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Rail Road Time Table.
LlT!,! Ulasfl OOLDMIOI 4 XlXU R '"'
' s t'4 utm," . Arrives
Cincinnati Accommodation. 1 00 A. M. 0:10 P. M.
Exprese 11:40 A. M. 11:03 A. M.
, . Mill and Accommodation.. 0:10 P.M. . 9 00 P. K,
$ ! Might Express Tl Pajrtan 42:00 midnight. atSO A. M.
s R it.- ,. . a m Jko, W. Donmiir, Agent ,
1 OOLOMIBI ts OtarVgLAirS B. K. .
Night Rxpresi....M., ...... 3:40 A. M. 11:1 P. M.
New York Expre ...lltlO A. M. ' ' 10:.10 A. M.
O.C.0 WayBxpraai.... 8:30 ".M. 7:50 P. at.
' .-' " .' '. Jams Patthuok, Agent.
OimtiaiObio B. R. ' .-.
' No. 8Kxpreia..u, ...... 3:30 A. M. ;"lt:iS A. M.
(4C 8, ". do ........... S:1S P. M. 11:45 A., M.
yiili'i.ift. .' j. r W. J. iiti Agent. ;.
' Mall Train .....t... ......... .3 30 A. M. 11:35 A. M.
Express Train. 4. HiStA. M. 8:45 P. M
-i -.tV-;--. i. ; , '.i Jo. RohmoK, Agent.
OoLcmoa at IiromtoroLM, K. It.
' (OOLCBitH Piqoa Ixdiaka B. B.)
Ho. 1 Kxprees.lv.... ..S Stan A. M. 9:00 P. Al
. - No.B " - .a... ........ 3:00 P. H. - 6:45 P. M.
Aooommodatlon 10JO A. M.
.,.- .... n .i-.', . . 0. W, SMITH, Agent.
The Adams Express Company places m daily
under obligations to it for the very latest paper
from the eastern cities. '' "
"The American ' Express Company has onr
tbaoks for its daily favors in the shape of the
very latest eastern papers. " y .
Democratic County Central Committee.
, ... .i . - ntlttec.
There will be a meeting of the Democratic)
County Central Committee, at the office of
' .. John M. Puoh, City Bank Building, on Friday,
July 12, al 10 o'clock A. ,M. As business of
' Importance will be brooght before the Commit
' tee, U Is desirable that there be a full attend
' snce of the Committee. ' ' '
, July 10, 1861. .
. ., """
O".0a .Monday, last, .July 8, as the train
baring on board the Kentucky regiments was
leaving;' Camp Dsnnison, a young man named
Fastist Tavlob, a member of tbe First Ken-
tuckyRgiment, in attempUng to get on board
, of ope of the cars, accidentally slipped and fall
upon the track. Before the train could be stop
ped, two of the wheels passed over the unfortu
nate man's body, literally crushing it to pieces.
07 The Typographical Union of Cincinnati
his voluntarily reduced the prices of composi
tion ten per ceut.r ' i !
IT Col. Bosbank, so long the popular com
mander at. NetBftrt Barracks, Ky., has been or-
, dered to join his regiment at Jeifarson Barracks,
near St. Louis. Ho goes on Monday next, July
i. : IS, with his family.
. ; Aimest or a Volontxcr. On Monday last,
' i July 8, officer William E. Hoffman of this
city arrested a volunteer ad Camp Chase, by the
name oi John Athkkton.' Athirton was some
' time since oonfioed in the jail at Marysville,
Uolon county, broke jail, and enlisted as a vol
unteer. He proved a very refractory and mis
... chievous character, and was the objeot of
- general detestation in the camp,; Officer Horr
, man took him yesterday to Marysville and de
llvered him over to the custody of tbe Sheriff
ot Union county. ..-
BTTwo young ladies, Miss Bioilow and Miss
Clark, were accidentally shot at Parma, Ohio,
on Saturday, July 6, while standing in front of
" a military company on drill.. . Miss Class was
' shot In the arm, and Miss Bioilow rscsived
slug in ber right side, just above the blp-Jolnt,
4 the slug passing quits through, inflicting a large,
. ghastly wound. .It was thought the wound
would not prove fatal. Miss B. was formerly a
teacher m tbe publio schools of Cleveland.
ICT Marshal Minxlxt, of Cleveland, and one
Of his deputies, on Saturday, July 6, arrested
at Mantua, 32 miles from Cleveland, Jamxs
Hacs.it, after a desperate struggle with Hick
, .it and bis brother and an old woman who fired
a pistol at the officers. Both the brothers were
secured and taken to Cleveland. Jam is Hackrt
" has served two. terms already In the Peniten
tiary. He is now arrested for cattle-stealing.
U7 Paddock's Bane Mirror, published by
William B. Paddock, at the southeast corner
;, of Third and Walnut streets, Cincinnati, week'
. lyat$3 50, semi-monthly at $2, and monthly
at $1, a year, is an excellent manual of infor
. , mation relating to counterfeits and ths cur
'a -- - issyjji
ST The July term of the U. S. Distrlot and
: Circuit Courts commenced at Cleveland yeater
", day, July 9,' v '. . . . -,
O A'company of cavalry, nnder command
of Capt. Praw, arrived In this city on Monday
- nlghtr-from Camp-Dennison, and yesterday
went out to Camp Chase.'
. . ' 1 i
O Twenty-eight cases of arms for the Ohio
troops 'were forwarded here from' Cleveland
'tight before last. " ;
IT Tbe Wizard Oil men are in Cleveland.
r The deniiens of tbe Forest City will now have
v" a chanow to get well oiled. , 1 " ".; ' '
.'- ST The United 8tates Distrlot Court holds
Ujili as MjooniMr lessloa.': in Cincinnati, on Friday
,-- and Saturday next, July 13 and 13.
,, , UT It Is announced that our present Comet is
o the identical Charles V., that appeared In 1246
and 155G, and Jh.at it will exhibit Itself for sbout
t two months to come, attaining its full size and
' ' brilliancy abohf the 1st of. August. ; - .
i ,v BT The rain la Cincinnati on Monday last
July 0, was very heavy; Inundating 'the cellars
in the lower part of the city, , ..u
IT The Marietta Intelligencer of the 3d in
stant, gives tbe following as the results of dil
igent inquiries in reference to the crops in that
county (Washington):- . i ..;
im itvi The fly and tha -weevil are committing great
depredations' on the White' wheM, generally,
TTTCXhiflfflglitSat t1tt ount;".- OooMlenally a field es',"'
aapes almost entirely,-but this la rare. . Tha
'. .' Mediterranean wheat suffers much less from the
, .ravages of the pests, and the weevil-proof wheat
' well merits Its name, for it remains nntonohed.
, We have heard pf a few fields being injured
by rust, but we' think damage from this cause
; slavery Umited.T",
'- Other crops are looking well, except that some
are beginning to Teal the drought. It is near.
vj- y auiww wccavs biul'b we nave naa rain enougn
, to do much good, and tot) potatoes are feeling
'.r.'- ",nneedof'"ter,.,. ., , .,,v,..V,t
-t vi-.: ilTMayor Thomas yesterday sentenced Him-
rt Wikfiki-d (oolored) to twenty days on the
""' chain-gang for a fresh demonstration of his
Jight-fingered propensities. ' r.
- - n ,ei i' ' '
STFlfty-flva tons of provisions, 80 horses,
44 wagons, and 123 teamBters, were tent from
- ' Cincinnati on Monday last, July 8, for the nse
or ths army tn Western Virginia.
m T1?'&X-&'j&9mm'Cad 'of Aha, Order "of
Timpehe;1ntos:tbdy HaiT,
). Cincinnati, soothsast oorner of Vint and Third
;,tr.t' :--';;''
An Aniodoti for tbi Tihss. The Cinoin-
nati Enquirtr relates the following, which has
a mor-1 so obviously suited to the times thai we
oopy lt , :l . ; ( '
In the vicinity of New Richmond, Ohio., sev
eral thrifty farmers reside, and, as sometimes
will happen, they entertain and express opposing
sentiments about politics, religion, men and
things. - .One of these, a Mr. S and a v ry
sturdy, correal man, who ballevea in tha right
of every citizen enjoying bis own opinions, and
oonoedes to all others what be claims for him
self, did not entertain as high reepeet for the
oanses of this war as some of his neighbors did.
His ' case was taken Into neighborhood consul
tation, and the result was tbe appointment of
a committee of three to wait upon him and In
timate to him that it was Inoumbent on him to
change his manner ot thinking and talking, or
a corrootire would be applied. . , Tbe eommtttee
found him Industriously engaged in bis field,
and after passing Ibe compliments of the day
and going tbrougb a little circumlocution of lan
guage, finally blurted out the object of their
mission. The chairman of tbe eommittee ad
vised blm that they had come to let him know
that snob opinions as he entertained and express
ed did not suit that region, and would not be
tolerated. Mr. 8 , however, did not seem tally
to comprehend tbe exact nature of the neigh
borly call, and immediately started off is a
flattering eulogy of his crops. ' Toe wheat bad
escaped tbe army-worm tbe timothy was tall
and heavy tbe corn was prodigious, in prom
ins potatoes were loud in their effete of abuod
anoel . . m - . i-. . i
"But, Mr. S , that Is not what we called upon
you fori we oarae to tell you to change your
opinions about" , . , -:
" Ab, yes; but as I was going on to. say, all
kind' of grain are unusually prolific, and"
"But, Mr. 8.," (pulling out a watch and
closely scanning its dial;, "you hare just fif
teen minutes given you to define your poli
tico." . . - '
"Ab, yes, thank you, gentlemen, I see pork
ought to bring a pretty good price this fall, and
1 tbins there is going to be a pretty large de
mand for beefj now" ' i
"Mr. 8., there is but five minutes' time left
yon no trifling; if" ' .. ....
"Well, well, gentlemen, if the season con
tinues as favorable aa It has been so far, I
think" , .
"Mr. 3., tbe time is op wo go to report." -Just
here Mr. S. iumned down from the
fence, and whipping a wioked looking revolver
from bis bosom and cocking it, exclaimed in a
stern and unmistakable tone
"Untiimtn, you Asm iutt oni mtnun httwten
you U git tut of thil field nd dn me IF THE
time isn't ratrrr niarlt ur now."
And away thev went "stood not nnon the
order of their going," but went it in improv
ed Joe Dimmock time not even as much as
paying ordinary respect to tbe gats.
07 The Recorder of Hamilton county has
been arraigned in the Common Pleas, on an in
dictment for oppression id office, and plead "not
guilty." His trial will take place during the
present month. ' ; .
Burning of a Steamer with all the
OMAHA, July 8.
Com. Chif . P. Cbotoau", of 8t. Lonia, and
Capt. Wm. II. Humphreys, of the late steamer
LMppewa, witn an tnelr crew and pasjengers,
arrived at our wharf on Saturday, having trav
eled mu miles in a mackinac Doat.
Tbe steamer Chippewa left St. Loula on tbe
28 ih of April, with Governmeat freight and
supplies tor tbe American, rur Company for
Porl Benton and Bitter Root Valley, Washing
ton territory.
She passed on ber way in company with the
Spread Eagle as far as Tort Union, at which
point the Spread Eagle's freight was placed in
charge of Com. Chotean, increasing tbe cargo
of tbe Chippewa to 170 tons.
On tbe S3! of June, when about 150 miles
above the mouth ot Yellow Stone, it waa dis
covered that the boat was on fire. The pumps
were all set at work, and the boat run ashore,
and tbe passengers and crew were hurried off
without navlng time to save anything, lest tbe
fire should reach the magaiine, which contain
ed 937 kegs af powder. The steamer floated
down the river two miles, when the explosion
took place, destroying tbe boat and cargo. .
From Santa Fe.
The Santa Fe mail and Canon City express
reached our city yesterday noon.
We have dates to the 23d from Santa Fe,
'Jim Irom Uanon Utty, ana 13th from Messilla
The newa from Messilla confirms the reports
of Indian troubles at Pino Alto, and a disposi
tion on the part of the Miscalero Indians to re
main quiet, i
Owing to the political difficulties in the
States, orders were sent forward to Mr. Clark,
Superintendent of Stephenson Silver Mining
Company, to atop all active operations. .
The forts along the Texas frostier are to be
garrisoned by order of Col. Van Doren. Two
companies are to be stationed at Fort Davis,
one at rort Uuttman, and four at tort Bliss. -InSonora
quite an enthusiasm has ornnc no
on the subject of railroads. Tbe project ia, to
connect tbe Klo urande with ths Uulf of Cali
fornia, the termini to be E! , faso and Gnay
mas. C ' .-?-
At Santa Fe, on the 15th of June, a publio
dinner was tendered to Col. J. B. Brayson, . .
Rev, Bishop Lamy arrived safely, in Santa
F. . .'. .: ,.. f
Gov. Connolly and Secretary Otero are at
their posts, and Jno. Greioer is soon expected in
Cation City ' ,' .
An encouraging state of affairs Js shown
throughout ths whole mining region.
Tbe mail party found numbers of Indians on
ths route, all of whom were very friendly. ,.
From Fortress Monroe.
Commodore Pcndergast has gone southward
with the Roanoke and Cumberland. ' Ths Day
light will sail to-morrow. The Roanoke will
probably become the flag ship of the West. In
dir Squadron.. , . .
The Quaker City was ordered up to Old
Point early this morning to ptrtlolpate In tbe
contemplated attack on Sswall's Point, Includ
ing a frigate and several gunboats.-
There was in Hampton roads this morning a
force of 200 guns and 350 men.
Two deserters from the gunboat Teaser ar
rived here. They report there are only 2,000
troops la Richmood, and same number posted
at James River. They also say the situation
of tbe rebels is desperate. y v.
Arrival of the Great Eastern.
QUEBEC, July 8.
It was exactly eight daya from the time
the Liverpool pilot left tbe Great Eastern till
tbe Canada pilot boarded ber; during whloh
time she bad only twenty hours of clear weath
er. She: made Cape Uaoe In six days from
Liverpool. She nearly ran Into tbe Arabia in
a fog on tbe 2J, and would hare done so if she
had bad a bowsprit. ;t ... . ,c-j
Difficulty on the Louisville & Nashville
Railroad—Transportation of
srsoy ip just opened here. " r
A letter in the Journal from Franklin, says
sight boxes of merchandise, one of whloh was
marked " pnbllq arms for Camp' Troasdale,
lenuenoeo, were put on nere, ana tares boxes
of muskets were on the train from Bowling
Green to Clarksville.
It la reported that large Quantities of goods
sre passing by turnpike from Bardstown to
Franklin, on the southern frontier of Kentucky.
The Surveyor of this port is taking active
measures to intsroept them. r,'
Tbe Courier subliabet a letter from Jams
Guthrie, President ot the Louisville ct Nash
ville tlallroaa, incorporating a Jettev from Got.
Harris, of Tennessee, saying that whsn tbe
President of the road blaoet a fair Bronortlnn
of the rolling stock of ths road In Tennessee,
tbe running of the road shall not be obstructed.
Mr. Guthrie rspllea that bs cannot sohssnt to
the seisure and detention of trains, and that
tns conjoint operation of the road bfths Di
rectors and the Tennessee, authorities would
result in irreparable difficulties. , .;.
- GoTr Harris, on the 6th, Issued a prooltmt
lion for three thousand troops for tbefconfedsf-
a ae PonmsTn papers oontaln no newt. ;
LOUISVILLE, July 9. Thirty-Seventh Congress—Extra Session.
. : v v !: ; alon. ; ,;: ..... i
WiHinoTo,a1r 0. 8tiTB.--Mr. King pjtiented
apattUon from tbe Military Hoard of New Xork to remit
dnttta aponarqa. - , . '. .
Ur. reaaendeu reporttd bank from Ue aommittae on
flDanoe the bill to refund and remit daties on arma for
Ibe nie of the State) bill pamed.' ' '..
- Ur. Bale offered a rewlutlea tbt Otwllt 0. Olark be
appointed, Clerk of tbe senate. Nlcholion reaigned.
Vfeeaad. ' . ' V ' t
Mr. Wllaon reported baok ths Wll to tnereaia the ar
my, with an amndment to inoroaaa the old reglmenta to
iw sioiv nHonrHUl new. ' I . .
Ur. Trumcull aansaneed the death of Stephen' A.
Donalae. Senator from llltnola. and mada an arinnri.
ate apeerky offering theonetomarieaolntlona oi ietpot,
and mofci the Senate Adjourn. r -,
no waa rouoirea ay mr, MoDougal and Mr. Oollamer.
Uenra Neimlth. Browalnc anil
enloyy of Mr. Douglaa. : -
aojonrnea. j ';.. ."v y ,
Boon Ur. fterenat from tha eammlttaa on Waa
and Ueaoa, reported a bill for a national Ioao and other
pnrpoeee. Beferred to oommlttea of the whole, t
lie alio reported a bill to proTlde for the payment of
mi. miiinanoaToianieereoAiiea into tM mitico or the
rviuHtnii uaura mi w NITICV or Uie
V proclamation of lh PetMent. on April
i the Uou .the ware calltd Into aervlce
one. -' - I 1 1 v
urmen Biatca. Dy
loin, inoi. rrom I
to the 30th of June
11 r. Stevene Hid there was much anfferlni amanw th
eoldlere eud there waa no meant to pay Uum, exeept by
pmlnr thla bill. . . pr. i
ur. vatiandigoaa trailed there would beaoobleo-
tlon to It. . . . f ,
Mt Burnett laid ha wia fnllr eitlagHl tha TTnnaa
would pan the bill. He deilrtd to Interpore do objeo
Hon. bat content himself by laying he f al oppoied to
the whole eyatem of war meuatee. '.
The bill u ptioed. It approprlatea It 000 000. -
Ur BteVODI lara natleA that ha vattlrf mil nn tha Inan
bin to-morrow. ' , . .,,..,.:'
On motion of Ur. Bherueld. tbe eommittee on Com.
meioe wee lnatruottd to inquire whether aoy aod whet
luriucr irnnniuo wae Deomiary to eecate the forreltate
end oondtmeatlon of plratieal reli Mlied by the an
tbority of the United State, with laara u rrnort h hill
or olhe rwlae. ' i
On motion of Mr. Cox. It wae ' ' ! ''
Btiotoil, ToatthePreiidintof ths United ttate'a. If
eompatlbia wim the poblio aervice, eommunlcala to thli
Hon,e any correipondenoe which onr Government bm
hd with the Oovernmeot of Spain with reforenee to the
Inoorporatlon of the Dominleaa territory with the 8pin
l,h monarchy; and what proteit, If any.onrGorernment
hu maoe agaloit the iniolentai.d aggreeeire eosduot of
wo opauian uoTarnmant. i
Ur. Loveloy Introduot d a laulntlon that. In tha Itiita-
meotof tbie Uonie, It la no part of tbe doty of UjlicJ
Statea eoldlere to eapture or return fogltire ilavee.
aiiarooniiaeran'e oiioneeton, end ameudmente offered,
the bill pwied-tS agaioat 54.
Ur. Waabburne, from tbe eommittee an Commerce,
reported a bill to further nrovlda for tha aolleatlon of
dutlea on Imports and forother purpoaei. -
i u oeiignea to oioit porte or eatry in the seceded
Itatee, and to make porta of delivery norti of entrr in
certain caiei, and oollect duilei on inlpboard, and eelie
auu wiuuan an veiiin leiunging to ue resell, ete.
The hill waa ordered to be printed and recommitted
to tbe oommtttee on Commerce.
A meiaage waa read, announcing tbe death of Senator
Souglae. ... ,
Several members made remarka. and the Brmaa ad.
Joumed, ,, , .... .
cofictonox or Monday's book raocRDutoe. ,
Ur. Stavena Introduced a bill to repeal all lawa creat
ing porta of entry lu the rebelllone Btatei. Referred to
the oommtttee on Commerce.
Ur. Valludlgham Introduced a bill to repeal the tar
iff of lHCland reitore that of 1857.. Referred to tbe
committee on Weye and Mesne- ' ' i
Ur. Holman Introduced a bill iranllne- bonntv landi
to Iboae who have been or thai I be cngiped In tbe mili
ary aervice oi wo unitea Btatei. . Ke erred to the com
mlttee on Military Affaire.
Ur. Ourtta Introduoed a Faci&o Ballroad bill. Infer
red to a eommittee of nine.
Mr. Aldrich Introduoed a bill granting homeateadi;
and a bill eatablliblng a general bankrupt la. Ibe
former waa referred to tbe eommittee on Agriculture,
tbe latter to the Judiciary committee.
Ur. Coi introduoed a bill to loereaae the number of
eaoeta at weet Point. It glvei three timet tbe present
sumoer, ana reduce i we time at the academy from Are
w (our yaan.
Ur. Walton offered a resolution, which, was adopted,
In, trading the committee on Judiciary to Inanlie Into
the expediency of Azina the nnmbar of ReDraasntatlvei
after ihte Congreie at two hundred and thirty-nine, thla
moK ma ynnn, DBmoar.'-r ' - -
Mr. uooklinz oreaamad a memorial of tha Chimhar
ot Commeroa, al Mew lorfc, relative to tbe defesaea of
rbal harbor. i K
Mr. Ilolman'areaolutlonwaa adopted that the Houae
will, during theprenntestraordinary ,e,lon, only con
ider bilia and rerolntlona concerning military and naval
affaire, and tbe Government financial affaire oonneeted
therewith: and that all olber bille ot aonronrlata chaiac-
ter. and all otber bills and retolutioni, not direotly csn-
swMa whu ma raising or revenue and military and
naal affaire, shall be referred without debate to the
proper commttitea, to be oontldered at the next regular
Mr. Love Joy offered the following resolutions: ' A-
oMd, That In the J u gmentof tbie Home, It Is not
a part of the duty of eoldlere of tbe United Mates, to
cajjiuiv vr rviurn lagiura ai.vee
JUtolmd, That the eommittta oa Judteiarrbe lnitrnct
ad tn inquire Into ike eipedieaey ef repealing the law
huuiiuuui vaiiau tua loguira aiave taw.
Whereas, Major Smory of tbe O. B. Army has realm
ed hia position, nnder circumstances showing bis sym
pathy with rebellion, therefore,
Mesolted, That hie reetoiation to tha aervice waa Ira
proper aod anjustiuable, and that thla Houis, In the
name of the people, demand of the Ixecutlve hla imme
diate removal.
Ur. Bdwarda moved to lay tha resolutions oa the table,
which wu don ans 87. nave 69.
Ur. burnett deilred further expressions In order that
propoeiuooe loosing topeaoerul eolutlon or pretest po
litical nimcumco my oe permuted, lie had not aban
doned all hope on that subiect.
The House then reoomldeied tha vote by which Dol
man's resolution was edooled.
Mr. Burnett again itw seated an amendment to allow
proposition loosing to s peaceful solution of tbe present
irouoici w DaiDirouueeu.. UDjeotione were made.
Ur. Hlckmsu moved to reconsider Mr. Uolman'a rea-
olatlon; hie object being to include questions of a Judi
cial cuaraoivr.
The resolution thus amended wu aln sdonlad .
Ur. loullt aaid. while wa hold tha aword af luatlna and
have the dispoatllon to uphold the present, it becomes
oarmoitaoiimnauiy to oner to, our deluded brethren
toe ouve Dranoa ot peaea.
Ur. Washburn offered a aerlea ot resolutions, refer'
ring tha various branches of tha President's message
wtprutJii! vuiuumaea. Auopiea.
All the con teitad election oaaea Were referred to the
committee on jtieotiona. i ,
Ur. Curtis offered a Joint resolution proposing
a.nav 1 1 via tuv pennon roils ine namee or an (.arsons in
rabelllott sgainet the United Sutee. "and all siding: or
'u"l MajMOB, etc. Aiwse rs lea out or order, un
der the mle adopted thle morning. .,,;.., . . .,
Ur. Van Wyck tntrodueed s Mil Increasing the pay of
the eoMlere to fifteen dollars per month, from slay 1st,
INI; also a bill for reduelnc the exnensee of tbe Gov
ernment , . ' . -.
On motion of Ur. Tan Wyck It was " r -Atsaeived.
That a oommlttea at Ave bs snnolnted bv
ths epeaker to asoertaln snd renert what son tracts have
been mado by any af the departasebte for any at tides
mrnisnaa tor tne ass of tne uoverataent, without adrer
tlsing for pronosala, as required by tha etatutt; and to
ascertain the names of the partlee to whom theeoniracla
have been given, and the compensation snd terns there
of; alaa when the propoiale were received; If the con
tract, ware awarded to tha lowest bidder, and the reason
therefor? also, whether the contracts ss 1st. ere In ao-
eordanos with ths spaoiOoatloea Inviting ths proposals,
snd ti sny sttraotloo, ths reaota for ihe same; slio,
wnsinr sny person or pereone nave any interest Iw Ibe
eoniraott thua mada and awarded, or hive been paid fur
obtaining ths same, or havs any interact In Ihe profile
therefrom, except ths soatraotora; aod that the aaid
oommlttss shall hare power to send for persona and
papers, to administer oaths and examine witnesses, and
iv raportstsay ume- .-i .- -- ;f , - '
Ui motwn of Mr. Upton, It wu - - : v '
Jittohwl. That ths Ssarstar of War hadlraeled ta In.
strustiheofilrsnof lbs army of the United State- tstlo g
priaoaera and relaaeiog then upon their liking the oath
af allegiance to the United Btataa. to ierrt their namea
and rs.ldsnos to him, the Seorstsry sf War, that the
earns msy ss rsooroea In Bis Department. : ,: ... , ;
vamouonoi mr.uariais,U was ' . "
Umlvtd, That tha eosjmutse ss Naval Affaire he In-
etructed to Inquire Into tne expediency of providing for
the appolotaot of the full aamber of Gadete from tneb
States as havs not Bow la thssarat eervloe the number
ber to which they ata entitled bv aaiaiina a, d tr
from any of the Statee raoomnModatioss are sot mads,
ths number ahall be taken from each States In ths same
section of ths Union ae shall apply for ths places In aaid
achool, . i- .- , .. a -. -..-v . ; ' .
On motion of Ur. Loombk It waa , u -
x tolt44. That tha committee oa tbe Jndlclarv be
and are oereby instructed to prepare and report to this
nouse s oni lor a puntio act to conntosts ths property
of sll pereone holdi'ia any office arbatevrr. althar civil
or military, nnder tha govsrament of sny huts, or of
ths so -called Confidents States of America who have
uum up, r woo snsu oe reel tar tsJtesp, arma against
the Qorernment. .... , -. v .: ):.,
Reported Rencounter at Bardstown.
excitement' was mraatMi thla
afternoon from a report that the Home Guard
ana state uaird of xtirdstown. had had a ran-
counter. Tha story was. that tbe Surveyor' of
ivouisviiie naa oireotea aa agent to-b top at
Bardstown. certain wagons with goods enroute
for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, des
tined for Tennessee. That the 'agent being
unable to execute the order, he oiled on the
Home Guard for aBsistanofl, and the fatter wart
attacked bv the State Guard, causins- a loaa of
several lives on each side.' '- '
A passenger wbo left Bardstown several
hours alter the reported collision; eavs --that no
eonBiot took nlaoeand that th wscnnArs ea,a
auviseu mat tnere wouia oe trouble, and went
arounu Uirastowu on their way to. the railroad.
I t'V" ks l-i-i 'Y
From Baltimore.
One of Eenlsv'B Holies cava Jnfnrmatinn
Gen. Baokl, which Caused tbe'arreat.of Captain
a nuraas, who iooc oosnrnaoa oi toe steamer St.
Nioholas, when she was ssised by the pirates
also several men oonoerntd with binn i
Provost Marshal Kenlsy learninst that a ,ane
nicious aohooner. auoDOsed to bs-emnlnvari t,
the plraUoal party who seised the 8t. Nioholas,
some of whoa were captured yesterday, waa
tow oay awaiting' to return, uaptaln .Thorn
at this . morning took ..possession of tbe'
steamer Chester, as she waa leaving oa
her regular; trip for the Eastern shore i the
passengers wars put ofr.aud soldiers took their
place., She procssded down the bay to. eapture
mem, mhi -hs i
Bhortlyaftsr seouring the steamer ChesAr,
the steamers George Weems snd Washington,
wmcn nao inn siariea out, were rfqajrrd q
return by the Government offloers, This meas
ure Was precautionary, in apprehension that aa
attempt might be made to seits them. I .i j
An expedition bas gone down tbe bay to'cip
ture tbe balg on which Thomas Is reported to
havsatoroe. ";
Dispatches from Washington.
[Special to Times]
Col. Taylor, wbo came under a fits' cl true
with dispatches, asked the officer In charira' If
onr army was not all prostrate) with themeatles.
A Cabinet meeting; WAS bftld ttl-dlkv AnH a.
ooLsultation had with Gen. Scott. The result
Is unknown. ,
A mutiny Is rsporled amone the Garibaldi
Guarus in consequence of their dimatlsfaotion
with their eransr . )
'Gov; Hicks was in Washlbctin tb-dav. ;Hs
represeiiti much rebel ' feeling on the Eastern
Alaryiana snore, sua is aoiloas that a foros be
sent down to affjrd Union men protection. '
, Hon Thomas A, Marshall, of Illinois, has
been appointed Colonel of a regime'utof cavai
ry, antborized to be raised lu Illinois. . ( .
' i am iniormsa mat witn the tjig 'or trtaee
brought by Col. Taylor from 'the rebel camo.
comes a proposition for a Cessation of hostilities
aod a settlement of difficulties.:-The rebtlaare
badly frightened, and stand In wholesome tear
of getting their deserts.
1 am eontldeot that in the consultation that
followed the announcement of their propositions
to the Cabinet, Boots and Camcrou decidedly
protested against any terms that did not Id vol re
tbe nooondittonal surrender of the rebels. In
this view tbe President concurs, and to it ho
will rigidly adhere, . . '. '. -
[Tribune's Dispatch.]
General Wheat of Wheeline. Va . la hera to
get arms for tbe Union men lu the western nart
of the tilate. He says ten' lull resiments can
easily be raised there, and ready for service in
a few weeks, if tbe Government will furnish
arms,' clothing, etc
Haiebt or Ua removals were m.de In the Pat
ent office to-day. - - -
1 oe rostofike Department retards all nlaens
to tbe West of the Rocky Mountains, including
Utah, at on the Paciflo and within tha meaninir
of the act. Mail matter Is, therefore, subject
to 10 cents postage.
Tbe telegraph made Mr. Vallandlgham say
In tbe Democratic caucus that he preferrtd the
preservation oi tne Union. lie prefers peace
to the preservation of the Union. Too caucus
broke up in a row. .
in tbe lribuoe's aoconnt of Col. Taylor's
arrival with rebel communications, it saysr
voi. tajiors package contains letters from
Beauregard anl Davis to tbe President and
Gen. Soott, bnt they relate to ome trifling mat
ter. Nothing more important than an exchange
of prisoners. He was told that be might look
about as much as he pleased. "The more you
see, tbe leas von will like us." was said to
[Dispatch to the World.]
Information is recleved that the rebel farr-e
at Manaeas Junction has been decreased within
a few days. There la a great deal of eickuees
among mem. ,
: News had been received at the Junction that
Richmond waa being fortified on all sides, in
tne most aeiensive manner, in anticipation of
. J P . , XT' 1 ,
u Buvsues ui tne r eaerai i :
[Herald's Dispatch.]
arrivals from Gen. Patterson's head
quarters bring information from Haineaville.
A visit to the battle eroond after the hnrlala
revealed that there were one hundred and one
new-made graves.
A number of tbe dead, probably officers, were
known to be carried off through Martineburg by
fhe retreating rebels .
Tbe principal damage, at Hainaavilln was
dona by.tbe first shell from Perkins's battery
exploding in the midst of their cavalry. The
effect was- terrific, and occasioned the toaraper-
iug wuiua was toe beginning or the enemy's re
The War Department has received informa
tion tbat Uen. McClellan's forces, when sp
proaching Laurel Hill in Western Virginia yes
terday, bad a sharp skirmish with the rebels.
routing mem, killing several, aad losing only
wuo uisii on mo union siae.
Gen. Scott Is hourly exoectib.0- to fanpiv in
telligenee of a battle between Gen. Patterson's
and Gen. Johnson's forces in tbe vicinity oi
A dispatch was received at the War Depart
ment about midnight last niebt. statins- that 1
portion Of the Distiiot volunteers, left at Panics
vlils by Col. Stone, were engaged with tbe ene
my at Edward's Ferry. Tbe rebels had, after
several days' abcence, re-appeared on the Vir
ginia side, and began firing into our pickets at
mat, poiut. a wo uistncl volunteers w
killed.- . .. ..
The firing was going on when the courier
leino uiegrapn irom tbe pot at the chain
bridge. -.-
A cavalry force was Immediately dispatched
ttf mo reiiei ui toe guara at tne ferry.
[To the Associated Press.]
A tinder chest,' containing cartridges belonging
to ths Rhode Island Second Liaht Artillery.
exploded, killing two men and wounding sev
eral. '
The Star has an extra about Col. Taylor, wbo
came here under a flag of truce, yesterday, and
says his business waa disposed of in a few
moments, tbe President not deeming the com
munication be brought such as required blm to
enter into any communication witn Davis.
Col. Taylor was marched back to Gen. Mo
Dowel's headquarters, where bs was kept un
der a strlot guard until an early honr this morn-:
log, when be was escorted back to tbe Confed
erate lines and turned loose, to find his way
back to Beauregard, without having accom
plished what was evidently bia main point, via:
vjuuimuuiusw wim me reoeis in our midst,
who bad doubtless prepared to be sent to Beau
regard, through him, Important information!
concerning alleged ooutemplatsd movements
ins company 01 Uarlbaltllans wbo mutinied
were surrounded this morning, and are now
Imprisoned. Tbo ringleaders will be mads ex
moles of. - - . , - c -
Tne dispatch of news of armv movements hv
the telegraph has been forbidden hv General
Scott." -,. : '
The undue mortality in rnn .- twn Maa
York Rogiments Is attributed to the excessive
consumption of lager beer. . ;
Several more regiments passed Into Virginia
to-day. . -Ji .-i , . .
xne steamer rocahontts retained from a
cruise on tbe Potomao at Aquia Creek.
She fired several shells at tha ' secession
steamer Page,' causing comjiotiou, and was
nrea at from lbs battery ineffectually.
Tbe bill reported by Stevens, in the House,
provides for a loan of $250,000,000. ,
. '
Two deserters srrlvsd hers Irom Johnson's
camp say be has 15,000 men. - ;
Reliable information is received that John
son bas lately been reinforced irom Manassas.
Ic is now said 60 rebels were killed and
wounded In tbe affair at Halnesville. ' i ;
Reinforcements are comine in. which p!b na
abaut 80,000. 1 .. . ..,. r
A rumor is current here tbat Geo. McClelian
bad routed Wise at Laurel Hill, n
- - '
Four Companies of the 19th Ohio
Regiment Besieged—Relief Sent
"A courier1, arrived from Webster, renort. ihnr
companies of tbe 19trrOhio Regiment at Glen-
viue, aoooi forty miles distant to the foothi
west, where tbev are beeieged by a picked regiment
of Virginians and fltteen hundred militia,
I ra v 1 far:
uuuer u, jeuumga vviie., .
Col. Tyler of the 7th Regiment has marohed
to their rslief from Weston, and the 10th, Col.
Lytle, has just gone forward to their rescue from
taiipbctv-a; -4 . . .r.
1 m
NEW YORK July 9.
ptiae bas arrived from Can.
go River, Africa', where she wu seised by the
sloop-ol-war Coostellatloa, onsuBpIolou that she
was aooui 10 use on a oargo of slaves, having
All the neoessary outfit therefor. :
The Steamer Canada.
ST. JOHNS, July 8.
' The Canada.(rom'Lirernanl nn tha QOih
Qoeenstowo on tbe 30th of Junsa' passed ,Chpe
Race at four o'clock on Monday afternoon.
The newe yacht Teresa tried to boaf d ' her, out
eould not make ber near iff lee,. wlnk to
iwttfog..'- '.' ' ' - - Ji 1 ' .
, . Tha Canada will be due at Halifax on' Wed
Virginia U. S. Senators.
w ibis afterbor John Carlisle. f Harrison
punty, was unanimously elected UiS. Senator
r the long term, in the plhoe ef R, MUT,
Hunter, and Waitemon T. Wllley.'of Monon.
gala eoTinty, was eltr,d for (be short term, in
plafltef Jss, M. Maon.' -Iriidditioo to thssa,
tbe-eleetlsms for tbe varlous'offlcers took place
to-day. . The government is new .nnder full
beadwAjri, and its recognition. gradually ex
ten(UngjiriajlUKtfwa. Virginia. f
From the Indian Territory and Missouri.
EnSflrintnnrlant n ir.
falrs.forjbalaifiaii.Tartitorya.haB arrived here
from that seotion.,
He was not able to Denetratn tha Ta.attr...
over J19 miles, bsiffg threatened witi csptnre
by secassloulste. -
His DrsJecessor. Rsotnr. skims tn hnt .i,.
offloe by virtue of a Qomsaistion from the Con-
reoerais utates-. " ' , -
S nce tho-evaeuafrom)f tbo forts by F.tWf
rnoof.the aeoeasionlata ha nal anti t
affira (In the Terrtor, and had cojiflacafed
money; and provisions Intends for the Iodlans.
' The Conveotion of Indiana eallorl h. ...
nor Harris, of tbe Chlokasaws, Iras held on tbe
n or june, out broke up In a row.
The latest acouiints from Major Starges'com
mand are to July 4, when they were at Clinton',
Henry county, Mo.- The command had beeu
much delayed If hirt Watar.-'anif marlA hnt
Slow progress.. , ? 1 :
A regiment of Federal troops arrived, at
Lexington this morning. . xn
. The blockade of tha river: hIn thla .It. K.
order of Gen. Lyon, was abandoned this morn
ing. - T-,. I
Movements of General McClellan's
Tyler, of tbe Seventh Ohio Regiment, succeed
ed la throwing s company of hie regiment into
Glenvilie last oleht, with orovialona fnrthenlru.
companies of the 8evemeeulh snd Eetghteeoth
Ohio Regiments, and was only awaiting the
arrival oi the Tenth Ohio Regiment to move on
and attack. WUa'a command. ;
Oen., McClelian lelt Middle Fork Bridge,
where be encamped last night, early this morn
log, with tbe evident design of reaching a point
twenty miles earn of here, where the rebels are
represented to be in large force and strongly
Utl EllbUCUi I
- - .
Capt. Van Vliet Ordered East.
Stewart lor fuur vearaUnar.
ter Master at. Fort Leavenworth, bat been or-
oerea r.tet lor service in tbe field-.
ins Jl Regiment of Kansas volunteer! is be
ing formed at Mound City. ' .. . . ,
From Chicago.
CHICAGO. July 9.
Dispatches from Freetwwt add nnthln ;n ...
lation to the damage done by tbe tornado, tol
Ik.t l.laul.tl I... .1L. Mtt. . . . .
""'cji.pou ia Llgoi. i n toss at Kocic-
ford Is estimated at from $50,000 to $75,000.
Considerable damage was also dona tn' ths
growing crops In the vicinity, grain of all kinds
uuiug lureitu to toe eartn. -as far as heard
from, no lives were lost. .
Arrival of the North Briton.
frorh I.i
Londonderry-on-the 28:h ult.. named tn.H.w
bringing two daya later Intelligence, than tbat
uiuuua uj .us urcut eastern. i
The French Senate bad passed a bill estab
liihine Dosttl service with AmaM-w '
Napoleon's recognition of Italy 'had been
withheld f.ir approval of his policy at Turin.
Pasis, Thursday. It Is stated (hat tbe new
Sultan will make a Jarlng attempt to touse the
e "uiujaua cuttrgies or toe mussciman popu
lation by working on tbsir faoatioism, and tb tt
the Christiana will be tbe first to feel tbe effects
oi tne cnange or rulers. .
it is reported tnAt tbe Pope'e health is in a
worse oondition than is generally supposed 7
AosTaia, It Is doubted whether Austria will
receive the Hungarian Deputation. It is auite
al... Ik- ...Hl.:,t . . .
" iiuim.iuu cootainea in tbo ad
dress will not be granted. . sty-e
usbat BarTAJB All the morning papers
..wa uu ar. vutraen s speecu. ,
The North Briton bnnirs 25n nnn in ..i.
She encountered great quantiUes of ice In tbe
ot-raita oi oeue Uie.
LivisrooL, June 23. Weather favorable for
tow crops. ' - . i . .
Breadstuffd steady though quiet. ' ,
a ruvibloUB QUII
London. Jn oa r.i- tini. .u- i',
i a. T yT. J. ' U'S- ane ouim
foi3,?,0?-,. slMf Hl'oois Central, shares st
39i)39 disoount, and Erie shares at 21 dis-
OUUUk. '
New York
NEW YORK, July 9.
FLOUR For Blate and Western raihet mors steady
with batter buiiness doing for export and moderate
'5?a,ir?w mii ' - ' " ' W barrsls st
II So?!? II ."' n ttl a SO r0r extra sute;
3 Oca(3 70 for superfine wectwrn, SJ 80 BO for coat,
mon to medlam extra sreatarataaAiaaii 711 r. .k: 1
brsndi extra round hoop Ohio; -Stfeiil 00 for trads
brand! do. Market closing with holders a little more
dUpoied to realise. Canadian. flour In better request,
and common krades rather mors steady. Bales ofSWO
bble at S4 70 for common to cboics extra, i
SAiJ mm a V ,,0W,y " 50380. I
CUIN SlgAtflteaa. H.u. r -a mt -m.
3 lU forforBraodywino, '- 1 ' - "
WnBAToHarkstrui. !,,. ajl.. v ,.L lli:T
'.""hf M8'u?ta'" Chicago 1Z
BOoi 13.400 bushels Northwes srp club at Sio3c-, IStkO
ba,b,U 0'1? ,p,,,, " MSSlo: 48 000 oaih Mllw.uies
itsaSi lw ""'J1"" Amb"
17,600 bushels winter red western at Bl 061 OS In
o,1.m.lrrilitIIl), 800 busbels winter west
J I SS. Vi-W-StO buiHela. white Kentucky at
n..V.fa';Mor! ,"1T8-, 'of 1.180 bushels weftem,
part at 45o and remainder on private tarme; gtata held at
U30. f . , j
uatiLar MALT-Market dull and
olnally ant hanged.' I " . , , "
and home soniumptiua bat thorn. ran ,1111 rule, besvy
liwiii 7 '"'"'aser - Sales of MOuO bb.heil
. tQt '"'a"0 to common new mixed wsaterui snd
45144 for good sndetrletly pr de,
Oars selling slowly at Si28o for Jerssy: 30
for wettern CanadttB and Bute, .ifl i w3
.,P2f ha''e Vmr.win moderate demand'. Sjlee
prlM. j f M,M: ' ' O"105 '
BISS Oontlnusa ataada. hat-siarket rather welstr
msi'-'irV'" IOWsMtS.
mess, BHWlOfbr rspacaed mess: and 10(mlA lor extra
eaa. rims Mas. rjest dull snd uircbs'ged. --JJr.
) Oontlnue qulstw Bsks.it ;7S bbls
at .iiaJVt'S "''io.at; we qaote'hoofdre
u. .L 1 nHama,(o,o. Bams of tUtiUS JM
vsau. , i., .---st - t 1:, ; v t. , ,
LABD-ttulsa quits dull.. Bales of, 100 ' barrels at 8
.OTTIB-Henty and dull at 7911c forOBIo and 7X
SutiSrT OtaaiVaa.
it.,?a uT:1" qheatSt Bo; ' I
BUtiAa Deaaand fnv H.w J v..
lrmrhhSJrnLril. mu F 'ard tsadsnsy.. salsa otlil
i?n-i?ft?.Oab,40, Inoluolng A'orto aloo
St Ol4(t3Kct tM boxes Ba.aoa it XS7. -auiLAssJJbWTiry
4rmiy heMa .SsWS-of 8 hhds
V-4;and lObolsN.O. st Sto. ' I
8TQOK.S.Agatn better but rather quteSV Chisago and
Rock Island 33! Guana St Chlcano 6Bt New To.k
utntrai 7X; Lao and U. .rants 13: North Oarsllns 6'a
I"'1 e40Jff Virginia b'i SO; California 7
"" United Bites
w ai, avgietereu oojsj, ,
Philadelphia Market.
- FLODBDalll BnnsrSM OaVXta stl n .- -I , .
WllM AT-IInaattUitl M .,. hla, la.niL .1 nn
mw .-.,1 Hi, . m, 1 wtx
. OORS-it 5aS3o... : , - ,. .
, WuiBg.y.i;ttu,tisAieMa.';i ','-' i
L-i. "i," - i , j i" " i
Cincinnati Market.
IWUBThere' laaisturtlt S feHn atvf la tha
market, aotwlthatsndlng tbe fact that the stock here
very Hint. Buoerflns fa amahm! wttk, a mm
4 69 ts 9 Si wi list hard so buy St tha lower tgure,
te aleo hard to Nil SI anything abevs IU " ,
. WHBaT Good whits Whsst waa sold at 4, but ts
held SS so 40c above this figure. The rate low quotations
. btV hlT brought 'a buyers, ai d crested soma en
qulrf, There was aots crsat deal of prima on tbe mar
ket, and holders were a little more flrm.but-thsdemsnd
seesled to be eflnfined to the quoted flgarsst And hat
tints wssooBsequent'y done; Boowould be pald-B3SS3o
ts asked for Hed. 'Consignments of Spring Have been
handled here for lome d.ys, aLd till In part hu con
tributed toprodncs th loa- Scale of ETloea. Whits Js
fueled at T5o to SOo. i ,
, OB-lsksptat30e. I Jc"
rOATS-t-Ai in fair request, telling at 33o In bulk,
quite readily.
. BiRLly Is net qnotabls. ;
WV7.7;, 1 "ol D"n oar Oc.
Cleveland Market.
Cleveland Market. CLEVELAND, July 8, 1861.
rs ,I i:7.1DI1".rotlS,atin business. Balea
areaoare reri os track at 8I, ' .;, 4
00 KN-Halea of 1 car on tract af 30o, and 1 car- from
atore at ft - , .
, .OATtWDallaisleat t ho:.l.-tn-,. ... ;T
, Hiaaw ltiHs..ialea sf to bbJa at lSo .
,i KaO-aietaBe-,a- ., .n m r!i-
0IIrt BsmsissestremelydaUaad isles ran be
srlaated In emsl losionlv slSdiSoa 1 1 . ,,t - "
OttltaasV-Bsileat a wide rsage, aad do aeettratd quo
tatiena are given. ,;, tnt u- j-tw u:-;i.v "
: ,V Dn T t H. McLE A N'S
- c-. -a. :.i -- t . . j.... .,... ,13.i v. ;-i
Tbe (areatest Uomody tn.Tlao
'"' AHD THB l? '
vast tvuasn
, ' 11I1I.I V
''Tf IstSTTBteyf.''
1 A. ry fe sotentidc and
t Vegetaiile -QcsnpoaneW
iatlOb of Roots. IlerbT
l l dHarxJ,- Ttnow-"
' Dock, Blood Kot,T ! .
s.,.M.rftu - sr i a "
Cserrf Bark and Dandelion-
enters into Its
jtcqre Takifij,i' ,, active' "remedial if ter Taking
prisolplesi escb lngrsdlent la thoroughly extracted b,
my new method of disUIUng, producing .a delM us ca
hllersting spirit, and the most INFALLIBLE icoiedt lot
renovating the diseased system, and res ortus' . he tick,
suffering and debilitstsd 1VAUJ) to UtALVIl and
: ,' DIA1V '
' Will effeetnally rssre" -.
Ohronie or Hervosj Debility, Dieesssa of the Kidneya
and all diseases arising from a diaordersA Uver or Kton
ach, Dyapepala, Beartbarn, Inward Piles, Acidity or Sick
ness of the Stomach, rttllnssa of Blood to ths Hea 1, bull
painor swimming In the head. Para. tattoo sf ths Heart
rullnesa or Weight In tha Stomach, Soar gradations
Choking or'anSocaUnjr feeling when lying down, prvncei
or Yellowness of the Skin and Byes. Night Sweats, In
ward Fevers, Pain in the email of die back, ehsst or side.
Sodden Flushes of Best, Depression of Spirits Frightful
Dreams, Languor, Despondency or any Msressa Disease
Sores oe Blotches as tha Skin, and Iavex,aodJtvus (or
Ohlllsand Fever.)
"' Orei a irrilHon of Bottles -
Have been sold daring the last six months, snd In no In
stance has It failed in giving entire satisfaction- Who,
then, will suffer from Weakness or Debility when Mo
. No language can convey an adequate Idea of the imme
diate and almost miraculous change produced "by takine
thla Cordial In thr diseased, debilitated and shattered
aervoue eyetem, whether sroksa doers by excess, weak by
nature, or Impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
organisation la restored to la pristine health snd vigor.
Or others conscious of Inability, from whatever cause,
will find McLean a Strengthening Cordial a thoroupb
regenerator of the system; and all who may have injured
themselves try Improper Indulgences, will find In tbe Cor
dial a certain and speeoy remedy.
To tbo Ladles.
McLean's Strengthenfok Cordial
Ts a sovereign and speedy cure for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, lrjoontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof, ralUng or the
Won, aiddtacos, fainting and ail Diseases luddne i
females. , . ....
There Is aoHlstake About it.
Buffer no longer. Take it according to Directions. It
will stimulate, etrengthen and invigorate you and cause
the bloom ot nasi in to mount yourcnoea again.
Beery bottls is warranted to givs aaUsfactioa.
If your chlldrea are aickly, puny, or afflicted, McLean
Cordial frill make them healthy, fat and robust. Delaj
not a moment, try it, and you will be convinced.
OaDTioa. Beware of Eruiralstj or Dealers who mat
try to palm tusoai yoa soma Bitter or Bsraaparilla trash,
woioai snsy eao nayoassp, ny asyms it ii just aa good.
Avoid such men. Ask tor McLean's Btrenrthenins Cor
dial, and take nothing else- It Is the only remedy that
will purify the blood thoroughly and at the same time
strengthen tbe eyatem,
One tableipoonfnl taken every morning rutins;,' la
certain preventrraof Oholera, Obills and Vever, Yellow
Fever, or any prevalent diseases. It is put up tn large
ponies. - i .
Price only 1 per bottle, or C bottlee for I.
...... , J. U. McLKAN,
Bole Proprietor of this Cordial,
- - . Also UcLesn s Volcanic Oil liniment.
Principal Depot on tbe corner of Third and fine streeb),
ss uouis, mo.
' . McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
beat Liniment In the world. The only safe and
eertattt care for uanoers, riles, Uweiirncrand Bron
ohttts, or Ooltra, Paralyala, Nearslgta, Weakness of the
atuacles, Onronlr or Inflammatory Rheumatism, Stiff
ness of ths Joints, contracted Muscles or Lliraments
Earache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, Wounds, fresh
unts. Ulcers, rerer bo res, uaked Bresata Sore Nipples,
Burni, Bcalda. Bora Thoat, or any Inflsmmation or Pain,
nodunrenoa now severe, or ho long the disease ma
nave eititea, jaciaean r sjetemtea Lrniment la a oer
tarn remedy. ' . . - . r - ( -
Thousands of human beings have been saved a Ufa el
decrspttnde and misery by the use of this tnvaluaMe rued-
Will relieve patn almost tnstanunaonaly. and It wll
olesssBv parity and heal the foalest sores In an incredl
ForJHot-aeo stnel Other Animale.
McLean a oelebiiatecT tinlnent'ls the onlv safe and re
liable remedy lor ths ours of Spavin, King Bene, Wind
galla, Bplinta, TJnnatnral Bumps, Nodes or Swellings. It
will never fail to cure Big Beisd, Pell Bvil, Fistula, Old
running Bores or Sweeny,, If properly applied. Foi
Bprslna, Bruises, Snatches, Boras or Wounds, O racked
Heels, Chafes, Saddle ss Cellar Galls it Is an Infallible
remedy. Apply It as directed, and a cure la certain in
every Ids tan oe. i
, -Then trlfli no longer with the many worthless Lini
ments offered to you. Obtain a enpply of Dr. McLean's
celebrated Liniment. It will core yoo. ; a "i
Jaffa iricLEAN. Sola Proprietor,
Corner of Third and Pine Streets, St. Louis, Ho.
lor sale by all druggist. 1
lor sale by ' ROBERTS St 8AMTJEL,
smcrltUdStwlyi -.ftT Oolnmhus. Ohlc.
iTnxtrtrrisoCTfnu st.;
V- assd aaasalsra sstr stew make of
saracesred by . HOWABD. St CO ; raetua. Mass.
Thaso Wawhes rs far supei ior to anything ever ottered
iu tuw paoiiD, ovtvuhoiw.. nwvtoy ins sssiusive sgency
s mmm sen vmmm a prwea ss ems ins wssss. -s-
have J ult
rsosived a large stossv of j -i
rr ;4
mannfaotured by APPLE TON, TRACT, At CO I also,
flue asaurtiuent of - 1 1 1 ,
in Sold and Bilvsr Oases, at Panic prless.
' Janrt - - "" !' .-"" . 'W i',aVAOW
Ditf olntioQ
V IS j
THE 0s-B?K.lKU8tP nBIIETts
forsexisung between the oderslgned, under the
firm name of ARaWTROna TUOslrdoN, was dls-olv
ed by mutual consent on ths at at fay of April. 1861.
The builueas of tna lata &roa will bs settled by E. B.
AaicsTXora, who oontlnaea Uwhoslaass st the old stand.
r 'i cy.-rnaJta Bv ABM8TB0NU,
may!8-d3w. . .. 8, THOMeBON. ....
Ohio Whiter Snlphnr-; Springs,
,' 0 Job' Visitors, j
v ; jrixxxd -16, 1 OOl. ' f
rAsTtima BisntM Soaois iioanro -rn mason, cam
AOcoKatoPATta at atcticu sutes.. i
II'-' .flay "1 'nui-n
a7;"'wl CaatatfcO Delaware Co., Ohio.
may WUara,r-i .;t;y.'. j
"Boyr-zonr.vov MgrflMn.
Nt las) Radical ourb Or spbihsatdbhuea
er Seminal Wsakasss, Sexwat Debtltty, Nsrvoeisnese.In
voleavtary Btoissloas asS Impounoy, resulting from
Beir-sbans, its. By RsM J. Calvetwellv M. B. Sent
nnder seal, Ik plain envelope, to any sddrees.poat
paid, os sweelpsof tw stamps by Dr. CHAS. J.O
B.LIKB, 1T Bowery, Now York. Post Offloe Box. No
4.684. .1-1-'- ; n ,.(, ln marill'Sstaiw
ARTBBr.iOKlii'Tt A ..
.oaokanes of STATION BET and JUWEI.RV.
prices oai-third lets than can be pure based elsewhere -r-Call
on or address (stamp enclosed) J. L. BAILS Y, No
1&4 Court st Boston, Haas. march fW:d3m.
A eipertenoed Ifurse and Female Physician, present,
to the attention of mothers, ber
Which Ijeatly faciliutse ths procesa of teething, by eoft
V. Pi reducing all inflammation will allay
ALL PA UN and apasmodic aoUon, and is
Depend upon It, mothers, It will give reel to yourselves
VS'J""1 "P nd sold this article for over ten veare
2 Tfoio.eT.''r b,;en 10 "" any other medi
ANCB. TO ECFK0T A OURS, .beo timely Med. Nev
er did -we know an instance of disutlifseunn by sny one
Who ued ic, On ths eorrirsry, sll sre delighted with Its
operation!, and ipesk in terms of commendation of its
mavlasl eoects snd medical virtues. , peak In this
matter '-WHAT WU Do KNOW;" alt,, u-o ,, S2
almost every InaUnce where the infant Is suffering from
pain and exhaustion, relief will he found In Stteen or
twenty minutes alter Ihvryrni. It atlmlnlau-red
This valuaine reoaratlon la tbe ureiuriinion or one of
fi! !fS!,ta,.a and bas been used with NkVBK FA1L
IN9 SUCCHan in
-- ' rasOtjatrtOK OF CASIS.
Itsotoi ly relieves the child frum pain, out Invigor
ates the stomach snd Lowell corrects acidity, and gives
lone aod energy ts the whole ijstem. It will slmoit inl
ststitly relieve
and overcome convulsions, wnioh. If not speedily rem
aied, eud in -leath We believe It the BBsT and dim
BsT KfcMKDY IN TUB WwKLD, in ill eases of OYJ
II arises from tcethlna, or from an) other cause. Wb
would ay to every moiher who bisa chl'd sufferii g fmm
snof theloieirnli g complaints DO NOT LK1 YOriH
araiiO between yoo sod our suffering child, snd the re
lief 'bat will be SUkK yea. AKSOUH'bLY St' ft K to
fullow the oss of this medicine, If timely used. Full di
renionsfor using will accompany each bottle None
geuuiue unless the fsc-simile of CCItrist PBRKIN8,
New York, Is on the outctne wrapper.
Sold by all Druggists throughout the world.
Principal Office), 13 Cedar Street IV. Y.
Hi Is precisely what its name indicates, for, whilij
pleasant to tbo tatts. It ia revivify! ug, exhilarai
ilog. invigorating and atrengthening t the vitall
nnaara. mnA at Ihn aatna t!a M.i.iA.. U
(v'nates, and renews the Blood in all its purity, ane
aw tnui ss once rwwres ana rtntura IH6 tyttem in
' mlntrabU to aU iekt of dUuxt. - It li ths onlv
l,peparatioa ever offered to the world, 10 cberoi
fs lly and skillfully combined aa to be the most
p weriui vuuio. sou si ina same lime so pericctl
m laaptea 10, aa vi wc id pereoiacooraance with tne
M sws of natute, and hence will tooth the totakeat
w jafotnacA, snd tone up ths digestive organs, and
inua alley an nervous ana otner irritation. It I
Jk per ectly exhilarating, and at the same time it Is
Si composed eutirely of vegetables, yet so oomuined
a tn n.nrtnm. Ih. mn... 1 1 n.nti.l, .....1mu
lout producing any Injnrioni consequences fuel.
f uclijl.
cm loiG)
ill toir
remedy naa long neon leu to be a detlderatui
le medical worlo, tor it needs no mediral ak
,ee inatoeoiitiyioiinirsan attacks or diease. anu
Iproceedi and Indeed lajs the system open to tliclwl
0 insidious attacks of many of the most fatal. mchjL
jf, example, aa the following: Consumption, ln-1
digestion. Dyspepsia, Lobs of Appetite, Faintness.
IUn.n, I .rlt.hlllfir Vailtal.i. U.ll..., I
Cj Heart, Melancholy, Night Sweats Languor, Ulrlili-ft
rinesa. Retention of, aa well as Painful obstructed rf
too proluse. or too scsnt Menstruation, and frail-)
aa ling of the Womb. Then all depei d upon generall
llj .debility. This pure, healthy, tonic cordial and!
Blood iienoraion, assure to oureas the sun to' hi
rise snd set. There 1, no mistake about It. ButlQ
his Is not all. If the sjstem Is weakened, we are
men to bilious attacks, the liver be. omei tornld.l, .
ot wone diieased. the kidnejo refuse tn peiiormil1
ineir lunctiona, ana ws are troubled witn scaldingss
and Incontirence of urine, or involuntary dii
charge of the same, pain to the back, side aod be-, A
tween tbe ahouldera, exceedinelv liable to slieht I J
follows, and the patter.t gues down to a premature1
grave. But space will not allow na to enumerate
tne many ills to wmcn we are liable In a weakened
condition of the system. Kut we will ntv. In thiil
Cordial and Blood Renovator you have a pericvt, LJ
safe, pleasant aod effectual remedy for loss offl
Appetite, biliousness, Flatnleoce weak and aick,v
Stomach, Languor, Liver Complaint. Chills and
Fever, oranr Billons attaik. Costiveneia. Acidltv!
of tbe Stomach, Nervousness, Neuralgiu, Palpita ',
lion ot me noart, uepreseion oi eptrlts. Bores, I
MiCimplea on the Face, or any dis-ue arising from
impure oiooa, tucn as ocromia, erysipelas, Bron l
hitia. Cough, difficulty of Breathing, and all that
Jclasa of diseases called female weakness, and
enumerated above. We will also lay the traveler
exposed to eoidemici chance of climate and wat
er, will find it a pleasant, mle and sure remedy.
ana none mould ever travel wttnuut. Header,
try It. forweaaureyouyou will find in It a 'riend
Indeed, aa well aa a friend in need. All persons ofi
sedentary habits will find ita perfect preventive ofl
aa wen a, cure for those ailments tu which they ate
particularly exposed, lience ministerstudenli.st
torueye, literary gentlemen ,and ladiea who are not
t accustomed to much outdoor exeicise, will find tt
o their advantage to keep a bott'e con.tautly cn
f hand; and, above all, mothers, or thes. lcomins
Ly iuchi will go through that most dangerons perioii
loot only wth all their accustomed strength, but
jsarsand rree trom the Ihousand ailments so prev-
O alentanong the female portion of the world. 1l
jihort, It ts indeed a mother's cordial. Trylt.olii
and oung; no loncer run the ilsk of delay: It will
Jreliere snd prove Itself emphatically s Uolorci
MiUvs Cordkil and lood litnorator.
L O.J. WuOD.pr.-prietor, 444 Broadway, New
jTork, and 114 tfurket Street, St. Louis, Mo., anJ
h Isold by RODttllTS dr. BAMCKL, Columbus. Ohio,
land all good Druggists. Price One Dnllur
per Bottle. marchJ8-daweowly
.... i - - , . KEWABK OHIO, ;
rTfannfaclurers of sail kinds of For
tit blc and Ntntion ,rr Ktesn t'.ii
Sttne, hitw vim, tarist ittilta,
t . etc., dec a ,
LAXSdk BODLS1 Beattnl B. at . BLAND TBealtnl
V. et J. H OUVALL mll CUlCMLli
e CO. BattnUll! fi3
Oar Portable Kbgiua and 8tw Kill
Was awarded the first premium of tM at the Indiana
State Fair fct )SX) nror Lane fcBodley's oa account oi
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of luel
: ? and Soperior character of lumber sawed .
. Our Stationary Engine waa awarded at the same Pali
the first premium of (00. -
Our Portabie Engine waa awarded the first premium oi
S100 at the Kalr at Memphis, Tsnn.. over Blandy's Du
rail's, Columbus MaohineOo's,, and Brsdfonl st Co's
by a eommittee of practical Railroad Engineers,
for price and terms add res,
. WILL AHD WARNER. Treasurer,
' decS-cAwlyaola. ..t .. , - Newark, Ohio
Wttoieastlo stud Hetall Sealer 1st
r"; .r ." N"o. 23 JSHftH Street.
Keep 'osastantlf on hand all ttko T
rtwtss HtiAm us of -
" Oct. id .
BRIRTINOS, all wlJtlis, of most celebrated mikta,
oowofcred la greatest variety and at very low prloea.
"' . ,., . ,. ' B AIM at BON.
, aprilf v ,,..,' 4 Ve. (9 South Ulg h street-
All siaaa and onion Jut opened at BAINS,
dee. II. No. IW Boats IIib ilrest

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