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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, July 11, 1861, Image 1

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VOL. VIII . NO.' 27
a !
".0 i.'i '
' ' f '
14 ;f. .i'l I,
vu.i.it,i e,: c'.j;-,.ii.iiai
?,' mt- , c :it ; (
XT Office Km. 86, 88 and 40, Horth High lc
Dally ... . -;., - , ., , $0 00 par par.
" ny vr carrier, per weex, Mnti.
rrl-Werif - ; ' ' 8 00 perym.
waekiv., . l on
crmi est AdTcrtiiluK by tbe Nqre.
Dtiuare t fai...(30 00
One " U moLtbi 1H 00
On iiottri 8 ireeki. . 4 00
Out I wetki.. 3 00
One " lwwk... 1 7S
One " 3dyi... 1 00
One . " Sdky.. 73
Ooa " 1 IniorUon 90
One " Cmoctlii .15 00
V monthi 10 00
V! montlii . 8 00
AmoptU. ,5 60
Diiplayod mlTertiHttienti half more that the atior
rates. t ! j -. . u : .-. i
A IverlitomenU ieaded and placed In the tglnon Of
pjciai Notieeii" auuowi in oratnaru rout.
All ueticci requlrea to be publltlied by law, legal rate.
ii orucreu on iiieiuoiaeexciuiiTeijaiier meuravweea
per cent, more than tbe above rates; but all mch wit
appear irr the Trl-Weekly without eharre.
Bueinesi Oarda, not exceeding fire lines, per year, In
si ie, f rer line, ouuinv fx, '
NoUceror meetings, ebarl tables ocletlcs, fire companies,
tc, half price. -, - -
All tranaptnt advtrtUemmtt mutt bt paiifor in
aivaruM Te rulewlll notbeTarledfrom. - -
Weekly, same price as the Dally, where the advertiser
es the Weeklv alone. Where 'hi Dallv andWeekl
an both used, then the charge for the) Weekly will bt
na'f the rates of the Daily. , ,
No advertisement taken except for a definite period.
F. A. B. SniKEJS,
Attoriibjr 'o.t Law
Offlce Ambos Building, opposite Capitol Square
x. Q0X3ort3xrjD,
Attorney & XJounsellbf "afLaw,
Machine Manufacturing IJompany
" MaNuraoTOKni ov ' '-'
OMtlafi, KUl-0oatlBf, Maohlnery. ,
JELertllzroAca. ' T7Vorlr.
ooi.DnurjSe ohio.
UHAB. AMBOS, Bup't. ' T- AMJB08, Trtal..'
deoll. lW58-tf
Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, Dayton 4 Indianapolis!
Through to lndianwiolig without Changs of Car
And but On Chango of Cars between
Columbus ami St. Loots..' . ?.
BUS., ,
; . i.
(Bally, Mondavi txoepted.) ' ' . ' r.
MOIIT EXPHKB8, via Dayton, at -S:45 a. m., stop
plug at London, Xnia, Dayton, iUddletown aad Uamli
toD,arrtvlngatClndontiat8:!Ua. n,.Daytoa atS:iS
l. m., Indianopolla at 10:48 a. aa.ifct. UuUat 11:60
p m' . SECOND TRAIN. : : - !
ACCOMMODATION, at 0:10 a. mitupplng at all 81a
tloni between Columbus and Cincinnati and Dayton, ar
riving at Cincinnati li:02a.m., Dayton at U: I J a. m.,
lndlanopolls al S;W p. m.
DAT KXPBK83, at 8:30 p. m., stopping at Alton,
Jefferson, London, Charles too, Oeuarvllla, , Xenla.
Spring Valley, Oorwln, Morrow, DeerBcld, Toster's,
Lovelacd, MilUord and f lainvill, arriving at Cincin
nati at 7:20 p. m-i St. Louis at 13 tu; Dalon at 5 35 p.
c; lndlanopolls at 10:id p. n, ' . ..
stleeplns; Cara en alii Nlcriat Train to
sjincinnail ana Indianapolia.
for further InformaUoa and Through Tickets, apply to
. M. L. DOHKKTY, .,
, ticket Agent, Union Drpot. Columbus, Ohio. '
, r . jf.W.WOODWAKD, '
. Superintendent, Cincinnati,'
, , ' . JNO. W. DOnKRTV
JOlJV. ,."'r' ; q... '.. Agent, Colnmbttg, ,
t . Juit Beeelvedt: , -. : '
1AA "f- vl1 CHI'.EIV and BLACK
1UU TKA9 100 bogs prime Rio Ooaee.-- .i
I HO pockets old Dutch eovernment Java Coffee. '
1 6 bags Ceylon Coffee. - . - - " -i
SOObbla. standard White Sugars, eonsMlns; ot few
- dred.Chruahed, Granolated Aand BOoOee.
60 quinUls George Bank Oodftah. ,; ' ' -
80bbls. Mess and No, I Mackerel. '"
fltcs. Pick Bilmon.; '.-
lOOmt. Layer Baisins. - v-
ftOhf. boxdo , do "" -V '
lOOqr.boi do -J " " -' 1 1 '
10O M Cigars, different-brands arid grmlesV"
nova? .-- WM. MaOOMAUV i-
: 33X2T33JJJX-i
And Blank-Book Kana&aturers
vostb man itbxxt. coLUstBut, ohio
marll-dly .
"PEl.AlPirB, ,(a -jku ,hJ,;
. .i.i.
-,il t;i t,-..1.
Just opened by -m
1 ' BAISfciOK,''".;
No. 89 South Ilish street.
'Vfo.'ssduiH HIQ'oHMTi1
Have lust recti veil a navf Brake'' of - HOWSKIRfs
flniahed la a mauler far superior to any yet .iaU.o4uoed
for '
skto ' ' ir-'! i' ' a -..!!.
-ut-i ; v. " LI . A '.;
from "Bamett MtUs," BprhrRBeM, O. the heethrand of
flour brought to ei'r market,. SatlsraeUoa guaranteed.
l-nr onlT at WM. Mr-nN AT.n'ff.
novX7 - . . ( : .i k 100 aouOtJliith street 3
TwtaV. T.inan fl-AnAa
11 Linen Bhirt Bosoms - Plain and luay . ......
Shirting and Bosom Linens. ' ,
Linen Hheetlnge and Pillow Casings. '
Linen OambTiee and Long lawns, -Una
Fooket-hsndkru. all slses.
1 ' 1 1 a i : . " i Linen TowelllDis and Diaers
... ., Linen Napkin, and D'Oyllea.
Linen Table Cloths and Batin Damaake, i
Linen Tewele with eoiewaA borders. 1 6 1
Linen Stair Qovaruigs and Crash.
VarsalMt lowprloesf
t!V V t .i. .'i t .Bl
o.n t
" " ? Voita
uth Hint) street.
a, u N - A a- , ..laiAXJAS .'A Agta)r Ati I
RUqslM, Je liort JuslovenMOv , , . . (.
aprllS Ke.tS kith HlaA stmt,
Th ! LatestThe) Largest"-The Best,
The Cheapest Because the Beit,
Tiio JTfoat Kallablo atanaard An-
tlioritr of tbe F.ngllsn Langruag;."
! " Bin ItundrtiZ Eminent Educator of Ohio,
I'd;:: Hitrdry Mtn BurptKirt. .
. ''Bete an upwards of a Hundred Thousand Words,
whose multifarious meanings aoduerlvatlons, together
with their correct spelling, and pronuneiatloa are dearly
mi, before thi efe.'' . .. .
j , .. Cincinnati Ommereial.
BtqA th DtcltUmt of the ifmbtrt of th4 Ohio Btati
. .,'.; , 2iiaoAr's AwocAatlm.
. The undersigned, members of the Ohio 8tate TsaoherS'
Association, adopt and aim to use In teaching, writing
and speaking, the orthography ana pronunciation of
Worcester1! Koval Quarto Dictionary, and we most cor.
dlally recommend It as tbe most reliable standard au
thority of the Kngllsh language, as It is now written and
spoken. .
i Loiik Ammtws, President Kenyon College. - -
M. D. Laooirr, SuperinUudent Zaneiriile Schools.
Titos. W. Hauvit, Hup't Massilon Union Schools.
M. t. Cowr-av, Sap't Public Schools, Sandusky. .
John Lvkch, Sup't Publlo Schools, Olrcleville.
8. N. BAiroao, Principal Cleveland female Semina
ry, i ,
Wat. MiTcan-L, Sup't Publle Schools, Mt. Union.
Join Oodui, Principal State Normal School, Minne
sota.' Chios Misou, Principal Fourth Intermediate School,
H. 8. MutTM, Bup't Canton Union Schools.
Edwih RsL, Principal McMeely Normal School.
Ru T. TarraR, Prof. Mathematics, Ohio University.
W . W. KDWaina, Bup't Troy Union School-
A. O. HortiKs, Principal West High School, Cleve
land, 8. A.Noiton, Associate Principal High School, Cleve
land. - '
Thiodori B-rntLwa, Principal High School, CleveJ
B. f. DomrroN, Principal Cleveland Institute.
J, A. Giariauj, President q; KejUonttltuteL Hi
ram. "
W. L. lit at is, Prof, of Chemistry, Ohie" Wesleyaa
University. - -
H. H. JiaiNR, Ix-CemmUslonsr of Common Schools,
Ohio. -
. Jak as MoNkoi, Prof. Rhetoric Oberlln College.
Thos. IiiLL, President Antiooh College.
O. W. II. OaTBcaiT, Prof. MatbeDatlcs, High
School, Dayton.
8. O. CaousiCen, Prof. Language, High School.
a. M. Basin, Bup't Union Schools, Ashland.
Mart than Bio Eundrti other Freldml of OoUe-
pse, Proftaort, Authori and XltingvltKtd Editor
tori, Ave wdorud Ifo aboU tentiment.
Haairrra Ootxtoa "It Is truly a magnificent work,
an honor to tbe author, tbe publishers, and the whole
eeuntry." President Andrews.
Ohio Waurrm Uxivuiirrr..-,4It exceed, my expecta
tions. It will be my guide In orthography euad pronun
ciation, and will often be consulted by me for its neat
and accurate definitions." President Thompson.
- W. R. loticno Oouni. "Heretofore we bare used
Webster's orthography. At a recent meeting of our
Faculty, It was decided to change it to conform to that
of Worcester's Royal Quarto Dictionary." President
WiartJtN Ravntvi Coitioi. "I And It worthy of
cordial approbation. " President Hitchcock.
' OuaLiN Coitrai. "It more than meets my expecta
tions. I recommend! It as tbe standard authority la
orthoepy to my children and my pupils." President
Morgan. -
Awnooa Comui. "I adopt and aim to use In teach
Inr, writing tnd speaking, the orthography and pronun
ciation of Worcester's Royal Quarto Dictionary."
President Hill.
1 "In all my writing, speaking, and teaching, I hive en
deavored to conform to the rules for orthography and
pronunciation as ooatalntd In Worcester's Dictionary."
Horace Mann, late President.
Kenton Ooutoa, Qams. 'I most cordially reoom-
mond Has the most reliable standard authority of the
Kngllsh language as it la sew written and spoken."
PiQsldent Andrews. .
from Set. Anton Srft, OdknmitUmQf Oonrmcm
tUkooit in VMo. .
"The Dictionary Is an Imperishable moiamentto the
learning and industry of Its author, and an honor to the
world of letters. Tbe mechanteal execution Is far supe
rior to that ot any other Lealoea with which I am ac
From Bon. B. D. Barney.' JCa-Commitetoner ot
t txKoolt in Ohio.
"The most tellable standard authority ot the lan
Xicadlns Newspapers of Ohio Say.
trim fJU ClimiAnA Beratd ot Maret. St.
' The orthography of the Worcester Dictionary la that
ased bv most. If not all. authors of distinction In this
country and Bngland, and conforms to the general usage
ot ordinary writers and speaketaw- - -Whatever
areludioes mat have existed previously, a
careful study of this volume will Invariably be followed
by a warm appreciation of Its great merits, and a desire
to add It to this well selected library, be It large or small.
It la a Ubrarv In itself, and will remain an imperisha
ble record of the learning of lis compiler.
Jrom th Cincinnati Commercial of April 80. -Tiara
are onwards of a hundred thousand words good.
bad and indifferent whose multifarious meaniDgs and
derivations, together with their correct spelling and pro
nunciation, are sat clearly before the eye. The work Is
unquestionably the greatest Thesaurus oi nngiua worus
ever published. ;
Iron Oi Cltaiand ftatndeaUr of Sept. 80, 1800,
Svldantlv Wouoawrn's Royal OoaSto DionouiT ft
not only th kut, but the isst work ofth kind ever if
sued, and can by no possibility suffer by comparison or
Controversy. , . . , ,
u' i ; From tht Toledo Blade of May SO-
As1 to noiniUATtoN.'WoaccsTie; is Taa Btavdaid
followed hy our best authors; In definitions be leaves
nothing to be deslred,and in Oat-HoaaaniT it If sufficient
to say that YVoacEsru can ne saieiy loiioweu.
v ING1IAITI lc BKAOG, ....
Pnbllekore, Booksellera V Stationers,
aniS ' ' ' ; '
Dividend Jannary Is ISOIf 45 Par Cent.
Statement January i, isqI,
Balance, jrtr sUtement Jin. 1st, I860 $3,400,58 J 39
Reoelved for Premiums dur- '1 '
Ins the year lBtu B7o3,uw M '
Received- for interest during ; .i 7 i-jirj
the year 1800 iiM.OM m , (
Total reoelDls for lW0....t!m,0U7 74
Paid Claims by Deeth,807,05u 80 . y: fi
Paid Policies surren- "
dared 41,111 v ' ' '
Paid Samrlea, Poet-. . .. .. r . 1
aia. Taxes, i-
chanire. alo 31.020 54
Paid Commissions to
Alton,.... Bl.KI 30 '
PaldPhysidaTJi' fees, S.wa 75 . .- .....
Paid Annuities 1,517 00 .
Paid, Dividends dur- , " "
sng tne year ltw.WJU 73 huo.uut Oil 411,11.0 If
t Net Balance January 1st. jeei.r.iTn.S,8Hitae 60
Cub on hend.
; fO,C384 10
Bonds and Mortgages on Real
jistaie, worm aoabla the ' "
amount loaned a.m.gtl fifl
Premium Motes, on Policies ,
In force, only drawing s per ' .
cent. Interest..... 1.879.864 IT
Real Istate fcVHva 87
Loans on Scrip . 8,031 44
Premlumi,NotesandOua,in '
coune of tractmlsslon.. 45,841 75
v Setal Ajuetl... IM12,5M So
T,6T5 Policies In fores, Insuring. . 98436,688
1,435 new PoHdes have been lssusd doting the yean
After a eareful eatealatloa of the present value ot th
outstanding Pollolesof the Conipanj, scd having the
neomtary. amount In reserve therefor, the Directors
have declared a Divrssiriof 4 peroent.on the Premi
ums paid at the Utile rates, to ill policies for life In force.
Issued prior to January 1, I860, payable aoeotdlng to the
present rule of the Company.
Rates for alt kinds at Life Coutlmrsnoiee, Prospect
uses, Statements, end ApplteaUons, will be furnished
witioui cnasei, at the Office or Agencies ot the Com:
An. ' ' ' ... . ;
, ' . , ; e Johnson Block,""
T McS,Jf301. V : . i . "..Cdiumbs,0i
A : LKK88 8ILK8, of every grade.v She most selt
ill X' " ' " RAIN At SON, .
asjrllf Ho. SO loath fiiah street.
i" - ' ' . i
Scrofula, or Kim's EviL
Ts a ooiiatltutionsl disease, a corruption of ,0io
Wood, by wIuqji till nuia becomes Vltiatqd.
weak, and poor Being is the circulation, It
pervades thq whole bouy, and may burst out
Li disease on any port of it. No ornn I free
from its attacks, nor is there one which it tuny
not destroy. The scrofulous taint is v-riousjr
caused by mercurial disease; lcr living, dis
ordered or unhealthy, .food, , 'mpure air, filth
and iilthy hablts,,'.the' denrewing Tices,"ahd,
above nlL ty the venereal infection; ' VMat
ever be ifei' origin, it is liercdtary ill tno con
irtitution, descending " fiDra parenti to children
unto the tliird mid four ill generation i " Indeed,
it seems-to lie the rod of Ilim who toys, ,"I
will visit the iniquities of the Citliers upon
.their children." .. i ' , , ;.' .
Its ofreots commence by deposition fiom the
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
the lungs, liver, and internal organs, is termed
tubercles in, the glands, swellings; and on
the surface, eruptions or sores. This foul cor
ruption, which genders in the blood, depresses
the energies of life, no thnt scrofulous constitu
tions not only HufTcr from scrofulous com
plaints, but they lmvo for less power to with
stand the,, attacks of other diseases eohse'
fluently vast numbers perish by disorflers
which, although not scrofulous in tneir nature,
are still rendered fatal by this taint hi the
system. " Most of tho consumption which de
cimates the human family lms its origin directly
in this scrofulous contamination; and many
destructive diseases of (ho livor, kit'ueys, brain,
and, indeed, of all the organs, arise from or
are aggravated, by the same cause.
One quarter of all our people ore scrofulous ;
their persons are invaded by tills lurking in
fection, and their health is undermined by It.
To cleanse it from the system wo must renovate
the blood by an alterative medicine, and in
vigorate .it by healthy food and exercise.
Such a medicine we supply in , "; . . .'
. AynE's'; ; ' il
Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedy which the medical
skill of our times can devise for tlu's every
where prevailing and fatal malady. It is com
bined from the most active remeuialt that have
been -discovered for tho expurgation of this foul
disorder from the blood, and the rescue of the
system from Its destructive consequences.
Ilenoe it sliould be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as EauPTrvi
and Skin Diseases, St. Anthony's Fiitc,
Rose, or Ertsitelas, Pimples, Pustules,
Blotches, Blaiws and Boils, ToMoue, Tettib
and Salt Rhkum, Scald Heap, Kibowoiim,
Hukumatihm, Syphilitic and MehcurialDis
eases, Dhomv, Dyspepsia, Deiiilitt, and,
indeed, all Complaints aiuStno mow Vitia
ted on iMruns Blood.' Tho popular belief
in " impurity ofth blood " is founded in truth,
for scrofula is a degeneration of the blood, The
particular pnrpose and virtue of this Sarsapa
rilla Is to purify and regenerate this vital fluid,
without which sound health is impossible in
contaminated constitutions. 1
Ague dure,
rort the speedy curb or -"
Intermittent Fever, or Fever and Asjoe,
Remittent Fever, Chill Fever, Dumb
A true. Periodical Headache, or Bllioua
Headache, aad Hillone Fevem, indeed
for the rfeunisi dngluaf
liitj " """ivy aeransresncni, csnien uy
tbe flietiuria or Ullasmatie touniriei.
AYc are enabled here to offer the community a
tftnetly wbich, while it cures the1 above complaints
with -certainty, ie still perfectly harmless in any
quantity. Such a remedy is invaluable in districts
where these nlllicttnn Uisorders prevail. This
Cciib" expels the miaainatic. poison of Faveb
and Aovb bom the system, and prevents the de
velopment of the disease, if taken on the first ap
proach of its premonitory symptoms. It is not, only
the best remedy ever yet discovered for this class
of complnint9, out nlso tho cheapest. Tho large
quantity we supply for a dollar brines It within the
reach of ev ery body and In bilious districts, where
FEVEit ami Aosb prevails, every body should
have it and use it freely both for cure ana protec
tion. A great superiority of thin remedy over any
other ever discovered fir the speedy and certain
cure of Intermittent is that it contains no Qiiiuiue
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
other injurious cficels whatever upon the constitu
tion.1 Those cured by it arc left as healtrijf.ns If
they had new had the discus?. ' ' ' L"i:
Fever arid Afrne Is not itlone tbe eonsequefrre of
the miasmntio poison. A ertat -variety of dlsoi-
ders arise from its irritntiuti, sniontr which are
Neuralgia, Hieunmtisin, (joutf Httuluchi', X'ki'oi
nest, loothachii, f.araciu; (.a.w''i, (iMima, J ul
pitatiofi, Fainut .ijl'tt tiun oJ''ie i.pu:cnr UyiUr
ict. Pain in lite UoictU, C'etic, l'arulysis ntitl De
rangement of the Stomach, all of v.liich, when
originating i'u thi cause, put on llic intermittent
type, or become periodical, This 41 ClTtE " expels
Uio poison irom tne oiooa, nnu consequemiy cures
them all alike. It is an invaluable protection to
immicnuits and persons travellinir or tenuiorarily
residing in tlio malarious districts. If taken occa
sionally or daily while exposed to the, iiifottiuu,
that will bo excreted from the system) and cannot
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen .hire dis
ease. Hence it is even more valuable for protec-,
tion than cure, and few will ever suffer fmm Inters
mittonts if they avail themselves of the prorectibh
this remedy affords. ' 1 ' i - '-i
rropared byDr.J. C. ATEB & CO., Lowell, Mast,
. ROBERTS 8AMURL, Columbus, ,
And bv firarglsta and Dealers everywhere.
ov9: Ivd.twfc -' !..'. i.
I ;,, TO ANll FMOiU .
Liverpool, Montreal, f, ;
The Hoatreal Ocean Bteemshhj Company's' Snt-elass
full-powered Olyde-bullt Steamers sail every Bat
nrday from PORTLAND, carrying the Cauapisn and
uniiea states juau ana pusengers, . . , .
. : CANADIAN, iiH L' . llOVAoOttTlANt i" ,
siborteBM cnapi ana Quickest Can
., veijrauBitM arwisa - j-. H .,.
" 3o, seo. 80.'":.: ' '' '
will smu irom liivAArvuij vvvry ntanoigiri
and from QURBR0 every Saturday, exiling at
LONDOMDMRRT, to receive on board and land Mails and
Passengers, to and from Ireland and Scotland.. , ,. ,. .
lrrlhese Steamers are built .of Iron, In water-tight
compartments, carry each an experienced Surgeon, and
every attention is paid to the comfort aad accommoda
tion or passengers as toey proceed direct to LONDON
DBRT, tbe gieat risk and delay of calling at BL John's
Is avoided. r..r.
fllaagow passengers ire furnished with rail cuiasre
ooaeoi nana iron aioneenuerry-c . i n v " n i
Return tickets granted at ndueaa rates..,
Oertlacates Issued for oarnlng to and brlnelnf aut nas-
sengers from all the principal towns of Great Britain and
1 rmMBU, kt iw.iwj raws, njian iim m smews,' ami
kytheWASIUNaiOJlAaNal Of BAiLINw PAOlaRia,
81gbt Draft for XI and upward pay.'
lander Vales,"' "-Y 'l
Tor nassare. apply at the Office.' ' RROAD
XI AY. New Vark. and 19 WAl.SK ST..
Aayerpopt, ' r j
.11 8ABH a IKIKI.K, fleteeaAAgenU,
Or to- '"'J. R. ARMSTRONG.
' BOlO-lydAir' ' ' Pest Offlce, Ool ambus, Oh W
a hi ,i i ii i .. it mi, a
o n'.'Drt
son JAMBS AD9KR BAIN as partner in sn bu.l-
aeaa, which will ttel after be enndocted under the Arm,
01 Daln it Son. ' - . '- P, BAIN, By Heath YS Bl. '
Oohuabua, fob IS. 1801. u n . .. J .ru k feb.to
J ,11: w
(Utaof Pbalon's XstsAUshaent, K. T.J eoprietere
, the New Jock Vuhionakle. Bncvinr. Hair Cutting
hamuoonlug, Curling and pressing Saloon, Rut Slate
Street, eras the PoetOmds, where-aateshenon will
. be give la all.tha. varloas krancheev Ladles) and
, Children's Hair dressing dose la the beet stjlii inil
; . L'm-Z2Z i , hi n
'.I!v ,
'I tvf.!
j 1 '.:
t.i;.lU ,1'jrt
0-1) "o Si
1 11) v..
j :
.: I
i o v I '
fr'MM :;. - Oold'and Velvet Borders, -!'
. !
y ' Qolp'anp Pajnted Biades,
; WIOT0W FIXTUBE?, all kinds.
; ... ; 1 ' ' '" V ' ' ' .'til "
, '. . j - !-' !; ;- j . '
! columbus; "6;
' t
N. B , Lasdlords and persons tithing ejuantniee
Paper will make money by buying ct ns. Oonntry
Merchants and persons from abroad will do Veil to'call
and see us. . opril 1 -flSmeod
5. A A.
AND Steubenville Short Line
4 COJUrodllNtJ AX BillAIRB WITH THR".''1,
Shortest Quickest & Most Reliable
-er J -ar-a I
Kouto to au Jtiiastern uuiea i .
.. ., i .
Trains Leave Columbus aa follows '
Leaves C
Belial re or
M.i tteubenvllle,
Urlhr. A. lit t
York S AH) A. U.I via Philadelphia arrives al Phila
delphia, S.10 A. M.; New rark, iu.su a. m. uosiren
also at Ilarrisburg for Baltimore, arrivlDgat7.45 A. M.
Sleeping Can attached to this Train
Prola Oolumbus. rut) directly through to 9 ellalre or
Pittaiiurgh without change: aud Passeugers yia AUen-
town arrive In Mew. York at B A. M. , ,. ,
' " I
This Train aWconnectB at Bellalre with tbe
Baltimore ana Ohio Railroad. ; .
'7r BlTT&fltJJtaH KJPRiSS. Ci,1.
Leaves Columbua.ll Hi A. M., frsmt Union Depot, vis
tuauhnnvllle: arrivea at Newark.-U.3U r. M.: uosnoo-
lon,S.13P. M.) Bteubenvtl 8 PM.; PltUburg, 8.40
p. M. XTTTbts is thaonly rout by which Passenger
cm Jean ctnotnaatt as 7ii. St., go tiuoBgn t rins
aurgh in dayUght, without changa of caseor delay., ,
FASTUNJS, ; ,ai. ; ,", Ci
Leaves CoUmb 2.10 P. M from TJnloa Depot, via
Bellalre: arrive at Xiawark, :i.V!i V. M.; zanesvuie,
4 3) P. M.; Belial re .7 ,35 p. M.; Pittsburgh, 11.SS
M.t Harrlibunr, S.OO ' A. M.; via Atientovm, arrives
at Nw Tork,4 V.-H4 ta Philadelphia, auivee
Phlladelphla, 1.IO. E. M-S New -York, P. M,- This
Train also connects atTliarriscars lor naiumor,
rivwKatir.af.- " 1 ' " '
' Tbi Tratn runt through to Betlair or PlttsborfWlth.
out change of Oasst and from Pittsburg these iS:Bs
change of Gar t Phlksdaiphla, or via Allentowa
He Xork-thuj OBeiiag,, , ... .... ,,j
The only Route from SColnmbas to Baltimore,
rbtladelpbbt, or JNew rorx.wita oniy .ia
-,.i.:ui i (net cejaoga 4C Cai8.:j., 3 .H1!
ily'thts Trhln Pssseflgers "arrive hi Netrf Toik Iv
mirtllti advene of theMerthem lines. ' ' ' -tf -io.
" This Train also connects at BeUalra witA the Beltinaore
and Ohio it. tt. .) l,, e j.,i ,ai.i-u.c
iritTThls Route ts !JD miles shorter to Pittsbirgi
" I ask Mw ej-sMMsask rnari 1 Her ten s I Asm- annate. (
ittaAU I UIVl U tllllU VU BUIIlvD BUUI WI ,U
New Tork.'thsii Northern Lines.1 '
Baggago Cbeckflcl Tluocga' a all, :lm-
. . ii ml im m a 1 i 'I' !' .1 r . ,
f. M i - , . ABK IOS, TlUAK'l'S VIA
'- t'rj
tn iri ua vo
Oeod althar Rottta
l0 i n.J .
dsn, Tlek Agent Stemneavllle Short Ian..,
lj;r''-' ceLaTitlBUSe OIIIO i 4.1
" - Aitid Srsed 'Star,'-
i ,'-'ti-' 'rALM iw.3 .
tV lo .seuS .o i- . i .1
l i lt. JU
tit n Ai La, tiLAns, BAauuuik, wwwiiOi
nnSt, flwtaia, wsslwiuwwafi
' .rnir Anl: KabMr BelUiit. Ie( taathar.- Hot
As king.
. f -
II 'W T fc B M fi N 8) Ti'tCnRIVIftHIIta
KA OOOOft.. - i'j-t 9 til!.. X
Bovenies IB nwaiiieemnn iwrw , 7 j
.4 . B.mi, uiA lla rrntM rUillapa.
10 vJ
X -es'4- Embroidered Pocket Handkerchiefs
Parts Rid eioveo. superior rawmev'-t . -' '-i'
ttoUan Mill Bklrta various atysee, . t-.-.ti uu
vi A n - Utll GV.I r nit ... . -
linniii urn bhw .w .
Tann4 Pkt Handkerchief. vartMM tftrWi' .-v
Half Oloe end nat Uaraeatsv--' ". i! nivljl
,1JI tit lit
q tr". wain a bust,
,. MORN ISO SXP&KS8 , . ., , . r..
oiumnus .sua. ax. iruu "
Steubenvllle I arrives at Seliaire, Ju-
, J8.S0 P. M.( Pittsburgh, S.4U r.
L. U.t via AOmtoum. arrlvesat
no. ns Bouw uiga street.
i i i ii' w-TTIrMi
J a : O , : l i
. . . ,r ..T1RKI
e 9 .T :
Dally, per year. -wvrMr,ffr'r',';f Si,
Trl-Weekly, per (.ar.:...r.,...'..-. V'lS
, Weekly, per year .. ...J.Al.t i'tou
The President's Message.
' 'ThlLdMnmenL tr'anamlUed from Washlogtoo
by telegraph, and necessarily somewhat imper
feotoo tbat aoooont, wili be found la our col-
arnnsj - It (A devoted icausivei., to toe one
sreat toots biub now aaltates tbe, country and
attracts iba aMenlion ot the world, aad its
facts, teasoDings and reoommenaations win oe
egasplne4 with nor or less care, as the people
may be inclined to investigate the aubjeot, or
oonteui themselves with tbe widely proolaimed
polioy of pushing on the war. vTbe President
doubCest intend a high compliment to the men
corapoeing the army, when he deolaree that
there is tearoeiy ) regiment "irom wniea tuerc
could bos be selected a president, a cabinet, a
ooogifoss, and perhaps a court, abundantly com
petent to administer the .Government itself."
r. , - i i!-j . i.tniy
AS uilDga go, we are juuiuicu tu,u u
lomew bad high-wrought eulogUm upon our oi tl
ten eoldiery, subeUnnaly deserved,. - Certainly
there U not on frm which a person could not
be selected, qualified to present the subject mat
ter of our national diflioultlcs, In a clearer and
more coijciee form, than has been done in tbe
paoer under considerations...
. .The - hitoicl portion oi tho. message is not
Itkeiv to attract, oariicular attention, since all
th facts which it recites are inlly known to tbe
public, and so fresh In tne recollection or lnioi.
ligent readers as scarcely ' to require a repro
duoilon. The account of the proceedings rela'
tlrata Fort Sumter, omits to state all the elr
outBttances,' and jhe vacillating poller of the
Government on that subject,' Perhaps that was
not Decenary, since thesr have becomfrqdeB
Hons of the past,' and Congress has Only to do
with tho existing ana aciaai circumstances con
nected with the war.' . -" '
There Isreallv but one lmoortant ' considers
tlnn in the meisaee. and that Is the demand for
400,000 men and $400,000,000 to carry on the
war . Tali IS the point upon wnicn tne Aomin
iitration festa Its hopes, and possessed of whiob,
it will be able to oarrv on tbe war. with tolera
bl visor. , We do not doubt that this' will be
granted, and certainly, If tbe momentooa Israel
. ' . . . . . . ! - I. J
wnoee aoiuuon we are attempting are w no uc
termined by military power, the calt of the Ex
eatlve Is no larger than the circumstances will
reuulre. Precisely br what system tbe Sim,-
000,000 required this year, and the thousands of
millions which must be had before' the War
closes, are to be raised, does not at thie .Hlme
appear quite dear. V .-
l bo rresiacnt virtually aomiia me csrrect
nessof the allegations which have been made
in various quarters, tnat in mt omciai action ne
bat gone beyond the line ot Constitutional and
lesal rower, when be asks that Congress shall
ratify the acta in question... lie says, "these
measures ftbe call for three yean' volunteers,
and! for large additions to the tegular, army,'
wBetner strictly legal or not,, were emerea
moil under what appeared to be a popnlar de
mud and public necessity," thus placing the
Kiecutive estimate of "a popular demand and
public necessity" above toe Constitution and
tbe laws, w trust tnai tms aamiieion or me
Chief Magistrate himself, will be accepted by
onrl oity cotemporary which call upon ns to
tell when President Lincoln "dared to disregard
the Constitution," and charges as with "wilful
and unscrupulous falsification," for attributing
to the Executive what is here freely admitted
in th message to Congress. ' '
-: The allusion bv the President to the proceed
tu iVi ernrandum the piteiLage of the. Welt ofi
ktota arput, aoei not, tnat we can see, throw
txfiuem llflha npon tbat quaatlon Certain! the
Administration view of. the case Is not as well
rjresented ts it has been done a hundred times
by the Republican newspapers. , Possibly the
Attorney General, whose opinion I promised,
may present a strooger iuatification. for execu
tive interference with this great safeguard for
tbe liberty of tbe eitiaen. , ' , '.
There can br no question, we think, that
Congress will fully sustain , tha Government n
providing men and so tar as it may oe aois
means for carryisg on the war. Whatever may
be the opinion of members respecting the neces
sity for its commencement, the means for its
vigorous prosecution wiU npt.be withheld so
long as mere is connaence in tue Aaminiscra
tloq under whose direction it is to be prose
onted. or until some oeacemi method or ad mat'
N. Y. of
Gen. James's New Projectile.
The flying artillery of th Seoond Retiinen
of Rhode lalo4 have been organised only about
a month, and aro armod, wliu lien. James's
rifled cannon' In presenoe .of Gov, Spragoe,
and prominent military-oiliouri. Senators, and
oitlrens, yesterday afternoon,: eighteen shells
weqe ired on Morrnment Square, in fiftj-two
seconds. after the order to load was given the
una being . all aimed so as to concentrate tbe
ra on the river noon .a very small surface.
Tbe shells exploded when they struck tbe it-'
terj Rod sent the, fragments about in all direc
tions,, showing a dreadfully destructive power)
If tsed against bodies of, men advancing upon
the) position. After repeating tbe exhibition
of firing "rapidlyatbe guns were, trained to file
down tha. river, tnd were set at higher eleva-
hops than could o given wneonrisg across tbe
river. At ten degrees elevation, shot War sus
tained ia tbe air alxteeu seconds, and thrown
13,500 feet, or about two mile and two thirds
At seventeen degrees elevation, tbe shot were
sustained Iwonty-flve eeconds, and : were-, sent
three mile and a naif; and At nineteen segtee
elevation, the lime was tbjrty-iv. second, Md
th dutanoe ever four rnHs..ui ,, ri t
The boos used were tbaordiaarv united States
bronsa 6-poander field pieces, so far as
ttrior is concerned. They are bored a trifU
latger inside than the tpounder, and lined
eordlng to U en oral James's. plan: lb proieo-
tiles weigh thirteen aad r halt pound when
solid, and twelve pounds when made a sbeUa,
In additloR to the greater range, and accuracr
which retail from thi oonBtruotlon, anothet re
markable effecals preduecd, which. Is th great
er ee to the aun.jiotwitbstandinK tha becvesa-
ed weight of the projootil. -This effect is illus
trated by the tact Wat a.charg cj one and
half pounds af pawder 1 beuiod a b pound round
shot, repeated three, tinea, will always swell
enlarge ona of these tuns so that it external
shtpe is visibly altered, and two pounds of pow
der, wttn. the same dmi, win destroy tn gun
eotirelvi whereas, with thJmeplanofriaiuf
and projeotilei projectile weighing iourteeu
pounds have been fired fllity time out of the
same gun rifled, with a charge, of two poand
pf powder, without producing any ehaoga what-.
evei in tne tmn, in unto ona w taese Ran
was fired with twe and a hAlf pounds of rin
Dowder and a iburteea-pound hot without pro-
ducinz any Injury to the gqn,. although iha
hot was sent i twthat aa trAoe.ofJt.wM erei
ioundnirii .nt-r.., 'a r-.y .wy :.:n '-. a
The UniUd States Government has bad
three new , batterleA rifled by -Gtuttval dames,
sad is .having its, old one rifled. Jn th same
way.eTha State of Ohio, lUjnneoUouta Indiana,
Khoda iBlasde sad AlaisactLasetca. sisa are pre
vided with tbese lormljjaOi guns, wboe .auier
States Sre arraoging te hve helr old b Merle
tinea aid provided, witn uenerai, James pro-
Philadelphia Press.
Curiosities of the English Census.
SlLiTiv POrtATlbw Of LANDOrf and tsi
liciat, Towivsrxcraa er vmulm in triOLimr.
.ji ....
W mta . TaJaA VVSA.A a.JS..11.-f Irrit aiai""fts
1 ni irwirA m. wtmrm aaaa iwa.-. - "Ait""
! The ReRiatm-Ganarat estimate tha nam
ber f English, emigrant from the United King
Hum tn tne sen years oetween icui aim aoua
Edu.ziu. ana returns tne1 numoer 01 reciewrea
hirtha aver feeritered death bt thA aanta per to
t 860,676, , .Thi weuld WST n iflcreasaoi
l,62U,4b6, but th tetual augmenuuon enumer
ated on tbe 8th of April waa 2,134,116. Allowing
that 513,750 birth mutt ftavpa4 uaregister.
ed U th tea yeAre.,-Itpprs tbat the popula
tion oi Loiuton is nearly equal to that of the twenr
ty leading provincial towns having a population
m wa tnl I Dnliam Pleminnriava
OI IO.UUV IU4VI Hjllf IWJWW.uu dwstwsutAtBisaay
Bradford, Brigton, Bristol. Hull, Leeds,
Liverpool, Manchaster, 'Newcastle, Norwich,
NttlaIrhanl. 'Oldham. ' Ports mmtbi Presto,
Salford .Sheffield, Stoke-upon-Trent, Sunderland
and Wolverhampton all pot together,' trie '
T ! al a .a mi DfM Ai l U. t. L.A. i. U
anti t, niyWu.mr-- f. 6-rV. "U
troptHsrjvlnga,Bl,U34 innaDitanis, anninesi
ntsiwlssrisa svetaM fiAKJMiLr Vilt SOtW.l
i u , ii T i iT i,.oini mnp
INVIUUIfl. kUQ ItthlCl IJ,,MWW.V'lM-"-'"Ji
rapMly than that of the metrnpolW, the aug
mentation TiavlnBi been 4(r,798 lb London,;as
compared ith o9l,'05ij In the provlsotai to wast
so that. CobbetL's area wen' is not. as torn
assume, Absorbing ail the power of the state. .
.vWith regard to forty three seeoiidary townv!
the population of which range between uo.duu
abd (0,000, an" advanetv bas -beea- made from
1,414,093 in lb51,to 1,653,3(40 la 18GI, showing
an augmentation of 23993;. and, 107, still
smaller, towns, tucluding, 'as In' the' case
of their larger brethren, the addition made
to many of tbenvfor ParUamentary pnrpoies,
bSving a population .of, from 5, 000 to 20,000,
bad hi, loai y:4,UJo, aoa in toot ya.ooj in
habitants, showing an augmentation of 43,361.
Tb metronolltan dietriot ooosequently increas
ed In -populAtioa at the rate ot eighteen per
cent.) tbe creat eenters of manufacturing Indus
try at tbe rate of twenty-four per cent j the second-class
towns at the rater of seventeen per
oeat.f and the little boroughs at the rate of tour
epfenk.1?Ja fourteen still muiler townships,
faatrtOK less, than 0,000 inhabitants each,' the
TvrtnnUt Ion remained all but stationary, being
' r . mm.. e r ir w r a a ci i aL.A
6-J,I(J3 in 1851, tno o,o; in ioui r ew no
fewer one gets in the seal th mors stagnant
one finds the tide of bumsn life. - )- - - -.
: "The -excess of the fair. sex h.ogand
amnnnti to the alarmlnit ISreS total oi om.vzi;
but this dispropArllon between the sexes I -hot
universal th revgnar sexee ot .awatgiii - uoiug
in a majority in Derbyshire, Durham, Essex,
Herefordshire, Kent. Hampshire,, Staffordshire
and i Westmoreland. In Middlesex" there ire
163,389, and in Lancashire 88,100 more womea
than men, and tbe agricultural oosnwes aiso re
flect the-ooutinuous drain, of emigration upon
their adult male population." "' , " ' "
- si -
rieoubilcans id Roman; Democrats In itatte. rte-elwt.
if ed membersmarked -wttnaa isanseJte 1
XxLiroiina, f - , .
June XeDwgal, (IJn)
mtan.8 tathan
1 I '
Jkwss'plxsH c '
? iosriicTietrr.-'' -' ' "a r
o cm UfayetteS, lostsx
ooi ,-. ' f mi was. ... ,.j
4amt i. Sayari " Wlltard Savlibvr.
r .., Lyman Tiasibull,
0. U-Brownlug i
iHMsiia. ,
HenryS.' tan -
JmD. Bright
. I'll OJ J-,. -J
.-ii.aw'..c'J, a ax -
James rj. flrlme
, James Harlan ,
.. xaNsas. . , ,
' '8i O.Pomeroy -
Jam, s B. Line
lanTDCIT. . e-j-,
yrA0, JrsciiirW;s
'' icaiKi.' r' ""
!. - Wllltia Pitt reasesdsa
ZaeeraA, W. fovtU
lot M. Motrlll ' 1
i i1.t o.fr r . j- aLan. v r.
AirrtiojiT Bjwsiby (AmJ , anu J..rFtarc
!'.' " MAisacnrsxTTS '""J
Cbarfe Sumner' ' Meury,Wlllo 't -
, jturnreeT.. ,
EtnryM. Bltt Morton 8. Wintmson-
" " '" aiisoent." ' ; '
thuttnPoH . . -JohMon .,,
kew natmBisr.
John P. Hals Daniel Chrt
,'' BiwnmoiT." ''' , ".-'
John S. Thompson John a ten Eck
I ' SEW ToKsT"
PrestcB Kleg --, - - Ira Harris
J ' '! i--r: s-eaio.c: ..wi? '
BenJaiaJnl'. Wade , , JohnShermau
Edward V, Btkar
Oeorga W. Nesouh ,
' r. TajamClwaeVW""! '
DsvldWilmoU: RdgarCswan
. -i
anrjDi ulaitd.
James t. Simmons. ,
,,) Henry . Anthony
I .,( i . f . - . Traxxiiaa.
Andrew Johnton (Up.)
A. O. P. Slchoito
BBSrOBT,-' - '
Belomon Pool r , . Jacob CoUamer
:;. ' ...
James It- DooUttle
- Timothy Howe.
Two mem. to b elected.
S. Wm.O. 6teU ,. .
4. (reorgt T. OoU
5. jehemiah Perry
risw real,
I. V. ffenry Smith ' '
3. Jfeee J. MdeU
3. Manj- Wood
4. Jamt S. ,enigin
5. Wm.Wall
. Pred. A. tlonkling
7. Elijah Ward . -1
S. Jsoao O. lulaplaine
9. Edward BaioM
COHmOTlOBT. ' . .
I. pwlghtLoemis
3. Jane E.Ettglith
3. Alfred A.'Biiraham '
, 4. Oeorge O. Woodruff
f dklwaisJ' -
George P. Iflster, People's
1 ,. ILLINOIS. . .
Elihu B. Washburne'
Isaac N. Arhold ' '
S. Owen Lovejoy . '
4, William Kellogg
William. A. Jtiahard
eon -
10. Chas. H. Van Wyck7
11. tfoAis B.Steele
IS. Stephen- Baker ' '-:
John A' Mc01rnanP
Jama 0. Bebtneon
IS. Abraham B OlmT.
14, ErantM Qornina
15. James Bt McKeau ' 1
Id. Wm. A. Wheeler
17; Borates N. Hbenaso j
8. PhUHr . tank
v. John A. J-ogan"
John lam
JntnetA. Craven
IS. OAisamcey ilibarq
William M. Dunn 1
William 3. Eolman
aucuara arancnoi
WO. Rosooe Conkllng
kit. R. Holland DutU '
if Oeorge W. Jalian "
Albert O. Porter" 4 '
ti. Wm. Lansing
ixlt. Ambrose W. Clark
Janiel V. Voorhttt '
S. Albert B. White ... ,
i4. Charles B- Sedgwick
9. Schuvler Colfax'.
S5. The. M. Pomeroy t.
SlK Jao. P. Chamberlain
10. William Mitchell '
J, P.O. Shanks ' ;
I IM IOWA. u '
. Ales. 8-Pivea- -. .
Wt, Robert B. Van yalkea-
I burgb
4. Alfred Rlj''1 ' "
1. 'Samuel K. Ourtlst ,.
wunam vanuever-
BAirtAS. '' '
Ml. Aagesru frank'' :
.11. BurttVanHoin
Klbrldge O. SpauMIng"
Martin t. Conway
. HcnrvU. Bnmett.
SI.. Reaban I. lenton .
(State Right;
, . OHIO.
V Oeoi S. Pendleton
S. John j.aurley ,
3. O. I. VallandWiam
4. Wm, Alien . 1 1 .
J. B. Jackson tun )
9. Hetiryarlder (Un.)
M- A. lAnnltair riin.l
. Chns.A.Wiekliffe(Un)
O.i QMrM W-Dunlap
Jamea M. Ashley :
Chilian A.. -White '
I ; , ,fUIo0)
7.1 r. manory rvn.)
8. J.J. Orlttenden (Un.)
7j UarrHen (f ustoq)
B, m l rheliKhcrger
3i William H. Wadsworth
s. wm. r. nor
1.11 ' frr,,.--,;, funsnni-iUb uarv a. xruDiHtt -
10. J. W. Henries Wo) . .11,. Valentine B-Horton
...... .- ii -.IB. fisSuIJ. am v c
1. JobnN. Oaodwln -r
IS. Samuel I. Worcester
8. Charles W. Waltott
5. flamnel O. feesenetsB'
14. Karrisoh O, Blake"
13. Jto6rtfnatn ' ,rrj
4. Anson P. Morrill
18. Wm-P. Cutler
1. Jame B. Morrit '
3. John II. Rice
. fredertckA. Pike
18. bldetey Rdgertea ;
IW. Albert O. Kiddle .
1. J.W. GrlsfleldOTn.)
ISO. John Hutchlee' ' 1"
. admiH.Webater(Un.h
U. JobuA. Bingham ,
3. C. L. L. Leary (Un.J " oai
4. -H. May (fusion) UomeS Aiei
51 . Thomas (un.J. .
6. O.B. Calvert (TTn.J
1 , - MassauBusaiwB. 3 r-
1. Thomas D. Rltot .
B. "BeuJamlU Buffingten
3, Sanjamia V. Thesnaa ,
4, Alexander H. Rice
5, William Appleton (fa
' . lion) . .. .1
ft. John B. Alley-
f. Wm. t.leyhman-
?, Charles J. Kiddle A:
. John P. Verree
. WmKelley'inj ;'
ft, W. Morris Davis ,; .
S. John Hickman'"
72mo e.uoover
8. &tmvel A. Anaona
0. Ihadtus Stevens -'
7. Daniel W. Oooob" i,.
8. Charles R- TraU ,
0. Ooldsmim P. Bailey
10, John M. Kllllnnet
11. James H. Oamobell
IS. Uendrieh M Wright
10. 4) harass Delano
1U Henry L. Dawes
r, (oem.i
Philip Johnton1
Bradley f. (Iraager ..
Pernando 0. Beaman
ranclsW. Relkwx r
Gal us naA Oroir
yuie a. oik , .
17 1 Rdward aUrbtraot,
Rowland X. Trowbridge!
18, Bamuel N. Ulalj
IU. John Coved .0171
Cyras AldrisbV ,a n
Wm. Wlodom
iia.Jttte Later
21. James K. Mbrehead
; ! - mssocai.
1. PranolsP. Blair J
Jams Rollins (Ant.)
Sw John it. Clark li '
4 SMah B. Jforton.
5 i John V.Reed t ir-.y
e John 8- Phetpe (Cn.)
me. nooen aicnuigiu- ,
John w . wallais
24. John Pattern
'55, Blilah Aabbta
t, Wm. P.ehefitid
z. wee. u. nrvwn u
vsBBeirr. -1 e .1;
1. Wialplal P. U.ll.n
. 71 John W. JoeW
.. I . BAsmautx,
l.-Ollman Marston'1! 'uetla 8. Merrill
, Xdward H. Rollins
8PorMt Baxu tn v
Skoma JASdwatd.!
ia" isooiiaii,'T a
I . Lu tlr Hnr,.U'J 1 1
3A. KeeetSloaA '!
IJ.gW 6TTI1K8 Kln 4c Mon, No. 11
High street, hsrs jnrt opened new stylet of Clotb
hiMka. itAievsnss sad Sowvb, kasule It) th newest
meet stylish manner. Also, kuperb flaksi
Itlaclt Mllka very heavy, deslsned eanresslr
UanUllMinAaUaemBMBi ji.lj dl JiJ.n o,j 6rrlW3
'. n.s' . n.i ! "2 " 1 "r'T e,THT!
A Canton Mattinsrs.
'i,4 : v asssw leaasj
4 sWhlle, CheckeAof sujJerlin quality.
8.. , , ) t. , , . . j. , , uin a
"Wnlta ) Red; an
for sal by
iok. -
!. 4nh23
.. Hlh
; e-"i.i i .... hi .. .; a 4 JA
The Public Works of Ohio, o i,
n . . . . .
Orrici or TU Lusitsa th. 1m 10 VC
t,; , ii'r Ccaoauue, diae ll. ism? t . 9
. 7 . W'' ll ''
Is" unaersignea nevmg Beaom tne Leasees jo taa
X Publio Works qf Ohio, isjuler tha set of May d, IHoLr
and having entered Inta the possession of said 'Works,
nereDy give nonce tual IB operating Bnoer saM taaaa, ji,J .
and discharging their duMes under the eaast, the hosV; .... .
ness will be transected with the. publio throach aienta
appointed by tha Leasees, under such rules, regulations, ,
reniricuons ana nmiiauous, ss snsi ue prescribed for
their goveramDtl -: j .,-iw i i, ti. in : iu e 'i
, Those Agsnta tot tha present, will eaasietof eoeflen. .' ,(,,
eral Agenba Tieaaurai and SeoreUrr. for th Central '
OfUeeof tbe LesMes at Columbus; and the necessary ' '
number of Superintendents of Repairs arid Oolleeiorsef ' u.'-.k
Tolls o tbe several Works csnee ned tn the mas, i-. -.n-,..v
Tha Gene ml loat, shaii he - the rlaatpal executive
officer of the Leasees, sod shall have eharre of tbe gen- "
eral business office at Columbus, 11 shall have super- u 11
vision over the business of th Lessees with the eabUei ,i .. ft
and a each ageit shall execute all eentraots, eaesps,,,
thae fb labor ind materials conneoted with tha ordina- , .
ry repairs of tbe several Works, and hs shall audit and ' . '
settle sll accounts. J i. ;' ,:
The duties or tbe Tressarer and Beoretar snail te
such as are asrallr discharged by similar officers In other
Iha' Sunerlntendenta' of Renalrs shall, on their re- - '
spectivs dlslslqns, hare power to employ and discharge
all subordinate and laborer, end to purchase all tools i .
and materlale necessary la the ordinary repair of such .
dlTMou, sad the same shall be under, their special dl- . '.
rotioa and management, ' "
Tne uoiieciors oi ions, water Bents ana rines, are -Invested
wltb ill the sutberity and power, provided -in
the lairs of the State and, tbe regulaUons of the Board '
of Public Works, made for that parpese. when such Ool- . .,
lectors ia unaer appowtmanx sua authvrlu Hons u
Ife Individual sncmbar of th Lessees shall have th , - ,
right to transact business In the name ot lb Lessees, .
with any person or persons, In any other maaaee than I -t'ireugh
In appetsted agents, enleee specially authuils-
ed by tbe Lessees so to do; nor shall any one of the ap
pointed agents have authority to transact any business :
in- the same of th Lessees, except in the psrtlcular .
branch of the business confided to falm,an4 subject lo -'
the restrictions and limitations of Us sgeney ;
s. lio authority to borrow money on the credit or me
Lessees, shall ever exist In any Lessee, agent or other: .
employee ot the Lessees, unleee the same shall be eon- , ., .
ferred by a unanimous vote of the Lessees, at a regular
meeting, and the amount so author lead to be bomwsd -
apselhsd in th order and entered on the Journal.
use. w. maavniiHv is tne ueneiai egeni n im -
Leasee, Bnjasna R. . Surra. Stessurer, and Juiiii -
Jotcs, Secretary. , ,
ThBuperintenaeatsoriierairs are; " - '
On sheMaR. Oakland W-.RsaM.Road-Josxra
Coorva, TnoMas Baows, Wb. J. Jacasos and AssraL.-
Bacbosv : r t : . .; i-i.- c. - ,ir
On- the Ohio, Walhondlng and Hocking Canals aud tha
Muskingum Improvement Rcaaaf B. nenair, tOBa
Msluk, fisanrm ktcOutTBT Brtram Msdsirt and
Rpwaao Ball. .
' Th Collectors on the Oarnle, MufklBgual Improva
meet and Maume Road, aee the asaie that ware ia tbe
service of the Stat at th time ot th axecuaoa ot the -
a-sase; dui an tne aioresau agesiie poiu uieir appuiu,-
at the pleasure aud option ot tne Lessees.
Lessees of the Publi Works.
u3awSir .
Spkiag, &.: Sumrner ' Millinery .
The Btoolc Koplenlahea
J ''"''"a-i stock of ' ' '
Spring tSc Suxnmer Millinery
Is now complete, comprising every Variety of Mtllln- '
eryj alseva large aaaortaant of EntbroUleries, . Hosiery -and
Notion, See-, and in quantities an prleM Ual can, ..
not fail t suit all who may favor is with a call. The
goods have been bought at Panic piicee, and will be sold
ataamall advince on cost.' 1
i-.. 1 . '-. ' .:-.',
j millihery 7
KIbsIiL E.YOUNG, late of Now YorkCitj', .'
wilt superintend tha, Millinery Department. Her locg
experience' In the most Fashionable Establishment in
Broadway will alone be a warranty that she will be able
to give entire satisfaction In- matters of last to all bo
may favor her with their orders.
The Ladies of Columbus sud vicinity will pieces ac- ,
eept my sincere thanks for their liberal patronage, and
wpul d resectiuiiy solicit a continuance or tne same .
;i R. H. WAKE,
48 Cant Town St., Columbus) v..
arll43n-od. . . .... ..
Gwvnne Block."
,.s dl '
'A. P.
l JiH 000D8, and Invite the publio to inspect ,. .
thegi No such stock of (Joods has ever been brought to
this market. (Th South, in consequence of th failure 'm
of tlu iraia crop, has not been able to purchase the us-
usWuaullty bf rich goods, and this fact has forced the
Importers to sell them at publio auction. , Our buyer
(Ms. Stone) beini In Mew York at these lanre sales, took
advantage of them, and we ean end will sail cargoedioxrr
ban, at lees than any ane who purchased two weeks since,
paid for them In New York. Our stock it complete' lnJ
eviWV nepartment of -l! Lttj t: )
ei;eqantdres3 silks, . ,
"T ' BROCHE VAtENCIAS; r' " '' f '-
n. i-'. , :: fKiNTED MEBINOS,. . Y 7 3
'v ; ' FKINTED COBl'RGo, t7
, . - POPLINiT PRINTS, " '
,. .i r- r 1 ' 1
vi art si bv.' sTisisf vnvnitw, !
" !l?ive Thausand : Dollars Worth a u
livullli lu vug aiv T ,
l.-. i 0 . in ;ji.iT '"
V 'fcJJT
Mob's. Udlee aod CblWren's Vnder Shirts and Drawers: t
Ladles, Mises and Ohildren't Hosiery of sit kinds, in
Wool and Lamb's Wool) fleecy Line and 0otuOkYae. '.ft
of every, make.
B : i .
!; .1 'k'jiJi'i ii
A 1 complete assortment of All tTio t
tJes"of- - , .-....v-";
of All tho usual
. I a, -.. r.m,Hci " ' J..i
1 VS.
i.i 1.1. 1 r 1 .- .
! -'liac!arMirrvsi''a ' .." uaulivci) ed.'
;3.,kc Cf. on T .: OVERCOATINOS,'- ck:
L. iin n ii I I rAi r.iro Mi-jiij. TEEP3ui
i r vi. . Z. DRE33 TRIMMIN03, "
tRdieil8n4Qent linen Canibrib fiintt
...... ! A-'''' SLA ' " "'SB
. . ,e,rcuiBis, o.. ,
to persons who call on us, wa pledge our words to
show them tbe Unrest, beat sod cheapest stock of Goods'
evoke, taw Bwrtst ur My uisat bb .aoiiar 4WA
I Ml-VCOM ti Hilt
' -'' v ' -i' r i rln : :-- " '
oris!; Clothiiis
; 1 !- IT& ."If y. ,'j f-i'N r ifi-.y.-. "5 1 fjt.4
j LiiprioaeM ANB'wiotiariUAssusniiIl i
No. 308-W.' BiutitribrePetfeet,'
,, iff v,M f A-.'-i,t!i J iifrli tr-jiVae,
targe 'Atior'tmeVt, pf" Piece and rdrnlshitig1!
f OotOBdlf ';:.?t .s
i f.-.w H -u -i.i'-7

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