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X lii. L.j. Wm wt m h
fRIPAyMINQfOlyY 19, 1861.
Rail Road Time Table.
i fi TLmu Mum fc Qowame Inu B. U
..OtacVnatl ArxommodaUon. 3)00 A. M.
- BxprA..ll:40Z,M,
UWI end A 000m rotation.. 8: 10 P. W.
9:10 P. M.
11:113 A. M.
8 00 P. II,
3:20 A. M.
Night Kiprets rim Payton.lx:00 midnight-
. Hlgnt xpress..
slew York xreef4'a...
.3:40 A. M.
,11:10 A.M.
10:50 A. II.
7:50 P. II.
c - - i
. JiMSs riMiua. A n at
No.ami..i..;. 3:30 A. M. 11:25 A. M.
no, as .....u :u.r, ,,.u:u t. .
. ,A W . O 'U, ' tr-A
i W. H FIU, Agnl. ,
ttir'ft Sf ;Prmoaw, foLBnivi It )Duinixn . B.
8 Mii Mtt'W. :.;iVi.-TM A. K. .11:8J A. M.
..1UKA.M. 8:45 P. At
11-. : .1 .Cowmo fc iHBUnofom, K.E. - ,;j i.; 1
(OobOMaua fllPA lBUMAB. Bf) ,
, . No. 1 KxpMM". ....... 6:30 A. M.
' ' No.t " tV... ...... 7 3:00 I. M.
8:00 P.'M
8:45 P. M.
AccomnOdeUatf .V.;,.,Ji
10:50 A. II.
,.J-. J ii- ! 8.1
0. w.
Surra, Agent.
Rail Road Time Table. LOCAL MATTERS.
, , me Aaams bxprese umpany piacea us aauy
under obltgatioaa toit for the very Jateet papers
...... .from the eaaternriUea., ...n,-, r,iT i"- ''-'
...... ...,u .1: hAmerU)n,.
Democratic County Central Committee.
M.auub-t mitten.
t-.'Tbere will be a meeting of the Democratlo
" ' ' County CentVal "Committee,' at" the, office of
Johm.&I. Pooh, City Bank Bailding, on Friday,
. .Juli 12,at 10 o'clock A., ,M. As bueuiess of
importance will be brought before the Commit-
tew, It Is 'desirable that thre be k full attend,
atfee of theCommlttee., H '
l n J i
irnli eiae
i'Btf'A'jounaUf by the name of Waohib,
QnIytWoteenljeMs oXige. waa. dieoovertd
,o flar Washington station, on the Cleveland and
ToAoo Ililrodi a ew. days ago, in the act of
plaolngiliei Jiattle-guard in such a manner
that the endj projected above the yack. As a
J.tAUroacod,eW:t61alhls) but the
tAlh was stofcried, and the ftlldw caught. He
iom wia taken to Freemont and bound over to court
pnLFJijrt efflnrln'oMnced tbat &ov
ernor Dcnninn. has been advised by his agent
at Washington, that an aot remitting duties on
'I :rms A pweaed both bouies of Congress, 'and
would be signed by the President, and that iti
'effect would bo to aate Ohio about fifty thoos
,A , :.ndLd?IU!rt
.,0. V . ' I -nil. 1 . -,
A ont RkaiaiNT.'It seems that the Elev
i.-i c enth Regiment, Col. Fbizill, which left Camp
Dennlsonon Sunday, July 7th, were not pro
vlded . with the- improved musketa-and Enfield
T-ilfeWM tte regiment that proceed' them had
been. Tboioldle'rt did not like telng sent off
with tbek old muikets, which they considered
''"onl fit, like so many wooden guns, fotj drilling
u-i purposes. Bat they were ordered on board the
oars and bad to go. However, they dropped the
-;i -v'j i guns ou the track as far op as Morrow t A special
' 1 train was'VinVip eiter them to pick op tbe
J' T rcntukett. ' ThoV, the regiment goes to Virginia
without' arms; but we understand that new
1 gone have been, or will be sent them from this
city. .- -
IT To' piiehasetboleesaaariee.td, when
. we can afford them, the luxuries of daily, Dfe,
'i ' 'la a task that becomes a pleasare, when w deal
with an obliging and accommodating man.
Such a man Is. William H. Ristiiacx, the
' 'grocer, who ocoupiea tbo. old stand of Wk
McDoAi,'ft and,' 'whose; ad vertisementi will bo
found elsewhere in this paper. '
Thi CoMwr.Aeide from the war and its la
'-,1 "cidenu, the comet Is almost the only thing that
.;ij j ( attracts mrblio attention.' And even, if the
..m'V 1,'oomet now vlsibla be the idsntical Charles V.
it seems to approach our planet only when a por
v.'tion of lU lahabitanta at least are in great per
'' iurbatldn. In addition to what wo have already
"published la referenoo to the observations and
views of scientific men In regard to the comet,
we give tbe following from the New York
World: i ; . i( ,i ! i :.- .... i
' Profeesor Kingston, of the Magnetlo Obser
"vvtory, Toronto, is of opinion that the comet
' an entire atraoser. Mr. Bond, of the Cam-
i bridge Observatory, and Lieut. 'Gillies, Super
intendent of the United States Naval Ob-
, , , serratory at Washington, In publishing their
obtervatione make no attempt to determine
i if it ia identical with tbe comet pf 1364
and 1556, known as that of Charles V., so that
we most consider the question one aot yet to be
decided: , ... Profeesor .Mitchell, .of. the, Dudley
. Observatory, deolaree it impossible et to know
if it be appeared before. Lalande, Clairant, and
Madame Lepante were engaged for six months,
i4 Jm .morning till bight, in calculating the
l : effects of planetary perturbationa on tbe time
the arrival- o . Halley's eomet in 1758, a fact
,i lu which epeaks for Itself. Tbe oomet now ap
- peara emallets -i In" forty-eight hoors It hat
' traveled neatly ten degrees. ., From Cambridge
Observatory we learn that it crossed tbe earth's
- orbit but a day or two in advance of we-' Now
it is more than twenty-five millions of. miles
away,' and rapidly Increasing the distance,",, ,.
""J ,,ka " EriscorAt CbHVMon.-through the polite
. new of the Rer; W, C. FaxncH, the Secretary
eVt, V AwWtM!llMw twOtWti, e,;eopj
-ot ut tfrIorirrialof the ffoeeedlnrt of the Forty
"" xourtE Convention ' of the Prote'oUni .placopal
(i, ,Chttch In the pibeese pf ,0hip, hed in;Trlnity
UH.. Charoh- Cleveland .'J, In. Jane. jWM. Tit U
pamphlet of 143 pages, handsomely printed
a? ArSBAasMaiMa,6f thla city, and eontalns much
tit e4.-f information (mnl(-fllaTiy lrjterrtlng to members
g tno cipiBuww-uuri;u in v,mu, auu uu iu
-'tjtihTue o'alJ wfioiale aMnUretH id the
of tne cpiscopai-unurcn in unio, ana udi wnu
nr. The pamfihlethai a 'copiobi index Ht the
which is a feature we eeldom see In such publU
i( catlobsidt one thki add greatlj; Jo, eVata
,!' lor the purpoM of reference.-. tu ii i '" '
' - Tnd evterClr!!I, reirrete o learn
u a. Ztfiftjtftiijti 0ghlhitglrt, which
fieeeed thwghbeeiry-ew Weoetday morn
rf'ii.Jww.werak,f:hUe itandlngo the top
ID. aear, tya brldrt aekr-New Concord, and
. - most aetantJy7illedM No, .(afnM PIW
I Vl.ll) 03fl'liiln'l ii''im'lil 'in r
IT It Uetaud that the three months'
' '1'WiW W6nlo:ftegimlnle; xte Washington
expiree oa .Wednesday next, July 17. Itia.ex
.n0Tdta that one Regiment VinM ftrgaolied
iVrf Se tfd lor the flirleYeara' ierrioe.
nil tta.'iivi gi -t. ..-.. ' r m up A
irenV.Coirjfa TWedneeday,Jal
H"ia rter Uraiuo, wee toe leal ei tee eleven negi
' " w ttieute sUUoned it Camp DenhlNrf.Pnly Gen
eraT BaWs and etaff are kit la tbe Camp.
B.'i'tetmexSlftfaTb -O
kY -tT SiiiMAHwCmelnnatl Light Artillery
rived at Camp Claae yesterday.
t. :MKvb;.wf; wy, aWrM
toi "a 'CfctyVeHeideyi wUVaVmpdny
Jl OMaiTnl All A f '1 111 I I 'M" 1 1 l J A .trilah
t Tr.l-i r'n "
rut. i v t ei
I D Tbe Fanolblei, dpt. Cant, rt lved ja
terday, hiving been reliered of their dalles la
guarding the railroad bridge, near Marietta.
Tbey were escorted from the depot Into the city
by tbe Feneiblei already here. It li laid their
plaoes on the railroad will be jnpplled by three
months' men from Camp Denniaon. "
O Lieut. StaATTON and hl men, of the 19th
Regiment, bare been taken to Camp Chase,
there to await the decision of the military an
thorltlee la their osfle. ' ; ""'y'J;
- , i
D" Daring -the 'month Jof Jm, 1861, 308
persons died in Clncinnaikui" vtw 'V-
. 1 HI I ' ' S
1 ST The population of London, EoglarJd, i
2,803,034. ' i' i
D The er.oesg of the female over tbe male
population In England is 544J)2l. .i
. ..i. .hi i u ' ' ' . j
ST Twenty-eight cases of arms for the Ohio
troops, recently arrived here from Cleveland. Q
Strong Defenses of the Rebels—Colonels
McCook's and Andrews's Regiments
—Probable Bloody Fight.
A messeneer from Gen,' MaClellen'e com-'
mand, jaat in, reports that two regiments Under
McUoolt and Andrews made reoonnolsaajioa ol.
tho eaemy'i position last evening, and were
fired upon, - One or McCook's men was killed
and three wounded. .They got within 125 yards
of tbe entrenchments, when they were ordered
to fall back on the main Oody. - '-, m
Be rebels are so stroneiv entreocned, that it
will be neceisary to oarry the fortifications by
storm. i l i '
Gen. McClellan was to commence the work
at eight o'clock this morning, and wai making
every preparation last night. If tbe rebels
make. determined figbt, e large loss of life
mnstensne. ' ; .
A courier arrived from Camp Morris,' at
Laurel Hill at 11 q'olock.lait nigbt. More
or leee fighting had been going on for the pre
vious two days. - The forces ware within about
a mile and a naif ot eaeh otBep.":";
Tbe rebels were very etrooirly entrenched and
supposed to be 8,000 strong. , Tbe enemy bad
only six pounders, and their shot fell 300 yards
short of our lines. The twelve-pounders of the
Federal troops are supposed to be doing great
execution. - :
The messenger saw some 15 or SO bodies of
tbe rebels as be Daased. : .. wit - . r -
Uol. uteadman veeterday arternoon acvancea
luu men to draw toem out from their entrencn
mente, and succeeded,' but a ehell scattered
them in every direction; '-v v
Tbe courier saw but one aaaa uoay ot our
forces, a second .lieutenants but our loss had
doubtless beeo considerable more.
A cessation of hostilities took Place at six
o'clock list night, la eoneequeooe of a severe
rain storm, but tbe figbt would be resumed Ibis
mornlDK n
uan. morris's locoes are poatad on a brow oi
a hill commanding tbeir entrenchments, and he
had hopes of dislodetnar the rebels to da.
Tbe inaiana ruteeniu started early tnis
morning to joia Gen. MoClellan.
Col. Tyler win continue to boia Uieovilie
Tbe Tenth will return this way to-morrow ob
their way to Join the main comma, -: a, .
A courier who left McClellan's oamo at nine
O'clock, aayi at three o'clock this morning the
lorce was divided, and started In two divisions
to surround the rebels. ;r a " r? i . I
Two prisoners were brought in, who reported
tbelr force at ,auu, out were very strongly tor
The War in Missouri—More Engagements.
ST. LOUIS, July 11.
"oVfeargeanakQduwti end,
' '
" Lieut. Task,' Col." Selgel's Adiatant, and
bearer of dlspatchea to Col. Harding , gives tbe
following additional particulars of the battle
near Carthage, 1 '
' The State troops were posted on a ridge In
tne prairie, with fire pieces of artillery, one U
pounder in the center, and JwaJL.pounders' on
tbe right and leit, tne cavalry .on, eacn nanx
and the infantry in the rear of the artillery.
Col. Seigel approaohed within 800 yards, with
lour cannon in tbe center, a bony ot lniantry
and one 6 pounder Under Lieut. Col. ilesasndeu
bsl.on the left, Col. Solomon's oommend, with
6 pounder on the right, and a body infantry be
bind tbe center oi the artillery.
Col. Selgel's left opened fire with;Sbrapoell'a
and soon tbe engagenunt became general.
Tbe rebfcl bad no grape, and their artillerists
being poor, tbelr balls new over tbe r ederaiiet
beads. ,
After two hours' firing, the enemy's artillery
was entirely silenced, and tbelr ranks broken.
About 1,500 rebel cavalry then attempted to
outflank Col., Seigel, and cut off his baggage
tram, wbicb was three miles back; wben a ret
rograde movement wae ordered. Tbe trejn was
reached In good order, and surrounded bv Infan
try and artillery; and the retreat continued till
a point nil reacneo wnere tue roaa paeeea
through a high bluff on each side, at which tbe
enemy's cavalry were posted in large numbers.
Uv a feint, as tr intending to page around tne
bluff, Col. Seigel drew tbe cavalry In a solid
body into the road at a distance or three hund
red and fifty yards from bis position, wben, by
rapid movement or nis aruuery, no pourea
heavy cross. fire of oannlster Into their ranks.
At the Same time tbe infanfry charged at doa
ble quick time, and in tea minutes tbe State
forces were scattered In every direction. -
Eighty fire riderlesa noraes were captured.
Sixty-five shotguns, and a number of revolvers
and bowie knives were picked op -from the
U)l. cseigei am not surrouna uarwage, as re
ported yesterday, but attempted to reach Pierce
WUVUB, uwm VI wni( .W 'V .TCV ..HI. um-
Der ate fighting, in which all the forces on both
sides were engaged, and In which Lieut. Task
thinks the enemy Wat nearly xuu xiuea, ne inc
oeeded In doing so, and the rebels retired to
Carthage, and Col. Seigel fell back on Sar-
ooxle, whence ne proceeded next day to jnonnt
Verooon "vii'-'i .i.-iim ii-j .
Lieut. Task left Mount VeCoon on tbe even-
ne of the 7th. and rode to Rolla, 153 miles, in
39 hours. He met Gen. S teeny's command
miles, and Col. Brown's regiment 16 miles from
Mount Vernon, pressing forward to relnioroe
Col.' Sslgel. - t' & ; . ffi v1 '
liient, uoi. woin was not xuieo, as reportea
J. H. Boweb. scent of the Hannibal & St.
Joseph ft. R Just from Hannibal, brings the
following account of . affairs in that section;
About two o'clock Weduesdey morning ' tKe
of tha Federal trooos under Col.. Smith,
r . .... . n . . ft.
of the bib Illinois neeiment, near juoarnw
Hutlon.some 30 miles weit of Hannibal, em
bracing 300 of the 3d Iowa Regiment, 316
tbe utb Illinois rtegirneot, auu aoout auu, nu
nlbal Home Guards, were attacked) bv 1C00
rebels under Brig- Gen. Harris. ;
AUhonsh tha rederal rooos were surprised.
they repelled the attack. drove the rebels't&ck,
killing lour ana wounumg eerenii, mnu vatur
lnr five prisoners and seven hones. '' 1
4 Harris nueateu w muurua, wyws iuuvi
skirmi&lLOCcnrredtla-WhicL-the rebels again
Col. Smith then took up a position, and
a meseeoeet for telnforeemeute from Qulncv.
tvoi. Bmitb ae afterwards surrounded by.
large force, but It was thought he . eeuld hold
cut tin reiniotoements leacbed max v ,ii
1- Most of the rebel troone were mounted.
v The 3d Illinois regiment Col. Marsh, left
Anna) yesterdy, hjr ' sobU point down
river toppoai to be Cape Girardeau. - 1
'There are now about one thousand Federal
jrrop enoVmped It the vlolnUy ef Pilot Knob.
ST. JOSEPH, July 10.
ThexDieiS train on the Hanjiibal and
Joseph Railroad, bound east to-day, was atoooed
at Monroe, by 400 rebels, and an effort made
take possession ot it, out it escaped nnbarmed
and backed to Hudson. '-'- ..a
It is reported that there ere 8,000 rebels
Hunnewalr itationf who will attempt to
Salt River Brldtce, east of Palmyra, to nlcht.
r Tbe station house at Monroe has been
ed. but the telegraph line being out, we are
able to learn to wbal extent the depredations
are being carried rim
Abie' blockade ooea not tneot trace oetween
thla place end the eaet, ao the locality of
irpuoieM east ernuoson, at tne rabotioa pi
ernvrh KTlMAnel WallMalf - .
. The read la well eouloDtd with matlvi cower
and Federal troops, and the latter will make
vigorous efforts to disperse the rebels) and re
tore the regularity ot the road at the earliest
moment, f
Lath July 11 A-M. It la reported that
the bridge at Salt River was burned last night
by' the rebels. 500 Federal ;iraop left here
this morning, and will be juinod by 700 more at
7 P. M. The bridae at Sail River! was not
burned last night as reported. . Tbe fire sot to
ii went ouk a no reoeie ieii t. causing out lit.
lie damagewhich will be tepaired immediately.
This la the largest stracuir pf the kind on the
othint neurd from the troop Who left here
this morning. LO ..!l I '
ST. JOSEPH, July 10. Thirty-Seventh Congress---Extra Session.
M.' SaUburyiTotlo that he ikoala latrodao i
ikoala latr
its to th
nt ( to
JolDt retolailon, Baking amendments to the Otinitl-
inuoa, fur ue.peeceiut aujuetment ei ine preient
Mr. Chandler, from tbe committee on Commerce, re
ported bmek the Boon bill In relation to the farther col
lection of aatiei ua impoet-to force tmi,io celled,
or the blockede Mil wltk a recommendation that It pan.
A wu oyer. v f " j .fit
The loan Mil was received from the Houie, and refer
red to the committee on finance. .. .-,
Mr. Hale Introduced a bill reiulatlsa the emolovment
of volunteer! In the navy, aim, to regulate the ma
rine force. Alee, to laoreaae thenavy In time, of war;
to loereaee Ine number of paymaetere la the jiary; end
relative to the fcaral Academjr. All. iwerev referred to
the committee on Natal AHalie. j...:'.,.
Air. JTeeeeoden, from tbe oommlKM en Ilnaoeei, re
ported the Home bill for the paimeut of the ml
Tolnnteert. with aa ameadntenW making the approDrla.
Uob ire and three qeartermllHooa Inatead of nx mil-
none, ine auenament wae agiaea to, ana tea oill
. V . -1 111 I ,: ,'T T.
Mr. Clark called uo a reiolutlorl'offered Veiterdav.
rvgaruiog uio vxpuitiun oi aeccuiiig, ocuauira
air. ewjara eaw ne reuoa tor anrtntng moi
olarlne their aeate vacaaL n 1
Br. Lauiam aaid ae aninia not vote rortne
bat ibould vote that tbe namee of tbe Benaioi
en from the roll and tbalr aeate declared.'
morel to atrlke out tbe Word expel. v is
Mr, Mouoncai laid he wae read a vole lor exouiflon.
Ka man hae a right t9 a seat here who eapeaeed the cajie
of tnaaon. Treaara, to be an re, wae a gentlemanljr
crime, and entitled to the axo Inatead of tbe halter, bat
11111 It wae a crime. . .. . .. ...
Air. Latham'eamendaent was diiazree'd to area 11
nai 33.
Ueaars. Bavard. Breck nrldie. Br iht. Johnaaa or
Tenntesee, John, tan of illnourl, Laiham, 1 Meealth,
f oik, Alomll, luce end HauliburyYqted in the affirma
tive..' ...... , 1 1 1 w
, Ihe reeolutlon then pisied yeaa 32, nayi Id." c.
The reaolutlane apnrovina of the aota of Vreetdent Lla-'
coin, were tLB taken np. . 1 1.1 ':
sat. roia reaumed b.a remaiki. lie saldl Hiieoail
had obitructed no law whataoaver of the United btatee,
and yet the etato under no pretext of law bad beta In
vaded by United State, troope from Iowa and Kaaaae.'
Mr roiKantaed, that the rreaidenl kad ne 'r iat to
Invade a State or give tbe power to proclaim, martial
aw wamere uaptain. - no referred to Vast. Lyon a
acts ae Illegal and unconstitutional . 1 r ' '':
Air. Waue moved ta refer the reeolutlon to the Jadf
etary committee. . i ji -i
nr. roweii toolc the lame around ea Mr. Folk, and
aald the President had ao right to declare a blockade
against any of the Stateej that he had no right to suspend
the writ or nabeaa oorpue. 1 . ---
ur, wueinion anted tne Benatorir he ai'OrovM the
action of .the Governor ot .Kentucky In refuting te
eend volunteers In answer to tbe President s preeUm'
uon. ' H !" ' -a .. , ... I 1 . m
Air. Powell said all the State of Kentucky emwered
ef it, and le wae one of Its people. In the earlier aad
better daye or ihe Mpuollo, auckmonatroua aeurnatlon
of authority hid been the eauee of Impeachment at tbe
bar ot tbe Benate. He said peace muat be had by f com
promise and conciliation, and not by force. I , -
at. waae withdrew ma motion tq refer terns JudlciA'
noemmlttee. t , ; .U f :!( J tijh. ..
Mr. bavard renewed it. - ;
Mr. BrneklnrMie rose, but yielded to Mr, Wilson, who
moved to postpone the resolution till to-nouowv
ine em proviaicg for tne better organisation of the
Hilary eataellshmenl was Uken an, and the several
amendments ordered to be prt. ted. ! I ' ! 1 i
' The senate went Into eiecn tire seetlon. ana Ihen ad
journed. .. , . i V!a;..
i Boose. Ur. Ste reus, from the committee! on an
and Means, reported a bill making additional appropria
tions ior ine i.egisiauve, executive ana Judicial expen
aee for Ihe ear ending June IWt, and arrearage e of the
year ending jane aut. Also, a bill makina .aunronria
lion lor the current expentee of the Oovernmeut for the
same penoa.
Air. elslr, from the committee on Military fleire, re
ported a bill to promote tbe efficiency ef thoaimy .. Also,
a bill for tbe employment of volunteers to . ad ia sup-
wrung ana aeienauw tne erorevamene. " 1 - ..i
A" the above bills were referred to the cotanjitle
tne wneie, and ordered te be printed. ' - ..
On motion of Mr Stevens, the House went lain eo
mlttee on the Army BUI, with Mr. Washbara la the
chalrrr 1 '1 . 'in'ii'i ' I
Mr. SteVent aaiaVtliA eonaVuka f Vavl and Meana
hoped to complete their buiinese eo that the House)
mignt adjourn en mors ley next. - They were aiapoaea.
theee war tunes, t give everything the Ckoyemment
naked, treating that before half a year patted away,
peace) may be restored. 1 Tbe tmpostanca 'of having
uiscipiteea troops was ao ODvloos at not to require argu
ment. If thf grffiy should be too lame when the rebel
lloa le suppressed, hsreei, be rurjr easy to reduce lim
ine bill proposed a war standard. It".
Mr. Valiandlgluai believed the aot of the President
Increasing the army unconstitutional: ' Be regretted
hear that the committee of Wsya and Means kad manly
carried out the (ecommcndatlun of the Kxewntive De
partment. Inasmuch at it appears that the war 1 to
waged, be asked tbe msjorlty of both the House aad
. annate so stas) care er it in ordsf that H mar be eon
aucod under Oona ltntlenal reetrletieae. It eraa known
that he had so oealdenoe In the Republican party,
he bad rather trust the majority here than tree Adminis
tration. -1 - .
Mr. Burnett said be had not an cnnortunltir to nam.
ine the bill, and was opposed to. the way the blil was bur-
riea tnrouin. ana aooaid vote enlntt It
Air. Lovejoy woaid not vole, as the bill proposed
Inciease tbe siendlrg a, my to more than dounle waal
now is. ne wouid ilvesuo 000 men and oOO.uuiMaw eot
Ian. and hie eonetlloeate would give their laal eaot
had their last drop ef blood for the suppression of
rebellion, but they did net desire to Inoruae the regular
army. . ,
. Mr, ateOlernand briefly advocated tbe tocreue of
army, eaymg It had eeea too small lor' lb east tuteen
or twenty years. ' ,
Mr. Burnett said to put down rebellion It wae aot
aeeassery to tnerease the regalar eimyt baw. oaly
employ the wolsiDtMr forces er tbe eewoery 1
Mr. Mcuiernaad) Will van vote rer tne volunteer
blast - 1 -.. ... v
Mr. Burnett : Hot bv any means, beceeee I don't be
lieve we can hold Ihe Government toeeiher at the point
of tbe sword or cannon's mouth. Yea may vote your
five hundred thousand men and your Bt- hundred mil-
noes 01 aouars, ear country any bo ravagea aaa otto
Mlod with etvilwer,bntby the trtt Monday la December
next, yea will be no nearer the end of the war than now.
Mr. aooieraaaa sa d when that centiemaa resumed
ble seat here, be tool on him a eolemn obligation In the
eight ef theeountry and O it. that he would enpport the
OoneUlutloa of the United Btatee, and could he do ao
folding hie arms, while the batteries ef rebellion are
leveled perhaps at the eeultel. is IMS me war he can
dlacherge hie obligation - "' '"
Mn aamett eeld: I believe I am but eervrbr the Inter-
eete ef my eenntry end the cauee of OonatltotlVBal Hep
reeealatrve Oovenstent, as well ae the proepetttyof IA
people, by advocating a peaceful solution of tbe present
troabie Instead ot a bloody rar.. ..t -:i. i .
mr. Mcuiernana:. ion propoM e ptacerai scinuon.
want to know the keeieof la. Bo sou want as to. recog
nise Ihe Southern Confederacy J 1 -.1 - . 1 -i
ine caalreaea remindee Ute cenueaean Irani Illinois.
that each remerke wen sot pertinent) to tha euldec! an
der consideration ui i ?---ii? 1
Mr. MoQloraaodi X hope X.eaaU have an. explicit
answer. ..--.i v n 1 i--t ; . 1 i..-, yft!
Mr. Baroett sau: The tentleaea (reel Illiboie ehall
beat from me at a feture times bo I wee Id eattlo
Suestion, and when I ehall nave a full expert unity
etpurpoeo, .e -- -i..j hj to 1 v., .
Mr. AtioAmaa said: I trait bt Qod the genUemao from
Kentoeky doee net speak tha eeattlosealaof ble own eeo
ties, maott fceee those et tbo ewura Btetat oat wkeieere-
be doe or does aot, 1 say frankly, li saauers noc
these who aro engaged la thle week of preoervluf
Oeastltatloa and Onion, for whatever their action awy
be, the Hove mmem will be netalned aad perform
iagtumate oocee t. applause;. -ini . 1
Air. noraeiseaid, whatever peaiuon aeawseK tool,
Inteaded to stand by her.. Be owed loyalty to. tbe State
above the General Government. 1 .m. -, !
The Presldesubad Inaumrated War Id violation of
Constitution. Be oolennly protested agotnatit.
Mr. Jackton bf Kentnokr said Mr. aeurneet did
Iteresent the sentlmenlsef Kentucky, lend nrotosted
aaainei tne aecieasitoa - jueuiyini' rovoranen. mr.
J to, ton-alto eald Kentoeky,- under no drcamstancea
would talae ahead against the federal Government
-Mt lliokman renlled to Mr. Burnett, ronbrovartlar
his peeltlonv-x , vwiu 1
bit. allandleham offered a nrevleo to the bill that
part 01 ine money appropriated he used roe the. employ-
neatof jorcea for tuejugaunfl any .Btatea an Holding
thsm as .conquered ptoiiuc,e,a, .or. fgtjBtaiierlng with
sravcry tnany state. . .. . i, .. . ., ,i -, I , i
ae onerea mis to disabuse tna mUulS ol.,toie
thought this the purpose of the w.iv , ,
'The arm; bill, after several smembneftls. '
Atnenament reiecua. -- .-,,,.(!
aside ttwiepe ilea ,te tbe HetiiOinw .1 j
j ftalt 4,.
re be atrick
raeant, and
Dispatches from Washington.
[To the Associated Press.]
[To the Associated Press.] WASHINGTON, July 11.
Ii is said Gongrese will abolish throeolprocl
tv treaty with Canada.
i The War Department Ii tntbrmwdf since
recent skirmish, that no bttempt wit) be made
to erect batteries alMatbiaa Polo. , '
The newsnaner stalemenle that 4he Seoretarv
of the" Wavy has lenicd ao "order" to receive
the fecrultlBE itatlons none but nailve born
liens,' are untrue. .The faoia are tha the Bum'"
her Maasmen onenog were mwen larger
thaaewice rroulred. w Boston a' hiiw the
point where they ' are ' received- Seamen
eutiswu wibuuui eKru aw wvuw tj
1 1t ia stated that Judge Barton' of Kv,
Hon. Frank P. Blair of Mo., era eaoh gather
Ing 017 a Compamy of Sharp Shooters in
respective Btatee lor iuai. xtpraorrfi regiment
[Times Dispatch]
[Times Dispatch] WASHINGTON, July 11.
.-Thebrofjosea postal treaty between the
ed Statee aad Mexico, retpeotlog which laegoe
tUtlooe have been pending for torn weeks',
fallen through, for the present at
leaaL 'Post
master General Blair Imposes - stipulations,
inoi which Mexloe eaanot-eoeeede, There le
r. 1 1 Jl- . J1 k-.n -I.L
' Mastee. ' "-"'-" -r ' I
t. 1M
From St. Louis.
ST. LOUIS, July 10.
, Judge Catron's eh area to tbe (rand lurv was
read In tbe United Stales Circuit Court! tp-day,
it treats 00 ine question 01 treasonl at great
length, and fully, proves that the Judge hae not
followed the example of Tennessee, but re
mains loyal to the United 8tates Government:
Uriel Wright made application for writs of
habeas corpus In tbe cases of Ex-Senator Green
and John Soward, now held in custody of tbe
united Buies forces at uanton, mo. ,, f
Judge Lackland also applied for a similar
writ in the case of Captain Campbell, one of the
prisoners taken at Camp Jackson, who ga Bp
parole, and delivered himself- to Adjutant Gen
eral Harding, at the Arsenal, on Monday last.
Quite a number of witnesses are here front the
interior. " I uii
ST. LOUIS, July 11.
In the U. S.' Circuit Court, this mornlna?.
Judge Catron refused to grant a writ of habeas
corpus in tbe case or Lapt. Lampbell, oooMned
at the Arsenal, on the ground that the petitioner
voluntarily surrendered himself as a prisoner.
1 ' Iditre. ca of ex.Seoator Green, tbe, writ
was granted.
From Fortress Monroe.
'' Boiler li so well Dleased with the Hotohklea
shell, which can be fired from any rifled can
non, that he has ordered a quantity for imoiedl.
ate aee - fc'f it :. r f niiirn
- Bevertil Baltifnbreane came here to go to
Norfolk, but com. stringbam don't permit tbe
fii of trace to leave the harbor. ,
, The healtA of ,the troops la goodi.., .Weafher
hot.Jt-, blul J.nlvuW' ,1 nin jl,l!ili'W 1 ,
The Qttaket City, this nornlog, captured the
brig Amy Warwick, of end:, owned In Rlch
ihood. from Kid bound, to liamptoa Roads with
51,00ft sacks of eolfee; part of the eargo owned
by Britrgb meiohanwv " Kj ' ' ;
Quaker Cltv. vetterday'.Mde a "reconnois-
sanoe aioog the ooaat. for 30 milesavulb of Cape
iianry, and saw nve wrecke en tne snore, ell
old and entirely deserted. ' - . J
..The Confederates are rellioe and burning
trees at several points, Indicating they Intend
holding the place.
0---O,i, n mi, 1 mi I 1 "i Ii 1 ' I , .
Officers on Parole Ordered to Forts
Kearny and Laramie
NEW YORK, July 11.
Tbe Herald has a special dispatch this morn
tog, stating that the arrest of Col . Thomas by
tbo. new, Union police ot Baltimore has nipped in
the bod a scheme for tbe aelasre ot one of the
steamships leaving New York, la the same way
they captured thet. Nicholas. But, others of
thACorernmant .steamship pirates are at lib-
- TBO secretary or War hs finally decided to
detail those officers captured in Texas and dis
charged on parole, for duty at Forte Kearny and
Laramie. ' This duty will not conflict with
their oath.
';' Government 'Intends to send sufficient force
to those points and, others along the Overland
Route, to fully protect the maile and property
ot citizens. -
, A considerable ioroe of volunteers will be sent
to Salt Lake. ...From ', advices Just received
trouble is apprehended in tbe Nevada territory
by be resistance ef some of tbe people to tbe
exercise of looal and Federal authorities. Tbe
Mormons are, , laid to be at the bottom of this
movements 1,.' , ..- ;.f 1 ...
Col. Fremont had an Interview ' with Oen.
Bcott yesterday; and expects to leave for St.
itouig ua iev days., tut Larson will probably
JOUVnim : !.'. ,tt.l.'l SV- '!
in a brush between pickets at Great Falls
few days aeo. some of tbe let Massachusetts
Kcgiment witb Long Kibes kiUed two of tbe
enemy. . The Kebels have camp near Great
Halls.1 ' it is supposed they are endeavoring
piant catteries.
. Friends oi Gen. Lee report that be has resign
ed, and will be found on the side of the Union
sits In Virginia. - " 1 '
A refhtleman erlin arrtV6! hern tn Am from
Virginia reports that there are two reeimeote
at iteeeDurg, one boatn Carolina and one vir
Ktala.' ... ' ' ' J-
- it appears while our regiments average about
one tnoussna men, southern regiments do not
average ever six hundred aad sutv.
- Theret were a Leeebargh one keadred and
fifty' troops sick' In the botpitaK'.The.fioulh
bgroiinians,were mainly diseased with measles,
The moakJmportant information obtained
that there, taw been a severe quarrel between
Lee, Letcher, Gov. Wise. Maaruder and Rorar
A, Prjor. ; Jeff.' Davia wae called in to
the matter, and laid Gen.; Lee on the sbelf
This enraged Gov. Letcher, who Is still Infective
and Indifferent to tbe success of the rebels.
This information confirms e dlspatob, that Lee
bad left the rebels and was now in Western
Virfflnla. rautins force to anatain tha TJnloa.
Jeff.-la via not only anubbedCol. Lee, but,
a garnet the protest of Gov. Letcher, Magruder
was derailed to command the rebel forcee
Eastern Virginia, Gov.. Wise to oommaod
Wee tcro. Virginia, and Gen. Beauregard
assigned the command of the center oolumn
pianaaiai. . .. , ..,
An orgsniaation ia on foot here, under
title of Lane Guards, to be composed of refugees
from the despotism of tbe rebels in tbe South
ard States, to pej(orm special duties, principally
detecting rebel spiee In our midst
Gee. fiackoer of Kentucky, is here endeavor
log to recommend the armed neutrality policy
which, although proposed originally tn good
faith by loyal Keatuckians, baa bean 'used
the rebels as a cloak to their operations. It
well known that the Kentucky State Guard
entirely under rebel influences, and would ton
questionably make tbe pretended neutrality ad
raotaieeae to the rebels, m 1 '.-1.-.
1 A Home Guard Is now organizing, independ
ent" of Gen., Buckner'i forcee, which will
amply suffioient to protect the Unionists from
an fnartlllnktlnna nt thai Mhola
Orders were received at headquarters 01 the
army on Monday to lend immediately to tbe
seal of war, tbe 1st artillery, part of the Fort
Sumter garrison, which is bt Fort Hamilton.
Tbe brave fellows were under arms aad on tbe
road la a few minutes. The old ensien of Fort
Sumter went along with them, ae they believed
thore would pe no luck without; it. , r,
Shipping arms to Tennessee—General
Polk's Command—Gen. Pillow
Polk's Command—Gen. Pillow Superseded.
Tbe Kentucky Circuit Court In the caee of
uraaiey ana Davu vs. tne bouiimie ana nasn-
vlue KaUroadai Judge Miser, oeoldea against
the plaiotl&e and ia favor ef the right ef tbe
Federal Government to Interdict frttg&t to tbe
The Courier this mornins rives notice to tbe
authorities ei-Tennessee, of an intended ship
ment ot guns to tbe Union nan of iTennessee,
aawir HanaeM till est sMtttlaA S Vt ea eaVt.e 1 11 I ' , I
awaava aAeaaaam waaegy swisvv waav gvi' 1 ,
Lieut. Urittenden, eon or Jonn 1, uniieoden,
denies in a Card in the Democrat, that ha baa
oineu tuo reueier , -r , , t ) -r ! . ..
! I 1. l ..-,.'
Several prominent secessionists ihave. left
here for Riohmond. Several of them are eon
neoted with the State Guard. I''1"'
Gen. Polk'e 00m mand will oomprlae the land
ana water ueienaee irom tne montn 01 ftra Hir
er up to the Northern boundary of thei Con ted
eracv. This eooersedee Uen. Flllow. ! .. '-
Tbe Mobile Tribune save tbe sum of Se.uu.uuu
was due tbe troops at fenucola, on the let qi
July. ', u-t.iy ,.. f l.3UL el r.:o8 Ttl .-!
LOUISVILLE, July 11. Interesting from Quincy, Ill.
LOUISVILLE, July 11. Interesting from Quincy, Ill. QUINCY, July 10.
This mdrnlbr about Blne'o'olook a bom bad t
of rebel eavalrv. namberlat one aaridrwd.mada
a demonatratloo at onroe Station, thii-ty miles
weal oi nannioaiei atf burnt us station
home, all eoeey eighteen freight an,' arid
tote tt the traok on eaoh side of the town. A
mdoh larger Ibrce of eavalrv was luppoeedj k
be oonpaaUrl a short dietaooe ofT,keqiag out of
light. Una union enan eyas killed. I f I
uaptaia rtaiawot vrnov 1 nere for sroope.to
Aid Colonel Smith' rjf 'the' inibflla 'Vnlimteera.
Deaf Jrlonroe, tsje the Colonel wlth. Oll of hia
men li aurroooded bjr about fiOOOu eavAlry, and
la la Imminent dentretvi f . I '"
'Col. Grant's reglmeht,"wb1cn".hil ibon.'U
camp at Naples, Urder4 be herei to aaer
row.memlagr CoUralnaerafegtSieDt at Can
too will also be brought here at toon, aa; poBat
?6watd the sssaaaln. oLCapUiajfowaeU, ire
bretwktQere.lMlDightOf eafe keepiag;. It le
reported IbU Jim Grwew b eeea eo fcllcrwj pels
laid to be at Canton, Ato., under $6Q( bonds
to ppt whan waatlaeie rarvouivwd to
ortal Palmer's beeekraertei eaoh Bay at 1(
LvtlaH A- I'in.i.l? r.g . Tl ,'
H . . . A.. , ... . .. 1
LOUISVILLE, July 11. Interesting from Quincy, Ill. QUINCY, July 10. Quincy, Ill, July 11.
menL wU. iho( .bf leoeaalgnlata ooaoaaled In
braahfood, while plaolng. a piolcet guard, of
' .itm't
seven Ben. flva'mllea this aide of Union . Mo
rive men of Cap l. Pretri's company, froit thla
ouy, were aiao. killed at the 1
plaoel , nt-, ,. i m; ;
t a loroe 01 12UU Infantry and
to-night to suecor Col.fSmitbii iNa-,furt,W
newa from him than that telegraphed last blgl'if.
a tunuuuuw uj aij,iau uuuurcie uavetira
is treat teril Er Governor Wood and
Oeni Mather, ar thle .States acoompanled' the
expeditfon. 1
it A messeneet has tout arrlrad from Hannibal.
bringing Intelligence that the railroad bridge
Between mat place and ralmyra was burned
Vts-twghtc i i;l5.A.:4i;.j'.J I
The bridge on the Qnlncy k Palmyra road
across the same at ream era atlao davatrovecV '
General Hatter has sent a deiechment of
one oompavy ot artillery, infantry and 1 cavalry,
by boat, to Marion City, six miles aoutb, with
eiders to puis, far ward from there by land; and
you juoi s)mlib-r-- '-vyr . .., , . ,.
By f tbe (outer taken, thev. will avoid the
brldgee, but have to march thirty miles.
Mather else sent a atrong detachment Tbjr the
Quloor and Palmyra Railroad, with orders to
open the route by to-night at all hazards. .
uoi. raimer arrived this evening, with euu
men, , They routed a oamp of seeeasloaltts yes
terday, taking one lieutenant priaonev. j 1, ,
One reslment had been ordered from Alton
and one irom Chicago to this place. I .1
TheJelrcamstanoea of a skirmish in which
Capt. Petersf company were engaged, are re
ported as follows! The forces stationed at Mon
roe made an, exeureion Into tbe country for the
purpose of capturing a party of rebels but ne
glected to leave a stlfflclent guard I behind.
Upon returning the were fired upon by the
rebels, who, had burned the care anl station
house, killing eight men. t ' '
8oward,. the murderer of Capt." Howell, was
Uken to ou Louis last night.
CAIRO,July 11.
A gentleman from Memphis reports that ia
regiment left there yesterday for M laeoarl. He
also reports two thousand rebel troopa at Point
Pleasant. Missouri, making preparations to at
ettaek Bird's Point. 'Pillow bad been super
seded by Col, Atkins. All quiet here
1 " -
From Gen. McClellan's Column.
BUCKHANNON, Va., July 11.
Tbe latest intelligence from Oen. MoClellan
is nptotwo o'olock. - He bad oommenoed erect
log bis batteries 00 the hillsides, wben tbe re
bels opened fire, but without damage. When
tbe courier left, Gen. Morris still held tbe re
bel! in cbeckat Laurel Hill, awaiting orders to
Skirmishing bad been bruk and frequent for
the past twenty four hours. Three of the 7th
ana ib Indiana were killed, and one of tbe
Ohio 14th, and seven wounded of the 3d Regi
ment. An occasional shell was sent into camp
a mile and a half distant to keep them in posi
tion... - , i
BUCKHANNON, Va., July 11. Removal of Clerks-Hon. Henry May.
[World's Special.]
A large number of olerks were removed from
tbe Land Office to-day. Many removals from
the Department! are expected from the opera
tions or tne special committee raised by tbe
nouses out tbls committee Intends sitting dur
ing reoees, and will not be ready to report be-
wra ioocnwer. -J a . - 1
We have high authority for aaierllne that
the Government refused Congressman May any
commission to go to tUebmood. He was die
tinetij Informed that no oompromlse would be
tendered, and none entertained. If he visited
Richmond, It would be as a private citizen.
[Special to Post.]
CoL Stone occupies the ground held by Gen.
rauersoa in nil late battle witb tbe rebels
nnmber of dead rebels were found in the
woods. it t t , . . ,.-. 1
i Forty clerks are to be dismissed from tbe
Census Bureau. 1
1 It is intimated that the secession press at
oaiumorc wui oe vigorously proeoeuted.
It is believed thee Chase'a ' modification,
tue tariB win pan. .: ;
New York Market.
NEW YORK, July 11.
JLOUB Tbe market for sta'a and weetern Is some
what unsettled. The searelty of freights aad prices
atked materially ehecke the exoort demand for ateta.
the low and medtaas graaee weaeera are m betur request
for home oetieaeaption, anl krlngaliitle more money.
Sales of I1.9UO barrel at S3 7oJ W f aaperftoe
state, the Utter yrtoo lor very ehotoe; 0BI SO for extra
stau;'t3 0u3 73 for superfine western: Si B54
for coeimoa 10 mediaa extra weetern i SI iiSi IS
snipping Disoae extra round hoop Ohio! 4 TiAa
trade kraadsdo.t aaarketcloelDf rather quit t. Canadian
flour It la lete active reqoeet, while erioee remain a boat
inosame awieaoi uu DOIt al fa eu f w tot tuper-
uuv, lorovnmon w gooa exvra.
ala gtOUB Oontlnoeeqalol and steady. Bali
iOObolsat S 503 7J for raoge. f
OOBN BIAu-iss Utile more aetrve. Sale of
bble el 1 7 for eaaiern end St S3 for Qaloric.
WAUaK If le with al aaaterlal ebaage. fake of 300
barrele at KJIeSUete 1 . . . .
WHSaT euil rales qaltelrm.bat the extreme scare
Uy tl freights and klgk ri te atked materially cheek
exoort d stand Bales of ISO bmhola Ohinuo .nri
l'X(S84e; HOeibatbelenorthweatorB elnbatSKalMXo;
S AW baahele Eaetoe sptlng ateVo; g OOu bushels Mil-
waoite eiaoeuaviMoj 31,000 koaiieU Amber Iowa at
U6ot is.MS baahele winter red weetera at SI 0791
6 BOO baahele white weetera al 1 1391 tt; 100 bash
ele white do. at (1 SO. .
BYB eieady. BaUesl.SOOboabela weitern at CSSOo;
state eteedy at 68e. . . . .
BARLIT-Dall at SfcttMo.1
OOHK -Opened lalland keeivy, aad elosed quite firm.
Bales of 89. 000 baahele at 2iSUc for common new mixed
weetern) ISilUto for good and prim do.; 45e for choice
do. : 40o for inferior whit western.
OATS Ia moderate request at SSOBSSo for western
and Oaaadtan, and 80 30c lor Stats... '
tW 14 la betterdonaad. Tk market far mete
may be quoted a ahade flnntr. galea ot l,00 bble
fia KMWi 7k rot oeeee; f 10 0910 SO for prime.
BMgf .lleailyi a modemht bniiixu dolnr. Rmlee
800 bble at 14 0034 30 for country prime; fi 00SJ
for mess; SI 0010 30 for repacked mess; end $10
ol 1 31 for extra awes. Prima At aaa Beef continues dull
aad nominal.
. BBKf BAMe A re In moderate nmu Sales of 123
tle weetera as SI. ;. r , , ,
uwir aaaiB-vaii. 1 email sales at B)io
ghonlden, and iX2&)ie for hams.
BAUUH-vontlnuee aalet: we notlea tilet of 1.500
poandt clear smoked sides at le,
LA&Titale quUe dell. Dales of SO tleieea
- -- ' j
slUrXEn lOlUnei et ?Alle.rorfihla anl 7Wi9114c
for State . , 1 , ,t . i . ,
C H a, 181 8 teed at aag Ua.
BCaAft Verr Irm: f.l. U vrvntt nflnail nuntaA at
j aaiea oi iuuu nnae uaba at HH0c, Inclading
about ICOhhds Porte Kloo t IM4S6c,acd.3i0 boxes
Havana miBHWlHQ. .,!).. ,
aruuas A aunt aaa BirTia. nhiraa ana Kosk
Island, MX 1 Cleveland and Toledo, 86K I Qalena
Chloago, Beading, Xi Mlchi an Central, 45i
nw,iia,i arte, i t() reel no Hall. 7; Mo.oe4
Va. fl's,4B: Xeaa.e'e.BO: 44 do. oat 41 Hleh. 'e,7d;
Treasury 0'e, S fears, K; V. S.B's, 81: Ooupone,
ews. . . - ' '
1. ; , , ' -1
Philadelphia Market.
' IftOTTB bnlats' Snnarllne. a4 W. I
' WTBSAt Dall and aneettMi- Bed at SL 05(1
WBite, ei aesi t aswseeaa, si lt -l
vuKti unchanged.
WHiaST DuU at 19Wk-A' u '
-i - wtUe i t in i 1
Cincinnati Market.
1 LOU B Oar Sbar market to have a little
lone, bal a latere ran eat ia watooe eaa be noticed.
They are, however, still aa Irregular a yeeterday.
elwlee qaahtles ar meetMaght for.' -'
, wh at leetui speriagiy onrerea, tnoagn aeatere
not get better offer thea they did yesterday. Bed
hold et ettaf 700, wort et TSABoo. i ;-
O0BN Wae la better reoelpt to-day, bod th
was not anfavorablr ffKted,.an4ti still laalotalaed
atsite.i n r .;,( sari i
OaTB Werk'UnnTV helfl.otwtthibindinnT fall
ceiptt, moet or ta dealer asking gd. 1 -
eAHLKi ai BXB-Are soeraryaomtnaii
) WHIX-UateaoyatUHe.Iit I
Oofti wwsrcfif
r -?M 1
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, July 10, 1861.
Tk market letoaetlv. aad there an aetiaaeastlwi
oat f wh eh to mate a reoori.
ILOTJB a' la dray-toad paretts sat ther I a
wenera, eesaana - - . ' - i
WUSAT The oar traBeacUea wa a let ef loos bash,
graaa ,iu 83. j .. i
CORN Aad etker eereafe are aacltaeged anl rnasttre.
. .UITSa A sale of a tew keg we aaed al v. ' ,
'tl"-" '" ' .:-..; - -i-'x.- atoweewt
c - -s how mm, nor KMrraM.
rrra bttot TarrwTl ng vffl WATtTllg 1 TRIA
ail ortam. Beaiial TMMIHn BrVotneee, I
nlantary Beatosloa a4 taspeteaayt reealtln froaa
switch., mm. .BvBnta. e.arvereH. H. D. Beat
aadwaaaLta B plain aatveaeaw,' Jay. Wdreef.poe
paid, oa reelp iw wtaaap, ay
kUNI, lTvwrft Kw i'eck.
vi k:p W
J if fpr.J.H.IIcLEAN;S
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
VbeurenteaaHeneadrlikTJie World,
most nmcioui
ly a seienUfie and
Tegetabto OeeapouMl,
proeored ey she dltUl
IaUoa el Moots. Herbs
ill Barke, Yellow
loek, - Blood ' Boot,.
Bareapartlla, W I I t
Oherrj Bark and Don
dellea eaters Into ite
Before TnWns'" After Taking.
priewlpsa ot eaoh Ingredient la thoroognly extraoted by
at new method of dliUlllng. prodadng.jt deliclona, c
hlleaeiint spins, aad tbo anoet INf AILIULl remed for
leaovatiug the dleeaeed eyetent, and restoring the eick,
eafferlng and debilitated I VALID to JlJCALTn and
MUUiaXaA. 1... v .. ..
7 - - Will sCeotuallr ears
Chronic or ifervoni DeUlltr. Diseases ef tbe Kidneys:
and all diseases arising froaa a disordered Liver or Btom;
son, Pvepepefcs Heartburn, Inward PI lee, AoldKyor Blok-
neas n im atonuea, rnimeee of ewoa to tne neeo, van
iin or ewinmlng in tbe head, PalLAatlon of tne Heart
ollnees or Weight In the Stomach, Boar Iraetatlona
Choking or fttsTocarlng feeling when lying down. Drvneet
orTeHotroeeeor tbe lain end Syee, Kight Bweate, In
wara revere. Fain In the small or tne Back, enest or elde.
Sudden f laehoo of Heat, Sepreeelon of Spirits, Vrlghtfal
Draama. Lannor. Deeoondencv er any
er any nerrooa in
loree er Blotches oa the Bkin, and fever and Aene (01
Chills and fever.)
ewer railllen ef Meitlea
Bare beea sold daring lb hut six months, and In no In
stance ha U failed in giving enUre satisfaction. Who,
then, will enfferfrom Weakieee or Debility when Mo
LXAK'S BIBJtSaiHXNIMQ COHD1AL will caie yoaf
Mo buwmue can eoavey an adequate idea or the Imme
diate and almost mlracalone change produced by taking
tide Cordial in the dleeaeed. debilitated and sbattsrod
nervous system, whether broken down by exoees, weak by
nature, or Impaired by sickness, the relaxed and anstrong
organisation le restored to Its pristine health and vigor.
Or others eonecioac of Inability, from erbatever eaase.
will Snd McLean s Btreaetbening Uordial a Uieroagh
regeoerator of th eyetem; and all who saey have injured
tnemcelvea by Improper indulgence, will find in tbe Con
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
To tbe Ladlcaa
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
Is a sovereign and speedy care for
Obstructed or DUBoolt UenetraaNon, Incontinence of
Urine or involuntary uiaenargo tnereor, railing or the
Womb, Giddiness, Fainting and all Diseases Incidnet
females. -
There la so Mistake About It.
Suffer ao longer. Take It according to Directions. It
Will stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate yon and cense
tne bloom 01 health to mount your cheek again.
very bottle is warranted to give satlaUcuos.
If your children are sickly, pnny, or afflicted, McLean V
Cardial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Dels
not a moment, try it, and you will be convinced.
Cannon. Beware of Drnnrtsts or Dealers who ma
try to palm npon you some Bitter or Baraaparil la trash,
which tney can tray cheap, try eayin It te Just ae good.
Avoid each men. Aek for McLean s Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else It Is th only remedy that
will panry tn biooa tnoroagaly ana at toe seme tune
strengthen the system.
une vanieepoenrai tecen every morning lasting, is
certain preventive of Cholera. Chills and fever. Sellow
Fever, or any prevalent aieeaeee. At is put ap in urge
Prior only SI per bottle, or e bottles for S5.
J.H. McLSAlf,
Sole Proprietor of this Cordial,
Also McLean a Volcanic Oil -ilnlment
Principal Depot on the corner of Third and Vise streets,
Bt. liOUIS, HO.
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
The best liniment la th World". Th only safe anl
certain car lor Oaneere. PI lee. Bwelllnn and Bron
chitis, er floitre, Paralyeui, Nearalgia, Weakness of the
avisolo, onroal or inflammatory uneamausm, Bttn
neas ot the joints, contracted Mnaclea or Ligaments,
Baraoh or toothache. Bruises, Sprains, Wounds, f reeh
Oats, Ulcere, fever Bores, Caked Breast Bore N I
Oate. Ulcere, fever Boree. Caked Breast Bor Nipple,
Barn, BeeJd, Bor Tnoat, or any inflammation or rain.
no difference how severe, or how long the disease may
bav existed. McLean Celebrated Liniment I a oer
tain remedy.
Thousands of human being have been eaved a llf
decrepitude and misery by tbe aee of this Invaluable mod'
Will relieve pain almost Instantaneously, and It wll
cleanse, purify and heal the foulest sores in an Incredl
. ly snort time.
. For Heroes anclOtner Anluial
McLean oe labia ted Liniment I the only safe and
liable remed for the can of Boavin. Aung Bone. Wind
galls, Bpllnte, Unnatural Bumpe, Mode or Swellings.
will never fail to cur Big Head, PoU Bvil, fistula, Old
mnnlnBoree or Sweeny, if nronerly applied, for
Sprains, Braises, Bcratcbee, Boree or Wound!, Cracked
HeeleTOhafee, Saddle or Oollar Galls It is an Infallible
remedy. Apply it a directed, and a cure ia certain
every instance,
thea trifle n longer with th many worth lee Lini
ment offered to yoo. Obtain a supply of Dr. MoLeao'l
celebrated Liniment. It will cere you.
J.H. jrgciiK AH t Bole rropnetor,
Comer of Third aad Pin Street, Bt. Louie, ato.
lot sale by all draggiste.
for sale by R0BKRT8 1 BAMTJIL,
aoage-dstwly , . . Columbus, Ohio.
and examine our new make ot
manufactured by X. BOWABD fc CO.. Boston, Maes.
Thee Watch are far superior to anything ever offered
the publio, beretorore. slaving tne exoiueivo egenay,
can cell them at prioee to suit the times. I have lust
received a large stock of
manufeotored by APPLBT0N, TRACT, h 00 i alio,
line assortment of
In flold and Silver Cues, at Panic price.
JanS3 W. J. BAY AOS.
Hon. Joseph XL Swan, -
. - , . fBSMS OOUBT, ,,.
(Contained In twenty-nine volume of tbe Obi and
State Reports.)
. and a rtrau abb oonvbnibnt imdbx.
Ia Two Royal 8ro. Volnmes. Price $10 00.
No ear or expense has been (pared to make th
wtmni uA lalUfala la all reoDcota. .
It ha now th beguiauv eanouon, bbvidk k
D roved by nearly the anantmoae vote or both Houses,
and was ordered to be distributed te the following
Aa.il flMflH nlHlMV.1 . ...... 4
Oovemor, Attorney twn.rai, oupreu. uua
lary. Comptroller, Treasurer aod Auditor of state,
to th r rootle voans, uwa ai wwh. , -.-i-".
i ..j s-.n-- rinovtm. Andltara. and the Cleeke of
emrioo Court in eacn county, to mo "
Swoate and Henee ot Representative of ihl Btate,
, v.. omumn nr ine Mv.rmi diihi ot iu. vmvu.
Tlrlgbook, ontalntng, a It doee, all of theBtatnte
i- a, . and tha aatnoritaiive conatrnciton oi
and of the HewoonetituuoD, wm f,,
ly seeftti ia th psrrermenpa oi mimi
Y, - TOWNBHIW TKU8TBR8, 1 1 . !
t , .1 . , C1IJ OlflOKBS. .
T-iaamtteh as very many change bar been made In
Statutee since the publication of lb last edltione, by
.iMmttone and addition, aad many Important
eleione bar beea give by th Sapram Court oa
troverted pom te, an . .
W1U find thm aa Invaluable Work. i f
3oXovml See. rofwme ofovor JNiuhim Smarts
- In Strone; Law Binding. Frio 810.00.
aStfciuaWbr y-u -a u.
, BOBEBT CXiATcTtHii ' ta UO.,
Law Pabllshere, Boo reel leret Smttoaen and Impart!.
reMftdSm: . , Cinolanati
errr A If T B PA GENTS T
g I!
aaekage of STATION BET and JBWBLBY,
o-rlce ocw-tlitrd les thea oaa b puronaeea .taewn.ra
ii.n ar addrata (a tamo enoioeaj wi.i.
iaAaoartat-.Boetsa.laa. , . march Sb:dim
Xi de-
An experienced Nnrse and female Pbydclaa, presents
. - to the attention of others, ber
which greatly facilitate th process of teething, by soft
,1. ,fo?5um oeetnr all lnOamautlon will allay
ALL PALS and taimodle action, and la
Bepend npon It, mothers, It will give rest ta yonrsslrss
We have put up and sold thla article for mr ten loan,
what we have never been able to say of any other modi-elne-MSVIB,
AN0H, TO Sf KOT A ODES, when tlmel,
er did we know an tnstanoo of diasaUtfaation by any one
who oeed It. On the oontrary, ell are delighted with lie
operations, and speak in term of commendation of It
magical effects and medloal virtues. We sneak la thla
matter "WHAT WB DO KNOW;" after ten yeaVeiw. '
almost every Instance when th Infant 1 suffering from
pain and exhaustion, relief will be foond In Blteea or
twenty mlnatee after tneSyrnp la administered. 1
This valuable preparation I the prescription of on of
the moat IXPSkUNCKD aad BEILLf UL NUB8BB in
New Borland, and ha beea a ted with MSTIA f A(L
INO BU00S88 in
It not only relieves tbe child from sain, bat Ineteor.
ate lb etomah and bowel, correct oddity, and glvei
tone aad energy to th wool eyetem. It will almoat 1st
stantly relieve .
gbj:iq ur rax sowzls, ato wind colio
and ereroom convulsions, watch. If not speedily rem -
uicu, vnu m amo, we eeiiere it tn nasi' aaa SUB
B8T RBHBDT IN TUB WORLD, In ell ease ofori
tt arleee from teething, cr from any other cause. W.
weald iy to every mother who hae a child aaffertu frnm
any of the foregoing oomplatnta DO NOT LSI i"OUtl
stand between you and jour eafferlng child, end the re
lief that will be 80 KB yee. ABSOLUTELY SCAB to
follow the aee of thlsmedlelne, If timely ased, fall di
rection for using will ecoompj-y each bottle. Mope
onuine nnleee tne tac-aunil or CURTIS PBRKIN8,
ew Yerk, la on th oateid wrapper.
Bold by ail vruggiats throughout the world.
Prl iclpael Officer 13 Cedar Street M.l.
Hi Is precisely what Its nam Indicate, for, whllt
III pleasant to the tatta, it le revivify! ng, exhilarat-
rliinff. invlvoratloe and atrenathenlna td tha vibtl
nowera. and at the eame time re ri vines, tein
It. Ittatae. and renewe the Blood in alt Ita onrltv an
IwVthot at once rettort and reiader th tyiim in-
Wulntrabit to atPickt of&Uat. It Is the only
JpreparatioD ever onerea to tne world, so cheau-j
Mcelly anasatiiianycomoinee a to be to moat
adapted to, ae to act In peree' accordance with the
Laws of natnie, and henoe will soolA (As eeeaieei;
ptomach, and tone ap the digestive organs, and
thua allay all nervous and other Irritation. It 1 1
U .Mi., m,u.u, auw m ..... v u.u n imiu
J per ectly exhilarating, and at the eame time It lei
rQ compoeed ctlrely of vegetables, yet so oumMned
iti to produce the mott thorough tonic effect, with
out pr duclng any in art out conarqaeace Bach
i set
1 remedy nat long oeen rati to oe a aetiaeratem 1..
be medical world, for It neede no medical Mill to
tee thatdebtllty follows all attaoka of disease, and
nroceede and Indeed late the tyeiem open to the
nlosiaious aiiacKB i many oi we moat tatai, seen,
f ,r axamnle. as the followine: Contnmutlon. In
vfUi9Mtnn. tlv.neutia. Loaa of ADnatita. VaintnMaJ
Nervooe irniaoimy. neuralgia raipitauonot tne
Heart, Meiaocnoiy, nigat uweate. languor, Ulddl-I
ness, Retention or, aeweii ae ralnlul o Detracted
too nrotuie, cr too eoant Menetraetton. and rail
ing of tbe Womb. Tbete all depend upon general!
debility Thle pure, healthy, tonio Cordial and!
dlood Renovator it as sure to cure ae tna sun to
rise end eet. There It no mistake about It. Bui
hut la not all. If the aatem le weakened, we arel
.pen to biliona attacks, the liver becomee torpid, ,
or worse dlaeaaed, tbe kidneye refuee to perforniin
their functions, ana we ar troubled wiih scalding"
and tncontlneoce of urine, or Involuntary die-
charge of tbe tame, pain in the back, side and be- A
tween the anouiaera, eiceeainciy name to ttlgntu
oolde. ooagha, and if uocbecked, soon emaolatloo
follows, and tne patient goes down to a prematura' A
'grave. Bat space win not allow ae to enumerate 1 1
the many tut to wuicu we ere iiaoie ra a wetaeDeaiv
eoodltlon of the syswm. Bat we will soy, in this
Cordial and Blood Benorator yon have a pertauVLJ
sate, pleasant ana enooiaal remeay lor loee or II
Appetite. Biliootneat, Flatulence week end sick;''
stomaob. Languor, Liver Complaint, Chilleaad
lever, or any BUiout attaik, uoaitvenees, Aoidlty
if the Stomach, Nervonsneae. Meuralgla, Palpita-f.
tlooof tbe Heart, Depression of SplriU, Bores, ffl
Plmolee on the Pace, or any dlaiaee arieine- from aw
Lmpare blood, such as Scrofula, Erysipelas, Bron
mtis, tioagn, aimcaiij oi orvauiuiK, auu ail uiat , ,
jclaas of dlaeatea called female weakneee. and M
tnamerated above. We will elao ey the traveler LJ
expoted to epldemioe. change of olioate and wat-
er, will find It a pleasant, eale and sure remedy,! Lj
tod none should ever travel wtinouu neaaer. gr.
ra If fnw mm . ..n m ,nn vnii will And In It a frlandl "
inaeea, aa wen aa a ineou in umi. aiipnwmwi .
Mdentary h.b.tt will And It a perfect preventive of A
a well a, cure for those ailment to which they aij y
particularly axpoeea. neooeaiinwtert,ivuaeauit
tornen. liierary entlemen,and ladlee who are not
l accustomed to moon outdoor cxeiotse, wui naa it i
o their advantage to keep a bottle constantly on I
hand; and, aoove all, mother, or theee becoming
Ly sucn, Witt go mrouga tuai uiotb oaDgerout peniwi
ninntnn vvthi uielr aAenatomed atrenetn. bal
safe and free from the thousand ailments to pier
A alent aoont the female portion of the world. It
M thort, It It Indeed a mother's cordial. Try It, old,
vand young; no longer run tbe risk of delay; It will
Jrelleve and prove iteeir empnaucaiiy tftwra
aJ Mm Cordial and Blood Rtnovator.
O.J. WOOD , proprietor, 444 Broadway, New
Tort, and 114 Market Street, Bt. Louie, Mo., and
sold by BOBSBTS ec 8AMCBL, Columbus. Ohio,
and all good Druggists! Price On Dollar
per Bottle. asarohit8-dltweowly
NBWABJt OHIOt -,.'.;!,
nannfactarer el etll klttae si For-
Utnia a net Btmatmmstrr '
alneat Saw Mill, uriat sain,
Vc. e. i - '- ,
LAXIA BODLSi Btatmt B. 7. SLASH TBoaknl
et J. B. DCT JUL Btatmllt OOLUMBUi
. .. . OO. Btatmtllll , ,
Our Portable Cosine and taw Kill
Was awarded the first premlosa et SM at the Indiana
State lair for leSO over Lan It Bodley's ea acoountot
Price, KghtnesB, simplicity, economy of fuel
and tuperlor oharaoter of lumber rawed.
Our Stationary Bifglne wae awarded at the eame Fair
the first premium of SttK). .
Onr Portable Kngln was awarded the flrtt premiua of
S10U at th Fair at Memphis, Tcnn., over Blandy'e Da
Vall'e, Columbus Machine Oo'., and Bradford Ai Cos ,
by a committee of practical Railroad Sngia earl.
decJ-dfcwlyeole. wark,Ohlo
Wheleamle atsisl He tall Dealer Isa
' No, CTS inftb Strejejt. i ,
P I T j S B U R O UfV a .
Keep mrnlir hageel etll the w
' rlwme BMANuaief
InaiDOXTtocl a&txirmm
,Oct. "Hid . - . -
LEicniin hheetiiv os an it
BHIBTINUs, all wMthe, eg most celebrated make
now offered in greateet variety and at very
ain at bum
No. ft Beats Hick street
All glee and colors Jajrt evened at BAINS,
OAS. 11. Re. tt Soath Blgk street.

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