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Tuesday morning; july 2, i86i.
. Tbe'Adams Express Company places as daily
under obligations to It for tbe very luteal papers
irom tue eastern cities. -
Tbo Amerloan Express Company has our
thanks for Us dally favors In tba shape of the
, very latest eastern papers.
CooNoii. FaooBBDinas At tbe meeting of
-the City Council last evening, the City Clerk
and Treasurer presented the following:
' Statement ol tbe Receipts and Disbursements
ol the City ol Columbus from JuneSd to July
3d, 1861, iuolusiva
Balanee In the Treasury, Jane 3d 11830 99
0 . A X. H. . Oo. , June Dividend In
sti.es 11718 09
Then Oadwellader, B?nt on lot773, far
t S4 10
. J. tt. iboupion, on account of June
Tun.... 3ooo 00
. martin, market Home Inn
for June.
103 SS
Hire Department
Oltjr Police
Market Houte, 4c
Bowers end Drainage
Qua Kepulre, etc ....
ttaiaries, Ate ,
Incidental Expenses
Keller fund
let Ward Improvem-mts
3d 'i
Balance In the Treasury, July i, ...
5m 63
, b4:i3
33 14
28 40
. 1073,00
9 73
, 400,05
, 1M 97
, li.H.M
, 84.37
1,704,. 4
The 8tree. Commissioner, James II Behbkb,
presented a report, ehowiog that during tbe
month of Judo, 1861, he had employed horses
and carts to the amount of $50 68, and had ob
tained 212 days' work from the chain-gang.
Dr Blair, Chairman of the Relief Fund
Committee, made a report, which was adopted.
The report states that the Committee had paid
out in small sums to 78 different families a
total amount ol $9C4 !)5.
The following ordinances were read the third
time and passed:
.Togrado and pave the east side of Third
street botween Long and Spring streets.
to grade and pave on Pearl street between
State and Friend steels.
To grade and pave the south sido of Spring
atrect between Tnird and Fourth streets.
To grade and pave the gutters and gravel
the sidewalks on the north side ef Long street
from Fourth to Seventh street.
To grade and pave tbe west slJe of Cleveland
Avenue from Broad to Spring street.
John O. Mulsh, Esq , was appointed to aot
as Mayor during the temporary absence of Mayor
The Council then adjourned.
A Pbisoneb Shot in the Penitentiary.
Last evening about six o'clock, a cenvlct In tbe
Saddlers' Shop, at the Peniteniary, named Sim
del Gboef, confronted tbe guard, Mr. Tatlob,
and struck him in the face, breaking the bridge
of his nose, and Immediately struck Mr. Dan
iel OraTorr, foreman of tbe shop, on tbe side
of the head, calling out, " Come on, boys 1
Now Is the time !" He then turned round to
attack tbe guard again; when Mr Taylor drew
a pistol, and shot him, the ball entering his
head back of the cars, and causing almost in
stant death.
Tbe deceased had been about live years In
the Penitentiary, and was about" twenty-six
years of age. lie was4sentenced in JefTereoo
county to the prison for life for murder in tbe
second degree.
Tbe Coroner's jury empannelled In the case,
" will render a rerdict this morning at nine
San Accident. Festerdat morning, about
nine o'clock, as the workmen were engaged in
excavating a large tank at tbe Gas Works, In
tended to be sixty feet in diameter and twenty
feet deep, under tbe superintendence of Mr
Walker, the contraotor, a portion of earth,
. underneath which an exoavation had been made,
with the intention of splitting or caving it off
unexpectedly gave way, and oaught two of the
men who were engaged In cutting sway the
legs or props of earth below. One of the men
was severely bruised; tbo other tad both bones
of one of his legs broken in two places. The
name of the latter is1 Neil, who has a lam
Uy in the city.- We understand the probability
is that he will in time recover tho uie of the
broken limb.
ID Yesterday afternoon . two colored boys,
while amusing themselves wi'h a small cannon
in Latham's orchard were badly injuredone of
them, named Jackson, getting his face severely
butned, and the other, named Robertson, having
a small stone shot through his left leg. They
bad loaded tbe cannon with stones.
The Pistol Case. Judge Leavitt, of the U
S. District Court, at Cincinnati, on Saturday,
decided the case in whioh M. J. Miller, of
Owensboro, Ky., claimed nineteen pistols, which
the U. S. Marshal had seized in tratuitu. The
Jndge, in deciding the case, made among.others
the following points:
' Goods are contraband of war wben Intended
to be used by the publin enemy whether it be
foreign war, or a domestic Insurrection.
- j There must bo evidence on which tbe infer
ence can be baaed that this was the ubo to be
made.of the property.
Tbe proof In this case Is, first, that Miller Is
a Union man; second, that tbe pistole were pur
chased with reieience to opposing the seoesion
ista. tnd an apprehenced insurrection of ne
groes. - -
i ns fact that the pistols were packed in bar
rels witn dried apples is no presumption under
tbe circumstance of tbe case that tbev were de
signed to be smuggled into Kentucky for tbe
purpose or unlawiul use. .
' The CbmBwrtial's report adds: ' .
"Thereupon the Court ordered tbe delivery
of the pistols to the claimant. Tbe U S Dis
tflct Attorney then asked tbe Court to charge
tba coats upon tbe claimant, as there was a proo
able cause sufficient to justify the Marshal in
: ' "' their detention, and upon the Judge refusing to
do so, he took A appeal to the Circuit Court
er Miller alleges that there were nineteen pis
Is concealed among; the dried apples; the
, . Marshal having but thirteen, Miller now claims
' the remaining sir.. ' No sooner were the pistols
extrioated from tbe grasp of tbe Marshal, than
new troubles appeared. ' Collector Carson seized
upoq tbem at the. Express office by virtue of bis
,, loslr notions, wtjiob require bim to seise and
, bold all arms destined lor Rebel Individuals or
, . States, or for States ii individual in open com-
i meroe therewith, until ha is aatiafied that the!
- - are destined far lot al hands and that thev will
tuit h nmA in rilatnl MifniMM ' WhathAP
' -. , tba tvldenoe whioh oonvlnoed tbt Judge will
.... BaiUI. Ih.Pj, utM ia m a huhaw ,m fmA lA
ID""A letter In the Wheeling JnUlligtnetr,
from Grafton the 28th, announoei the arrival of
the Seventh Regiment, Col. Tyler, at that place,
' with orders to proceed onward to Fhillipt. .
. HT Tho Terra- Haute, Indiana, JournHWol
"," rCtHnn;y the wheat harvest had bom'
:. tucBced in rarions plaoea on tba prairie- The
crop wai better than bad been anticipated.
U Tbe Thirteenth Regiment, Col Smith,
left Camp Deonieon on Sunday, for Western
Virginia, tin Marietta and Parkersburg. '
The Sixth Rioisibnt. This (the Guthrie
Grays) Regiment, Col Boslby, pissed through
this city on Sunday evening, on their way I rum
CampDennlson to Western Virginia.
ID Fifty horses, twenty-five wagons and an
other large supply of provisions were forwarded
from Cincinnati, on Saturday, by rail, to Graf
ton, Va. r
(CT S'X'een cannon, 64-pouoders, weighing
each 4 0U0 pounds, arrived at Clnalinati, on
Sunday, destined lor the gunboats at Cairo.
O Twenty-five wagons- and fifty horses and
equipments, for Paikersburg, together with two
hundred tents and equipments for Grafton, were
shipped from Cincinnati, by rail, on Saturday.
Twenty-two wagons, nirety horses and one ar
tillery company, men, horses and cannon com
plete, together with heavy shipments of provis.
1'ns, were made, on Sunday, all for.Grafton.
ID" Tho Cleveland Hirali learns, by a pri
vate letter, that the Virginian rebel lady, who
inveigled a Connecticut Captain into her boose
to betray bim to the rebels, which she did, has
been captured by the Union troops and taken to
Alexandria. She attempted the same trick
Inviting Union soldiers into her house to take
refreshments, and then calling rebels to make
them prisoners upon some Ohio men, but with
out success.
u7 Tbe verdict in the celebrated Burch di
vorce case has been set aside and a new trial
O The Wesley Chapel Sunday School pio
nlc is not to be held at Marble Cliff Farm, as
first intended, bnt at Griswold's Grove, near
Wonhlngton. A special train for tho accom
modation of visitors will lcavo the depot at II
o'clock this morning.
ID" Tbe prisoner of war brought here on Sat
urday has been taken to the Lunatic Asylum,
(le is thought to be insane
Appointment or Surgeons. Julius Sohenck
has been appointed Surgeon's Mate for the
Twenty-second Regiment, Sato troops, now In
Thoi. S. Neil has been appointed Surgeon's
Mate to the Eighteenth Regiment, State troops
ties W. H. Dauby, resigned.
ID" Lewis F. Harris, E-q , President of the
Bank of Savannah, Uied at Cincinnati, an Sat
urday morning. Ho was one of the wealthiest
oitiEens of Georgia. Ho was a native of New
Hampshire, whither his remains were conveyed
for interment.
A Bio Decline There is a falling off in the
Post-office Department of nearly one half, as
compared with last year, in the receipt and
mailing of loiters. . .
03" The annual Commencement exercises of
the Oblo State and Union Law College, of
Cleveland, took place on Friday last. The
graduating class consisted of sixty.
ID The Ltadtr notices the appearance of
green corn upon the tables of the Angler House,
Cleveland, on Sunday.
ID If that comit whioh some good people
looked at with terror and alarm on Sunday night,
was not the fanrunntr of tbe war which got
the start of It, it waa tlejori tanner of the cool
weather which followed It. Yesterday, for tbe
first day of July, was remarkably oool, bluster
log and chilly.' Dirk clouds, in separate black
masses, hung like palls over the ear b, while
big, scattering drops of rain occasionally fell,
as if tbe celestials were shedding tears over our
distracted and unhappy country.
CAMP DENNISON, June 28, 1861.
At a regular meeting of the Medical Staff,
tbe following resolutions were unanimously
Rettlwd, That we, tho Msdioal Officers at
Camp Dennison, desire to express our thanks to
surgeon-General Sbomard for bis uniform r.o
liteoess. and the pr mpt manner in which he
has performed his duties In furnishing us with
the medicines necessary in our department of
tne service
Retolvtd, That a copy of these resolutions be
transmitted to Surgeon-General Shumard, and
that tba Secretary be instructed to forward cop
ies to tbe Cincinnati and Columbus papera for
Capture of a Rebel Privateer Steamer
and an English Barque with a
Cargo of Biffed Cannon The Attack
on Fort Pickers Condoned--
New Orleans Frightened—Affairs in
NEW YORK, July 1.
A letter in tho World from the steamer Wv-
andott, from Fort Pickens, announces tbe cap
ture o' tne privateer steamer wm. U Webb,
by the Niagara, when in the act of capturing
the brig East, of New York. '
It also cap'ored the English bark itna. with
a cargo of rifled cannon for the Rebels at Pen-1
A gentleman has iust arrived here from New
Orleans, who states that he heard there just be
fore leaving, and at points along tho route, that
the Rebel Government had abandoned tbe Idea
of taking Fort Pickens, and bad withdrawn a
considerable portion of tbe force stationed there,
and dispatched tbem to Richmond.
lie says turtber that some apprehensions were
entertained at New Orleans of the landine of
a large force of Union troops in the vicinity
of that city; -Accordingly, preparations wave
being made for erecting proper means of do-
ftne. ' rbe information, hesats, was commu
nicated to them by a gentleman wbo bad arrived
from WaaumgtOu, and who alleged that be
beard it from Gen Scott, that tbe Government
had detei mined to employ tbe U. S. troops cap
tured in Texas, ow on parole, on duty that will
not violate tneir oatn.
Tbe latest advices from Mexico state no ma
terial change in affiirs there. The Rebel Guv
ernment has several agents in the City of Mex
ico, in several States, endeavoring to tfftct tbeir
purposes of a recognition by creating public
pinion in tbeir behalf. It appears t it tbey are
nBing large promises, aud have already pur
chased aeveral newspapers, which are laboring
In the Interest of the Rebel Government Tbeir
reoent machinations are well understood by
Minister Corwin, wbo has exposed tbem to tbe
Juarez Government. Minim,!
mittea tne project of the new treaty to tbe
Government, and expeoted an early acceptance.
Arrest of Rebels and Munitions.
ST LOUIS, June 30.
powder, and a
quantity of armB were oaptured bv a
of Federal troops near Chlllioothe, on the Ham
ilton' tt St Joseph Railroad, on FrldSy night
last. These men meditated tbe destruction ol
the railroad bridge in that vlolnlty, but their
designs were frustrated. Thej are now heid as
prisoners. 4
The Plan of the Campaign.
[Correspondence the N. Y. Journal of Commerce.]
programme of tho war in' Virginia, pub
lished by tbo presa, If carried out with energy,
will be the first chapter in the sreat was.
The Confederates do not nnderrata tha re'.
sources of the Government, and only in ease of
tneir success wonia tney assume tbo ofTeosivo.
Recent development look as though General
ouott am noa intena any lorwara movement In
Virginia auring tne summer.
Important from Baltimore.
BALTIMORE, July 1, 10 A. M.
blnce two o'clock this morning, startling
proceeoings nave oeen going on nere.
DetBohmeots of artillery and infantry have
been sent to various parts of the otty. aud are
now posted in monument square, Exchange
Place, and In the Eighth Ward, Broadway and
Other puiots
Before daylight, all tbe members of ' the
B iard of Police Commissioners, except tho
Mayor, were arrested and sent to Fort McHen
ry If is said that a plot has been discovered of
an Intended ouib eak
Gen Banks has Just issued tho following proc
lamation t
FORT McHENRY, July 1, 1861
In punanee of orders itsi.td from tbe bead'
quarters of tbe aimy at Washington for the
preservation of publio peace in this department,
l nave arrested and do no detain in tbe custo
dy of tbe United States, the late members of
tbe Board of Police- .
After publio recognition and protest against!'11
the suspension of tbeir functions, they contin- j
ued tbeir eewione daily upon a forced and m- j
construction of my proclamation of!
tbeS8 buU They deolared that tho police '
law was suspended, and tba pol ce cmoers and ,
men put off duty for tbe present, intending to
tbe city without any police protection
Tbey refused to recognize the of-
fleers and men necessarily selected by the Pro-
vost Marshal for Its protection, and held subject
to tneir orders now ana nereatter tbe old rxilice
force, a large body of armed men, for some pur
pose not Enown to ine uovernment, ana incon
sistent with its peace and security.
To anticipate any intentions or orders on their
part, I have placed temporarily a portion of the
force under my command within the city.
1 dlsoiatm, on tbe part of tbe Government I
represent, all desire, Intention and purpose to
interfere in any manner whatever with tbe or
dinary municipal officers of the city of Balti
Whenever a loyal citizen can be named who
will euoute the police laws with Impartiality
and in good faith to the United States, tbe
military fjroe will be withdrawn irom the cn
tral parts of tbe municipality at ouoe No
Boldiers will be permitted iu tbe city, except un
der requisltioLS satisfactory to tbe MarBbal,
and if aoy so admitted violate the municipal
law, they shall be punished by tbe civil tri
bunals. 1
Major General Commading.
P. M.
Tho military still remain posted In the city,
and a detaohment is at tbe Custom House, to
guard the specie there.
It Is rnmored that several prominent gentle
men win oe arrestee
It is not true that the Mavor was to be ar
A small quantity of muskets were found se
creted in the Eastern police station.
ine search lor arms still continues.
Dispatches from Washington.
[Tribune's Special.]
The financial propositions of the Treasurv
Department to be submitted to Congress, are
three in number i first, a National Loan, at 7
31-100 percent , redeemable In three years, not
convertible Into bonds, nor receivable for Gov
ernment dues; second, a Foreign Loan, interest
at 6 33-100 per cent ; third, the iseueof Treasury
notes oi email denominations, interest at 3
30-100 per cent , convertible and reoeivable, to
circulate as currenoy. Mr. Chase will also
recommend a special tax on tea, coffee, sugar
ana money, tooe pledged tor tbe payment ot in
teres! on Government debts.
[Tribune Correspondence.]
The President is determined not to entertain
any proposition of peace till tbe rebellion is en
lirelf subdued.
Army officers declare it impossible to make a
lorwara movement until more wagons arrive,
One thousand will be ready by the 15:h of July,
[Times Dispatch]
Tbe contest for Speaker is beoornhg animat-
ea. it is tnougnt mat urow xill be eueoesefui
1 bis would rnle out Forney fur Clerk, wbo will
give his aid to Blair or Colfax There Is but
little ioubt tbat a new Clerk of the Senate will
be elected in plaoe ot Dickens, notoriously bos-
me iu me uovernment, nis removal being a ne-ce-sity.
The last time Beauregard was heard from, he
stated publicly to his troops that tbey should be
at Alexandiia last nlgbt
We shall not be surpilssd if the 4 h of July
be celebrated by driving in tbe Rebel pickets
ana cleaning out r atrial uourt House.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
It Is reported that the mieuiideistandiuir be
tween Jeff. Davis and Gen- Beauregard, and
Gen Lee, which has bren noted for some time
past, has occasioned the latter to resico his no
sition. It is certain tbat private letters Irom
Gen. Lee to old assoolatrs in the U 8- Army,
have disclosed his dissatisfaotlon In tbe Rebel
service. -
It is Bald that the steamer Freeborn was so
severely treated in the recent conflicts, that she
will be condemned. She is anew boat
It appears tbat the Government does not re
gard tbe occupation of Harper's Ferry at pres
ent aa of any great importance, now tbat every
thing there ot importauce has been destroyed
Tbe First Massachusetts Regiment baa ap
plied to tbe War Department to permit them to
celebrate the Fourth of July somewhere on Vir
ginia soil Tbe answer is not yet known .
The Impression is strong to night that a for.
ward movement will be made during the next
twenty-four hours.
Gen. McDowell will not be superseded,
[Special to Post.]
General Beauregard has issued another proc
lamation prohibiting the passing of any person
through his lines, except witb a pass from Jeff
Another skirmish occurred last nlo-ht. nna
Alexandria, between ten of tha New Vnrk
Zouaves and a party ol Rebel scouts. It la re
ported that two Zouaves and six Rebels were
It is considered certain that the Hnuan nf
Representatives will be organized promptly on
Thursday, tbat the President's Message will be
delivered on that day, and that there will be a
short session and a quick dispatch of business.
1 ne troops across the Potomso ask for more
artillery. Tbey will secure it before an ad
vance movement is made.
The Richmond Enquirer declares that all the
enemy fear is the Federal artillery.
The Overland Mail.
ST JOSEPH, July 1.
dally overland mail ouaon left hra
this morning, at nine o'olock, : full of passen
gers, and heavily laden with mall matter.
ST JOSEPH, July 1. Kentucky Members of Congress--
Tennessee Legislature.
Thos. Brown & Co., bankers, have suspended .
Liabilities not, large
. Wickliffe, Grlder, Mallory, Harding and Jack
son, members elect of Congress, left this morn
ing for Washington via Cincinnati. .
- Tbe Tennessee Senate has passed a resolution
authorizing the Gjvernment to take possession
of tbe portion ot tho Nashville Railroad In that
State. The House laid tbe same on the table;
also chartered the Amerioan Letter Express of
Jenkins ft MuGill of this city.
The proceedings of the East Tennessee Con
vention are received here. All oountiea of that
portion of the State except Rbea are represent
ed. Tbe declaration of grlevanoes quotes faots
showing that tbe right of free suffurage has
been abstracted by tbe disunion government;
that they had been subjected to insult; flags
fired upon and torn down: houses rudelv enter
ed; families insulted; women and children shot
by merciless soldiers; citizens robbed and as
sassinated! and in view of these facts it Is re
solved that the aotion of the State Legislature,
in passing a declaration of Independence and
fotming a military league, was unconstitutional,
not binding on loyal oitizensi and that, in order
to avoid a collision with brethren, a committee
will be appointed to Dreoare a memorial aakinir
tbt consent of tba Legislature that tbo East
may form a separate State. ;
Arrangements have been made for holding
an election In tba counties of East Tennessee
for tbe choice of delegates to a general conven-
iionwoenimsi Kingston.
tr.. , " . .
The Constitution ot the Confederate States
Is unpopular In Georgia, beoause of the absence
I i i-; .1 . . . .
oi me ueumrauuo maiing me inree-UPDS of tbe
black population a bie or representation
i ne augueia unronioie says without such a
basis tb Constitution cannot be ratified It
would be unjust to a large part ef the 'State-
plaolng tbe slaveholding portion still more in
the power of tbe counties with a lew slaves.
From Louisville.
Clellan " necessarily official, because pei-
Isonal It asserts this position was conceded
dispatch from General McClellau to tbe
Governor, referring to an understandg with
Gea Buckoer, aud calling on Magoffin to pre
warrantable the occupation of Island No. 1 It admits
Gen. MoClellan made no stipulations on the part
f (be general Government, but claims that bis
Actions as an officer of the Government neces
leave arlT binds him within the limits of the agree
whatever. ment.
The right of Kentucky to claim the position
,he bad assumed, was denied by Gen. McClel-
Courier of this tnoruuig tmuks tbe pur
pose of raising tronpj fur tbe Government here
Is to attack the Sta'e Guard and disband it,
and urges good citizens to connect themselves
with tbe Guard, and plaoe themselves in tbe
service of tbe State, aud be prepared to defend
It in a legal manner, wbeu called ol by tbe
proper authorities! and it Btrongly urge tbe
filling up o all State companies
General Buckner publishes a letter to Gov,
MagcfBa, telteratlog bis former statement, and
Itisistiug that the interview with General Mo-
" n agreeaieuii em vo uie punoy oi a
lowing Kentucky to execute tbe laws within ber
own limits. He adds:
"Whatever view Gen. McClcllan may take
of it. there can be no doubt tbat be will fully
comply witb tbe agreement entered into be
tween us. Tbe wisdom of his policy is suifl
cientiy demonstrated by tho peaceful results
which have followed it."
Tbe gunboat Tyler was badly damaged by a
collision witb the Atlantic
The Southern mails contain nothing import
ant. Senator Breckinridge and Representative Bar
nett have lrft lor Waahiugtoo,
Senator Powell Intends tuking his seat.
Two companies Rwseou's Regiment went into
Camp to day, near J. ffereouville, ludima.
Tbe Owensboro' Sbiuld, secession, reports the
probable return of one of the Kentucky com
pan Its which went to Richmond, where, siuce
iscetved, tbey have been living at their o wn ex
By speoial order of Msj General Pillow,
dated tbe 27th, it appears be thinks 'tis now
manifest tbat the pressure of an enemy's re
sources In tbe east, and tbe belligerent attitude
of Missouri, the enemy will not find himself In
position to make a descent on the valley this
Tbe correspondence of the Memphis Appeal
of the 29th ol June, says Col. Hardee is to
operate on the western border of the Mississip
pi, in concert wiin loroes ou this sido.
from tbe same it appears that the two mil
lion British loan Is not yet consummated; sajs
J M Vernon arrived at Rioomond direct from
Europe, although not tbe bearer of t fflciul dis
patches, brings tbe Uovernment intelligence of
a highly Interesting oharacter, and speaks hope-
iuiij oi a maraeioeiug optnea at a proper sea
son for tobacco and cotton.
From New York.
NEW YORK, July 1.
Charles Chard, seoond mate ot the shlo "Mar
shall" of Providence, a prize at New Orleans,
arrived nere en route lor Malno, reports after
nine oaya connnement, the orew were liberated,
numbering three hundred in all. and Invited to
enter tbe Hebei servioe. Some, finding It 1m
possible to set food or ssoane. comnlied.
He reports 8 000 to 9 000 troops oo the line
of the Jacksou Railroad, mostly armed with
At Memphis there were 2,000 troops, some
unarmed, an in a miserable state.
A cable was to be strung across tbe Missl
aippl at Randolph, to prevent ships from
descending the river.
The Times of to-day has a letter from W.
H Russell, denying tbe report tbat bis corres
pondence bus been tampered witb at tbe South
From Missouri.
A report reached here yeeterdny that the
State troops, 10,000 in number, bad crossed the
Marias des Lvgues, a branch of tbe Osage riv
er, one hundred miles South of this place, and
had encamped and intended making a stand at
tbat place
Tbe Federal forots were twenty miles In the!
rear, 2600 or 3U0O iu Dumber. They had aho
encampea, it was tnougbt, tor reiulorcements
l ne state forces were increasing fast.
This information is derived Irom a sentle
man just from tbe State oamp, and who also
came through the federal caaip.
Troops near Washington--A Skirmish
—Andrew Johnson.
The Government cm now concentrate 70,000
troops here in three hours.
Intelligence received this morning states that
fourteen Confederate econta attacked our pick
ets at Sbuter's Hill, near Alexandria. One ol
our men was killed and one wo'inded Two
Cenfederatee were kitled and one wounded
Tbey were routed, and fled.
denator Johnson is prtptriog a denial of tbe
affair of furged letters to Amos Lawrence, of
Fire Arms Taken from Tennessee to
Arkansas, Etc.
ST LOUIS, June 30.
A whole block of buildings un Mississippi
street, Donaldson vllle, Loui-iana, was burned
on Friday last. Loss $200,000. Iusured lor
$11 000 , .,
Tbe Memphis Appeal notices the departure
from there of B igadler-General McCloud, Col
Prentioe, of Kentucky, and Col. Jeff. Thomp
son, of Missouri, for White River, Arkansas,
taking wi'h them a large quantity of arms.
Tbe Columbia (Mo ) Statesman announces on
the authority of a gentleman from Newton
oouoty, that there are thirty thousand stand of
arms and six or seven thousand troops at Mays
vlIle.Ark. .
Skirmish in Western Virginia.
GRAFTGN, VA., June 30.
A skirmish took dace at Browninr. 13 miles
from Cheat Rier bridge, yesterday, between
portions of the 15 h ard 16th Ohio and 1st Vir
ginia Regiments, aid a company of Rebel cav
alry. Tbe former were sent to protect tbe polls,
and the latter, mistaking their number, attack
ed tbem and wero routed, with' the loss of sev
eral men, among them a lieutenant of cavalry,
and several horses. Tbe only loss on our side
was N. O Smith, of the 15ib. who was burled
here to-day.
From Denver City.
We have reliable information from Denver,
aa follows:
Denver, June 25 A secession force set out
from their reLdtarous, 20 miles np Cherry
Creek, to-day, for tbe avowed purpose of taking
Forts Wise and Garland. Tbey ara well armed
and equipped, and expect to gain admittance to
the forts by strategy, and then expect to be
joined by a majority of tbe forces inside .
There is muoh valuable property and money
in toe ions.
The movement is watched, but we are com
paratively powerless, and totally wlihout an
thority or leadership. ,
Battle at Cole Camp—Gov. Jackson.
ST LOUIS, June 30.
Reliable Information from Sorlntfleld lava.
the 31 Regiment, Col. Siegel, and part of tha
5th, Col. Solomon, reached there Suudav laac.
and Col Brown's Regiment, 4.h Reserve Corps,
and a battalion of the 5tb, would arrive next
day. -i''1 ' : '"- !
Col. Siegel'a Regiment starts west to out off
Jackson, wbo was last beard from at Stockton,
with 3000 men, only partially armed. ' ' ' 1
It la understood thai, the Kansas Regiment
has guarded all outlets from Missouri on tbe
borderi of Kansas and tbe Indian Territory,
wntcn, witn oiegei s outpoew west from Spring
field, will entirely hem Jaolrson In, and doubt
less result In tbe oapture of his whole force.
J. R Koobbs, Attorney General of ,Mfesonrl,
la now a prisoner at the Arsenal. , ,. . '
- The DmncrtV correspondence says the Union
Home Guards at tbe battle of Cole Caait, on
tha 19th Inst , lost 26 killed and wounded, ' aud
23 taken prisoners." Tbe reserves taken to War.
aaw wvrv iimrami uu wtiog an oatn not SO
bear arms against the Southern Confederacy.
Tbe Union force waa five hundred, and the Be.
oessiouiet 1(0 mounted men and 200 infantry,
ucressiuuiei me reported to oe oi t
Judge King, 73 ers of age, a strong Union
ma and Slaveholder, waa tied to a tri and hi
oooy literally riddled witb balls. ' .; - ,
1 bO bravery Of Our nicker baa had a annH
effect. N ..t a single case or tampering with
tne lines oi our troops waa renorted thla morn
Ing , ,
Tbe affiir of yetterdav took nlaca at tha Jnn.
tlon of tbe Richmond and Fairfax roads, about
inree ana a nan miles out. . i. .
' Tbe attacking force eooeisted of U navalp.
who left their horses some distance .,ff. anrl at.
laoaea ine sentinels stationed at tha Croaa
The Rebels retrtntcd, leavlug tbeir dead com
radea on tbe field. Also lour carbioes and three
revolvers'. Our men on )v fired four shorn, hut.
wna latai ciKGt.
BOSTON July 1.
Tbe organization of tho ten new Reimnta
is rapioiy progressing. Tbe second. Co ii.n,
don, is expected to leave Saturday, to be to!
lowed early next week by the seventh, Col
men's Vol
unteers, Colonels Wagner and Hazall, left this
afternoon lor Virginia. They have complete
equipments of every kind. Each Regiment has
a corps of fifty sharp-shooters and two pieces of
Tbey take fifteen davs rations, one hundred
and twenty thousand rounds of cartridges, and
two nunared pounds ot shot and shell, for the
artillery, carefully prepared at tbe State arsenal
in this oity.
Uue cumnanv of civalrv wi l leave for Vie.
gluia to-morrow evening, .and another will be
ready to leavo In a few days.
I be Uth and 14th Regiments, Colonols Sul
livan and Camball, now encamped here, are
fully equipped and ready and anxious to receive
marohtug orders
Uoveroor Morton has i-sued orders fur fie a
Regiments of the new Quota for Indiana, to
rend'Evous at this place and Lifiyette this
wetk. Double the number of comoinisa re
quired for tbe new quota havo tendered their
From Fortress Monroe.
The celebrated steam iun arrived last nloht.
and Prof. Lowe is expeoted to-day witb bis
monBter balloon,
Two prisoners and twodeaertAra worn hmnu
in to day.
All tbe Louisiana Zxiaves dosertpH rr in
been pressed into tho Confederate service, they
escaped at tbo first opportunity. Tbev are
uniformed precisely like Duryee's Zouaves.
Tbe prisoners were stragglers ot a scouting
party of 200 Tbey agree that nn attack on
Newport News was Intended nieht hprnm Inat.
and was only prevented by the incessant rain.
About 4.000 men, including a strong body of
oavalry, with some 13 pieces of artillery, ad-
"ii.:ru irum xoiKtown, wnere there are over
i,uuu troops irom Louisiana, Sou h Carolina,
North Carolina and Georgia The cavalry is
made up of the elite of Virginia, and are ex-
ueeuiugiy wen mounted.
Provisions are scarce at Ycrktown.
Tbe two prisoners were oriainallv from Baa
ton and New York, Tbey were at Pensacola,
and the regiment havine almost mutinied, thn
were paid flvo dollars each, the only money yet
" iuera. iney men went to Kich
mond, and lastly came to Yorktowo.
Three shots were fired from a Sum tor rid,
gun et Newport News, tbe mate of the one at
Rip Rapi, all of which reached the opposite
uBua ui jimes tviver, lour and one-half miles
Latest from Europe.
The JE;na has arrived with 236,000 in tpe-
Cotton sales on Monday, Tuesday acd Wed
nesday, 30,01 0 balea.
Breadstuff's slightly lower.
Provisioi a dull.
Consols 899cj money 909I).
Toe frigate Aradiue had Bailed tor tne Amer
ican station.
A French division, under Admiral Reynaud,
was about to sail. It would visit New York,
Charleston, etc
Tbe steamer Golden Fleece, with troops for
rt l I r m .
il'ieoeo, ten tueenstown on tne ma.
Tbe L'jndou Times opposes shipments of
troop ro Canada. It says there U uo apparent
reason lor it, and America Is more like y to re
gard it as a challenge than a precaution.
Tbe troops were commanded by Sir Franoie
Tbe special norreapondent of tho Times,
writing Irom New Orleans, May 26 b, says
"It Is Impossible to resist tbe conviction ttut
the Southero Confederacy can only be conquer
ed by means as Irresistible as those wblcb sub
jugated Poland Tbe South professes tbs de
terminat'on to resist as long as ft can command
a man or a dollar."
An influential mee'ing wis held at the resi
dence of Lord Brougham, relative to the sup
preteion of the Cuban slave trade. Tbe con
duo t of Spaio was denounced, and the Govern
ment was recommended to suspend diplomatic
intercourse while tbe t ade continues. It was
also resolved tbat Convenient opportunity be ta
ken to obtni i tbe corp iration of tbe Govern
ment of the Ui.itvd States to tie terms of a trea
ty, to remote rate witb tipaio.
In an artiolo oo Iiall.n affairs, published In
the Patrie, and oopied in tbe Moutteur, there
la a paragraph which insinuates tbe belief tbat
the Southern States of America will succeed in
establlabiug a separate republic
Ill the fiabt for the champiombip of England,
Mace was deolared the viotor. Eight rouuds
were fought, laatiug fifty miuutes.
Tbe Paris bourse was flit at 7f and 65a
- Tbe town of San Marino and Bcgriaro,
Naples, had revolted, and were taken by assault
by the Lallan troops. Twenty of tho inhab
itants were kill, and both towns subsequently
Spain will preserve a strict neutrality In the
American war ,- ,
Livt rpool Bbeadstpppj. Weathsr favorable
Flour very dull and 61 lower, Bales at 26i
Wheat dull and 2(ii3i lower exoept for finer
qualities, Corn dull and 69d lower. Beef
steady. Pork dull and easier, but prices un
changed. Btcou heavy and slightly lower.
Lard dull and priors weak.
Los don Market Wheat declined l3s
Flour declined Is Sugar steady. Coffee firm,
Rice heavy. Tea quiet and steady.
Liverpool, Thursday, P. M Cotton ateadv
ana quiet; sales oi cuuu oties, xuuu to specu
lators aud exporters. Breadstuffj and provis
loos continue dull
London, Thursday Evening Consols un
ohaniied. Illinois Central sharee sold to-day at
uts aisooumj &ie, 4U)$wiiy$
in Vienna press asserts tuaa tbe Ministerial
Couucil have resolved not to acoeot tbe address
ol tbe uuogariao Diet, and to dissolve tbe Mu
nicipality ot resth. , i ,
From Santa Fe.
Tbe Santa Ft Mail and Cannon City Express
arrived this morning, with dates from Cannon
City of the 17th ult., and New . Mexico of the
15ih, despite tbe height of the waters and the
other biodrances.
The proprietors are determined 'to come un
to or ahead of time on this route, and so far
they ara meeting with enconragemeut in the
wav of passengers and express matter.
w Uoi. Borne baa received a number ol wagon
loads ot presents lor the Kiowa Indians at Fort
Wise, and haa authority to eooclnde a treaty of
peaoe with them -" 1 - ' - i
About three thousand Sioux and Comanche
Indiana were assembled at tbe mouth of Paw
neee Fork, while tbe Arrapoboe and Chyeanes
are eneamped above and below the Fort. - '
,1 nese are in anxious expeotatlonot receiving
their annual gifts . Thi y did not molest the
mail party, and will nut during the ensuing
season. ;'
A speoial baggage train reached Santa Fe
with large supplies, and other trains wero ex
pected In daily . ',,":,...) v
une or two very refreshing and copious show
ers of rain had -lallen, which gave the New
Mexican farmers hope of yet making a crop of
corn.; ' : ' . ," ' " ' .
'.Accounts from the San Juan mines are flat
tering and were -more favorable than hereto
fore. A duel WM fought near olJ fort Mary, be-
J.8 CummlugaV.
Col. Grayson and Dr. McDowell were to start
. vu, Dj oe uoumern mall, on tbe 17th
Our farmers here are Inthemldit of their
uarreat.anu an aounoant yuld Is expeoted.
tween J hn G Pbiilips and
No luiure to either oartr.
LEXINGTON, Mo, June 1.
Atter three weeks' interruption, telegraphic
communication is again re-established to this
ana an points west by tbe old Missouri river
Those parties who have hitherto destroyed
tbe line aa fast as It could bo rep, (red, have
been ioduoed to forego further moiestailoo-for
tbe present. '
Tbe telegraph company think tbev will be
auowra to keep tne line at work lor the future.
From Cairo.
CAIRO, ILL, July 1
Tne ccout returned from Stoddard county,
Missouri, to day No Rebate encamped there.
Itis rumored that there are eooimped about
one thousand Rebels at Chalk B nffs, near tbe
Arkansas line. ..
One company left Columbus, Kentucky, last
night lor Ultras vi lie, Tennessee.
General Preous s Brigade bas been uncondi
tionally accepted for tbiee years. ' '
Yesterdav . C'Ptaiu Richer mustered In tho
8th Regiment and Col Fowler and Captain
lyler's Chicago Ltxnt Artillery r- -
New York Market.
NEW YORK July 1.
FLOUR Opened eteidv sod oloaed s trifle lower, witb
fai r export en! limited boms trade dema 6 Salre f
900 bbls at 84 wxaH IS for eonerflne elate: 14 4113)4 55
rorextraa ate: SI J4J4 7jror common to medium ex
tra weitrrn; 4 0o'3i4 95 lor (hipping Drandi extra round
hoop Ohio; 5 05X0 50 fir trade branda do. Canadian
fl.inr dull ami common grades are a trifle easier) ealee
oi ouu ddii at si vmi a lot emmon to en in- extra.
Ya) FLOUK alee In email parcels at 13 7033 60.
O (UN MBaL Dull and uncha ged.
WHISKY Demand m derate and aarket unchanged.
Bain of l.5uWil.al 1515)40
WHBAI Tb-relsa (air export demand ror wheat and
themarkei ceueral wltnoul Important oa' ae. Save
of HO 1 0U nnabels L'bleaao spring a' 7ik$9lc; 39 000 bath
NonnwtM'e chin at wavti, IIS BOO bu-tie'e uacine
aprlng atttdtSti 00, 12t oui. ou.l.eie Milmonee e'ni) at
BOc; amtwr loa at ) IH)4 OIH: 13 OOu bushia win
red wee em at i 09d) i 19; 30 CO i bathe s re I 8t.
Loult II 00: and 7,500 bushels wnns Westeinat ft 15
127 '
kyk Quiet: saiee or 8,530 traibeu oommon weetern
at 543 56 . and W)0 buauels state at o7e.
BaktLEY Dull. . ,
BARLEY MALT Doll and nominal. '
CORN -The snuplv of corn Is moderate and with a
fair demand for export and home coi.suuptlnnt th mar
ket nay he quoted a (bade hta-her. Sales ol 711,000 buh-
s at44e5oc (or common to prims new mixed weatero;
Bio ror damaged do In store, ixa ut new western yel
low. OATS Dull at 37(330 for western and Canadian; 30
31 for State-
PORK TLe market atlU oontlnuea dull, ar.a prion are
wlt'iout any decided change. Sali-s of 500 barrels at
14 75(3)15 00 for meia. and 1 10 00 10 iio tor prirm-.
otal dock. July lit, 06 Qi& bbls: at the me daw last
month 7o,3i9. at .he asm date laat ear, 7 1,45.1
BUEe Dull and nominal at t434 501 r prime; $5 50
6 for mess, B."ilO for repacked men: BIDoili for
extra u-b. Total stock, July lac, 3C.4I0 bblj: at the
aams data laat month, 44 450 bbia; at the aame date laat
year, 59,490 bbls. trlue weatern peef quiet and un
changed. bKhf It A MB Dull at 112 50ai3 50
CUT MEATS Qoiei. with tnfllna- tales at iwSiU'i
for abouldera; 5!i a;0io for hame.
LAUU V-ery quiet. Bales of 150 bbia at 8(. anil a
small parotl at 9Kc.
UU I itta-in moderate reaneat at 710. in. n,rt.
auu ivm inr bwic
CUr BcE Rule, at 27c.
COrFEE Tbemaikei etlll rales varaouiat. thnuoh
prices nave not materially char ged Bales of 2' 0 bas
Rio at l213.lio; 40 bags Marloaibo at 14Jio; 75 baga
BY B Quiet and prices nominal nn-h.J .
SliOaK Tiiere is rather more doina. and markat hh
be quoted firmer Sales of 1 375 hade at 4 WCslSXo for
Cub., including 160 hhda Po.to Rico at 55Jo.
IIOLA 5SKS-Qulet. Ws only hear of aales of 30 blids
rurio nico.
STOCKS Dull. Pacilln Mall Ri m.l.i r.-,.-
7t; Uarlem. 10X: Cblr.inAt
36; allchiaaD Oeuiitl, 85: oid hondedo, 88!, Mlitouri
O e 38i Vlrglola '.. 44; North Carolina oe 48: Net
Yore BtateS'e, '71,89; Treaaury ll'e. 10l(l Unttfc.
,J ""' oj uniiea Btates i t, 74; Ouu-
Vill IU. .
Bank Statement.
NEW YORK, July 1.
In loans 11.S63628: Ino eace in specie S
5'J7Bliil; decrea-e in oinulatlon (116 371; mcreasa In
ucfusa flVUa
Cincinnati Market.
continues to be a .'erres
aion oi ree log. a..a prices of all articles hare a weaken
ing leniency.
KLOU4 Can be had at B4 for superfine; ft 75 for
family, and 93 90 Is the least that Is nflerod f r th
ro. oer. Whilit ihe Imports of this article are 39 707
bbl. leas than for tbe earns period I ait year, the rxp .rt
raou y i nn min icaa. iniawnam snowmat tne stock
is very materially leas than on the UsroT Jane. lrftO
Tbo prices I fl ur wheat, oats and earn at Ihis data last
year, were ss rollows:
Offered. Asked.
Floor per bhi ft 50 84 70 -
Wheat, Whl s per bn I So$ S3
Red " 1 iSaii i.l
Oats per bn JUjj 38
uoro - , 47
WHE T Bayers do not offer over 80c for nrima tH.
nor over 909!c for whit, ihe market la le't almot
entirely to the millers, and ss they are anon. closing up,
they do. not cart to aocamaiats at -ei-s
UUKN Has a fair maiket at 98c. alnce reaelnta arc
barely adeqnsts to the demand.
fa i rj are scarcely saleable at !3c.
bAHLET Is still neglected.
HYa -u a little more saleable at 43S45c.
WHISKY Ia taken at 12 c.
From the New ork Observer.
As all parties mannractnri g Bewing Machines art ob
liged M p.y sir. Howe a Ucenss on each machuie sold,
and ara a so compelled to make re to ma to bim, under
oath, as to the comber sold, bis books give a correct state
ment. From thie reliable aouroe we hare obtained tbe
following statu tics. Of the machines mads in the year
1839, than ware sold, '
. " By WTieeler At Wilson 91.316
I. M. Singer at Co-. iO.dSJ
. " Orover fc Baker..,. ....... ..ItlS)
Showing; the sales of Wheeler k Wllion td be ifttU
those of any other Company." , t
Awarded the highest premiums t the -
. United Sutes Fairs of 1U58, IdiB anil 1S60;
also at the
' Ohio State Fairs of IR50 and IMS
and at nearly all the Oounty Fairs In the Btale.
Our prices, at the late redaction, art as low an any
ioc sKn niBcaiDo now soiu. ana nut a time niguer tnan
tha Interior two thrtad chain ttich tnacJUrui, now
forced anon ths marlm. -
Look Stiosi the onlyen which eanaot be raveled. It
ts a lies oa Botb 'ma of tba goods, leavlna su rklgt or
All fruacAtruS uar'tmtM I ysvirw, astd imlntclion
giTen in uieir aae, tree 01 inarva.
H. CRaKY, 81 High St., Oolnmbns, 0,
' dec3-Sawd3maVwta Pike's Ov era Rouse Clnoinnatl
Ohio While Sulphur Springs,
This Favorite Resom.wiilbb open
' for Visitors, j::
June IO, IOOI.
riHints nisiaisa soaidiho ddbwo Tncixasos, ctM at
V- AoootlilSBarts) at BsnnsaiB Bans. ,11 i
. . ADHHESS . 1 J
: ' " ". J. A.SWATljlJ!. -
' tewts Center P. 0., He la ware Co., Ohio,
may S8;dlmo. . ,
it, CLOAK CLOTHS. Also, other makes of Bprtng
u oaa uimoa, ,D an oesiraoit mtxtares Klndinea, las
sal and Bnltons to match. BaIN It SON,
aprilS No, MlMtanigb strew
vv packana of STATIONERY and JEWELRY,
pnoes ane-tnird Mas tnan can be pnrehasad slsewhera
van on or address litarop enolosedl J. L. BAILEY. No
154 Oourt st.. Bostou. Mass.
march 98:cUim.
J dealgns, at ff.ow par 1,000. ( , ., 1
at half tbe pries enargad by small dealers, 1f
Tn"H AD QUARTERS !fo. 75 Fonth Hlgb street.
Colambus, May 8, lBfll. J. H. RILEY.
2 .A 1
An experienced Ifnrse and Female Phyatotan, presents
' 1 I- n to the atatactoa of mothen, her'
-Foa cHitDRErr xifim,
Which greatly (scllltaies the proceia ot taw think by soft
Yi'j'J 1. Sam' radoeun ail -boSammatlon will allay
ALL F Ala and spasmodic aoUon, atd is
Depend upon It, swtheiw, u' will llva rsst' yoanelvst
Wenave put up and aula th. article for over isn years.
what we hare never been abie to eay oi any other medi-Cloe-NEVKB
AbCI, TO KHUHf A COHiiv .hen tuoely used. Nev
er did we know an Instanoe of dlsaatiafaetion b any one
who used It. .On the contrary, all an delighted with its
ope rail one. and speak tn terms of commendation of Its
magical ellecte and medical virtues. . We speak In this
matter-WHAT WB Do KNOW;" after ten years' -ipe-rlenoe
almoat every IntUnce where the Intuit Is aofferinc from
patnand axbaustlon, relief will befoan to Ulieenor
twenty minutes after tbedyrap is sdmlnlauired.
Tills ralnabie preiaratlon Is the prescription of one of
New Ena-land. and has been used with NJtVEft FAIL
ING 8COOESB la ' w-i ' V-
It not only relieves thf child from pain, out InrlRor
ates the stomach and bowels, corrects acidity, and gires
tone and enercv to the whole system. It will almoat In I
stantly relieve- . , . ... v
and overoome oonvnisions, wnloh, if not apeedlly rem
iim, cm, ,n noain ift dc neve it uie best and SUB
EST RKMBDY IN THE WORLD, In all caaes of OY4
it arises from teething, or from any other cauas. Wo
won Id say to every mother who h.aa child anfferina frnm
anyot the toiegoli g couiplainla DO NOT LET YOI'H
siauri between yon and jour sulierlnn child, and the re
lief that will be SUltt ys ABSOLUl'ELY 81'KS-to
follow the aae of thlsmcdicine, if timely naed. Fnll dl-
re.'tlnns for naiog will ecoompanj eab bottle None
efiulne unlcaeUie fac-almile of t,C&tIBt PERIUNS,
lew Vork. ia on Uie ontai.e wrapper, ,
sold by all Druggtats ibraunboat the world.
Pri dual Office, 13 f'edar Silreet N.V.
ocl27dkly. ,
Is precisely W at Ita nrme Indicates, for, whll'
eaaaal to tue u,ta. ll la rt-vivif.vl eg. exnilara -It.
Invlg iratiug sod sireavUienini tj the vlt.
powera. end at the aame lime re'lvlflts leio
nates, and renews the Btoort In all Ita parity ai,.
itnoa at "nee renorve nmu panaere via tyixem in
vntliwabU to att ickt ofduitaat. it is the oniy
ej ally and aaillfaily eomhtne es to re U,e mo
i.rtxiHi nn w un.ffln in in anriii
IP weriui win auo ai uc .nut? vimv an pen. oil'
i j..j.j . . i . , .. .
Ul awe of natnie. end henrcwill otht the utaktrtl
Momarn ana tote up uo oveeiiTa. ortana. ami
Itlma ailav atl nervous and eiker Irritation It 1 1
"per eotly exhilarating, and at the same time It i.l
composed e. It re it oi veKetables yet so combinen
- as to proauQeutamruiui -roota tonic effect, trltb
Hi.ce t
oat pr tucin any mjarioas oonaequeuces Cue!
remedy nas ions oeen reit to be a desideratum 1
le medical world, for it needa no medical ah ill 1. 1
,ee thatdemi'ty toiiowa all attacks ol diaease. ei.ri
nroteeds and ueeeu las the tystem ouen to th-1
Insidious attacks of many of (lie most fatal, men
f t example, ae tne tallowing: Csniursintion. in-
Idlgeition, Uyspepaia, Loss of Appetita, Faintneit
Nervons lrrilamiity, Aeunlgia falpiiatlnuol 'he .
Heart, nriancrtoiy.aigntnweats Lanauor. lMd.-
neu. Retention of, aa well at I'almnl obatrucieo
too orolute. rr too rc-int Menstruation, and Paii-
iny of the Womb. Theaa all deps- d upou geLer.l
debility Tbls pure, healthy, Ionic cordial ano
iiood Kenovator ti assure t euie a the tun i.
"as Dd set. Thrrel, no mistake about it. Bum
h i is n"t all. If the esiem Is aeakened. we are
-pen tobluuusattacka. (he lirer be omes toroid.
tt worse diseased the kidnea refuse to pei'orDl
heir luocilnna ano ae are troubitd wi b caldlii'l
md Inconiii ance oi unne, er Invoinntary dia
rh.rae of the same, paio Iu the back, aiue and -
iween the abouldera. exceedingly 1 1. Me to illihi I
colda. eonana. hlo ii a, clacked, soon savada 1 .
ollowa. aud tne patie-1 g ,es down u a urem.tar.
ersve. But space win nut allow ns to eaume -ait'l
the many ills to which we are liable in a weakei,ea
condition of Uie item. But we will eay, in thill
Cord -a! and flood Renovator yon h'Ve a neneut.li-1
aa'e, pleasant and 'ffecnai remedy fur I. ol M
A petite, niliouinesi. Flatulence weak and tic w
Htomtcb. LanuU' r, Liver CVmpiaint Cbuli and
?evr, orai.y Billona aitla, k, Cnsiiwnss. Acidity
if the Stnmaah, Nereuasneas, Oearalaia, Paipita-I,
tlnn of the Heart Depre salon of Bpirtte Sure, M
imlea on tbe Face, ur any nlasaae arising from aaj
hltia Counh, difllcuity of Breaibug. and all that .
JClaas of diaearea called legale weakness and ffl
enamerated elmre. We will alio aa tha travelrr LJ
exo-ed to epidtmics change of climate acd wat-ara
er, will Ond ita plea-u.nl sale and an re iemed. H
and none ehoakt ever travel without. Reader, an
rjlt for we a aura ion oa will ftod la It a nendi
llnilarl aa well a. a iriffi.ri I,, ne.,1 .11 n. an-.anri
Hdet tary h ,b ts will find it a perfect preventive ot, A
u well a cure tor those ailment, towbioa ihcy a e U
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wld by BOBaiRTrJ Jt BaUUBL, Ooramfrtts Ohio
md all good Druggl.M Price. One D.nl.i
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State Fair for 1-C0 over Lane At Bodlev's oa acooont oi
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fi r. v U-HJUJ WARSEH, Treasurer,
oVlwtfeoli: . i'l Newark. Ohio
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MJ egant HlMions, in treat variety at BAIN'rl.
No, 99, Hl,-hslref

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