'W J? '
or ynii icothe, Tiesiay evening. The addrU I
uon Deiore e Aiumm.D Rev, E. 0 Moosz
before the 8ociety of Inquiry will' be'given fcB
tha aftamonn nf. TKnr.Hav h. D V n ti. j i
"-rf , 1 J HTI a J. J31TI- I
rn...i..j Tk. r. i'-L. -.-s' I
TuraiR,Ojf Cleveland. r The CommericarneQtx
erolsci will be held on ThursdayV Jun4 ST.s'i j
HT Got Tim, appointed Confcnl to Fun.
cbal, Madeira, was lately one of tbe editors ofi
th Toledo Hidds.' i
BT There have been armed, and. renorted ii
; WdU 0Wndre4 nd
. ., t..M,J.tf'l - t'i.f.ri 8 ' ":'l ...;V)1 '
Cilir CHAJI.-We. rnadi- -laIL tA:r.amn
Cbase laat evening, (ust In time, to see the 23d
and 24 :h Regiments at dress Darad. and tnnnA
our friend, Capfc PAmason, of Adams county,
uiuuer oi meaay t ' ." I "'
Col. E. A, Kino was relieved of the com
mandot tbe eamp yesterday. J. Col Bcanmon,
of tbe S3d, succeeds him. Lieut. Col. Stanlxt
Mattbcws, of the 23d, Is also at Camn Chaw
Lieut. Col. Kino leaves to-day to join his Reg
iment at Indianapolis. r. .
1 he officers of the 24th were announced f
Ul. bOAMMoN in camn as follows: Colonel. Am
mon; Lieutenant Colonel, Gilbut, Ztnoavllle;
major, LuciiN BoTTLZs, Columbus.
mere are about tlfree thouaand irnnn. in
camp, presenting quite a milltarv annoarancn
though many of the companies look as If they
were greatly in need of clothing. Others op
pear very well. ' Onlv four or fivo
parade with arms. - ,
1 1 1 1 ;
UTPurauabtto a rcauiaition from) Adlntant
uenerai larhinqton, Col. .A. E. Jdxs, Com
manding Second Brigade, Ohio; Militia of 'Re
serve oh Saturday last,, detailed 200 picked
men of his command to Athens and Marietta,
on the line of tbeClncinntiaud Mu'rirtti Rr.il.
road, for tbe purppss'cf guarding : tho bridges
Buuireaeoi wotx Detwecn thoe points. The
detschmennot Cincinnati 'at nina o'clook nn
Saturday night, under command pf Col. Jonxj.
. Thx War. If any of our readers doslr. tn
peruse brief and vivid sketches of marches aud
skirmishes, and to gaie'on warlike scenes and
reoent battle-fields, let them so at nnna In TTvm.
winr'a Periodical Depot, near the Postfflce,
ana procure tbe last number of Harptr'$ Week
ly and Frank Lttlit'i lltialraiti
By tha way, Kznkxdt baa all the popular papers
ana periodicals or tbe day.
ETGov. GaiiHXR.V of iU CuUX&.
has resigned his office as Director of tbe Blind'
asyium. Yesterday morninc earl, ha l.fe
city for New Mexico, whither he goes to fiU the
ouice or Kecelyer of Pabllb Moneys, ,.
0J Joshua R GinmNas' son. c.nkntn t k.
Ashtabula Rifles, now at Camn Cum. h..
appointed Major in the regular service.
Jamis Fhhib, Jr . one. of tha iltinia f
Mr. STAMSAtroH.of Hamilton Township, on Sat.
nrday surreLdsred hlmaelf to the authorities,
and gave bond lu 13 000 fnp hi. St nnoaraniA
the next term of the Court of Common Pleas.
' I - -M ll I II'
BTThe Seventh Rcelment. Col. Tvr.
psssed through this city, yesterday morning, on
ineir wsy .ast. ,, .. , ., .
ST Pitxr Hcohis had one of hia flnirara an-
cldentaily shot off, yesterday afternoon, b the
discharge of a pistol la his own hands. ,
Wool at Cbicaoo Very little wool has keen
received; two or three small lots changed hnrl
at 18 and 25 cents per pound. ., ' '
D The Tenth Reelment. Col. Lttli:. from
Camp Dennieon, paseed through the city last
evening, on its way to the seat of war. j
O" Tbe examination cf tha Public Schilnla.
which was commenced veflterdav. will ba in
cluded to day. The High School Exhibition
will take place atBlgelow Chapel, this evening.
O Dr. William Jookins. an old and ! m.
epected physician and citizen of Cincinnati, ilied
m uii city, on oituraay last, In the seveSnty.
inira year ot bis ago. 1 . - i
-IT Five haudred, 15aglihJiloui)ons arrived
t r-i 1 I o . . . .1 .
" oaiuraay morning, and, six
hundred more were exoeoted vMtrrl m.hrn.
Ing all bound for the "Promised Land."
. . . . j
Pirsonal. Mrs. Docolas ia in ,New York
City on a short visit. ' She will make Chicago
ner residence. - ''
0"The examination of iho Punlla In the
Blind Asylum will take place to-morrow tind
Wednesday forenoon. : ,
From Fortress Monroe.
Gen. Butler SDant tha mnrnin it N....n.r
News, from whence no movement of importacce
Private Parker of Vmnnnt Tm,.t . .:.,
. v. wvu. .vg..UbUfe, U pits
oner to the Rebels after Great Beibel affiirs,
ust vicnaDgeu, gives me rollowlog newsr
HesavaL. W. C. ark of ih.Sl n.. v.i.
Reciment. deserted tha nlvht hstira h. ...
at Great Bethel; be obtained a oitixsn's dreas
rum aeueaaionist ana gave the pickets fa 11 in
formation Of OI1P nnnnanli Ha la l
Richmond. Parker on the tveolno- of the flirht
Was marched to Yorktown. arid frnm ih.t
to Risbmoad; there he was kept Uutl exchanged.
He was cartiuliy guarded but in every rtapiai
was well treated He reports the Rebel fot':e at
Yorktown as very larffe Er ataumoa h..nih
down additional trnnm- P.ni.ln.
a,Dd the Confederate troops were badly fed und
Then WArnhnt Um nuMAnrrsira ltAreAM Vfck.
. r.Bvysjiiiiii.nicu 1VTI'
town and Richmond Um
at Riohmond containing $100,000 worth of prpp-
vrty, wae aeatroyea oy me on Saturday bight.
Tbe war Steamer Glencora wnm hnrnd in ih
waters edge. Both Vrere fired by . looradiaries
wnom tbe Uebels are vainly attempting toxiis-
cover. Tbey now have but two email steam ire
on the river.. ,:J:' - . ' '; i
From Cairo.
ILL., June 24.
evealna at seven" n'olock. fnp nn tha -at).
IJ20Q troops and four 8-pounderg.'' No doubt
tney are destined for Mlsaourl Rebels In Tim
nessse, reported to be-on the march through
Arkansas tor Missouri' to helpClaib Jmkeon.
Ran, sent to Little Riyer, Missouri, to capture
neueia rcporica to do encamped mere, return
ed this evening, after, a march of 40 miles.
The Rebela had fit A. havinrr ft la ihnn.ki h....
Informed of tbe approach of tbe federal troops
aus wwna torougn wnicn tJol. Morgan paiis
ed were almost entirely deserted. - I '
. inree prominent KeDel leaders were arrested
and brought to camp. .. ..,r!,-:r: ; r I.
The Eighteenth Regiment, from Camp Doug
las. and a COm tn V of Dmpnnna. fpnm Canira.
Ila, arrived here to-day. 'ft:;-- s
From Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, June 24.
nuiaana. r
InDrtnn whn aprlvad k.. ih.Lik. ... .a .1.
deleat of the Biata force at Boonetille had a
gooa cnect upon tne teoesssonutB of Lafayette
and Adjoining counties; also, that the moderate
oBloui8ts at Lexington are now .anxious tc
ooucBmuuisia AjeiuguHt are-now enxious
torn . i f . 1 1 I ... i . 1 17. J I lt
ment and secure ptaoe and order In the State
ThaMavorot Lexlnstitn.aalnl Ant NaAa.lnn.
1st, haslelt the city, and his'successbr, who Is a
gooa ua on man, proclaims bis determination
. r. - -v-. w
Pr4rT ' nd order, and protect the rights
of all classes of oltlcsus. in which he is sustai..
M by almost an unanimous tolce of the people
It ia not thnnaht'thai Oan. I.,nn HI
m . , O -- J " " piVUVTC
artber in tha river, but oroeead tn tha Rnmh
VHt. k . i . . . : ... . i ...
nacrt in ouDiuuotiuu WHO vOl. LegeU
command. Y Sn.iiflJil Kkiur i-.i.. u ..,
with Ben MoCuli0gb or 'any one elBe in com-
mand of th. aI!?-."'.0
i, ' -
Pennsylvania Congressman.
WILKESBAKER, Pa., June 24.
Ufll00.' hdid.te f br JCounrisa
f t3tWi:tA ' i
.!c;..t.U ,v. ; .1 ?: f
WILKESBAKER, Pa., June 24. Gen. Beauregard--Spy System for the
WILKESBAKER, Pa., June 24. Gen. Beauregard--Spy System for the Benefit of the Rebels.
NEW YORK, June 24.
atr K.
idvloes ooutinne to represent it as the lotcDtion
. n i . . ., . .
ui seauregara io auvance on ine federal lines.
. Yesterday fas tbe day fixed on far a tnnvA.
men! on Waeblogton. The government is sat
isfied of tbls, and has ascertained that an tx
teuaive spy system Is in operation for tbe benefit
ot tne Kebel Government. - i ; )
' Letters have bseo sent daily from Washing
ton Sonth h narnnna .tin h... v tnk k
operations of tbe Government ' '
. n. t . . ..... . 1 . . '
. riui. liuwe tanes nis Balloon aowu to tbe
vans unurob to-day. He will make an ascent
to-morroir morninir. and talm n il,. Afit..
n ' - " w vn v. . hJ w
Keoei camps at Fairfax.
It is believed that tbe Navy Department will
make an avprairn f all tha hu. r k.
mum v uuiiirauiors WUO Will DUUU
mem wiinin sixty aays. . t;
Gen. Banks-Condition of Baltimore.
Gen. Banks-Condition of Baltimore. NEW YORK, June 24.
The Tribune dlaoatch
viuiure la quiet on me suriace, ll is prolouudly
agitated underneath, and ia only held In check
bv fear that at an Indication nf an nntnr.uir
MaJ. Gen Banks will, without doubt, shell tbe
! EV . l.ll
ouy num rorv raonenry. ne is toe man to
obey bis orders to the very letter.'
Reinforcements for whlh f.nl. Rlnna I...
sent are only of ordnance, without which he re-
ouiyub iu emus tne river ana atiacK tnesnsmv'a
k.i ...I., .u. JII : . .. . '
Tbe original design of hla arnadifinn i.
- a o - - f '..ui. nuo vw
Out off the retreat from Harper's Ferry.
worn. vanocrDiit oas ouered tne Government
tne steamer Vanderbilt at a fair valuaiiou. If
it wun'C take her on thPHt.epma h :n
, " wv n . .unto
her a present to the United States. '
rri . a .t n . a . n "
mo nvianno oteamnip Company, through
Vanderbilt, bave offered tbe Government the
following Bteamrnt Ofetn Oniwn. th. i.i.l
d ' VWH, .U.ll,l .(J
floe condition, the new irod aieamahip Cham
pion, until m 10.13, yery ugnt araugnt of water,
and the steamer Daniel Webster.
Tha nrice of either or all nf iH iiaim...
to be subject to a board of Commodores.
juonaou anu ctnenage, or Teineaaee, have
been assured by tbe War Office that tbe Union
men in Ebt Tenuensee. and ahmun. .1..
tbe State tbe may need assistance, abaN be
euetnlneri by the hiodu arm of the Government
i An ordar-ih'aa been iHflnad InnlnHi,. T
aee in tbe District under command ni
Qtneral Anderson. -
A naval exoeditlon of mnnh mairniinda ;u
. --b..MW " . .
aoon be tttted out to operate on thecoist ol
Telia. concltitli;ff of Wfir vaatiu unA ln.an.ta
- O .w-..a mum nun pis VG
carrying muuitions of war and men. This ex-i
peditlou wilt be large enough to taka the field
aud form a nucleus around wbinh the Unl nn man
under tlouitou oan rally.
NEW YORK, June 24.
w wiiu JIUUI
Havana on tne 2&h, bave arrived .
Yellow fevor haa madn iia miiiimim .
Havana, but not yet among the shipping.
an is rrpvrteu mai nve importune towns la the
interior of Sun Domingo hadbeeu fortified, and
assisted by Havtiana. who' inland tn ro.ijf
Spanlah progreaa there.
itisrepoi tea tne inbabitants of one village
there had been maaaacreed h. tha Hn..Lh -V.
j - - -.,.uiau ft. wuo
for refualug to swearallrgiauce to Spuin.
It is also reported that tbe SpanUh troops
weie defeated iu small engagements.
Additional iroopa were btiug sent from Ha
vana re-lnforcement.
At Havaua Intense txeitement exists relative
afflraiu Lha Star. . .
Stock of sugar, 312,000 pounds.
Tbe De Soto haa mdil bur nf tha Inni atm.
The Bremen's News.
The Bremen's News. NEW YORK, June 22.
A Madrid correriondant. ra(arll.I hu
patoh stating that Preaidect Lincoln had dt-
lareu, 11 apain ocoupiea eao Uomlngo, the
ould do so at her 011 rl,lr und nrii, a. ,k
Government has reoeived na ppeclul no'Jce of
any siicu aeoiaration, out la prepared to defend
the integrity of tbe territory which it has an
nexed to Spain. - ... ''i
LiviRfooi., June 13. The sales of cotton
during the laat three days, including Wednes-
usiyi nwuuuieu w a,vuv oaiea o.uuu ior specu
lation and export- Market cloned dull.
AdViC.Pll Irnm Mnr.nhAataa . Hnf.....Ll.
Ihejuarltetf or iooda and jams was quiet, and
prices steady. " '.-,....
LivxRroot Briadstcfw Maskct Wakefield,
inaun ct report nour dull and declined, with
eaies at aoitrtzoa oj. w hi-at f.n Hn ..!
holders are pi easing on the market at a deoline
of 3d. - Richardson, Spence & Co. say some
t J I I ' . . . . ' ., n . .
lurL'raj.Kir. nnin 11 1 n 11 . 1. 1. m nannn. n r . n rtn .
anles of Red at 10. 12j; White at lis 6 i
io oj. iom atraay; sales or Mixed at 31N
Yellow at 30j30s 61; White at 3Ir33a bi
. PaovitlONS. Beef auiet.. Park nniat and
quotations barely maintained. Bacon heavy
aaa uoiaers preeaiog on tbe market at lower
rates Lard dull and ouotntloria mmlnar at
52-53a. . '. .- . .
i London, June 13 Breadatuffs dull and all
qnalitles declined. Sugar dull, with a slight
decline upon all qualities
Consuls &99U U for money and 90(3)90 V
on acoonot. Llinoia Central stock dis
count; Erie 91; New York Central 55
Th. It.A.Art i 1. . oRn nnn , .
u w wi cuigu wiuugui auu.uuv )Q specie.
Mob at Milwaukee.
growing some days, culminated this morning
In an attack on them by a mob. Miiotiell'a
Bank was firt attacked. All the furni tura ataa
destroyed. . Mr.' Mitchell, with several clerks,
were in tne ouuaiug at tbe time, one of whom
was taken out Insensible.
The mob afterward attacked tha Star TV,nlr
Bink of Milwaukee, Juoean Bmk and Alar
tin's broker's office. Tbe damage done these
was very large.'
lbe Montgomery Guards, Capt. O'Rourke,
were called out by tbe rt'avor. but after atrivinir
on the ground, refuted to act. The Zjuavee
being then called put. Bred on the moo, with
buck shot. Fuars are entertained of sad work
this afternoon, -
. The riot to-day caused a ereater loaa of nron
erty than was at first supposed. The attack, it
baa been ascertained, was a regularly organised
thing. Throughout yesterday, meetings were
held in the upper wards of tbe city. About -10
o ciocK mis forenoon , tne rioters msrobed from
the Sixth and Ninth Ward, through Ear Wa.
ter street, to Mitcbell's Bank, attacking it with
stones and bricks, and soon riddling the windows
completely. ' -
ine alerks barrioaded tho doors In ordir to
gain time to secure tbe valuables, wbich -they
did in a great measure.', i : , i'lij
ine mob then broke down the doers, and
soon stripped tbe room of everything, throwing
tbe furniture and books into tbe street. !
,Tbe State Bank on the opposite corner and
J. B. Martin's office were then attacked aud
served in a like manner, i --r- " ., r
Tbe Bank of Milwaukee was nlsd "storied.
but little damage was done. 1 T' V.U i
' ' AIDS at MoGregor'a Real Estate Oiuoo was
Complexly gutted; and books valued at f 6,(JU0
destroyed. . -ii: '..; n.v I
lbe Junlan Bink was also tbeobieot of ihsir
wrath, but they were content with breaking the
windows. , : ;- ' i
Tbe Mayor and collce were nromotlv on tha
ground, but utterly powerless. i
' One company of 40 men. the Montcnmnis
Guards, were ordered out, but declined to io
aaytnicg, ior rear tbey would bo overpowered.
The Z.iuavcs were then ordeied out, and oliarg
ed on tbe mob, whioh immediately broke and
run, and the street, was aoon cleared, and
guards stationed, at the corners and a squad at
each bink . ' .uii.c.ii.-'t 1 '
- About fifty rioters were arreted ancotifined
in jail, under a strong guard of Zjuiej' and
Home Guards." ' ' . ....
. Tbia evening tbe mob are in fore in . thn Q.l
and 6th Wards, where inflammatory speeches
are being made Tbey bave Otio, cannon aod
threaten to attack the jail to-night, unless their
uii-nua are reieaaea.
TbeGDVerofer has declared martial law. and
telegraphed to Raeiuej and Madison for State
troops, who will arrive to-night. 1 i
It i thua f.r Mccriained thai the following
persons were- Injured! Ab Mitchell, sllghtlj;
C. H Laikeoj'Jr . Paying Tellaf fa Mitcbell's
Bank, badly bmistdt Judge Starkweaibar.
trampled .on and badly bur' Myor BrOwar
kuockeddoWo with a .stone and slightly hurt;
Mrf'Hojdoo, Bjok keeper la the Stat Bank,
iQtt rioter badly cm cn tha shoulder? noothtr
"ad his hand out off. One was wounded, in the
eg by tbe tbrnst of bayonet. I
Tha riot via nanaad h tha .t..
Tbe riot was caused bv tha antinn !.,r it.
backers on Saturday, in throwing out the cir
culating notes of a large namber of banks of
mis Diate. . .. ...
j"ad bis hand out off.
Dispatches from Washington.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
1 o-morrow tbere will be an extraordinary
meeting of the Cabinet, when Gen. 8nr.it and
hla staff and tbe various Generals and Coloneia
of Regiments now in and about Washington
win uo present it is nnaerstooa that MaJ.
Generals Bin It a tc Dix btre all been aummnn.
ed. Gen Soott will submit bis progamme for
prosecuting ine war.
Tbat the Rebels bave changed theirs canno
be doubted. Henoe It Is believed Gen Scott
has some new project to submit at this great
council of war.
Our Government has demanded of the Pros-.
elan Minister tbat the Exequatur of Trappman,
rruEiiau .uooaui, st, tvnarieaton, wno recant It
1 .. f. D ... . . I .1 1 . I . Y .
icti. vjowu wivu -uiapavouva irom jeuerson La
vis to bis Commiasioners In Europe, shall be
withdrawn. This demand will be complied
with by that Government. '
It is Stated that all diaoatchea to and from
ooutn mat go to Europe, are sent through tho
lureiKu irganoua. ( inis matter win undoubte.d
ly be inquired into.
Denator aberman arrived here fa dv. fmm
Gen. Patterson's headquarters, accompanied by
bis brother, Col. Sherman.
Dudley Mann, one of the Rebel Commission
ers, to a letter to a broker here, states that
England will recognise tbe. Southern Confeda.
aoy by the 1st of January; Dudley nredloted
over two months age the recognition of the
ooumera uooieueracy d? notli tingfand and
France before tbe 4tb of July; be has now post
poned It till tbe 1st of January.
[Special to the N. Y. Commercial.[
' Several Federal trooos made a viait tn Nop.
folk on Friday last, on an open boat, I presume
unoer cover of i.lgbt, buroiug the Rebel steam
er Gieoojve The Rebels don't yet manifest
any aggressive disposition.
lbe Lorn in fC i Adeartiserha a (attar Um
the steamer Niagara,', off Mobile. Sha aa
aoon' going to the month ol the Misalstippi.
The1 steamers' Powbattan and Brooklyn were
there;:. Tue Sabine, Huntsville, Si. Louis, Wy
andott, Mobawk, and Waterwitch, are off Fort
Pickens, keeping Gen. Bragg at bay; Tbey
bae (ust received a supply of fresh beef, etc
Yesterday one boat, lull armed, ran In nn.
der tbe guns of Fort Gsines, at Dauphin Island,
Mobile, and cat out a schooner belonging to citi
zens of Mobile, aod seised her as a prise. Sbe
is a beautiful veasel of one hundred tons, and
bad just been newly fitted out.
lbe national Republican of this moraine-
states that tbe release of Ross Win fttiH and otn
polnimeat of Emery to a Lieut.-Catnnrle in
the army, were measures that were strongly ad
vised by General Scott. ."?.'
From Nebraska.
OMAHA, June 24
The Nebraska Regiment of volunuera fnr
three years' service, will be filled and organ
ized lu a few days. Seven OomDaniea ara ran.
dtzvoused st ibis point, and additional ones are
cooilng in daily . .
in itu John ibayer. Commander of the
territorial milt'la, baa been appointed and aom.
mlaeioned as Colonel; Geo H Dawes, Lieu
tauaut Colonel; W D MoCord, Major; and Dr.
Enos Lowe, Surgeon of this Regiment.
The iriends ot Hon. J. Sterling Morton, late
Secretary, and now Delegate to Congress, are
cbtgrioed at tbe telegram from Washington
relative to him aod bis aocounts, and assert
thai It was couoerted by persons desirlug to in
fluecce metLbers of Congreaa arabat him In
bit scat corneal with Mr Dstii, and that Mr.
Morton s aocouuts are all straight.
Serious Accident at Kansas City.
A horrible accident ooaurrrd at wnri..tia.
Kanraa, yesterday about one o'clock P. M , by
the falling in of the Walla ot two buildings and
part of a third, bunlce all the lnmatea. Hons
forty persons. .
Tbe buildings were four storina hioh. ala.
ted on tbe levee, and bad previously been ased
as the headquarters of the First Regiment of
uv u..uaM -uiuu.ccra. , . ... .1
xeaterca Cant. Halnaa. lit, a r
411 meu. eoieraii tbe, bu,ilaiag.CQrbe Jbrpoa o
i. o, B' r jjaraiiurj tu ueiOg leOclVtU InlO lbe
u. a service, . when tbe oentre wall of tbe
ouuamg euaaeuly gave way, plunging tbe whole
lumpau ucueaiu me mass or rums.
A number were instantly killed, and one Ger
man, name unkaowa, died soon after being lib-
....... -.A f l . J . .9
""o "u nau oo in legs and arms
broken; 12 or IS others were sliahtl inlnred:
some escaped without a bruise. The loss of
tbe building was not known.
rive companies of Cvalry, six companies of
luiamrj auu uragoons, aud tea companies Ol
Volunteers in all about 1600 men. iih nn.
nailery, under command of MaJ. S. D. Sturgis,
eit mis City to day at 1 n. m.. daatln.d tn.
a . . . . . i ' ,v.
ooumweat iHiaeourl.. -
From Santa Fe.
and Cannon Citv Ex oraaa ar
rived Uat night, two daya ahead ot time. We
learniromit mat DuMoeas-ls very doll. Re
ports from LouJnon Mines continue favorable,
and many peraons are leaving Santa Fe daily
for the diggings.
lol. J a Grayson has bees ordered tn ra.
pair ta Washington, and would leave In one
week v the southern route.
Dr. W. 5 King, pf the Medical Department.
came as a pieaeoger by the etage, to report him
boh mv tv asaiDgftOD. r
lbe armistice entered Into between the Gu-
ernment and the Camanekea on tha 19 h nf
May Ust had again been broken b tha latter
on the 2Qih of . Aly.- A large body ot them
came to Hotcbea' Ranehe and drove off a lane
I -I L. . . .1 . . M 0
uuuivcr vi uurers, oaiue ana sneep Uaptaln
Duncan, U- S A with bis small fores, follow
ed tbem, killing eue, wounding three and taking
teveral prisoners . -'i . -
He succeeded in recaB'nrintf soma of tha
stock ' Fears are entertained by tbe people of
that neighborhood, tbat the Indians would soon
return, and unless they are arrested by some
strong band, tbey will suffer much loss.
umcers ot tbe United Stale armv continue
to resign; and am leaving by way of tbe South
ern route.'' :,- .. ......,- .:J ,
Advices Of Dr." Connellv'j iiririnlntmant aa
Governor had lust been received j . i
Tbe Fifth aud Seventh Regiments are report-
u v ua rriftuurmwa. v i
Col. McCook Contradicts Reports
Relative to Ohio Surgeon.
, ,
Col, McCook Of tha lat Oalo Raalnant. da.
sires a correction of the. misstatements in the
new lot papers, regarding the surgeon of the
Regiment- The dootur wis on band at th
fight at Viennand rendered all poaeibl assis
tance. His instruments, unlortunaiel. vara In
charge of au attendant, who was carried by the
cugiuccr v Aiexauuria.
Virginia Secession Convention.
A resolution has been intrudncail Intn tha
Richmond Convention, instructing th finance
committee to inquire iuto the Droorietv f cat-
tlug aside all debts, bonds, etc., due by the
Commonwealth to oitiaens of suoh State of th
Federal Union as am engaged in auetainlng the
war of invasion, to be held as a trust fund for
loaemntnoatton- irom losses sustained br eltl.
xsnfl of th Sut'ttj tyo U . . . k.-.A. Ai.-.
Kansas Volunteers, etc.
regulars from Eansaa nltv.
captured , thirty five secessionist and-a. small
quantity of arms aod ammunition at Liberty.
Mo. On the 19th Irmt. - .(.-... ..
" ; The three remaining compnlei 'of , the first
ivanaas Kegimsnt, witn on company of regu.
lara, marcnea to ivtuaas- oityj l he Tore at
that point now numbers about 3,5(JQ volunteer
and regulars. .Tbey are provided ', with trau-
portation and oamp rquippag for maroh.
From Grafton.
GRAFTON, June 24.
Oen- McClellsn is actively tutted in nr.
feeling bis arraogemeot BO that his movement
will Da made txuedlttpusly. ., When evrtthlnu
ia- prepared, prompt and deeiaive mnvemrnta
may be expeottd r-Th force nder Oan Mi.
Clellan's conftdl to'smnly sufflaieni to Insure a
ntiai. setuement. ot our trouolcs In Western
i' 1 besosrlll system doptefj6y ti Ese'nry
WU if IU WMU tUI UUTTU, , ,, i
GRAFTON, June 24. Late and Important by the Anglo-
ST. JOHN, F., June 24.
. Owing to telegraph lines giving eat en 8atur
nay night and not eettina In ...i....
we were unable to transmit full, dispatches
It .t'VJ ADgl 8,X4D frott Liverpool
on tbe 13tb, Londonderry on the 14tb, till to
day : ' ' i
The A nglo-Saxn reports that she attempted'
to paes through tbe straits of Belle Isle; but
"""' a uiucu uoatiog ice tbat sue was
Oomoelled toenma arnnnil. :
Sbe failed to- bring the regular telegrepbic
rri 1 news irom liooaouoarry
Tbe Great Etattrn arnaetld tn lu l.i...
pool In about a fortnight, with tk.a-
of Infantry, a field banry of artillery, and .
Hwwavi vi uuiici, iur aiueoec. ) . u
ItUadf&Uted tblt more meat U luggeeted by
Amerlc4QdifflcuUIei. hut it im tnai. fnta nrn
tectlon, and will only raise tbe garrison frem i s
F.u. wcaa, stats to wnat it was ten years ago,
u suwvcujcui rs-vsxriisin ni aim a m a a n
salt to tbe (Jolted States.
Tbe London Times, la renlfinv tn tha Indi.'
nation tn the Northern States against Englaod,
ahnKa V... 1:...- - n . .
Tu 71. ouoe bngiana nas to sympa-
tbixs with tbe American Govern mant. and a..
th.r .k. .Ill Jl " . 7 ."T"-.
mim win aa.urcuij not rCJOICO at IDC mill
'.' auccess oi eitner or tbe belligerents, 1
ine British mlnlar.ara vara ritA I. t..
House of Commons bv a maiorit nf 103 nn tha
ituuusiuoa ta oestow one or tbe seata by die
franchitement, In the new Metropolitan Borough
The bill repealing naner dot had flnaiu
muuaii.. ir...t t.'j. ' '
- .m uuudv ui uuruB.
The annual meeting of the Cotton Supply
Association, nas been held at Mnnho-f. Th.
result or me exertions of tbe Association re
ported to be rather dioouroln.
T- J .IT . .. ...
auuroaaeu euorts in lodis and Western Africa
to raise a supply were uned In v law nf A marl.
can trouble.
The Monlteur formally announces that the
Emperor ia resolved to maintain strict neutrality
la American affaiis. and nuhll.hoa a Ha.a..n
oifyiDg measures of neutrality to be observed
by French subjects.' ; '-
It Is asserted that Connt Cavour's death will
hasten the recognition of Italy by France.
Parla Bnnraa rantaa A7f9i7IC '
.wW, a wu Mil V I.J.
A new Italian M inlai.rv h.a k..n n..nArt
aron Rioasoli. Preeident and Mlnl.ta. i
elgn Affairs.
I he Illness of Garibaldi la nfflMolt. da-
I': 'Mil
The-British 'Saoadrnn hail tinmh...l
deatryed Porta Nivo, killing 700 natives. '
Gsiat BaiT.im-Io relation to the Parlia
mentary proceedings on tbel3tb, Mr. Gregory,
tbe member who oostnoned ana nf hla mr.iir.,,.
on tbe subject of tbe recognition of tbe South-
cm vuoieoeracy, wrote a let'.er to the Times,
explaining wbv ha dealraa a anaada .nt.i.
,tb? Mont8omery Governmeot. lie regards
tnis ine course to be taken, and contends tbat
the North cannot bold tbe South io permanent
subjection, and urges for a peaceful separation.
ue uciicin me recognition by England and
France will cause the North to pause before
plunging deeper in tbe struggle, snd concludes
by disclaiming all hostility to tbe North, being
actuated by love of peace. , ,;
Tbe Londoo Times, in an editorial on a de
cision ot the French Government on tbe Amer
ican difficulties, wbich-is in oemplete accord
ance with that of England, says it must tend to
convince all reasonable Americans tbat: in
Eog ish acts there is neither hostility or double
dealing. .
8 Pain. The American war bad cauVed such
an advance in prices of cotton, tbat many small
raotorie bave been obliged to close, thus
turuniDg toouaanas or workmen out of employ
ment. . , . .
Poiamo It Is stated at Warsaw that Poland
would roon be declared In a state ot aeiee. in
const quenoe ot representations made by the
new Uuvemor.
INDIA India malla raanhad ATar.atlU. nn t.
nn . . ...........a wi ...v
'"'O the American nartlnn nf ih.m an fnr.
ard by the Earopa. , ,.''. .... '
Congressional Nominations.
Col. Cbas. Biddle has been nutnioai.d bv th
iJemocrata for Congress in tbe 21 Distrlot.
ine KspuDiioan Candidate Is Cbaa. O Neil.
PHILADELPHIA, June 24. A Baltimore Merchant Held to Bail
for Treason.
rtamjitu.iercaa-.Iw awtanv Jta tieen
held tu bail io 120.0UO for traaaon. r.h.ro.rt
with placing anchors aoruss the railroad, on tbe
Arrest of a Spy in Washington.
spy was arrested this morning, who bad
full details of tbe number of troops, position
and strength of batterirs aronnd Washington.
Tnero was also found upon him sketch ot a
plan of attack upon the oitv Ht had tha nnai-
tiona ot all tbe mounted cannon in the vlcinitt
of the city. ... , i -
From Hagerstown.
Harper i Ferry Is deaartrd b. tha Cnnfa.i.r-
ate troops. The loot that was- seen or them
Wa on Thursday, when thah- aaouta and nhi,iu
borg Home Guards bad a skirmish. Two of
ibe former were killed aod on wounded. The
Coaiederat piokets bad Iclt Wllliamaport.
Taey said that Oen. Johnston and four Rl
metfi are seven miles from WllLamanort. Ra.
dort dlabeheved. . -i . - ,
HAGERSTOWN, June 24. The 4th Michigan Regiment.
ADRIAN, MICH. June 24.
lat 4in Michigan Rearimant a.u ructirul
marohlug orders, and will Uav at 6 a. tn. to
morrow, by Rail, via Toledo, Dunkirk and Ci
mira to Harrlaburtf, where tbey. will- receive
arme. . . - . .
Tbe Regiment nnmbera eleven hnndrail .a
forty mu, well equipped by the State. Military
men regard tbe Regiment tqoal if not superior
in musal and diaoiplia to oy yet l.ft tbe
State. '
.t .u i.
- a v. -i
tnoeght, will be ready tor strvics in a few
kS. . - :: ,
i " ,s .!,l?n?Jf Pfeient tlblt TOlanteer for
U over 300 000 men.' ' i
Western Virginia Convention.
WHEELING, June 24.
tO tranaanta.l nn kn.ii.ui
or imporuocs. Their work tor th present w
about flniahed. Corliale from th oommittM at
17. reported that tbeoommitte bd concluded
to adopt tbe preeent Militia law nf tha
A resolution wa. reported and referred, aettlo
forth th oppression of tbe Riehmoad twarpers.
ana appealing to th Uenrral Government for
aid. i - . '.i -. .j
Th Committee of 17 rennrtarl a lanail..' iA.
drea to tha people of th Sute.explainlng
and luatifjing tbe action of the Chrrntinn. m
iiu. xaiug immeuiate step to alvld th State.
A resolution was adopted that whan tha Can
Toution adjourn to-morrow, tbat it adjourn ' to
u am a uvauaj ia August
Stata Trhaanraa. i v r
Houston. Rra-iater tt r.
Th Utter Officer Will immadiatala ri.n.. hi.
dutie. Cul MsmIv, Stat Aodlinr. i in..i.
ed torrlv in a fw day.". 'Attorney Oeuelal
Knott la Ha i lw ,....ij k 1
Th latter, gentleman left before th e(
meaoement Of be lata oifflnnldaa : . :. i
i ne work on tn gaaconada bridge Is so tar
completed this afternoon to permit the pass
age or trains.' Tbey will commence rnnnine
h... . a. T , - ... n - w
" iouiB aua in usage to morrow,
and be met thfere bv a train fr m hi. ni.. ;
The steamboat D. A. January arrived bare
to- day, and left at noon for above, with stores,
etc., taking a detachment of soldiers at tin -
ort.- . : .....'. . "..r v,
Th ferry-boat at this place has been, releas
ed. Every thing Is quiet la th ity.-' The
Capitol Is being fortified by entrenchments had
breastworks. Tbe Home-guard have been fdr
oisnea wun two nnadred nUes from th Arae
ana petog arulca. r- .- - r
BOONEVILLE, Mo., June 24.
tneaetaebmentof, U. 8 troop sent Iron
tnis piaaeto Sjracase, on Wedneadaj last, re
turned (bis eveniag la good spirits. : Tu State
forces', autnberlnjr 6U0 med ad 4 pi sows of ojr
tlllery, left Svraeuae for the Southwest aeveral
horirs befor th U. S troops arrived. :. i
i It is not kauwu what th 'nvzt motrementt
will be A Hon Gaatd 18. being organlttd
Hwrw an iwu men om aireaay Mitated.
' Everything Is 0,1111 and orderly here, no
,v j
iouv.i w pril oi v (DOfi VV)gt
New York Market.
.. ILOCR tloaT a.a S ta lftn la War.'WItti a.Ai4Ma Am..
naod for export, aod llml ad bona trad Inquiry.
8. If. af 14.000 barrali at a. 9. Van i for ..n..a. ......
4Ut7S evira a-aiai 4iV4 fcr tuperSn
wetiam ft .(S4 80 (or oomami to madiam extra tut
rroi tor shipplof oraodt axtra round huoa
Ohio; 1 308 HJ f.r tnui anudt da. uarktt eloalDf
hcavyr OanaiUn B or loarar ami only am'rrtt buti-
oaiaiuuiK.. Baia,bUUHarraiatIU33v79a for om
mna to ckilsa extra.. B floor laaalllug tlowiat $3
""nw HIL la moderate rrquaat. Balaa T50 kbU
. "IT "VI in tura. larnrandywiiie.
VrfilSKTMuradoina hat .lthnj.1 w... ... . a1 ......
of 1400 Surala at loo, and So bog tlieada dru Ja at
. WUSAT HraVVi and 1 tsBnanta lowar. alth maaar.
naiiseii aoioa loraxiwrtat lb dai loa. Bar ot
Sl.fOO baahaU Chlciga v,t f at bJ& A 06 1 IS 001.
malla' imribaw .. alutt SI Wl 117; 14,400 bubl
Kaco sprlna at I 00tl 10: M.OOu uaihaia Mila.u..
t l iiUl U; W too buihaia Aiaoar IuWa at H
(0)1 IS; 86,000 outola wlniar red waaia.n at ai SUA I M
U.OOu lilt Canadian M Sjl 87, UtU txi.hal ahll Wnt
ro t$18fiai 30. . .... .. . - .
BXX : care aod dim., BalMof 4000 buhali nrlmr
mwi w.iii ..vn. . , '. . ' .
BAHLki -Doll and aonlael at 33403.
O IBS Advaioad loaatHr bu-h.i. ilh naa h-m.
irano oa iair rxuort aemaua. naici ieou ba.h .
4S34W for Inlariur 19 prim new mixta ws.Kial 30
Do.u.Ttr oaoic ao atoowwa. '
OaTv Io ai'idanta rqimiI at S8(B3la far waitarn
aoa utna uo: aiwanior aula. . .,
f UKS Dnll. hturt and declining. Balaa of 40u hbl.
at tor mtH ; iu ro' prlidv.
tsar voououta dull aod aom loal at nssi an ra
eoastry prim; 3 3030 for me; ttttaMO rtuackad
matt; 10vll lor axtra aw lhi I ntnt g m ao-
ncui yoioK id pnin Bsc ben Br nir Bmtj i.d
lower, raiet oi auu iwrrela at lis 50 IS OIK.
OUT MaT8 ualadnllatSaiiK (ur .h..a ,l i AVZ
"W w .....
kai ux quiet and aDeuanyed. -
LaD-Du ana haan. Mala, at 100 harr.1. II U
' r " I
burrip tnmoderala wonnl at Vu-mil n. nhui
c h eg E-ataady at S7o, at la quality.
COyres-Wltbout mattrlai enan In cries, and In
mndara t reuutat. Salai of UO bui Ria at UHIlin
tSSdo Marlcaboat)4JaH)Si'.
eOlau Rwa.alu rata. 43 hhds Cuba at 4XH
4tc; 85 bexo. Htu at3M3Xo.
;Oi..-8a Only to oouaalMof 43 hod Porto ftloo
at88ii. , ,
BIO JK Firm and onltt. Tlllnnl. Harla Sal, ytm
Tork Central 73X! 9alaa t Obleifo K Uar em CV.
Paeifl Mau 8 aaauhlp tionpaay 65 K; MlMOarl fl 3:K
Bank Statement.
NEW YORK, June 24.
DMreaalD loam. Il.827.188i Ineraaaa latDMb.ai..
100.8781 doraaa-hi mmnlatloa aiflS.4r!8i dramu In
aenssits. DeMMM. ....... u-,-:
Philadelphia Market.
rLouB-Dan;'" -
WHEAT firm. IthM 3000 hnth rmA At QILlll It whll.
1SOI40. w
ooltN-AdraiKad. ralca 4 000 baih. callow SS.
WfllaKX-Dull at 10X17.
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, June 22, 1861.
FL0DR Mrk t OUlat and nnrhanaad. Nolhli.i do.
(np except Io cholc ao.llty foi bom u.
WHBiT Sale of 3 eara red oa traok at 11 09. and
10,0(10 both frea on board at 1103 K Thaa.rkateloae
wry dull and heavy under ib lnflucno of th utn
cjukn Molqaotatil.
OATS - Sale of S eara at Sia on track .
ni-lrVINfia Bait of 8U bblaat Ho.
Eaas rlrm at to ;
Other article anehangrd. Zaatfer.
Cincinnati Market.
as aa am; bo ohaiiK can b rs-
porid In pdcea.
W H K AT la offered aoarlnilv. Red ia all! I Quoted a1
83''. 8Jo., bat at the flur-i. miller can tol iupbIj
their currant waste. lh v don't c.r to tak la a (ck
until altar their (cason ot reptliS, which will bcala to s
lew aavt il ott.
OOhN 1 Urchanired.
OATS Drag at 84o.
BaR'.iT uaaina unmuketable.
HY8 Will not b-lDX orrr 43o.
WUUKI la ouoUJ at 13... bat ta varv iM.OU.
Town treet,
AT PniCBa ;
J th Colon atyUiis taaaj South, X hav oonemded
to tell out , ' :. .
- ' ' ivitt
The atook conaiiu of th largsat lot of
. In th ettv of Calnnbni:
i CAstJBri,
BBIXUam " ' 1
E8aaalDA9,"" .
boit mnsH avBRict,
GgiUSS, KDallf '-I 8KIBT HEA D.
and all Binds f
thtbtitUwUP SKlttr ta.'.olaabas.uid tth
Unout priat -Wbalesal
d1 Hotail.
Thea, ladrn. all, bsih graat and imall,
Com, flra m a call.
And then you'll ft .d A, M. K. iTOSJtnt '"'
. , la all hla Olory.
a. H. K. SfORRIB, Apnt,
' BaaMoihtr ths War I Ma. M t od a.rert,
anrlL'oA ...... ,. Ooiaoboa, otne.
and nam In our saw oak of " .
oinnfactortd by B. BOW ABD St CO , Koatun. Hal.
Thaa Watch art far auptitor to anytblDf tvtr offered
to th pnbllo, htretofor. HartD th xoluaiT uanrv.
I n Mil UMa at prion to aait th timet. I hara la.t
lawircu a huxv aiuoa oi
' ' 1 ' ' AMERICAN WATCHES, ' - V
manataotttnid by APPUtON, TJUGY, A CO alio, a
la Oold and eUvar.Caa; t Panl yrton.
JanxS i'jubW. i. SaVAQI,
Alllasdoolortjailopndt - BA1N8,
du.ll. No. aooin ffinh iirt
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ITT Offlo, 889 Broadway Neir Tort- City, and
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r benliial Waakiit, Sexual liability, Mrvuin,lx
volantary tmluloo and Impitancy, raaalUug iron
elf aba. Root. J. Oalverwell. M. D, ir(
andax ai, la a plain auvalopa, ta any adilreai p- t
Pia. a rtoelpt of two tampa by t)r CUAS. I. )'
LIN1, 197 Bowery, NtwVork.- Bot rm Box N
4,58. ? i, . i vn anrSliSoidAw
Diisolution. " v
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TSKY and DIARRIllEa IN null Ohku ..M
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ti jr w c.rj moinarwdo Una child auSarina rroni
""'""; Soomulalnla 1)0 NOT Lit YOL'H
iad oetwMo yoa and your auaerlnir child, and th re
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follow tha UM of thli madlclna. If tlnalu m .ii i.
ractloD for oab will acooupaoy a-b bottle Ifon
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Merroua irritability. dauralgia uipl'u.,LOi -In
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Cordial and ajnod Krnorat. r r.m h,n a wn. ,
', plaant and .Oaciaal rvmedr for I. a. n
Appetita. i Uluuine., i'laiulai.u weak and iter
itoameh Languor, Urr Ontaplaiot. Cbnl and
KeTcr, or any Billoo tta k, Uuiireneu, Acidity
f the Suimaeh. Nenreuanea. Nanraiiri. Pan.it,..
lion of ti heart, Depreaalun of lipirti. euraa
' implet oo th face, ur aoy nUsa aruiug from
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Indeed a wl ia mend In need, all paraonaofj
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pariica ari expoaca u.i.oe aiiijiler,tuuro(,nl
tornaya. It rary t uilemeu.tnd ladir who are not
aovaa oaoed to mae oa dour exdolae, will bad .i
o their advauUM io a.u a boulconUi,iiv rn
hand! aod, anove all nothara. ur theae hecomini.l
uon, w:u o tnroutb tba. m.iat dai.tarnoa perlu
I'louiywiball tbclr accat..mrd itrrnxih. ba
f Dd fi from th ihouaar.d ailnMnla o nrev
aleotaaona; lbe lin,l portion of th world. Ii
in ri, i ii inderd a noiaer cordial. Trj It, oi.
uid oaoai no longer run th i lax of dUr; It wi
licVc aod i r. re it-e f rmnhtiiaallr a tUttnrn
(wa Coruialnnd Blood RtmatiiUjT
O.j UOU , pr..Mrloiui . -Hi Brwla-ay, Ne
York, and 114 M'l dirert, St Loni. Uo., an
told by RiJBariT.-' A saMUltL, Columnoa. Ohi
tnd .11 00l DrUmUla frlee One U ,11
ucr Bold. mari-h ' -'!
Rlannfaetarera ! all kinds of Por
table and sta tlooury ttteam Fn
Iinei saw Nilia, irla Aiiiie, -
Sec, tec,
USStt BODLSi StalmJ B. at . BLAJTO rSetUtnt
SOO.Btatmtlllt '
Our Portohla Eis;il and 8w Kiu
Wu awarited ta ttrSt pramiuoi of Hi at Um lajdiana
But fair for 180 nrtr Lau St Bodlay on aeoount ol
Price, lightness, slronirclty, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary KuKlne wa awanlcd at th cac Fail
the flmt pramtom of i00.
Oat Portarjl Briin was awart'4 the flr prrrolo a ol
ItlOatth rnlra Mamnhhi, Tna.,orer Blamly'i Da
Tall', Columha MarhlnaUo'., and Unuiford A Co 'a
oj a oomoiHiew at prawoM KMirojul aiiaiiraan. , v
for prtr and tmia addrs
niLLAKO w Annan, Traaanrcr.
darS-dArwla!. , - . - Nawark.oaio
Wbotoaaia and Ketail Doailerlai
No. '23: Fifth'' StreWt. -
;XT:. ,S,BUUOH,:Pa.
Brfc - i-Nitarniy on band all rm
riouB BmAN oh aS , , .
Oct. t Ivd ".
Margaret D. Phillips' Est Ate.
Noasth. ss HjMt HVUIMM a HAT
tb andrralnd haw braxi asuy .p. ird h .ha
froiaca diari af eVtnaila onii y. Ohm. vimli.t.ir.t U
ol ihe.at. of aarxareil. jraliJa, la.v, idauty.
od. ' v
ptdJ n 8,1881. MtBTjiArflKn'.
J7-.lUlwIS -

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