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The Adam Express Company placet us dally
under obligations to It for .be very latest pap era
vui mo oaaieru cities.
Tbe American Express Company hat our
thanki for ita daily favors In tbs ibape of the
very latciC eaatern papers. . ,
" . V
Colomboi Iniant Gasosm. Want of proper
occupation is tbe ruin of obildrenr and It la tba
experience of all teacher that during tbe long
Summer vacation ot our sobools, iced o( ml
chief are town wtaloh it require month to
eradicate- I would therefore reepeoilullv tag
gest to tbe citizen of Columbuo, that I have
decided to continue my " Infant Garden" dur
ing the Summer, and that tbey would find this
a ear and desirable retreat for their children
during tbeir vacation. - If parent could be In
duced to look in upon our merry little nVk;I
am persuaded many would desire their children
to juin it. I would respectfully refer to the
kind noilcesof our sobool la the " Oblo States
msu" during tbe. past Winter. Our system
was originated by Froebef in Germany, and is
believed to, be the very but for the Instruction
ot infants. Come and see for yourselves, and
we thiuk you will be conduced ot the superior!
ty of tbe system over all others. The hours of
school (are from 8 o'clock to 1 1 of every week
ilny forenoon, excepting Saturday. Room at
No. 19 Et Rich street. Wbea the weather
permits, tbe instruction Is given in tbe open air.
Tbe undersigned also gives private lessons
in German and French. Refer to Prof. L.
Tub Cooht Jail. A little affair occurred
yesterday at tbe County Jail, which rumor soon
magnified Into a matter ol grave Importance.
It appears that a fight or affray occurred, be
tween two prisoners a white man by tbe name
of Paasta and a colored man named Wintielo.
The cooibitatits made considerable noise, upon
hearing which Officers FxmAfiD and Davis
hastened to the scene of action. The former,
in attempting to restore order, was cllnohed by
the colored man.' Officer Davit struok him wlih
a large key which he happened to have la bis
band, felling htm to the floor, but Infllotlng no
serious injury. This ended the disturbance. S 1
WinfuloIs In jail on a ohsrge of pstlt lar
oeny. ' Parker, who wasseuteoced at tbe pres
ent term of the Court of Common Pleat to ten
days' confinement In tbe duageou for assault
and battery, hat eerved out hit time, and It now
detained on two Indictments still pending
against blm one for an assault with an intent
tj commit murder. '
There are now seventeen prlsontrt la tbe jail
eleven men and six women. Tbe women are
all charged with offenses cognizable In the Pro
bate Court, which commeooeta criminal term
on Tnesday ctxt, July 3 , . , , (
The Qiarterraaater at the U. 8. Barraoks,
Newport, Ky., bas received order to prepare
for the arrival of three thousand troope this!
week. Tbey will oonslst of two Regiments of
infantry and one of cavalry, who have been in
service on tbe Western border.
ID Too gun boat, 0 A. Tyler, went down
the river from Cincinnati yesterday the otbti
two are to follow to day.
Cam DtNNiaoN Tbe Seventh Regiment,
Col. Tvt. ,n, gixtn ,,De Gmhrl, Greys),
Col BuSHT,... nrrWrt F.-et: Th til ,hm
bs Itfi iu Camp Den d lson, five Oblo Regiments,
tbe Finh, Eigbtb, Eleventh, Twelfth and Thlr
teemb, and tbe two Kentucky Regiments, mak-i-ig
un turoeM of about seven thoBiand men,
Tbese Regimeuts will be tent forward to the
teat of war as last as possible.
Mas. Lincoln's BaoTHia Tbe St Louls Je
pubtietn eaje: It bas been stated thai Mr. 8. R
Tso, who accompanied Jxrrsssoff DaVit to
Richmond, is a brother in-law of Mrs. Preal
deut Lincoln'. He is that lady's own brother,
and by occupation is a clergyman In New Or
leans, 'ills employers permitted his salary to
go on while be is engaged In tbe rebel service.
What is xd TaraWRed tape"' It an
Eugliob expression, originated by Carltlc, ano
made popular by Dickcns, -designed to repre
sent tbe ceremonious delays and official formal
itles characteristic of tbe British Governmental
routine. It I simllaily used in this ' country to
ridicule the tardiness with which everything Is
effected by tbe formalism of governmental ' of
ficials. -- -
ST Fen.fy Fair gives tbe following amnsiog
paradoxi "Old Dog Tray's Ever Faithful," they
say; but tbe dog who Is faithful can never be
Tray. . , . ... vl. ... .
aae. II , .v.
Thi Jolt Ihtshmt The 7urea announced
yesterday, that the Fund Commlsslonsra would
startler New York to day, with the necessary
funds to liquidate the Ohio Interest felling due
on the 1st of July . . ; ... ,
" .i
iNETmmoH ion the Blind The exsmlna
tlon of tbe Pupils la this Institution, wst oom
menced yesterday, and will be continued during
the forenoon of to-day (Wednesday). The af
ternoon will be occupied with vocal and instra
mental mutio. '' : ' '."V
DaowNEO Ooe of tbe men belonging to Col
Marxow'i Regiment, wat drowned . while tht
Regiment wat crossing the river at Bellatr. Me
was a printer, and formerly worked la the office
of the Democrat at London, Ohio, whero his
parents reside. ft. ,.
ET Major Walcott, Captain Hall and Quar
termaster Cramnon, arrived at Grafton on Mon
day. ,.. -,i.',.i.Ii ,JU I
CTIt it understood that Geo. MoCliixan's
headquarters la Western Virginia will for the
preeent, be at Grafton, r ' ' ' "-"n-
The Genealoot or Dooolai In tht rooms
of the Cbloago Historical . Society Is resorded
the Genealogy of Douglas, extending back to
the first representative of the family In Amer
. loa, who wat William Dodolas, of. Boston,
Mass., proving him to have . bten:T)tlnrlun
Stock. iu. ., I
HT"Pa, said a lad to hit father, 'J. often
read of people poor, but honest ) why don't they
sometimes say rloh,' but honest 1" ' "Tut, my
ton," tald the father, "nobody would bellere
Visit ano radio al ouejb orepEaMAToaabxa
or Seminal WMknei, Sexoal Dablllty, Hnraaw.lg
Toluoury BiolialoDi aod ImpjUqejr, raw Iti ug rraa
Bll-abue, Sto. By Rsbt. . Oulmwall, M. D.; 8i
under Mai, In a plain envelops, to ny addraaa.pnt
paid, on rceelpl of tws staaps, Tr. OllAS. 1.0 ,
KLINE, 187 Borer;, Hew York. JFostOfflo Box. if
4,90. " v- mar8l:3mdtw
O NIW 8TYLIS Ualw St Sess, Ma. SMS.uth
Ulgh stieei, have Joe opened aewttylee of Clotb Cia
CPL4JU. Haauniaae and Saoenaa, Swde l tbe eeweat aaS
moil eiylt.o manner , also,,. HSrt.t flaln
Hiaek mi I Ma, very heavy, designed aayreeely fur
aianuiiia arm natquinea , , ... . t iapnu
t Li t iNUHttl KID OLOVtS,
A V All
aadeelonjBjtuveiMd at . BAINS, ,r
No, 8 aVwtk Bab street.
Rail Road Time Table.
Lirrti Hum OewiiBos Xairu B. B.' '
Olaoloaatl ominodMoa. I Ot'TJSl 0:10 f!H.'
K.n"..'.,,pr(M- ."y:49
Hill and AooommciUtlun.. 9; 10 P. M. 00 P. M.
ttisbtSxpreis via ,Dtjn.).:00 mtdalgbt , 3;S0 tr.
Jko. W. Doatarr. Ant.'
0OL0MS01 St OuvtUKD B.B. '
JJIrtt lipreM.... 3:40 A. M, I!ljp4 M.
Ner TorkBxpres ...11:10 A.M. 10:50 A.M.
0.0. StO. WavaxpriM.... 8M0 P.M. . 7:40r. M.
-. Jakss PATTtasos, Aseni.
No. I Xxpreas
No. do j......
3:30 A. H
. 1:SS A.
11:15 A.
8:15 P. U
: r -.i.'w "Sf; Jv fsu,' AgSOt..".
PimsoaaB, Ooutmcs k. Owounun B. B.
Hall Train .. . SSli A.M.- 1I:J A.M.
Bxpreas Train.... .M,25a.M." 6:43 P.M.
. ?.oa. EoaiMtoa, Agent. .
Ooldmios k IsDiasorous, B. B.' ' '.!,"....'... . 4 .'.
(Uawatsos Plan fc Ihbuka B. . ). . ,,
No. 1 Bxprsss....,..... 6;W A U.-j- j 8:00 P. it
" , .t?i 3;W . M, -: P. M.
Ascominndatlon t...,.M r.e...vr.n r-. VkiO A. M.
O. W. Skits. Agsnt.
fOV Tnrkt nitta Hasiaii tM4.i
PltUburgh, Isteabenvllla wy, Clereland, ZaiMifllls,
Nawark. flranvlllfl ff..kln v ... . .
delphla and New Orleans, close dalUr (SuDdaja exoept
sd) at 8 o'eloek p. m. ,
A through mail for New York and .Cleveland siosas
dally (Sundays excepted) at S o'clock p.m.
' Rl Bt wy Malloloses dally (SondAjs ex
cepted) At S o'clock p. m. , T
Central Ohio Way MallcicntsdAHy CSondaya sxcepttd)
at 10 o'clock a. m. - ,
10 ooloc?a m el0'e, li,y V at
ChljAgo, Subnqae, DeUwart, Marlon aod Wortblni
toa Mails elotea- dally (Hundayi uoepUd) atS o'clock
P ni- .
Jaallsrorxenla, Bprtngfleld, Dayton, Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indlananolls. LoutsTllle. Ht LnnL. .t rw.tii
eloaea dally (Holidays ensepted) at 8 o'eliea p.m.
A throngs mall to Zenla, Sprlnelleid tod Cincinnati
eloaea daily (Snndara exmpted) at 10 o'clock a. m.
vrimna, nqu, umn and union Olty malloloees dally
(Bandaye eioepted) at 8 o'cl ok p. n
Lai.oular, Logan, Nalwovilla, ClrcleTilie, ChllHootho,
Portemooth, Washington 0. H : Athena, Marletia aod
Hllleooraaih malls aloes dally (BuudAia axoepudj as
. aet Way Mall by National Boad to Zaneerllle siosas '!
uaiix loHouef exoeptea; at iv o'clock m.
Harrl.burgh Malloloses .lally (danoAys excepted) at 9
o'olockp m. ,, ..s .,,!. ,4
Mt. Vernon Mall, be wav af WmWwwiiij HM.t.M 1
Oloeee dally (Sandays exeeptorl) at 9 o'oloan p. m. .- '
vuouu uu etotee aaiiyoudaya exceptad)at S o'clock
P a. . .v. ; . ,
Lanoaster Way Matt closes dally (Sundays szeeptss) at
o olojk m. i -,
Malls from New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albanjf, PltUburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenial
Detroit, Springfield, Cincinnati, Ohilltootbe, St. Louis,
and all Bouthern diles, arrtTS between the hours ol 8
o'olooS p a. and 4 o'alook a. m ' j .
Malls from IadlanapoUa, Chicago and Dubuque 'arrive
At eft 40 41. Bit
Malls from Washington Oltyi' Baltimore, Wheeling,
taneevll la. Newark gtauh,iii m, u.. .1
0.0. B- B. Way Hall, arrive at ISoVlook m.7. .
Way Mall from Cincinnati arrives al 3 o'clock p m.
tancutar Mall arrtvee at 9 o'oloek p. a
But Way Mall over the NaUonal Bead arrives St 11
oVlock am ., -
Mt. Vernon Way Mallarrlvee at 11:00 a. m.v
Mall from Dublin arrlree at 18 o'clock m. -TJrbana
Way Mall arrlvae al 8 o'clock p.m.
Btrrltbu gh Mall arrlvee at 11 o'clock a. m.
lAoou'sr way Mall arrlvvi at 18 o'clock m
Offloa delivery opeo evary day (eaoeoi Sunder) from
T o'clock a.
to n o'clock p.. m Oio on 8odaT
from in to 9 o'olock In the meralng, aad from S to 0
Ohio White Sulphur Springs.
Tbe Ohio Medlol Soolety met here todsv.
The followinn offl jere were eleotedi Prettdsot
Dr. M. B. Wright, of Cloclnns-ij Vice Pres
Identr-i Drs E. L Piympton,, N. Dalton, J
ilarman and R Quodrvi Secretaties W W.
Dewton and T. B. WilllamsV TrsssorsT Dr.
J. B.Tbompson; Librarian Dr. Rob't Tbomp
. .
Physicians from all the' cities" and many of
the large towns of the State are in attendance.
Tbe meeting promises to bes. jtery. interesting
The Cincinnati Gun-Boats-
Camp Dennison-Man Shot by a Policeman
Camp Dennison-Man Shot by a Policeman-The Opposing Forces in
Camp Dennison-Man Shot by a Policeman-The Opposing Forces in Western Virginia.
Cinoinnati, Jane 25. The Gun Boat A. O
Taylor dropped down the river1 Yesterday after
nneo. Tbe Ltxlngton and f onnestoga wll'
leave to day. ,. :-. .j J j .' ix.
Tbe 10 b Ohio Regiment, Col. Ltle, left
Camo Den ulson yesterdty afternoon for tVest
frn Virglonla The 6ib and 7th will probably
leave to-morrow.' i -, ; ; .;' .
. 'The troops rsmalnlns; at Camp Dennlson are
the 6th, 0 b, Tib, 8;b, ll h 13 b end 13ib, Eegl
ments.nnmberlog nver 600H menr "
The ls aod 8d Kentucky Regiments will rs
move tbeir quarters to Cme DeonisoB to-dsi,
1,1 . I L. o rtn . : . "
eeeniDg me oumoer 10 0,Wl . . , ' -
Patrick Kerney wat sbot and instantly killed
last night by policeman Pnrcell, for Interfering
m an arrest,
' A speolal dispatch- from Grafton to the Ga-i
setts eayt It Is considered certain that there are
6000 Rebels In oamp 13 miles beyond Pblltlppl
This force iaolndee as least one' Georgia and
one Tennessee Regiment. All are said to be
aniformed and well armed.
Porterfleld't troopt and others, OombsrfDg
3000, are kept back as Hettonsvtlle. '
. Skirmishing conilonss between tbe pickets. -
The 6,h Indiana and 14th Ohio Reclmentt
are oonoentratiog at Pbillippl. The 16.h Ohio
is at Cheat River, and the lSdTand lOtb Indi
ana at Clarksburg. '., , t -.-t , j f.
It is rumored that all the secession forces
except 100 cavalry, have left Romoey. ',VU,
About twenty prisoners were dleoharged. to
day, the. boat of them voluntarily" taking the
oath of al'egiaroe. . - - ' i "-. .
Cols. Key and Donri have fceen;: detailed to
examine prisoners. Thev bavey deoided that
they will bold -traitors, with- toe intention of
turning them over to the civil authorities for.
mat ior treason, except 10 case Ot goenUlSS,
who will be shot. ; ;; ..-..i ; - .,
Position and Condition of the Rebel
Position and Condition of the Rebel Army Lately at Harper's Ferry.
A Marvlsnd Sedessloniat. direct from Win.
cheater yesterday, reports that the main body.of
ids uonieosrate army lately af Harper1 Ferry,
to tbe number of about 12.000; 'are stationed on
tbe fair grounds near the olty. . tThejremainder
are stationed at Banker Hill, Romney, and at a
point near Cbarlestown. , n 511 '-.: -
- At Romney, a guerilla regiment, commanded
by Col. McDonald, It also stationed.
On Sunday P. M., the troops 1 at VVipohester
received orders to marob.and, tit S o'clock tente
were struck and 'every, preparation; '. made 'to'
march. The orders were, bowerer, suspended
till 10 o'olock at night, and subsequently coun
termanded, to the lntertse disappointment of the
entire force. ' -.."r , T,a titrrt in
' He represents the men as being well 'fed' 'and
fiercely eager for haute. 'Tbe baa llh of JOe
troops Is generally good.4 ' 1
-Toe report of. thstJhMging of-UeuW C4,
Bjwman and Mr. Cbaee.ef the Federal Army,
bd were taken prisoner. opposite iWllhaits
pori, I entirely anfoonded.' Tbe prisoners were
ooavejed to Richmond, where tbey will bt re
leased on parole. , i' 1t filKl;' U- u.-.t
The Virginia State Cod van .loo, now la.es-'
slon, has eleoted a number of delegates to the
Confederate Congress. - Tbe followieg -gentle-aen
are among Ihoso ohoesnu xPresident
Tyler, Walter Preston, Robert rJcott, Wm.
Ballard Preston, Senator Mason, and Roger A'.
Pryor.. ' ,:: ti' " v.a.---
r f- -
Rumor of Disaster to Lieut. Tompkins's
Lowe't balloon yeeterdav barUnc.dlsoovered
scattering camps in the vlclulty of Fairfax
Court Huuse, Lieutenant Tompkins's command
bis cavalry oompady, aod also several companies
of light Infantry, proceeded' there last night.
anere erst a -wild rumor; whichrfisjorobsJiij-Jjerenca
: , -Z. , .wisningtontnat.A.iettiaB
i...vWi,,....,wu,liei oiBUoneravloaj
has yet been received. . -. "
r..,. .t,i. M ' " "f
a wiAtuaiya ui eu saw m ii u s.
-1 -.w.utuaj. aiw iigos is tarowa vi
iBtienpeoi.iou. r , .ai
Itissaldonlvl.OOQ reha!s V.r..'r.,-..-
jester day.
t. .
,H iyi ,---l n VH
Dispatches from Washington.
[Special to Times.]
are entertained in towns elooar the lower
art of the Potooiap of a rising of the slaves, and
general atas-oelloa 01 trade was manifest. -"
F. Af Alkeo.of this District, forme. ly of Var-
ont, toe Btoretsrv 01 ths national Liemnoraiie
party; Bas proposed to tbe war Department to
raise a Regiment forthwith, 0' Northern Demo
crats, for active service daring the war, and to
testify their appreciation of Mr. Llnooln't efforts
to maintain the Government iotaot.
; Cbas. H, Foster announoes himself as an unconditional
Union man from the 1st Distrlot
North. Carolina, la a band-bill dated at Mar
ieysbore', be notifies the people of tbe Distrlot
that by a law of Morth Carolina, the 1st Tbnrt
day In Aoguit It tbe day fixed lor the election
of Repreesntatlvet in Congress, aod 00 that day
be invites the sleofors to give him their enffer
ages, and cut their ballots without tear or in
timidation. . .- , V
1 1 bave o day an explanation of the reason
why tbe Rebels resort to each tricks, as that
where tbey captured tbe Captain of A Connecti
cut Regiment, Saturday last; and why they
pick off the pickets, and are oapturlng every
man tbey can reach. Tbey are Catherine all
such prisoners and holding them as hostages ior
tie personal safety or pirates. : Tbey intend to
hang an equal number of prisoners of war,
aod. that retaliate upon loyal men, the punish
lshment inflicted by tbe United States on buc
caneers. . -
[Special to Tribune.]
The Rebels have made two propositions of
ptaee to tbe Administration. 1 One eontem
p.atee the complete recognition of tbe Southern
Confedersoy, with a treaty of commerce and
friendship, and perhapa an annual subsidy of
K ,000,000, tor giving ns protection against
elgn and domeetlo enemies.
iTbe other, wbicb Is still noder consideration,
eorseote to a suspension of hostilities, a laying
dawnof arms, and tbe extension of the line ol
36 de. 30 min. to the Pacific
Perhaps censorious people may see some im
mediate connection between tbese faots and tbe
suplDenees of both armies on tbe other side of
tba fotomao, and tbe indignation manifested
toward the rapid energy of Gen. Lyon aod Col.
Blair In Missouri. '
It Is possible that the two Houses of Con
grees will be so Impe.-'inent, as to Inquire Into
this tampering with traltore in rebellion.
Wm. U. OallaKber. ot Kentucky, lately con
fidential Clerk of tbe Secretary ot tbe Treasu
ry, has been appoioted Collector of the port of
new Urleans, and leaves Washington tor Cairo
to morrow. . He will accompaoy our arny on lit
presrese down the Mistiselupi: aod there Is no
doubt, that his appointment and departure from
tale point, indloates an advance at tne earlieat
practicable moment, upon Memphis. Tois will
not bs for some weeks; but be will move south
wardly with tbe flag, restoring tbe commercial
relations of tbe Union, and sealing ud all lines
of trsusporteilon to the Rebels, as be prooeede.
It may not be generally Known tbat tbe Col
lection dlstiiotof New Orleans, embrace tbe
valley of tbe Mississippi "and Ohio, including
tbeir tributaries, ana reaobing at far east at
Pittsburgh. i
l bs so-called collectors or Louisville and
other towns within the Distrlot, are only sur
vetore, and agsntt or tbe new Urleans Col
lector. "'" v'
It It undoubtedly .true tbat letters, provisions.
eto , are constantly going by night from Mary
land to Virginia, even under tbe nose or tbe
Pawnee. ...... ,
Slaves belonging to a Fairfax Court House
Rebel offered ibelr services to the Bd Mlcblgan
Regiment. Tbey were accepted
Tbe apparent discrepancy in tbe reports from
Fairfax Court House is explained bv Intellt
grace leoaivsd to-day .The Rebel force there
la not postea in tne village, out near it. . .
A gentleman just arrived, baving been oe
talued at Manassas a wbtle, savs the troops
there are in a perfect freucy of excitement,
ana all with wbom be conversed, spoke reeiy
of tbe meditated attack upon Washington, as
serting, triumphantly, that tbey would be
Washington before S.'rday night - Be wet
told tbat the Rebel force consisted of 90 000
men at Man tssas and r airiax, aad 8Q,0UQ
1 hi uenuo a uuneepuaaent tsyt: Unenslve
movements on tbe pars of the government will
doubtless be deferred eome time, owing to
change of programme by iha Raaal obtafa.
. Tbe grand aeeault upoo Washington about
which tbey bluster, appears to be abandoned,
actountof its making their certain defeat. Tbey
now prppore to act entirely oa ibe defsBsive,
but aftbougb tbey are concentrating tbeir furors
In hub neighborhood. It Is not probable tbat tbey
will batard a general engagement anywnere
this side of Richmond
It is asserted that Wilson's Z waves have
gone to Fort Pickens, but It Is quite likely tbey
bve gone to Charleston Several other Rent
ments are about leaving North, who will, it
tbougbt, go there also. - - : '
Tne War Department reoeived intelligence
that Col. Stone ba entered Harper's Ferry with
his command, sufficiently strong to hold that
position. ,
. A return ol Rebels was only for the purpose
making tbe destruction. 01 tbe piaoe more com
plete why Geo. Patterson .should hsve al
lowed this when he only bad to march and pot
test tbe place, It the tubjeot of comment and
surprise In high military otroles.
A report reached Washington to-night that
Alex. H. Stephens, Vice President 01 the
called Confederate States, Is dead. Tbe infor
mation comes through Rebel son roes, hence
ossnotbe traeed beyond tbit point. It is wtU
known that be has recently been 111. . ,
[Special to Tribune.] [Special to the N. Y. Commercial.[
Tli ere Is tht highest authority for contradict
ing the stories sbout the Rebels having made
peace propositions to the Government. . Though
soma persons and Journals have professed
give somewhat minute details, there Is no truth
In it whatever. 'On tbe contrary, tbe Adminitr
tratlon have received assnraoeee that the Reb
els Intend prosecuting tbe war: with the ut
most vigor, and, If possible, overthrow the Got
ernapent and destroy ths Republic, even though
tbey: perish in the ruins. . They feel that the
two governments cannot co-exist In each olose
proximity, or even on the tame continent. .
Np full official report of the Great Bethel af
fair pat yet been made publio, and It it thought
here1 that our loss la maoh larger than has been
supposed. It Is known' tbat just as the order
retreat-watt given, the Rebsls were, leaving
tbeir outer entrenobmeots, fearing that tbey
would be carried by storm.' Emboldened
tbe withdrawal of our forces, tbsy resumed
tbeir position, and continued their fire. -.
The highest offloers of the Confederate States
are in Richmond. 1 " "
[Special to the Post.]
Tba Baltimore secessionists are very angry
with Gen. Johnston for his wholesale deetruo
tlon of BTODertT al Martlnsburg. The act
opened the eyesot the wealthy Rebels. Tbey
now begin to see witn wnai tors 01 traitort tney
have poneorted.1' .:i-u ' - 1 'M
One thousand Rebel troopt have teed potted
at Ooeouquen, Vs., to guard agsL st a
movement by the Federal troops. .-
It.ia understood so be the policy of t'e Gov-
ernmdnt to permit tbe rebellious Leglsraturetif
Mar; land to pass any disloyal act l( pleases;
but ifi such sets conflict with tha C institution
and tlte Intarest of tbe nation, they will abolish
tbe - Legislature at the point of Ihenword,
was tne casn in Missouri.
Ittaetated that Gen. Cadwalladei has re-
oelvec) direot orders from Gtn. Scott noc to ad
vance to Martlnsburg, va. ..-.. h
[To the Associated Press.]
are erecting defentive woiks
the ntiighborbood of Fairfax Court House.
It emt Beauregard told a lady that
Confederate troope purposed to invade Wash
iogtott. probably the recent heavy Increase
the Federal troops chsnged their purpose
, A woman waa arrested to day as a spy, and
chart, indicating the preolse position of
trooDS. found on her.-
, Tba Uolted States pickets bow extend all
way from Georgetown to- Harper's Ferry' -
No iiigos 01 early movements In Virginia,
I -v.lt la said that Gen. Scott and military cctv-
Western Convention.
WHEELING, June 25.
vT6e Convention to day floivhea euaiaeae
fbe present -i everal ordiuaoeee of e local
porta mce were) passedrOue reoognTaTng"
cuty oi;we otata woTernment can out
m'HUa; In answar to ani rculsltlon or tba Ted'
The President In reply to
vote of tbankt, mads a neat speech, and urged
members now to go borne aod put into operation
tbe State Government tbey bad Inaugurated.
: Tbe Convention adjourned till the first Tues
day In August - rr
I The Legislature wll meet here next Mondsy.
I Pariles who have come In from the Interior
oonnties last nlgbt, represent tbsm in a state of
guerrilla war.
Great anxiety Is felt tbere tbat
effvO'ual measures bs taken 10 drive the scoun
drsls out. v
Further Grafton, Gen. McClellan's
Proclamation. GRAFTON, VA, June 25.
1 Capt. Howe and a company of Regulars,
a battery of six pieces, reached here early tblt
morning. 1
Capt. Burdsall's company of Artillery arriv
ed tbit evenlog, and proceeded to Clarksburg.
Geo. McSlellan cumluupr Vfry'actiteJy en
gaged. ' He went aK far East as Cberr river
this p. m , on a. toqr of rejJonao'lssaaoe, and re
turned tbls evening.'' J.Jfj.-J 1 J
1 The following proclamation bas been issusd
by bim, to the eoldlere of the Army of ths)
West: ;: :l-'! ' Ol. lit-" . -
, You sre here to snpport tbe Government of
your country, and to protect the lives and liber
ties of your brethren, threatened by a rebellious
and traitorous foe. No higher sua nobler duty
Could devolve upon you, and I expect you to
bring to Its performance the highest and noblest
qualities of soldiers discipline, courage and
mercy.-' ' " '' . ...
I call open the officers of tytj grade to en
force the strictest discipline, and I know that
those of all grades, privates and offloers, will
displsy in battle cool herolo courage, and will
know bow to show mercy to a disarmed enemy.
Bear In, mind that you are In the country of
friends, not of enemies that you are hereto
proteot, not to destroy.- Take nothing, destroy
cothing, nnles yoq are ordered to do so by
your General Offluer. !' .. : -
Remember tbat I pledge my word to the peo
ple of. Western Virginia, tbat their rights in
person add property shall be respected. I ask
every one of you to make good this promise In
its broadest set se. We Come here to save, not
upturn. ' I do not appeal to your fear ol punish
ment, but to your appreciation of the sacredoess
of the Cause In which we are engaged. 1..
Carry with you Into battle tbe conviction
that you are right, and (bat God is on your side.
Yonr enemies have violated every moral law.
Neither God nor man can sustain them, - Tbey
have without cause rebelled against a mild and
a paternal Government. Tbey have seised upoo
public and private pmpsrty. Tbey bate out
raged tbe persons of Northern men, merely be
came tbey came from tbe North and of South
ern Union men, merely because tbey loved tbe
Uuion Tbey have placed themselves beneath
contempt, unless tbsy osn retrieve tomt honor
on the field of battle.
You will pursue s different course ., You will
be honest, brave and merciful. Yon will re
speot the right of, private opinion. You will
punish no man for opinion's sake. Show to the
world that jou diner from our enemies in the
points of honor, honesty, and resoeot for private
opinion, and tbat we Inaugurate no reign ol ter
ror where we go. - . .. , '. . .
Soldiers 1 I hsve heard tbit there was dan
See here! I have come to place mjaelf at your
esd sod to shark It with, yon I fear for but
one thing that you will not fiod foemen worthy
of ypur eteel. I know that I can rely upon
Major General Commanding.
The letter of Gen- Buckoer "to Gov. Masof-
fio, dated at Louisville, June 10, created much
surprise hero It Is understood tbat the Inter
view was purely personal, solicited by Buckosr,
snd tbat tbe letter presents an entire miscon
ception and erroneous views of the conversa
tion. .I'"'. ' ' ' ' : ' " ' '
From the Cherokee Nation.
Several persons arrived today trim South
western Missouri, one of whom brings s proola
maiion, Issusd by Jobn R is, of tbe Cherokee
na'ion ,: .'; -
Rev. T- Ranney, a Missionary, left Tsllequab
and tbe Cherokee Nation nn.jhe fliih day at
m im r,poria that lien. Mt.Cull.mgn and
Albert Pike, ot Arkansas, had been there, urg
ing tbe Chief to reconsider the position taken
In his proclamation but they failed In their
object, and had left for tba Creek Nation, boo
ing to gat aid from them. Capt., Pike bad an
esoortor omen.. u . -
. Mr. Price, Paymaster of the Iowa Regiment,
as ojonevuie, is nere.
. Toe followingis the proclamation referred to
above: '- :' - ' ' :
vO'lng to the momentous etate of affairs
Sending among tbe people of tbe several States,
John Ross, Principal Chief, hereby issue this,
my proclamation, to the neonle of tbe Chero
kee Ntiun, reminding them of tbe obligations
erie.ng moer tneir tresuee witn the United
btatea, and urging tbem to tbe faitblul -obaeiv
ance of said tieaties, by (be maintenance of
peace ana inendebip toward tbe people of all
tne Qiates. m 1 ne oettcr 10 obtain tbls Impor
tant end, I earnestly Impress noon all my fel
low cltixent.the propriety of stteodlog to their
ordinary avocations, and abstaining from un
profitable discussion of events transpiring io tbe
States, and from partisan demonstration In re
gard to the same. 1 bey should not be alarmed
wi h false reports thrown in circulation by de
elgning men, but cultivate harmony among
themselves, and observe good faith snd strict
neutrality between the States threatening olvil
war. With tbese means slone tbe Cherokee
people hope to maintain their rights unimpaired,
and to have their own soil and friends spsred
from the hateful effeote of devastating war fc
Tbere has been no declaration of war between
the opposing parties, and tbe cotfl ot may yet
be averted with compromise or peaceable sepa
ration. .. - ... .. .. -;--. '.V; ., -
The peculiar elrcumstancet of tbeir ,-ondltion
admeolsb the Cherokeee to tbe exercise ot tru-
denoe In regard to a etate of affairs, to the ex
istence 01 which tbey nave In no way con
tributed, and tbey should avoid the performance
of any aot or. the adoption of any policy calcu
lated to destroy or endanger belr. Territorial
and civil rihts-.v .- v.
: Wittt- honeet : adherence' to this, course, tbey
can give no just cause for .aggression or inva
sion, nor a pretense lor making their country
the scene ol military oppression,' and will be in
a situation to claim and retain all their rights
In the final adjustment that will take place be
tween the several ..States.
v For theee reasons, I earnestly imprest upon
the Cherokee people the Importance of non-ln
terferenoe in the affairs ot the people of the
States, and the observance of unwavering neu
trality between them, trusting that God will
not only keep from our own borders the deso
lation of war, but that he will in Infinite mercy
and lore, stay ravages among-the brotherhood
of the States. ' - ; 1
Given under my hand and the execuitve of
Park 17th of
Chief of Cherokee Nation.
From Fortress Monroe.
Gen. Butler visile tbe Rip Rtps to-day, to ex
neriment with tbe Sawver euu. - - r: :
. Capt. Dyer, of the Ordnaooe Department, has
preferred a charge againat Butler for permitting
Sawyer to oonduct tbe experiments there; tbere
belnic a clause in the army regulation forbiddlne
interference by any offluer with tbe Ordinance
isepartmeut. . r-r.-, rr .- r
DUHNHwtn. '- t -f ") rr - t f
The merourr In theahada.vesta-dav raAohad
m aegrees.,,,-. w-.- ,-r
From Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, June 24.
deneral Lyon addressed the cltixens of that
place yesterday, and. expressed, a desire to be
furnished with horses aod wagons this morninsr
Uis rt quest was reeponaeei to, ana be procured
all ba wanted. This would seem to Indicate an
overland movement towards tbe Arkansas bor
der. I iiat, a .ti !. -tw ' i-a i
.' . .... it,-tint:
The ADgtdSxon.lrom 'Liverpool, June 13th",
Londonderry, 14 n, arrived off here SO daV' !'
' Ths following commercial tntelllgenoo Is the
only sdditioosl newel J:l";i
. The Bullion In bank bad increased 71. 000 1
Bullion in. the ,Baoiv of ,Franxe nearly 30-
V0V,WN,;'. J! V'OO l,'lMl!iK)lii.liTj
From Milwaukee.
ksot at tbe tail and In the etreeta Tbere it no
apprehension of any disturbance today,
' The Legislature ar'Jxiroei at boon to day, to
mwi vreurrwa pu ipe outn 01 July.
; . 1 1. . .1. ,:- "I
From Louisville.
1 be loneervative. Union 'men denlora the
raising of federal c inpaotes by dsn. Rousseau
Thev ear tbe benefit thereof will be mora than
Ooonterbtlanred by tbe pretext It will civa Ten.
nes.ee snd Kentucky 8tCtaionlata, to allege tbe
violation 01 toe neutrality or aventucgy, and
perhaps Inaugurals civil war Wltbin ber borders
'. The A. OrTaylor gun boat; in tow of ths
steamer Champion, went to the mouth O' lbs
canal this sveuing. It is doubtiut whether tbe
low stage of .the jralfitwill permit the gun boat
a go tnrougn tne canal.' , ... -. , y .
: Tbe report tbat bassencer tralna on tha Lon.
laville and Nashville Railroad, had been dis
continued Is raise.- Tbey will run as usual,
Tbe Feoersl authorities have been several
days In oousultatlon with tbe State authorities
and Direotorsof tbe Nasbvilia Railroad, as to
what goods should be permuted to go South
It is still uodeoidsd wbat goods are to ba Intnr"-
dlcted, bat It Is supposed that every kind of mer-
coanuiee win oe. . ,, . ,
. Genilrmen from Georgia represent that
strong Uuion feeling prevails in several uor-
tious of that Staie, suppressed only from fear of
consequences 01 utterauce. Miny people there
earnestly bope that a reconstruction ot the In
Iqn wtli be effected. '
Evsnsville, lod , wat in a blaze of excitement
on Monday night, supposing six hundred seces
sionists were approaching. . Quiet wae finally
restored. ... ,
t Tbe Wabash It thoroughly blockaded, -.
, The Memphis Avalanche leatns that an ex
press arrived at Madison, Ark., on Sunday,
etating that 20011 Federal troops were about to
take Bloomfield, near the border. .'
1 Citizens of Chalk aod Bluff call upon . tbe
Governor for sld to repel tbe Invaders.
Tbe Poetmaeter at Louisville bas been di
rected to forward letters from tbe South to loyal
States after removing postage sumps, but to
send foreign letters, on which prepsyment Is
compulsory, to tbs dead letter office. , . i
Arrest for Piracy, &c.
NEW YORK, June 25.
Capt. Biker and pirate erew of the Savannah,
were arrested to day, immediately on arrival,
by tbe District Attorney, charged with treason,
piracy and lobbery 00 the high sets. ";
. Capt Livingston' of the brig Joseph, seized
by tbem, is a witness. Tbey will be taken be
fore tbe grand jury to morrow, and the case bs
tried ear.y next week. . .
Vote of Tennessee.
Official vote of Tenneee majo ity lor seper
atloD, sixty-one thousand ooe hundred and sev
enty five; the largest vote ever paled.'
- - - ''....-
From Europe.
HALIFAX, June 25.
on tbe 10th,
Qiieeostown on the 16th, has arrived
. Sales of Cotton on Saturday, 8 000 bales;
market closing firm Breadstuff's ' vrrv dull
Provisions dull. Consuls closed at 0(390. .
The news is meagre
. Tbe crops In Eos land are making rapid pro
gress under tbe liifluence of hot weather, and
tbe corn markets had alt declined. .,
, Tbe Italian Cabinet will carry out all tbe
original intentions, pi LiuimtuoTour---
Tbe Farlt Bonrse closed at 67f and 95o for
rentes '..! . .
Tbe Europa bringt three days' later- advices
than per Anglo 8xon. - 1 -
Tbe next vessel is the Gtlwsy stesmef Ang
lia, which leavee on the Sj July. : ; 1
The Times, in an editorial on American af
fairs, snd the Indignation of tbs "North towards
tbe attitude of Eoslaod. asserts tbat tbe B itten
publio has given much sympathy for the Federal
cause more than it ever gave to tbe caure of
British sovereignty snd uniun In eny of Its
trials. It claims tbat England will do ber duty,
and leave the federalists to do theirs; knowiog
wen tnat ana oouia not do tbem a greater mis-
ahicf than by taking tnnir pq.t,
Sixteen gun-vessels have been ordered im
mediately to join the squadron about to bs dis
paiooea to tne nortn American coast. C
. I'be rsoocnltlon of liatv J Franca la naaf
at baud, and will be hastened bi Cavout's
rtMtb. - .-.. J.- - '
The Jonroal dee Debate publishes at) Imnor
tant artiole, ehowlog that if Austria crestee tbe
lUincio, trance must inrvtublv reeammence
tbe war Interrupted in 1659 - '- - -
"' Tbe confessor ol Ctvonr bad arrived St Boms.
the bearer of a message from the accessed to
tbe Pope. . ; ,. . .
Tbe rope wss seriously ill.
SrtiN The Spanish louroais nubllsh sdvlcaa
from S. Domingo, that trabquillity and enthu
siasm fur me spantsn government reisrn throosh
out the Islaod ' - i a . . . ....
London Funds firm and sllebtlv hlehert
mainly luflueuccd by tbe. splendid. weather for
crops M'iDsy in steady demand, and sis per
cent wu tbe general rate.
Advloes from mancbeater are unfavorabla
Tbe market ia dull, with a deolinioa- tendacev.
and manufacturers refused further concession
rLivtarooL BataDSTcrr Mat Duil.elth
a slight declne. Riobardsoo, Spsnce db Co,
Wakefield, Naab & Co and others reonrt inr
dull aod IrreKa'ar, and a decline of 6j91 bas
to be submitted to in ordsr to effect sales the
quotatipoe are 85-($28
wheat le vr mil, snd declined 8d5d
Red Western 9a 9 19, White 11-(213, 6M
.' Com dull aud ha- d ohned 6d Mixed 29 fS
80s 7d White 3H339s 6.
frovislona quiet. ; The Clroolsrs report beef
steady. Pork quiet aod transaetloos Slight
Uioon beavy, nd quotations almost nominal.
Lard heavy, and befiere Breetlna on tba mar
ket; quoted at 6063s " "
Tba Biokers' Circulari report sngtr heavy
and declined 6j(jils on lnlorior grades. Coffee
quiet. '
London ' MauiT.-BrrlDg,e qaotatlonsi
Wheat downward and declined 1(23- per oua-
ter, and difficult of aale White qua-ed at 63 t
tied, os-wousj riour, (fflWaj Tee, duili
common Congo Id Is Cottce, dull and de
clined 6J j R;e, dulu raw.-, ,11,., ,
Amibjoah Stocks Barrinp: reports tbe mar.
ket firm Utilted States, 6' of 186S, 8081 j
extra dividend do 5'a, 71 j. extra dividend Vir
giniaS'aot '88,44 Maaeaohasetta S't nominal
at 94(395 t Maryland 6'a 70(275 s Psnnsvlvarla'
&'GjfflO,Q-o.ofW 70(373; Erie sh ires 21;
iiinois juentrai, oisoonnt jNew Xuijt
Central, 88. t--t.i . . . . - j; u.
' Breadstuff show a declining tendency.' Pro
visions dull. -v -- ''"
London. Satordav Evenine .Consols closed
at 9O90 for money, and 90g9G on
aOOOUBS.. !:. it ' . -. ... t' s.
American Stocks Illinois Central shares. 40
(Sis discount. ',;
New York Market.
NEW YORK, June 25.
IL0UB Heavy; aesettled, and Se lower W1tfrtnr-
Stebtalneee dinr fir export at decline tales of It 600
barreaat SJ4 8MM SO for inperflne etate ; 94 6094-70 'or
extra t'atsi S4Ot30 mr superfine weatern tt SO
4 so lor etimmoa to median ex ra wearemt ea was su
for shipplnf brands extra reond hoo Ohw; Si itka Hi
tit trace brande do.laMrketaleaiiiidali and de' linlnt.
Oaaadlaa ft ur only . a mJerate bamoe a dolof at easier
prices for common grades; aalrt of 1,80V barrel, at tt t)0
d(7S3 for eummon to eh loe extra
' His vloub isteiunc in small paresis atf o
4 0V. . '
00 aw sir-quiet, sues or jwbbii atSJOOfor
WHISKT Tn 'Moderate reou'St with sales of 1.SO0
barrel, u 18t6to, nearly all at the netda price.
WHKAVtWvrraeeiue, and A is So lower.-. Tbe
private aeeeantt by the Barowa are tald to be very dta-
eoaniflaa; aa.ee ol 9.000 oihela Honhweete alafeal
IV3WIWII H.sug butneia tiacine aprtaf at 'est 10;
78,00o baMieia Mllwaaae. e ah at Sikatt I tut SS OUO bvth :
ait aaoorlowaatai OSl lS;SOUeeali laeneieeaav
her Green Bay at 01 IS; i 400 eaehalt wmue rat wa era
at St I&S1W; WUOubu.h.lt ebtie we.tern attlSftf
$1 N 6.lK)0utbeft0anadla elubat 1 09; 1, JOObueh.
SbnicS bite ttlrbiiranettl 45. U .. t . A 1 it
SIS scarce aad (lira, with sales of 5 100 luihtls st
1 BAKLIY Dnll.Snd nominal St SJiaUe. MftMr
C in SUM rules very Sirs with good Inquiry lor ex
J" nrt .ad h me eooeamptloa : Sales ' SI O00 baakals at
4'50e for a moon to prime new silxe 1 we temt AO
eMi-lur w-sitro )Mi,w; 31(AVSH or white weeirrn.,
UT -eetiiDg at seujists tor westera as Canadian;
"Kfi" 1. he.v,'..d:iow.r; feWtf M bls
at t ' IS foe mes-S 10 for prime. ry 4
hB S Bull aod e.vy with llaiwddew.andiaalesl,J-itaCsJlU
$4 &0 io prime; StOstS fur area; HdIO foe
-weede'aloAll tor extra meet Prime tatts
Im sl Seef Uan4 qoist tnd vjtcd.
CUT SHUTS Ratnar a-rs acil.e bat p Ices favor
Ihept 1 eha.; i.Xe of I.U30 saekages at SXSK lor
.hua der mm lor ktm '-. CTrT
h . nM 11 11 MnM 1
e'1!',?:",,,,1 prk aillboatsssierlalchaBge.
lalMia' S-eeamle a SHflSlie 'z- f
. Duii(,-eaui(a7xli, for Ohio; 7MsMIs for
State- j I -1 .. j . . .. ... .
1 ONlg4I-In limited req ,Mt aj aj?o, u , quality.
fUlAH B.wUiialliw.ai,, ,, o euyers Tiaiei of
l bbrla Oah at SMij SSio ior P. no R100 and
by aoctl n.ftObWeK. . at KXl 180 bads Porio
aiooetSiilSOi. .- - r - -. ;
1 "Ota SaaWltitnll! M'eaftf BSthkaa nh. H..-
vadoeommui, at I4'a; Mhh ( fsrt klco at Ws Side
aj rwiii Mijvip nnai al it Jtaieje . .
8T0JK- Dull a. id lrrrn r; O'S-a'and k Te'eo
nit: Ualeoa k Cbloigifl-M: Tnrk Ceatral 7311
DFl.w.re I. W. ,t uo.,d,HI-t M.e.n.n 0's 12;
nrnnia 0 " ft IS, Tenoroa. t'a 77 X; Lool.Un. 0',
a, 1 a a. au; airoro'a to: Uultei uin3',l, Cua
poos 83JJ , United 8 ts I's 7t; Coupons 73 1- J w ,
' - ' - "A ". 1 " 1 '
Cleveland Market.
Cleveland Market. CLEVELAND, June 21, 1861.
TLOrj--lUt.-'lBalL luteal doalUe extra sedaoM
S4Wt',r-- !. 1 . -
. WUUUhrJun aod lower,, so sales er tt ported and
ws an all e na sunt quetetloM. . ' -..
UOHNati-wras aaies ae rsperud of thhipuis lute, bat
00 prices are iruk-; j v 1 ... . . 1.
oTa-lier ta lee al 5(0 aa-n icon traelr. v
HIeyi5l i-etdyitbMlrs at Me
Hi IS Have adtanaed aod talee are reporltd at 10o
JlIDiS-Quletat 7o.
Cincinnati Market.
TtOCtt market a u.laned
by the current dally eofaanmntlon, asd this matt y with
la ourovn trails H oiu. -i nere is tome export or ir, not
It Is mostly foraeeoont ef sbippwe. We ntienorbange
In onoutlons. At tne ,toc It tnupaeed 10 oe v ry iifrn'
it la very probable that It will ),are a ottltr market wLaa
the mlilcn la by for ttmser repair. - ,
WHBaT we bid fir, to-day, at lower rrlct, am
thoaah bat Utile was iffred sellers could not est over
S3r tor prime red, andtl.OiVl 10 matt be eons dered
tziremr nncet ror priae m coi.ic wnue inn eocs set
loela.ie Eentacke.
CORN fttoalDs ttetdy ataoo. .
OATS Are very h.e. and bolDl In lane rrcelnt.
won d not brine over 83c. Ven at that Sitire tbey
eoald not besoli frely.
BAaLET was told tosiy at two so it sppears
that we are mil able to lre Uiat Cgare at tqaoutln.i.
RYE we Dare nominally at to- old quotation 133
WHISKY Dropped aiala to '13XC, aj.d tales Wert
made at MXt.Cvmrrurvlal. ,
Philadelphia Market.
f LOTJB Dull aad droopier, eupeid - tt 7943 00
WBII-Dall PeLB. Bed 1 JtlS4,FOlt.Sl 10
910 '..., ,.. '..
ORV virmar; oeidst stmx. , , .. , .
PROTMfONSDall. , ,
WnlelT-rirmatlCX. . , .
Di. J. fl. MoLEAiS'i .
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
fbe Greatest tteiuedf In Tbe U orldv
: , 1KDTHH
ly a wleotlfie and
Vegetable Oom pound,
procured by tne dlttll
iaUon of Kooia. Barbs
and Barks, Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Sanaparilla, I I d
Cherry Bark and Dan
dellop SDlers Into Its
pfon TalLtos.'-" aeaTeaatoi after Taklnj
prburtple ot each Inrredlent Is lh..roaghl, eitracted o
my a., metboa or '?v'V "ft II. Tn,
Ultratlcg tptriuaoa me w TVi
ilt5W.W to HBAWn ear
i OlAfc
(Fill aJeotoAlly aura
Ohronfcior Hervoot Detail ty, Diaeaatt of the Kidney,
and all dltatee arlttnt from a dleorderaJ Liver ot "ton
leh, Dyepela, Heartbara Inward Ptlee. icUl It., or Wet
atat of the Stomach, Ullneea of Blood to tie Bee I Del
..u. nui it, tha HaaA. PolwAUoa of tha aan
Sniineuo, WeHrht b the Stoouwh, sou iinctation
Ohokina or taffocatlni nellpt
when Wm down. Orenet
ii ir n ... n, th. flklr. and Keea.
Rrea. Nleht sweata.
m,r srr Pain In the small of Che back, chest oi tide
in.U r BaaL Daoraaalon ot Svlrits. frichtfa
rtm. UntfMr. rjaafiondaiia or any nervous Diteate
Sorea or Blotchea on the Skin, and Saver and Aue (01
over amilliotr'arvaawtaia J
Oarebeas eold dnrtuf OH laatslaauatha and ia oetn-
atanoa oat It railed In steins enure aaiiiracnow , irw
then will aaSerfrm. Weak eea or DebUlt) .who. Mo
, Na auian can eoaeey an aoeuaaia lata 01 ww unme
dlatt and almoet mlraculoaa chaon produced by ' takin.
thit Cordial in the titrated drbtlltateo im enaneree
nerronl t item, whether broken doarri byeaoeee, weak b
..un. nv inmaiMd be elckneaa. the relaxed and anatrant
erganbcsUon U ret to red to Ita prtittne health aod vifor.
uauninv a-aiCTn, .
Or others aonscioas of Inability, from whateor eaoae.
will find McLean a btrensthaolni Cordial a thorout
eamnarator of tha avttem: and all who ma; hare Inlured
themaelvea by tmpniptr lad Wtenrea, will and In the Oei
dial a certain aad apteay remeay .i -
' ' ' To the fcateuee,
Mc Iran's Sirensibeomg Cordial
Is a oovereln aod speedy earn fox
Obatracted or DUBooii Henttraatlon, Inoontlnencs cl
Crtne or Involuntary Dlienarte uvereor. railing oi me
Wotnk, Olddlneea, valatm and all Dissasae Inoldoet :
lenulet.- .
. ' ' There U as Vis take About it.. .
SnSer no lonier. Take It aeronlia to Direcfiona. Il
wlllitlmolate. aiitmftheri and lavtgonu ya and oatui
the bloom of aealdi t avotuii. yeu ahaak agaln
. grery Ixjtua ia warranted vu fre eaiaracrirm. t ,
' FOB CHltiOUBlte
If vour children are tkkly. puny, or sfflloted. afcleao'y
Oerdlal will make them healthy, tat and robuat. Delaj
a t a moment, try It, and you will be convinced.
OAmat. Beware ef Drrunrtsts or Dealers who mai
try to palm apon you soma Bitter or Sartapartlla treat ,
whien tney can ouy cnaap, ny awyuii n jue. aw row.
Avoid aneh met. Aak for McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and lake nothing elte It la tht only remedy that
will parity the Mood thoroughly and at tha same time
Strengthen tba ayttea. -
use tableepoonrai surer, wtttt nonung nanng, 11
certain preventiva of Cholera, Onlllaand few, fellow
ever, or any prevalent diseases. It Is put up In lsrys
tattles.'" . ' v.--:
PrJcs only 1 set Mtua, or e Doities ror a. , .
. ; j. h. McLIaM.
" Sole Proprietor of thh Cordial,'' '
Also McLean's Volcanic Oil inlmrat.
trlncteal'DeDot en the eoner ot Third and Pise street,,
8t. Louis, Mo.
; McLean's -Voksanle Oil Liniment,
the best Liniment ia ths World, the only safe and
certain care for Ounce n, Pi lea. Swelling! and Brow
ebltia, or Ooltre, Paralyelt, Nearalgla, Waakneu of tht
Matties, Ooronte er InSammatory Ehewmatlam, SUB
Beta of- tha joints, contracted Moscles or Ligaments.
Bn aeeertsianl df '.. r.. . itV'.hi
teaieVl rw,w .n! atitwr Oaaea.tl Panic Drioea.
i B sad Silver t7aSes,SlrMie prnes.
inK w. j. bataqi.
Barache or Toothacha, Bruleee, Sprains, Wooada, traah
Oata, TJloera, revet Sores, Oaked Breath) Sore Hipp lee.
Buret. Scalds. SereThoet, or any IcIamnaUan er Pain,
nedllTtreooe bowtevtra, or o long tne aiaeaseauy
have existed. , McLean's Celebrated Liniment Is a oar
Tboiuandt olhomaa beings bave been saved a life ol
decrepitude and misery by the aes ot this Invaluable mad-
einak,-!'. ,;".'- . t fc, . . - v ...
Will relieve pain almost lneCMtaneouily-, ' and tt wll
cleanse, purify and heal tbs toolset sores In an Incrsdl
ly short time. , . u , .. N
,., ror Harses and Otter aalmals. .
"McLean s otlebrtted Llnhnent It tht oary tare and re
Dab It remedy for the cure of Spavin, Bias Bam, Wind-
ii- flnirnia. nnnatural Bnrana. Nodeeev Swwlllnes : It
erUI never tall to core Bis Bead, Pell Evil, netola. Old
amrrfne SarM Sweeny. If oroperlj applied ' Io,
Armln. Brnlaea. Baratchea. Sore, or Wioxla, Orarvad
UeebTOhafea. Saddle or dollar Galls tt la an Infallible
remedy. Apply It as directed, ansa cur isoeniis is
wewry ... .. .
Thn trie m loheer with ths aianv worthless LIdI
menu offered teyoa. Obtulo a eupply of Dr. McLean's
eeUlntedLlnlmoat. It willeureyou.
, J. H. ITIcLEA, Bole Proprietor,
J I Corner of Third and Pins Streets, St. Louie. Mo
Wn K all drnevlabl.
tor sale by .T ROBBRIS a IAMTJSL,
t auxas-dAtwljr ..... Oolmbu.
4, 1
riALl. AT NO 83, "UtTtl UIOULaT.
mf and taumiae ear new ssaxa oi
manurriorured by . nOWARD m. 00 ,, oet., Meat.
Theee Watches are far super Inr to anything rvtr elfered
to the public, arrototora. Havit g the excluaive agency,
I caa sell tbem at prion to suit tha Umaa. I tare Juat
raoalted S large stock of ,., ; , ' ' uj
1 ,uui
CSa.u AeweVtj k WA aaVl, y- - m, I ,
An experienced Narte and female Physician. presecU ,
, to tbe attention of authors, ha,
which sreatly fasllliatea Uat proeeee ot UMthln by tort-'
enlni the (uoit, rednclue all inUaumatlun Wll I allay
ALL l'AIN andapa.modlc acUon, ai.d Is
Depend apoa It, mother,, It will gtvs reel to yoonelrei :
110 1 4
' t.b.Ji'nlv ,nd n,l over ten years,
snd 0AN SA?. IN OtmriOKNOk ANU TROTH, uflt,
Z JlVmZI1'""'! I o tay oi any other medt-
ftn ",A ,T 'AILiBU. IN A SHOLB INbT.
ANCE, TO krritOT a CDKa, .he. timely atrf. Nev- '
"L " ko 1lUl- ordiaeatlarae.lon by ary one
who aaed it. On tl,e contrary, all are delighted with Us
optraUuns. aod peak In terne of eomuendaUoo of lit
uaioal eseoia and medical firtuee. We apeak tn this
matter WUAT V7B Do KNOW;" after ten yeare' pe- -rlenoe
tlmotl every loiunce where the lUaot Is taSerlna frt n
pain and exnauatlouv relief will be found In Bitten or
twenty mlnatee after tbrnyrai, e admin latered.
Thtt eatuauie preparation it the ureaoriutlon of one of
the moat KXPaRIRNOKDaiid B&1LI,PIJL NORSlo
- Kuln'. and baa been ated with NKYIil AIL
INfl BUCO BrtC In - .
It not oi-ly relieve! the child from nain. .mi i.in.
alee the stomach and towels, eorreota aoidlty, and (jlvei: .'
lone and enerey to the whole a, item. It win Hni ini
etattly relieve"
and overcome eonraisioDS, wnioh. If notepeedily rem .
'iei, ena in neatn we oeuere II tne BKnT aud SUB
SKT RKHKDV IN THI WORLD, in all owe, Vofl
U a rites from teethlue. or from any oier cauee. eVe
wcatd aay t eeery moiherwno haa oht'd enffen g from
anof thefoienli e cooiutaiuta DO NOT tKl h
tiaud between you and your tuffnrlnn child, and the re
lief that will be SCkB yea AHSOLUfKLV HirttM-to
follow the aat uf tblamedlelne. If timely oasd. Pall dl
ni'ina ior aiine win eoouaipany tarn bottle None
enaiise nnUet the fac tlsiile of i tJEUSSr. PeRJtLffH,
ew York. It on tht onta,it wrapper.
SoM by all Dmrgtets threoahout the world
Prl -clpal Office-, is Cedar street N.Tt.
ectx7-dfcwly, .
Is preotaely wiat Its namt Indloates, for, whll
ilraatot to tbe ta-tr. It le n-vtvtM of. exhilar..
il. Inelg 'MtU.! and sireaetheniiig t, inetlaU
powers, aod at ihe same time le-lvl&t-i lelo I
natet, ana raoeee tne "iioei in all tie purity a, I
hue al na rwtnfet omd rwKtert fAa .vateva an i
nlnralitto att cJu odiseuee it ! ue tuiy
,reta'atio ever une eo c-i to worl'l, ao che.ui-
ally aod s.lliiu'ly ojmbtoe es to be Ue mi.tl
p werrui tout - ano at inr -use rime so perf.etli
aai'tea to. a to aci 10 per eo ace rnaoc. wtin inr
awe nf oatu e and benre will aoofAe toe wnktMtt
tomach aid tuLt an tbe dle ,rr ureaus, euu
bus aiia all mrvnus aa otner irreation It 1 1
lereetly txhllarailnn, aud at the suraiUBelt i
iomputrde ti.eiyor vryeuoiet yet so auaiMneiil
ia to pruouoa in rn'i.i'n roaa Hiuioeffi, witli-t
at pr aueins any n juriou. eooavqaeiwiee euci
reniCHi na, luff oreu ien to oe a ae-iaermlam 1
medical Worl.u loi tt eetia no meol. al al 111 U I
ihatdebii ty follow, all aitacnaol dleeaae. ami
uroveedt and lodeed bus the -vs-em ouau to tfa-i
Olli'Sidloutatiaclu of mauy of the moot latal. tacb 1
!f r example, ae tha following: OunraeaiitiOD, inl
UlMuLm aiaoe.aiia. Luaa af Aituvrlta FainuiM I
lNrvou, Irritability. Neurlg'a Paipt'at..i.. -Jsc
Heart, Heiancno'y.nignieweate Languor, 1d- I
Beteutton or, at well a falniui uhetmciw
t ia i. rotate, cr too re tut nermruailon. and fa 1
lue of tha VVumb. Theataildepe dupoureeer .il
klenllity - Tbls pare. iiaith, mnlo ordiai i.dl
now Renovator t at tore t cu,e a. the uu 'oil
d eel. rhrtt, oo miitake about It. Hut
h t It nM all. If iheojs em la aeakei.ed. we as
uen to blnuUS attacks, tbe lirer be omes torp'd,
r worse dlieeaed the klduea refuse t- pet'uin
heir rancions ana -t are truabicd wt h .calalua1!
nd Incootli ence "l urine, or lovo uuur dts-1
h.ive of the ,sme. pel a In the back, alue ilI
tween the abouldere. exotcdlD.lt II -Ala to all. bill
icotrta. cwaaha. wa tr a circked. eooo Su.acla't'" I
allow., aud the pit.et t g ea down to a preu.ior j
Straee. Uutapa ewiu ,ui allow ut lu euoaierauif
ihe many til. tu wbicn we an liable lo a weakti af
-oodiiloo r.f the aitem. Hut we will tav. In thial
C.ird al and tluod Knorat'T you h re a penav J
L. e, pleaeaot aod ffeo iul remedy for Id, i lH
A petite, -.llioutoet. Flatnleire Weak and .tr wS
4tum.cn LaujU' r. Lire, 0 mnlalui thiila and -
P.rrora..y Br!loueeUm.k, Oot lToo.av Midityj -
f the atnmwn, Aerevaiieea. Neuralali, Paiuita l. .
ll'in ef the Ueart Depreeelon of Spiriit Sura M
' lmPlet on tbe Pace, or toy uliaae analog from Jl
mpun-nio-i. aucb as Bcrolala Krysipelaa Broi,
hltis Counh, ditflcuity of Breathifg. ano all h . .
bclaas of ditea.es called feu ale weakoese anr M
numerated' above. t'e will aten bsa tl.e 'rvc. LJ
lexo-art toejptd.mtca change of ollioate and wa
will nod it a uiea-nt sue and euro leoitcu- U
and none ahouM erer travel wlibuui. Beadei If,
ryit fr we eureoa ou will find in It a nendl
iuiea ae well ase tneod Iu oeed. ll pe so
min tary b.b Is will ttod It a perfect preTenllrc u i
as well a cure for iho-w ai1iihm.u tu whicn ibey a ell
.arttca arl expoaeu- Uance u,,i.iair,,tadrnts, i I
tun ep, il erary g utlemen.and ladies wbo arebv I
ac-ue omed to mac oa duo, ext oiee, w,ll flu,
o their advantage to keu a butt'e coo-tautiy I
hand; aud, anove all mothers, er thftte bawimin i
taoh, will ro throuch tha eauet danrromna peri.-
h t only wth all tbeir acou.t'.md ttreneih. b
avfeand free from tbe thoaaaDdailmentt ao ptt
aient a oong ihe 10010 portion oi tne w-na I
'rt, I it indeed a mother e cordial Tc, IL e
.ni , nun.! im Inn.ep run the ltt ot delav! Ii m
ell'Ve aod r ve lte f eoph.itcatty a Utiier,,
(tee Cotoial and Biooa ittnovaivr
0. "OD Dr .url.iur. 444 Broadwar. N
Tor, and 114 Market Sireet. St Lonit, Mo., a.
old by BOBr.KT-4 At aaUUKL, Oolumotu. Oh
ai.d all t0d. DrufgUts . Price Dae O ut
uer Battle. march !fl-dwnwU
8BWA8K oillO, ): , . ',.',
Stanufacluvera at all kinds ol Par; J,''
table and Uatiosiary' steam Eli
ajlncs, Nate Mills, urlat Rlilla,
. . . ex.e cos, e ,mmt
LASS BOD LSI Statml B tt. BLA&DT&eaUiu'
at 00. BtattnlUlh T
Oar Portable Ii gtoe and SiW. Kill
Was awarded the first premium of, SjSo at tha Indiana
Stats fair for 1-60 over Lane fc Bodlap's as account a
Prlee, lightness, simplicity, eouuomj of luei
and superior character of. lumber sawexl.
Our 8tatlooary KnglnS was awarded at tils fame Fair .
the drat premium of t'iW. ' " ' t. .
-Our Portable Rtigiue was award -d tht first premllun of ,
9100 at the Pair a1 Memphia, Tenn., over Blandy's Co '
vall's, riolaobaa UanhUieOo'a., and Bradford Iu Co',.,
by a committee of practical Railroad Sugiaeers, . -t ,
for pripe and teime address
WlLLAKD WABWBR, Traaturer.
deon-dSswateoli. - . ' Newark. OfSo
E. fal COLLISTERs.:::
. U bolcaals and tteuitl SiealerUk
No.' 85 HHfth StTeMt. a
' ;' a
K'1" atnntlyat baad all Uta Wa
j i, ., .-. rtoue BuaN of t, '
Jlabo. portoa Oisetorsg.
' Oct. aii M " '",''','
ItfaTgaret D. Phillips' Estate.
die ai d-r,l. ned has heou d'jia,'p, trd h tn
Probate Oowrt f Preokllo eoua yt. Ohio, admltil-tr.t i:
ef ta'etate of Margaret D, f tuiila. laie oi aald eoUniy, ;
4e-eiied.i-J' . if
Dated 1 ne 5, 1601. . t TtiiJ MATH. K.
r i ui

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