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Tbe Adams Express Company places us daily
under obligations to it for tbe very latest papers
from tbe eastern cities. .
' Tbe American Express Company baa our
thanke for it daily favors In tbe shape of tbe
very latest eastern papers. t
Tnc Thirtrrnth Rioihcnt. It was an
nounced in one oi the Cincinnati papers that the
Thirteenth Regiment, Col. Smith,' fully armed
and equipped, and taking with them twenty
tents, would leave Camp Dennlaoo, at five o'
clock yesterday afternoon, for Grafton vie Bel
lalre, accompanied by Company I of the Elev
enth Regiment per order of Gen. MoClrllai,,
It is also stated that seventy tents and fixtures,
and three pieoes of cannon, were shipped from
Cincinnati, by rail, on Friday, for Grafton, for
the nae of tho Regiment.
Prosati Court. Tbe Criminal Term of the
Probate Court for this county will commence on
Tuesday next, July 3 There are sixteen cases
now on the dockot. Tbe number (or the term
will probably reach twenty.
Crr. Bbrdsal's Cavalry- The following Is
from tbe Cincinnati Gazette of yesterday morn
ing: The complement of Capt. Burdsal's Company
oi dragoons leaves to-day. There will be forty
men to join tbe fifcv seven already gone to
Grafton under Capt. Burdsal, jnaking;one hnn
dred men rank and file. First Lieutenant Mi
nor Milllkin commands the detachment, and
takes uniforms, tents, etc, for tbe whole com
pany. They ate thoroughly equipped and
armed, with the exception of oanteens and hav
ersacks, wbioh will be furnished at Grafton.
CiLtBRATioif or the FoDRTR. Almost all of
our Ohio exchanges contain notices of the eel
oration of the Eighty-fifth Anniversary of
American Independence, In tbe old fashioned
style. Tbe order generally Is a procession to
ft grove, banners and muslo, prayer, reading the
Declaration and an oration, rounded off with a
dtnnor and toasts. May the day revive patri
otism and rekindle the love of the Union
throughout all the land!
. BtiriRiOR Court. Tbe Superior Court for
this county will adjourn its present term on to
morrow (Monday) morning, July 1. The next
term will commence on Tuesday, October 1.
, Htmsnial. The number of marriage licenses
Issued from the office of the Probate Jodge oj
Franklin county, during the month of May last,
was thirty-five, and during the present month,
June, twenty-cine were Issued.-
U.Si Officers in Columbus The following
offloers of tbe United States Army are now in
this city: Capt. Siansbery, Topographical En
gineer; Capt. Robinson, 5th Regiment U. 8.
Infantry; First Lieutenants 18th Regiment U.
S. Infantry, Messrs. L. Proctor, A Mills, and
L. Brand. Capt. McLaughlin, and Lieuts. Ben
ton, MoCleary, Fetterman, Cash and Sohmldt,
of tbe 18th Regiments , U. S. Infantry, aro ex
pected to arrive here to-morrow.
O The work of olearing the ruins of the
NeilHouse, preparatory to rebuilding, was com
menced yesterday.
D" fa the Court of Common Pleas for Madi
son county, a breach of marriage promise case
was tried Ian week, In which the jury rendered
a verdict for the lady plaintiff, for $1500 dama
ges. Judge Warden and Col. N. H. Swavne,
of this city, were connsel in the case.
The First Prisoner or War Brought to
Coldmbos. Two of the Dytoa Zjuaves ar
rived in this city yesterday morning, from the
line of the Marrietta end Cincinnati Railroad,
near Marietta, bringing with them as a prisoner
of war, a man who is alleged to have been
detected in the aotof firing a bridge." He was
lodged in the stotlon bouse.
U" Somebody has written a book, showing
how all work and stndy may be made play or as
good as play. This Froibil practically and
successfully accomplished for very young child
ren In his admirable system of Infant Garden.
Hesooomblned the useful with the amusing,
the praotlcal with the beautiful, and the serious
with the gay, as to make physical exercise sport
to the ohild, and mental Improvement a fascina
tloo. The exemplification of the workings of
Froidel's system oan be seen at Miss Franrin
biro's Infant Garden, No. 19 East Rioh street.
Tbe Outfit or Rioiments. The tents for a
ingle regiment cost not far from $4,000. Twenty-five
wagons are required, costing about $150
each. The entire expense of equipping a regi
ment does not fall short of $G0,0U0.
BTForty thousand cartridges musket,Minie,
Enfield, revolver, and artillery are now daily
manufactured at the Indiana State Arsenal.
The Crom in Shelby Countt. The Sidney
Dtwuerat says:
We were much cheered, recently, with the
fine prospect of orops in this county. Tbe re
port from all sections was highly flattering for
an abundant yield of wheat; but we are sorry to
learn that much that was supposed to be wheat
proves to be cheat. Tbe prospect for an abund
ant oropof oats Is good; and we believe tbe
eorn generally stands welif and if the season
continues favorable, we may expect a good crop.
IT The London, 0., Democrat, records the
sadden death, on Tuesday last, of Mr. Jacob
Weaver, of Pike township, Madison county.
He was about sixty years of age, an old citizen
universally respected, and classed among the
wealthiest men or that oounty. .
DTWe observe by the military orders of Massa
ohnsetts that William Sohodur, formerly edi
tor of the Cincinnati Oaxttte and Ohio Slate
Journal, is Adjutant General of that State.
"""The Weevil. The Wyandot Piosrer savs:
V From rnliahla Infnrmatlnn nhtalnml fmm Af.
reu. quarters of tbe oounty, we learn with
regr, ibat ,ae weevil is making sad bavoo in
tbe matwiog wne.,. fields. Great complaint Is
' "a ij 0,.h che' being to wheat, in
ome fields to txtmtt M t0 deltr0, entlre
elds. Complalnof like nature come from
vuiwr boououb oi IDS rHatg,
, Cork and Oars-The Keyrus Forum says
'the corn crop In that vloinityww. ..it. .
there ts every prospect that It wMleriual t0
the erop of last year. TheoaUoronalso,.
tees well, and the yield will be unusually larJM
' Itrun Thursday, 1,57a hats, 1,848 coats,
'together with a large amount of provisions
were received at Camp Dennison. Seventy
five thousand -rifle cartridges, and forty five
thousand primers, and several boxes of small
arms, were shipped to Bellalre from Clnolnnatl,
on Friday. . . , f .
. TT Thfe si 339 convicts in the Penitentiary
at Frankfort, Kentucky.' Six of the number
'are females.
Camf Chaie. The following is tbe organ
ization of the four regiments at Camp Chase: :
iS3j Colonel, C. P. Seammonj Lieut. Col.,
Stanley Mathews; Major, R. B. Hayes; Sur
geon, M. M. Stimmel. of Hardin oountv i As
latent Surgeon, John McCurdy, of Mahoning
94th Colonel, Jaoob Ammon, of Brown oo.;
Lieut. Col., S. A. Gibbent, of Muskingum oo.;
Malor, Luoien Buttles, of Franklin co.i Sur
geon, David Welob, of Belmont co.; Assistant
Surgeon, Enoch Pearoe, of Jefferson co.
25 in Colonel, James A. Jones, of Huron
co t Lieut. CoL.W.P. Richardson, of Monroe
co.; Major, Geo. Webster, of Jefferson oounty;
Surgeon, L.G. Meyer, of Cuyahoga co j As
sistant Surgeon, G. R. Weeks, of Seneca oo.
26ih Colonel, Ed. P. Fjffe, of Champaign
co.; Lieut. Col . E.R. Eakley, of Carroll co.;
Major, C NY Dsgeleld, of Erie oo.; Surgeon,
W.'Clendennln. of Hamilton co. i Asai.tant
Surgeon, Andrew Sabine, of Union co.
CT The army worm has been extensively de
structive this season in Illinois, in Tennessee,
western Kentucky, and In parts of Indiana and
south western Oulo, as far north as Darke and
Shelby counties. This so-called worm is the
larva or grub In Us second stage. After doing
Its work in this stage, It becomes a pupa in the
ground, whence U emerges In a couple of
weens a perfect moth.
O The three gunboats from Cincinnati ra
reported tbroosh the canal at Louisville, and
on their wav to Cilro.
u? Thirty-seven wagons, seventy-five horses
and three hundred and eighty barrels of hard
bread were shipped from Cincinnati, on Friday,
by rail, to Grafton.
O Three thousand shirts, two thousand nairs
of drawers, and three thousand pairs of socks
were sent from Cincinnati, on Friday, to Cairo.
for the use of the troops there.
07 Governor Morton and several prominent
ladiana gentlemen, wilhgo to Virginia this week
to look after the Interests of the Indiana boys
ID An Irish gentleman, visiting some friends,
was received with so much hospitality, and
drank so bard, that he dt parted in a shorter
time thau was expeoted, and when asked the
reason, very gravely said, " that he liked them
so very much, and ate and drank so incessantly,
that be was sure, if be had lived there a month
longer, he should die in a fortnight."
ID A gentleman coming Into the room of the
late Dr, Barton, told him that Mr. Vowel was
dead I "What!" said be, "Vowel dead? Let
us be thankful it was neither U nor I."
ID Twenty soldiers of tbe ICth Ohio Regi
ment have been arrested for insubordination.
said to be caused by dissatisfaction with their
clothing. Tbe subordination here, amongst tho
contractors, Is perfeot. They are perfectly sat
isfied with the prices they received for the cloth-
Wood's Ilalr Restorative.
Unlike most specifics, this is moved, hv un.
Impeachable evidence, to possess great effioacy
as a restorer of tbe hair to It pristine vigor.
Where tbe head had become almost bald be
cause of sickness, the use of this article has
produced a beautiful growth of thick, glossy
hair. It Is therefore a valuable preparation for
an ciasees. us ingredients are such as to ef
fectually eradicate dandruff and other imnuri-
ties, wbich operate so injuriously to tbe hair.
il aiso nas curative properties oi another de
scription. In many cases pimples and other
disfigurements of the skin disappear wherever it
is used. There is no hazud attaching to the
trial of this remedy, and its effects oan only be
beneficial, as the compound, if it does not cause
a manifest improvement, is Incapable of doing
barm, as its component elements are perfectly
Innoxious. Buna Transcript, April 22, 5'J.
- . f
Troth ts Powerful and shut Peeva.
The great reason of the unbounded success of
"Kenedy's Medical Dlecovary" la, tw.t it pro
prietor has never stated anything in regard to
it, tnat was.not striotly true. Un tbe otber band.
be does not in bis circular mention many diseases
that he has certificates to prove have been cur
ed by bis "Discovery." When he has said one,
two, or three bottles will care you of Erysipe
las, one or two will cure you of Rheumatism,
it has always been so. Thence the confidence
of the publio has been gained, and persons who
nave neen cured ot course mention it to all
around them giving a notoriety to this medi
cine that will last long after its discoverer has
gone to receive his reward for the many be has
LOCAL MATTERS. Rail Road Time Table.
tiTTLt Miami fc Oolomsos at Xxxia B. B.
Lutm. Arrirae
OinclDDatl Aooommodatlon. 8 00 A. M. 9:10 P. M.
" Exp real 11:40 A.M. '. 11:03 A M.
Mall and Aocommoitatlon.. 9:10 P. Y 8 00 P. M.
Night JSiprett via Dayton. 100 midnight. 3:20 A. M.
Jko. W. SonntTV, Ageat.
OoLoaacs It Ouvilakd R. K.
Night IxpreM 3:40 A. M. 11:15 P.M.
New TorkBxpreii 11:10A.M. 10:50 A.M.
0.0. tO. Way Express.... 8:30 P.M. 7:50 P. M.
Jamh Pathriok, Agent. -
OntTRALOmo R. R.
No. 3 Express 3:30 A. M. 11:25 A. M.
No. 8 do S:1S P. at. 11:48 A. M.
- W. J. Fill, Agent.
Pittsburgh, Ooldhbfi St Oincninvn R. R.
Mall Train J30A.M. II 21 A.M.
Express Train .11:55 A.M. 8:45 P. M
Jos. RoBmaoK, Agent.
CoLrtMBot Ac InmmopoLu, R. R.
No. 1 Express 6:30 A, M. 8:00 P. M
" 3.00 P.M. 8:48 P. M.
Accommodation .
10:80 A. M.
0. W,
Cmith, Agent.
PltUburgh, ettabtriYllle way, Cleveland, Zueaftlle,
Newark, Granville. Wuhtnfton City, Baltlmort, Phila
delphia and New Orleans, olots daily (Sundays except
ed) at 8 o'olock p.m.
. A through mail for New York and Cleveland oloeee
dally (Bundaya axcepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
v. u. u. a. n. nay juauoioaes daily (Sundays el
ected) at 9 o'olock p. m. .
Central Ohio Wa Mall c1omiIi IHnnJ... an.dt
at 10 o'clock a.m. "
Cincinnati Way Mall elotes dally (Sundays exoepted) at
10 o clock a. m. .
Chican). Dubnnoe. Delaware. Marlon and Worthing.
ton Malls closes dally (Sundays axcepted) at S o'clock
p. m.
Malls forXenla, Bprlngfleld, Dayton, Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indianapolis. Iioniaville. St. Lonla. and Setmit.
tloaes daily (Snndays excepted) at 8 o'olock p. m.
a wiiuugu wwi 10 AcntK, npnngneia ana umoinnau
cloaca dally (Snndays exoepted) at 1 0 o'clock a.m.
urnana, riqaa, Tiffin and Union City mall closes daily
(Snndays excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
lancaater.logan.Neleonvllle, Olrcleville, Chllllcothe,
Portsmouth, Waihington 0. II., Athens, Marietta aod
Hillaboraaih malls close daily (Sundava exoantadl at 8
o'clock p. m.
ast Wav Mall b National Rnad In 7nin inu
dally (Sandays excepted) at 18 o'olock m.
iiarruonrga auti oloaea daily (dandays excepted) at S
o'olock p. m.
Mt. Vernon Mail, bv wav of Weatarrtlla and flnnhnv.
oloses daily (Sundays exoepted) at 9 o'clock p.m.
aruuiui auui oioaea aaiiyBonaays exeeptcdjat 8 o'clock
D. m. t
Lancaster Way Mail closes dally (Sundays excepted) at
o olook p. m. .:,
Malls from New York. Boston. Phlladelnhla. Bnff.ln.
Albany, PltUburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla,
Detroit, Bprligueld, Cincinnati, Chllllcoth, St. Louis,
and all Sontaern eltles, arrWe between the hoars ot 9
o'olock p- m. and 4 o'clock a. m.
Malls from Indianapolis, Chicago and Dubuque arrive
at 3:40 a.m.
Mails from Washington City, Baltimore, Wheeling,
Banetrille, Newark, Swnbenvllle, Mt. Vernon, and the
0. O. R. R. Way Mail, arrive at 19 o'clock m.(
Way Mail from Cincinnati, arrives at 3 o'clock p.m.
Lancaster Mail arrives at 9 o'clock p.m.
But Way Malf over the National Road arrives at II
o'clock a m.
vt. Vernon Way Mall arrives at 11 :00 a. m.'
Hll from Dublin arrives at 18 o'elook m.
una. Way Mail arrives at 9 o'clock p. m.
HarrUm,gn Mlll tniyM a O.clock m,
"neaaie Way jj,u ,rrl, lt 18 o'olock m.
1 S?i?' 1 Ui.0Pa every day (except Sunday) from
iv? ?L .oa,M0'oloolt P' rn on Sundays
oTjeX "0,ln, nd"0,n.4t0a
iMifi ua ai "J tow prices
m N.R.uOiHl(htmt.
REPORTED FOR THE STATESMAN. Interesting from Hagerstown--Movements
and Operations of the Federal
and Rebel Troops.
Major Doubleday saw a party of Rebel troops
clustering around some woods upon a high
hill opposite Willlamsport, and threw a 24 pound
shot at them this p. m., when they scampered
over the crest of the hill.
Orders for the march of tbe Reserve Guard,
consisting of the 1st Wisconsin, 4ih Connecti
cut and llih Pennsylvania Regiments, were Is
sued this p. m.
-Lieutenant Elder, of Major Donbleday's com
mand, learned from a. party who brought in a
flag of trnoe yesterday, that tbe Virginians are
forced to feed their horses exclusively on oorn.
They bavewjo old bay, and acknowledged that
not only bay but provisions ol all kinds were
very scarce. They said that every thing in the
valley of Virginia was literally exhausted.
It is believed that our troops will cross the
Potomac partly at tbie port and partly at
Sbepard's Ford, nine miles below. Both are
excellent fords,
. AH are inspirited at the idea of a forward
Intelligence from Stevenson's station! where
Gen. Johnston's headquarters are, states that
the force encamped Immediately about him. at
the most, Is only 6,000. He has sixteen pieoes
of artillery. Of these, six are rifled 13 pound
ers, and two 24 pound howitzers of tbe old kind,
and six 13 ponnd howitzers. Of these last,
none are rifled. - The troops are drilled, but not
so well equipped as ours. They are under very
strict discipline, but seem discontented. -
two Kegiments, one or Aiabamians and one
of Missleippians, reached Harper's Ferry this
morning, and destroyed the balance of tbe Ires-
sle work of the Railroad bridge, fhey then
came over to tne Maryland snore, seised all tbe
boats they could lay their bands on, snd either
broke them up or took them over the river. All
the Union men of Harper's Ferry were agiin
driven out. It is learned that the McMillan
rangers will enoamp to morrow eight at Snap,
ardatowo, and - that eame Regiment will be
thrown forward with them.
The headquarters of Gen. Patterson will be
advanotd further southward within a day or
Capt. Hun ton, of the Engineers, has visited
Maryland Hiehts, for tbe purpose of selecting
a point on which to erect a battery, to com-
mana narper s rerry.
From the Southern States.
H. R. Walker, British Consul at Charleston,
passed through here last evening, goiog South.
Tbe Journal this morning says, the Colonel
of a State Guard Regiment, who was to have
been stationed at Columbus, has resigned, being
unwilling to support tbe neutrality policy of
tventucKy. tie is a secessionist.
It is thought the presence bf a regiment at
Columbus will producemucbtrouble, snd Is only
a trick of Magoffin's to create a panio in that
Tbe same paper has a letter from Padncab,
saying that the Union men did not vote their
strength. Many were forced to vote for Bur
nett. A Mr. Brigham, a Kentuckian, suspeoted
as a spy, was arrested and shot at three times,
and started for Union City, Tennessee, to be
tried tor treason. The mob, however, desisted.
The same day, the Coroner of the county
was killed.
Tbe secessionists say every man must declare
either for tbe North or tbe South, and North
erners must leave.
The day after the election, the Sautharn flag
was raised, and General Prentiss Invited to take
it down.
A fight occurred between two Unionists and
two Secessionists in Graves oounty, in which one
secessionist was killed and the otber had his
arm shot off.
Two companies, one Union, and tbe other dis
union, were drilling near by. The latter started
in pursuit ot tbe two Unionists, when tbe Union
eompany followed. Nothing is beard of the re
sult of the affair.
The Nashville Union of tbe 28tb-, says Col.
Hardee and Magruder have been appointed
Brigadier Generals in the Confederate armv.
The Nashville City Counoil appropriated
xuu,uuu ior a residence lor tne rreeiaentra an
inducement to establish the Capital there.
Joshua Pearl, oi Massachusetts, Superintend
cut of u Ntahrilla Public Soboela, JkM am
notified to leave.
The Memphis Avalancb, of tbe 28th, has an
account ot the seizure of the steamer City of
Aicon, ana prooabie capture ot luuu Cairo
The New Orleans Delta's special says: Hurl
burt was arrested at Atlanta as a spy and deliv
ered to tbe Virginia authorities. If tbe evi
dence is not sufficient to oonvict him, he will be
turned over to tbe Uonlcderate authorities.
It was advertised that Mr. Stephens would
solicit subscriptions of cotton for the Confede
racy at Llncolnton.Ga., on tbe 29th of June.
Tbe State Treasurer of Georgia gives notice
that, on account of tbe war with the Northern
Anti Slavery States, the interest on coupons
and bonds of tbe State, payable in New York,
must ne redeemed at savannan.
An advertisement announces the re-opening
of the Confederate Loan at several places in
Georgia. It says, only '$1-1,000,000 of the
jio.uuu.uuu nave been subscribed.
Coroner's Verdict in the Last Shooting
Affair at St. Louis.
ST. LOUIS, June 29.
a ten days, and tbe
examination of quite a number of witnesses,
tbe coroner's ury rendered tbe following ver
dict in tbe Seventh street shooting affair:
-"That the subjects of tbe present inquest
came to their deatbi from gun shot wounds in
flicted by Minie musket balls discharged by
oertaln members of companies C,E, F, B and
J, of the 21 Regiment of U. S. Reserve troops,
while marohing down Seventh street on the
morning ot the 17th Inst."
The ury further express it as their opinion
that eaid wounds were inflicted without any
provocation or discharge of firearms from citi
zens then present, and also without any order to
fire being given by the officers of said corps,
From Missouri.
Messrs. Morrison, State Treasurer, Mosley,
State Auditor, snd Houston, Register of Lands,
took the oath of allegiance to day, and will en
ter upon the discharge of their duties. Attor
ney General Nott declined to take the oath,
and Is now a prisoner at the Capitol.
A company ot about fifty Home Guards ar
rived here, early this morning, from Laftyette
county, for the purpose of procuring arms from
General Lyon for the Home Guards, who are
organized in that county. These men came In
wagons, and carried rifles and shot guns to pro
tect themselves from tbe Secessionists.
John Minor Botts not in Washington.
The report that John Minor Bolts is here is
probably unfounded. It is certain that his inti
mate personal friends here are unaware of his
From Baltimore.
new police at the eastern po
lice station house several drnms belonelne to
the Massachusetts Regiment, which were taken,
witn otber articles, from tbeir barrage ear. the
day of the riot.
Six Kegiments hare passed through here
in less than 24 hours.
The city continues quiet. There are many
rumors as to the intended action of the police
board, bnt nothing definite as yet, '
Death of Capt. D. N. Ingraham and
Col. J. H. Prentiss.
NEW YORK, June 29.
It is reported that Capt. D. N. Ingraham,
died at Charleston on the 10th.
Col. J. II. Prentiss, formerly of Worcester,
late editor of the Cooperstown Journal, died
yesterday. Aged 77.
From Fortress Monroe.
Tbe Massachusetts Third and Fourth Reel
mente are' under orders to march to-morrow
morning. They will probably lotrenoh them
selves beyond Hampton Bridge, and form tbe
advanoe or an important movement toward
Jtorswwn. -
Dispatches from Washington.
[World's Special.]
spy was morning by
R. I. Regiment. He' bsd four revolvers and
one pound of, arsenio 4 When arrested,, be was
on tbe way to a spring near by, undoubtedly
Intending to deposit the arsenio there. '
It is intimated that the Cabinet had before
them to-day tbe question of carrying on ths
campaign with more vigor than has character
ised tne last lew weeks.
Senators Johnson and Etherldee. of Tennessee.
had several conferences with tbe President and
Cabinet, and have reoeived complete assurances
that the Union men in East. Tennessee will be
favored with ell the advantages which the gov-
eromeui ean possiDiy extend to mem.
All information from scouts and others who
advanced towards Fairfax confirms reports that
ine numDer ot itebels tbere are daily lessening.
There are deoided intimations in Lish Quar
ters that General Patterson will be transferred
from bis present command. His movements are
not active enough to satisfy headquarters.
[Special to Times]
Tbere is no doubt that tbe Government has
recently determined on making a forward move
ment in Virginia soon. The regiments on tbe
otber side are under orders. Additional forces
are moving across quietly but steadily. It is
clear that a stand will shortly be taken In ad
vanoe of the present position of occupation.
A battery is being thrown up at Flint's Hill,
two miles this side of Fairfax. It is intended
as a resort after a forward movement.
It is evident that tbe Federal forces are con
centrating by at least two different routes at
Harper's terry. -
[Herald's Dispatch.]
The Secretary of War's reoort will show
there are 300,000 men in the field.
.oeland has shown no disnosition to rsnlv to
our Government's proposition, accepting the
Paris Conference on tbe subject of privateering,
and this fact, in Connection witb Important mili
tary movements in Canada, and Naval move
ments on our coasts, makes ber secret designs
apparent. It is understood that instructions
Bare been forwarded To our Naval Squadron to
allow no Interference with our blockade under
any pretext, and vigilant watch will be kept as
to British movements.,
Yesterdav. atte'mnta r mnria hr a ttohol
force to cross tbe Potomso above the mouth of
the Mooaoaoy, but it was effectually repulsed.
Tbe hovering of a Rebel force )n that neigh
borbood, and tbe suspected preeer.ee of a large
number of Virginia Rtbelsln the city of Bait!
more, Induces tbe belief that tbe Rebels' pro
gramme for tbe introduction of a division ol
their armv to tbe rear of Washington, and the
insurrection of tbe disunioniats ot Baltimore,
simultaneous with an engagement in the direo
tion of Fairfax Court House, has not been aban
[Special to Tribune.]
Department has determined not to
accept any mure regiments lilt the meeting of
Congress. Among tbe last accepted were tbe
Anderson Zjuaves.
Col. Stone has ample force to protect our rear
up the river, and Geo. Banks has turned tbe ta
bles of tbs Baltimore Rebels snd tbeir aiders
snd abettors. All io safe In that quarter, and
tbe Rebel leaders, Davis, Johnston and Beaure
gard will be forced to depend eolely upon tbeir
force in iront ot tne oitv.
These faots will furnish additional Incentives
for a retrograde movement on their part toward
The Republican professes to have a disostcb
that tbe Ninth New York Regiment has reach
ed and occupied -Harper's Ferry. No Rebel
troops were seen. This is doubtful.
Another skirmish occurred at Seneca, yester
day, between Evertt's Battalion and 2UU0 Reb
els. I we or three of tbe latter were killed snd
a number wounded.
Tbe World has a special dispatch from Fort
ress Monroe; stating that Coi. Allen, of tbe
New York First Regiment, was arrested to day
by order of Gen. Butler. It then states tbat
Allen and otber officers have arrested many
armea oece'siomsts lately, wuo nave been re
leased by Butler.
[Special to the Post.]
A prominent Kentuckian states that twenty
Mgtaeania eooio oo-rataea umv lac tbe Uov
ernment. -
During the passage of the Jersey Regiment
wvujia mit yeeieruay, ifc was greeiea
wuo cuecrs ior jeo iavis.
[Special to the N. Y. Commercial.]
Hon. J. E. Harvev. Minister to Portugal, nnh
lishes a letter in the Intelligencer, dated Paris,
June 6th. He states tbat he has had interviews
with tbe leading writers of the London Journals,
snd that he impressed upon tbem tbe necessity
of standing by the Union, and savs he found
tbem all changing their views as tbey came to
unoentana tne position assumed by our Govern
ment, and tbat both tbe English and French
people are earnest for tbe perpetuity of the
union, tie inrtner says that be has taken everv
opportunity to ascertain tneir views.
[To the Associated Press.]
just arrived from Alexandria, re
ports tbat tbere was a slight skirmish between
tne picxeis last nigbt.
Two Rebels were killed, and one Federal
soldier wounded. Our pickets numbered about
30 men, and were attacked by tbe same number
ot tne enemy.
Un rridav, word came that a field of wheat
belonging to Maj. Thompson, of the Rebel
army, was being gathered to be sent to York
town for aid to tbe Bebels, and some had the
assurance to ask Col. Allen for horses which
had been confiscated to convey the wheat to the
enemy, wbioh were refused, and a squad of men
sent to prevent tbe wheat from being taken.
ooon aiter me wneat neid was in flames, and
twenty acres were destroyed. Maj. General
Butler thereupon ordered Col. Allen to report
at headquarters under arrest, and placed bis
Regiment under command of Lieut. Colonal
The dispatch further volunteers the remark
that this and other movements of Butler eansa
his loyalty to be suspeoted, and says it is ru-
morea mat regular otnoers are preparing a pe
tition for his removal, and that the New York
Regiments are clamorous to bave a-Ma ior Gen
eral from tbeir own State; and also tbat all the
officers, both regulars snd volunteers, will de
cline to sot in battle under General Butler.
The arrest causes considerable exoitement at
tbe Fortress.
Tbe Tribune remsrks on the above soeoial
dispatch, that it has no doubt Col. Allen de
served to be arrested. He left tbe poiloe de
partment of New York, last fall, on account of
drunkenness; and the above dispatch evidently
was sent by some friend of Allen's.- It consid
ers the imputation on Butler's loyalty absurd,
as do tbe msjority of the publio of Mis eity. -
Cspt. Craven commands tbe Potomac flotilla.
In place of Ward, deceased. Two large scows
will be built at the New Yards, each mounting
eight 33 pounders, and barricades for protection
to the troops thereon.
Supposed Spy Arrested in New York.
NEW YORK, June 29.
To-dav. a vounv man n.m.H Rnnnli.
arrested, charged with being a spy of Jeff
Davis. His father is commander of the Rebels
near Frederick, Vs.
Important if True.
arrlmd from N n.i..r.
" ... . 77 . ".
reporta mat a cruiBQ ship recently ran tbe
blookade, and brought to that hnrt
dred tons of powder and twenty thousand stand
oi arms. .
Win. M. Meredeth rianlina. tha nnmln.ilnn
for Congress in the second district, mads at a
meeting last night. .
nePCLLAST SR ' Wavcu.DDnaB
IRi CLOAK OI.OTHR. Alan, nthu a.i
v ioai vioini. id u umraoit mixtures Btnamn, las
on ana ouiioni to meicn. BAIN a SON,
apnia No. W South Hijhitrte
ID Offices, 989 Broadway Mew Sort Oil, and
F arsons' Rgonma, Columbus, Ohio. ' , '
, H?CareraIattnUppmHo0VlIUos. i
New York Market.
NEW YORK, June 29.
FLOUR (t-ivi oroti lower, witb a modertU builnstf
afalnn? fr nstunrt nnrl hnawt .
o i ; ,, cB l wvuruw iitun at ma acciiDC.
Vw wvwi w sur vjurn) avi, cmenj DUl j U5jfl4 Q5
ina auiMVTina nrMlaawwa mt ukzA t J .
dtom txtr western 4 INK 5 00 for ebipDlntr brand.
SXtrsi snnnrl siaa nv.ln. AC nL.a Ct . . . .
. . , , y vo aw Va vuv jv ior trAflt Dr&odi:
mnrlrf ofmro flu 1 1 mnA hu.. n "
doing , mt the market .tilt oooUoae hem; uleeof
j7ivua (uki m a ofu srl.
n list M MBIT Mj a a. aaa . .
aaVH V s.fl TT D it nll .a sn ori
ftt $3 00 for OllorfO. Ud 13 MQ&i tiiow Hrnn,l..lnas
WHlHKy-lleftryana lower. SiUe.ofMvbbli at 19
WlJ IE iT1ftl9il ' nm htaahail -t- s
' , wtawusa iui , IBkir t7lUinCwB IOT
export, the market oloelng with a rather mora tMdT
f I (nav. Am mm OO nAn a..,.l,.i. riki . ... mm
" B v vunuejsa vUluaTU linuf KV tO
&Bo; 21,000 btuh Morihweitern club at &395i, 100,01)0
83,000 buahela Amber Iowa at 100103; loelndfnfr
w . wwwvu w wiuaava JDIIWauiOW OIUD M BUaWBI UtK
wusj parcel ai ai v., wnicn ii anore tne mtrket 18,000
sSnnhssla lltutlnst anvlrns at a I fy . araa ami l .
-f " ea aai s w , UW DUlUflll Will'
tor red weitern at k)L OVjl 19; 5100 baibele white
llanaJIK m A A I tHSi 1 III. 1 U Dlln . ...
. ' " w, jo.ouii ouaneiiwnu western
at tl I9vS18I.
U.YII .ITnfth.nMwI. hIm f OtWn v v. -1 - .a . . .
, .v v. rv u.iu.n wo. ior
Canadian, and as f r Bute. .
if A kl a Y Unchanged.
UAtlll.VU.im . . ..... .
nnniiDaiij nncnanree.
40,000 baihels at 40aM0o. for nnaouod new mixed weat-
am A(Kfa, rji- --fcJa j . 1 1 .-, . . . ... .
OATlU.Hae.ww St VJrSi Ux a. ..J r : nn
- . mw H.wwv iui wtiH auu uauauiaua v
31 for State- '
PORK 4 little mor dolnff, and tha market U firmer.
ilaaai nf MO SI a m l i uui.i( si.. -
mZjz:, "v,m fc w1" w or men acl
BKltF Oontirjuee dall and beary at $4f$4 50 for
rlm: MH AfiXA tn na.i tudi in i.. j .
1 0(4 I 1 for f Strn . Prlmat awiaaa kaaf.l H
Z'A v w-Ba 4M.o. . -II-
HKfeF HAMS Qa let tni nnchanred.
ODTMBAT8-bt-artyi lalti of UO package! at AW&
DfluunmymuH uncnanren.
LARD Uontlaaee dull. Sales at 8DKc.
HUTTER-In moderate requeit.
BOTTKB belllDRat 8To.
?U0.Z8'. r1, Ter'r flrnl- tner ' Joins,
al. of SWblidsOuba at M5X; 330 boxes Bavana
MOLAoSRg Qnlet. tales of 04 hhda Pcrto Blco at
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR Was retarded aa aren mora rinll awT. ,h.
nan I. Holders do no report eooeeaalona below (4 to
for superBnt, bat It is sadb? sellers to be bard to get
tbat family oan be bad at II 60, and is said to bare
been sold at 14 75.
WUSAT II afftln lower. Prim, ir.ntiw.lra kit.
old at Mo ' and red at 80c. Onr local mlilera bava no
oocaiioa tostook np now, In view of ibeir sninendlnR
opor.ttovs for repaira In a few daju, and In th farther
consideration of tba fact tnatoflors to sell wheat ahead
have been made, at figures materially below ttioie now
current In this market.
CORN-Is still quoted at S8o ,bat will Dot brio it
0 aTB Are very dall, bnt cannot be bad at leas than
onr lait quoted flgarae 85a.
i a wuiold atXc.
BARLEY I, not remarkable.
WIIISKr-Stands at lSXc. Irmly.
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, June 28, 1861.
FLOUR Remains doll and heavy aod tio macb nn
!ttled to apow of accurate oanUtlooi.
WMBATrinll .nrl h.Hw T . . Ul. .1 J . at.
fennd no buyers, ion load sold at Wc.
uunn Birictry prima la wortn Sic ror shipment.
OAT8-8aleof 1 ear at 91s. at,dlatS2c;
H I U H W IN Rb Sake ot 50 tbli. at 14o.
OUEBSE Selllnf at a wide range according lo quail
r. Oool new la worth 5X3Sc.
POB K Hen la off trig at IS 00.
RM ,K ED MIITlUhllMi. ..mJ
are selling at 10c. and dried beef at luxo.
v u.nu-erwi7 prime eeiie in email iota at vo. uom
mon Jj'1" sre heavy. A lot of 10 kegs No. 9 sold at
Philadelphia Market.
FLOUR Quiet. Buperflse at 94 753 00; extra
S 0H35 25.
W Hal AT In limited derated; ted II S3; white
e i xiimi .
CORN steady.
An EffeotiTe. Safa and Eoonomioal
- - . Compoand,
To Its original color without dyeing, and preventing
liatrfrom turning gray.
And curing It, whan there Is the least particle of vital!
or reonperatlve energy remaining.
And all cntaneona affections of tha Scalp.
Imparting to It an nneqaled gleas aod brilliancy, making
son ana auaj in its wxuira, ana eaaaing it to can
Ihe great celebrity and increasing demand for this oo
equaled preparation, oonTlnoea the proprietor that on
trial la only neceaaary to satisfy a diaoerning public of It
superior quantise over any ouier preparation la oao Ii
clean tee the head and ecalp from dandruff and other
outaneoua dlaeaaea, eaaaing the hair to grow luxuriantly
giving it a ricb, soft, gloaay and flexible apnearanoe. and
alao, where the hair la loosening and thinning. It will give
airengiu ana rigor w we rooia ana reetor tne growtn to
hose parte which have become bald, causing It to yield a
reah oovering of hair.
There are hundreds of ladles and gentlemen In New
Tork who have had their hair reatored by tbe ate ot tbie
lavigorator. when all other preparations hare failed. L.
M. has in bis poaaeaaion letters innumerable teatlfrina
to tha above facta, from persona of the highest redaacta
blllty. It will effectually prevent tbe hair from turning
until the lateat period ol life; and In case wbere'tha hair
baa already changed ita color, tbe us of the Invlgorator
will with oertainty restore it to it to ita original hue, gir
lng it a dark, gloaay appearano. As a perfume for tbe
toilet and a Ilair Reatoratir It I partieulerly recom
mended, having an aareeebl fmrranoei aod tne ereat fa
cilities It afford! in d reeling the hair, which, when moist
with the Invlgorator, ean be dressed In any required
form so aa topreaerv It place, whether plainer in curia;
bono the great demand for it by tba ladle aa a standard
toilet article which none ought to be without, the price
places it within the reach of all, being
Only Twenty-Five Cent
per bottle, to be had at alt lupeotabl Druggist and
L. MILLER would call the attention of Parent and
Guardian to the ate of bli Invlgorator, In caae where
the children's hair Inclines to be weak. The ua of It
lave the foundation for aoood head of hair, aa It re
move any unpuritiea that may hare become oonnedted
witb the scalp, the remoral of which la neceaaary both
for the health of the child, and tha future iappaaaano of
It Hair.
OaoTioa. Nona genuine without tha fao-ilmile LOOTS.
HILLKR being on the outar wrapper; also, L. MIL
LER'S HAIR INV1Q0RAT0R, N. Y., blown In the
Wholacal Depot, 56 Dey street, and sold by all ths
principal Merchant and Druggist throughout the world
Liberal ai count to purcnaaer by in quantity.
I also deal re to preeent to ths American Publio my
which, after years of soienttflo experimenting, I bave
brought to peritenon. It djee Black or Brown Instantly
erlUtoutmjury to tha Hair or Skint warranted tba beat
article of the kind In axiatano.
Depot, 66 Dey St, New 'York.
Clothing for Ohio Troops.
the offlo of A. D. Bulloek. No. U W.. Seannil
street, Clnctoaatl, and at the Qaartennuter General's
omce aiuoiumoua, until V u. of SATURDAY, June
SDth Inst., for the following supplies:
11,000 Regulation Orercoeta,. all-wool aky blue Kersey;
4 000 Regnlauon Frock Ooau, all-wool, heavy dark
blue cloth; t
4,0u0 Kegalatlon pairs Trowasra, all-wool, aay blue
S00 RegulatlOB Cavalry Jackela, beery, dark-blue
! cloth;
HOO Regulation Cavalry Trowsert, all wool, dark
bla Kaiaey, reinreroed doable elotb;
S00 Regulation Artillery Jaoketa, all-wool, heavy
i dark blue oloth;
500 RegulatloD Artillery Trowiers, all-wool, dark
blue Kersey;
' 1,000 Regulation Overcoats f t mounted men, sky
blue Keney)
10.OC0 Palra Regulation Socks; "
S.OOONhirt tray mixed, '
5.000 pair Drawers, gray union: " , . '
5,000 pairs Shoes, pegged or sewed.
All the above are required to be of materia la and atrl
eorreaponding In vry ntpeot to the Stat Anay ftega-
l.uuu, .
Sample pattern ef each artlol will b fumlihed by
the Bute, and may beaeea on aod after Ihe SJth lnit., at
my offloe la OlnclDnail, and at the Quartermaster (ten
eral'e office In Oolumbaa. -
Bid must be made prate!y for each article, the same
to be Indorsed on envelope.
For all aocep'ed bid the pertleawtll b requited to
give sonde to the Bute of Ohio, with ufflcteat carity,
for the faithful performance of the anattn i.
caa of failure in the time of delirery or In the quality of
tbe articles, Ihe Stat reservee lb right la pruour
tbem elsewhere at Ihe expense of the contractor.
Payaeat to be made at the pleaaure of the Butte with
in ninety days from ths oomplellou of contract. . All
araoie ooau aa auoject to Impaction berore betas' r
SlTv4bItlieJtr. ,
-; Dr. T. JL IIcLEAN'S
Strengthening vCordial and Blood
rnaUreateet Uesaaeelyln Tn tterld.
ly a aclentlnc and
Vegetable Compound,
procured by the dietll
lation of Boot. Herbs
and Barks, fellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
tlaraaparilla, Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan- j?!
olln enters into if
Before Takins" active' remedial After Taking.
principle ot each Ingredient la thoroughlv extracted In
mynew method of distilling, producing), delict nut. ox-
mieraung apint, ana tne mow IMTALLIULII remedy for
renovating tbe dIMaed aystem, and reetoring (ha ilck,
niienng ana aeniuiaiea AavaiiUr to xtaiAbTli and
Bi'ttanuTii. . ,
fill sfoetaally ears
' Obrorle or Mervons Debility, Dlieaeee of the Kldneva!
and all diseases arirlng from a dhmsdereJ Liver or Ptom,
ach, Drspepeia, Heartrjura, Inward Pi lea. Acidity or Blok
neas of the Stomach, rallneas of Blood to the Heal. Dall
Ssin or swimming in tne neaa, raiL.tatlon or the Heart
ullneaa or Weight In the Stomach. Sour Iiuctatinna
Choking or suffocating feeling when lying down, Drrneas
orYellowneaaof thegklnand Bye. Night Sweat. In
ward Ptver. Pain In the null of she back, cheat or tide.
Buooen riaauea oi ntn, aiapreanoa Of Bninu, rrightful
Dream. Langaor, Dpondenov oranv Merroua Dim,
Bore or Blotches oa to Bkin, and I ever and Ann (or
over a million ef uentlea
Bar been sold during the laat ix months, and In no In
stano ha It failed In riving entire satisfaction Who,
then, will suffer from Weakoeaa or Debility when MC
Mo lanauaae can ronrev an adwumta Mm nf u,
diet and almost mlraculou ohange produced by taking
thia Cordial in th diseased, debiliuted and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by exoeaa, weak by
nature, or Impaired by sick nee, the relaxed and nnntrung
organisation is restored to It priatin health and rigor.
Or others conscious of Inability, from whatever cause,
will And McLean s Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regeoerator of the system; and all who may bars Injured
thenwelre by Improper indulgences, will find In the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
Te tUm Ladles.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
Is a sovereign and speedy ran for
Obstructed orDiffleult Menrtruatlon, Incontinence of
unne or inroiuniary vuonarge uereor, railing of the
Womb, giddiness, Painting and all Diaease inoldn t
Thsrs is bo Mis take Abont it.
Suffer no longer. Take It aoeordlne to Dliwin.. Tt
wllletlmulate, airengthea and Inrigontte yoa and cause
tas bloom of health to mount your cheek again .
arsry khu ii warranted to give aautractkn.
If your children are akklr. Dnnr.orallot M.t.nv
voruiai win maae uiera neaitny, ut and robuit. Delai
a. I. .ul ... .Ill L. . .
uv,,Hwin,Mi n,wi.fwi wmn voonnoea.
OaOTtow. Beware of Drunlata or nni,M ,.
try to palm upon you some Bitter or Saraaparilla trash,
which they oan buy cheap, by ayin It 1 lust aa good.
Arold such men. Ask for McLean StrengtheningOor
dial, and take nothing else. It I the only remedy that
will purify tha blood thoroughly and at th tame time
strengthen ths system.
One tableapoonful taken every morning fasting, I a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chill and fever, Yellow
ferer, or any prevalent diseases. It Is put up In lares
Price only SI per bottle, or 6 bottle for 15.
Sol Proprietor of thia Cordial,
AlSO McLean's Vnlmntn mi ..Ulm..!.
Principal Depot on the comer of Third and Pine streets,
McLean's Volcanlo Oil Liniment.
The beat Liniment In th World. The only safe and
certain our for Canoe re. Pile, Swellings and Bron
ehttts. or Ooltrs, Paralyali, Neuralgia, Weaken of the
bukhs, v unlaw or inflammatory uneumatiem, atifl
nesa of the joints, eontracted Muscle or Llgamenta
Barache or Toothache, Bruise. Soraina. WnnnrV llr.h
Outa, Ulcere, Fever Bores, OakedBreuta Bora Nipple,
Burns, Scalde, Bore Thoat, or any Inoammation or Pain,
neduTerenoe bowerre, or how long ihe diaease max
wa. . whani wnunm a.uuaient w a oer
tain remedy.
Thousands of human bemn hare been saved a life of
oecrepiiuae ua misery dj uie aa or Uiia taralaaaie1
Will relieve pain almost Instants? m-.-V, and It wit
eleanae, purify and heal th foulest wre In an inoredl
ly abort time.
Tmr Ilaraea and Other Anlmala.
McLean s celebrated Liniment I the only safe and re
liable remedy for Ihe rare of Spavin, King Boas, Wind
galls, Bplinla, Unnatural Bumps, Modes or Swellings. It
will nerer fail to sura Big Bead, Poll Bril, fiitula, Old
running Boras or Sweeny, If properly applied, tor
Bp rain, Bruises, Scratohes, Sores or Wounds, Cracked
Heela, Chafes, Saddl or Collar Calls It Is an infallible
remedy. Apply It as directed, and a cure la uriain i
very lnatanc.
Then trifle no longer with the many worthless LInl
stents offered to you. Obtain a iuddI of Dr. Vnlui'i
oalebrated Liniment. It will cur yon.
j. ss. racajUAN. Bole Proprietor,
Oorner of Third and Pin Street, St. Louie. He.
Pot sale by all drugglats.
augSe-ddtwly Oolumbua. Ohio.
From ths New IrorkObaerrer.l '
As all oartlea manufacturf n tUwina. M,inj . niw
liged lo pay Mr. BoweaUeenM on eh ninhin, old.
and are aso compelled to make returns to nlm, under
oath, as to the number aold, hi book give a correot state
ment, from this reliable source we have obtained the
following statistics. Of the machines made in the year
lU.n tnaaa ewAau ulj
By Wheeler Sc "Wilson Bl.SOt
I. M. Singer As Co 10,054
" Crover At Baker 10,)
Showing ths sales of Wheeler At Wllinn tn h AnvH
those of any other Company."
Awarded th highest premium -at tha
United States Fairs of 1B58, 18i and 1800;
. alao at the
Ohio Stat Fairs of 1859 and lfWO,
and at nearly all tha Oounty Fairs In the State.
Our prion, at th lata reduction, an m 2ai
toot fttcA machine now told, and but a trifle higher than
th Interior wo ttraad chai $ttcJk maeMtu; now
forced upon the market.
Lock Stich the only one which cannot be rare led. It
la Aula oa Both Sinn of th modi, learlne nn t-Mi or
cAainontA under. tide.
AU marMtut warranted S ytart, and imtrueHon
given In their us, free of charro.
, B. VBAST.Bl High St., Oolunbu, O.
dec3-Sawd3mtwflra Pike's Opera Hoasa. Omeinnatl.
Notice to Contractors.
S1ALKD PROPOSALS will be reoeived at th office
of the Oountv Auditor of Franklin eonntv. Ohio.
until MONDAT, JULY 15th, IflCl, at IS o'elook, M. for
tha Superstructure, Muoary. Xxcaratlon and Rmnank.
ment of ths following bridge In th oounty of Frank
Over the Rocky Fork, where th eounrv road on tha
townehlp line between tha township of Jeffsrsos and
Plain crones th eame . Bridge to be 80 feet span and
IB feet wide In tba elm, rovarMl n... nt. W. !....
Oreek at Dr. Olark'a ford. In Hamilton tovnablp. on
the road leading from Oolumbua to Lookbourne. Bridge
w oe sw iwt epau ana io reel wine in tne Clear cover
ed. Over tbe branch near Dr. Btenhenaon'a. whitta tba
road leading from Oolumbua '0 Weaterrllle eroeae the
eame. unuge lo o at reat nan and 16 feet elite In tha
clear. Oeer Canal at John Rogers', In Msdlson town
ship. .
Bids to be separate ror Bnparstruotare, Masonry, aad
Exoavalioa and Bmbankment.
Blda for Superatruotuxa to he ascamnanleil b. pt.na
ana ppwiuGBiione. '
. THOS. PPARHOW,! Oo; Oom.
j14-dlw4 ' ' i
for xistlnc between the uodererfned. under tha
Arm nam of A&xtrTROMQ THOMPBON, wu diatolr
d by mutual aooaant aa the fires day of April, 1801.
is Duimeeaoi to late nrm wiu aa aettiea by B. B.
AaxUToao, who oonttnue aae bualnea at the old stand.
.- a. b. aanaTRONQ.
naylB-43w. . , I. THOMPSON.
darlgn. at 94,00 per 1,000. .k )
tnrioit letter iim van pap
at nailS ths price charg 4 by amall dealer, i
KTU AD QU ART B RS No. 75 loath High atreet.
Columbus, May 8, 1881. J.U.BILKT.
An eiperienoed Nora and' Female Physician, present
- - to the sttentlon of mothers, her .
"ll'.l""' 'scllitata. the proceas of leathlng.'by soft
? pV. F,ln?' "omg all Inflammatlon-wUI allay
ALL PAIN and spaamodio action, aod is
Dirpend upon It, mothers, 1 1 witf give rest to yourselves ,
ij iir V. '.1. anicie ror over ten years,
wlil l,fiY, IN f"DKtl0B AND TKUTIlfof it,
iiioi en . la oinuiiB INrtT
who uMd u. orthr.urT" ? on.
operation, .n ri"""B,,n,? wna. "
Z7. 7. 1 . , "" oi sommeniiauon or It
B.Ltl1j!-m?licl virtue, a, .peak In thia
' w Mi' w a uu H HOW :" after ten run' am..
1 . - ww wnaj, w RSJ D ftfaaj IfUJliAltl. I Q
f;.?H!tTOTJn f."0- wlM" tbln'fcntl.,uferlngfrom
DUO &d sxlhsinntlnfi. mmMmf will m , . .
TFalel wm I n ai Ami v. n a i . , . . .
rr... ' ""U'ANaM OF OASES.
i 7i . "" PMn' ml "Vigor
Sri tom,,t "i k)e,' eorreots acidity, and girrt
tons and enanr ih. hi. .. ..' . ' .".
stantly relieve .7 . 'm" ai
alDd OTCfWrtllsa MfflniSrlAviai aarVfV tf ..a a, .
... . , , rrusvu, it uw injcaiiy rriTi
-.'Si S." ' w bfllevs .It the BBrtT and SUK
arua saBIUBUI All HI Tf UKLU, ID ftl 1 (MM nf ft V
it arise from teething, or from any other cause. W.
f.T ? ty,7 noihtT wh0 nu W nfferlng from
Sn,,ILX'?iorea,'"'K0"DP1'nts-DO NOT LKT Vt)LB
PBkJDDIOBS NOA TUB ntnnni,.;.V?. .I..f
- m aw av wav a J Mm J Af J L IX Mm SAD
lief LhaVL tTlll has HfTUIr- a nor, AfVi!?.? T
folluw the dm of thl. medicine, If tlmelr uted. Fall dl-
nr.tioDl frrr sisilnep will 'r. i...a. 1
--i -vvMijouj tw-n nuiiio. xnone
genuine on em th fae-almll of CUR1IB At PBRKIN8.
NSSV Vivsr. l m jwa Ina ah lal b. u
Sold by all Druggists throuihout tha n.rM
PrMclpal Office, 13 Cedar Street IV. V.
nnrnn y-v t
I is preeiHiy what ita nam Indicate, for, whlli
pieaeaoi io u, ia,ie, it la renriryi ng, exhilarat
ing. Invigorating and strengthening t j th rita'
power, and at th eame time retiring. ,.tn
tate, and renew th Blood in all It purity an
Em 9 quo rwwnr ana renaer tv$tern in
ntrabl to ait id ofdiwatt. It la tbe only
Deration erer effarad to tha .iri,i mn ....
cally and anlllfully combined a to be tb most
p werful tonl). and at the same time aa n.rf.-u.
wapiea n,Hwm in per eo aoojrrtano with the
P .awa oi natu-e, ana nence will ueU Uuvnaktti
MowukA, and tone op tbe dintattr organ, and
tuu aiiKj uvrvwua hii omrr irnutUOn It I
J per eotly exhilarating, and at th m time It i
Si composed ntirly of rege tablet, yet so combined
aa u proance tne mnsi in iroun tonic effect, with
out producing aoy Injurious consequences Bucl
sJ a remedy baa long bf en felt to be a detideratam I,
ly he medical world, for It needs no medical skill tt
w thatdebiiHy follow all attack of diieaae. and
proceed and Indeed lay th rya'em open to Ihe
Diineiaioueauacie oi many oi tne moat fatal, inch,
if. r example, aa the following: Conanmntinn. In.
w HlM.itnn flvai.,.t. I.,.. .n
U Heart, Melauchoiy.NightSweata. Languor, Qlddi-j
jveieouon ui, weii at raintui obstructed
too profuse, or too leant Menitruation. .nrf p.n.
a ing oCthe Womb. These all depecd upon general
Hi debility. This pure, healthy, tonic ' cordial anil
Blood Henorator i as sure to cure at the sun to
n and at. There la no mistake about it. But
h'i la not all. If the ayetem ia weakened, wa are
.pen to bilious attack, the liter becomea torpid,
jt wore diieaaed. tb kidneya refuse to perfonr
heir functions, and we are troubled with ecalding
ton loconuucuev vi urine, or inroiuntarydis
charge of the tame, pain in the back, aide and be- A
tween tba ahouidera, exceedingly liable to alight 11
looldi. coughi.andir ui checked, eoon emaciation v
'oilows, aoa tne patient goes down to a premature
aiawe. auujpaiM win not allow us to enumerate fl
the many lilt la which ws art lUble in a weakened U
Mdlitaaaf the ajar.. But w will aay, la this!
Cordial and Blood Henorator you hare a penoct.'Lj
tafe, pleasant and effectual remedy for loss offl
aupeuie, oiiwueueaa, riatuience. weak and lick"
4tomacb, Languor, Lirer Complaint. Chills andl
Perer, or aoy Billoua attaxk, Ooatireneaa, Acidity
if the Stomach. Nerrouineia. Nenralai. pint..
tiouof the Heart, Depresaion of Spirits. Sores.M
f implea on the Face, or any dlisaae ariilnr frnm Jl
;mpure blood, uch a Scrofula, Eryaipelaa, Bron ?
hitla. Cough, difficulty of Breathing, and all thatV.
Jcla of diieue called female weakaeaa. and M
enumerated abore." We will alio lay th trareler L"J
expoeed to epldemios chantre of climate and ai.w
Mr, will Snd it a pleaiant, tale and aura remedy,' Ut
uu uuua euouia erer travel wirneut. tteader, -r.
try It, for we mure sou you will find in Ita irianri H
indeed, aa well aa a friend in need. All peraonaof
tedentary babita will find It a perfect prerentira of ,
a well ai cure for those ailment! to which they aie 1
imrucuiBriy expoaea. nence miniitere,atudenlt
torneyi, literary g-ntlemen.and ladlea who ara not
accustomed to much outdoor eietoiae, will find It
to their advantage lo keep a bottle conitantly on
hand; and, above all, mother, or the becoming
luchi will go through that most dangerous perioc
oot only wth all their aoouttomed atrength, but
aie auu iree irom me mouianu ai menu ao nrer-l
alent among the female portion of the world. It I
thort, It la Indeed a molber'a cordial. Try It, ok I
qu oungj so longer run me risx or aeiar; it wil
relieve and enre ltelf emnhaticallir a Kttliwn
Ur4 Cordial and lood Renovator.
O.J. WOOD. , proprietor, 444 Broadway, No I
ion, ana ne narxet street, et, bonle, Mo., an
old by R0BKBTS Sr. BAatCEL, Oolumbua, Ohio
ana an gooi , Druggists: frlee On Dollai
per Bottle. mrchi8-dA,weowly
hswaak ohio,'
Iflannfaclnrere est all kinds of For-
ie aua nniary sieans f.a-B-lnes,
haw JVIalla, iirlaS tUilla,
cVCar AX..'
LASS OblX BeaUnt B. tt . BLAKJDYBeattnt
J. mJ. a: DUTALL Beaten Ut-CO LVltBUi
at CO Realm! I !! ! - t
- Ottr Portable Xuo-tna and Him VIII
Was awarded th first premium of S5U at th Indlai a
otaie jrair ror over Lane a Bodley's o account of
Prise, lightness, simplicity, economy of liu-l
and superior character of Inoiber eawetl.
Onr Btationarr Cnin u .w.wl ar u :.
the first premium of tOO. ' '
Onr PorDkhkn Knirlna na .Mwl.il mfi. l
tlUOat the Velrat Memphle. ffeima iyer BUni.y'g Da
ell'm Oolambat litsohlDe QSw. etd Biot at Co'i ,
vj rm wiuxuiiitrvj ui prsa(Jlixaii nmiiasmea DKUimn
tA. .-J 1. . J.l.
AtVT IIW3 eUlU ICrOlSJ StUUrxrajg
' . . ' , WILLAEB WAE5J11; rraaaurer,
decS-lawlyeoiS. ' - ' .t i, - Newark. Ohio
it JTPni I inrrrt
Wholesale and He tall Dealer ia .
iN"o. SIS Fifth' Btrtset
Kaop i miatantir n hand all th. ,..
nana BHAN M af .
Oct. W- lA . .
" new aiyira or l;Lnrn tin
oniaaa. BaaqoiaMaod hatcnaa, made In t.,e tow.t and
moat stylUh manner. alto, auperb flitia
Mantilla and Baaouino. .. . , (aprilS
egant Klbbons, in great variety at Ml.Vrt,
No. SU, Iliiiditreet,

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