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flEQ. W. MANTEi Editor.
'YTiiiNQ.JULY?, 1861.
Democratic State Convention.
tral frsAaftts-Colur.bus.OD the 5th
lay of Joly,1861,Uff
ifcseW, That it ii expedient to hold a Demo-
- - lafiltTlki'lBll
. ..... . D.mSeral.o State Ticket, to be
T.K fflft e51Md; that the pftftnl But.
aomp.tae w jww- - .11 who
exiaTaganc. ud corrup
E.. .farmine-lv prevalent lo public f-
vfwieit Tinned to unite witu we
' onrcoantr,'. peril.
b (KM TedeemtMBtete, p"
Vwittfatrt16ir lUDompeteot hepde.
.SgMWi farther, tbst tw oasis o'"l'
ttStTtitd CoiiVeLtlon be one de legal, for
Vo,e...nd additional
fraction of 250 end ,?J October
V-on ibta
t nki. .ml all other con-
MiI'iH Utmoorwaj w
eweriTeUnloe) two, wso ere whuis -rla
Wim -ton ha the abora basis, we requested
--iVmeet ta their respective counties t suoh time
at the load committees may designate, ana ap
tjratiefttM to the Democratic Conyention
osytb 7 of August, to nominate a 8tate
ticket to b supported ut the October election.
4t U.prwMl.tbatno ,0 of hi conntry
IU 'require prompting at this time to Induce
-fctnr-W discharge his duty, and therefore the
CoaVtalttee ie impressed with the belief that the
counties will eagerly respond to this call, and
- list f farming Contention will assemble in
Columbus at the time designated above, and
aft feUriinatlon a ticket ot good and true
SSi!- e ioM stateof
iies) m the 84 Tuesday la October next.
WM. MOUNT, Chairman.
WM. MOUNT, Chairman. WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary.
The President's Special Mesage.
ww - -
'JYii "anxiously expected .document has at
length made lu appearance,, Various opinions
will be expressed, lo regard to U contents. In
tome quarters, H will be the subject of unqual
Usdptatsv; la others, of unqualified censure.
ITeitherof these, We apprehend, is justly its
The President very clearly exposes the soph-
litrv "f the - secession ' arguments. Though
ih'erWllWhlnf.'neir In the positions he takes,
jif brief summary of some of the
torlndoai oolnta advanced by our leading states-
tifieiVAd JlrfaM against the secession heresy.
Jafetfrnaforwe heartily 'concur in the views
esifaay ia-thla portion of. the message.
The attempted. Jasiifioation of the right of
the Executive to suspend the privilege of the
writ of Ufeafcrsus, is nor so apparent. It
would appea'rilrom the connection in which the
clauieastboficjnga sospeneion of the writ, is
Dtactdlh the Constitution, that It was the in
.teotlch' of tbs fra'mera of that instrument to
plaeothe power of suspending the writ solely
la the bands of Congress The President nrges
the necessity of the cage as the main ground of
hiajustificatioa for violating, in this case and
ia his call for an increase of the U. S. army
and navy, the Constitutloa and the laws, which
tie labenid to see faithfully executed.
.bv'Tne message will not satisfy the people gen
rally, who are loyal to the Union and the Gov
.COMeaty .This dissatisfaction win arise, not
un maeh from what is said, as from what is left
nns'afj. Hot that a longer message was wanted,
bat a clearer" Indication of the measures the
ttecutlve deaired to see adopted,' and some
'e drfiolte explanation acd Indication of the
policy be designed to pursue in administering
tfcr-Ouvennnenrln this momentous and awful
The only measures specifically recommended
to Conmeararetbat four hundred thousand
jaeo auJ four hundred millions of dollars be
placed aTthe eontrtl of the Government for the
wIftftMkibt1 present contest a short and
UdeiT one. The raising of such an immense
tores would, according to the President's show
Inf. deolaere the able-bodied men among the
loyal people of the tounrVy, and a debt of four
tundted mflflons would be nearly equal to one
twenty-thlrd of the money value of all the
property owned by men who are etill loyal to Ihe
Unioa. -;;
It will Mm to most men hiahly proper that
the President shgnld.navo. sUted jome of the
reasons for this extraordinary demand for men
and money, to be placed at the entire 'disposal
f the EieobCve,TaB'T that W ibould have In
dicaatlMtYi)! tie xsarfl most proper and ju
Alotoa toeauplejedjrjj aising both. This
jrouldayj jloBhe .country some' insight ifito
the wtuft pojucy, oi .we t Aqmwisireuou wuu
cut developing any of tbo plans for miliUry ope.
ratoiaiwTjlchftsaiihtnotbe proper to make
i Tbete'iMtarlOBsqueitioni 'which are now
agltjgi ib-OBUBfry, in regard to the policy of
the Uoverameut, or toe Aaminiairaiion, lowara
tDI SUM GOVmimeuli and the rights of prl
tats eItfYi,)lpom wWeh the message preserves
a studied silence. V-re well aware that the
rpillercrjnld not la that docnment go into
details on ubjeots, of minor Interest; but a few
Short aintWrt might' bare let to rest, to far
e;b;li.eacwned, many perplexing doubt
that not a few of thrlhost loyal Union men in
tteScouiirf&a'of bat' feel, ia view of the ul-
faaapisiwM .hsld by a portion of hi Cabinet
iu4 J Jixgi proportion of the party that elected
These doubts will be increased by an unfor
tuoato (tojoake the beet of It) expression in
ie message.' Tht President seems to be aware
thai then Is sosae ssaeiness ia the minds of
andld smo as M the worse the Administration
paygfttie.t He assures such Jhat af ter the re;
bellloa shall have been suppressed, it will be
1.U ptepqse to be guided" by the Constitution and
laws. Pot will he aotbs guided by these in
uppresVing Cue rebellion,! Loyal and candid
aiao sVtalwy 36 tot Wpi or desire to see the
. tebollioo put doti la anyother mode or by any
Other mease tbrthot authorized by the Con-
y Z 4 . . JL
at s aofortunate expression to which we par
aVmlsrlj.allade, Js this;, ( The, President says
flat afterthe rebellion il suppressed, "be prtb
Iif wUljhave no different understanding of the
fowerf aoiiles pf the Federal Government
relative to the rights of the States and the peo
ple under the Constitution than expressed in the
. Jcangurk! addrtas."J The Inaugural expressed
eitai!uVtlon'.ld,.lnphol4 ths rlghu of. the
fita'ea, atri sot laterfert 'with 'those of private
eltU$SSH th meseage throws . out a dark and i
mJSottt TnAt8atihIt determination may bs
changed. It will PROIJABLV be adhered tot
as much as to say, It mr.y be changed- What the
Presideat really meant by using the word sroe-
if in that connection, is best known to himself
aud bis advisers; but ita effect will be anything
but salutary to the Union cajse..
-So far. as the message exhibits a disposition
to vindicate the Constitution as it is, and faith
fully exeoute the laws ia every Staft and ia
every department of the Government, It wilt
have the cordial approbation of every honest
patriot, and of every loyal cititen. Il is to be
hoped that the new Congress, to whom Ihe des
tinies of our country are now in a great degree
committed, will be ablo to supply what may be
lacking lo the Executive department, and save
the Union from impending anaroby and disso
lution. - (
The President's Special Mesage. The Painesville Telegraph—The New
The organ o( ths "irrepressibles" of Lake
county, where they are nearly all of that stripe,
says: . .' ... ;.. .
"We observe that those city papers, which
under the specious phrase of a 'Union of all
Parties' to elect a Governor, are endeavoring to
ooromit the people without a pledge, explana
tion, or a principle, to a particular man, is be
ing oheckmated very eneotnaiiy Dy me country
press. We observe that the Summit Btaeon,
Ravenna Dmocrat, Ashtabula Sentinel, Elyria
Democrat, etc, eto .have already spoken against
It." ..
We regard this as conclusive against a Union
ticket of Democrats and Republicans. The
Western JJeseree always controls the action of,
Republican conventions
The Tdtgrapk aptly says:
"No one who la a crazy excitement shouts for
the Union, and has nothing else but his Union
ism to commend him, oaa suit our purpose-"
Whenever you hear one of these irrepressible
Abolitionists "shouting for Union," you may
set him down as "crazy" or "slightly Inebri
Beef for the Army.
The Chicago man, who was the lowest bidder
for the contract to supply beef, has, we under
stand, not completed bis contract, or, In other
words, has backed out. Gioaac Law is provid
ing the cattle at eight dolltr per hundred, as
usual. Has Simon Cahiron an Interest in
Why have not our Ohio bidders secured this
contract? We understand they were the next
lowest. There is a big swindle going on in
this beef business.
The Fairmont True Virginian.
We have received the first number of this
pater, dated "Fairmont, Virginia, July 3d."
It is edited by Major C. N. Lamison and - Adju
tant Fbamk Evakb, snd published by Hamilton,
Chhisman & Balintink, of Company C, SOtb
Regiment Ohio Volunteers, every Wednesday
morning, by order of Col. Morton, commanding.
Terms, 91 ot) If paid In advance, and "no
paper sent to any point more than a half days'
journey from Fairmont, unless paid for first."
This we should call a military newspaper all
over. There Is much of the editorial we would
like to publish, did our space permit. From
their "bow" to their soldiers, we clip the fol
lowing extract: -
"The fanatlo abolitionists we detest no less
than the fanatio slave -bolder. They are alike
enemies to Constitutional liberty and good gov-
ernmeot. we come, not to make war upon
peaceful citizens or helpless women, but to
suppress treason and rebellion against the proud
est government the world has ever known. The
rights and tbe property oi toe people of Vir
ginia are to be protected by us as lully as are
the rights and property of tbe people of Ohio.
We are your friends and neighbors. The waters
of Virginia kisses tbe soil of Obio, Our blood
Is mingled with jour blood, we are one kindred
and one people of a common origin. The blood
of our fathers has mingled together on many
an ensanguined neld."
From all we can learn from tbe paper, it ap
pears they just polked In to the office fonnd
tbe proprietors and editor, a Mr. Drinkarp, ab
sent, and went to work.
The Republicans of Colifornia have Domi
nated the following State ticket to bs beaten
this fall i
For Governor Leland Stanford: for Lieut
GovernorJohn F. Cbllleei for Congress T,
C. Phelps and A. A. Sargent; Judge Supreme
Court El ward Norton; Clerk Supreme Court
Frank F. Fargo; Attorney-General Frank
M. Pixley; Comptroller G R. Wasson;
Treasurer David R A.hley; Surveyor bener
al J. Houghton; State Printer P. P. Avery.
Arr ointmits sr trc Commissioner or Pos-
Lio Bdiloinos. John J. Fink and Albert Brew
er lamp lighters, in place of Peter Carroll and
JJm Brady; John Vandcrheydea and G. W.
Garrett, in place of Frank Riley and J. N.
CrockwelliDiDiel Wbalen watchman at the sta
bles, in place of John McGratht J. R. Cronin,
A B. Dalton and W. T.Bailey laborers in tbe
onblio rreunds. In place ot M. Connaugbhen
David Mornn and J. B. Moeabee. fTaiAinjlo
From this it would appear that they are re
moving the lamp lighters, ostlers at tbe publio
stables, laborers, eto. That is gettsng pretty
well down. We suppose some of the fellows
who went toWashington as applicants for consols,
olerksbips, eto., failing in that, went after the
ostlers. '
The Election in Philadelphia.
The eleotioo of Hon. Charles J. Biddli over
Charlu O'Nkil, is, under the circumstances, a
great triumph.
Col. Fornxt supported Mr. O'Nfiu, the Re
publican nominee. The day before the eleotion
he published a long article on the election,
which concludes as follows:
" While these doubts exist about Mr. Biddle,
and the course he may pursue if elected, there
is Done at all about his opponent. We can
trust Charles O'Neil In Congress. We can
trust him as an advocate for war, so long u a
dollar Is In the treasury, or a man remains to
shoulder a musket. He baa taken high, patri
otic ground, tie has declared himself to be for
toe Administration to its euorta to cross trea
son, though it should cost a million of men
and a thousand million of dollars ' He repre
sents the sentiments which this newspaper has
earnestly oontended for, and as their represen
tative we recommend him as an eminently ap
propriate succeeaor ot tbe Hon. jLdward Joy
M v.risi and we believe it to be the duty of
every good citizen to support his eleotion."
It would appear that the "good citizens," or
a majority of them, differed with (he Prett
materially. - -
No Party in Congress.
It was carefully telegraphed that, as an evi
dence that parties would be ignored in Congress,
ths Republicans would hold no caucus to nomi
oate officers. We see, however, that among
all tbe candidates voted for there were no Dem
ocrats. With all the efforts to cover the anl
mal, ths ears will stick out. '
Organization of Congress.
Congress organized on tbe 4th by the election
of Galvssa A- Grow, of Pa , as Speaker, and
Emerson Etheridoi, of Tenu , as Clerk., Mr.
Fornet, it would appear, is over board.
Ohio White Starsc 46riNos. We learn
by a dispatch from A. Wilson, Esq.,' that lbs
Telegraph Offioe is bow open at the Springs for
th season."';'! ,
Corruptions in the War Department.
1 We copy tbe following from the Philadelphia
Enquirer, a Republican paper. The Jotter ol
the New York rimes will bs found on our first
page. . '.
It appears that the same system of plunder
for favorites, la being carried on by tbe General
Government, that was perpetrated in the States,
only oo a larger aoale: .
A Small Business ior a Cabinet Minister
Oa oar second page will be found an able and
dispaMlonate letter ia the New York Tim,
from tort Monroe (where the editor now ie),
exposing the extraordinary proceedings of the
Secretary of War with reference to tbe post ol
Sutler at that place. It appears that a Mr.
Moody, who has experience iu tbe business of a
Sutler, has been displaced by Gen. Cameron,
and that a Mr. Wietar, we believe, of this city,
who has no experience, baa been appointed, and
that this has been done in defiance of tbe regu
lar official action of a Council of Administra
tion, much to the damage of the public service,
and for ao other reason than because tbe Secre
tary of War desired to give a fat offloe to one
ol bis personal adherents.
It will be seen, from this correspondence, that
General Cameron is not only abusing the pow
ers of bis high office, by conferring nigh mili
tary rank on the gang of worthless politicians
in his train, as we have heretofore shown, but is
aotually degrading bis position as Cabinet Min
ister, by grasping the profits of the camp and
the garrison, with a view to their diversion into
the pockets of his own near friends. '
News Items from Washington and
Camp Philippi.
[From the Commercial's Special of July 4.]
Grow's election is attributable chiefly to termined
opposition to Forney, who is thought
to have made almost too good a thing out of
the Clerkahip. The Forney and Blair men
joined forces, which killed Blair. It was this,
and not Urow's popularity or ability, tnat elect
ed the latter. Grow having triumphed, Ether
idge's election followed as a matter of course,
since two Pennsylvanlans cannot come In.
Grow has always belonged to the radical wing,
so his eleotion don't content the conservatives
any better than Blair's would have done.
Quite a breeze was raised in the House by
Burnett's motion refusing Virginia members
eats until investigated, it was promptly vot
ed down, after John S. Carlile bad made a
strong speech, proving himself and Brown al
most unanimouslv chosen bv the people of two
Western Districts. He did not commit himself
as to the three other claimants of seats from
celebrated by brigade parade. Tbe Declaration
of Independence was read by W. P. Edgerton,
of Cleveland Artillery. Oration by Col. Eite,
of tbe 14ih Ohio Regiment.
. Ohio Sixth (Guthrie Greys) arrived this after
noon. Hundreds fell from tbe ranks overoome
by beat; tbe worst cases were brought la
wagons. Another regiment expected.
Gen. McClellan's column moves from Buck
hannon to day, on Beverly. We shall undoubt
edly advance within 48 hours. Harry East
man, scout, accompanied by Captain Korshner,
of the Obio 16:b, and a mounted picket, rode
within three miles of Boliogton, to day. near
ly a hundred rebels pursued them, the bullets
wbistiinson an eiaes. inev cave ine reoeis
tbe contents or their revolvers ana rode on in
safety. Mr. Eastman says they have no twelve
thousand men as reported, and are apparently
ID" The Washington correspondent of the
Baltimore Sun says:
I bear of the circulation in business circles of
treasury notes of small denomination ($50),
which having been indorsed by the government
creditor to whom they were Issued, pass as cur
rently as specie paying back notes. They are
redeemable in two years, and bear interest at
the usual rate.
A great squabble is going; on among tbe pa
triots touching tbe offices of tbs House of Rep
resentatives. One would think that in this
hour of the country's perils the coarse, bareb
note of wrangling among Irtends would be bush
ed. But not so. Not only is tbe spoils doctrine
reoognizsd and Juetlnea in general, but tbs
spoilsmen are aow engaged ia pillaging their
own camp.
It is stated in the press generally that Dr
John Richards, of this city, who was taken
prisoner near the tails Church, by ths Confed
erats troops, has been released. But as he baa
not returned borne, the fear is that he has been
carried "bevonorthe sordera of tbe Coofeder
ate States" farther into tbe interior perhaps
to Montgomery. The war has worked more
changes in tbe medical fraternity than in that
ot any otder proiession. ur. uarnett Has ielt
for Richmond, where be is said to have a largo
practice already. irs. Uoyle, Maury and
Miller are undeiatood to be in the Confederate
Mavor Berret extended tbe time for the
reception of bids for tbe $5,000 loan, in aid of
tbe families of our district volunteers, until
three o'clock this afleraoon, but tbe only pro
posal reoeived was one for $25.90. Six per
cent, was, unquestionably, too low a figure at
this time.
At the usual hour this morning, when Mr.
Haliday, collector, and Mr. Morgan, register,
entered their respective offices Id the city ball,
they found that Mr. Dixon and Mr. Douglass,
tbe recently elected collector and register, re
spectively, had reaobed there before tnem, and
took possession. During tbe day tbe two sets of
officers have been in attendance, one set claim
ing Ms tffict snd the other the bock:
What is Demanded.
The Democracy throughout tbe Northern
States have, as one man, announced their pur
pose to sustain t bs Government in all proper
measures for tbe maintenance of its authority,
and the re-eatablisbmsnt of it, wherever it is
overthrown. Ths patriotism which stands the
test of a call to support such an Administration
as ths present, is proof against all assaults,
and might seem to be worthy of some acknowl
edgment from those whom our country's ill.
starred fate has plaoed in power. No indioation
of the existence or suco a reeling is yet mani
fested. 1 No admission of ths obligatioo Is
made. Even so small a boon as tbe appoint
ment of ooe of tbe same faith, to succeed tbe
noble Douglas, is refused with scorn, and
the groveling wire-workers of tbe gang
are desperately intriguing to supplant even
those officers in the army, of Demo
cratic antecedents, whom ths powers that
be were forced to appoint, or lose the mea whom
their call had rallied to fight cut tbe quarrel.
One of tbe Eastern high priests of Republican
ism, la reply to tbs query, " what Is exneoted
of the Democrats! " says, " forget that you
were ever Democrats." That, then, in the
modest demand, forsake their ancient faith,
get on the Chicago platform, side by aide with
all ths mongrel sbades of abolitionism, dwell in
barmony with those wbo canonise the horse
thief, John Brown, like Barnum's happy family;
and then they may go forth to be shot by seces
sion assassins, expecting no favors or thanks,
but deem themselves honored as with great
privileges, and never dare to doubt the plenary
inspiration of abolitionism. All this, bat no
thought of a favor or concession from their side,
do thought of yielding any of their ultra dog.
mas, and do abatement ot ine oio uncnarttabie
airogancs toward those who dare to differ with
them in opinion. 7Wds Herald and Times.
ST Tbe Cincinnati Enquvrtr ought to be ar
rested Immediately Snd punished under the
statute which protects animals from cruelty.
It produces the following from the Cincinnati
Qaittti, befari tbe Presidential election i
: "Second, because bis election will give peace
and quiet to tbe country, of which it Is sadly lo
need; " ' . '
"Third, because In his election all branches
of 'industry will rsvlve, business will be good
and wages high." , " ' :
, It is a wonder tht office of the Equ,Wer Is not
mobbed! for killing off one of the friends of
the Administration!! . ' t -
No Coalition. Let us hear no mors talk of
a ooalltioo between Democrats ana Republicans
on a State ticket. Let as nave a straight-oat
Democratic Union ticket j let it bs early in the
field ; lei it bs made up or some of the multi
tude of boneet, competent, patriotio statesmen
with which tbs Democratic party absnnds, and
then let it be ths sworn purpose of every oatrioS
in Ohio, at whatever hazard, to drive the thieves
and plunderers from ths Stats capital. - Wraw-
Southern Items.
Ths following Items are taken from the late
numbers of the Richmond papers. We get
very few items of news of what they ars doing
in ths Seceded States:
A letter dated Portsmouth, June 87, says: "
At two o'clock yesterday, tbe sloop of war
Germantown ' waa successfully raised. The
damages te this fine vessel are, it Is said, muoh
leas than to eitber the Merrimac or the Plym
outh. Since these three ships adorn- the sur
face of tbe river, matters begin to look very
muoh as lu tbe days of yore. Tbe brig Dol
phin is still under water. It is not yet ascer
tained with precision what tbe repairs will coat,
or ths length of time requisite to effect them;
but' employees of government intimate that
both tbe Germantown and Plymouth will be in
readiness for servioe all too soon for those who
sought to destroy them.
Tea large guns were recovered from the
river yesterday, part of tbe bittery of tbe Ger
mantown. They were perfect, though a little
tor a week past, nothing of special interest
hsa been reported by the Virginia lookouts
at Cats Henry beach. The blockaders have
overhauled several small vessels and taken
tbem Into Old Point; oiher ships approaching
tbs fort are ordered to head away, and others,
sgain, are appropriated for transportation purposes.
The Culpeper Court House hss been selected
for tbe location of tbe division hospital of tbe
Alexandria department. - B. Hill's farm,
Presbyterian Church, Methodist Church, Court
House, F. C. Rizey's bouse, Piedmont Institute,
and R. 8. Jeffries' shop, ars used for hospital
purposes. Some 300 disabled soldiers are now
ia hospital receiving attention.
Tobacco is going up higher every day. Mr.
Luel, ths agent of the Messrs. Huffer St. Co.,
who are the French contractors, is now in Rich
mond superintending the purchase of tobacoo
for the French Empire, and this, of itself, is
sufficient to give a great stimulus to trade. We
may state that tobacco ranged higher on
Wednesday acd Thursday than at any time this
year, ana as nign as aft any time last, it
ranged in prices on Wednesday from 6 50 to
$10 50.
In the Virginia Convention, on Thursday
last, an ordinance was passed providing that
the acceptance or holding of office by any citi
zen of Virginia under tbe Federal Government
ot tbe old United States, after the first day or
next AuguBt, shall be evidence of treason to
the State, except In cases of officers out of the
United States, who shall hays until July 1st,
A resolution was also adopted on the same
day determining that when the Convention
shall bave made suitabls arrangements for the
election oi members oi Uoneress and lor tne
choice of a President and Vioe-Prealdent, and
disposed of other measures of public necessity,
it will adjourn to meet on the second Wednes
day of November next, to consider the amend
ments to ths Constitution, and such other mat
ters as, may be required by tbe publio interests.
Mr. E. H. Cralge. agent of Messrs. Wheeler
& Wilson, of New York, was arrested at Rich
mond oa Thursday last on the charge of being a
suspicious person. He was committed for an
examination the next day.
the following account of the firing into the
Confederate steamer Huntress by a U.S. war
vessel: .
The Confederate steamer Huntress, Capt. J.
N. Maffitt, arrived yesterday afternoon from an
engineering trip up North and East. On Sat
urday Col. Traper decideed oa all bis points of
defense, and at 10 o'olock p. M. Saturday the
Huntress was anchored by Captain Maffitt at
tbe northwest entrance of Calaboga Sound.
After an inspection, early on Sunday morning,
Capt. Maffitt ordered the Huntress to be put
across tbe Sound. When abreast of Stoddard's
a man-of-war was seen off the harbor. Capt
M. headed for tbe intruder; and we ran within
long range, when the gentleman opened with
his 11-inch gons. His fires were direot, but
bis fuses were too short. 'Having taken a care
ful look, and stood five heavy shells, Captain
Maffitt returned, vowing that oa the next occa
sion he'll give Capt. Goldsburgh as much at be
senas. i ne Huntress was unarmed
From a letter dated Biton Rouge, June 18, we
take tbe following:
Our crops are teemiog with promise. Louis-
lana can spare one-half ol her corn crop. No
one can account lor it but, with tbe exception
of pork, and other products of the swine, every
article of food is cheaper than for years past.
This liitle city, with five hundred voters, has
sent over hve hundred men two hundred of
whom, tbe Baton Rouge Fencibles acd Creole
Guards are now in Virginia, the remainder In
Arkansas snd Mississippi. Our little Creole
neighbor, West Baton Rouge, has ssnt near two
nunored or ber tbree nundred and nlty planters,
leaving eight tbousand negroes to make the
The Richmond papers of Thursday oontaln
tbe following order Irom lien. Jtieauregard for
bidding any person hereafter to enter his lines:
Manassas Junction, June 25, 1861.
Sunday, the 30ih Inst., no Per-
son whatsoever, with or without passports (ex
cept irom tne war department;, win bs per
mitted to cuter the lines occupied by the array
oi tne rotomac witn tne intention to pass
tnence or tnereaiier into tne united states or
ths lines of the enemy.
THOS. JORDAN, A. A. Adj't. Gen.
The Diocesan Convention of tbe Protestant
Episcopal Churob of South Carolina last week
passed nnanimoualy a preamble acd resolutions
approving the seoeasion of the Southern Churob,
which the people of the North bave forced up
on us. -
, Haoerstown, June 30. The following dis
patch is official:
Hagerstown, June 30.
General Order No. 29. The Commanding
General bas the satisfaction to announoe to the
troops a second viotory over the insurgents by
a small party of Indiana volunteers under Col.
Wallace, on the 26th inst. Thirteen mounted
men attached to tbe regiment attacked forty-one
Insurgents, killing eight, and chasing the rest
two miles. On their return, with seventeen
oaptured horses, they were attacked by seventy
five of tbe enemy, and fell back to a strong po
sition, which they hold till dark, when they re
turned to the camp, with tbe loss of ons man
killed and one wounded, in tbe last skirmish,
a captain, two lieutenants, and a large number
were wounded. '
The Commanding General desires to bring
to tbs attention of the officers and men of bis
command the oourage and conduot with whioh
this gallant little band of comparatively raw
troops met the emergency, by turning on an
enemy so largely superior ia numbers, chastis
ing him severely, and gathering in retreat the
fruits of victory. By order of -
Ws leara that oa Thursday last, two of the
dead bodies of tsderal troops wars found lo
the woods, lo tne neighborhood or tbe Bethel
battle-ground, In a state of decomposition.
They were traced out by means or tbe buzzards
boverlog over tbe spot, une or tbe corpses bad
in his haversack a Quarter of a baked sboat.
It is supposed tbey had crawled away from ths
scene or tbe battle, alter being wounded, and
died oo the spot on which they were discovered.
f rom their uniforms II IS presumed tbey were
members or the Zouave regiment. It Is said
that all along the road from Bethel to Hampton
a most Intolerable stench prevails, and that
from ths appearance of the buzzards circling
round about, mere must be numosrs or putriiy
Ibg carcasses In ths woods. Norfolk (Va ) Day
The flag agreed upos by tbe State of North
Carolina Is said to be very handsome, The
oolors are a red field, with a single-star in ths
center. On the upper extreme is ths Inscrip
tion, "May SO, 1776," snd at tbs lower, "May
20, 1861." There ars two bars, one of blue and
ths other of white
; . -t ... r x
Secretary Cameron.
A decent respeot for tbe Government will,
wo mrw luuiiuca mi loioa. ucmana too rcujut
of Secretary Cameron. He bas made tbe War
Department a nest of robbers, ' and sanctions,
through contracts, robberies of the most impi
ous obaraoter. He goes further than that.
He undertakes, In bis rapacity, to set aside law,
and thrusts his friends into lucrative offices in
defiance of the regulations of tbe army.' We
puoiisn eisewbere the particulara or a contro
versy at Fortress Monroe, relative to the ap
pointment of a Sutler to a regiment. Cameron
attempts to set aside tbe army regulations to
provide tbe position for one oi bis Iriends.. We
oall attention to it, and it seems entirely relia
ble. Tbe oonduot of Cameron Is disgusting. There
Is no honor In him, and he is diegraolng the po
sition he holds. He ought to be removed
He will bang to the Cabinet as long as there is
a dollar to ateal, If be is not kicked out, as he
ought to be. Cm. Times.
O A fugitive slave ran away from his master
at Hannibal,(Mo., and sought protection inhe
army. . ne was delivered up oa uemano. j
Some of our Abolitloo friends will be very
mad about this, and want to stop the war, if
this ia to be tbe cbjeot of it?
07 The ipecialol the Cleveland Leader, from
Washington, July 5th, says:
"It iasaid that Secretary Cameron is a prls
oner at Fortress Monroe, neither he . nor 'any
other man' being at liberty to return by way of
tbe river, In oonsequence ot a rebel battery at
Mathlas roint."
COLUMBUS, July 4, 1861.
The organization of the corps or artillery
called into aotive service of the State of Ohio,
under tbe law of May 8th, 1861, will be os to!
Each company will be composed of not less
than eighty nor more man ninety men, mciua
log officers of all grades as follows
1 Captain,
1 1st Lieutenant,
12d do
1 1st Sergeant,
1 Co. Quarter Master Sergeant,
. 4 Sergeants, '
, 8 Corporals,
9 Musicians,
2 Artificers,
; 1 Wagoner,
68 to 68 Privates.
Ths full armament of a company will be four
guns, or two sections.
Wbsn the number of guns is not complete
tbs number of men may be reduced by leave of
absence or detached duty, so as to keep up tne
proper proportion of men snd officers to each
gun. '
Two companies will form a division of four
sections or eight guns under the command of a
Four companies will form a battalion undtr
the oommand of a Lieutenant Colonel and
Two battel ons will form a regiment under
the command of a Colonel, with a Lieutenant
Colonel and two Majors.
The Major commanding a Division, when ins
separate detachment, will appoint an Actiog
Adjutant (a Lieutenant) to act as such during
such separate oommand.
Tbe Lieutenant. Colonel commanding a bat
talion will appoint an Adjutant and Quarter
master of Battalion, to act until tbe battalion
is attached to a regiment.
By order of the Commander-in-Chief,
Adjutant General of Ohio.
Holloway's Pills and Ointment.
Abscesses of many years standing have yield
ed under a short course of these anti-septio and
detergent medicines. Tbe Ointment cleanses
tbe sore of all irritating purulent matter, and
Imbues the fibres and tissues with new life and
vigor, while tbe Pills, purifying tbe blood, neu
tralizs tbe noxious humors and expel tbem from
the svstem. Id skin diseases ot whatever char
acter, tumors,, old sores, ulcerated legs, etc., the
aotion of these remedies is safe and certain.
Sold by all Druggists at 25c, 62o., and $1 per
box or pot.
Ohio Militia and Volunteer Militia
COLOMBO!, Jul 1, lftil. 1
General Order No. 25.
THE S7th, 88th, 89th AND 3uth REGIMENTS OIIIO
VOLUNTEHS, to tw muttered into tha aervlce of
the United gutea for three Tears, alll be organlied lo
the Following manner:
The troooe eompoainr the Hth. 15th, 10th, 17th, 18th
Ittb. SOih, Slat and SH Hefimeota, belnir thoie now in
the aerrl e of tbe State, will dare precedence In belofr
enrolled for tbe eeiTloeor tbe United Btalea to tue extent
of forte eomnaDiea
The Ooloneia of theae Dine regiments will proeeed to
(ecertalo, through the ofOoare of their comanlea. the
namee of tbe men thai wllline- to volunteer in the C 8.
erriort which namee will be arranged on company roll!
of not leea than ewbty-tnree. nor more man oneiinnared
and one each, and will be designated by Ihe nnmbereof
the rettmcnis from wbieb tber are taken, with the addl-
tlon or tbe aambars 1, S, I. etc, ee a temporary dietino
tion until organiaed Id to-new reglmenta.
Theae rolle will be forwarded to the Adjutant General.
at Colombo!, by Ihe 10th day of July, IMil. should
more than forty eompamee be thua enrolled, the exeete
oonaliilnf or tnoeo e mpantee naving tne amaueat mm.
ber of names, will be dropped.
As soon as the company rolle are received, the organ
isation of tha regiment will be made, and the field of
ficers appointed.
At uoh time and place as may be designated by Ihe
Qeieral commanding, the companies will be assembled
b rimenta and nominate tbtlr company cflicera.
which nomination will be certified to by the Colonel.
arjDolnted to the reapecur renimentt, and Ihe certin
catee transmitted by them to the Adjutant Oeaeral at
As eoon as the nomination ef tbe officers of one reel
ment Ie made aod properly certified, the otSrert will at
onos aeaame their respective commands, and the regiment
will be muttered Into Ihe service or me united Btiieiior
three eeara.
Commissions will be Irraed In acmrdance with ths
eertiflcatee of nomination, unlets toe oommandor-ln
Chief ehall, for sufficient reasons, decline to confirm the
asms. - i -
The remalnlDf troops of the Bine reglicents, in the
service of ths Bute ' f Ohio, will retain their present
mtmental oreanisatlon nntll mustered out or the ler
vice, and each regimens will bs under the command of
the senior omosr noi ineiuara in tne new organisation.
Should rruoeats of companies be left without any
eommiaalonea officers, the commandant of the reiiment
will detail a D roper officer to the command or auen irae
mentarr company, who will take charge thereof until
mustered out of the service.
By order of the Oommander-ln-Chier.
Jly 7, Adjutant Antral.
Omci or Taa Coarmastomas or ma Binainw fond, I
UoLOatsoe, unio, jont iu, ion.
ril Commissioners of the Sinking Fund of the Stale
of Ohio invite subscriptions by the people of Ihe
State to the Loan of Two Millions of Dollar., authoris
ed by the act of the General Assembly " To provide
more effectually for the de ence of the Butte against in
vation, patted April 80, 1861.
Cortlncatce will be leaned In soma of SiOU, and up
ward, payable July 1, ItioS, at Ihe But Treasury, bear
ing InUreat as the rat of elx per cent, per annum, pay
abieeeml-annually, anl by the act authorising the loan
free from taxation.
Subscription will be received at the office of the Com
mistioners In the Oily Of Oolumbus, at each of the sol
vent hankine Inttliullont In the State, and at' the several
Oounty Treasuries In the (late, until the 1st day of
July, 1861. . - - -
Interest will be computed snd paid from the date ef
the deposit of the money at eitner ot in piacei aoov
K. W. TATT.KR, Auditor of State .
A. F. RCRSBI.L, Secretary of Stat.
- - JAMES llUBilAT, Attorney Oeneral.
WANT ID 10,000 Onilomers lo buy IS cent Ambro
typo at M. WITT'S Cheap Ambrotjp Boom, No.
81 High street, Oolumbus, Ohio.
WAHTID 100,000 OBstomevs to bay SS cent Ambro
type at at. WITT'S Cheap Ambro type Booms,
High street, 4 doors North of the American Hotel, Oo
Umbos, Ohio.
WAHTID 1,100,000 Onitomer at at. WITT'S Fin
Art Photograph Gallery, to bar Photographs
mad, either colored or plaio. of all slses. In abort, all
kind of Heliographs mad anywhere and In the best
aiyi of the art.
High tret.4 .doors North of th American Hotel,
uoiumnu, vm.
TtTANTBD 10.000.000 Customers to hare Card Photo.
TV graph made full length or atmple bo.ts, at M.
WITT'S Pine Art Photograph Gallery, doors Notth of
the American Hotel, Columbus, Ohio, . ,
jl4-lw r- " ' '
naekar of STATIONBBT and JBWILRT. at
Srtew oM-tbird lees than aaa be purchased elsewhere
all a or address (tamp enclosed) t L.BAILIY.Xo
mvvwli-iWviu' ' marcn, iwajia
-.1 I
No. 29 South High Street, Columbus,
8000 yard, InvelcDg Dress Ooodl at 8,!, Tflue
' lSKoenti. -..
S500jrrdi Trtwllos Drew Ooo.1i at lSX, va'us SOctl.
9IKN) yarda Kngllih Heranet at IX. Talu S3 Mutt. V
luuu jurat rreoon uiyai.mei at mx, vaiu . ,
SiiUn varria Hut Uoloftd Lawna at 10 ralua 15 eenti.
IOIIU yard! ruuiara uietn eim.at jjj, thiuo u
ISiOjard. Super Plata Bliok Bilk at St 00. Talus SlUS.
Holca of Organme Borage, ana Injllsn ucrage, ai one
half their value. v . .
VAIN ac nin,
left 2ft South High Btreat.
Elegant Lace Mantillas.
No. 29 South Higli St.,
TT AT B luet opened an Involc of very large and
XX band. t me
Wide French Laces for Shawls.
Very Deep French Flonnolng Laces.
Real Thread, French, Chantllla & Gcnevese
Valenciennes, Point de Gaze, Brusielt
and Thread Laces and Collars,
In new Shapes
For traveling
Traveling Dress Goods.
The beat and moat fashionable styles In the oily,
AT VJCRV t.cvw pmcira,
. " BAIN At BON,
Jt21 . ' 29 South High Street
The Public Works of Ohio
Ornct or ins Lima or ths Pi nun Worm,
Ooluhios, June 13, 1801. )
'fMIB) nnderslgnsd having beoome the Leasees of tbe
X ruullc Works or unio, under tne act 01 may 0, irui
and havlni entered Into tbe posaeaslon of laid Worka
hereby glv notice lhat In operating under aald leaae,
and dlfchsreine their duties usder the same, the bual-
neaa will be Iraneaoted with tb publio through agents
appointed by tbe Lessees, under suon rates, regulations,
realrictions and limitations, as shall be preacrlbed for
their government.
Thoae Asenu for the nrescnt, will consist of one Oen
eral Agent, a Treasurer and Heoretary, for th Central
OffiM of the Leaaeaa at Columbua: and tbe ncceieary
number of Superintendent of Bepalra and Colleoiora of
Toll oo tb sevaral Worka embraced m uie icate.
Tbe Oeneral Agent alia 1 1 be the principal executive
offioer of Uie Le.iuee, acd ehall have chary of th gen
oral buslneaa oflloe at Oolumbua. He ahall have anper-
vlaion over tbe buainii of th Jbeaeeea with th public.
mil a such agent shall execute all contracts, exoept
those for labor and material connected with tbe ordina
ry repairs of Ihe several Works, and he shall audit and
settle sll accounts.
Tbe duties of the Treasurer and Secretary shall be
such as are usually discharged by similar g Ulcers in oilier
The Superintendents of Repairs Itiall, on their re
spective dliiiions. have power 10 employ and discharge
all subordinates and laborers, and to purchaee all toola
and materials necesaary in Ihe ordinary repair or such
diviilon, and the tame ahall be under their special di
rection and management.
The Collectors of lulls, Water Bents and Fines, are
Invested with all the emhoriiy and powor, provided In
the lawa of the State aod the regulations ot the Board
of Publio Worka. made for that yurpoie, when auch Col
lectors acted under appointment and authority from tbe
But. .
Mo Individnal member of the Leaiees shall have the
right to tranaaot busloeae in the name of the Lessees,
with any person or persons. In any other manner than
through tne appointed aneuta, unleai apectaity autnoriS'
ed by ibe Le.atee to to do; nor ahall any one of the ap
pointed agent hare authority to transact any bnalneaa
in the name of th Leasees, except in tha particular
bratchof the bualneia confided to bim.and subject lo
the restrictions and limitation of bis agency. 1
No authority to borrow money on th credit of ihe
Leaaeea, ahall ever exlat In any Leasee, agent or other
employee of the Leaaeea, nnlesa the aama ahall be con
ferred by a unanimous vote of the Lessees, at a regular
meeting, aod the amount so authorised to be borrowed
specified in the order and entered on Uie journal.
Geo. W. UaNYrmaV la the Oeneial Agent of Ihe
Leaiees, Bntjaaui X. Smitb, Treasurer, and Jon
Jotcs, ecretary.
The Superintendents of Repairs are :
On the M. Jt Cinal and W. Bt M. Road Josxre
Cnnnra, Tuoato BauwM, Wat. 1. Jacihok and AinxaL
On lha Ohio, Walhonding and nocking Canals and th
Muakingum Improvement Uobbst II, Ndhsk, Th,oma
ani.ua, viflxis jucuasthy, BYLvcsrm aupaiaT anu
cowaan Ball.
Tb Collnctorson th Canal i, Muaklngnm Improvs
ment and Maumee Koad, are- the aama that were in the
aervlce of the Hiate at the time of th execution of the
Leaae, but all the afore.al l agenla hold their appoint-
menu at tne nieaiure ana opium or in ienees. -t
Lease of tbe Publio Works.
II EALaTIIt Tb blood must bs purified, and all med
icine! are nseless which do not possess the quality of
sllmuUtiog th Wood to discharge Its impuities Into th
bowels. BaamaiTH's Puis possess this quality In
high degree, and ahould be In every family.' They r
equally useful for children and adults adapted to both
sexes, and ar as innocent is bread, yet Knar arrzems
a a MsntciKS. V '
Th Hon. Jacob Beyers, nf Sprlngvlll, Iod., write
to Dr. Drandreth, under dat of Hay 11,1861. .
'I hve need your Invaluable Vegetable tfnlvorsal
PilUin my family ainco lH.t; they have always cared,
even when other medicines were of no avail. I have
oeen tne mean or rry neighbors u.lng hundreds of dol
lars worm, ana 1 am eauaned tney have reoeived
thuuwod ner cent. In blaaaed health, thrr.nffh imi n.
They are uaed lu thla rem on for Bilioua aod Liver Ula.
eates, fever and Agae, and all rhsumatlo catee with the
moat perfect tucce.a. In fact, tbey r Ihe great nil
aoce In alrkneaa, and I truai your venerable III may be
.u .i.iii iv prepare ao excellent a medicine lor tbe
uie of man. , i , i ) . -
Please lend me th lowest price by the gross."
Bold by Joba R. OOok, Druggist, Columbus. ,
Uie James Pjle'a par Dietello Baleratus, and yon
will have a large loaf from a llttl flour; not only light
and pleasant, but free from all noxious qualities. Try
It I Lookout for ImlUtlona I Depot, 34S Washington
street, Hew York. Bold by grocers everywhere,
In all eases of eostlvenen, dyspepsia, billions and Uv
affections, pile, rheumatism, fevers and agues, ebstl
naU head aches, and all general derangemanU of health
thess Plltl have Invariably proved a eerbxln and speedy
remedy. A Stogls trial will place the Life Piria'boyend
the reach ofcompetltlon In the estimation of etry pa
Dr. Moffat's Phosnlx Bitters will be fonnd equally el
ftcacious In all case of nervous debility', dyspepsia, bead
ache, th sickness Incident to females Indelicate health,
and (vary kind of weakness of ths digestive organs.
for sal by Dr. W. B. MOFFAT, 339, Broadway, If. T.
and by all DrugglsU. mayM-daswly ,
The following is an extract from a
letter written by th Rev. J. 8, Holme, paster ol th
Pierrepolnt-Street Baptist Ohnrch, Brooklyn, Jf. 7,, to
th "Journal and Messenger." Olnolnnatt, 0., and speaks
volumes In favor of that world-renowned medicine, Mas.
WiniLow'a Boornua Svaor roa Cmuuiot Tsrrnwai .-
"We see an advertlament In tour oolnmns ot Maa
Wimnow'e Boothim Btrop. Now w Dover said a word
in favor of a patent madicin before in our lifJiut w
feel compelled to say to your readers that thla is a ham
claim. ' It is probably one of the moil euroesanil -medicine
of the day, because it la on of th best. And those
of your readers who bare bible can't do-, better than
lay In a supply." - odI7:lydkw
... TO CDBiamDtiTCI.i ,., , -: i
The Advertiser, having been restored to health In a few
weeks by every slrapl remedy, after having affered sev
eral years with a sever long affection,' and that dread
dUease, Oonaomptloa I .anxious te make known tohii
fellow iuferer thmeanf eure."-) i n.'n
To all who deslr It, he will send a copy ef the preacrla-
tlon used (free of charge), with th directions for prepar
ing and using th same, whioh thy will And a ecus Ota
for OomrtTHPnoM, AbtbxU. BaoMBma, Ao. Th only
ohjeot of th ad ver titer la (ending th Prescription Is to
benefit tha afflicted, and spread Information which beon
solve to be Invaluable, and he hopei every sufferer will
try bis remedy,, as It will coat them nothing, and nay
prove ableaalng
Parties wUMng th prescription Will pleas address ' "
..... i . Bav, UPWARD A. WILSON,
- ' '' ' WilUamaburgfi. 1
'' ' Kings County, New Tor;""'
ivs c-; . ;i!iii
supplies poTllieoHio
wr r " ......uwia sV .
Ptrs 1 1 trs t B a
' .... nwnnTWI, AT
the Institution with
F.r we., oellvereu In toJXSX& 2ft
any", arviAi -- -
' : m.j Lji ..
8,000 Pemneis uwraicu .
'"SSSl.-Mi. to b. Increased of diminished as lb War-
"n M'- v . th. ..me date, and fV
ALBU Biae win u "V I. i. f the
the eame lime, for tb. clear, rough and salt grease or ws
lmltatlni. . i.
No Md will be considered unless satisfactory cur.17
for the faithful performance of the same acconpaniel
.... a. ... uttlne.
No blil will do receircu f" "-
M. Msaioav )
H. B. rAeoxs, Directors.
I. J. Wood, jMSTIfj( WtrdeB.
JeffldSw .
1861 Summer Arrangements.---Time
Connecting at Crestline with th PITTSBURGH, FT.
fbr ruttbwgh, PMtadelphUt and Baltimore. Alto
for Fort Wayne and Chicago.
Connecting at Cleveland with th LAKB snORI RAIL
ROAD For Dunkirk, Buffalo, Albany, Bos
ton, and New Kerk.
From Oolumbus, in eonnectlon with Trains on tha
.4- FIRST TRAIN. . -
NIQUT IXPRX8S. Leaves Oolumbu at 3.40 A, M ;
will leav passengers at all atatlon south of Gallon,
top at Delaware, Ashley, Oardlngton and Gilead, and
at slliUtlons north of Gallon, arriving at Cleveland
at 8:00 A. M., Dunkirk 8:00 P. M-, Buffalo 4:25 P. M.
Albany 3.S0 A. M., New York 8:33 A. M., Eoaton 8:30
P. M., Pittsburgh via Crestlin 3:80 P. M , Philadel
phia 5:10 A. M. Chicago via Oreetliaeat 7 00P. M.
NEW TORS EXPRE 88 Leaves Columbus at 11:10
a.m. Will stop at Lewis Centre, (for White Sulphur
Springs), Delaware, Oardlngton, Gallon. Crestline, Shel
by, New London, Wellington and Grafton, arrlv at
Cleveland at 3:35 p. m.; Dunkirk, 8:50 p. m.f Buf
falo, 10:85 p. m.j Albany, 8:45 a. m.j New Yoik, 1:45
p. m.; Beaton, 4:40 p. m. This Train oonnecUat Shel
by for Sanduiky, and at. Giafton for Toledo, arriving at
Toledo at 60 p. m.'
at 8.30 p. m. Will atop at all Stallone South of
Shelby, and at New London, Wellington, Grafton,
and Bern; arriving at Cleveland at C:30 p. m.j Dun
kirk, 8:U0a. m.; Buffalo, 3:30a. m.; Albny,8ii0p.m.;
New York, 7.-SO p. m.; Boston. 11:45 p.m.; PItUburgb,
ea Orettline, at 11:55 p. m.i Philadelphia, 1:00 p. m.,
Chicago, via Crestline, 6:45 a. m. ThU Train connects
at bheiby for Banduaky and Toledo, arriving at Toledo
at 8:55 p. m.
Patent Sleeping Can are run on all
Night Trains to Chicago, Sew
York and Boston.
Laggagt Cheeked Through to Hen Tort and Bottom
ctil Ctemiandj alto, to Philadelphia and
New lorknia OruUim.
Night Express arrive at Oolumbua at... 11:15 P. M.
Cincinnati Express arrive at Oolumbu at 10:50 A. H
Aocommodatlon Bxpress arrives at Cclumbu at 7:50
P. M.
Fare as Low as by any other Route
Atk for TicktUtia Orettline or Cleveland.
v - B.B.FLINT,
Superintendent, Cleveland, Ohio.
. Columbus, Ohio.
Columbus, Jnn 17, 1801.
Steam Between Ireland and America.
The following new and magnificent first-class paddle
wheel Staamahlps oompos tb abov line:
ADRIATIC, . 5,688 ton burthen, Capt, J. Maory
(Formerly of the Collins Line.)
IIIBERNIA, 4,400 tons burthen, Capt. N. Faowea.
COLUMBIA, 4 410 U.Liitoh.
ANGLIA. 4.400 " NioaouoH.
PAOIHO, 8 600 . " " I. Sana.
PniNCB ALBERT. (Screw.)
3,300 J.Waun.
One of the above ships will leave New York or Boston
alternately every Tuesday fortnight, forOalway, car
rying the government malls, touching at St. Johns,
N. P.
Th Steamers of thla line have been constructed with
the greatest can, nnder tha supervision of lha govtro
ment, have water-tight compartments, and ar unexcel
led forcomfort, safety and speed by any steamers afloat.
Tbey are commanded by able and experienced offloer.
and every exertion will be mad to promo t th comfort
of passenger.
An.expenenced Surgesn attebd te each ship.
First-class N . Y . or Boston to Galway or Liverpool 8100
Second-claae, " " 75
Flret-olaaa, " to St John' 35
ThlroVtla, - " " to Oalway or Liverpool,
or any town In Ireland, on a Railway, - 30
Third-class passenger ar liberally suppllsd with pro
vision of tha best quality, cooked and served by the ser
vants of the Ccunpasy. 1. .. . ...
Parties wishing to tend forthelr friend from th old
country can obtain tloketi from any town on a railway, In
Ireland, or from the principal cities of England and Scot
land, at very low rates.
Passenger for New York, arriving; by tbs Boston
Steamers, will be forwarded to New York fnc of charge.
For passage or further information, apoly to
At tha effiot of th Company, on th wharf, foot of
Canal atreet. New York.
From th New York Observe. , .
As all parties manufacturing Sewing Machine are ob
liged lo pay Mr. Howe a license oarnah machioesild,
and ar a to compelled tomak returns to him, under
oath, as to Uie number sold, hi book rivw aeorreeWtat
ment. From thl reliable eon roa w bare obtained th
following atatliUc. Of th machines made la the year
1859, there were sold,
Bv Wheelar A Wllinn . .01 MR V,
" I. M. Singer at Oo... 10,853
" Oram A Baker 10,280
Showing th aales of Wheeler at Wilson to be doubt
those of any other Company."
Awarded th highest premium at the ".' "' """ '"
United Bute Fair of 1858, 1858 and I860:
' also at th !
Ohio Stat Fair of lfttitnd 1B9I
and at nearly all th Ooanty Fair fa" the Btatt. ;
Our nrloaa. at tha lata icdnaUnn. om am tu am m
loci aiieh machine now sold, and bat a trifl higher than
the Interior two thread chain tticA tnacMnee, now
forced upon the market. . '
f h WHiBr.uD av vm.anw viormrw v
toca Stioh the only 0 ne Which cannot be raveUd . It
Is Amis oa Both Srnraof the goods, leaving no ridge or
thainon tha under. tide. 1 .
m machine camuilmd a auri. AU ..f. i
riven In their use, free of chare.
11. CRASY.ol High St., Colombo, 0.
. . " lilZ'. wmTbtjmnsbaco.,
dc3-3awd3msrw6m Pike's Open Hons, Cincinnati.
A . a, , i 1 1 1 i . 1 . .
CLOAK CLOTHS: Alao. othe n.kaa r nnrin
OioakCloth. hiall deelrabl mixture aindlnri, Tas
sell and Buttons to matth. - BAIN at BON.
sprll5 ' 1 , 1 .No. 89 8outAHihtre
Oamtoa" Mattiagsi.r
J -4, K-4, ((-4, .TVhlto and Reel aaa
t White 0 hacked of superior quality. For Sals by .1' .
- . ' BAIN at BON,
h23 v KcMSoathnifhst,
i ... let the INSTANT BBLIil
v- and PBRMANBNT CT7BJS of th
" fllstrearinj oomplatnt ass
ai:BTTirOW"00.,l(7Hama Itil.Ts
Fries Sjt pet tail Sent fit by poet. ' J I
a sita, itf'AtL uaofloisti.

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