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(3)l)i0 Statesman
XAXTrxSHT OTII.CT, ruhllshers.
Democratic State Convention.
At a maettne; of tbe Democratic 8 tot Ceo-
tnl CotaUltiee held In Columbus, on the 5th
dT of Jul t.1861, It wm ,,.-,......
Rtithrd. That II i nHot bold a Demo-
aretle Bteite Oooventton at Uimoue, oa i -redfceetlay.
Afft Tlh, lseit '
.0 nomiee Demoevstia State Ticket, to be
annnortssVet the Oelober eletioft.' ' "i
Rle'd: further, That all the lectori of the
State of Oblo, who ere in levoror perpetuating
the nrlnainlce noon wbloh our Union wee found
ed, end e oonvlneeel that the preeent Slew
end Nji&inel Admlalitratione ere'whollv In
oompotoai to manage the lovernmeni In 1U
preeent erltloml swodlisoo, ea well m all who ere
oppoted'td the groee extravataae end eorrap
tlon nod to elarmloglj prevalent in public af
fairs, a aaraestly invttea m hum wtut ui
Deaooreaw in thie hour of our oeuntry'e pwll
na was reoeem toe bibis, em piece iw
ministration In competent hands. . '
Betottd, further, thet the bull of represen
tation 1rt said Convention be one delegete for
everj 6Q0 voir, end en eddltlonel deleirete lor
frsotiea of 960 end npwerds, celt for Thomas
J. S. Smth. for Supreme Judge et the October
lection th 1860. end thet it be recommended
thet the counties elect their delegate! on thie
beeie. - . -...'', u1.'; :'. . i.
Tbs tfemocracv of Ohio end ell other eon
servatlv Union men. who ere willing to co-oper
ate with them on the ibote basic, ere reqneeted
to meet In their respective; eountUe at wen time
aa tbeiooal committee! may designate, and ap
point dtegatee to the Democratic Convention
on th '7Ji of AncuaL to nominate a State
ticket. tabe supported et the Ootober election
It la presumed that no lorer of hie country
will require promptiog at thie time to Induce
him tfl. dUcharge hie doty, end therefore the
Committee le lopreeeed with the belief that the
ooaotlce will eagerly reepond to thie call, and
that an' Impoelng Convention will assemble in
Cjlombue et tlie time dealgDetod above, and
put la'Vomlnatlon a' ticket of food and tree
men, to be supported for the various State of
Boee on. the 84 Tuesday in October next, '
WM. MOUNT, Chairman.
WM. J. JACKSON. Secretary.
Nominations—The Toledo
The Toledo fiJeJs, like the Cleveland Ltaitr
and Sandusky RtgUttr,U in an awful bad hn
mor, at the Demooratlo State Central Commit-
te, for calling a Democratic Convention, for the
parpoje of nominating a Demooratle Unloi
$Mt ticket. We deeply commiserate the con
dition of oat Abilitioa friends, aud if It ve
consistent with our views, and the welfare ol
the country, we would gladly use our Influence,
to have the call so worded that they might be
admitted as members of the Convention. From
the wording of the resolutions of the committee,
these papers are no doubt excluded though we
hoped that they would reconsider, their course,
which has brought our beloved country to Its
unhappy condition, and unite with na la an at
tempt to redeem the nation from ite perilous
condition. If our friends, are not of tboee "who
are In favor of perpetuating the principles upon
which our Union waa founded," of course they
have Bo bnsiaeee U the convention.: And if they
are aet satisfied by this time "that the present
State and National Administration, are wholly
incompetent to- manage the government in Ite
present critical condition," then there Is no hope
for tbem ever being satisfied with anything, no
ma'.ter how plain It Is made to almost any un
prejudiced mind. There are none so blind as
they who won't see. .
If tbey are not 'opposed to the cross cxtrav
gaoce and corruption now so alarmingly prev
alentin public offices," we. don't want tbem
In the Convention. They are not included is
the call. What the condition of the National
Government will be, when the "powers that be"
release their hold, time alone will determine.
But so far as they have gone, our writ fears
will no doubt be fully realised.
As for our State affairs no one ventures to
a apoloc lie for them. The condemnation Is
anlvereal, emphatic and overwhelming. .
Tmsu miluom or doixaas were aporopriat-
1 by the Legislature, to be paid from the hard
warnings of the people, almost without asking a
question. It was put at the disposal of ths
Executive, three months since, and what la our
condition nowl Of its improvident expenditure
the whole Motile have complained. No one
defende it that we know of. And now, at this
day, about skvkm bditdud tboosako boxxabs
have been paid out, and about Twttvc cndbbb
raoosaMB totuu of claims are in ths hands
of eltisens, who are clamoring at the doors of
the Bute offices for payment, and cannot be
paid. The officers of the State after sMaaiee
oar btate bonds about in this Bute, are now la
New York, going through the same operation
The bonde of Ohio always regarded as first
elate bonds In the market will not command
83 cento on the dollar, though It is known that
no people are mere prompt in the payment of
their, taxes than the people of Ohio, or bear
them with more patience. This loss of credit
does not arise from any fear, on the part of
capitalists, that the people will repudiate their
just engagements! but from the knowledge that
the State Government is la Incompetent bands,
and that the money has been squandered in a
saost villainous manner, in outrageous contracts,
bestowed upon political fevoriteo, to such an
extent that the tax payers will become outraged
at the infamous expenditure of their money,
thereby rendering its collection tardy. '
111 the face of these facts, not denied, the
Blodi aayet 'It remains lor the people oi Ohio
to rebuke this partisu sobsme and gross attack
apon, the Government." The Democracy make
no attack upon jhe "Government." They pro
pose to remove the tarn who art administering
the 'Government," and who have brought it
into discredit aad disrepute. The Democracy
made the Government, and they are determined
to remove the elan who are rapidly subverting
It.. (The attempt to dub the effieobolders the
'Government" will not do. , It le the "Govern
aenf'we would' eave) by taking it out of the
heads of mea who arc Incompetent to adminis
tcr.Jts affairs. ';.' .'-
Again, the BUM esyst "This is the first die
tlnot movement toward reviving the olJ politir
cal division la the ioyai 8teta." .
Tot BU4$ to sadly at fanlt on this point.
Did, or did' hot, the Republicans, as a ftrfjr,
hold a Cooveotloa and nominate Mr. Wobcxstib
estbe ftaetiiee candidate for Congress, la
the Hnroa district? .Did, or did tbey sot, bold
a Convention and nominate Mr; Haaux as a
Awns boa candidate la the Warren district?
Dave not the RrpullitM nominated a full JJs-
ftilint ticket In California? - Have sot the
JJrjaii stas nominated a full RfMicin ticket
In Vermont! Did the1 Krpatficeae not, by a
party Cooveoiion, nominate Mr. O'Niu in the
second district la FhiUdelpuleT ,. (
With these foots before the country, what J
sheer-nonsense it is for the BUd to put forth
such statement ae thbK "i ,i
If ths Republicans as a party are disgusted
at the, complete failure of their organisation,
and are satisfied that they are Incompetent to
adalalstet the Government4et them dltbsnd
the ooncern.and stop their hypocritical whining
about no partyism, especially while theif Ad
ministration Is wielding the cxecutlonetis axe
with a political vengeance-never before ex-
coued.,;.,.., ,;! "
G. V. Dorsey on the Crisis.
' We publish elsewhere a letter from G. Vol
mr Doubt, of Miami county, on . the preeent
otatc of publlo affaire, and the manner in which
be thinks the political parties of the country
ehoald aot in the premise Our readers will
tire to Dr. Bonsai's letter a eareful examina
tion and due consideration. For ths author we
nave the highest respect,' knowing him to bs a
patriotic oltixca and an honest mas. , The ob
jeota he baa la view are moat praiseworthy, aad
U we believed that his plan for accomplishing
them was at all feasible, we shonld second hie
efforts aad the efforts of those who coincide
with blm. But we do not) and besides, we rc
gard the cant of some of the Republicans (the
number Is not large), who pretend to be for a
Unloa party and nothing else, as insincere and
hypocritical in the extreme. No Just and pro
per union, can be formed with the Republican
managers, and their objeot In making the pre
tense, le simply to draw off the publlo mind
from the gross rascality and corruption, which
thus far have marked the progress or the war,
aad will continue to disgrace , the country as
long as Republicanism is In the ascendency, or
has any control of public affairs. 0 - -
The Uaioo, If preserved, must be prwerved
by the Democratic party.. The war and all Its
incidents, if made effective and successful, m ait
be placed In Democratic hands ' throughout
The army is vasly Democratic; but it is palsied
and paralysed in its operationa and mevemente
by the incompetent clvillane kow holding poai-
lions In all the departments, both State and Na
tional. The complete and. thorough organln
tlon of the Democratic party, and the nomina
tion by-it of a full, ticket -of sound, Union,
constitutional Democrats, of ability and Integ
rlty, instead of damaging our cause, will give
additional confidence and Strength to It; and if
the ticket be elected, as it will bo most certain
If, new life and energy will he Infused Into the
llltary operations, and the people will have
their con fid nee In or eased, and consequently
give to the great work additional and now
nttgj. ..,.
The organisation aad restoration of the Dem
ocratic party, Is, In our opinion, a necessity to
our existence as a nation, aad . therefore to be,
as we think, applauded and approved by all
true, good and loyal ciUsens. ' Every man of
common sense must seo that the Republican
party is wholly unequal to the great task, and
(n the progress of the wcteat It will be over
thrown, and go out of existence with the uni
versal consent and condemnation of the people.
Wc hope that Drl Dobcxt will rsvisw hi
opinions, believing that If he do, the conclusion
he cost ultimately arrive at, will be In accord
ance with what we have expressed above. -
The Telegraph and the Newspaper
The Telegraph and the Newspaper Press.
The Cincinnati papers did not publish the
President's message on Saturday morning) the
reason being, In the optoloafif the proprietors.
"that tky ptaetiaed upon unfairly by the
Associated Press, the Telegraph Conpaa 7-
erally, or its representatives In Cincinnati, or
by somebody else," In respect to the transmis
sion of the message. Io referring to .the sub-
ject, the Put of that city seyst
"The Drtoc of telegraphto matter to newsaa
oers In Cioolnnati has recently, notwithstaod-
inc the nreesure of tbe times, and the ffreat
consequent Increase to tae vame oi money,
been considerably advanced. Wc are paying
what le equivalent to more than double what
we were paying three montbe agoi and this,
without a oorrespoading increase in quantity,
or as the pubilo is well aware any thieg that
reeemblee aa improvement In quality. And
when, in addition to thie, a tariff which was
thought exorbitant, was put spoa the meseage,
under the idea that, being Indispensable, we
could not choose bat pay -whatever should bs
demanded, we, one ana all, coneiuae not to
trade '
"The circumstance Is one and we say it with
extreme regret, tor wc entertain no feelings
but those of kindness toward the proprietors
end local managers of the telegraph line, In
ibis city which shows how difficult it Is for
men to avoid availing themselves of ths means
which the exclusive ownership of comethiog
necessary to the public, affords for- making
money. Wealthy by. accumulated gains, and
powerful by the poseeealoo of that which is
equivalent to a monopoly, this company has the
ability to advance ita prices In the face of a
moot anprccedentad rednotlon in the value of
every tblng else; nor, were tneir exaouone ten
times as exorbitant, thave the public or the
press any recourse but to pay, or to decline
to avail themeelves of the facilities,, which it
Wc submitted to the exaction, although we
felt that it was aa outrage, and famished the
readers of tbe ttsfcemc with the message re
oeived by telegraph: .What is said by the Cin
clnnati Press about the conduct of tbe tnoaop
oly is true, and for one we feel that the time
has oome whea the proprietors of the Weetera
press shonld have come concerted action to re
lieve themselves (from the exorbitant charges
which we Imposed upon them by the telegraph
company, or the agents of the Associated Press,
or "somebody slse," for wc confess to our igno
rance of where the whole abuse and blame are
properly ohargeabU' ' . , ? - : .t '.,','? r.
There Is one thiol, however, of which we feel
quite certain, end thet is that the Ass sola Ud
Press Agents are a nuisance, and even worse
than that. : Two-thirds of tbe gossip aad- stuff
which tbey send over the wires, is of saoh a na
ture that oo ludioions editor would think of
extracting it from his exchanges and publishing
it In bis columns, and yet aa it comes by tele
graph, It nods its way by a sort of compulsion
into ail the papers that take tbe dispatches, and
an exorbitant price Is. paid for I Into the bar
gain I
We submit to oar cotemporarieS" whether an
efft tbonld aet be made to oorreot the abuse
and Imposition which all admit exists.' Atnl
ted movement Would work a moat salutary to
form. ' -'. - - ; .
Surgeon General Shumard.
From tbe Ohio State eerxsl of July 5th, w
clip the following;
"Grief sod Indignation pervade thVAwfe
In vlsw of tae following faoti ... . . i
A DBsnoaBLi Taarroa Drv G. G. 6ba
mard. formerly vt Fort Smith, Arkinaas. we see
br the papers, has been appointed Jurreoft of
ea.Obie reatment. The earns detesuble traitor
was so SDDlicant for tbe came 'position in the
First Arkansas Kegimrat, sua trie txjs com
posing it. If tbey should ever ses him', wilt give
mm an opportunity oi practicing o art upon
himself.'" ' - '
Csn It be posiilbls that this le tie same Deo tor
SRDVaBO appointed by Gor. Dmrmsow Burgee
Geoeralt - . fl',' .?.f,V
If so, be Is the same man who could not pass
the sxamlcatioeof lid Board of Examiners, as
KC Inforaei. ' "
of the Cincinnati Commercial.]
From Beelington, Virginia.
" Th 9rigadC - Oca.- Morris oommandlag, left
PhllUppl thU morning at 9 o'olock lutbe follow
ing orderi IadUna Vth, Ohio 14th, Barneifs
Artillery, Indiana 7th,1 three companies of the
Oblo ISth, three of the Ohio 16th, body guard
Company E, 9th- Indiana, squadron of Cavalry,
Indiana bib, one oompany of the Virginia Si
and ihe tOhlo 6ih.-. There were also several
companies of the 1st Virginia la theoolamn.
Tae force to about 4,500 effective mea. Ooe
oocspaoy of the Indiana 9tb and one of the Oblo
Mibtook tbe advance as eklrmisnere. iney
fired apon a body of 40 of the rebel oavalry who
fled, end -were tracked by their blood, but no
formidable opposition was mads to our advance
autil we reaobed this place.-. Company G, In
diana Via, Capt. Moody, advanced round a bin
to the south of this point, and entered a thlokly
wooded bill on tbe left ot tbe road'. They bad
nearly reached the summit, when 400 conoealed
skirmishers fired by platoons on tbem, killing
private William Garber, from Bradford Sta
tion, Ind. .' He was shot through the forehead.
The Indiana boys Yell back upon their regi
ment, which was advancing on tbe right of tbe
road, but not till tbey had brought down some
of the rebels, who still hold thai hill, as an or
der net te advance was given, We have thus
occupied tble strong position,1 commanding the
roads to Pbilllpol and Morrantown completely
cutting off the rebels on this sids. Three pieces
of artillery, tbe 7th end 9th Indiana and Ohio
14th. cuard the road from Laurel Hill, with
strong picket thrown out to bold every point1
oecuplea BBtrmtsning le constantly going en.
We shall advance aa soon as intelllrenoe is re
calved from McClellan's column, which is now
moving up from Beverly. ' Our troope oame
tbroogh lo admirable order, arriving nere at 7
dock. The citizens the rebels
BEELINGTON, VA., (near Grafton).
July 8th—P. M.
The tidings from McCJelUn are that he is
supposed to be sdvenolug from Beverly. .There
Bae Qeeaenerpakirmiaoingaii oay on toe wooa
ed knoll to the left of Beellngton, andalong
tbe ttne oocunied br the Ohio Fourteenth. Our
battery threw several shells and a few rounds ol
grape and conn later into tnc enemy, supposed
to be one thousand strong, wbo yet hold the
knoll., About fifty of tbe Indiana Ninth and
Sixth, and Ohio Fourteenth, rallied and rushed
into tbe woods as the sbelt burst, and shot down
a number of ths rebels, wbo in torn rallied
strongly and drove them back, kllUi'g John
Smith of tbe Indiana Sixth, and wounding three
others siigbtiy. Uur boys round lorty or orty
dead bodice In the woods, and brought off uni
forms, anas, etc.. V .'
Tbs Georgians are dressed lb gray, tbe lack-
ess elmo I the same aa those of tbe . Indians
troops-." -
During the day, the pickets of tbe Oblo Four.
teentb killed two mounted scouts, sod captured
three horses and three others of the enemy-'
The nicketo or tbe Xadlana Ninth bare killed
five men, wbo were seen to fall. After ths
firing of tbe first sbells, the enemy were icsn
Carrying oa dead Dooiei on utters or poies.
Two men Cf the iddiana Ninib were wounded
sllshtiy.-. ., "V.
he rebels arc armed with Minis rifles and
common muskets.. They dare not come oat of
ths woods, .... " ; ,;
Gjo. Telletson, Company D, Burnett's Artil
lery, waa shot in tbs thigh, while getting water
at a spring in Beellngton, He is doing well.
The same day, Frank Jero, Oblo Fourteenth,
waa wounded In ths side.'. He will recover. , 8.
B. Brown, Company D, Sixth Indiana, fas also
woonaea in me arm, nut augntry.
has been three killed.seven wounded, not fatal
ly, aad one or two mlMiog. ' 1
..The body of WmGarard, killed In the first
skirmish yesterday, was tied up to a tree by the
rebels to draw our force. '.Several pounds of
stryobnine and arsenio were found by our boys
in- Dooglass store, In Beellngton. Douglass
bis fledVTOti n "lifer whs -cttay-tam,
doiasr with thaaa nelsons. Our bovf arc In
tni plrtw, aud wilt Cgtas' to Ida dcarbrr-The
rebels outnumoer us, out we noia a strong posi
tlon. The rebels have withdrawn their battery,
Tbsv have semstbinx afloat. - '
July 9ih. 7 P. M. There were several alarms
during tbe night, and considerable skirmishing
bets-sen tnc ptcxeta. as near ss we can ascer
tain, the rebels bare lost, in killed and Wound'
ed, about sixty. One of the first Virginia reg
Imenta to re Doited to have been taken prisoner.
The rebels are reported to have been reinforced
and were seen tents.
' Our woods took possession of the hill this
morning, where exirmisbing has been going on
for two daya past. The rebels have probably
fallsa back, and are reported going out toward
Beverly. Tble report to not authenticated. A
prisoner captured this morning reports the rebel
foroe at 6,600. He says over 1,000 would sur
render It they knew they would not be killed on
Their officers tell them would.
[Correspondence of the Cincinnati Commercial.]
Pickets at Bird's Point Fired
CAIRO, July 9.
Em. Cow: The clcksts around the came at
Bird's Point were fired Into last night by arebel
scouting party,numberlogsoms fifteen or twenty
men. Several shots were interchanged with no
serious reealt, at leaet to our men. The great
est excitement was manifest, both at the Point
and Csmp Defiance. The boye were ready In a
moment, thinking that perhaps there wee a
[Special to the Cincinnati Commercial.]
,. AU realPf important information regarding
army foroec or movements being again Interdict
ed by telegreph, recourse to tbe mails is the only
alternative. ' ' - i.
Unaeoeeeary exoitement was created to day
by Jeff. Davis's spy under a fltg of truoc, bear
ing a letter to the Preeldeat. No answer
was returned. It was a Weak invention of the
enemy.' " ).! v-A . n: a ..
la Congreet the chief feature waa the com
memoratiod of Dobglae. 1 Tramball'a speech
was most sale a aod lorproselve. All Senators
frear heavy mourning badges.
la the House, Cox, of Oblo, made the best
eulogy oat of sine. Crittenden's was caraest
but eoareely audible. Cox declared lit the last
great glory ef Doaglae's life that he insisted ea
maintaining the Government egalnet the Great
tteeeiiioa oi oixty-uos, auneagn too uov
eromeot Was administered by hie chief aa
tagooist, aad although lm malnUlnknce might
cost the Uvea of a bandied thousand of his
Irteods. '- .-.": j .. : ,. ;-i ; .. . .f s; v -;
Toe bill for tbe payment of the volunteers
passed wltboatbppoeiiwa from any quarter. -
Lovejoy brought ap tbe first of toe reaolnt iocs
tbas were defeated yesterday la a body. It de
clares h not the duty ef our soldiers to rcoapture
and return fugitives. After excited oppualtioa
by Catlile, oi Virginia, and Mallory, of Kan
tuoky, demanding the yeas aod nays, taken
three ttmoe, tbe reeolutioo was adopted Without
aeoate ayes, ij nays, oe. ' s i
Too Ohio membero voting ay wars Ashley,
Bingham, Blake, Cutter, JSdgertoo, Gurley
HulohiDS, Riddle, Sbellabarger, Trimble, Wor
oeeter, - egauve--Aiitn, uorton, raorrie, a
ble, Nugent, Cox,- Pendleton, Vallandlgham,
White.- Indiana affirmative Dvua, Julian,
Mitchell, For (er, Colux, Hbauks, White. Neo
auve cravens, notmaa, tvaw. - ' - i "
Jcabaa R. Giddtpgs was on the floor, end ea
gaged in a smiliog oobqay with Burnett, ef
Ay., whife tbe vote was bsisg taken. - :
KT Th, Cleveland Henli don't want th
Repablioan to nominate a jfa alHae. ticket,
bat suggests that "they Join la a popular more
(bent, etc Last fall the Republican 'was "a
.'e)Mlsi Wvetneni: What Is 'tue matter
' 1 . ! ...... ... . .. . ... ,
with it now I. Are hot your abolition doofrlnss
ss ? copula" after aneL aa they were bewref
The' truth Ir, the tfsrwM kte' seen cooagtf 't
know tbst abolitionism won't da to praotlo In
this, oountry, and 11 desire to shak it ff.
That's right, ' Get rid of it. We wish too
had seen Itoof error pafor ih' mischief af
1 v-r.i
ne (j'Q i'.
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
Letter from G. Volney Dorsey.
Ma. EditoB! I, p'eoeivo that mjp friends
Gaarof ths Clsvelsn FUiwUaUr aad Faaaa
oi the Cincinnati JEjirr,' differ In regard to
the proper actios of ihe Demooraoy In the ap
proaching fall etectloQ.-The Tatter favors a
ObmSete DemocmUaJrgabkalmtfasflthc nom-
laatioa of aa exaloelvsDexiocrati ticket, while
the former a In ftvorof merging party prefer
ence fbrthe pwseit, In a Union ticket, com
posed of good mm from each of the two great
parties of the State. ,, T.
- The oonsidsrathn of this question al the pres
ent crisis, demands a cool, oandld end careful
attention, and I tiust my fsllow oltiisns of the
State will allow bo to speak to them In this
manner, and that too." not as a oartr man. bat
as one who loreslhs Union and whose arhtat
prayer Is tor its kosperlty and for Its perpctu
It matters not wet may bars heretofore been
oof differences of opinion lo regard to politioal
mettersKwe havCalways professed devotion to
the cause oi the souatry, and bars proclaimed
oof doctrines aa ieouilerly fitted to uphold and
benent it. X bat boon try le now In danger, and
It becomes evorvua to-dav.' of whatever car.
ty or political creed he may be, to prove the
truth of bis former declarations, by evlooing a
willingness to do all in bis power lor it sattty
and nreeervation.
To those who or many years have stood,
side by side with e, io tbe political contests
of the State, Ion truly say, there to now a
time for you to emoastrato you true love of
thai great State, vbloh has stood forth so nobly
In the defense of tie rlgbte ct tbe whole coun
try. The noble ions of Ohio are already pre
pared to take tber etand on every battle-field
woere tne nig oi the Union le to be supported.
Let ue wbo are bee at home be not lew ready
to sacrifice all forthe same great oause. Here
as on the tented flild, and in the military camp,
all distinctions wh cb have existed In times past
suouia oe isia asioB. Ana we say this, not be-
ctuoe we naveanyiess predilection than former
ly for political associates or organlsitions, but
beoanse a greater and more absorbing theme
demands our attbtion, aol because "wo. love
Cellar less, but we love Rome more." It is
not the f urnituie of the house or the mode of
entertainlog Its guests which to-Uy demands
our care, but Ue question is, of tbe preeerva-
tioa of tbe houm itsell, which shelters us from
tbe storm and nom tbs tempest. Iu the prei
enco oijhis grem and momentous questioa let
all toinor considerations bs laid aside. Let hi
look tble quettios full and steadily in the face,
and let ns act as becomes men In the oresent
crisis. -, ...... I
ny farmer cotltcal CDDonsnts tbrouBkout tbs
State wbo bare kiown me and beard mv senti
ments in limes rait, will at least give me credit
lot an earnest oesiw to oontrioute, so tar ae In
mo lie, to the wel'are aod honor of this creel
State, -rVe are already approaching thai period
waich in former times, wbea surrounded br
peace and piojperlty we spoke ot war only by
symbols, we were wont to call the commence
ment of a eastesix, a political campaign. Now
wnn tne reauty ot war te upon as, wo mast
make the symbol subservient to the dread re
elity . -Tber te not a man In Oblo of any party,
or worthy lo belong to any political party, wbo
is not ready to Ufboid 'tho General Government
in all the efforts which it has made or may here
after make to support tbe Constitution and tbe
Union oi these 8wies, and, although ae Demo
crats, we opposed our Republican friends in. tbe
elevation of the present administration to po
er, still ws recognise in its bead, tbe Supreme
Executive of our couotrv, aod extend to it our
heertiett aid, In all its efforts to rescue the coun
try from impendinx destruction. -
Now it it evident to cay man obe-et all re
flects on th pieeent crisis, that' oil former
political issues mast for., the pre oat be laid
aside, must for a time at least he merged io
more important considerations, and the energies
of the whole people of tbe State must be boot
te the support and preservation of the General
Government. II then wa all agree on this point,
where then is the necessity of separate political
reanisatiposV When tbe United Btatea troops
were at Charleston, in lew, by order or tne
PiWdaat, General Jaokeon, fot tbe purpose of
aidlog la eras bug out nuliiaoatloo, and a fire
occurred which threatened to destroy tbo rebel
city, tbey engaged aotively in efforte with tbe
oitiaena testsy tbe progress of ibe destroying
element, ant tor a time all were one party in
presence of a common eoemy. So let it be
with ne Democrata and Republloan.. Rebel
lion and disunion stare ul in tbe face and threat
en with destruction tbe country which wc love,
Let us forget fast animosities and ergaga In a
united struggle lor its preservation. This can
not be dons by a separate and antagonistic or
ganisation of parties. For one, I say plainly,
I am not In favor of such organisations al ths
ensuing fall election Let neither- party hold
party .Oonrcntlonsi let ne assemble together as
union men, as lovers of a common oountry,
and form such a ticket aa tbe people can support
with a full assurance that tbeir beat interests
and those cf th whole country will bs duly re
garded and energetically promoted. , Let no
Convention be called by Central Committees ef
either or tbe old parties, but ratber by men ef
both parties, and let that Convention meet as a
Union Convention, nominate good, conservative
men from the ranks of both political parties,
and let there be an election aa la toe daya when
Mr. Monroe was voted for in Ohio for tbe Pres
idency, an tUctien without a contest. Let neither
Octavius nor Anthony have a party let there
be but one party, and that for the country.
Letter from G. Volney Dorsey. G. VOLNEY DORSEY.
[From the St. Paul Pioneer, July 3.]
Terrible Battle between the Sioux
Terrible Battle between the Sioux and Chippewas — Eleven Indians
Killed and Several Wounded.
We are Indebted to James M'Fetridgc. Eld..
iste united mates uoueotor at rembinl a, lor
the particulars of a bloody fight between tbe
Sioux and Cblppewae, of which he wa an eye
witness, at ot. josepn. oir tor rembtnta Hirer.
on the 10th of June last.
Laat summer, while th nob. Charles Grant
wa encamped with a party of hunters on
Mouse River, twelve horses wer stolen from
him by a party of Yankton Bioux. - Nothing
waa heard of the horses until tbs 10th of June
lest. When a party of thirty-six Sioux warriors,
accompanied by two squaws, arrived at 8k
Joseph with the stolen property, for the purpose
ot returning it, in pursuance or a recent treaty
made between the Pemblnla half breed hunters
snd the Yankton Sioux. The delegation with
Ihe stolen horses arrived opposite St. Joseph
aoont two o ciocx in tne afternoon i they imme
diately orossed tbe river and proceeded to tbe
residence of Governor Wilkie (a member of tbe
laat Territorial Legislature. .. -. ,
- Unfortunately, a large party of Chlppewas
nreaoa the Sioux wane tney were la tnc act ol
entering Uov. Wilkie's house. The 8ioux took
possession of the house, and removing tbe
"chinking" from between the logs, returned the
Are with affect. , From Ibis time until mid-night
a oonstant fire waa kept ap between tbe Indiana
8Ix Cblppewae, three filoax, aad two Asslnl
boioee were killed duriog tbe straggle. Gov.
Wilkie's daughter, in passing witkia rangs of
the combatant, was severely Wounded Id the
tbigb by an arrow. -Mr. M'Fetrldge describes
ibe sown as terribly exoiuogr and relates
iostaooee of great individual kravery, , One
Chippewa, a eoa of the chief, Red Bear, was
shot three time la an endeavor to enter tbe
hoaset at each ehot he fell to the ground, but
raised himself and pushed forward) bis progress
was stopped at tbe threshold by one of tbe Bioux
weaving his head inrougn to tne cnin witn an
axe- ' .,..
' The bouss oconpled by the Blosx le about
two hundred feet from tbe river. Tbo Chippe
wa surrounded it and to make their escape,
the 8ioux were compilled to run that dletauce,
aaa wade tae river to th toutn oaax, in tbs
taoe of a oonataot firs from tbslr enemies.
This they did, aided by tbe dsrkoeoo of tbe
ulgbt, with tbo lose of eno warrior, wbo wu
loaoJ dead by the Cblppewae io tbe morning oo
tbe south book of tbe stream. Tbe Sioux left
behind tbem thirty-two horses (in addition to tbs
twelve stolen ones) and the dead bodies of
three of their warriors. - $.
' Mr- M'Fetridgc etates that th residence of
Gov4 W llkie resembled e slaughter bouse en the
morning alter tbe eonSiot. Five- Chippewa
eno" two Sioux wer lying 'dead' 00 tbe floor,
which was covered with their blood. Tbe Sioux
did not scalp the dead Cblppewae in tbe bouse,
nor mutilate tbeir bodies.- Tbe Cblppewae were
more bruteli tbey cut op th bodies of hlr foot;
and burnsd tbem,. ; ,:. . A -
Althonffh the half breeds at St. Joienh ra
framed tromatlPg any part (a UU ht, tbey
are apprehensive of en attack from a body of
Bioux, now ecoamped. at Devil's Lskct. - Th
Bioux promised to ,ratura and' settle aocoouie
wuu tne lioippeweo in somber nice toe mos
quitoes a very foroible simile in that locality
Killed and Several Wounded. News from the South.
The RJohBond DiuL of the,'. 3ioontains
ilii rni.- -
' UkHxrtnui si is J i t
lautlful Confederate States flat, Ubrioa
ted.bv the fair hands of the ladies of Balli
more, has beea sentby tbem- to BU-hmond Jo
Capt. J. Ljle Clarke' company ,of Maryland
volunteer. . It will be presented to, tbem this
avenlntr. atfalx o'clock, after dres vparade at
the Fair Grounds Geo. John ,H. Winder, of
Maryland, Iuspector General, Will 'participate
in Ibe oerCmonlee Incident. to the. occasion, i oe
same oomptoy has also received a very hand
some flag of the State of Maryland from ladles
of Baltimore. ' 7 '
The Rlahmond Dinttch of Tuesday, sayst
Lieut George W. Alexander, of the first
Regiment of the Maryland Zouaves, reached
suobmond o yesterday morning wunjurtr ouu
fiiuooers of war, ojptureu on the rotomao ear'
von Satnrdav morning. The prisoners con.
slated of twenty three free colored snd nine,
teen while persons, taken onboard the8t. Niob,
olae. Thev were oommltted toUll. The Zjo
ave ResimCnt has been for some time past In
prooeee pf formation by Col. R. Thomas, of Rich
ard, Lieut Alexander (Adjutant;, jL.ieni.-r.
Oibson and others, in Baltimore.
Several shops connected with : the Virginia
Penitentiary were destroyed by fire on last Mon
day. . Loss $50,000. ' '
THi rxiiis. ' :. '
Tha vassal eantured bv the steamer St
Kioholas, after tbe Su Nicholas herself had
hum nninrd. are aa follows: Brig Monlioello,
from Biaail, bound to Baltimore, with '3.500
bage of cuffde. Schooner Mary Pierce, from
Boston, bound to Washington City, with S6D
ton of ice. Sohooner Margaret, from Akxau
dria, bound to Staten Llsnd, with 970 tons of
coal. .
Lieut, SImms, C. S. N., was put la charge of
the Mont cello: Lieut. Robert D. Minor, U. B-
N.. in charge of tbe Marv Pierce, and Lieut.
Tbornborotoi tbe Virginia navy, la charge of
tbe Margaret. Tbe vessels, ss wen ss tne cap.
tared and capturing steamer, are all In the Rap
pahanhock....-" '.. .;:. .'.:.;.
Too Hasty Legislation.
While we. in common with all good citizen,
are in favor of strengthening the hande of the
Chief Executive, and legslil ng, as lar as neces
sary, all the acta relative' to suppressing the
rebellion, which Mr. Lincoln bas felt called np
on to perform without speciflo authority of law,
we must at' the earns time eater our proteit
sgaiost sues, wholesale legislation as Is contem
plated io tbe following portion ot a Dill intro
duced into Ibe Senate on Friday lastt - 1
"B It enacted, tbat all tbe acta and prooeed
ings of tbs President In oalllog into the service
of tha United Statee the militia of Ihe several
States, for tbe purpose aforeeaid, Mtidall th teti
end prfdig$Ucidmt Outdo and all acta and
proceeding nUtina U tht tpiratiin ef th mil-
itarv and naval forces of the Uuitsd States, are
hereby approved and connrmea, ana tne same
shall be legal and valid in all respeots as If done
under. tbe express authority ol uongrets pren
onelv conferred "
it appears to us tbat this too general ungnspe
will have muoh tbe eame mischievous effect as
the act under wbiob Secretary Floyd esoaped
punishment. It la verv much like taking an
. . i
oath with so Indefinite proviso added. Ia the
burrvof business, such a law may be made to
cover a hoast of fat contracts. A more detail
ed account of the spsoifio aots .to bs legalised,
aod the absence of such generalixttlons as 'all
aots and orooeedinge lnoident thereto," would
tend to disarm suspicion. Let the people have
at least Ibe rntwnlaiioa of knowing how the
money goes. N. Y- Times.
We agrsswlth the Tiuu. Such legislation
as this, is dangerous in tbe extreme. It would
cover a mouitroas pile of iniquity and fraud.
Wo should not be surprised if such a proposition
was introduced into our Legislature next winter,
to cover up and legalise tbo action of our State
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer, July 10th.]
Highly Important from Virginia.
United Statee Quarter-master Joha H. Dick
ereon last evening reoeived a special dispatch
from Backhannon, Virginia, from a reliable
soares, to tbe effect that a courier had arrived
from Glenvllle, and tbat three companlee of
Colonel Uonnera nineteenth Kegimeot or Ohio
Volunteers were besieged and esptured by the
rebel forces, three thousand strong, under O
Jennings Wise, and were detained as prisoners
of war. Two regiments bad been dispatched to
their relief and rescue, and report gives it that
a fight la inevitable.
Ho dispatches from Usneral McClellan direct
have been received here since Sunday noon, bat
telegrams from Backhannon represent that he is
oa the msrch for Beverly, and that, on tbe way,
a number of skirmishes and oonfliot with rebtl
forces bad taken place. It was szpeoted that a
battle would take place before reaobing Bever
ly, from the fact tbat several thousand of the
rorcee were entrenobed northwest of Ueverly.
McClellan, it Is believed, eucceeded in fighting
his way through, but as to what loss or damage
either party have received Is not known.
Another dispatch renorte tbe occupation of
Beellngton, east of Laurel Hill, by our troops.
including the Guthrie Gray Regiment of this
oity, after severe loss of life and a number be
ing woanded. With the occupation of Pbllliom
oo tbe north, Backhannon on the west, Beverly
oo toe soutn ana tseeiiogton oa the east, the
rebel army under Major General Henry A. Wire
may he regarded as completely hemmed In. Ue
will, therefore, be compelled to surrender with
out discretion, or fight bis way out. The latter
Is tha most probable. News from that quarter
to-day may bs looked far with considerable
anxiety. ,
. t ,
Llentenant'Colonel" Dow men vf "the- Penn-
sylventa Eighth, and his private Secretary', Mr.
Cbaee, were mysteriously captured by the reb
els on the 19th nit.,' on tbe height opposite
rvuiismsport, Md. notning was heard Irom
them until a few days sioce, when a 'rebel sol
dier appeared opposite Willlamsport, bearing a
nag or truoe ana a letter rrom tne iientensot
Colonel to his Colonel. The letter givee no par
ticulars of the capture, but merely mentions U,
and sayst - - - -- "
Tbe same night we war dispatched noser
guard, to Wloobester, Vs., arrivmg there at 6
A. M. of Thursday. Thursday bight With no
guard, but under written parole, we were sent
to these headquarters, arriving in this city about
4 P. M. of yesterday. We have been treated
from tbe firs! moxieat of our arrest with, tbe
utmost courtesy, aod have the liberty of tha eity
under parol s. Tbe only Inconvenience we sut
fer arises from tbe lack of extra elothlng or the
means of proouripg it. Unfortunately I left my
nurse la my trunk, and, with the exception of a
row dollars In Mr, thase'i pocf st, ana, entirely
without funds. , i. . f . "ji.
With this letter will come inetruotlon bow
remittances may reach us- . f enclose toy drsft
on the Wyoming Back for 100,hd Mr. Chase's
on J C. Miller, .q , lor 960.1 i - ,
lie wishes yoo to plaoe to your acoount the
balance in his favor at the banr'of Chambers
burg. -.... .: I ,n't.l tfii , ,
Please Inform my family, the regiment aad
our friends, of my safety sod health.-' ' I csnoot
speak too highly of lb klndnes and .respect
with which we have bees everywhere met, and
tbe warm sympathies tbat have been extended
to ns on svery hand. Hoping that a ssiisf yptc
ry exohaoge, or other release, will soon ret tor
me to my irlends at home again,, ,
Lieut, Col. Eighth Reg.
, .. -I,. i in i I,
Sick HxavAcaa Coast -W know that
this bsadlox will attract ths attention of bud v.
aod the eyee of not a few will peruse an article
tbat offers to point cut to them a remedy for
this prsvaieot oisease; ' "&enneoy'a Medical
Discovery" le wsrranted to tare this malady by
tbe ass of one bottle. .Now, reader, do hot
doubt this statemeot nnd suffur oo alt that he
advocates of the Discovery ask, is that yoo will
give it a fair trial, welt knowing that the ver.
diot will be la ite favor; But- many ether dis
eases sr eared with ertaloty, humors of cvlry
j 'Scrofal,' Salt Rbed'or. EryrlpelaS, 'te., !
UU .IU heart '"Ub i.tiiii
Med that we pretest to them I'Ksnuedj's
Medical Diseorory.'' ',. i v i s'n,ix
Holloway's Pills and Ointment.
'lAbeoesses of many years standing have yield
ed under a short course of these entl-sepiM nd
detergent medlolnes. Ths Ointment cleanses
tbe sore or all irrltatln? puruism matter, aaa
Imbue thfl fibres end tissues with sew 11(0 and
vigor, while tbe Pills, purifying th blood, neu
tralize the noxious humors and expel thenrfrom
tha stalem": ?n skin diseases of whatever char.
aoter, tumors, old sores, ulcerated legs, etc., the
aotioh or these remetlien la sare ana certain.
Sold by all Druggists at!35o fl2s., and $1 per
box or pot. .
TlIttSONAI, properly belonKlng to Ihe eiUt of Frank
HVf. ,iL;.j -.i.ilu ehBr of UOBBX
mvi tRAY, will ba sold st nubllo veudus, at th sornar
of Ult h snd ChSrry itfeU, In Oolnmous, on the SSth
d-r Ja'. ! lt8l oommsncuig at iu o ciooa id
...forenoon. . . jdWIBD M IIIIQERAID,
Wsrden t Breiel. Atfrs. . . .Administrator.
Jtll-dJtwlt - - '
Notice to Contractors.
LM offlna ( th Oommliianr Genersl, uolumons,
Ahl nnlll ThfTRfinAT. JULY 11. at 9 O'ClOCKi t
fr rnmlihlnt ths following Kubulatsnea ' Btoro at
CutsTlIU, Marietta snd Galllpolii, Oblo, vW- '
80)000 POUND!) UiKD UBEtD
....h.l ihithrn minl slasot. BamDleS Iiqolred
umi to b of Ibabwiquillty. aod to bo Jnipaoied at
oontrsotort' oxp,u,e u dsllreied. '
Ooe-flrih of tbo nmoont reqalrrd St rich plsce, to b
dslnarcd bj ths IBtn lnst. and out flflb. wttkly, until
Fsr ment to bo mid on pretsntatlon at ibis office of
Iniptotor', certiBeats and attunnr uommtmry o r
Otipi lor in mil mouni oi wu
Com. Oen'l 0.
TTTANTED 10 00 Oattnmtrs lo boy IS ctnt Ambro-
VV tjpes t H. WITT'e) unnp amoroiypo nnu, .
61 niKbstnet, Oolnmbas, Oblo,
XXTANTTtD 100,000 Cnttomsrs to baySJ cent Ambro-
YT types at M, Wtrr'B uneop Amoroijpo noom.
Hlfh stroet, t coori norra oi w amincm un vx-
luaiMiSi unio.
WANTED 1.1 00.000 Cutomers at M. WITT'S iii
Art moiogMpb Gal lory, to bar l'hotogriptu
.lih.. imlniail or nliin. of all sli. Inihort, all
kinds of Hvllographs aud aujwbtre and In th best
siji or tn ait. r - i. .-.
High street. 4 .dooiS North of lb Aiatrlcw. Botel,
ooiumbui, unto.
TTTANTED 10 000,000 Customers to htve Card Pholo-
TV graphs mar full lebRib or simpi buiis, at u
WltVA Vine Art Photograph Gallery, 4 doors Noitn oi
ibe American Hotel, C Jlumbu,, Ohl't.
J)4-l . ; ...
No. 29 South High Street, Columbns,
Ann NOW OFFERING ' " " T' ' '
C0O0 yards TiarsUng Drew floods st BK, tales
SiOO ysrds ) nTellnr Drees Goods at JSX, vS'u B0 ots.
tuuu yards Enjllib lleraeee at lit, value St oente.
liiui rri f r.r.oh OrjaLille, at liH. value 0 eaote. .
19 U NHll.
tlSIn yards Fait Color. d Lawni at III value ii oeots.
ISLOyarde Super Plain Dl.cl Silk at i 00. vulu ISJ.
Kokea of Orn.ndlo Herage, and Kngliab Bereje, al on.
half their value.
; DAIS at BOIf, "
SOgouib JIUjh Street.
Elegant Lace Mantillas.
33AUNT tfo SON,
No. 29 South High St.,
TT AVI just opeoed aa rnvolc ef vsiy largs and
AA nandeim
Wide. French Laces for" Shawls.
Very Deep Freneb Floancbg Laces.
Real Thread, French,' Cbantllla & Oeneese
Valenciennes, Point tie Gaze, Brossols
and Thread Laces ana louars,
.t t In new Shapee
; For traveling
rRiqga XT jTTjsxr ally tjow.
Traveling, Dress Goods.
! , LATBUA3, BltOCDB VALSNCIA8, o. ko,
the best aod most fssblonabls stjrlss In us oltjr,
' i ' BAIN SON,
jtjl , SO Month High Btrest.
: Corner Kprlnr Water t.,
And Manufacturers of Brass aod Oom'poeltlon OastlnfS
v . . i n - l .L. n .11 Tlaaorlntlnna
f IBUWa JirOaU TIWIB. VI ail i;vsiau
Electroplating and Gilding!
fell Hl-dlr
ltOOO jards Baoer Pli'4 Blaok Bilks at tl OO-valus
II ID por jam.
fsSOOrards Traveling Dress and Mantis . Oaods at
If ! oents vU su een:s per jam.
8,000 raids White BrlUiantts aL13 l-8 nts
-vla 80 etnte per jard. . : ; : - ( ; - y r
8,000 7r4 'in and Domestlo Oln,hami ireatly an
drvals. -i ' : I -j
' ' -ALSO
B02i.lt BWTE8, BAlXORHfEB, '- "
c'sk6libh barkoes.l&velub, .
. . lAwm, caucdm, ionivs,' (
Nfw and JTturtilcraeVbls XraMS GooOm
la tt most dealrabUsljie ana at very io pno...
Of all materials, mad la th most stjrlkh manner after
tbs latest Paris PasMons tbs most elegant styles la
my 30
SI Booth High street.
JJ ! ennt Ribbon. In srsat variety at - sus s,
. 5
No. M. Bl,h street
laUt-FAI-'SJ ij VILLI!
all ease of eostlven, dyepepela, bUlloM and Uv
affedtlons, piles, rhenmatlim, fevers and agnse, obM
aat bead aenss, and all isnsral derao gemot) ts oi aeaiui
(haa Pills bavs Invariably -prorsd a avrtain and pM6
iMitdj. A single trial will plaoe ttrf (If Pills boyom)
teach efoompstltica. In the roUon of srery ba-
rttstil. , -
Dr. MoUars Phosm Bitters lll b fonnd eqeally et
Bcasloii In aU ease of narvas debility, dyspepsia, bead
son, th akkasss looiesat Xo female In delloata health,
and avwy kind of eaakeas .th. dlgesUv ergans.
for ! sal by Dr. W. aJUOPPAX, KS, Broadway, V. T .
sndbyslIDraftUrb ". 4-. '' ' aiayJ-dsil
- The follQWinf la an extract from a
tattrrttnytheBvi Ve. Bobne, pwtif el tbe
Pierrepolirt-etreet Bapun vnnrro, vraoiiyn, n. i.,w
thf Jooral and Meesenger,'' OlnolnnaU, 0.,and speaks
VolsLtss savar oMhatworldrnown4 medicine, Mas.
WneiLfw'e Soorrna fivner Mt Omumta t tiTBuieM
. "We ae aa advertiMDtnt In fAat eolbmns of Mai
Wtaaunr's 8ootik 8aur. Ho oerer said a word
In favor a patent Saedlctn befor In oar IU. bat are
Ml-eoopellM to (ay to yoar readers that this Is no bun
bns-ws kivk T' It, a
- .!
m X.r readers trtrohav b
, JD TV w it to n u n
otjf th moat snreeeerol tnSdl-
t Irorf of th beat. And Inosa
babies caa'l do kettM shaa-.u. i
Summer Arrangements,
OonnMllnt atOratlln. with th' ptlTtBUBQII, IT.
befMburol, PhUadtipUa and ioUlmor. . -
- for Ibrt Wavn and CKteago.
ConnccUn at Cleveland allh Ihs tAKB BHORi RAIL-
: 1 . i 1 : ' . BOA . ' , -
fet DUttUIrk, Buffalee Albany, Boa-
- , VU, OEUU MWw - '
From Oolnmbas, In eonneot Ion With Trains on th
LITTLE iniAini AWn COL,vnuv9 ,
, AMP JLKMA BaAXa.aauaa,a.
KlflRT KVPRKS. Lnral OolnmbOS at 3.40 A.U I
will leave paasugsrs at all stations south of Gallon,
stop at Delaware, Ashley, Oardlngton and Gilead, and
at all stations north of Gallon, arriving at Olereland ,
ett OUA. H., Dunkirk 3:00 P. M., Buffalo 4S5 P. M.
Albany S.20 A. H, Me York :39 A. St., Boeiona.ju
p. M.. Pltiabarah via Oreetllna 3:80 P. H . Vhiladol-
phla 5:10 A. Al. Ohiosgo vU Oreaillo al 7:00 P. II.
NITr TORK IXPEE83 Isare Oolnmbos at 11:10
a.m. will atop at Lewie centre, for wmte euipaur
Sprlngl), Delaware, cardlngton, uanon, urtatune, bmi
br, New London. Wellington and Grafton, arrlv at
Olereland at l;3t p. m.j Dunkirk, 8:30 p. m. Buf
falo, 10:85 p. a.) Albinr, 8:45 a. m.; New Yoik, J:4S
p.m.; Boston, 4:40p.m. This Train soniMots at 8hl
by for Sandu.ky, and at Giafton for Toledo, arrirlng at
Toledo at 8:41) p.m.
st W.30 p. m. Will stop at all staUons South et
Shelby, and at New London, Wellington, Grafton,
and Berea; arriving at Cleveland at F:30 p. m t Dun
kirk, S:00 a.m.! Buffalo, 30 a. m. ; Albany, iSO p. m.;
NevTork, 70 p. m.i Boston, 11:45 p. m. Plttabargh,
tfa Orattlln. at 11:55 p. m.i Philadelphia, 1:00 p. m.,
Ohioago, via Ortstlloe, 6:45 a. m. Ibis Train eonneot e
st ebalby for Sandu,k and Toledo, arriving at Toledo
at 8:55 p.m.
Patent Sleeping; Can are run on all
i Bight Traine to Chioago, New
York and Boston.
BaqQaqt Ohtektd TkrtugX to JVets Tort and Bottcn
, via UtrtUmd: alto, to Pkilaitlphiaani
Htv Yorknia OruUtn.
Night BxpresssrrlrtsatOolumbns at.. .11:19 P. H.
, Cioolnnati Kxpnnarrlrta at Colnmbaeat 10:50 A. H.
- Aoeommodation Bxpraaa arrlv, at Oolnmbas at 7:50
P. Alt -
Fare ae Low as by any other Keaite. .
Atk for Ticbttrtia Crullintor Cimland.
. S. FLINT. "' ' ' I 1
Euparlntendent, Cleveland, Oblo.
! JA1IE8 PAtTERSOtf, Agent,
' Columbus, Oblo.
-Oolumbus, June 17, 1801 ... '
8team Between Ireland and America.
Thefollovlng new and magalflcsot flnt-classpaddl
wbscl Steamships oompos th abov line
ADRIATIC, 1,888 ton burthen, Capt, J. Maoar
(Tonnerly of th Collins Lin )
BIBBRNIa, - 4.400 tons burthen, Cspt. K. Paosrsa.
COLUMBIA, 4 HO " k. Litre.
ANOLU, .4.400 " " McaoUOX.
PAUltlO, 8MJ0 - " " 1. 8M11B.
8,300 " ' J. Watxm. '
On of th abora ships will lav New Tork ar Boston
alUrnataly every Taoaday fortnltht. -4or Oal way , car
ryins th (orernment mails, touching at 8l. Johns,
N. I.
The Steamers ef this Do hav bean eonslracUd with
Ihe greatest ear, nnder th snpanrlslonof th govtrn-nt.bavewater-tif!ht
compartment, and ar nnexcel- -lad
foroimfort, safety and spaed by any steam rs afloat.
They ar oommanded by able and xperienoed officers,
sad erery eienlon will bs mad to promote th oomfort
of psatengers.
An.exprienced Bnrgaon attaohed lo each ship.
Tlrst-clans N. Y. or Boston to Qalway or Liverpool SIM)
Beeoed-dats, .. m 7S
rirat-oiaas, " " ' to SI John's 35
Third-elasa, " " ' to Oalway or Liverpool,
or any town In Ireland, on a Railway, - - - 30
Tblrd-alaa paatMtvra an likaaally aapplwd WHh pro
TUIon, of the beat quality, ouokad and Barred by th ssr
vants of the Company.
Parties whhlnt to arnd for their friends front th old
eonnlry can otnaia tlakat from any town on a railway, In
Ireland, or from tbe principal allies of Boglasdand Scot
land, at very low rates.
Passenger for Mew Tork, arriving by th Boston
Steamers, will bs forwarded to Maw Tork free of charge.
Per patsag or further Information, epnty to
At the ottos of ths Oompany, on th wharf, foot of
Oanalstraet, New Tork.
aprlllSkdOm. . ,
An Effective, Safe and Economical
To lis original oolor without dyeing, aad pravantlng
Hair from turning gray.
And curtcg It, when there I th teas! particle of Tlta.ll
or reoupsratlv nergy remalnint.
- ' . And sllcutaneone affection otheSoalp.
Imparting to It ea nneqaled gloss and brilllanoy, msklsg
It soft and silky la it texture, aad sauting it to eof
Th great celebrity and Inoroaalng demand for this na- .
equaled preparation, oonvinoe th proprietor tbat on
trial I Only necessary to aatlify a discerning publlo ot It
snpsrlor qualities oter any other preparation In a. It
sieaase th bead and scalp from dandruff and other
cutaneoua dlaeases.sanalng th hair to (row luxuriantly
glvlag It a rich, soft, gloaey and flexible appearance, and .
also, where the hair is loosening and thinning. It wUl glv
strength and vigor to th root and restore th growth to
bos part which hav beosa bald, oaualsg it to yield a
reehoavevlng of hair.
Tber are hundreds of ladles and gutlsmea. In New " i 1
Tork who hav bad their hair restored by th as of this
InviKoretor, when all othr preparatlona hare failed. L.
M. ha la his possession latur Unnmerabla taaUfying
to th abov facta, from person of th highest radseota-
blllty. It will effectually prevent th hair froa turning
until th latest period ot it; and In oases wbara'th hat
has already changed Its color, th us of th Invtgontor
willwithosrtaintyrestorelttolttollionginalbu, glv .
Ing It a dark, flossy appear oo. Aa a perfume for th
toilet and a IlaUr JUstoretlv it I partloulsrly reooni- .'
mandad. bavtnt aa MreaaU fracranos: and th gnat (a. . -
atllUea ltafforda In dressing th hair, which, when moist '
with sh lnvlrorMf areaasa la aay nqulred
form so as topreserv Its plaoe, wo ther plainer In eurls:
great aemana ror li rjy me uaie as a sianaara
tolletartlol which won oagbt to b wlthoat to prlo -
plaoss It within th reach of all. being
Only Twenty-FiT Cents
per so UI a, to be had at all respectable Drngglsta aad .
i. rerramrers.
I'. MILLI1 would sail the attention of Parents and
Ouardlans to the ae of his Iavigoralor, In ease where
theehlldran's hair Incline to be wwk. The as ef It
lays th foundation for aeood hood of Aa. aa It re-
mors any Imparl ties that may hav btoom onaotd
with th scalp, ths removal of whloh is naoaaaary both
for th health of tbs child, and th fntarappreao of
Oadtiom. Hon swnntn wllhoat th fao-elnlla TATU
MILLIBbaln on th outer wrenDSn alao. L. mil. :
Whole I Depot, St Dev street, and sold bv all tha
principal arercnaor ana uragguis urougnout tn world
itinera! aisooant to puranaaars by ins quantity.
I also dssir te present to the American Pnbll ttf "
hWh. after yean ef aoicntlne xprfanalins;, X have,..'
broaght to perfection. It djee Black or Brown Instantly
withoutlnjury to Its Hair or Bkln; warranted th beet
artltl of th kind ta rWren. -
Depot, 66: Pey St, New " YorkT.7
otS8:dwly. - k ' - ' - t '
, Biaar T. oanraeiDia .
'. ' ATT0KK1TB AT LAW. 7
ET Offloas, 939 Brotidwst Maw 'Tot'k
City, and
Pakkit,' BrTiuuM, Cotambus.OhiS. .; .
JO'Csrefnl attention paid to OollsoUons. '
aprilfl:d8ffl . v,r( , ' "' : 'x
, snfltlBJUNINtOtmBofth
-. alstreaalng eoapWat as ,' '
Mad by 0. B. SBTV0UB 00., 107 Naesaa It., V.
wipu ana) avna ire y post. . , ,
"lOB.JALB 'At AlVDlTJeailti,

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