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Tbe Adams ExpreM Company places us dally
uuder obligations to it for tbe very latest papers
nuui iub eastern cities, j,
The American Express Company has our
thanks for Its dally favors in the shape of tbe
ery latest eastern papers. ... , -
State Tiachiss' Association Tbe annual
meeting of tbe Ohio State Teachers' AsB0cia
tion will be held at Elyrla, Lorain county, next
week, commencing on Tuesday, July 3. The
following is the regular order of exercises:
1. Inaugural Address by tbe President, Dr.
A. D. Lord. Columhna.
2. Annual Address, by Hon. James Monroe,
3 Address by Hon. Anson Smyth, School
Commissioner, upon the Condition of Schools
in me state.
4 Address by Rev. Thomas Hill, Yellow
springs. Subject The True Order of Studies.
5 Report on Gymnastics in Schools, by M.
T. Brown, Toledo. '
6. Report on Primary Instruction and Disci
pline, by Andrew J. Rickoff, Cincinnati.
7. Report on Compasition Writing in our
Common Schools, by Rev. Robert Allyn, Cin
cinnati. - ,
8. Report on Local School Supervision, by M.
F. Cowdery, Sandusky.
9. Discussion on Modes and Results in Teaoh
ing Spelling. .
10. Reports on the President's Inaugural.
U. Reports from Counties on the Condition
of Schools and Education. -12.
Exhibition of Lewis's New Gymnastics.
ST An elegant sword of the regulation pat
tern was presented to Lieut. John Siibmt, of
the Steuben Guards, on Wednesday evening, by
a party of friends assembled at tbe residence of
Mr. Edward Jaioxe. Lieut. S. Is here -on
furlough, but will soon rejoin his company at
Camp Deaoieon.
ST The Indiana Qurtermaster bas awarded a
contract for furnishing 6,0QO knapsacks, at 43
cents each, to A. M. Dinio & Ce., of this city.
IO" The number , of Southerners passing
through Cincinnati this season to the North,
exceeds that of any preceding summer. Many
of the families are those of officers in the
Southern army. The hotel registers show an
avarage of a hundred Southerners per day.
ST The Collector of Cincinnati has seized
nearly fifty thousand dollars worth of goods
destined for the South.
ID Tbe Seventh Regiment, Col. Tins,
passed through this city, on Wednesday Bight,
on a special tram, en route for Bellaire. They
were fully equipped, the same train taking their
tents, norses, wagons, etc.
O A report reached Cincinnati on Wednes
day evening, that an army or fifteen thousand
was marching on Phillippl, a fow miles beyond
which the enemy was concentrating.
ETComplainto reach us from Richland, Stark,
and other counties io Ohio, of cheat in wheat,
and of ravages by the weevil. But we have
reason to believe that these evils are not very
extensive in their operations.
Thb Olu Qoakxr's Aioomint In these
days of wild excitement, when rebellion is rife
in tbe land, we Sad among many p( onr mod
erate and peace loving citizens exemplifications
of tbe following story, which is told in the arti
cle entitled " The Bjok Hunter," in the May
number of Blackwood's Magazine. Tbe hero
of it was the first Quaker of that Barclay fami
ly which produced Ihe apologist and the pugilist.
He was a Colonel hi the great civil wars, and
bad seen wild work in his day; but in his old
age a change came over him, and becoming a
follower of Gkoigc Fox, he retired to spend the
residue of bis life on bis ancestral estate in
Here it camo to pass that a brother laird
thought the old Quaker could be easily done,
and began to eucrouch upon his marches
Bdrchet, a strong man, with the iron sinews of
his racej and their fierce spirit still burning in
his eyes, strode'tipto tbe encroacher, and, with
a grim smile, spoke thus :
" Friend, thou knowest I have become a man
of peace and have relingulshed strife, and there
fore tbon art endeavoring to take what Is not
thinff own, but mine, because tbon bellevest
that, having abjured the arm of flesh, I cannot
hinder thee. And yet, as thy friend, I advise
thee to desist, for shouldst thou succeed In rous
log the old Adam within me, perchance he may
prove too strong, not only for me, bnt for, Are."
There was no use of attempting to answer
such an argument.' '
u-T. .1 ne Boston Alius proposes as a way to
get rid of tho negroes, to put them under the
command of Gen. Schcnck.
O" Tbe Circleville -Herald gives e, glowing
account of the crop prospeots in the garden
county of Pickaway. The wheat never looked
better; corn Is growing. finely, and oats look
well. -
ST It is idle as well as absurd to impose our
opinions upon others. The fame ground ol
conviction operates differently on the same man
In different circumstances, and on' different men
in the same circumstances, ; v
ST Forty tons of provisions were shipped by
rail from Cincinnati, on Wednesday night, for
the troops at Bellaire,
BT Eighty horses, twenty wagons and team
sters left Bellaire on Wednesday, by railroad,
for the use of the amy." ,. J
O" There are 983 convicts in the Penitentiary.
Rail Road Time Table.
trmiUtAW It Osumauslc Xnn' B. .. i
, , ' . leavea. Arrlvet
Cincinnati Accommodation. 8:00 A. M, . 8:10 P. M.
' apreia 11:40 A. M 11:08 A.M.
Mall and Accommodation.. 9:10 P. M. 8.00 p, M,
Might Kxpren yia Dayton.lS:OQ mianlghtV:,3:Sp A., U,
' Jito. W. Dodirtv, Agent.
': Coioinoa OurvtLAMD B. B. ' f'' I ' M
5Lg"J!i2IS"''4 ...-3:40 A.M. ! ! 11:HP.M.
S fllr?i7.'? ll:10A.M. . 10:S0A.M.
0.0. 0. W ay Kxp re i.. 8:i0 p.M, . .1 7.Mp, M
Ma Pattbhoh, Agent.
CnrnuiOnto R. B. ' ...'.,..( .
No. 3 ExpriM.. ........
No, 5 do i... ......
3:30 A, '
S:1S P. M.
11:95 A. M.
c 11:15 A. M.
J. nat- Aoent.
PrrrnosaH, Ooumini k OncrmuTi B. B,N
MallTraln ,., 330A.M. 11:95a
Kxpreielrata. 11:96 A.M. S:46p'.i"
' 1 ."!v.' t Bo,""01'i Agent.,'
Ooimnos It IsDiARoroua, R.B. ' '. ' .;
(OoLcxsua P10.OA St Impiana R. B.)
No.l BxpreM 8:30 A, M. '
8:00 P, H
No. 8
3 00 P. M
R:43 P. M.
10:50 A. M.
W. Buna, Agent.
or Eemlnal Weakneaa, Sexoal Debility, Nervoaineaa,In
voluntary Bmlwlons and Impotenoy, molting frooa
krir-ahu.e, Ao. By Root. J. Oulverwell,. M. D. Bent
umlrr teal, In a plain envelope, to any addiempoat
paid, on reoelpi of two itampa, by Dr. CUA8. j.O .
KIiINB, 197 Bowery, Mew York. Pott Offloe Box, Ma'
4.3b.. martl:miiw
o. ?' ? Jork " """on. Albany, Buffalo,
PltUbnrgh, eteubenvlll. way. Cleveland, Zanesvlll
Newark, Granville, Washington City, Baltimore, Phlla
in vS 'm Mw0rlen. cloie dally (Sundays except-
v viwa ids
A through mall for New York and Cleveland eloiei
dally (Sunday! excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
0, C. AO. B. H. w Mn -in... rf-n. p.j.. ...
eepted) at 9 o'clock p. m.
Central Ohio Way ball cloieidally (Sunday! excepted)
at 10 o clock a in
10 o'odca VSyMa" olo,M W" (BBndT "eeptsd) at
Chicago, Duhnqoe, Delaware, Marion and Worthing
ton Mailt oloaei dally (Buudaye excepted) at il o'clock
Mail! for Zenla. BnrinrflnM. Tli.l. itmi. ni..i
nail, Indlanapolii, LouitTille, Bl. Lonla, and Detroit,
Clowe dally (Sunday! exoepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
A throuih mall to Yni. anrin.a.M St,
cloeee daily (Sondaya excepted) at 10 o'clock a. m.
ujm, rlqn, nun M union City mall eloiei dally
(Sunday! exoepted) at 8 o'clock p. m. .
Laocaater, Logan, Nelaonvllle, Clrelevllle, Ohllllcothe,
PortamoBUi, Washington O.H., Athene, Marietta and
Ullliborouih nulla cloae dallr (flnnrla.. .A,,t..n a
o'olockp.m. - " 7".
a SMJaW?M11 by N"1 Boad to Zaneavllle eloies
dally (Sunday! excepted) at Ho'clock ro.
IlarrUburgh alallcloaee dally (duodayiexceptea) at3
o olock p.m. .
Ut. Vernon Ifatl. bv wavnf w.f'MrMi. a...,
eloaee dally (Sundaya excepted) at 3 o'clock p.m.
TlMhllft Mall MlHaaa a . . I , . . .
v.v. uaiijrvDUDuayiexceptea)atvo clock
' ni
Lancaiter Way Mall cloiea dltv tar,... J
o clock p. m. r . '
Malta from New Ynrfr. DmIaii. Dkii..iut. n ......
Albany, PltUburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla
and all Southern eltlea, arrive between the honnof 8
0 olock p.m. and 4 o'clock a. m. .
Maila from Indianapolis, Chicago and Dnbaqne arrive
at 3:40 a. m. .
Malta from Waahlngton City, Baltimore, Wheeling,
Zaneavllle. Newark. Suinhmiii it.t.J ..a .,'
0.0. K. B. Way Mall, arrive at 19 o'clock m.t
injiu uincinnati arnvea at S o clock p. m.
Lancaater Mall arrivea at 9 o'clock p.m.
But Wav Mall orer the N.tlnn.i h..a n
o'clock a.m.
fit. Vernon Way Mall arrivea at 11:00 a. m.
MM from Dublin arrive at 19 o'olookm. - i
Urbana War Mail uriia i 0 n'.u m
BarrUborgh Mail arrive! at 11 o'clock a. m.
Lancaaler Wu Mail irrlTM at 19 nVii.
Offloa delivery open every day (except Bundav) from
0 a. m. to 8 o'olook p. m. Open nn Bonder!
o'clock In the ,
REPORTED FOR THE STATESMAN. Important from Baltimore--Arrest of
REPORTED FOR THE STATESMAN. Important from Baltimore--Arrest of Marshal Kane--Proclamation of
Gen. Banks appointing a Provost
Marshal, and Superseding the Powers
of the Police Commissioners.
O'olock this mnrninv. tianrna P
Kane, Police Marshal of this eitv. rrMi.,t
at his house, by order of Gen. Banks, and con
veyed to Fort MoHenry, where be is now held
as prisoner.
Gen. Banks has issued a nronla milt Ian nnml.
nating John R. Kenley, of the Maryland Regl
ment, Provost Marshal, and also superseding
the powers of the Police Commissioners. Mr.
iveniey is to exercise supreme control over the
Police Department until some known Ioval ritl.
zen Is appointed to act as Marshal.
ibe proclamation gives as a reason for the
arrest of Kane, that he is known to be aiding
and abetting those in armed rebellion against
tbe Government, and la at the head of an arm
ed force which he bas used to conceal rather
than detect acts of treason to the Government.
Considerable excitement Is occasioned by the
arrest of Marshal Kane. The Union meu are
pleased, but tbe secessionists are indignant.
Col. Kenley, Provost Marshal, waited on the
Mayor and Police Commissioners.wben the latter
asked time to oonsider the matter. Kenley re
plied that his orders were immediate. He then
proceeded to the Marshal's office, taking pos
session. The Commissioners then directed the
officers to obey tbe military authority, but de
dared their intention to prepare a protest against
the action of the government.
No Great Rattle to be Fought-Gen.
Scott's Plan of the War.
[Special to Times]
reports circulated of change in tbe
plans of Gen. Scott, and that he will commence
aetlve operations against tbe Rebels are erro
neous. We are farther than ever removed
from battle.' Gen. Scott bas no purpose of risk
ing a general engagement. Tbe only conflicts
between us and tbe Rebels, which are likely to
transpire at present, are skirmishes. Gnr.l
Scott's programme is tie concentration of Fed
eral forces in Virginia and tbe other border
states, in sucn large bodies as to make It mad
ness for the Rebels to attempt attack. While
thus intimidating; them, the presence of our
iorce win encourage the loyal oitizens to rise in
suiucient numbers to prevent any further out
rages, cut off tbelr resources, increase the dis
satisfaction in their camps and oause desertion,
anu oj ioub narraesing ana demoralizing them,
uiyo iuem irom me ooraer Dtates.
Gen. Scott is confident that, this accomplish
ed, tbe loyalty of the Border States is fixed.
Then it is bis purpose to transport by sea an
immense force to operate against the Gulf
States. They will be landed under the protec
tion of men-of war, at the prominent points on
the Atlantio and Gulf coasts, aad thns threat
ened by the approaobes lrom the lea, the au
thorities of tbe different States will at once re
call their troops from tbe main body; and tbus
break-up their grand army and make it power
less for any offensive movements. The fras-.
menta in tbe different States being then out off
irom supplies irom in e Border States, will be
driven to accept terms from Washington..
It is no part of the plan as at present arrang
ed to attack tbe debris of the Rebel armv. or to
attempt to retake any of the stolen forts; as the
restoration of them will be made one of tbe con
ditions dictated to the Rebels when thev find
themselves forced to accept terms.
By January , be thinks, the Rebels will be en
tlrely defeated and the Union reconstructed.
Communication has Just been had with Beau,',
regard at Manassas Junotion. A lady just from
there who had an interview with Beauregard,
who said it was not his Intention to attack Wash,
ington, but aot on the defensive.
Lieut. Tompkins and command are safe at
The Falsity of Gen. Buckner's Statements.
- . menta.
CHICAGO, June 27.
the meeting between Gen. McClellan and
uen. JuucKner, at uairo, subsequent to the meet
ing at Clnoinnati, no allusion whatever was
made to tbe agreement reported by Buckner to
Gov. Magoffin. A gentleman of this oity pres
ent at that interview, states positively that
Gen. McClellan disolaimed any power to aot
beyond the orders of Government. He did not
promise how be should conduot himself for the
future, and did not want any engagement.
From Williamsport.
eavalry crossed the Poto
mso this morning, after the withdrawal of the
Federal troops from Shaffer's Ferry, and de
stroyed the ferry boat, and then re-crossed. The
Federal cavalry pursued them unsuccessfully.
Colonel Lamon has raised throe companies
bis Virginia Regiment. . -
It is said General Jackson's force has been
lnoreased, and Is now 5,000 Rebels. '
It is reported that Johnston's rear guard,
numbering 10,000, having twenty pieoes of
heavy artillery, besides' light batteries, are en
camped to-night withia four miles of Martins
burg. They left Winchester on Sunday night.
From recent movements of our troops, it is
evident that Patterson expects to strike or re
ceive a heavy blow. '..
It is certain that Johnston will sot attempt
orosi the Potomao at Willlamaport, in tbe
face of the heavy batteries there. ' It is equally
certain that Patterson will not cross again. -
Col. Wallace speaks of assuming tbe offens
ive immediately,- and ,1s anxious to reinvest
Romney, ' ' fc " - ' .
The fores now coming from the vVest will
arls the Rebels from the rallcy o( the Po
tomac. !, ,-.,,.
miie said to be proposed by Jeff. Davis. 1
Intelligence from Manassas shows that tbe
SShXZZ f3 tTfr11?-,nd well
clothed nor fed. ' Alrfears of YttaMr r.
quarter srs torim?-!
appears the Rebels are rs-gatherlng at
Church. 0 8 Ther b,"'1ft.Wh
Dispatches from Washington.
[World's Special.]
ueneral Dix bas had several Interviews with
the Secretary of War and Gen. Scott, to-day,
and the subject of the future programme in this
immediate locality, was undoubtedly under dis-
cuaaioni out every indioation snows tbat noth
ing will be done to disturb the present calm till
after tbe 4th of July.
Four foreigners arrived at Alexandria to-day
vu paeeco eignea py ine aritien consul at Klch
mond and ex Governor Letoher. Tbey state
that Richmond is well fortified, and but few
troops there, most of them having been sent to
iiunoiK ana manaesas.
It Is now officially denied that Gen. McCUl,
lan made any such agreement with Buckner as
was reported.
Rumors reached the city to night by special
sieamer irom fortress Monroe, that a reoon-
noltering party was fired into by the Rebel bat
tery at Sewell's Point lant niirht. n,i
killed and many wounded. '
-Tbe names of Capt. Dabney II. Maury,
AosiBiaui Aajuisnt toenerai, uarter u. otepnen
son, 6th Infantry, and 2nd Lieut. Edward Dillon,
tun iniantry, an ot Virginia, nave been stricken
from the roll of tbe army, for entertaining and
expressing treasonable designs against the Gov
ernment of tbe United States.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
has been received hnrn
exposing a cunningly devised plot of the Rebels
to possess inemselvesor the California steamers
running to Panama. Their olan is to nlace nnon
these steamers as they leave port, a number of
men in tne capacity or steerage passengers,
who shall, after getting to sea, rise and over
power the crew and seize the steamers. By
such maneuvers they hope to possess the treas -ure
transported upon these vessels, to replenish
their empty treasury, and also to possess them
selves of powerful first class steamers, to be
used hereafter as privateers to prey npon our
commeroe. This desitrn may havo been exenu.
ted before this.
Lieut. Tompkins's Cavalry discovered tbat
2000 Rebels had advanced to Vienna and rees
tablished a battery; uot, it is thought, for an
attack, but to induce Federal troops to advance
within reach of their concealed batteries, -
[Special to Post.]
A movement is afloat to elect Emerson Eth
erldge Secretary of the Senate. He will accept,
if chosen. r
An election for State Senator to represent
Fairfax County. Vireinia. will
day, but no voting is expected, except within the
lines of the Confederate troops.
[Special to Commercial.]
a and Evernt.t
Virginia, has arrived here from Norfolk hin
obliged to leave. He says everybody there
abouts is being forced Into tbe Confederate
[Tribune Special.]
Gen. Patterson received orders tn mn re
ward, which looks like a rebuke for his inactivity.
[To the Associated Press.]
sevaral rn.
Kansas, taking with him Gen.Lsne's procla
mation, caning on tne people of that State to
rally and fill un tbe resimenta. atatins rnii;-
ly his purpose to put down rebellion wherever it
be exhibited, and to sustain Union men without
regard to State or locality.
oenator James ti. Lane has received bis com
mission as a Brigadier General.
In addition to the three regiments heretofore
accepted from Kansas, he is authorized to raise
two, consisting of twelve companies of infantry,
four of cavalrv and fonr of artlliorv. Th
Colonels of these two regiments are Wm. VVIer,
who served during the entire Mexican war, and
is well known, and James Montgomery.
General Lane will occupy his seat during the
extra session of Congress. Ho expects to take
command of his brigade about the 20th July.
It is ascertainod on reliable authority, that
it is the fixed determination of the Government
totally .itln and potact U thai. Rnnattt,,-
tional- and legal rights, all those citizens of
i ennessee, wno, in tbelr devotion to the Union
are now struggling to wrest thoir State from the
hands of the usurpers.
It will defend all loyal States sgainst parts
vuoreui maiming to nave seceded, and aOord
them every protection aBainstdomeatin violin.
insurrection or invasion. Tbe government will
lurmsrt ine citizens ot sued states unable to de
fend themselves against their invaders and on-.
il. . . .... .
picoouro, uu wm epeeuuy come to their aid
with men and arms, in sustaining tbe constituted
authorities of tbe United States.
Tbe Postoffice Department, In consideration of
me loyalty ot tne citizens of East Tennessee,
hss made arrangements for furnishing them in
creased postal facilities. The maila will hp.
after be sent thither by Cincinnati instead of
It Is contemplated to send tbe retnrned Texan
united stales troops to tbe plains to keen tbe
Indians in subjection and the daily Overland
nuuie ciear, waicu commences next week,
Arrival of Fremont.
BOSTON, June 27.
came passonger io the Eurooa,
uuiEiiiuriigi lora IttBt DlgDt
From Richmond.
A refugee from Richmond, by tbe flag of
iiuwo uum, jesieruay, eays mat a worse than
Koman inquisition prevails in Virginia. There
is a stanaing order that no one shall be permit
ted to leave the countrv. Gov. LotcW i om.
pletoly overruled by Jeff. Davis and Beauregard,
uu iiru ma pairiousm is cauea in question by
the Rebels. ' J
From Kentucky and Tennessee.
The suit to test the legality ot tho blockade
of tbe Nashville Road, vesterdav. vm with.
drawn by the shippers prosecuting It.: It is
Keuerauy unaerstooa mac Air. Uutnrio, the
President of the road, will assume the respon
sibility and decline receiving freight, unless tbe
Collector's permit accompanies it.
Large quantities of contraband goods are
said to go over the road to inland Kentucky
towns, and thence to Tennessee.
; Two fugitive slaves, caught noar Corydon,
Indiana, were returned to Kentucky yesterday.
There was no exoltement whatever at their ar
rest. Msj. Geo. Pillow issues two proclamations in
the Memphis Bulletin of the 24th. One recalls
the order that whisky and tobacco be distrib
uted with the rations. He says he gave the
order on his own responsibility, supposing the
military board would allow it. knowinc thn
soldiers were gentlemen, and used to plenty of
wuicar uu tuuaucu. ine oiner nroriamai nn
states that all debts due the North are by law
now due the State, and are declared aelzarf nH
sequestered, and In renrlsal for illegal seizures
by the people of tbe North.
All banks sre required to state what amount
of stock is owned by enemies of the State, and
merchants, brokers and bankers, and all so in
debted, are required to report to the Adjutant
General, and meantime are ordered to pay such
indebtedness to the State only. These reports
are returnable July 10th.
A letter to the Journal from HnnVIn
Ky., says two military companies ot Christian
oonnty went to Clarksville, Tenn., and took
the oath of the Southern Confederacy. Tbey
afterwards voted in the late eleotlons
The Gunboat R.O. Tvler whlnh vnt nn th
rocks below the Canal last evenlni. ia likelv
to remain there for the nreacnt. ih ;.
is falling. . . ... .i
From Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, June 27.
Col. StaKnmn' n...ntv
Regiment, under Malor Currv. left for Rnnn.
ville this evening, where they go into camp.
w wuipauica ui voi- oieuars Regiment, des
tined to Jefferson City, left on the same train.
Nothing new from the West. It is understood,
however, that Gen. Lyon bas not left Boone
vllle, as previously reported. . ;
. the Pennsylvania Regiment
have been arrested and probably will be shot as
example. " . . t , ,
A number of cur troops left Willlamsport for
Falliag Waters last night. 1 ' t,
" Information from high officials, say a forward
movement will be made when sufficient artillery
and meant of transportation can bt hid.
The Confederate Tariff, etc.
publishes the new
confederate tariff, . All lnxuriea are charted
OK .... L I f , .
m per ucu., wuue useiui ana necessary articles
ranee irom 25 to 5 ner cent. Amnn ihA..
emptlons are bullion, coin, seeds, fertilizers,
muuen ui mveniions, nousenoia articles, and
personal effects not merchandise, breadstuff's,
ujnuuiauiureu Jirearma, eio. '
Exchange on New.York was 7(38 ner rent
premium. aBankers were sellinc ailver at a mr
, buu ijuiu Bt iu per cent, premium.
CHICAGO, June 27.
of New Vork. who has hflpn
appointed to see the Governors of tbe Western
otates, to urge tuem each to lurnisb one com
pany of sham shooters for Berdan's Replmpnt.
says he has been successful in every application
as yet. lie leaves for Springfield to-night, to
uw vruv. a aiea.
Prize Ship at Philadelphia.
The orize shin Amelia is at th TJ.tt. Var1.
Tbe cargo consists of iron crates, camo-ovens.
equipage, and machinery. The vessel is valued
at $12,000, and the cargo at $50,000. It is
tnougnt tbat arms are concealed in the crates.
From Baltimore.
This afternoon the Police Commissioners is
sued orders disbanding the Police; they also is
sued a protest signed by tbe Mayor as one
Doara. 1
Kenley swore la a new force. '
From Alexandria.
of Zouaves are reported captured by the seces
sion pickets to-day. 1 '
GRAFTON, June 27.
Cornoral Haves with twelvn men hlnnninr
to Col. Wallace's Regiment of Zouaves, while
scouting on Patterson's Creek, twelve miles
east of Cumberland, night before last, encoun
tered a party of Rebels numbering about forty.
A sharp engagement ensued. Seventeen of the
enemy are reported killed, and a number wound
ed. One of Haye's party was killed aud him
self badly wonnded. Tbey captured a number
of borser The Rebel force is at Buchanan s it
it reported to have been increased to 4 000. . .
New York Market.
NEW YORK, June 27.
FLOUR Hoary, nnaettled, and So to lOo lower. Ex
etate quite icarce and a moderate export inquiry la rela
tively firmer tban other deaerlpilona. Baiea of 13 8(10
carreu at ft iftait VU for auperfine atate; (4 004 U5
for extra itaiei (44 15 for auSerflna weatern; SI 35
B0 (or common to medium exits weitern; tvgi 15
ahippini brands extia round hooo Ohio: SS 25A85
trade brand! do. ; marketoloiliig uniettiedand with a
(trong downward tendency. Uauadtan fl mr dull and
common gradta a little lower. Haiti of 1201) barrel! at
ft wmra lor oommon to ctiolco extra.
HYB rLOUK la lelllng ilowiy at S 334.
CORN MBAL Quiet and DDch.noe.t.
WHISKY Quiet acd pilcea without material chance.
BaleiofliObMiat 15,V4llK 6
niusai ueavy, uuutilea and S to 4o net baikel
lower, with a Itronir deiiie to reallia onihiniri.f
k.i - a. n.i rn.i . n. . -
uuiucra. oa.es ui ou.uu ousueia vatcaao iDrlDfr at ju.nl
S3.40O buihela Nonhweatern club it 70ur3il l.l-
1'J.UOo buaheli Uaolne BDrlna at SI 03,3.1 S4: PR nun hi!i.
Milwaukee olub at fcJaSl iT, Se.OOU ouabela winter ml
weitern at 1 15idl 1U. cloilop ot Inilrle prloea; 18,000
buihela Amber Iowa at fl 08;0.iOO buibela white western
eiu9i w, auu ouanen wnue Kentucky at f 140.
a in Hvieii aaieaoi low ousneia at Ode.
BAULKY Unchaoged.
BARLKY MALT Dull and nomini.1.
CORN Continue! icarca and uric. t.n,l m.nir.l
Balet of 60 000 bushel! at 42JUo for Inferior to prima
" p.ii,iui w'4iq lurwcsiern ichow: ii &
S3c for white weitern.
OAT3 In limited reauest at 2?G3G tar weitum
vanaaiao, cuaii lor Hate.
VUKH. UUlel and Orlcei Wltlmnt ImnnrUnt .!,.,,.
Salea 430 barrel! at S1437!iffill 50 fnr ntfil. nnil fttl '1:1
rain - 1 , v -
SKKr NothlniT of moment dalnv linil anntitlnni nnm
nal at f 44 50 fur country prime; ti 603H for men;
fStlu for repacked mem; tlOSII for extra meat.
rime men neel nomlually Unchanged. --
nans nominally nnclnuaed. - '
OUT ME VT 8 Continue quiet nt4&5& for ihoald
DAUuN Qaieiaad nnrhatred.
LARD Steidr. Bale! 4(ia bsrrel at Hissiirv -
BOTTER-relllngat718XcforOhio, and' TJ15a
iur b's.b.
CHSK3E-In moderate rcqoot at 27 centi as in
SfSTOCKB-nigherand quiet. Chicago ft Ro;k Wand,
J4x; Galena Sr. Chtcairo, 0; New York Central. 73;
Harlem bondi, 75; PaeiUo Hail Sttamihip CompanytBO ;
Erie litmortgane booda, 101),; North Carolina 6'a. SO;
iliiaourl. 38X; Treaaury lS'a 101; extra divident Har
lem preferred. S3; Krio preferred, 43; Michigan Central
Oa.Ol; NewYotk Central Tt,90; Ohio 0'i bo; United
tatei C'l HI; United ritatei coupnna, 84; Georgia atate
iiS S,i vlrKlni 41 Tonntiaeo O'a, 37; Vanama,
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR Wu fonnd to le as hard as ever toiell. r.m
lly was sold at St 80. and auoerfine at 4 20.
WHEAT Sold a little more re a11 1 tnrl. hut mrr.
because of a willingness on the part of sellers than of
nuyeraw operate at last quotation!. Wo being the belt
ukuiw tor rra, ana si vxmi im tor wnite. the lest nrnra
wiuv rxcvptionai.
uukm is tept nominally at 28.-. ..
OATd Will not bring over 3o.
BARLKY Remain! neglected. ' 1
RYB Il Quoted at 45 eenti. hnt nnlhinv la Anro
- o
WHISKY-I mil Steady at KX ccnls.-Ciwslnnati
wrnrnrrciai, t.
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, June 26, 1861.
FLOUR-Dull and heavy and aelllni onlr In small
parcels. Salea of extra at ft SO.
WllUAT Ueair and lower. Than la no lncil demanit.
and salts can only be made for shipment. Wheat Is re
ported sold in Buffalo to-dty at f 1 00..
CORN Sale of 10,000 buih choice yellow at 32:, free
board, and 1 ear fiom store at 30 3.
oats nii at 300. ' .
HIOHWINB8 Bales of 30 bbll at 73V. and 40 hhli
and 25 do at 14o. . .
HBAN8 Qniet at CtVStl OS, according to quality, t
POTATOES Sale of 800 bush at 3Uo. . v.
CHEESE Sale of 40 boxes at Do. -LAUD
gala af IS kegi No. 8 at 7o.
BUTTER Salt of 1st kega oommon at Be. '
; Town Street,;;-;::'
AT ; 3PHIOJ3Et .
- - ; - 'ii
tbe Union and the Snnnv flnmh T
toaellont , I- i u ,
j. , A L L. AI Y G Q 0 D 8,
. .... ivin ; :
3332X.O"Vs7: COST. :
'. Ibaitoolc coniUts of the largest lot "of
Id thfl cttT of CMumrtnt
JACONETS, -.-.-.-
, BBIttUirTs," 1
'' . ESaEBAXDAS,' !:
MUltS," " - . ',
T.-i .'.) PT.ATTIS
" ' and all kinds of " J , ,. , w i
beit HOOP SKIItTil In CotnmW. and at the
: 'f I , loUHtt.pHOt ', 1 ' '' "i
Wliolesala and HotaiU - a
' ' Then, ladles, alt) both great and imallt 1 " '
' Come, glvs m a call, 1 ' 1
' And then you'll flod Ai'M. K. Btoi ' ' '
Inall bla Olory. .. . m
' , ' " M. K. 8T0RRIX, Agent,1 j
Bemantber Mia War I Ho 01 Town atreet. ' j
snrll:d3aa ,.. - , .. . .: Ooloabna. Ohls, '
Eitata of Franoit Craven, Deceased.!
notice tbat be has been appointed and aoallfieA as
AdBlnlitrator of the estate of frauds Craven, deceased.
fT.' J s z.""tZv''-'JM'""-
'V -
i.rv :
.'V-. - ... -r t-
1.1 At IZ"'
Ai all partlea manafactnring Sewing Haohlnea an obi
ItffMi ln.. 11 u , . ,,
-b". v - uiiwb m uutdbv vn ceco) macnue aoia,
- - - - w.p.ww m huh rviuru! w aim, uaaer
oatli. as to the nnmber aold, hli book! give acorreotitate-
muni. Imm thta MlUkU . . . . . . I
- , - wwuw awurow we umre ODtaincu ine
following itatiitica. Of the machines made la the year
1859, there were sold, , . . j ; .
' l- By Wheeler 4k Wllaoo....: Bl,
" I. M. Dinger At Co 10,093
Orover St Baker....... 10,280
Shnwlnv khm nf UTKaaIm L. tt-m j , I .
thou of any other Company."
Awarded the highest premium at the
. United Statea Fairs of 1858, 1BJ9 and 1860; ,
f , , : . alto at the ' '
' f - J OM State Vain of 1859 and 18M; -and
at nearly all the Oonnty Fain in the State.
On. iiriu. Ik. 1.1. .
loch Mick maehino now aold, and bat a trifle higher than
iMicivr nw tnrewM onum mag mocitnaa, now
forced noon the market.
Tha WHKUf.UM Ar . HTTT.QAW ariltrrwa i .v..
u waviiAMO, HI. CI JJB
tocx Stich the only one which cannot beraveled. It
Is Alike on Both Bioaaof the gooda, leaving no Hcfae or
ehalnmlh undtr.titU.
Ml macMnt vorranttd 3 ytart, and inttruciim
given In their nse, free of charae.
TT r li . 1. . . . I . . M . .
u. vnAa,oi nign n., voinmona, u.
dec3-2awd3mtw6m Pike's Opera Ilonae, Cincinnati.
W. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye!
this splendid Hair Dye has no ednal initantanenni In
effect Beautiful Black or Natural Brown no staining
the skin eriujuiing fcieEair remcmeataeanaat an
effect of Bid Dyes, and inviiroratea the lulr fnr nr..
Nona are genuine inleis algneoV "W. A. Batchelor."
Bold everywhere. 1 i
, , . . OHAg. BATOBBLOR, Proprietor, ,
Jylfcwly ' -. . 81 Barclay Blreet, New Tort.
Wm. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye!
i.yiie original and Best la, the .Worldl
All others are mere Imitations, and should be avoided
ifyonwlah to escape ridieale. , -
GRAY, BED OR RUSTY HATB Dyed Instantly to
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, wlthnn tinier to
BairerSUn. ''' ' -" '''
awarded to Wm. A. Batchelor lines lftio. mn nan nn
applications have been made to the Hair of his patrons
nis lamuai ayei
or not to be dlitlnrolabed from natnra. and la nnmy
not to Injure In the least, however long It may be con tin
ned, and the III effect of Bad Dyes remedied; tb Hair
Invigorated for life by this splendid Dye.
Bold In all cities and towns of the United Statea
Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers.
JTrThe Genuine haa the name anil andtmtm nj. Va'aa!
plate engraving on fonr sides of each box, of WILLIAM
Jyl2 wlv 81 BarcUy street, New York.
The Public Works of Ohio.
Orrici or nn Lciim or rni Pcbiio Works,)
CoLUMsoa, June 13, 1801. 1
rpiIS underairned having become the Leasees of tbe
1 Public Works of Oblo. under the act of M fl Ifli; I
and having entered Into the posseision of said Works,
uereny give nance mat in operating under aaid lease,
and discharging their duties ucder the same, the busi
ness will be transacted with the public through agenta
appointed by the Leasees, under such rules, regulations,
reitriotlona and limitations, as sball be prescribed for
their government. . .. - . - . V.A.
Tboie Agents for the present, will consiit of one Gen
eral Agent, a Treasurer and Secretary, for the Central
Office of tbe Lessees at Columbus; and the necessary
number of Buperintendenta of Uepalra and Collectors of
Tolls oa the several Works embraced In the lease.
The Ueneral Agent shall be- tbe principal executive
officer of the Lessees, at d shall have charge of the gen
eral baslnesa office at Columbus. lie shill
vision over the business of the Leasee with n. ,.,
aad m ueh agent ttaull execute all contracta. exoent
(I.M.fn. lalu.... n.te.l. . - I ... . . . "
vuatvoiea wicn toe rrdioa-
ry repairs of the several Worka.and he aball audit and
Tb dnilea of the Treasurer and HeoreUry snail
inch as are usually discharged by similar officer! in other
cases. ;
The Superintendents of Repairs shall, on their re
spective amsioni, nave power lo employ and discharge
all subordinates and laborers, and to purchase all toaia
and materials necessary in the ordinary repair of tuch
division, and the same aball be nnder their special di
rection and management.
The Collectors of Tolls, Water Bents and Ftnev, ar
Invested wlih all the authority and power, provided tn
the laws of the Btate and the regulations of the Board
of Public Works, made for that purpose, when such Col
lectors acted under appointment and authority from tb
State. ,
No Individual member of the Lesreei shall have th
right to transact business in the name of the Lessees,
with any person or persons, In any other manner thaa
through the appointed agents, unlets specially authorise
ed by the Lessees so to do; nor shall any one of the ap
pointed agenta have authority to transact any business
in the name of tha Lessees, except in the particular
brarch of the business confided to him, and subject t
the restriction and limitations of hit agency. ,
No authority to borrow money on the credit of th
Lessees, shall ever exist In any Lessee.' tmi or nthur
employee ot the Lessees, unless the same aball be con-
wrrea by a nnanlmou vote of tha Lessees, at a regular
meeting, and the amount so authorized to h bnrrnwun'
specified tn the order and entered on the Journal-
w. ri . mwinnsT me ueneiai Agent or tb
Lessees, BtNJmiN XI, BuiTlI. Treasurer. nd Jnnn
Jove, Secretary. i
Th Superintendent of Repairs are: f -'.-' '
On the M. at K Canal and W. R At af . B.n.,1 .Tnnn
Coofm, Thomas Baoavh. Wat. J. Jicnua and Aaaaa L,
BACStOS. .-..i .: c -. - I - . . j i
On the Ohio, Walhonding and Hocking Canals and th
Muskingum Improvement Robbrt II, Noau, Thoha
Millkr, Diiihis MoOasthy, Btlvcstka Msobirt and
dwaso BiLi,. j
Th Colleotorson the Oanals. Mniklnrum'Tmnrneai
ment and Manme - Road, are the same that were in th
service of the State at th time of th execution of tb
ijease; nut an mo aroresail agent hold tlialr appoint
ments at th pleaeure and option of the Lessees
'" ' WM. J. JACKSON, '
- ? J , f t. 5 i THOMAS BHOrVN.
' 1 ' i ' t Lessees of the Potalbi Work..
Clothing fox- Ohio Troops.
the office of A. D. Bollock. No. 19 Wait Heeand
street, Clnclonatl, and at tb Quartermaster General's
office at Qolumbus, until IS U. of SATURDAY, Jun
S9ih Inst., for th following supplies:' .., i
11,000 Regulation Overcoats, all-vrodl sky-hhe Kersey;
4 000 Herniation Irock Coats, all-wool, heavy dark
blu cloth; '. t'.j f ,1
4,0uO Regulation pairs Tro-wserS, ' aTi-wool, sky-bin
Kersey; - - - -- . ;
,i 500 Regulation Cavalry Jackets, heavy, datk-nlne
doth; - t
' 500 Regulation Cavalry Trowsera,' all wool, dark?
' blue Karaey, reinforced double eloth; '
,500 Regulation Artillery Jaokats, aill-woL heavj
. dark-blue oloth; . ,
500 Regulation Artillery Irbwseri, all-wool, dark
" bluKerseyt - -.. ' .-. , . . (
,wio negiuauoD vvsrooau r r mouatad men, aky-
blue Kersey;
10,000 Palri'Begufatlon Bocks;' 1 ' s '
5,000 Mhlrntr gray mixadj I .... j
5,000 pairs Drawers, gray union;
S.OOOpalrs Shoes, pegged or sewed." " ' '
All the above are required to b of matertali rd t-ii
iwniiuiwiiig w tvij ixwpm iv nn Brat Army Hegu
Sampl patterns of each article w',11 he fnmi.ir.AX
the Bute, aad mty be seen on and after the 5Kih in.i .1
myoffico-in Oloclnoati.and, at th, Quartemuuter 0oo
eral's office In Columbus. I
Bids must be made separately for each artiole, th am4
be Indentd aa nvelop.-) (
For all accepted bid th parties will ha nn,m
glv bonds to the BUt or Ohio, with sufficient security
for tb faithful performance of tb oontraott and is
of falrureln the tine of delivery or In the quality ot
the articles, tb Stat reservea th rigbt to prucur
mjcui .inwuoivm iiiv sxpcDi oi uie contraotor. - i
Payment to be mad at tb nlaunm nt th .i. riitl
ninety day from th completion of Contract. AS
artlolea ahall bs lubjeo to lnipeotlon nefor being rsl
ceived by the BtaU.v-' - a . ,w T
DellvrytbmadsatOolugibun one quarter withia
ten days from dat ot contract, and to be soaptatei
within thirty daya, at th rat of ona foarth ot pholi
aiuouuk in even wee inereajiar. ..,... T , , i . I
No bida for leae than fire kundrad Bbaaa at n ni.1
riioia win wwuiasnti. ,n . , ,.-,
wOblo manufactured goods will be preferred. , .
,... ra u J.w,M 1.-.-.O. P. BUOKINOHAMt,
Army Clptbioj Commluionen for tk Stat of Ohio
1 '
fore existing between th nnderslgned,. under th
firm nam of AKtleTRONO At THOU P80N, waa dlvoln
ny snutoai oonssm on tne erst-day of April. 18Sti
u voums ot uie saw nrm win o aattled by S.i Bi
AjtUBTRpno, who continue th business at th old standi
.'tYa'i.-i oil ..-.. B. ARMSTRONG
siayi8-a3w. ,,.j :., ,; ,. THOMPgOJl..jv
i : -
A A.E Andres kid oeotes.
a. All sixes and wlors Just opened at BAINB,
deo.ll. No. WSoutlinigb street
a, v. ;.. jays a.
" " Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S " " ' '
StrengtheiUBg Cordial ud 'Blood
Hi; PunipiEii:1 "ihh
Tbe Greatest Henaeslria Tlie World-,
AND 1 '
ry a acientlflo and
Vegetable Compound,
tracured by tb dlstll
ttlon of Roots. Heita
and Barka, Yellow
Dock, Blood Root,
Banapariiu, IF 1 I d
vuerry uant ana Dan
delion enters Into its
Before Min&ur aouv nmediaiAftcr Taking.
principle of each Ingredient is thoroughly extracted by
my new method of distilling, producing' delicious, ox
bileratlng spirit, and the moat INFALLIBLE remedy for
renovating the diseased system, end restoring the tick,
suffering and debilitated INVALID lo HEALTH and
dial .. ,
: . Will iffoctaally our i , ; ;
Chronic or Nervous Debility, Diseases or th Kidneys:
and all dlseasea arising from a disordered Uver or Btom
sen. Dyspepsia, Heartburn. Inward Pile. Acidity or Blok-
neea of the Stomach, Pullneas of Blood to tbe lieaJ, Dull
fain or swimming In tne bead. Palpitation of th Heart
ullnetsor Weiiht in the Btraach, Sour Bruetatlona
Choking or suffooatlng feeling when lying down , Drtneat
or Yellowness or ui tutu ana Bye, mgnt sweats, in
ward P evare. Pain Is th small of the back, cheit or side.
Bndden flushes of Heat, Depression of Spirit, frightful
Dreams, Languor, Despondency or any Nervous Diaeaaa
Bore or Blotches on th Bkin. and lever and Arua (ot
. Over a Million el Kottlen , . .; .v
Have been sold during the last six months, and In no In
stance has It failed In giving entire callsfactlon. Who,
then, will suffer from weaken or Debility when Mo
No language can convey an adequate idea of th Imme
diate and almost miraeulou change produced by taking
thli Cordial in the diseased, debilitated and ahat tired
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or unpaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
organisation is restored to It pristin health and vigor.
Or others conscious of Inability, from whatever cans,
will find McLean Strengthening Cordial a thorourh
regenerator of the system; and all who may have Inlnred
themselves by Improper Indulgences, will find m the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
To tbe Ladies. . . "
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
" I a sovereign and speedy cure for i
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof, railing or tb
Womb, Giddiness, Painting and all Dlasaeas Incldn t
remaies. ......
Xnsrs is no Mistaks About It.
Buffer no longer.- Take It according to Directions. Il
williUmulate, itrangtben and kavigurat you and causa
the bloom of health to mount your cheek again,
very bottle la warranted to glv satisfaction.'
If your children are sickly, puny, or afflicted, McLeans
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Cell
net a moment, try it, ana you win o convinced.
Cannon. Beware of Druggist or Dealers who ma)
try to palm npon yon somaBltterorSaraaparllUtrul,
which they can buycheap, byaayinf It Is Just aa good.
Avoid such men. Ask for McLean's Strengthening Oor
dial, and take nothing else It Is th only remedy that
will purify th blood thoroughly and at the same tim
strengthen the system. -..,
One tablespoonful taken (very morning fasting. Is a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and Vever, Yellow
fever, or any prevalent diseases. It ia put up la large
Price only tl per bottle, or 6 bottle for $5.
- J.U. McLKAN,
Sole Proprietor of this Cordial,
Also McLean's Volcanic Oil uiniment.
Principal Depot on the corner of Third and Pine streets,
Bt. Louis. Mo.
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
The best Liniment In tb World. Th only safe and
certain cure for Owner, Pile, Swelling and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
Muscles, Onronio or Inflammatory Rheumatism, Stiff
ness of - the- Joints, contracted Muscle or Ligament.
Barache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprain, Wounds, Vresti
Cute, cwera. Fever Bores, naked Breast Bore Nipples,
Burns, Bcalda. Bore Thoat. or m InBaauaatian or Pain.
no difference how severe, ot bo long th disease may
hM mwiatmA- U.ln'. UUImIaI f L- -
Uin remedy.
Thousand of htunan being have been aaved a life of
aecrepituuo ana muorj by tue iu er tale invaluable mod
clue. ...... ( ,
Will relieve pain almost Instantaneously,, and It wll
cleanse, purify and heal tbe foulest torn in an incradl
ly short tun. I . .' . i , ,
' For Horses and ether Animals.
McLean a celebrated Liniment I the only safe and re
liable remedy for the cure of Spavin, Ring Bone, Wind
galla, Bplinta, Unnatural Bump, Nodes or SwelUngi. It
will never fail to cur. Big Bead, Pell Bvil, lunula. Old
running Bore or Sweeny, If properly applied. Poi
Bpralm, Bruises, Scratches, Bore or Wounds, Cracked
ukii uhares, eaduia oruoiiar uaimt is an lnmilibli
remedy. Apply It aa directed, and a cur is certain is
very instano. ....
Then trifle no longer with th man srorthlws Lini
ments offered to you. Obtain a snpply of Dr. McLean's
celebrated Liniment. It will cure you.
J. n. iricLEAN Bole Proprietor, '
Corner of Third and Pin Streets, Bt. Louis, Mo.
tor sale by all druggists. ' 1
for sale by ROBERTS At 8AMUXL,
' Aug'iD-dawl " ' - OolumtHH, Ohio;
Effective, - Bale and Economical
Compound,, '
To Its original color without dyeing, and preventing
. iiair irom turning gray.
And ouring It, when there Is th leut particle of vitall ;
or reouperativa energy remaining.
And all cutaneous affections of the Scalp.
Imnarttnr to It an uneaaled gloss and brilliancy, maklni
It soft and silky in its texture, and causing it to cm)
readily." '' -
Xn great oeieonty ana tnareasing aemana rortnis un.
equaled preparation, convinces the proprietor that on
trial ia only necessary to sansry a oisoarning puouo as its
superior qualities over any other preparation In use. It
oieanse th head and scalp from dandruff and other
cutaneous diseases, causing th hair to grow luxuriantly
giving it a rich, soft, glossy and flexible appearance, and
also, where tha hair is loosening and thinning, It will giv
strength and vigor to the roots and restore Uie growth to
hose parts which have become bald, earning It to ykU s
resh covering of hair.- ' 1 '
There ar hundred of ladles and gentlemen Id Nw
Tork who hare had their hair reatored by tbe use of Urn
Invigorator, when all other preparation hare tailed; L,
M. hai in his possession letters Innumerable testifying
to the above facta, from persona of th bigheat idaeota
bllity. It will effectually prevent tb hair froea turning
until th lateit period of life; and In ease where the hail
haa already changed Its color, the use of the Invigorator
wilt with certainty restore it to it to it original hue, giv
ing It a dark, glossy appearance. A a perfume for-th
toilet and a Hair Restorative It la particularly recom
mended, having an agreeable fragrance; and the great fa
cilities it affordi In dressing th nalr, which, when' matsl
with th Invigorator, can be dressed In any required
form so u to preasrv Its place, whether plalnjorln ourlsi
henoe the great demand for it by the ladies aa a standard
toilet article which none ought to be without, the price
places It within the reach ojf all, being ' i
Only Twenty-Five Cents ' !
per bottle, to bo had at ati reapeotabl Druggist and
PerfMXre. , ... , .. t
L. MILLER would salt th attention of Parents and
Guardians to th use of his Invigorator, in cases where
the children's hair Inclines to be weak.-Th us of it
lays tha foundation tor good tend of Hair, aa it re,
movea any Impurities that may havo become connected
with the acaln. the removal of which 1 necessary both
for tbe health of th child, and tha future .appearance of
itsnair i
Cionos. None genuine without the fao-ilmlle LOTJII
MILLKR being on the outer wrapper; alio, L. Mil
LKH'8 HAIR INVIOORATOR, N. X., blown In the
(WboMW:IXjpt,SS I)ey street, iii sail ky: all th
principal MercbaotS and Druggists throughout the world
Liberal oiscownt eo porcnaswrt ay maowi j
- i also desrlra to prenmt to th American Puhlii ay .
jTW Varo.-, ninioTOi, i stast aiteotj t
whioh. after rears ol solentUUi nnrtmiitln, avi
brought to perfection, . It dye Black or Brown Instantly
without Injury to th Hair or Bkin; warranted the best
arlolo tfteainainexiatance.
STXKMI CHITON DEN. '. . '. HINtr t '. CR tTTtS Dtrf
e t,u T.ruinnimrM. 1
ATTORNEYS AT LAW.;- jn k ;-(
jj OfflesA, '839 Broadwaj '.Row. tork', tjt' u
Pduohs' Botldiro, Columbus, Ohio. - (f;,,,.'tt
Uyoarerul attention paid to Collections. '
aprll&daa. ,
, .. . ...' r . t
An xperlood Nun and teuala Physician, present!
to th attention of mothers, her
800 t hin. crsYitur,
FOR rmT.nRP.iT TPPTiimn.
which greatly facilitate th proceaaof teething, by soft
" ,h gusas, redlBg alt Inflammation wil I allay
ALL PAIN and spasmodio action, and 1
Depend upon It. mothere. It will viva riwt Ia vnnrulnti
"d - .' , t -t .. ' -. .1 I l :
Wehaveputupandaold this article for over ten years,
what we have never been able to say of any other medl-e,n,-f
AN0E, TO EPPKUT A CURE, when timely used. Nev
er did w know an instano of danatlaraitlon by any on
who used it. On the contrary, all are delighted with its
operation!, and speak in terma of commendation of Its
magical eneots and medical -virtues. We speak In this
matter ''WHAT WE DO KNOW;" after ten year' expe
almost every Instano wbere the infant Is suffering from
pain and exhaustion, relief will be fonnd In fifteen or
twenty minutes after theSyrap la administered. . . 1
Thi valuable preparation I the prescription of on of
im bcocess" MB with M"VBa 'IL-
It not only relieves th child from pain, but Invigor '
ate the stomach and bowela, corrects acidity, and girei
tone and energy to the whole nstem. It win laut il
stantly relieve" . '
gb:p:kg in the bowks, and wind colic
and overcome convulsions, wnteh. If not speedily rerac
itlmA An Jt I J . nr. . . . . . . . . . n . .
.,,uiiuiurain, nn oeneve it tne Disai' anu nun-
ENTERY and DIARRIima IM nun.nnvH -h..
It arise from teething, or from any other cause. w
would say to every mother who his a child suffering from
any of the foregoing complaints DO NOT LET YOUB
PRKJTTnTrla Nnu tub DitDinnrva .u non.
stand between you and ymr snffering child, and the re
Itaf ,tia, aatll lu. QTT u U . no,. . ,t n u . ,r .
follow the nse of this medicine, it timely used, full dl-
........... .n. H.iu,, win l wuj i'u j chh Dome, rione
genuine unless the fac simile of OURXI8S; PERKINS,
.- - .ui., h uu u uimu wrtppcr! - . , . 1
Bold by all Druaelata thronohout tha world.
Principal Of flcs, 13 Cedar Street N. V.
rKiuniui.y as CENTS FER BOTTLE.
oot27-dkwly. . ' ' ' '
l" tPfioy. wood's
I Is precisely wnat Its nam indieatca, for, while;
I ileasint to the Uite. It is revivifyl ng, exhilarat
il ig. Invigorating and atrengthening ti the vital
owera,aod at th aame time rerivides. lein I a
I tales, and renews the Biood in all its purity, acd fj
1 hue at once retttva and renders Hit tv$lem in W
lituneraUt to tttt icki ofdimat. It is the only
Hi ip..,iu, uuvivu .u li.q wurin, 10 0110601-
ally aod ailllfully combined aa to be the most
1 ubmivu mi, as w iu uer'vctnccirnance wnn uie
U awi of natme, and hence will aooVA tAevtabeit Li
tomack and lone un the iliritivH nmn, .nit 11
bus allay all nervous and other Irritation. Il l,,'
er ectly exhilarating, and at tbe same lime It is , '
iomposed entirely of vegetables, yet so combined H
in 10 prouucvuie muji iiiQrousn ionic cuect, tritn
1 uit prodndng any Irjurlons consrqueares Kucb!
1 gujcuji im. uc,. win, ueamif rntam iq
he medical world, for Unceda no medicajsl,lll to
ee that debility follows all attacks of disease, ami
roceeda and Indeed lays the system open to the n
Ayiosldtous attacks of many of Ihe most fatal,
LJ.f.ir example, as the following: Consumption. In
w iigestlon, Dyspepsia, Los of Appetite, Vaintneas.1
Servoui IriitablUty, Neuralgia Palpiiationot '.he.
Heart, Melancholy, N ight Hweats. Languor, Ulddi
aesa. Retention of, as well as Palnlnl oliatructed
100 urofuse. or too scant Alenstruation. and Pall-'
mg of th Womb. These alldepeid upon genersl;
-tlood Renovator li aaaur to cure as the sun to:
rise and set. There is no miitake alwut it. But,
his Is ot all. If the sjiiem la weakened, we are!
ii iucu vt uiiwui mukk,, me uver ueeomea uruiu, . .
I .r worse diseased, the Lulntyi refuse to peilorm ri
aj their function!, and e are troubled with scalding
lljjsnd Incontinence of urine, or involuntary dn-i
M charge of the same, pain in tl.l bark. jie and b. A
Itween the shoulders, rxceedinaly liable to slight U
' coldi. coughi. and If nccbecked, soon enrtciaiioni
'ollowt. and the patient goea down to a premature' A
PA 'grave. But pm win not allow us to enumerate M
W.tbe msny Ills to wbich we an iiaoie tn a wemaened W
condition of the system. Rut we will aay, in this,
s .Cordial and Blood Renovator you have perw, lj
safe, pleasant aod effectual remedy for loll of M
.'Appetite. Hillouanesi, Futulence, weak and lick "
stomaon, languor, Mver liomplaint. Chills and
fever, or any Bl lion attack, Ooniveneaa, Acidityii
of the Btomachi Nervousness, Neuralgia, l'aipita ' '
0 tion of the Heart, Depression of Spirits. Bores. M
Pimples on the Face, or any disease arising from JJ
.niMir, hlnnd. Mi,h RnrnfiilA. Krv.inlfl un "
hitil."Coueh. rfimultv of Brathinr. wA all 11.. .
Ooclais of disease! called female weakness, and M
enumerated above. We will also say tb traveleri'J
' I : 1 - - 1 . . .
ler, will find it a pleasant, sale and sure remedy,
ana none anouia ever travel without. Header,
trv it. for we simifl von von will flnH In II fri,i
(Indeed, as well as a friend In need. All person! of
sraeniary naoita wiunnu itapenect preventive ol
as wen as cure lor tnose aumenta to which they ate.
pariicuiariy exposeu. rsenoe minisiers,stuaentat
torneya, literary (tntlemen.and ladiea who are on
accuitomed to much outdoor exerciie, will flod It
0 their advantage to keep a bottle eonsmotly on
hand; and, above all, mother, or these becoming
uchi will go through tbat moat dangerona period jk
notonlywthall their accustomed strength, but1 LVl
safe and free from the thousand ailmama ma nnv.i
sate anu iree rrom tne mousandaiimenla 10 prev
.,tu.uiuii, 111, iriu.i. iivniun m invwnria. ID) aj
short, It le indeed a mother'a cordial. Try it, old W
andioung; no longer run the liik of deity: Ii will; 4
alent amona tbe female nortlon of tha wnrM .
relieve and prove Itself emnhiticallv a Rsttnrn.
Uv Cordial and Blood imotaCor.
O.J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broadwayj Itew
iora, ana ui mantel street, Bt. I.onli. Mo.. i,
sold by ROBMRT9) At SAMUEL, Colombo!, Ohio.
ana ail gooa,. Druggists. Price One Dniitr
per Bottle. marchS-dAwenwIy
iviannfaclurera of all kinds -at lai
takle and Nintl Aitarf kieatu Es-
ginesi Haw Millw, Urlat ilille,
L AITS A BODiri Btattnt 'B.i)t: iixJui'3 fMJ
J. A J. B. I) WALL Beaimtn 'VGLTiaVh
irAcmyx co. stamtnt 'Mkadiobjd
.t..v.i-.V. CO. Batttltlt . -. J
t Osr Portable. Engine and 8w JKU1 ,
Was awarded Utellrat sreuiuai of M at. tt)' ballat
State Pair for IS10 over Lane Ac Bodley'i on acoouut at
D.t.'lt.Vl.iu l.t..rij.J L. ,
stibo, .if,uiuras, Diuilli;ibJ, WVUVWJ TJt IQojt
RriS'shrAcVfAk'r'aetet of lBmby4wtl.
'. Oar Bfcttmiary grrrtne waanrsrded M the latol Pair
th flrit premium of ' u- il w 1 1 ,i - .
Our Portable Engl era awarded the SritrrlBa at
1 100 at the Pair at Memphis, Tenn., over Ebtnaty'. Da
vaU'a, Columbus Machine Co's., and Bradford at Co'..,
by aecommttte f practical RSlltoaoUlinrUocre. 1 I 1
lor prlc aad ferns iWres : . 1 1 1 1 til 1 1 J
, JiW'1VLASl Treasurer,
deri-sftjfj i rf V -J i . - Newark. Ohio
Wbercfaie aad Hvtsait Dealer ia .
Keep nnatnittlw on hand all the y-
rteins BHANSS OS
Hud l.-i.
.Oct, wi Ijd .- ' ,,
Margaret D. Phillip-.' Estate.'.
NoiicK i iiEiti;itv tari.u xiiat
th uoderslrned hsi 4 mi Uulv amwit iod br tk
Probata Court et Prankiiu eouoly, Ohio, AdmiulstritrtS
of Hi titate of Margaret D. l'hlliipa, late of aaki touaty,
deceased, ' r
wldltia"' aiiAT HATIIIR-

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