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- ' n A e V o y
Rail Road Time Table.
Lime Mum 0umwf f JUmuJU R. '
. A" Leave. Of. AVfiVtw
Cincinnati adsosaaodatlon. S OO a, H. VlB P. II.
.." . xpren .hi-) A. II. 11:10 4 M.
Mall and Aecammodatloa... ft It Ft- M. 4:00 P, II,
Might Bxprea via Dayton. 13:00 midnight I:9B A. M.
- f- ?W,.J)b,Ai6
Aiteiite. .. a. a Ik k. . . .' -rf
Night ixprea.I.... r..3:40 L M. 1I:1S f. M.
new xorasxprMS....i-Mriek,t. 10:MA.M.
O.O.fcO. Waylxpwit J0 f.M. . IMt.M.
Osama. ObuB,..J .ri,-, V
No. 3Iipreu.....j.30 A. M." 11:25 A. M.
Mo. S do 8:15 p. U. 11:15 A. M.
,j -. '! . -twArit.v
PiwYrfcaeii, jDoicttsos St PucunuTi a, ft.-? w, ,
Mail Trela A.i.,V. -. S.0 A. M - IlrJJ 4. If.1
Ixprea Train. .... ....... ..A.11:2J A. 6:45 P. ft
i, ., .;,,,,?,.;'Bo,,;"M0"' to.'-
Coidmsos IllOIAMOMUS, B. ., ...,.,
(Colombo PlflOA at Ikblou K. B.)
No. 1 Ixnrta ) A. M. V lOoV.'il
' S:09 P. II. " 8:4J P. M.
Aeoommodatlon . ., - 1 10:30 A. M.
. ' " ''0. W. Intra, Agent.
The Adams Expreee Company places us daily
under obligations to U foe th ?ery latset papers
from theeaatiera citiM..-! i ". j ,j i n . ,. ,i i
,Tbe . American .Expreee Company jute out
thanks for its daily farors.tn the shape of the
rerjlatert eastern papers- .,. , . . , ,
Taj FovaTHfJoi.T.-VV'e see. by handbills
that wsare tohaTa celebration of the anni
Tersary of '-AtierlOaD Independence tinder a oan
Tas, somewhat after the style ot a circus or me
nagerle. ' , 1 rro :1 k .....
Ills Kptten np by our r enterprlelog fellow -ciV
iren, Johk M. Kinney. He advertises a splen
did array af ire-works, and only charges fifty
oenta fore ticket of admission to the' boxes,
nd twtrftj'-nVe eeaM to the pitf? We have no
doubt 6T. John's getting np a splendid exhibition
ot fire-works be Js jus the man to do that
thingr- We snppose-ire ywoold-ta hare had
any demonstration, had be ' pot ' nnderuken the
work. All those who fan; afford ta spare the
money, should by all means' patronize the enter
prise. We eapnot, howetjrpivbid; laying'" that
theoelhrattbnof,he ndrnary. f bur. Na
tional Independence has ,been considerably Re
duced from former days, when It must he cele
brated IrTI bTrjjtis ring'. W'fhoe by the lib of
July, 1862; the cfazeng'wiirao'arraoge' matters
that Mr. Kinniv will be.vble to give the en:
tertainment In publlo, so hat all can, ojoy the
eights of the day,1 without It belcgvnecessary to
charge an admission i fee.r It would no doubt
bs more In accordancewHh his feelings, and
allow all theieople rich' and 1 poor, great' and
mall to Join in the celebration of that day,
whloh sheuld .be held jn grateful remembrance
by every American, i .
, ....... 1 . . ; ! r-il :
Ahitoal ExnisiTiow er PotmeHRie Cotnox
or tbi Cincinnati. Catholic Indtitoti This
exhibition topic place on Tuesday evening 'Ju
ly The attendance was large, and the exer
cises Interesting. . Theyconeisted of a national
song, with orchestra', by the students of the
college; distribution of premiums; vacation song
by the students, and an address by Jams P.
Brans , An addrese In", German, followed by
FainGdSDisj conferring of diplomas; addrees
in German by Very Rev. Juckm Fnioino;
song, "Red, WkiU and Bint," by students.
Then 'came the presentation of a very elegant
regulation sword to Prof, P. J Soanmon,
now Colonel of the twenty -third Regiment, 0.
V. M , by Wh. II Ruse, 'in a neat addrees, to
which Col 8cammon responded in a few patrt
otloand well-timed remarks, assuring them of
bis devotion to his country, and that the sword
presented 'to him should be unsheathed In his
country's canse and in defense of the Union be
so fondly cherished and admired. Tbs "Star
Sptnoltd Banmr" was then performed by the
college students,' when an elegant horse and
equipments were presented to Col. Sojmww by
the Very Aev. E". T Colwns. ..After this in
teresting ceremony, a closing addrees .was,de,"
llvered by the Very Rev. Poacitx, when
grand fintU by the proheetra .'closed "the day's
exhibltlen.T "'
"WantiP.1' t(oor his bead, the readers of
the Sutnmtn will find several cards from3, Mr.
M Witt, whose noted Aabrotype'Room and
Fine Art Gallery Is on High street, four doors
north of the American Hotel, ; ,
Mr.v Witt's Ambrotypee5 and
... 'I
need no eulogy from os they speak for them
selves, being accurateand perfectly life like
representations. -''I,r ' -r..(t; (J
He will furnish customers with Card Photo
graphs, bslni full. .length,4 ortraiti ,oi,' sample
busts, eorrsotly portraying the living fornr'aod
features, and finished In the most heautifui and
elegant .style; " "
Ouiihlcf -oLno. smaljymportan9ej.jn. these
times ls tha Mi W jit js ahead of -all other
artists in the cheapness of his piotores,' ooeid
ering their quality , accttracy and finish .' ' " ' '
. m in in n
Pssiodioals.-R.1;Kusit, near the- Post
office has for sale Harper's Weekly',' Frank
Leslie's Illustrated 'Newspaper ,'The Milantlo
MomhlylGodey'li tidy4 BwThe Rl)ellloii
Reoord, and all the most wepmiar periodicals
and newspapers of .the day -
The ReUilion Reoord issued weekly at ten
cents, klMntfefsjn Aerifled
ocenrpnoa. HnntniMlf. fippatlM. tA 'ihif
poetry, .Mepdetee, 'adc incidents. very ooe
should possess the entire eerie fbf iafbrmatloh
and reference, : i ."' "'
V idlimt imii n T lilamit .il uiW
f ArrCoirrAOTSxSlesie, Jmbs, Aktw,Ba'
cos It Co , of this cityave been' awardea the
oonuaet for' the taanufaerare: ofTl jOOOkf my
legtiktfoVefMbi it T SC'jMiv'
ATthe wontf eel for 1000 ftrereoaU fer'mbngted
men, at $3 75. .
. . uil.ll7iy;.fc.ili ;H iiTl
PaoesAm to tint TbMTA.7rnJjf ia$
itary company, the Coldetream Zouaves, Capt
ThirV'wIlltbe.V Wagni'entrWebtaUoSi in
At a: Afti,-! j!fDqk V JH the- Wht
tone, there will be wetbacue, at which we
learn tbaf E-GoVJ iBAir'aDd' ott'er VinUe-
In the evening, JohsuM- Kinwirs grand
display of Ire-wtjrU WUl lale 'plaoe al toVokr
net Of Broad and SnTTl strt
Thert will rrobably be other exerdUarht the
city andslcJnttyfcf which rnvrnhf advised.
t A 1..1 iimi g' .,t.
Er-YuWrOAjaawotioB of . artiiW'hU',
tery, under mmand at Affftfpt, left
CaapC&aeeendeMMjeoi te tsreiewhM
guns, men'.noTses YAi itofa&titwih faivjtii
. lor Virginia.' n fi( r J '
i r -
i ,i.t..l. .L. . -a'
'.np ,vaijr wtwi mvDH ;
s-.t ' lBowklhie say say vs dark, '
The sua may snlbS' W Bwrraw,
' And (ally dn tie farkV '
. f" Pitt Bos Bid I of Senate ""H eW'
i.ii e
a eouga roees stay nave Heal j o o li k a s a
xmb aiTii bs derra kinal ' i i " to
Jat loekfer ioynunsa.'H'''Jl,r'"'
CT Brigadier-General Cox received orders on
Tuesday, to move to-day, July 4tb, with the
I Flfta-nlt, fill In mA k. SI-- J a,. . tr
---- auu tug v u ni auu second Hen
toc-j Regiments. , They go by rail to Gallloo
ne.ena irom thence by march of about forty
milea aoroee to the Great Kanawha, tbrongh the
ralley of which rlw they are destined to ope
V Archbishop Pososll left Clnolnnatl on
Sunday. st, Jane 30th, for New York . On
Satnrday he will take the steamer for England,'
and proceed to Rome. This l. we believe, his
third decennial visit to the Eternal City.' By
the ordinal vows, each Catholic Bishop is bound
to visit Rome every ten years. v' " " '
ST The Fifteenth and Seventeenth Indiana
Regiments, Cole. Haboaia and Wildii, arrived
at Cincinnati on Tuesday, July 8J. . Owing to
some misunderstanding, they wore marched to
Camp Clay, to await orders.
ETThe County Commissioners snd the Coun
ty Boar d of Equalisation, adjourned yesterday,
July 3. The .Commissioners will meot again
on Wednesday next, July 10, whetf, we learn,'
they will be ready to. receive" applications for
the benefit or the volunteer relief fund. . , ',. ,
HT The Coroner's jury at the Penitentiary,
on Tuesday, July 2d, decided that the. guard
Taylor shot the prisoner Gsorr la self-defense.'
1 " ' . ,. .
VT The Montgomery (10th) Ohio Rigiiqent
arrived at Clarksbnrg, Virginia, on Monday,
July 1st. '. "
D Five hundred females are now employed
In Cincinnati, in the manufacture of tents for
the army. ' ,, ,.','.''"..
07 The Adams' Express Company transport
ed from, the Arasnal at Pittsburg, on Saturday
and Monday, three loaded cars of ammunition
for the army at Grafton in Virginia. ; .
O The sommenoement exercises of the
Western Reserve College, located at Hudson,
will take place on Thureday, July 11. The
graduating claea is large. B. F. Taylor, of
Chicago, will deliver the Valedictory Address
on Thursday afternoon. ,
i . .,..
Tort ottj, Boatorr, Altany, Buffalo,
PltUburfh, bteabeiiTlIU wy. OlarelaiHl, InmAM;
Newark, OranTille. Wmhlngton OltT, Baltimore, Phlhf
"JPTS ?) NwOrlna, close dallr (Sundays emxrpt-
d)AtS O'clock p. a, .......... , "i.,c;
. Arlb ,or "w Tort and Olareland clovee
satlj (Bandar excepted) at B o'eloek p.m.
i.,.'J?:fc',,,u w "eo da!ly(Bndysei
epted) at 9 o'clock p. a. -
. .nt.r.1 0h, w' MalldoaesdAlly (8indyi erpt:d)
at 10 o'clock a.m.
Cincinnati Way Uallclons dally (Bun lays excepted) at
19 clock 4st in
Ohicaco, Dnbnqne, Delawire, W aiton and Tforthlnn
ton Stalls eloiet dally (Sundays excepted) at 3 o'clock
p. a.
HalliforXenla, Bpringfleld, Ixyton, Toledo, Cinctn
natl, Indianapolli, bonliTllle, 8t. Loala, and Detroit,
Clone daily (Sundays exoepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
: A tbroogb mail to Xenla, Sprlrirflold and Cinclnoatl
Sloaee dally (dandayt ezoepted) at 1 0 o'clock a.m.
Urbana, Piqna, Tiffin aoct Union Olty mall cloies dally
(Bnndaye ezwptad) at 8 o'ehek p. m '
Lancwter, Logu, NalionTllle, Oircle?llle, Chllllcothe,
Portamonth, Whingron 0. H , Athens Marietta and
Blllaboromh mails clon dally (Bnndius excepted) at 8
o'clock p. m.
; !!,L'r,,M,l WHattonal Bead to Zanenille olotes
daily (Sandaya raoepiad) at IS o'clock a.
' Harrlibargli stall oloaea .laily UamUya exoepled) at S
e'olock p m.
Ht. Vernon Hail, by way ef Wnterrllle and fnnbury,
elona daliy (Sandays excei.tw') at 8 oMoo p. a.
Dublin Hall sUmw daily (euudiiyt exMpted)at 8 o'clock
P rn.
, Laoeuler Way Kail oloaea daily (Sundays excepted) at
e'olojkp. m. . . ,1 .
Kails froa Kew Tork, Hoatoa, Philadelphia. Bnffale,
Albao, Pltubargh, Olertlaad, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla,
Detroit, BprlnxAeld, Cincinnati, Chllllcothe, 8t. Loula,
and all Boatheni e)tlesr arrlTe between the honra of 0
e eloek p a. and 4 o'clock a. m
Mails from lodianapolia, Chicago and Dubnase arrive
StS;40a.B. .77.. - ...
Malta froa Waahlnirton City Baltimore. Wheell oc.
xaoeeillle, Newark, Steabeaville, Mt Vemoa, and tb
.'. i.imnw ixociocam. - i
Way Mall from Clnolnnatl arrlTee at 3 o'clock p. m.
- LaneuuiMailarrlTwatBo'clockp. a .
Bast Jtv Mail oyer the National Ruad arrives at 11
O'clock a m ., ,.
i Mt. Vernon Way Man aiTlyee at 11:00a. m. ' " "
Mail from Dnblin arrlvci at 19 o'clock m. '
Drbana Way Mall arrlTas at 9 o'clock p.m.
; Barrliba gh Mall arriree at 11 o'oluoka. a.
! lanoaa er Way MaU afrifM at 1J o'clock a
Offlce delivery open every day (except Sunday) from
T o oioca a. a. to 8 o'clock p. a. Open on Sundays
from 7X to o'clock in the morning, and from S to 0
Important from Hagerstown—Gen.
Patterson Detests 1.000 Rebels and
Captures their Camp with a Lose
of Three Killed and Ten Wounded.
Geo. Drake, of Milwaukee, was killed in the
fight st Wllliamsport.. Tne names of the oth
ers killed and wounded will be in after, a while,
and will be sent by telegraph, if any are Mem
the West. .
' The following dirpatoh wa received here at
nnistae ra at t Hrrt a'aIwisV thla aw.n.IM.
a vjmmi rvt is(tnii v vtUVa IUIB UIUlUlU), t; ,,1 ,
, Buack Rivxa, near Martikbsoro, JalyS.' '
Te Col, E D. Twruend, Anittt'. Adiuinl
CrMiereZ. - n 5-, j, . v -t.!i
I left WiUiamsporiat six O'clock this morn-
iDf, for this place, .and .drove and routed the
Rebels, who were about 1,000 strong, and who
bad four. guns. .1 now occupy their eamp, with
the lose, f segvet to say, of three killed and ten
wounded. ""'- ''-
Major General Commanding.
i It Is Bald that Gen. Scott waa'miinh srariiiMi
with this newe.. -j ' i b,u v .r .
A thirty-ponnd rifled cannon, 'iast mounted
here, Is at the railroad ., station, labelled, t'Mty
Doubleday, WiUiameport.!' It. is soon to be
forwarded. , i j.j
i ins uorernoi or. Tennessee has stationed an
agent at Mitohsllville, en the Lenlsvllle and
Nashville Railroad, near the northern Tennes
see line, to prevent goods declared contraband
nine Douwernionieaetacy irom.foing nortn.
and the cotton surveyor of this por will imxne
diately plaoe an agent at Franklin, the next
station north in Kentucky, to exec ate similar
offieee on behalf of tbe Federal Government.
LOUISVILLE, June 2. From Baltimore.
LOUISVILLE, June 2. From Baltimore. BALTIMORE, July 3.
Great efforts sre makinz for celebration the
4thof,July here by Uulon men.'
1 a ssiwdia sue. reameni! national Saw has
been prepared by the citizens ef Baltimore,' to
present to tbe 0th Massaobutetts Regiment;' The
stars are encircled with the followInelrucriDJon
il gilUettera i ' Loyal. Citlxsnj ot J3alitinwe to
tbe bin aeriaeotiof Msssachasetts.'f -jlsj the
(aside of fhis tnsoriDtion is another clrefe. with
the words: fratt Street.-Baltimore. Anril
itftn, aooa ;j it a sjejaigntd to present thU flag
te morrow, if arraneementa can ha mads.
Soldiers are stl)l on guard In the various parts
oi tne city. a uwy seoeive many civilities rrom
ipyat oimsps. .t ,h tit8 ,n,j ,m
LOUISVILLE, June 2. From Baltimore. BALTIMORE, July 3. From Missouri — Lyon Appointed
Major General—Movements of Federal
ST LOUIS, July 3.
The Democrat announces the promotion of
Brlg.iGen. Lyon, tay Major Generalship- -; His
command embraces lodiaaa, Illinois, lew -end
son, left for DeBoW Ial night, to support the
Home uuaraa in tnat section against Mienttacse
of the secessionists, who have artillery hnd
gather their clans by the iisobrge .of . cannon.
From California, etc.
NEW YORK. July 3.
The steamer North sr Ligns baw erHved frern
Ajpinwall.with the mails and $811,000 In trees
we. tromoao f raooter, jane liiq. ,. ,
1 mi 1 imw jui"ur'usv. iwuioo,. oa, saei
Asumns ot vta .aaa ralnraad to tranesv-M
hae woabl t sf5e tie objeotfowtdg tetewvy
f""" ..TT", "I "a""'.",s yru
Dispatches from Washington.
[Herald Dispatch]
An expedition of two companies each from
trie lei raiomgan, otn niaeaaobaaetu, Ellsworth
Zouavea, and4uhaDd 7h PennejWanU regl
ments, leave at one O'clock in the mornine lor
down tne river, near Mt. Vernon, .It is be
lieved a masked battery has bsen erected by
rebelenear Ml Vernon. i ' , ,
The rebels are filllosr no the out on the rail.
road, some 10 miles west of Alexandria, near
Bprtugneia station. They have fortinoations
only at Centreville, this side of Manassas. '
It la reported at Richmond that the rebels
have raised the seige of Fort Pickens.- ,
Vienna is evacuated bp the Rebels., '
[Tribune's Dispatch.]
The President's Message will no exceed four
columns of the Tribune. No copies will be sent
in advance ot delivery. ' "
Should a battle take place In this vicinity,
Oen. Soott has announced that be will be there
In person to direct the operations. . . .
The Cabinet has deoided to make a move
ment on a large scale. '.
[Times Dispatch]
will no
party oaucus held with reference to the onraniza-
.1 . tr .
uuu oi tne uouse. raemoers win vote accord
iDg to their own predictions. . ,
' Col. Hunter will be made a Brigadier Gen.
[Special to Post.]
plan of the OSUCna namiualion fur nirlnMia
or tne Uouse has been abandoned by the Re
publicans. ..
I at House will nroceed ro ballot for Sneaker
, . . i . .. r
immeaiawiy alter sssemDliog. ......
The Demoot atio members will probably east
a complimentary vote for Phelps, of Mo., snd
ths majority of them will support the Republi
[Prescient correspondent!]
There are manv evidences of a aneed advanna
on Fairfax Court House. Immense quantities
of army provisions have been sent over tbe Po
tomao, and tbere is unusual sotlvltv in milltarv
A Ueorela bank baa a laree denoait of bullion
at the Philadelphia mint. Secretary Chase bas
inttruoted tbe Directors of the mint not to na
it till Georgia returns to her allegiance...
Richmond papers of Monday, just received
here, give rldioulous accounts of tbeootiilioiaat
Mathiaa Point and Romnev. claiming that In
both affairs .large numbers of Federal troops
were killed. '. . i i I ..;,..
Tbe rebel convention at Richmond has for-
mally expelled the members who were eleoted
from Western Virginia, and has provided for an
election ror rresiueni ana v ice f resident of tbe
Southern Confederacy in November next. - . -
ureal excitement existed at Gosport and
Portsmouth In consequence of an order in
minister tbe oath of allegiance to the Rebel
Government to all the workmen now employed.
. A Rebel privateer baa captured two Northern
vessels off Cape Hatteraa. Their names are
the Transit and Hannah Cilch: tha former
owned in New London, Conn." " rim
Uen. .Lee's wife, formerly Marv Curtcn. ro
marked a few days i?o, that her husband had
sweat-great drops of blood because of tbe.Uul
"H "- veu in joining tne neoeis.
[Special to Times]
news arnvea to-aay states that there were
at Manassas Junction last evening only three
regiments of Rebel troops. All tbe rest of tbe
forces, nndcr command of Beauregard, moved
iorwara in ine aireciion ot rairlax and 'Alex
andrla." " ' ' 1 v - :
Two South Carolina Regiments are reported
ujuBwiiniB uve miles .sontnwest oi A lex an.
dria. ' - ' ' T .
Col Garland, formerly of this city, has his
Reiiiinent still at tbe Juuctlou.
- The 19.b Pennsylvania Regiment moved fbr-
waro to-aay to me roint or Kocks- - -ni.:
The Northwestern trooos received nrrlpra to
day to advance to-morrow.
[To the Associated Press.]
The Minnesota Regiment broke emp this
morning, and embarkod at tbe Navy Yard on
tbe steamers Pmladelphia and Biltimure for
Alexandria, taking all their camp equipage with
Ibem. . M i . . '
It is nnoertain whether tbe President's mes
sag will be transmitted to Congress to-morrow
or Friday, probably on Friday. ,
ili may, however, be' soeitlvely stated that
the document will be teU graphed to the press,
as oq copies will be sent lu advance.
Tne reports of tbe Secretaries of War, tbe
Navy and the Treasury are. now complete but
they are aa unattainable as the message itself.
The latter will not mnoh exoeed the Presi
dent's inaugural, and will be devoted exclusive
ly to questions growing out of tbe war.
It will be decided and emphatic and In favor
of the unity and indivisibility of the Republic at
all baxards. " ' '... ' " ' " '
Notwitbstandinir former reports and rumors
about Maj Geo. Free mom's command, it was
not nnttl to-day that the conclusion was reached
by the Government. He bas Impatiently await
ed bis orders,. While Carefully refraicini? from
expressing a preference for any particular field.
He had a looir interview with the President last
nlgbt, and w ill at once leave W asblugton to take
command of tbe great western movement,
[Special to Commercial.]
Thr ; vt liewt Interest continues to be fele ib
the elv ;'Ion of Speaker, and it has been decided
by the Republicans not to hold a caucus., r i'
Mr. Grow's friends are feeltog quite confident
that be will be eleoted on tbe flrst ballot.?"
It Seems also to be neaerallv understood that
Mr. Eiheridge will, bev eleoted Clerk of tbe
House on the first ballot1 1 r .'''
Hon. Joseph HoltV Fx Pbsimastet general
indsr Mr.' Buchanan, baa left for, Kentucky.
having determined to etump that Stale fori the
Union.1' ' ' oJiji-" :i i .
From Wheeling.
Both Houses of the Iieetslatnre ereanlxed
yesterday. : Lledt.6orV PafsIey took the chair
eref the Housed' e..-
Gov. Pierpont's meassee waa sent to both
bodies last night, together with documents from
Washington, . oiaoialiy reeognlzins; the nw
Government tu 'T - 1 ''" w
I 1. ho message Ia.avety ahla document and
gives unusual satisfaction. i ,.;i9. .! r-ri. -It
is a thorough review- of secession in Virgin
la, and of the causes leading to the formation
of the present Government, and reoomraends an
energeuece eperatioa with the Federal Govern-
.Twenty, seVed thousand, dollars to specie be
longing to the State was seized and orouerht
here last night, by tbe order of the Governor;
from the Exchange Bank of Westoni ' ',
it is supposed, mat wise was peaoung for
Weston, to, get this money jt x - rr I r'i
WHEELING, July 3. From Louisville
In the Kentucky Circuit Court, Judge Melr
Dres1dlnsritie case1 of Bradv ft Davis rf the
Louliv ft Nashv.R" R .fotreluaal to traasporU
soas. to 1 eenessee. tne arguments were oust
olsded. vTbe Court expesteto render a decision
on Saturday, of early next' week." To 'day the
Tennessee Pireotors of the road were sum mo on
ed by telegraph, and met here and everreled the
daoUlonol Jameeliutbfle, whereby the1 road is
now opened for freight nntll the deCiBlor of the
Courtis rendired. 1! 1
Shippers intend sending forward, freight, 4o
morrow; DUt Mr. Cotton, Surveyor of this oor't,
threatens to seile all articles destined? for ' Tend
nMifl, vhlh Mt tta AtAmmA tn thtti mm
. There are now seven full companies. Jot Ros.
seau's Regiment in oamp. ' m. tn 1
I Several offleem Of the State Guard) havitig1
resigned; entered the U.B.. senrlcejnqdcrij Q$,
Rosseao.'-' " ' " " ' ' ' " " " ,' ,r ',,,.
Col,Tilehmai,of tbe State Guard, has re
signed and gonwwfth considerable pottlort'of
the teachers of publlo schools is- now going xw.
Manv are resorted seoessionists
The Journal has a letter from a- member of
Colonel .Blanton Duncan's ,RefrIment,cV
ing a alstreasing "account of a.fTalrp to VirBlnls.'
Hesavs tWmen are half fed and Davi
no clothes, exoept, wha they jeft JouUviUe
With. , ! 11 i ,T,,li tiiinrn I n i..N; m-t
' They are treated like don. and If the men
could exercise their will, they would return to
Kentucky,,' :, . , , ',.
The Uemoorat has s statement ttrths lime
effect, made .by deserter who "'reached, herf
tJ'vuJ :"" rvjiiuwui.
A lot of suns' sent from Columbus In Ilnlnn
City, Tenn , lately, were returned by olilzens of
Columbus to Louisville. .
A company of 76 men passed here today
destined for. the Southern Confederacy. Their
expenses were paid by G r Harris.
Another company for the same, destination
is forming at Paris. Buurboo county..
From Missouri.
ST LOUIS, July 3.
The Cairo correspondent of tbe Democrat
learns from scouts just from tbe Southern bor
der of Missouri, that tbere are 5 ,500 troops at
1 olivine, Arxansas, toieraoiy welt armed, and
having ten pieces of flying artillery. -
This force consists of ooe thousand Tennes-
seans, Arkansas, BU Kentuckians and
l.&UU AHasourlans.
They expect to Increase this fores some 4000
from Gov. Jackson's.troops, and large reinforce
ments are promised from the Sonthern Confed
eracy, ana in a month tney expeot to have an
active army of from 15,000 to 20,000 men.
Priton aud Vest, members of the Missouri
Legislature, are said - to be actively urging
tuem on.
Missourians arrived at Cairo report ell able
bodied men In Sonthern Missouri being Impress
ed into the State service, and marched off to
tbe Arkansas border.' ,
Four thousand secession troops left Graves
county, Kentucky, on Friday last, to join tbe
Confederate armv at Union City, Tennessee --
Dr. Bellows of New York, President of tbe
Sanitary Committee,' recently appointed by
President Lincoln, to visit tbe camps, arsenals,
barracks, hospitals, etc., throughout the coun
try, has been here since Tuesday in discbarge
of bis duties. '
He expresses satisfaction with the condition
of the arsenal and barracks here, but finds much
fault with tbe marine hospital."
BjTo-day he visited tbe Illinois troops, encamp
ed at Caseyvillo, and was well pleased with the
general eoodition of the men.
Dr. Bellows leaves for New York to-morrow.
ST JOSEPH, July 3.
j Ths pony express arrived here to-day, bring
ing tbe following Item from Fort Churchill,
about. 400 miles east of Sau Francisco:
i Fort Churchill, Juno 24 The first tele
graph pole was planted at this place on the 31st
of June, at 5 A M , on whloh occasion Cant I
Moore, Quartermaster at this cost, set out a
basket of , champagne. The, Amerioan . flag
was nailed to tbe pole, and three cbeers for the
telegraph snd three cheers for tbe Union wars
given with a right good wlll.y . , . . . . , . .. '.
I be party intend to make from five to seven
miles per day, in constructing the line to Salt
Lake Cttp. - : - -. ' - - , '
From Fortress Monroe.
snd tbe
New York Naval Brlcade'oocuov tha deserted
dwellings In Hampton, where but about 300 ol
tne tnhaoitauta remain, .1 ...
The families of Gen. Bntler, Cols. Duryee,
Max and Weber are here. "
1 Great preparations are being made to oele
brae the 4th of July.; ; ,1 , . , .
, Yesterday afternoon, tient. Yelverton and 18
men.of the Fifth New York Regiment, made a
reconnoi9Bance from Newoort News.up the James
River road, to within a mile and a half of Gnat
Bethel . At that point they came upon' five of
the Rebel pickets, who precipitately fled, leav
ing behind, with other trophies, their hats and
coats. . In the pockets of the latter were sever
al letters, just finished, giving a complete ac
count of the late advance of 2 Rflfl m An fiAfTi
Yorktown to attack Newport News, the wretch-
eo. isre Of tne troops, snd the manner in which
iney were ooiiged to beg Or steal One of an
amusing character was found In the Docket of
oteei, oooxseuer, 01 Richmond, which
describes onr troops as a set of baboons, to be
speedily driven from1 tbe sacred soil of Vir
ginia. - .; ,
NEW YORK, July 3.
town 23d, arrived this forenoon.
Lord John Russell announced that Francs re-
jected the proposition of Austria and Spain,
that the Catholic powers should set In concert
lo maintaining the temporal power of the
rone. . -a- . . .. - . .
It Is reported that Spain has given pledges
that, whether St. Domingo Is annexed or not.
Slavery snouia not na Introduced into the Isl
and t .1 . ...ij ij '.si. .:. . . .J. .1-1.
A meetinc bad been held in London for the
beotfit of the fugitive slave Anderson, and bis
kinameo in Canada He explained tbe necee
eity ot killiug a man to effect his escape. The
meeting lull Indorsed the act.
. A monster meeting, in behalf ef Anderson,
won 1 a oe neia at cxeter Hail, July 3d.
; ' Tbe rumor is revived that the Czar visits Na
poleon at Chalons Camp.- . . -
It is reported that Mr; Dayton remonstrated
kgatnst the assimilation of the Southern States
with Italy, In ibe article recently published In
tarn ramo aim luuniteur . -- ' - ; .
: The Southern Commissioners were In Paris.
France holds no communication, except with
the Washington Government-. , ;.- .
Cant. RaaaelJ, who went out on tbe Great'
Eastern, is said to have expressed the opinion,
in an audienoe wkb the Enperor, that the re
union of tbe North and Smub impossible.
Tbe Bourse was steady ai67f 85c.- ', ..
It is stated that Porto al reluses to acknowl
edge tbe new Kingdom of Italy. '
London Moniv Market. Stocks verv dull
and drooping Conanle on the 21st declined U,
closing at 69(319 for money asd 909(i&
on aecount. - Uuid was flowingloto bsnk large
ly In excess qf withdrawals-. The weekiv iae-
ment shows an taiTeae io bullion of 383 889.
LivsarooL, June i The Cotton - Brukrra'
Circular says:; A steady demand throngbout tbe
Week; market rreeiv Supplied: holders eenerallv
firm, and very little alteration in price Amer
icn cotton sun com manas lull rates - Lowsr
Grades are difficult of sale. Sales for the week.
64.820 bales 10.400 bales on speculation, and
7 800 for export 'Sales vrtterday of about 10,
000 bsUe, Including 2 QdO , on speculation and
export; market clovine; steady as the following
pnee: fair Orleane 8Ur middling 71 fair Mo
bile 8' "rn1dd!lng.7; fair Uoland'aW; mtd-
nng ifti siocs;oa,paua:i4bUtiUbalei4
30 are Amerlean.-. Mancheeier Made dull. 1
BaEADSTOrrs. Tle weather continues hlehlv
faVorable Ipf the 'crops. ',' Richardson, Spence
& Lo, report ttour.. vsrv slow, effared rather
easier, prices ranging from 24 6d.28s.
Wheat very slow and in the absence of business,
prices nearly unchanged 1 Red.9j.6j lls 6d.;
WJilte. J2i 13d , CJ. per ewt.- Corn pressing
for sale ai a tarihes decline of 6d ' per quarter :
Mixed, k 28 36t ! Yellow; 28a.29j ;
White. 30a 32a.
: i Paevniortt Beef, slow of Bale and unaltered.
Pork, quiet and unchitbged ' ' Bacon, depressed
and generally! Is. per owl. lower with very limit
ed sales. Lard in lafwe-eunnlv, and holders
bebg anxious to eell, they koeept lower prloes.
Sugar unaltered. Coffee dull '
I Londjn Marxit Bering Bros, quote wheat
ouii ana oimauit saie at a aeciice ot iQ'ij.
White Amerioan 62s. t winter, rsd 675il.
Flour veiy dull and fully Is lower; 262Ua 6d.
per barrek Sugat steady Teaquiei. Coffee,
prices barely maintained. Tallow dull.
! AHxaioaa SxcvaiTrxf . -Barings say purchases
01 tne reaerai stoex ana 01 the' low-prioed
Southern Slate stock, havebeen on :a large
scale, and there is low little press for sale.
1 Railway securities, unchanged. Business In
shares Hhf ponds' limited . V ft; 8082;
do. 6's, 7273; Maryland 5's, 6065; Mas-
aachusettB, So; pone for sale. No Ohio for
salei Jl LJ a 1 a
1 Agitation In.Hangary Is . increasing. 30.000
men are concentrated near Pesth.
1 Dlsaffoctien growing at Wtrsew ' ' . ,
As immense lire commeneed tn London An
Satnrdav and raged all . nteht. ) It destroved a
cotton wharf and about '4000' bales Amerioan
cotton TbedeslrtioAionet erorertvrssogreat
pthat prices of manv articles would be affected.
Six irtes were lost, including the Chief of the
rirw Dnirauv
n .I 1 w ." -
h i LiviarooL'i 'Srirjday.i-Cotton 9a1es vestef
day, ciiuu oaics. 10 epeeuiatorej.' and exporters
joox iuuu; marxes ciosea quiet ana steady,"!'
D RE ADdTUFFd Uli 1 1 u rroVIUOUS 41011. - v i
; Consols, 8939Ji- -Moaey, Sl90.
Aocount niiueie uantrat snaresy4i (aw rjls
A.r fj.i eniaioi iu'h ;' k-" " '
I Canh ArniBtronrr, of the U. 8. Narv. dierf at
iiortoia on jne xuto.gi.jnne-- .
Gen .'.WstsOa Webb, Minister to rlrasll, sali
t.i. Lt. r ii-
cu Kr-uey witu mm aaaaniy
1 Tbe bris Balferinebae arrived froa Charles
ton, a prize to tbe U, 8. sloop of war Vandali
From Vera Cruz.
NEW YORK, July 3.
The bark Rapid, from Vera Cruz, reports the
frigate Macedonian tbere. -
Letters have been received at Vera Crnz from
the authorities of Now Orleans, to purchase all
uiw mucKeto to, oe naa. Nobody wpuld. accept
New York Market.
NEW YORK, July 3.
nnaettled. and 10 to aoj.
per barrel lower; ealee f 15.600 banela at 3 7J43 80
fori raperOne aute; i W SO for extra state; S3S0a
3 75 lor oumaoa to medium ex ra western; S Ske so
for shiuplng brands extra round hoop Ohio; lKXgU 50
trade braniie do. Ilarketcloilngdull andtandenox down
ward. Oanadlao Bour In liml'ed request at eailerprlees;
aales of, tieU bbli at It lUiaiV Xoreumrooa to ehuics
extra. . -, .
MM ILOUR-Belllng In berceU at S2 50S BO for
aommon to choice, an . S)3 SODS BU for commun to oholce
supe fine.
tiia MIAL-I)"ll1M'"0' 100 bb Oalorioat
,SHHKT Bcarcely so firm, with ales MB barrels at
w ajfi AT -Qeavy. anattled and B ta 3a lower. PrW.i.
oo Dunu Dyine rertiaaten rarorable. Bales of 8jW)
baihele Obleago prl' g at 8Sa0o; 13 COO bushels North
7,?! 0l?b ' WXaiaSol 18,300 baehel. Racine sprint at
IfmWc; 5800. btuhele pciuio Uanadlan club at ittc;
76,000 bathels Milwaukee club at 7SW)j; 3301) buib
eU Amber Iowa at 909ic; l,50u buihel. white weitein
at II oyl 18; winter rod nominal at SI 061 Otf;:
KiK Uncnanied: laiMof 41UM huiimia a..i-.,7r
i8o. ' -
BARLIT AND MALT Continue dull and nominal.
COKN Demand aore aotive and nrkt .nhti. r.
vor buyers; aales of 44 000 bushels at 40(tSe for com
mon to prime new mixed we. Urn. nn Mln Inr mi...
jellow. , ., .
OATS Plenty and dull at 8020e for weitern and
Canadiaoi 30331a for State.
FORK Quiet and nrieea wlthnnt Imnnm.i M,,...
ale, of 1(250 barrels at Mo3il4 75furmia,and IU
for prime.
BUBS Bales of prima fat steers at 8S8)c; good to
fair at 7X&7X; common at 0(37 for avmae quality.
1 he mar.et it decidedly the poorest of tbe it mod.
BU"K,N, !- lower with heavy aappiyi Ws
qaote at S4o lower., bale, of 440 , - .
VBAL UALYRd No lower. Sales at 4S cents
forpilme.and exuaat3A4.. -
llLOU OOWS OOminan InJ KU. .till JmM
D5i9.10. - '
Bw 1MK Plentv and dull at ! nf . cai
5o for dMillery led, Hve, and 33i e for prime earn
EI Ru'es onleL with imall ! t aini an
prime; 5 5lK48 for me,,; IHSiO for repacked meu;
-. -o.. i" -ir mc. jr rime meu beer dull and nom
inally uuehtnged. ...
,SHr..U4M,, Du and nominally anohanged. o :
PCBT MkAItJ-ttuiet at 45o for holder; 5
0o for hams; Balea of S5 hoge.d, dry salted hams
at 8Kc. ... . , . . . - .
BACON Dull and unchanged. - - - '
LaRD-Quiet; sales of 32M bhl, at 839c.
BUTTllIe aslllnr at 7l9u. ni,-..lai.
for stater r . ..... ,
OUEKSK Steady at 27o,a In quality." ' " '
Cincinnati Market.
FLODR-IibrlOKlnr. la the war written of. S3 Boat
iV.iHl1! for superfine; 4 Si5 for good extra, and
i ouaje m ror ramily Offere forauperfloa, in loU, ran
from 03 503 75, and not many are made at theie fig
Bre. . .
WHEAT I, still an the deuvnillnv nJ K..
lower than it has been alnce Jure. I8.'iS. nr. ma rf uli.
log for 7&73e and white at 803t85o. uilien Indiffor
entabout making offers for more than what supplies
their current wanta. and the new crop bids fair to come
in on a Tery n market, xms probability li enhanced
by the reports of proapeets of the good condition of the
growing oropt abroad. Throughout thla region of coun
try tbe lurveatlna -naoboew aaite Mtenalie alnre nur
aaiwaexiy review, ana aoeounU as to the condition of
the grain now iu hook, vary too much to- admit of any
calculation as to the yield.
CORN Oomes In slowly now. and consequently prlcn
am quite urmiy maintained ai xoc at the upper depot
and Moat the lower. - -
OATS Are in light reeelpt, and are a trifle firmer at
-ac man iney were.
BARLEY Remains neUctediJX. a .price is talked
aoou. it te near ous.
RY B la qno ted at 4345o. .
WHIeKV Command 12c, with a fair market. '
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, July 2, 1861.
FLOUR Sales of 800 barreis double ex.ra red at
II 7S. ' ...
WHEAT Dull and nosettlsd. No ales reported
COKN Qaiet at 31c.
0T4 Bale of one oar at 31c. and 400 bub, bom store
at 93.'.
BE ASS Bales of 14 bushels at SI 00, and IB baahsll
prime at i xoc.
H10HWINE8 -Bales at 13,c.
Other articles unchanged aud generally dull.
Philadelphia Market.
unsettled as S)i 7585 for super
fine. WDlAT Dull at 1 1531 18 for red, and $1 959
1 30 (or white.
COttM ouli; sales of 1400 buiheli Southern yellow
at wh7. .
W .iKY Dull at . -. '
PftOF. MlLlK'o
An Effectire, 8fe and Economical
To its original color without dyeing, and preventlor ""
uairrrom turning gray.
And curing It, when tbere Is the least particle of vltatl
or recuperative energy remaining. '
And all cotaneona affections ef tbe Scalp. '
Imparting to It an nneqaled glon and hriniabey, makinf
It soft and silky in Its texture, and causing it to enrr
Tha great oelebrlty and lncreulng desaaad fbf Biia na
equaled preparation, coavlncea the proprietor that one
trial la only necessary to sati fy a discerning public of it
uperierquallUes over any ether preparation Id una ' It
cleanses the head and scalp from dandruff and other
cutaneous diseases, eaoslng the hair to grow luxuriantly
tng it a rico, soil, gioaay ana nexioie appearance, ana
o. where tne hair t looeenlngand tbrnntnir, It wilt give
strength and vigor to tbe roeta and restore iba grow til to
base f art which have keooau bald, oa-iing itte yield a
resn covering oi uair.
Than are handr tt atdte and gentle aim hi New
Tork who have had ihair hair nstarasl k the an of this
Invlgorator, when all other preparations have tailed. L
M. has In. his poaaeaaiea tetters innumerable, tealtrying
to the above facia, frea peraoa af the higbesx reoseotar
bllily. It will effectually prevent the hair froa turning
nntll the lateat period, oi life; and in oaaea where the hair
has already ohaiigsd rtaeoloi, tb use of the Invlgorator
will withaertauty reaton it to It to its original hue, niv
lug it a dark, gloarj appearanoe. As a perfume for the
toilet ana a uau abeawrauvw iv a particularly reoom
mended, having an agreeable frttranoe; aud -ie great (a
eilitlea it aflord In dra-iag the hair, 'which, when moiai
with the Invlgorator, ran be dressed in sny required
form so aa to preserve Its plaoewheUier plainlorln our k:
faenoe tbe great demand for it by tha iarllea aa a atandard
toilet artlole which none ought to be without, (he price
place it within tbe reach ef all, being . i.'. '
Only Tweaty-Piye Cents .
per bottle, to be had, at a) respectable Druggists and
,' . ) , . nnufra J!!'t ;
L. MILLER would call the attention of Parents and
flnardlana to the ate of bis Inviajoratort ta cues where
the children's halt inclines to b weak. - The rue of lt
lays tha foundauaa lot ayeaaaeam y-airy aa It n
aovaa aa taapanuea that may have, bteeae eonaeeted
with the scalp, the removal of which Is neceaaara both
for tbe health ot the child, and tb future appearance of
itarjatr.i!' ' i ..'..- j t j . ..... ,s
OioTiow. None remain without the ise-staUa LOTJia
HILLKK beiag on tne outer wrapper;, also, L. MIL
LKH'd BAI& WVIUORATOK, N. T., blown in the'
aa. -- - - ' 'J -" '
I Whola-at Dpot,Sa Day tuwet, and sola by all tha
f nnoipal atercnaot ana.vroggiata lAroaghoattfisiwrtd
lilwm iuiwiui, w jiu i.um.1 a uj hiu 4UKIIIII7,
1 also desire to pnsent to the American Publlo my "
whloh, after years oi
eolentlflb experlmentlne.' I .have
brought to perfection, rt dyes Blaek 0 Brow Ittstaotly
wlthoutlnjury to the Dalr or Skin; warranted tha best
ariioio vt uiw aura m vauuoos.
Depot, . Dey f -tSWi New k
ootS8:dstwly. '' ev
-:: :; Disaoluton,1 r)v,
fora eaatlng liesween thS nndenlgnedk under the
firm name nf ARtfrTRONQ THOMPSON, was dissolv
ed by mutual Somen t on the Sret day iff April, -11
Tb raalnaa of- me late nra will settled by
AnMSTBOHo, whs aontlrmes Usakosinesa at ths old stand,
I..-)." - .. : . , . , - JS, B. AHStBTKOBO.
arlB-dSw.i'si -i.yv -:''. THOstf BON. 1 t-:
- ' - - -
BHIRTINQS, all width, of meat celebrated makes.
mow offered 1st greatest variety snd at very low prices.
;. '.' BAItTa BOB),
, sprit u
.i f.
Ho. tt South Dlgh street'.
J anlgua. at S4.08 par l.OOO.
at hstl I the ones oharg ed by small dealers. , , ,
' I ItTBR AD. dtjARTEB.9 No. 7J flonth Hltb street.
i Columbus, Maya,. IDG1, , . J i. BILKY.
XJ eantailoa, In great variety at BAIN'S,
, rtS 'i .! ' n d't". v'i .r, W r)o wi "S' street
Strengthening Cordial anBlood
Tae urnatees Besaeei la Ti,e tVoi-ldV
T : AaV Tnsl :;
r" wrOttDlAI
ly scientific and
vegetable Compound,
proenn-d by the distil-
latlonof Roots. Herlis '
and Barks, Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Barraparllla, Wild
w..v.. m Hill lynu'
il.Hnn antM 1.1. I . . ? "
Vfore Taking, active remwiai After Taking I
principle ot each Ingredient is thoroughly extracted r
my new method of dlaUlilnc. nroilucinc a delict- aa ax-
hileratlng eplrlt, and the most INFALLIULK rmei fw
renovating tne a I teased system, ana rewoniiv lie eiefc
uirerlng and debiUWted INVALID to HEALTH and
Bl'aUCNUXts. ' .!'! j.l
? V trm effeatuallj eare f t
Chronic or Nervous DeulK,, uueasetcf the' KUnayt J
and all dijeasea arising from a disorder! t tvi orPtom-i
acn, uyspepaia, ueartnuru,
neaa of the Stomach, Fnllm
, Inwurd Pile. Acidity or Rick-
er Hiooe-to iu lUaj.Dul
pain or swimming in the head. Falration of the; Heart
Valine or Weight In the Stomach, 6qui Eiuctatiuiu
unoxing or lunocattng leeuug
or Yellownea of tbe BkUi and
Nhtht Baoau. la.
wara rerers, rain in tne small of the back, chest or side.
Buddon Flushes of Heat, fieprasetoa of Spirits, .Fripbtful
Dream, Languor, Despondency or any Hervoos Piaee
Bore or Blotches on tbe Bkin, and fever and Ami (or
Chills and fever.) t . ...
' .', Over a Million ei Lottlctil ''.!
tlav been sold during the last six month and lo no In
stance has it failed iu giving entire mtisfaetion Who.
then, will suOerfrom Weakiea or Deiiilit wltei. Mo
LIAN'8 BTtUCNOTUK-ISia OOKD1AL will cuie yowl
fio Unxuaire ean convey an adeaiuta Idea af alia m-i
Slate and almoat miraculon change produced by uktnr
una uoraui in tne aueaaed, aebtlitated and hatterarl
aervoru system, whether broken down by exoeae, weak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and anatraog
erganhtation i restored to its pristine health and vigor.
Or ethers eonsdoas of InaMllty, from whateer atrme',
will find McLean s Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of tbe system; and all who o.aj have In) n red
themselves by Improper indulgences, will find in the Ooi
dial a certain and speedy remedy. - -'
T tbe Laelles. ' -
McLean's Strengthening Cofdiaf
Is a sovereign andspeedycare for ' ". '., 1
Obatructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge Uiereof, Falling of the
Womb, Qiikliuca, f-inting and all inadoet
. Thsrs Is na Klstaka'Ahont it' J" ' ''
Butler no longer. Take It According to DlraaHoai. -. It .
will stiaaalata, strengthen and tavigojata -tow and caw
tbe bloom of health to mount your eheekafaiih
, aivery sottis Hwarrautea togiveaiKractloa. a
If your children are aleklv. tinnv.nr ffllrli d. Mi-T.pmV
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and toliasl. 1)''"1
not a moment, try it. and you will be couvinned. '
Oaotioh. Bewam f Druwirlatai nr fienUm mhn
try to palm upon you some Bitter or 8aieaairiUa ti,
which iney can buy cheap, bysaylnj it is just aa good,
Avoid einh -npn . Abfn VI..Th' QiM...k..;..,i
dial, and take nothing else It Is the only remedy that
will partly the blood thoroughly and at. Hi.
sirenguien uie Bystem. . , , -
one taDiespoonrni takea ever? morning futlng. Is a
certain preventive or unoiera, Uhllli and keven .yellow
fever, or any prevalent diseases. It la put up Id large
WlllCB. . . i -t
Price only 1 1 per bottle, or 6 bottles for 5. . . ,
J.ll.-ttLBAH, 0
Sole Proprietor of this Cordial,
Alto McLeans Toleanla Oil ,.inlmr,l.
Principal Depot on the corner of Third and Pine sirs!,
Dl M.'uis niu. . r,ti
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Ths best Linucent In the World. Tha only safe and
certain cure for Cancers, Pile. Bwellinn and Bron
chia, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weaknen of the
Uusciea, Unronio or Inflammatory Rheumatism, Stiff
ness of the joint, contracted Uuacles or Llgamenta
larache or Toothache, Bruitea, Sprain. Wounds, fresh
uuu, uicer, rever ooree, uakea ureaats Bo,rj Miupleru.
Duma, ouKius, cure uuai, oi aoy Lnnammauon or rain,
no difference how seven, or hoc long, txte diaeasemay
nave exisiea. nuiean s ueiaorated liuuruentu a ear A
tain remedy. -.- ... . f i
Thousand of human beings have been saved a life of
decrepitude and misery by the two of this Itrval sable med
LINIMENT. - ..-.-v 0
Will relieve pain almual Initantaneoutly ; and It wtl
cleanse, purify and heal the foulest sores in an tpcredt
ly ahort time.
- For Herses and Otber Anitnitls.
McLean i celebrated Itnlment Is the only 'safe and re
liable remedy for the core of Bparin, Ring Bone; Wind
galls. Splint, Onnaturnl Bump, Node or BwelHng Il
will never fall to cure Big Bead, Poll Kvll, nitnla. fttd
running Bore or Sweeny, ff pniiierly ai'iilleil Tui
Bprains, Braises, Soratches, Bona or Wrai, Cracked
ueels, Ohaiea, Baddle or Collar Galls It la an Infallible
remedy. Apply it a directed, and a euro is certain Id
every Instance.
Then trine no longer with ths manv woTthrera Lini
ments offered to you. Obtain a supply of Dr- M(rao'i
celebrated Liniment, tt will ran yort. '
J II. racLEAN, Bole Proprietor, ' "-'
Corner ef Third and Pine Streets, St. Loo is, Ho. 1 '
for sale by all druggists. .
for sale hy BQBIRTB St BAMUBL,
aa9s-dltlf U ; J ; OotembaaiOhlo.
I, ! x)V THE
COl-lsATErt) BY -J
Hon. Joseph L S waiij ''
Contained irj twenty-nlue volumes of the Ohio and Ohio
Bute Reports.)
ax LEAN DtKJ.CHl rCHIFl t.D,ESq.
In Tiro Rbjnl 8vo 'Vol'ufnes, Price $10 00.
- i-rsu 2 'iUJ...
Ne eare er expense baa been artred ta stake the work
perfect aud reliable in all respects.
j it aaainow tn seglsauv ai.otlbif; Having been ap-
roved hv nearly the onanitbou. vol of both. Uauaea.
and araa ordered to. be distributed to the followine titate
Sod Oonnty offlcen:
I Uavcrnor, AUoroev Oeceral. Buoreme Judtre. Bsctsa
are-, O aptroUer,. Treaearef- and Aweitnr af etaee--and
jo tbe Probate Cenrts, Court of Onoimoa Plea Super
ior and Police Courts, Auditors, and the Clems of the
rarioaa Court u each "county, to. ths UtsnbsrabS tort
Senate and aleua of Bepreentative of kia 8taio.aul
Uie uoverner or tn several Slate ol tha Unioa..r- ,
t This book, oonBUnkng, a It doe, al of tha Statute
tow in force, and tha authoritative eonstraotion ef them
and or the newuonttitnilon, wuibe tound toiixanaai
Iv rueful la the performance of their dati-Mo all .
JCSWOBS OP TIIS PEACE, ,.u y o s:-l i.
xuV Notllr TttUol EKB, r.'iaa
i.nn.a.ux xuttaui,
Iaaaaanli a verv maov ohanm'haM been mttM'
Statate nceeth fuhUeattioaof tbs last -cditeru, bye
deal, alterations and addition, and many important de-1
4a... ! k Wl.n K- ll, C .
.vuB ' ' - (I'.wu . ...m u,, "(r f M,la,tV
rmPRNBYkAT iAW. 1 "-.j-;
i and business MExgKjxgiyr, ..
Will find this an InvaluablaWorka il l -jM '
lloo Royml 8eo. Tdwt hf fr iXnttf'BinSred
In Strong Law BMbju.llTLI),. ..
I ubllshed By a :tSa aai "
daw Pobllthers, Bookaellen BtatlcaeT anl -mpaiteri.
I No. 65 West rourtn aaeeet,,,i
I ILL. 1U.WV . y , VWU1UMU V.
CLOAK OLOTH&.A-Hi other- aakeref-rinr'
oak Cloth, in all deatraVh alxlure Bindlnn, las-
als and Buttons to match. BAIN k. BON,
faprilS V'tXA'X) .j!ealetiwj
raoJtagea of. STATiOWISRY ar-V JUW-Ltta as
8 noes ooe-iiiini leas uvea caans puranaaew etaewnere
all on or add ma (stamp. . eneloaad).. L. BAI LB Va Ha
uit uoarist., noatosaiaa' : 1 p aaarca xoiiusn. p.
a .
Canton llttuijg
d 64 v4v White suitl Kea.saatl;
: VVbit Checked of superioKioAliiy., fraweti 1
rnn BAIN At BON.I a'"imiii.
nhS3 .'m.i -i i..r ! ' No 99 houth Highest
I .tVbTUvBariMijrrjJ Vital
t , rt for the f oJBIAJfT iBf.Lt.f
distressmg eei(Wt ' )' c'
I .i - Bfl DT'N wb nil
r..i - vArr-"i Itiil ih.'iVWi
i i .: . Prios Dl per bog senttrse by po.t ,,7,,
StyS-dWlyl i!-:jr1 K
.1'"" procea of teething by soft-
A I and a, aamodia action, A-d , TZV.T,
Depend upon lt,mothen, It.jrill give rest to younelve.
BIE .ID EI&LTH Jf T0TJB aims.i
we lav tint ti...,j ... . T
and CAN tJAY. IN OONsTSan. T .eW
i.i , n. .hbi, iimeiy aard. Nev.
" koo an toaULoe of (llasatlafMHurT bTary
who UKd il. On the contrary, all are dellgh0d"uh "
operaUun., and sneak in lema of coimeduv wTh.
mKicaleneou4u5 medical ortuw. . weaTi. thS
matter' WUAT WB Do ItNOWi'lta LL
rience AND PLKDOK OUR RBTO raTIOrf vort rCsi
PULILLMItNT what . -JHJ!'"?. fV.THl
.r 'J"",'"" the iuUai safloring fn.m
pain and exnauatlou. relief will be found in niieenor
twenty minutes alter thenyrup Is administered
Jn,nn'e pre,.aratioi, j the pnacnpUon of bo or :
Oifaosl -Xt-afcuiNOtDaad SKlLLfdi, NDh-awrn i
u. Sfvj? r r11", Nitv,"it
''aL-r-aik J. a, ', ' ' -
It not Oil lv rtjliKVC-a rhsi nhlLI ... ...I- .... s .
.T"' tow, eorrecl aeidity, andgtl
tone .nd enerirv to the hni. ' r. . T-T:.. '
ttantly relieva ' " "'""i. "''
eB.p.so is tm owi.s, and winj colic
"I"?1""!, oonh?ls'D' wnietlf not speedily am
v-aaa vrtj UCIIC VQ ) TJlfl H KSl anil rtlTH
B8T RKMKDV IN TUB H'ORLD.a all case of OVS
U - .lr. . (VIICVIIW
' lavja i ruin icoiinns;, or iroto any other
.... ,..rw .vr.i jrw anouwcit,! SI BH to
lollow thenae of fhumedlcme. If tlmeu i ' r7lf a,.
I rh.i I uitui.
retions for oslnx willaccmnnaiui a,u-l tmin k
fe,0'D onka tlielao-shnile if ,wOJliU PKRKinh.
Wew Vork. it on the outside wrapper.
Sold by all Druggist Uu-ougboul the world. t.j - . ,
Prl cipaiufflce, 13 t edar Street (V.t.
I OCt27.dly.
1 a A.ND::JT
Pfi ' t pr'eotaely what Iu name indicate, for. ithil,
Ullileaant to the taite, it is rcvivifyl ng, exhllaraV
?iiig, iwvigotatiiig aad,stRSgliieninf te 'the' ttdl
k., state, aiul raaewa the Biood In all Its parUy Nanal
.lhus at once rwloreH ami render (Aa ymlfa ili-
' loreparattrio ererarrre(tt the world,1 eheaw W
p itfiy aaiia aMifiuiur v4iuuuiw na io d ue aaoatlUi
p .euui iuuu. a u as me same lime so penvctlur
U awa of natuie, and hence will totMht- the vtnlrM'
Ihnaailay all nervous and other irrirat'ioa Itb'Y 1
Hpertctly eXhilaratlrf,andat.th sftoMm4rr' l'f i1
i composed entirely of .vegetable, yet o oambiaeuirH i
a to produce the moattb wowgh taBHteffeet, wfth-l
th-f "
out pr uucing any injurious oonsejuepceas'rach'L
temeov nae long ueen reit tone a ite.merjrtoni i IU1
meiUcal warpi, ioliLhouI nou u;aAkill tc r
ihaHlahiiUj Aillowa aUaUacka-tdkwaae. aidl
oceed and indeed laja the .ys'em opco .to ihe'ka
f h siilioasirtiacXs of many of the Boat. ratal.' sack
U(r example, as tbe following: Consumition, Is
w, digestion. Dyspepsia, Loa of Appetite, Finlai.
11...... Irrtfiiltillru. i.iin.lai. U. i .1..T
CjlHeavtr atelaoehoiy, Nigtrt Wveats bangaor,Mdi. Of
PtnsjisvlWteatlori u a well as Painiui obetrttoted T?.
too profute. er too scut Menstruation, and Fall
e !n of the Wemb. These all depfi d apoo genenrn
al joentuiy mis pare, nemtny, uinic oordiai ann
mood itenovator u aaanra tn cure as tbe sun lo U
na and at. . there it no mlatakwabuat m rIHit ill
h.s is nntall. It the sjsiem rt weakeDed.etre
.pen tpblluiuaattafka.TfleTiver be.omea torirtdJu
'jr worse diseased, the kldnejs 'ivfoset'perrorn.'rl
thetr fanotion. and we are treuhied with scnldlnt'si''
'ind Incontti.eoce of urine,-' or Involunbirj dis f '
1'hi.rire of the same, pain iu the bark, aide hri
itween the shoulders, exeeeirtnaly ll.ble to alieht LJ
colds, oongb. -and If ui oheokad, aoun taaciailei i
loiterer, an the patle. t giesdown to a-prem.mrrij.
grave... but spaie will out allow us to euuuaratef
ma many in. w nnicu :o art lUDlo.Ui a wMAei.eu.f ;
coiidnWu of the system., "but ca will su, in Ua
Cord al and Hlovd Rrnovat..r yoa hve aperia.tttij
sve, pleasant and tleo'Uil , remedy fur . as nl Q
A petite. r.ll(ousnei.rFlatuleale weak and lc(V
i..m.ch Lauru-r, tiverCfmplalnfCliills and.
rVvcr, orai.y Billoua aluvk, Oueiiveni-ss, Acidity,
il tne Biomn, nerv.iunness. neuraintit, I'aipita-
0itlu4 T .thc.llaart,- Di.rstiotitl Splrlia tort-e M
i kwfca on tue Face, or aj 4i;aae ariMg feii'Ja'
amvure biont, such aa -cnilula. KryKptUa. Mi-i t
I. luua. Ouaiib-.4llLnultv af HrCftlhu.?. miim U it .: i
OJclasa of diaeae called fealf weakneaa and H .
enumerated arwre. vte will alau m ihe 'nm-ler LJ 1
ctvrc, vw cin,cujivs luaugc. it niinwiiiu .nim
er, will find it a pleaunt ate and sure iemeU, ti
ami none skeatd ever travel without. Kewler, J
ry It tor we a-sure you ?ou will find in It a nend "
nodeed aa wel I aa a (fiend in need. All pesonaof
wdeatary b b t will Bod It perfeet preventive lh
a well a- cure ror utoealirvt sownlcb way are
particu'arly expoaed. Hence aiiniste.ntudenis.t j
tori.eya, II entry g ntlemen.and ladies who are not
a lama ou,ed ta rnus .ou'door ex -sis, will fiod it
o tneir advantage to keep a bottle conntantlv nn
hand; and, above all. mother, or those becoming!
such, will go through. tfia.mot daurercna corioc
una oniy win all ineir accuii..meu strengtn, bui
nfe and free from the thoaeand allme nt m rrrrt).
nicii.s.uuua ,iio icuiaiD imi w.u ui liio wnriti it
fhort, i is indeed a mother's cordial Try It, AM W
iand louhg; no Ion Iter ran the risk erdebti !!'
relieve and prove Itself emphatically a Jitatorti-
tiv Cordial tn4 Biod Ktnomaior; -rr ,.4 . C
O. i. WuOD.pruprieior, 441 llraaKlwnvvtNea, ,W
ora, ana i ia . mtme t street, nt i.nuta, io., i
sold hy ROB ARTS w SAMUEL, Coluralna,1,
and all good rgiata Price One; D iu.kl
per Bottle.. i 3 aav..i march -d waewltyase
NErVAr;Wff; Us- 'f
flanuraen-era eft tall wHiaakX 'Pev
litnie auatintaiieaMrr steam t,.-A
Rlnca, fua-w ITlilU urtaunatlaMa
i ace., sec. eveKtKI
nrsr' ArAt
0 CO. Btattnl I lilt mrvi -tttxrw
Onr Portable InKinevw-d 4w Unt5"
Was awanlad tha Brat, yaau oT 30 at the Indiana
buu eujeriur uuaritutur ot lurnocr S!twei;
Onr 8tkaurrjrc wa4wrfMWiitJ fal.
jOuHrrJrrVwa'a a
WO ttitha4aiS4H aemptiia aaiSV tmnvllaa-a'a ISA. A
VkbUsi (MlMkauttaMoeaJe'aawmr) Beaaina,4,aJirf
Wm Ot r-";nrl Pn1ni-tUliga)iarili asSwa
aud terms address .., J J
U. 1 1 I , U 1 1 winuvn HI v. . ' m
lor price
U havieaale nnst Ketsill Denier Ib
ssvl c , am si i. ,.J)t, T-"a?
"ff" afltntu"j.a"
.niti' . ..viati
w. ri'.,Mi HJ.. "inii,i!,iii w-.i.
STSMt OHITTEMDtrt. V,SHlfMtV"l..IllTTirvn a
vtA,rt'ORNKrr?'f taV?1"'- "
- . .''. .7 i f ws h
KT OtAmtrBtf farU-ieirw.Trt sejit.. at.J
Baaaow' Bru,mw Columbus TMjrnJ" X'U'Mk
rCTOareful attention paid to CIIeeUoC''!a?a..
'aprtlSaSa'J 3 WW
wu.u hj ptsjtji moinerwQuftMa chi'd tnMi.g from
SVIvh?,I0,eoil K coP'nltiti DO NOT LET YI U
Itknd between vou and iiour aiiOnpino ..i .k-
usgi vv sj
I ,tj .(.'i -iv-iln iTHaaiS
.t-'aht k'.'corr;ia (StTSaia
. i- nai9tt. V'i 'Mom
tl 'Oi O ' I 'al.atet
it rpa i.iil ,sialtpi

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