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Kiaif vssx mma, raoiish? to,
OEO. W. IttAr1aBr1flTe atiae.
Democratic State Convention.
a acinar of ihoflaeaoeal Stela C
tpi cWirite ,! Columbus, on the 5th
0I 'jt,lXa,'T&fflt !i.xpiint fa tad 4 DeraO-
Wratto S teta CeBTeatloej sjoiBraooa,
4mdd, farther lliee eH theeleotore oftbe
''"'tate of OMoi who are in favor oi perperaauoi
'"thprUclpU npott whlett our Uniott tu tonne
; TWiad r coBTlnood iba. U prerMl ; 8iiU
ni National ArlmlnlstretloOe wholly IB
" Hmpetent W'mMiBE.lth;r)erto la Us
bresealorlUcUoowUiton. U wV' All Jno are
V n1
opposed to tbe groM xtrwnoM wa wrnw
tu & Imint7lv nreval(Bt la PUbllO BI-
fairs; be earnestly. ta4 ,nit with the
.yeaiocrecv. in una or vj 7 r 7
aad'tbe IMMB 100 etaee, sua P-
""Utionln said Convention be one delegate tor
i !rrerT60 voteer and aavsdUU local deJewat lor
fraction B50 and Opwere, teal tot TjBOKaa
J. .aJSaiT. for Supreme Judge . at the October
rtTlWai Jit fcaiaad
f tkaaraimaNa oleot tbeit delegates) on tola
Ik Tl "J ," Wl 1 llHl i1M w'l i'" rii.
.TJie Democracy of p.Mo";n 'air other etw
!ThsrrveUve3Joioo mea, wee are willing to ee-oper
aie,teaj. 6n .vhebdve basis, 'are requested
mi iawat in ataeir rtapaetira oooatlee at eaeh tlase
ji Mft local QpDitwea.nuy daalgnata, and ap
MdI jat'to tha Drmooratia Conraatioo
lit iacoat. to aoainaU Vtata
JL'-'Koketftt he loppotJed a tha.Qctbbai' elrtUoo,
.!" It la praioatd abatao lorar ! hla canntrj
' J "irllt tcqolra prompting! at tbia tima to ladaca
- Tjlarto dlicharta hia doty, and therefore the
' .c'Comiafuoa la iiapraasad with the baiiaf that the
goonjlei eagerly feipood to tbif can. and
fiat an isipoalog Conraotion will aaaamble la
'1' .Cjlumbua at iha time' deatgoatad above, aod
pat la nomination ticket of jood and trie
x'.-inea, to be anpportad for the Tarioua State of
fleea oh'tft 2d ToMday In Ootdber next.1;,' r
WM. MOUNT, Chairman.
WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary.
WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary. The Will of the People Must be Respected
and Obeyed.
.. 'i.-i !:.- i. it '... . i iii - ' i.'. f ,
Whtt a UQlon' created the Statea, ao
oorditigto'the doctrine of the old Federaliita,
. it ii Sttee tba Union, according to the view
of etate-Riehta men, It la clear that the Fed
a ral Government waa formed by the content of
tbe governed, that is, by the consent of the
people i of .the -eaveral Statee eompoelng the
thirteei miglnai United Statea. '. The people of
the aeveral States, eince admitted Into the
Union, by asking auoh admission and taking
i their places therein on the aame footing with
the original Statea, hive in like manner given
their consent to f.th'e original Federal Constilu
tlon and form oT government.' ' ' i
Thia coOiAt hai been expressed by maJoci
ties In the several States, and may that be eon
eldered e he' expresslod of the win of the
whole people o the United Statee. Thus, the
Federal Government rests on the consent of the
governed, or on that of the people. This act
of formic g nd adopting a Co
' 1 Jorer'nment Wae the exerclie of 1
Constitution and
' high tad abae-
'' lata sovereignty en tbe part of the people. It
-defined the modes and prescribed tbe limits
within which the will of msjorltlea should Had
expression and have the foroe of law la fa tare,
and at the aame time carefully guarded the
rights and restrained the action of minorities,
Ii ij essential to tbe maintenance of a Gov
eminent thus formed npon the content of the
. governed, that miporitiea should conform to the
. will of mjjrities, when that will hie been ex
" pressed according to tbe forma and la teat of
'tbe Constitution. - Tbe Government mat, and
onr Ftderal Government does, nnder the Con
, atUation, posatsa the' power, .while protecting
..-..the righu of miaotitlea, to compel their acqul
esoence to Federal )awa eanatltBdonally enaaU
(ed, an (heir respect for the anthorlty of Fade
ral officers constitutionally cleoteft and appoint'
ed Without such power, there can be no Union
fet aey benefisial or effective parpose, and no
wjvernment 01 any nse, save to conrame ue
r Moale'e earnings. r , .
' - 'A minority of tbe people In thla Union have
resisted (be execution of Federal lawa, and tet
ial naogbt tbe anthorlty ef tedarai offioere. It
' ) Matter etot whal causea ef rrlevancw this ml
!iT nority may have had, growing out of the actios
of political parties1 ot tbe legislation of tmrtlea
-..) ilat Statea, These may, mitigate bat eaanot
i .rtiMUfy the crime of resistance to the will of
. -b whole people of tbe Catted Statee eenstlta
. ..V'' twnally cxpresaed. V.TbatwjU aoat be enforced
at the supreme lew, else the people ere lnca peel
tated for sell government the capacity ef
tbe people of the United Statee, considered
at one nation, ta' aaverb themMlma. lice In
Shelr bl)i'(y abd determination to make their
hi, as mannesiea m (tot vonsutauon ana
laws in conformity therewith, tmlvereally re-
Mr. Chase's Tariff.
I o t?141 Chab m drawB P Tariff bill,
! d ft f M jre duty ef if een eienU per
,pouod on greet and ten centa on black, ttt, Ave
1 ceuU on coffee ana coeoa, and aix oente on choc
olate.. 7Al theae articles toe new free. The
duty on salt Is , now four cents on eighty-eight
poundii tle p?oposee to, Jifot eaae it to fifteen
cents on the hundred pounds nearly double. ''
, It joereasea ihe duties on all Imperuid liqaon,
.andtlpstitntee safest for erfaaem dntict oa
' 'wltav v t '.' ( j j i o twin ' f.ti -'
It reduces Iron as follows: ptg' Iron from $6
per tun to $5jbar lon from $15 to $14; rail
n'voadlroetroa$l2tolQ, i )-r.. .
"Charlee Smith (Eeenblloaa) haa been dp
pointed roatmaater at : Marlon, Ohio, e Peter
,-Berbower (Democrat), removed." 1
m'i:vf4 copy the above from the Lebanon ftieeV
ri. Our friend thicks ."It n no tfme new,
,?0-,'Whee,-ww;re fo the surging watere to "$mtp
. forit't" but the Repuhllcaqa Jtbink It an fleet
c VeM tlnje'.,W iwap f (istmaslesJ'', There are
no "surging" waters" or leaden bnllete abont
vl 'tte Postofficw -The Slmimi farther esyrf "
w i r"It behoove every true lover ot bJe'oountry,
. to Ignore party and party tiae and rally aa One
" "man In defense of the Start and Stripea." : ,
' Dilllie Democratid party ever fail to rally In
flersasei of Sbe! Tatars Vbfl lirlpee'? Did war
friend ignore "party Ilea" daring the war with
2gfcxo .IKhe old pemporatie party U not a
iriuuu party it vugut tu uo iguurcu. i ia,
at we beilev'el If 4ugh't by all meant to be foe
Mr. Chase's Tariff. Ashland County.
Tartftfon'rembcraoy'of Ashland bold a
"'iai iteeiig'on'tL'e 3 of Aogntt, to appoint
, ,f . 'dn3?15ateBttj,th f late" Convention. Keep the
Mr. Chase's Tariff. Ashland County. The New Hampshire Legislature---
The Boston Atlas.
The New ITlvB'ieXh "LeBUVUire'raVntly
passeeTthe fallow! g( jtMlUon t whlt tht
:;e, u AO ditlb eK-'an.U somIv grieved: y
Ru4etdr Thaate eontaat atoW txtatlaiW
tween the Geveraatt aad the disloyal Statee
uat jtat con jaencea as. no oauaani a a trea
sonable war waaa its coDitUaUooal autaorliy,
should be regaraad ky all loyal men aatAe a
eeotlonal war, atotaa aati alavery wftbae i war
or oonqneei stt aaDrogauon, ant atnipT ana
solely a war fettbe aaaiotmanoeof the Govern
ment, the tnppeaaalon ef Nballion, and the pre
servation of aaaaMelt(e of ear liberty and
national atnityi"1 ' wOl f
" Benslble aea Wvjiijf sgVeeiai '.iery
proper rosolatlie..eletly ,b
with the awtata' pamotse or the AdmlaJatration,
;The AMfcrwwteVj' 'lai M falth l :the
eaetMa? ehjecte of the AdatnlstriUon,"aa( Is
fearful that the paopla, astlng opoo the eantl-
meaU expressed In this reeolwtioay easy defeat
the wtfrHer ' parposee it and the Abolluontate
generally have u oonterapltIon, vii: the subju
gation of the people of the Son there Btatee, and
the emancipation of tho 'alavee. The Atlet
aya f . .,-, , ),, r ,. . - 1
, ". The Republican maiorltv of tbe New llamp-
ahlro Legialatare, have allowed Ihemselvae to
oe tooled into the passage ot tbe following reso
lution, by the Democrats, who under the lead of
x President Ploroe are managing the political
campaign is that 8late pith great ,ahrewdaeee.M
1 We were not aware tba Ex-PresidSnt.Puacr,,
had sach an Influence la the Legislature ef Mew
Hampahlre,-mpoaed asll la, Of a msjorjty of
Repuhllcantr-aa to prevail oa then to adopt a
reeolntlon; ovea M aeaaiblo.M thla Uv iOoe
thlnt It elear,'' however i 6me men' Of more
seuaa and patriotism than the managera of the
Adas, are "managing", tbe Matter, ,
; We are well aatlafled, that thla reeolntlon le
very far from expressing the reasons which
aotaate the Met aad Ita Abolitlou followers, in
eapportlng this wart but It la the aaaawat object
of the Administration,' aad opoa that Idea the
people of the country have rallied to Ita support.
Had the President proclaimed tbe war In con
formity to the view of the A(faaiot iuijb-
oatiow and xaaaoirATioi he would have' ob
taloed Tolohtaeraonly from the Abolition ranka.
lie aneh army aa haa been jalaed, aoold be
broaght Into tbe Held for any each purpose at
tbe Atlas and the'Abolltioutati contend.
That elaaa yf people would not now support
thla war, were tktf not fully ooovlnoed that It
would end la tbe subjugation of the slave Statea
and the abolition of slavery. They support 1'
with the cry that it ia for tbe malnteaaaoe.of
the Constitatioa and Union, believing that their
ulterior objects will be aooeaapliahed u aa lnav
(table consegaenoe; Thist le clearly proved by
a quota tioQtnaua by the Ailu from a speech
delivered! by Gxaaat t. Bodtwku, on the 4th i
of July, at LowalL The Alias tayai : i ,
Geort o S. Bontwall. In hla eneech at Lowell
oa the 4ih of July, has aonaded what ought to
bo the key note of this contest. He aeya: 'It
marches logically, philosophically and Inevita
bly towards the emancipation of thit people
(the four million elaves), and tbe citlaea at tbe
ballot-box, or ttateeman adntlnieterlnc the eov-
ernmeat of thai country, or wenerel who ftuldee
ita ermiee, who doee not admit that at aa (irr
itable reaalt of thla eon test, mlennderstande the
foroe of event, and in doomed to dlaaoooint-
ment aad disgrace.' 'Neither this government
nor any other fovwnmeot oa the face vf the
earth la equal to holding for thr oeotorlee
roar miuioas ot aogroee la bondage.'" ' a ,
.The Met adds: "This it the philosophy of
tola war) aod If It ii i not an aatl slavery war
ow, it ought to be made one Immediately. . .
r- This b not the aeatimeat of thelfew Hamo
tEire 'resolution, or of the great Jtaatt of, the
people.- Wheoevee tble le anderstood to be the
object of the Administration, it will ba pu
dieted by the people;' " 3 ' ' ' V
The teaUmeaU expreaaed by JSx. Botrnrxu
aad anttalaed by tbe Bottom AUet, ot their In
flaeoce, mitt aot be lightly eoatldered, or nn
dereetimated. ', They belong to that clti
Bapublljaas who. whea a ooatert arises ia tbe
party as to which policy it should pursue, have
universally controlled Its actions. , Though Mr,
Liaooui and bit Cabinet nay be at firmly fixed
la hie aaetsed purpose ef tbie war, aa ho was In
withdrawing the garrison from Fort Sosaser, ii
the Abolition wing take ground agalnat hla
they will, aa they alwaa have, eompelt 1b to
change aad adopt their policy. Thia ia the
great danger of thla war closing ia a war of tab
JugaUon and emancipation. ' In other words, the
Abolition Wing will la tbe end govern ! the i AA-
mlalatration aad the war.
The Boston Atlas. States of Mains.
The Dsmoeracy of the' State of Maine bold
their State Convention at Bangor oo the' 10th
day of Angaat, to twainato a State ticket.)
The Boston Atlas. States of Mains. Our Land and Naval Force.
President Ltwootw omitted la hie late act,
sage to give Congress or' the country any ia
fonaatioa tenohlof the aggregate military and
naval feroe aow a the aerriee or at thet oonv
mand of the General 'Government. ' Bat thit
omission Ua been supplied by the reporti of the
Secretaries of War and the Navy, accompany
tortaeaesoak-e. 1 m u 'j i..j-;i I n
Mr. Caataow atata In hie report that, under
tha call for thraa mrvithl' volnnUarl. tha Gnv.
ernmenthae In eervioe eighty tbooeaadaen.
ne coajpntee the total anlllury force now 14
tbe field aa followi: ' ' ;' ; ' J I ..' i
Senlan and velnalasn far three atsatbs anf " 1
forUxirar .K.. --45,000
14i thl, nrtw ifiaaais aT volao- . u- I : ; .
sasrs nrsaa war, aetef tea aaoBN -.1
wt la Mrrtoe......-.........SO0OO . . ' .-
Aid aaw WflaeDta ef rejular aray ...g.OCO W.BB0
Ifetal asm new at eeaaaaa ef flees rasat. n v W.One
MSaethmawatae' viut..... . 00,000
fores for strrloe aftei tbe" wltbdriwa 'eif pie '
itkaa, it apppoara there will be .left, after
Ibodiaehargo of the three .aeath troops, aa
available Volunteer force of - one habdrwd and
eighty (thonaand, which, added thV regular
army, will eoaetltate a total force eiiw'tl hand-'
red and thirty tboataad, oUcera'.aad . aeo, at
theoommanl of tba Government. , ,
if"' .v ?.' Bvar9tmiJ. for"! . C avy, statea
Ut hie report that tba total Maker, of reeaela la
the iav, of all eksaosioa 'the 4th of March
laat, Wat ninety, eaffylflg, Or designed t6 "carry,
aboat 8,145 gunt aid that, excluding yeeeele
ea tho ateoke, tboee wnfiolabed, those aaed at
stationary itdee-shlpf sad ' receiving ihlpaj mi
those coasldered inexpedient to repair, the avail
able naval force was, oa tha 4th ef March 1
J.-iae-iine..., n-'"w I M
friaUfa n... .......... 400
$0 (lMpt..... ............. .............v....'. 400
Okrtirl a k IS
I itorvafelpvr... rftM.M. .y 7
S itMia (rloK...........,..!..... SIS
Sfint cla atnua sloope... 90
firat alkM ahto-Wbari mm.....i,i.i.jA 40
1 ITha'tJii'ianT 'antrt"r'tf'U
. I sceoBd-alaM side-wnMI SMaawri. .... . . .r.. I a 1
.JiUDdrf,,.,f ........ l.,4..A.,U 1 4
ae mfr a ait n,n flt6
Pf tbOM sUly-rfvsaaaJa, th aloop Levant
hat been given op ae lost in the Paciiiej the
steamer Folton waeielsed ei Pcneaoola; and
one rlgatr, fwo jlowad one t rlg were
burned at Norfolk.., These restela carried one
hundred aad seventy two guns. Tas other vts-
aclt , destroyed at Norfolk. were oontldered
Worthlsee, aad are not Included la the ; list of
aiUblewcswej0 j,3i13rg
: f j-
Theae losses left at. e dwposal of tho De
patment alxty-two yals, earryiog 1,174 gnat,
all fet which ore aowjwr si'-n will be, lu com
mission, with t'a ac-"'.!ca ( the
i f t
ft r 1 m .
WamoaL SUla-of iM-libe m.tiv,,..,,
tnmdftr, Uigni0... . jk..
Swatar. loop, at Baa IrmDolooV.....
Joaa Baaooofc, eMaa-iaaaar, at Eiaaclieo
'There aeve'beea recwiHy WJid to thftthvyr1
fa pnreteaa. twelr, .teamem earrylM from
la to 4ntlny eh, aadj M mr Mf
eels, xvine tteamere have been chartered, car
rying" fronfiwo" loplni guns eachr "" r''n-
mlssfoirhaa bein Iboreaeed to eighty. two vea.
eels, carrying over 1,100 gone, with a comple-
meat of abont 13,000 aen, exclualve of offloers
and tho marine corps, whlclj eonstett o 2,600
To earn ap, there ie now in the service and
at the eom'mahi df the Fe'deral Government, an
effective land or military foroe of two hundred
end thirty, thousand offl core end men,, and; a
naval foroe, la commission, of eighty-two Yoceelei
oarrylDg,,eyen , hundred guns, and havlpg a
complement of fifteen tboaaaad and five bundi
redmeotAxolnelreofof&cera,,,..: wf
A't, W'a'alflS thla foroe ,and supplying the
additions that may be made to Jt, the Secretary
oti tt,.Treaaj7,. AJr, CHAsa.aaUmatcs , that
there will be required for the fiscal year ending
June 30, J 63, for the War, Department, $180
296.397 J8. aad for the .Nayy Department $30
oua.aau making a grana total or tld.WS,.
917.48, or aearly twa hundred and alxteen mil-
Uoaaof iollaraloraelntleyeaa.i, ,.u !
' v. rt r.-M - j.
The Boston Atlas. States of Mains. Our Land and Naval Force. Mr. Lincoln's Message--An Unfortunate
' io'the'iaeaaage of the f realdent the followttog
i ' ..-1
tectenoe coflrer " '' ' .iai ci !
fit ia' bow tor them' to YeVonstraU to the
world (Ael tAase waa caw feiilm eerm an dtttitn
tun el eeptrnt m rteMlintf tbat ballots ara tbe
rightful bad peaceful aaecaaeora of ballets, and
thai wbn ballota bavo fairly and aonMitntlon-
ally decided, there) can be no. aoooasafal appeal
back to ballets; that Shave wan be oo eaooauaful
appeal eteeea to ballota themselves, at aoocced
Itg electloar." ''' e,-jj ,.;t . r i
itlng apon this the Boston Coalilf re
"The ttanltoatron here certainly ia, that' the
party wnica elected Mr. .Lincoln ia to upprees
tbe rebellion! The indulgence of such sa idea
would be attended with tbe moat disastrous con
sequence c Tbe means and tbe men raised for
tbe supporter tbe government have been fur
nished for the Union cause, and not to sustain
aay party dogmas. A very large proportion of
tno funds must nave oome tromopponenteof tbe
Repabllcan party there ie reason tobelieve
that a large majority of the army did aot rote
on their side. Of "tae 'generate ia camaaod,
McClellan. Cadwallader, Patterson, Butler, and
we dare say otberw, are 'Democrat; Most of
the officers of whom we know anything are eith
er uemoeraat or oi tne uta wnig line, l The
ueutenant-uenerai ie an oio Whig, tea .years
ago tba 'candidate for Abe Presidency of tbat
party..' "Mr. Lincoln waa himself choaeo fey
about a third of tbe votee thrown In theleo.
tloov 1 Hla party oonld make no head against the
reoeiuoa." ' c-.-iv
' W regard this as a Very nbfortunate, and ill
timed expression of the President, ' If ne; relied
Only upon theae who elected bim, the end ot the
rebellion would toe somewhat more indefinite
thin Ithowla: ' ';:,tJM I
Abolition Lovejoy of Illinois.
iThle Abolition peat haa already commenced
the negro business in Congress. The following
la the rote on laying Mr. Lovejoy'a resolutions
on the table! AH la the negative are Repub
reaoinlttooaj-. v,; tt.
. i. jcamsea, inat, ta ua judgment jor mis
Boaae, it ia ao part oi the dutj of tho aoldlera
of tba United Statee to capture or return f ogitrre
8. Btetttti. That the committee on (heJdndl
alary ba Instructed to Inquire into the expediency
oi repealing ine law commonry oauea me r ugi
Uva Slave uv.
3.- Whtrtet, Major Emory of the United
Statee Army reeigned hie oommlssion nader.
circnaattaacee showing aympashy with rebellion
agalnat tbe UovernaeBt,U)eretore . . i
- AMMsaa, That bie reetomioo to too ter
vlce was improper and nnjaitifiable , and
mat tnta uouse, in tno name ot tne people,
deaaaad ox tbe autecatlre bis Immediate die
Mr. Hickman f Rev. Pa.) raited tbe point tbat
intrecoiattosai wereorecaaea or tuecraer aaoct-
ed at tbe laetaooe of Mr. iiolman, which eoeol-
tea the peoullar eharaeter of the baslneae to be
traaaaataa aartng tbo preeent eeesMo.
s lite Bpeaact overrnM tbe point of order.
Mr. Edwarae (Rep., N. H ) moved to lay tbe
reeolatlona on the table. '
Mr- Vallandlgham made an Ineffectual effort
to amend the resolutions.
The House then voted on Mr Ed ward 'a mo-
tlon, and laid the reaolutiona on tbe table, by
a . m - f
or agatnai wi, aa louower ';
, Teas Messrs. Allen, Ancona, Appleton, Bib-
DltL Bally frrnnJ. Blelr mo.). Browne, ft
I., Burnett, Calvert, Carllle, Chamberlain
Cobb. Cooner, Cox. Cravens. Crlsfleld. Crltten
den Delano, Divan, Dunlap, Dunn, Edwards,
b,ly. bngilsh, Fisher, rouke, rraochot, tiranaer,
Gaider, Haiaht, Hale, Harding, Harrison, Hick
man, noi man, Horaon, J cuon, Jobneon, Ael
logg, (Mlch.l, Kellogg, fill.). Kllllnger, Law,
Laaaar, laxy, LebmanLogan McPberton,
Hallory, Urates, Moorhead, uorrlfl, C Vt.)
Morris, Nixon, Noble, Noel:, Rorton, Noeent.
UdcIL Olln, Patton, rendleton (Ohio), Held,
Jwoe, (Mass.), Riohardson, Robinson, Rollins
(N. H ), RoUine (Mo ), Sheffeld, Steele, Strat-
tot. Thomas (Mats ). Thomas (Md.V -Train.
Trimble, Vallandigbam, Verree, Vibbard, Voor
biea.Wadtwortb. Walton (Vs.), Ward. .Web
ster, White (Ohio), WicsUiffe, Wood, Woodruff,
WrtehL 14 " ' ....vi
I . Nayt Aldrioh, Alley, Arnold, Ashley, Bady,
(Mass.), Baiter, Baxter: Bearnao,' Bloaman,
Blair, (Peon ), Blake, Bofflngton,. Campbell,
Clark, Colfax. Frederick Ai Cenkllnc. Roecoe
vonaiing, uontray, uovode, Uutler, JJavit,
Dawes, Daeli, Edgerton, Eliot,' Fessenden,
rranx, Uooch, tfurtey.lutcdfns, Julian, Kel
ler, Leoilmr. Loomls.' Lovefoy. McKean.'Mo-
Knight, Mitcbell, Morrill (Me 7, Pike, Poaeroy,
Porter, Potter. Riddle, Sedgewlck, Sbaoke,
BhelabergcrJ Bherman, Bloan, Stevena, Trow-
Mln.iV,.irf.VM Him. V.n V.llr.J'
burgh, Van Wyck, Wall, Wallace, Walton,
(Me V vvaanowra, wneeler, White, ,(lnd.),
woroeeter. ,!.; ,
Abolition Lovejoy.
the Llnclnnau vmmtrtni tayt or LOvijoti
'The Tories should fecii nnder many oblige
tlona to OwanLovejoy, tbe voollerous Abolition
ist from Illinois. He le a maa of Immense
long pawer and very little bramt, Ills speeches
can be heard for half a alia, aad are aot worth
hearing at any distance. . He la aa plnoky as tbe
dum antf enaeriooK to bntt tne locomotive, and
haa abont the aame amount of Judgment. If
there wae anything tbe present Congress ehonld
have left alone, ta wae the fugitive alave law,
and fugitive alcve aaattera generally. , -put ths
boviae LovejOy didn't think ao. . .Coo treat Was
to him a nuisance anleae s rearing row about
eiavcry, ia aome soaps, wae going fa,"
Official Vote of Kentucky (except
Boone County).
i ... emoa. jisoiuom.
firstPirtricH................,.. am " 4 em
IhlrC l....... ............. ,3, "
Voarth . " . jjif..."'. '.'.'.'....'.". 10J44
rfiW-"y'rM....... .8l7
Rtrratk' Mi.it..li,iUt'.i. 1I.03S
Hath'" v. )2,S:fO 3,70
..,i.r.i.Li .v ' V4.ePf.ir.vV..
,!,1 llt1 1-(l ,!P.I TiKSOe c-y 37,7Wl
, .. ..
tT A new Kentucky Reglatont baa jaat been
ralatS, conifatlng of companies from Campbell,
Kenton, Baary, Fleming' ind jGranl (Joontles.
Thla make tba fifth Regiment raised ia Ken
tucky for tho war la defeat of- iaa Valoay
j e, in j f ft0 .r' w
From the South.
Tbb Cmr GovxaNaxNT or Nosrati
tame correspondent aaya; ' ' )
; The city govarnment ef Norfolk waf organ
trsd last evening. James Corntak we; elected
President, and Cbarlef H. Rowland Vice Pree
Want, and O. GrBreaghton; Jr., Clerk of the
Seleot, and JohnU Whitehead President, Geo.
W. Camp Vice President, and J. H. Hendren
ClerkTff the Oommoa'Cwncil. --r-i--
Tw nrfiVrS1. aa'a a' Federal Dnkood. the
other, one of Ellsworth's Zroares, arrived in
the Central tsra yesterday. -Thelr-mannor ia
defiant and swaggering. They say thsy are but
tbe advance guard, and tbat Gen. Scott will
certainly march to Richmond at the head of a
victorioai army oa the 4th of July.
MnvaPASsroaTS. The Petersburg Ex
prees of Saturday, taya tbat passengere who
left Richmond the day before were compelled to
get passes before they oonld leave, and that
ordera have been Issued that all persons, before
leaving the oily, mast obtain passports, whether!
they be going North, South, East, or West.
j Ltaac Caer e, Wwiuy-rThe Fredericksburg
Recorder, of laat Friday says:' ''!.
In consequence of the superabundant yield
of the wheat crop, this staple baa fallen nearly
fifty per went, lav vlnr ana it ie thought that
tba prion will not Meeed seventy-five or eighty
centa a bushel. Harvesting la this eeetlon Is
progressing rapidly, and we presume will cloae
this Week. : Tpe quality of grain; la very supe
rior. .
FararT Arraia-W. II, Pendleton wae shot
and Instantly killed near Aqula Creek, a few
daya ago, by the Accidental discharge of a gun
ia the bands of B. C Rawlinga. ,' , j i . ,
Art Eorroa TvaNin Sotniaa. Capt W. J.
Overtobt editoaof the Louisville (Ky.) Couritr,
left that city for Nashville on the 95th of June,
to Join the Blackburn Guards for service in
Virginia. j .,
'TCnorssiw? South 'Caxouwa. The Cheraw
Ooayrrt .of ,'the Slst) alt. hays: We have bad
some two weeks of dry weather with constant
breexea, licking up whatever moisture there
waa ia the ground. ' No injury hat been done
to the crops as yet. Wheat and oats are moot
harvested, and wore never better. The corn
proves woll, aod cotton Is able to tike care of
ttaeit. f - n , v -r
i caa-KiLutaa voa iat kSoutaitw Aaafrr
Capt. McCrea, formerly of South Carolina, ia
now raising a force otUwo bnndred men in tbe
wildsof -Arkansas, for the. purpose of joining
Ben McCullocb's Rangers. One of the condi
tions of their enlistment is, that each recruit
shall be a single man. Another condition is,
Uhat ao tnaq shall be admitted into, the compa
ny woo cannot prove, oy aisinGsrestsa witnesses,
that he pas killed bis near with bis kniie. , I
" VB't CaoV in KiNWcar. Thev Harroda-
burir Prut eavs:
So far aa we are Advised, therewere never
better wheat crops raised in Kentucky than
those that have jnst been harvested. The corn
orops look very promising. The ralna bare
beea oeaaenablo, andis looks ao if Providence
waa disposed to be partial to tentnoky, ,.
Army Chaplains.
Frank VV. Ballard, aod others, in behalf of
tbe Atay Committee of the New Ypik Young
Men's Christian Association, have presented
ther folloffttg memotiaU to thesSecretary of
NEW YORK, July 1st, 1861.
Hon. Siiion Camiron', Secretary of War. !
Sia: Tbe undersigned, constituting tha Army
Committee 'of tbe . New York Yonng Men's
Christian Association, take tbe liberty of call
ing your attention to the fact; tbat contrary to
your General Order No. 15, In tbe Memoran
dum respecting Chaplains, requiring tbat they
should be reerularly organized clergymen oi
some Christian denomination, there are persons
of other nccnpaUonfsucnoiDankers, editors,
aa4 play-actors,' occupying peeHtoae aa chap
Isles la aome of tba newly-formed regiments.
' We lave reason to believe not 'only that
these persons have no true ministerial standing
but that they are, destitute of that positive re
ugioae character wnion it essential to tne nse
ft .-n,a tn na'aa aa oxcaadtnwlw Imnrooer
It aeems to na 'as an exceedlnelv Imnrooer
olreumataoce that fndlviduala like these should
fill placet which-many talented and .devoted
derevmea are ready to occupy, oven at tbe sao-
rifics of their own personal interest. We,
therefore, would tespedtlnlly call your atten
tion to tbe above-named fact, aod humbly: re
quest that no commission ba issued for any one
aa enapiain nnieaa be oan lurmsn sufficient evi
dence and satisfactory credentials of bis official
character and standing aa a minister of the
Gospel. And we beg tbat improper persons
already commissioned through inadvertence or
nnder misapprehension, may be dismissed tbs
servioe. With rnucb -respect, your obedient
i . GILE4DB. NA8H, '!
' Army Com. N. Y. Y. M. CA
Thla It really too bad, tbat the "bankers, idi
tore, and play -actors" abould interfere with th
preacheta. ', '
Tbe followlnK Droclamatlon anoeara In the
MesoDbis papora-' - :-.a ,-. -r 1 1 , ,-.
Bj Isbam O, Harris, Governor of the State of
a tuuHfln. "k-. ........ I
To all whom these presents shall come, greet
Wg. . . ,i i", 7,1. ir v i ... .. . ; ;
VVHEaias, By an actot the General Assem
blv cf tbe State of Tennessee, passed 8th May,
1861, an eleotion oa the 8th day of June. 1861,
waa bold in the several counties of the State. In
accordance therewith, opoa the Ordinance! of
Separation ana ( Representation: and. also
whereas it appeara from tbe official retarne. of
eald election (hereto appended) that tba people
or me oiaie oi I enoessee; nave, m inetr cover
elrn capacity, by ' an overwhelming: maiorltv
qaat their Totee for "Separation," dissolving all
palltioal connection with tbe late Unlt.d States
uovernment. aad adooted the frovis lonal Got.
ernmentof, tbe Confederate Statea of America;
. show, tneratere, Kisnam u. liar r is, Uovern-
ot: or tbe Bute or Tennessee. d "male It
Known ana declare ail connection tj the State
Of Tennessee with the Federal Uniondiaaolvtd,
ana that lenneeeeo u a free, independent Tov
ernment free from all obligation td or ecmneo
iicm with tne t ederai uovernment or tne Uh t
e4 States Of America. , , , . '-.- i-.r
In testimony whereof, t bave hereunto ieet
my band and canted the great seal of tho State
to be affiled at the Department -in Naihvllle.
on iois, ine tmaej oi jane, 1001.
.v, .L. Al.l J . nt. ' T
i By the Governor. --? - j.
J, E. Rv Rat; Secretary of Slatd. j
The followioir ceneral orders Rive the Ittbres
slon that tbe Confederates are not so well arm
ed ni hajbeen npposed; ,, 1V . .
Commandera. of the. Militia of Tonneases
will proceed forthwith to organize, master and
drill their" toeaaands, preparatory to active
service at --a -moment's" call; Each Captain;
win mnsier nis company once to every month,
The Colonel or each regiment, and in the
event of a vacancy ia the Colooelabln. tha
Captain, of '-each -coaipany .will report Imma
diately.to this office tbe atrength of hie rex-
intent) or . company, and also tbe nnmber idf
rifleav shos-gons, masksta, swords and other
weapons '01 war, owned by tboee subject to
military dnty, or living;' within "his aaid corn
mand. ' ,
. It la recommended that all rjflee. be at once
repsred for -tbo nse' "of the 1 mlnnle 'ball, and
made similar ia bore, length, lock and the like,
according to the Instructions which bave already
been faraiehed , by tbe Military Boere1 :to tbe
officer of every county. . i
A calf Of rr odnl moatfla Will, when they can
prepared, be deposited la the office oi tho
county Clerk or each county.
&araaadra will tigllanfly led Ital alf ra
Cabclee In the offices In tbelr respective com
nrande filled without command of
JAMES W. McHENRY, Adjutant-General.
Cgasci or CaKAna.Jhe censgs ,of t Canada
has jost been completed, and shotrs' the follow
ing totals; .'. 1 7? JV' . ;' !
tewev Oaaada ........... J
xoiai upper vaaaoa. ...
Total, all Canada-1 ....... A wi..t..473.0M 1
Plffersnces tttwaett Upper and losrtr
Caaads .i,niMriiMij,iii,i(,J,W5,8SJ
JAMES W. McHENRY, Adjutant-General. No Party Any More-Removal of Post
Masters in Logan County.
W. V. Marqula, Post Master al,Bellefliht
talne, has been removed by the no-party ReJ
publican, Admlulstratlon. ' Very many believed
that thla change would net be made. Mr. M.
was one of tbev very, beet Posr Masteraln tht
State, and uulveraally popular, as such, with all
who baa baainess at the olhce. we venture to.
aay iboossewal ae awaiaat tbe wlahea of hreeO,.
foorthe even of the Reoublloana, within tbe de
livery af the effloei Bat .he was not a radioal
iitepreeslble,ABd therefore, whatever bis quail
flcationa, he could ndt be permitted to bold of
fice. ..We venture ibe prediction that this re
moval will long be regretted by'the people of
thla vWolty.. j -,f -r r fnTrnnr
Jobn F. Owens has been "removed from the
PostOflloeat Huntovllle. ' Like Mr. Marquif,
Mr. Owene waa a faithful and competent officer;
bnthedld not vote for Lincoln, and therefore
bad tp make room for one who did. . ; ..'.-
B. E. Shumate, of West Liberty, likewise a
first-rate officer, was ...removed .two or. three
weeka ago, for no reason in the world, save that
be Ia Democrat..,., i, -i i "
Thoe have three steadfast and patriotic Union
men men who were devoted to the Union when
devotion to the Union waa not so common as
now fallen beneath the axe of Abolition pro
scription. '. -o: -!' i "
These removals were unfortunate, for : the
schemes of wire working Republican in this
vicinity, who have been for some days approach
ing Democrats with soft smiles and fair words,
advising them to lay party aside, at tbe next
election, and vote for a Republican for Gover
nor, or for some fishy, renegade Demoorat whom
Republicans might use for their own purposes.
We shall probably bear less about no party
Logan Gazette.
[Correspondence of the Cincinnati Daily Commercial.]
[Correspondence of the Cincinnati Daily Commercial.] Skirmishing in Western Virginia---
[Correspondence of the Cincinnati Daily Commercial.] Skirmishing in Western Virginia---Lively Work---Our Position---Condition
of the Wounded.
BEELINGTON, VA, July 10th, 1861.
. There wat skirmishing yesterday. Baroett's
artillery threw a few shells into a hill on the
right of the road, and opposite that from which
the rebels bave fallen back. - i They have been
cutting a road to ita crest, Intending to plant a
battery that trill command our advance, and
dislodge ns from their skirmishing ground. It
may ba necessary to storm the bill to-day. One
niece of artillery ntt taken to a hill on tbe lad
in tbe rear, and southwest of that occupied by tbe
Ohio 14th, and commanding a view of the rebel
camp and entrenchments-. The shell and balls
feu near enough, to drive them out of their en
trenctunenti into the wooda in their rear, and
stirred them up lively. Our loss Is, accurately,
two killed, tlx wounded, and one of the 1st Vir
ginia regiment taken prisoner. Two of the
wounded, Frank Jero, -Ohio 14th, and Corporal
Dyson Boothroyd, 9ib Indiana, are in a critical
oonditlon. The others will recover.- ' v ' '
r Wo have a clear morning, alter a heavy storm,
which 'commenced yesterday afternoon.' The
health of tbe troops ia very good. IVe oan
make no advance, except to etrtngthen our.
tT The Chicago Jturiul gives tbe following
description the Shebkin Howe, opened at
Chicago on Saturday the 7th Jnsti .
In the erection of this magnificent structure,
there have been consumed. 3,000,000 of brick;
50,000 oublo feet of atone; 15.000 superficial
foot ot flagging atone; uu.uuu.ieet ot Athens
marble; b.OOU aopeinoial feet of dailc and l ent
marble tiling; x: tons leaden solder; la.uuu
feet of gas pipe; 21,000 feet of ateam pipe; 175
tone of . cast iron work: 1,200 feet ot baloonv
casting, etc; 2,600,000 feet of lumber and tlm
ber; a.uuu anpernclal leet ot trench plate
Blase: 48 000 feet of ci Under glass: 30.000 feet
ef bell wire, and GOO feet of speaking tube.' v T
Gen. Lyon's Army.
On the 2d of July, the force nnder command
or (jeneral t,yon numbered i'ivi men, compos
ea atioiiows:
Ilrat Begtment MUtourl Voiunteeri..-..
to-mad i J' , i j ospanias. .
BevantM b V J j Jfr aaompsnies..
Pioneer Detachment
Artillery " v.,,..,.
first Begtment Iowa voluntteri
One enmpany 84 Infantry D. 8. A. .........
' 15
. .-, "., KJArUllsry . A.- .t
yonrtn Artll lry reoiult ...... i . , .
Us oe ral strrloe............ ..,.....,.,,
. Ambdxancis. Twelve ambulances for th
my have jost been shipped from Cincinnati
Tbe reader may inquire what Is an ambulance 7
Wei take the following description from the
Enqeirtn :,- 'I
Tbe ambulance le a large, covered spring
wagon. There ere four oil-cloth oovered pal
lets inside, for suob of tbe wounded as can not
alt np. These pallets oan be removed In a mo
ment, so ae to be nsed for amputation nurooees
It necessary- Besides the pallets, there are two
Kate mat win accommodate six who are able
to ait op, making accommodations for ten in
each wagon. Tne sldea of tbe watron are so
arranged tbat tbe whole Interior ia well ventila
ted. Underneath the bed of the wagon ia a c.
paclona water keg, to furnish drink for the
wonnded. In fact there Is every convenience
July 11th, Jobm Adiki, youogejt son of Bexar , and
vraaiau TTu-son. .,
Th funeral will take place at their residence, CO 'cor-
aer of Qay and front streets, en to-day (fridaj), July
mo, at 9 o oioca A. M. ; ' ' j
VAlULCIICBj vi.Ml,u.l-oa
e ' :.:-:tai2 c'a?f0duqej!iii(rA5rw
.. t i ;. 1ST I '
JForeiga and D.omeStid-iDi(uof i
pildvib Big I0B BOU
N O. 34,(N O RTn H I G H ,ST R E E T,
'rl)''! ''- 1
Ko.,ip .South; ;;5rcetJ
' ,J n7i,'ind;nVr.c;Tpt'.f5sr-,J?
mT i i ?ivf'-l Jo .tnf'l
-,r! l.aT, 1'7 .ii, in.. .1 l mmi (.fct .a fi
t, . . , ; s- t.-t ii nia b via sert 1 y. j;
:,. ii. ..i titi ( ia. i i.e .u w i m . i .I'iatlrf' 'Ju.l
Ctaoap lor Cash V'C)nritryl'r1oaielf
JO OoeOi dllvered"t' dUyirsdare'lirWTgU3I
,i.ii . ,
..,.3n6cskBbR Ti z&ik
.-'1 ,;-t ii.-! i a'i-.t "
lf;fl ' a r t , i.ni mn i' nwai
IIIKI) ,;, -. Hi ... i ..'V-! 9I
PR O V 1 31 ON 8, '
Foreign 4fld DdmeslP Fruits,
m iiiii' f e . 'mi v , is i
F J.O U E, B A L T, 1 tt l tl QRrJf
jiy tu t n vn t nf. iu j
TtaUACK STllAtr BONlirttTa Aim 81
""l ...iv .
f0). HlT. tJIghsJrest
I of
o ... .
V'U iVnl .'(! 3
.. ... . . SDWAWft, .eWWZfP;
PIR80NAL property belnnRlnfc to the SlUtt of I rrtjt
OriTn-,docued, oanrtiilDg cattDrof a- BUUSM
ana UHAX, will do torn auuiw " ,.v
ofltlghand Cherry sweats, la Coluinbut; tu the Wl m
Aiy qt July. A. D. ltOl, oommanclBg at 10 o'oloclt Id
forenoon . - - , .
Warden kfirewl, AH J.
WABIfcn-W nOO Ointomers to buy JS cent Aal0'
type, at M. WITT'S Cheap Ambrotjpe Hoom, No,
81 Jllgu ttreetj Columbus, Ohio. i
WANTBD HW.OO0 CBrrloBirs ta bay X Cent Ambro
'trpeiit U WITT'B Ohrip Atubtotype Kooai
High street, 4 doors tlorlh el tlie Ajnoj-ioau JJoJel, Oo
lunitul, Oiifo, I'M I M .1 .', U I ,t ; I ( i i
WANTED 1,000,000 Cmtomera at M. WITT'S line
Art taolograiih Ogllery, ta hars Photograph
m.,i ' j.h. nniiimit arnliiln: of all tr.vt. Imbort. all
UndiorHeliSlirapba made anjwlier and to tha belt
llyla or tna art. ....
Utih street, 4 doors North of tin American Hotel,
Coluubaa, Oty .! " ' - . i
rmnnr.iA mn nnn n,i.tnmr la have Card Photo.
W .grepbemadetafi length or simple butts, at U.
VlTVi Fine Art Photograph Gallery, 4 doori North of
he American Ilolel, Goluoibut, uiiio. i
7i i.-:n ' at if. - at f Bl
v i ' o m ii jtij w aa.
Ho". 29 South High Street,' Columbus,
"a na now OFFEkiNa ; r
V. SOOO yards Tuvrelipg Prcu Oooilt nf6i, Vllu
' ISM centa. '" ' ! - '
S500yards Traveling Drew flood at J2i, va'ue SOott.
vuw yarot Kngiitn amumwm ivw, ti otu.
KHI0 ytrdt French Orgaodiav at UX, valnt SO oents, '
Slitf) yards Fait Onlond iialma at lU.-ralua 1 cot.
lOai ntitaCnnlird Dratt Bilklnt 37K. ralaa SO eonM
If O yanlt Buper Plain Black eilk at 0 1 00. Tuloe 1 V5,
Rnbea ef OindU rJerag( and Bngutb Ueragev a one.
h.ir ih.i. v.in. .': inv . X'
. .. .. r . . bain hw. t; 1
JoSS n'.-UtvM--. MJusai HighBtraet
Elegant Lace Mantillas
No. 29 SouthrHigli St.,
HAVKJuit ojened an IftVVlce Tf ver' largo, ant
handtunS . '.,..'' 'V j ' -
PUUHKtC,-r RRNCtiv iAJN L : CIJAW 1 llibA
Wide French. Lace3 roE.: Shawls.
Very Deep. French Flouncing Lapes.. ' j'"' I
Real Thread, French, Cbantill i & Genevese
Valenciennes, Point de Gaze, Brusselg
, and Thread Laces and Couars,
- .., In new Shapes,
' PAPER 'COLLAR'S 'it CUFFS, ' -t-nitS.
K .t -.i - ;-.!?.. ;v Fo traveling.
TraveHng-Dress Goods.
' IAVilLlA6,l51lOOnB VAtENOUS; c! ate.
The beat and most fathlonabfe tlylci In the city,
: J - I t
29 Booth High fiireet.
O NHW BXVLEB Atttln it Sou, No. i 8outh
High ttreet, hare jaat opened new ttyle of ClotB On
cnLaRa. B.kioimui and eactinn, wide In the newest and
mott stylish manner.' , Alto, snporh PIkId
Itiack Stlka, very1 -heavy, designed erprenly foi
Mantlllaa and Baaqaine.: v - ..... k : ; ,-j.,apnia
Canton Mattings.,;
f.4, 54. 0-4 Whlto an Heel and
Whit Checked of superior quality. Sor tale by
P&23 : , No. 89 aouCa High st
1 T .'1' Inr'1
BAIN" & SON;5: i
1,000 yard Sapor (lain I) la A Silks at at 00-Vlne
.. tt 85 per yard,, rr'; , . ;-
2,500 yard TrAvelleg Dreb sad Msutle Oobll at
1 13 12 cents value 20 cen I per jard..,';' '. j
3,000 yards Tfhlte Brlllitnle at 12 19 cents
value SO cenb per ard. ' -
3,OCOyards Fin and DomcstUj aio&hims greatly un
dcr value. .
... - ' ' ' 1
New and ITasMoii&'ble Ureew Gooda
In tha most dtslrabte styles and at very loaers prices.
Ot all mater iala, saad In th uostalylUh saanner after
the latest Paris Fashion the most elegant styles In
the elly. ' s-"
i . . -. v: v BAIN Ac SOX,
. rosy 40 t)- - ' ' Ms. 89 Bsatb High street
W. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye! i
This splendid Hair Dye haa no equal lnstantaneoas la
effect Beautirnl plack or Natural Brovn no italslsg
UioskinoriUjUilng tiiecair rncaicUMKna( an
effect ef Bid Dyes, and invigorates the balr for life
None arai genul unless slnsd "W. A. Batchelor."
8M everywlsire, i ; ivj... it . , 4,
'i r i . ' T ? ' CUA8. H ATOHBI.On, Proprietor,
JylS.wly 81 Barclay Btrtet, New Tort.
wm. A. Batclieic'ri Hair Dye! i
.tha' OrlglBal' 'ttk 'Seat' Tia' (the! Vorldl
All others are mere Imitations, and should be avoided
If you wish to escape ridicule.
OKAY, SBD OB BTJ8TT tlAIB Dyed Instantly to
beautiXul and Natural Brown or Black, without injury to
tr.rVwrMt, ''-"- :
awarded to Wm Ay Batchelor sino 1U3D, and over 80,00;
application have been made to the Hair, of hi patron
of his famous dyei . . " i . .. i
WM. A. aATCUXLOB'B HAIR Vtt prodaots aoo
or not to be distinguished from nature, ini H warrsited
not to injur In the least, however long tt may be conthv
ued, and the 111 effect ef Bad Bye remedledr the Balr
invigorated for life by thl iplendld By. '"", ' J '
Sold in all cities and town of the United Statea
Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers. .":J ' 1
JLTTbe Genuine has th name and address upon a steel
plate engraving on fonr aide of each box, of WIXLIAM
. HAiutLEiiUH, jtaarn .. ....... .
OUABL8 BAT0BKL0B, Pioprietof,
JylS-wlv . 1 JlaraUy street. New York.
In all ease of eoittvenen, dyspepsia, HUloa audi lint
affection, piles, rheumatism, fevers anil agues', obsU
Bate head aches, and all general derangesneaU ef health
these Fill have Invariably proved a certain and speedy
remedy. A tingle trial wilt plae the life PHI heyrad
the reach s (competition .'In'.lbe eetlmslfia of every pa
tient. ... ..'m-I I ,.. K.to,m.jv.l f
nr. Moffat's Phosnlx Bitten Will be found Squally ef
ScadousJn all cases of nervous debility, dyspepsia, head
aoa,lalkneas incident to females Indelicate health,
ant (very Irind of WeaktreSS of th digestive organs,
For salsbyDr.' W;t.OFFAT,"S35', Broadway, N. Y.
and if irrowsai.: r(;j;vil,;lvaayHlifcwi..
.Tt4 foUowin:if aa extjapt frton,1 a
ittT wrltsso by th Err. f , f)i Holme; paster of the
Plerrepolnt-Street Baptist Church, Brooklyn, If. T.,t
h t-Journal aod Ueenges,nXlhiolnnaU, 0.,and speaks
vohuaee ia favor af that world-raownd medlolns, Mss.
vrnsiw'sSotrreuaBvanrroaOauimraTixratrisi1 '
"We sc an adveruismesit in your column of Km
Wiitsjow's Bootuins Btaort. Now wo never said a word
lavu of e yaasat soedioia before in onr lire, but we
feel compelled to say to your readen that this is no hum
bug wa uav Tiian it, aao Know it- to aa 'ALL rr
clues of tlie day. because it la ona of tha best. And Uu
claims. It is orobablv oneoruia nnst sun-Maral mi.
your readen who have bRbres.cafl't do better than .
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f'jJl i'.VS .ol
1861. 1861. Summer Arrangements.---Time
ConneotlngatCrattllns with th PirTSBUKOH, T.
tor Pittsburgh, PMladdpKla and Baltimore. Alio
for Fori Wayne and OMoago.
Connecting at Cleveland with the 1AKB BUORI BAIL-
f , i . BOAD . . ' i , i,
ForDubklrk, Buffalo, Albany Boe-
D ssa fltw Iri
rsvf fi f -
" wr
Vrom Columbus, In eonnsetlon with Trains on the
"' L'' :; '' " IIKBT IBAIS. ""
NIOBT SXPltESB Leare Oolnmbne at 3.40 A. II 1
wilt leave passenger at ail itatlon south of flalluo,
ttop at .l)laare, Ashley, Csrdlngton and Oilead, and
at all (tallon north of Gallon, arriving at Cleveland
atftOO A. M Dunkirk 3:00 P. M.. Buffalo 4 S3 P. M.
Albany S.W A. M., New York B:3S A. 11.. Boston X M
P. St.. VitHbumh Tla Crestline 3:80 P. M , Pbiladel-
chlaS:10 A. at. Ohloago via Crestline at 7:U0p, IS.
NEW VOBK EXPUB88-Leate Columbus at 11:10
a. as. . Will ttop at Lewis Centre, (for Whit Balphur
Bprings), Delaware, Csrdlngton, Omllon. OrastUna, Bhl
b, New London, Wellington and Orafton, arrive at
Cleveland at 3:35 p. m.i Dnnklrk, 8:50 p. t. Buf
falo, 10:55 p. m i Albany, 8: a. m.i New Ypik, 1:45 ,
E. m.; Beaton, 4:40 p. m. This Train oonnaotaat Bhsl- ;'
y for Bandntky, and at QJafton for Toledo, arriving at
Toledo t 6:40 p. m,
at 9.30 p. m. Will stop at all atations South of
Bhelhy, and at New London, Wellington, flrafton,
and Barea; arriving at Cleveland at 8:30 p. m.; Pun
kirk, S:C0a. m.; Buffalo, 3:20a. m.; Albany, 80 p. m.i
NewYork, 7:20 p. m.i Boston, 11:45 p.m.) Pittsburgh,
via Crestline, at 11:55 p. m. Philadelphia, 1:00 p. ta. ,
Chicago, eia Orettline, 6:45 a. m. This Train counsels
at Khelby for Bandutky and Toledo, arriving at Toledo
st 8:55 m. . , '
Patent Sleeping Can are ran on all
Hight Iraina to Chicago, Sew N
t:M r r ' York and Boaton. -:t
Baggage Chteked Through to Jfma Tort end Sotton
- i Ha ae4landj elie.to PhUaittpMaand
. Jrets lorieto Omttine. -
Night Express arrive at Columbus at. .. 1 1: 1 5 P. M .
V 01netnnatlkxpreisarrtTaiat0olumbuatl0:$0A. M.
Accommodation Bxpress arrivas al Columbus at 7:51
P. M.
rare as Low aa by any other Bsule.
- Atk for 2VeIrfriK' Crtellint or Cleveland,
' T 1 t i ." Superintendent, Clsvslahl, Ohio.
-i Columbus, Ohio.
Columbus, Jun 17, 1801.
. , HUBS, ,t
Steam Between Ireland and Amerioa.
Thsfolloeing new and magnificent flrat-clsaapaddl-wheal
Steamships eompoN the abore line:
ADRIATIC, 5,888 ton burthen, Capt, J. Miusr
v (Formerly of the Collins Lin.)
HIBERNIA, . 4,400 tons burthen. Ospt.N.Paowsx.
COLUMBIA, 4 K) " ' k. Lirroa.
ANGUS. 4,400 ' . DioaotNM.
fAOirlO, 8 600 " " I. Bmiih.
rillMOS AbBBKT. (Screw.)
One of the above ship will leave New York or Boston
alternately every Tuesday fortnight, for Galvay, ear
ryiog the government mail, toacblng at 8t. John,
N. F.
The StMmer of thl Ho havs been constructed with
ih greatest care, under the supervision of th govtrn
ment, have watertight compartment, and are ansacel
led foroomfort, safety and apoed by any ateam r afloat.
They are commanded by able and experienced offloers,
aod every exertion will be mad to promote the comfort
ol passengers.
An;expcrienced Eurgeen attached ta each ship.
First-etas H. Y. or Boston to Oalway or Littrpool 10O
Second-class, " " ' 7S
rirst-clas. " to St John's 3i
Third-elass, ' to Galway er Uvsrpool.
' or any town la Ireland, on a Railway, 30
Third-cldM passenger an liberally supplied with pro
vlskma of th best quality, cooked aad rrd by Ih ser
vant of tbe Company.
Parties wiibing to eend for ihelr frieada from th old
country can obtain tickets from any town on a railway, ia
Ireland, or from ta principal cities of England and Soot
land, at very low rate.
Passengers for New York, arriving by the Boston,
Steamers, will be forwarded to New York free of charge.
For passage or further Information, apnly to
Wat. H. WI0KBAH,
At the offloe of th Company, oa th wharf, foot of
Canal street. New York.
An Effective, Safe and Economical
: Compound,
To it original color without dyeing, and p reran tics
liair from turning gray.
And curing It, when there Is th least parttol of vllall
or recuperative energy raaainlnf.
And all cutaneons affection of th Scalp.
Imparting to tt an aneqaled gloss and brilliancy, making
It soft and silky in Ita textura, and causing It to ear
The gnat celebrity and increasing damand for thl na
equaled preparation, convince th proprietor tbat on
trial I only aeceaaary to satisfy a dlscornlng public of it
uporior qualities over any other preparation la as. It
iaass th head and scalp from dandruff and other
eataoaoa disease, causing tbs nalr to grow luxuriantly
giving tt a riob, soft, glossy and flexible appearanoa, and
also, where tbe hair is loosening and thinning, It will giv
strength aod vigor to th root and restore th growth to
hose parts which have become bald, causing it to ylsld a
rash covering ef hair.
Then are hundreds of ladle aad geatlemsa la New
York ah bave had ihelr hair rtord by th as of this
Invigorator, when all other preparations Bare faJlsd . L,
at. has in his posaeesloa letters Inaaaaatabl Sntlfying
to th above facta, from persona of th hirkast tadaaata-
billty. It will ffsotaallypravont tba hair from turning
until tba latast pariod of llf aad inaaac where' tba balr
ba already changed tuoolor, tba aso of to Iavigorator
will with certainty nsUrs it to It to Its orwlnal haa. .
log It a dark, glossy appearance. Aa a perrame for th
toilet and a Hair JLeatorativ II ia parUealsrtyi recora
mended, having an agnsabl fragraoao; and ba great la
oilltiee it affords in dressing th hair, which, whan moist
with the Invlgorator, can ba dressid in any required
bene the gnat demand for It by th ladles aa a itaadarl
toilet article winch none omht to be withoaLaa tha
p laces It within th reach of ail, being
Only TwontT-IiT Cents
prottlvtav( had at all respootabla DraggUts an
i v jrerramtr.
L. MTXtKB would oall tha attMtimi.f 9.t.
Ouardtaos to th an Of his Invlmratn. Snra k.
the children' hair Inclinn to be weak. The as of s
lays th foandatioo for eaaed htad ef aW. u it .
move any unyuritie that may have become connect si
with th scaln. th removal of which la nmmn, ht
for the health of th child, and the future pparsios o
Ita Hair K t .
Oatrrioi,. Non genuine without th fae-ataall Tirrri
MILLER being on the outer wrap perl Slw.iIfe.alIL
LKtt'fl BAIst ISYIQOBATOB. N. I.', blown lTih.
glans. ' i i.
- U.lla.1. V,m Km T . . . I
pnnuifw mviuwiw ana irafgisui UlrougnoasaBBSjorb
fcwwmmnwBiwpttniniHrs ay snoqaaausy
I also desh-e ta present to the Americas Fnbilo AVy
Whrch; aftsr yean ef (ciecMno emrlnaeatnw. t hai
brnuiht to perfection, it die Blaok or Brown Inalanlll
Rithoutirdury to the Bair or Bkiai warnstsd; the bed
article of th kind In exlstanos.
Depot O. Dey SN.York.
sots&dkwly. ' ' ' " "ft
STiana OEtmriDaif . . . , Btrtar T onrraaDKM
""' ' - ' ATT0BNITS AT tAW.
" Uj '6fflcesT889 Broadway TpTew "fork "OltyP and
Par so its' BtituiM, Oolambaa, Ohio, I '
ILTCanful attentten paid to 0ollecUcn,(
aprliSidttl 5 " ; ! .' ' !;' I
, i Fee the INSTANT B1L1BF
- r and FBBHANBNT CURB of th
dittressla: oompl)! us
to-i bsi-it- BHDT'S n'l
Uads by J. B. SBTM0UB CO., 107 Nassaa St., R.
r nco i p noi) eni rre by post.
t.. y. -.1 ; i v .j, ,HW.y.,it J
onto ;,il rjiu'1 ('
i rt

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