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Rail Road Time Table.
A?' l-t.' , ,W.
Olnclnnil IonmodUo. 00 A. M. .ftU) P
daAtoa. 00 A. M.--r,ftlU p. 11.
U(m..rrlU P. M. S 00 P. M,
V ipreti....-.
Mill od Accommodation
Night Bxpret via DaytonOu midnight
ytonjx,uumiaoignt. jli
Night Bxpret M.M..3:40 A. M. 11:11 P. M.
Ntw YorkBxprMi...v.v,,(ulOA.M. 10:30 A.M.
O.O.AO'Ixpr..... P.M Vt.Mla M.
f J 3 J- JaBs PATloyApnt
No. 3 XxpftMi
( 3i
11:85 A. M.
no. 3 do
x:tt P. M.
11: it A.-M
ti ' jr " ot?
. Tirrtan. (NMWM k Oimmuti B. B7 6; ;VJ
iiitmi-..t.".-.r'.ir..v.;.. isofA.iir ilasA..,
:4.w..i,la;8aA M. 0;4SFM
Utiml tl I '(( V! i,Jo.JUtf Agent.
Colombo at Inuaonout) ft. B. - 'i--n'i.3 - .(; u
(Colombo Piqoa JbmajiaB.B.) i
No. 1 Sxprtss,-...,..,, 1:30 A, M. ... ;0O P, M
" ff.i 3:00 P. M. . , 8:4a P. U.
Aeoommodttlon .......... 10:50 A.M.
C. W. Iarr; Agent.
Rail Road Time Table. LOCAL MATTERS.
-.1.1 h
The Adams Express Company plaoes as daily
under obligations to ll for the very latest papers
.rout mwmm ctueav. -.im i u ucs.5 ht
V'1 ,.1 ,Ja''IIH Mill M f 'M I I ..i
,,,Tbe.,Ainer.oaa. JSipress Company dm our
thanks or,, Its daily favors in toe snap of tht
,Piuao of, Clos 0irr.-r-l4iei wishing
bargain! U dry goods, millinery or fanoy arti
cles, will do well to call at Showdkr'i, corner
of High and Town streets, at they are telling
off their entire ttock at a great taorifice.
O A gentleman of our acquaintance, well
(iunfied for tbe poal'.ion, desire a tltuation ts
Book-keeper jq tome business boot in Colum
but.' Information oao, be bad by inquiring. at
the editor' room of thit papers
. Ml ' m '
IT The Assistant Quarter-Master General,
Gio. B. Wiioht, hat advertised to receive oro
poeals anill i Friday, July 19ih7 at' hit office In
thit city, for fifty "GoTrnment wagons, wilb
lrouailetwes( o be; delivered at Cdlumbu
wUhln thlriyays after ihe award, Opacifica
tions will be furnished on application at the
office' of Mr.' Wbioht, and no bid will be re
eelred except ihe pwtlet making ifir engaged
In the business df manuta'eturing wagons and
carriages, nor for lest than 10 wagont.
The tame gentleman farther advertises for
proposals, until tbe tame time, for fifty set of
harness, for wheel horses, to be delivered also
within thirty days. A Sample harness may be
teen at the Quarter-Matter General's offioe.
Mr. Wiioht hat teen fit to advertise tnese
wtgoq and harness In the Journal only, thus
in a great degree excluding from tbe knowledge
of the parties wbo should be informed, tbe faot
of the proposed letting," Quarter-Master Wood
adopted that exclusive system, In hit communi
cations with tbe publio, which Mr. Wiioht ap
pear t esdy td follow. It it a narrow and big
oted policy, and ill adoption by Quarter-Matter
WaioHTwill not terve to Increase the public
confidence in him, or the future administration
of the office which had fallen so low before he
took charge of it. ' '
Board of County Commissioners.
WEDNESDAY, July 10, 1861.
John Haloes, tUtlonery. J.. 13.C3M
alargant Nowell, TolaatMr Ballef Fund 6.00
BtrtMr k Harrison, Brldg Pond, Canal Bridgo
at Lookboarna, 100.00
MaryJ. Craamsr, Volunteer Belief fund,.. 6.00
THURSDAY, July 11.
ILU ALLOWXO. ., .. . .1
U. I.- Chittenden, defending John Johnton, 1 ' '
. tndleUd fonhootlDg with Intent lo kill,.. tC.OO
B. M. Albery, defending Howard lasgdon,
Indloted fori petit larocoy S 00
Barbara A. 8tagg, Yolontoir BeUef land.... S.OO
Adjourned until Monday, July 15, 1861.
Thiii Mdwhs Aoo It wat on the 15th of
April, 1861, three months ago to morrow, that
President Lincoln issued hit proclamation,
.calling or 75,000 volunteer for three month,
to suppress- insurrectionary combinations, and
commanding "the persons composing the combi
nationt aforesaid to disperse, and retire peace
ably to their respective abodet, within twenty
days," and also calling an extra session of Con
gress, to begin on tbe 4th of July, .
; "P --ill
D Marshal Thommoh, yesterday morning,
bad teveral prisoner!, taken by the 13th. Ohio
Regiment, placed in bit custody. They were
afterwards ordered by the State military au
thorities to Camp Chase. '
, HT Harper's Wskly and Frank Leslie's Il
lustrated Newspaper c"n. he had at Kinhidt's,
netr the PostofBce. - , . v
ST .There are kt present thirteen children lo
the Orphans4 Home in thit oity eight boyt and
five girls. As soon as good 'homes cad be ob
tained for the obildreni'they are indentured by
the trustees, so that the number Jn the Home
conUnually varies. Tbe Home baa bean ia ex
istence two and a half yeart., j'x " 1,1
Taxu-Tb amount paid into the Treat-
urer't office of thit county, on the duplicate of
tbe laat half year's taxes for 1860, wat at tbe
olote of (be day, yesterday, Jaly 13, $94,000.
-Tbe dellnency It greater thtn it wat at thit
time laat year. '' .'-.' -',jic:' i.-.-.u,. ; '- "
Payment of taxes yet In arrear should be made
by those residing out of thit city by Wednesday
next, July 17,' and by residents of the otty, by
Saturday next, July 20, M st those date Jthe
Treasurer, wl)la.,obligtd to fllow bit books nr
tettiement. .muu m 4.1.1 li , -iu r
l.n. .. i.1". 1 .!, !!.14! wl! m-n
Godeyidv's Book for to JUsf."It it ft chotef
number, with the nsual fine engravings, faeMo
nlatea and drawings. . Besides, the eontrihntlnM
in prose and poetry make thit tbaraUngaar
bar to read. Oar old friends, Mr ."''and Mrt,
Raihi, was bare already affordd as e much
amtemf wappear w thl tttfe to
. GoDtT.lhs kdiet magt b eorsptured wlth what
give th'emvlw. muW ptaasor and' infermation
designed for them exclusively,,, Cajl at Ecnno
iit', near 'the PostofBtte, and get Gonir for
Aogut.f,7j;) onrti ynyiiqjpT
. Thi AixantAi Camnqn Cam -On the 17th
ot April last, tlx boxes, containing cannon, car-
wiages, ew oonBign6a 10 f ort Bmltb, Aiktn
and snbaewoentlr handed wmW thrlThlted
Huca warsBat M fOOOS -.tOatfaMoa; Of WAT.
The United, $ttea .DUteiqt, Attoraej ,flled an
appUoation Joe ikt ootfisoatioa c eaivoodr,
whlott' wis restated" 6 tv,"J. Symt' ibvongli
hit ttorneyt,,rMelri.;' nfiofiTnrWariook and
Smith. Tht caie waX.itieU.iB.llK
trict Court a couple of weeks tince. Judge Lea.
Tltt, on Friday Utt.'Julyia, "delivered ft decis
ion, aooordiog to which the property was restor
ed totnexjlaimantar1 n'as-'iina outicj
t mla ml
ltrCpt.LlfcLiv' aairtpany hattbeew tmle-
. I
-c rfw Hn''(j.''' 'iim Oj e
.t -frj
Giam villi f Mali Aoaosht. The ntuti
oeremonltft of the twenty-seventh anniversary
of this Institution, of which W. P. Kiu, A. M.,
la rrioolptlj closed on' Wednesday, June 26
Tht following Icooodi tithe exeroiset we take
from tb 9twik Adtoiatii '
The examination oommenoed on the Friday
preceding the cloteef the session, and occupied
our, entire fay J TDC cutset ware all pat to a
cfwiuH, ana sac exammattoni were wen tut-
uined. During; tbe progress of thd examlna
tlonimany essayl were read which' 'displayed
ttteat ef high order: The wall of the aobool
room were graced, with man beautiful naixtt
Logs and drawing executed try tbe young ladles,
woicu eueitea oommenaationTrcm ail present
The, exaroisesr weret varied; wtodv snlivened
tnrongbont with choice musio, vocal and lnstrn
mental. The annual ooneert ctven by the vounff
Udiet of the Aeedemy.-nndar the snpervislon of
rror. namlin, easac on oa rueedav evening,
Thai' it-was tbe grandest entertainment a
given is ortQvuie it admitted oall..
ine annual aaares was oelivered on Wed.
esday afternoon, by the Rev. W. S, Plumer,
D.Dt ef Allegheny TheologloaT Seminary. Af
ter the address Diploma were presented to the
Sraduatlng olas by the Principals . Prof. Herr
i doing a great work lor tbe cause of female
education In Ibis Bute-; and I entitled- to tbe
cordial support of every lover of sound scholar
ship and thorough eduoation. -...,.
.ti 1,;, .. ,1 ' ' 1 1
JET Capt. John.S. Fosrti, of Ripley, Brew'n
county, arrived yesterday at Camp Chase, with
a fine company of cavalry. t . 1 ..-j : f
1 -'
"CT Judge Jmts Paixra, formerly of New.
ark, Ohio, and lately a Judge of the Common
Plea of Hamilton county, died on Friday last,
July 19,1 Jndgc P. wat ft promlntnt member of
. t - int. -
tne Cincinnati bar. " 1
S7 Cpt. poiXiasxa, of flandusky,' arrived
in tola city- on Friday afternoon, with men to
take bharg'e of ft battery to be organised at
Camp Chase Immediately. ' '.'l'., -, , ,i"
. if : -t
CT The Newtrk Admit t of Friday, July 12,
lays: , ., .m. i
Ths nasi week hat been a buaV'ona with anr
farmer. A few of them tell u that their wheat
neiat were scarcely worn catting". . At ft gen
eral thing, however, ths yield is represented as
pretty good. ' ,;,! m
- - w t 1
ID During th"week ending on Friday. July
13, twenty-eight marriage licenses wars Issued
by the Probate Court Of Hamilton county. .
CT At the commencement of the present year,
there were 107,573 miners In Australia- -. -
Haila tot New York Oitw. .Baalm. Alhuiv. IllhlA
PitUborak. ttenhnTlIU n. ti
Newark, CraoTUlt, Waeiiiagtoa City, BalUaoie, Pblla.
delphla and NawOrLuae. aWm Ailw f Hnnrf..
d) at 8 o'clock p. ra. ... ,
inroogD mau ror new Tort and Cleveland elosas
dally (Bandaye zcptd) at t e'oloek p. m.
; O. O.a.0. n. a. way HaUelowe dally (Btindays M
oepM) at 9 e1ock p. m. ' .......
Central Ohio Way Mall Sloan tally (Bvndayi tzevpted)
a av v viwwe. ate tale , w
OinolnnaU WayllalloIoMs Silly (Bandaya excepted) at
ObioaM, Dabaoao. Delawara. Harlon and Worthing
ken Hails eloeaa dally (Bwndays ezoepted) at S o'clock
am. .. .v ..v.
Maile for lento, Sprtngteld, Dayton, foledo, Clnola-
nu, iDaiaoapoust MBUVLUe. Hk IMU. and Detroit.
closes daily (Itandays exoepted) at 8 o'clock d. m.
A through nail lo Xonla, Sprlnfrfleld and Cincinnati
alomdaily (tandayazerpted)tt lOo'oloeka. m.
urnana, riqoa, xunn ana tnion City mall closes dally
(Boadaya txaeptad) at 8 o'olosk f.wn. i .
Mocaater, togui, neuonruie, uircletUle, Chllllootha,
roTtunonth. Waehlngton O. H., Athena, LUrletta aod
HllUbonaih nails cloa dally (Sondaia ezoentllA8
o'olockp. m. .... , ,
Kaat Way Mall by Nattonal Road In Zeaanllla alaua
dally (Bandays exoepted) at It o'clock m. ...
Harrhimrgh Hatloloeea dally (dusdays axoepted) atS
o'olock p.m. ,
t. Vernon Halt, by way of TVeeterrMe aoJ Sanhanr.
eloeat dally (tandays excepted) at 8 o'olock p. m..
vuonn vail closes oauy isnadays zaeptd)at 8 o'olock
Lanoaater War Hall cloeea dallv fSondiTi nat,n t
o'olockp. mr
; AEUVAL8, , .
HallS from HeW Tori. Boatan. PhllaleralilA. ttnfr.ln.
Albany, PltUbnrgh, Olerelaod, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla.
Detroit, Bprlnrfletd. OlnclnnatL Ohllllcothe. Bt. Louie.
aod all South era dtlea. antra Between tbe honra ml a
o'olock pv at. and 4 o'clock a. m. i . .
Haila from IndllnlDolll. Ohioam and TJnhnnna arrfae
a .w a. aa.
Haila from WaabmitOB Cltv. -Baltimore. Whaellna.
ZanetTllla, Newark, fltMbenrllle, Mt. Vernon, and the
w.y. n. a. t, ay mmii, amre ai IX o'clock D. ,
nay auui iron vincinnau arnres at 3 o clock p. m.
wwvhw nu nn,w a a ooioob
a. m.
last Way kUll OTer the National Road arrlvea at 1 1
o'clock a.m. ...
Mt. Vernon Way Hall arrrree at 11 40 a. at.
Hal) from Dablln arrives at 18 o'olock m.
TJrbana Way Mall arrival at t o'clock p. m.
HarrUba h Hall anlree at 11 o'clock a. m.
Lanoaaier Wn Mail ar.l. ia iw e ,
OIBoa deller anaa mvarr rl.v ia..t a.4. A..
7 o'olock a. m. to ft t'elook k -a. Open oWBaDdava
from 7X to 8 o'clock la the moraine, and from stnft
v w ut vim
Gen. McClellan's
of the Fight at Rich Mountain.
BEVERLY, Va., July 12.
Yesterday mornlue Gen. MoClellan ordered
four regiments, the 8th, 10th and 13th Indiana
volunteer!, and the 19th Ohio to proceed along
tne tine oi me nuts, toutneaai oi tne enemy's
entrenohed oaajp, to the Beverly road, wber it
crosses Rieh Mountain, two ' mlljs east of tbe
enemy't position, with orderi to tivance along
tbe Beverly read, and attack the east side of
the works, God. McClellan being prepared" to
tS3ta.lt the ' wett' tide as toon at fltioa should
announce the commencement of the attack.
The capture of oourier wbo mistook 'the
road through tbe enemy's camp for' that of our
troops, piaoea too enemy in, possetuon of the
movement. .t. i.:,r:
Wben Gen. Roeecran reached the BoVerlv
road at two T, M., after. most exhaotting
maroh over tht mountalni. he found tbe enemv
peeted upon the opposite side of the road, about
euu strong, witn two cannon noiaing a. strong
position, partially fortified,-l .,
: The engagement Inatantly took place, and
continued for three-quarters of an hour, when
tne reneis were totally routed, with a loss of
suu men, including, ju officers, and both can
non. About iO killed thd 7 wonoded fell into
onr nanus, ana iou o,iner'were taken prison
Tbe road was between two bill. .: Oar troops.
dessendlng a steep declivity, were greatly ex
posed to tbe fire of the reblt,"whocoupied
tbo opposite bill,, sod poured musketry, shot
ana tnii upon inem.
I Gen.' Roeecran', column , rernained at th
place of.entttgemsnt during th alcst.. .' u.i
1 Gen. MoClellan was in ttosltlon ' with his
Whole force during? the whole afternoon, read
- - . ; . d 7. 7 .
to mace toe assault, out neara nothing trom the
etbeceolius, exceol distant firine.
Early is the morning he was prtoeedlng fo
slant esnnoncpon an, eminence cotonundlng a
porum wi tue reoei campr;ana;preparin to at
taox the whole nest In front, when It waa aaoa.
Ulaed that the enemy had evacuated tbe place
earing tne night, moving towards Utrel Hill,
leaving a few men there slok all their tenia.
l.nnnn ..J ' j .
:DUT march, area lkaH..naiia kw, lianal
MoCJUatl t lWeri: iwmrtnw Omt 1tnaaflan.a
"l0?,8 'B8 WM 'tattroctiolii to foUow
At BeWjt wai asoetteJthte the
day the rebel foroesai Unrei Hill had retreat.
td, moving towaros iormieyj .v, c -r..n .
i jOur tataf loss wu not more thin alotari kinri
and thirty-five wound ad-, v .
C1,IJ tS!t ml&W ;.tB,.'Mo.
. rmr-g e 1 1 ; r. n z
Clerks Discharged—Patent Office
NEW YORK, July 13.
Ths Government haaaaaentad a tmAnt- tmm
wov, morgan of auu cavalry.,-' )- i -i
A number of clerk have been remowad from
the Interior Department. Tha want of man
it the reason or their discharge. .
: The Patent OC(mrCttws rtddwn to almost
siothliig, . The reserve fund of $80,000, which
was on nr.ya si ti:a coinmeiisiaot ol th yser
it .already reducad to f,3J.0oJ. .f i.i., a w j'u r..-
i 1l,,1iaI" w1 wto,B thtb rebiitt ftflfce'
tTTT'fT'wi .a .s .
NEW YORK, July 13. Thirty-seventh Congress--Extra Session.
. StKATej. iatrodaeed a bill pravldiog for so
Ae.l.uwl Secretary of the Mary. Beleried. i
- Mr. Jehaeoo of Tenaouaaf preeeated the eredentltli
or tt Senators eieal from Virelole oewelr. W. B
Villey is place of Haaoa, aad 1. B. Oarllls la place ef
juonier. mr. ooneoa eaia aa Kwaea vpoa im return
si virgmiAiouueooayaeareTorameoteea.'- , i
Hr. Btjard protcited ag alnel the adn tattoo of thee
gentlemen aa Senators in plaea of Booatora whoso terms
ata boi expire a. tie moved reier us credentials ts
tne oommuieoon tne rfaaioiary, . , .
Hr. Baalabary also objected to tb admleeloa ef tbe
gentlemen, oca wutea tn qneeiioa referred.
Hr. Lalbam said b bad eappoeed at tret, that ths
weetera portioa of Virginia had aeoaded. In that eat
bo was areoarod to oddoi lit he woald not reeonoiie la
any way thle moot damnablodoelrins of tecetelon, Ihata
twvsrameat waesvor affllotad witnt but this wae not ths
oaes. itere was u gnat tuts o( Virginia. Zb Leg le
latare wai regularly eleoted. and the Senate waa bound
to admit theis gentlemen at Senators from Virginia.
Hr. Halo said it waa racomliln trae and lor.l aian.
There was no praoadent becaaat tha world never taw
inob a state of things. This was no time to stand on
oeramony. It was tjuoatlsn of lira os death with tha
Oovem-neati , , . i .
The Benate mnit meet the huae here and avarvwhaM.
The people wars Impatient now, and ho feared It would
mm w inatgnanon, u too seoate neaiiaua. There could
be no oomprumlM, but Ux OootUtution of tit United
States, ' r '
sir. rowen wuhea to onter bit protest ae-alnit (he aJ-
mlielon of theee men. It looked Ilk ovarthrowlsg the
Hr. Baaltbury said be wlihed It distinctly nndentood
ta had bo sympathy with tha expelled Senator, for bo
believed, with the Senator from 0tllfornla,;ihat the dot
trine of sooattloa waa a moil daonablo one aad landing
to moat dangerout retolta.
The dltcuitlon wae carried on ky Honrs. Johnaoa o
Tennewee, Baoltbury, Bayard and Ton lyck at torn
lenilh. , , ., ...'....
;Hr. Powell atksd for ths yeu aod nays.'' '
Hr. Ten Irekaald ha watalad tha Banatar frnm Kan.
tuoiy Mr. Powell bad atked for the you aod nayt. The
Senator bad put blmeolf forward a tha champion of the
OoDititation. aod bad arraigned tb President for vlo
latla It. He Ten Xyck did not think neutrality wu
tree to lb Confutation. He who is sot for a, k
Hr. Powell Slid Kentucky detlros peace and oompro
mli. She don net with to Imbra ber bands in tbe
blood of her brother. Bbe bat been, and always will bt,
ready to fight agaloat a foreign enemy. Her attitude
thould be admired by all true Christian man. , , )
Bb WHOM to bo a peaae-mtker. i '
Tb motion was than dlnrreed to bv veae S and nave
St. lea. Bright, Bayard, Polk. Powell and Baaltburr.
The new Virginia Booatori war than twom In.
Th loan bill waa then taken up and several amend
lanea from th oommitte on glnacoo adoDted. Tha
bill wat then laid over temporarily .
Tbo bill to iooreaa tb present military stabllihmtnt
wu than taken up. .
Mr. Sing offend an amendment, that within tut
months attar tha Insurrection bo tuppreittd. tb army
be rot to red to what it wu pioperly by the act of Hay,
1041. grea to.
Alto that th President cant th officer and nrlvatet
to b aucuargea, o u to reauce in army in aeco rdano
Th bill WU reported to th Benata. whlrh. after an
ueouHva route a, aaj ournea
Hooaa. Th Bpoakn laid before th Bout this after
noon a oommontcatlon rrom the Pott Muter General, In
oompllano with the law which requires htm to atat th
reaeona for dlacontlnulng the maila in th to oalled a.
oeoea eiaiee.
Mr. Blair offered th followtns breamhle
TTantBAS. J no. B. Clark wu elected a memhar an tha
first Monday in Auguat, and whereu, elnoe that time laid
Ultra neid a oommiatlon in th State Qatrd of Mlitouri,
under the rebel government and took a part in th en
gu'ment at Boonevllle, therefore,
JUlolvtd, Thattald Jno. B. Olark hu forfeited bit
right u a SepraaentaUT in this Oongrtsa, and U hereby
H atd that Hr. Olark took id arms airainit th Gov
ernment ana inie wat lutnoient lor hie expultlon. Ths
third die trie t of that Stat is loyal and It, therefore, en
titled to a loyal retraentativ. He demanded the
piwvtoaiqawttoa.. .
A maeeag waa roivd from fb Pretldent. He tp
proved the bill for the tavment of thsmllltiavolnnteara.
oalled Into eerrloe up to th 80th of Jon lut.
Mr Blckman praaenUd a memorial from Oharlet B.
Potter, claiming bit election u tepraaentativ from the
let dlttrlot fram tlortb Oarelina. Kafernd to ooaualt
ta on KlecUon.
Hr. Burnett offend a reaolulion which wu adopted,
calling on th Secretary of War to farniah tha Oenaral
Bepoita mad by ften. Harney, lately onnotod with tbe
fores in Hlttourt. .
On motion of Hr. Washburn, the words " contittent
wttn in puouo inter!," were added.
The opinion of lb Attorney General on tb qutstloni
referred to In tb Pruldent' metug, including lb
euipauaivu oi uie wni or naoeu eorput, wu received
and referred to th Judiciary Committee.
On motion of Hr Ooz it wat reiolved that tha Pml.
dent of tbo United Statu, at tbe, beginning of th next
settton f Oongrws, or at this etteioa if compatibl with
tbe pnbrlo tervloe, ommunkto to this Hoote, til the
oorretpondenoe with th Bnglitb, French, Bptnlih and
ourer goTvrnmecu, witn rtrerene to rignttor blockade,
prlvatrlog aad lb recognition of th to called Confed
eral Statu.
On motion of Mr. Gonkllne. It ria nanlved that a
eommltte of una be appointed by th Speaker, to re
port to uut nouee in wnat manner and to what extent
tbxpniet of th Government ot th United Btataa
may be reduced, and what officers may be dltpented with.
i Bin io promot to cmoiency oi tno army, by re
tiring niauiea ana inarm onioert, paeud.
The bill forth relief of toldlera who lnit their nron.
erty in going from Tort Moultrie to Port Bumter, wu
aiev vaaaaa.
The Hout adjourned at 8 P.M.
From Boston.
BOSTON, July 13.
Cutters tailed last night ia
search of the iwivateer Jeff Davis.
Tbe Massachusetts $1,000,000 loan received
bids from par to six per oent. No bid was re
ceived under one-balf per cent. Tbe total bid
was about $1,600,000.
A Frenoh war steamer, with the Admiral on
board, arrived at Halifax on the 8th of July,
and awaits the arrival of five or six Frenoh
men of-war, whlob are thortly expected; wben
tbe Beet will depart for Southern waters.
The frigate Vincennet sailed this morning
with orders to look out for tbe privateer Jeff
Davis. .
A gentleman from New Orleans reports that
the rebels had taken a powerful tug and cover,
ed her with railroad Iron, putting her machinery
below the water line. They had also built an
Iron boat very sharp, with sharp points below tb
water, which la intended to run down United
State vessels. '
From Alexandria.
" A deserter from' the Confederate army wu
brought to beadqnartert lttt night. Be wae a
resident of Madison, Ind, named W. H. Wil
eoa, until last sprint, when be Went to Louis
iana and entered the.dih Louisiana Regiment,
wnicn wu snout, leaving tor Virginia, and await
ed his chance to get among bis friends by deser
tion. Ht rivet very lntellieent information re-
garding tht enemv..: .
-inert wu x.uuu troops at rairfax station yes
terday morning, including the Louisiana Regi
men.; 1 ...! . - ' - . . ..:
From Louisville.
Joarnal haa a lattae aavina? that tha
Nashville end of the railroad has beta busy
transporting soldiers from Camp Cheatham, to
a ut isnneetee.. it is thought tne sudden ir
ruption ef soldiers will nod East Tennessee un
prepared. - ..' '
ine journal tayt recruiting lor tbe Southern
Confederacy it going on ia all tbe eonnties im
mediately surrounding Frankfort. '
The name paper has i letter tavlotr. traint
of '. wagons . heavily loaded .with provision
pats Bowling Green daily, coming all the
way rrom umitviue. 1 '-. l; ." V ;
The Surveyor of the Port of New Albany
says the blockade bu not been raised there
The restriction on flour and grain it pertly re
moved. , .' ' ." '."'.'.."""'".
From Fortress Monroe.
Confederatee oontess the loss of two offi
cers killed in the encounter with. Haw)r4ns'i ?Iu-
BVet. . u .it
Evtooratort are belntf out in operation at the
t ortrese, whloh will produce from the tea 10,000
gaiiont oi iresn water per day . ;
. The examination of Col. Allen for disobeying
uen. natters saieguaraa oegan yesterday.
Gen. Fremont—Mathias
NEW YORK, July 13.
: Gen. Fremont arrived here last evening from
Washington, accompanied by Col "Asboth, tad
wiu remain here several days occupied In com
Pionng tne organisation r nts department.) t
Fire at Milwaukee.
i A fire last night destroyed the property at the
corner of Read and Fourth Water street oValae
f 2&,tM)0 Insaranoe $13,000, " -
MILWAUKEE, July 13. ALBANY, July 13.
: 0or". Morgan btt ordered Bordan's Regiment
of Sharp Sbootert tt be enrolled 'and equipped
U soon M eesaible. ".' -.. f-
John Merriman Admitted to Hail—
Gov. Hicks Reported Shot.
Gov. Hicks Reported Shot. BALTIMORE, July 13.
Johri Merrimtn waito dty released on, 40,000
nam :' - , . , ;H
If is repotted to night thai; Gov. Hickt had
beeovebot at Castbridget but cant traoe the report-
to any reliable ouree.",r'y "iu f ; Vr
-' vTw ftbel eavalrt mtra aatirl atra adrar
Ithia tide ef Fairfaa, , They refnted to Jv snyj
! information. ' f.43'
Dispatches from Washington.
[To the Associated Press.]
An official dispatch ha been received at the
War Department from Gen. MoClellan. a-lvlnc
an aocouat oi mi viciojy over tne rebel com
manded by Col Pesram- He state our loss at
30 killed and SO wounded. The enemy escaped
through tbe wood disorganized. I am nnthlne
on to Beverly. Our suoces it complete. I
doubt if Wise and Johnson will unite snd over
power me. ' The troop behaved admirably.
. Private information received hnra av tha
Fire Zoutve are en route for Manassas.
It aoDeara from tha calanlatiann of tha Pnat.
offloe Department, that the yearly income from
postage in the seceded States was only $900,000,
while the expenses exoeeded 'this sam bv
$3,000,000, which is now saved to the Govern
ment. Gen.' McClellan reports perhaps 20 of bit
men were killed and 40 wounded, and not 60
killed in tbe late engagement, aa erroneously
stated. Mii'i , ,
[Special to the Tribune.]
Hon. A. Gurley, of Ciooinnatl. will take
the field, at the close ot the session, as an aid
de eamp to Gen. Fremont.
Tbe committee appointed to-dav bv the
Speaker to examine Into tbe expediency of es
tablishing a Western armory, will probably re
port favorably, and recommend the appointment
of a commission to locate the lite.
[Dispatch to the World.]
The Freeborn on Saturday went within 150
yards of Matbiat Point, and treated the rebels,
who were bid in the bushes,, to about twenty
shells, Mattering them In all directions. It is
clear there I no battery ttaeret but at Aqula
Creek tb Rebel were very busy constructing
tbeir iortlficallona. . .
A negro who escaped from Alabama entered
the line last night, and was brought before
Gen. Scott. . He tayt there were five regiments
yesterday morning immediately in and around
Fairfax Court House with eighteen field piece
In all, and twelve pieoes In a battery, Tbe
three most advanced Regiment arc South Car
olinians, rrom tne Uourt House back to , Ceo
terville . tbe wood are lined with . disunion
troop. Tb baggage, eto , Irom Fairfax Sta
tion, has been carried back to Manassas. This
la in preparation for an attack upon United
State troop. . t
Tbey have batteries commanding every ap
proach by road to tbe Cjurt House. Trees are
felled in all the neighboring woods ; . ,
The Filth Alabama Regiment is made up
entirely of boys.
Lieut. Tompkins captured four South Caro
linians this afternoon. .. They belonged to the
three advanced rebel regiments. From all that
could be gained from tbem they confirmed the
Intimations tbat they are about to retreat.
[Herald Correspondent.]
The two Miutes Scott, who are supposed to
have been tbe cause of the capture of Captain
Goodwin, of the Connecticut Regiment, have
been arrested by order ot Gen. Tyler, and will
[Post's Dispatch.]
A Committee of Republican Senators will re
quest the President to recall Harvey.
Abe papers seised at fort Tobacco implicate
two or three prominent citiaens of Washington-
Since the delivery of Secession speeches In
Congress, traitors here are growing bolder, and
treason is uttered In the streets openly. .
NEW YORK, July 12.
steamer arrived from
Havana 6th. She passed on the 11th the Cor
vette Savannah, bound south.
Sugar No. 13, at 67J reals, ttock
200,000 boxes; Molasses lnaotire.
Arrival of the North Star.
Arrival of the North Star. NEW YORK, July 13.
Tbe Nertb Star, from Aspinwall the 5th,
haa arrived, bringing California mails' of tbe
21st of June, and $1,000,000 in treasure.
Brilliant Achievement.
' The following dispatch wu reoelved to day
at the headquarters from Gen. McClellan.
BEVERLY, July 13.
The success to day It all I could desire. We
oaptured 6 brass cannon, of which one ia rifled,
and an toe enemy camp equipage ana trans
portation The number of tente will probably
reach S00, and more than CO wagons. Tbeir
killed and wounded amount to fully 150, and at
least 100 prisoners, and more coming in oon
stantly. I know already of ten officers killed
and taken prisoners.
Their retreat was complete.
I oocupied Beverly by a rapid march. . ,., ..
Garoett abandoned his camp early this mora
inr, leaving much of bis equipage. He came
within a tew miles ot Beverly, but our rapid
march turned him back In great confusion, and
he Is now retreating on the road to St, George.
uen. Morris is to toiiow mm no cioseiv,
I bare telegraphed to the, two Pennsylvania
Regiments at Cumberland to Join Gen. Hill at
Rowleeburau. Tbe General i is coDaeniratint-
allhla troops at Rowlesburgb, and will out off
Garnett'i retreat near West Union, or if possi
ble at St. George. ' i
I may say that we have driven out some 10,-
000 troops strongly entrenched, with a loss of
eleven killed and thirty five wounded.
Provision returns found bars show Uarnett's
force to hare been 10,000 men, They were
Eastern Virginians, Georgians, Tennaseeeane,
and, I think, Carolinians. ; ;'
To-morrow I can give full details as to pris
oners, eto.' 1 trust tbat Gen. Cox has by this
time driven Gov. Wise out of the Kanawha
Valley. In that case I shall have accomplished
the objeot of liberating Western: Virginia, I
hope the General-in-Chief, will approve ol my
operations.' r -,. .-i ,
From Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, July 13.
Cant.' Smith from ' Sorinsfitld Thuradav.
reached here to-night, and reports tbat a met
(niter arrived there that moraine:, with intel
ligence that Gen. Lyon' command would reach
there tnataay. "
The entire federal force, comprising; the con
mand under Gen. Sweeney, and ColsSiegei.
Solomon, and Brown, and four thousand Home
Guards trader Jno. S. Phelps, were concentrat
ing: at Bprincneia.
The last beard of tbe State forces, thev were
in eoeno, Koina south
. ... -
tommonioation with, Arkansas being; oneo
in oonsequence ot uoi. Biegei tailing' Dack on
mount vernon, a laree numoer ot Arkansas
troops sre engaged against 8 lege! la battle near
uarinane. i
The Federal loss In the battle wu 10 killed.
43 wounded and 4 missing. Tbe rebels state
their lose at 700 killed. Tbe guard of 120
men left at Neosho by Gen. Bleeel, previous to
tbe battle, were taken prisoner by a large
force of Arkansaa troops, and a proposition was
made to snoot them, out finally tbey were re
leased on taking an oath not to bear armt
against the Southern Confederacy. ... ( r
New York Market.
NEW YORK, July 13.
A9IIEB Ths market eonttnnea ttetdr.
IiK)DV4iMt aotive, aad market heavy and live cants
lower.'- Bales of 8.100 barrel at S3 7WJ3 8J for raper
flnw tt tt tow, tor extra sum; S3 S033 70 for
ape rune wet tern i bm xu ror eommoa t medium
extra weelero: (4 S3 70 for shipping brand extra
round hoop Ohio) tX WKM for trad brands do.t mar
kS cwelng dali, with downward Uadanev. ' Oanediia
Soar do 11 and nmm na gvadae towar 01 ofttO M)ls at
$t 4J4lof anperflne; 1 9H1 foremmon ts eholc
atra.- -- ' "i - ' '"
, BYllXOUk 8twlyalM50tT5. '-u:-
OOBW tllAL--Unonangiii sale of ISO bbls Verity
ate 1 '''"'
-wuisKT-Ia setrrsdemiisd at tetter prloet! sales of
1.SO bartelt at tselndnig a tmalt parcel at J
'tl6X r-t ' " ' '
W tin AT -Van aotlv and tearcaly ee flrnli bof prfees
are 'generally wllnaut vary decided change! good acand
tprlaa eearee aad ariar aat prertaot nrlo. 'Bales of
S,UOiubelt Inferior Canada inb at Ctol 18,tSbatbrs
Chicago apriag at WoJi 13,000 buaham aortkavn Hit
sonel eJab at 8&S9Vo, th latter for vary handm,;
ISrOOkaabalaMin prlng t0IXo; B00 boih
I Mlrwank em TB40it Slave kottMbj whole
mWImi -4Hsj3cf l.ooor tiatbeis 'choice amber
rprta at ttsSi 00 bothtlS sitter red Wutontln, at
ai 07AI oa: goo baahel Batihawrer ambatrat tl U:
S.e00baihlrryhtMw amber BbjfT.t 1 M
tat ao ooaiaina nw ,wu av i
ternSUl W..., , ..
AIBStaaovi gales or
ataeakaMtS8.-1 "
. ri. rrc,L"T aotlvsaad a shad lowert Baku
v, ouanar sg ror interior toe mmoa new
woaterni eai;e ror good and prima dot 33 Wo
forMuadyaiioaw t, T ' 4 i - ' f 1 1
.2o?h;5,'," s3ft '" wstteVan CanadU,
rOHg-g)nlli mueathas euh. Sale of 40 h
".'ji.ir,1" " meMMd 10IIU for aHmeV 1 1 '
' r"P9CDUmm "t d nemlnallv aoehange;
SoSf.A .8.? bbU prlm 40 for meat;
wsUOSOfbr Knaoatii ...t am r.tii.11 n rn m
do'ln' lD bf4lhai p no thing of moment
.arA,"M,eMi sales of 90 bblt good wetUrh
u i oo. .,, . , .. . , i
COT MBATB-i-ftulet! sales ot di hbdt' at 45 for
anouiaera and So tor hamt. Th rang ia 4X5Ke for
,h; ''rad xai for lb latter. .
unw.it aotir aad Arm, Bale
nrauiKi.tB.Q-' i
BUIIEa ullina at uauo i..n,i...j au. iA
m w. aw. WU.W M.W UHV .Wf
SUQAt Itaw It lenaetivi L i LA
&w.'l0il 4 hhd Paito. Bioo at
iSSfi t; 100 boxes Havana at 6Xo. I
MOLA8BBB Quoted firm. Baiee of 88 hbdt Barba
doetatfto; 0 hhdt Porte Bioo at 47Stio. ' ... :
NEW YORK, July 13. Cincinnati Market.
rtquut to-day, and holder
were able In torn lnttanoe to reallie rather batter ftg.
tree lor tape rtloe, it 1 held mottlyat 3 7Sand not
cully had for lut. , j.
WBXAT Bemalnt firm. Tb offering of prim fall
are light and boyrt reatrtet their purchaws. There were
alee of red at To, of white at 90o and of apring at 63Kc.
Thee figures fairly repreeent the ttandtrd of priori
COSN Belit as 30 cants, but not u fieely u here
tofore. OaTS Are kl4,witb mere Brmneu-f generally at
BABLCT Hu Utely been given too hlh a figure In
nominal quotations. A ula wu recorded at 40o for
prime, and dealer ssy that they purobate. Sully at 5
(850c. '
ii-Hmlntit 4ftj.t , 1 . ..; u ..
WHIBKVW taken fruly at ISe i
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, July 12, 1861.
isaoliv ud unchanged.
WBKAT Qulel. Balea are on car red at Bla on
track, aod on ear red and whit at Bio snd Wo respect
ively. . , 1 . , A . . ............
CORN Sales of on car a 30c from ttore . i
BVBBale of on oar at 4Bo. , , f "1
BIQSWINErWSals Of bblt and SO to at U;,'J.
i for all throat and tang Oomplalata. tnelodag, with
moet perfect retnltt, WBoorwa Cooaai, Onaoato aaa
Cokmob Oocoh, BaoBcaiAL abb TaaoAT CoHnawra,
alwty fovonuuMr of Oonjnmptloa. A a Booth uta
Brans It baa no toner lor. freed from all Opiate or
Imetio propavtlea, may be need by moat delicate oonrtl
tattoos, sad with prfot eonfldsno.
HUNNEWELL'S " ' " '' ' '
: 1 ' CELEBRATED ; '
, , , ; ; TOLU ANODYNE.
Tbb OaaATBrv Natobal OrtATB ever offerad ta tha
world, contain In not a Dartlcle of Oninm. nor anv anh
ttanc bat iu ttricUy vegetabl aad atadical properties.
ruirwj lor KlUKAUilA, MHCuBATtlM, UOOT,
Tooth An Sab Aoba. Oatabbh. KomuBit t,vn
and all minor Nervoot Oomplalnts. '
Fob Lom or Blcxp, and Headache ia an in varieties,
it hat no equal, and to which moat undoubted tettmoni
alt era offered. . . c . - .. . .
Fob Pblibiobi Tanraaj It It a most parfaot nmedy.
loa BoWtX OoMfLAWT after removtna tha nain It anta
u aphyelo, a moet important oontntat with tb coaUp
toryelreot ol Oploav ' -. ..
to rnveiciane. ronnnlaa and Trial Bottlaa win h mmnt
and to Dealer r Invalid a doacrlpttv pampblat withont
nMtaa.aafnv, . "
Prepared unaer th rpedal anprviaioo of .
Ko vCommtreial Wharf, Boston, Katt
Ts whom pleat direct all eosamonleatioBS. . : i
Prices targ Cough Bemedy, SO cents per bottl.
Small " .. . 8J "
Tolu Anodyne, 7 SO ' :
Tor sale by the nraal wholeaale and ntall daatara.
fl. DEMO 805B, .;' a. J.iomjItLIB ItBOS,
my7--wly x, Agents for Oolnmbna, Ohio.
Hon. Joseph' R. Swan,t
- f . PRVa OOUBT, . i . j .j':')
(Oontalned m twenty -nine volume of ths Ohio snd Ohio
' Slat Bepertt.)
la Two Royal 8v6. Volumes. Price $10 00.
No care or eipeniehxi been apand to make the work
oerfect and reliable In all retpeota. -.
It hu now th Legislative auction, having been ap-
orovea try nearly toe nnaniaout vote or oota aoaat,
tnd wat ordered to be ditlrUutad to the fcUowlfig Btat
Sod County offlcert: . .
Governor. Attorney General, 8uprm jadg, Baar
tary, O mptroIUr, Trtaturar sad Auditor ef 8 tat, and
to tb Probata Coon. Court of Gnmmae Plaaa.Sanar.
(or and Police Court, Auditor, aad th Claret of ta
varlout Oonrtl tn each coaoty, lo th lie abort at th
Benat and Heut of Rpraeotat!va of thi Stat, aad
th Qorarnort of th' avral But of tht Uaioa.
This book, eontatnlog, aa it d oat, all of tha Statute
QOW In fore, and the author! La tir uiaatraatloa el than
and of th New Conatitntton, will bt found t b Mpeclal-
y aewui m iu panormanc M Uir auuoe, to ell .r.ts
OOUNTT 0FFI0BR8, t , v - rxn, j, , ' i t, '
upriuso r tub FBAUH, . .
a flt VDWO ABB SIAtXfa, Jt . av . aJ
VUnao vr lUiTROlliriitM A
Inatmnch a) very man chaneea hava haaa auda la tha
Btatatea elnoe th publication of th Uut edition, by re
peal, altaratlons and addition, and manv imnortant da.
iiln hav been giv by-the Baprem Genre on - opa
tmvertad aolnta all T . , Jr. I- -.rJ.T'
ATI v ttn a I S AT LAW-,
7111 find this an invaluable Work.
TBO)tul 8.. rWawM o a JWrfee Bundni
In Btrsni Law .Binding Price 110.0:
PubllshsdBF.a l-ilS'li? '
Law Pabllthers, Bookie 11 ert Btatlonert and Importsrs.
so. a Wtt fourta itroel,
u ,' f Cincinnati O.
febl8fd2m:lt i
!EM. WI111aMS (Sf CO.';'
Front Street, Between State and Town.
SHOP lattlll running, and although
tha praarure of let year haa et heavily
upon ber running gear, the It tttll tuni
ng out tnot aplendld PHaTUNB. RODRAWAVB.and
BUSES, ant HACKS.. Twenty yeareeteady manufac
turing haa givB ur work a vkhvepsne. tnamkfa
tnrougo in souin ana wait. ... .
W therefore dm it unnecettary to say any thing mora
mara to 'to quality af our work. Wwaaain'
svaat VemCLa,, W m mUmo,
Dealer oan h rdrnlthed With any amount of work
hort BmUea. aad at Frio IcWav taaa d b eought any
v" "r " wiiBaaaggtosa in tx
chancre for new work.
i' ITrBMBB woe aeatW and kt aknrt BntW,. 1 San
tory an Frtnt, iwtwaaa Sata and Townttretta, Coiam-j
buvOhlO. , , , , ,
' lpAlt eomBnaalcathms wtll receive prompt attention'
. awa "V -1 I tfB, WAliMAJtBS UU
t Batimor
Litjatwawa Urp-ft Ajra JiowAib,),
U.twrvi VrBAJLTMOREf IrtdX
V Us Ittsftrtsnt ol list aa4 VavsilaaiDr
") f ' r. ' f i I j , T ?" ' rt I .'
T 5 " S if"?-8." 'ABtiABB
M-r avuatf, n ivaa jaaaopaoaaav v j i i ..
r. J x:iv,' " fc " ' ' BAUf at B01I,.m
aptlU.....,, -;-Ta. Santa Htea atrwta
KJ BISWBTTLIB-Hala V aaa. No. 8 M South
High areet, hav juat pnd new itylet ef Oaora Oia
onLAB. BABcrjiBB ana aanqnaa, ind la lb aeweat and
moat Itvliab nunncr. Alaa. aaaark.Pial
Black atltta. vry ImTyaaaifaadaBpnaeiy to,
Hnuiwaaw ! nwa, i r ;aa,Itu
I.. ,'L f ' " I
be vv:ir- , ,.A,a.,.p. 1 1
'-4l,JTrBlta at R6i tia
hit Oitecked o? superior ooaitiy. Fsr sal hy
mmm- Ke.V.ithHW
tSlJ Iff i--,-. .; 1 ''. i ' ' l
I U .. A
Aa siparlsooed imraeand leoal Ptrttclao, tinacs
- to th attMttoirof motbrt, ber .
Which greatly facilitate theproceee of te thing, by1 toft,
eotag the gam, redaoing all lnnamtnatlon wil 1 alley
ALL PAIN and tpaamodlo action, and I ' ." '
Depend apon it, mothsrs. It will glrUto venraelvae
We have pnt np and told thle article for over (en tear.
what we have never been able to aay f any other medl
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er did w know an lnttane of dtaaatte faction by any one
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operations, and speak In term of commendation of Ita
magical enecta ana medical virtue, we tpeak in thi
matter "WHAT WB DO KNQW;" after ton yean' exp.
almott every butane wbr thabafant isanfferiagfrom
pain and txhaotUonr relief will bo foand in SI teen r
twenty minutes after theSyrap iaadminlalered,, - ,..
This valuable preparation la the preacrlption of M of
th mott BXPSRIBNOBD and BKILf.grjL Nt7BRB In
New Bngland. and hat been uted with RBVBB f AIL
ING 8U00K88 In
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atea tb atomach and bowelt, oorrects acidity, and give
ton and energy to th whole nateot.i It will almoat iol
stantly relifv f.t ;j j ti'L s jt
and overcome convuuiont, wMoh, If nottpaedlly ntn
died, and in doath. W believe It th BSaT and BUR-
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U aritw from teethimt, ar from an other eaaat. ' w.
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any of tb foregoing oompltlntt DO NOT LET YOtH
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lief that will b BTJRB jet. ABBOLUCBLV 3l!tB-to
loiiow tne aa ot tniamooicino, u timely ated.' roll dl
rectloni for atlng will aooompany evb bottl. Nona
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New York, Is on th outeid wrapper. ... , . , j
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Priielpttl Of float l Cesttar Street N.Y.
mannfaclnrers af all kinds af Por
table and Mtatienar- Steam Ea
Cinee, tiavw Mills, Wrlat inills,
. .. Vc, dec.
LAMS BODZFl Beatml B. & 1. BLJjfo TStaitnl
t CO. BKitn.lt tU ..
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...... Juno xby 2.C03- i
riHiLitt ptautix aoAXDiiro ncan, tbs tBasos) cam
i'CS 'AocokmoDATts at aannora batbs.
1 J " 3. A. ntrirnn
E ' ' ii tw?a Center P?'0.,'Uwar Ooi, Ohio.
ay8S;dlmo ,
WArlCBD-lOiOOO Caiitomars to'sf IJ otn timbre
toB at M. WlIT&CliaaaAaakrataaa Itou. Na
VTAI'TtD UMBO OhAaarar to-bnfSa emit Ambro
VV type at M WITT'S Cheap Amorotyp -fcaomi,
Blga street, doors Worth of tim aamioin Motet, Co-
uuw. vi.a JH iMi It j ki a a
,...,.. ...... . .. . 1
WAlTtEO 1 dOO.OOO Cuatomtrs St B. WTTT'B Fin
Art Photograph Gallery, to hav Photograph)
mad, ttttrwr colored orphrrn, of all siatv. In tbort.
ItyiVof th.
' -HIrhwtr, dtovS lvoVthbt lbtBdiirlcaa Bill'
voiumtnu, unto. '" i( " w e j..vj4 a a
WABTID 10,000,000 CtMtomsA to hare Ctrd Photo
erPhBS'" full lenith or aimbl kutta.at M.
WITrS Flo Art Photograph Gallery, 4 door Both
in Amenoaa ijii. voiuiupu. unio,t , . .,
TiLAcK fixttAvr nd?f MEt A.h bl
A- uioo, la graat variety at bain a.
Me. SD.Eighstml
i - - 1
StrcgtAAcnii'g Cordial as J
Ttte Greatest Aleaeo n Xg, vnmtl4t
rt 1 V iMtirna
J. ry B seientiuo and
Vegetable Compound,
procured by th dittil
lationof Root. Herbe
and Berk, Yellow
JfwcV Btoo Boot,
Barcaparllla, Wild
ynwry uira and pln.
deUon ntrt into ittl
Before Taking,"" asuv." ,JulAfter Taking
SruwIpM of sack Ingredient la thoroughly extracted by
my new method of dlitilling, producing! a deliclrua. ex
hilarating apirit, and th mott IMfALLIBLB remedy for
renovating th dleeaaed aygtem, tnd rattorlnc the tick,
euirering and debilitated INVALID to, HBALTH and
, w-.tj, a k. mu - .. , .
1 1 . . Will lf actually cure
Ohronlo or Nervoot Debllltv. Dlteate of th RMnm.j
and all dlteaaet ariaing from a ditordered Liver or Htom j
ten, Dytpepeia, Heartburn, Inward Pilot, Acidity or Bleb-
wa in u DKnnaan, BOIlnem 01 Blood to th Head, Dull
ain or wlmming in the head, Pal..tation of the Heart
ullneta or Weisht in the Stomach. Bona
Cholilng or tmlTocaUDir fUDc when ling domt , Di-v-net
flree. Nurhi Bweau. In
aanl Im.n Pala 1,. ,ha mall jm'Mia kk A.
- . mum, wm. ui aiu..
Budden Fluthea of Heat, Depramion of Spirit. Frightful
vream, uanxuor, veaponuency or any Mervont Dieeaat
Bore or Blotche oa tbo Skin, and fever and Aru (or
Chilli and Fever.)
Over a million af Matties
Have been (old during th laat tlx month and In no ln
ttane hat It failed in giving tntlr tatlif action Wbo,
then, will eufferfrom Weakieta or Debility whoa Mo
No uugnag can convey an adequate idea of th tinm
dlate and almott mlraculout change produced by taking
thi Cordial in th dleeaaed, debilitated and thattered
nervout tyttem, whether broken down by exeat, weak by
nature, ar impaired by licknen, the relaxed and uaatrnng
organlaation it rattored to ita prlttln health aod vigor.
Or others oontciout of Inability, from wbatvr cauae,
will find McLean t Strengthening Cordial a thorourh
regenerator of the tyttam; and ail wbo may have Injured
themielvet by Improper indulgences, will find in the Got
dial a otrtaia and ipeedy rmdy.
To tbe Ladles.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
ft a sovereign and ipeedy cur for
Obttruotcd orDlfflcult Menttruatlon, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof. Falling of th
Womb, Glddinesa, Fainting and all Siteatea lnuldntt
- Thsre Is as Kittake Abont it.
. Buffer no longer. Take It according to Directions, it
will stimulate, atrengthen and Invigorate you andcauw
th bloom of health to mount your cheek again
Tory bottle ia warranted to give aatiiiaotloB
If your ehlldren are tlrkly, ounv. or afflicted. HcLan
Cordial will malt them healthy, fat and mount. Delai
not a moment, try it, and you will be convinced.
Oautiob. Beware of DrngirliU or Dealers who mat
try to palm upon you torn Hitter or Bartaparilla trait,
wnicn way oan buyeneap, aytaytni it it j utt at good.
Avoid each men. Ask lot McLean fltrengtboning Cor
dial, and take nothing elae- It it the only remedy that
will purify the blood thoroughly and at the tam time
Itrengthen the tyttom.
on akbtepoonrni tana every morning fatting. It a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chilli and Fever, fellow
Fever, or any prevalent dlteate. It it put np in lurjr
Prloe only tl per bottle, or f bottle for 5.
j. h. McLean,
, , , Bole Proprietor of thit Cordial,
' Alto McLean't Volcanic Oil liniment.
Principal Depot on the corner of Third and Pine ttreetr,
0L, Lecia Uo. ; . .
" " v McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Th best Liniment In th World. Th only tafo and
certain cure for Cancer, Pile, Swelling! and Bron
ehitla, or Goitre, Paralytii, Neuralgia, Weakneat of the
Mueclet, Ooronle or Inflammatory Bheumatltm, Btitt
nee of tha Joint, eontracud Muacle or Ligament,
Baracbo or Toothache, Bruiaei, Bpratua, Wound, Froth
Outa, Clean, Fever Bona, Caked Breatt Bore Nipple,
Burn, goalua. Bora Thoat, or any Inflammation or Pain,
no difference how eevere, or ho v long the dlteate may
hav exttted, McLean's Celebrated Liniment Is a oer
tain remedy. .
Thounnds of human beings have ber n eared a life of
decrepitude and mitery by the nee of tblt invaluable med
Will rellev pain almoat tnitantaneouily, and It wll
clean te, purify and heal th foulett to ret In an Incredl
ly short time.
v Far Horses aad Otber Animals.
" McLean s celebrated Liniment it the only tafe and ra
Babl remedy for the cur of Spavin, Ring Bon, Wind
gall, Splints, Unnatural Bumpt, Nodra or Swelling. It
will never fail to cure Big Head, Poll Bvll, Fittula, Old
running floret or Sweeny, if properly applied. For
Bpratni, Brultea, Bcratche, Boret or Woundt, Crocked
Ileelt, Chafet, Saddle or Collar Gal It it It an Infallible
remedy. Apply It at directed, and a cur it certain in
every Iptwiaoe.
Than trin no longer with th many worthiest Lini
ment offered to you. Obtain a tupply of Dr. McLean'i
eeUbrated Liniment. It will cure you.
J. It. IQcLE AN Sole Proprietor,
Corner of Third and Pine Street, Bt. Louit, Mo.
tor tale by all druggliu.
aug3o-d&wly Colombo. Ohio.
El It preolatly what It nam indleatei, for, while
pleaaant to th tait. It it revivify! or, exhllarat-
"ilog. invigorating and strengthening tj tbe vital
powera. and at the tam tim rerlvlBet. lein
Iv'itat, aad renew th Blood in all It purity, an
la that at once rtttore) and render tAi tvttem in
WmlnmhlM to atitiakm of dlaitiM. It I. Hi. nni.
H cally aod sulllfully combined it to be tb mottj
l r.. I . .. I - -h-I a. iL. ., - . . I '
nMn.Mllfl. aVM ttftA tn th ...U an
ulantad to. aa to aet In nar'eotaooorrianRa ith tha
Hun of natuie, and nenoe win toofAe Ui ictatttt
L. 1 .-a la.. Mn h n 1.-,. 1
thua allay all nervoot and other Irritation. It ltj
'periaotly exhilarating, and at the tame tim It It
'compoted ontireiy oi vegeuniet, yet to combined
iat to produce the moet thorough tonic effect, with-
lout nr-iducln any loiuriout oonaeoueacea Bncb
aJ a remedy ha long been felt to be a detlderatum lo
L the medical world, for itnwdt no medical tklll to
riat that debility (ollowt all attaok of dlteate. and
proceed! and indeed laje th tyttem open to the
Olsildioitttaclti of many of the mott fatal, mch,
for example, at th following: Contumptloo, In
Idliretuon, Dytpepila, Lot of ADoetlte. Faintneat.
Nervout irniaoiniy, neuralgia raipitationol be
ueart, ueiancaoiy, nignt eweatt. Languor, Qiddt-
;noa, tumnuoB ai, ae wen aa rainiui obttrueted
too nrofuto. or mo total aienitruitlon. and Sail'
ing of tb Womb. Theto all depei d upon genertl
debility Thi pur, healthy, tonic Cordial and
Blood Renovator it aatur to our at the tun lo
rite and tet. There U no mlitaae about It. But
hu I not all. If th aytuut a weakened, w an
men to bllhjut attackt. tha liver bei-omea tonld.
jr wort dlteaaed. th kidney refute tn peiform.
ineir luootion, aoo we are troubled witn cldlng
tnd locontioenoe oi unn. or Invoiuotary ait
i hant of tb tam, pain la th back, ltd and be
tween th thoulden, exceedlnel li.bl to illihti
eoiai.oougni.ana u aueeeciea, (oon ataaiailK
ol low,, and tne patient go down to a premature
grave. But pac win not allow ut to eoomeratt
ib many lilt to which wa ar liable In a weakened
condition ef the eyetem. But w will ay, in thlal
Uordiai ana oiooa nenovator you rare a ptnautj
ta', plettant and (Stomal remedy for loaa ol
Aiipetite, uiitouineit, riatulenca weak and tick
Vnmaob, Langaoty Liver Complaint. Chilli and
fever, or any BlHout attack, Ooiilrenrti, Acidity
91 ta stonMin, nervout, nturalgla, palpita
tion bf th Heart. Depre talon of Bnlrltt. Boree.
nmpies on tnt Face, or any diaiu anting mm
mpure oiooa, nm a ocrotnte, airyiipeia, uron
hltit. Cough, dlBloulty f Breath leg, and all that
elats of diteatet called female weaknera,and
enumerated above.- Wa will alao tey th traveler
ezpoted to epldtmica. change ef climate and wet-t
tw, will Snd Ita pleaaant, aal aad tor remedy,1
tnd none ahonld aver travel without. Baader.i
ry It. for we aatur ion you will find in It a irleodl .
erieet.BS Well a friend la seed. All pertontof
dentary hahltt will find It a perfect preventive of A
a wU aacure for thoae allaaanta lowbicb theyaie
jrtioa larty eanoaeo. nvaowiniDiBnn,aiaaeDiaan i
torneyt, liiemry g.nllmeo,and lad In who are notl
locuttomed to much ouiaoor eieieite, win noa n
o their advantage to keep a bottle oooatanlly on
hand; and, aoov all, mothers. r tka becomln;
tuohi will go through that mott daugeroua pcrlou
iol only wth all their tjcouKomea trengtn, bai
af and fro from th thouaand ailments to pier
ilent aaontr the leoale portion of t)i world. Ii
thort, 11 tl Indeed mother' cordial. Try It, OW
ud oung; no lonrer run in rug or aaiay; It win
iilive and iirov. itmlf einphatlcallv a iUttorn
m.tivl Contial and Blood Rmovator.
IL O. i WUOD, proprietor, 444 Broadway, Hea
' Tork.ana lie 'nartet oireet, ot. Louit, Bo., aa
1 laold try BOBsBIS A BAMTJSL, Columboa, Ohio
ff and all good,. Jlrugglat. rrlca On Dollai
f,pr8oUle.. ,,. saarh-dwowly
WANTK . A HKNTi lu tft,L
package of BTATlONkKY ant JtWELBV. at
Srlet ooa-tblrd lett than tea bt puretuuwd tHtewher
ailoaoraddraealMamp aooloaed) 1. 1. SAIbKr, He
1&4 Court t.. Boeloa. Mat. wwwra Hn-di'm,
AUaan4lorjutopnadal BAINS,
os.11. , V. SB Booth High ttreeV
w -1 m

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