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Tbe Adams EzpreM Company places as daily
uuucr wuugBtioDi 10 11 ior tne Tory latest papers
vaa me eastern cities.
. t. 1 1 1 i i. il ii immmmmmm. n ii i . g J-i.'
The American Express Company" baa oar
" ivr in mmuj inrvrs m me Shape OI the
A . 1.1 . ... .
'nj lave-K -astcru pap-ra. , v --
Tub TwiNTT-fifTH RlOimhT. Th folia
log cbangea bare boen mads In the field of
Beers or tun Kegiriuipt, now at Camp Chaie;
Lieut. Col. J. A. Jones bas been made Colonel i
' Mefor Richardson, Lieut. Colonel," sod Capt.
v,oo, oi ueveJaod, Major. Lient. A. J.Halc,
v. vnpi. uaowiti s umpany, bas been ap
pointed quartermaster of tbe Regiment.
ID" A party of officers belonsinir to the Inr.1
ana regiments now in Virginia, passed through
this city, on Thursday night, on their wav borne
for the purpose of recruiting.' They bad In their
possession various trophies oaptured. from the
o-cessionisis, sucn as Bags, guns, etc. ,
. O" Lieutenant Sitaiar, who has been Visit
ing bis friends In this city, on furlough, return
ed to uamp Uannlson on Thursday evening,
Thi Colombo ZocAves. We bad the pleas
ure, yesterday evening, of witnessing Dress
. Drill of the Columbus Zjuaves. Cant., hies, at
the Montgomery Hall. ,, Their remarkable pro-
ucieoo or drill, and precision of movement,
elicited the admiration of tbe company r t ladles
and gentlemen present. The Columbus Zauavee
Intend making their first publie aonearanoe on
tbe next Fourth of July, and wt prediot that it
wm us a oigoiy creauaoie one to themselves
and their officers. '.','.1 .OOI'I
Finale Military Company. A female mil
Itary company, named the "Union Capt Waters'
has been formed at FaImouth,'near Covington,
Ky., and over thirty p. the most interesting
young ladies of tbe place have Joined the organ.
Izition. The uniform Is an epronpf tbe old
fashUned cat, made of red, white ea blue
.at part covering the bosom representing tbe
'arg and tbe lower part the stripes. A gentleman
who witnessed the company drill the olber even
ing, lays he never saw 1 more interesting sight,
the youth, beautv, and patriotic enthusiasm of
the ladies, and their graceful drilling, presenting
at once a most novel and highly pleasing spec
tacle ,
Thb Stick n Guards. This Company is en
listed for the three years' service, and forms
Company G, In the Thirteenth Regiment. Its
officers are, Captaln,,W. Schnkidkr; First Lieu
tenant, John Siibirt; Second Lieutenant, Wat.
t Rainr ; Orderly Sergeant, C. Ii. Lmdenbebo. '
' ID" Two hundred and twenty children, be
ljDglng to the Ragged School at Cleveland,
went to a pie nio at Wellington on Thursday,
j 1
i ID Thirty boxes of shoes, destined for Ken
tucky, have been seized at Cleveland as con
traband." . ' i '
" - -
ID Henry Nek, Jus resigned bis position as
' aid to the Commander-in Chief. ,
0 The cffloera elected by the Second Regl.
mentofthe Ohio Reserve Militia are-Colonel,
John J. Wilson; Lieutenant Colonel,
Kino; Major, E. Ps-eosa Jones. J " '" '
D" Two hundred bones, one hundred wagons, j
and a large quantity of provisions were, on
Thursday, shipped by, the Government from
Cincinnati, by rail, to Parkersburir, Va. ' On
Sunday night last, fourteen horses with their
equipments were stolen from the Government
sianies at raikeisbnrg by supposed secession
. D" The gunboats are not likely to get down
tbe uuto Kiver until there Is n rise in tbe water
Two are aground, and tbe third is afraid to
venture down. ' 'n !
' ' I'.', -. . I
O" The Government has directed General
McClkllan to seqd.. prisoners of war to Co
lumbus. -3 '.. if --
D Dr. Norman Sat, oi this city, bas been
appointed, Post-Surgeon kt Camp Chase, and
Dr..R. N..Barb, of this city, Hospital Surgeon
at Petersburg, Va. . Z' , ',' . '''f'JlJ j
D" General Schlcich's Brigade will constat
of the Third, Fourth, Seventh, and Tenth Ohio
Regiments. . : ' .
07 The Fifth Annual Fair, of the Madlaon
; Township Agricultural Society will be held at
inetr cair urounda, near uroveport, on, Wed
nesday, Thursday and Friday, September 18,
19 and SO. Madison is tbe only township In the
county that baa an Agricultural Society and
Annual Falls. : - r ? ?t a-.i?
HT A handbill posted through the City invites
proposals (or rebuilding" the Neil House.
i .
07 The High Street M. E. Church Sunday
School bold their, annnal pio nio at tbe Marble
Cliff Farm, on Tuesday next, July 2. - - i
ST About four thousand troops are reported
as quartered In Camp ChisoV ' :i -T' "l
,y ... - ... - -i - -, .:- j
,, Tub Union. An American orator compares
onr Union of States to a paternal mansion; In
all of whose rooms A' we ere at home, and all
who inhabit it are brother!. To us, the Union
bas but one domestic .hearth; Its household
gods ere all the same. We cannot dd with less
than the whole Union;' to us. it admits of no
division. .Accursed, tben. be the hand put forth
'sever, the golden cord 'of .njon I .thrice
accursed the traitorous Hps which shall propose
Its severanoe !,r ...-n,-, (
ST Coloihos 'Dblano'Ts ' appointed Com
missary General," in 'piaceu'of , C., .;,)Bo(a:.
maBAJi. . , I
' .ii . i ' i '' a i
-.. KT The great MaanerchotybBeerti Which
to have been.BeU'ta--thie4y i-Aira6t
next, Kas been postpone on coeun f;-the
Vat.. Si.-','.vi vi! !!;-' .1X1.1 -i "' j
CTThe ColufcJbo, Machine Company are
still engaged maklngu and shot.. , A lot wai
shipped to Indianapolis. , days since. !
-r- ! i i, M .
ttOTThepeople residing in the- jontbern part
of Perry township' Will celebrated, coming
Fourth In old fashioned stjjev11 "L. ' ;
.: ITT,The'Reynou3.bu.auards wlllha'-VI
pio-nlo at BsboK's Grore, near ReynoldBbnrg, on
tne t ourtn. ' Music and daBcing will be the or
der of the day .'" '"."C'um'U "l-ViV'w
D Yeeterday'e 'Gatetit hnt thefoHowJng
announcement: ' . ' .m-j
A Changs -We learn that Mr. Cooke, part
proprietor of tbe Ohio State Journal, has dis
poned of bis lntereet In that paper, and that
Mr. Isaae J. Allen, Superintendent of Common
Schools in Cincinoati, and Mr. Staley, tbe pres
ent book keeper of the office, have become a
wiuwrtl with, Mr. Hurtt in the publication of
the Journal. . Mr. Allen will probably;, have
charge of the editorial department. n
rai Nut lloosi. We learn that the work
preparatory to rebuilding- the Neil House, will
be commenced to-day, under tbe superinten
dence of Air, Aold, of Mount Gllead, who will
nave tb general supervision of tbe new struc
ture to be ereoted on the site -of the one destroy
ed by fire on tbe Ctb of November last.
Tic is Powerful and most Privail.
iMfrMtrMlMInf tha rniknti.ll ....... .
- n - - " " w .uivjuuuhii BUUUBBW VI
n-uiBuy nieaicat xvuoovery" is, that Its pro
f"""" uBurrrr aiatea acjioing in regard to
it, thatwasjiot strictly true. On tbe Other band,
he doeanol In hta nlrr-iil.rm.nti.a.
.Mai.. U . . . . . ... a T.
o omiincMes to prove bave been our.
oy on --viscorery." - when be bas said one,
two. OI thro hntlUa .... ... f r-
as.one or two will eure you of Rheumatism,
i.u. aiwaya neen so, xneooe tbe oonndenoe
of the pnblio bas been gained, and persons who
bave been cored of course mention II to all
arOUnd thftm elvlnir nnlmlali hla
n a .v.j w nil. luvui-
cine that will last long after Its disooverer has
Cone to reealvs hli utirf fnr tk h h..
Hollowat's Pills and ninTu r
eruptions, as blotches, pimples, bolls, dec, are
h"-7 rvwuTcu oy a snort course or tbese
remedies. The Ointment gives clearness and
transparency to the complexion, while tbe Pills
parity the Wood of ail those humors whloh
otherwise seeking outlet force themselves to
the snrfaca and itiaAonp th r. ..b
onsigbtly blotches, pimples. &o. No toilet
- - . : ft w --v auu ii c. a. w I iu
taoie snouid be without tbe Ointment. Sold by
all Druselsts at 25a . 62a . and el hn .
i I w- "" WWM w
pw. . . ....
Rail Road Time Table.
KtiTLa miajo k aauiMwa at Xawu B. ST
Cincinnati Aooonmodatlon. 5:00 A. M. e-10 P
p. m
m m " V "P"" M. , 11:113 4. M.
Mill anil A mnn aul m I iv in n . n m .
Night Bxpma via Btm. 18:00 midnight. ' S:J0 A. M.
v' Jlio. Tf.,,DioBasT, Agent.
OOLOM in, k. fllJKralMm B. .-' r ; -. & , i-m .
Jlahl lipm... ........... W. t' M.
0. 0.0. WarBzprcM.... 8:J0 p.M. tior. m.
JaMU PaTTOUOR, iftot.
OaWTaaLOBloB. K. t ,
tfo. 1 Bipraa..!. (.jg A M j . . A M
HO. S do ........... 8:15 P. at. 11-4S - u
i ii .. - W. J. Fill, Agent,
Hall Train.. ... ' V fl A ar ' it.M i u
Ixptms Train JLS a. kt. ,, t.tS P. M
. ' Jo. Boiimon, Agent.
Oolomsos As IrouRoroui, R. B. ' '
JTo. 1 KzprcM o:3n A. M. . iM P. U .
No.S " ......v, 100 P. H. 8:44 P.M.
Aocommodatlon 10:50 A.M.
0. W. Snttw, Agant.
Affairs in Baltimore.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
r naoa- rtn Am i u
city, In anticipation of Gen. Banks's proclama-
.inn A W m . . I I ,
iuu v A auarbiai law. . j
Some bave fled at the prospect of being ruled
by those tbey have, no confidence In.
Positive orders bave been given by tbe mar
shal to avoid Irritation of the people, and to ar
rest Unionists who make violent demonstra
tions. '
Marshal Kane writes to his wife that be Is well
treated, and as comfortable as clrcumstanoet
will admit, v .- i .-.-:( j
New oaths have not been administered to tne
police who continue on duty aa usual, but row
di!SL.M,eitlDnlD8 40 h01t ''SD of license. ;
The U. 8, Deputy Marshal, bas instituted
searches for arms in private dwellings.' A lot
wae seised in a laper beer saloon.
A Company of 80 men was stopped on board
of the steamer Mary Washington.
AddiUonai Regiments of .U. S. Troops have
arrived, f. ,. i - .. .um :o ,
Co. Jones's Regiment bvtefrom the Relay
Reports are current that the U. S. forces are
throwiaa in intrannhmanfa .Knnt .l.k. it.
v -r u. iu . uii,a
Aiaitiiuure, on ine CAiiimore and fnlla
ueipoiB swaow..,-. c. - . . ;
. DeDUtV Marshal R!flrJ kaa Inmt - 1
r - . m.jiwi piVIUWIKIircU
an order, savinir tath riirirantatatinn.. - i
"The ixilloe foroe will continue in the dls
uetr outyae beretofote. f No military
""u i tug uiw piece oi ine pres
eot force, without .there be a necessary call for
The Police Board "hr disbanded1
Three hundred and aixty rout, of ionr hund
red, of Marshal Kane's police; have resigned.
5.30. P. M. No nolle for i. ..t n..!i.
All th a. hlp-rnntni im a.i!..1 n u . I I
- - - vihvivu 9v uo wiuacu
dt rroToai nriaranai Keni. r
1 J a - ti - . AT . . f . 0
There) II ClWl ifmml nf AtAt mVMIM.na
Crowds are around the police stations and Mar
shal's office. :i ii - . ".I . . . i-. i
. a searon at tne Harabal's offioe is going oh.
A lareaauantitTor ftp ma mru ammnnliinn
J V iiAaMUUIWU vwrv
been found secreted in the cellar, In the walls,
and beneath tbe floor, etc. A case of valuable
pistols, over 800 rifles, twenty-five of which
were Mlnie, were found., Also several supposed
in hava balnnrrarl tn Miiituhn..,,. i. .
- ..w.vuud u . awiuivra wuu
were disarmed by the mob on tbe 18th of April.
Ta I aatl.i.J At. a. i n nnn
-m n " uvi vuodiuu umutjf
lao 3.100 ball fiArtrtdinw. fiflO
Rai in numftatiii uibe iiiii iiiiii naamiaaiAn
" ' r ----- wwua aiAViUAV
cartridges, and numerous other warlike articles.
muiuuiDg nans ior a steam gun were ionnd.
The aaarnh la, allir ra-nsraaalnn! 1 1. i. .....
posed that a considerable number of arms will
ue juuuu lecreieu at toe various, recruiting sta
tions. .-.1 '.l 1 If .1 ! " .
Thi MflrnlnrA. titm . RahVa l.4 A.if i.
- - o " -.mp ioD.il. a u uruvr w
Col. Kenley, In reply to the protest of the - Po-
Mnn r- n ! . . I ' .- Ll.L I
va vwuiuiiuiuuera, m woica as saye: i
.Yon will laka ananial noting thai I- '
proclamation or to day, neither the law nor the
aMaa( a KnnlklaJ A'. 1 ,1 . I a
viuuoid pwui-cu M wee mo to utr are inter
fpH ith In Sinmv maniaa mth . a. ia.
operates on the members of the Board of Conu
f . kauvptiVU w lUUBfJ
persons above named, will be continued In the
vrTion iu iu puBiiioDi mey now. noia, unless
they shall refuse."' Ia such case, the Provost
marsnai is to select others to fill their planes-"
AmnTlff tha ar-lirtlaa fnnnrl ail Mh.l V..t.
a ' - - ..aw nun. ttUJV
office was a twelve pound cannon ball, bearing
From Fort Sumter to Marshal
Kane,' ,
anoaWa aitanunt nf tha ainnnnt nf
arms Seised to.dav wu anmavhat T.i.n..ir.J
but a large amount of arms, ammunition, and'
cannon ball! was found secreted beneath Coal in
too luarioars Cmoe. e.,L r:v.v-. i
Some were under the floor of the back build
ing of the old City Hallf f - ; J 1 1 f ,
8earoh la ItPl rirnrrrAaefriir. Pina UJ
-- r " D - h.m iiicun
were found at Denmeaob's foundry) also three
siege guns, said to have been ordered by Kane,
aUDDnaad nrlrlnnll rToalsnail fna aiut .a.Ia.1
fort McHenry., Sacr'ed to preuent seizure by
It Is said (Eat Brooks fas important Informa
tion which: further events wilj disclose. No
disturbAneahasbeM oreated. .
LATEST. John M. Botts in Washington as a
LATEST. John M. Botts in Washington as a Member of Congress.
Tha Trtknna fflvaa Hl.i, . 1 ...
from John 'M..Bofta to that Journal, dated
VTKIiUlDgVOD, Mlal irr i
Ha BftTHI With trrtHLLAnmom f m..lMi k...
In disguise," and he states that be is there as
a xucmuar ui vioograsip-as ner announced nim
self as candidate from the Richmond District,
and received 173 votes, whloh, there being no
opposition, elected him. WTi,.,!Sr., o
The letter states that tbe Southern tnenrrec
tion U at lla laat a-ann. whllanaran lnan.atlnna
are everjwliere threatened. a
' Mr. Bulla aava BaanrairarJ fiaa aant a alnn '
liar South, saying, ! It. tha,Cotton States do not
xiseano equip auu.uuu men in six weeks,-we
reioei, , Our troops InVirglnla are basy sup
P't insurrection amoci the blacks and bnt
for this th. desire to see Washington --ia--ruins
wooid long staoe have'tren'gratiaed.t
a m
NEW YORK, June 28.
ilZZ rom AnnapollB Jono
tionj and encamped,! -4Vkr
.-a,- .-- .i.anvvt tnrousn tneoitv,
and more we MpecM tA ul!,t and to-morrow!
ro .cr .wn. i i in i m,
NEW YORK, June 28.
the .Metropolitan ilotel, jto-night.fc, hleiiiwde,
who- apDreclate his conraa u-,.- inMrAAi...;
statesmaa. j Ut toad a speech la reol. r- ' u
Unfortunate Expedition to Matthias
Unfortunate Expedition to Matthias Point.
arrived at the Navy Yard this
morning, bringing intelligence from Matthias
Point. - , (if, i
According to statements of persons in the
expedition, uapt. Ward, or the Freeborn, yes-
terdav Obtained frnm lha Paarnaai
mania oi aooui twenty men, and united with
others from his own veaeel, comprising between
300 and 400 in all; they started in several cut
ters for Matthias Point, taking with tbem about
wu uiKB. wo cn wera niiM un Mil nn th
ahn : V. 1. 1 -I. a. ... i
suvsv, tHiv wim wuioa DrautworjtB were 0OOD
Whllfl III Mini-nltlff A h. ir.AaaK.a t Mklal.
..i,uj rv www IVtWVIH UUM1U
iaattMAa. ! At.. L. ii A B .a. m
"jw " wa vuw vuuiWI'
ate troops, variously estimated at from 1200 to
uauuuiB lur a. u aw uaiuirv. m inrnsi ni ina jr raiata.
1600, suddenly emerged from a thiok woods
wnere uey were concealed, and fired a volley
Of Shot into th na.r-1. shlk marl a tiaalw ......
ui mm men )umpsa into me water, swim-
uiiiJir mi l net rriunnrn.
Csnt. Warf. TH.ttUtei. (Kt RIM Am fum mm mm
sl.l.. lA 1C .1.... . .
efsafitwa aarsn ir a a nw atm at rut am mnwiav ina Kmiaaaiai
bnt tbe efl'ect could not be ascertained. " '
. IsaDl. Ward. Whlla flrinv a a-nn.araa an.V
r . - - O B .v
In the breast b . hullat. anrl rllarl In thm
of an hour. A sailor was wounded In four
pjaces, it is tnougnt mortally. Several others
were wounded.
The flag carried by the coxswain wag com-
The men all rcaehml ttia vaoaal arllhnnt tnr.
- w-m v i n iihwi a
tber damage. ' - ,
It is said that after the Federal forces retreat.
ed from Mttthlaa. tha hraaat wnrka mmA Imma.
dlately occupied by tbe Confederates. , ,
ItAnnAslH thai FaulAaf tnttnm .mnAmA m ttiaa
rr"1" vwviws awi ww atsaaawvfiVA aa iitv
Point was only 35 men, and all day yesterday
IM MAtln . k.tl... ah It. PaU. ' . ..j ,
While retreating to the boat at 6 P.M., the
men were fired upon by 600 Rebels ' concealed.
Tbe fight lasted half an hour, tbe United
siaies steamers rreeborn and Fawr.ee taking
part in the engagement. Four of our men wera
wounded, one mortally. On hundred and flily
uuiea were soot in tne nig, but Williams, who
held It, continuedto wave it defiantly at the
enemy. . The boats of the steamers were rid
dled with bullets. I i
It la renartad that SDOD Mn.. fiakala mtmm
close at band, to support the attacking party. I
a. w uonereu tne sneus tnrown oy tne rawnee
inflioted serious loss. I
The Freeborn retired to Aqufa Creek, ' i .
Tha ohlant nf Canlaln VU.rA In Ihrnialnai an
J - w v.w.m .. ... . U iMI.IIUJg lip
the breastwork at Matthias Point, was that Ms
boat' firaar mtoht ha ahla rn hnM tn. aT.a.
with the aid of a small bowltser battery, and
covered by tbe 32 pounder guna of tbe Free
born, until b e force should be reinforced by the
New York 8eveoty First Regiment, which he
had sent for to come to his support. I
It was thought that the regiment, once there,
'OOnld lortif ihemaalvaa. anrl hnlrl tha nlana
against any force short of vastly superior num
m.. n . .
ucro. tut rawnee, nowever, arrived at tne
navy yard with Captain Ward's corpse before
dispatch reached the Seventy First.
SECOND DISPATCH. Dispatches from Washington.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
proclamation announcing the defeat of tbe
Federalists, tbe oaptnre ol Washington, and all
the offioiala there, tearing np tbe railroads and
cutting tbe telegraph, and thus produce a panic
favor of the Southern Confederacy.
Large numbers of arms are secreted in Balti
more. General Banks discovered a plan to destroy
the railroad between Washington and Balti
more, and his course Is highly approved by the
Government.., v , . . i
' It la understood that the Secretary of the
Treasnrv will rmommfrul ratlins eo&n nnn nnn
and bas three plans: one by a popular loan! an-
omer 07 a loreign loan, ana another by tbe Is
sue of small treasury notes.
messengers to tne war department state that
General Patterson Is making preperationa to
advance wad take possession of Harper's Ferry.
n t irgujiau nere saye toe way unionises are
treated in Virginia is incredible.,. .,. ,
A 1 . .. ... . . . r i
a man woo arrivea at Alexandria rrom Ma-
fiaaaaa Jnnatinn t ai Amm . V. . . .u -. .
1 w akruuvak
fortifleatlone of the Rebels are foua.jaulaa.Aaia
siae 01 tne auseuoa, at union auus, wnerp tbe
tallroar nrnnana a lara-a atraam. r.1l. Rnll
Run, and higher op 00 the stream, where the
A t T.' 1 r . rr
AiraiA injiu a-aaTiaa ayvura Aiuuea CTCJBagi. -
On Sunday night last, most of the disunion
aruvpa wuu wore a, uusa wu poims m vtn for
ward into thtvloinitv of Fairfax Court House.
and others took their places from Manassas
Junction. '-' :j " '" . 1
Persons holding confidential relations with the
autuiuiatraviea mam iuat an lmmeniate ao
vanca will be ordered toward Manaaaaa Jnnn-
lion- ,
Letters from Southern Kentucky received to-
dav. aav that rtatila anrl mnloa h tha rfpmraa
ud loads of bacon, are dallv naaalnv Ihmnah
vumoeriana uap, to me KeDiia. . ine writer
adds, that UUhe people of that section of Ken-
tunkv vara armarl arith lavat anthnrlt, tn An a.
j .uw.. w hv av,
they wonld soon put a stop to the business. A
ngiiunii wum u aaaiiy lormea in toe neign
. 1 j 1. : i t j i . ... . 1
We believe steps are taking to carry out tne
yuimiar wutu. - - 0 I
[N. Y. Times' Special.]
mnra naaaaa InlA Vi wl r. i a will k. ...n,a
The Oaribalrli lanarrlanrl lannthai.Anlmiin,.
- ..--'- .IIVW.UU. .vg1
into Virginia to-nignt. , , ,.
uewaraa 01 ja.uuu ior us bead of Jefferson
""I "i"v v"wm aa av lug AVACh
son's 'and fire cents for Pryor'e and Wigfal's
saviri . KiaJ.gaiiii inn Mflirrpaivaeri'a win ta m r .
oiiereti, , , , , , I
[To the Associated Press.]
la nndarstaod that tha Praairlant'a maaaaaa
will ftara firm a-rnnnrl aaafn.t viik a..
a ww.mww raav w..u IUD
Rebels, nntll the acknnwlrdlra lha anthnrifw nf
Tha nntraraona mnrinnt nf ina Vlrntnla Rak
nrtnvAnltnn.. In ntitlawtnr. aUU.a. F ik.
State who may take aeats in the Federal Coo-
..aa. .1 - . . I iL. -1 1. .... ..
gross, uewrmiuea mo -jroTernment to sanction
severe measures arainat tHa.l-arlara nf tha I? a.
belllOJIa,. .t Tn-e I. i.t-nt.- '-.- i.,r j .-,.....,.!
Marshal Kane's arrest will be followed by
more vigorous teeasnrM. if anv nnntomi af
revolt appear.,., ,,.i V -!
uu and altar, Monday next, all mall, matter
tha Padflo ooast will be sent by the overland
route.-rfa St. Joseph, Mof;, ,r , !
Tha Pnalmaatar nf thi. mi fa aa...J. .11 ...
writing to aeiaiere to DC particular In" des
ignating tbe Regiment! Company, and the
State trout whloQ tbe Regiment oame., ', '. , (
It is reported (bat Gen. Lee is disgnsted at
being enperseded by Beauregard and others. - 1
A submarine telegraph line will be laid from
Fortress Monroe to Newport News Point. i
P. McQuillan, of Charleston, Sooth Carolina,
la reported to the propei' authorities, bas been
New York, making arrangements .for send
ing both men and equipments South. '
He has also been to, or was about to depart
Europe, as an agent for warlike eupplies,
tbe employ of the Confederate State. .1
Thlaf mrMnin ha AwXlmA . ik. a.... T-l...
. v.. a HwavM . ... d K7.aa. A-cu.iir
mcnt With the passport of a British Consul, for
........ .f .U. . .1. l . .. ..
ymtyvom i vvHuaiug . hat c aignatnre vt toe
Secretary.' Ia accordance with tbe new regu
lation of .the Department, be was requested to
make an afSJlavit of bis loyalty to. the Govern
ment -and the. lawfulness of hie errand,' which
did, and was told to call again' at two o'clock,
when on making his appearance be wu arrest
at the Instance of the Secretary of State,
Starr and tWo nrrlarllaa. arhr. In ' tha t Mari
time had been sent for and were present for
k.t . . . IA . I. Ia aI1 ' , .1 . a .1 . .
fjurjiuas- us ia m yiiauu awaiting iunner
ordera of the Government. , ', '-.',, . ,--,1
Senator Wilson, It is understood, has been in
oonsuitauoa wun tngresemen as Well as hieh
a aLa n ....... . .
uioera ui mo uoTcrumeui, ana at an eariy day
the extra session of Congreee, will, as jChair
man of tha Committee on Military, introduoe
aeries of tills, proposing first, to legalise the
RrMmtiva ar-tlnn nnnnarnlna- tha nraa.nt nf.n.
or- warlike preparatiousj secondly, giving
aoouua wi ww to tne piaii aireaay announc
ed -for1 a permanent inereasa nf the army;
thirdly, retiring infirm and disabled army offi
cers i fourthly, to organiss from; tbe Militia 100
Regiments as a National Guard, to be all cloth
and 'BTand" alike) fifthly,' to Increase Ab
number of Cadets to the extent of 69, or to the
number of Senators, and authorising the Presi
dent to fill tha vacancies eaueed by tha resigna
or ovncrwitw, in mat institution
vu vr uMcrwiav, iu ma, meu.QiioD. '
Besides, it Is deslped to recommend a ep-
oprUtioa of 200,000,000 dollars toearry tbe
if anelve measarea Into sffect,1- if tt.J. 1 .
The abort art BObstantlally the cb!cis oon-'
!.a4alTAina.l VaB Wl
irnwiwusiiv iat,wBwi w iuiv iu rjftf - " - - I f
above ara anbsuniiall thi nhUrU
ftltWlTlUtllfi- ' m
itaplated. ' , '(s- V'
tmnfat IntA th ft m) A. tha OnatemaafAa,'m r.A
partmenl has not been able to furnish nnifonai.
an a.at A I a. A 1 - Sail - -..Ai AVL M ' 1
Hf As.fl.tlia llBWAft KoJin ttrnVmrt. rtmawaaavaaas AJ a..
- '"' "aaJf aaWTVK va IWI" mU
adr qatte supply at tbe esrliesl practicable pe
riod. j f
Geo. Fremont will arrlre In 'Wuhinffiym tn
n'Kl" I". v." . i ;
What AaJaewim IT wnvaaaiaf vara a nAllflArl La. aI..
" aavaa a vaaa IUW AWamft WUH V AAVeiaA VvA VjUQ
Wsr Department, It was .intended to stop the
ivkkvr uauiuiuuiGauoii wuu uie oeoeueu DiaieS,
orders wera immedlatelv elven all their nffinaa
w awp aiio. .1 nere were numerous letter ex-
nraaaaa arhlnh nniiM nnt ha paaahaH ha W. . a
thnrlllaa. and tharafnra t mum thnnrht A.r..
able to permit letters te be forwarded through
a reiLiuuBioio cuannei supervised oj uovero
ment, " ,
Oen. riant. raralvad a AtanatAh AmiA r-nM
berland, June 27, from Col. Wallace, Saying
.k... .1 .A 1 1 1 r . 1 . n t . ... 4
wai a purtiun oi tne a-"h negiment, wane re
turning from near Romney, to see if anv Rebels
were there, overtook ' forty-five horsemen,
andenargea tbem, routing and driving them
.... . :i- L : 1 1 1 i.l. ..j
' a wile, auuug cigue ana scouring seven
teen horses. -, , , i
After a few hnnra raat. lha mini. .a.lL
lorcea. snaaeniv attacked . nhiinina. - ;-
ahandnn tha hnrmam anrl an..,. . . Lit
Island at tha mouth of Patterson's Creek, where
wa kiiicu twrj uvj koree ui tne CDetny. (
We were Until ff driren off. anh itm h(mA.ir
and are how safe in eamp Corporal ilayee of
irwwfuj A woudoi jgnn uoiilDgbrooki
.... . a nw wa vua
oers were killed. Tbe fiiiht was verv deaoerate.
iu or mdw tna mnraturM "ia HAha effi
The above account Is onexaggerated. : v,i
Wa hava lntallia-anaa nf fmtm R.k.1 ...i
A AV.. -AVW. I.l
menta at Romney. i i a "
From Missouri.
BOONEVILLE, Mo, June 28.
--- una hi, arrirvu
here franj Oanra-aMain anrl OHaII. f...i.
O -M. WWII,, f , W
for tbe purpose of bslog sworn Into the United
States service as Home Guards, to serve in this
State. They are Americans. Seventy more
from the same county are expected to-morrow.
Large bodies of men in Johnston county are pre-
Darinir to take thi uma at.n Th.. in .ii
be Sworn In aa reiarva anrl armarl aa .... ..
- -. -. mm mvvm as
poSlble."-i '! x' iu r. ; v - . .)- . i .
Oen Lyon le still here; It Is thought he will
Soon take hll denarlnra stlth a t... k..
, 1 --1 5 iviw, uu,
bis destination has not transpired. -'
Col. B w. Grover of Johnson County, fur
nlshes the following: r, , ', . . , , ,
Twalva hnndrarl .aJ i-.-i. rr.i
k " -. awcunj unioa man in
JnasonConnty have formed a Regiment, under
rvrVr, ior IDB purpose Ot DSlOg BWOm InIO
the service of the United States and aetlng as
Home Guards throughout the State. ' They are
oonstantly drilling, and Col. Grover la here to
seonrearma from Don T. fnn (Trial tltAKM Ua . 1r.
"Prn hat 800 ra Ofganiaed in Pettis County,
a. V " vouui-je 7 i o ouodrea or tbe
FettiS COUDtT RIM AUVAd hat. a. aa
-a, . w ui v wvun r PS
convoy to take arms back with them, r,' .
From Kentucky, Tennessee and Louisiana.
COrresnonaanna In (nla nu.i... k.
tWSen Uanaral Rnnlraaa .. ,k. r ar.
tbe State Guard, attempts to prove that Col-
It. vuwu aau. vt. r. muier. special agent
tbe UQYArnnriAnl. hwa trl .A.i...a a Ti
-- w asesw IVIUKU IU KllUff
supplies for the troops at Columbw, to pass by
Six bandred ntunr! nf trma atij n.IJ 1..
1 -sh awiAaa u Unj7aBleM T
cartridgea, arrived yesterday. It is rumored tbey
AA I nlnnI.J r .1 . T . . -
.a.niWUg union men ot caet Ten
nessee. -
Tha Jnnrnat anihn.t.i..i. .t...
Rosaeau ia recruiting troops for tbe Govern
ment. Tbe Memnhla Annaal ,k. 07.U T ,
correspondent, says the Legislature 'la endeav
oring to conciliate East Tennessee, whose oon-
... . . . -"uTiuo, propueiDir to ine
Leglilatnre to allow East Tennessee to peace-
aKI Iiuiai4a Tk.l. 1 .... r
uolr monat win ne preeenled
on Wednesday, before tbe end of the seeelon.
A sprcial dispateh to the New Orleans Delta,
from Mlseiseippi City 25th, says a steamer
ancDorea on tne point and captured five schoon
ers. With which aha aailat i
ai Ti i . """i
The blockade at thia point, the same paper
sees haa ka.. .... , .1 ... - r .
' , . .Tu PBrmneniiy instituted, and
canned tha Mnhlla M.ll k-. i. a: .- ...
, aj wwow v uiseuuvipuw
JSamepapMiollaAaaAha.-Udta, ttUnai
.Mu iAUBiiaav mercaantmen Will be' rich nrites
for Brlvataara a '. a... ..-i . ... . .
The 'Pinasnna tt t.. rtr.iC rt'l..j
States ship of war, 80 guna, anchotwd-- at' Cba-
..... ... .uu. .uteroepuog communication via
Berwick Bav. wth iTaa-.a
-The Surveyor of this port announces that he
?;u,u pwme ior any olaes of goods
seceded States., , ,)c, ,,, .
In oondemning the oarrylng of contraband
goods, the Journal states that it had no thought
mniiKna' a..! . . . 0
The Democrat la nrtvltKI. IaI a .v.. n.
"mU rf?,m, goes into camp on the Indiana
aide of the river.
' Tbe latest accounti from the East Tennessee
vuuibutiuu Biiuev. m. inrna ruwiw i m a aw-.
sistanoe ta the Rebel- Government. - A matori
JJI 011 'Bnlu'tiD of a provisional
mi ao Aeuaesaee.
.V' ""J Van,e!,t08 t the dry dock at
rortland. Kr . Innklnn k.i. . r. 1. .j .
' ----a a, ia uuaonui
rt. p r.ie i? ei of tbe l041" get, over
. . A , ",r' ur u B0 "leuier they -can
get to Cairo, on account of the law at'aaa . ,h.
flverJ . . ... - ...... "
, , ,.. -...imijuHr.'i I'.'. A I . .
. ...T , -.. . , . .y : t: nli' Tf'-f .
LOUISVILLE, June 28. Decease of a Revolutionary Soldier.
Dayton, Ohio. June 28.
John Cur, a Irasr.lntl.n... ...:.- .,'
u tt. r suiuier, tamer
Hon. F. P. Crmnv- rf im. -1,. u,
residence fn this county,, thlg tnomlng; aged 100
- SU4 ml ujaiU u : J ,' i J. ?. :
,aI 1 - 1 -- -- --
From Alexandria.
The mieelee T.lairt anrl n. .1 v
.j ... 0 "i . nr; u uuo ar
rived at camp .fe., , : ; Vt . :
7 private, t- captured by picketed which now
extend tWI milea anlalrla .nf VaII. fi. k
thereare btly 800;;,;'
- '
From Cairo.
ST. LOUIS, June 28.
r tha n. ---...
says hundreds of Mireonrleiu from different
parte of tbe State are coooeatratlng on the Ar
kansaebordtr, where, tbey ceeeUe arms far
pished from the Saath, and woere they expeot
be Joined by troops from ArkaneasTennessee
Mlasisainni; to overrun tka fha-iJ t .n I
Bird's Point ia nnar ah-nnl. mm. A. A H.'i-A
. 7 ' .wufri . U R,
reeimenla. and a hattattnn nf A.in...m... j
folly capable af reaieiing any attack from tbe
From St. Louis.
ST. LOUIS, June 28.
lion. A. T. Lanv. mamKarnP iKa r...;.t..
arrested at Cape Gerardeau vesterdav. bv
iawij Bent to mat point, i ne pris
was placed on board the steamer J C
Swan, and will nrnhahls ha k.Annk .ku
131. mA 1 ... I - .. . . ' .
i a . , . r J w.wuKua .Ml mbj
MeSSlaU.. Newman-. Mrwu a. .iY..1
, , u mum nnraua wcv
arreated a iaiar? J.a ai. nnk..k. u.
taken to Cire, and creleased. apwn taking
oath of allegiance to the Government.' - 7
A enardal rflanai-k T.a- r-:. .v
I hvw acusrauu vvl b T HI lue
Demoorat says a letter received there from Of
ueuia, ot. viairooonty, about thirty miles south
Of Warsaw, at. t.a that Mfl .
,, , , -i ,-7--"" mimvw wwhv inwia
oolleoted there foe the purpose 0f marching on
This ia mora litalir'ln ka'fl-41 T. t .
iina larl.nV
l4nvarnAr Mnatan k a . - a .... : ri . ,'
v . wlm una auhuunani VUI. OOla
Smith to order tbe, companies comprising, his
ivegimerot Hr reaaesvous at lOIS Oity BTBeeqay
nelta .'Hta Will ha tha let Ranlma., aT ,k. ..I
, -- A-AB.A-AI. V. .US UD,
irjiuiiiuii iro ingiiDI. an" 1 t
Mr. Russell in Canada.
HAMILTON, C. W., June 28.
Mr. RmseTl. mi Lonrlrin Tim.e rtAfewMnAnrianii
From New York.
From New York. ALBANY, June 28.
creoencK. a i.utiejonn, Drottter, or, speaker
jLituyonoi was arrestea in aNsw Totfe to-dky
eharged -with ..bribing an offioer of the Stati
LeglBlatnre.,',' ''' ,,!'
' "
Got. Randall bas Issued a call for a company
BOSTON, June 28.
( frnm flt. n-.A,t. a i. .. .
ty, state that the Spaniards hU aeveateeo
r"-""" " uay seaward, and tBat store
louses wera hrlnir a,..,.. 'm , , r,7.
numbers. It-was thought the blacks would
Columbus Retail Market.
Columbus Retail Market. FRIDAY, June 28, 1861.
fnllkavlnoi M SKa taa.eaill.-a.aaa ai .
17 m a II. kaa ti anv. arhr.iaiAi.La. .7a aa . ...
ntltfiMif anllrilnav. ; , a 'a v . 1 " 1 .
' , I
TTurmwwat(w4 'WW O. gfar f
VlaJ aw Hts.HtN IKS' WO
Mania da... fliAirM
flmll avaa . on..
'- Brml AlkaAin.
Butter a... ... 8el.Kc
Kyrap fnf. eiKiw76a
Mrs w w,...A..ui
Tallow A. .... sV.Ue
re v a . 4 .soo..73e.ai eii
Veddo Tsa.,..v.,. oc
aioOoffM a.. isiaiaida
OrlaS AnakiaW nn aTuruinri
Dried Peaoha,... 9 7&at3 Oil
'avado Hue
Wblla Baaoa e ba.fl 0w 1 21
Klos t a juc
Brooanl dsa..Bl aoai Ia
ratataaa m in. A...ira9.v
.Halt In aanlr IVi. J'.
Ha ton . . aa (MkaiA ui
Salt t hU i, to!
Boap(mn) f fc.... w8r
mm r wu..,..,r.i f (J)
.m. a a . ID I.
riour 9 bbl.....a5WVJ50
WUUWbaatda aSUIalS 7A
Shnolilara A av: . . ' o
Rn Vloar abl... 11 hi
ltromewt.... S10oi
uaoda(,Tallow.bz. 13e
Wood f oord..;. 25
Maeterel Na.l hfMI , $0
uanaiea, upau box.. ine
OhaaaeV iT.,. fkalSK
Hactsral nolqrbbi (5
Haokaml Mo 1 .11... a H
Homtiiy perfcoth' ainu
IWbUKf per. tall. SS1 CO
Whlfta ffl.h na. krkkl AJ An'
Whlta Vi.h kkl aa Mil
samoa, at b. bos....x CO
Layen ....3 00
Saltan a
vua-aw r ....... 7C
Harrlna a) kl.1 a im
lis a ..uwais
Oora Ileal 9 bu....35i40c
Prune, f b 10 15
Sf dea.t.
6alWaoleina....;i8e t lb.
UAi I...! ...
". ....w hh iiw,wni f ii uiMr av
Whbat flrat at OoaWe.
Ooaa aalaa at HUc , .
One-tele dull at lt3i8e.
BvaA-tmah ealet at Ujioc.
bavs-ulee ai tGQ -PoTA-ron
sale, ,i 208?5o.
Baau MlaaaH7caSl2i. -
i . ic. a . a 1 aa par do I. i
Watra lu-nu at 7 007 JO per bbl.
c li;.-. 1 !
v- . I
New York Cattle Market
Aosoralni to tbe reporti fnoi th nrtrai aitr.it
place la toeaity, then hav ba raw! Ted Oiltvfak; '
. ,. ...""fP"" ! .
... . , . . "raia, naajg BW1H. TOtBl
Atlllwten's. 4,444 7 03, ftSJ ,7
Browntoi' 48 ; 84 74 S,W3 i ....
O'Brteu'...... ' J!U JV7 . '
OaaaberMa's., 88 ' II S3 ' J.C6S " ".
Wtd Band. s.. ... ;. ... V n
Bold ba'n, Bw. 30U '.. ...' j..
Total!... ARaS' lin
B7I 10.188
1,111 9,04.
,53t SS.M1
SrKSS 19,081
T'lpr'iweek 4,511 .132
at. numorr
fwTmtj'r.iJO. VA
34i S,70S XoOe 18,18
- - ". a. vv, .luprHstoni Hi r - nnrvB
R,re7,",T"' UiaOaKle t. i,T, ttfram
Uutfollowlos Slate: T
A. ai . A 1 lArtnn a. D. V I. . .. . m, . . .'
iflllnnl. .. o ana
,K:Dtekjr., ,. .'ift.a
Ohio ., (36
Iadlaaa rjl
ioa......,A,,.M. 48j
Mliaonrf.... 77
Number reported for this saarket at forty feurth
Mreat, 4,4e0a ' - ' -m. .... ... ,
Th pries to-day ar quoted aa folio wJ . '
imquallt, 8XX I OrdlDarr e7
d'Bin .744.8 1 Boat eitra aood.M. 11
Th general average of th market j kt than 8o.
Th mon or the lei art 7x8o. j
Total number or Been received loth city this week,
4)815. ' ' j
HU U 334 head more than List wkr aad 48r jitd
mora than .bear-rage of lt jrcar. The averaee Bom
ber of each Wedneadaj auukat laat yaat wa 3 4UI head,
while the Bomber today being 4.440, now 845 head
or thea th kveiage, and C80 bead mai than tali Sir
week. T
Ai we aotlclpated tut night, th markat opad fhli
nonuif with more iallt)oki for ft thtrir vt) lnr ilea
apoB uMoiociof atj ror ion lima, and the protpeet
wu wo doll that lercral ownera begaa to ttika arraDC-
mtllta avlW In lh Am Aa ma anaall la.a. ax-. A..
I levies it poaafbta to gat parehaMra for all Um atock
wy ri-vw wuivu vwnwiB WVHIQ II'IUPUI,, 1
W klM leasteAbsieVfl aasa MtBa.fa.elAs. .-.. - .
- -- vwiw.a -.uiB, me btctsjtbu
oUisa, blf act poond-btit rtiat doe Dot girt U
aaal arata f tha aiassal. aAuaaaa iL. . . . a a.
w. , saaa layuauvatj UJTJ KWefrefV qUSUIV OI
aiook ta knttwr, aol tbo rob miuti of w-lg-bt micfa
UablAaav aiAl anana at haai-La.M aasill -a a a m
thla woak t.t 80 u ha got lut wk a 9a, apon Um MtaL
4e.Kl Waib4.af tka wfcrtaaeaw w .u-rU.
A great oamtwr ol oattl obwtRd baaslaoa Um wata
lalttiatf k wA a -...AI a - r - - t , .
U"M " i-vaaiwaa vt. lUwBU nr DNn WO HI m m
laaa . - TVaaa BViaw a-l. av. U a.I. I a. . a .
- wm-t srwata W1B BtBt4USSr HBJ HTJ pm OsHa 811 1
little profit fn aomaeaaat. baton tbawhola it haa baen
jraiv aiilrlep wamIt a kaa a. t a at..
tent n woo ooagac hook on MondjY awaar -that they
Will not lMfafjUlffht iat klisti Inn aarala. 1 Wata .Met-la!-!
amrh a lata mnnlw thsiw vafaa ra HaanattvaYrf -a -
aiHlnawhaaaraaiatmaBtumMlMabowt IT a
head mora than they would hava got ot. Tiaalar iItf la
tiwi iaai atw taa ssaajstr miu awBtifM twsiniu WMB, KLa a
Tavotmo to both part lei U loatg run f aMaiwlfag
the trade upon ooa dajr A j
wa repeat uu a lew anejaay, aaoontreieibM tpaevlat-
ora, who are conitaotly trying to be iharp cnaaf hi to
ra tall thalr Mlahkani-a. im Aninm IsiaavLajiUkU , niaH
tha Cattle trade. Their eoane la Jiui aa diaaatioualy
UBn.uiMaa-..jB v asMavtt esaw avwrvs .; SW B B-UfBOVULHrj
vtiricu w i via 1 1- yiwseiivet auau wwj sataw-a jawei sMBOlN aa svca
Ifajptra iwi vwe vawtw-a saw iimvhwii UatMSJMulg U WJMI glTV
them "aid and comfort." - . ;, -.
Tha close of lha mariet thla weak hu bo4 oaty been
IUJ wvni iu firivej wr vwbwibi arwsa wubfbi wwj mi VJb wmT
.nlaaANaa. awa tnrlwa that Ihara annst kaaa hat.. 1U1 Viat.rl
Kanrt ll.a.t- Aiilri ant ha aw.M . ... . - ,
eolpta or tbe weak 10,188 " ,. . i
H-k. ...alaa, .a .fallen n.laa. In Ika Bhut. . -I.. I l
.HA) a ..... a a v. w ..vv. UH wuawu HM4K, is
upon Lamb whloh bare beta old tateljr at rale aquil t
about llffilSKo aV lor the meat which, being aold at
bsids rais uj ius oarva,., gars lua IMUUlsr loa plt
Oood fair lamb rami ware Mlllng In Vathlnguin
market yetterdar at eo e- , and In the Sheep market It
required a food lot of Limhtto hrine 4 eaeh, though
lw atra ooa aoM Bi twt asm that were quit th
rersia ot in exirasoia a less uxan vs. . t
We found alarge atook at Browning' yeiteMaj, and
trad. In LaMb tolarahlr likely, but in old Bhaan as
. I a ...11 .mil a mnnA fala In. nt Akl. V..
would weigh fall 100 fcteoh, held at i 85, wlttvoair 4
offered. Trad to-day 1 no better, aid for a gorwl rea-
SUD, W Una 1 , ia auau aim miw imiua AIC mvv DHU S.OIS
...a IV. . nn . m.V ana thla Anmrn ... I . I I . - ,
ll'.U 1111 ,n,luiA nv.. au. .uia uwa u.i IUU1UUB B laiUS
Innpa.aa af Lajnbfl hs th market boats. Tha niAMrlw.
Lamb to Bheep la About iollev: ii ChamnarlaJn'a,
1,314 Lamn to .73 01a eneep. At Browning', l.Xfii
Luab to S.7.B 8hep. At O'BrltD'a and at Aliartoo',
prwnj.MWA, m mvw aw n.q mmm H. 1 1 .hi.-. SV1DSS
from up tbe Barlem Road, and omof the Lamb
a k.l k.aa A. ..nfe a. K . ST. ....
Ilia. W Wmim mmm va.vw. vm . . n a JDUIIOTII
lot of IT bead sold far 3S. ill won't par to raU
Lamb te Mil at that prtoa., -Th ralier moat Imnroa-a
breed aa4 qoal It aiwi (at doubla ta k. ,
Receipt thi wk, ( 531. V t T
Thafollowinaeuotatloniar futntihed for to-dat
UWDWf U. ursUA, RuvaiimauurBi ui ius miBst.
fed Hr-f. V k gross., ...... ....... ....4)fa4l-
Plillllso Bug t rna.AA...t ....3Jj.
IheweaUMtmar bceoaaidand maarkaeljr faror.ble
Ui ttmwof Jar, u th da ar bet hot, while the
nlcht ar wry eool) bat th wathr nj hu note
much ta do with thondUloa of tramaat aln old
Ham ..na. 1 Via Ijm. nan. In a. h (in... V, aw. ahaIIaa aa- a .
Where th ampemtur t kept svaa about at SB Sstns.
ine a.mana ior puimg nog i Trjr ngnt, and ror let
oneifor lird.t 1 still worr. Thr.la a rrmarkabl
I. . -a kS - - I.. A. ..A. I A. ... A .a ...
IHIUll 'His avw va -.ana ' " anm w mmj. uwiril DJ SO.
HoUollom, ladleM. whtt--wtll--wg(i avar 9 0 peand
each, and rv alih'-ttih rarj prinv HaalUjt. wilt not Mil
a much by a fodrth sent a pouud aa tht 1 Wjald At
Botaiere than half the aright r- - ---I
Wba anotatiaaifor alaea haa I morals nAin.i, ti.
n.nA.A 1. akSA matkiA La a hnidMa. . A ......
Knar I
bout IKIW head la ioe ul pent tbi morn leg and bur
jfV.'M til iin' l.ei tj rTj:- n... i..
wits, aissti wriru.
tint unallbt.warn fed Urg m.WH n XK
lM..ri .Hli). MihJal i.,a.l ,..,,
nntqualltvmallalKfataprm, ' ' i
Unrl.tlll-f4, (au... ,.,..!( aiSj - imK
Deoond oualiij illl-rrd,I.U.....r..()3X. , ihtw.
Small tin, choice atook bore
itooa aog. ....a ' MX a--1
t .
New York Market.
NEW YORK, June 28.
AflnWB riA.ll.AAA - - -Al.k - Aa-aa.
. ti kKla a. Bl AnaM . A1a f.a n.M. aiAHl ...
pearl. We alio aotioe aals of 300 bbli Montreal pot
IA. v. a mv.m mw aa nw. n. " an-M. w wav .
pnvatewmw. - ,m r j j r . -ti i
CorrONA-OoatlMetoTm with aa tcwani teadecoy;
o'00 balsa at 14HaiXo. ,
VLOCtt Bsasy, asaiulsd.aad SotolOo tower wtfh
Bwdtrat iemaed for expert at deella ,alref IS.fOO
barrel at ft 033)4 10 for tuprfln state; B4 M4 SO
sail amis. ftw.w lur snpsraos wsbistu, w av'm
73 foreomawa lo media eara wastarst B4 eu9S 10
shipylcg brand ara toaad keep Ohio; t
uaas una., uu, , a-axasa uiosuib bsst axia oa .
atrnn. n.SnnM liral.Dfltt. QuuillaB flnUS dnlt anrl
eommon gradta a llttl lower. Bale t too barnla at
iiiii xo ror eomtnoa to 011010 extra. . . ... I
BYB VLODB Loer..mall aalsa at 333 89
VtliaiTT In f.lw .-.,.'. mlataetjrQrn Vhla allllA
-kA,vf -- av-awwrnw t W"-w --a rvy aaae eiw
. .1 I . a A llUI , a I . ML .. a
OWsraa.UHiss aaies.. pa sa v. .i.vuu bhihb vuiarv
at 75SBSo; Si.OOO buah. Northwestern elub at 96
W.W0 buahei Ullwaukee elub at es p 1 03; M.WW
. V. 1 aaa. UTi I. ... T.A .. a I II'. VI 1 I AI . . lAa-l
DUSUVIS a, AU. a , I...U.IU bmivi M.mmm at 94 w-.i V uw
buahei eholo Amber Green Bay at SI 10; J.S00 bu.hels
Canadian Olubat B100:oa.4U baabala winker rsd west
at Bl lOaVl 14 wasoel Baoln spring at ttiM
Ol; M0 buahei whit western at Bl Motl 88. j
BYB Qiiet aad firm; aula wt 1,00 Iraakela Hera
BrreratOirc. r- -,. ir, ,a I' ll K 1 iff I
BARLKYA-Untbsngfil. , ... .v,i f 1
HALT Uull aol aemlnal , . . ? I
O0RM Steady -with moilerata demud for. expert and
. B.I.. a Ta DJIJl L..L.1. .a .vi . .-.a
llOBSS BUBlHUipMau, VAI.-V" . A WW nUMI.I. a Aag
inlarlor to prim aew mfcted weeternl Sfioforwestk
ssvwsi. swv-a.avc mbwbi wi bmi.s. wsbisiu
tar, h 't :i n . r j
0AT8 9elUo 1138490 for Waters Bi Oaaadias;
U for Pate.
J1. M ? 1!! dBU and aeniliialat4Sfl for
i wiTi ii ,.T eoenu (or repulwd bkh
ohSJ-d. l"1 luld "
at a 7J 14''111 "odmU "J '' " !
.SU,4T aeraand! lalu af COB baekaeei
9ABi--CoaUaBa4aU BatosetUO buret at 8
fort".1"ln,.t7a?,5,lf0,('1!l'. WW
aalt "X" "V? f . e"Ss.lB
.limZ, i DTMif ortaotlTHUat an very
iiliV; ". of Com it 4
M At4(!7. Bloo atSi Jiy boxe. DaraLa,
V.!i.!f.?rI,J "le' of .! h oheits Oreetiifall
WOOLD.u. M.niWoreriholdlo-ctfnot nareh
' enlrtlh.r h.r or lo , thV In terlur. i.
r ,'". aew ellp hare bteo mad at, tne eot pi
..a. . am not aupoMd IohII old clip at
Dtul.'Ar.Br.,V",,Z.,,DH, sUo
B?rtiiJii """"' uaiuorniaet iovB3).
n J. our-,oa"l aotlr and a mil higher thi
h. ''Thi' f!" R" ",1,"t a8r "'P "Wi
""' "cnijis voui- HarlmaST.
......u. . in, TirKinia o, ijt; Ml toorl 38X
do rjrlr-85; nolUrTBV VI ' SJJ
Philadelphia Market.
FL0UR-ruH.V8alr of tiacj brod,at W; extern
wSV.8i n','",AU'U l-500 WS- ' .
W H a A T nr. 1 1 ..a . . i .t .... ,-
Palof S.WIO .a, red at. 1 181 83( i jo
a-oaa-sla1rr Prfate soatbara yeltow; bid
VyuX8KTTl)uU unj.i7.; .a.
;) 'li -
't7i--'if .
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, June 27, 1861.
nTTand sot qootabl. ,.. ., , , , I
nnaT utarr ana law., a.ia. tmri L
Sale, pi1
ran r-a, a, a. .. o-.a - ' " - vi
CORN Hull Hfu.1"
6T8-Oullat0o. - ,.',',
HIOHWlJIIS-QalUat U.: . '
KQOij-l tt ft,. Bko nd 10.
.Lrrst ut
. .i... - jovs-
a amlM nr Ann n '.. .. ........ ,a ... -
------- v"" s-puiiw, u ww rMief.
rnreiar nomluallv Lha ..ma iik Mi...i. .i.
a , - mm A.iiu, lUil
'- til 11 ,.l -I Kt
Cincinnati Market.
dr.,, beawtl, at S4S04M S. - "! " n T
w u a at Hav again be quoted lower. The offering
were more liberal, and Duyr quit ar Indlffarant ai
nrtofor. Bed wa (old t 8Jo. and brim whit will
bring over 81, though BIOS Un.ei. '
uunni qur tun at Bo. 1 I
OATd--HaBoma-ktiearMlvftS!.'1 n I
5,AR,l" .B-ra .tin negiacuaft s fi
WHI8KI-1. krptflrmat ISXe?
:jt ) .Dr. J, JEL McLEAN'S J U ! .
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
TbeUreatest Bemerla The World,
"1 - ltm
ly a acieBtiae and
V as table Oompoaod,
praoaied by the diatil
laMoaof Koot. Herbs
aad Bark, Yellow
Bookv Blood Boot,
Baraa peril la, Wild
Ohem Bark aad Ban-
d lion wnters late 111
Mon Ittldn&u iauai After Taking.
principle ol each Ingredient I thoroughly extracted by
my hew method of diaUlIlng7lSrail61ng'' .a BMlcPW ei
hiieratlng eptrlt, aad th aaoet IMtALLIBLB remedy lot
MasaUaa Lha dlaauad aratem. and natorlna iha alck.
HeLBAN T TskEWi3T.il! Ifl If fl ' 'CGk-
fr DLAIa i
V' . at "7 Win aoSuny tart U 3" 1
Ohronlo or Vmai Debility, Bkwuei of the kidney.
anq ail niaiaia anetag item a eissroArsa urerot mom,
aeh, Bvipapsia, HurUarn-, Inward Pile. Acidity or Dick-
bom of the Stomach, rullnea of Blood to to Uee J, Dull
paaMswawmlawtw tteklJlaMaBref tha Htavrt-
niinf wmgnt t BBtataaaaoh, Bear, rwetattotiw
OhokiBg ot ikArormttmr lesHo whew lyina- dw-ra , Dratwa
sr rsnownras oi tneBunaod arss, niga aw ti, (n
ward r-ra,P-aiataemall- a bait, akaaa a ilde.
Buddea Frnehe of Heat, BiyiamBiu of BnaWta, rrightful
Dreuna, Iduiiruor, Bepondenrtr or ant Nei-ron Diaea
Bore or Blolehe wa the 8ktn. aad laser and Anus (oi
riktii. .. . .....
VMUisauu ssrsr7 .... i -
over a IHlUien f Uettlee A I
Hare bee aold diriog Hi laat aU akoctha, Aod la no tar.
taneahu It failed ta eWiag atir atinwiien,IWko,
then, will luffer from Weakaa or Debility abaa. Mo
No Unrnise can rouTav aa adaunata idea of tha bums'
Slate and alcasat miraealou change prodoaed by taking
tbi Ousdial Id a dleeaaed, dsMUtaxed and ahat tared
Derroui lyitem. whether broken down by exoesa. weak bt
nature, er imparred by riekiie, aenuund ana wtrnWiang
vrgauaaauini m i-ssoi-sa so its pnsnnr neaiiuaaw vigwiw
BLAJIRlaJD'' PEBSOl.'.' ,7'1"4
Or other r-iBKioaa of Loabilily, Irosa whatayee caoae.
wtll find llcLaaa a 8trngthnlng Cordial a thsrough
reg-aaiatar taw aytm;and all who may have Injured
IhtaaaelTTi by Imprttptr Ind'-lgnre, Will tliul.Aaa.taia C 0 r
dlal a certain aad apeedy remedy., rk-!jt I
7i?-;i-..;i; M Ladlea.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
Ii a eoTsreign and rpsedycara for i
Obatrueted or DHBaulr 'Ifenatmatlon, Inoontinenc of
Urio or Involuntary Discharge thereof, falling of the
Womb, aiddlneaa, talBUng and all Slaea lncidnat i
rauhM, n.nj r: .s !
There la bo Mistake AkMllt. I
Buffer bo longer.. Take tt aeeordine to Directions. It
wlllatlmulate, etrengthea and Inslgorat yoa and oaum
bloom of health to moaat your cheek again . i
rsry entti u wariaQlau lo gtrs sMiaiActloa. 2 ,
If rour children r aicklr. nun v. or afflicted. MrT.aanr
Cordial trill auke them healthy, at aad robeat.- Delu
notamoaaent, trtt,aBdfawUle aanWaoedi ,er. .
OArmrnr. "-Be-rare of Drarrissi or Sealer wha nit
try to palm upon y0 earn Bitter of SarsaparilU treat,
which they ean buyoheap, byaaytn, itlaiuatae good.
Avoid each atah. Ask tor MeUaa'i amnglluming Cot
dial, aad take Bothlag al. II to the ! ramids Ahal
will purify tha. btoad tlwrocilbiy wt at tbaaaane tint
traagthn the ayatem.' :
One tableepoeafol aakan Tr aMng ftanWJ I a
ortaia yis-saUre of OUlaaa, OaiU aa fees r, fallow
oraay pre sal est aiavawawi Ittypat uy hi lrts
bottle. ...v ...-.,.,...; -l .
Price only $1 per bottle, or I bottle for 5. . Zi, '
i. H. McLBAaW. '
Bol Proprietor af thi 0anliI :
Alio UcUen1 Voloanlo Oil Inimeai. !
nPftSttMl VsDeA n tlWsonSI a TBlrdaMTtae ataaala.
t l" a. - . " A" - .
aMiusk atva
MclAeeji'B Voloanl40WniL.I j
To beat LLniEsnt ta tb Wrtd.- - Tha oale aM and
certain eure for OaMsr,- fll, S-aXlt-r aad Bros.
ehitla, or eoitra, Paralyiia, Nsuralria, Weak nasi of tbe
Maaol, Unronle or lBBmmiiy. Bbaatim, Btlf-
01 tn jotnua, enurassaa awM or Ligament
Baraeh or Toothaeba, Biaaws, Brrratas, Wmud, Vreab'
Oat, Dlcor, tesor Sorssi Oakad WimW SonRlppl,
Bam. Scalds, SoreTkoat, r any IaSammaaan or Pal.
odllereno how arrsra, or be long tbe dtaeanmay
hav xited. Mclraaa'S Oasabassad Imiaaebt I a or
tain rsmstiy. .e-.L-i i.t'4 1
Thoaaana of hsmaa being have baa BBSwd a lite f
dMrspltail aad mieary y th aat af thk) avalnaba m
edne. v. ' " T - -
Will nUere pain alma batutaneouty, uid It
eleanaa, purify and heal- 4a feu lest son la aa ine
ly anon um., , r rrr
rwr Bwiraew'aaA Olber AAttaaia.
Babl i-ABvadr forttwonSBaviaBUna Baaea Wini
sella, Belkn ta, Caaataral Bamp, N ode or BwerUng.-' 1 1
will asssr fall to ears AU Used. Poll BrU. riaaia.4)U
nsaslBg Bores ot Bweeny, If properly, apt) Med .1
Bpraina, raises, Beratenaa, eon or Vuaada, O-aekaa
Heel, Chafes, Saddle orOollai Oall It a am total lib tt
Apply It. aa directed, and a ware Ioi-bb. to
very laitanoea " 1 1 - - 1
Thea trine no toarer W1U. tna away wera Mat Ltnl-
ararrts sfsrsd tayoa. Obtala aeasplj of fir, McLean
asiaixatau kuiimenk iiwincur o.-.1 .1.'..
a i' J.Ht mcL,KAN,BilProprienw,
Corner of TMrdand Pine Btreou, Bt. Ltmla, Me.
ftrf lbyaUdjr(hra. --HV'--
oraalebs ' BOITIATg k BAVTnrt..
aats-S-d,wl3 Ua.'- a . , Oolamea. Ohka
.r--.t-.? t - a y:..,.'i ,l fl ;-l-n
JL for eaHHng between the undersigned,,' Tinder the
arm name ei tnarinuiiv m TnorarBu-, waa dlatolw
ed by routssl eensent on the Brat day of April,- 18" U
xne twaiDees-ji taaawanasiii a - aeMied pya.lt.
Aaarraoitw.'WBO atmtlanef In boatnea at the old stand,
any-e-Ow. XOOMfBON.
7H f"
t- . a
.j ti j
An aXpetieDoeS Nora anil Tsmal Phjraleiaa, presenU
f y le the attcntioB of mother, her
sob t?jii;ng "syiiup,
WHvb atls-.fastlitaa the Drnaaaa nf taathltia hs anft, '
A.'i'DaH"!' ldttHn lnaammU0D wUl alias
-.uu ius aas nisaisiawatwea. ana s. ,
HXiLTH TO T0TO atltnM.
W bare Data anrl aiM tirf. Aik.u in. .. . a.
and OAK nay, IN OONflDBnlOB AND TBCTH,of It!
" tA'""i J1! o -"! any other med?
NCB, TO BMBOT A ODBB, when timely .ued. Ner
r ad w knew aa Instaae af aWlUkatlan by any on
who used it. Oo the eontrars. all ara aA.ii.hiaa i,h .
opeiioa, aad spaas Is taraw s aammaation of It
magical eSrou and medical rlrtue. w apeak In thi
'WHAt V7B DO KNOW;" aft., . ,. .mji
Cf,1cf..aIU ''Dai 00B KBPUTAT10N fOBIXlB
rULILLHBNT uS WHAT Wk Ultua nam .mi i.
Imoal arary Inataoe whr the Infant I uSering'froal
a.u.iu,u, nun win na loutul tu fllln or
l" mtaute atsr tbesyrap t adminlatend.
Thi Valuable Urenaratlon ia th. ..naanaintlnn
th moat BXraaiKNOBDaad BKlLb't.. NUlfBSIa
lbu auccBea in ... ,,,, ... , . . .
jksBtswij-iaiotr lot? sBaiics ri
It not on Ir rellsrea tba chllil in. n.m i....
atse Ibe atomaob and bowel, aarraem jwtdlty, nd glrei
tone ud energy to the whole ayttem. Tt will almoet In
Uotly nlieae
and OTemaMerasuimou, whssh, if aot speedily rm
"isn, sua tnneatn . we bellere It th BKeTaod 8DB
B8T KBMB0? IN THB WORLD, in all ease, o'i "J.
it arises froai teething, or from any olber a. ate, Wa
would au to eswrs moihervtu, haa ahna ane.WA.r
nyof Ui roiegoir g eomplalnta DO NOT LBT YOUB
PKk.OUlCas MOB TUB PBBJUDIiiaaoi.iiui-iik
-land between you and your aullerlng child, and the is-
i.i im, wu, ss cuaav yss.- a soul, u caLX 8U BB to
follow theuasof oial mndiaiaa. tftiaialr svl. w.h hi.
reetton for using will aooompaoy arb bottle. None
reouin unlaw th faeeimil of L-OBllek PBBKINB.
New York, I on the outside wrapper.
Sold by all Druggtata throughout lb world.
Prl-icf paf Office, 13 Ceelar (Street N.Y.
xnbuD jfJJOFWOOD'g
f It'pTeolwly rtiatltt nam Indleate. for:
iplraaaat to th ta.t. It 1 nrsisiryt og, xhilrt
log, inrigoratlog and t'reag theniog ta lbs -In
power, aod at the same time reririBn. tain
laarsM, and reuaw tha Blood la all It purity, aa
a-iuuua a. uugo rwwr-s owhi rtnumrt iu yasea a.
. vuln4raAU to aU iokt of ditto.. Itiatb.onii
jiu,.-a,atN. i wv Nl -Villi, HI GUBDI-
aaj.eaiiy ana iiirutiy eomMnaa to be the most
IP -wvrnii imra ana sr in. same time 10 nem-eth
Udapted to. a to act ia parieo-aoo.rdanc with th'el
.aw oi naraia. ana aenoe will .oafAe uu vttakttt
Utomach, aod tan up th diitutir organ, ami
thu allay all nervokat aodoasr trrHaduB. . it 1.
-J'per eclly exhilarating, and at the aametim it i
vLl oompoaad aullaiLs o ventablee. set eomhin-,i
a to produce the moit thorough tonic effect, with-
.: tYat pr'mucing any Hijunou oonaequence. Buch
aj a remedy ha long been felt to be a deilderatom lo
Lj be tsedlotl world, for It need no medical iklll to
rliste thatdebiilty follow ail attackaof dlaeaaa. anri
- bread-nd Indeed laye the 7-m-open to the
i-.iDiaiouaiaca 01 many 01 we moat fata . aucb.
l4Ujf-e-aele,the,tallowinj Ooniamptton.-U-i
viillgeillen, Dyepmiaia. bo of Aptwtlts. raintaeai.
merroue Irritability. Neuralgia Palnltatlonol !hei
u uasf u lariancaoiy, nigat bwmu. Languor, Qiddl-
neaa, Betennon 01, aa wen a ralniul obetracted
too prolate, or toe aeaat Menatruation, and fall
Bllne rt$ Womb. - Ttinealtdepaxd open general
(J, (debility. (hie ptfret beaKhytuaic Cordial and
Blood Benovatoi la assure te eure aa the aun to
a I rise and asti- Xhtrs la no mUnaks about tt. Bnt
Wlthlnet all. If the ytem UweeiieB-eVw aral
r-UTpen to biimuaattacka, Um liTer- baroma tssnid.
or wort dleeaaed. th kidneye irfwee to porsrm
kars iroooicd win scalding
Brine, or- invoiuntere dia
pake h-th kaak-. etde and be.
ezeeedinaly liable to aUghl
patient iroej down to a Dremimrrl
uDcnecaea. soon emaciAtian
ajgrave. ' Bnt pace will not altow at to enumerate O
lihe many lilt to which we are liable In a weakened, W ,
condition er tne yetr. But we win say, iu this
Cordial and Blaod BaaoTatur yea have a penect'LJ
safe, pleasant and ..factual remedy for loa ef J
Appetite, blllooaneai. Flatulence, weak and tlckV
jromicti, Leaeno Lvrer OomDhrint.' Chills and
f ever. or kui BjJIoaa attack. OnatlTanaaa. Aoi,Htl
Lf the Stomach- JJerrouanieaa, Neuralgia, Palpita-I
iKiuoi uis aAcarc, Acpreaaion .01 npinta, oure,
Pimple on th Face, or any dlcue arlalne from
impure blood, tuch aa Scrofula. Xre-iueUs. Bsoa
hitia. Cough, difficulty of Brsatlduf , and all that ,
aclaa of diteatee celled" female weakneaa. and H
(enumerated abore-.-WS will a lao aa th trareler L'J
aupaasa w epiucmto, cnangs 01 eitmat and wat-vc
rer, win una It a pleasant, sal and sure remedr.
mau bom aooui erer travel witnouw Header,
ltrylt, for we autur yoa you will Bad in Ua Iriend
ilmleed. aa well aaa friend In need. All poraonBofl
-au Binary niD.ts will una lis perfect preventive 01
a well ai eure for those allmant to which they aie
particularly exposed. Hence mtnliten,nudent(,tt
torney, lliarary g-stiemen,and lad in who are no!
aocuttonad to muc'i ouidvor txeictae, will find II
o uieir advantage to keep a bottle eonataotry on
ana;aa,'abosail. ntottiara. r ttiass , besom lot
auohi will go through. Ult most dangarou perl 00
out only wth all their accuatomed etrength, bui
pais ana rre rrom ine uousaaa aiimanea ao prev
alentanoog the female portion of tha world. Ii
ihort, it laladard molher'acordial. TrslLolr
endouog; no longer run the ilikor delay; Itwii
relleT end nrore itself etnohelicaU a Rditnra
fie Cordial and Blood Mtnovator,
U.J. wuub, proprietor, H Broadway , He
York, and 114 Marke t Street, 8t. Louit. Slo.: an
old by BOBBBTS k BAMUBL, Oolumbiu, Ohio
and all good. Pruggiata. Price Or.'Doll
per Bottle. marchifl-datweowl
'' -'- 1
.e-uC-CD cvitrrrq?
3h . l'lCfJ.-V.
. i at 'in;
' I Js.ri.ii
41 srassAbw num . f.'JAai-.A
.it .....avaivi,,),,-
iriitnwfacfiirera wf all k.lndW ol" lPr-
saiDiei aaa wtaitiwntiary tewta fsa-.
Bines, ar Wtltw,- urtat Hit lie,
a,.. . m, eW'.Tdees
. a. B D UTAl l JSeatm rh CetrUKM tt
..kj.Awtt --ot - 1
L . Oor Port-hie Xnwtaa and liw.KlllT
ae.waand tha am premium f, &UaI itta lajiana
State Jalr for 1-60 oret Uqe Bodjey ' on account of
rnn, nuuioee, impiioii', ecoootny OI inel
4il4 iSirKirtor fhai-arter nf1 h,mlV a.a,l
'0'FbinWryirr.gtne wa aWardee- At 'ae atuib fair
Ur Bret pr-mlnmof Biiee.1 ' .' :-i -..,
Oar Portable knffrts was trwnrreTaaS-r -n-otea of
hj ai in rair at atemphts, Tenn., orsr lanV Vu
vall'a, Colombo Maculae Oo'a.. and Bradford At Oo'. ..
ir e ontoarlttee bf ursTtieal lluwdft.it,ar7f ,1
ror brie and termaaddra " 1- - '.-i inu
, a-W -aiLa KViXVBA, Treasurer,
dri-4wiviti. , - f ' j Newark. Ohio
E.m Cil!llO LllliXTE R
buatnnflV' n "hia.id a the vav
ritt BitANes i
MS-wa '.: . ' -.n-'.i '.,,) .
mA inetr luneuona. aau
iT lajAaAjjBiMlB)iieoi of
frWiesgo4 the aaax,
itween tbe anouluers,
Tjcoldt, conghs, and if
followi. and the
th andarslrnsd ha hen dole appaietrd by Ih
heWtOoerl of frank lin county, Wnio, Admmlilrattia
orthssaut ot Margarets, fhllllpa, late e( said couatr,
deoeased.i i 1.
Dated Jsne5,18l. If 1KT MATIISB.

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