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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, July 10, 1861, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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. . ! i i ., .1, .1 n. n i l ) V-IIT P i " ' 1 Tl' I - .
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mm 1 5
Inyanatoly in Adrancf . ,
...i ?,;:! i i '. i'i , il Ji ;.i4 t'l ,
tkn Hoi. 86, 88 nd AO, Horth HlghV
.flUy : .-(..ivi.iaWpM jtu.
i . , Et tha CurrUr. Mr vuk. 18 unti. i
rri-moHr,:: - '"c
S 00 per yaw.
i go,
wni ot AdTcrtlalar by tlio Sqnarf
niqnj're1y'i...JC) 00
0n " V mobthr 18 00
t On ":. amonUii J5 00
... Ono !', Smonthi 10 00
, Dne , ' Bmonthi 8 00
,,'!)'"', Itfonth.', S 00
One iqaftra S weeki4 W
dm ' " x null, a w
One !. lwt. 1 1i
0n ; '" -.Jdnjt v' 1 X
8n '.. " Sd.yi... . ?J
o " ! 1 luerUoa 60
-id" Dlipltjrcd dvertlMioenU hal taoro thin tht tbor
:-rtoj.( i, 1 . ,..., : :. ...; i ' I .
do A'Jvitiimenti leaded and pUeed In th colamnof
i , Hpscial Xolcat," dobUMoriinary rati. '. it
Alt uulien requireo to be pulllibd by law, ktfalfttta.
If ordered on the inside emluiiTely after tbo flrat walk
per cen:. mure thin the abort ralot; b'ii all locb vll
' ' appear In tlteTrVWeoklj without oharire. I ...
' Baslnna Oarda, not eioeedlng fire llnea, per yeaf, In
'lli I'iilO ter lire; outside if.
Notice of meetings, charilaUes oeletlet, Are eotnpanlea,
' ., half prlte, ' ' .
All trannt ndttrUiemmU wtttd b pMifo in
' nitimft Tit rule will net beTrled frem.
""' Weekly, liiune price aa the Daily, where tM adrertltai
-' tth Weekly alone. Where Tie Dairy and Weekly
an both need, then the charge forth Weekly will be
, i na'f the ruin of tho Dally
Ko advertltcment taken exoept for a definite period.
F. A. B. SIME3E3,
Attornoy At Ija,xr
Ifflpe "Attib'.i Building, oppoilte Capitol Bquara. i
:;, TOLUMBUB, onioi
Attorney & Counsellor at Law,
Machine Mannfactnring CompaBy,
O0eeo.CAM.'J.0aa.gaa yJi
MANBTAoroittii or :
.' i CMtlngt, HU1 faring, Maeulnary,'
aho, ' , '
Xlallroaxl Worljt
OOA8. AilDOB, Bap't. P. AUBOg, treats
dealt. lbS8. ...
Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, Dayton & Zndianapoli!
Through to Indianacolis withont Change of Cars
and bat One Change of Cars between
' . Columbus and St. LouU. ,' ;
... BUS. . . ,
(Dally, Mondavi excepted.)
MOIIT EXPKK88, wia Dayton, at 8:45 a. m itop
pine at London, Xenla, Dayton, Ulddletown and Hamil
ton, arrlrinf at Cincinnati at 8.iO a. m.;DaytoB at5.-iS
a.n., Indlanopoliaat 10:48 a. m.Jfct. Louliat U:50
p m' ' SECOND TRAIN. !
ACCOMMODATION, at :10 a. D.,atopplneat all Sta
tion i between Oolumbua and Cincinnati and Dayton, ar
Mrlni at Cincinnati 11:03 a. m., Dayton at US a. n.,
"Ttiltb TRAIN.
DAT IXPEE83,it 8:30 p. m., ropplog at Alton,
JeHenon, London, Charleaton, Oetlarrilla, Xenia,
Bprlng Valley, Corwln, klorrow, Deerdeld, Foeter'a.
LoTeland, Mlllfordand PlainTille, arrlring at Cincin
nati at 7:80 p. irrT flt . LotIi at 18 m; Dayton at 9 35 p.
.; Indlanopoluiat 10:38 p. n.
leeplnar Car h all Mlfflit Train to
' cjiuciunutt aid Indianapolis.
tot further Information and Throngh Ticket apply to
' ticket Agent, Union Depot, Onltuntma, Ohio.
- t, Inperinundeot, Olncbuiatt
JNO. w. DOiinais ,
JaU Agent, Ooiumbua,'
Jmt Bceelredt
1 a a IHVCII OK HUM and Itl.ACK
1U TfcA" lOObagt prima Rio Oonee.
i 18t pock" old Dnteb Oot.rruaentJaTa Coffee. 1 '
IftktaCeyloDOolIee.i. '
ii 80lbbM. etandard Whit logart, eenilitlng of Pow-
dred.Onruihed, Granalaud A aad B Coffee. '
' AO quintals Oeorge Bank Oodflib. i ? , , (
I BObbto. Meia and No. 1 Mackerel.. , , . I
w.' 6 tea. Plek SMawn. ... ..'
100 bx. Layer Kaiilni. .j.,,-!- .. .
'-' m no hf. boa do . : do
100 qr. box do de
' 10O al Olgara, different brand and grndei.
o k wm. Mcdonald,
And Blank-Book Manufantorer, ;
HOETi iiait-nKKT, COiajtBUI, OHIO
marll-dl .
-i-Redf'WWte -and --Bine
DELAinrs, "
.;:ri: ;. ... 1 .HlBBOHf,
NECKTIES. " ' t' -: " 1
- utopn4.by '. .' .
Ho. 29 South High street.
, P'W ......
m vvxiAiisr '.,,ap3sr,
Ho. ss, sonia. aiaa bieeet. .. , . ,
TT.v Inst noelved a new mike of HOOP BKIBT9
flnUMd la a nmuosr far superior to any yst introduced
I'M. ''' .''i'-il :.V.tZ !
.' ' FAITllLV ; F1.0DU.
fn 'BarnettMllls,"Bprujgueld, 0. the hett brand f
assent cm market... Battsuono gaaranteo.
" Jor le only at , WM. McDONALD'B,
' "norS7 - ' J;r ' ' 108 South High street.!
:l ... . : . I
,f t a Irish Linen Goods. V -" 'J
--Uem-8hlrtBemPia and laacy
Aid - :- ;iWlrtlngand Bosom Linens.- . ., , , .
. , LlncQ Rhectlng and Pillow Oaslngt. '
vj i i . Llooo Oauibrlcs and Long Lawns.
. , , .Linen Poekot-handa'rs, all site..
' ' Linen Towelllnrs and DUpsrl
j,.. . ,r, ... aiinan napaioi ana vuyne. -,.. r
" Linen Table Cloths and aatln Damukt.
Linen Towels with eoiorwd borders.' ''
.ii ldneaatalr0oTruigsan4.0raabt,
JTornle al low price. .
Btrr h
. . ,'.;.",""" ,'o-5r3ouih,uj4tlatrtJ
e'J ...EDOHPS, M Ityljnstopwldb,
apriki ' - X. H loatk Hlthitnw.'
;;,;woroestkb,8j) ! i
JU ' Xateit The largo'iWTlia ,' Beii
y The Cheapest B0kUM tht Beit, i, ( '
I I . . ' -' ' '.d U .;
'Tbe IWot Brtiabi MandarA' An
tnarltr ! tit EnrlUn A-aBg-uag." ,
. - JSim JIuHdrwitminnliiiueaUir9t OXlo,
. ff HI ' L ..' . .
. "Ileie are npwardi of a Hundred Tnonaand Word,
wboee multlfarlout meanlnga and deitratloos, toretaer
with Ural oorreotpelllng,at.dproonDlailarac)arly
ae before lb tye.' t -f , i j
. Otfloinnati Optnttntdfll-
Etui tU DeoUUmi of Md Mmibtrt of tht OMoStai
.: y . i T4acr' m00l Uitn. -r-- TT I
: The undersigned, members of the Ohio State Teachers'
i and all on, adopt and aim to UM In teaching, writing
and speakhig, the orthography and prouuooiatloo of
Woreeeter's ftoval Quarto Dictionary and we moat cor
dially noommead It as the most reliable lUndard au
thority of the Kngllab tanguap,. It 1 now wrluea ana
spoken, i . 'r-. . i."
" Loatn Airnkrwa, President Kenyon College. . . n '
' V. D. Itunrrx, Superintendent Zsnerrl lie Schools.
' Tnot. W. Htiy, Bap't Manellon Colo Cch"ls.j ,
' H. f . Oowvtar. Bnp't PuWle School, Sandusky. .
Jonn Ltmor, Bup't Publle Bobools, Clrotonilo. ' '
8, N. BiKfoar, Principal Cleveland ffemal Smlna
rj. - !.;.,
Wm. Mrmtrf.t, Sup rublt Rcleola, Mt Cnloe. ' .
"Joan Oaraif, Principal State normal eoaoel, Mlane-
CmcsNaaow, Principal Pourth Inttrmedlata School,
Cincinnati. ' - - '!
B. 8. MakTm, Bup't Canton Union Schools. i
Bnwm Hawtb, Principal KcNeely tlonnal School. : '
- Km T. TarraR, Prof. Malhenwtioa, Ohio University.
Wm. W. Kowanne, lup't Troy Union School.
A. O. Homm, Prlnolpal West Blgh School, Olere
8- A. NoaTON, Aaaodate Principal Blgh School, Cleve
land . TBkODoaa Stiruxs, Ptlnclpat High School, Olete
'J?.. BoMirroK, Principal Cleveland Institute.''
J. A. Oaaruxn, President of Electio Institute, Hi
ram. W. L. Harsh, Prof, ef Chemistry, OH Weslcyan
H. H. Barnct, Sx-Cemmlatlonerof Common Schools,
jAMxotMoioioa, Prof. Rhetoric, Oberlln College.
Tnoe. Bah. Pratdtnt Antloeh College.
O. W. II. Oathoakt, Prof. aathematScs, High
School, Dayton.
8. 0. CatmaADati, Prof. Language, High School.
8. M. Banna, Snp't Union Bohoola, Aihland. -Mort
than Sim Omdrtd othtr PrttUtmf of CoHe-
(Wt, Pre ft for: Author and DUUnguihd Xduoa-
tort, hat tndordlhabo9$timmt.
Maairrra Coiusa "It I truly a aagnlOoaot work,
an honor to the author, tie publUhsri, and the whole
eountry." President Andrew.
Onto WnuTis UarrsaunTT-xlt (xoeedi say expecta
tion. It will be my gold In orthography and pronun
ciation, and will often be consulted by me for It neat
and aocurate definition." President Xhoapsoa.
W. S. EoitOTio Couxoa. "Heretofore we haveaied
Webster' orthography. At a recant meeting of our
Faculty, It waa decided to change H to conform to that
of Worcester" Boyal Quarto Dictionary." President
Garfield. . .v. .' -: '-'V'i' T
Wttrnts) Bxcir CoiLtot. "I tai It worthy of
cordial approbation." President Hitchcock.
0ii.w Colli- "It more thsn meets my expecta
tion. 1 recommend It as the standard, authority In
orthoepy to my children and my pupil.," President
Morgan. . ' )
Airnooi Collu. "I adopt knd aim to use In teach
leg, writing and. speaking, the erthograp hy end proann.
elation ot Worcester's Koyal Quarto Dictionary."
President BUI. - -
"la all my writing, speaking . aad teaching, I have en
deavored to conform to the rules for orthography and
pronunolatlon a contained tn Worcester's Dictionary."
Horace Mann, lata President. . - , .
Konro Collm. Oaarsnra. "I most cordlstly reoorn
mond It as the most reliable standard authority of the
Bngllih language as It Is now written and spoken."
Piesldent Andrews. 't ' . .
frvmEtv. Anton Smyth, Ommtitiomr pf Common
. ohoot tn Ohio. , , i
"The IMotloTjary Is a Imperishable tnonmaent te the
learning and Indus' ry of It author, and an honor t the
world of letters. The mechanical execution l far supe
rior to that ot any other Lexicon with which I am ac
quainted." -
From Eon. IT. B. Barmy. SCmmUttontr of
Bakooi In Ohio, ' . .
The most reliable standard authority or the lan
guage." , .
WBaf kwM
Xjeadlnja; XTewcrpapera pf Ohio. Say.
from th ClrULand Erald of March 23.
The orthography of the Worcester Dictionary I that
osed by most, If not ell. author ol distinction In this
country and England, and conforms to the general usage
of ordinary writers end speaker.
Whatever prejudice may have existed previously,
careful itudy of this volume Will Invarlab'y be followed
by a warm appreciation of II great merits, and a desire
to add It to Ui well selected library, bo It large or small,
It to a library In Itself, and will remain a laperiha
bl record of the learning of It compiler.
' Irom th OnotnnaH Commercial of Apr to.
. Here ar upwards ot a hundred thousand word good,
bad and todiSerewt whose nltifarioa meanings and
derivations, together with their correct spelling snd pro
nunolatlon. are set clearly before the eye. The work Is
unquestionably the greatest Thesaurus of English Words
ever published.
rem th ClovtUmi PlcMUaUr ofStf. 80, 1800.
Evidently Woncxrr' Rorat Qoaaro DionoaaiT U
not only fA luat, wul CA bst scorA th Ar3 seer 4
stMtf.sndean by no possibility suffer by eomparbranor
controvert. ... ' " '
From th Tblodo Blade of Mhy ti.
A to r0HDoiaTtMi, Woncmnt t ta STamaae
followed by our best authors; lo definition be leave
nothing to be desired and In OaTaowRarHT It It sufflclenl
to say that WoacaaTaa can be safe y followed..
Fnt)llhers Bookaellere St Stationer,
lVTo waxls.v W-T.
DiTldeneiJannary 1180148 ForCent;
A8IETB..... ......83,BK,J5 50.
Statement January . !, 1861s
Balance, per atateaent Jan. 1st, 1800 13,400,581 39
Beotloed for Premiums dur
ing the lear 180 1703,033 65 ; t
Eeoclved for Interest during
the year 1680 BM0MI9
Total recelnt for 188O.rf..lW7,07 74 .. - : ' ,
Paid Claims by Deth,S67 ,050 00 - .. : , , 1
Paid Poilelet surreo- ; -
dered 41,11180 ' . . ,
Paid SalarivPet r-K u.., i.-w v ! .
age, Tear,-a-- -
chance, etc ...... 31,630 54
Paid Commissions to ' ; i J .
Agent 51,355 30
PatdPhyilclan' fee. 5 U0o 75 ,
Paid Annultlee 1,517 00
Paid Dividend dar
i. . 'i i
411,871 14
,iogtoejea...,.W0,500 75 CCS.ODl 63
Ret HaUnce January 1st, 18C1
A88K8.: ': ' '.' ' "
Cuhon hand. .1. ..........
8J.H84 WJ
Bonds and Mortgages on Beat
Bitatt, worm oonble Ibe
amount loanad,.. ...... 8,38741 68
Premium not, on Policies . K ,.,
In foroe,cnly drawing Oner " '
eeat- InkTeat.. 1,878 f04 17
Kl Ssta .........,.. 4 r. 808X1 a?
Loans o a Borlp . 0,921 44
Premiums, Notes and Cash, in .
. ooan of transmission.,.. 40,841 75
., Total Assets 83.818438 80
T8T8 Pellele In force, Insuring...... ,a,4e,53S
1,498 new PollelN have been mued during the year.
' After a oareful calculation of the present vahr of th
oaataodlng Policies of tho Company, and saving the
nmnart amount In re nerve therefor, the Director
pave oeciarea vivintt or per cent, ou in rremt
urns paid at the table rate, to all policies for Ills In foroe,
prior to January i, tBoe,ayoi eoiaui to ui
present rule or the Oompsny. ' I
Bet for ll kind oi Lit 0otratee, Prpect
aes, Sutemeot, and Application, will be furnished
wiTaooT caaaot, at the Olio or Agendo ctt Com-
' V..10BT. L.PATaSOir,PrtlwBl.
' - . I.. O,eB0VlVVleeftrMUnU
BKNJ. O.MtthBR, Becretary. .. ,
' ; , Al Hf VJttWtli Acrnt, ,,
Ooltimim, 0
Dlain aud nouuEB, black;
A, ! fiRVSS SIL&B, of vr grade. : In awl .select
aaseitaaent la th elyr, MdAnMraonil rates, , .
.r v. .-jAiH A.ao,. I
ftUS , .S8VtulUfhitmt
is i fioStItutfbnttl',dUe83e', ft fjorruption of (he
weak, and poor. .. Bei'nz ,ln. the.'cirauIaUqri, it
tervadoite hole opdy, and may.Dutet oyt
in'diibaao on any cart ol 1L '.'No onran ia.free
.0'Ont its atacki, poi fa tiler, pu, it my
not ueatroy. scroiuipuf. yiwf i,n(u.y
caused by rfiprurial (jUeaac(irqw Jivuig,'4it
ordered. 'or .uuhaalthy'.foqd.iMpwa ir filth
and Uiv labial U ilopreawf .riojia, and,
abpve olL ljy';tJi,tjrf ijiJj. ,(iitgctiow,0 . Vbft
ever be its origin, it i hetuditoiy ia, tike oop.
stitution, deactudliigvtompftrente tochiidren
unto the tliird mid fourth generation t 'Lin deed,
it eeemt to .bejitlio rod ot' Hiu wbo. aayi, "I
will yUitjthe ifutiuitie of the futherd upon
their .children,',' ,',-y.-, ? r s ,?
, Ita efTeoU commence by deposition trom the'
blood of oouujit or ulceroua-matter, widen, in
the lungs ontt internal organ, at termed
tubercles-; in tlw glands, anellinoL and on
tbo (surface, .eruptions or sores; :Tbifuul cor. j
ruption, which gendcra la the blood, depresses
the energies of life, so that scrofulous constitu
tions not- only j Buffer from serofuloiA eom
pluinU, but they Lftro Sir less power to witlw
stand the itttnok l otlioi: dlseosoe j J cense
rjuently ' ntt numborr perish by disorders
niucli, . tilthoagU not ecrofutoniin their nature,
are still rendered 'flttul' by tlils; tttlnt in 'the
srstetn. 'Most of tho'eonsumptiori which de!
drantes tho humfmHitrtily has its orlsin directly
tn ?ld Gorofuloiis contflminlrtion ( and' many
destructive diseases of the Href, Sidneys, brain,
and, indeed, of oil tho organs, nrlso from or
aro nggravnted by tire snme cause. ' ' ' " ,
' Out quatter of all our people are scrofulous ;
their persons are invaded by this lurking in
fection, ond their health, is undermined by it.
To clennso it firoifrthe system we must renovate
the blood by an' nitcrative medicine, and in
vigorate it by healthy food and exercise!
Such o medicine wo supplyin " 1
Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedy which the medical
skill of our times can devise - for this ovary,
where prevailing and fatal roolad v. It is com
bincd from the most active remedial that have
been discovered for the expurgation of this foul
disorder from the blood, and the rescue of tho
system from its destructive consequences.
Ilcnce it should be employed fot the euro of
not only Scrofula, but also those other Affec
tions which arise from it, such as Eruptive
and Skin Dukakis, t. Anthony's Tibe,
Rose, or . Erysipelas, PniPi.a.i, Pustvixs,
Bt.otchf.s, Blain andBoii.!,Tokiojia,.TETTEU
ond Salt Riievm, Scam IIkab, Kixovfoit!,
Hiii'CMATifiir.STPiiii.rncandMEBCuiuAi, l)i
EAsr.s. Ditorav; Dyspepsia, Deiumtt," and,
indtcd, all Coiii'i.AiNTs Aiimmo l iiok Vitia
tzu oit Imtuhr Blood. - The popular belief
in impurity of tht blood " is foiuuled in truth,'
for scrofula is a degeneration of the blood. .The
particular purpose ond virtue of thisr SoTsnpa
rilla is to puril'y and tegeneratc this vital fluid,
without which sound health-it impossible n
contaminated constitution, .i .1 fc r
. . k-v .'.; J.-O t :! I
e(;- AEHS1; -;f.
tor Tnd speedy Abe or . ' j
Intermitlent Fewer, or Fever and Ague,
Remittent Ttvrf, Clilll Fever, Dumb
Ague, Periodical Headache, ar Bllloa
Headache, anc tSllien Fvera Indeed
for th whole class oT dlecaeoa oilglnnt.
I tin; lit biliary derangement, conned by
the Malaria of Miaamatie Countries.- .
TTc nte enahled hero to" offer the' community a
remedy which, white It cures the above complaints
with certainty, is still perfectly harmless In any
quantity. - Such a remedy is rnvnlunble in districts
hero these amictinn- disorders Drernil. This
"Cuke" expels the miasmatic poison of Fevbh
and Aoce from the sptem, and prevents the de
velopment of the disease, if taken on the first ar
proach of its premonitory symptoms. It is not only
tho best remcdv ever vet discovered for this doss
of complaints, but -nhp the cheapest. Tho large
quantity we supply lor a dollar brings it wiimn tae
reach of every body : and in bilious districts, where
I'evhk, ANU .Aoua prevails, every "body shoud
have it and uso it freely both for cure and protec
tion. A great tuperinnty of this remedy over any
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain
cure of Intcrmittcnts is that it contains no Quinine
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism of
other injurious cllccts whatever upon the constitu
tion. Those cured hy it aro left as 'healthy as if
they had never Jnd the disease. . . c." .
- 1 ever and Aaue u not alono the consequenee ef
the miasmatic poison. A groat variety of disor
ders arise from its irritation, nnmnir which are
Keurahiin, tlieinimthin, Gvut, Jfrniiaefir, Blind
ness, 7WirtfiC, Earache, Catarrh, Astuun, pal
pitation, Painful Affection ofthe Spleen, llyster
... d..u nL .u ';.'- n,.i....-. ,,i ru.
It., u.r ."V wwnui, yv..i, m fiy.i. ft,,., a.-
rangtrnent of the Slvmach, all of 'which, when
originating in this cause, put on the intermittent
time, or become periodical. This " Cuke " expels
the poison from the blood, and consequently cures
them all alike. . It is an invaluable protection to
immigrants and persons travelling or temporarily
residing In the malarious district.. If takeh'ocea-.
sionaJly or dally whilo exposed to the infection,
that will be excreted from the system, and cannot
accumulate In sulDcient quantity to ripen into d it-
ease. Hence it is even more valuable lor protec
tion than cure, and few will ever suffer from Inter
mirtents if thev avail themselves of the protection
thia remedy affords. - " ' ; ; ' v ; ' , ' "
Frepaxed by Dn J. 0. ATE2 fii CO., Lowell, Mass.1
. B0BIBT8 a SAVrtL, Columbu, i
And by Drartlit and DeaUrt evtrywhtr. '
noTVTira.twttw- -' , .......
..I .: 4 AJaitaMOiTl u
Liverpool; Montreal, Quebec,
'. ' .. i. tvnd i j - . ' . i ,
Th Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's first class'
all-Dowered Olvde-hutlt Steamers sail everv Hat.
a relay from PORTLAND, carrying toe Canadian an
I ,, NORTH BRitOH. i v!'s HIBBRKlAN. i
Sbartot, Ctseaaaat ana QalofccktOoa
' veiaace irem ... .
;inxsia,to"aU mrs.or.Eiisops.
i, Xataes ot FaaatBaa to Snropes "1
.,i ., i' .. ' -io 930, 909. 8jaO.) ' ': i
Will tall from LIVERPOOL every WadttaMaw,
and from QUEBEC eTrV . Katurdat . ealllntat
LONDOWDKHli.il, le seoelve on boaru and IslO malls and
Passenger, to and from Ireland aad Scotland. ,
TTPTbeee Steamer' ar built of Iron. In wafajr-Uirht
com part rae is, oany eacs an xpnoca Burgeon, aa
ever atteatlon la Bald to tht eomort and accommoda.
Hon ot passngn. a iney prooeoti oin-ct to bun uua-
DBRT, the gioet risk and delay of calling at B. Jahn'a
It avoided. -,
fluttgow passsnrentr nrntshM wira rftt passage
ttcaoi to ana iros uonwoaaerry. u ' jv I
Kuni ticks' granted at roduetd rttes. - .
, vcmuuiiEl nun aui iwijiu, vu hh utiuguisuu, ywkw
innn from all th principal town or Ureal Britain and
Ireland, at reduced, rates, by this line of Meaner, aad
leaving Liverpool Try, wee. , , (. ., ',( r , , i
Sight Draft tow t and upward paw.
, able la England ; Ireland, Bpot. ,
! i., ,.e.... uad ar Wale. '",
or'tistssgs; ar)1y at w OfScoeS- HROAI1.
waa new swims it naaast i ,
S4T(PWWB.'..1 OJ ill." II.'. 1 UV I
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HnolO-lrdkir ' Post omee.fJoiumbus.Ohiy.
'' 'T ' ' 1 - - '
ton JAMBS ADQVH BAH a rarUiaj in. my bull-
ness, which will oti after b conducted under Ui firm'
m u.h. - ' . m a , ru oa MH,k uii o.
Colambaa, (l8. 1881.' t i.t-- io i feblO
"" U 1 IM '! ""Hl'l II HI " '! Ii
t lata ef Phalea Battaushaumt. K. I.,) PeprWor
MfliAv aof-a e avuionaew oaavuia, iuii. ubidd
, . I .. V. I : 1 ; J - , t... ......
i .,DuuuuyuiJ,uB. viiruii aim irvs.iug oaiiniM, JVMt auiie
gtvea i Iff aunaaari . variona wemaBsU fcadis ati
Children's Hal Hln da 1st to beat tyK oi
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from AMEBIOalt, ENOLWU and PRBSOH f aotortes,
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t ' . Traioa Leave Columbus aa follows :
'J )- JTOHlflNO EXPR888
teave Oolambut 3 SO A. M. from Union Depit, via
Bellalr or BleubenvMe : arrives st Bellsire, 10.80 At
M.J ateubenville. I8.J0P. M.: Pltuburgh. 3 40 P.M.;
aarrUbnrg.1.10 A. Af.: via AUmtavm, arrives at Nsw
York 8.00 A. H.t Wis PhilaiUlvhUt. arrive at Phila
delphia, 9.10 A. Al.; New York. 10.30 A. M. Connects
also at Ban- lsburg for llaltloore, arriving at 7.45 A. at.
Sleeping Cars attached to this Train
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Pittsburgh without ehsngei and Pasenger via Allen
townarnv in New York at 8 A. II.,
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This Train also oonneou at Bellalre vilb the
. Baltimore and Uaio Kaiiroau.
i . rirrsBUROH express.
Leave Oolumbut 11 S3 A M , from Union Depot, Via
otMbenvlllei anlve(t Newark, la 90 r. at. I uotnee-
loa.B.Ll P. t dteubenviii. 9 r. u ; ntuuurg, s.au
W ' M. ITTrhls Is tnonly rout by which Passenger
esri leaveOIgelnnall at T A. M go through to Pitts-
burth la daylight, without cnaoge oi caisor aeiay.
' 5 I I !' ...
' - ? .' " FAST LIM. .--.'. .
Leaves Columbus 3. IS P. M., troui Union DspoL via
Pe'lulrs: arrives at Neiraik, 3 S3 P. AL I Zwesvllle,
4 33 P. H j neilalre T 93 f. tu.: pii'tnurgi. li.vj r
kt.i Barrlibnrv. 0.00 A. M.I Tin AUtntovm. tr.ives
at New fork, 4 p: M i o Philadelphia, arrive--
Plrladel h.a. 1 10 r. M.t New York 0 P. SJ, Tbl
Tralo sleo-cooneot k liartlsburg lor Baltimore, r-
rrvlng at l .- t . - '' --; t - ' - v
Tbi Train runs throngh to Bellalre or Plttibarg wlla
ont chsng ef Carat and from. rttUhurg iher Is no
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w tout caci ing . ,: ,,v
The only Route from Columbus 10 Bitiimore,
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' - ' '. one change of Cars. "
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ST.Thls Route is 30 miles shorter to Fittsbnrg,
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[From the Y. Tribune.]
[From the Y. Tribune.] FROM GEN. PATTERSON'S COLUMN.
The Rattle at Falling Waters.
HAINESVILLE, Berkley Co., Va.
July 2, 1861.
t Iiim tftat cam'fl from'' the bittle-eround'at
railiuK Waters to this polDt, which is two miles
in' advance 'of the aaaln army, aod where our
victorious aad ejtuliaut troops are now in camp.
Tbo battle oommeoced about i o ciocc tnis
mo rub g, as uo other bttle probsbly ever Com
menced in the history of wars. ; ", . . " ' j
Col. Feiklus's bttiery was io advance, and the
Colonel himself some quarter of a mile lo the
lead of his men, when, upjn miking a turn in
the roud, he came suddenly upon two mounted
offioera. , Militry BAlutes passed, habds were
shaken all round, and the strangers afked Ul.
P. what cooiptny be t. longed to and when be
had got In. The Colonel rep'ied that be be
longed to Company C, aad bad Just arrived
One .of , the ec ranger . obseived rtfleciirely,
"Company CI CoiupuLy LI" and just then tn
first piece of the battery showed Itself roaud
tho turn when be eiolatmed, ''Artillery, by
God," and fled for bis ilia wUb his oompanion.
Col. P. immediately shouted to bis men, "how
boys, oome on, we've got 'em." Ia less than a
miuute tbe batterv was la operation and blazing
away right and left, while the rebelo could be
seen in all directions trying lo form tbelr men.
The 2d Cavalry, Philadelphia Oity troop,
MoMullen's Ringers, the Wli-eonein Regimeut
and'lhelltb Pennsylvania Regimeut Immedi
ately formed to tbe support of tbe battery, and
a general running Are oommeoced, our men ad
raucing and the enemy falling back for about a
mile, when they attempted to form and make a
respectable resistance, but tbia tbey fouud utter.
ly Impossible. Twice ineir cavairy was lortneu
aud came nn for a charge, aod twice were tbet
broken and scattered br tbe 1 ltb Regiment. At
this coint. on the farm of a Uulun man named
Pot tetfield. tbe heaviest fight og took place. The
enemv foueht altogether aa guerillas, aud would
never present a frout to our men. Tbey were
laying down in the uheat, hid behind trees aad
loes in everv nlace that -adbrded concealment,
Once a party of them took shelter in Porter-
... . . , , . , , -
field a Darn, Dut in a few minutes toi. rerams
bad thrown so many shells into it that it caught
fire and burned np. '-.''
Tbe notion lasted altogether near an nour,
daring wnicn time we lost, tnree men, viz:
- Geo. Drake ot uomnany a, Wisconsin neei
mcnt, shot through the heart; one man out of
tbe 11th Rcgimeat, and one out or the 3d Car
airy, whose names we havo not learned. j c
Our wounded areas follows: ' - '' '- ' : ' 1
Corporal McGurley, of McMullen'd Rangers,
snot m the toot. ' , 1
XV IT Vn,a lltl, Rn.tMiint.' alic1i8 Mnph
with a caDuon ball on the face; atfeadtog to
doty. ' ' ' "' i-
H. 8. Yoonr, CoapaBy G, 1st Wieoonsla,
mnsket ball in tho head. '- ' ' 1 - i
W. A. Matthews, Company 0, 1st Wiseon
sin, musket ball through the leg. ' - - 1 ' ' " ' '
- Frederick Palmer, Company G, let Wisson
sin, shot through the right lei;. ' v "-1 ,
Reed, of Company K, 11th Pennsylva
nia, mnsket ball in tbe head. ' Before Mr. R.
waa shot, a cannon ball strack bis musket,
bending ii into the form of an 8, aod driving
tbe splinters ol the stock into his breast, '
Warren Graham, 4'.h Bargeant ol Company
B, 1st Wisconsin, wouuded In the left breast,
right arm, and left leg. "- - i
M. F. Hamacker, Company B, 11th Pennsjl
rania, shot In the left shoulder.
James Morgan aod D. R. Stiles, both of Com
pany E, 11th Regiment, were both wounded by
one grape-shot, while standing together.
In the same house where onr men are laying
there is a secessionist, named Bcnnls Haff, shot
throngh the bead. He belonged to Captain
Airs's fith Virginia Regiment, and aavi tbere
ffcre five regimenta in the field of 1,100 each,
and that they were commanded by Colonel
Stewart. Tbe loss of the rebels, in killed and
wounded, has evidently been heavy,. Our men
burled three of their dead this atternoon, and a
man. whose house thev passed oh tbe retreat,
says tbey were carrying 37 dead with them, and
about 60 wounded. - ' '.
. Daubleday'e battery Is to be here to-morrow
morning, and then it is likely tbst an immedi
ate move wilt be made to occupy Martinsborg.
Our wonnded were all sent last night to the
General Hospital at Hagerstown. ' -
Dnrlng tho midst of the fight the 23d Regi
ment, under Colonel Dare, arrived, and imme
diately came into line, bat Ihe enemy observ
ing the reinlorcement, fled, and were pursued
by tbe Twenty-tblrd and other regimenta to this
point, where tbe whole of onr forces are now en
eamptd. ' Tbo enemy aro abont two miles a
head, If they have not taken refuge la Marlins
barg, 4t miles distant. -' ''"'" ' . v
[From the Philadelphia Press, July 5.]
Tha tele sranhia' account of tho biUle Dear
Hainesvill was exceedingly meagre and uneat-
islaotory. . i bis lacl may do accounted lor by
mentioning that tbe uovernmeut operator at
Hajteratowo became to excited, when the ac-
couut ot tue tteut reaoned rum, tnat ne saouiu
ered bis masaet witntn a quarter pi, aa nonr,
to njoin hu oomradesin yirniuia. . j
Tbe gentleman. who uidioied ins. original
storv, ot wbicn tbe operator used a pari, u now
in tbia citv. tie baa egtended to ua tbe DartiCu-
lars of his observations, which we, shall briefly
commuulca'e. I .
Geo. Patterson's command bad been waiting
to cross the Potomac fur some time.' 'While en
camped at Willim8prt,.Md.,-and upon the
river bank below that townr L,apt-, Akiiuallin'a
icoute and . the secret spies ot . Goveinmunt
were making dally pilgrimages to Virginia, to
ascertain tbe character ot tbo eoerav and hti
defense, and to carefully study tbd. topography
Of tbalaidt . .u. r, ,. . ,-,
It was lully. Intended a few nlcbta before, to
Bend tbe army over the river tn two divisions!
tbe first, under Gen, Patterson, to orosd at Wil
liamspost the second, nnuer Uen. Cadwalader,
to cross at Sbepheidatown, some miles below.
aod tbui flank tbe eoemy, and drive him from
bis position or capture hion . .. . '
UircumatancM neceesiutea a counter orders
The men were nightly aroused, and as often
diSdDDoiuted. nntri, on Tuesday mornhg, at 3
o'clock, positive ordeis came, and the army got
Utider way. ' i ' '.. o 'i".r.
The lord at ibis Diaoo is narrow, and lb river
is but little deeper tbaa a creek, it log so (hal
lo that a man may wad It without being wet
above the middle. Tbe road on tbe other tide
lie parallel wlta the river until .immediately
opposite Williamspott, wbea U turns, diree.ly
from toe stream, aaoett at a genua acclivity
o the slop and over toe fields. .... .. ., -
, At a lew jar as ironj toe stream stands toe
toll-koufld at wblcb. LauUln Uoubleday threw
shot, ana lust peiona.ia a wooq upon to am
top, to wbiob tbe rebel scouts used to ride., and
hitching their steeds In the undergrowth, come,
out to me tull-botue to rcconnoiief. . , , , .
,. rrom this puce tbey naa a oiear view oi oar
encampments, and. coum atuov tbe position,
numbcts, and movements of our regimenta At
thia piaoe, too, vol. uwmaa was taken prisoner
and bustled off to Marlioeburg, While his meq
looked out UDon bla capture. ' '
, However, tbo river was crossed at an , early
hour on Tuesday morning, MoMullin'a Rangers
dashed la first, tbe City iruop aDd Gen 1 itr
sod and ataff followed, and a iter tbent came the
tab regiments of Wisconsin aud f enosvlvanlaJ
10 remammg regiments tooje tne matter us
impetuously, and so lost ineir snare in toe non
Ors OI-toe oatue. ( . iney , marcaeu, leisurci
into a field on the margin ofthe rirer.femovt
their boots, stockings, driwera and breeche
wound these aniolca.atpuud. their aeeks, and
thus with th whole lover portion of thai bod
ies nude and their white, muslin" shtrts flying In
the wind, preceded by a rullbAOd la aimiiamn
dress, tbey plunged into the stream and reached
the opposite shore. ' . (" '- ' ,
- Here tbey readiueted their dress, and avoided
tb wet garment and eoaklatf ahota of their
predeoesaors.- ,r '. ,T , ; r j f,,. , ,
.. One informant states thai the appearance of
the regiment thus proceeding was ludicrous in
the extreme.-"''" ''"'' '-'v '."!
Arrived aa' tbd' other aidoj tbey began th
march leisurely up the, hill-,, At., the old toll
bouse tbey encounterfd tbe ancient temaie woo
exscts the fare. This old lady had been drives
away by 'the rebel' scobtd, who bod made sad
havoo wtkh ler dwallioglyicg down in mpduy
boots upon her couoerpan9, and sot sbipg aad
abstracting crockery, with a total disregard of
tbe Tleti's of meum and firum ' naoeo v inreej-
disadvaatagds, Cpt. DoabledsyVoannon-liallp
bad eultt the trout porca iu ball ana ,ieaiiua-.
ed ihe chimney. .! I'
Tbe old ladv as glad to oee the union. troops,
and looked atibtm throngh' her spectacle.
She stated that abe was verv poor, the rebels
having plundered and destroyed her lit 1 prop
erty; sbe said siuiy, tnat now euo muino
to taking toll againalthough very few wuuld
travel. : r - --"3 ' - - ' -
U waa full davl eht when these latter reg
iments proceeded uo tbe turnpike-. .Beyond
tbe toll-gate, tbe road, nara aud narrow, uoi-j
. . - . . . -. . -..
ted wltti larms aod groves, went meanoenog
np and dawn hdl The troops did not nurob
shoulder to shoulder, but scattered aloog the
way to eat blackberries aad fjuejtion. tbe. , v if-
giulans. ... I
All tbd ecou pants ot tbe urm nouses came oi
IO see tbero, and lie girl waved tbet hawltfcr-
ohiela.,. . ,.vt,T O ""'i!
. Most of the people prolessed to be (Jalpniats,
and were, la semblance at least, gUd to' ete
tbeir deliverers. ' Their own troops bad spoiled
tbcta sbamenlly, turning their haniea to grate
in tbe unripe wheat fl.lda, aod exacting corn
and meal without muney and wi'ttout price. -A
canons feature of tbe march was tbe ap
pearance ot maoy Union refugees, who bang
to th skirts of tbe advance guard of our arrny.
These people bad been driven away just as
harvest was shining upon the grain fields. r
Tbeycame back with songs aud tall heart,
ofteo bursting into tears when their borne ap
peared to them again alter absence and banian
ment. ; ' j
Noticeable featuferbf tbe "pike," too, were
tbe gaps in tbe fences, where frequently dozens
of panel wer leveled, with the objeut ot un
embarratsed pursuit in case our volunteers
should retreat. - '
Over the road, thus solid and pleasant to walk
upon, oar regiments walked ioto tbe pleasant
farmland of Virginia, bearing above them tbe
flag that its Deonle loved, whilom .They picked
up in places knapsacks and cauteena, dropped
by tbe QjlDg roe, all of wbicq were maneu who
the inecriotion, "Virginia Volunteers."' ' I
From some iackets and cap, to , thus relin
quished, our informant is -enabled, to aay that
nu Pencsvlvauia trooos ard so miterably olothsd.
Their uniforms gray, trimmed with blaclc
were of the commonest kind of coarse "shoddy."
While thus marohing along la the dawn, the
hinder regimenu, among which was tbe Scott
Legion, beard the first peals of the cannon, far
ahead, instantly every man leu into, a ran,
and with wild shoots they broke away, anxious
to be "up Ibe road and at 'em " ; At each new
peal their Btep became quicker, but laggard
haste would not atone: tbe fight was over be
fore they rtaohed the ground! ' ' i
IVitb tbe latter regiments, onr informant-f-a
oivlliao-rwas traveling. He instantly touched
op hia pony at tbe sound of tbe cannon, and
dashed away in tbe direction of tbe firing
Coming to a frame farm-house beside tbe road,
temporarily converted into a boipital, be dis
mounted, and lound inside tbe body of George
Prake of Company A, First Wisconsin Rcgt
ment.' The deceased bad been shot through the
breast, and fell dead at once, exclaiming at tbe
moment, "Oh! my mother" He looked as
placid and fair, lying tbns to wake no more,;as
if reposing in a gentle sleep.
"Around him, grouped upon the floor, lay a
number of wounded men, among them a seces
sion soldier, who bad been shot in tbe eve -by a
musket ball, which oatried away the bridge 'of
bis noao, and a part of bis eyebrow.
Tbe reporters of tbe newspapers, including
Col. S. J. Re of this city, were here, note-book
in band, inttrrocatine the -wounded ad to the
fight. . . - -
Tbo secessionist stated that be bad been
Union man, but impressed into the Virgioia
ranks under promised death in oaae or reiosti.
Our Informant tnroed tbe coverlet down from
bis lace, and tbe fellow looked up at hint silent
ly through bit gaabed and dripping eye,
Tbo women in this house had rushed to the
woods in tbe beginning oi the so ion, but re
turned alter tbe battle, ana cneertuiiy assisted
the wounded, making mattrasses and bandages
for them.
Further on (five miles Irom ihe Potomac)
tbey reached Forteifield's farm, the battle
ground proper. . ':. i
It seems that uen. Jfattereoa and statu u
lora Craii?, Biddle and R. B Price, Col. Wm C.
Patterson, and fjapl. newton, with toe first
Wisconsin Regiment, and the 1 1 th Pennsylvania
Regiment (Col. Jarrettl, preceded by tbe City
Troop and Doubleday's battery, the whole led
by Capt. McMullin and tbe Philadelphia lode
pendent Hangers, reaoned tbls latin at 7 O'clock
in the morning Tbo enemy were drawn np be
hind tbe house, in line-ol-battle order, with tbeir
paikof lourguis diiectly npon the turnpike,
bearing upon onr men. ' '
MoMuliio s men were some rods in advance,
snd toey first opened fire, r Tbe firat eannoi,
shot ot tbd enemy pissed over the bead of our
men, 8 single ball striking tbe gable o( Porter
field's dwelling and passing out at the peak of
tbe root. "-!
Tbey fired badly.'Bot B (Ingle eann'ia ball.
during the wbole action- or a halt -hoor-dura
tion.Uiflioting a mortal wooed.: One ball pass
ed between a aoldter'a musket and bit eorek,'
and, almoot simultaneously, a eeoood shot struck
hi gnn, bending (he tube double, and eeodiog
the spiitHtia into bis lace and breast. The mad
will probably iota an y ,
Tbeir Brat diccbarse or musketry wer aim-
ed too high, but subrequently they aimed low,
and mbet ol the wounded on our side were
struck below lbs knee. : r t .-. a .....
Our nto advaocod oontinnally, loading and
fitlng, no il tbe Wisconsin Regiment bad ap
proached to within 300 yards, and McMullin'i
men were less than 100 yards from tbe rebels'
advance lines -i ' i ? i.,;....
Thev must have losLfrom all statements, al
least 100 in killed and wounded. Their amba
lances were ordered to tbe front, and our men
it them heaplog In the fallen, to be in time
fbrretreat - ' ''-' -
Afer firing for aa nonr or less, tbey retired
at a rapid trot, aod lq great disorder, teeming
to labor to outstrip each Other ia tbeir flighty
pnroOS. " 'J 1 '
, Porterfieid'S nonse u a two-story irsnje aweu-
Ing, with trams kitchen attached, Ponetfleld
la Union man, who bad bn run off. - tie
had taken bis family to tbe woods foe security,
bat returned at. once,, and give tbe wounded
every assistance- His' family soon .followed
him, and the dwelling became a hospital, where
the wounded lay, most of them seemlog to suf
fer no great anxiety .beyond the eveut of the
fiht and their own hard late'.at; noticing en-
... Ot all the-""wounded upoa cur ejde, p,ot on
Will die , ,,',.' i,".' t. ii :
A. H.lnMrni. three milea bevonn. ' thev
made a, secoqu lunio uu luuriei. piauu, uui
were driven back with reaowed loss. ,
This latter' ptace bad been the site of their
encampment. Our Informant reacScdit before
noon, aod lound the town and suburba occupied
by bur regimenta, with, the rear regiments fast
aurrjWKiu- f. if i -.,.;
Gen, Patterson took' quarters in tea hone
Wdliam , Mitchell" He was greatly dtllghled
with his success, but gave the rebels somb cred-
It lor courage- ,. tie wa ueugnteu wuu no uui
Pennsylvania shd Wlsconcln Regiments'' Tbere
DdlOCS. Dinner WHO uia anus, uaivioK urqi saaua
all Dr'ccautlonar afrangements. ,T l"- 1
LOdr dwn troop Bad- ao toouer reached the
vlllag than therecatterdl a a pleas ore ex
cursion.. ,Xne f tbe firat places to which they
paid their reapects was the store and postofflo
of on Turner, the secession Potmaterf the
Tillage, This man had particularly signalised
himselt for partisan meanness. He bad been
an applicant for tbe PoHtmistersbip, but Mr.
Myers, an opponent, waa appointed j whereup
on Turoer reeeivtd the appointment through
Mr. Jefferson Davis's Government. - Tbe latter
proeared tbd arreat ol Mjer upon tbd .charge
of . treason: to .Virginia. He waa thrown into
prison, ana condemned to die, but was released
a lew daya before tbe battle.
Being tbaa fMrticularlv iniraioal tolheolJitr
and tbe -Government, Turner's .bouse wa at
ooce visited by tbe troops Tbey, amathed tbe
furniture aod ripped open, bis beds,, fioiabing
tn worn Oy splintering tbe old family clock.
-., Tomer himself was arrested in tbe woods,
and brought into town, followed by hia daugh
ters. He louked very ebeenisb. aud waa at once
put under guard.' A seoe.wioa fl g was found
inhis place, and' great numbers of envelopes
maiata --wunieaernte Ottes or Ameilca .
Hi. daughters waenieb vourni ladlea seem
ed solicitou only fur their dresses. One of
them, atabaing aintd th wreck of ber house
hold goods, made piteous Inquiries for a certain
new b unmet, that ibe bad UK in a band box In
the Mtound story. It being fouud that a soldier
Bad put bit loot through both band-box aod bon
net, th buret into fl.wd of piteous grief, and
said: ''Tht-y might have left that; none of 'em
could wtar it."
With tbe exception ot these young ladies, no
female were seen io ttatowu. all of the softer
sex having fl-d to Martinstiurg aud Winches
ler.' Mr. Myers, the legal postmaster ofthe place,
returned in time to save hia furniture, which
tbe troops had mistaken for that of a "Secesh
In every dlnc lon men were seen bearine
ducks aud chickens Our inlormtot enoouuier-
ed one with a bed-blanket wrapped round bim
"Yju took that from tbe house of a citizen."
said he. "I didn't," said ibe soldier, with a
grin.- "I got It a month ago! Bjc if you give
uie a dollar I'll tuke it bidt '."
Before leaving Williamspurt, a picket saw a
m in standing upon a housetop, waving a Ian
tern. Siid action w,is probably a siecal to ths
enemy of the march of our troops. The man
has been arrested, and tbe sffiir will be investi
gated. Two regiments of Pennsylvania trooos
now guard this town.
Ibeauccesaof this movement Is deDendent,
to a great extent, upon Jerome Claonsen, Gen
Patterso'i's yuido. Mr. Clauueen has traveled
among the enemy, and studied tbe position of
all the by-road
Mr. Farrell, of Dawningtoo, Pa , is likewise
marked as rendering important services. He
assisted Capt. Doubleday in laving out these
sdmirable intrenchments near Wiiliamsport,
which Bt.Hl remain to ba occupied in an emer
gency. Tbe . secessionists appear to have been well
armed in this fight. Tnoae taken carried Minie
mnokets of Harper's Ferry pattern. r-
Tbe subsequent occupation of Mtrtinsburg
has been narrated by telegraph.
. Altogether considered, ibis fight was marked
by great cowardice on the part of tho enemy,
and easy victory npon oars.
r mey will now proceed to Winchester, by the
fields over which old John Brown looked nd
miringly on bis way to the callows, and said:
"How beautiful are the grain fields "
Spring & Summer -Millinery.
The Stoclc Replenished
Spring & Summer Millinery
Is now eompltte, oomp rising every variety of Mllllu
ery; also, a large assortment of Embroideries, Hosiery
and Notion, ate, and la quantities and prices that can
not fall to suit all who may favor us with a call. The
goods hare been bought at Panic prices, and will be sold
at a small advance on cost.
Miss M. E.YOUNG, lato of New York City,
will superintend ths Millinery Department. Tier big
experience" in the most Fashionable Establishment in
Broadway will alone be a warren ly that she will be able
to glvt entire tailtfactlon in matters of lasts to all Tho
may favor her with their orders.
The Lsdicsof Colombo., nd vicinity will jcm ac
cept my sincere thanks for their liberal patronage, snd
I would respectfully solicit a continuance of the same.
68 Cast Town St., Celnmbns, O.
No. 4: Gwvnno Slock.
A. P. ST0NE& O'tlARlU
TER GOODS, and invite the public to inspect
thr. No such sti ck nf Goods has ever been broaht to
thlsmsrkrt. TLe South, hi consequence of the (allure
of the iiraln crop, hu not been shle lo purchase the o
ualqiiantltt of rich goods snd this fact has forced the
Importers to sail them at public auoiloo aur baer
(Mr. Stone) beinn in New Turk al these Urge sales, took
dtantare of them, and w can and will Mil ou goods
here, at less than any ui.e who purchased two weeks slnoe,
Ohio tor mem in New tors.
Our stock In oouDleta In
"e Mv, ,
rr- t . -n BROCHE V ALENCIA8,
- i - " DELAINES.
..Five Thausaad Dollara Worth
' . i Bought in One Day,
Men's, tadlet and Children's Dnder Shirt and Drawers;
Ladle, Mlsseeand Ohllrlren'a Hosiery jrf all kinds, in
Wool and Lamb's Wool; Fleouy Lined aud Cotton Gloves
of every make.
' " ALSO ' ' ' '.
A complete aisortinent of all the nrnal varie
ties o . -s t. .; . - .: .. . .'i
LADIES' CLOTHS, . .. . :
, CAS3IMERE9, -. ,.-
' ' ' ' " TWEEDS,
. i.. RIBBONS,
.,; , ;. ; . ... IRE33 TRIMMINGS,
Ladies and Gent's Linen Cambrio Hand-
" kerchieft, Ao, te. ' r
To persons who canon a,wpMg onr word to
ho them the largest, best end cheapest stock of woods
ever wen In this market, or pay tbmen dolls per
hour while looking. . '. 'ZZ'
decl-dbuwltw.-- BT0N1 At OUABltA.
design, at S4.00 per 1.000.
mnonvtmt 8ro tort papkb,
at laatt tbepviotaharged by email dealer.
, TTpDEAD QDARTERS-Jfo. 7J South High treet
Columbut, May 8,1601. - J. 11. RILEY.
St. . i f.-v

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