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KASTPEHin UTT.T.ia, PaMlsuars.
Meeting of the Democratic State Central
Tbe Democrttfa But Central Committee wlu
aaeet In theity of CelulabM oa Faioar, Jdxi
5,1661, 8 plo, P.'M A general tad
fcltendaoqe la reqoeatea. . ,. , q.
WM. MOUNT, Chairman.
W. J. JACKSON, Secretary.
No Paper To-morrow.
la udanoa willl ' tfmMng custom, Bad
to eaable all those engaged ,ia ths Sttlemin
offioe to participate in the recreations nd amuse
msnts of tht Dlrthflaj of American Liberty, no
.ill ha tinned from tail awe on to mor
row morning. Should the President VMemgt
k rMtd ihii afternoon, r a will issue it In an
extra. X lUU
CT There appoare to be a iispoeUlsn ! soaas
Republican quarters to rule ?0V. UgNmiwi ou
the track, and put forward t new man iw
ernor tbla fall. It hae been ael la Ohio to
ran the Jncumbeni ei tbe Executive Office for
second erm.'and It wonld be t new thing in
oar political annate, If it ebonld tora out that ike
.-'.,. arnmtlon to an nnlvareal
VvTfniur uv ui""v r
rale. Wny ihonldiebeietaildeT H be not
a Republioaa ta all standing-full of tie faith
ae It la laid down in the Chicago- platform 1
Should Gov. Dbbbison bs threat-asias, w wm
be taken ae evidence that the Republican party
la eenelbleof iU weak, and" waning oonditloo,
and will render the triumph of the Democracy
doubly ertaln,, ' n tr y:
No Paper To-morrow. Celebration of the Fourth--Who are
No Paper To-morrow. Celebration of the Fourth--Who are the Disunionists!
Th. kI la worried because, ae it aavs,
"there If U be no reading of the Declaration of
Independence. The Journal Is mistake), w
pnbUeh it entire on oor firet page, and we expect
all onr readera to read it carefully, and lay It
away tbatthey may refer to It- '
Wo regreexc6edugl"wn
menta hare not been made by ourcitlseas, far e
general celebretioa of thatday on. which onr
foretetheV declared that tbey wouM be free
from British oppression, which Declaration the)
made good after' a seven yean' war ' i .1
Bat the Journal aks: "' '
la it because we hate a few secessionist U
onr mides wtae bav put a damper upon tbt
HometJaard1,' M ' '
We know of no disunioaists or secessionist
in onr 'city except those about the Jvaraal
office. ' That paper hae thrown a "damper"1
upon many of Ita readera, by ita abuse and alan
dera of our glorioua old Union , which ie the no
ble etrnctnre reared upon the Declaration mad,
by onr forefathers on the'dth of Jaly, 1776.
It baa told the people throngh Its columns,
that our Union ' '
"Ia a heterogeneous Union whtch has gon
to the country to ba paaaed onr and wnlcl
failing to farther eubeerTe the ends of IU ere
at loo, ia about to be oast aside like the bod
which an immortal aoul has worn out and ihrowi
off, to eeek a new and more lasting tenement
Tbo Democratic Idea in America has outlirec
the Amerioan Union. That is all. The lite,
vitality, the soul of this idea, is about to bars
from its ehrysalis shell, and taking on a nea
form infesting some more tffuclire rebicle o
action will run that career of power in civiliz
ing and refining a crude world, which we be
lieve ie ita destiny under Heaven. .Politician,
and dotards may gabble aad weep tears of im
becility over the breaking np of an nnnatura
compact, but reason, Justice and humanity wil
gladly accep-. it as one of those cheering wvi
deneee that Providenoo la working good to tb
creatures of the earth throngh the process oi
vents n
It is not strange that men, who publish snob
vile slanders on onr Union as this, should want
the day to be forgotten, which gave it birth.
W. have no doubt the Junraaf believes that
onr Union has "failed to further ssbierve the
ende of its creation, ana is in iavor oi grow
ing it off, or is willing that it "shall as cast
Atioa," or, in other words,' it ia in favor of e
etdig,9t having K broken1?.
Again, ths Jnrtml kaa endeavored en
courage disloyalty to the Union by endeavoring
to make the people believe that it has been the
means of trammeling freedom, "free labor" and
"free thought." It said:
"A rigid-analysis of American patriotism
discovers but little gold. . ,Tnn enthusiasm at
the maeses for tko Union is more or ieas taoti
tioua. The Union has been apotheosized by
politicians for their own selfish aggrandisement
il has been made, their rallying ry.nwil the
unthinking bad become to invest 4t rith oar
tain degree ot sacrednesa. Bat "this truth has
reached the popular heart, aad intelligence the
popular mind, aad the masses aeo that the nat
ural giant etreogth of physical America, and the
maasurs of freedom. enjoyed by onr people un
der the Constitution, properly directed, have
made us what we are in spite of the Onion. It
Ie free labor an free theaght that have mtde
the American Union illustrioMi aad not the
Union which, baa developed those feetares ot
Democracy. And now that this tree labor aad
this restless, throbbing tree thought are nn
trammeled by ths Union,' the embarrassment
wlil be removed.' The ousf giants vefatr to
be manacled." ,8!tr..-S".SIA3 .t2U;:s:
The Jewnel falsifies .the people, when it says
'the enthusiasm of Jhe aMsset for tb Union, It
more or less factltlotia. 'T protest i against
that paper putting1 Op " feefings1 as a'ttandard
whereby tojudgd' thd taaswea ot ths AsMrfcaa
nni lova of ths Union., trm
Again tbo. esmsel kaa, for the purpoee of
.u.i. . riiffnat and dlalovaltv amacc the
um.uiB - r r - -
people for thd Union; Wld tether thrmrghItl
columns, m follows .... t . . , ,
The AmcenUea people oi uie wnw save
precipitated a work whlct) we believe advancing
ivUiaatiest and tha .teaobinge of Christianity
would bavoroaatoig.damsoded atthahaada-ot
tht) people of the North. The oomolioitf with
tba baibariam of alavery which she tatter bars
bad foroed upon them by the-Ualon has beeome
-' mmm .... smI BHt SmA
mora . . .
baea thrown Off voluntarily Worn tht lapse of
sanyyeara.v Jewno -reality
lor freedom1. Its leglalatioa hu all Oeen
ia tevpr-wf alawary,! when required, to sleoida
differences between wees Baupuuw. .m woy
should free men deplore the Ipse of the Ualoa t
Separata peaceful existences of the sections are
prelerapie to a union wuwu ui-iimij h
one and which retards the profraas of the other.
Tboereatoes of tbo Union sowed the seede of
Its inevitable death at the creation.' They
thong bt to beget s nenlthy body by an anaaw
ral eross between right rand wrong. Tbey
wut.. sua nMutria tk hnrmoninni. sWinmAtri flail
UOUIUI aV nnans -- , -4 -
whoU bj DleadiDg two opi.flifltlnf lumi
. I . Il r.n.i A .Km
expect to ba succesaiul when all history is
agaiaat thumTlAU nations that reoognix the
right of one man to oppress another, sooner or
later crumble Into dUsolatlon, and is thai ex
tinetbm we are bennd to reoogbize the decree of
jnstiot And why hop.l! the American people
alooe onr to enjoy immunity from this uatver
tVidoomV'J :-ai-iiv: -nJui. 1
The people will not believe tkat.lhls "Union
has done noting for redom.'. They rdg pot
b lieve tbaf its' leglslatiod lias all 'been' In
tw of slavery ." ' If ' tboj did.-then Wight
they feci as the Journal, and ask In Its own
ItniUARe, "Wbt SHotan ts Ka Mrxoai
Ths Journal says, "The oreators oi ths Union
sowed the needs of, lu ineviuble death at the
ereatlon.'VTbere Ie not . a trao patriot and
Union man, ho does not oait: this bat in the
teeth of the author aa a slander upon ths patriots
who oQcatroeled ta Union. t'S JX L v.
Further comment is unnecessary. We re
produce them, pujhls the Fourth of July, that!
the people may see that tr were are any eecee-
slonlsta and dlsunlonists in thia city, they stain
the offlos of the Ohio State Juml.- -One
wonld hardly suppose, any honest man ooold
possibly be in fvor"of a Union that was so In
famous u Is described in these extracts from
that neper, . 1 .....: c -o: ",t ...
Wo take this ooeasion to brand the entire
batch aa slanderers upon ths Union, and upon the
patrlotlb men who formed it. Are these the
'. Secessionists", who have put a damper on the
"Home Gaards". T ' i ; -:
The Anniversary of our Union and
; This is the ever memorable Fourth Of Jaly-r
the anniversary of both onr national Union and
Ialependence. .' 1 ' ' . '.
The Declaration put forth by the American
Congress on tbs Fourth of July, 1776, was oat
only a proclamation of the Independence of the
Colonies or S tates, bat of their Union also as one
people or natlea. The Union was in faot neces
sary and precedent to the achievement bf our
Independence. ! '' ;
Before the Revolution, the Colonies were not
independent and sovereign communities. They
all acknowledged common allegiance to the
soverolentv and Crown of Great BrlUia. After
the revolntion comsaeoctd, they did not several
ly tot for themselves, tad each assert their bwn
independence. The Declaration was the anited
act of all. It waa the Declaration of " the Rep
resentatlves of; the UNITED STATES OF
emblsd.M ' ". '
It was an' act not anthsrizod by the Colonial
charters derived from the mother country j but
an not of original; inherent sovereignty exer
olsed by the people of the United Colonies, by
ehioh tbey became " FREE AND INDEPEN
DENT STATES," absolved iroaa all allegiance
0 the British Crown.' ' The Declaration Of
Union aad Indepondeooe waa mads by . the
people for the benefit of the whole.
' The several Colonies or States are not named
In the Declaration- "We, therefore," says that
Instrument, "the Representative of the United
State In, General Congress assembled, ,ap
pealing to the Supreme Judge of the World
for the rectitude of our intentions, in the Nam
and by ths AorHoiiTr of the good people of
those Colonies, solemnly publish and declare,
that these United Colonies are, and of right
ought to be, Fret and Independent States."
1 His clear from these emphatic words, and
from ths whole history of the War of the Rev
olntion, that we owe onr freedom andlndepend
eoee to the Union, wlthent which they could
aever have been achieved. ',',Vt V
' The power to make the Declaration was not
derived from tbo State Governments, bnt waa
vested in a Rational Congress, clothed with
ample powers to promote a general onion and
"eetatanee to the British Crown, aad exercising
he ambles! attributes of national sovereignty.
The Congress of 1776 acted npon the ground
.hat a National Union lor national pnrpoaes
tlready in faot existed. They only made pro
ilamation to the world of. the existence of the
Union and Independence of the people of the
Colonies, under the asms of the "United States
if Amerioa." They confi nied and re-estab-iabed
the Union for national purposes, and for
leenring the oommoa lights and liberties of all
the people, -t- :i ' ",
But while the Congress was Invested with na
tional and external sovereignty, the individual
States retained their internal and local sove
reignty. Thia Is the grand, the ennobling fea
ture of our sjstem which the people have re
tained and vindicated for" eighty-fire years
May It be perpetual S , vv
Trade Them Off.
It is said that Senators Scum, Wilsor,
Want, and others, Irrepressibles of the House
sf RspreeeatatlvM at Washington, have gens
on a pleasure excursion to Fortress Monroe. ;
Bow would it do lor Gen Btrrtxa to exchange
them for noma of our gallant soldi are the Rebels
have takea prisoners T 'The oeantry can spare
them much better than it can the officers and
rank and file of the army " V . ' J
They will do mora mischief, ia one day at
Washiagton,thin- the army can remedy in a
month. ' ' '.'. v-wi -'1 '
Geft. Bdtlib Is a Yankee, ani. we thick , be
could make a satis factory swap. j;,: , .
. 1 I ill II. 1 1 LI ' 1 -V
Ex-Congressmen Hunting Clerkships
--General Dissatisfaction.
!.. J. r-i n i- :-' '.
Tht Etquirtt'g special from") Washington
says:, " A lanre a umber el 1 ax-members of
Ooogress are' here sseklnj "for clerkships to
commUtees," and "that all the pemocrats are
to bs ousud." "The Gevarnmeal ia .losing
eoiifldenee ia Gen. Sown aad ia "dissatisfied
with Gen. Pattimw," aid that the appoint
ment oi Gen. Dix was not agreeable to the
Cabinet." .fith t .1 aAS
r Froat nil this . one1 wpuld suppose that the
managera of the "machine" were generally in
a oompleie state of dlssafiafaetlon. ; We ean
add that the people are as much dissatisfied
with ih whole concern at they are, with each
other j . Tbey had . battw. take Ouun'i ad
vice, fpack their trunks and abdicate." : 1
-"-. 11 1 n ! net 1 1 1 1 . t ' . '
OlOar neighbor of the ear nal It in t lingular
trcod at this time.' The editor does not appear
t know that soma of his eollaegaae ia this
State! tre tugging and swettlng-to get np a
Ualoa ticket for the fall alecfloui Whtl dtfiers
treat, the proposition with 'corAempt, ivA nle
the abthors of it out of the pale of the party.
We wonld be axtwodiagly triad fo know what
the Jotmal thinks about tht matter. ' Is It for
a Union ticket, or does it go In with the "irre
press Ibles" or a clsaa . aad squea Repablioan
nomlaatioa 1 , Gentle neighbor, gratify our wort
oalty and tell ut, If . yon please, what yon think
on the subject. .We txs curious to know,' and
ebaU not reel eaay until tbe central argan proi-
aoanoea.- u.i- '
--. I (
ID", The CmmrcidVi Washlngtw oorres-
nondeiit, o! the 3d, says: "
"Oat thousand negroes art now employed by
the Rebels in filling ths cat on Bfanassae Rail
' Tbla might be called one of the "slave fcsnr-
reotiotos" ear Rapnbiican frieodti have been
talking s6 much about, kUd felyfng npon
j, ,n 1 1 , 111 1 m 1 1 1 11 1 1
Administrative Ability.
Tai Cincinnati tomircil lays': 'Wa want
mora administrative, ability in the. Adminiet;
tlon " It Is too lata new.,: Yon taonid nave
thought of that at the -last election, whoa yon
were telling the people ths ralf:splltter "was Just
the man. It was well known bat lapoui had
no administratiTO oapaoityr aad nw one knew It
any better thstr the editor of the Cemmtrcial
And stllj it advised be people to elee t)S rail-.
splitter.. Stj'' !!' fc-a ,:.- ii'-U' s- t.- .(:
The Corwin Amendment to the Constitution.
N -
- , x - '.. .--A
Tbo Boston Atlas ie most wretobedly worried,
beoasse, salt says, "ofie branch of the New
Hampshire Legislature has adopted the CoawM
amendment to the Constitution,- which pissed
Congress by a close rote just, before the last
session terminated." eto. "
f As to the "close vote' the AlU speaks oi,
we believe it, requires,' by the- Conatitntion,
"two-thirds of both Houses" to propoeejamend-
menta. - So much for the otose vote. . "
The Mat further fay: ;. .'
"The Corwia amendment has received the
sanction of only Sth Northern Legislature, that
or Knoae island, and we trust that It is not too
late to prevent New Hampshire from being dis
graced by similar notion."
It nay be that the Alia ignore Ohio aa s
Northern State; bu we can inform the editor
that the Senate and House of Representatives
of Ohio did "saaction" and adopt that amend
ment; and ae far as Ohiojls oonoerned, it is 1
part of the Conatitntion of the United States.
Each branch of the Legislature was Republi
can; but there were tome Republicans who
were not like tbo editor of the AZes Aboil
tlonlata they voted with the Democrats.
We hope bur Boston cotemporery will per
spire freely at this unpleasant information! '
Negro Voting—Returning Sense.
Last year, the Republicans in ths Connect!
cut Legislature voted, by a large majority, to
amend the Constitution so as to allow negroes
to vote. It is required, that the amendment
should be again submitted to the Legislature,
and If approved by two-thirds, then to be tub
mltted to tbe people. It hss again been sub
mltted to ths Legislature, and was voted down
7yw4eVaayal30. .. . -,'
Thia is alarming to the "irrepressibles,"
and wonld Indicate that the people were about
taking the "sober second thought." ' '
- The revulsion in public sentiment on this ne
gro question will be terrible Tbo Jtttrtal of
Cmmtret adds: ' t
"So Sambo's hopes are quashed and his pott
tlon as a citizen more shadr than sver. Per
bans tbe Republicans never designed to let him
Tote, bnt noted favorably to the project last year
mereiv for party eneot. roor samDo nas Deen
extensively used for party purposes for mscy
year, bnt we guess this war will about use him
n fnr nraT " :
Talk to the Point.
In RiDfATH'S Pine and Palm, we find a com
munloation directed to "ColoaiB AMcaicivs,'
from which we copy the following ominous sen
teace. It is written by a negro. He says:
'Wt say unhesitatingly, we want to be part and
parcel of the ewnere and rulers of this country,
within the boundaries ot tbe United States, to
which we are entitled by all tbe sawed functions
of sacrifices, residence and loyalty. If not
that, then we call for a division of tbe same."
We admire the boldness ot this "oolored gentle-
man" more than we do the low cunning oi the
AboiUloniata, who, under specious pretexts, and
bogus patriotism, are working to effect tbe
identical results which be claims, The day is
not far distant when tbe white men of the
country will tee sad feel ths resulta of the
workings of the abolition diiunionists. Wa
hop it may not be too late.
The Right of Petition What we are
Coming to.
We dip tbe following from the Jturul f
8ikimo a ConrtOMisa Fctition. Detectives
Eustace and Farley, by direction of the pjlice
authorities, on Friday seized, at an office in
Wall street, two copies ol the following peti
tlon, which were, together, signed b more than
700 names:
T Hx Exullenef Abraham LinctU, Ptuidtnt
e tht Uuittt orates;
The Budersigned citizens of New York, beg
leave to present to you, most respectfully and
earnestly, the following considerations: 1
While tbey bold themselves read? to sustain
and defend their Government, and yon aa its
legal head, tbey respectfully suggest that the
only remaining nonorame poattion tor yon to
prevent the horrors of a civil war and preserve
tbe union, m to adopt toe policy or an immedl
ate General Convention of all the States, as
eugcesied in your Inaugural,
Thia eeorae would aeonro a peaoefnl solution
of our national difficulties; sad if any State re
fased la join said Convention to amend tbe Con
stitution, or adjust n riACfrcL separation, it
weald atend ananunonaly condemned before tbe
elvtiicea world.
Earnestly deprecating civil war among breth
ren, we implore and beseech yon to adopt this
course, which, you may rest assured, ia the real
voice ot the people.
We confess we are led to ask where will these
tbinga stop. Police officers, directed by the po
lice authorities to seise pttititni from the people,
which were prepared in respectful terms to tbe
Pretldentof the United States!! 1 u " "
; Article first of the Constitution says "Con
great shall make no law . , prohibit
log the people" petitioning the Government for
a redrees of grievances."
No matter what (he ipeople may think are
their grievances, they have the right to petition
for redress. . Wo are certainly coming to n
pretty pass', when poUct officers are to be toler
ated in taking from the people thel: petitions to
their President ar Congress. :. .
We may pause and reflect upon, these things
with profit. . .
J m. . tr . r 1 . ' : it
ine new 1 or a ntria reproves icia laiamous
act at follows:
The Chief of police hat again distinguished
himself by an indiscreet display of official zeal.
He has nounced npon a petition to wmcn aa in
considerable number of names are affixed, pray
ing ait excellency Abraham Lincoln to do a
good tnaoy utterly impracticable things, with
the purpose of "averting the horrors of civil
Is Mr. Kennedy yet to be informed thst tbe
right of petition is sacred and inalienable? If
so, It would be well (or bim to experience that
aeceas of much needed Intelligence. Tbo fact
that the petition, waited by bis orders, embodied
a prayer from which tbe public mind, In its pres
ent mood, revolts with unspeakable Indigna
tion, does not in any degree mitigate the absur
dity and Injustice Of lu seizure. Mr. Galon
has a right to pat nis nana to any petition
whatsoever. ' He may petition that all houses
shell hereafter bo built with gables, and tbe
gables tamed to the atreet. He may petition
that members of Congress shall wsar secession
cockades on their obonlder blades and go bare
foot in the summer time. - Who cares? As to
tbe goad sense or patriotism of the Invocation
wtrieb the are moved to pot np, tbo general
public and the petitioned are at liberty to judge.
Tbo plea that the aeiznre was made for the pur
pose of -allowing those who had signed the pe
tition in Ignorance' of its character to expose
tbo fraud Is simply specious. Few men. in
time like the present, dribble their signature
aboal oardessly. '-The troth Is, Mr. Kennedy
hss displayed more veal thaajadgmeai -W
give him credit for the former.' Toe lack of
the tarter which ae Baa disisayed In thia matter
Is Worthy of the severest reprobation. -
. 1 1 . . ..
Eiisateo or Taovisioits on tbi Nashtilli
Rah-BoaO. On Saturday evening a considera
ble qaauiity of rice was put on board the cars
at Ne-bville, Jor transportation to this city.
But onr Southern brethren in authority cooid
not think of letting as bs fed in that way. A
little belore tha time for the oars to start, they
want to the depot, and ordered the rloe to be
taken nt of the oar. , And It Was taktn out.
Xawbs&fs ewrM!, cTaadat;. , ; ,. ,'.t-"Wi
. Kentucky appears to bt between two fires.
Tbey won't let her have sugar or rice from tbo
fionth.orevsn whsat or pork from fttorthv
How long will ber people stand t&isi :i t!ti f ,
Coming to. The imperial Appearance of the
White House.
Tht Washington oorraspondenl of Willis's
Hems Jsaraal makes aa IteSt in one o) his (ot
ters about the sppearacoe of the White House,
which wo transfer to ottt oohunns, ss followti
Until now, the Presidential atansloa hu al
wave soma ad to-mo alaooerlv- eervad aaw ae
or two shabby-coated servants who were to be
seen occasional I v in the lanefv I corridors, not
osiug enough ror ma proper Stataimees 91, wa
. . -" 1 ' . . m . ,
uwtuing 01 tne unier tiaiistrata. eat 11 ia
aurprlaing what as improTamonlia made by the
multiplying or unllorms and sentries. 1 ns no
ble gate seem for the first time suitably at
tended, and the thick sprinkling of officers,
among tne crowds la tae nails and avenaes, ae
cord rightly with the architecture and associa
tions. With the nlavine- of the red-coated
Marine Band in the grounds, the other after
noon tbe gay crowd of ladies and soldiers, and
the President's family in the half olrcle ot the
balcony it was really difficult not to believe
one's self in Vienna, the White House, fdrenea,
looking sumptuously Imperial. ' '
, 8uch Is tht gorgsoas; iascrlptioa of tbe sur
roundings of ths White House, at it appears
under the occupancy M Honest-old Asa Lin
coln," the rail-spllttar.fi Formerly it was plain
ly served, and but few servants appeared within
tht edifice. The Chief Magistrate had nt body
guard ; no platooa . of . soldiers Infested the
avenues to the dwelling of the Chief Magistrate
of the Nation. It was in fact ths paragon of
Republican simplicity. But how changed since
Assabam, the Illinois rail splitter, became its
occupant. It now looks "sumptuously Imperial,''
and reminds the bewlldertd, beholder of soeoee
in Vienna. What a change ! How soon, alas
how soon will this Imperial display give way to
the former simplicity of the Executive mansion
May the time speedily eome, : . f A ' 0 . i
" 1 jaMSHBWawiaaMaww n 1 ' ' "
Gen. Fremont.
...It is slyly whispered about that certain influ
ences in tbe Cabinet are at work, to prevent
bim from making Presidential capital. Tbe
Cmmrtitl is worried about It, aad grewla like
this: v4v..i ' t.'iev . l wi
' "There appears to be a disposition at htad-
qnartera to put Gen. Fremont in come out of
the way corner, where ne can Of Kept idle ana
inglorious. As for sending him to Harper's
Ferry, be might aa well be sent to Sing-Stag
Tbe people are not vary -much oonoerned be
cause Gen. Scott's antipathy , to Gen. Wool
keeps the latter in oloeo confinement at Tror
New York 1 bat there w'li be w 'movement,'
popular, if not military, if the candidates for
the Presidency in tbe Cabinet should seam par
ticularly solicitous to place Fremont whets be
would not nave an opportnntty to serve nis
country." ' - Vj , . j ; j J ; :7 3 ;
If the Ctmmirfiil has been speaking the
truth or Uahesok and otbera, Bing omg wouia
not be a very insporonriate place for some of
them. Of Camison it eavsr - -
"The want of comprehensive business capac
ity and of Integrity in Simon Cameron, baa
greatly retarded the development of tbe milita
ry resources 0! the Uovernmant. ' . r
0The Sandusky Regitttr is not satisfied
with the views of the Stttttman on Ohio poli
tics, and says we sympathize with treason be
cause wo cannot look through ita glasses and
adopt the policy it proposes. It is needless for
as ta reply to tbe twaddle of the Rtgitttr; bat
we could suggest to that paper that it. had bet
ter torn its attenlion-to the press of ita own
party, which repadiatet all Ita proposition! for
a union of parlies, and bring it into line." Tht
Asbtabnla Stxtiml has just -read ths Cleve
land Lttdtr oat of the Republican party for its
temerity in ths premises, and next the Seatittl
will torn tha RegUter out to grass for the heresy
it has been preaching. ' ', ' ;-.
The whole scheme is insincere and impractl
cable, and therefore unworthy of consideration.
The RigitUr mast face the music.
Jim Ashley Again.
Thia Abolition pest has written another letter
from Cincinnati, dated Jane 31st, to the Toledo
Blade. He says
IniToa Bl&de : the Beerattry ot War has recently
bseo making iwo exotilt spaeohta, wniea A niuy in
dune aud whlen I waat all loial Colon aa will fat In-
done, even la the Clara States. Ia his speech to the
7ih PconajlTuiia Regtment, h said :
"WAatner uie war wouia s iob( or inon, dttoto ic u
ended, theeaaw of the ritellion will ke biettet oat."-'
And anli. in hlafD-aeh laat Thnndar nlaht, to. the
79th Ne or (Scotch) BefUnent, he etd :
. -1 Will M7 DOUlUIK HM MPIHIMII,llnU U1U.
that, aa waaiald a aeaMnt uo, It hu at lu head a PreW
Ident as boneet and as uptight a aian a ever lived; aad
I believe thie war will not and, with his content, antil
then wlllbe no cause left r war" lAppunee.j
. u thia means anything, U BMane Douung oner ls
Uum that what 1 hsr been atleaptlaf to skew as the
policy the Administration ought to adept, aad j cut what
the? would be oapeiie to aaea u uey wow eieer
aally enuh thteemiplraey ataiael tbo Oovenaienl ant
aula tha dffloalt fur all MM SO) O0BM. bV ' Uottina
ant," u tbe Secretary wvar tha "satis tfth nttt-
That ahlnt or all our religions joamais, (tne aew
York Indtpmdma.) In speaking ot this subject, sayr -.
lb boelmaeoomaanity hare aaada ap their mloda
to nnt thia matur (elaveral beroad all poaelblliv ol da
tnrMnc us aaaut and th.s eaa oalybadoMbydsatreslng
alawery aa a ota. Wltluot dotag that tha war aigbt
bo protracied ror ten year: witn tau a oonia o nniaoea
Iti two. Smanelvation mutt com. Shi lefaet be
oonUng the ton oi the rellg loni and iecalar pieee ol
the DulPlS and UM " o ooeaaMroiai aa muioan
am of Whigs. Deaacrati aad aUpahlkao. aaelavarj
applied the nil and the eeed 01 the rebellion. It mait
be rooted oat, by a law of JoeUos and neeeeeity."
So ti mel after aiL thai the vMars I hart bteo ad-
VBBoina are not sut aoerored bv BMaikar of the Cab
inet, bat that the ant religion Journals ot the country
inaore loom, ana A (ran u a lew aaontoa aura u en
tire North aiil be a anltln Indortlnc theau aad ale th
rroeTJnlon hi ia th tooth who lev the Ualoa and
liberty better tbaa slavery ana aasyousa y ,
The Administration ha ataadiliasisaa'.thls
wu not the object, The Abolitionists who
eontrol Its action belle. His; ?
War News Virginia.
[From the Commercial's Special at Camp Philippi,
July 23.]
. On Saturday two companies, Cap. fllillerAf,
OhlpFonrtoanth.andCapl Ponaally'ajr'irat Vir
ginia, left Rowlssbnrg to protaet tbo palls of aa
election held in tbe vioinity of Tacker county,
for Delegates to the floats of Delegates, -to
mset In Wheeling. . Tbey Jteard that eighty
Rebel cavalry were advancing upon them, and
ambuscaded in Virginia form. The Rebel! dis
covered It before more tbaa nine of their nam
ber bad entered tha trap, when n Ira opened i-
Private Smith, In Miller's O'impany, had fired
and wu reloading. when n Rebel discharged a
shot gun, tbo load entering Smith'e forehead,
carrying off the top of his head. Capt. Miller
Instantly shot ths Rebel through the heart with
nis revolver. , . ,,
Two- other cavalry atoned for Wmith'i death,
with their lives. Tbe rabeli that beat raw t.
Smith wa one of the bvat aad heat msn in
ths 14th Ohio. aiv in a it iom r
It is reported that Wist, with fom rwgimeany.
would join the Rebels at Laurel Eill ta day.
ITisir loroe, inolndlng Uoorgiant, aenaesaoa
ans and North Carolinians, la estimated at from
10.000 to 15.000. . Wise swears he'll attack ns
M too 4th. ...,- r.
We hope to march to morsow at least. . All
quiet here, i - - - ' - 'J
There has been no fight at Backhsnnon.
Ths Rebel cavalry occupied It only long enoflgn
to carry off fifteen wagon loada ot provisions.
fna romsray, OhK'aly 9) .
. Wt bare had Inteo ozoltemeat along tbe
border trom Galllpolit, Ohio, to Rarenwood,
Virginia, for the last forty-eight hours. Sconts
reported Wise coming down with eoneiderable
force from Charleetown, Va. Chat. Millet, Esq.,
and Chaa. Wagoner, ot Maaon oonnty, promi
nent Union men, have bean taken priaoneni,aad
are now supposed to bt in the secession camp,
at Cnarleetown. - -' - A : - -
An attack on Foint Pleasant, Virginia, and
Galllpoils, OUo,ia espectad aeon. ,
been captured at Oallipolisr and-twelve here,
AQuut thirty prominent secessionists bavs
as hoatagea tar Miller and All
G. C.
tT "Mankind,", toys an
eminent medio)
writer, "appear to act at If the aijn of . Ufa' wai
to see bow much the animal organism wools
bear, before Its harmony Is ffistorbsd lafictenb-
canso death," ,., 5 , ,1 j a.. u
Gen. Butler—Arrest of Col. Allen, of
the 1st N. Y. Regiment.
"We oodv the following from the Fortress
Monroe 'correspondent of tha N. Y. Timet ot
She 29th oi June:; j H l ' l
I understand that the charges aaainal Calonel
Allen embrace sevvral effsoses. lie is accused
ia tha first placs. of going beyond tha line of
onr pickets with men of his command, whicji is
in direct violation of military law. . His men,
moreover, have been guilty, at various times,
of very serious violations of private rights, In
committing depredations npon private property,
and in oft'arina- Inaulta to persona Who had In no
way subjected themselves to our hostility." Yes
terday, or day befor, he Is aocased of having
seized aim Seraong. and bronchi them Into eamp
aa prisoners, In spite of the faot that three of
tnem exhibited permits to remain on tneir rarrn,
signed by General Bntler, and the other three
eihibitad nlmllar naaaea. alansd bv Col Allen
hUselfi This violation of a permit la in Itself
a very serlons violation oi military law. Col.
Allen's excuse is, that these six msn. were at
work for a aecessionist, and were abont to bar
vest a splendid field of wheat, oi which the al
leged aeoeaslonlsl (a widow) was owner. - It is
further charged, that after making the arrest,
ha ordered tha wheat-Bald to ba set on- fire,
and it waa atterlv destroyed. 8uoh an act of
vandallam aa thia. certainly deserves the sever
est punishment -, Allen alleges, however, that
he did not order the burning, but that it was
dona bv tha nee-roe, and thai h bad. moreover,
been told by them that the six men whom he
arrested were not engaged in harvesting, but
were intending to Aeal borses In his camp. He
declares his ability to refute all the charges
that are brought against him, and attributes the
arraal to tha milina of hia enemies. "
I am bound in justice to say that the most
serioas and apparently well-founded complaints
are made' against our troops of depredations
npon private property: -The men oi Col. Al
len's regiment have been somewhat conspicuous
la ths alleged offenses, though they have by no
means been aoanaed to them, a ren tne v er
moot ted Massachusetts regiments, staid and
law-abiding as they are justly supposed to be,
are implicated in eome of the most blameworthy
of those transactions.- Our volunteers seem to
hava anncoatd that nlnnder and general lawless
ness were among the ordinary and justifiable
lncid nts af war, and tbey have not been as ef
fectually restrained In this matter as tney
should have been by the officers. There seems,
Indeed, to be on the side of the authorities
everywhere, a general relnotanoe to face tbe
fact that we are at war, and to govern their
oonduol accordingly. They do not thick of en
forcing anywhere the stringent regulations of
ths military code. If men are arretted, it I
mainly a matter, of form. Nob as yet have
been tried, notwithstanding ths many, arrests
that hava been made; but: if trials should bs
had, aad convictions follow, ws have nothing
in our past experience to justify tbs belief that
saertted punishment would lollow. Uae thing
is becoming dally more and more evident by
our experience in this. section, viz l that unless
an army is to degenerate into a mob; unless
everything like discipline is to bs abandoned,
and tbe great body ot our troops .permitted to
follow their own Inclinations, and make the
name of Union men a by-word and reproach, we
must nave a more rigid and relentless enforce-.
ment of the laws than we have had hitherto..,.
' '
-: v
Tsi TtiBona on thb Niw York World.
The TVtiaas of July 1st, thus disposes of the
World. We should judge Grziliy givet pretty
good reasons hy that paper supports the Ad
ministration: . , ... , ,;
"There is a sickly concern In our city, oalllng
Itself tbe Wtrti. which started on prulessieu
oi piety and elevation above tbe low atmosphere
of politics, and one of whose editorial corps
wrote to Seotb Carolina, last winter, that nut
one of ita editors voteor tor Lincoln, as ws an
derstand waa tbe faot. , Now, with ita oolumua
stuffed with government advertising, and the
Sogers of its managers understood to be pretty
deep in contract Robing, it out-n erode ovary
thing in Its show oi aevvition tu, aud aupeiser-
vioaable seal tor, tne Administration, wmcn it
aocnuee the Tribune ut oppoeiug." ....
ANTED 10 000 Uotiomers to bay 15 cent Ambro-
tDsaM. wtTI SUboao AmMotlD Jtooai. Mo.
81 High etreet, golombas, Vble, , ., v
TXTANTID 100,000 Cnrtomere U bay SS cent Anbro-
II tpcs at a Willi Ubeap AmDrotyp Boom,
Elf h itreet, 4 doors Morth of th Aaurlcaa. atolel, Co
turnout, Ohio.
TTaNT1D 1.000,000 Cnitomers at M. WITT'S tmt
1 V Art fnoioerath Oallerj, to her Photorrjh,
made, titter oolored or plain, of all sitea, In ehort. all
kind of Uellagnuha made anywher and in th beet
ill or to art.
atlgh atreet, 4 .doors North of the, Ancricsn Hotel,
UMBssba, uai. . , -, . ,.. .
ANTID 10 000,000 Oostomers to bar Card Photo.
eraDhama a fall lenzth or elmnle bnita. at M.
Wirrd yine Art Photograph Qallery, i doors North ot
the American Hotel, diamine, Ohio, '
J4-lw ........
Heevtiqiusirterrj Ohio Militia and
. . i. "Voiuntewr Militia..
i I
. OoLOMsoa, JantW, IdUl. -
Special Order No. 403.
CAIH AaiinJB P. BUCKlNUHAM, Oonnnlissry Oen
oral of th Bute of Ohio, is hereby appointed Adjutant
Oeaeial of th Stat of Ohio, with the rank of Brigadier
Seneral i said appointment to take effect on 1st Jaly
lgeLatsaa time with th resignation of B. B. Car-
rtngton, heretofore tendered, and he will be obsred and
reipeeted accordingly. ' ' 1 ' , ' '
- y order of the Omsmaader-in-Ohlef. '
' ' . IT. B. CABRISOI0N, . ..
Jj3 ! ,' it. ! v , AdJtaiit General. .
vBCeadqtiarteia Ohio Militia and
" ) . VAliinlvai. -rvrnttin.
If. '(j
1 n
OoLoasos, Jaly 1, 1801. )
Special Order ,'Np; .404.
Captain COLtMBUt DS tANO.eaiatant 4omsleMry
f aabalttano, is hereby appointed Commissary GM -al
ot th Btate of Ohio, with the rank of Brlgai?r (J OlnT,
tie Oarharlnos t. Baekinghanr, appointed A Jt Bit
OeMral of th Btato of Chlo( aid he yrljl J odsi J and
retptoted accordingly, fit,.) -t 1 1 ti I
i r $y order ef th Qomntander iit-Ohlefri ,i ,
j f j , " 1 ' v o. P. BDOilNQFAil,
j -.;..',.) ,r: ":1 3tanttsn,ral,
Treasury J)epartm't, .July 3 1861.
Iraaaarj at tk aloe of kuslMt, June II, lbvl.
Balsno Genera! Revenue f and..... I.'.. ....89 M
i Canal fond ........W...t... TH Oi
blnklnf Vaad...... ..lit SH 4
s, a,.,.nMiMaMitnnJ ..laftaii an
iT Dlalriot Sehool Llarary " ........... , Bt
. JHIlutry.. 1 757 53
,' Bank iudemptlon '. , "s. 1,381 So
1 per cent. , 10 04
-7 1 flit Bank riinslanatl ' l'07S S8
- Oaalalt01ve1and .c ,.,.iV.,:'l,t H
.'m A'v-
Balaaoa-ia treeertry.rf.., ..... v. ...3t,69 to
Th above nasted balaaoeoonittti of tbefot-
lowing Iwaw:
taw l '
By Onrrcaey'
9145.089 00
, 66.044 Bl
. '4 4U9 B7
By Coin
H. t. Blchanjre........
Oompt Sft oa County Trta's.
B Natlaaal Boad Stock.:
111,000 DO'
CO 37
86.015 00
Draita in tranMtn foreolleolton.
Pa from ltd. Banks-. ........
. 304 OS 364,099 80
A. P.BTOSB. Treat, af Stat. -,
B. Wt XAYLBU, And . Df Hft. -,
. . . ; i By O. C0LH,CJill Clerk.
. ... --' I "''
JjJ-lt , , -y.-, .
earner SprlBtT Water st.,,,, Vl
W. &' POTTQ & 00
tat Maaafaccareri of Bra end Oompoeltloa Oaallnn.
( ttnlohrd Braes Work of all Deterlp Uont.
Electro fjaUni anilding!)
steciu cvttinc, tc: : ' '
,fbl tl-ly !. .;!; U ,t:.aJ .H
NBW STYLES Bala) 4c hn. No. nus.uih
lata atNOi, ban !ue, ocOnpS aaw etrlr ef Cum Cim.
etiLaa. Baaavimw and Baeann, nude In th beweet and
tryrli " manner. alao. aapwrs) JPIaln
Biaekt Mfc, very jvy. eilrned txpreeely for
luauuairarf srto.;, iitwrilavj
OrncBorTaaOoMHimoNiae'or Ta tiaiiea Venn,) .
- .. ' OoLcasvs Ohio, Jans 11), 1601.: ) -,
THB OemmleMonere of the Sinking Psjid of th Stale
ot Ohio Invite eubeorlptlons hr the people of the
Bute to the Loan of Iwo Mllllena of Dollar,, anthona
ed by- wm we th Dine rat ,ia, la pmlde
more effoetoaii for the de enos ot the Slat Sfitnst In
Taeion, paeeed tprliSg, USI. . .
Oertlncates will be Lined In asms of SlOO, and up
ward, payabl July 1, Bog, at the But Tieuarj, bear
ing Intereet at the rate of tlx per cent, per annum, pay
ableeeml-annoally, aalhy the act authorities, th loan
freefroa taxation. " - - -
SuhwrlpUons will kereeeired at th offiee ot the (Jem
mlatloiien In th Oil ot Ookunbna, at each of the eel
rent hanklna Initltullorutn the State, and at the aereral
Doonty Treatarlos I the But, until the let-day of
July, 1801. ' . '. '- "
Interest will be ooupatea ana paia rront tne date or
the depoilt ol the money at inner oi tne place, above
named. ' .i,
B. W. tatlkk, aaaitoroi atete. .
, 'A. T. HUSsBLL, Setretarrof btate. '
JAUK9 nUUKAT, Attorney Ueneral.
jx- '" oynot orio) penitentiary,)
. - Comaeoe, Jane W, 1WI1.
the office antll the 6th day of July, for tarniahlng
th lnitltntlon with - ' .
. t,000 Poaaids Fresh Beef '
Per week, delivered In the four quarter,, each week, In
aoual nroDorllona. on Hondave. Wedneadars and Fri
day), from July 7th, 1801, to the 0th day of December,
2,000 Ponnds Corned Beef
Per week, from July 7th to December SOth. 1861. The
Beef to be of good quality, clear of knuckle, bona and
- The qnantlty to be Increased or diminished as the War-
dan m.f direct.
ALSO Blda will ba received at the earns date, and fo'
the eame lime, for the clear, rough and salt greaae of tbs
institution. .
i Mo bide will bs considered nnlree satliractory (tearltv
for the faithful performanc of lb lam aeeonpanles
eaen ma.
No bide will b recelred upon tha day of letting,
N. Mmioa, ) - -
, U. E. PaaaoM, Directors.
' J, J. Wooo, ) ' " ' '
-JstSd2w . ,
Myoar readers who
Jaytoa tsppjf .
The Public Works of Ohio.
Orric or vw Lsssats or tbs Pdsuo Woavs.1
Ooluhsos, Jane 13, 1801.
TUB undereltned hiving beeom the Lesiees of ths
Public Work, of Ohio, under the act of May 8. 1801,
and having entered Into the poeieeeloa of eeid Worts,
hereby glee nolle I oat ta operant anoer earn lea,
and dUcharsina their dulle under the eame, the buii-
neea will be transacted with lb pnbllo throngh agent
appol ted by the Lea.ee under each rales, tegalatlon,
reatrlctlons aad llaltatlMS, aa shall bs preecrlbed for
tneir government.
Thoes Agent for tbs preeent, will eonilet of on Oen
eral Agent, a Treaearer and Secretary, for the Central
Office of the Leeeoea al Colombo,: and the neeeaeary
anmber of Superintendent! of Repair, and Colleo.ors of
loll, oa the leveral Work embnwed m the kaa
Tbe General Agent shall be the principal exeentlr
officer of the Leeeees, aid ehall haT aharg of th gen
eral bualneee office al Coloaibua. ale ehall hare euper
elalon over tha bualnea of the Leaaeee with tbe puollo,
and al each agent .hall execute all contraota,. axoapi
tboee for labor and materia, oonieoted with the t rdlna
ry repair of thaaertral Worka and ha thai! audit and
eettle all arconnta.
The OUilee of th Treasnrer and Becreury ahall ba
snch aa are aatully dleehargedby elmllar onloere la ether
eaeea. . -
Th Bupsrlntesdsnts of Bepalrs shall, on their, r
epeeilre di.lelons, hare power to employ and discharge
all euberdlnatea and laborers, and to purctuu all tool,
and material, neouary in Ihe ordinary repair of inch
divtaion, and tha eame ehall be under their Special di
rection and management.
The Oollcetors of Tolls, Water Rents and titles, ar
Inmted wiih all the aa horlte- and power, provided lu
the law of the Stat and tbo legnlalloni ot the Board
of Public Worka made for that purpoae, when each Col.
leot 'i acted under appointment and authority from the
Stat. t
NolndlThlaal member of th Le shall hare th
right to traoiact builneae in the nam ef the Leeeeee,
with aoy perton or pertons, Is any oth-r maanei than
through the appi.li.ted aneoia, anlee, epeclelly aathoila
ed b ibe Leeree so to do; nor ehall at,y one of Ihe ap
pointed agen bar tathorlty to tranuct any buelneee
la the name of the Leatcee, exoept In tie pertlcul.r
bratcbof th bonnea, eonilded to him, and eutrject lo
the reatrlctiou aud liuiltatlObS of bli agebcy.
No authority to korrew money oa the credit of th
Ltrtees, shall vr exl,t In ny tmee. (pat or other
employee of th Leaeeea, no lea, the earn ehall be od
ferred uy a anantmooi Tut of th Leeeet al a regular
meeting, and th amount eo aatbirised to be borrowed
epecllled In Ihe idr and eniered ou the journal
Oao. W. NtinrnuiKT I th Oeueal agent of the
Lee-eet. BaiMaaiH Jt. Smith, Treaearer, and Joua
Jotca, secreury.
The Bauerlotendentt cf Repairs ara :
On the SI. at a Oanal and VT. Rtt K. Road-Joaara
Cooraa, Taoaa Baowa, Wa. J Jacim and Asaaa L.
Backus. ...
Oa the Ohio, Walhondlng and Hocking Canals and ths
ktueklofum Improremenl ftoaaav 11 Nom, taoHa
Saua, DuiMia aicOaaTBV, biLTiarxa Uasaiav aad
Bowajib Baix.
The Colleotor oa th Oanala, Uaiklnram Improva
ment aud Haumee Boad, ar the am that were In th
oervioeof the tfat at the Urn of the exocoUon of the
Leaee, but all theaforeul i agent hild th.lr appoint
ment at the ploaiur and option of the Le.eei.
: l , . WM. i JAuffSOM,
Leuce of ihe f ubllo Works.
jel4-d3la3w . ,. a ,
Ho. 29 South High Street, Columbus,
ii. I00O yard XiaTelinf Dress Oosds atX, vain
unvni,. .
2500 yxrde traTellng Dreu Oooda at ISX, n'oe SO CtJ.
UuOO yarrte Bngllah Be rare, at 1K4, ralue !5 cent. '
1000 yard Pranch Orgatdle, at WH, value SO oenti r
StKln yards fart IMoitd Lawn at 10 vain IS cents.
1 000 yard, Poniard Dree, Silk, at 37)4, ralne 50 cento.
1600 yard, Super Plain Black Silk al a 00. vain tU5.
Robes ef Organdie Berate, and Bngllth Be rage, at on.
nan tneir value. -JsB
' . '
TS9 South Illh Street
Elegant lace Mantillas.
: BAlN tlb QOlSr,
No. 29 8911th High St.,
HAY! Jaet opened aq Involo ' of very large and
aaadaems ' ' '
Wide Fbench Laces i fob Shawls.
Very Deep French Flonnoiog Laces. T ,
Real TLrsad, Freneb, Chaatltla It Genevsse .
Talenciennei, Point ! OazerSraueli
. ana Thread Ltoes and CoUan,.
, Ia new Shapes,
, ., For traveling
1 . 1
Traveling Dresa Goods.
- BILKS, FOIL tt 0HITK18, : ., ... c.
. LAVXLLAS, BB001U TAUN0IA8, to. w.
Th but and most faahtonabl itylee ia th city,"",
89 south High Barest.
f 1 lie n
, .( ! imorFAT'B ure piixs.'
' In all ease of ooeUTa, dyapepeks Mlliot aa4 Kvst
affedtlons, pile, rheamatUus, fever aaa.ajneaVbbiB;
aats head ache, and aH reaenrl deracguieiiU.af taait
tbaa Pilli bar lnvarlaWy proved a wriaia and apeety
remedy. A single trlat will place tbs lit rms htyimd
thanach ofooiupetllloar la th Mttnistloa of avary pa-
' Dr.Moffst's Phojnra-Blrttnwlli bt foand qony'
Bcadon ia alios of asrvoa dabiUky, ayspepcla, bead
ache, th aiekDMs Isciant, to fasls Is dsllcas health,
and every . kind of weakaaas af die digestive organ,
for sals by Br. W. B. HOriAf, SV Braadway, M. f .
andbyallDrrirlt.J ' ' aMyxS-dfcWly ' '
- The fbllowlfig U in txtraot front '
ietUr written by th Bv J. S. Bolaaa, parte et the
Plerrepolnt-Street Baptist Church, krdoklya, BJ. T.,'tS
ah f onrnal and Meaaanger,'' OinetnaaU, 0., and speaks
volume, la favor of that world-renowned medlotn, Ha.
WiKiunt'e Soonrwo Brsor roa OaiLsan Tnrwnwi
"Weeetaa adnrtlramt la yoar onlumni of Hae
Woeavow'. Soormwe Sravrf Mew w aei eaid a word
in reror of a patent madlolae before In oar III, bat w
feel oompelled to nay I your reader that thleleao fcusa
bug vra aira -ri,n n, aa w n. TO aa au IT
uik. 11 Ie probably one ot tha moot anroeearal mr4
dne of the lay. becauet II I on ef th beet, ,A4 these
J .ieutili, U J;' t'l
8team Between Ireland and America.
Thafbllowtn new and magnlllcent flnt-claee paddl'
wbaatBteamebipa eoopoee th above line:
ADRIATIC, 8,888 tone burthen, Capt, 3, Haoav
- w..,(roTarly of the Oolllae Lin )
BIBBRNU, 4.400 tone burlhen. Capt. BT. Paowta.
COLUMBIA, .4 4110. ' ", (" H. Lai-row.
AMQLtt, 4.4O0 " ", J"i , siioaei. i
PAOIHO, t " '. "k - a. BHtiw.
.3,300 vJAtaws.-
On of the above Shine will leara New York or Boaloo"
alternately rery Taeaday fortnight, for Oalway, oar-
rring tue government maiia, teucoing at Rt. uu,
The Steamers of this line hsr been oonitructad with
th greateet can, under the taperrleloa of th gorem
ment, have water-tight compartment, and are uneioel-
led roroomrort, eafety and apeed Of any alosmars anoai.
They are oommaaded by able and oiperienoed effioera,
and every exertion will he made to promote the comfort
of paaiengera. - t . .
An.uperlenoed sargesn atiacnsa to on snip,
Hret-elaii N. Y . or Boitoa to Oalway or Llrerpool 106
Beoond-elaet, ,' , 7t
rirat-elaae, " " to Bt John's 3
Thlrd-olaea, -.i- ;- m to Oalway or Liverpool,
or aoy town in I re laid, oa a Hallway, - - - all
Thlrd-olaee Daaeenaara ara llharallTinnnllMl with nra.
visions of the beat quality, cooked and served by the ser
vants of the Company. '
Parties Wllhlna to Send for ihalr triatida rmm tha eld
country ean obtain tiokete f roe, any town on a railway, la
ireiauu, or iron tuv principal etuee or ainglana ana Boot'
land, at very low rate. . . . .
Paasengere for Mew York, arrltrtog by the Bo. ton
Steamers, will be forwarded to Mew York fro of charge.
for paiiaio or further Infonatlon. apo ly to
At th omoe of the Oompany, oa tha wharf, foot of
Oanal street. New York.
aprlllO.dGm, .
1861 1861
1861 1861 Summer Arrangements.---Time
CoDnecllBgalCrMtUn wlth-tha PiriBBDEaH, IT
fbr HtttbwrvK, PUXaitlphAa arxf BaUimtrt. Alt
for Fori Wayne and (JMeaffo.
Connecting at Cleveland with ta LAKI BHOBI BAIL-
...,:.f BOAD
Far Danhirk, Balfala, AlkataBft Boa
len, aad Nsw fsrk.
. . From Oolnmbas, 'In connection with Trains on the
Id III BXPBH88. Leare Ooltmtba at 9.40 A, If J
will lean paaaoogera at all (tattoo aouth or Oallia,
top at Delaeare, Ashley, Oardingtoa and Ollrsd, and
at all itationa north of flaHon, arrlrlng at Olereland
at 8:80 A. M., Dunkirk 3:00 P. M Buffalo 4 S5P. at.
Albany S.50 A. M., New York 8:35 A. M.. Boeton 8:30
P. al., PitUbnrgh via Creatllne 3:80 P. M , Philadel
phia 5: 10 A. tt. Chicago TU Creatllne at 7 DO P. af.
NBW YORK EXPRB 3d Leave Colombo, at 11:10
a. at. Will stop at Lewis Centra, (for White Sulphur
Bpringi), Delaware, Oardlnglon, Gallon Oreetlloe, Shel
by, Mew London, 'Wellington and Orafton, arrire at
OUveland at 3:33 p. at.; Dunkirk, 8:50 p. n. Buf
falo, 10:83 p n j Albany, N:45a. m NewYoik. 1:45
p. a.) Breton, 4; 40 p.m. Thl. Train eonnacual thai
by for 8anduky, and t Grafton for Toledo, arriving at
Toledo at 0:40 p. m.
at 9.30 p. m. Will .tup at all elation. South of
Shelby, Ud at New London, Wellington, Braftan,
and Barea; arriving at t level tod at :30 p m 1 Dan
k Uk, 8:00 m.; Buffalo, 30. m.j Albany, S-80 p. nt.;
Nea York, 7rf20 p m.f Boeton, 1 1:4 p m. PI taburgb,
via Ore.tllna.ai 11:53 p. m.j Phihvfeluhta, l:fO p. at.,
Chicago, era Oreetlloe, 6:43 a at. Thia Train e mnecIS
at rhtlby for Bandu.ky and Toledo, arriving at Toledo
al 8:3i p m.
Patent Sleeping Cari are ran on all
Hight Tiaioa to Chicago, Kew
York and Boston.
Baggage Cheeked Through to ITem Tort and Bottom
via VtereUtud; alio, to Philadelphia and
' Una York via OretUine.
Night Express arrives at Oolnmbn tt... 11:13 P. U.
Cincinnati a ipreu arrlrea at Oolambwe at 10: 50 A at.
Accommodation Bxpreee arrire, at Colambu. at 7:3
F. tt. -
Fare a Law aa by anytiier Bante.
Atk for TichUvia CrtttUnttr Cleveland.
1. B. fLINT.
Superintendent, Cievebud, Ohio.
JAJflSPACTlBION, Agent, -Ooluntba.,
' Colsmbut, Jane 17, 1S61.
"'..:-' from tbs New irk Observer. 1
' Asallpartlea manufacturing Sewing Machines are ob
llgedlop.y Mr. Howe a lktenM on each machine eeld,
and ar a as wmpelled to make return to bim, and
oath, ss to the number eold, hie eooke give acomciMata
ment. from thie reliable aoare w bar obtained tha
following etatkUoe. Ot th ataohbaoa made in the year
1859, there were sold, ...
" . - By Wheeler tt WlUon...., 11,303 ,
j " I. at. Singer tt Co...... 10,861
I " Orerer tt Baker MJUt
Showing lhealee of Wheeler tt Wllaon to bs ioulU
thoo ot any other Company."
Awarded the hlgheat premium at the
United Slate Pair, of 1H58, ld and 1880;
aleo at th
-, , r , i Ohio BUt Pair of 1W9 and IBStf
, and at aaarly all the Oouaty lain la tbe Stat. , ,
Oar price, at th late reduction, art a loe at any
loet eiich machine now eold. aad bat a trifle higher awa
tna- interior too thread OAaea Stic wmxvmim, new
fomd anon the market. 1
: The WHBBLBB tt WILSON MAOHTN1 aukaipia
Lock l-rtca the only one which cannot ba raveled. It -!i
la Aula oa Born Stnaeof th good, leaving nt rMiy or -'
thotnontht undtr.tid.
All maehinet Kiwanted t year, tmd ntllrutUm
given ui their a, free of oharre. . .
I D. 0BABY.81 High et., Columbia, e,"
doc3-2awd1mt;we Pike's Opera Hon.Cuolnntl.
: W.A, Batohelof 1 Hair Dyef
I ' - ... I. :-. .. . 4.
. This splendid Hair Dye bsa n aqnal Instantaneoas In
effast Beantifal Blacker Bitural Brown-Mio itxlnlog'
tk akla evvjailng IbeHarr iwaiaim taeaeur aa l'i'r
effort of Bd Dyee, and Invlgoratsa th hair form." Vk
None are genuln anlem afrned "If, A"' BatsaaloA'
Bold every wher. '.. 1 ;i!,Af ,L'Jj.
' " ., I OHAS. BATOHBLOB, rropristora,
. Jyllwly 81 Barclay Stsawt, font.
'""-Wm. A. Batehelor's Hair Dye! "-
. Xka Original sad lest la tae Worlal
AU others ara mer Imitations, and. should bs avoided ' '
IXyoawlsh toMoap rldlonl. -. , .1 . i ! v 1 r
OBAT, UD OB BDBTI HAIB Pyed instantly to " "
Beaatlfhlaad Nauural Browner BlacavwHbtjgariia
uairor BUn.
awarded to Wm. A.
Batehelof rtoo 1830, aad over 90,00 ,
appUeaUooi have been mad to the Hair of hi patron '
o uamondy- , ttt . r, , r , , P .,p
WM. A, BATOHB LOB'S HAIB DTI rodoce.aooi '
or sot io h dliUnguiihat frost natara, and ki wanasiad. ,
not to kij are In the leaat, hwvr long BMe;k Son Un
aed,and the 111 efleaai of Bad Dyee reatdmi thsDall II
Invigorated for Ills by this apleodid DyL ., r
Bold la all cities ant towns W th United Slates.
Srngghjts sat fancy floods Dealer. ",': . ' :
IIj Genuine ka the a and id4ra.apoaatrt - ... 1
plat enmrrhtg en four elde. of aach Oox, f WILLIAM " "'
A. BATOHBkOBr Addree - - -
JylJ-wly ' 1 Barclay etreet. Mew Yott.
un m a fa 14 r if 1 ni -i
.how in,' tiow iKsroiJto.
or Seminal Weakneaa, Bmtnal 04Uty, Nevoienese,In
volantary Bmlwlona aad ImoeSeaa. malun frear
elf-aba. As. By . i. Ovlvamlk m. D. Beat
nder teal, In a plate -emweleen, 1 e any addraal.peel
ald. en receipt rf twovtaBae, by Dr OHAS. J.J.
LINB, lt7 BoweVCJ IL PoattMloe Boa. Bo
t.3ta. ..u iu'i !.- oW aai4l:3mdaw
XAqiltatfca) K,D 0LVbi,b.
11 slses aad colors Jaaropened al . , SAjNt, u j t
r '.'ft Boaia juga Itreel
iv I.
r. r o 1 1

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