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Rail Road Time Table.
LlTTLlMlilHkOtOBOJt IaiB. a. i '
Imtn. Arrive
Cincinnati Accommodation. S:00 A. 11.. . :10 M.
" lipmu.. 11:40 A.M. 11:03 A. M.
Mall and Accommodation.. :10 P. M. 8:00 P. M,
Night Kxpress Tit Day ton.BiOO midnight. MO A. M.
Jxo. T. 'DonkTT, Agent.
Columbus Jr. Ciavbland B. B.
Night Bxpree..
New York Nxpres
CO. AO- WsyBxpress.
...3:40 A.M. t 11:15 E. M.
.11:10 A. M. - 10:50 A.M.
... 8:30 P.M. I 7:50 P. If.
Jambs PtTTOion, Agent. -
No. 3 Express......
3:30 A. M. 11:25 A. If.
S:15 P. M. . 11:43 A. M.
. W. J. Pux. Agent.
No. 5 do
PiTTiiimnH, Coi.flilBDi Omcunun B.B.
Mall Train S.S0A.K. HSS A.M.
Bxpress Train 11:25 A.M. 8:45 P. M
.. . . , Jos. BoimtoM, Agent.
(Columbus Pwo It Indiana B. R.)
No. 1 Express 0 30 A. M. ' 4:00 P, M
No. ' 3:00 P. M. :45 P. M.
Accommodation -10:50 A. M.
C. W. Burnt, Agent.
Tbe Adams Express Company place as dally
under obligations to It for tbe Tory latest papers
from the eastern cities.
Tbe American Express Company has our
thanks for its dally favors in the shape of the
very latest eastern papers.
Council PaocntDiiias. At the meeting ol
the City Council last evening, Mr. Cohstook
was chosen President prt tm.
Mr. Stausino presented thepetition of Era.
BiLLia and others, in relation to obstructions
la the market space. Referred to the commit
tee on the Market House.
Mr. Douvr presented a petition from sundry
citizens, asking the Cour.cll to take some steps
for the reception oi the Vedettes and Fencibles
on their return to tbe city from their three
months' service as volunteers.. Referred to
Messrs. Wilson, Doott and Btaosino, to report
at the next meeting. . '.'
The following ordinances were read the third
time and passed: " "' '..
To grade and pave the south side of Long
street between Hich street and Fair alley.
To grade and pave Straight alley from Rioh
to Friend streets. .
To re-grade and re-pave the1 sidewalks and
gutters on High street (east side) from Long
street to Mulberry alley. ..:
To giade and pave Mound street between Fifth
and Seventh streets. '
To assets a special tax upon, the real estate
bounding on the south side of Friend street from
Washington avenue tast Pablio Lane. -
Resolutions were adopted authorizing the
City Eeglneer to contract with - RiohaidWA
Davis, with Jacob S. Winams and with John G.
Bickil for grading and paving. Adjourned.
DracHikor or a Voloktiis on Hasias Cor
res Patbick Bkadt, of Muekingum county,
a young man twenty years of age, having en
listed without his father's oonsent and against
his express directions, in Capt. Sbclton Stub
gis's Company, of Zanesville, and having been
mustered into the United States service for
three years at Camp Chase, on the appli
cation of his father, Nicholas Bhadt, H. B.
Albert, Probate Judge of this county, issued
writ of habttti eorpu directed to Col. 8oaw
mon, commanding at Camp Chase, to produce
the body of young Bsaot before him. In com
pliance with the writ, Col. Bcammon appeared,
and responded to the writ through his counsel,
Col. Stanlit Matthxws. Capt. Riamit argued
the case for the father. Tbe counsel for the re
spondenl cited and relied upon the case of the
Commonwealth e, Gamble, 11 Sergt. St Rawle,
93. On Saturday, July 13, Judge Aum ren
dered his decision, discharging young Bbadt.
We make the following extracts from , the
Judge's opinion! : ' '
It is claimed by the respondent that this ml
nor is liable to military service and should not
be discharged, because the Government !
supreme, and the rights of tbe father being de
fined and bestowed by tbe Government, it may,
and in this case has assumed its lawful preroga
tive or right to the services of this young man.
And having the right of eminent domain, not
only in tbe soil, but in the bone and muscle of
tbe country, the Government tas done only
what it had a right to do, and has asserted and
declared that right in a proper and lawful man
ner. ' 4 . j,' ; : 'l : . ' r.
The proposition of the learned oounsel that
the General Government ought and must be
sustained, is not only , the sentiment of every
true patriot, but Is sound as a legal proposition;
and I concur- fully -with the counsel that in
order to malnjaln the Constitution and preserve
tbe Government, it may exercise that right of
eminent domain, and compel any of its citizens
liable to military duty to servo in Its armies. -
But until, the emergency does arise, and the
Government acting under a law for the purpose,
does demand the involuntary services of ito citi
zens, do infringement of the right of a father to
the custody and services of his minor child would,
in my. lodgment, be legal j because tbe Govern
ment means to protect, not violate the rights or
liberties ot in citizens. Ana in tnis, i ininK,
I am fully sustained . by the decisions of the
higher court, and the clearly indicated policy
of the General Government as well as-of the
State of OMoj ' . " :' ' : : -, y
In the matter of George B. geeler, Hemp
stead's j Circuit Court Reports, 306; United
Stales . Anderson, Cooke's Rep., 143; In the
matter of Ferguson, 9 Johns,, 339; la the mat
ter of Carlton, .7 Co wen, 471; Commonwealth .
Cushlng. ll Mass.:, 67; Commonwealth ex rel.
Webster e Fox, 7 penn.t6tate Rep , 336. - v; t
All the Ybregoliig cases sustain the position
that tbe .enlistment of Vjnuor, without the
consent of his parent,, guardian or master, is
illegal. - - ..
I will riol asf that Congress may not declare
the enlistment of minor to be lawful and val
id, but they have not dene so In relation to the
army Of the United States. "A cue may' occur
whioh Will Induce them to do so, f,When the
great principles of liberty and self-government
are tn danger ot destruction ny we invasion i
foreign foe, bv Insurrection or. rebellion,' per
haDs thev wilt. : But until Congress does inter
fere, we must take the law as we find it. and
regard the claims which the laws of God, of
nature, of the State and. of the United States
give tbe father to the services and custody, of
ms eniiQ, until no arrives si me age oi maiwi-
tV. St-." tfJl " l,J.-i i! ..- l-'Mi
If. however."'' the Dareit or feuardi&n sLvei
consent, either directly oe by implication, the
enlistment is lawful. In tuoh esses tho Court
would remand the minor to the custody pf the
military officers. ,; u,- i,,, .. 'a
1 ' ii i i i i re vji .ii
Odd Ff llows PwNio.-If laws, as thef say,
are silent in time of war, Uis blessing that
picnics are not dead also."!. We rejoice to lerh
that th Odd Fellows' Association, of which E.
. F. JcNNiNds, of tbisoity, U President, an4 1. G
Tuball, also of this city; Is Secretary, hu made
arrangements iot a- eeoona . Annual rwnio i
Brush Lake on Wednesday next, tho 17tb Instl,
in which kit good Oitlaens are invitrd to par'
uui)rc. i ue HueM ait : mif iiiiH ewii ipi
the rounff;&!fTrauiokwlH;jwt6;toIoMini'
at 7:41-M- on Wednesday, and returning,
leave Brush Lue at 0 P. M. -
This will offerd a fine ride and a day for ru
ral sport indiodlal enjoyment, T-
1 1 1 i '.'iw-i
f . l.rl'j .;
IO" Tbo workmen, onSaturday last, In clr
lng away tbo rubbish of tbo Neil Uosf fouud,
at tho depth of fifteen feot. soms' timbers 'f A
on flroi , Jt it over eight months shoe tbo is U
House was burned down.
; ST 640 mules. 100 horses. 400 barrels- of
bread, and 40 wagons, passed through hero by
rail, on Saturday last, July 13, n rtvta for Vir
OT There are at present In tbo Military Hos
pital at 208 Sooth High street. 54 patients
Their physician is Dr. R. M. Dinio. .) 'N
O Applioatlons will bo reoelred .to day by
the County Commlssionert for relief front the
Volunteer Fund.: ' -. ." m .. ...
EX We learn that the troops ot Gamp Chase,
many of whose garments had become "au
tattered and torn," are now balog uniformed at
the expense of tho State. t -i . i
Malli for New Tork Oltr, Boatoa, Albany, Buffalo,
Pittsburgh, tleubenvllU way, Cleveland, ZaaMTilla,
Newark, GranTllle, Waehlngton City, BalUaon, Phlla
delnhla and New Orleans. oloM daily (nundan ezoavW
ed) at 8 o'clock p. m. .,
A tnronga mau lor new ion ana uiovaiana sums
ailly (Snndayi excepted) at 9 o'clock p.m..
0. 0. 1 0. B. B. Way Mall olotee daily (Bundayi ez
epttd) at 8 o'clock p. m.
Otntml Ohio Way Mall okeee dally (Sondays excepted)
at 10 o'clock a. m. . . -
Cincinnati Way Mall elosae dally (Sundays exoepted) at
o'clock a. m. , ,
" Chicago, Subnane. Delaware. Marlon and Wortblnc
ton Malls elotee dally (Sundays cxoopUd) at 9 o'olock
p. SB. ,
Malli for Zanla, BpringtUld, Bayton. Toledo, Olnoln
natl, Indianapolis, Louiirllla, 8t. Iioula, and Detroit,
cIomb dally (Bundayi exoepted) at 8 o'olock p. m.
A through mail to Xonla, Oprlnrflold and Olnelnsatt
Imb daily (Sunday! exoeptod) at 1U o'olock a.m.
Urban. Plana, llffln and Union City mall closes dally
(Buadaya axeepted) at 8 o'elook p. m.
Lancaster, Logan, NelaonTllle, Olnlevilla, Ohlllloothe,
PorUmoutb. Waehlngton 0. H h Athans, Uuletla and
Hlllaborouin saaUs eloaa dally (Sundays axotpted) at 8
o'clock p. m.
But War Mall bv NaUoaal Boad to ZananllU nloaaa
dally (Sandayi excepted) at 18 o'olock m. r . , ...
lurrubursa Mau oictes dally (Sundays excepted) at X
o'elook . sa. - , - .t. ...
Mt. Vernon Mall, by way of Weiterrlllo and Sunbunr.
oloaet daily (Sandayi xeeptcd) at 9 o'olock p.m.
AiuDUn aiau oioiei aaiijiDnnoayi exoepioujai ociock
P. , r .
- Lanoaatar Way Mail clous dally (Bundayi excepted) at
o'clookp. m. .-....... i. . v . i .... , ....
Malls' from New Tork, Boiton, Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albany, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Zenta,
Detroit, Bprlngfleld, Cincinnati, Ohlllloothe, 8t. LooU.
and all Bouthern cities, arrira between the hours of 9
o'olock p. m. and 4 o'olock a. m.
Malli from Indianapolis, Chicago and Dubuque arrive
at 140 a.m.
Halls from Washington City, Baltimore, ' Wheeling,
Canes-rill, Newark, Btaubenville, Mt. Vernon, sad tbe
0 . 0. B. R. Way Mall, arrive at 19 o'elook aa.
' Way Mall from Cincinnati arrives at 3 s'eloolt p. m.
Iianoastar Mail arrives at 9 o'clock p.m. ' -
Bast Way Mall over the National Boad arrives at U
o'clock a.m. - i i ; ,
mt. rernon waynaiiamveiatii:uua. m.
' Mall from Dunlin arrives at 19 o'clock m. '
TJrbana Way Mall arrivsi at 9 o'clock p. m.
Barrlsburgh Mall arrires at 11 o'clock a. m.
Laacasier Way Mall antral at 11 o'clock m
Ofiica dalrrtry open mrj day (ezoept Sunday) from
7 a'ckwk a. m. to S o'clock p. m. Open on Sundays
from 7x to 0 o'clock In tbo morning, and from 9 to 0
Gen. Garnett Killed and the Rebels
Routed at St. George.
Clbtblano, July 15- A train arrived at
Grafton, Virginia, this morning with tho body
ol Gen. Garnett, tho rebel commander at Laurel
UU1, killed wbUe attempting to rally bis foroeo
at St. Ueorge, yesterday. ' -
Tho enemy were routed and a large quantity
of munitions ana valuables taken. Tbe enemy
lost fifty killed and many taken prisoners. Wo
have four killed and a few wounded. . ,
There is no rebel fore now within General
McClellan'i distrlotv ' "
- - 1
Movement of Gen. Patterson's Division.
[Special to Commercial.]
i Niw ToBK. July 15 A nrlvato letter from
one of the 13th N. Y, Regiment, dated Martins
burg, July 11th, says tho regiments were under
marching orders, and expected to leave that
evening, as all the tents bad been struck.
Tbirty-alx thousand men were In the vicinity,
and camped In sight of eaoh other. , , ,
The 12th have had the right of the line given
to them.
A flag of truce came Into camp on tbe 10th
Inst, with a request from the rebels for an arm
istice of ten days, to make up. their minds
whether to fight or retreat4 , Patterson replied,
"No; not a day."
Tbe enemy have since retreated 15 miles to
wards Richmond.
t '
Jeff. Davis's Privateers.
Niw Yobbt, July 15-Tho.Tribano translates
an account of the operations of tho rebel priv'
teers from the; Cienfuegoe correspondent of
the Havana Diaro, of the 9th lnot., whioh says,
the privateer Sumter' brought in port six prixee,
the cargoes consisting principally of aogarand
molasses.' Tho aoting Governor reported the
occurrence to the civil Government. I'
It Is reported tbo commander of tbe Sumter
demanded, as tbe cargoes were Spanish, they
should be immediately unloaded, and the ves
sels delivered to hinv to be destroyed, and the
cargoes kept until tbo Confederate Govern
ment declared if they were legal prizes.. . It ap
pears unquestionable that tho civil Government
ordered the Sumter to leave the port immedl
ately, and he should retain the prizes antil the
determination of her Majesty w Government be
known. . (,,.,,; . .-(: .... . ,i ...
. It is almost certain that, tboi privateer, cap
tnred the vessels above mentioned within wa
ter under the-jurisdiction of Cuba, .and within
three nautical miles of tbo ooMU u ".v:.,'?r..
Defeat and Death of Garnett
Total Defeat and Death of Garnett in Western Virginia---His Forces
Completely Routed,and Scattered
Cor aptured.
GkArroN, July train Arrived here this
morning, bringing the body of Gen. Garnett,
late commander of tho rebel forces In Western
Virginia. The rebels were tmrsaed from Lau
rel Hill by Gen. Morris's command, consisting
of tbo 14th Ubio and lib and tb Indiana Kegl-
ments. t ' -t- ' '.'"' ''i1'.:' :lm)
At Carraok's Ford, eisht mileA south of the
town of St. Georee.-Gen. Garnett attempted to
rally his foroess.when a sharp aklrmiah ensued,
mwnlcb uarnett waa klUed, ano twenty ot bis
men left dead on the ground, besides many
bodies being oarrled off. - The rebels were com
pletely Pouted, and scattered in all directions,
Forty loaded Tsgons, and all their horses and
osmp equipage, fell into nis Bands. . -
lUarnett's remains will , be embalmed and
Dlaoed at the disposal of his friends. : -.
it wo men were tinea and two uortaur
wonnded of the Ohio Fourteenth, No other
lost on our side. r-iTy.yi . .
Our troops took mors prisoners than they
oould take care of. .ri--'- t.nj i . v .ji.i
Gen. McClellan's Account of the Destruction
of the Rebels in Western
Virginia—The Victory Decisive.
.Washington. Jul 15: An official disnatoh
haibeen received at headquarters from General
mouiellan. from Uattoavilie. Va.. on tbe lath.
Siviog an aooountortbe routing of tbe forces and
oath Of Gen. Garnett. ' ;
It confirms the nrovloai hheoniiti.' Ha sava
ho. hu completely .annihilated the enemy in
western Virginia. v. .,,.(-: .
. uur loss- was but- 13 killed arid about -40
wounded ' T: ' -'i -a a..M
1 tTho enomj' wu'. 600 itUeiind,. i,r00'prU-
onOTB. .iw.ji t: jir-.'yiw . .(
i vVeoapturod oevon gunsijr:r'r"'kn T
" A portion of Garaett'l iorWritrtaled, bit
look; for their oapture by General Hill, who is in
hot tnrsnlt.u i ."fjwtaou v
It Is oald that Garnett'a troops are tho crack
regiments oi Eastern Virginia, , Aided by ueor
glons, Tonnwslano and Carolinlano. i Chrr suo
oess is oomnlete. and i mmlr JteUoro that a
eession is killed in this teotion of tbo country.
Virginia—The Victory Decisive. Fairfax not Occupied.
i "Washinotoh. Jul? l&-lbe roetomoo iDepart
mlOttt hu ordrL that matr. matter for East
Tennessoo tV,!! go to tbe Cincinnati distributing
iThe result of InflntrlMT rafhllitarv ouar
ten this morning Is that .Fairfax Court House
if yet occupied by tbo.tedwal .tToops.
"CABTHAes, K. Y July l6adeotraottvir
bictitrvd hero thir eYlBg,'oflBttnllijt-alfb0o1
t&e snurs DUBipejuf- portion of tbo cur. comnr s
lug: twelve stores three, dwellings, one church
One hotel, and ono carriage manufactory,. ;Jjms
unknown, generauy Insured.
Virginia—The Victory Decisive. Fairfax not Occupied. Thirty-Seventh Congress---Extra Session.
i OlB I "
Seiiati Btr. Sixos said: The rebellion must be put
down, whatever may o ium touh - " j
movo South with Irroslstlblo tread, and tot the banner
ware over Btchmond and Now Orleans. - '
Mr. Bala moved that tho Benats proceed to elect a
On the Brit ballot, thlrty-ilx votes war cast. 3. W.
forcer received twenty-six, and was declared elected.
Mr. Wad Introduced a bill for tho protection of Uov
rnment nontraats. . ,
The army appropriation bill was taken up, and sava.
ral amsndmmts, reporUd from tho committee on ft-
nanM. mmrm ..Inn tit. . . ,
Mr, Grimes offered an amendment, that the Coast
Survey be impended during the Urns oi wan uing nea
Mr. Teseandsn moved to amend sou to read I "All the
provisions of law and appropriations herein contained,
applicable to three years' volunteers, should apply to
two yean' volunteers, aad all othsr vo uuioers oxmsu-
lng three months, In the amy or navy." Agrssa to.
Tho bill was reported to the Benau ana pusea. -The
bill to Inoreas tbe military establishment of the
United States was taken up.
Tha question was upon ina amenamon, nuuoiug iuv
army again In six mo n tas alter int insurrauop u np.
pmasdi and It was moarnea so as w m vhs jw
instead of six months. " ;
atr. Wilson onnosed tha amenamena, as is wraia nave
a bad effect on tha army, an deter offloers from entering
the nsw regiments.
Mr. Ball and Mr. Harm aiso opptneu me ameno-
ment. ' ' ......
Mr. Wilson said, thourn ne was not urronaiy anaensa
to the army, still the oountry was not wstohinv ths Inter
Sits of the army as It should do. UWO Bid Bad 0,000
mm last Ootober, properly dlstrlbuwa, we miUi nave
had tha forts la tho Bouthern ports to-day.
On motion or Dr. Brecktnruw, ina resolution ap
proving of tha acta ot tha (resident was made the special
order for to-morrow, as ho wished to submit a few re
suarki. i
Mr. Hmra mavad to amend mi amanumeni, rauocini
tha army again In on year after the Insurrection Is sup
pressed, by providing that tho army biwduosd a Con
gress may direct. The amendment to the amendment
was agreed to yeas S3, nayi 18.
. xoe diii men passea.
onandler Introduced a bill providing for th con
fiscation of th property ot tha rebels.
xb loan Dill was taaen up, auu svTerai aaicuuuieota
reported, from th commute on finance, war adopted,
Bonn. On motion of Mr. Washburn; It was '
Runlntd. That th commutes on Oommsroe ba direct
ed to Institute an lmmsdlat Inquiry, aa to what further
measures ar ntoaasaiy, if any, to make th blockade of
tha do rts In th rebellious States mors eneotuai, ana io
arreit th depredations of pirates, now praying upon
American commerce under pretended lettara of marque
limed by th s sailed southern uonreaaraey.
On motion of Mr. Dixon, a resoluUon waa passed, tha
Senate concurring, that Congress adjourn next Friday.
Mr. Oonkling asksd leave to Introduce a resolution
providing for a aalsot committee, to which shall be refer
red th subject of anneral bankrupt law, to report at
th next session by bill or otherwise. Adopted.
Mr. alllott, from in committee on uommerc report
ed th following:
JUtnlmtl. That th Bcrtarv or tne Treasury ba re
quested to employ Immediately, sufficient force to protect
our oommero irom pirates wowu now iiiiow w sea.
Th Bpeiker laid before tn uoua a letter rrom Air.
Oarlil resigning hli seat, he hating been elected Sen
ator from Vlrainla.
Mr. Wood offered th roliowmg resolution, mat in is
Congress raoommeni to th Governor of tha various
State to avn',tblr Leaistures for th purpose of call-Ins-
tha alactloa of two delegates from ach of th Con-
crasslonal dlstriota to meet In general convention at
Lsulsvtlle, on th first Monday of Ssptnobsr ne.t, th
purpose f th Oonvsnlton being t dvia measure! for
tn restoration oi yowaw w uur wu.i j .
Mr. Washburn moved to ley th resolution on th t
ble. Agreed to W against S3.
, Mr. Allan asked laev to offer th following reiolu
tlons :
MesobtS. That whenever Statsi now In rebellion
inat tha Oenaral Oovarnment sbali'ceas their rebel-
Ilea, aad become loyal to tha Union, ft la th duty of
tha Oovernment to susnend th prosecution or th war.
Jeoiv4d, That no part ot th objsct of th present
war Is to Interfere wlln slavery.
Mr. Blake suggested an amendment, try adding tn
Words "and surrender tbelr leaders to b hung."
Mr. Vallandtcham asked leav to offer a series of res
olutions, setting forth th recent acta of th President
In relation to calling out troop for the war, etc., and
declaring they war without th warrant of law, and in
Violation ox ine uonsnmuon.
Mr.Vallandlgham aald ha wanted fbe resolutions re-
rsmdtothooommiiteMtnWBOie. .
- Tha House tabled them.
Mr. Hickman, froaathejadieiary committee, reported
a bill which a said had recslved the approval of the
law officer or th uov rnment ana tne i uaiciary commit
tee. ' The title of to bill is: To denn and punish con'
After considerable discussion tie bill passed yeas 133,
aaw 7.
Mr. MoOlernand offered the following:
Warjtaai, A portion of the people ot tbe United States,
in violation of their OonstltuUonal obligations, have
taken up arms agalnat th national So ve rnment, and are
now atrivlng by an aggressive and unrighteous war to
overthrow It and break up tha Union; Therefore,
Jtuolmd, That this Bouse pledges Itself to vote any
amount of money and any number of men which may
be neosssary, to secur tbe speedy and effectual suppres
sion of said rebellion, and the permanent restoration of
tbe federal authority evtrywhsr within th lbnita and
jurisdiction of th United States.
Th resolution waa adopted yeas 131, naya 5.
A long discussion took place on the resolution of Mr,
Porter regarding Congressman May to inquire It he had
been holding criminal Intercourse with rebels, and to
report what courts should be taken, and giving power to
sand for persons and papers,
- Resolution passed.
. fha Bouse concurred In the Senate amendments to the
volunteer bill. Adjourned.
Proclamation in Northeastern
QoiNcr. III., July 15. Brijr. Gen. Hurlbnt
has issued a proclamation to the oitizens of
northeastern Missouri, denouncing the false and
designing men who are seeking the overthrow
of tbe Government, and warns them tbat tbe
time for tho toleration of treason has passed,
and that the man. or body of men, who venture
to stand In defiance of the supremo authority of
the Union, peril tbeir lives in tbe attempt. ,
He says the character of the resiBtenoe which
has been made Is in conformity with the source
from which It originated. Cowardly assassins
watch for opportunities to murder and become
heroes among their associated bands by slaught
ering by stealth those whom openly they dare
not meet, i This system, unknown to civilized
warfare, is the natural fruit treason bears.
Tbe Drocess or criminal courts, administered
in dlsaffeoted districts, will not oure this system
of assassination but tho stern, imperative de
mand of military necessity and tbe duty of self-
proteotion will furnish a short, decisive remedy,
in tbo summary justice ol tbo court martial.
He cuarantees protection to all peaceable oitizens
who remtln In the discharge of dutyi but urges
the neoesslty of their organizing and taking
part in the reconstruction cf the frame of so
ciety. t; "' . - ' ? '
He oloses by assuring tho people of North
Eastern Missouri that tbe United States, though
freferrlng a quiet, uniform obedience. to the
laws, are yet ready and abundantly able to en
force' compliance, and to inflict,' if neoessary,
the extreme, penalty, on nil active and known
traitOrSt., ;-. v. II liu .I i ..: tiM !
n u 1 hi. 1 1 i 1 '
Niw Yoaai Jnlv 14. Advices -from Pensa-
oola report tho arrival of the Wyoming. She
would leave on tbe am tor tne uuir oi uantor
nla,to cruise for tho protection of American
commerce, under Lieut, Murray. ' --.
Commodore mitcbeii, Lieutenants rorter ana
Hackett.and 3d Assistant Engineer Linnloe
had resigned. - Most of them came on tbe North
Star; also Lieutenant Bbyrock of the Saranao.
Tho State of rantma was concentrating
troops at Panama, The movement is generally
believed to be in favor of the independence of
the Isthmus. - - ' . . 1
AJtIoct sVous Nluarauitua ear that Garell,
the murderer of Jos. L. White, baa been sen
tenced to the chain-gang. . f.
Alianv, July 15. Ex-President Van Buren
has expressed tho opinion that the war ought
lobe rleorously prosecuted until the full author
ity of tbe United States Government Is re-estab
lished.. . ... . .. . ,. . . ,,.
'..I, :, . . T","""T" ...jt ,ri-. i-
PffiLAOiLrHiAa July 15-Aooordibfr to-the
Rlohmond Whin. Gen. Garnett is Robt. S. Gar
nett, late a Major In the Federal army, and not
the member of Congress. n
A letter dated Havana, 10th Inst i says the
Cantaln General ordered the crivateer Sumter
off, and retained the prises tho cargoes being
Spanish property. Tbe vessels had been held
for toe notion ot tne nome uovernmeni. -
- i
i it i :.
Boston. July 15. Hoa. Nathan Appleton
j, . ' :
Otoa yesteraay. ,.,. - . , . . . ,;.,.. n,
o A letter rrom too captain or mo dns? Aioeri
Adams.' dated Cionfueroo tho evening? of the
7th. states tbat tho cantainrUenerat has reieas
ed all. tho SomUr's prizes, and they would sail
tho next morning". i : '-' : ..' i.-v.iv.
-' I ' sT'
What Minister Harvey Writes.
[Special to the Post.]
i-WAiituOTOW, July IS. Harvey
writes from Paris, dated Jnne 21st, that the
rebel agents look for a decisive movement ab
road in tnoir favor witnm sixty asys.
From Baltimore.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
Baxtimou, July 1. Hon.- Henry . Mays re
turned trow Rlohmond Issl Bight, sick. ' He
says tho oonfldeneo of the Southerners in their
ability to triumph over tho North Is unabatsd
: Rlohmond papers advocate the confiscation of
tne property or tbo Union farmers in Fairfax
MOnty wno are lending old to the Uplon troops
' St. Lodis, July 15. A Springfield correspond
ent Of too Kepuoiioan, says Indians entered Alls
soon wim vne ATKanss troops.
Dispatches from Washington.
[Herald Correspondent.]
Washington, July 14th Tho First Massa
ehusetts, SecondMiohlgan and 12th New York
Regiments will form a brigade under Colonel
Richardson of Michigan, and will be a part
of General Tyler's division. They win prob.
ably be the rigbt wing or tbe advancing col
[Special to the Tribune.]
Three citizens of refuge in
tho oamp at Falls Church this morning, say tbat
uovernor L,etcner oaa issuea a proclamation re
quiring the Counties of Fairfax, Prinoe Wil
liam, Loudon, urange, stanora, cuipepper and
Rappahannook, to furnish 1,000 men within two
days.; If not forthcoming, the men are to be
drafted. Men say many of their neighbors will
follow to onr lines
Aonnrrllnff to trustworthy reports, there are
7000 troops at Fairfax, and 2500 at Centrerille.
They are chiefly from Alabama, South Carolina
and Georaia. Most of tbe Virginians have re
moved back to Manassas, -
Union Virelnlans think no stand will be made
this side ot Manassas. '
The Herald save that it is rumored tbat Jos.
Holt, of Kentucky, will be appointed Judee of
thq Supreme Court in place of McLean, de
ceased. It is again rumored that Patterson bad a con
flict with Johnston.
On the authority of a Cabinet officer it is
stated that an officer of the rebel army in
Western Virginia bad arrived here, witb a prop
osition that tho majority of the forces there un
der the rebel flag sbonid run up tne united
States flag, and avow alleglanoe to the Federal
Government. ' Ha says tho majority are loyal
I. -4 .m.A askolnna aA ftlaAaW) iKominl Wilt-
der tho flag of their country.
lien. AlcCIellan nas been telegraphed to to
release tho privates and non-commissioned offl
oers on simple parole of honor, upon tbelr sub
scribing an oa:n or allegiance, ano pieoge not
again to take up arms against the Government
under penalty of death. As to commissioned
officers, he is to exercise his own discretion,
but under no circumstances la any offlcsr or
private formerly In the United States army to
be released. . ' , i ...
Jas. Leslie, of Philadelphia, has received tbo
Chief Clerkship of tbe War Department. The
position la equivalent to the Assistant Secretary
ship, i
A rebel spy irom Kicbmond was arrested at
tbo Relay House to-day. Also, a German wo
man was arrested, and a number of letters for
[World's Special.]
Washington, July 14th. It is rumored that
Senator Carlile has information that a promt
nent officer of the Confederate army is about to
tender to tbe Government three regiments of
Tbe Chlcsgo Democrat and Springfield Jour
nal are designated to publish the sots of Con
gress for the ensuing two years, In Illinois, also
the Republican at Omaha, and the Press at
Nebraska City, for the Territory of Nebraska.
[Times Dispatch.]
Washington, July 14th. Seoretary Chase re
ceived a notloe from the President rqneeting
tbat tbe. nomination or Kulusr. Andrews be
sent to the Senate as Surveyor of the Port of
New York. This settles tbe list of principal
" .
[To the Associated Press.]
It appears from official data that three several
orders relative to the declaration of martial law
have been Issued by the Administration, tho
first on the 27th of April. This was modified on
tbe 2d of July. The third case was under the
proclamation of the President, and made mar
tial law operate in Florida, over Key West,
Tortugas and Santa Rosa.
Capt. Bremer's battery arrived here at seven
o'olock yesterday morning direct from Fort
Pickens. The battery consists of four Impound
ers and 84 men. Another battery follows the
above. . ..
From Louisville and the South.
LomsriLLi, July 15. Joseph Holt, on Satur
day evening, addressed an audience, one-third
ladies, densely packing tne largest nan in toe
city, in an unconditional Union speech, which
was received with rapturous applauee. ..
The Charleston Courier suggests that agents
be appointed to receive subscriptions of rice
and other Confederate produots to sustain the
Southern cause, ,: - , ;
The New Orleans Delta says the New York
Marine Insursnoe companies cover losses by
pirates and not by privateers. Therefore, if
Northern courts condemn Southern privateers
as pirates, Insurance oompanies will be liable.
A speolal dispatch from Richmond on tbe 9th
says, several prominent prisoners, who were
hitherto on parole, were confined to day because
of the action of the Federal authorities relative
to Southern privateers.
'' The Charleston Mercury tells its country
readers to aara their goose-quills, as the stock of
Steel pens will soon give out. -
The New Orleans Delta of the 11th says,
further persistence by the Confederate States in
endeavoring to obtain recognition of our na
tionality, is useless. It says tbe British Minis.
try has not tbe courage nor the tnoiinatton to
apply to the Confederate States the rules whioh
she hoe uniformly applied to other nations ;' and
says too much importance has been assigned to
the idea, tbat France and England would break
the blockade to get Southern produce. The
editor proposes to recall the Commissioners,
and refuse the resident consuls of all powers
which will not recognize similar officers of tho
Confederate 8tates abroad. :
The uopkinsvllle Mercury reports tbat Quarter-Master
AUenworth.of the Tennessee troops,
stated there on Thursday that 5000 of tbe Ken
tucky State ..Guard were mustered Into the
Tennessee service a few days ago.
, The same paper learns that 800 more have
encamped near, Graysvllle, closo to tho State
line..' "-'V.I .N -' . i : ... v.rt .;. '
Tbo ' Memphis News reached Little Rock
yesterday via ' Pochahontss. Ben McColloch
with 12,000 men attacked 14,000 Federal troops
atSpringneld,iUo , killing auu.wnen tno fed
eral - troops surrendered unconditionally; 200
Southerners killed.:;-.'' ',":' ' .'V
The Montgomery Mail learns that tholr regi
ment at Norfolk m i Inflicted wltn measles,
though mildly; that many of them ' need
Clothes and money, not having been paid OCT.
.. Dispatches from Rlohmond say that lea is
aeeroe at 5 to 10 cent per pound;
The NasbMllO Union and American or tbe
14th. bontaint a letter from Clarksville, dated
the 12th, saying that Brig. Gen. W. T. Withers
Is organizing a Kontuoky brigade, for tho Con.
federate States, at Camp Brown, eight miles
from Clarksville.
Withero has already about 1300 Kentucklans
In camp, and awaits orders from Davis to aug
meat liia brigade to 3QW.. . , -
Col. Howee has just arrived from Richmond,
to oommand one of Withers 's regiments. - -
A letter to tbe same paper from a lady asks,
whether the ladies cannot be organised to ad
minister to the troops at Camp Cheatham,
where, ehe says, the soldiers are being decimat
ed bv disease.
' Advices rrom Augusta, ua to too iitb met.,
state that a large concourse assembled to hear
Vice President Stephens epsak upon 'tho pro
duce loan. A committee wss appointed to
procure subscriptions. Tho Charleston Mer
cury calls loudly on the Northern seoeded States
to raise and ssnd along the produoo and provis
ions lor tbe Uonieaerate army . .wis r.
Niw Oblians. July 15 The sand batteries
on Ship Island opened fire, Tuesday morning,
on tbo Yankee war steamer, two miles err.
Tho fire was returned, and ono ol tbo Confeder
ate troops wounded. 'ri
( Tbo steamer named on ono went to unanda
lier Island, twelve miles from the batteries.
From Missouri.
JirmsoN Cm. July 15. Ia oonseanenosot
lnformstioo having reacbei here from Tipton,
that a secession ioroo was gktheriDK there, a
detachment wai seat there Irom hero by train
this p.n. iM.' h " i'i .
. It is ramored tnat mere is considerable ao-
tivltj among the oeoessloDlsts throughout tbe
countrj above here, it is supposed thev are
leavlns to tola tne oiaoreni leaders, it is re
ported that many have gone from the opposite
side of tbo tlver,to join Harris In the oouthero
part oi ueuowey oounty. .. w , .....
Th faniM above here have been destroyed
orUken ponosBlon of by U, 8. troops. Tbo
telegraph, wires are iull flown west of Boooo
vlile and. SOBVB ot.Diraeose, aaa are cot au
most dailv between these two points. .'
Col. McNelh with a battallot of the 3d Rcr
ment of tho Reserve Corps, arrived here from
Bt. Lome bv speolal tram at oneir; m. otm
- Col. MoNelU's oommand orossed. into1 CallO
Wat oountv this afternoon.
Col. Smith's Missouri Zouaves and a battalion
of Boernsteln's regiment under Lieut Colonel
Bensener are also approaoning tne same oouuij,
and tbo 4th Missouri regiment, under tLlsut.
r.r Hatnanaa will anl.l Mim Hnrmnn.
Simultaneously with these movements, tne
Illinois troops nndsr Colonels Smith and Palmer
will approach from tbe east, thus completely
surrounding tbo rebel turees under Harris and
flrflnn. At th same time acoutinc nayties are
marching through tho country on this side of
the river, to clear that section of armed bsnds
and prevent communication between tbe reb
els. ' - , ' v
All auiot here. Tbe Home Guards through
out this vicinity are active and vigilant, and no
apprehensions are felt with reference to the as
sembling of tbe State Convention on Monday
E. J. Donnelly, connected with the quarter
master's department of Saxon's army, returned
here to-day, and has been arrested. He is Im
plloated in tbo first burning of the Osage
Sr. Lnma July 15. Information from Hanni
bal says ex-Senator Green violated his parole
and left for tbo interior, with a band of armed
men. . Iff, ' .
Soma of Col. Steel's command from Bprlng
fleld on the 12th, reached here to-night, and re
port all quiet there. .
Four of SJgel's command, wounded In the
battle at Carthage, have since died, msklcg
total loss of 21. ,
Cant. Conrad's comflanr. left at Neosba oy
Col. Siegel, was surroanded by fifteen hundred
Arkansas cavalry, and given 10 minutes to sur
render. ... .
Gen. Price demanded that they bo delivered
to the Missouri troops, to be shot, which the
Arkansas officers refused.
Their arms and effects were then taken from
them, tho oath administered, and they were
marcheeLout of town under an escort of Arkan
sas troqng, and reached Springfield Thursday
. f rom eight to ten tuousand missouri, uouis-
lana and Kentucky troops were concentrated at
Neosbo. . ' f . i - - r ' t M
The rebels report their loss in tbe battle With
Sigel at 200.
, t he oountry around spring noiu is Bwsrming
with mounted Home Uuards.
Niw Yobk. Julv 15. The Saxonia, from
Southampton on the 4',h, Is signalled.. Her
news Is tbree days later.
The great fire in London was still burning.-
The Patterson family case has been decided.
Tbe appeal was dismissed, end the first judg
ment confirmed. . . . . . . - -
Two Bourbon committees bad been discover
ed at Naples, and 500 muskets seized.
A plot to assassinate Garibaldi had been dis
covered. (. ;
A roval resorint had been sent to the Hunga
rian Diet, In which the address was stigmatized
as disloyal and hostile to the rights of tho
crown. Tho Diet was requested to alter tbe
form and contents of the address. The Diet
will ha dissolved If It refnaes.
Rates of exchange were falling. Consols
heavy at 8989 ' Money, 3939 for
aocount; Erie K. K., receded. ''
Tbe Saxcnla brings $I07,UUU In specie. '
LivxarooL, July 3. Cotton sales Monday
and Tuesday, 45,000 bales, including 24,000 to
peculators snd exporters. Market buoyant.
undergoing a large speculative inquiry, at an
advance of roily and In some instances
and oloses with so advancing tendency.
Advices from Manchester are favorable.
Livispool Breads tuffj steady. Weather
favorable for crops. Wakefield & Naih report
flour steady, with falrdemand at 24s. 6d.28s.
Wheat steady, and prime qualities a abode
dearer; red 9s. Gi.12j.; whits 10s. 6d 13s.
bd. Corn steady, with ratber more doing; yel
low 28(S28i.6d.!' white 31031s. Cd.. .- . . :
Pbovibions. Market generally quiet. Beef
firm. Pork heavy at 'easier, though quotably
unchanged prices. Bacon dull and quotations
almost nominal.
London Monbv Market. Consols closed on
the 3d at 8989 for money and 89 on
ii 1 1 1
'. Chicago, July 15. The Fourth Wisconsin
regiment arrived hero this aiternoon and were
enthuBlasticalv received bv Urge crowds on
thsir line of march through the city to tbe
Michigan Southern Railroad depot, by which
route tbey leave tnis evening ror tne iuisc.
Albany, N. Y July 15. The Military
Board is about furnishing the Government with
lour run neld batteries ot tbe largest size,
which will be forwarded this week.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, July 15.
FLOUR Opened doll with downward tanaaaay, but
a alight decline in freight, Market alosed with mor
steady feeling. Bales . 9.30 barrels at $3 703 85 for
superfln state; 33S4 lOtor extra state; B3tjaV170
superfine western; $ SOm BS for common to medium
extra western; 04 603)4 75 for shipping brand asats
round hoop Ohio; 04 WAS for trad brand. Qanailiau
flour only a moderate business doing at abMl previous
prices. Bale of 700 kbla at 03 403 44 for lupernna;
f 3 V3a7 ror common to enoic extra . ;., i .
Kin yiiuuti Btrauy at it ii.
CORN MBalr-Bteady; aaln of 4,500 bbts Brandy-
wine at 03 05. , ... ,
WHIBB.Y Demand good and market flrmr sales of
700 barrels and 10,500 casks drudga for future delivery
wheat wood sound ipMcgwneatmay be quoted a
shads firmer while there Is no important chine m all
other descriptions. Market doted with a little more
steady reeling owing to a aiignt sownwara teadsncy in
freights, bale ot 44,000 bushsla Ohioago iprlag at 68
83j; 0,000 bushels north-western club at 85c; 19,800
bushels Racine sorrnr at SO&iKo: 8.000 bushels Missouri
spring at 05; SS.000 Milwaukee olub at 83a)9uo 33,000
busne la amber lowa at V3(aiiac; iit.euu busneis winter
red Wisconsin atl 07(1 10; 10,300 bushels whit WIs
eOBSta) 1190)1 18. ---f .
RYI Bteady; nles Of 5.GQ0 bushela western at 45
6)50o; state 6668o. " .
BAKLBX ANO BARLRT SALT uontinuea dull and
nominal and unchanged, i , v ??$ i ' ' i
CORN Hal declined anodt lo per bushel with a mod
erate business doing for export and bom consumpUon.
Bales of 840,000 bush at 37ttS40o for unsound new mix
ed western; 4244o for sound do; 47347X0 for west
ern yellow. -
OAi'a la moderate reauest at S6a30a for western
end Canadian; 30$31o far stats. I .
rORR. Dull and aomewhat unsettled. Bales of S50
bbls at 0 15 7518 for mssa lOSloita for prime; and
ia 50 for clear.
BKEF Dull but D rices without lmnortant ehanire.
Small sales at t4xs4 50 for nrlme; 053)5 50 for mess: 08
(S10 50 for packed mess; 1 10 KKatll SO for extra
mes. rnm mess beer quit and nominally same.
BEEF HaMS-In aoUr demand at C19 S02114.
OUT MEATS Rules aulat: sales f 1U.0S0 S,sofdrv
salted hams at 6c; th rang 4X5Xc for aho.mders and
o)i lornams. ...
uauun ouit ana ancnanied. '
LARD Continues ateadr. Bala of S3n hhla m.t 8
0B9e. -
BUTTER Bell na at 6SB12a for Ohio and RH13fnr
Btate; iio ror ueiawara and orange county.
una noain smtnin rsasni it saa .:
COFPliK Still oontlnuae active aad market daeMedl
firm. Bales 0( 3 550 bus of Rla at llVr&Mw- sso
bags of Maralcabo at private terms; 300 bags of Laguira
pars as i?g. "f ' - . ?..?,
BUttAR Raw Without essential ehanM In n rices:
there Is little mor doing, with sales of 1464hhdsof
yuDa m xw aoxas of Havana at 7X1 0 hada
' MOLASBKdQnlet and unchanged. Bales of 5fl this
uuna eiusoovadoiM;)ahhdsPortoRkates97o.
. BTD0K8 Ar asain batter. Ohlaam Jt Badk Island.
41; Cleveland and Toledo. 58: Oalana and Chicago.
WXf Illinois Central idrlD. 69: Panama. 110: Ulchlran
nnitnern, it;: anoaitaa Ventral, W Beading, 97;
, ; bis-
47V: U. B
1: roistered.
j on, coupons, oof . -; ) i j
NEW YORK, July 15.
In loans 0310.874; eaareas la soeci OS13.'
iou; uo in circmauea f joo,iuuj a ia oeposita fi.aw,
Cincinnati Market.
Salaaof Bueerand 0ffe oontlnu
be lira, aad price hav itill aa tmprovlas tandoncy.
Bomo of th Oroosr ar Indifferent .about lupplyiag
mor than tbeir regular trade, as they tl lonaaaui
tin uiiusrpnosa. i ., .
IVOUft Market wasasain daU toay, out no can'
aasslona ar proposed from th fix-are emoted ycattrdey.
,- it nm At is tui vary ipsnngiy onsraa, an is taan
leaany as (us tor smoj esiwo t( rr 411a. ., u
OiT B Ar mr first, aad kW anally at S(o..
BARLBT and KYBAr unchanged.
tVUla KI Waa nut an to 13o to day. but doei not
strong ,.i ,. ; t
I , - - . vommcntu.
CLEVELAND, July 13, 1861.
TLOCft-Bales ot (0 bbls Iadlaaa white wheat double
extra at 03 38, and 40 bbls doable extra at 04 S3.
WHK AT Inaottv bat steady, with sale ot one ear
Bxc on tract, and one do from awr at Wo. I .1, 1 1 .
1 CORN Bale of ofi oar on track at So.
Nothlag doing la other artloles. Market generally
active ana aucuangei.
Philadelphia Market.
fLOTJtt Doll: North-western euperano 11 extra to
lamiiy w . i i
WBRAT Eeoelnts moderate. Bales of led at II 1!
1 11; Whit l itnail us.
COBN ror sound at yaraojo, and anoat ror western
mixed tKsauo. . ' r ' -
BAGOBD HAM88X0. ' , . ..
WHIBKY-Dull at 10i16fa. .
' '
Buffalo Market.
BUFFALO, July 15.
FLOUtt Market Unchanged.
' WHEAT Holders ar firm, and parties report salsa f
14,000 ba Hllwaake olub at 7 to; 9,tuu on unicago epilog
etTSe. .
CORN Markit closed dull; sales of tw.iiov truitieii at
Sc. ' ' 'i
OATB-Ia good demand: sales or tu.uuu cuineis at
S3a. . . '.-. '
Other grains quiet. '
An experienced Nurse and Female Physician, prevents
to in attention oi meuwn, aer - "
which greatly facilitates the pros of teething, by soft-
aning the gums, reducing all mflammatUnrHWlll allay
ALL PAIN and spasmodic action, aad la
Depend upon It, mothers, It wilt give rest to yourselves
We have put up and sold this article for over tm yean,
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They are delightful to the taste.
Tbey are made of simple herbs and cannot
bsrm any one.
' ' ' ' k
I ajvlie every one who has a Cough or a husky Voles
or a Bid Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to set
s paclag of my Throat Confections; they will relieve
yon Instantly, and you will agree with m tbat "they
go right to the spot." Yoa will find them very aseful
and pleasant while traveling or attending public meet
Ings for lUlllng your Cough or allaying your thirst If
yoa try oaa packags, I am sat In laying that you will
vr afterwards consider them indispensable.
Yoa will find them at tha Druggists and Dealers In
MedloJnes. , '
PRI01 ' ' -'.
Jfy signature Is cn each package. AU others ar
A packag will be sent Ly mall, prepii J, on rsciipt of
thirty Ointi.
Address, ' '
. Henry C. Spalding,
' . ' ' ''' NEW YORK. :
By the oaa of these Pills th periodic attacks ot Jier-
eous or Sick Htadaah maybe prevented; and If taken
at the oommenoement of an attack immediate relief from. .
pain and sickness will beebtainad.
They seldom fall In removing the Xavua and
ocAi to which females are so subject.
They act gently upon the bowels removing Oottin
lot UUrary Jfan, fjtu&mt. Delicate Female
and all parsoat of ndtmtaty Habiti, they are value
as a LaasaUv4, Improving tb apptlti; giving ton
ttgir to the digestive organs, and restoring the natur
elasticity and strength of the whole system.
.TBS CXPBAI.I0 PELLS ar th result of long lures
tigaUon and carefully eondneted axparlmenta, having
been In as many year, during which time tbey have
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffer
big from Headache, whether originating in the itsrvoti
system or from a deranged state of the ttomach.
Tbey are entirely vegetable In their composition, an
may be taken at all timet with perfect safely without
making any change of diet, and th atuno of any
dltagrttabU tatt rmt&ert it aty to adminUftr tm
cAWren. . .
enulne hav five ilgnatrues of Henry 0 Ipaldlng
on each Box. '
Bold by Druggists and all other Dealers In Medicines.
A Box will b aant by malli prepaid, oa receipt of th
PrlQOi BS Cents. . r
An orden should be addressed ta-
48 Cedar Street, New fork.
From the Examiner, Korfo lk, Va., '
Cephalic Pills aooompllah the object for which, they
were made, via.: Cure of headache tn all Its form.
from the Examiner, Norfolk, Va.
They have keen tested In more than a thousand cases ',
with entire 1
1 from the Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn.
If' too ar. or Ban been, troubled with the headaeba .
send fur a box, (Cephalic fills,) a that you may hav
tberalnoaaaoianatiacK. , . :...,
f f ; From th Advartlaar, ProvWenoa, R. I.
Tbe Oenhallo Pills are aald tn be s remarkably effective
remedy for tha aeadaahe, aad on of th very best tor .
that very frequent .camp lain (.which .baa ven been idit-w
bovreu. . ' 1
., ...... , " -!.r , y a
from the Western R. K. OaseUe, Ohioago, III.
"We heartily endorse Mr. Bpanlding, and bis onrltalec
Cephalio Pills. .1
: from the Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Va. .
We are tur that persons suffering with the headacW '
who try them, will stick to them. .
lrom the Southsni Path finder, New Orleans, La. " ";'
. Try theml yoa that an afflicted, aad w ar sure that '
our testimony can be added to the already numerous
list tbat has received beneuta tbat no other pudictne can. ,
produoe. -' '-' J '"
' i ' rt.'lM'r rr-
fiom tbe St, Louis Democrat,
The Immense demand ff th article Cephallo Pills
is rapidly Increasing. 4 '
rrom She Oaett, Davenport. Iowa;'!-. ' ff
Mr. Spalding would not connect hla name with aa ar
ticle he did not ttxm to p oasaas real merit, ; ' ;i , . f
.OLDO will aav tsa tfane Its cost annually .-mm.,
I sPALDiSGla raEPAatkl) aiviVTlA
t ."- BATI THI niOlSt -
..: 100NOMT.1 it-.i,; t r . JDMPATOHl
" j EP"A STrrosi in Tun BAvaa.Nupj.''jrj .,. f
AaacskasntB will happsn, eraa m wall regulate far, . (
Hies, It la very aeaUmbla to have- soma hiuf aud con,
vaniant way tec icpatriag f ami tur, . Toys, Crockery
""t - . . BPALDINa'BPBBPABBDCllCl .. '
meeta all lach eanergeaeie, and a boaMbold oaa afford
tab without It. It Ualwaya ready, anO opts tbaitkk
f"'1" 'tJSBr UL lit BVSM BOTOaV.c .-" V.
t ,n. Alraih aeoompanlel sack OottleJ ,
eSatS." ... .. Adarasa, -
. " n ni. n ... m r m .... . ra...
No. 48, Oedar Wreet, New Turk.
' eAOTiOiT.'-'! . - -''t'l
As ewrtala aspriaeipled pessou ar attempting 't
on tn amuapatting puaii, imitauon ot m
iH9 ttLDB, I wrald oantloa all p. raocs to
lailns bcfrir purohasing, and ae that the full nitma, ...
en the outside wrapper; all others ar swindling eoa
terfelts, oov

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