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. . -. sujrsPEinn killer, rnMisaere.
Meeting of the Democratic State Central
Meeting of the Democratic State Central Committee.
! ; The Democratic State Central Comtatttee wilt
,,!1'.,tn tha'ntt of CulJmbus on Friday. I"
: r.186l. at 8. e'clock, P. M A eeneral iM
- paeotnal attendance ie requested.- h ' .;
WM. MOUNT, Chairman.
WM. MOUNT, Chairman. W. J. JACKSON, Secretary.
June 28, 1861.
June 28, 1861. Our Differences no Ground for a
June 28, 1861. Our Differences no Ground for a Separation.
' 'f'Tbmk H w wSMBtM difference ttetweem ft
, ceonle of the Northern end Panthern Btetee
that require ftem to life beder eepwa mI,o
Independent kovernmeuta. ",.""?"""
TWa are differences of Iwblti. pursulti end
interests between the inhabitanU ci the two
rations, te there ere between toe people w
' Eastern end Western Stetee.- These differences
ore nearly or ulte ee greet la the on cm
la the ether, r- They should no more eepereU
" the North from the Sooth, thsri the East ftom
the West. " ''' '
A vauetv. ot eswuu em '"""c"
- (rreet country like the American Union closer
! together. Where occapattone end loiereste en
. the same, they are; apt to clash and produo.
"rivalries and Jealonslee. But where a varlstj
ealsts, what onecommonlty lacks, another sup
plies. It le thie rariety or difference mat uy
the foundation for.eU trade oommerce, anc
oreneoclal Intercourse. Society, even la. th
amallcst eommunltlee, cancot exist without thi
variety-. It Is essential to Its development, hsr
man and nroeress. - "
i It le the different pursuits and Interests of ft
North and South, which demagogues now attemp
to marnifv into censes of separation, tnai nan
. M.Wtn Vnt iii united, and made ne all more It
: depwdeet, happy end prosperou. than we coulc
v.. k mi nch difference existed. I
. unu, un - -- .
' ie at muc'a in the order of Providence that all
- ferent aomtmrniUee la the eame oooatry or a.
" tlon shall differ in their habits, oconpatlons ano
Interests, as it Is that these differences ehal
exist between Individuals m the eame comaiunl
" ty, or that one district or the eame country
shall be beet adapted to the raising of cotton
eugar and rice, another to the production o
.ht. corn and wrk. and a third to mannfaot
area and commerce-thue mating each eon-
tribute to the benefit of the rest, and .n to wt
.a l a - ...-
general wsuarv. .... 1,
... Difference In pursuits, social habile and in
t,ti. lead necessarily to difference in local
1... and limitations. The latter.as the former,
cmduce to the general order and the common
good. It la m absurd U attempt to make the
looal laws and usages of different community
the same,' a to attempt to reduce all the indl
Tiduals la a community to one eommon level It
tht f.hita. nnrsuits and interests. . . . ' 1
Th. ceneral otlnciples are readily conceded
k. ....nn.hla men. who willinffly acmit that
. none of the differences specified above form any
mood lor a separation between our Northern
and Southern States. But there are men at the
North who contend that slavery should be made
' an exception to the general rule, because, as
thev eav. slavery being a crime egaiost nature.
no State or community should be allowed to
tolerate it, and still remain in the Union. At
the lame time, It is urged in the South that it
is not sale for slave Statee to remain in the
Union, when euch an opinion In regard to slave
ry is entertained by a large proportion of the
To those who promulgate the opinion that
elavery la a crime egaiost nature, and should
... not therefore be permitted In any State, the re
ply la obvious from the principle we nave al
ready adverted to. The only condition required
of any State to. remain in, or become annexed
to, the Union, I that it shall have and maintain
' renublican or representative form of govern
ment, and be eubiect to th Constitution and
lawa of the Union. Under this condition, each
State is left at perfect liberty to determine for
itself what U will prohibit as a crime against
nature or society, and what It wilt sanction or
How. It nay forbid or allow slave holding, as
tt m. An in? other act not contrary to the
Conetltctloa and laws of the Union.
. . Te these who allege the hostile attitude to
ward slavery assumed by a portion of the people
at the North as a ground of separation, the an
swer, le equally plain. The people of a free
country have an undoubted right to entertain
. end promulgate inoh opinions, moral, political
and religious, its they see fit, so long a they, do
not by overt acts infringe upon constitutions
ad law..,-,' - - .- "
Bat. It le eeid, that some of th Northern
Statee bar, by -acts of legislation, obstructed
the execution of a law of the United Slates con
tHuUonally enacted. The eame thing had
been dona by other States, in several palpable
and flagrant Instances, before the passage or any
"Personal Libert bill." - State Bay Be ex
pected, sometimesIn vindicsticS of "their real
or supposed rights, te oppose .the execution
within their border!, ot certain laws of the
Unltcd,8Utee, under, various pretenses; but so
long a they profeea 'allegiance to the Federal
Constltoiloa and Government, and as long as
that Govoraaent retains the power 1o enforce
It laws, such opposition can affjrd no constitu
tional or reasonable ground for the withdrawal
of other State from the Union. It should In
cite them rather to a mere'iealous and active
upport of the Government, that It may be able
the more effectually to disarm and eilepce the
factious opposition to It authority.
Slavery baa existed la this country almost
from Its earliest settlement. 'There U Do more
reason why our differences in regard to the pel
icy or morality of allowing Its existence should
dissolve tba Union now,, than that they should
here prevented l(e formation, or hare dissolved
It fifty, twenty, or ten year ago. U elavery
ahould ceeea to exist to-morrow, other differ
encee in Interest and local State institutions
would remiin, and loom up into similar Impor
tanoe and significance Morbidly eonicleotiooe
men and ambitious demagogues would not fall to
agitata questions es to the Justice end propriety
of permitting certain interest end local usages
to exist Be w bo imagines the annihilation of
elavery would be a panacea for all our national
difficult!, and effe it a perfect reconciliation of
tba different section! of . our country for ell
eooiicg ttma, has feed history and studied hu
man nature to little profit. v' '?i A
Men must be allowed to differ In the regula
tion of their privnte tbd domestic afiairst and so
', mtt't (wparate eommunitle and States in their
hioil ! nd inntituMons. for these fliller
uoei cur UoIoo-CodmUuUod has made (be moat
imnl prfyrmtoo aod Riven all the ltd-ode de
' u'.ts:-, and as innfr as we live op to the spirit
and iiitejj-ioo of that moDnment of bo sunn
wKi.irn atd foroaijjht, we cannot but fraternlre
nn 1 te prcrnrom, aetl:.bttndix or diver
sity cf jmnnjiis, interests and looal institutions.
Gen. Gen. W. Morgan.
We copy the following from- th
CDRiMeretal and Creta'sjud LudLr, We know
jf bo mat on whom the appointment of a high po-
is the frasyr vau!d,J cinf al to more ad
vantage to the country than Gra, Moaoia. He
eae gi e4denf : hie bravery and miMtary
oapaoitys . " r ' r
A correspondent at Whetlictf stcests too
nme of Geo. Geo. W, Morgau, of Me. Vernon,
Ohio, ae man qualified by ability and oillit&ry
experience tor position iff onr army In the pres-
ens emereDoy. '
Gen. Morgan wee' la Ihe Mealcan war as Col
onel of the (bird volunteer regiment from Ohio,
and waa transferred by the War Department to
the regular army service, and made colonel
tf one of the ten new regiments created at that
time. - , ' I" ' ' '' ' I
de was wounded at the battle of Cherubusco,
nd for bis dlsttneuished bravery and eervioee.
ke waa brevetted by the government with the
title of Major General. . ' ' t. , i
Giving up the army oommisiion at the close
of the war. Gen. Moreno resumed his proles
don of the law. tie wu afterward sent ae Con
ml to Marseilles, under Pierce'e adminlttratioa,
and on the aooeeeion of Mr. tiuobanan he was
appointed Minister to Portugal, from whence he
Sea )ost returned nome.'-' ' - '
Our eorretpoodeot sureeste the advantage to
the govern aent of availing ttseit of the exfvti
snoe and ability of Geo. Morgan In the field.
From -one ' well eoqaainted with the antece
dente of Gen. Morgan, we learn that at the
age of IS years, be went as Sd Lieutenant ot a
volunteer company to Texs, and immediately
after the maseaore at the Alamo, and at the age
(f 16, was promoted and aeeicned to tne com
mand of Galveston City. 1 Afior the Texan war
olosed with the battle of San Jicioto, Geo
Morgan returned to the United States, and
uommeooed the Stndy or law in ihouih vsrnon
iotloir as deoutv in the Cterk's offiee to pay ex
pensee. - At the breaking out ot the Mexican
ar. be loined a oomoanv in Ml. Vernon as a
private, -aod before ibe election of oOicers, was
onoeeo to drill' tne ootnpany. lms lie aia so
well, that all competitors tor the post of captain
declined In his favor, and be was unanimously
elected to the eommand of the company. At
Camp Washington, ner Cincinnati, where tbe
reutmant wad formed, Captain Marian's com
any pieeeoiedeo Hue an appearaiioe and were
io perleot In drill, tnt be mat chosen Colonel
I the regimeut. Oue of tbe moat dei-perete
coatesta to Mexico was fought by lour com-
wolee of Out. Morgan'e regiment, against
)mtO MexiCiO oavalry, In which the enemy
eere beaten off. end military men, at that time,
ve ibe Colonel tbe high Credit of sajing tbt
oihiofl could have itved bis command but the
ligb state of discipline to wblob be had brought
hie men. Tbe battle waa fought oa tbe same
lay as that at Buena Vista, and was scarce no
ticed at the time, the more brilliant battle
eclipaluB that sained by tbe Obio troops near
ipe vilUge of Marie.' i "
UbieBy at tae tnstaee oi uen. nouttoo, wno
tae srpeaiedly prouovueed him ibe most prbm
alugoffloer within the eirole of bis acqoilct-
ace, Uul. Morgan, oetjee oie return io umo,
ae aooointrd Celunel in the 16 h Regiment,
ehiefly recroit'd from hlo end Mirbignn, and
tourii from Vera Urns to tbe Utty or Mexico.
At the battle of Contreras he was detached
rom his own Division to that of Gen. Twiggs,
and occupied the Pedrigal, e movement gallautlj
extouted. end which reeulted in turning: the
tortune of the day In tavorof our troopa It
was this movement, in fact, that caused tbe fa
mous auarrel between Geo Soott and Gen. Pil
low, each claiming the credit of giving tbe
order. . ...... v
Mo man was ever more loved by his men,
and no commander ever more eij yed their en
tire confidence Hie bravery and akll baa never
been qotstioued, end we have heard frequent
expressions of regret tbat tbe country at thin
tine bad not the aid of hit military services.-
llcwltna Leadir.
The New York TViiaae and its Washington
letter-writers have oeeo bueily employed for
eomv daye to make the country believe tbat Ibe
Administration, and especially Mr. Be ward
were contemplating e diegraceiul surrender to
tbe demands of the Rebels, through a treaty ot
peace. In other words, tbey waul tbe people to
believe their Government ready to turn trait'
ore. At last, the asaailed have felt it due to
themselves and the nation to authorize denial
of these charges. Tbe Tribune, In one of its
Washington letters, -meets this contradiction
as follows:
'The Secretary of State authorizes a denial of
our statement tbat reace Propositions nave
been submitted. We expected tbat, of course
Diplomacy has the same prerogative es grand
Uroeny, and can plead 'not. guilty' to the in
dictment. Let the Administration recall Jn.
E. Harrsv'from Li-twn, and break up tbe
camps on the other side of tbe river, for an ad
vance to Richmond, and the country will be
lieve him instead of us. Otherwise they will
take hi disclaimer for just what it is worth, and
no more." .
And is this all the justice the Administration
gete from that paper to class It with the com
mon thief, and place Its denial of the charge
of a newspaper goeaip-manufacturer on a loot
ing witn tne pieaain oi au waiotmeot ror
thefti Such,laoguage from a press not under
stood to have beo once friendly to the Admin-'
istratioo, would Justify a strong suspicion of a
treasonable deeign to break down tbe Govern
meot for tbe benefit or tbe Kebeis.. as it js.
It Is deserving of tbe severest reprehension of
all loyal citizens. Tbe utmost stretch of the
license of dlecoseion. would not cover, such Im
putations at any time, and especially when the
preservation of tbe Government so much de
pends on a good understanding Between tne peo
ple end their agents. ., , M ! ' '. 'f . j-.
, We copy the, above from the Toledo . jSliife
In plain words, if a Drmocratio editor would
talk as Gsrlit hss'of the' Administration, he
would be regarded as a traitor, , and would be
Imprisoned, and probably - bis office mobbed.
But as it ii GsaxLir, a Republican, he fa only
"deserving of the severest,' reprehension."
We suppose the fide goes, upon the principle
that tba Republicans have the right to abnse
their own' offspring. ' '
Hon. Ben. Stanton.
The Mae t-Cheih Pros, of Logan county, Is
out for Mr.' SraNTon for Governor. ' It eayt
"Give us STAitT0it.es the Republican nominee
for Governor ,nd there will be no eeeh word as
dereat in the book." - ' " ' ; v ' '
We like that; stlcfc him dp ii the "Repub.ll
can" nominee'. No dodging behind th Union,!
to cheat the people into the election of an abo
lltion. disunion Governor. .i.t i
' Th Pru$ get off a good joke, Or, it might
be called, bitter irony. t It says: "He 1 a man
with a clear head, and a big kttrt " Hie head
may be' clear enough, but about' that "big
heart!" That' ts , decidedly rich.'. If there Is
one man in Ohio more disuoguiabed than an
other for hie excessive penurious qualities, that
man Is Mr. Stamtow." Heart! we never , heard
of aoch a thing about him. . - ,
"An apllcant lot tffiiie under the Federal Ad
mioisuation, not yet having received tbe ac
polntment he deaires, now propoaee to go to
Wajblugton end eitaoiwn nimscu ae a corree
poodeoi of Jedge Magratb, Boauregud, and
it ft Davis Bj thie meane he tbiuke be oan
eburteo th delay In making out his cemmieeioa.
or perbtpi get a much hrker pUoe than He bas
atked for fx .. insane -,,., : . ,
We think tbe Trikmm might well be called a
masked battery " Gmi.tr It moredeetroc
tire on "Old AboV train than ihe Rebels were
on Uen ScHXca'a-. . - .
From the Abolition charaeter of the -greater
portion Of the appointments, we sboald judge
GtntiT bad; nsed nls inflnenee' to some pur-
, , ... .. . .. .... t . r i .. ;I
pose. ' s '.
, ti, , .
Cot. or rrnt 8ic,ikd RioiHiirr Oh(o Tenon.
Cpt Lim. Baaau has been, elected Colonel
of the 3d Regiment, In plaeeof Col. Wtuow,
appointed Capfelaln the Regular Army
Lieut Col. C.B.Masoi, of Clrclevihe- Was
hi competitor, i . : ;, j
Business of Congress.
It would appear that tbe business of Congrer
Is being iut out to order. ' .AH Congress will be
called on to do, will be to register the edlote of
a few demagogue! who aspire to lead, and who
bare already lead tbe coubu-yf destruction
A eorreepoedent of the New ' York World
gives heullpeing as the programme, of .tbe
demagogue knj ignortmns ifrom Msesachn
lettsf u l
Already preotUvtl measures of legislation are
being prepared, ,
ben a tor wuaon, it is nndentood, nas been
a consultation with Congressmen as well es
high officers of the Government, end et an
early day of the extra cession of Congress,
will, as chairman of the Committee on Mil
itary Afuirs, introduce a series of bills, propo
sing! - ' ? ' '"
1st To legalize executive action concerning
tbe present defensive or warlike pfcparations.
iii. . tiiruig the sanction oi tbe law to tne plan
already aauoyuctd for a rermanent -increase of
the army. ,.
3J. Retiring infirm and disabled army of
4.h. To organize from the militia e hundred
regimouts as a national guard, to be all clothed
and armed alike.
Stb. To increass the number of cadets to the
extent of sixty elcbt, or to the number of Sen
atora, and authorizing the President to fill tbe
vacanoies caused by resignation or otherwise in
tbat Institution, - . .
Besides, it Is designed to recommend au ep
propriation of two hundred millions of dollars
to carry tbe dolouslve measures into eliect.
- Tbe above are substantially the objeots con
teaiplattd. .1 .
[From the Baltimore Republican of Thursday.]
The Arrest of Marshal Kane.
The city was thrown into considerable excite
ment at as early hour tbls moroiug by a report
to tbe eneiel that the marshal ot polioe, Uoi
Geo. P. Ktne, bad been arrested by a body of
Federal troops and taken to tort MoUenry.
Upon inquiry our reporter wae Informed tbat
about 3)i o'clock this morning a body of soldiers
Irom fort Aleaeniy sua Lmp renuejivmiia,
numbering about 1,200, marobed into the eitv.
and passing tbrougb the souttu-ru portion of the
city they captured all police oflicers wno came
in sight, to prevent tbe po-wiuilltj ot ralsiog any
alarm. Continuing tbe line ot marcn, raey
proceeded to the residence of Col Kane, on St
faul street, betwetn Monument and Madison
streets, and immediately placed a guard in ell
tbe eurrouudliig streets lore distance ol several
squares. , :
i ne ouioor in command appuca at tne aoor
for admission, when Col. Kane promptly ap
peared and was taken Into custody, without
even an opportunity to bid farewell to his family ;
but tbe niarehal, It la said, did not hesitate or
object, but quietly Informed tbe officer In com
mand tbat a lew lines addressed to mm from
tne fort would have Secured his presence there,
without tbe necessity of tending two regiment!
at the deid hour of night to arreet him..
I ne marsnal was men placed In a carnage,
and being placed in tbe center ot a strong guaid,
tbe truous returned to tbe fort by wayol Cnailcs
atreet; tbe plic olllcers belug beld until tbe
troops bad pjflsitd outside ot tbe city, wben they
were- released and ordered to proceed to their
Col.Kenly, commanding the First Maryland
Rcginveut, tbls morolng received tbe following
from Gen. Bitilu: , , - ; ,
Te Col Kenlf, Commanding Firtt Regiment of
U-nlvnd VulaM'tttt
bia-B virtue of inatruotions received from
the Department of War at Waehingtoo, dated
June 24, 1861, 1 do hereby appoint juu Provost
Marshal in and for the city ot Baltimore. You
ill enter upon your duties forthwith at the
headquarters of the polioe of the ct'y, and no
tifying bis honor, the Mayor, of your appoint,
ment, bv reading to him this order eud tbe
proclamation inclosed herewith, yon will
proofed at onoe,-with the assistance of subor
dinate officers of tbe police department, to
cauae to be executed tbe polioe law provided by
tbe legislature ot Marjluud, "lor tbe govern
ment ol the City of Baltimore."
I am &o.
Major Ueneral, Commanding Department of
Annapolis. -
Tbe following special orders were then issued
by Colonel Kenly:
To the Ofiictrt and Men of th Ptlitt Force of
n f. - .
Bv order of Major General Banks, command
ing the department of Annapolis, 1 assume end
take command of tbe police force of tbe city of
Baltimore, to superintend, and, with tbe aid of
tbe subordinate offi-ers of the police depart
ment, to execute and cause to be executed, ibe
polioe lew provided bv the legislature of Mary
land "for the government ol tbe city of BiltJ-
more " ' ion will eonttnne to discharge your
duties under the existing regulation until fur
ther notice. - I
Col. J. B. KENLY,
Commanding First Maryland Regiment.
Provost Marshal of Baltimore.
The Tribune—The Botts Letter.
The New York Tribune of the 29th says:'
"from a gensral aoqoal .Uncs with tbehaadwrltlDref
Mr. BottS, we were ooDTinoea idu toe truer, ignen wiia
his name, which we oabll.hu) In oar eolamni jeiterdai,
was re.lljr hi, and In thai belief we laid It baloie our
readers we are now oouua sun, nowerer, uu on
oomaring the handwritlnf wlta aLdMiMee peotaieni
of a at of Mr. Botta. as we were resterdaj eoableJ to do.
we eta lei to balleva that tae letter la a forgery. At
the ame time, we rraterdaj eamtd Inquiries to be made
for Mr. Botta in Walhirnlon.and ha could not b diteov
ered. Weeonoiude that he Is not there, and bas net
boeo there."
' It turns out as we predicted; the philosopher
of the Tribune was badly sold. We thought it
looked that way on it! face, -.j
r 11 I 1
; The Cincinnati (aVrr's special from Waeh
ingtoo, of the 29th says: " ' - r
. Advices from Fort Monroe to day represent
that Magruder Is preparing to advance on new
nort News. - .
The late rumor of a compromise originated
In tbe tact of Judge Mason, of Maryland, and
Governor Pratt applying to tbe Secretary of
War four davs since for a pass through tbe Gov
ern ment troops in Virginia to Richmond for the
purpose, as alleged, of opening negotiations for
Seacej was courteously received but refused by
Ir. Seward, because It might commit bim to
the enterprise. The scheme, it Is said, is not
vet abandoned. 3 - J 4,r , .
There is the best authority for stating that
General Dix bas not been ordered to tbe Ue
partment of Eastern Virginia, nor la It proba
bio that be will be. ! ;' v
, Also a dispatch of the 80th says: , .'
"With tbe regiments arrived to-day there are
now here sixty tboueaod men. It is believed
tbat tbe Conlederatee have double that number
in Virginia ' Twenty -five thousand bare passed
through Knoxvllle, Teuneeeee, alone. -
Tbe arrest for circulating a compromise pe
tition in New York, may nave some tneot on
oeaoelullv disposed Congressmen.
Baltimore Is quiet, but I am informed that
ueneral banka'e action in suspending the mo
nidoal police bae caused a bit'er feeliog among
the people, end turned many Union men egaioist
the Government.
Tbe Northern correspondents will have it that
there ia to be a forward movement. ' I can eee
no indication! of It -.. . .
We noticed (n our last the faot that tbe Re
publicans of Vermont had nominated a Repub
(loan ticket; and then abolished party lires. Tbe
Bostorf Dally irtss of the 28th says: ,
"We bailers tne candidate are all Repablloaas. There
waa considerable ditcnnlon in ihe convention ae te tk
policy el ebanonlng ine Repobll-ao organisation, bat
wweBoOib.(la iheproeedlDiearvprieeie Ja-nf
Uj euppoelUoe tual the Kvpablicani So net eland by
their gnus Some patriotio Denocrata part eipaiad In
the eoorsntlon amOLg then faul Dilluishaa), former)
What a patriot Paul Is. The Republicans
should at least bare appointed him secretary or
door-keeper. '.. '.. i , t ' ...
' As party lines hwe been abolished In Ver
mont by resolution of the Republ oan conven
tion, Faol will find bo diffioolty in 'acting with
them! ' . ' -'' ' '
.j. , e'-.'i ,. ' -, v i j ' ,; xI
Ohio Troops in Western Virginia.
' We copy tbe followlrg from the Commereiel
speolat, from Camp Ewing, dated Tune S9.bi
Ueneral Rosecraus and Hohleloh's Biigadex
are niovh g towards Baokbannen. - They are
encamped at Cast) F.eiog, 16 miles couth of
Clarksburg, and will remain several days.
A scout wno Slept lu JUuokbeuuon last night
says tbe town la entirely, deeertedj rebels took
an tne lorege ana loll back on tbeir main col
umn. 4 i wt.t v' i. . . tt v t
Prospect for a fight fading.
MoCook'e Regiment loined this column this
morning, hariug marobed 21 miles vesterdav
all well. -
Six companies.. Col. Connell's Seventeenth
Ohio, want to Weston and Ripley on Thursday,
in the vloinltv of Parkereburs. to rout tbe reb
els, but found they had disappeared. Our march
ie turougn a beautilul oouutry Tne people ere
generally entbosiastiofor the Union. Tney re
ceived tne army enthusiastically and fed them
generously, at points An tbe road. Oue lady
who beard of our approach, baked one hundred
loaves of bread and gave them to tbe troopa, be
sides cooking six meals for tbe oflicers last
night refusing compensation. Tbe rebels had
reported tbat our army were slaving and de
stroying as we marched; but Sam's gold and
kindness removes euch Imoreaaions.
Uaartermester Talimadge bought thirty bead
of cattle from a Secessionist, who expected we
would seir.e them. He waa thuoderstuck at the
kindness with wbloh be wae treated.' In a tew
weeks these people will all be entbuslasilo lor
tbe Union Young Virginians are enlisting rap
idly In our service, and we have plenty of ceal
001 aeontv, 5-
' I n i a .,- .
Sthtatht with Rkbcllion Wevbear much
on this subject from Republicans now-a-days
Tbls is well, but it would have been still better
bad they awakened years ago to the wrong of
sympathizing witb resistance to law, uoly two
yeara ago, tbe Abolitlonlsta of Oberlln banded
together and successfully deleated tbe execu
tion of the United States law which they de
termined to nullify. 'The ringleaders lu te
rebellion were arrested, and on r el using to give
bail, were handed over to the custody of the
sheriff Has any body forgotten the sympathy
whloh waa manifested for tbe Abolition Rebels
by Republicans all over Ohio? Has any one
forgotten the letter of " Vf i Dennlson, Jr ex
preaaiog his deepest sympathy lor- " Peck,
Plumb and their devoted colleagues?" , Tbat
same Dennison, with bis letter ot eympathy for
tbe Western Reserve rebels fresh in public
remembrance, waa indorsed In a few months
afterwards by the terWe Republican tote of Ohio!
Wen and brethren lu our opposition to Ouu.n
era rebellion and secession, let us not forget
such events In our own State history as'tbat to
which we have referred above. Aneer Advo
Why is Gen. Wool not Employed?
Tbe Troy Daily Whig pertinently atke;
Wbv is not the large experience and conceded
military skill that Gto. Taylor found io availa
ble at Buena Vista, Dot called into active ser
vice by the President and Secretary of War?
Wbv is It that cur gallant volunteers sre mus
tered under tbe command of Major-Genera Is
whose conduct upon tbe field is yet to be tried,
while our own State, with Its numerous regi
ment", and tried and experienced soldier, Uen.
Wool worthy to lead them, is not honored with
a separate command upon the field?
We eee bim with tbe undiminlnhed Intellect
of hia best years, and with the firm and elastic
ten nf vigorous if not robust health, daily rnor
Ine amonu us. and knowing, as we do, hie read
iness and willingness to engage actively in Ihe
cause of that Uoveroment wmon ne nas so long
and so faithfully seired, we can but wonder at
and vaguely conjecture the cause of tbat strange
oversight, which tbui allows the largest ripe
rieuce and tbe highest military skill to remain
in comparative inactlvltv, at .a crisis wben tbe
oounti-v demands lust the kind of services which
such cxoeiieooe aod skill uan render. Recent
events have made too plainly apparent the ne
cessity of services like these.
1 DT The Boston Courier, tbe old Whig' organ
of Manacbuset'S, ha! the following:
A party newspaper, In an article justifying
ine removal oi nuu-auuuutiuiaw uuiu uv jw
torn House!, urges that
"The areumeot that Democrats now in offioo
should be retained, because a large portion of
tbe Demoeraoy have patriotically come forward
to the support of the Government, will not bear
examination. -Tte Democracy, while support
ing the Government io ita efforts to re-establish
its authority, especially disclaim all sympathy
with tbe Administration, and propoee to hold It
to a etriot responsibility for its measures.
Wben the rebellion ie suppressed, they will not
hesitate to draw party lines, and nrge a re
lentless war upon tbe Administration and its
policy. Under such circumstances, sound policy
dictates tbat Ibe tfftire of tne Government
should be administered by those in whom the
Administration bas. col Science." .
Won't the Republican party also hold tbe
Administration "to a etriot responsibility (or
accountability) for ita measures?" What au
thority Justifies tbe prediction that" relentless
war" u tn he prosecuted against "tbe Admin
istration?" If tbe Admiuiatration can trust
the defense of the country to Democratic eel-
diers, why tell us that aound policy drctatre
the removal of Democrats from eivil postal
There ie do just excuse In the quotation -for
Goodrich's conduot. tie is a petty party politi
cian, and has a Stronger attaobmont for hia
party to day, than he baa for the Union. Look
at bis truckman, ye drivere of drays. But
enongh of smsll things-
Will 'or Tn Qokn Mothir. The will
of the Duchess of Kent wae proved on the 3d
of May by the Prinoe Consort, the eole exeoo
tor. The will is very brief, occupying only a
portion of one eide of a foolscap sheet. It re
vokes all previous wills, and beoueaths all the
property of the Dachess to-Qaeen Victoria, ber
eacoessors end assigns absolutely " This will
ia duly attested, and is dated March 30th, 1860.
Tne personalty was Bworn nnoer ou,uuu,
NkWJfiriR Chakois Col J. W Webb an
nounces tbat his Journal, tbe Courier and In
quirer, ia about to-merge in the World. . He
retires from editorial life after thirty-four years
of service- Hia eon will represent him In the
hew arrangement. , r'- - ii
Mr. Wxbb wss kind enough to leave the peo
ple bii view! relative to abolishing State fines,
looking to the adoption of a consolidated 'goy-
eminent, before he left
17 A Milwaukee mob bas mobbed the banks
of that eity tor discrediting tbo notes of certain
other banks. There ie nothing: to indicate that
the war bad anything to do with It. Luutrjt'(7
Yes there Is. The mob was caused by -the
failure or tbe bankers to make good the enor
mous depreciation of tbe stock of seceded Statee
pledged for tbe seourity of tbeir bills. But for
the rebellion, and tbe repudiation and swindling
which have attended it, no such trouble would
have oocurred.reiJBdev
But for tbe organization and success of an
Abolition Republican sectional party; there
would bare been no rebellion.
Gov. Harris of Tennessee announces the re
sult of tbe vote' on secession as 104,913 for, and
47.238 against. He says:
"I make tt known and declare alt connection by the
lute of Tennessee with he federal Dote! dissolved,
and that Teonesaer la a free and Independent govern
meal, free from all obllga't n to or eoi nect on with tbe
federal Oovernmaut el tne United e:ates or America
E ist Tennessee won't etaod it. The people
say they will set p for themselves.
U7 Prince Alvred arrived at Montreal on
the S& h. : " : ' . '
Mr. RoaBELL,the oorreepondeot of the London
Timee, passed over the Great Western Railroad
for the east on the same day. .
North Carolina.
' The North Caroline Convention bae appoint
ed the following persons delegates to the "Con
federate" Congress for tbe State at large:
W. W. Avert, Georob Davis, "WL N. W
Smith, Thomas RottiM, T , D. McDowrtt, A
W. VcwatLB, John M Mormiead, R. C. Pro
riAa, Boifoti CkAtd,' A. V. DaTmsbf)'. " L:
O Governor Morton vesterdav reoleved no
less than fire several dispatohee from Cinoln.
oatl, teuderlng as many o mpule to bim for
reoeptton into anyone of the three yeara' regi.
ments rt-eently attboriied 1 from Indiana Of
Oourae hia Excellency Wa Compelled to denlipe
the oDere ol .the gallant Onloaus. iirrs nuit
journal -' .
'-' We suppose our soldiers hare got tired of our
lorernor,' and want to try oue from another
State; kjk !J .. ). . . y ". - ; ' -
- Ma. Morrill and Hu TAairr. Mr. Morrill,
father of the present Tariff, dropped In at tbe
Custom House on Thursday, on bis way to
Washington, to loam bow his clumsy bantling
was getting along, and found tbat tbe clerks
have no eud of trouble with the lutraotable
young monster, A statement of the numerous
practical deleots of the Tariff Is to be prepared
by the Custom House experts, aod sent to Mr.
Morrill at Washington 'or bis Instruction and
entertainment. Jonrarl of Lommtrce,
UJ There Is a part of the northern press,
that we have read for some rears, tbat are burn
ing with zeal to save the Government. Tbey
have been long accustomed te sneer at Union
savers, as they called tba Democracy of the
North. . I hey are now aoalous Uuiou-savers,
They bad better burn their pant records. Aokii-
wiU sTrwt.
Tbe Republican- papers will oertainly regard
that as personal. What an awful big rs it
would make, to burn them all at once.
O" It is reported that Gen. Patterson of
Pennsylvania is to be relieved of his command,
and some more "youthful and energetio" efilcer
substituted. ' Probably Gen, Schinck as it Is
on a railroads ......
.- - ii ii
A Volunteer CHArLAiif Protectino a Loni
Woman. A correspondent of tbe Tramhr,
writing from Foi trees Monroe, saysi ".Chaplains
here are not la very good order Just how. They
don'tscem to be fitted to tbe peculiarity of tbeir
position. One went on tbe Big Kernel expedi
tion. He eonssnted to go to a house near by
and get some bedding tor' the wounded. He
did not return in time and Wben another person
was dotailed tor tbe purpose, ho waa fuuud ait
ting quietly In 'he hnuse talking with a pretty
secession woman. - His apoloity was toat bo
thought the unprotected female should not be
lelt alone! - tie baa been sent boras."
' Btarvino thi ProPLR Oof. Thi! novel plan
of bringing the South or the North to reaeou
does not seem to be very effectual, es It beare
ae bard upan one section as tbe other, and It is
only a question of endurance. Tbe plan re
minds us of tbe etory of an Irishman who had
been much annoyed by a bowling dog, and was
found one bitter cold December night standing
in bis shirt-tail in the very teeth ol the wind,
and holding tbe dog fast. Wben questioned as
to wby be did it, be said be wanted to freeze tbe
batkin' devW to death.- The inference is appar-enu
Louiimlle Vim. . ',
ArroiNTiiENr. We are clad to learn tbat Dr.
A. Tyler, of Toledo, bas received the appoint
ment of Aral-class clerkship in the kliavh Audi
tor's office at Washington. iotedo iflfde.
"First-class clerkship" means, under the law,
the lowest class and smallest salary.,.
Dang rno us Codnterpeit. A man named
Coon, and a woman formerly a school-teaoher
at Dayton, Ohio, were arrested there on tbe
20th inat. for oaesinrr counterfeit coin and
money. Soon afterward a searoh was Institut
ed, which resulted In a big haul of bogus coin
as well as counterfeit bills beine- round npon
them, amounting in ell to $4 657 75. Quite a
large portion of the coin -was in quarters aod
halves, and could hardly be detected from the
genuine, having the aipearanoe and regular
ring of pure silver; but it lacks tbe weight, and
therein is readily detected. It is pronouueed a
most ingenious attempt at counterfeiting the
American c In. Tbe bills, mostly 5's and 10's
on Ohio and Kentucky banss, are or cood pt
per ae good as is ued by any of the batiks
and are well exirnied. r steiye lavs.
Ornca er ths Coaiio.e or thi fliirimo Pdrd, I
OuLDasns Onlo, June 1U, 1B0'.
Till Onmmlsiioners of the Sinking Pnnd of the 8ta'e
of Ohio Invite sabacrlptiuns b the people of ihe
state to the Loan or 1 wo raimrns of uonari, antnor a
ed by th not of the Oeneral Assembly "To provide
more eneo'nally lor tne de enee of tne state against In
Taalon, passed prIISti. lr-SI.
dertincatea win oe iuea in inirnor iiwi, ana up
ward, payaole July I, 1808. at ihe dtate Treasur. boar
Ine Internet at the rate of six per cent, per annum, pay
ahb-aeml-annaal'y, anlby the act authorilng the loan
free from laxa Ion.
eubsorlptions will be received at the nfflce of Ihe Com
mis loiters In the City of Columbus, at each of the sol
vent banklne I stl'ntlonsln the State, and at the several
'ounty Treasuries In tbe State, until the 'St day of
July, 1861.
Interest will be computed and paid rrom the date or
the depositor tne money at either or tne places aoove
B. W TAVlltn, Auditor of RUIe.
A. P. RTja-irtLL. secre aryof Btate.
jAREj AlCRBAr, Attorney ueneral
jell-dcd -
Elegant Lace Mantillas.
roAxaar c& son,
No. 29-Soutn HighBf:,
TT STB Just opened au Invoice of very largs and
A.1 hands me
Wide French Laces for Siiawls.
Very Deep Freneh Flouncing Laces. - ,
Real Thread, Frenoh, Chantiila & Genevese
Valenciennes, Point ce Gaze, Brussels
and liuread Laces and Collars,.
.f.v .... In new Shapes,
".,!"',. , : 1 . v -For traveling,
Traveling Dress Good s.
fiIl.Ee, FOIL SB OHBTRBS, , , .
The best and most faibhnable styles In the city, '
." "Bain t son,
JeSl ' ' ' ' 89 aonth High Bireet,
Steam Between Ireland apd,, America.
Thefollewlmf new and manHBoeat Ant-class paddle
wheel Buamsbips eeeipose the above line: -ADRIATIC,
5,888 tons burthen, Capt, . MacsV
. (Formerly of the Collins Line )
DI8BRNI4, 4. 400 tons burthen. Capt. N. Paoirta. '
COLIlMttIA, 40 " . " . k. LtiTOB. ,
ANOLU, , - 4.400 -", , " NienouON.
PA.JlrlO, 8U0 " . " . " .1 1. 8mm.' .
3,300 o " 1 VWAUrsa. '
One of the abive ships will leave New York' ii Boston
alternately every Tueeday furtnUlit. for Oalway. oar
rylne the government malls,' touching at St. Johns,
N. V. ,
Ths Steamers of this ltne have been constructed with
the greatest care, nnder the supervision of the govern
mot.1, nav. water-tiffni oomparimenia, ana are uo.-xcei-led
forevmroTI eafcry and speed by any steameis nflnat.
The are eommandrd by able aad experienced offloera,
and every eiertion will he made to promote the ooofort
of passrniers. 1 ,
Aa.experirnced Surgeon attaahed te each ship. -HATED
rirst-elast N. Y. or Boston te-Oalaay or Liverpool IH)
Beeond-elaal, " -" ' 75
rirst-otaaa. rM' :". , . to J John's t "35
IhirJ-clasa, to Oalway or Liverpool
or any town In Iralatd, on a Railway, - - . 30
Thlrd-elau passengers are liberally supplied with pro
visions of tbe beat tjuality, rooked and. served by the ser
vants ot tbe Oompary.
' RETCftN TICKETS.' ' 1 : ?
" Parties within to send for their friends from the Old
country can obtain tickets from any town on a railway, In
Ireland, or from the principal ottiesof Bngland and Soot
land, at very low rates.
Passenger, for New" York, arriving by the" floiton
iteamera, will be forwarded to Dew York free of chains.
For peerage or further information, np-lj tn -
. ,
. . , . . . .... War U. WIOKHAW, ,
At the offloe of Ilia Oarapacy, on the wharf, .loot of
OanaJ street. New York. . ' - - . .
. ,. B0WLAN1 fc ApFIfl W ALL, Agenltt .
' aprillO.'dOra.. ... , . , t -. w- ; f-. , ' ,
... j,.
supplies FoiPrae Ohio
CoLOHioi. Juoa W, 1H01 I-
Siato raoptmii. will dh jiokitio at
u.e aiSoe uutll the 8 J day f July, for luruUhiaa
Uu tnstltuu n with
, ' 8 000 rwnside Fireati Beef . i '
Per week, delrtered la the rVmr nnartara Mi-h wet.f In
equal propor loja, on Mondays, Wedii.sdnya arid frl-
davs, rrom juiy riu., jooi, to the SOth day of December,
loot, v
, ,000 Pioad, Coruei Boef
Per week, from Jo y 7th to Dtumber SO h IbOI. The
Keef to be of food quality, e, , knaokle, bone and
thanks. - ' ' - i
Thaqnartltr te belaereased or tr,n,heij ai the War
den may dire t. , , .
ALbO oral will oe receive a at inee, dais and ro
the aame.iuns. lot the clear, rough and eai ireata of the
No Mils will be considered unless tatlifactor, itcurlte
for the falthtul psrformanes of Ihe sane accownaalei
each Wd. '
No bids will be received npon the day or letting,
N. Mhioh. ,
II. B. fAasoss,( Directors. . '. i v
J. J ffoon, )
. i ' JOHN A. PRENTICB, Warden.
No. 29 South nigh Street, Columbus,
SOOO tarda Leveling Brew floods at Sfa value
' 18 A cents. '
8500 yards Traveling Dress floods atl3X, va'ueSOcts.
tom earda Bngllih Ber aire, at ISH. valne 6 eentt.
10(10 yards rrencb OrK.dlea at WX, value SO cents.
SlKKj yards Vut Oolorcd Lawna at 10 value Ii cents.
lOOO yards Poniard Dree, silks ai S7X, T.lne SO cents.
W Oyardt Super Plain BUek Silk at a' 00. Talne 1V5.
R ibea of Orrddie Berafe, and angliih Berage, at one
half their value.
BAIN At !0K.
Je22 . S9 South Uigh Street.
North Carolina. 1861. 1861.
North Carolina. 1861. 1861. Summer Arrangements.---Time
Connecting at Crestline with Ihe PirTBBCBOB, FT.
fbr rtUtburek. PMladelpUa and Baltimore. Alio
for tori Wayne and Chicago.
OonneotlngatCleTeland with the IARB BUOai RAIL
For Dunkirk, Buffalo. Albany, Bea-
ion, ana new iera, .
EXOBPT 8TJNDAT, ': - . '
Irom Columbos, In eonnectlon with Trains oa the
AND XfciSA la A I LiltUADlt.
NIGHT EXPEHS Leaves Columbos at 3.41) A.U i
will leave pasesnierf at all stauons soucn or uaii-in,
stop at Delaeare, Ashley. Oardlnetna and OlUad. and
at , all stations aorlb of O.llon, airlrlns at 01...U0J
at S itu A. M DonkirkS:f P. M BuDalo 85 P. M.
Albany S (0 a. H., Ne Yere e: A. St.. Uoamn 3U
r n . Pittehnnib via Oreatline i.m V. M , Philadel
phia 5:10 A. at. Ohloaire vu. Oreatltaie at 7'UO P. M.
NKW YORK BXPRKis Leaves Columbus at 1110
a. m win stop at tyewis uentre, ror wnite Bul bur
Bprlnrei, uei.ware, jaroington, uaiion urestiine, enel-
b. New London, welllnatoj and Gmftoa, arrive at
Oleea and at a:3 p. m.i unniira, b:mj p. m.; But.
falo. mii p. n 1 Albany, x:45a. m : NewVoik. 1
p. ra.l B ston. 4:40 p. m. This Train oonnectaat Shel
by for Bandu'lty, aod at OJafton for Toledo, arriving at
xoledo at :u p. m. -.,-..
at S.30 p. n. Will stop at all stations South , of
Bhelhv. and at New London, 'welllnslon, flrafton.
and Uerea; arrtvinr ai i'ie.eiana u :ju p n 1 uan
kirk, uuua m.: nun.10, jawa. a.: ainanj, ru p. m.
Na.York. 70p m.i Doaton. ll:4Sp m.( PI tebargb,
via Orctllo.. at 1UJ p. m.i Philadelphia, 1:1 0 p. m.
Cbloago, era Oreetlloe, 6:45 a m. This Train e .nneois
at i-helbj for Banduiky and Toledo, arriving at Toledo
ate:Np m.
Patent 81eepinar Cart are ran cn all
Night Ti aim to Chicago, Hew
York and Boston.,
Baggage Oncttd 7 ArotiyA to Ntut Tnrh and Boeton
vtn weiana: aieu 10 rn'iuatimia ana
Jno York via VneUine.
Nlsht Express arrives atColnmbus at... 11:15 P. M
Cincinnati r apree arrives at Oolumbm at 10:50 A. M
Accommodation Ripress arrive, at Columbus at 7:50
Vw SI. '
Fare as Lewas by any other Kouto.
At for Tick'te via Creilline or Cleveland.
Superintendent, Cleveland, Ohio.
Columnus, Ohio. ,
Columbus, Jane 17, lt?Cl.
Corner Spring Water Sts.,
OolxrKx1oxxfa Olaieo.
W. 'B. POTTS & CO.,
tod Mannfactnrer of Brmse and Onmpoeition Cutlnga:
nut.h.a suaea wwe or ail Bseenptions.
Electro ; Plating and Gilding ! !
''feUMlrd ' . '
. . . . t
ITr' OIBcos, 229 Broadway New York City, and
Passon' BrmBiwa. Columbus Ohio. -Qj'Careral
attention paid to Collections.
aprll8:dSa ,
All sisea aod eolon just opened at BAINB,
ilMll Ir, M Snn'h lllifh t
PtCI AL'NU I It tb.'
' Evil communications corrupt good manners." 80
does bad Baleratui spoil good bread. All eommon Sale-
ratus Is impure;. Hone but James Pyls'sDIstetio la per
f etty pure. , There Is no deception In that. Depot, 345
Washington street, Sew Tork. Bold by grocers every
where.: , . .
MOFFAT'S) LIFE P 11.1,8.
In all eases of oosttvenees, dyspepsia, bllllAhs and llvei
affecUons, piles, rhetimatiim,..avere and agues, obstl
nate head aches, and all general derangements of health
these Pills have Invariably proved a eertaln and speedy
remedy. A single trial wlU pace She Life Fille beyond
the reach of competition In the estimation of every pa'
that. ,
Or. Moffat's Phoenix Bitters will be found equally sf
Scadous In all eases of nervous debility, dyspepsia, head
ache, the sickness Incident to females In delicate health,
and every kind of weakness of the digestive organs.
For sale by Dr. W. B. MOFFAT, 335, Broadway, N. Y.
and by all Druggist. ' " 1 ' ' mayS2-dawlj
The-following is an extraot from a
letter written by the Rev, J. 8. Bouse, paster ot the
Fierrepolnt-Btreel Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N, Y.,to
tbe"Joarnal and Messenger," Cincinnati, 0., and speas
volumes In favor of that world-renowned msdleioeyalae.
Wnmow's Boomme 8tdt rot Ohilbijoi Taryrfws! .
'We see an advert!. ment In your eolumse of Mas
Wikslow's BooTBina Bvanr. Now we neve aald a word
In favor of a patent medicine before In 00 life,' tat w
feel compelled to say to yonr readers ths this is no hum
bug wi aa vi -rain n, am a ow jsr to as au n
claims. It la probably one of Ibe m" successful medl
dries of the day because it la one 0 the best, and thoas
of your readers who have babies eat't do bolter than
lay in a supplj." ocOTilydfcw
...,-,, T cBa(rmptiTes. f
The Advertiser, having seen restored to health Id a few
weeks try a very simple inady, after having uffered tev
aral years with a eewyr haS- affeeUoa, and that dread
disease. OooeumptlT'e anxious to make known to his
fellow-sufferers tmeaniof ear. I .' t, II :t
To all who dere It, he will send a eopy of the prescrip
tion used (fret of charge), with the directions for prepar
ing and ttstpf, the same, ehlch the - will find a sens Ot B
for Corisnarnoa, Asthma. Baorwarna, fco. The only
object of ths advertiser In sending the Prescription Is to
beneSy ths afflioted. and spread lnformatloa which he eon
eelves Io be Invaluahla, and he hopes every sufferer will
try his remedy, as It will eort thtra nothing, and may
prove a bleeetng ; m '
- Parties wiehinf tire preserliMen wtll preese addreas
: I t Ax! .( .. . BV. J1UWAJ1B A. WlbHOM. J
t, .M i- v-'I-jt -1 ' ' wriiiamaowrgn,
- ..-:,, - ' IlDrsOouctyewVerk.-
eci3-.wiy Ku- .
, .wa.,a' i- -' "' f.T;t
Having IncreMed Its eJreeii t
. .!-;t. :v . ' '.:
y -;! '-' :-r,r -s
Is fully prepared to execute In the
Aim ii
BRUFi, - ,
I And every description of
Equal to any Establishment Io the Stats, and npon
terms whloh will compare favorably with the
loading. Eastern Printing Houses.
Havlna:' everr Xnaoility toxoid TJ
in tde raoouorioN or
show; cards,
Wo offer onr services to all who may desire that class
of work.
We have connected with onr Establishment a
From which we produce the
Fiixoaat X31ra,3XlK. Worlt
Is to beadraltted
m i l! lAa.rtGrV3iTQT
tai most
In this City, and we may add,
win AMY
Printing Honea In the West.
' W. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye!
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0HA8. BAf OHBLOR, Proprfctor, ,
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Wm a(. jBatohelor's Hair Dye!
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aJI ethers are mere taallaaone, and thoald hs avoided
rfyoe wish to escape ridicule.
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WM. A. BiTcrflTJMIII ITiVW avl . .
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Invigorated foe Ufa by this splendid Dye. .- j
Bold In all elties and towns of the United State
Dragglste and Fancy floods Dealers. -- ,-
ILn ne Oennhtehas the name and address npon a steel
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A. BAIOilELOR, Address
, sTtO a 1 ES hi D A meftTIVV 4 to. -AA ' t
vusaig pnivu Bkuvroa i4upnrjior,
JylS-wly 1 Bare lay street. New York.
t . . f ot ths DtSTANT BBL1BF
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