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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, July 04, 1861, Image 1

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VOL. VII i. NO, 22.. N EW SERIES,;;
SIX 00LLAE8 rEfi YEaE.
PUBII8Ii:R8, and pbopkibiobb
tTOiffft HoiiSO.'SiJ and W. IIortli'Hlgll 0t
Daily "ice . x ' $6 00 paryiu.
" By (he Cirrler, per week, lt eentf .
Trl-WeslflT ,. , 3 00 per year.
1 00
erum at 4.dvelrtlluff by tli 8qur
nt iqnr I jtu . ..(30 00
One " t moLtbi 18 00
3nt " 0 monthi IS 00
dm " . 2 aonthr 10 00
One " '.U month H 00
One " 1 month. 1 00
One iqaare 1 eeke..94 0U
Una . " neu.4 w
One " 1 woet..r I 71
One . ' Sdaye 1 00
On " 9daya... 7i
On " 1 IniertloD SO
Delayed adyertlMments half more than (he aboTe
AdvettlsemenU leaded and placed tn the tolumnof
vpwial Nottcei," aonou m ordinary rmi.
All jutleei reUlret. to be published by law, legal rate
K ordered on the Intloe eveluitrely after the flrit week
per ceiM 0er than the above rates; bnt all inch wll
appear tn 111 Tri-Weekly without charge. , , ,
Builnest Canli, not exceeding Ore Usee, per year, !
it le, 1 SO per line; outaide 3 '
Noticei of meetlnga, ojUarlUtilej ocletlei.flre companlti
ate., half prire.' ' -
All trannitixi adwrtiwmmtt -mmtt bt paid for n
idmnct ,'Te title will not be varied from. , r ' 1 .
Weekly, tame price at the Daily, where the advertise
leithe Weekly alone Where he Dally and Wtekl
an bothvaed, then the charge lw the Weekly wll) b
na'f therati-aof the Dally , r Z
No advertltomcut taken tet$ fer a ieflnlW period.
i.tF. A. B. SIMKDJ8,
Attorney at Law
Offloe Amboj Dnllding.. oppoitte Ppltol Square,
. f vi I ' I ' OOLDHBDB. OHIOt '
J.m osnonNE,
Attorney & Counsellor at Law,
Machinelanafac inring Company
atANurAcmscna or n s ' '
Oaitlngt, Kill-etring, Kaehlaery.
Hollroad j "VfToirla:
: or ty bieowrtioit.:' ',' ;
0HA8. AWH08. I
decll, ISSH-tf'
P, AM BOB, Treat.
KJT Jo .0.00 c
Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
For Dayton tt Indianapoli!
.Hint T,(t "I ) O - s 7 !
Through to lngVianaoolie withont Change of Care
and but One. Change of Cars between
Columbus and 8t. Louis.
: BUS. -; ..
(Bally, Uondayieicepted.)
WIOIIT "IXHRUBS, via Dayton, at 11:45 a. m.,itcp
ping at Londmit Xeolay Dayh.n, aliddletown and Hamil
ton, arriving at Cincinnati at 8: JO a. m.; Dayton at 5:45
a. m., IudtuDopoHiat 10.4H a m.Jet. Louiiat U:a0
ACCOMMODATION. at :IOa. A.(ieoppInjat all Sta
tion, between Ooliunbat and Cincinnati and Dayton, ar
living at Olnciouatt ll:Uiva. Dayton at 9:15 a. m.,
lndlanopotla(8;iHp. . ! -
DAT KXPBE88, at 8:30 p. m.t itopplDg at; Alton,
JeBeraon, London, Charloeton, Oedarville, Xenia.
Spring Valley, Oorwtn, Morrow. Deerfleld,-1 mter'a
Loveland, Uillford and plalnvttle, arrivli g at Cincin
nati at 7:20 p. m.t Bt. Louie at IS m; Dayton at 1 35 p,
atlfcpina; Car. on all Nlffbt Train to
Cinoinateta lnoaaaaplU.
i'i I 1111: ' ene-a ; '
rot further liformtIon and ThrooghTfckete apply to
... H. L. DOUiRTY,
ticket Agent; Union Depot, Oo-lambaa, Ohio.
.,. K. W. WuODABD, -
Bnperlntendenu OlnolimaU, .
JN0, W. D0UKB.IV . ,
J13 . .Agent, OelBBMta,
JutSffleWedl,,,!:';.i -v,.. , .)
1UU Tfc-AS lOUtege prime BCoiwe.;
16) poekatoold- Daneh OetrernmeDt JavaOoffee.. - '
7A hageCeyloB Ooffee. ,
SOnbbla. itandard White Sngara, consisting of Pow
4red,0bruarwdt aramlated Aand fi OotTee,' , .
60 qainiale Oeorge Btaik Codush. , - '.-
SUbMa. alesa and No, 1 Uaokerel, , . . .
A tee. Pick Salmon. . ,','x i j
iOO . Layer Hawlnf.r.T. f ' M i .
fiO hf. boido do .j . -r.. tii '.?
iOOqr.o 4i. -.. d . -, ; c : - i i
lOO M 01irs1.lfferent brands and grades.
nov7 r- - - -1 1- - W MoDONALD.
BOOlt 103J2DlJlrl
An4 ''ftljjw-llb
V08TB4eUJsi.T&a1C01,OIUQ8, OHIO
aaattt-eltt . ,.'? .,.,...,-.7,.) r ,t a
R(3(l,'" White ka'JBrne"rr,.7
JuatopeaedbyTa 'llilH 'J
aprt,Jj;;. ,1to.8looBthUlah.treet, ,
it aqrjv ci tla.
:n Axztfi wd& , ooisx,. '
Dave lust received a new make of HOOP 8KIBT8
nniahed la a manna fat luperlor to any yet Introduced
.. . i .tt i.. a- ' i- t..j.. . .:t ' . ;:i 4V- . ..
niTB . nrr T TV a wn nn a r-ii-iriii rvwq 4-
.a.: . sl44.itT 3.1 1 ilVn ,lUJi .I-.' .! 'k
"BHOWlfliAtt tHj."
ProB "Bernett Mills,'' Springfield 6 tbs belt brand of
Flour Droagai to our market, aati.raetion guarauteea.
ForealeosUy i vfi MoDOc. ALB'S,'' o.ith
nor"7 HAT.IsfTf V. .vM t lt --h,Hlgl
ARftA vretr pa ttttto
Bhlrtiue hk Ras'oaa Lhsiil i. . . ' l 4 I,
.rUnew hvetlawe and Mile Oaslep.
Linen OauBrice and Long Lawne.
it.lT ,,-T liiJiea r'o banisrfs, answer. i
r.U''''jT . LlMo-IaweiittipejidDtaperi
..IjIiloeaBea. .a D Oyilwa. ". . , i;
Ltuea Table Orawisaod aatta Daasasks. '.tri ,
.iaaeniTowela WUtt eoMrad ooraen. j ,i ,,
;.4. r Uoea i talr J evt r trnaH ao40 rsh , ul ,U
, IX ,-loeletslsaea.-J ii i- r
eV. i-1 wi.J.al .ivBklpr. OV,.-'.:
hbStt A ' ' lv, rt Me. W South Slab atreet.
nonnKi ribbons tab,' arid
auutuia, MWtyiseiJrMiepetiiiey
, ,.I7.u.V . ., bAiMbBOM,
AprllS . He. V Beath Bl(Jb (treat.
The tateat The targett Tha Best.
The? Cheapest Because the Beit,
"The itlaet Hellabii fctandard Au
ttaorltji f the EmrHsb Langtiace. '
, 5 EundrLTntntni Xltidltor of Ohio,
"He e are upwards of a Hundred Thootaod Words,
whose nultirarioui meaninga ai d derivations, together
with thei correct spelling, atdproDUDSlt Uon aieolearly
aetbelora the ee."
Cincinnati Ommtretat.
RtadthtDtcUlont of the Mmbtr of t Ohio Stat
The nnderelgned, memhera of the Ohio State Teachers'
asoolailnn. adon ai.d aim to use In leachlni. writing
end speklnk. the orthography and pronunciation of
Worcester's Ho al Quarto Diotiooary and we most cor
dially recommend It as the mull reliable tandard au
thority of the Kngllsb language, as ll Is now written and
spoiten. ,
Loam Annatws, President Kenyon College.
' M D 1 1 tamrrr, nperiiitrndent ZmraviHe School!.
Thus. W. H.avKV. u4-'t UaMilonUuioa Srh ols. - .
M. t. Oownirag. Bap'l Public rkho..ls, Sandusky. .
Johk Ltncn, eup't Ko'lio Schools, Otroleviile. .
8. If. daroKD, Principal Cleveland female Semlna-
17 Wa. MiTcnitx, Snp't Public "rhooii, Mt Union. '-,
Joim Oeoaa, f rlnclpsl Btate Normal School, Mlnne
ota. Otkos Nuog, Pilnclpal Poorth Intermediate School,
H. 8. MakTtli, Bup't Can tnn Union Schools. - .
Knwia hum Principal KcNeely Noimal Ochoot.
ku T. Tarraa, Prof. Mathemat'Ct Ohio University,
W W KDWB4S, Bup'l Tro-Onton Sohool
A. 0. BotatM. Principal Weat High Behool, Oltve
8 A. Nobtom, Associate Principal High School, Cleve
land i . -i
Tnionoite Btiruxo, Principal High'. School, Oleve
land, i i .
R. P. Humutok, Principal Cleveland Institute.
J. A. CUariBL, President of Bteclio Institute, HI'
ram. . : .. . " .
W L HaJtau, Prof, of Ohemlstry, Ohio. Weileyan
University. . . i
H. H. Bam, Ej Oemmlssloner of Common Bchoole
Ohio.. i
Jam Moiraoe. Prof. Bhetorle, Olwrlln College.
Tnoe. Hill. PreiHent Antloeh Colleire. .
0. W H. OaTBOaJtT, Prof. Uathematlca, High
School, Dayton. i .
8. 0. CROtuaceB, Prof. Language, Elgh Bobool
8. M. Baaaat. Bup't Ur ion Schools, Ashland.
' itort than 81m Bwidrtd other PrttfdenU of CMlf
tn. Profuort. Authori and DmtnyuUhtd JCauca'
(ore, A encsoreeol to aoov tmumtm.
MiitiiTA OoLtma 'It la truly a maanlflcent work.
ao honor to the author, tt e publishers, ant the whole
eountry." rrestaeot Andrews.
Ohio Wbitak UmvneiTT It exceeds my expecta
tions. It will be tnv lulde In orthoerapby and prop on-
elation, and will often he. consulted by me for lta neat
and accurate deflnltl-ns." President Thompson.
W. R. Rclictio Collioi. "Heretofore we have used
Webster's orthography. , At a reoeLt meeting of our
Facnltv. It was docked to cbanee it to conform to that
of Wiroester'i Koyal Quarto Dictionary." President
Oarfleld. , . . , ., . -
Wtsrax Brnva OotLvm. "I find It worth- of
oordial approbation.' President Hitchcock.
OioiLm Ooll oi "It more than meet, my expecta
tions. I ree mmend It as the Handera authority tn
orthoepy to my children and my pupllt." President
Amoca Cotxaoi. "1 adopt and aim to use In teaoh-
Ing, writing and speaking, the orthography and pronun
ciation or Worcester s uoyai nuario iiieiionary .
President Bill.
"In all my writing, ipeaklng.and teaching, I have en
deavored to eoalorm to the rules for ortl ography and
pronunetaHon as contained in Worcester s Dictionary."
Uorace Maou, late freeidenU - .. .
KiNTott CoLLBaa. OaatBint. 'I most cordially reoom-
mond Has Ibe most reliable standard authority of the
Kngllsb language as it ll now written and spoken."
Piesidcnt Andiewe.
iVswi Bit. Anton Smyth, dommUttontr of Common
- , eeMoM in unto,
"The Dictionary Is an Imperishable monument to the
learning aad Industry of lis author, aad aa honor to the
world of letters. The mechanical execution Is far tape-
In. n tk.4 M4h.. I In.. wTrh ..Hie)-! T an.
.from Son. u. B. Barney JayOotnmutuner of
oouxx4 in vnio.
"The most reliable aianrlard authority of the lan
guage." . . ,
I - I WHivt TBI
Xieadins IKewapaperti of Ohio Say.
Jrom tht Cleveland Herald of ilarch 88.
The orthography of the Worcester Dictionary le tha
Used try most, if not all authors o distinction In this
country and Vngland. and eontormi to the general usage
of ordinary writers aadepetkere. - . .
Whatever pretudicaa-vmay tiava existed previously, a
CJiroful itudy of tbii volume will Invarlab y be followed
a Winn appreciation of rt great nerlte. Mi desire
to add it to Uie well selected library, 'be It large or email,
tt la a library lo itself, and will remain ao imperisha
ble record of the letrntng f luoompiler. l-
Irom Vie Cincinnati Oon.merctal of April 90.
Bere are upwards of a hundred thousand Words good.
bad and Indiffeienl whose anltifarioua meanings and
derivations, logetber with their correct ..ptllmg aad pro
nunciation, are set clearly betnre inn eye lue wura it
anouestionab i the greatMt Thesaurus of Engliah Worui
ever publUhejt. j , . , .. , , ,,,
from th Cleveland HaindeaUr of Sept. M. 1800.
vlriently WoacirTt''l Rotal Qr.aro DicTtoaaay
nut only the laet, but the aicsT wort of the land ever t
evsd.and eio by no posa.billty suffer by eumpariaon ur
controversy,-1 ffxrr f pfif. i' if C"t '
trvm UeTWede Blade of Kay S. -"' c
Ai to raoRoaouTtoN.-Wmoverna i tm 8tahdao
followed by oar beet authors, in definitions be leavei
nothing tob deilred and In Ortboorpht It ll tnfflclent
to say that woacwm en he iir y ouowta. jji .
.. INUlIAlTJ BKIbd, , . , .,
Pnbliahere, llookaellora Sc. Stationers,
nai9 '. .. . -a.. -:;-7 ?
t m x I ' 1 7
KTO WfVIUt, "JSm ,eT. , .H
DiTldend Janttary t, tse 48 Pr eScnt
-. , - M ,!'' I, j 4,-j I "
A83ETa.....v4M..,-,4-."-"4.i. .1812,555 SO.
S ta tetnen t Jan nart 1 , 1 80 1 '
Balance, per statement Jin. lit, I860..... 3, 400, 58) 39
Beeei.td for Premiums dur
4 tag the jear 10 1783053 6J
Received for mierent during
the. year lew we uie i
f. A.' J . LJ
O P.
Total reeeln s for 18)....77,7 7
PaldClalmabyDeaih9S7,050 llO .,(r
Paid Poliorrt surien- -
drd .'.. f.-i..'41,Ul i t'-TT-n'i .
Paid Salaries, Po-t- " ...J .''-, - -
..age. .Taxes, Bk- '" ii" ' '
clunte. eio... 31.tT20.t4f 3U'.'r:.':a ?aj .av.M
WPbyeidaiia''teea'W750. Yiri-rr 'X
raid Annuities.. w.. J.Jl tw
Paid Dlvldsexls dat- . .,,. t
tog tear ... ...ICO 500 7S 5C3,091 03 411,978 14
... e Balance rtnuary lit. 1801. J,81S,558 SO
nin! 4 t ASSETS. H ? ( )-
Oatboa hantt;..7..t..:..:. '-a.fj284 19 '
Bonds and atortgagM od Real .....
B.taie, worth ooubte ike .I'M V ft ' f ,
'amount laas4..n....M, 8,ff7rSel . -
Preraiua Notes, on Pollciea .... .
j te force, only drawing e per ' "
cent.: Interest... l.tfte nu it; U" "'' -
BeeJ- Beta .........., ,.;MK1 97 r- .. 'rrl i
LoanaonecriD...... A.B31 al .
premiumi, MotetandOasb.lu
course ot unsmueion..4. ee sa 75 - ' -i " '
:,Uf Tota Aaeetir...f.M4r,M,.......,.t3818.5M SO
fiSTB PolWei ta fbree. bMrtn..,..en,4te,e88
v 1,434 aew PolWee hrv been (Moid during the year,
. After a eaVeful calcoletlon of the' present va ne of the
C landing Polieralae lea Company, and- bavlog the
ssrtry. .Matins' In reserve merefor. Ibe Dlreexora
have oeuumd a- UiVitwaa ot tt per eatit. oa Um Hveaal
umepaid ai the labia satas, to all ualictas (or til la force.
issued prior to January I, VMO, payable aocording to the
aresapi iaie or ine tjoniaiiiii :i '. v.i ..n .';":
.Batrefor all atndao Life Coutlagenelee, Prripeot
usea, BtalemenM, and Applications, will be furniibrd
Without aaa, at the Omse e-r Agtaetss ef the 0i
. B0BT. L PATTBB80S, Preildent., ,
T - u. j, wru . vice rresiuenu
. BBBJ.tl.MILLBrV, Seeretary; ' ' J '
, ,i.,o !. vi.Bfl,vMe VKESONv'afMesV
,, , ... ti. ,:, y0, ubneto Bin,'"'
9B, Bra. wii. w. m iw .Oelutnbue, 0. 1
T L, A I M ' re) ' rlQCHED BLACK
X DBBdB BltKB, of evert grade , The most icleot,
MV 4 4WW4 , H4 IWV V-If MM BUW. n4JW,'UUI nj'v,
main m. eon, 1
aprlU Be. MaVraillghitreeU
Aycr's SrsaDarilla
A compound remedy, deaignea to be the moat
effectual Alterative that can he made. Jt is
a concentrated extract of Para Baraaparilla,
so combined with other substances of still
greater alterative power as to afford an effect
tive antidote for tho diseaeei Sarsaparilla le
reputed to cure. It le believed that such a
remedy is wanted by those who suffer front
Strumous complaints, and that one which will
accomplish their cure must prove of immense
service to this large class of our afflicted fellow
citigotis. How completely this compound win
do it has been proven by experiment on iheny
of the worst cases to be found of the following
complaints: . . .
SoitopuiA ahd ScROPtrtous CostPtAnrrsi
Euui'Tiorrs and Eucptivb Diseases, Ulceus,
Piuples, Blotches, Tumors, Salt Runujt,
Scald Head, Svpiiilis and Stphilitio Ar
rccTions, Meucuuial Disease, Ditopsr, Neu-
PEPSIA and Indigestion, Erysipelas, Boss
on St. Anthony's Fiub, and indeed the whole
class of complaints arinlny itnm Lmi'UkitT or
kb Blood. , e ' ... '..,
This compound will Ct: titad tt great pro
moter of health, when taki'n in the spring, to,
expel the foul humors which fester in the
blood at tlint season of tho ytar. By the time,
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders
era nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by
the aid of tliis remedy, spare themselves from
the endurunae of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which tlio system will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assUted to do
this through the natural channels of .the body
by an alterative medicine. Cleanse out the
vitiated blood whenevor you And its impurities
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores; cleanse it when yon find it is ob
structed and sluggish in the veins cleanse it
whenever it is foul, and your feelings will tell
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live
longer, for cleansing the blood. ' Keep the
blood healthy, and all is well) but with this
pabulum of life disordered, there can be no
lasting health. Sooner or later something
must go wrong, and the great machinery of
life is disordered or overthrown. ' 1 ''
Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, the
reputation of accomplishing these ends. ' But
the world has been cgregiously deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alone has not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
protending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue of Sartttparilla,
or any thing else. . . " " " '
During late years the public have been mis
led by large bottles, pretending to give a quart
of Extract of Sarsaparilla for ono dollar. Most
of these have been frauds upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, if any, Sarsapa
rilla, but often no curative properties whatev-t
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
fins followed the use ot too various extracts of
Sarsaparilla which flood tho market, until the
name itself is justly despised, and has become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still
we onll this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
to supply such a remedy as shall rescue the
name from the load of obloquy which rests
upon it. And we think we have ground for
believing it has virtues, which are irresistible
by the ordinary run of the diseases it is Intend
ed to cure. In order to secure their complete
eradication from the system, the remedy should
be judiciously taken according to directions oh
tho bottle.
- piiePared dt
DR. J. C. AYE It ilc CO.
Price, 91 per Dottle Six Bottles for 9a.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral .
has won for itself such a rcnomi for tlio curb of
every variety of T hroat and Lung Complaint, that
it is entirely unnecessary for us to recount Uie
evidence of its virtues, wherever it has been cm
ployed. As it has long been in constant use
throughout this section, we need not do more than
assure the people its quality is kept up to tho best
it ever fine been, end that it may be relied on to
do for their relief all it has ever been found to do.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
Coitivtncss, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Indigestion,
Dijsaitenj, Foul Stomach, El"ysipelas,'ITcadaitoe,
Piles Rheumatism, Eruptions and Shin Diseases,
Liver Complaint,' Dropsy, -fetter', 'Tumbri and
Salt Rheum, Worms,' Gout, Xevrahia, as a
Dtmier Pill, and for Pmifyinn the Blood,
'i'licy are eugar-cotitei, so that tlio most sensi
tive can take thorn pleasantly, and they bre the .
best aperient in the world fur till the purposes ot a
family physic. . , r. .
Fries 25 cents per Box; rive bozos' for $1.00.
GrtatnnmbersofClergymcn, Phvsieiitns, States-
men,; and eminent personages, have lent their
names to certify the unparalleled usefulness of these
remedies, but our space here will not permit the
insertion of them. The Agents below named fur.
nUh gratis our American Almanac in which they
are given; with alto full descriptions of the nlmve
complaints, and the treatment that should bo fol
lowed for their cure.
Do not be put off bf unDrinebled dealers- with
other preparations they make mojarproflt on.
Demand Ater's. and tako no others. The sick
want the best aid there is for them, and trtey'shmild
have) it. .'
AUoutrerbedies-areforsaleby' . ,t f rr. r
1 I ' B0BIRT8 A BAattm. Columbus. '
And by DreggMs and Dealers everywhere. -J.') "
nov: lye.iwsso ; ;. , i. . . . ...,.,.
. Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
' "i i ' ' fund
v uuw youk
The Montreal Oceaa Bteaashlp. Company's Bntelasd
toll-powered Clydehalu Steaaaara sail everr lata
rdav from PORTLAND, carrying- the GaaaAiaa and
United states Ball ana passengers i .. i, i
f - BOHBalAN, 1 ANOLO-BAJtOM. .-
NOrlTH BBITON, .. - BI8BBNIAN,i 1-i.ai'1
'? Canadian NovaecoTiANV.ir'.
Snorteet, Cbeapeef and QalokCktCotie
veyence irons -
BtktM ot Paaewuze taJiiq
30, 86Q. 8SO.
Will sail from LlViUPO it, ewert VPeBateeday,
and frem QUEBEC! eJTerf alar4a, aalllagat
liONDOMDIfittRY. to receive oa bnar i and la 4 UaUeaaa
rassengera, so ano iron, ireiano aoa oeniiana.
' TTTTbeee Bieamera are bnlll of Iron In water-tfzrit
eompartmenta, cany eaob an experienced Sargebn. and
even attention la paid to the eom'ort snd aocommoaa.
tion or oaaseniers. ae tneypraeeed dirvot to lumduk.
DKHY. the gieat risk and delay of calling; t St. Joba'l
IS .W14IB44- ...... f r
. Biaegu passengers ire furnished with txxt asuge
UOkets to ana trum uooaonnerry.
Be am deke'e gmnted-at reduoed rate.' '
I OertlBcaiee kneed for earning to aodortnilox out pit'
ssna-ve from all the ulaeipal towaeo'Qreal Britain and
Ireland, al tviuoed ratee, by thia line ol eteasaere, and
leavug uverpool every weea, ' .-. i. u , ,1
Bla;kt Draft log Xi and eipwartle pa
- aeie la cagiana, ireiana, ovoa-
tor passage, apply at the Offloa 23 lift OA Da
WAY, Mew BOtk, end AH WAT-UK
tABITa ft flXABXX, Orasra4 Agents,
il' J 1 . nm , , . er
. - -al-. T5 L t. . ....
,.,.,;( ; I VWVHIeUWSUsJr'
eon J4MSS AD91H BAIlt ae garner In tap wnrt
nese, which will et afrer be dbndnoted ender the firm
0fBan8on - P. BAIB, 88 aoath nigh Bt.
Columbus, fob IS. 1801. feblS
tate of Pliaton'e , Bstabllibmantl B Pprietofa
.. the Nett York fashionable Bhavina- Hals. OuUina
u .Shaopoonlng. Curling and Drejasingialooa. But Bute
...Street, ever the Poet Offloe. wheae eaiUfaclioa will
, be grvwa In all the varioaa branehea. Laiiiea aad
v in 414 r.11 0 anus vivaeuig wobw in war rjesi eiyie.
:-.3 a-
: re
AtiR sjphi no mcK' is vnvnvAtj-
K) 1, urn and well ea-orted. The very lajteet paUenu
from MKBIOaS, BKOLIoU and PBISSOtl lactones.
. " Q old and Velvet Borders,
I . , -. :. .-.4-. it" ;
;," Gold and Painted" Shades,
r t Vgold ; ',;
.)3: j -I
-.it '
1 j L
: ci ' v
;v .1 ! .-n
- 1
. . .i J'it Ji- inn
L- WINDOW FKT0BE8, all kinds,
cord "and tassels;
lOO SoutH TliKlaSt.
V. B; tandldrfls and pereoti wishing aantlttes of
Paper will, aake money by buying ot as. Country
Uercbana) and persons from abroad will do Till to call
aad see us, , aprtl I dSmeodl . II. t A.
AND Steubenville Short Line
Baltimore & Ohio,
'., " '--fOBMuiw.tM
Shortest, Quickest & Most Reliable
Route to all 12 stein Cities!.
, .'t ' Trains Leave Columbus as lollows i
..' . j ... -i :.-M0B(rrsa JXPB.CS8 ,' '.
Leavei Oolumkaa JO A. M. frant Uoiea Depn vli
Belial re er gwaben.i arnvce at Hlr . "O.fiO A
M Steubeavllie IB SO P. tehargS, 8 I0 P H ,
Hsrrl.nora I. IS A- a- e0 AUet.Mn, arrlva al New
York 8 00 A, si t wo PhUadtuhi ariiv-je at rnua-
deiphla. 1 A . ew tore 10 30 A. H.. I'nnnecu
alee at Qarrabnrg ioi UalUson, ajnvingat?-5 - 1'
Sleeplre Can attached : to this Train
Praia Oolambue, rae dlreetly through to Bellafe er
Pittsburgh wlthi.Bt enangei and Pea angers via Aliea
town arrive la Hew York at 8 A. M. : - n ' '
UTtta B0CB3 w aoyanub 6? poBiaiRR
, , , . . .
This Train also-oonneou at Bellaire with the
t ' .
t Baltimore and Ohio' Railrosd. '
I It. .4. ' ' . - -.. 1 l I
teavee Oaiutobui.il tJ A M ) from Union Depot, vie
.... . r ... . . .. . n k . i, a.
eteunenvtlie; arrives at nrwara, io r m.i uotau4j
ton, S.l? P. M.fSteobenvllie, 8 P. M ; Plit.borg 9 40
H 1 TTrrhil tr tnennly route try which Passentors
oin leave Clnclnnetl at 7 A. St., go through to Pitts
burgh to dayilf at. without change of sari er delay.
j -4 j I,., 1 1 .j, 1 1 fiii siiii r 1 1 ' '
3 ortir el'i'-fBAST.-I.IBB. .Ktt.
Leaves Columbus S.15 P. M.; trora Union Depot, via
He'lalre: arrives at Newark, S 83 P, Hi Ztuosviiie,
4 38 P. U I Bellaire 7 SS CM.! PTi'snurg i, 11.83 P.
M.t Barrliburg 0.00 :a M.t Ho dfeftrnm. ar Ivei
al Mew Iork,t r. rl rmtnaetuiua, arrives
Pbladel h. 110 P. M.l New York P. M, Ikls
Train also eonnaots at Harrlsbarg tor Baltimore, ar-
tivli g at 1 p. U. . I,:., ...
Thia rraia runs mrongn to eeiiaire or nnssurgwnu-
out change ea Oaret aad tnta rltubnrg there ll M
change Oare br thl aoelpbia, r via Ailentowa to
Hew iota lUttsoESiiOaT f) --n-j.y , ,-, i.ii.i rj,
Tbf oolv Rente from' Cole moue to Biltlmore,
rmiaaeipBia, or ew iora.wtui oniy
') Lu .utjoe ehaog or Cars,
I ,;, . .,.1 " r--. 4. - ' 11.
n thli Tralh Paasaneera arrive In New Toll Ave
hours fat sdvaneaof the Northern line..
Thia Train aiae eonaeca at ueuaire wi n us Baltimore
and ObleBvJtvad ,."ji);b. o g H'.'.h'. '..
OTHs Route Is 30 fcilei gliortef td Pittsburg,
aDd more tbao iuu tones snorter. tot '
i Netr York,-ihanMNortheTO iaines.- ';
Bagyaga Checked Through ta alUm
Aj I L. hea.aaeeiaaeail ei I 'u uo .,
, ,,17 j ASK rOft TIC&KT VIA . bUC
CO V I - ::4-4 1..: -- w, J
tlikMt Dciwd ejT.ir'ef'tfcep Boettei.1
' r.i .it I. 1.4.1;"! V4e4 .
nioa .i l .. i . . in. i - - ,
j .a 1 iu .4 .. ii 4 4-, - 3 --iu...,. ,'.4 .
: ntl
Gen. Ticket Aient Central uhl B
;A. Jxi.il . - t A. BDrOHlNjON. ' 'I
Jxi.il . t A. HDfOHlNjON. '
Oen. Ticket Agent dteueuvllle short Line.
eooTgdi-'tiH U Ji'iil r.n .-.v.il
W XXXXeTAXU -V' aaejlwa) l VaTAXA;
ad.'.-3t3i3 Store,' V
,.pa .leltiaJatii -tx ,ewotrttiaer ;
-iirtil ,Vi''iluJ ll 'jTr. tn ,,1 j t ;t
GnaSa PtatsiUv WeeaB Wlllejwi Wanle
met and aabber BslQag lane trasUMr,1 Hoe .
lklngvaa rJititl u' vjjs .!Sui.i'"T eo-eig
i I easif smsa.1 i i i tiima i' 1 1 i 1 1. I,
GftTLiti B if it rcnrVianifio
000. ' :... a
Noa-slilee ta Neck Tleiand toarfi. ; .......
( ( 4J , TO 141 U UN, 1' W 44l,IIB,4 1
. -.ji.-.a- umeTotaorea rnoswt BaBaawvcBie
I Kid 6 loves sue- r.or.rosae, j34 0,
Iden Hill SblVte various st,Us
ARaJ HOW OOMWSSlll oinrw, woe
tAi 4 .jln.u As.
n Uemmed pocket Hndlrelera.Tvsrfeu ttytegVv '
. . Salt Hoee aad Under IHrmente, . v r
epttu We. W louUt High streets
tIBKI.. if.
Dallv. oer year
as 00
s 00
Tn Weekly, per rear
Weekly per yea
1 eo
. When, in tbe course of bum m eveots, it be
comes ueoessary for one people to dissolve tbe
political bands which have connected them wit!)
another, and to' assume, among tbe powers of
tbe earth, tbe separate and equal etatloa to
wbiob tbe laws of Nature and ol Nature's Ood
eutiile tbem, a decent respect to the opinione ol
mniikind requires that tney should declare tbe
Ciunei whlcu impel tbem to the eeparatioo.
We hold there truths to be eelf-evident:
that all men are created equal, tbat tbt j are
endowed by their Creator with certain unalien
able righte; tbat -mong tbeee are life, liberty
and tbe pursuit of happiness Tbat to eeoutr
tbt'ie rigb'a, go'eromeuteare iueiiiuted amoua
men, deriving their just power lioan tbe coueeot
ol tbe guvurued; tbat whenever ant fjrm ot
goverumetit betumee de'truotlvo to theee etde
it te tbe rifchtol tbe people o altar or ahoilab
It, and to lu.mute a new government, UjId lis
loundatlun on suob pnuoiples, and orgnis:ng I s
powers in such form, as to tbem bll item
most likely effect ibetr eafety and happiness
Piudeuce, indeed, will dictate, tbat goeemments
long established should not be changed lor light
and transient oiueerj aid accordingly all expe
rience batb shown, that mankind ate more die-
pueed to euffcr while evils are ennTcrable, tnan
to light tbemrelvto by abolishing tbe forme to
wbiob tbey are accustomed But when a long
train of abuses and u urpations, pursuing inva
riubly the eame object, evinces a design to re .
duce tbem under absolute despotism, It Is their
right, It is tbelr duty, to throw off each govern
mtut, end to provide gusrde for tbeir future e
cu.ity. Sucb bus beeu tbe now patient suffer
auce of the-e colonies; aod such Is now tbe ne
cessity wbich constraiue tbem to alter tbelr fot
mer ejstems of government. ' Tbe history ot
tbe prtseut king ol Gieat Britain, Is a history
ot repeated injuries and usurpations, al having
in direct object the establishment ol an absolute
tyranny over thete States. To prove this, let
fade be submitted to a candid world.
He has relused bis assent to laws Ibe most
wholesome aod necessary for tbe publio good.
. He bas (oi bidden bis governors to pass laws
of Immediate and pressing importance, unless
suspended la tbeir operation, till bie eeseot
should be obtained; aod wben to suspended, be
has utterly neglected to attend to tbem He
bas relused to pase other laws for the accommo
datiou of large distnote of people, unless tbose
people would relinquish tbe right of representa
tion in the .legislature a right inestimable to
tbem, and formidable to tyrants c-nly.
He bas called together legislative bodies at
daces unusual, uncomfortable and distant from
tile repository of tbeir publio records, for tbe
sole purpose of fatiguing tbem into compliance
wiib his measures.
He has dissolved representative bodies repeat
edly, lor opposing, wiib manly firmness, hie In
vasions on the rights of tbe people ...
i He bas relused, f.ir a lone time after such dis
solutions, to cause others to be elected; where
by tbe legislative powers, Incapable of annihila
tion, have returned to tbe people at large, for
tbeir exercise; tbe stale remaining, iu tbe mean
time, txposed to all tbe dangers of lnvsion
trum without, and convulsions from witbio.
He bae endeavored to prevent tbe population
of tbese States; tor that purpose obstructing tbe
lawe lor naturalizttioo of foreigner-; retusing
to past others to encourage their migration hiib
er, and raising the conditions of new appropria
tions of laLdi.
He bae obstructed the administration of jus
tlce, b) refusiug bis assent to laws for establish
iua ludieiarv powers
Ho bae made judges dependent on his will
alone, fjr tbeir touure of . tbeir bffioee aod the
amount and payment of their lalaries. -
He bas erected a multitude t new offices,
and sent hither ewarme of officer, to bar
rae our people and eat ont their ubiiaoee.
' He bite kept among us, In timee of peace,
Standing armies without oorsenl of our legisla
tures - ' . ' "
. He has affYoted to render tbe military in
depeudeut ot, and superior to, the eivil power
lie bae eombiuea with others to eabjeot
oe lu a juiiadiciion foreign to our ooaaute
tlots'aoa atisekoowledged by. oar laws; giv
ing bis assent to tbeir aula ot pretended legiaU
tiuu:; For quartering largo bodies of armed troope
smoDg us: ' - : " ' ' -ir-'j-
Fur protecting tbem, by a mock trial, from
puoiebmeut fur any mordera wbicb tbey anould
cum mil on tbe inhabitants pt theee Saavteet ' .
. For cutting off our trade with all parts of the
world : .
For Imposing taxes dpon as without our con
sent( is. i ..)-!. ri -.. ,
For depriving us, in many cases, of the bene
fits of trial bj juiy . ,
. For transporting us' beyond tbe seas, to be
tried for pretended offenses : " ' 1 '' ''
For aboltebing tbe free system of English
lawsi in a neighboring province, establishing
therein an arbitrary government, aod enlarging
lis boundaries, so as to render it at once an
i.exttnple and it tusuament lor Introducing the
same absolute role into toeee ooiootee t '
; For taking away our cbarteis, abolisblog our
must val uabi e la w e, and al tering , fundamentally,
tbe forms of our government: i " '
For euspending our own legislature, and de
claring tbemaelves iu vested with tbe power to
legislate in all cases whatsoever.
He bae abdicated government here, by declar
ing os out of bis protection, and waging" war
against ue ::,'
He bas plundered our seas., ravaged our
Coasts burnt our towns, and. destroyed the lives
or our people j , , r ,.. v,-.i ' -tie
ta at this lime transporting largo armies
of tortigo mercenaries to oumpieta the works
of deatb, deajla.touatid tyrauuf, already hegus
With ' -cireumstatices ol. cruelty and , ptrady,
scaioely paralleled la tbe meet barbarous ages
and totally unworthy the head of i;ivil.Xed ua
tinn. , .1 r ..... . ... ... . '- " ' " ,.'
: He has constrained our fellow oUiceus, taken
captive on tbe high seas, to bear .arms agaiest
their oouutria, to become : ibe. executioners ol
tbeir friend and brethren, or to tail themselves
by their bands. v -s ..t n t .-.. -h
tie, nas a excitea oomestio ,tnsnrreotipns
?,mongst ua, and bat endeavored to bilog on
he inbabitame o our froniers, the, mer one
Indian envajjee, whose known rule of warfare
lean uodiatiMuUhed.deetrucUon. Ot. all sees,
sexes and oonditioiil ,., ' ,.. . .
.. Id ever, suae of. Abeio oppressions, we nave
netiiiooed tor reirees ia the taost bumble terms;
our repeated petitions have oeo answered ..on-,
ly bi eeeAed iu ury. A priqoe,. wnoae ooar
ae'er ia tbus maiked by eerj- aot-wbicb. jaet
define, tyrant, le uufiiiq be the rultw ol roe
people vrq si'I f ; 'u tl tt f ;t. ja t.:i-;.l
.nor nave wa oeen wanung ia.avtteatioos.ie
our H.tuau bretbiea. ., we neve warned tneoj,
from time to time, of attempt ta their legiela-J
ture ta ex'eud an nuwarrautbla ariadiouoa
over ei i we bare reminded teem or tueeir
eumstaneee of our migration ano,. eettlement
here. Wo. bave appealed to tbelr native ju.i0e
and magoawmity, aod we nave eo jurea. tbeus
by the uee of our oommoa . kindred to -disavow
these' usurpations, wbicb Wuuld Inevitably In
terrUDt our connections and correspondence,
They, too, bave been deaf to tbe voloe of 'usV
slow an u ouaeau4uillli4j, a. v iuu,,, mereiuiv,
acquiesce lb tbe necessity which' denounces our
separation, and bold them, as we hold the reel
oi mankind euemles in war, In' peace, frlehde.
' Wi: therefore, tbe represeniliilvee 'oirbtl
Doited Slates of America, in general CdogVee
assembled, eppeallug to the Supreme Judge
the world for the rectitude' of oar Inteottuos,
do, in tbe name and by the authority of the
good no Die of these cotoo.es, solemnly publish
and, doite. that these . united 'oolouise -are,
and of right ought to be, free and independent
Hraiaat that thee' ar AbaalvSd from all alle1
giaace to the B.ltleh ordwo,'au(rthat all kntl
oal oQuncotloR between them snd tbe State
Great Britain Is, sod 0"Vt to be, toully' die-
solved; and tbat aefri:,ici!?depeo(ient8tBtes,
tbey have full power to levy war, conclude .
pence, oootraet allianoes, establish eomeietee,1
end to do all other acM and things which lude-:Jul,
pendent. States may of right do Aod (or tbe
surport of this declaration, with a firm reliance
on the protection or Uieme rrovioeooe, wa sou
tually pledge to each other our lives, our lor
tunes, and our "acred honor. ... ...
,iyHN UWUUiyK.'
ai M
' ' iVrte Hampshire.
JosiaU Bartlett,
William Whipple, .
Matthew Thornton.
ManacAusetfs Bui
.-; .Vit.
William Flo)d,
Philip L vlugston, .
Franois Lewis, ,,
Lewis Morris. ,
JV'ie J rsty. .
Rioba'd Btoekstoo, '
John Witherspoon, -Franois
Jobn Hr,
Abraham Clerk. ".
' ieMnsIewf. ' 1
Robert Mums,
Bnjemlo Rush,
Benjamin Franklin, ,
Jobo M'irtoo, -George
Gi mer, '
Samuel Adami,
J ibn Adsns,
Robert T. Paine, . 1
Eldilrge Oerry.
' Rhede Island, ire.
Stephen H pklns,
William Klierv.
Ceamcfieet. -Roger
Samuel 'iuotington,
vVilli.ro Williams,
Oliver Wolcoit, :
J lines Smi b, ,
George Taylor, .
Beoj sa n tl.r.uon, ,
To.om.- N -i-ou
l-imee Wilion,
' Frauds L Lee
George Ross
: D'liioere. -i.
Cwar Riduey, ; ,
; CaTMH1 BraX'Or). '
i. r North Cer.Iiae.
William Uuoper, . ..
Jobo Hewes,
"Jobn P-no ' '! 1
' South CnU.'"i'
Edwaro Ratledge, f ' !
Tbomss Hey ward, Jr.,
Tbomaa Lynch, Jr.,
'A. Middieion. -'- ' s
Ueoree Kead,
Xnomas McKean.' ' 1
Samuel Cuaae, .''!.
William Pace,
Tbomar S one,
Charles Carroll ;
of Ovolltoo.
: Kireiata,, .,,
' 'ii rir . Oeorutl, 4-
Buriin Gwmett, . :
Lyman Hall,
, George Walton.
Gebrge Wytbe, -
Klcbard H-nry Lee, .
Thomas Jefferson. '
The Blockade at New Orleans.
: The New Orleans Ddtt of tbe 16ih ultimo,
says': '' - " -' -! ' '
"Flour has fallen s dollar and a half a bar
rel, and fresb beef ie lower than it bae been
tor ten, ears; thanks to Lincoln's blockade
Keep it op tor eome time, moBt noble Gorilla.
It Is just what we residence end can't-get-sways
have been wanting for some years. Tbe effects
of this blockade bave been beneficial in many
respects. We rejoice, especially, in its opera
tion Upon tbose heartless speculators who
songbt to forestall our market by baying ap all
tbe provisions in tbe city, end holding them for
a big rise. Tbo villainy wae laid before tho
Governor, and steps were about to be taken to
oorreet tt by summary action on the part of the
sutborlttee ot the people, when' most reasona
bly aod kindly Poore eame with tbo Brooklyn
and saved us all tbla trouble, by blockading tbe
mouth of tbe river. Tbus, all export being
stopped, both up and down the river, we bave
so abundance of everything that is' produced
between tbe Ohio end Mieeourl rivers, end tbe
GuU of Mexico. Tbe effect on Tens entile ie
particularly Interesting. Ltrge droves of these
cattle have hitherto been driven northward In
to' Missouri, and oven into Illinois) and even
tbose wbicb were sent hither had tc oompeie
Itb Ibe better conditioned cattle of the We t.
Hence tbe supply was comparatively email.
But now, having no other market, and being
without competition, tbe Texane are all driv
ing tbeir cattle to New Orleans, not only eup
plying tble market at very reasonable rates
cheaper, to fact, than the rates in tbe Northern
cities but furnishing enough to eend to 'he
river towns, ae far ae Memphis. No lees than
two hundred head of theee cattle were eent in
that direction a few days ago. It Is established
now, beyond all doubt oi uncertainty, tbat the
jieldol corn will far exceed tbe demands ot
tbe Soutb, and new fljur wilt be In the market
in a t w days in the greatest abundance We
may bave lees hog meat than we bave hitherto
bad, but whether toat will prove a lois or in
oonvenieuce remains to be proved.".
The Blockade at New Orleans. Capt. Ward, Killed at Mathias Point.
The Tribune gives tbe following account of
Captain Wasd:
Captain James H. Ward, killed In the above
engagement, was born in tUrtlord, Coon., in
IbUb He wae tbe oldest 6on or toe la'euoiooel
nee Ward " Hisedooatioo wae txoelleot, and
no wae always a devoted etodena. having given
articular attention to naval teoiioe, gunuery,
and tbe application of steam to vessels ot war;
upon these subjects be bae written aome valu
able worke ' Ai the age of 17 tears, oa the 4 b
ol March, 1824, be en eced tbo Navy, and Bailed
the Constitution as a midshipman for foui
ears. He bad seen much active service on the
AfrtOdO Uoest and In tbe tiult squadron ' He
was also at ono time a proles or In the Naval
School at Annapolis, and : bad for four voare
been la command oi tbe receiving ship North
Carolina. . He gave up the latter eituation in
order to engage In more active duty, end his ex
ploit 'at Eiewell'o Point ie well remembered.
Capt, Ward was married In 1839 to a daogter
of (Ufa besauet vvsittemoro ol this city. ; Uu
widow ie now la ttdrope. . - a later Bhrpaeen eon-
cornibg this affair, gathered -from an official
touroe, sutee that Cap Ward did not land bis
men with tbw design of setting tbera at work
npon tbe coneiruotiou of a battery, but that bis
intention wae to barn a piece of .brushwood
wbiob served as an ambash whenoe reble rifle
men 'wre id tho habit of firing upon eaealog
vetsels-oTwo of tho four men wouoded were
desperately Irjured, and two seriously, in the
language of mo report.
Lieut. Tompkins.
The following handbill le panted in tbo vloirr
Ity or.rlrtax tvourt House: .;. , .- . i
: ' ; - , 4. . ", ., ' -
cF1ve hundred dollars reward will be uatd to
ary man wnatsoever. who shall deltverio toe
Headquarters or tbe Virginia army, or to aoy
regular rcoruUing Commissioned officer tbe
bead of one Tomtikiua, of tbe -vandal r offline
Under old Abe Lincoln;, or euy one of his troop,
that entered tbe town of fair lax, one Hundred
dollars will be paid for his head. By order ot
the universal consent.' ic j td : i vr.o He;
,(4.1 I
a c . .. - ..... h'S"! "ia
'k r- T t .... a-. . srv.
i A issruwr wire i n't uaaus sasas,. I sr
J.ieepb (Mico.) .Traeei-r, 13 b lust , givee
IbO loitowing accoiut ot an alarming adveaiure
with SokkeBt c ' 1 'Jii .4.0.1 Ivk'oiJi.
T "Wo irwrw that JagAMGrkbem, Era.,tyars
aod-dreeed sheriff, whose adventure tritb, tbe
wolf, which, It will be recoleoted, be. skated
down and caoeht on 'the river last 'winter, an
expiate, By tbe way, teat' bob Dee copied into
elraeet every paper It tp United statee, yeeler
daj wa the hero of sn adventure mora wonder-
lul than tue one above auuoea to. 4wnue
csoeainit i piece o marahy prdund", borderlog on
the northern Bavou bear -this vUlnire, In eom-
aany with a small boy, be discovered two ex rty
erdlnary largo blue racer snakes ahead. ot him,
and althouau, armed with notblot but an inslg-
BlfideDt atick, he reeolved al once to. endeavor
to derpttcb tbe monsters i neretore, oy ae
aoriblner a ' circle, ha headed 1 tbeot off, and
hammed tbess in dext tbe water, which Able
aptas of reptile dislikes exceedingly, but as ho
approached nearer and nearer,, the . largest
ooe, jwttb Bead erect,' turned Upon him, aod
I . 4 I..4..I ! Mnll .l la. ai-wa -
IS, , mil IIBMU. - wn - . wmvwaj, ,ia,.J
body about bis legs wittj euoh, teoaelty that it
was impossible fotlum' ttunujtjjtom bie tracks
without falling over.. 13 In, spite , of, this, pre
rliMraent. tbe sheriff wae hot much alarmed
Until bo saw. the other snake, fh.ob bad, roeao
ttotl been runnipg from eide to eide, suddenly
start' towards' him, and' with the qulckuess ot
1111010100: leabflp iBt-klm, eatobina -bis ' rlfcbt
V m ta ite embraoe, end binding it to bie body ae
V it bad been eeoured witb chains of steel, and
ot Bourse, notw bstanamg Be Btretatrd even
nerve tn- rb VlTuTi( be euald eerreike It
Witb Hiaioffchosjsaw! a, tbeath, knite Iroa a
breast pocket of pis eoal. and ms.de abort, work
nf aavariuc the oolle of his disagreeable fote
" 4 , . t . - . ,
The largest ot tnese monsters measured eeven
fret' four and one-half Inches, aod the other flea
feet eight inches la length. The sheriff says
that it keened to Htm tbat ibe temble emireee ' !'- 1
of the lrg reptile wae eqaal to the eieoitht i.,j
wbloh two mee eould bring to bear on a rope nt.
ab mt 4 pereoo's limbs, and wae extremely pain.,
while tbe qultkoese of their movements''' 1' ''
was indeed aetootsbiog He brought awav their
neaoe as iropoies of bie Victory., . .. t , l w
'.. 1.1
Spring , & , Summer ."" Millinery.
, j i ' ' - i7 i' t -.: . . , ( ..'
,' j The Stock rteplenlahed .r
'. DAILY ';
Spring & Stunmlsr Millinery
' Is bow oaenplete, eomp rising every variety ef Mlllbs
eiy; alio, a large uurtmeut of Bmbrotdtiles. Hosiery ,
and Ni nons. Ate , and Is quantities and prices that oanj
not fall) to suit all who msy favor us with a oall. The
goods bave been bought at Pauls prices, and wlU be SoM
at a smgll advance on tost. n j ;
-"' .If ;-! :, -i ;.;
MissM E YOUNG, late of New York City,,.,
will superintend the Millinery Department- Her long
experience In tbe moot fashionable Bstahltshment ta '-'
Broadway wdl alone be a warranty that she will be able
to glreentlre sailsfaeUoo Is matters ef lute ts all who
may favor her with their orders. -
Tbe (.sdles of Columbus and vicinity will please ao-
eept my einoere thanks fir tbelr liberal patroaag, aad
weald respectfully i elicit a eontlouanee ef the same.
i R. H WARE,
6S Eael Tewn Bt., Colamkes, S.,
eprlllSm-eod . , .. . ,
2ST6.'4 Gwvnne Block.
P. STONE & O'HARRi. ' ,
. TBB 00008. and Invite the nubile to inanar-t
thes I No each etiek nf Oooda haa ever been breaght ta
uua marxes. i ne eouin, tn eooseqaenee of the reilar r i i ; .
of the graio crop, haa not been ante to purchase the ua- H
oalqnantlty of rich goods, end this feci buloroed the
Importers to sell them at public atwilm. '"or bayer
(Mr. atone) neiag ia New York al these large sales, took ,
of them, and we can and will seil ou goods
here, at less ibaa any ana who purchased two weeksarnce, .1
paid for tbem tn New York. Our stock Is oomplete In
sverv Bepa-tmentnf . i , .
dved r.nRfifis.-
ORLEANS, ' ' ' ' -
Pa nir.T wnvvft Vfavtri fr r'
Five Thausand Dollars Worth
i Bought in One Day,
Men's. Lavltes aod Children's Dsdev Shine aod Drawarsi
Laities, Mis-4s ani Uhildreo's U ieiery 0' all kinds. In
W jol and Lamb's Wool; fleecy Luted aod Cotton Q loves
of every make.
'' j 4 ALSO ' ' a '
A complete assortment of all tho usual varie-.
ties of ; t ., , . i .
- Th ' TWEEDS,
J ... RIBBONS, . - : , r. ',
es and Gent's Linen Cambrio Hand-.
' karohieCa. Aa . A-o.
To iersonl who call on ue, ire ole n eur words to '
how then Uie largest, beet and cbeaiieei stock of Hoods
ever see. In -bis market, or pay mem one d-illar per
hour While lookli g.
dsct-ol,8ta.ltw . BTOSBfc O'TJiBRA.
.JUiAA SJaV CTVll ai-.,' a,l Jl
1H0 S9 IO0TH1 H18H IflMt "i"'-'
1 - : 1 .' ' .4 . .1, .1
tl BB per yard. iu-n i. :-. 'ij ;i r. t- i.a . it
lleBOl'" yards Trstveimg Dreis and afaotle 'fioods'kt''
IS -B cents value 90 0a l perisri."'"."' ', ' . '
1,000 yards Whit BrlllaBteg t, 18 ! swots-.,..,,
, yaluj. BO ceotiuerjarda. .: : u .,uj iir;-.aA e..r
4,01 O yards fine and DometUo OlBghams greatly aa-i.c '.'
der Value. "r-1 ' ' - '"- . i-t..-i
l ''J r,.t --At.eJO- '-;' -- t-Ji
AtGE AlfD DESIRABLE XOr.pF.'i'j".!
CHAUtB.'FOlTlaRD" nllM, ' ' "''
-! EiTtnisa BmaiV, LAyittAsI
i . - 1. st.-uj
! ! - AND ALu OTHER i.;. . ,,..'
STeror and PVahtoxutbl XrreMa 3Kxd ;;;.',
la the meet deslmbte styles an I At eery lo-sra prioss. ia; A
Of ll anaier als, made In the moat styilih. SMnaer af tst . ,
dMIawtt Paris Pasnlons lbs most elegant styfts la i"'1"'
the at nr.
,u 4... . .4 ,w .v..., i.u;i4jt nai
a7l v-.
0 fx bain tt 99!tt'uan-,i
,'Ve. fS nth fllgngfjewtila -livij
ri)l 0 10
I sanl h.tiuw
SOMETHING lflttlu33
' ; fluiowo i?j no. e m v.U aietl uv-jB )jcki1 bad
- U I ' B - ' ' D. (;ili:
pAtevAtT NOLBB.BUUTtitlleAUflT.f al ui
vji.axiw vwaaais)eloavaew mmw-! u ,m:4 eeajsiallit,
manafactared hy C. OOWaRD k. CO . Soetoo, Mass"
These Wsti-hea are far supeilor to anything ever offered ' 1
to the pBhlle,- beretorore. BaW - the eielaelvw agrtr' -lean
wtltltaeaat prleea tw sals (he Omea. IiAavaieaSmT
aeoeivedaierge eteok ttl)n t iH f), aKjiiT,u,
-AMERfCAN WATCHE3, ' d edsuodt
Bfkotared by -APPLBrOlT, TBaCT. Sx Co'r iw.'s' '-'
Ana assortment ""' '' .'"-'-. A J ..q 0) .J.iandj
ll '. va '...-.. T ' .J -rtlaailia!
inuQiauiaeuvertjaeee,st psnloprloee. . . -
i tv (ii(j.'i n il ..,., u p.nw. a,w m
'mi FAvo'iirns Resort wex'mope!.!!.
pell I itcil.'J
for 'Vhnmavi
Jet. . I
ioa onor t
raHaatf K-eiaisa e'.asivita onauia vaa.itamiti, cuise
I 1 . P aavag. av.ar sa. it .
' 1 '
t. a auiimaa
I v . a fe4. .-..,4, J "-' ,T "JT
, "44, ot atnn, , jr
""1 Uwlg Center P. ..Delaware Co.; Ohio.- v"
may W.dlmo.
as tt
3 1 !
lo Idyii
IV?'!' cf
t vet
t iX

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