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UEO. W. DIAWVtMflVi EaUtwte
' """"
Democratic State Convention.
At a mCbftok of Ilia Dain'ora.ic SUli'Cen
trl Committee held la Colombo, on the. 6th
Rtttlvti, Tbet It is fpe,ilieat to bold a Denw
cratio State 'CovrtpUoB V Clumlui, oa
Wednesday Angnet TiaV.lie.sa ,
to nominate a- Democratic State Ticket, to b
eupoorted at fbe October el'etloB.' ; ' ' " ' ' ,
RuoUti, Tufihef.'.Thtt all the WUctou of the
State of ObWbo are I favor of ferpetuatlDg
the prlneipks upon which ear Uolo wee foond
cd, and are convinced that the present State
and National Jidmiftiitratiou are who In
competents Baoage. the government ia its
prnent erttical condition, ae well ei all who are
opposed to the grosi extravagance and corrup
tion now so alarmingly prevalent in publio- af
fairs, be. earaeetl invited to .aolte with . the
Dtmonur in this hoa of OUT coaotrv'c peril
. and thus redeem the State, and place lti, ad
ministration in competent nana. . bo. ...: i
RaUvtd, farther, that the baela ef cepresen
tatioo in said Convention be one delegate for
every 600 vptw, and as additional, delegate lor
a fraotion of 250 and upwards, cast for Thomas
J. S. 81, f Supreme Judge at the October
lontinnin iMf) -nrt thai ft be ' recommended
that the counties; vleut, their delegates on (his
basis, ia ff.-Nt . f 1 .. ' j" '
The Demooracy of Ohio and allW.
s ervative Union men, who are willing to oo-oper
ate with (bm on (he above puis; are requested
to meet ia their respective counties at nob time
as the local eofamltteet may designate, and ap
paint delegates to the Democratic Convention
on the 7th of Aoroet. to Dominate e State
ticket to be'sapporteiat the October election
It is promed that no lover of his country
will require prompting at tbla time to Induoe
him to discharge his dnty. bfll therefore the
Committee ia impressed with the belief that the
counties! Will eagerly respond to this call, and
that an imposing Convention "will assemble In
Columbus at .the time designated above, and
put in nomination a ticket of good and. true
men, to be supported for the various State of
fices on the 3d Tuesday In October next. ' .'.
WM. MOUNT, Chairman.
WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary.
Committees in Congress.
Of the chairmen of thirteen piilocipafs'taodibg
ommlttees Of the Senate, tight are from the
little corner of the nation called "New Eng
land." Foretgi, Relations, Scmmb of Massa
chusetts ; Military Affairs, Wilson of Massa
chusetts; Financial, Fxsskndih of Maine; Na
val Affairs, IIili of New Hampshire; Post'
offios and Post Roads, Golumh of .Vermont;
Claims, Cnax 'of New' Hampshire;' Patent,
Simmons of Rhode Island; Pensions, Fojna of
Connecticut. T v '
In the House, the Northwest are better repre
sented. Bat so far as we can see, not a single
Democrat is chairman of a Committee. So
our friends can see that party lines, so far as
the Democracy are- oooocrned, are completely
abolished." Now, if some of our good na
tures Dtnwrttie friends oan only get tbe same
thing done among tbe people, what a if nun
doui weight tbe old Union National Democracy
will have in tbe affairs of the country wben the
war is over!
The Government and the Constitution.
. ilea.
The. word Government has many significa
tions. . Tbe most important are these:
I. It means tbe sovsreign or supreme pow
er, which in tbe United States resides only In
tbe States or the people, who in this sense are
alone tbe Government.
II. We often use the word to signify the
limited powers granted by the States and tbe
people, by aiid through the Federal Constitu
tion, to their agents or representatives, to be
exercised for the benefit of the whole Confeder
acy or Union. In this sense the Government
iucludcs the 'Congress, the Executive and the
Judiciary, which are usually styled tbe three
branches of the Government.
III. Bat a frequent and common ase of tbe
term Government restricts it to the Executive
branch merely, or to the President and Cabinet,
who are aUo designated aa tbe Administration.
Taking tbe last two definitions, or either of
them, the Government la created by, and grows
out of the Constitution, which gives It all the
life and power It has or has any right to have.
Without or beyond tbe Constitution, we have no
Government. As long ae the Constitution re
mains what, the Slates and the people made It,
the supreme Uw within its Sphere, we shall
have a Government. To the extent that toe
Constitution is broken and trampled under foot,
it Becomes a dead letter, and ii in fact to Con
titution. To tbe lame extent that tbe Const!
tntion ii broken and nullified, we hare bo Gov
ernment. Tbe question then 16 frequently nek
ed of late whether wo have a Government, re
solves Itself Into this: Have we a Constitution?
It is laid we are engaged In a war to support
tbe Government. That means, if it have any
meaning to loyal Americans, that we are war
ring to maintain the authority of the Constitu
tion over tbe whole territory of tbe United
States, and to keep it from being broken or nul
lified la any part thereof. ; 4 : ; . ' '
But it Is said that those who are "great itlck
Icrs" for the strict observance of the Constitu
tion, are no frlenda of the Government, bnt
ympaihiieri with tbe rebeli who have broken
the Constitution and renounced lti authority.
Every man who does not at heart sympathize
with tbe rebels, is a "great stickler" for the
Constitution, and every man who doee sympa
thy e with them, looks on violations of tbe Con
titution with stolid Indifference, and often with
Tbe only true friends of the Government are
tbose who, at borne, In tbe camp or on tbe bat
tle field, are bold, manly and unflinching la the
defense of tbe Constitution. They who deride
that Instrument and let It at nought, are at
, heart rebels against tbe Government, whether
they enroll themselves under the flag of Jirr
Da vie or of Aiaaaaat Lincoln. Those woo
insidiously seek to bring the Constitution into
contempt among the loyal people of tbe Union,
are enemies of tbe Government, and are con
trlbuting to lti overthrow as effectually at the
armies of the Southern Confederacy. Let the
people be brought to the belief tbat it ii a mat
terof trifling consequence bother the Constl
tutlon be violated er not, or that ia certain z
Igencles Its provision! may be, and ought to be,
et aside, wnat interest wui tney leal la sus
taining a Government or a Union based upon
an Instrument so worthless and contemptiblef
The present Administration at Washington
has called upon tbe Toyat Union men of the
country in this erlsls to rally to. Ibo support of
the Government. The loyal people understand,
and so do tbe Southern rebel leaden under
stand, tbat this means that the Constitution la
to be maintained,. The Very thing these rebele
are aiming at ii to break tow and nullify the
Constitution In a portion of the Union. .They
deny that it Las any suprerpe( and binding so
nority over states tnat choose w eetpietae ill
lroTii Ions. ' They labor to Imbue the people In
the loyal fates' with the sentiment that the
Constitution may da safely violated in order to
eave the Unlet) and peeteet thai sighUaadlib-J
ertlee; for they know fall well that when love
and reverence for the Constitution are goto,
oar Government and Union oaonot endarJ-
Hence, thcee la the loyal 8tatei who Inculoata
a disregard or, tbe Constitution . and seek to
bring Into contempt tbose who. are contending
fora atrict obaerranoa of, and fidelity to, J1 lu
provisions, are efficiently promoting the -cause
of Southern disunion and rebellion.
. The loyal people are eoatendiog for the sup
port of the Government, understanding that
wlille they are doing this, they are sustaining
the' Conatitntion.' Both, in their view, mast
stand or fall together,', Apart from, the Consti
tution they know no Government, and will rec
ognise none. ''" !' ' '' "' ' '
Mr. Lovejoy's Slavery Agitation in
Congress—The Cloven Foot.
It must be dear to every sensible man, that
ilia not the Intention of the 'AboWtldntstsrto
abate one "jot or tittle" their war and clamor
on tie aiavery question. Scarcely bad Con
gresa been organixed,'ln extraordinary session
to make levies of men and money for the prose
cution or the war, than, this pestilential Aboil
Uonlit commences his usual furor about slavery
He most hare the Fugitive Slave Law repeal
ed, and oar army sank not deliver ap fugitive
slaves, and tbat too la the midst of a war, the
avowed purpose of which 1) tbe preservation of
the Union, which la endangered by Just such
fellows and by suoh means. ' Every indication
proves conclusively that these men are deter
mined ia preao tbla question until every Union
atan in the Sooth who owns slaves is compelled
to take np arms against the Government, and
against the North, as a matter of self-preserva
tion sgainst Abolitionism. Their old war-cry of
"no anion with slave-holder!," U not forgotten;
and it li their' intention to press It even to a
final and total dismemberment of all tbe Blatee
- If this be not the case why need Mr. Lovuor
or aay other Abolitionist Spring this question at
this particular time, ana In which be U lustaia
ed by the almost entire vote of the Republicans
Id the House of Representatives! -There oould
be no other purpose, no other design.' ";' '
On thio subject, we extract the following fro as
tne umoago j. wu: , ..
Do Lovejoy and the other Republican! from
Illinois ana tne nortn wno recorded, tbeir names
in favor of the resolution, expect te hold the
Democracy epos each a polioy I-De tbey net
underitana tnat. wniie we support tee uovera
ment against treason, we suspect them, and be
lieve now, ai we alwaje have believed, that
their doouinee are subversive of all government
Inimical to the Union 7 - U we regard tbem
In tbla lieht In time Of peace, wbat considera
tion have tney a right to expect when, in the
face of actual civil war, tbey endeavor to eom-
mit the nation to tbe ery'poiicy wntcn we; and
indeed a majority of the people of the United
S la tee, at the last election, oppoeed and de
noanced ae dangerous to the country T This
vote, and other acta of Republican!, here arous
ed a feeling of insploion and alarm among
Democrats, wblcn ia strengthened ny tne pecu
liar language of the President's Message con
cerning "artificial weights," and his entire non
committal as to whether he intended to conduot
the war noon tbe basil of no parly and adher
ence to the constitutional tight! of tbe South,
or open the narrow, and, as hundreds of thous
ands of voters think, unconstitutional, platform
of tbe Republican party. War for tbe suprem
acy of the Constitution la a high and holy work,
bat war for tbe emancipation 01 negroee would
be the blackest arime of olvillaaiion. ' Com
mence It and aee how soon all Christendom will
array themselves by tbe tide of the South. Ex
eeration, ae universal and aa deep aa tbe atroci
ties of the Sepoy rebellion aroased in this coun
try and Europe, will be thundered into our ears,
and the whole moral weight of humanity will
be hurled against us. fa every respect the
Lovejoy resolution, and the policy of which it
is a premonition, if finally adopted by the Gov
ernment, ia unwise, criminal and incendiary.
Let the Administration adopt it as tbe animat
ing spirit of the war, and we will oppose the
war, and clamor for peace as fervently aa any
maa in the Union; for then the Democracy will
be insulted and betrayed into lupport of every
thing which they have In tbe past held to be
unpatriotic .and (wlcked. Lovejoy and men of
the Abolition otripe make the mistake of sup
posing that Democrats sustain the Government
through fear. Greely has Intimated the lame
thing, tie ana they seem to think that we
are disarmed and subdued, with courage and
strength alike broken, at the feet of the anti
slavery Molech, and that therefore, the grand
Abolition opportunity .Is now presented. .We
warn them of their mistake. We call noon
the country to mark the warning and to witness
tne mistake. we bare supported the Admlnla
tration against treason, and .lhall continue to
support tbem so long as they observe the Con
stitntion and seek the ultimate pacification of
tne country; out tne iiovejoy polioy la ttaeu as
sreasonanie as disunion ana leceaaion.
... We are told that one of the virtuous ipecu
vauune, exeiaimea to a men mora ' the eon.
tract wee eoaolodedt "Ten thovaeod dollarafor
three months X promisee it and flltv thous
and dollars If aba la lost! and by G aba will
be lost." ' ." .'..'. 1
Wbat a surprising accuracy this "vlitucrat
peculator naa m foretelling future areata. He
ought to be engaged aa a special prophet by
some of the "sensation jomuali."
X hare ripmnili tha ml n niMnt da1iil.uA
whs f soon bat nathlof to so with la jCetlUae.
Congress—The Cloven Foot. New York Tribune.
There iaaearcely a ioubt but that the Ciil
line wu burned for; thi purpose of", making
lou.wu for tbe owaere. ' " - r.,:i .-. :
We bare no doubt bat there win be more
lost, if there are any more each oontraots.
This ia an entirely new dodge to swindle the
Government end it looks aa though the per
eona making the contract 10 designed It XViT
More "Treason" in the Senate.
John Shiinan opposed that' feature of the
Military Bill providing for the appointment of
unspiaini. it would appear that Jobs? don't
want preachera la the army. The Senate pass
ed the bill, notwithstanding his objeotioaa.
If a Democrat Opposes any proposition made by
the Administration it la called "treason;" if a
Black Republican, It Is patriotism!
.Tnao. Snvwe and all all Republican col
leagues from Pennsylvania,1 are bitterly opposed
to CttauV recommendations bn the tariff, no far
aa Ira Is concerned, thna Interfering frith tbe
collection of money for tbe support of the war,
Is that treason! Or will it be set down to pa.
triotle effort! to jprotect the Iron mongers' of
Pennsylvania ' . . 1
David Tod for Governor.
JULY 7th, 1861.
"Cot..- Mifrmiwrvtk-1 wenM bnggewl the
name of the Hon. Davia Ton ae the Da mocratie
candidate for Governor of Ohio, subject to the
decision of the Desaoeratie State Convention
of August 7th. - .Darts Ton ia an honest, man,
and faithful to the Constitution and Unlonr He
wouiq maaeaaaDie an excellent uoveraor, and 1
If riAm tmtaA wit) ttlWrnt fiaa efnhM iaaaMi . A 1 h
. .. . . , 1 i.1 , 7 V tvt i
. ! . 4. .1
w T -rt in.
Be raiT Go.rion J. V, On, of South Can
olina. bai been anDolnted a member of the Con.
federate Corprrta, la the plaoe of Judge With
er!, rtUgqea. : . ;. 'i :;t
1 . f 1 1 m .
True State of the Case—The Mischief
of Abolitionism.
. We extract tbe follow Irg from aa article in
the Boston Fast. The Put Is right wben it re
fer ta. tbe Citint Guitiit ts the mouthpiece
of the Abolitionists of the West." That paper
haa done more ta.Muence the public, mind pf
the West with abolitionism than any paper west
f the mountains. It' ia One of the Gidmnqs
Mnioi: t i J. u 1 J u . u r; it
Let the last Fourth of July answer, The peo
sle of Lowell, of this State, dishonored them
selves and disgraoed their country, by Staying to
hear aa es-Govimor of Massachusetts urge ao-
tion wmon, it entered into, will be aa sure to
bring anarchy into the hearths and homes of
new bogland, as the parricidal course of tho
seosealonisf leaders has brought anguish and
despair on hearths and homes of all who have
eaten tbeir Insane root and have had their rea
eon taken prisoner. t Tbe action urged waa the
emancipation of the slaves; Immediate emanci
pation lor the slaves of Virginia, Maryland and
tbe Diatrlol of Columbia,' and a provision for
general emancipation for all. Weolted. recent
ly, the Cincinnati Cacrie, to show how bold the
ultraa were getting in that quarter; which Jour
nal arraigned the President became of tbe course
01 ate uenerais about blm In relation to aiavery 1
and now this ex-Governor thus warm tbe Presi
dent if he makes peace, "without providing for
esaaaeipation," he will "commit a wrong and
an error for which future generations will bare
to suffer!" ; Of course the nltrai are In exstaey
and tbe Boston Atlu sirs this strikes the kej
note of the present war. Just like this ia the
speech of one of the stirrers of the abolition
ciuldron at Abioeton Grove on the fourth.
Wendell Phillips but reiterated words printed In
tbe Hew York Trttane, and which we bare
cited, ai be said: "I think Ihj present elvil
war the bloodiest stain on tbe century, If it
saeene only the Stan and Strlpae;" snvl like his
now iinarea spirit or Lowell, be goos for eman
elpatlon. Bat tbose who now and then give
mete routoKiog Abolitionists a tbougbt.expeottd
this. Tbe people who gather at Ablngron Grevj,
and are mostly laughed at, were the body
guard or the British emissaries who eame over
bate years ago; from Exeter Hall 1 they actually
have been fed by British lands from that day to
wis. . aneyjiave tne merit or persistency, una
seta to enjoy their wlldnese of tbourht. Tbev
for yeerehave said, perish commerce, perish the
manuiaetures, perish cotton, perish the Union,
perish the Constitution, oerleh the Stars and
Stripes, it need be, but only let the million! of
Airioao aeeeeot' in ibis eoantry be put in pos
seeeion of the riot to become as are tbeir broth
ren of Jamaoia, and ultimately like their raoe In
ibe Kingdom of Dahomey. 1 Bat none of tbete
thinga saw fit to perish.' The erowd of black
spirits and while tbat annually mlnete and com
mingie nere at Aoington, bnt secessionists, are
tne right aort or people to eheet their own ore
tor. By all means let them alone severely
Why print their speeohesT Bat such are not the
Solid men of Lowell! Such are not its meohan
lea, ita manufacturers, all its busy hive! Are
they not the descendants of men who went out
in broad day rrom tbe Green Dragon, by tbe
thousands, and clamored for the adoption of tbe
wonsutaiionr ana is it not msrveioas that a body
of tfonorabies and txjulrea, aad mechanics, oould
stay oa tbe Kourtb.at lowsll, and here doctrines
urged and action recommended tbat make the
very aapof leoesalonT Just what tbese Aboli
tlonlsta arra.lt just wbat the Beoesaion leadera
say tne Horth meaai to do, and just wbat tbey
nave taaeo ap arms to prevent being done. II
words moan anything, tbe Administration die-
elaime alt this. - New the secessionist leadera
will, bare these freeh Abolition speeches in all
tbeir newspapers; and they will figure In all their
aaaaoiua. They will be used to keep no tbe
horrible Inflammation. la tbta not terrible to
think oft 1 Tbii Ii iusr the material that ia cal
culated to make tbe war interminable; to induce
the people whom President Lincoln so lustlv
eulogised In his message, to makeot every house
and earn, end fence and tree, a breastwork, to
aeiena wbat tney consider their righta and privi
leges. We do not disease this ilaverr Question
But whoever wants to see rivers of bieod; te see
every borne groan with angniab at tbe loved who
may 00 aiain; to aee Honest Industry starving for
want or won; to see bankruptcy stalking atev
ery ooantlng-nouse; to see this noble country in
oompUte ruin; to see despotism ' come in and
crown tho result; will go ia for a war for the
emanoipatlon of four million of slaves. "I
WHEKE IT EXISTS." sari President Lin
coin. Where do these Maiaaohnaetti Abolition-
late get tbe right to interfere with it! 'What
power has Congress to interfere with aiavery in
tbe States T This Abolition Ex-Governor said
at Lowell, "there has for rears been men plot
ting against liberty in our midst, though not
so puDiioiy aa vavis ana rteenregard are now
doing. To tbla calumny we apply tho words
that the World justly applies to tbe New York
i rieumi mi attitude is as rebellion! to tbe Con.
ititution oa the one side aa is the Richmond In
tuirtr or Charleston Mercury on the other, or
tneir exponents, yens or Beauregard.
Stanton and Lane.
The Governor of Kansas hu appointed Fain.
, Stawrow Senator from Kansas, on the pre
sumption that Jut. Lint cannot constitutional
ly hold hit place; but Laaa won't let blm In.
He baa not realgned, and "don't know that he
shall." - He leys "It looks like burying him be.
fore be was dead." Jim will not let go that
teat until be gets hold" of another. Mark tbat.
Hogs in New York.
;.It will be seen Joy. qui -.Nt w;York cattle
markets, that hogi are qaoted from $3,50 to
$3 87, live, end from $3 85 to $5.00 per toe.
dred.'-' ;'""" ' a ;na ra o'j,?Tif.
Tbe Triienj says, " We respectfully lubmlt
the question to western ehipeere. whether it is
worth while to sehd hogs here kfpresent prises,
while corn can be bought all over Illinois at
ISK cewa per bosbel.' w4 ,.. , .,; , ,'.
.General avesags of tbe bsef market $7.95
per hundred."' . . ' '!" . ' ' j a
The Battle at Rich Mountain.
-Details ef tbe battle at Rich Mountain! will
be found In oar dispatches approved" by Geu
MoCtaiXAB.., Although, aaapneare by the dil
patch, the plan of the battle wee frustrated by
the mistake and capture of Geri. McClxlla'k's
eeurier: , The viotory Is decisive, and the battle
tas well and gallantly fooght by Gsn. Rosa.
caaxe and tbe brave boys from the' West Under
his command. '1v:r " !- ' :
This i tbe most important oondiot that has
Uken place in Wsrtera Virginia, and it ao in
dication that It 11 the commencement of ' tbe
complete success of Gen-, McCww-ak in, West
ern Virginia, though , we may! look for eons
ibsrp lgbilng and ievere lessee. 11 -
By tbe following dispatch lo tbe '7omnif efal
It will be seen that the, Indiana boyielaJm, .the
gloryt''ii til '..,vt i u ..j ,...,( 1,
. "Weave permitted to 'publish the followrng
private dlspatohr ;1 ' r
!'J WrRiitarVJVs'. 23 U'eftrUni it ; f
V , .nRoMHQ Ron, Va.. July 12. '
. "Had . figW 'To tha Tebfi Indiana Rl
ment belocss th klorv. Am well. - ;-
LZ'y , ""
W.The ao-earty Kepubtteaae
Demoerete te Join their
the smeets 'wen -tcey win
Intend laitatnlng
' 1 1 . " 1
... .'.'. ' ' ' . . 'j rni
, unr waabiogtop oorreepoadeat .telegrapbe
that Mr. Chase's proposition to reduce the duties
on iron ana atom a aot likely to past Congress.
Possibly some chaore may be mad, bat nnt
such a one ai the Secretary .proposes, .. Better
- . -.nn vuibgi d.icj reVl j
Z We clip the above from the N. Y, Ttibitnt,
Bow1 Will any trier 4au to tote arslntl awu
'mwj''jjhd ''AdmlDlitratlbir' recommend!.' This
- ' u L-'ti-t: . .J.i' ' .1 a . j ' .J '. m ''T
wouio of ujju vefoa on tne part or, juqngrtij,
ana anoraing aia ana comfori to the. enemy!
X inii
wabt ell tbe
party aad tire then
be satisfied. Tbe
agalnat an m lea and against rebellion, but tbey
bar no- notion of 'going 1au the Abolition
tray.' ''The' patriotism of the Democracy must
not be 'mistaken tor greeaneseDarfa Cawary
'jj-or? tci
Mr. Vallandigham's Slanderers.
The Wasbingtan letter Writer! and the
publloan press generally sfcm la have' Vde
Mr. VaLurmaiiaM their ipeeialtyAni etlcH
appean to rle.withl the ether. In Inventing j:,
slander on Mr. Y. The storyabout bis neglect
of hie mother Is-atnwBg-the -meanest ae-44 is
ops the wickedest of the fabrications Invenl
.1..' .1.. L--LU1-,1jL'A. t.Jin..
jww uo xusuqer 01 vwimi iivu,ui
These oawarsaated aad all essaulta oa Mr.
y.i instead of Injuring, will serve to Els advan-
.tage ana strengthen and fortify mm in bis
Tbe followlne'ci
'cation from I worthy
cltlien of this city, is oalled out by a mean 'and
oowardly article In the Journtl:m
xsairar Ohil St at eman t rrr-r T
Dia Sia An artible has appeared In a paper
or thii city, setting far fbat Hon. C. LT Vai
landigbam, member'of Cobgreas, nal tefbled to
bla mother the aid and support necessary to
maintain her and .left; her te be anpnoried by
the church of which she II a member.' ff this
were true, it seems like a very mean thing to
publish; but from wbat I know of Hon. C. L.
Vellandlgham'i natural disposition, I believe la
to ne a aiander,.. ia iviz, 1 emigraiea to new
Lisbon. 0. 1 and Mr. Vallandlsham was then
and there practicing law. , He had two brothers,
one a lawyer and boo a 'doctor. 1 1 was quite a
stranger to them, but was aided to a great deal
of work bv Mr. C L who. I hare the beet rea
son for saving, possesses a good, kind heart nat
urally, , For not only did be aid me and my fam
lly. by giving me work hi my busintas, fut be
recommended me to others who gave me work.
Besldee this, he; aided me when be waa ln,the
Legislature here, in' obtaining a 'resolution of
that body in favor of a bill In which I waa in
tereeted In Congress. Now, It is strange tbat a
man who would thus act ao friendly a part by a
poor neighbor, should have' be , sense ,of ddty
towards his own mother. '- 11 ' Hi
- ' Respectfully yours,
JULY 12, 1861.
JULY 12, 1861. The Republican Party Suppressing a
According to. President Lincoln, it Ii the Re
nubiioan oartv wblch Is to but down tbe South-
era rebellion. 'In hl late message to 'Congress
hi uses this language:
. " It Is now for, Ahem. Itbb Amerioab peoplej
to demonstrate to tbe world Mat thoie icho can
fatrly carry aa election, tan also sassress a ri
ttUton that ballots are tbe rightful and peace
ful successors of .bullets, and tbat when bailota
have fairly and eorwflutiooklly decided,! there
can be no successful appeal back to bullets ; that
there can be no successful appeal exoept t bal
lots themselves, at succeeding elections.
. Such will be a treat. lesson of nstcsa that
wbat they cannot" take by an election, 'neither
cap tbey take it by a war; teaching all the lony
ot beginning a war 1 "u " t..
. That is. thoae.who carried the election last
.November1, are now. to V'demonstratefo'tbo
world " tbat (her " cad also enppress a -Tenet-
lion." Wbat a pity the President bad not an
nounced this idea in bis proclamation calling
for trooos to conquer tbe South. How much
fairer It would bave been then, to announce that
it was the party tbat elected him, to Which be
looked for tha men and the monev to sustain his.
Adrtiinlatrtitlnn hv fores nf arms: M
It is a misfortune tbat the freaident. cannot
rise above party coneideretiona In discussing the
momentous questions before tbe country. As
in bis Inaugural be reoognized the Chicago
platform as tbe guide for his Administration, so
now he cannot direst himself of the fallacy
that it ia the Republican party which is to "sup-
preis the rebellion" and sustain tbe Govern
ment. JNor is tbe President alone in tbla ab
surd notion. While, in one sense, party lines
are forgotten, that la, so tar al to accept the
service of Democrats as weius nepuDiicani to
fight tha. battle! of tbe country,' !tbe' theory
nevertheless tuns through an weir poimcai cal
culations, thst it is the Republican party which
ii to lave tbe Union, and to suppress the rebel
lion. . Tet.itli not often Hhat. tbe Idea is so
frankly expressed, as In tbe paragraph which
we have quoted from the President's message.,!
enouia inn war prove luceeaaiui, ana mo se
ceded Statee be reduced to; subjection, we ehall
nave no end 01 tne partisan noast mat tne par
ty "who can fairly carry an election, eaa also
suppress a rebellion;" and that it ii due to the
political organization wblch elected mr Lin
coln, that tbe Union was eayed from dissolu
tion. It is insulting to tbe thousands of men
who voted against the Republican party, but
who are now fighting the battles of tbe Union,
or contributing of their meant to sustain those
who bave gone to tbe war, to be thus officially
told tbat it is not to tbeir services, but to those
Who carried tbe Presidential election, that the
salvation of tbe country, it indeed it shall be
saved by tbe war, will be due. . , .
We bone tbe Union may be aaved from disso
lution, and that tbe Government will prove equal
to tbe immense strain upon It, caused by tbe
present civil wsr. We would ecaroely atop to
inquire who saved it, whether Republicans or
Democrats: but it does seem a little odd tiiat
while calling for troops without distinction of
party, tbe President ahonld announce to the
world tbat one party alone is to bave the honor
of Cimmerce.
Headquarters Ohio Militia.
COLUMBUS, July 11,
"Lieutenant H. Q. SWatton,' bf the 19th Regi
ment Ohio Volunteer! (uQW..Iatbe state ot
TIpdIhIk rirnrtinff tha fluff of their eonntrr
from dishonor and their'StaWt from invasion),
bavine been arrested and sent nbder guard to
General Headauarters at Columbus, Charged by
a Court of Inquiry with conduct In the highest
degree unsoidieriy ana disorderly; in navmg
oermltted and aided his men to enter and plun
der the house ol a peaceable oltisen of Virginia,
ia ordered to repair to nia residence, ana eoonoe
himself within bis county under arrest, without
pay, until bis regiment la mustered oat ot tbe
Sergeant Jamea W, MoCleary, and Private!
Elisha Humaeon, Edward 8. Pal freemen; Job
Bell. John A. Brock, Horace Bally, aad El
more H. Andrews, baring been likewise aent to
Headquarters etuoiombus under guard,- charged
by the same Court with participating lo tbe dis
graceful aot already , mentioned, are expelled
from the service of tbe State, ae men' to whose
courage and conduct the honor of the State is
sot to be entrusted. u- . ,
,The Commander-in-Chief fully appro rea the
action of Msl. Gen. MoClellan ia refereooe te
those persons. -v.. in
1 in, publlsbug tbla. order the commander in
Chief cannot aupprees tbf expreeaion of bia
profound mortification, tbat men of Ohio, ooou
piing tbe bisb position of rolnnteer soldiers,
and having committed to tbem tbe honor of the
tate, should bave oeea loupa 10 unwartny or
the trust, and be Is not willing to find an ex-
ease for so flagrant a violation of duty in the
vicious example ret by .rebels and traitor to
thair- country. ' No violation -of law, nor 'tbe
rolee of propriety aad curtesy, will be tolera
ted among the soldiers of Ohio. - -
Tble order will toe reed on parade to each
Regiment of Ohio troops; !' :.. -ii'in ;:
order of tbe Coolmander-ln-Cbief.
Adj't Gen. O.
Headquarters Ohio Militia and Volunteer
Columbus, July 10, 1861.
i;tu. rt w-i i..A t.
ice of the United States for three years, under
the call ot the President of May 3d, 1861, are
placed on tbe footing or United State! troops,
having gone directly into that lervice without
the Intervention of State ontanliation. "
It la therefcfo proper thai the aame rale of
promotion enouia be adopted as tnat prevailing
la the regular army, wblch li tbat of succession
oy seniority m tbe Keglmsnt. , , , - .
'; All appointments hereafter made by tbe Gov
ernor of the Btate to HU vacancies will be
made by promoting tbe senior officer in the
same regiment, or tbe grade below, unless lor
suffloicnt reason the rule Ii suspended 1n i ipe
eial eaeol' x i "
j While the officers of each company VftCV
dinarily remain , attached to their oreseot oom-
mands, iCte to be understood that new assign
ments may very properly be made", aboujd tht'
aeoessities of the service require It, ;. -', ' ...
order of tbe ComssanOar-to-ciiief. . ,r
Adj't General, O.
Belmont County Union Democracy.
ion Deiuoaraoy of BeVaoh) uostf
county:' meeting &jj BelmontJ bae
The Union
eld tholr
Fourth of July. j The Gattt'f end Ottiick sap
It was "the largwt maet tej conyedla
tbe oonnty to nomlaateeoounty ticket." urey
township was raproiauteiU 1 m,
Johm 8, Andissom, Esq President, II. T.
BaVnu and Ji tC Haatot, Vide Indents, and
J. C. TauatN, Ja'.and Bs GlitasiaoiN,
The following ticket waa-nominated:
Forepreaanta.iv; Tbomai (J. barker ?of
Treasurer, Isaac u. rat tenon; cos rroseounog
Attorney, John A. Work; For pommlasloner,
James Alexander; For Coroner, George Crli
welli For. Infirmary Director, William . Cald-
Delegate! were., appoint to. tbf Senatorial
CoavonaIoBfar r .'it r. i.- iio.- t ear.
Hon. JomW. Oixr wai:reeonMrended' ae
Common Pleas Judge for the district., Judgi
6f ii iM present incumbent,'.,',. 'Jj ''. ',
The following gentlemen were appointed dele-
pates 10 the State Convention: ,;k i
'(MesBre. T. C. Parker, J. H. He'atoni J.'K.
Robinson, Thomas Pyle, William Eaton, II . M.
B. Clayland, 0. J.' Swaney, and Jamei H. Col
lins. .
' The Qiuttt, and CUixen lajs;' .. '';''' .' ' '.'( ,
" Tbe nominating committee then announced
the ticket, which was received with prolonged
cheers. It is composed of moit excellent 'men,
and we regret that our limited soaca will not Dar
in It us tospeakof tbem separately. We heard
some of our sbrudesl politicians claim thaUit
would receive at least fiifteon hundred majority
this fall. Tbeir judgment was based upon tbe
cbaraotor of the men composing tbe meeting,
and the unbounded enthusiasm of the people.-r
The. same enthusiasm would have been mani
fested or 'any ticket leleoted from the array of
u " .1. 1 .. . j ...r
name oeiore tne commiee.y ,
Ross County.
The Union Den
Democracy of Ross county hold
their Convention for nominating a connty ticket
and appointing delegates to the State Conven
tion at Chlllloothe, 00 WtDirkioar Jaly 31st. ,
The township meettogs will be held on Sat-
MDAt, theS7tbof Jary.;';.i;;ul ,
Tbe Admliur aays:,.( ,
"The Democratic party of the North love
this Union, to the growth land 'greatness of
which they have contributed more than any
other party which baa. had an existence; they
have done what they could to prevent ita die
ruption, and tbey want it maintained. They
want tbe fraternity or reeling restored tnat for
merly subsisted between all its parts; tbey want
trade and commerce to readme their wonted
channels; they want the manufacturer to floor
is b,; the farmer to prosper; the 'mechanic and
laborer to bave plenty to do at remunerative
prices.' 'Ia short, they want the war bronght to
a ciose ae speeaiiy as poesiDie, so tnat our peo
ple may not all' be made bankrflpte, and tbe
Union be disrupted beyend the possibility of re
construction. If the party,' animated by thll
feeling, shall be aooounted worthy to administer
the State Government; well and good.'!-
Auglaize County.
The Union Democracy of Auglaize bold their
Convention on Satuidat, the 3d ol Angnst, to
sppoint delegate! to the St ite 'Convention; and
also! te'. the Senatorial Convention. . .. i4, ,
1 H
Sandusky County.
The Democratic Meattnotr publishes a call
for a County Convention,- to meet oh Sato
batJ August 3d., to appoint Delegates to tbe
State Conyenlion. j y f Jl ?.. j ' j
: f ntHOCKATic State Comvintion. Tbe reader
will find in this week's paper the call of the
State . Central Committee, for a' Democratic
State, Convention on tbe 7th, day of August
next, i- The people will heartily respond to this
can ana send np a noble set - of delegate! Iron
every county in Ohio, and a ticket will then
and there be nominated, which' will be trium
phantly elected on the second Tuesday of Octo
Bucyrus Forum.
' DmrroiNTMiNT or Colonil Asboth. Col.
Asboth, after danoine attendance on the War
Department for more than a month, la the hope
that a place might bo loond for a man wbo bad
seen service, baa gone to New York disappoint
ed. ; He did not bave at his command Ibe in
fluences which secure success here, as, being
Y. Tribune Correspondent.
We do not know wbo Col. Asboth is, bnt he
must be very green to go to Washington to get
an appointment from tbii Administration, with
out being " a politician nor Intriguer." They
are :tbe only kind tbat win there now. , ,
1 ET It will be seen tbat two of Capt. MoDoog
alt! Newark company (Darling and Backas)
were among the wounded in tbe affair at Mid
dle Fork Bridge. Darling will be remembered
as a workman In the ahop of Elisha Smith, of
East Newark. Backas had been engaged on
the railroad, canal, and other works in oar rloln
Ity. j They were known to be fearless men, and
it baa surprised no one to find their nemea in
the desperate affair under Captain Lawson
Backus reached Newark last "night. Tftutrk
aaoeeaM.;. ' i 1 t
Summer Arrangement.
Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
ror CinoJiiatipayto .jnoUiiapoUaJ
Through to JhdianaDoliswitiiOBt Change of Carij (
4 j and but One Change of Care between
Four Cr plyiq;,Cplumljii)s.
' j rwri , - i ,Oi4.IT:io i rai
" ' ! FIRST TRAINi " '
A0cOMMOBATl6!t at 9 a. m., stopjini'al "aii'sta
tloos be.wten Oolnmbat and OlncionMl aad V if ton, at
rtviai at OtodanAtl at 10 OS t. m., ana it. Ditoq at
8 ltta. m., eonneotltg at Carton for IodMnspoll and
tba V, .' tr . jis i i-Kri ,.'...ij n'"i
V" . J.a.cnsioo 11.1v u., Biuppiug s.tf cncr.ua,
Mdon, OnatltetoiH OadwrUla, Xaefcw; BdD Tallefi
orwln, Inoport, fort Anotoot. alerrow 8b, Xbnoo,
It Jefferson,
loster's. IOT.I.ol nd Mllford. nrriflui it OtnolnnaU
at 4. 0 .- as. , Dtytsti . 44 pi . , onUn with the
Ohio Md MluiiitptH BailreM for LontoTlllo, Ky., la.
eennes. vain, ou i,onw, nwunnni, ie.i M vttoe
for IndluapolUi, LefayetW, Trr Hat, .OhMago and
all Western point. "'' wkhh, uau
Mitt at .1 pi m J'ltopptD'gat allfctatl6ni fcotVein
uutuiuuu. sou Ainu, hh i DpriDg vaiiej, uoriful,
1 ' FOURTH TRATV - ""''"" 0,1
HIGBI EXPB1B8, jie Knjrtoa, at IS 00 Bidoigbt,
sioppiBf a aioaooa, aamt, aiajwa, aiaamiewa eoa
UaiulUaa, eriWlai at Ulaolnaaa at .S a. at. at fir
too at 8. M a. .; onpceUng at Olaetaaatt with til
Ohio end Bllulnlppl Kallroad lor baaiavUI. Svauvllla,
VIootmiM, Cairo, Bt, I"Oul.,lipl. ,Xtw Qrlmio,
and all points loutli and fjtnth-v.iit'; aiao, at Dajioa
lor Indianapolis, balajoti, Jf'a Mante, tjicago, etc,
TTt for fnitbtr (nformatloa and Ihronafc rikt;
tppljr to M.fc. iiOHEair, Ilcktt Agent, Umoajpv
""""Til,,, imra . f ;TEiDlli7'
I , ., -r aSO,.W,olHBTr.- .. .
it ; . : AgMt, Coluoibna,
i. I I mimi ! a Hi Hi i, Jb an
PIRSOrtAL property belonrlnf totbevibiUMrriht
0 rami i, deceaeett: eentlii1tir"ebie0r of a BOBBB
ud 9 BAT, will be aatt at SUoHa-vondae, at t eoroer
of Hlsh and Charrv aMata. la flninnh..... .k. un.t.
dijr of Jou, A. lbOl, coijiaieoc)D at io 'fiBiiM
warden at Droael. AU'ia.7 '
.ll- oa.ll - n ' ' """TT
J '
lvt '! ;U r anrb -'.i. t'livl-
Justice of the Peace.
i j
, l-P aaaa annmnaS t.w.Plirail
adldaMfai astlee of the Paiai M tb.elc.! ya la
tiM.Y township, Aaiwl S.lsci, Wft..tb4
oofaHc and I ( Lj f III
t,v.ai ..i.PWgW
Foreijaf liii Ddmbstie Liqtrowp
i HA EKalVli itfti'itbBI 0al
111 l.lt!.. W i.tf.Mir tlltflM ljlil.l,'"
" '.t -Ol w
j W ,i..-f 1 Hr.r-TOVJ
ri 'mrf jT aim eMU trtl lo i7.(--m .( ri. t I j 1
Tht cM ataod ramilf eeowsriae .WU JtCOSaU).
v mvwMaoejiaiiviu svim www i-Tu-vifc m w.ij .wilt aarrv
(.j i tav .'u; tt -n rr"-v(r ... iUMja aja.-r 10 w
11 ... . Jim aa au temi ir a wwvjtva wa .... . . - .
a ''1lt rw r-
, (Mn:nM 1 bn i i J
'' I . : , , 7"
JV , .
.. ,,IJ ; , -j J.-t .('Ji'fi .KtI .HA". 14
anMiiaaADrrA''lf.rBl a."ttitfiTj4l ? :
mr 106 8011th ' High Street, '
.,...-,'- ,-. .vst I .) . V(If J
111! "i
i roreign'and' Doiinestic' Fruits,,"!-
j ..- , ;i ; ' ii:. .1 .iiui.eu.'iy
F . O U R,i 8 A L T, L I Q U O IB S,TP
' ' C'i:.'
s bain t&son;
Uo, 29 Soatli High StJeet,VColambn8,
1J .It Slutt v n m.
tt'l WOW OTVEBtka . . - 1 '.
xOOO yards Xravalinc vrses uootis StVi,VMa
.IBKesats..,.,.-. :v...... -
KM varda Travallnf Dress Goods at 12V, T'o SO ett.
WOO yards SaglUa Beragoe at 1SK. vain SS cents.
11MI0 yards Iranc Organdies at value SO cents. ''
nrk r.rdi tut Colored Lawna at 19 value IS eents.
iimmi vama rnniara urrnm uiiaaat tiiiwot cvoia.
IMO vards Bniwr Plate Black 811k at a I 00. vala aieS.
Bob or Organdi Berage, end log llsn Baraga, at one-
halT tbeir vala. tv , iuwj ''l - r'i "
1 . iii iiura Li.tmati ! - BAIn at ION, l
JeB9 i e1 ' ..; qji r.a SO Baatb Hlgk BtrecU7.
Elega.nt Lace. Mantillas
No. '29 Soutu HigliSt
TTAVB jaet. efaaad.aa fofoea ,.et verj. large ,ani
AJL oandaoBi.. ,.--:j S'
WpE French Laces for Shawls.
Very Deep Freneh Flouncing Lacee. !
Reai Thread, French, CbantiU4t Geneveae
;, i-i:,.--7TT!TT'.: !
Valenciennei, Point de Graze, Brosieli
' land lireaa lce .ana uouars,
v.- ,u .'..-. .., . .nnewbnapee,
.. ...:... ,.r'. . For traveling.
pricks xjjirueaAXJzrsc i)w.
Traveling. Dress Gobas
tan, iott. pi OHiTais, .. ., -j:::;
the beat and aaott faahlonakl st:la to the sir
..t;-i .n j i.tf-aj...;; M!.sAtir a now.. t
lt.t t.''.viTaViu.- 9 Boutlt Hlfb Btreat. '
biohed anEETineti an to
BUIRTIMQB. all wldtha. at most eelebrat4 BMkas,
bow offered la areata! vanotj ana a-, very low pnoe.
, ,.K,t ...i.i BAIM BON,
(,Ho.t loam HIA street
. I ii an . i .it in ..i
I. !
ho. fij lotrta ; EMH, imiT,
ItOOO yrasBairJliU Butok fllki at ft BO-valn
l 25 per yart. ''''" ' ' n '- ' X.
f iojOO yards Travellnf Dress aad Mantle Goods at
jf 1.9 eeats-valaa 20 aenls,pjt janlv ( (
SiOOO yards Whli Brlillantas at is 'l-t cents
valae eoptaa-reard., ,. ,,- r . 1 .
SOCO yards trie and Doanestio Qinrtann f really an
0 valne.
'laaiiiti an
tfeW and IlvIotabl4XreaMi ,Ooodf
la ta most deilnble stjles sad at Wy Isewra pvtaavi
Ot ai materials, made is th atast stylish SdmnaY after
tha latnt Parte Fathlons-tb mast eiaaaat sqriasjn
.1 w I
;i v f ' .1
BAHf As SON4n"
He.' S9 Sowth High ttretW:
i .1,..!
" to all easas of eosttvtotss, djrfpeptla.'Mlllou and TBve
affacfona, piles, rneaaatlsav fevers aad ashes,, eMa
lead achas, and all lensnvl disauaiamtsotaaaUB
mil bave Invariably eravad a eertateaMspMily
A single trial 1U place the lfe.FUIs beysoJ
aaenacnoreoBpetttcon la th latansnira o awwy at
Slctttl .'?r '....nvti-. i: 1
Vr Kofat's Iflo)orx"Fmeni wTil fee found equally af
Acad us laallAavaaf aiarvoos debility, drfpepil, bead
ae,ltMaiifatoaidott fta ladsnsata health,
erery ataay laasa iirweae waswve argaas.
IW eVla by Jr IkeiOffAT'JalSv BraaAwayt HTt f
IUr;wrlttmlvthaBv. l, Holmi, paste tfe
PtorivpolBt-StirsatMi'U Ctarch, 'BraoalrB, J(.' tnU
thoavael land ataamgt," tHaateasIt, 0 aad speaks
Voriiae In fs vor of that world-rjinwadaaadlotn, If as.
n f'Wkiea-ati dTrtnnaenl In sr eoMaaa)etlfaa
Wanov'i ruaoTfiiM tlrKVA ;Uoitmtnt miim word
In fawor of oUal tondioto btfors In ear Ufa. bnt wa
fMleoaptwttany a yoor iadais that thl I ae haa'
".g--wa suiva ti'.o it, an iww. nr ta. -aw -aa-i.
.jum. -1 1 Is p". rtBHaKMt -aweaasnil aoadt-
r' ne of th' ,1 cs,r, .' It If on of th bet. And UumS
of yoarreittiore KLUriatiliMiea'tde pettor tbaai .j.
-v -vri' i a v. 1 ah vv"' "" w
I ,4Wi.u amen .on -
MANY DEMOCRATS. 1861. 1861.
MANY DEMOCRATS. 1861. 1861. Summer Arrangements,---Time
0onS4D(latatfJriUln wiU In fltTBBORQH,
tor PiUtburgk, rhiiadtlphla and Baltimora.
e 1 ., .. ftriaH wwfws eaa twaaga.
Connecting at Cleveland with lbs LAK1 BllOBi BAIL
' If ti Iff .Jrl 1VOAD ' f -
For if uAkirk, Buffalo, Albany, lies-
Ui ten, and Ri
few York.
! ,rt3JirMM ltnnAT,."
rroa palaaakas, la o an action with Trains on the
. mm w U.II Diian.
I , (yfBSX !r.ItAUf.! .
KIOIIT SXPl38.-LeaTs Oolnmbns at 3.40 A, U ;
will lT Dciieri at all sUtlons south of Uallon,
stop at Delaware, Ashley, Oardlngton and Olkad, and
at all Uattna north of Oalloo, arriving at Cleveland
at 9 0 A. H Dunkirk 8:00 t. U.. Buffalo 4 8iP. M. ,
Albany i.wt A. at., New York : A. at., uoeion x.ju
f . at.. PltUbarth via Oreatllne 3:S0 P. M , Pblladel-
plils 4: 10 A. M. Chicago Via Crctltat T:00P. af.
nH tOltS liXPBBBS Learea Oolumbus at 1I1U
a. sa.,.111 stop atUwia Centra, (for Wblt Inlphor
Iprlogs), Delaware, Oardlngton, Gallon, Craalllae, Bhel
by.Htm koodoo, Wellington and Grafton, arrive at
Cleveland-at 3:35 p. m.; Dunkirk, 8:50 p. m. Bnf
fatoj WM p. B Albany, B:4Sa. m.j NtwToik, 1:45
pit.; Boston, 4:40 p.m. This Train aonnaota at Shel
by far Bandniiky, ami at Giafton for Toledo, arriving at
Toted at 8;40 p, m. "-
i ;..w'w':.tfliaDiBm.
at B.S0 p. m. Will stop at all station Booth ol
Bbelnyv' and at . New london, vTalilngten, flrafton,
and Hares; arriving at Olevalaad al f:'M p. B.I Daa
kirk, 1:00 tw . Baffalo, Mt. m. Albany, e p. sa.;
HewYork, 7 SO p. n.; Boeton, 11:45 p. m.) PliUbargh,
efaOmttla.! 1141 p. ) Phlladolpbla, 1:00 p. B.,
.Chicago, orta 0 net I toe, Ai . a. This Train conoets
at hawy tow andnky and Toledo, arriving at Toledo
at SM f. ant 1 1 t .'
Patent fel'eepiao; Cari ara ran on all
; i Klf nt Tralna to Chicago, Hew .
-"York "and Boston.
Bajgog OhtcitA t trough toJfot Tori and JBottcH :
:il I
via CletHland; alto, to FhUatUlphia and
irrw larmvta vthkiim.
1 Night BipTessarrWeeatColombna at... 11:15 P. af.
- Clnoinnatl Bxpreai arrive at Ooliunbat at 10:50 A. af.
( Accommodation Bxprea arrives at Oolumbos at 7:50
Fare aa Isw ta ay any other lloate.
Atk for Tlcktttvi PrtKlina or Omland.
r , I B. 8. ILINT.
Bnperlnttndent, Olevsland, Ohio.
a - - . vvM.iM vmu.
voinmbus, .una 17, imi. ..
Irish; steamship line.
Steam Between Ireland and America.
.1 1 1
' ,cfrhe following new and augalfloent flrst-claaspaddl-Wheei
Bteaaablps oompos th abort Una:
aDAIATICV' 5,898 tons burthen, Capt, J. Maoav
-1 .(Tormerly of th Collins Lis.)
HIBKRNIA, 1, 4,400 tuns burthen, Capt. If. PsTowat.
COLUMBIA, -4411O k.Liiroa.
AKOLIA. ' 4,400 " ' Nichoucx.
PAOiria, SHOO" " I. Sana.
..ll.d! 8,300 . " I"! J.Waimb.
. Oa of th abova thlpa will leave New York or Boston
alternately every Tuesday fortnight, for Galeay. ear
rylna: the government malls, teaching at 8t. Johns,
. Th . Steamers of this tin hav been eonttracted with
th great, tear, nnder the supervision of th govern
ment, hav watertight compartments, and ar unexcel
led forcomfort, safety and speed by any eteamsra afloat.
They ara ooBBandtd by able and experienced officers,
and every xrlion will be mad to promote the oomfort
of pauengera.
Sargson attached to each
flm-clas N . T . or Boston to Gal way or Liverpool 1 100
Seeond-clats, 74
tlrtt-claas, : " " to St John' ii
Ihird-elaas, " "' " a . to Oalway or Llvsrpool, '
- or any town In Inland, on a Railway, - - . 30
. Thlrd-claaspasengcrsar liberally supplied with pro
visions of the beat quality, cooked aad arvd by th aer
Tan of the Company.
Parties wishing to aend for ibelr friend from th old
country oan obtain ticket from any town on a railway, In
Ireland, or from tbe principal cities of Xngland and Scot
land, at vry low rate.
Passenger for Now York, arriving by th Boston
Steamer, will be forwarded to New York free of charge.
,' Jot passag or further Information, ep l to
-AlthoBcof the Company, on th wharf, foot of
Canal street. New York.
. prlU9:d6n.
EffeotlYe, Bare and Economical
- .... Compound,
To Its original color without dyeing, and preventing .
,; 1 Ilalr from turning gray.
And During It, when thare la th least particle of vltall
i' I -c. or reeupiraUva nrgy rtmalnlng.
: . I And all cutaneous affections of the Scalp.
Imparting to It an aneqaled gloss and brilliancy, making
K soft and silky In Ita texture, tnd causing It to cui
SsadUy ' '
- In great eelebrlty and lacreadng demand for this an
ejaaled preparation, eonvinecs lb proprietor tbat on
trial 1 only neoeasary ta aatLf a dlaoarolng public of Its
superior cjimT any other preparation la a. It
aieaase Ui head and acalp from dandraiT and other
acaaeoua dleaa, oaaaing th hair to grow luxuriantly
giving It a rtoa, aoft, glay and flexible appearanco, and
ai, where lb hair at loosening and thinning, It will gtv
strength and vigor lo th root and restore the growth to -hoae
part which hav baooaM bald, oaaaing It to yield a
seen oovaring of hair.
Thrs ara hundreds af ladle and geatlnsea In Itew ,
York who bave had ihlr hair restored by to as of this ' '
Inrlgorator, when all othor preparation har failed. L.
at. has In his possession letten lnnunMraM testifying
lo th above facte, front person of th Ugbwt rdeeta- '
blllty. It will effeetewlly prevent tb hair from taming
until th htet period ot llfej and Inoaee wbere'th hair .
ha already changed luoolor, th a of th Inrlgorator "
UI with oartainty rastor It to it to it ongtnal ha, giv
ing It a dark, glossy appoaraaos. A a pnfum for th
toilet and a Hair BastoraUve it I particularly reoom-'
Bended, having an agresabl fragrano; and ta gnat fa- '
etllUes It affords la drsing th hair, whloh, who, aotat '
with , the Invtioratov, can b dreated In any required
fonaao aa topreserve It place-whether plalnorln curls;
hence th grat dmand for tt by tb ladlas as a standard
toilet article which son ought to b without, th price
plaoaailwltaMntlM jackoaU,bing t.v x.i.Z
.1.1 Only,Iwenty-JfiT Centa fi t..t
Pfb6 tpe to b hadatarepntahl Ilrngguu aad t
'if. ImILLIB would call th attention of Parents and '' 'J
Quardlana to to as of his Inrlgorator, la oaaee when
Um eblldrra'a hair Incline t b weak. Tb a of it
la th foundation for a pood JUttf Of hair, aa it ra-
bovs any Impurities that Bay hav moob oeanot4 f . .
With th acalp, th removal of which la Bonary both 1 I
for lla health of the ehlld, aad (b futun .appwuaoos of
UsHalr., ri
Oionoil. None ren uln without th fac-tuall LOTTT1 i
BflLLKR being on tb outer wrapper) also, L. MIL- . ,1
LBH- BAlav IMYIOOKAIOB, M. Y., blown In the
I WhotasaT BeMt.SS Day street, and aold bv all 0i v
principal Merchant and Drarrista throughout th world
LloeraicllJOcantlopurchaMmby atMquiHtf ,',
I also dentoyret to the American rabli y -
imitri" II i 'tri ni-
fcfilali aftar yean of adentlto axperlmintlng, X hav
bronght ta perfection. 1 1 ds Black at Bnwn loanantly. J ' 1
withoatlnjnry to th Hair or gain) warranted th beat ,
ptariiaf thoklndlnaxuKanc. .. . . .
cj I
ot, 6ty DeV 1 Sty Netf ' YbtK4 V 7
Ifcwly. .khaj; fr v - f i Ti ' -
imw esmrt-iDawp'; iu trgKir t. OBmtNDM
.i ft. A, II 'T rUITTrurtesi
-i-iiii iiwihi ikjiikJi,!!
io j
... ' i .... i .r-.-.f
. mm ""V -'-" VV MJW
irr one. Ban mtamAmt um -.. mu.
xixton' aniuirc, ooiunaalai. t wiio'-
Bj0anfulttamap14 UJOollecflani. 1 '' - ' '
eprimdeai ..,;;;t'.. . ' -
A 11 ' Wrta .' VwaTAW aT ,eia
' ,dBmAli8NTCvTtBofth
7-'iwaefiej eoejeiaiht ase -1
A I U ratf Wif r Mttt IWa ha swil "
ISI SitS 1 lti' aSnaatlai T'iJUil
Pj.irl Ju .t l .r);

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