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Rail Road Time Table.
Uni t Mum h VouflUrji Xiku B. X.e-.' ,
. ., ...J" lie wet. - AreivtS
Cincinnati Accommodation. 8:00 A. M. i 9:10 P. M.
" Express...' 11:40 A.M.' ' 11:03 A- M
Mall mil Aooommodatlon... 9:10 P. 11. 8:00 P. M,
nigiiiKxpraaa v Diytoa.lS:( midnight. 3:1.11 A. l
". .it1"0" V Pohistv, Agent.
Colo mot fc Cli'vilano B. B.
Night Bxpress i
New YorkKxpress.'.....
O.O.kO. Way Express.
,..3:40 A. U. ' 11:15 P. M
.11:10 A.M. - 10:50 A. 11.
.,8:40 P. M, 7:30 P 11
,. jinn PiTTxaion, Agent.
k jv ... :. '
. 3:30 A. M. . 11:35 A. M.
CuiTBitOnio R. B.
No. Express
No. i do
itU5 P. 1. 11:A5A. .K,
i W. J. Ini. Asent.
FrrnidlHi OoWMtoi As CixnnUTl R. B.
Hall Train... , 3.30 A. II. : 11:95 A. II.
express Train... ..11:95A. M. 8:15 P. M
.."" , ". . Houston, Agtnt.
Colcmoi Ac IxDUNoroLU, B. B. . -, L , .
(OoLomoi PiquaAc IkdubaK.B.) .7
No. 1 Express...'. 8:3ft A. M. 8:00 P. M
Mo.8 " 3:00 P.M. ' 8:43 P.M.
Accommodation .......... 10:50 A.M.
0. W. (mm, Agent.
Tbe Adams Express Company places us dally
under obligations to it for tbe very, latest papers
from tbe eastern Cities.
Democratic County Central Committee.
.., . :. ,' - satttoe.
There will be s meeting of tbe Democratic
County Central Committee, at the office of
John M. Ptroti, City Bank Building, on Friday,
July 12, al 10 o'clock A. ,M. As business of
importance will be brought before the Commit
tee, it is desirable that there be a full attend
ance of tbe Committee. '
July 10, 1861.
Billing orr, to Closi Oct Ladles wish
ing bargains in iry good, millinery or fancy
artloles, will do well to otll at Snowoin's, cor
ner of High and Town streets, as they are sel
ling off their entire stock at a great sacrifice.
Enqinies Killio. Robikt: McLaoqhlin,
engineer on tbe River Division of the Cleve
land and Pittsburgh Railroad, on the down trip
from Pittsburgh; on Wednesday afternoon, ran
into a tree that, was blown down aeross the
track In the severe storm of that day, his en
gine, the "Rocket,'.? was upset and be thrown
under it, and so severely scalded that ho died
on Thursday morning. He leaves a wife to
mourn his sudden death. The accident occur,
red at Brown's station, near Steubenville. The
tree was not discovered until too late to stop
the train. The damage done to the locomotive
and oars was trifling. ; ,7
ET There are In the Episcopal Diocese of
Ohio, under the charge of the Rt. Rev. Cms.
P. McIivaini, Bishop of the Dloeese, ninety
six organized parishes and eighty-eight canon
ically resident clergymen. . ;
D" D.J). MiTCBfix, who left this city, as
First Sergeant of the Fencibles, has been ap
pointed Adjutant of tbe Second Ohio Regiment.
O The blockade fleet consists of thirty seven
regular men-of-war, carrying in tbe aggregate
seven hundred and twenty guns and ten thousand
one .hundred and thirteen officers and men.
Beside these there are thirty-nine steam gun
boats belonging to the fleet.
ST It is now three months since the bom
bardment of fort Sumpter, which was commenc
ed on the 12th of April, and continued for about
forty hours, when the gallant Major An dees on
and bis little band of brave men were obliged to
relinquish the further defense of the Fort. Bnt
the glory of their noble resistance, in tbe face of
such tremendous odda against them, has not
been eclipsed by any subsequent event, though
many of our officers and soldiers have evinoed
both ekill and courage since the grand opening
scene of the war ,at Charleston three months
ag0 i, i-. ' ' , '
CT The Grand Council of Red Men held
their annual meeting last Wednesday, July 10,
in this olty. The following Past Sachems were
elected for one grand sun:
Great Sachem, T. H. Butler, of Columbus;
Great Senior Sagamore, W. Trowbridge, of
Dayton; Great Junior Sagamore, W. Piercey,
of Cincinnati; Great Chief of Records, W.
Blackall, of Cincinnati; Great Prophet, T. A.
Bosley, of Cincinnati; Great Keeper of Warn
pum, W.Craven, of Cincinnati; Great Repre
sentatives, J. G. Snyder, of Chillicothe, S.
Ross, of Columbus, P. Coats, of Cincinnati,
L. Scbloss, of Cinolonatl. , . . ... . , t , .
ST The Superintendent of tbe Smithsonian
Institute at Washington calls the comet now
visible "the war eomet of 1861 ," and pronoun
ces It the great comet of Charles V,
O The $60,000 fire in Milwankee was caus
ed by a fire-cracker which was lighted by an
urchin, and thrown Into the stable connected
with the Amerioan Hotel. 1 V ' j ,
ST The High School building on Broad St.,
is to be three stories high, one hundred feet
long and sixty wide, and to contain four school
rooms, with recitation rooms on eaoh floor. It
1 1 said that It will lie put under roof this
t .- . ' i'
ST It is stated .that Rev. D A. Randall,
who has been for some time absent on a visit
to Jerusalem and Its surroundings, will. return
to this city in a few. days, ...
Thi Comci. Professor O.M. Mitcbill, af.
ter having made observations of the new oomet
at Dudley Observatory, offers 'the following ex
planation of Its sudden appearanoe: t "..-X ,. . . 1
"If .it be permitted to hazard a conjeoture,
we may account for the sudden splendor ol
this grand object by supposing that doting its
approach to tbe sun It has been above the borl
aon only during daylight, and bene escaped de
tection; that on passing its perihelion, or near
est point front the suo, tin direction' of the orbit
was suoh As to sweep It rapidly from that lumi
nary and bring It -lnr "ttr few days to the
region of the Aeavsne now occupied. This con
jeoture Is based on toe general lao that comets
do not commonly throw off such immense trains
of light until after their perihelion passage
Until a sufficient number of observations have
been obtained to render it possible to compute
tbe elements of its orbit, It will be impossible
to decide whether this is tbe lrst appearance or
whether it be tbe return of a comet that may
have startled the world ages ag6." ' ...
SosriNsioN or jKmoiouf 'faiwaVwM--" The
New York Obierwer ef last week oontalns the
following statement: "-' -
"Daring the last eight weeks" 'taany religious
newspapers have been suspended in consequence
of tbe embarrassments oreated by, the war.
The New York Churohman, and we know not
how many more have- been saspended at the
North. In the South the following bate been
discontinued for the present:. "
(.'Western Watchman (Baptist), of'St tools;
tb Southern Baptist, Charleston, &V C. tbe
Virginia Baptist, the Northwestern - Virginia
Biptiitj the Baptist Messenger, Memphis, Ten-i
.. and the Baptist SUDdard of Nashville,
Tuum. Tu WiMMtfn'Rfcoraef (Baptist),'
oMouisville, Is issued ,01 half sheet." tt.l
Malls for New York Olty, Boiton, Albany, Buffalo,
PltUburgh, SteubenTllla way. Olereland, Zanewllla,
Newark, Oranrllle, Waihlngton Olty, Baltimore, Phlla.
' Aihrotijh mall for New Torknd 01 eye Ian J oloiet
JwiEtSt10 el"tl d,1,y (Soi"ly excepted)
Cincinnati Way Hall olotes dally (gnndays txoepted) at
Ohicfltrrt. TjuhnnrtA TUIrnu. a ht.-wi
wianaie,JUiriOD BDU TV UlUilUSf
n AUIU cloiei dally (Sundnyi excepted) at o'clock
MalliforXenlaeBprlDfjIleM, Dayton, Toledo, Olncln-
i T 7 . . -I ? AivuievilIB, Dli, AJUU1S) BUU JOklUlU
w (H-uiuye BAUCUHJUl O U UlUtJK U 111
A tilFAMnrt a..ll A- V , n ', ... .V,!. a
mucua mi .rjuia. rprLDViioiu ana uinoinaau
Urimrtm. Pinna Tlffl- ..J TT nit. .l..u J.tl-
(Bandayi excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
easvsMvcir, uogui, neiwiiTiiie, vircieTiiie. tjnuHCOtne.
Portsmouth, Washington C. II., Athena, Marietta and
Hillihnmtloh malls nm AaiXit fflnn.lAua .t fl
o'clock p. m.
Eut Way Mall by National Boad to Zanetrllle do mi
dally (8nndayi excepted) at 13 o'clock m.
jiarn.uurgu uui oidki naiiy iouoaaya excepudi at
o lock p. m.
Mt. VeiniATi TrftiM. Iv nt TJs7aaitwlll ..J a..i
olotee dally (flundayi excepted) at 9 o'clock, p. m.
Dublin Mall cloiei dally(8undayi excepted) at S o'clock
p. Be
LancMter Way Mall clows dally (Sundays excepted) at
o olookp. in.
MaIIi frntn Nsw Va1t ni.ii j-i. t,- i -
Albany, PltUburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla,
and all gonthern cities, arrive between the hours of 0
uiuH p. me ana 4 o ciock a m.
Wifs from Indlanapolla, Chicago and Dubuque arrive
MnJISl ffnm Waatilwnak It A- T.lll . .
ST Jl'i 3 BwuuTOTiiw. i. vernon, and tbe
Way Mall from Cincinnati arrires at 3 o'olock p. m.
Usoaater Hall arrives at 0 o'clock p.m.
JCait .Way Uall over the National Boad arrlvoi at 11
'clock a. m.
Mt. Vernon Way Mall arrives at 11 :00 a. in.
Mall from Dublin arrives at IS o'olock m.
Crbana Way Uall arrives at 9 o'clock p. m.
HtrrUbn ah Mail arrlvea at 11 o'olock a. m.
lanoaiier Way Mail arrival at IS o'olock m
Office delivery open every day (eioepi Sunday) from
from 7 to 8 o'clock In the morning, and from S to 0
O f limit in insi Avanl r.
Desperate Battle
between Western Troops and
the Rebels—Complete Defeat of the
the Rebels—Complete Defeat of the Rebels---Six Cannon, large number
of Horses, Wagens and
Equipage of the Rebels Captured—
60 Rebels and 20 Unionists Killed!
ROARING RUN, Va., July 12.
A battl aa (nniihi aia.J...A...... . .
------- o" " j.b.w4j iikiuwu at
Rich Mountain, two miles east of this place,
where the enemy, numbering about 2,000 men,
under command nf P.nl Ptmm
fortified. .-a-- uB.,
About three o'olock la tbe morning, General
13th Indiana, and 19th Ohio Regiments, left
this place, and after a very difficult march of
seveu or eight miles, cutting a road through the
buuumubu iu surrounaing tne .enemy
about three o'clock in the afternoon.
A desperate fight Immediately ensued, last
ing about an hour and a half, resulting in the
loom ? A .AT Al. . ( in a P
ivcou& fliAby ui .uo enemy Kiuea, ana a large
number wounded an.4 mariA ntiannoa cn... i
" ctiuvutiat Uvi vial
of the latter are officers.
Ihey retreated preoipitately, leaving behind
six cannon, a large number ol horses, wsgons,
camp equipage, etc.
ine loss on our side ie shout 20 killed and 40
Miller, of the Tenth Indiana.
Bill Fixing Salaries Survevors of
The lollosinof la lh MM ...,h...uin. .u. q..
retary ol the Tressury to remit fines snd pen
alties incurred in certain
aiguiamua ejufj
compensation of certain Surveyors o( the Cus-
Soma anrl wu ik. ,
Be it enmeted bv Ac Sn at mmI Wnummnt
senfehoes Congnti tumbled, That from and
un Hoags vi vuia bci, ine ourvejors ol
Customs at Dortton th Mluluinni p;.. --a
its tributaries shall respectively be entitled and
Ur Biuuiuiueuii man compensation, not
to exceed the folloarlno- rataa. In I . (:...
Pjttoburg, Pa., $2,000 per annum; Surveyor
at Hannibal. Ma.. tnOf)- k PfnMnM.l i nnn.
at Louisville, $2,000; at Evansville, Ind., $600:
iLl?di,on' Ind'' 3ui New Albany, Ind ,
$600, at Alton, 111., $600 at Galena, III. $000
at Quiney, 111 , $500; at Cairo, $1,500: at Peo
ria, $400; at Burlington, Iowa, $400; at Keo
kuk, Iowa, $400; at Dubuque, Iowa, $400.
ootioh x. Ana es tf further tnaettd, That
theSeoretarv of the Tun h i. i i
authorired to pay out of any money In the
Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to the
person or persons entitled to receive the same,
(he amount of annh fin ml ...iu .. i
been Incurred and paid by the owners, or mas-
"'V, '" uoe tue iirst aay or December,
lOW. In eonsentianna nf thai r.il.... j
. w. uw.. huts v uruuuue
to Collectors ol tbe Customs the clearances or
other papers prescribed and required by the
laws of the United Sttea FArrn tor inni tVm i
of marine papers and tbe foreign aud coasting
iinuui i iwsiuw, auaa me oecretsry oi tne
Treasurv shall Be atiafli1 In M. ... k.
there was no willful neglect or Intention or
fraud on the part of the person or persons in
curring the fines or penalties, aforesaid, and
that thej were unable to obtain the requisite
pspers by reason of there being no office of
oustoms at the port of departure, authorized to
issue marine pspers or grant clearances under
the laws of the United States.
Bin 3. And lit it finihtr mi.J Tk.t . u -
J" - J C.IMWCI,, mi, IUV
Secretary of the Treasury be, and Is hereby
u.uui iu w pj ouvoi any money in me Treas
ury not otherwise appropriated, to the person,
or persona entitled to receive tbe same, the
sum of $500, that being tbe amount of tbe fine
improperly exaoted by tbe Collector of Customs
at tbe port of Norfolk, Va., in the month of No
vember, I860, of the master of the Indis, a Rus
sian vesssl.
.SlO. 4. And ttit furlhir mnnrtiA Th.t Ik.
-- i . wnHv...., .una UV
Secretary be and is hereby authorised to re
mit In whole or in part, on such oondltons and un
der such regulations not inconsistent with law
as be mav DrescribH. the arMltinn.l Antm I
by tbe bond given for the transportation of mer-
...uumiiviuaiiuri in ine collection district
described by the 6ih eeotion of the act entitled
so act to extend the warehousing system by
establishing private bonded warehouses snd for
other purposes, approved May 28, 1854, provided
that It shall bs proven to tbe eatlalaotion of the
Q .A. -. - f .L. f, . 1 . . . ...
ucm; m tue ireasury mat tne lallure to
transrjort and deliver the m.k.ji..
according to the conditions of the bond, occurred
without willful negligence or fraudulent Intent
on the put of the obligors.
Destructive Tornado.
MANCHESTER, N. H. July 12.
A destructive tornadn naveed ih lnnirh I .emArxn .
r.n w- . WWBj M MIIUUVU'
aorry, anroofiog a number of buildings, ruining
orohards and crops, sweeping a third of a mile
Q width through valuable timber lands, level
og everything and blockading roads. No one
lujtred. ,
BOSTON, July 12.
A Drlff from Kinirnn . V. ... .Li.
froraTr nldad for Falmouth, wblcd wat rW
Iiav1 K h ttl. T . em t-v . r
r ' rf .. "u' on Haturday,
off Cans Hattaraa. Tk. i ... .
r, i TV , 7 firetog aaoaeo tne
ship, but allowed her to proceed, In consequence
-Some privateers oaptursd tbe sohooner J. C.
Warren, of New York, aud a brig whose name
was unknown, 100 miles south-east of the Nan.
tucket South Shoals.
The Captain of the British barque Msior
Norton, at this port from St. Martin, 'reports
having seen on the 9ih tost., In latitude 39.
lorjffltnde 69. a full plirirail Kris. ahnoln V l'
,o . 7 7 , a'" ""'"S rsnsa
colors, which hailed the barque in English, te
wQicuarepiy was maae in rrencb; but they
did not annear tn nndarakanil tha linsn... i....
chased the Msjor Norton for three hours. She
aatullaJ At rwv a
veveaucu mem, a wo nunarea men wero on
the fore-top. . i .
From Fortress Monroe.
men mul ; .
to within & mllae nf V..k rri. .
.- ., v- . vimuwu. aiier weui up
between JsmsS-RhraF and Rathal .; ... I..
ter plaee were posted 300 Confederate cavalry,
aw saasfAAAVi j , , .
... The time of the' Massachosetts Regiments
expiree on tbe lCtb lost., and that of the 1st
Vermont Regiment a few dajs btor.
FORTRESS MONROE, July 11. Thirty-seventh Congress--Extra Session.
Sniu-rs. Mr. Wilton savsnutiee that ha should In.
troduot a bill aaUtorlclns the Vederal Oovernment to
take penonal properly In Ine rebel Itatea when the
owner, are found In rebellion agalnit its Oovernment.
Mr. Trumbull offered a reioluilon aaklog the Secre
tary of War to Inform the Senate whether any oontraet
bad bees maae except bv the reralar offleen. oouimla
aarlae.or quarter-mutera; andlfio; to lay t hem before
ine nenaw. - agrao. vo.
Baulibury offered a reaolntlon proo,lng amendments
to the CoDitllutlon for the peaceable adjustment of the
preient difficult!,,, Ordered to be printed. - '
Mr. Sumner preaentcd a memorial from ottUens of
Mauachnietts, atklon Oongrea to aanetion the unitary
oommiMion; aiao w provide a iullary Doard to go With
eaoh larie body of trooDi.
ile alto pretenled a petition from the altliens of Uu
aacnuHiia ataine uongraaa to remove all eaute of war
which. In the view of Uis petiUonen, Is the continued,
permlitlon of slavery. .
Mr. Uale reported a bill lo provide for aaititanl pay.
matien. Patted.'
Mr. Wilton moved to recomlder the vote by which
the bill to authorite the employment of volunteers was
patted. Agreed to.
Some amendments were made oca for providing for
volunteers to serve three yean. Amend menu to In
crewe the pty of chaplalna puied. '
lhe bill was then patted, ayes 32, nays 4 Meiers.
Breckinridge, Johason of Mliiouri, folk and Powell
voting In the negative.
The House bill relating to the further collection ef Im
port dutlet, patted. Alto the force bill pasted yeas 30.
nays 0: Breckinridge, Bright, Johnson of Missouri,
Kennedy. Polk and Powell. . .
The bill, for a better organization or (ha military
ettabllihment, wat amended, providing for tbe support
of the military academy; alto, inoreailng army rations.
Adjourned. , ...
Hoots The following are the leleot commute an
nounced to Inquire sod report relative to the eitabllih
ment of a National army Wett of tbe Allegheny moun
tain!: Meiirs. Horehead, McOlernand, Bingham, Kellogg of
Michigan, Stratton, Delano, Bolllns of Miteouil, Van
dever, and Wallace.
Tbe select committee to Inquire Into the lublect of
army contract!, are
Mesin. Van Wyck, Wuhbunie, Holmon, Penton,
Dawe,, Steel of Hew, Jersey, and Jickton.
The leleot oommtltea on the PaclOo Bal Iroad, are
Menri. Ourtlt, Campbell, Uallory, Blair of Mlnonrl,
Cox, Webster, Hancheit, Arnald and Thayer.
Mr. Tallandlgham offered a preamble protettlog
agalnit several members of tbe Houie occupying aeata,
Iu oonieqnence of their holding military eommittlont.
On motion of Mr. Kellogg, ifr. Vallandlgham'a' pre
amble waa taoled by S2 agalnit 91.
On motion of Mr. Olln, a retolutlon waa adopted, re
quilting the Attorney General to lay before the Houte
a copy of hit opinion, referred to la the Prctldent's
special menage.
The retolutlon, waa amended at the Instance of Mr.
Tallandlgham, to aa to call for a report In relation to
the tutpenilon of the writ of htbeaioorpui.
The Home took up and meiel, read through the bill
making appropilatlona for the Legislative, Sxeentive
and Judicial expeneet; alio, ttit bill making appropria
tion, for certain civil expeniet, and then patted both of
On motion of Mr. Blair, the Home went Into oommlttes
of the Whole on the bill to authorite the employment of
volunteers to aid In tuppreulnr the rebellion and de
fending the Oovernment of Die United State,.
The bill aulhorltes the President to accept the servkea
of Volunteer! to the number of 5U0.0U0.and In r the
expenses or the tame, 5UU,000,0UU areappr oprlated.
Mr. Allen deilren to amend io at to limit the' accept
us" ui ,nwn vi on year, oeueTiog inat tue rebel-
nun on m uu, o,wi in ie,i man inree rears, ile ex
preited perfeot llllngneaa to vote twice the amount of
money ana numrier o, men. If neceieary to lecnre en
fo.cement tf the lawe and luppreii ths present revola
tlon. Several members ipoke on the bill to lncreue tin armv.
Mr. Horehead expreaed oonldence In the Administra
tion, and the old ohleltaln who controla and dlrecta the
war movements. They wouldn't inend a dollar or hire
S man more than the exlgenciei required.
Mr. Harding farored giving any amount of money and
men to support and maintain the Government. At the
tame time he wat oppoted to tubjugatlng the Booth, and
poke In favor of Commissioner, accompanying the army
to recelTS any proposition! that may be made by the Con
federates. Mr. Vallandltham asksd Mr. Wri.ht. Am u an.
posed to the return of the teceded States?
sir. wrlahl reolled ha was not.
Mr. Tallandlgham asked If the seceded Btatei deli re
to return without fighting or ttrlkbig another blow, did
the gentleman Intend that they should stand np snd be
cvmpcnea io receiro our mow
Mr. Wright Rolled: When thou who an Sirhtlnir tin.
der the flsg of rebellion lay down their arm, and aue for
pcaor, ana lurrenaer their leaden, then he waa for peace
applause, snd not otherwise. Thia is not a war of
suojagation, out to derend the integrity of theOorern
ment, and not to rob Southern men or interfere lo the
nesro question.
Varloui amendments were made, bat ths prominent
features of the bill were retained.
The bill waa subsequently reported to the House, when
the amendments were ooncurred in. Including the lot
lowing, proposed by 'Mr. Oolfsx:
All letters written by soldiers may be transmitted
through the malla without pre payment of postage, an
der luch regulations as the Post alaatar atmaml mw
proonow, we poiieso to be paid by the recipient. The
bill patted at 5 P. M.,and the Houie adjourned.
From Fort Pickens and the Gulf of
NEW YORK, July 12.
The steamer Tllinnia. frnm Vnrt Pinlrana
Juns 20th, and Key West, 8ih inat. has arriv-
The cunt, ahelln. nl . mhlnK nn ,Ui;n,t
for Pickens, were takes to Tortugss, not being
needed at Fickins.
The Cahawha. frnm Plnlrena. Rlh' Inaf
rived at Key West, and up to that date no war
like movement had taken place.
Col. Wilaon'a Xnnsvos harl haon falran ,i
Tortugas, and Capt. Dawson's artillery to San-
All was quiet at Key West.
The brie: Brilliant and hark HI- Ktottn,,
there ae prizes. Four more were dally expeat
ed. All have been taken off tbe month of the
i ne Brooklyn bad not been ashore.
The rAhl
ade, and Is now on the sess, privateering.
The Publication of the St. Louis
The Publication of the St. Louis State Journal Prohibited.
ST LOUIS, July 12.
About 400 of McNeil's Reel ment -of the Re-
serve Corns, visited tha fitata Innm,i nm..
early this morning, and removed the type, pa
yor, em., ana renu an oraer irom wen. Lyon
MWtkll.1.!.. . L. t.. .1 I , . .... .
yiuuiuitiug sua luriuer puoucation oi tnat sheet.
Tha nronrletora will MQnaAt tVlAk AX awl ak as aaJ
lay the whole matter before General Fremont
on his arrival here.
From Chicago.
CHICAGO, July 12.
Tha com nan i aa unt fns tha alia,- a r.i. .i
Smith, at Monroe, Mo , returned last night to
Hannibal, and report the road unobstructed . be
tween Hannibal snd Mnnrna. n . .
thellatter place, they formed a junotion with Col.
iwruw, wuo uau entrencnea tnemselves
in the Aoademy buildings.
The rebels, 1,200 strong, grouped around
over the prairie, but were out of reach of Col.
Smith's rifles. They had two nieces of ertllUr.
which thav bronchi tn ha. Kn it,, ji..
was so great that the balls were almost spent
before tbey reached oua lines.
Smith's artillery of longer range, did con
siderable execution. Tha fUht ..tA .,.ii
dusk. The last shot from Smith's Olina dia.
mounted one of the enemy's. Just that moment
GOV. Wood, of III., fall An that l.v. .u.
cavalry sent from Qaincy, on Wednesday, com
pletely routing them, taking 75 prisoners, one
gun, and a large number ot horses.
Twenty or thirty of the enemy were killed.
Not a man of tbe federal forces killed, although
Col. Smith Is determined to shoot some of
the most prominent rebels. ''
uen, lom Harris, tbe rebel leader, escaped. ,
From Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, July 12.
The Clinton fMn.l Innrnal. nnhll.k V
printers In Major Sturgls'a command, states
that outrages are being committed along the
western border of Missouri, by a lawless ban-
uuu uuuer iuunigomery ana jarneein.
. It la also anthnrlsprl tn atara that ,. ...
acting without tbe authority or sanction of, the
U. S , and will be treated ae oitlawa by all good
citizens and soldiers wherever found. -'
Col. MoNeil publishes a proclamation to'the
neonla of Mlaaonri. atatlna ih.H),.
of the State Journal was In consequence of Its
giving am ana oomiort to loose la active re
bellion against the authority of the U. S. Gov
ernment, enonnraclns nannla an nn
against that authority, to commit acts of vio-
sua uyprcBBiuu ageiust loyai ciuzeos, and
by fabrloatiom and false reports respecting tho
IT. 8. tronna. Innitlna- rilaaVaa l,l..a . .
commit overt acta of treason, with the view of
- w--.B wwwww.v WUASUB M
entirely subverting tbe Federal authority in
. " l ' .-f
From Baltimore.
Another plot to seize river steamers waa dis
covered yesterday morning. The steamer Pi
oneer, running between here an Annapolis,
returned this evening, bringing four prisoner to
fort MoHenry, oharged with plraoy and being
concerned in eeizlng tbe Stj Nicholas. ' 1 '
ALBANY, July 11.
A bad break Is reported on the Black River
Canal feeder, which it is said will take fifteen
days to repair. There ti a probability thai the
break will occasion want of water on the
rvom icyci , ana ana mas stop navigation on tht
Dispatches from Washington,
[Dispatch to the World.]
Seoretary Smith to-day removed a number of
nis uierks, .
The rumored evacuation of Fairfax Court
House is untrue. On the contrary, It has been
The Times dispatch says a battle has or will
Immediately occur between Gens. Patterson and
Johnson's forces.
Mr. Stevens la here with a worklne- modal nf
hie floating battery. It has never before been
exhibited. Tbe original is at Hoboken.
The Herald's diSDatch ssvs General Burtkaar.
of Kentucky, left here for Kentucky to-day.
His ostensible object, in coming here, was to
persuade tbe Government to reeneot the so nail-
ed neutrality of Kentucky and leave tbe State
Guard, which is under his command, and three
quarters of the officers of which are secession
tsts, to preserve that neutrality by aiding the
rebels, all In their power, and suppress the exhi
bition of Union sentiments or feelings In Ken
tucky. ; This part of the mission failed. No
promise could be exaoted from the Adminis
tration that it would not go to any extent neces
sary to protect the Union men in Kentucky at
all Wards. -
This was not all of Bucknsr's mission. The
disunionists in Kentucky are In a desperate
state. They dare not, without a pretext, throw
off the mask of neutrality they have assumed.
A pretext Is wanting. Gov. Magoffin is per
haps tbe most desperate of the whole set. Un
less he ean find some resson to take aides with
the rebels within a few weeks, and call upon tbe
people of Kentuoky to follow him, he will be
completely gone under.
Gen. Buckner, in his interviews with ths Pres
ident, baa not been ablo to worm out of him
any expression, that oan be twisted into a dec
laration of ooeroion.
We shall soon find It reiterated In a procla
mation of Gov Magoffin's, oalling Kentucklaos
and rebels of Tennessee to unite upon the soil
of Kentucky and resist the Government.
mams to jtne union men of Kentucky,
the rebels will find there is a serried phalanx
of armed Union Kentuckions to resist their
treasonable purposes.
[Special to Commercial.]
Nineteen of tbe Patent Office, thirty of tbe
Land Ofiioe and forty of the Census Oflloe clerks
have been dismissed.
It is ascertained that tbe recent bearer of tha
flag of truce left a number of letters from
Richmond, tbut prostituting tbe fug of truce.
[To the Associated Press.]
Tbe ens-boat Freeborn returned from a
cruise to Aqula Creek. Tbe offioers say, while
tbere witn tne rawnee, foeahoutaa and Reso
lute, they discovered two Infernal machines in
tbe water. One struck tbe middle of the Reso
lute, but sunk. The other, the fuse had gone
out. The Freeborn brought it to tbe navy
The Capital police arrested Talllaferro, late
clerk in the Navy Department and son In-law
of Ex-Senator Mason, as a spy.
A number of letters addressed to prominent
secessionists, and plans of locations and camps
were fonnd on him.
The rolnnteer bill passed by the House, baa
yet to pass the Senate. In it the President ia
authorized to accept five hundred thousand vol
unteers. The appropriation of five hundred millions
wss struck out, which will be provided for in
some other bill. The bill alao provides boun
ties for enlistment.
From Louisville
A resolution was offered in the Citv Council
last night, requiring a revision committee to
inquire into tne abduction of youths under
age to the Southern Confederacy.
The State Military Board have decided that
no more money be sent to military encamp
ments, and have also demsnded of the Gov
ernor to call in all tbe arms in possession of
tne state uuara, ana matte a utr distribution
of them between the Home snd State Guards.
Movements look to tbe disbanding of tbe
State Guard. '
Tbe New Albany Intelligencer Is authorized
by Collector Anthony to eay that hereafter no
obstructions will be made to tbe passage of
provisions and other articles from New Albany.
D. C. Stone, late captain of the Louisville
battery, publishes a card denying bis disobey
ance of certain orders, as charged by General
Buckner, and threatens, througb the Onion pa
pers, to show that Gen, Buckner's decision
against him was false, and given through mere
prejudice; that the board com posinit the court.
Including the Judge Abvocate, knew it to be so.
The Richmond Dispatch learns that a large
number of negroes captured by the Fsderal
troops have been sent to Cuba, ae one means of
Gclrayiug tne expense or the war.
The War in Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, July 12.
A gentleman from Hannibal last night, says
Col. Smith's command at Monroe was reinforc
ed by 300 mounted men from Illinois, yesterday
afternoon, when the rebels were attacked and
dispersed. Gen. Hsrrls wrs forced to abandon
bia horse and take to tbe woods. A number of
rebels were captured. . .
' Cspt. McAllister, reported killed, was only
severely wounded, and will probably recover.
The Hannibal Home Guards arrived home
safely leat night.
Further from Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, July 12.
A good deal of excitement existed in tbe city
to-day ia consequence of the suppression of the
Journal, but no disturbance has yet taken place.
Two companies of the Reserve Corps are
statianed at tbe Custom House to-night, and
some 2,500 troops are under arms in different
parts of the city, to preserve peace.
A speoial dispatch to the Demoorat from Jef
ferson City says, that the secessionists are gathering-
in considerable numbers in and around
Boonville, and the U. S, troops at that place
have been under arms every night since Wed
nesday, expecting an attaok.
A similar condition of things exists at Lex
ington, and reinforcements, esoeclallf artillerv.
are needed at both points.
The Home Unards ol Miller Co!, have taken
possession of Tuscombia and captured tro can
non and hoisted the American flag in front of
tbe Court House. ,
The Home Guards of Ossee county, dispersed
a company of secessionists at Chamois, and ar
rested the leaders. They afterwards released
them on taking the oath of allegiance to tbe
United States.
Virginia Legislature.
WHEELING, July 12.
The debates In the House of delegates the
laal day or two, have been very interesting.
Tbey occurred mainly on the resolutions of
Crotbns, of Brooke co , to Instruct the Senators
to vote men and money without stint to the
Government, and to onoote all comuromiau nntil
rebellion is crushed; aud upon tho resolutions of
vsnce. ot Harrison co., to protest aealnst Lova-
Joy'e repeal of the Fugitive Slave law.
. flir Lrotbus'a resolutions passed, only one
dissenting voloe, Mr. Arnold, of Lewis co., who
Is regarded as a doubtful Union man
Mr. Vance's resolutions were tabled by a large
Schooner Captured.
NEWPORT, R. I. July 12.
Tho echooner Enchantress, from Boston fi
Sc. Jago, waa captured on the 8th Inst., by the
privateer jen. jjavis, anu sent to some soutnsrn
W: ! '
Otis Baxter, of New York, haa been annnint.
d first Assistant Doorkeeper of the House of
Kepreseitatives. . , . f
MONTREAL, July 22.
"' A severe shock of an earthquake was fell here
last evening, which lasted aeveral seconds. It
wu felt at the same time Ih various places in
ftanada. 1X7 a., , Tn Aitava alft shlmnawa wars
thrown down and builings shattered.
Death of Gov. Ellis.
"A anar-lai diimatob. to tha Picavnna. ' from
Richmond, of the 8th, eunounoes the death ef
uov-4 fcilis et .-u. at Ken tsuipnur, on uon-,
77.: - , si- ' "A"
PORTLAND, ME., July 12.
'.he shin Mary uoodell arrived here this al
teraooD, and reports having been boarded by
privateer of Jell. Davis, south of tho Naatnokel
shoals. Davis bad captured several others
Wlth,rn k week.
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, July 12, 1861.
The followlnj are Jhf ntafl qitotatloas eefrecled bj
Wm. E. Bestleaux.whok-iale- and retail irooer, Ko.
lOtt South Ulgh Btrtst. . vJT .jTTj
Wheat .5OS00oi!f O.Bniras a a...ShSa
Oats f bo ...
Cornw 0'i. ,
l7o Maple do (..,ffLOc
itmc Molaiaea O.gal 4030a
Batter 8olX
Lard lOj
uymp (ai..,-..,.,nu(W73
Ilea f fc....SO.,75o.10
Yeddo Tea. SI 00
atefloffee .. HXls
Bloe !, ...,..., 'j joo
Brooms doa,.Sl U0175
Has ton . aS 00
Tallow O h..,.w04lO-J
Dried Apples bo 87H10ol
Dried Ftsoh4,i....S( 75dfcJ 00
White beans bo.l CtXl Si
rotatoes . j..,.WWVSt
Salt In aack.. l&SUoc
Salt fcbl SI, SO
Beef f ewt OS 00
Soap(tz) f inaHo
riosr w dm eowxaio r5
White Wheat do tbiiAZ 72
uaauffc v lliXc
Bhonldera St..., i :ltr
Kye Hoar 4 hbl... B4 00
Salt Pork V ewt,. S810c:
Wood O cord.... 'mK
Oaadlas.Tsllow.bx. VlHo
Oandlea, Opal. box. . ltis
macterei Ho.lhfbbl SX
Obeeae 812
Slackerel Ko 1 qr hbl S.l
Mackerel Ko 1 kits.. St 75
White Fish per h'fbbl S4 00
White Vlsh per qr bbl 93 10
OodVlah SoK
Eerrlnf V bbl S5 00
Cora Meal b...,35(aVtOc
Horn in jr per bush... SI CO
Whisky per. (all. C591 00
uauins, M jiox....si bu
" , Layers " UO
" Bultan k 12
flas ,.nnmi
Pranee .;....mViKa
Jtftgif doa..
Dried Beef..
,....,, - eo wooixwus.
,v... lBXol
.lBo lb.
wxtiLT asviiw. ,
" Floua-
les at t 4034 SO (or red, and 14 75$5 90
for white.
WncaT dnllatDOo.
Coa sales at lBo. '
OtT! aalee dall at 15916c.
Brs small aalei at 45(S50c
mv sales at tmo. r
Potatoes sain at SO!5c.
Baaaa sslet at87olS5.
Bsi rales at St 50 per bbl.
Wain Fita rule at IS 507 00 per hbl.
New York Cattle Market
.: be port , ; ;
Ioaths Waslsmse Wxsiajssuv, Jaly 10, 1W1.
TOTii Btcstm or catils or aix suds, roa m WIU.
According to tbe reports from ths several' starker
places In the olty, there have been received thi, week:
B'ves. Cows.
Veals. Lambs twins'.
559 877
. . 38 4.80V ....
113 8 057
. 63 3,636 .... .
At Allerton's, 1,803 5
BrowDlns's.... 50 87
O'Briea's, 12 39
Obaobei'lln's.. it SO
Reo'ed Sunday . . ..
Bold bn'n, Bar. 35V ..
Total 4 850
T'lpr'tweek 4.099
Av. BSmber -
705 11,10,
414 11,800
wTt,l ty'r. 4,364
S50 343 9,709
7,696 18,908
ixxvm noil airrsasrr statid.
A. M. Allerton St Co.. Pmnrletnn nf tha WaahlnvtAn
Drore-yardi, 44th-ti, report the Cattle ia Market from
toe louowmg Btatei: ,
New York ' 45 Illinois.. '. t,I?8
Penniylvanla Kentucky 874
Ohio 444 Iowa 835
Indiana 177 Miisourl
Number reported for this market at fortv fourLh
street, 3,803. . ... ...
The prices to-day are quoted at follows:
Pint quality 8911 I Ordinary 637
Medium "7 Borne extra ood....8-
The general arsrags of the market Is 7c. u
The most of theialei raiige from 7 8c.
Total number of Beerea received in ths clrv Hits weak.
This is 151 head more than last week.- and 114 head
leil than the averue of last ear. Tha avarm num.
her of each Wednesday market laat year waa 3,4ul head,
wane ins number to day being 4,443, shows 318 head
more than the average, and 134 bead more than thle day
Wtdntsiay, July 10. Another hot day. though not
at bad as yetterdiy, the air havlna; been purified by a
wunaer taower; out ins proipect or telling ail ins oui
locki never was darker than at the opening of the market
this morning, and some of tht owners began to make ar
rangements early In the dty to send small lots oat to
ptiture, and olhera offered the remainder of droves at
S3!S a head leu than they held them at yesterday.
We think we never law a more favorable time to buy
steers for grailog than was offered about noon.- We
notloed ons lot of prime Eentneky Durham offered at
So.', ana presume sou weula have bees accepted, and
perbapa less, and our estimate ef weight was full 3j ewt.
Another lot of good Iowa ttsen, of good 6j ewt. aver
age, were sold at S45: and we could have bouht several
nunarea neaa ei nies smootn eteer, good enongrt lor
retail Dutcnen, at o set a pound, ana late la ths asv
several broken declared that they could sell the remain
der of drove! at prices equal to 7o a pound for tho beef
ofgood fat bullocki. ..,,.'.'..,'...
Beoeipts of tht week, 11.168. This includes eight
days, .. . j
This is another bard week for sheep erovtn. The
price of old Bheep is not ai good at It wat a week ago,
and Lambs are very decidedly Lower. - It takes a very
nice 1st of grade Southdown Lambs, that will draw 45 to
bring SS a bead . Berne poor ones are quoted at ti a head
ana less, ana omen at rates equivalent to attire v S
for tht meat. The market is unusually full of Lambs,
but not aa mnch crowded with Bheep aa It wai last week,
and well It ii not, for mutton was aelllng In Washington
Market Tuesday morning for oo a pound. - Hons bat
some of sxtn quality aold for over 60. We sotioed aome
very good 85- ft Ohio Bheep offered at S3, and ws think
an offer of ti 75 would have bought them. The prices
are generally estimated equivalent to 64480 t for the
meat, linking offal. Borne thia Sheep hart sold this
weekat very low prices perhead: wa bear leu than vi
named. The daily receipts at Browning's were: July
3d. 1031; 4th, none; 5th, 993; 6th, 505; 8th, 1613) 0th,
060. Total, 4S08, over one. fourth of which . were
Recelptsthil week, 4,288. -'
The following quotations are given by the gastrin tend
ent of tht macktt: .. ...3.
Corn-fed Hogs, t , lire weight, Light Prims.. 3,'
Heavy Ik .
Ordinary quality ....3H
Diiiillery Hogs, e fc.grost .......9,(S4c
Kotwlthsiandlng ths advance upon salt sork and lard.
the price of live hogs has declined, and drovers have
not lately met a harder market than this week., . The
excuse la the hot weather, bat that really makas vary
little difference, ilnca all tht alaughtorlng Is drat by
establishments provided with cooling rooms, where the
hogt are taken at toon aa dressed and tat ss and cured in
a winter temperature. ,
Tht aimpia raot about tha market Ii. It la trranfoeked.
and If thippen moat have tvtr three cents a pound for
fat hogs, tbey moat Hop erowdlna- them noon thia mar-
ket, for to that will they come if tha .present supply la
kept up. Mr. Grant, Superintendent of tht market,
tayi: "Prloet range lower than ever before In this mar
ket, and there is little demand for hogt of any kind.
Light prime hogi command tha highest pries, bat tell
tlow to retailers. It it almost Impossible to dispose of
hsavy fat hogs, however prims quality they may be at
tht rates quoted."
wt rtepectinuy submit us question te Western thin-
pats, whether it is worth while to send hogt here at pres
ent p riots, while corn oan be bought all over Illinois at
ix earns a Duintu t. w . iwrman quotes the price ot
nogs uiu woes aa iqiiows. ' - i ch. d , ,
t 1 v r i 1 , s
rsics or boos mil wm.
LIts, Dead welcht.
lint quality, oorn fed, large lite. .3i(aV3X
Beoond quality corn-fed ......3M(ik3K
first quality amall tlza fat Ac prime,
for marketeutohen. ...... M..3,(33'V '
Large alas, lUll-fed, fat, ...... ... .8H3J '
seoosd quality tuu-ftd, fat..,s....88 1 -Small
slat, choice stock hogi.....3,'4
New York Market
NEW YORK, July 12.
TLOUR There is leu doing aad ths markat la-.
ly so arm. ine mgu ratet salad for freishl nsatariau
onces mt export oemano. Dales or vooo barrtla at
S3 70dD3 90 for tapartnt ttatei S434 IS tnr nm
stats; S3 6003 75 for lupernss wtstorn; S3 D3&4 SO
for cotnmta 10 medium extra western; It 5504 74 for
nipping nranae tnnt rouna noop Ohio; S4 b5oM tor
tradt brands do.t market closing dull, with downward
tendency.. Canadian floor rntasdall. aktas at am khia
at S47 fcr common to choice sxtn; 3 40f 10, lor
KYB gWlUB Steady at S3 506S1 75.
OOBN MBAL Unahassed: aalaa a 70S hala at M K
for Oalorlo and S3 for Brandy wins. .
ffswAi-aarns armen sales ef 550 barrels st
je,KSt owe. : .,(. , ,1..
WHEAT Steady, bat ths demand (or export it portly
restricted fey tht firmness of frelt hta; sales of 13 000 ba
unioajwspnnsas wskjij is,ww OS Kaciss tpnng at
wxsivuj; js.ouuou numaiiiMtiiiSat SSiNor IS SOO Via
amber Iowaat93S95c: S000 ba if Inssaoia uirtn a. siv..
jo.tw WIS W1UWI w lauausm l Vi&l IKT. O VUO bS
whlteKentnckyatSl 87. , ,
BTS unchanged; ws qaols western at 45im59v, mr,A
State st68s. " -
OOllcJ Continues Bra, Wltkafalrxltoaod fos azniirt
ana uome oousumpnos; asies 01 es.uuu' bo.hla at sam
410 ror unaoana new mixea western; vemiSo tot oom
0jfcI!"!lto,rta5(S',rw snd..OanadlJ,
and 99S30o for state.
POBK-oA thadt flrmtr. With b6ireaA anl. a,1Vata
business doing; tarts of 100 bbls at Sjl6 for mess snd
810 18 for prime. . t ,i t.t
bbb,s valet ana nominal. - .N n r,i
BBEf BAUa Sailing ilowlr at SIS 50 AU 00 Mr
western. ... . , ,. . ri,i -.i.,i..k.ti t.
OUT M HATS Bule aaltU at 4 VfffiJWA be ahanktoa
and9KS6Keforhaait. - , .
BAOOM-rnnehanged, sales W 16,000 fts keltlte wt
IX0, ' I - " "T .'n wii i
LARD Tture It a little aettar Spellnrln -tha sM
and prloet Sre snehsagtd; tales of 700 barrels a Boi
B u TIE 0 Belling at &O1S0 tor Okk aad 14eMt
for Stale Delaw r aad Orange county . ik,
unjD.i,Ba uau stwAi,t. . ,,)-.t . 1 ,-' ; ;iu,,.
OOPFSB Deoldedlt aaora aAtlwaanSsaM .
ot 6000 bags Bio at UUc 600 bags Lagulra, part at
15s and the, remainder sn ptlvate Unsi; 1000 bags Mara-
oaibo st 15Ho; and 85 bags Bovtr isnt Jsva at We.
BUQABV-IUw eontlauet to good request and Tcry
ntiuj ,k , Kwa reuoou selling si owotl wales nnet
oucisasoi umnaas vonsat tt)Jc K7 4tbdS Fsrso
Bioo 1 at 5Xmxci 1U3 boiss Havana mn prints teresa:
and by auoUon, 67 hhde torts, Elow at stiatOs-or
8rO0RJ-I)nll. lmt steady.-' OhloacsfcAwk lalsad.
jb; uttveland and Toledo,, 86V a fialeas and Ohicasa.
6tx; IlUntli entrsl icrlp, 7; Michigan Southern
Eiaran teed, 8814; allchl aa Central. 44M; IUadlng,37X;
arlem, 19X, New Itork Otntral, 75 ; Mlsaourt 's 43;
nsmucayosi i u W. os, ei; coupons, B.
Cincinnati Market.
ugii., sua nrm n an n sees, sse wilUag te pay ths
auteldeof erdy's figurea moss eel7i Bed WIU
omaaod 70o, and White 60 to 85o. ' Bpriog ot good
Hu"l ui awiiiua a. waTaw. A safspw- Ol D
White, raised near Paris, Ky , Wat iho
pis- oi nsw Kestsckr
'Chang, and tht lot 60 bushels offered at a 1 Oil.
own w-aay on
CORN Wu Ann to-day at 30c, notwithstanding fall
"oelptj. r .,r.
OATS Art held at 24c, but It requires great effort
to males them bring its-. -; t ) .r. w, 'i
BABLEY WaiTn small reqneit ttf-day tht first time
this losg while. Fries stosmtaslly 60tr -sat 4ht offer
was less. r-n-r.' . -i 1 , - - y n i-q
n 1 n at atgieotta, asa win sot ttaussnd ovtr tu.
WliJHKI Haukly brings 124o
..--. .,, .,.1
1 f, I e.c ei' .sy.iji, v.- jc , 1 . Commtrtiah
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, July 11. 1861.
. KothJe.dolns. :i - 1 I. . ...(.. ,.j
y WHHAT Is in fair local demand, with light receipts.
Sales snvBaarsasdsn track at file, and l do. at Me.
OOBK tfalt of 1 tmt at 3lto on IracK. and 1 ear at 3io
irom stars. - .1 oii-ms- r. - ... . a-., j .... ,
oT(tiui. f naron treokst t.i r., ,
HiaHWINEB Bts vdy and qaietallDKo. . 1
AUUs-salaa ot X bbla at sc. . . The rasas ia IrUA: an
wramg 10 conuiuon. . 1 . . 1 1 . : , ,v n
UUIXBB Keiaalna dull at 7iSo , m 1 1 .1
i Dr. J. H. McLEAWS
Strengthening ("ordial and Dlood
I'rje tUrealest Honaedr Iss T1W Mortal.
most; nracious
ever "taken.
ly sdentiSo and
Vegetable Compound,
procured by tht distil
lation of Boots, Herbs
sad Barks,' Tellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Barasparilla, Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan-'
dellon enten Into its
Before Taking" tiT' remedial Afttr Taking. -
Drtnclnls ot each Inirredlent Is thoroughly extracted bs
my new method of distilling, produclng,a dclicirua, ci
hlleratlng spirit, and the most INFALLIBLE remedy for
renovating tht diseased system, and restoring lie sick,
nfferms and doblUUted ISTALID to BEitTH and
1 Will effectually ours ... - ,.
. . ......
Chronic or Nervoos Debilltv. Disease of the fcldneva.
snd all diseases arising from s disordered Urer or Mom
acn, uynepiia, ueartbara, inward nies. Acidity or t)toa
seas of the Stomach, Fullneia of Blood to the Iles.l, Dull
pain or swimming In tht head. Palpitation of the Heart
rallneat or Weight In the Stomach, Boar Iractatkmt
Choking or tuffocating feeling when lying down, Drmets
or Yellowneat of the Skin and Eyes, Night Sweats, In
ward leven, Pain In ths amall of ths hack, attest or aids.
Sudden nuance ei ueat, uepmaion ot spirits, rrightiol
Dreams, Languor, Despondency or any Nervous Disease
Bone or Blotches on ths Skin, and Fever and Atut (01
Chills and fever.)
Overt million et tfoitlca ; '.
Save been sold during the last tlx months, and In no In
stance haa It failed In giving entire satisfaction. Who,
then, will suffer from Weakoess or Debility when Mo-
LEAK'S BTRENGTUENIti (a OOBDIAL will oure youl
ltd language can convey an adequate Idea or tht imme
diate and almost mlraculout change produced by taking
una uoroiai in ins aiteaaea, aemutstta ana anatteres
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or impaired by lickness, the relaxed and unstrung
organisation ia nswrea u 111 pristine neaiwana vigor.
Or othen conscious ot Inability; from whatever cause,
Will Bnd sicbeana Btrengtneomg vordial a thorough
regenerator of the system; ar.a all who may have injured
t-iemaelrei by improper indulgences, will find in the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy. : 11 .
I To tbe Ladles.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
..':' It a sovereign s-jdtpeedy cure for
Obttrncttd or Difficult b.'natmatlOaV tnconttnsnes of
urine or involuntary vitcharga thereof, galling of tht
Womb, Oiddinen, fainting and all Diseases incldnet t
females, :i ..i.j , .
:. -1 Ihers Is no Hlttaks About it.
Suffer no longer. Take It tooordina to Dirsciions. It
will stimulate, atrengthes and Invigorate yon and cause
the bloom of health to mount yosrebesk again. .
Every bottle WwamntsdVtoglvtaaractton.
If voar children art sickly, puny, or afflicted. McLean Y
Cordial will makt them healthy, fat and robust. Debt)
not a moment, try it, and you will bo convinced. .... .
Oicnow. Beware ef Dmgiiatsor Dealers who mat
try to palm upon yon some Bitter or Barsaparilla trash,
WQHD Wit DU BByaueap, 1J HUlf IS IS JUIt at gOOa.
Avoid such men. Ask lor McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else. It is the only remedy thai
will purify the blood thoroughly and at the iuw (una
strengthen tht lyitem. ; ' .
Out tableipoonful token every morning fatting, (1 a
eertaln preventive of Cholera, Chills and Fever, fellow
fever, or any prevalent diseases,:.. It it pat up In Urrs
settles. 1
frits only 1 per bottl'oi 6 fcufe for t S. "
; , - - J - J.H.MCL1AN, : .
:. Bolt Proprietor of this Cordial, Wi.
I Alao MoLeanA Volcanla Oil ulnliiuuit.
frtucipal Depot on tht screes of Third and fintAlreeoh
ft. feel. Mo. - , ..,.
. ,. muuvau a v uiutuiu uu niaimeni.
The beet Liniment InthsWorUi " The oniv aaf t and
eertsia oure for Cancels, Flits, Swellings and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paralytii, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
Mosaics, Ohronle or Inflammatory Bhtumatina, 8tiB
seas of ths Joints, etatrsottd Mateiss or Lbjamenlt
Earaoht or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, Wounds, fresh
Osts, Dlettei fewar Bores, O sited Breasts Sore Nipples,
Bams, Bealdt, Bora Thost, or say Inflammation or Pain,
no dUTeranoe howtevsrs, er how long tht disease may
havt existed. . AtoLaan'i Otttbratod Liniment Is a oer
tain remedy.-. ... .
Thousands of human beings have been saved a Hto af
decrepitude and misery by the sat of this Invaluable mtd-
elns. 1
f. w I nNIMENT 'i (d'j
Will relieve pain almost tstbuSantontly, and It wtl
cleanse, purify and heal the foulest lores in aa lncredl
For: Horses ndOtber Animals, u
MoLtaa 1 oelebrtted Llshnent Is the only, safe and re
liable remedy for the oure of Biiavin. Bins Bone. Wind-
galls, Splints, Unnatural Bumps, Nodes or Swelttags. It
wiu never nui 10 tiara sig uesa, jroii svu, siitaia, Uld
rnnnlng Bores or Bweeny, If property applied, for
8r rains. Braises. Scratches. Bores or Wawsds. Onaked
Heels, Chafes, Saddle or Collar Galls It is an infallible
rsmeay. . sppiy 11 as aireetta, ana a cure ts otrtain 10
every Instance. . . , , .. . ,
Then trifle ne longer with tht many worthless Lini
ments offered to you. Obtain a supply of Sr. McLean's
eeitbnssd Liniment. -XI will ears yoa.
J. II. BIcUS AN, Sols Proprietor,
Corner of Third and Pins Streets, St- Louis, Mo
for sals by all druggists. . . ,
ror saie ny juulsaxm At BAUCkb, . v
. r Oolumbaa. Ohio.,
H 0W.ABD7& 00,'
!;aad examios oar stw make oL, , ' y ., v
manufactured by I. HOWARD It CO.. Boston.' Mass.
These Watches sre far superior to anything ever offered
to tht ssbtlo, heretofore. Having ths exclusive agency,
I can sell them at prloet to salt tht timet. I have juit
racvivcu a jaxgw sioos 01 " 1 -
tZ t American watches n
nuouiattiired by APPLETON, TBACT, k C,alSo', V
w" In Sold snd Silver Casei, at Panto prloet: "V?.
iM? t.v-t fi v.-Wrta
1 CLOAK OLOTITfl.-:AIn. othaa nak-aa nf Sn.l.
was viii.ii... u. ai. assmsis' Binuiis mnainrs. its
Selt and Battons to match. BAIN St BON,
sprllS ( Hot S South Htgh strew
c4rnerSprIn4Jct Water Sts'.V
nfl Kanutawrefs ef Brake ind Oompoiltlon Castings,
1 'j i
'"St'T:, "? u tietcriptwas.
Electro .Mating1; jinj
I MIlawasi.aYX S1E"
Trrxs iyi 'it
sVt.1 Ml 11
manhood; v. v.,
how iqst ;Sot(f : itESrostif.
r Semtistl Weakness. Sexual Debilltv. Nervousness. In
wslaatsi IKmltsloaS ssd tmnotmey, resulting from
stK-asast, as , iy ihws. -s voiverweii, si. o. seat
under seal, iu s plala snvslops, to any sddrets.poat
paid, en reosipt et iwo. samps. oy ut. uuas. J.u
KLIKB, 1S7 Bowery, New York.
PoitOfflos Box, Ko
; 9.
It a, T
whica greatly facilitates ths process tf totthin fas aafi.
Depend upon It. mothers, it win .(... .
Snd -. '. , . . -"''"raeivei
IXtXa m HEALTH TO TflTTB rows...
" WI hTe J"t up snd sold thlt article tor ever tsn aa'
ANOE, TO EffEOT A CCBlf when tlsuly aaedMtv
Tld know tn Initaooe ofdliiatlslisttoi bTan, snt
who osed It. On ths eontrary, all are deUgh tnTtl
operations, and sneak in terms of a.r "
magical effects and medical virtues. Wa sneak in thu
matter "WHAT WE DO KNOW;" after
f CLILLMENT Of WHAT WW rwdw nwnr.fa. TH"
almotttvtry Initanct where the Infant la raftering from
pain and exhaustion, relief will be found In Allien
twenty mlnutet altar theSyrup la administered. '
- This valuable nrenaratinn la tha . .
the most EXPEBIENOBDaaul SKI i.i.srfr. iin.Z?!
It not onlr relieves tha chlM fmm mi. ,
Stti the stomach and bowels, eorreott acidity, and gisa,
one and enem to tha whole nataa,. it am .1 r.
stantly reUevs "
eELfiio nr m eowils, un wind couo
U arises from tee thins, or from n. th..
would tay to every mother who has a child softerlnt from
soy of the foregoing oomplalnta DO NOT LET YODk
tand between you and your suffering child, and tha va.
lief that will be SUHB-yet. ABSOLUTELY 8CBE-?o
follow the ate of thiamedleina. if timalawi. a.
rectlont tor using will aooompany each bottle. Nona
genuine unlet! tht facsimile of OfJBIIS PEBKINs
New Tork, it on tht outside wrapper. '
Bold by all Druggists throughout tht world.
PrI iclpaiorrieos 18 Cedar Street N..
From the New York Observer. 1
Al all parties manufactorta Bewina Sfur.hlnaa ara ok.
llged 10 pay Mr. Howe a license on each machine told,
and art a to oompelled to makt returns to him, snder
oath, aa to tht number told, hi! book! givs a correct state
ment, from this reliable source we have obtained ths
following statistics. Of tht machines made In the year
1859, there were told,
By Wheeler fc Wilson 81,305
'- I. M. Singer at Oo..... lu.SM
''I " Orover 4k Baker 10,2b0
Bhowina- ths sales of Wheeler Ac Wllxm tn tlnniln
those of sny other Company." ...
Awarded the highest premiums at the
United Btstes fairs sf 1858, 184. and 18(50;
, alto at tht -
: Ohio 8 late fain of 1859 and 18o;
. and at haarly all tht County Fain in tht Bute.
Our prices, at the lata reduction, art om lots as nntt
loci ttich machine now aold, snd bat s tilde higher than
ths Interior two thread chain etich tnachinee, now
forced upon the market.
Loca Btiob the only one which cannot be reveled. It
u auks os Both Sinreof the foods, leaving no rdge or
ehainonthe VHdtr.eitle.
All macMttee warranted 3 yean, and inetrueKon
given in tneir ate, tree or ensrve.
H. CBABY.Hl High it.. Columbst, O
dec3-2awd3ma;wflm Pike .Opera House, Cincinnati
Ohio ' White Sulphur Springs,
This Favorite Resoet Will be open
1 -, - for Visitors,
: tT txrto ' IO, 1001.
riMtuis singnio aoanme scams tuiexsos, cas sr
; xccomionaTm aT atnuctD satss.
' ; lt J. A. BWAYNIE,
' ' Lewis Center P.O., Delaware Co., Ohio,
'may Sd;dlmo. .
Baltimore Clothing House.
cf3 XXIjTJM.
j staKoracroantt smd whousaiai aaauas is
. No. 303 W. Baltimore-street,
(srrwsss naniTV am wowAJin,)
' HAVLTimOKE, ffltl.
a Largs Ajsortmsnt of Pises snd Turnlihlng
Goods Constantly on Hand;
NEWARK machine works.
;' j ' NBWABK OHIO, ' ' f
irlannlacinrera of all kl4a of For-
trnbls atnel MtaUwnarr tit sans Est- -Klnes,
sistw mills, urist Mills,
.. ' j eVC, AfcOa .i '.j
BODLSi Beatenl AT. A t. SIAJTD TBmimJ
J. cSS. B. JJUTAlt Beetmlll OOLtOam
IfAOBIlfll COi BeaUeei ! H B&jLDIOBD
1 ''it CC Suiiemttttr '
" Out PorUbla Serins .and law Kill
Was awarded tht Site premium at $to at the Indiana
Stats fair for icOf ever Last St Bodleyt oa sect oat t-
Prlce, llghtnsMi sinspliolty, eoonomy of tati
nd superior' character of lumbar sawed. . ,
Our Stationary Bnaiuf' waa awarded at tha asma Sal. .
tht first premium of S0.
Our roitable engine was swarded Bteflrft freailas i
19i at the ah- at Memphis, Taas ever Blansyt Da
vall't, Columbus Machine Co'l.. and Bradford Al Ua'a
by a ocwutittee of pnctlcal Railroad Baginssss. . .
wor psicf ana isvsis-ssiiress -
-! I 1 I WILL Ait D WARNtR, Treasurer,
dst5-dlysols. Hewartt, Ohlo"
-TTBalesal aael Retail peeler la :
1 ,
Ko. S5
Flflh Street. - m
f eiRMtir i ktst all th wa
- J f rl.u. Bit AN sj , V, 7Z:
.111 !'.!,,, ' "
3 Pa&tcn Llattinra.
Ti-4.irhlt asitt Ksd aad
1 Whits Checked of superior quality. Tor salt by
mwot. k ik . n --a a,w:r '-r- s-

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