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ii)t Statesman
Tie Adams Express Company places us dally
uuui-r uuuguiiuuiim 11 ior we very Mini papers
(ruin the eastern cities.
The American Express Company has our
thanks for its daily favors in the shape of the
very latOBt eastern papers.
D We happened yesterday in a 'Jeweller's
store in this city, and observed aa honest, nn
pretending locking man In the attire of a sol
dier, with a set of old fashioned silver teaspoons
in his hand, which he desired to sell.! The jew
eller said he was not buying old silver except in
exchange for new articles. - "They are pure
silver," said the man, "and my mother bought
them with her own earnings, I am a soldier,
and am out of money, and hare a great neces
sity for a little. Indeed, I must hare It, otherwise
I would not part with these spoons for any
consideration." "But," he oontlnued, "the
Government has paid us nothing yet. and I am
very much iu need of a little money indeed,
I must have it."
Hioh School Exhibition. The exhibition
of tho graduating clais of the High School, at
Bigelow Chapel, on Tuesday erenlog, was a
highly creditable performance. The composi
tions read by young ladles and .the orations de
livered by the young gentlemen showed a de
gree of mental culture and moral training that
reflected honor alike on teachers and pupils.
Educate our youth thoroughly, morally and In
tellectually, and the Republlo la safe.
ID" The Journal focal, epewklng of the prison
ers in the county jail, says:
"The noted Fanny Earl Is among the number.
Since the present Sheriff, Mr. Huffman, has
taken possession of the jail, there have been
nine sessions of the Probate Court, and in sii
of them, Fanny has figured as a prisoner on
various charges. The Commissioners would
save money to Franklin county, if tbey would
take possession of Fanny and keep her all the
time. When sober she is an inoffensive woman,
but as soon as she regains her liberty and takes
a drop of the eratur, she becomes belligerent
and naughty, and has to be sent up."
Au appeal should be taken at the next term
of the oourt from " Fanny drunk, to Fanny
ID We are indebted to Adjutant General
Carrinoton for a copy of Lloyd's American Rail
road Map, an exceedingly valuable and impor
tant map for reference and information at the
present time. Gen. Carhinqton Is entitled to
our thanks.
ETMessrs. Dm ma & Niiswindii, at No.
26 North High street, the old stand of Messrs.
Hanis & Gioroi, have on band the choicest
Family Groceries and a supply of Pure Liquors
for medicinal purposes. Give tbem a call.
PmsoitAL A. M. Ganoiwir, editor of the
Ohio State Journal ia 1857-8, then, Private Seo
retary of Governor Chasi, and recently Clerk
In the State Auditor's Department, has been
appointed to a position in the Treasury Depart
ment at Washington. He left Columbus for
that city yesterday.
Tbi Thirteinth Rioimint. This Regiment
has been mustered into the service, for three
years. The officers are, Colonel, W. 8. Smith,
of Tarletoni Lieutenant Colonel, C. B. Mason,
of Clrcleville; Major, U. W. Hawkins. -
07 Assistant Commissary M. Smomtom has
accepted the post of Quartermaster at Camp
Chase, vacated by the resignation of R. E.
07 Five Ohio and two Indianna Regiments,
which were expecting to proceed up the Kana
wha to Southwestern Virginia, hay left Park
ersburg on the Northwestern Virginia Railroad
for Clarksburg and Grafton. '
A Hiroini. A young lady has been beard
to declare, that though she could not go to fight
for the country, she was willing to allow the
youcg men to go, and live an old maid, which
she thought as great a sacrifice aa. anybody
could bo called upon to make! , I
Thc Iron Tailid Cow. At the recent trial
of a milk case In England, the fact came out
that out of every twenty-four gallons upon the
wagon of the milk-dealer, eight were furnished
by the cow with the Iron-tail. ' ' " '
UT The Cincinnati CommtrdaP$ Washington
tpieial, M, II., said the Ohio boys would get
their pay yesterday. We can't hare any faith
In such dip patches till we bear that the brave
fellows have actually got their money. : s
BTTbe Cincinnati Enquirtr. of yesterday,
"Thomas Wood was arrested yesterday for sn
assault and battery, committed upon James
Tree. Somebody should have quoted Morris'
song to the formeri "Wood man, spare that
ST We see that the New York Spirit of lAe
Timet, the oldest sporting paper In this oountry,
has suspended publication. It had a large cir
culation la the South, which has been entirely
cutoff. .. ! . . . i '-- .
QThere are now no troops at Camp God-
dard, near Zanesvlllet yet there la a newly ap
pointed Commissary at that post, whose offlpe
must be a sinecure. '''''
D"The twenty-fifth Report of the Receiver
of the Cincinnati, Wilmington and Zanesvtlle
Railroad, shows the earnings of the road for
May, 1861, to have been $13,655 34, and the
expenditures $13,544 43. ,. .;
KTThe Cincinnati Commercial of yesterday
morning notices fifteen arrivals at the Spenosr
House from seoeded States the greater part of
whom were ladles. ' ' " '
ITIt seems that Professor'JLowi baa a rival
In the upper air. The rebels have got a bel
loon also. ) '- ';,'". , '
n t . . . ..
- "iiessor iiowa, us aeronaut, isoaiiea
tne advance mard of the grand army at Wash
Ington-the Brigadier-General of the skies.
CP On Tuesday evening;, eight convicts were
m lea BV.nUaa.Al.- a. s.
uwukuw w usj tjui-tejuMTy uota Juuott comity
.,- BOW LOST, HOW BX8X019.
or Seminal Weakness, Sexual Debility. Norvoaanaaa.in
voluntary Imlxslons and Impotenoy, resulting frost
Self-abort, Ao. By Robt. J. OuWerwell, At. D. went
under seel, in s pieia envelope, w any ad drees, post
paia. on nceipt oi two suuups, ny iir. utiAS. J.O
liLiMa, iv uowery, now iota. rott umo xxz, sto
O SSW 8TTLBS llavln Son, No. 8 South
High street, haw Joe t opened an styles of Owl Oia
otiuaa. BAeejoumi and taeeoaa, made In the aewwl and
meet stylith manner. . Ahw, perkt rieUas
Ulatelt kttlktj, very heavy, evened eBpreasly tor
innnuiMa ana aaeqanw. ..'' " ' laprue
All ataee and eolore last opened at ATJII,
ees.ll. e. aoath Biak street,
Rail Road Time Table.
Lotia Miami h Osloiisob si Xxmia B. B. . '
, . ' i leaves. - Arrives.
Olaolnnatl Aeeommodatlon. 5:00 A. M. 9:10 p. M.
" . Nxprete 11:40A.M. 11:03 A.M.
Hall and Aooomaiodatlon.. 9:10 P. M. 9:00 P. M.
Night Ixpress via Day ton. 18:00 midnight. 1:90 A. M.
J no. W. Dobcett, Agent.
CoLOHlOt 4 OUVSLAMD R. R. , . -
Night Ixpreti 3:40 A. M. 11:15 V. M.
New York Exnraat 1MOA.M imiii M
O.O.tkO. WayRxprcsa.... S:J0 P.M. 7.S0P. M.
Jakss Pattxriox, Agent. '
CumuLOHioR. B.
I Ixpreie.
3:30 A. M. 11:55 A. M.
9:19 P. M. 11:45 A. M.
e ao
W. 3. Fill, Agent.
PirrmlBxsa, OoLomot Ac OutotmATi B. R.
Mall Train 1311 1 M il l U
Iipreta Train 11:!JA.M. 8:45 P.M.
Jos. EonintoK, Agent.
0 oi truant Ac Iirouiiorout, R. R.
voboaos riojDA at imdiama B. K.)
No. 1 Ixpress. ........... 0:30 A. M. 9:00 P. M.
No.S " 3:00 P.M. 8:45 P. M.
10:30 A. M.
0. W. Bmith, Agent.
BA.An 1 n n..v.i,.
Pittsburgh, Steubenvllle way. Cleveland, Zanesvllle,
Newark, Qranvlllo, Washington City, Baltimoro, Phila
delphia and New Orleans, clou daily (Sundays sxoept-
. throns-h mall tnm Kmm Vaw a nwi.j
dally (Sundays excepted) at ! o'olock p.m.
' 9.,.0 a- K- Way Mall closet daily (Sundays ex
etpUsd) at 9 o'olock p. m.
uentrai uuo Way Mall cIomi dally (Sundays excepted)
it 10 o'clock a. m.
Cincinnati Way Hail oloees dally (Sundays excepted) at
10 o'clock a. m.
OhlCaffO. TjUbnotia. TlalawaM. Mavtnn mnA Wnvlhlti...
ton Mails oloees dally (Bundays excepted) at 8 o'olock
nati, Indianapolis, Louisville, 8t. Louis, and Detroit,
v.-wwa uv 0uuuays eicepieaj at o o 010OK p. m.
A through mail to Xenia, gprlnirfleld andOlnolnnaU
float! daily (Snndayi exoeptad) at 10 o'olock a. m.
w.umu i4u, xiiuu ua union vity man ciotu aaiiy
(londays excepted) at 8 o'olook p. a.
Laneaater, Logan, MalaonTllla, OlroloTille, Oblllloothe,
Portamoutb, Wuhlngton 0. H.. AUiana, Marietta and
Hlllaborongh nalli oloat daily (Buudays excepted) at 8
o'clock p. m.
ait Way Mall by National Road to ZaneiTllle eloaes
dally (Sunday" excepted) at U o'olock m.
TI ; -l l. ..-i V i . i . ......
uMnmurju uauoiom uauy tenuaays excepteJ) atx
'olookp. m.
ill. Vmrmnn Mali k rt tirM,.Hiii. a i...
eloeef dally (Sandays exoeptad) at 9 o'olook p.m.
v.uiui umi wvHi uaiiyounaaya excepuujai X O'clock
Lanouter Way Mall eloaei dally (Sunday! exceptoi)) at
Malls from New York, Boiton, Phllad.lphla, Buffalo,
Albany, PltUburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla,
Detroit, Bprlngteld, Cincinnati, Oblllloothe, 8t. Louie,
and all Southern olties, arrive between the boon of 8
o'olook p. m. and t o'olook a. m.
Mailt from Indianapolis, Chicago and Dubuque arrlyt
at 1:40 a.m. .
Mailt horn Washington City, Baltimore, Wheeling,
laneiTllle, Newark, BteabanTllle, Mt. Vemon, and the
0.0. R. R. Way Mail, arrire at 19 o'clock m.
way mail rrom Ulnoinnatl arrives at 3 o'clock p.m.
lAneutar Mail arriTas at 9 o'clock p . m .
latt WaV Mall OTar tha Nullnn.l Rn.il rrlma 11
0 Vlock a. m.
Mt. Vernon Way Mail arriree at 11 :00 a. m.
Mall from Dublin arrlTaa at 19 o'olook m.
Urbana Way Mall arrtTee at 8 o'clock p.m. '
Harrliburgh Mall arrirei at 11 o'olock a. m.
Lanouter Way Mall arrive! at 19 o'clock m
Office delivery open every day (except Sunday) from
0 OlOOk a. m . tO 9 Otalock B. m. Onm An Rifnitav.
from 7X to 9 o'cloek In the mornln. .nit from S to 0
o'clock In the evening.
From Fortress Monroe.
- a -
sanoe yesterday up tbe Kappahaooock. A par
ty was landed at tbe bouse of Mr. Oesnon, an
acquaintance of the cilot. Tfaev were intro
duced to his family, and while conversing, three
oompapics oi neoeie rusoea aown and attempt
ed to out them off. Surgeon Heber Smith, of
New York, was shot through tbe face and hand.
Augusts Peterson was mortally wounded. Six
oiuers were sugnuy wounaea. Tbe Montioello
at onoe openea nre on tbe Kebels. with shell
and oannlatar. killina and woundlDg a Urge
number. The Rebel companies fled. Tbe
nouse was completely oemoiiehcd..
The steamer Quaker CUt had a short en.
gagement this morning with a large number of
Keoei arsgoons, in Lynn Haven Bay, near
Commodore Carr nicked tin a man named
Lynch, a refugee from Norfolk, who represented
that tbe master plumber of tbe Norfolk Navy
Yard was ashore and wished to be taken off.
An armed beat waa sent for tbe purpose, and
was fired upon, kllllni a seaman. A' few sholls
dispersed tbe Rebels.
The gunboat Union sails southward this
evening. While off Charleston she captured
the ship Amelia, from Liverpool, bound to
Charleston, with a oargo consisting mainly of
artloles contraband of war. Tbe prize was Boat
to Philadelphia. . - '..
inree Kebel steamers came out from Charles
ton, but did not venture to meet tbe Union.
Lieutenant Crosby, with 90 men and the cro
pellet Forney, tble morning made a reconnols
sanoe up Buok river, and dispersed several par
ties of Rebels along the shore.
i A nag oi truce nasjust comedown from Nor
folk, with 50 refugees. Thev reDort 'a ltree
number of troops at Norfolk, and say tbe Rebels
at Bewell's Point have a profound contempt for
the Sawyer gun. They also state that York,
town was busy making a stronghold.
From Grafton.
[Special Dispatch from Grafton.]
PblUlppl yesterday morning.
Sergeant Dunham, of the 9th Indiana Regi
ment, who is the bet;' scout In the servioe, aud
an old comrade of Kit Carson, returned Tester
day, after being three daya inside the enemy's
lines. He remained in the Rebel camp several
hours. He reports their number at .7,500, in
cluding 500 cavalry.-. Two of the Infantry reg
imente are South Carolina troops. These have
plenty of guns, but of a miscellaneous' charac
ter, xney nave nve six-pounders, (wo in a
masked battery. Wise was expected with three
more regiments. As soon as these arrived, tbey
would attack tbeoamp at Phillippl. He de
clared they would give no quarter.
' Dunham recently had an only brother hung
In Sooth Carolina, under the moat aggravating
circumstances, and he has sworn revenge. He
shot three Rebels while out this time, one boiug
a iiicutensni.- -
Gen. MoClsllan's address to the soldiers Is
an Indication of a speedy engagement. . .. ,
Couriers just in from Phillippl say everything
is ready for an Instant move-
All ia quiet at Cumberland and Piedmont.'
The forces on both sides are concentrating.
Our troops are in fine spirits and eager for ac
tion. Governor Plerpont to day appointed Col. Kal
ley Brigadier General of the Western Virginia
troope. ; ., .
The Additional Regiments from Indiana.
, ( . ,. . , i ., ,
Gov. Morton will issue bis proclamation to.
morrow, calling into service the eleven addi
tional reglsuente, ten ot Infantry and one of oav
airy, from thia State. Eaoh of the Infantry
regiments will have a corps of fifty sharp shoot
ers, armed with Enfield rifles. Quartermaster
Gen. Vogen will open the bids to-morrow for
furnishing these regiments with olothlng,shoes,
oianxets, etc. . 0 '
From St. Louis.
ST. LOUIS, June 25.
' The steamer' JJ C. Swan left the Arsenal
to-day with a full battalion of Col. Bland's
Regiment ef voluuteers, destined, it la said, for
Caps Glrrardean, to aot in conjunction with Col.
Sloan's Illinois Reglmehf from Cairo, against
the Rebel camp near CapeGirrardeau, nnder
Gsn.Watklns. r ,
Col. Dougherty's Regiment of volunteora,
"ova. the Elshth Congressional district of .1111.
nols, Was mustered into-servioe for three years,
"imia, lo.usy.
Warehouses Burned-Large Loss.
DETROIT, June 25.
r..... a. r
East Saginaw, were deetr,,, b, flr.jestarday
mornlDf . ,Loa $50,000 insnred for 120,000. '
The Iron warehousea of R.au.u. o.-
Houghton, Lake Superior, nonteiBlrs; a large
amount of mining supplies, were burned Thure
day night. , Loss between 3O,0QO and $30,000.
Na ln.rt.an ma '
.1. MH4lwm
Dispatches from Washington.
[World's Special.]
from ilanaasas Junction, having been confined
in tbe latter place three days. He says a large
number of prisoners were tbere. He gives a
painful aocount of tbe condition of tbe Kebel
foroes. During tbe three days he was a prison
er, be neither bad bread nor water, i He under,
went an examination before three persons,
headed by Wm, Parker Miles from South Car
olina, resulting In his liberation. On being
liberated, he made his way te the Potomao, in
order to esoape into Maryland. He found all
tbe roads blooaded by rocks and tress felled to
resist tbe passage of troops, to within five miles
of Manassas Junction. . When he left, he waa
informed that their troops would be in Wash
ington In less than two weeks, and if he should
be caught there, be would be bung. He heard
them boast of the immensity of their force, but
does not believe there were 15,000 men there.
Fully one-auarter of tbcm were armed wltb
short guns, while many are not armed at all.
1 ne soarcity of water bas caused a great deal
oi sicKoess among tne iteoeis.
Soouta who have returned from within tbe
vicinity of Fairfax Court House to-day, report
that the enemy have ereoted batteries one and
a half miles north and east of the Court House.
All tbe roads leading from this direction bad
been obstructed by trees being foiled across all
level pieces. . .
This obstruction of all the roads nrecludes
tbe Idea that tbe Rebels intend to advance; and
the same view is sustained by the fact that the
roads leading to Centreville, in the rear of Fair
fax, have been newly cleared up.
Tbere is but one battery at Fairfax Court
House, and very few troops in the village and
but a few thousand looated iu the rear. .
An alarm of an advance of the Federal troons
oaused both citizens and soldiers to leave Fair
fax in great haf to.
Col. Hardee commando the Rebel forces at
Fairfax Court House.
Trains commenced running on the Alexandria.
Louden & Hampshire Railroad to-day, between
Alexandria and the advance outposts,
The o&mpiign in Eastern Virginia will remain
within the uresent limits for soma time. Anv
advance before the meeting of Congress Is improbable.
[Special to the Tribune.]
WASHINGTON, June 25th.
General Butler is proceeding vigorously In or
ganizing his command; and tbeir drills are pro
gressing rapidly. He is also throwing up a
series of batteries opposite Hampton, which will
serve alike to protect his lines from sttack and
cover Hampton.
Ine inhabitants bevond Nesv Market Brldce
complain bittorly of the outrages of the Louis
iana Zjuaves.
Information olaces the loss of the enemv nt
Great Bethel much higher than previous ac
counts. Tbcir oavalry was thrown into great
confusion by Greble's shells.
it is not true, as stated, that thero is anv co
operation between tbe Poetofflce Department
and Auams express in tne conveyance or letters.
it hub oo suiDomy to interiere wltb the trans
mission of lettere, that being a subiect which
belongs exclusively to the War Department.
secretary Welles bas decided to strike from
the rolls the name of everv naval officer who re
signs in time of war, whether on or off duty.
a reconnoissance ot Matthias Point was made
yesterday by tbe Pawnee. A number or the
crrw landed, and frightened off the Rebel
pickets, bringing on board tbe Pawnee two
borses, supposed to belong to tbo Colonel and
Captain ot a Regiment numbering about 1,000
men, ascertainea to be encamped tbree miles
back from this point. No indications of a bat
tery rear tbe point were seen.
It appears tbat the 37th Regiment had a cool
reception in Baltimore. Everybody looked scowl
ing. No flags greeted them. At the Custom
House tbey halted. BUDDosing it was a oitv
publio building, until the stars and stripes were
flung out. Their muskets were loaded, but not
A Captain of the 2d Wisconsin Raiment.
wmcu arrived mis morning, reooria that, al
though at some points thev had a faeartv receo
iioo, at oiners tney experienced very diQerent
treatment; mat once a Distol ball came uculoas
aotly near the Quartermaster's ear.
. An omoer of Colonel Btone s oommand ar.
rived this morning. He states that 69 Rebels
were killed at Elwoods' and Conrad's Ferries
in the recent engagements. This work was
done by Lieutenant Eastbrouck, of the West
roini nattery.
. It Is thought Jefferson Davie does not Intend
making formal propositions of neaco. but will
accede to articles drawn by his emissaries here,
wno are pretended Unionists.
mere is a report that tbere wero 180.000
troops in Riobmond.
uur agents fix tbe whole number of soldiers
a Virginia at lees than 50,000; not all of whom
r irH 1mm v4. m4 mhImcJ. mm mmm mm mrlr
An agent from Virginia claimed three negroes
confined at tbe Navy Yard from the command
ant, this morning. Captain Dahlyron referred
bim to tbe becretary of tbe mvy.
[Herald's Dispatch.
General Soott and hll militarv advisers met
the President and Cabinet to-day, when the
plans of tbe oamnalgn were fullv daveloned and
discussed. All that oan be divulged in relation
to It is tbat the Union forces are ready, and the
blow will soon be struck.
I am happy to be able to state, from the
highest authority, that tbere is not the sligbteot
Intention on tbe part of the Government to
treat with the Rebels, from Jefferson Davis
down to the meanest person among them. On
tne contrary, it was settled this very day to
press down on tbem speedily, and to prosecute
the war with suob numbers and vigor as to leave
no chance lor doubt in tbe minds of violators of
good government.tbat the Administration and the
loyal people who support it are In earnest. A
spirit is being aroused tbat will result In plao-
ing tne man wno snau uare oner a proposition
to compromise with traitors In the same cate
gory, and to bang both. The feeling against
any thing of the kind here Is so intense at the
present time that it is believed that the man
who would openly propose to settle with tbe
Southern Rebels by compromising, would be
as soon as found.
[To the Associated Press.]
The steamer Guy has relumed from her trio
down the Potomao river, on Tuesday afternoon.
She steamed to Matthias' roint, In oompaoy of
the Pawnee, when they dlsoovered tbat the
Confederates had arrived, apparently about 800
strong, and were enoamped about a milo biok
from tbe Point, near a marsh.
The Pawnee opened fire upon tbe Rebel camp,
under cover of which tbree boat loads of men
were landed. " ' ,
The enomy fled in all directions, but the
Federal foroo not being adequate, no pursuit
waa made.;Two borses, and some overeoats aud
camp equipage, were eaptured by tbe crew.
They were mere for tbe purpose of erecting a
battery, but bad not yet suooeeded. owing to the
difficulty of transporting their guns, etc
- i u Ktonmona Examiner's Portsmouth cor
respondent indloatee that the Rebels hourly
feared a simultaneous attaok by land and wator.
The arrival of the flotilla Hampton confirmed
their fearav . . ' : ;
The Administration and Gov, Plorpont of
Virginia had an official Intercourse to day. -'
Tbe aggregate number of troons arrived hero
Is fully six thousand. Including 500 regulars
aud 600 marines. .Six regiments additional are
now due.
Tee Colombia College conferred tho degree
of LU D. on President Lincoln.
Lord Lyons and the Secretary of State, of
ficially visited the President to-dav. and deliver
ed a letter annonuolng the death of the Queen's
mother. i i i.
The . Rebels confidently ; predict'" signal
triumph ever them. The crew wae ordered
aboard the Confederate steamer Yorktown.
The Rebels say Beauregard Is ready to receive
us at me junction, a number of persons ar
rived at Rlohmond. Two batteries left Riob
mond on Monday for Junction Headquarters,
Gov; Wise Is at Ganley's bridge.
From Forts Jefferson and Pickens.
NEW YORK, June 26.
" Tbe steamer' Chesapeake has arrived fretn
Fort Jefferson and Key West tbe 19 th Inst.
Tbe garrisons are all well and amply sup
-II. A !.!... mA -.1 "
The troops at Fort Pickens are also wsll.aod
fully supplied witn everything.
ALBANY, June 26.
Gilbert L. Wilson. Treasurer of tbe New
York Central Railroad, fell from tbe third story
or nil dwelling, oaoiy injuring oimieii.
Interesting from Richmond.
Tbe Richmond Examiner of the 21st Is re.
oeived here.
Among tbe news Is a Confederate Ordinanoe.
approved on the 21st, making the following ap
propriations for the year ending February 18th,
18G2, additional to tbese heretofore madet For
the pay of 100 Regiments of infantry, $29,133,
000; for a legion of artillery, cavalry and vol
unteers, $550,000; transportation; $5,500,000;
Ordnance Department, including purchase of
machinery, etc., $4,600,000.
Tbe examiner publishes all tbe war intelli
gence ot our side contained In the New York
papers of the 21st, and Baltimore papers of the
Alex. II. Stephens addressed a meetlno- at
Warrcnton, Ga., on Mondav. The meetlne
subscribed 2,51)0 bales of cotton for the war,
and promised to increase it to 4,000.
1. be Virginia Convection, ou tbo 24tb. dis
cussed the subject of forming a land coast
guard in the exposed counties not yet invaded.
An ordinance organising a guerrilla volun
teer force was specially . referred. This legal
izes all criminal outrages by the guerrillas, even
to death, without jury or clergy ; upon all oppo
nents. Jl . '
Another, authorizing the removal of State
Banks was passed. .
Also, anotber, rollevicg banks from specie
1 he subject of repudiating all the State
bonds was didcuseed, and laid over for future
BALTIMORE, June 26. Colorado's Machinery Broken at Sea
-Supposed to Have Been
With by Rebel Engineer.
NEW YORK, June 26.
A letter from aboard the Colorado, dated.
"At Sea, June 23," states that the after stand
ard of the engine, which supports the reversing
shaft, broke on the evening of the 20th. Ex
amination showed that a pioce had been sawed
out, replaced by soft iron, and carefully painted
over. Investigation showed that other parts of
mo mscuuiery naa Deen tampered with. The
same traitorous engineer lud charge of the
Colorado that tampered with tbe Mississippi's
NEW YORK, June 26. Payment of Troops--Conference of
Military Men.
NEW YORK, June 26.
Army Paymasters to-day commenced tbeir
disbursements to tbe troops. u ,
A conference of militarv leaders was held
yesterday, and it is now thought the progrimme
win be ohangea. ,
A movement will soon take place.
Becretary Chase will undoubtedly reoommend
a moderate revision of the Morrill tariff bill.
The tone of foreign dispatches to our Gov
ernment are most favorable.
rA member of the Senate Military Committee
expresses a determination to sift all army ap
pointments, with a view to their fitness. -
Tho Post's dispatch savs that leading mem
bers of Congress are resolved to do no general
legislation at the extra seision, confining tbe
business exclusively to tbe war.'
From Hagerstown.
Intelligence la received to-diV that Governor
Wise diverged from the line of attack on Mo-
Clellnn's column, and baa gono with 4,000 men
to repel an expedition said to iiavs gone up the
The secession force at Romncy dooe not ex
ceed 1500 men.
Col. Jackson is opposite Williamiport with
five Rebel i Ailments.
it is aiso sotted that4UUU Virginian troops
aro encamped near Falling Waters, five miles
from WilliamBport.
An express arrived from Barcua' Hill, saying
BUUU troops are lying tbere and at Alartlusonrg
and various points along the Potomac, betweeu
Hancock and Harper s r erry .
A strong battery is being raised upon Wooded
Hill, overlooking tbe Fair Ground) at Win
chester. -
When Gen. Johnston evacuated Harper's
Ferry, his whole column marched to Charles
town, and from thenoe totBarker's Hill; and
when on Sunday General Patterson's oommand
crossed the river, be drew up bis whole lorce
in line of battle, expecting to be attacked.
From Barker's UU1, a lares portion of Gen
Johnston's force returned to Winchester. ' "
Jackson's 8,000 men h&ve marched towards
tbe Potomac.
Gen. Johnston's force at Winchester did not
exceed 10,000 men, unlets reinforcements have
arrived since Sunday last.'
Tho plan of tbe Confederates Is to draw Gen.
Patterson's columns Into Virginia, and then re
treat, fighting at all point where there Is a
chance of successful resistance.
From Louisville.
From Louisville. LOUISVILLE, June 26.
Tho Journal this morning bas a letter from
tbe 1st distriot, which says the voters were
asked, "Are you for tbe north or Houth7"
Tbe same paper says cases of guns were taken
from camp near the city and sent to Nashville,
marked for Harris, e-awards at co. Dr. iilack
burn, of Natchci. Miss , Is the agent for con
dueling their transportation eonth.
Tho Journal's correspondent at Wllliamsport,
Ky., says seven deserters from the Southern
army at Knoxville had arrived there. They
were Germnns, who have been pressed into tbe
service at JNewUrieans. ihcy report rations,
olothing, shoes, powder and arms toarce. They
have not been paid for two months, -
Tbe writer adds, "AH this part of tbe State
Is praying for arms. Help the men of East
Teonetsee. nlav their iriend Abraham, as
tbey call the Prenldont, speedily send them."
A friend of Mr. Crittenden authoritatively
denies a dispatch to, the Journal, that Mr. Crit
tenden would oner a compromise or adviso
Kentucky to secede.
The gunboats Lexington and Coaejtogt will
arrive to day.
Tbe Memphis Banks have loaned their own
notes at their nominal value to the amount of
$195,000 for secession purposes.
'I he Memphis Avalanobeof tbe 25th savs the
editor saw a dispatch from tbe Southern Com
missioners In burope, brougbt through Canada,
to tbe effeot that the sum of two millions had
been offered as sn advance ior the 'cotton orop,
and that France and England would soon so
knowlcdge the Southern Confederacy. The
Avaiancue nrmiy neueves tne dispaton to be re
liable. The Memphis Appoal of the 25th. reports
that the steamer City of Alton Is cruising near
Columbus,-entucky, endeavoring to capture
Memphis boats. - ,? ,
'Ibe same paper says, private advices state
that tho Eastern Convention has adjourned sine
die, after appointing 'a committee to ask that
Bust i ecnessee ee permitted to secede peace
ably from the State, or at all events remain
neutr il. It Is said thero are four iu tbe Con
vention for to one against. Nelson and May-
nard are the controlling spirits, and otu direct
tbe Convention for weal or woe. . ,
No Compromise or Delay Thought of.
AU the reports and speculations about a dis
position on tbe part of the President, or the
Cabinet, or Gen. Soott, or anybody else, to fa
vor compromise or delay, have; no foundation on
trow. ' . j" . I r
' ' - '
No Truth whatever in the Buckner-
McClellan Agreement
There Is no truth whatever In the statement
that Qen. MoClellan bas made a comoaot with
Gen. Buokner, of Keotuoky, not to enter or
oooupy tbat State. Buckner bas reoeatedlr re
newed professions of a determination lo prevent
tne entrance oi secession troops ime Kentucky,
or their passage through It, but Geo. McClel
lan bas entered Into no agreement whatever
with him, restraining the United States Gov
crnment or himeelt. - 1 , .i ' '"
From Missouri.
SYRACUSE, June 26.
A gentleman arrived to-day from the South
says be met Gov. Jovkson with M. M. Parsons
and sx me 1200 troops at Fommedeterro Bridge,
1 1 miles south of Warsaw, on Sunday morning
at 10 o'olook, moving Southward. They had
four oannon and about Ui baggage wagons
some of whioh were stage coaches' -1
He reports that Charles Biboock, late Agent
of the Overland Mall Company at Warsaw.
joined Jackson's foroe tbere, and furnished him
tea full teams belonging to me Mall lounpany,
A good many horses were drowned it cross
ing tbo Usage. ... j s.' (,,-. , ( ' y
BOSTON, June 26.
The steamer Europa arrived this p. n.
More Regiments from New Jersey.
TRENTON, June 26.
orders to to
Washington. Immrliatl n ik.. t
regiments. They go via Baltimore on Friday
UaS -
Advices froai T7t. rii...Hin k
condition of orope, continue to come from all
SCOtions of the 8 Lata. Huvap and wlon I.
exoellent order. Beeves will be driven from
Western Texas to New Orleans.
The United But.. t.nn. .t. a..
Antonio, Will SOOn he mod ten riIIm nnl nt
From Milwaukee.
The oitv bas been verv oulet alnoe Mondav.
until this afternoon some excitement was man
ifested In the upper wards, but with no serious
results. . - -
Committees from tbe riotous wards are said
to be appointed to demand tbe banks to make
good all money tbey now hold, ,
eigne nnnurta troops are ready at all times
and at a moment's notice to quell any disturb
The Governor was here to-dav. and arrange
ments are on foot to make the securitlee of the
solvent banks par, by substituting State Bonds
for tbe depreciated Southern stocks.
NEW YORK, June 26.
A bark arrived, renorta halmr nhaaal ! nt
night by a supposed privateer.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, June 26.
HOUR Kitra state scares and In fair demand for
txport and rulee staady. Whits and prstty much all
otnsr mi ar in lair inppiyanaruu neaTyanu luwtr.
salts or J.wo narrsii at itucc : ror luparons tuts;
4 ao&i 70 for extra itatai S44 Vtl for suuernns weit-
arn; at 409 80 for common to medium extra wsstsrnl
93(90 w ror snipping oranoa txira round noos nolo;
f 1 3UW 65 for trads brand, do. market dull and oloslof
with a atrong downward tendency. Canadian flour hat
alio slightly declined; tales of 1800 barrels at SJI3&S
7 S3 for tommon td choies extra, Including 10U0 barralt
Mo. 9 at IS 50.
KYK VLOUK It lolling slowly at ISBi.
CORN MEAL Dull. Haletof 50 barrel! Brandiwlna
at S3 10.
WHISKT-Marlcst favors bnysrt. la ss C50 Una a
at 15X10o.
WH1C4T Heavy, unsettled and lower, particularly
for common gradea of spring, which ars In iarts supply.
Wintsr red scares and without any decided ohangs- -8a
es of 86.600 buabals Chicago spring at KKSUi; K6,000
butbali Northwsitern olub at SI 031 04; 70,000 buibeli
MilwaukMotub at OftSII 0B; 38,000 bushels Amber Iowa
at S 06,91 10; 65.600 buahelt Baoins spring at 1 1 05;
16.000 buehala winter red western at SI 18411 SO; 3500
buihela white weatern at SI S0el 30; 8100 bmhls rery
handioms Amber, dellrered. at tl 30; 15,000 buikell
wblts Kentucky at 1401 50.
Iltm and aupply limited with sales ef 000 boib.
at 06c for Canadian; 09o for northwestern.
BAULET Unchanged.
BABLKV HALT Dull and unchanged.
OO KN Leu doing and market ecaroelyeo Arm: re
ceipt continue Hint. Bales of 48,000 bethels at 4S40e
lor inferior to prims new mixed weitsrn; 503580 for
western yellow; 59( for white weitsrn.
04T4 Heary; ealesat2831 for western and Cana
dian; 3IIS3IK for elate. -
FOIIB. Dull. beaTV and lower, galea 100 barrel! at
114(914 50 for men, and 907SS10 for prime.
BKSf Continues dull and nominal at atS4 50 for
oountry prime; S5 50S6 for men; Sj&SIO for repacked
men; ivu ior extra meet. In prims meis beer
nothing of moment dolog. Beef html dull; sales of 50
bbli weitern at 14914 50.
CCTUHATS Contlnus au etat4KiSJV for should
ers; 5X90Mforhamt.
bauun yule tend unobangtd-
LAED Rather mors doloc. but nricei nnebanied.
Balei 600 barrels at Ho.
BUl'ICEt-SsllingM7MMoforOhlo, asd 7KlSc
for s'ats.
CHKESB In moderate reaaest at 7e.
COFYKK Very oulet. Bales of S00O ban Itlo at IS
bUQ AK-Kiw dull and orton itltl mis In favnr of tbe
purchaser. Bales 150 hhda Cuba at 4k(4K : 325 boxes
Havana, part at 6X and the remainder en private tsrmt
and byaactlcn; 150 nogiueada Cuba Muscovado at4Jf
MObAiBES unlet, wltb tales or 67 nbda Forto Hlco
STOCKS Dull and weaker. United States eouoons,
Sag: Mlftourl IS', 102: Oeonia tuts 0'a. SJ: Tirtlola
O'., 41; North Oarolina 6's, 50; lennreste S'a, 37; Iris
Snd mortgage boodi, 00)ii Paclflo alall Httasihip Com
pany,C3; Galena tt ChioagoL4;Jfew Terk Central
Cincinnati Market.
ses, out prioei a rag along aaoui as reported a week are
Buperdns la quote,! at 84 8u4 10. extra at S4 SUBi 70,
family at (4 85015. Tbese ng area ars nominal.
Will AT Ie not offered freely, nor Is there anyde-
manu ot oonsaqoeocs. najers ao not oner mors teas
80c. for prime red. or tl 05 for prims whits. A year
ago to-day tbe flnt sample, for the eeason of new whits
ralMd In this oonnty waa ihown on 'Changs.
uubh is slow ot sais at xso., tnougo, to day la ligbt
receipt. ...
OATS ire hold at tl etnts. bat hudlv brine that
ngure. ,
ha kletws oaots nominally at Sua.
BYE It not In tnaut; S mbu Is tbs best It will
WUiaSY-Haia fair maiket at U,e.-CIncfkiU
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, June 25, 1861.
FLOUR Heavy, asd without sales of eonsea nines.
WHSAT-Lower. Salasof S.OOO tmebels from etore
at tl 00. The market is dull sad declining, and there
ia plenty onenng at uat ngnrs.
cukn uncaanred. .Sales of 1 oar on track atlle.
OATS Sals of 6.000 boehsls from ators at S0o-a for
mer decline. - , . (
. HIOH WINia-Steady. talis of 100 bbU at He.
AfFLCs Bales of si.ooo at sxe.
KflOS Steady at lOo. . - I
ltairy produoiaoontlous extremely dull at the same
nominal price a. Doming to nots in other articles.
The Public Works of Ohio.
Orrici or tax Lxeitas or ran Poaito Wdkca,)
i -J j Coioitsos, Jons IS, 1861. J-
TIIS nndersUrnsd having beooms the lessees of the
A Publlo Works of Ohio, under the aot of Ma fl. 1M1.
and having entered Into the poeeeiaion of aaid Works,
hereby give notice that In operating under said lease,
and discharging their duties under tbs earns, tbs boil
nets will be trauiaoted with tbs publls through agents
appoleted by ths.Lsaassa, under each miss, regulations,
resiriouona ana limitations, as snail bs prescribed tor
tbeir goTernment. i , ,
Tboie Asentt for the oreient, will ooniltt of ana Ban
eral Agent, a T, assurer and Beoretary, for the Osacrsl
Olllce of the Lsssees at Columbus; and th aeostaary
number of Superintendents of Be pairs and Osllsslors of
tolls oa tbs several Works smbraoed in the trass.'
Ibe Oeueral A sent shall bs the nrincioal aaaantlea
offloer of the Lstsees, and snail bar ohargs sf th gen
eral business ofnoe atOolambua. Us shall hays super
Tlslon over the buetnesa of tbe Lestses with tha nuhii.
and aa such agent shall execute all eontraets, sxoept
uioss ior isoor sou snatenaia eonnesiea wna tne ordina
ry repairs of the several Works, and he shall audit and
settle an accounts.
The dalles of th Treasurer and Reoretanr shall ha
suoh uare naually discharged by similar o8iors is, other
oasot. T -., ,
Tbs BunsTlntendenui of Rsnalra shall, ool their rs-
speotlvs dlrlrlons, hare power to employ Mil discharge
u IMBUIUIIUUI Win auvnra, ana VO pulSOSSS Sit tOO IS
and materials necessary in Ihs ordinary repair of such
division, and the tarns shall bs under their Special dl-
reotion ana meuagvmwui. ... a-. . . i . -
ThsOolleotors ot Tolls,, Water Bants and Vlnss, ar
lDTtated with all the authority and power, provided in
the laws of the Stats and, to regulations oil the Board
of Publio Works, made for that purpsse, wkee such Ool-
Motors aotsd unaer appointment andj authority from the
No tndtvldoal mssnbsr or th Lissies that aav tha
light to transact business in th nam of tha Lissssi,
with any person or persons, In any other manner than
through tbs appointed agents, anises specially authoris
ed be the Lee see s to do; nor shall hi on of tha an-
poinieo sgenis a s jit suuioniy to transact airy euilnees
In tbe name of t Lessees, sxoept In tbs particular
branahof the boat "Tuironflded to aim, and subject to
uie restncuoDs mna hi'iiikibs agenoy.'
No authority to r oiivmoney on the orsUlt of Ihs
Leeseet, shall evsr c any Lessee, ages tor other
employee oi tneaioet " i,imiuie tarns shall bseon-
rsrrea oy a onantmoa ivo, . . tuns lessees, at a regular
setlDg. and th amoa icanthorited to be) borrowed
tpsclfted in ths order and entered on the iou anal.
Oso. W. MsnrsHUT ths General Agebt of th
Leasees,-Bmuawia B. BsnTB, Xreaiurtr, And John
jotos. eeersisry. i ii 'iw. , i
The BUDorintendenta or Berslra ars : I
Oa the M. e B. Canal and W. B At sf. BosVWoaaM
CooNa, TWOafaa Baowif, Wat. Jacuoa and Aaaaa U
Baokds. ' ir. . .i t - . ( '1.1.
On lb Ohio. Walhsndtne- and Hsektne Candts and ths
Usaklngnm ImproesmsntBoSanT it, Moaaf, Xaoiaaa
aiaua, uawxa atouaBTav, avavtasrsa jaaestav, an
sinwaan bau. "i I
Tha Colleotorsan the Canals. Maikioiam' Improvs-
ment and Manms Bssd, are tbs aim that war la th
oervlotof tho Mi ate at th Urn oi tow execution ef tha
Lease! bat all th aforesaid areata held their aspetat'
meats at th p leasers and option of tbs Leaseeo.,, ..
t -. ma - . 1 , '. s i AVIRT JAKVUS, f
. m -v.-rw .. JUSBPU COO f SB, .
('- ' WM. J.' JACISO!,
-.1 l i THOMAS BROWN, t
Leasees of the roblie, Work.
Jel4-d3:s3w I . .. . ,
8 eV H.T. CHITTEfiDENs "
1 i "1 ATtORNItS AT lAW.
; T7 Ofltcea, 88fJ Broadway' New Tort t Icy, and
FUtsoxa' Beiuiwa, Columbus, Ohio. ' ;v
' ItyOarefttl attention paid tCllUont.
Town Street,
rVWIWfs TO Y II 17. VlU UDhwmnc.il
Vy the Union and the Bunny South, I hare concluded
33H3IaOX7" COST. .
The stock ooniUti or the largest lot of
In tha Mtmf nt PnlrtsnkM.,
Jaconets, . -
and all kinds of
the best UOOP SKIRTS in Columbus, snd at the
(owsw preoe.
Wholesale and Retail.
Then, ladles, all, both great and small,
Gome, givs m a call.
And then you'll Sod A. H. K. gToxaix
In all bis Glory.
A. M. K. BTORRIE, Agent,
Remember the War I No. 6i Town street,
aprllidSm Columbus, Ohio.
Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S
Strengthening Cordial and BUd
The Greatest Remedy-In The Vrld
ly s scientino and
Vegetable Compound,
procured by the dlitil
latlon of KooU, Herbs
and Barks, Yellow
Dock, Blood BooU
Baraaparllla, 7 1 1 d
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion enters Into its
Hcfort TaMn5ttr ' niiai After Taking.
principle of each Ingredient Is thoroughly extracted by
my new method of dlitilllng, produoing..a dellci-nn. ex
hllermtlng aplrlt, and tbe most INf ALLIBLH remedy for
renoTatlng lbs dlieaeed tyetem, and restoring the lick,
suffering and debilitated IJiTALU) to 1HALTH and
tflcMSAPI'S STRENOTHEfillHfl toll.
Will sfsetnally ears
OhTYinteor Nemos DeHlltr. Duwaaes of tho KldnTf-
and all diseases arising from a disordered Liver or Htom:
sen. Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward Piles, Acidity or Blot-
Bess 01 ths Btomaon, ruiiness 01 oiooa 10 uie nj,u
pain or swimming in the neaa. raib.taiion ui uie nean
VuilnaaaoT Wehrht la the Btomaeh. Boar Eructations
Choking or suffooattng feellrg when lying down , Drraest
in ti iiiwnesa nr tns sain ana siTes. siucufc swra ib
ward VeTsrs, Pain in ths small of ths baok, ohest or side.
Sudden flushes of Heat, Depression 01 Buinm, rngnuai
Tiiiii iABsmor. Deeoondsnov or any Nervoua Diseaas
gores r Blotches on ths Bain, and lover asd Auus (01
OhlliasaA sere.) - .
. - Over a nilUwn wt ateulea
Hare been sold daring th last six months, and lo so In
stance has It failed In giving entire satisfaction . Who,
then, will suffer from weakueet or Debility wheo Alo
No language can eonrsy an adequate Idea of the Imme
diate and almost miraculous ehangs produced by tsldni
this Cordial in tbs alios sod, debilitated and shattered
nomas system, whsthsr broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and nnstrang
organisation Is restored to Its pristine health snd vigor.
Or others eonselous of Inability, from whatever came,
will find McLea s Strengthening Cordial a thoroaeh
recsnsrator of. the tretem; and all who may bar injured
lhamaclvea by Improper indulgences, w.li flno. in the Co
dial a certain and speedy remedy . -
To the ladlee. ,
McLean's Strengtliciiiiig Cordial
It a sovereign and speedy curs for
Obotracted or DUBealt Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Diachsrgs thereof. Balling of tbe
Womb, Giddiness, fainting and all Duwaaes incldns t
There it no Kistake About it.
Suffer no longer.' Take It according to Directions. It
will stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate you and cans
ths bloom of health to mount your cheek again .
I rery bottle is warranted to gm sstuttsouun - -.
If roar children are sickly, pony, or afflicted, McLean V
Cordial will make them healthy, rat and robsst. Dels)
aot a moment, try It, and you will b convinced.
Oatmos. Beware of Branlsts or Dealers who mat
try to palm upon you soma Bitter or Baraaparllla trash,
which they oan buy cheap, by eeytni It Is Jnst as good.
Avoid each men. Ask for MoLeen's Strengthening Oor
dial, and tax nothing else- It Is ths only remedy that
will purify th blood thoroughly and at ths earns time
Strengthen th syitsm.
On tehlespoenful taken (very morning fasting. Is a
oertaln p reran tire of Cholera, Ohllls and f evsr. Yellow
rsvr, or any prswent aiseasea. 11 is put up in org
bottles. - .
Prioe only tl per tottls, or a bottles ror S3.
i J.H. MxLBAN,
Cols Proprietor of this Cordial, - -Also
MoLoan s Vokanlo Oil ulnlmenti
Prlndoal Donot on the corner of Third and Pint ttreetr.
St. IiOaw. Ato. 1
- - McLean's Yolcanlo Oil Llnlmeot. "' "
Th bast Llnbxsnt Th th World. Ths only asi and
certain cur for Oan oars. Piles, Bwsllings and Bron
chitis, ot Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of ths
Mosuies, vnronis 01 1 niismmawry - itnsumanam. Dim
ness of ths Joints, oontrscted Musolss or Ligaments,
Barsoha or Toothsohs, Braises, Sprains, Wound. Break
Oats. Dlosrs, fever Bans. Caked Breast Bore Nipples,
Barns, Scald, Bon Thost, or soy Inflammation or Pain,
ne diOereno how ssrers, or how long th dlseassmay
have existed. HoLsan's Celebrated Liniment Is a oer
tain remedy.
Thousands ef nam an Mings nav Men saves a ws 01
decrepitude and misery ly the n8 Of this tnvalnablo mod-
: nNIMENT -"-
Will rsllev pals almost Instantaneously, and It wll
ktanes, parity and Mat in rouiest sores ta au inorcai,
ly short ttm 1 1
ror Heraee Raid Other Animal.
McLean s celebrated Llaimsnt Is the only safe and tv
Babi rsmsdy for tbs ours of Spsvio, Ring Bone, Wind
alia. Snlints. Canatural Burnns. Nodes or Bwellings. It
will never rau to ears nig ueaa, rou situ, swum, iia
rannlng Sore ar Bwseny, If properly applied. For
Sprains, Braises, Scratches, Sores r Wounds, Ortckcd
Heels, Chafes, Baddl or Oollar Galls It ia so infallible
remedy. Apply It as directed, and a ear Is oertaln in
every Initano. 1 ' . - .
TiiMi tnns no wnser witn me manv worutien s.ur
aasBta offered to you. Obtain a supply of Dr. ftleLe w't
eslebratsd Liniment, it win oars yon. - . , , ,.
J.St, nsc a. k. Ani , roie 1 ropniiur,
Oornsr of Third and Pins Streets, Bt. Loutt, fe
for sals by all druggists. , 1 1
' aogi-dwlf-
Oolumbu, utile.
CALL AT NO. 88, SOUTH niOlf ST.,
and examine oar new make of ' .
snufoetarad by 1. HOWARD it CO i Bosten, Mast.
Tness Watobes ar far superior to anything ever offered
to thepobllo, heretofore. , Having the exoluslve sgeney,
I oan sell them at prioe to salt th times. I have Just
received a large atook of - -, '
- 4 ' .. -i
amnsaetored by APPLE ION, TKAOt, tt CO ; slso, a
toe aseerwasntef l.-s ' .:.'!.. 3 i -wyJ -ENGLISH
ia Odd and Sliver Oases, at Pan la prloea.
jan3 W. 3. BATA01,
An experienced Nurse and female Physician, present
to ths attention of mothers, ber
which greatly facilitates the process of teething, by toft
sning ths gums, reducing ail inflammation wit I allay
ALL FAIN and spasmodic action, and is
Depend upon it, mothers, 1 1 will glv rest to yourselves
Ws have put up and sold this artlole for orer ten yeaf s.
what we hare never been able to say of any other medl
,.'j,TN1BV,tI1 HAB 11 'AILBD, IN A B1NGL1 INhT
ANCB, TO IflBOT A CUBB, when timely used. Nev
er did ws know an instance of dissatisfaction by any on
who used It.- On ths oontrary, all sre delighted with Its
operations, and speak in terms ot commendation of Its
magical eUeots and medical virtues. Ws speak in this
matter "WHAT WB DO KNOW;" after ten years' expe
almost every Instance when the luteal la suffering from
pain and exhaustion, relief will be found in fifteen or
twenty minutes after theSyrup it administered.
this raluahle preparation Is the prescription of one of
New Bngland. and has been used with NBVXtt BAIL
ING BU00E88 lo -
It notoniy reliSTe ths child from pain, bat Invigor
ates the stomach and towels, corrects acidity, and glrei
ton and energy to the whole system. It will almost lot
ttantly relieve"
G2:?:a is the bo was, asd wind colio
and overcome convulsions, which. If not speedily rem
died, end in death. We bellere It ths BEST and HUB
B8T KBMBDY IN TUB WORLD, In all cases of UVJ
it arises front teething, or from any other cause. W
would say to sery motherwho hssa child suffering from .
any of tbe foregoing complaints 10 NOT LET Ynmi
stand between yon and your suffering child, and thc re
lief that will be 8UKE yes. ABSOLUTELY 8URK to
follow tbe uie of this medicine, if timely used. Bull di
rections for using will acoomnsnT earn bottle. Nona
genuine unless the facsimile of CURTIS Si PKBKINi',
New York, la on the outside wrapper.
Bold by all Druggists throughout ths world.
Prliclpal Office, 13 Cedar Street N.V.
Hi la praoiMly what its nam indicates, for, while
Ipkastnt to tbs tarts, it is rerlvityt og, exhilarst
iln. InTlviirAtlnff and atrenrtheninff ti thi 1a1
InnnrL And at tha UfflS tlma ravlvlflrs. ,in
bltiates, and renews the Blood in all its purity, aot
Ithut at onoe rettnrui and rtndtri t14 $vtt&in in
Wmwtraiii v auaccn oj aweai. it la tne only
ejlcally and skillfully eombtneo as to be it moil
priweriui wuio. auu m iu. mmww vimv au panecii
. .1 . . n -n la . 11. ,1...
p I Ul. l.Ll m,, mm v w.. iu Kii,Hwiuiuu, wiuu ui,
M aw, of nature, and hence will soorAe (As lotaktil
l.fotMcA, and tons up the dlsestlre ontans. ami!
thus allay all nervous and other Irritation. It M
Jk per eotly exhilarating, and at the same lime it It
vB composed sotirely of regetables, yet so oamblnedi
Ua tn nrodooe the molt thorough tunic eft-ct. vlth-
out nroducins anr Inlurious oonseauencea. Buch
a remedy has long been felt to be a deilderatum In
.he medical world, for it needa no medical skill to
itee that debility follows alt attaeka of disease, and
proceeds and indeed lays tb tysiem open to the
0 Insidious attacks of many of the most fatal, sch
fur example, aa the folloeing: Consumption, In
digestion, Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite, Falntness
. Neteoua Irritability. Neurale-ia. Paloitationol Hi-.
Cj! Heart, Melancholy, Night Sweats. Languor, Giddi-
h' nest, uetsnuon 01, as wen ati siniut otistructeu
too profuse, or too scant stenstruatioa, and Fall-
8 ling of the womb. Ibese all depetd upon genenli
'debility. Tbls pure, healthy, tonio cordial and:
uiooa nenoTsior i h sure 10 care as tnu sun 10
rise and aet. There Is no mistake about it. But
this is not all. If the ay stem te weakened, we atel
opto to bilious attacks, tbe liver becomes torpid,
or worse diseased, ths kidneys refuse to perlotm
fJi their functions, and ws are troubled with scalding1
I (.Una inoontiLsncs 01 urine, or inroiuntaryais
charge of the same, pain iu the baok. side and be- A
tween the shoulders, exceedinily liable to slight'!
Rolds. ooughs. and If unchecked, soon emaciation
I IgraTS. Bat space will not allow nt to etiumeruie'f 1
' the many ills to which ws sre liable In a weakened. V
condition of tbe system. But we will say, In thii
Cordial and Blood Renovator you have a penwt.'Lj
safe, pleasant and effectual remedy for loss off
Appetite, biliousness, Flatulence, weak and licit! V
ijtomsch. Languor, Liver Complaint. Chills and
Fever, or aoy Bilious attack, Cosiiveneas, Acidity
of the Stomach, Nervousness, Neuralgia, Palpita-
tlonof the Heart, Depre talon of Spirits. Bores.
Pimples on tbe E'aco, or any dissats ariainx from
imjure blood, euch as Bcrofula. Brysipelaa. Brcn r
hltis, Oouih, difficulty of BreatbiuK, and all thatT".
wlass of diseases called female weakness. and M
irm led ammrm. Wa will alao sap tiim traveler U
exposed to epidemics, change of climate and wat-f
ler, will find its pleasant, sals and sure remedy,. U4
ana none snouia svsr travel wunouu Header.; mf.
try It. for we aunre you you will Snd In It a friend
indeed, as well as a friend in need. All peitontof
'sedentary habits will find it a perfect preventive of
as well si core for those ailments to whioh they art
particularly exposed, riencs ministers,stuacnu,st
torneye, literary gtntlcmen,tnd ladies who are no
accustomed to much outdoor exerolse, will Sod li
10 their adrantags to keep a bottle constantly oc
nana: ana, aoove an, motnsrs, or tneae becommv
suchi will go through that moat dangerous perioo
aet only win all their seoaatomed strength, but
safe and frss from tbs thousand ailments so prev
alent among the female portion of th world. It
ihort. It it indeed a mother's cordial. . Tn it. ok
and young; no longer run the risk of delay: it wll,
relieve and prove Itnlf stnnhatioallr s littiora
fie Cordial and Blood Rtnovator.
O. J . WOOD , proprietor, 444 Broadway. Ne
York, and 114 Marke t Street, Bt. Loots. Mo., anc
sold by R0B8UTS at BAMUEL, Oolumbni, Ohio
snd all good. DruzgUuu ' Pries One Dollar
per BoUlt."-. ', , marchaS-dfcweowly
nwnufaelarera wf all Itltiela :f For
tablw and Ntettionarf Steam En
gines, Haw mills, vrlat JU1IU,
' dec., doc.
LAXS SODISi Beatml B. ct . TBeaitnt
. ot CO. BeaUn! 1 1 1 1 J
vur ronuDM AGgioe, ana oaw uui
Wa awarded the first premium of a 3D at the Indian
Stat lair for l?6ff over Lane A BodUrj'e on account of
Prlee, llghtpese, almplicity, economy, of luul
and superior character of- lumber eawetl.
'Our Stationary Bngins was awarded- at the tame Fair
th tret premium of $ JIM). . ' -
Our Portable Engine was awarded the flast premium of
S100 at the Pair at Memphis, Tenn., over Ulandy'a Da
vall's, Oolnmbus Machine Co'i., and Bradford At Go's ,
by a oormcltte of pnctloal Railroad Bnginesra.
or prlee and terms address
, WILLAHB WABNEB, Treasarer,
deo.Vdfcwlrer.il. - " Newark, OMo
- -WlseHle aa Ketall Dealer In
No, CO Ilfth Btjeet.
Ke.iT oiistantlr OM hand all the) wa
rltatBUANuSsI .
Oct. k lyd ,, ., , , .
HUM U ilil
Margaret D. Phillips' Estate.
the undersigned bat been duly appoloted by II
Probst Court ef Franklin county, Oblo, Admlnlstrattia
ef ths estat of Margaret D. Phillips, 1st of said eountf.
Dated Jan S, 1861. , MIBT MATHCE.

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