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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, July 09, 1861, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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lit I. lie ' i
VOL: VII i. -NO. 25. N EW; SERIES.
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litfl'fU'HVJ Sill r. tn:,'5
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b ' J s-j...
112 OOLLaES f EB f BAE,
Invsnablj.LS Advance. "
r ' 1 1 ".:; i V u v , "... i ' Ji, - . .
O Ofnoe Dm. 88, 88 and 40, Korth High It
Dally 1 . - . . $S 00 pet year.
nj mi vanier, pw TNI, w eenu.
Trl-Weelrly ;' 8 00 per year,
weekly, -..-., . . . i oo .
erme o( AdTrttiiiv by l pejmro
n tqnsrt 1 ri . . . f so 00
One iqatre 3 WMki.,14 00
One " t week!.. 3 00
One ' " Iweek... 175
On . " OmotUii 18 00
monthi It 00
3 monthi )U 00
.t uonthi 8 00
I'month. 5 00
One , ". 3dyi .., 1 00
One 1 'f Sdayi... 75
One . " 1 Insertion SO
' Dhpltyed edrerfliimeDti hlf more thin the abort
retei. 't. '' t -
- AdvertlMmentt leededi ui pitted In the eoJmnn of
pp?cii noiicei,' aoutit in orttinary ram.
All notices required to be published by lair, legal ratei.
ii oiuerea on ueinnmexcinitTeiyaiierthenretweek
per cent, more tnan the above rates; but all mob wll
appear in the Tn-Weekly without charge.
uilnesi Oarda, sot exceedin fivelinea, per year, In
il le, 12 Ml ptfrtlhe: Outside 12.
Notices o( mee
oi meeuiiira. chart tableaoeletiM. Am mmnanlM.
iko., half prlre. I , . -j . i . . .
All trantltnt adwrtUtmmit mutt bt void for 1st
nunuTwf 3. 3v ruia wui noi oe nnss irem.
Weekly, lame- price ai the Dally, where the advertise,
es the Weekly alone. Where 'he Dally and Weekly
erj both naed, then the eharge lr the Weekly will be
Ult'i me rnies 01 in vaiiy
No advertisement taken except fori definite period.
"..- F. A. B. 8LVZIIIS,
Attorney at Law
Ottloe Amboi Building,' opposite Capitol Square.
Attorney & Counsellor at law,
Machine Manofaetnriog Companj
MANurAtmnutu or
. ., CMtlnfi, MlU ttearlBg, Maehtnery.
or miT DtsotimoM.
0BA8. AMR08, Bop't
deoll. lavt-tf
P. AM BOS, Treu.
Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, Dayton ft Indianapoliil
Through to IndianaDolig without Cbaogo of Carl
and bat One Change of Care between
,. ':, Columbtu and St. Lou la. . 7
... BUS.
', (Daily, llondaya excepted.)
NIQUt BXPKKS8, via Dayton, at S: a. m.,ttop
ping at London, Xenia, Dayton, Uiddletowa and Bamir
lon.arriviDgatOlncinnaUat&iOa. tn.;Dayton at&45
a.a.,IndianopoUaat. )0;4d a-n.iBt. i.ouiaat 11 W
P' :ir t . ' ' 'SECOND TRAIN.
AOOOllUODATlOM.at 0:10 a- m., itoppluf at all Sta
tion between Oolnmbna and Olnolnnati and Dayton, aj
living at Cincinnati 11:0a a, m., Daytoa at 9 15 a.
lodlanopolliafSBp. en.
. ' - r.- THIRD TRAIN, y
SAT SXPBEB8,at 8:30 p. m., itopplng at Alton,
JeSereon, London, Charleston, Oedanrille, Xenia.
spring. Talley, Oorwln, Morrow. Deerfleld, Foster's.
Lovelandr Millfor and Platnvillei, arriving at Oineln
iiatl et 7:M p. m.; St. Louis at IV m; Dayton at 5 35 p,
sir; Iodlanopollaat 10:38 p.m. :
Oleeplnir Oar n all Night Tralne to
i. Cincinnati and Indaanapolle. -
For further Ubrmatlon and Through Tickela apply to
.ticket Agent, Colon Depot, Oolumbna, Ohio. '
. . ',. . B. W. WOODWARD,
Bupertntendent, OlnclnnatL
Agent, Oolumbna.
Jmt BeeelTedl -"
lUUTUAS IOO bags prima Bio Oonee. -
1 SO pookete old Dutch Government Java Coffee.
1 5 bage Ceylon Coffee. ' . -
SOAbbia. standard White Sugars, eonsutlng of Pow-
dred, Obrushed, Granulated A and B Ooffee.
SO sjulntala George Bank Oodflsh.
SO ftbla. Mesa and No. 1 Mackerel.
- S tee. Pick Salmon.
100 bx, Layer Raising.' -.-SO
hfi box do do
lOOqr. box do de '
IOO M Oigari, different brands and grades.
XAai"' Blank-Book Jrlanafantnier,
idara hiqb rbixt, coldmui,obio
SJSMrtl-dly , , .,.'...,.,.,..
Red, White anf 'Blue:;
a ii.i.mi:, aia
.."i. M i.t a li
Jut opened bye .
aprM.. "!'
i i .K BAIN A BON,
' f ' 1 No. 29 Bdhth Dlgh street.
Biv Jtnt leeelveeV a new make of BOOf BKIBT8
finished la a manner far superior to tat yet introduced
for -'""" ;-;v"i'!
i'A niLV -FLOUttt
fi BNOWFLAKB.'' ' i '
from ,BameuMillst,, Springfield, O.Mhe beet brand of
nour orouKin ro our market, satisfaction guaranteed.
g or sale only ai WM. noDOH ALD'B,
nova? ,-;,..lOtt South High street
' --.J J Irish jLine, Goods.
loesi Bhlrt Boaoma Piain and tann
f- :
miiiriing ann """"n i.m.n,
Linen dhaetinge and Pillow Oulngi.
Llaan CamKrles and Long Lawnl.
; :' Liaen Poekai -handVre, ail eleee.
'!t'-''i,'" . Lueu Toweillnsx and Dlaperl
Linen Napkins and D'Oyliea. t i
Linen Table OIthe and Batia Daniaiki. i 3 ! p
Linen Towels with eolored borders.
jinen Btair uove rings and Oraah.
i aorsaieaiiowpiKei, r ,
fcbsa ; . !: on. r.i
Me. SB South IHak street?
aUOBBl, new style j .at opened by .
am a boh,
Prtl Be.MSeathfihiaj;t.
The latestThe Largeit-Taa Beit
, Xno Cheapest Beoanitt tno Beit,
"Tbe maet Hellabiei atandapd An
ttaorlty at the Enslleh Lanrwag.'
, , SimSundrriSmintriltdiKoioricf OUn,
Literary JlanHetniviKeri.''
"Bee are upwards of a Hundrsd Thousand Words,
hose multifarious meanlnn and dentations, together
with the) eomot spelling, and promineiatlon are clearly
eat before the eye." m
. Obwhmaii OommerotaL
Etad the DtcUlm of the Mmbtrt of Me OMo Stat
the undersigned, membere of the Ohio State Teachers'
association, adoot ana aim to dm in (eacbinc. writing
and speaking, the orthography and pronunciation of
Woraeeter'e Hoval Quarto Dietlonary and we moot ear
dlally recommend It as the moat reliable standard au
tnority or the niluh language, at It I now written and
epoacn. -
LottH AimtiWi. President Kenton College.
M D Lananr, Superintendent' Zaneaville Schools.
THoerW. Haxvxr, Bnp't Mention Union fcheohr.
m. r. uoworar. tjnp't ruouo Bcnoois, oanauwy,
Joan iTioa. Sun't Publla Schools. ClroleTille.. i.
S. N. Baxroan, Principal Olereland lemale Bemlna-
WW. Ktrrwitx. Bun't Pnhlle Schools. Mt. Union, '.
foem 0dim. Prinolnal Buta Karmal Cohool. Minne
sota. i
Oraoa NiaaM. Prineinat fourth Intermediate Scheol.
Cincinnati. . ' " j, ' C
H. B. Mian .Bop't Canton Union Bchoola.
Bowir Hasab, Principal VcNealy Normal School.
Ku T. Tamil, Prof. Mathematics, Ohio UnlrerHtf
War. W. Edwiim. Bnn't Troi Union School. .
A. a. Horem, Principal West High School, Olevo
B. A. Norton. Aesoclew Principal High School. Oleve
Tbiobori ETiaLote, Principal High school, Oleve.
B. F. Houhtom. Principal Cleveland Institute,
J. A. (UariiLO, President of Blectio Institute, Hl
W h- Haaaia. Prof, of Chemtstrr. Ohio Weilevan
H. H. Baimnr, Ex-Oemmlnlonerot Common Bchoolt,
Jambs Mumoa, Pror. Bhetorlo, Oberlln College.
Taoa. Hill. PresWent Antloeh College.
O. W H. OaTHOalT. Prof. Mathem allot. BUth
acnool, Dayton. -
B. O. ORDeaoeH. Prof. Language. Hlah Bchoel,
uayton. : ,
8. H. BAkita.Bupt Union Schools, Aahlaad
Itor than Sim Htmdrti other Prtttdenlt of (Mil
an, Profenort, Author ami IHeUngviehea Samoa-
tore, nave enaortta iao aoote tenumont.
Miiirm Coumi "It li truly a aagnlneent work.
an honor to the author, the pukliahere, and the whole
eouniry. rresiaeni anarewa
Ohio Wblxtui Unvtaam ..." It exoeedi my e nicta
tions, it will be my guide in ortnograpny and pronun
elation, and will often be consulted by me for Ita neat
and accurate deonitinna." Prealdent Thompson
W. R. Bcucno Oollmi. "Heretofore we hire used
Webster i orthography. At a recent meeting of ear
Vacuity, It was decided to change It to conform to that
of Worcester'! Boyal Quarto Dictionary." President
WieTsjxa Bxsnva Cotuer. "I find It worthy of
eorataj approbation." rreeiaeni uitcaoocx. .
Onxut OoLUen. "It more than meeta ny etpecta
tlona. I recommend it aa the standard authorityta
Orthoepy to my children and my pnplle." PreaWeat
morgan. ,. i
Aurrocx Coiixox. MI adont and aim to use tn teach
tng. writing and speaking, the ertbogreaby and Dftmua,
eiatinB of Worceatar'e Aoyal Quarto Dietlonary."
rreeuwni bin.
"In all my writing, gpeaklng and teaching, I have aa
eavored to eon'orm to tbe rules for ortl iigraphy and
pnmuooanon as ooitalned in worcestere Slotlonarv.
Horace Maan, late resident. ' '
Kxxvoa Ceiuea. Oaaaux. most cordially reoom
mond It as the most reliable standard authority of the
angiisn languaae aa It le now written and snokan."
President Andrews.
From See. Anton Smyth, OmnUeioner of Common
ooAOOM se vno.
The Mctlenarv Is an Imoerlahahla monument, tn the
learning and Industry of lie author, and an honor to the
World of letten. Tbe mecnanloal execution la far tape
rtor to that of any other Lexicon with which I aa ac
quainted." . .- .
From Bon. B B.'Sarney. BComrMulonor-of
ooaoou m teio. .
' "The most reliable etandard authority of the lan-
laage.- . j . . ,Wt
wwar THl r -
Leading 2f ewcrpaieraj of Ohio Say.
: , Irom the Clenelani BtraXi of March 88.
: The orthography of the' Worcester Dictionary li tbe
m uy nwi, 11 not ail auuian 01 aiiunotlOD ID un
country and Bog land, and eoatoraa to the general ajage
oi orainary wnierv ana speeaers. --
Whatever nreludloee may have existed crevloatly. a
careful itudy of this volume will invariably be followed
n a warm appreciation or in great monti, ana a aesire
to add It to the well selected llbrara, be II lane or email.
It la a library tBltaelf, and will camala an impertsha
ble record of tbe learning of la compiler. '
j Jroiis the (XnoinnaM (Jomnerttal qf April M. ;
I Here art upward of a hundred thousand words good.
bad and Indifferent whose aiUltUarlooa meantnga aad
derivatlooa, together with tbelr eorrtot palling and pro
nunciation, art set cieariy nerort ine eye ine won it
unquestionably the greatett IhsauratoX Xngllih Words
rvtr pdbilsbtd.
t Bvidentty Woactsra 'a Both, Quaaro DtorroluaT U
ik only the Uut, Iwt the anT toori: of (Ae tind ever
euecJ, andean by no possibility suffer by comparison or
controversy . . . .,-, I
j " ' From the Toledo Mlaae of ifay S3, f'
At to TtoTOWottTnm, Woacims is tm Btamaan
followed by our beat autbortt In definltlont be leaves
nothing to be desired, and In OtTRoaaaniT It li tuffleit nt
to lay that woacsarua oaa bt taiciy lOtiowtd.
Pnbllehere, Betekaellera 4 Stationery,
matB '
NpwarlL, SB". J. :
DlTldenaJanuarr l 186 1 1 4 S Par Cent,
A8BBT8.. $3,812,550 50.
tatementJanaarr 1,1801s ,
Balance, per statement Jan. 1st, 1800 3,4flC,581 30
tteoeivea ror rremiumt anp
Ing the year 18N) 703.053 55. .
Beeelved for Interest during
tbe year 1860 tU OU 19
Total reeslpH for 1MKI....977,007 U '
Paid Claims by Death,S07,050 80 ...
Paid Peltetci surren - ' - . .
dered 41,111 S9
Paid Balariet, Post-
age, Taxes, Bx-
charge, eto 81,620 M "
Paid Oooubiasiona to , ' i ' 1 1
Agents 51,325 30 " ' .
Paid Physldana' feet. 5,066 75 ,
Paid Annulliet.... 1,417 00 . JiJii.Ai-i
Paid Dlrideada dur-
Mlto jear 195,500 75 565JD01 C3 111,078 II
; Net Balance January lsU 1881.
- '' . ..' f i A8SBT8. .. " i
Cash on hand.;..rr.vr.'.... 16,8581 IS
Bonds and Mortgagee en Real ' -
Bstate, worth aonble the -
amount loaned. ,. 8,387 JM 68
Premium Motet, on Polletet '
'In force, only drawing B per ''' ' '
eent. tntereet... . ,878.BM 17
Real Kttae....... .., ,,IM8tf3 87
Loans on BcTlp 8,03144
Premiums, Notes and Cash, In ' ,
oouneof transmission.... 4541179
3.8U,558 50
.. i O
', toUl AaNtg... ....
13,813,558 50
TrtTS Pollclat to force, tnurls. ;.., e49etS3S
1,435 new roUciee bare bsea tamed during at year, t
After careful eakalatloa of tbe prtteat vt'ae ef the
oaataodlng Politico of the Company, and baring 4he
naoeeeary arnotml In reserve therefor, tbe Dirtoton
have declared a Diviptm of 45 per oent. on the Pnsoi
ume paid at the labia tatee, fas all polMee for lilt loforce.
lseued prior to January I, I860, payable aosoruiaf to the
preeani mie 01 ine uompany.
Relet for all kinds 01 Life Contlegeiwi, Prerpeot,
eee, Slataawnta, nod Applieationt, will bt funiiabed
without cHtaaa, at the Offlot or Agtnoltt of the Com
pany. , :. .i ; ROBT. tl PATTBBSOIf, PrttMent. "
: - l-O'SBOTlaVYhafteakteaWi:.-
SINJ. O.UILLBg, Becreury. 1..10 - . ,. ,j .,-
' ! . . mm Mm . mm a. c a a . .
: ? t iu 1: pai mm mm mumwmtxw Lme 49909,
W-i'i'l t ii f 1.. t
:l .1 -.liViJJo, 4 JebasoD Bleak, 1
wii'.h ma ,n ir:)osusaaa,r-
TytiWi ri n d riotraiin RLtrjB
A, DB1 BTUB, of tverr grade' The tnott Meet
1a tat esty, aoa tl not rsatonaelt ratae.
!! A SOU,
luimmuuDimi uisuusu, n corrupiioHjOt, uie
(jloot, by.Ti liiclt thut-fluid beepmea, itiatxl,
feak, ahd poor. JBtintf i. tiictcirnulution, it
pervades ' the lvliola, "boily, and., rati j, lurnt ut
in diacase oji nny'part 01 it, Kp orgarvia free
from ita attacks,, nor' ja thero ona Vlhiflvit may
not destroy,. 'rhoacroftUoU taint is yrkmly
caused by , mercurial disease, love living, dig.
ordered or, unhealthy, (ood, impuM ir,r iilth
and filthy, 1tvita: the depressing nieee, and,
aboyo .ojl, .Vy thf. yenoreui, infection .Wliat
eyer bo iu prigiii. it i hereditary in the con
etitution, deseending 5' from parent to cluldren
unto the tliiid and fourth generation ;.'! indeed,
it aecin to be :tlit rod of Jllih who aayet "I
will : visit the 'iniquities of tliw fathera upon
their childrtn."n-1 , -. i t . . if-
,- It eflcctl tommencr by deposition from the
blood of aorrupt or wleorouo matter, )rich, in
the lungs, liver, and internal organs, is termed
tulierclesi in thoi gland, wellinM; 'and on
the (urfiiee, erruptions or gores, i This foul cor
ruption; whioli gender in the blood, depresser
the fenerglea of lift;, a0 that ecfofulmis conatitn
tions not only aulfer from 'tctofuloiw com
plainM, 'but they have far less power to with
stand ihe .attacks of other diseases1 consp
qnently tast 'numbers perish by disorders
ivhich, oltlioiiL'h not icrottilous in their liatnre.
are still rendered-fatal' by1 this tairit'ln tW
THtem. ' Most ofthe1 consumption, ivlrtrlf de-"
. tmiiM, frt. t,..mM G.nit 1. nv;l.. l.f:,.,,.'
ht tint ecrftniloureontamirm'tlonV' and many
destruetlvo diseases of thajivqr, kidneys, brain,
and, indeed, 'of all the organs, arise from or
are aggravated by the ame cause. , '
One quarter of all our people are Scrofulous )
their persons are invaded by this lurking in
fection, and their health ia undermined by it.
To cleanse it from the system we must renovate
the blood by nn alterative medicine,, and in
vigorate it by healthy food . and exercise.
Such a, medicine wo eupply in . . . 1 -'
Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedy which tho medical
of our time can devite for this every
where prevailing and fatal malady. - It is e6m
bined ftora the most active remedials that have
been discovered for the expurgation of this fonj
disorder from the blood, and tha rcseue of the
system from Its ' destructive ' eonsequenecs.
Ilenee it should be employed for tlie cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Em'PTrvK
snd Rut 'Diseases. St. AimtotfY's Finn.
Rosr, or EnYsiPKAs,' Piirpf.ns,' Pustulev
Br.oTciirs, Ht.aiws and Bon.s, Tojrojts, Tetttjh
;tml Salt RrtRCK, ScAtn Heab, HiieowonM,'
Kiwt'WATtsM, Syphilitic and Meiicuiiiat, Drs
r.i, DnopsY, Dyspepsia," Dnmi.iTY,' and,
rrn mt I.MTi'itR Bi.oon. The popular , "belief
m " impurity of the blood U rounded m UiHli
tor scrofuln is n degeneration of the blood. ''Jhe
naitit'iibr puiposc and virtuo of-this Sarsapa
rilla is to'purify and regenerate this vital fluid,
ivithout which sound health is inwnsjihle in
.'ontamiuayou constittiuona. , ....,....
Ague Cure,
' ' roa Tms speedy cure or - :
Tntcrmltteut Fever, or Fever and A cue.
trmlttent Fewer, Chill Fcrer, Duml'
lane, PerloAlcal Heartache, or Billon,
Hendnohe, and Bllieat Feverer indeed
for the whtle data at diseasss ariclnat.
Inn; In liillary deraagement, caused ly
the Malaria of Miasmatic Countries. '
Vt'o are enabled" hero to offi'r4lie communitv a
"cmedy wliivh, while it cures the above complaint
.,.:., i ..m .1.. 1 1-
"mi vviiuuiiy, in sun utrrtii.iiy untune in an
piantitr. Stioh a remedy is invaluable in district
vhere these afllietinp: disorders nrevnil. Tin
"Cl'ita" expels the miasnmlio poison of Fevei
AJtn Aut't frtnn the system, and prevents the de
velopment of the disease, if taken on the first an
pruach of its premonitory smiDtoms. It it not onh
the best remedy ever yet diarovrred for Ibis class
pf complaints, but also the cheapest. Tha Large
luantity we supply for a dollar brings it within the
reach ol every body ; and in bilious districts, where
FeYe. and Aoi'B prevails, every body should
have it and use it freely both for cure and protec
tion. A Brtat tupCTiontv of this remedy over anv
other ever discovered for the speedy and eertnin
cureof InU'mrittenH V that it contains no Quinine
mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
other injurious cllvets whatever upon the constitu
tion. Those cured by it are left as Itealthv as if
they had never hud the disease. . ') r ,- ..
he mUsmatio noisnn. 1 A great variety of disor-
iers arise fnun its irritation, nmonrt wliiHl nre
Seurntiririr Uhnimnti.vH, Qmtt. Ilrnrlache. Jllind-
hetii'iaath tchr. Knnu-Sel Cnlnfhi At)tma pal
pitation, J'iUif'iil Ration of the Spltenrllitlit
ic, fnpnit the jlpwli, Colic, Vartthjsis aud Da-
ranqement oj ttiefstomacn, all of winch, jwtictl
originating in tliia cause, put on iUciiiUnnitlcut
type, or become periodical... This " CuitE " cxpelt
ine poison irom tne niooa, anu consequently euro
them all alike. It Is an invaluable protection In
Immigrants and persons travelling or temporarily
residing In the malnrious district. If taken ow-
aionhlly or daily while exposed to tlie inrecijuii,
that will be excreted from the system, unci iniiil.,1
accumulate in sulficient quantity to ripen intu dis
ease. Hence it la even moro valuable for protec
tion than cure, and few will over stiller Xiom Inter-
mittents if they avail tliemselve of the. protection
this remedy affords. ' , , -
Prepared by Dr. J. GAYEB V CO. , loweU, ktai.
. . . anawara a aitmat, niii.i. -
DrflWeta and Dealer everywhere. , . . ., k
- IO ANB PKOfll -i YJi- i "
Liverpool, Montreal,' Quebec, ,
.i ... Bind .... .1.4 M
- Nlil W "mZOJELTSL 1
- - . a; mmm i,l . l .-l '
The Montreal Ocean BteamshlD Comnaav'a Brat-olaea
Olyde-balll Bleamert sail every Sat.
ardar from PORTLAND, carrying the Canadian and
United Btatee Mall and ptttengeve, i, i .
. BOUBM1AN, , ' V ANGLO-SAXON, r.. .
Shorteet, Cheapeaf and QnlekcatCon
vtraacs irem
licnticA to AU, riiTj; of .iroopB.'.;'
Will sail Iron LIYBRPOOl, awwrT Weatneedar.
from QUBBKO everp Sacnrdaf, tailing at
liUnuunuaniii, to receive on board and and Mall and
Pateenawrt, 4 and tVott Irehmd and Boot land.
irPTbett Btaaaer are built of I roa in waUMIrht
eompartmaott. carry eaeb aa txparienoed Sargeoo, and
every attention it paia to ut oomrort and aocotnrrKMa-
tlon or paatengen. at tneyprooeed direct U LONDON
DBBT, the tieal rttt tad 'delay of calling at Bt. John's
avoided. , ,y''t ,..., - ., t
Glasgow passsngeraare rumiahiil wilh ratx raswee
tlcksta to and from Londonderry. .... . , . ,
Remrn tsekft granted at reduotd rates. ' "", ','
OertltoaMe sssusd lor easvytag la and blinking eat pas
etniue Crosa all tha arinaiMl sewna oMhaat Britain and
iniwiu, iwmwM isw, m uiw u. .1 iiwni.n, ruii
tne watuuftUTun uiria or eaixiflil PAOaalBi
leaving Llverpeol every Week. r c
Sifht Opart f i enlapwirds tmy
i Unsxlaad. Iraiaa
aaelv Meal
x-j ..
.. ,, pic.r.aia ar wetaaaadt n '-.v.- ...)!,
Tor ysauaga, apply as. the Ofloe .83 BROAH
rVA'xVwAari, and JO WATIitt M'.,
i 'V lABtX 'i'liliUXOeBnei Agnta,5
Or' to ;T. .ale "Rj ARMSTRONGS
. nolO Irdfcw , ... Poet Offlo,0olamtiut. Ohio.
if m I.-M-IM . ''"'We ' I
nATKi-nri 0A AOMiTTEn ni
ton JAMBS ADtlJB BAIV aa partaer 4a say buti-
neat, which, will last titer be rondacte under the Arm
Bain A Bon , , u P. BAIN, Si eoath Ulgh Bt.
iColnmbug, feol5.18IIl. , ,, '" , , feblS
Prlatt"KeBlbBV "M ' !"
Ute ef rbaletit ltwbrlshment, W. T..T fibprteWr
sheuBtw-Yera faUlnalill ariavtnet. at Oettlfef
atapeolnsj Ourllnga Dresplng tWJoea. laat 8Utv
(tieet.. vs the Paai.OiSc,,ahtire taliaUKtioa wiU
bt' given tn air the variou bninchse - Ladle and
Vbiurea t aav -reeving gong in tbe best tyi.
f. a ill "lo iJn' '
t v j-t:s-ii--v c ' . ri
(J tut
t, a Vki 9i " t
,11 a V.Jy., j 1,1 (VI
i-g ..,. r :
...."ii t..i o-.tto t'.-nft i n
!..) f.
Ova kpuiMo "stock liiisitJ s'ua L
ly large and well As.nrTed. The very latest patteme
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AND Steubenville Short Line
' " ; '"' fOKMINO THE ,'' ;
Shortest, Quickest & Most Reliable
Route to all t stern Cities I ".
1 1 Trains Leave'Colnmbus as lollowa : '
Leaves ColumlNt 3 30 A.M. from Union Dept via
Bellaire or Sreubenvl le: arrives at IMhUr, 10 50 A.
at ; BUobenville 18. so P. M.t Pi tehnrgh. 3 40 P-M ;
aarrlsnura I 10 A. U. tia AUenttnon, arrives at New
lork 8 00 Ai U.; via FhikuUlithta arrivce at Phila
deiDhla. 5 10 A M.: hew lork 10 30 A. U. ronnectt
also at narriabnrg for Baltljiore, tulvingat 7.45 a. M.
Sleeping Can attached to this Train
Iroi, Columbus, run directly through ti Bellaire or
f'ttsbnrgh without change: aod Pas-engert via Allen-
town arrive In New York at B A. W . ,
iiinae. -
i .- i ,
This Train alto conneots at Bellaire with the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
Leaves Columbus 11 SS A M , from Union Depot, via
tteubenvllle; arrives at Newark, 13 SO P. M.: Coshoc
ton. B.15 P. M.i 8teubenvllle,S P. M i Pittsburg, 8 40
hi TTr'TUls la tne only route by which Passengers
nclnnaU at 7 A. tl., go through to PI Its-
burgh In daylight, without change of cars or delay.
Leaves Columbul 2.15 P. M., from Union Depot via
et'lairei arrives at Newark. 3 83 P. 11 t Zaneaville.
4 31 P. M I Bellaire 7 55 P. M.i PiiKburgh. 11. ia P.
li.; Ilarrlsburg, 0.00 A. II. I rid AUentovn, arrive.
at Mew York, 4 P. M.; via Philadelphia, arrivea
Phlladel hia, 1.10 P. M.: New York. P. St. This
Train alto connects at Ilarrlsburg lor Baltimore, ar
nnng at a r. m. , . -r .,
Thia Train runs tbrongh to Bellaire or Plitsbura slth-
oat change of Cars; and from Pittsburg there it no
change of Can to Philadelphia, or via Allentown to
Sew York thus offering .
Thtl only 1?oute from Coluaibua to Biltiraore,
rmiaaeiprtia, or new York, with only .
one ohnnge of Cars.
t i
I By thia Train;: Passengers arrive In New York five
houra In advance of tht Northern lines. ,
This Train also connects at Bellaire wilh the Baltimore
and Ohio R.R. - ' - - ' , ..
i u ' .- j i :;.: ;
ITTliis Ronte is 30 miles shorter to Pittsburg,
IpAua more loan iuu muee snorter to, .
i; New York, than Northern Lines, i . .
Baggag Checked Through to all ire
pottnt Jfoints at., '.
' 1 .mi m i ::
Goad' aver
! ' ID.
i 1. ' ). ' f 1 .HI;''
. JNO. W. BROWN, . i
,. flea. Ticket Agent Oentral ohl R. IUi
r-'l10- len: Ticket Agent flteubenvllle Short Llnel'
'Jeiie l'- -f 'i 1. :-.. : u ' vpj-m fc. 5
nsn !, 6 .. a... ai.i
;;Vk'iifi)wiwi p.mi4;; ,, 5.
aseoa store,1 2 ,;
r .;.-i t a r. niALia tt". T X' CTj, '! ; a r
' ' IfAttB, niiABH, BABH, pWT. fJ0DAQl, " 3
qiuna, rifiole, U ood.fc Willow Win,
tuiarana nour ueiting, . iee liCtuier, iioee sua
klDtv '. " ' - ebl-dly
- Moveltlee In Neck Ties and Pearnj. i tr;" ' ' t:i,t
' Byron and Sarrota Oollam. it . I
Paris Kid Olovea sup- rior mae. . '
Oolden Hill Shira. vaHouaatyle." 0 ('".' f! r
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. ' BAIN k SON,
apfllS No. 7t South High street, .
' - - i i U - .. i . . " i i , " -mJ ,
-; , J ,J J J.J BUI .'''' '
"Dally, per yean "'.. ....... '.ft.i. ....f S 00 '
Trl-Weekly, per rearv.u BOB i
Weekly, pet yeai :.. el"" w.
Democratic County Convention.
, Pursaant to cU of1 tie Central Com'miUee,
the Democracy of Licking county assembled at
the Court Howe io Newark at 11 o'clock on
Saturday, tbe 29th day of, June. 1861. aod or-,
gaoized by electing T, J DavU, Ejq , Preaident
aodJ, A PutBararSecreury. . ' .,,,,',.,( -
mittee ot nine was annolnted on retolutiont. '
Oo motion of. Hon. Williain.B., Woodaa
committee of three was appointed to nominate
persona to act as a Central Committee for tbe
enauino: faari
On motion of D. A. B. Moore, a committee of
five was appointed to recommend names oi gen
tlemen to represent the Democracy oi toe conn
tv at tha fu-,nrnchlne State Convention. . ..
On motion of A. Rodger, a committee of
five was appointed to fit the time and spanner of
mating county nominations. : . , ,
-The Convetotion was called to order, when tbe
committee oh the time and manner of making
nominations made tbe following report:
Your committee to whom was referred Hhe
question of time and manner of nominating
local candidates to be supported by Ine Dem
ocracy of Licking eonnty, on the second Tues
day of Ootober next, submit the following re
port: ci
Retohtd, The time be on the first Saturday
in August next; that on said Saturday the De
mocracy of the several townships In said eoon
t are requested to meet at the usual place of
holding elections and after choosing chairman
and clerk of election, proceed to vote for" can
didates for the various local offices: That the
polls be opened between 8 o clock A. M., aod 1
o'clork P. M , and close at 6 P. M. That said
chairman and clerk shall determine the result,
and either visit Newark on the Monday follow
ing, at 11 o'clock A. M., to constitute a board
of canvassers to declare the result In tbe coun
ty; and the candidates having the bigheei
number of votes in the county for the re
spective offices,shatl be declared duly nominated
All tickets shall be printed by the Central Com
mittee, tbe expenses to be defrayed by tbe can
didatee for tbe various offices. And at laid
time and place tbe Democracy of each town
ship shall choose two advisory members of the
Central Committee : 1 s ','
: A. E Rootss,. Chairman,
.."'' '.J. E Lewis' .. , y .
., '. 'AD LaBASON. ' '"''
.' Jon A Sbmmebs. t
1 Report adopted. 1 "
j The committee on Delegates to State Con
yeation, reported tbe following names:
i A. D. Larason, Edenj VVm D Morgan, New
trk: Jackson Hanover, Monroe: Edward Wll
iams, Burlington j T. J, Andereon, Newark;
i,ucm- uiimjjhrey, tina; ueorge Armstrong,
Tbe committee on Resolutions, after a few In
troductory remarks lrom its chairman, made
tbe following report:
1 . Whereas, a momentous and fearful oriels op
presses our country, involving the integrity of
tne union ana tne constitution, and tbe peace
prosperity ana liDerties oi tne people, it be
comes the solemn and earnest duty of all pa-"
triune citizen, regardless ot past associations.
pr.judice and pursuits, and discarding every
tnuiive oi personal oonaiaerattou. wtin an eve
single to the publlo welfare, to nui-e all. tbair
eouueel and energies in devoted t f rte to AVe.rl
and mollify tbe ioipending dangi;.be U therw-
lore reeolved Dy this lyonventlooi' ,, j
' 1. That all tbe resources and energies of the
itepuoiio ebouia be devotea to tbe defeote ol
tbe Government, and tbe suppression of tbe
g,reat reDelliun, so lung ae traitors shall remain
tu arms ai-sinet 'be constitutional and lawlul
authority of the Uuitcd Btatee.
J., 1 hat our republioso lornt of government
can only be preserved, by a just respect for. all
Constitutional rigors and tbe cultivation of
kindly and Iraterual leelinga among all -its
loyal parui; aud mat, while .tbe Government
dliould listen to no terms, of oomprom te with
traitote, ana aooept no,hiug kss than tbe die.
perniou of ail bottile armament and revolu
tionary, political orgaoiBttiooa, aod oodallfied
obedieeoe to the law lrom all Jte citigeua, it is
the duty of Cooerthte-promntI, to allay all', ao
srebenaivow vf wocroacbment on tbe Cooeutn-
liooal riftbta and privileges Of anv eitizenS or
States, and, to that end, that it should adopt
the ' Crittenden ReetlaUone." or soma other
measure ot Cunetjtuilonal aurnrance, eatttfaoto-
fy to the loyal, citizens of the elaveholdixg
Stated. . r- ' i .;- I ..).' . a ;? ..?,)
3. That we have read; i with alarm io the
pubiio press, lrom persona DrufesslDr anoroba
tion of tbe action of tbe Government in tbe
Suppression of treason, sentiments ot 'disunion
and revolution, manifested by Intolerant oppo
sition to any conciliation with our Union friends
of the South by the advocacy of .trampling
down the. barriers of the Constitution by mili
tary power, ana moo violence, and threat of
unlawful interference with the constituted au
thorities,' which, if : put in execution, mnit
plunge the whole country into anarchy, and to
tally destroy the liberties of the people.' -:
. We earnestly condemn all such sentiments,
while we pledge our auwaverine suDcort to all
men and all parties, :ln behalf of 1' tbe Union,
tne Lioniutuuon ana tne enforcement : of tha
laws." .-, , il r ,,:.,; . ::. ;
4. That the condition of the country damanda
mo selection, iar puces oi pnono trust, ot men
Of the higheet integritf, capaoity and unaelflth
patriotism, and on tbe basis ot the foregoing rea
elutione, we cordially invite she co-operation of
an men woo preier tne pnoiicr welfare-to all
ether considerations of temporal interests, and
we tenaer to an such, the band ol fellowship on
we aiiar ot oug common country.
It was moved that the resolutions be voted
upon separately;' ' Carried. ' .-'
Considerable discussion SDruntr un nnon tha
passage ot the first and second resolutions, bnt
suey were ooio. aaoptea witu but lew dissenting
Yofoes.J The other two were adopted unani
mously. ' ,! ' ' -
1 be committee on central committe. nomi
nated the following gentlemen to serve the en
suing jesrt i a fcase, Wta D. Morraq, W.
n. ShirclItT, M Morath. E. W. WlaWll - F.
Brennen, J.8. Green. ": "' ..-".
Mr A.E Rogers, submitted the following-
reeoiutfon, which was adopted: '' ----1
Reeolotd, Thai we era ODnosetl to "tha nroeV.
cuting'bf m war against the States whenever
waged lor tne. purpose 'of emancipating th
etaves la the southern slaveholdins-riutea.
i The proceedings were ordered to be printed in
me county uemocrauo papers; also In the Siatit
T. J. DAVIS. President.
J. H. PUTNAM, Secretary.
A Forgery Exposed—Letter From Andrew
tl e - a n
w e live oeiow me leitar 01 Beoabor Joknann.
oC Tenue-aee, previooiy mentioned In on -dia.
patches front Washington. -It ezpotea the baae
turner lee trhtei f ete put in eiicolattoa. by the
nioomouo; AwtjuMirt ; t,,, ?;i : ..iji.,
' Mr Johaewi aootew the JCnwaOs'sl article-eon
oerniog a eorrtepondtneo between bimtalt and
Amoe-A. Lawrence, ol Bgatoo, aad then pro
oaedatA toUewjitvt.-.a bi a van'-i: u'd ui la
t No ooh 1 a cure, eonld have been more sur
prised, then I . at the apoearand of the above
rarttalev As Lbad never wriuea to Aston Law
renoe, Esq.i upon thastrbjeot of East TenDesaM.
anntra, witn tne viewer ontaining either morrey
ot mterli aid,Jawataglne. .iMtforgery,lort
iraua ana robbery of. the mails formeo tbe aaaiel
ofoitluB mendacious rartiela, and I therefore
wrote te Mn Lawcencs (the first, And tha only
letter ever Written by ine to Mr -Lawrence dpoo
any suttio whatever I, . reeuesUur. slat to log
wrd) me ,tb.oritlma leuew. er, lettera.Tipot
whlcn bis drai bad been predtoted, htsv-t ;i
' I have;Just reoeived -,ihe eeply -thereto, ia
which he expresses. hie rerrrtaf te:leoeptioa
practiced, and encloses two letters, purporting
to nave oeen written by me, s iohows:
Prlva-e:! Ka.ixvif.tt. TenD . May lS'. '61
Amok Lktirence. Etq . nnr) Bottom, Meet r ':
Der 8ir I received yoar Kind favor on yes
tercJy, and baattn o reply. - : s . !
Thai k jou'lof the blab regard you seem to
have or my patriotism add my devotion w my
conntrt.1'--- o: '' "lr ' l---'
j What etnraBoes can 1 have from yea end
your peopleof material aid la tbe way ol money,
met and ermj, if I pan eucceed In arousing my
people to resistance to this damnable treason In
tbe timtb 7 -Thia is very Important.' We nave
arorasidable Union element inist Teoeeasee,
which oaa be judieloaaly managed, if we can
obtain the aid alluded to. Harris, Governor of
this State, will not let us have arms nor money;
tnereiore), we must appeal to you- ,' .vu v
Let me hear from you forthwith.
- ,.j,P.yryre,,peatluliy, ...... . f
' Your obedient Servant,
KNOXVILLE, Tenn., June 61861.
Amo Ltmenee, .o , (wear) Bosfow, Mett.s"
My Dear Sir I received your two letter to
day, i bank you most sincerely lor your prof'
feredaid. We need it-rneed it badly. As yet
I hive not been able-ta- nie your draft am
afraid to do so. Send tne, if yon can, $5,000
or 10 P00 in New England currency, in lory
bilit, by me.il, via Cincinnati. . Be sure to do it
promptly ' Dovt dtla I oan now purchase a
io Of arms u i nao ine money. -
How do you propoee to In trod ace eld or arms
into East Tenneeaeel By what route, sad, by
wnaimeinoai Answer soon.
'' Respectfully obedient servant, '-'
: I pronoun oe both of the above letters deliber
ate, wlllul and unmitigated forgeries, perpetra
ted, no doubt, with the view not only of injur
ing me, but of damaging the Union party of
Tennessee, ' by connecting me with northern
men and northern means ia a manner supposed
to be obnoxious to tbe noble patriots of my own
State. , . .
The letter of the 15th ult., It seems, I tbe
private letter to which Mr. Lawrence refers in
his letter as published in the Enquirer, aod up
on which tbe draft wu drawn. This is the first
forgery. ...
The letter of the 6th Inst.; clearly shows that
the draft which eon id not be made available,
so palpable Was the fraud was to.be' retained
and used in tbe work of Injuring me just aa cir
cumstances might favor;' while tbe call for
'$5,000 or $10,000 in New England currency,
le large bills," It favorably responded to would
bare served individual purposes, and, I doubt
not, would have been unhesitatingly used there
for. To make this fraud and bold attempt at
robbery still more oonluslve, I will state the fact
that, on the 15th May, the date of tbe firet letter,
1 waa present at aod addressed a Lnion meet
ing in Elixabetbton, ope hundred and eighteen
miles from Kooxville, where the above letters
were, written and mailed, fend on the 6 b of
June, the date of the second letter, I was filling
one of tbe series ot appointment at Montgom
ery, about forty miles west of Kooxville. This
towg Kaoiville, let It be remembered, is about
seventy-five miles distant from Greenville, my
poetofflce address' I will add, farther, that
there is not, either la the body of tbe letters or
the signatures thereto, the slightest similarity
to my handwriting or signature. '
I It would have been impossible for such a
fraudulent and mail-tobblDg transaction to have
been carried on in the not to Sloe at Kooxville
Without the knowledge or consent of the Post
master, and be and his confederates must be
Jield responsible for It by an enlightened pubiio
judgment. ' Time may develop all tbe facts
connected with this and otber transactions of a
similar character perpetrated at the same post
I have not made this statement of fac's for
the per pose of exonerating; mjeelf irom the
ebarge of treaohery, treason and corruption,
bared npon the. publication of the Ricbmo d
0atrer, foe I feel that I stand beyond tbe
reach ot their sbalts ot calumny and defama
tion; but my objeot it to expose tbe dishonor
able and wioked means resorted to by "reces
sion" to earn out its nefarious and corrupt de
signs, in attempting to overthrow and break up
tne best the world ever eaw
Washington City. June 30. 1861
[From the Charleston Courier 28th.]
From Manassas Junction.
MAMAS AS JUNCTION June 23, 1861.
I think the military tneetlon is, wbloh will
force tbe other to attack? Tbe enems is at
Fall's Chureh, between Fairfax Court House
and Washington, with about S 000 men Gregg
and Kershaw are at Fairfax. The , enemy may
make a daeb at F.irtax, or Fairfax may make
a deeb at Fall's Church. .But ( think neither
le yet ready' Scott has tbe cumbers and tbe
muultioot, hot Want alto tbe advantage of oo
tin on, if be can ye'- it ' He seem lodirp.sed to
risk hie troop against our on. say ibiug like
equality in any respect.-' He wants odds every
Way and in every Dsnlonlar. .The onlv force
to be apprehended on talr terms are those of
tne regular united. State Arms, with their
drill, esprit de eorpi r.nd West Point officers.
'1 nose are probably tne troops tbat will be pat
forward at the head ef a column of 45 000 to
operate against us here. If tbat be done, tbe
Bghting will be ol a OMpvitA. character. The
Southern Ireope here will assuredly all jstend
up to the rack.
Jar Joree is lees than has been aiiaruwd.
Two daye ago it consisted .of .only about 7,000;
and so also are all onr forces at otber points
smaller than Is" supposed. - Johnston, when be
evacuated Htrper's Ferry, had not more than
7.000 effective men. Tap thousand joined him
about that time, and, Itf one way and another,
oenas now a force ot about lu.uou men. It
was a military' necessity, and be Is the niin to
make tbe most of U " These facts account for
all the retreating and apparent indisposition to
meet tne roe. 'l oetr invasion or Virginia, and
oar inability to repel them, has been the remit
ef tbe strange notion that we are engaged in a
Ova tears' war, ana ot tbe ooooueoi aoliov ef
rejeotiog, alx weeks ago, at Montgomery, more
than 100.000 , troops, offered lor twelve months.
Tbe scheme of requiring ibem for three fears,
Or the war, has prudoeed great delay in the or
ganization of the "Sonrtern irnryraiid we are
still very defielent, although now- there li a
willingness to accent on terms previously refect
ed ' Oar renew, el vrteeni, i eeltv in the
eirperwr aeereit ie aesyrrar uelor ef ear. eel
dtere, sod In the ability aod Judgment of our
Generals- "' Oaf cause hi been greatly Imped
ed and Imperiled by this Idea of a five years'
war, which nothing bnt the (fleet of this back.
waranets can proaucei ;'- 1
- - '
[From the Charleston Mercury.]
RICHMOND, June 24.
from the low puiee of the brave fellows
There te, at tbe present writing, a temporary
Calm In the tntrrky sky a feverish rmlet, por
tending the oomiagef a Worm. The Bundsy
which bts lust' bast Wee mote like a holv dav
than any I have Wltneesed' ainoe the daye uf
the cholera; but law people were aotoa6V-pJeri
ty of repose and cotblngvn anrate nature from
iuTleilaaenesS' 1 ierae prfebeer wee tent -up
frrte VOrktoWn-wahreedweertere from Lieooln's
earn ft, Sod fotir eeuipeejtujtrVta JcAtaTrfetO'-
baoeo' faototy Is bawg fined ap by tbeOoeetey
tnenr lov tb reeeptiaa r prtooSar r Wdr, el
eef Jail ta- pot' oonttderaa 4t for military pet-
'lata' sorry tb iatrthit 4hera te plenty of
Shyioets in Kieaareati aerj Who ar te werdid
they alio no opvovtwhlt io pass by-whioli they
oan make capital out ef the hard tlmeei aod ti-
woo- lorege tne peace ana quiet or wen aoraee
to protect tha aokrjf Virginia ; Th.yta or
blood letting Is, very utuy enouoced ,by the
rDreatalled the market,1! II-le called, In the
slnsle ertlalenf eflfeUpeei whteb are al prerv
very sctroa. i, he government - wanted oty f
noe envelopes, tne price oi wnion it utuaiiy two
dollars sod a half a thonsaod. A houte In the
j;'u.i pecr
extortionate,- or uke edtaJiuge rfiil.Ba-V,?,r,,5f.
eearcity .. A leadtDritaTlOnrr-la thtl otiy ha,
toreau'lled the erWU '! -0.111, In tbel
.i-.ik LKtnl.rf.sV.UM iu.w -.....
Bta'lonery botiuett foreaaw that the .article
would be scarae, and bought hp all that could
be obtained. The department wiehed to par
che, end were charged eight dollars aod a
half per ibiiu andt Something over four bun
dled per eent on the u-ual price. Is this a
proper return for makiog tbie eity the oaplcal of
tbe ooi federate government? I think -not
( learn tbrongh an officer Just from York-,
town, that a pitched, battle ia not looked for at.
present io tbat quarter, though small skirmishes
are anticipated . B. F. (Bombastes Furloso)
Butler bas bad a foretaste of the plnck of the
Vrebels," and bang Are. calling on the powers
at Washington for 15,000 fresh troops. It i
laid tbat by the 26th (Wednesday), the com
mand at Fortress Monroe will be 94 000.
1 . Tbe First and Second companies ef the New
Orleans Washington Artillery, the finest batte
ry tbat has yet visited Richmond, left for Ma
baasa Junction this morning by tbe Central
Railroad Col. Walton's command embraces
about 350 men. 13 oannon aplendid dogs of
war aod 150 fine horses They are perfect In
tbe Light Artillery drill, and will give a good
account of themselves.
We era looking anxiously for news from tbe
North and West. Tbey are making extensive
preparations at Washington for resistance
against an attack. Troops are continually ar
riving and departing for the seat of war.
It is suggested that all 8 mtbern country
merehanta abould send In their orders at once
to tbe city wholesale merchants South Let tbe
wholesale merchants then bold a meeting, and
carry in their orders as soon as poaeible to Eng
land and France Tbui we shall enable these
nations to know something like the amount of
good we shall need of them. I give tbe sug
gestion for what It Is worth; it may do good.
We are dreadfully short of ice here If you
will be kind enough to tend us a few car loads,
we will return it next January
,.,Up"1 PWm
f' .'','. . ... Htm it 'aoiw "
" ' ' " 1 n,.ht'
"30'. i f I.-- f 8 atli nigh street. t-
Spring . & Summer Millinery.
The Stocle Replenished
Spring & Summer Millinery
I now complete, comprising every variety ot Hillin
try; also, a large assortment '.f Embroideries. Hosiery
tnd Notion. Ac, and In quantities and prices that can
tot fall to suit all who may favor ut With a call. The
goods have been bought at Panic prices, aeJ will be sold
tt a rmtll advance on cost.
iMissM E.YOUNG, Ute of New York City,
will superintend the Millinery Department. Her long
experience" In the most Fashionable Establishment In
Broadway will alone be a warranty that tht will be able
to girt entire satisfaction in matters of taste toallwbo
aay favor her with their orders.
! The Ltdlet of Colnmbns in J vicinity will .lease ac
cept my sincere thanks fir tbelr liberal patronage, and
I Would respectfully ollrtt a continuance of the same
'68 Ewet Town at., Coin m but, o.
No. 4 Gwvnne Block.
TRIt GOODS, and Invite the public to inspect
them No auch stock of Goods has ever been brought to
this market. The South, In consequence of the failure
ef 'he train crop, baa not been able to purchase the us- '
cal quantity of rich goods aod this facihaa forced the
Importer, to sell them at public auction nr buyer
CM. tone) icina to Sew York at ibese large sales, took
dvantae of tbem. and we can a-iri will seil ou goods
bare, al Im nana, y ,.i,e who porrhtaed wo weeks since,
paid 'nr then in New York Uur stock Is complete In
even 1eua tmeot of
i . ; DELAINES.-
j Five Thausand Dollars Worth
j . .,; , Bought ia One Day,
! ; Ladies furs,
Men's, LaJlee aad Children H Under Shirts and Drawtrt;
Ladle, Mittee and Children'! Hosiery of all kinds. In
Wool and Lamb's Wool; Fleecy Lined an.l Cotton OIovm
of-every make.
' ' , ALSO
A complete assortment of all the usual varie
ties of ' .
'- '."-. - ' TWEEDS,
FLANNELS, ' ' . -
).,,.. , i RIBBONS,
j . dress trimmings,
Ladiei indGent'i Linen Cambric Hand
j n - . kerchiefs, 4c, &o.
: Te persona who tall on at, we pledge our words Io
show them the largest, beat end cheapest stock of Oooda
ever seei, la thle market, or pay tbem one dollar per
hour while looking.
I decl-dlyStawltw. STONE tt O'HASEA.
4-1 '' " ' '
pMmmm bargains i
H0 SClOTHBioa-grBKIT, ,
tiOOn yarJiSaoer Plain Bleok flllkt at fl OO-vatet ,
tl 5 peryard. iU ' ' - -'
a.'BOO yardt Travtlltf Drtst and Mantle ' Goods at'
jilt laenle Valae tO erne peryard. 1 i ,'-i-3,000
yards' tYhlte Brllllante at It 19 cdnt
Inlaw 80 etnts pat erd." - .'; ',"
JrOrOjarile line and Doaeetlo ainghams greatly ea-i
def value- ..t .,-( j t , ,..
.:.-. .. . ,-Ai.ao:-. , ..... a
-99BAltll, rOOXaaO UIsTJ, ? - -f.. 9 t
.'li Km
'Twnr.itft aiwwnwa vawffr.T.ia. " ,
law ms, vauiuJAS. jTiiruaa,
New and fashionable) Xreja Oooda
ill the aioat desirable style tad at very lewer priest..
ttant Ribbon. In great variety at Btl N'B.
aetS No. IV, Hlghatmet

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