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Rail Road Time Table.
Lttd Hum OeuMana at Xmu. & Bt J; '3 'i
-. '.--' Leave. ArrlTM
fllnKlnnlU AwunflXVt.Hnn. K:M A. Mr- . 0:10 P. M
Biprem....,..ll:40 A. M. 11MI3A.M
Mail and Accommodation.. :N f. af- ' " M
NlihtKxoreie leDavton.l2:e midnight. .3:90 A. M
- Jho. W- pogrtTT, Agent.
OoumsDstt Cuvbuxb B. . i ....( i
Might Bxpreoe ....... A- M. 11:1S P. M
M. vr it.nMii... 11:10 A. U . 10:50 A.M.
O.O.iO. Way lxtreii. P.M' -7:40 P. M
JiM Patt-thio, Agent.
OxntbaiOhvo B.
Mo. 3 Bxprass.
5:30 A. M. 11:5 A. M
8:15 P.M. 11:45 A. M
Mo. 5 do ... ....
. W. J. Vox, Agent.
; Pittudksb, Ou'tPbsos OiacinaaTi B. K. i .-. ... .
af HI Train ............ SSOAiK. JI M A. at
Bxprees Train 1U5A.M. 8:43 P. M
. -j Jos. Bostasoa, Agent.
CoLumoi fc InDiAKoroua, B. B.
No. 1 Express 6:30 A. If. 8:00 P. M
No. 8 " 3:00 P. U. 6.45 P. H.
Accommodation 10:50 A. 11.
, '., ', ,'' ' 0. W. Burin, Agent,
The Adams Express Company place us dally
uoder obligations to It for the very latest papers
I rom the eastern cities. 1 1 '
The American Express Company hag oar
thanks lor its daily tavora tu ma soape oi we
very latest eastern papers. ...
County Cintial Comhittii . The following
persona compose the Democratic Central Com
mlttee (or this county: W. H. Miller, Jacob
Reinhard, Samuel Doyle, Wm. Domlgan and
Russell Pickerill, of Columbus; Wm. Cooper,
Blendon; John M. Pugta, Montgomery; Hoeea
S. High, Brown; James Horlocker, Mifflin) Al
exander Thompson, Washington, and Joseph
Bahlen, Jackson." ''
Township and Citt Ckntbal' Comiimc.
The following persons compose the Democratic
Central Committee for tbla city and township:
First Ward E. P. Belleri Second Ward John
W. Thomnum Third Ward D. W. Brooks:
r . i ... rl rl W T7 t YTT . T .
ronnn rvarao.u. rosier; ruin rrara jonn
Rfleder; Township John M. Pogh. ..
Ducharoed. Two soldiers, John C.Ed
- waids and John M, MiquAiT,both of McCon
'. nelsvllle, Morgan county, and both belonging
to Company G, Capt. Riobabo Gseen, of the
..Twenty-fifth Regiment, at Camp Chase, were
yesterday discharged from the service by Judge
.'"Albirt, on aaoras ru. The discbarge waa
made on toe same ground aa in tne oaae oi
Bbadt, reported In yesterday's Statuman, name
ly, that the soldiers being minors, bad enlisted
without the consent of parents or guardians.
mi it
I O" Last evening, aaya the Dayton Empire, oi
the 13th Inst., a gentleman was standing at the
corner of Ludlow and Sixth streets, looking at
the passing trains, when a stranger who seemed
also to be a looker on, remarked that some one
bad attempted to pick bis pocket, In the depot,
Just a few minutes previous. This remark led
to an interesting conversation about the skill
with which the "chevaliers d' Industrie" opera
ted. No. 3 then essayed to show No. 1 bow
the fellow tried to operate on his pockej, merely
to give him "an Idea' bow it was done! A few
minutes afterward tbe parties were separated,
when No. 1 discovered that No. 2 bad really re
lieved bim of bis wallet, containing nearly $10!
A smooth operation that.
. ST Governor Dinnison baa appointed A.
McDowill' McCooa, of the First Ohio Regi
ment of three months' men, Colonel of three
years' regiment. Col. McCook has accepted,
nd has been Instructed to recruit bis regiment
from among the soldiers of the First and Sec
ond Ohio at Camp Union. ' ..!..,
! m m
O" The four regiments at Camp Chase bave
been uniformed by tbe State authorities. They
will be immediately armed and equipped by tbe
United States. It is probable that three of the
, regiments may be forthwith ordered to the seat
of war. Tbe four regiments bave been under
excellent drill, and are composed of Bret rate
material. - . '
; ET The hotels at Saratoga are in the full
tide of successful operation. Tbe number of
rrivala thus early fully equals those! of any
preceding year, . . - i j j 'J; tfj
STThe lady principal of a school, invher
advertisement, mentioned her fsmala assistant,
and tbe "reputation for teaobing which she
bears;" but the printer careless fellow left
out the "which," so the advertisement went
forth, commending the lady's "reputation for
teachingahe bears.", . .' ; "
O We may as well auctioneer off the comet.
It is going! going! and soon It will be gone!
We should like to have It decided, before It
leaves, whether It has ever before appeared to
the Inhabitants of the earth, or is aa entire
stranger V, Messrs'. Astronomers, please hurry
up your ealonlatlons. 'i' ;
' ID Odd Fellows' Pionlo 'at Brush take to
day. Cars start this morting At 7:.45.v ,-
tT II. B. CoamoTON, lato AdjuUnt General
of Ohio, hai an QlHce ' In, the! Broadway. .Hotel
building, at which he Is enlisting recruits for
tbe regiment f' which he has beeq appointed
M fi "
:.:( tt:ntn vj
UT It Is aDOonnosd tha R. P. L. Baiia Yu
declined the Coninkhip to Matanias, Cuba. '1 .,
BT Col. ' Wn.mcH's' Regiment, recently at
Camp Clay, and now at Camp Deoaison, sum:
bers eight liupdred abi seTentew.4,'!.-'
i 'i mi m ' mm i mi u .-It .-.-
BT B. F: Cowan, late Clerk of the House of
Kepresentativss, having been appointed Fay-
master In th U. S. .A(my, hal resigned bll pe
tition u Assistant Commissary; at Bellilre. .-
ST Yesterday few prUoners of war)' eaptuir'
ed near PatkerVbori:, Ya.'.'f ero.hronght to this
city by k detachment of the Seventeenth Indi
ana Reglmehtj'rhy' iters',, peered; id Cip
Chase. -( tin h--aut Jamt;. t it frit IIj
tr An election for isstloa of the reaoe for
Montgomery tpwnsbJp, jrlll bj held oii'Monday,
AngUSt 6, lB61jii.Tilrtnia w vij .i-rf-Kt it,:n-i
WANTSD-iO.OOO Oaetomam to aoy 15 cent ArnVro
trpeeatAUWIII'SOliAaUxrotxpa Boom, No.
WAHtID 109,000 OriHoanre to buy 8S 001 Ambrer
eypta at M. WITT Cheap Ambrolyp Boom,
Blgh etreal, 4 door Mortb M Hw ajaerkaar Hotel, Oo-
WAWtll--l,MO,"eo Onktoaan at I.fmi floe
Art Pbetogmph Oallery, to brro rholDfrapka
mado,titireoloredorplaln,f alleiaee. Iaahart.ail
kinds of Bollograpos made anywhere aad la tbe beet
style of Sh art. -wt ... ...
High etre,4 eooif HofHt el the AaMrleaa Hotel,
VX7A"TID 10,000,000 0atOnt toturre Oard Fkoto.
TV grapheaudotall length orslaipta baeea, at H.
Wltre rise Art Photngnph Gallery, 4 aeon Mortal
lb Amerloea Hotel. Colmabnt. Ohio. -
' - - . , , - ... i
-nLAoat aTRAr bokneti an n EiW
J VA JUMteas, Is great variety at B AIM'S,
Bv. 89, Blgk street.
sfalls for Now York Oltr. Bootoa, Altaar. lufhUe,
riutonrgn, BieabonTllie way, VMTOlaod, KaaefTlus,
Newark, OranTille, Waablngtoa Oltr, Baltimore, Phila
delphia and Mew Orleaaa. eloeo dailr (8undaa ezoenU
ed) at 8 o'slook p. m. ' v - ,
AUirouih Bull tot Btew TorkanS fllmehl alauo
any isanaaye excepted) at a o'clock p.m.
' O. 0. At 0. B. . W MallcloMa dall Rnnilin irt-
oepted) at 8 o'clock p. ; : i i ,
Oevitm Ohio Waj ifall clofeidallr (gnndayt eteepted)
at 10 o'alook a. at. . . ., .
OloelttuU Way ttalleloies lally (BundariexeetUdJ'ai
, oloaka.m. ' ' ,-
Ohfc&vo. Boboane. Dtlinn. Marlon unit Wnrthlni
toavAlalli elutes fltllp JBondaya weepted) at o'lk
uani rorzenla, Springfield, Sajrtoa, Toledo, Clnoln-
BatL iDdianiDolll. Lnnlivlll. lit. Ijnnla. and DatrolL
doeeo del It (Sundan exoented) at e o'olook p. m. -
A through audi to Xoaw, Bprtnrneld and OlnelanaU
slum aaiv (Bandars excepted) at iv o'eiocx a. a. -
Urbana, Plqoa, Tlffla and Uaioa Oily anil lfes dallf
(Baadayi exoepted) at 8 o'clock p. at. -. i
Lanearter, iotao, NolaoDTlUe, OiKlerllUi Oallllootho,
. uriMjuuui, fTuuiDzion v. o.. Aiucma, Auirita ana
BIILtboronih auila oloee dallf (inadafa ecosptod) at 8
o'clock p. a.
laat Warlfall b Hatlonal Soad ta Zananllle aloui
aaiijr (Boadaji excepted) at u o'clock . - -fiarrlabargh
Hail oloeee dally (dundayi excepted) at 9
o'olock p. m. - - s . . ,
Aft. Vernon af all, by way of Weeterrllle and Suabuiy,
oloeee dally (Sunday excepted) at 8 o'elook p. m.
vuoiiu ataii oioeea aaiiyiBunoayi exceptcujat x o clock
tanouter Way Mail cloies dallv fBnndava exaanladl at
llalla from New Tork. Bnatnn. whllaitololiiL nnff.Ln
Albaay.Plttebarah.OleTalaad. Datan. Tolad. Zania.
wmwii vpruiguom, viacinaaLl, VU1I1IOOU10, DC. JjOttli,
and all 8outhern oitles, arrlr between the koars of 8
o clock p.m. and 4 o'olock a. m. -
alalia from Indumanolle. Ohlcaxt and Ttnlmnaa int..
tiA.ul. 0-i .-II r i . t m . , . ,. . - . '
at 3:40 a. at. '-.-.
klalU from Waihlngton City, Baltimore, Wheeling,
ZaneerUle, Newark, Bteabenrllle, kit. Vernon, and the
0. 0. B. B. Way Hall, anire at 19 o'clock m.
way Bui rrom uincuvnati arrives at 3 o'clock p.m.
Lanoaater Uall arriTei at9 o'clock p. m.
Beat Way Malt over the National Boad arrives at II
'clock a.m. '' " ' i i- i . , . ...
Mt. Vernon Way Hall arrives at 11:00 a.' "."'
Mall from Dnblin arrives at 18 o'olook m.- J" '' 1
Drtmia Way Mall aniree at 9 o'olock p. nt . ' '''( 1 1 '
Harrlibargh Mall arrlTos at 11 o'olock ." "
Iianoaater Way Mall arrivea at 13 o'elook m. " 1 '
Offlo deUvery open orcry day (exoept Sunday) from
o'olook a. m. to 8 o'elook d. m. Oixn on limlni
from m to 8 o'olook in tbe morn Inf. ana from S to B
clock In the ereulnf. ...
Dispatches from Washington.
Dispatches from Washington. [To the Associated Press.]
Washington, July 15. Tba President has
approved the force bill, .ft t a a t ;
The reign of terror in London county, Vs.,'
is at its hight. Tbe citizens were told to be
eady to-day to be dratted Into tbe service and
marched to Manassas Junction '. ', Twelve Union
lata fled from Waterford and are now In our
lines. They report forty more coming at the
first opportunity, i -
The Secretary of State has made a reclama
tion on the Spanish . Government lor the sur
render Of the American veaaels carried Into
Clenfuegos by the Sumter, and there Is no doubt
oi their immediate release with their cargoes,
and of the prohibition of the entrance of tha
Confederate privateers Into West India ' ports
nereafter. , . ,
It is ascertained that the Spanish proclama
tion whioh has been reoeived, had not at the
time been received in Cuba. V , 1
Frank Fuller, of Portsmouth, has been con
firmed Secretary to Utah Territory.' k' .
Tbe tariff bill will bo considered in the House
to-morrow. It is said the 'Iron duties will be
unchanged, .. ,:; ,
HTbe Loan bill has passed both Houses. It
only waita the President's approval. '
lien. Mcuoweirs army doubtless commenced
forward movement this evening.' ' He bas
now nity lull regiments, each one thousand
strong, also twenty-five hundred regulars, six
nunarea marines, two inn batteriee ot light ar
tillery, ice. Gen. Scott and staff visited tbe
troops on the Virginia aide to-day.. " ," ;
[Tribune Special.]
Stevens, of WashlDrton' Territory,
arrived bers this morning. Jle comes to offer
bis services to the (Government to a military
capacity, He was formerly In the United
States army.'." ' ' ' ' '. .1 '
We learn from Kicbraond, via Charleston,
that Jeff. Davis has ordered Col. Bowman and
another prisoner of war into custody, and, has
given notice to the Government that If any barm
is done to any one of tbe pirates of the Savan
nah, it will be followed by retaliation, even to
[World's Special.]
It la feared that the enemy will cress In boats
to destroy the Government property at Great
Falls.. r ..." .'lV-t Ij.'-f u
Another contraband came Into tbe Second
Ohio Regiment thia afternoon from Fairfax.
He states the rebels sre all packed up at Fair
fax to day, and ready to retreat to) JVtaAaesai at
any moment. 'There are .five regiments there.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
The British Consul at Richmond has laid be
fore Lord Lyons official documents respecting
recent cases where the blockade of the Chesa
peake had been broken by private individuals,
by permission of the Govrm man t. :-'
Lord Lyons, it is understood, has called the at
tentlon of the Government to these facts, and
requests an explanation. ( The questions Involv
ed are of importance. ' '
It appears tbat tbe British agents at tha sev
eral ports at the south are keeping tbe most
vigilant watcn for reopening tbe blockaded ports.
and intend to give, us trouble whenever sn op
portunity may oconf, j( ,? i: ; i j
[Times Dispatch.]
Gen. Batlsr Is represented as having come
Into conflict with the officers at tbe tort, and to
have made his grievances the subject of com
munication to the War Department. 1
J he last dispatches reoeived by the Uexioan
LeeaUon, announce the death of Ooampo aad
Gem Degollado, .two of the most illustrious
men in Mexico. ,'- ! ,.'.;,'-.";,
[Special to the Post.]
The committee "of
Ways and Means will probably fix a duty of 10
cents per pound on teas of all kinds; 4 cents on
coffee; cents on luge." No preposition for
tne reauouoB ot duueaon iron or steel is likely
to succeed. Probably an income tax will be rec
ommended. iv.n,i ,i H',, . , if
As soon as tbe recent seizures bv the- priva
teers. Jeff. Davla and Sumter became known,
the'; Navy Department' leaned orders to the
Federal vessels at New 'York; Boston 'and
Hampton Roads, to noosed without delay In
Simula of them and all similar oraftj t An ef
clal, letter from Pickens, received this morn
Injn mentions that the Niagara has departed on
fika errand,
Dr. John Julius Guthrie of North Carolina.
baying refused to obey orders assigned him to
do. duty, baa been dismissed room the
[Special to Commercial.]
- Washinotoh, July lCr-The Rlohmond Whig
has an offiolal announcement to the effect that
the. flig of truce brought by Col. Taylor ta
Washington bad reference to .the exchange oi
tbe prisoners eaotured on tbe Savannah,
. A .flag of trace dispatched for m purpose so
aowvawas oi course )uiuy disregarded, v""
A naval militia is to be axtemoorlzed for'aar
vice at sea, for sweeping the ocean of privateers.
or ior DiooaaiiiDg purposes.
Gov. Hicks Roughly Handled.
July 15. It appears that theru
mored assassination of Gar. Hicks at Cam-
h.M..'.w. fmnm tha Inline jt 1. 1 . .
.. It appears thai' en Friday Algol som'i ttou'bla
arose between the Union men aad tba seoaatlon-
lartsjai upoS tba- Cambridge dock, and the Gov
ernor Interfertig tt quell the dle$uiblne4;tfe
rosgbly bandied by tne rapeia. ue escaped from
the scrlmage without serious Injury. At tbe
request of - tha Govenw tha Union troopt'oo
eupitd the town during tha. night, and escorted
his Excellency to Aanapolis, and thence to Bal
timore. v ?' A
I Aidtspateh trarA ILuftlisBnrg aaya all is quiet
there. Atteok la not expeeted; no
Several newspaper aorrespeadenta arlo the
guard bouse, by ratterson's order. n -! -
,vGpy. Hick? aryiyed hero thle morning.
Flora Temple Benton by Ethan Allen.
. Nkw -Yoaatf July 18-CaptBarry's battery
of flying artillery fronv Jkeoa ha gone to
Washington. .X-via etA,
1 TfceVacabettesnflrjrsrTeiTpltaei -Ethan
Alien' nd tnkte Teaterday, -waa WW by Alloa
and tnau In three straight licaUi' ' Tlmotnpre-
Mkki44l A (t AnJ 001 .Mr" ;"
r mm ,i , , ... .
m'ua ilnNKOk, July 15. Tha court mar
tlal held oft Cok Alleff, adjourned Saturday
awe ate. . I,...
Flora Temple Benton by Ethan Allen. Thirty-seventh Congress--Extra Session.
.T. i-Mr; Buarnar breeented a petition for the ab-
ouuoa of Harti tat the BoQthern Blalot, rom unending
suoh owneei of atavee. as any do impovoriauaa tatraiy,
r.. u. iaunrw at rka TJnltad States. . .. 1 -1
a patltlon waepresentoa froa At. 0. Boborti, uklng
pannentfaf the Btaroi the Wail, MSI to um uorern
Mr. Mnlkm ml offorei a itaolutloB, In regard to the
Paolflc Ballroad helag tade a Bllltarr road,an4 botoiI
that the iutleet e referroA to a eeleot oonuoitteo of
Are.' . v ...
Mr. Latham saM he had a but prepared on tne I ob
ject. . v ' ' f !.( '.v ,; ,,,
Mr. Bumnertatroduoed bllll fof the eon nacelles of
Dmnorhr la tha rebel States. . .. -
xne reeomuon approving oi mo acta ot wo jriewieni
wastaxanap. -;r.' -'.
Mr. BreoklnrUgo nroeeeded to Speak at length In op
pooltlon to the reeolutloD. ' '
air. BrooainndgonnuneaBisepoecBon aiaruo nu
a. . The eubjeot is poatponed until Thursday, .
Tha Naral AooroDrlation bill wu taken up.
The amendment about Btevene's floating battery wai
dlaagraedlo. The bill thea passed. Adonmea.
Bom. Mr. Waehbarna. front the oommlttes oa Com
moree. (aid ther were ready to report oa the resolution
for elearint the seae of pirates and making the blockade
Kore eOeetual; and as there was Immediate neoenitjr for
its paeeaxe. as hoped mo Jtiouie would proceed to con
sider tte uee. ' -
Mr. BiBtban. from the committee on the Judiciary,
Introduced a bill nrorldlnf for the euppreeaioa of the re
bellion egalneti the Ooremment and raiiitancs to the
laws of the Doited States. The President la authorlt ed
ta call out the militia for these purpoeee . Their oontin.
aanos In service la not to extend beyond sixty days after
the oomaeneomont or the regular seiilon of Oongreos.
anleea the latter ahall etherwUe direct. The militia are
lobe entitled to the same pay and rations as the regular
semoe. i ...
Tbe bill passer under operation of the preTlous que
lion, almost unanimously.
. Mr. Blair, from the committee on Military Attain,
ported back tha Sonata's bill, authorliiag the freotdent
to accept me eorrioes oi auu.uuu roiunteere to aid in the
enforcement of the laws and protection of pnblie prop
erty. Be propoted for it a substitute similar to the bill
previously reported. Among several other additions
and provisos, is ons whloh atlowe the Freiidea t to select
the Major and Brigadier Oenerals from the line of tbe
army to command the volunteers. These officers are to
assume their former eommands on the expiration of the
The bill nailed. .
' Mr. Slovene, from the committee on Ways and Means,
reported the Sonata's amendment to the loan bill, which.
on their recommendation, were all concurred in.
Mr. Wright introduced a bill anthoritlng thegacretarT
of tha Treasury to Iseus exchange bllll to the amount of
8iou.ow.vuu.. Herenea to the committee on Ways and
Mr. Badrawlck front the n aval committee resorted
with an amendment, the Senate bill authorizing the Sec
retary of the Nary to alter and regalale the navy ra
Alio the Senate bill crovidloi for the aonolntment of
AJiiiiant jraymaater in ins nary.
. Also the Senate bill with amendments, flxlnr the 30th
of June last, as the data whoa the sloop of War founder
ed at lea, and providing for the relief of the widows and
rpnane or tnoee ion. . .
The three above mentioned bills were passed .
Twenty thousand conies of the obituary delivered on
the death of Benator Souglae were ordered to be printed.
On motion of Mr. Xdwards. the following waa unani
mously adopted :
netonta. That tne menus of this uouee be presented
to Major General McOlellan and the oCfloers and soldiers
of hie command for tbe seriee of brilliant and deeltlre
Victories which they have by their skill and brarery
achieved over tne rebels and traitors In tbs army, on the
battle Slide of Western Virginia.
The House, in committee of the Whole, oonsldered the
bill to Inoreaie tha efficiency of the volunteer force of
tne united stales
Mr. Blair explained Its nroriiona. when Mr. Bnrnatt
sddresied the oommlttes for sn hour In vindication of
tbs seceded States, and In condemnation of the warlike
acts of the Administration. Ho protected against the
violation of the oath to support the Oonitltntlon of the
United States by the President, whom ho charged with
having murpad authority in varioue quarters. He con
cluded by advocating a peaseful solution of our Dreamt
The kill to tneroaoa the efficiency of the yoluntaar
forces was then pasted, and tbs House adjourned.
From Louisville and the South.
LouisviLLf, July 16. The threatened dis
turbance at tbe Louisville and Nashville Rail,
road depot, last night, in consequence of the
seizure of a trunk of Hardee's Tactics, was
quelled by the presence ef armed men, who
volunteered to assist in carrying out the orders
of Surveyor Cotton.
: Capt. Trabuo shot Cant. C. L. Thompson, at
camp Jo Holt, on the Indiana side of the Ohio
river, this afternoon: Tbe wound waa alight.
They were each Captains of companies in Gen.
Roseeau's Kentucky Brigade, and the difficulty
arose from some of Trabue'a men going into
Thompson's company. - Trabus was arrested,
and taken to the Indiana Penitentiary at Jeffer.
The Portsmouth Virginia correspondent of the
Richmond Examiner says the first rifled oannon
wu turned out at the navy yard yesterday, and
in a few days they would be able to supply long
range cannon to the Confederacy aa fast aa
wanted. ' '
, The Galveston Civilian aaya the blockade of
that port was rendered complete on the 2d pf
Juiy, oy tne arrival ot tne United States steam
er South Carolina, Caps. Alden.- She had cap
tured the sloops Quit, Sharp, Falcon, and two
others. .
Ex-Congressman Jewett,' died at Shelbyville
on the 14th. . ,
A speoial dispatoh to the New Orleans Pica-
ynne from Fairfax says, that by a mistake on
tne 4th of July South Carolina and Virginia de
tachments had a rencontre, and killed two and
wounded one Virginian. '
i The Angnsta (Ga.) Constitutionalist of Ju
ly 9, notioing the visit from ex Governor More
bead,' says Morebead states that an overwhelm
ing majority of the people of Kentucky are at
neart in lavor oi uniting tneir destinies with
the Confederate States i but that local influen
ces, wielded by the enemy, and a deflolenoy of
arms,' place . Kentucky under temporary re
straints. .-i. ..'
The volunteers for the Confederate armv
woo nan ten ior vamp coon, near tne northern
line of . Tennessee, are returning daily, In con
siderable numbers, disaffected with the work
t (,.., . .. ..
assigned them and disgusted with their fare;
and a large portion of them say they don't want
to near anything more about Jeff Davis and
the Southern Confederacy. - t..-;
aaaaaaaaaaaSaaaBBaai aa.aiaaH.aaalBKaBaaaBaaBaaaaaaamaa.aHi 1
From Missouri.
' JgrraasoM CrrVk July 16. Tha detachment
from here returned from Tipton at 9 o'clock
last nlRhtr- They aurrounded the town and ar
rested 18 secessionists and brought them here.
e. j. iMnneuy leit for at. Louis by train at
12 o'olook, under guard. j
A prominent oltizen of Pettis county arrived
this morning, and reports that 400 secessionists
had assembled near Georgetown, aad had three
pieces of artillery; There are constant acces
sions to their numbers. . , - ,.
'Jirrxasoif City, July 16. The mail carrier
reports that Major Harris, with a force of over
three thousand men, was at Wood's Springs,
twelve miles beyond Fulton, on the Mexico
road, at 11 o'clock this morning. ,
Uoionei McNeil arrived a Mew BIoomQold
at noon to-day, and expected to reach Fulton to
night. .,'(, . . . .;, , . , ,
I he houses along tbe road were deserted In
ooasequenoe et groundless fears on the part of
thai tiAnnl ' .,
St. Loots,- July 16. "Wash." tha corres
pondent of tbo Anzelger, says Cant. Sweenev's
appointment as Brig. General of tbe St. Louis
Home Guards has never been confirmed by the
uovernmenci ana oraers nave Been issued call
ing him and his company of regulars to join his
regiment tne second v , . itegiment at w aah
tawtotkir-.. ' - 1 1 , .
Respectable authority says Col. Selgel will
oe promoted to a tsngaoier ueneraiatiip. -
A train on tne nortn missonri Koad. convey
Ing a detachment of Col. Smith's Regiment ef
Zouaves, was Bred into yesterday from the
woods skirting tha road, SO miles above St.
Charles, and two troops severely wounded.
bt. lodis, Juiy io. me report that tx-aea-a
tor Green violated parole, is untrue. . . ; .- '
J. W. Tucker, late editor of tbe State Journ
al Is making violent seoession speeches, in the
oonntry. , r . r; . .,,-n- ,
- Col. Stelfel's Sth Regiment reserve corts. ar
rived 'from Lexmgton to-day, reports haying
captured two nunarea legs oi powder, tnirty
three muskets, one oannon, a quantity of ma
chinery for boring, and moulds for casting
oannon, ana a quantity or other contraband ar
ticles. '""- i - " ' - . i -. i -a i ri
' Order have been Issued wohlbiUnii steamers
passing JeffersoB City unless they, have the
Amerioannagnjmg.' ut ; n-cM
.. . a ! i i 'il
ALtxanDttiii 1 July ' 15-Fonr . Connecticut
scoots captured yesterday four secession cay
airy. , u ,. wt vc
There are doubtless a eoupla of thousand
troops stationed at Fairfax, Station .besides the
force at the Court House. ' i -'ti .l
It is stated tha troops at Fairfax- include 100
negroes, beaidee a battalion of 400 ethers in the
vicinity or Manassas.' ' "'.'' 1 . i t
It Is tbe prevalllns opinion of the three months
troops, whose lime Is about up, tbat they will
return narw. j
"'" ' ' 1
From Fortress Monroe.
" FoatMSS MomtoB, July" 15. Mr. Rnaiolf.of
tne iiooaoo- limes, isit cere tor Washington.
He aays tha American camps are worse than
tnose oi tne vrimea.
From Baltimore.
[Special to Herald.]
BaLTitieai. July 16. A small field piece was
seised at tha house of Patrick Bawner. Mar
shal Ksnej'e old office m the City Hall wu again
aeerahed to-dhv. Two One tuias, and a lane
quantity df ship's boarding knives were round
MnceeJed,lnloft- J i ;- . ,
Gov. Hicks and Gen; Banks bad a oonierence
to-day. A men while tumbtog for Jerr. Davis,
ss the soldier were onletly puting, waa Knock.
ad senseless pya pistol in the bands of a police
man. i ' H
Gov. Htoka waa serenaded to nieht.: He ex
pressed list unalterable devotion to tbe Union,
and felt more than ever convinced that Mary
land's only safety wu in the Union. ,
From New York.
New Yosk. July 16-Tbe privateers of the
Dsvannaawiuoe arraiRuea tu-uurrow. T .
A Frenchman la in custody, charged with
serving in. the Confederate army at (he selge of
Banner. , - , i . . i . i
Nc Vox. Inlv 16. The Brig Belear. from
Tampion, reoorts the schooner Ella thence for
new Xork, bad been captured on new uneane
by a privateer. . . . ... , , , .
HauisBuaa. Julv 16. Col. Chas. J. Biddlfl,
commanding the reserve foroetlately enoamped
at Cumberland, occupied New Creek bridge on
Friday, by order of Gen. MoClellan .
Col. Kane of the same brigade, occupied
Piedmont, and Capt. Irwin took bis post at New
ureek village. ,
Tbe enemy DreolDltately retreated on tbe ap
nroach of tbe forces. Cant. Taylor's company
pursued and captured a wagon niieo witn pinn
uvea - . a m . i.
On Monday the enemy attacked Capt. Irwin a
position, but were vigorously repulsed,, leaving
two dead, and carrying away some woonaea.
Arrival of the Hibernian.
FakTHga Point. July 15. The Hibernian bas
arrived, bringing datea from, Liverpool to the
4tb, and Londonderry Sth.
LivcarooL, ' July 6. BreadstuOs market
steady. Wheat mote steady with abetter de
mand. Proviaiona dull. . . . -
London Monet Mauit Friday. Consols
dosed at 89' for money, and 89X89 for
account, i ne bunion in tne &anK or isngiand
decreased 5,720.001.
American stocks at tbe latest dates were, Ill
inois Central 38(338 discount: Eris 21(323
Liviarooi. Cotton Maiarr. July 5. Sales of
the week 156,800 bales, Including sw.UUU to
speculators and exporters. Market active la
both trade and speculation departments, and
American advices per Australian oeuseo aa ad
vance of YA per lb. Sales on Friday of 15,000
bales, including 6,000 to speculators and ex
porters, market closing firm. New Orleans fair
1, do. middling 8Ki Mobile fair 6, mid
dling 8; Uplanda fair b, middling Total
stock in port estimated at 110,000 bales, of which
38,000 are American. .
From Europe and Asia.
Nzw York, July 16. Tbe City of Washing
ton bas arrived, Her news bas been anticipa
ted. The following are the only items of in
terest: " 1 ..;-
An affray occurred at Rome between the peo
ple and the Pontifical gena d'armes. Several
persons were wouna sa
lt was reported that tne r rencn bad evacua
ted Clvlta Vecohla. . - ,
Advioee from Pekin to April 29, via Russia,
say the insurgents were making considerable
progress. They had beaten tbe imperialists In
a battle, and were marching rapidly , on the
Clivslano, July 16. A Wisconsin Regiment
arrived at i p. m,, and leave ior the east via
unnkirk, at b p. m. All well. They bad a
fine reception, and received refraehmenla here
New York Market.
NEW YORK, July 16.
The market nay be quoted So better, with
rawermore aoing ior expert ana nosis oonsuuipnoa
Biles of 15,900 barrele at 3 TK313 90 for superfine etato;
tmi IS for extra etate; 3 7$a aoperflM woetern;
4S4 15 for common to medium extra westera; 9 45
is)4 W) tor snipping brands extra round hoop Ohio;
4 90S for trade brand! do., the market eloetag rather
aulel. Canadian flour may bo Quoted a ehad. armar oa
oommon grades. Bales of 800 barreli at S3 403 50 for
superfine, and lt(3)T for oommon to choice extra.
BYH ILOnhV-Bttadyataa 1IKS3 50.
OOKN MBAL Quiet and nominally unchanttd.
WlllSii Without material change salei of 4u5 bbla,
WHEAT The supply of sound Is until with fair ex
Sort demand- The market may be quoted So better.
ales ot 87,000 bushels Ohicago spring at flS67o; 134,
000 buihels north-weiternclub atd78ac; 1300 buihels
Raolneepringal 01(31)30; 2200 buihels Uluourl spring
at 804; 19,400 buheU Amber Iowa at 05S9Sg, (he
latter price for very choios; S6.500 buihels winter red
Wlfooneln at tl 0091 10, the inaidapilce for Inferior
in store; xsuu ouaneis waits wuuonsia ft tvajl JU;
w ouineis wnite &entuoxy usi
BT It-Unchanged; sales of 17,000 buihels western at 46;
Canadian at Bi'X .
UABLEV AND BARLKTMALT-Oontlnucs dull acd
nominal and unohanged.
OOBN Only a moderate builnns doing and market
rules heavy. Salee of 58.00U buihels at 17 Ji(S40o for
anaound new mixed western; 41(3)44c for sound do.
OATS More actlra and firmer. Sales at S7(93le for
western Canadian, and 3133c for 8 lato.
POBK Market more active and rather earneit; sales
1300 barrels at $15 e215 73 for men and 1 10 for
BKa J Rules dull with trilling sales at 4$4 50 tor
prime; S55 50 for mets; $8&10 50 repacked meee;
mm owaii av ior prune men. aessneer luiesaail and
nominal. '
BHJif IiAMB Quoted at 812 50314 for western.
with a limited demand. - . . . .
CCUt MBAT8 Qolet; sales of 9 hhdi dry Saltedami
atfio; ihonlders5o Bange ti4,V(85l. ..
1ABC Steady with sales 350 barrele at 8A9o: 300 tan
alKo. "
BUITIK In limited reaneet with ulai at 7010. far
Ohio; &S13i for state, and 1316 for Delaware and
Orange. ...
OHVH8S Belling at S7o u In quality. "
BT00K8 Dall and lawar. flalanaanri nhtmhn
Illlnoli Central loriD. 07V: Harlem nreramd. S7: Rud.
sob, 3V; Brie, H0(; allobUaa Central, 44X; Hlcht
gan serip, 14 Jf; fleorgla 6's. 70; New Tork Central, 77)f;
faoino mail, 74X0. 0, O's,. 81; coupons. 68 W; Mli-
seut 7s m. -e., , . ..... ...
Philadelphia Market.
Iamllrat44?5;faocyatafi4s50. ' -
wubat ubii: me or wuo aushel red at ft nm
118; white at 1 18t 18) jprlng le held atS176it
OORN-Tellow held at Sx5." ' ' ' " v .-i x
WBI8KT MoreaotlTallO10Xo. '
i eea . ' 1 "
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR Tha markat was la rather better nlrlta to
day, bat mad so mainly by th looal demand. Holders
ar mora firm, epeollly oa good baking brands. Ths
figures itand hut al last aaoted. . .
nuBAT mas scarce and loners aid ratner in ad
vantage of th market at last quotations, 70o (or red. and
803)90 for white. The market Is very easily supplied,
U borers are Indifferent about accumulating more than
enougn to answer their current milling wants.
wan-is rawer lnaonT at sue. .- .
OATS Ar lass firm, and buyers do not offer over S3c
in nnia. . , ., ..
BY and BARLEY Are still nnquotabl.
' WHISK.?;
.ibkaaUj a fair market at I w.
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, July 15, 1861.
FLOUB Dull; sales of 80 barrels good family axvra
at S4, and a small lot oholo red and white wheat 4aM
extra forth oitr trade at B4 SO aad S5S4. ' t
. WHEAT Quiet with light receipte. Bales of tw
ears red at b cents sn tracktAnd ISO hoshals white at
a ovnia.
CORN Bales of one ear at SOoents oa track. '
OATS Bales of 800 bushels bagnd at S oeoti- '
BieHWIN88teadyatl3Hitl4eenrj.--' n
bunipB.n 11 1 a un.. ' llf.lt
BaaS-Quiet at 8 cants. v
i ' . . ' ' XasHtsr.
NOTICB la hereby g'lreri that I havt Wen duly ap
pointed administrator of ths estate of Charles
oiara, laieoi yranxiia county, uennwea. -
Si at u. Chittenden; Attorneys. , ' -
Jell-3ww ' " ; ' ' l": J'
Stationery and Jewelry, for sal at nrioa a in
voiced, lee 10 per on t. dlicount, at the expreaa office at
Oolumbua, onto. ,. , ,
Also, agtntt wanteM to sell the best packets ot station
ery (with at without Jewelry) in the market, at prices
lewts than can be purcbaied liewhers. lAIdreai,wltb
. j i. Birxtr,.
I H '.'Il.i'J I,
NdTioe i iiKKKirr giteit tiui
th nndemrned baa baa duly aplteV by lb
Frohgt Court et Franklin ooanty, Ohio, Adminlatratrix
at th Mtat. M atarfaratD. rhilllps, tatof, sgidcotuiur
Dated Jin 1,1801. MilT HATHIB.
JA. 1KB OOOU8, and inTlUttM pvwUo ta laapoat
Mo such l took of
them. Mo such i took of ooods baa ever been brought to
this market. She goathv Insnaimaenosof tka (aJlara
of the grala crop, has not bees able to purchase the ae
ul quantity of rich goods, and this but hae forced tas
Importers to sell toon) at pabtts, aaaUon. , Ous buyer
(Mr. Stone) being la No Vera at those Ursa sales, took
advantage of them, andws oan and will eell our goods
here, at lees than any one whs purchased two weeks ilnoe,
ban aoy one wop puroaaaeu two weexe ainoe,
i to Nry yerx Ourstook 14 oostplete la
asat of : ' 1 I ;(( ' l .
pDRESS BILKS, i'i'bl'J ,1
paid for them
every department
... 1
ORLEANS, h 'irttit..-. , i Z t
" " ' M ,'l,(i v ! POPLINS, PRINTS,
, , !. f.!4 At... DELAINES.
. , I ' :mmmm1 i i- li t i I '
Five'Thaosand Dollars 'Worth
Bought in One Day,';' ,
Hen's, Ladle aad Children's Under Shirts and Drawers;
Ladle, Viieee and Children's Hoelery of sll klnde. In
Wool and Lamb's Wool; Fleecy Lined and Cotton Qlovei
or every make.
A oemplcte aatortment ' of all tba aanal varie
ties of . .. , (, ,
FLANNELS, . . " ;' -
ladiei andQent'i Linen Cambria Hand-
i. L. kercWefi, Ac, &c. ...
To aersons who call on as. wa-nleds enr worda to
show them the largest, beet aad cheapest slock af Soode
ever aeon in this market, or pay them on dollar par
hour while looking. .
seot-oircawitw. " Bxona at u'HAK&aj :i
For all Throat and Lung Oomolalnts. Inelodnr. with
molt perfect result, Waooma Cocoa, Oiraomo ana
Ooxmom OotJOHj. BaoxcHUL am TbsoaT CoarLanrrs.
always forerunners of Consumption, as a Bootdik
Biaor It has no superior, freed from alt Opiate or
aetie properties, may be need by most delioate esnetlc
tutiens, and with perfect eonndenee. ' - .i
Taa OaxaTBiT Natpxal Otuts ever offered to ths
world, eontalning not a particle of Opium, nor any sub
static but Its atrietly vegetable and medical properties.
A sura Bemedy for BscBALeu. staxDHATtaa, uooT,
Tootb and Bab Acaa, Oatah, Bos oa Bai Vivas,
and all minor Nervous Complaints,
Fob Loa or blxxt, and Headache In an its varieties,
It has no equal, and to whickj most undoubted Msbaonl
ali ar offered.
Fob DcLtaicm Taxan It is a most perfect remedy.
loa Bowk OoHrLAiirra, after removing the pain it ads
asaphysto, a moat important oontraat with tne eonjupa
ktryeOeota of Oplma. ' '
TO Fhyiielans, Formulas sad Trial sottieswin bsssnt.
Sad to Dealer or Invalid a desoriptiv pamphlet without
"pcetaga-ltamp." ', -
rreparea anaer ma special supervision or
, cnnrar aks ntAX BAcaoTtrr,
lo 9 Comaisrelal Wtarf, Bcstoa, Xsss
To wham plsass dlraot all communications.
Price Large Cough Bemedy, 50 cents per bottle.
Small " 85. r . i . -
. ToluAnodm. SO " "
For sal by tba anal whotesala and retail dealers.
everywhere. ,
HOBBRTB t HSxlUBIi, , M. B. HtnrB,
juitn B. uuva, j. m. usnm.
ayiv-wiy . . , i agents tor uoiumous, uni.
Spring , & Summer Millinery.
j ..- , .. i
.r , ' Tlie Btook Replenlahcxl
';. NEW YORK.-
my stock or '' .' '
Spring & Summer Millinery
Is now oomplsta, comprising every variety af Mill la-.
cry; also, a larg aaMrtment of Imbrolderiea, Hoslary
and Kelions, k., and In quantities aad price that ean
not fall to suit all who may throe as wltkja oall.. Ths
goods bare bean bonght al Fasio prlcei, and will be sold
at a small advance on coat. i.(
7 MIIIIHBBYi ;r !r !
Miss M. E. YOUNG, lata of .New York CitjK
will superintend the inillnery Department.' Berhmg
erperlenc In th most Faahlooabla Iitabllshment in
Broadway will alone b a warranty that sh will a abl
glr entire satlsfaotlon la matttra of last to all who
niar favor her with their order 't )x , ,
Th Ladtaaof Oelaiabaaaad, yldaliy.TJH plea ac
cept aiy llncere thanks for their liberal patronage, and
woald respectfully solicit a eontlnuanoe t the
R. H. WARE,'
res, East Tawm St., Caingnbaia, o
aprll-dSmeod " '
&mi t-;1
rsicxi iistfcXaV !
iO' " I i I . I I .t V i. I
rromrjMllwlorkOtarvar.l -it-.-, y
As all partial aaaaetaotartba aalaa atacaaoM artob-
llsed to Daw Ms. How a Ucanaa oa each maohln laid,
and are a'ao compelled to make returns to him, wnder
oath, aa ta th number sold, his Moas gtv aeomeinai
ment.' From thia reHabk eoara wa bar btlad th
following etatlitns. , Of th machines mad la th year
VSi, ther were sold, 1 "
K. Whaalar fc'lTltanai'.? " I .'.. I1.9SS ? '
" I-M. Singer iCo..(..T..Kl.M'
flrover Baker...-. 10.S80'
Bholring th sal of Wheeler Wilson to be doaM
taeeo ot any oumt uoarpany. .
Awarded th hlglMst piwanusa at tha
. TTit i o . a. i . idu lato .J loan
' . I a Or MSleoat.thsr 1 - ) tW'J.
fthli, atala Vmlra ft lffil and TCraTi
aad at nearly all th County lair la th Btat
DurTMs.ai the late SedhdUon. ore as tote M
toot aiicA machine now sold, and Ml a MB higher than
TIT , iaiiivi
forced upon th m
xj aarwoat aa4a NcA mmkitutn bow
iBMBxag. i i
loot; Iticb the only on which cannot beravewdt ' II
la a MX a aa Botx Binaiof th rooda. leaving ae rdp ar
MoiemiM wnaar.eKta, - ... . ...
MimacAitut worafsuT i faawv1, ana Kwa aawsa
grroB in uhlt ass, rre ot cnarjr. . ...... . n,
I ..... n. v AAA 1 1 01 nign p,vmianviv
' ' wiul anarNBa mt no
JawaJmStwBnt . tiktS Opera Boas, ClDCtanaU.J
ASvaBTraautaaT. to. ,i,......tu., -
J ' . mu ina ntraa ja
ana raaauajan a vuaan.w
Matnariaf aosaplalat aa
vi b ?;
f alby f. V. SBtVOTTB 00.,
U rrtoaiarbat mt
41 iiH.1At, A.fc,
by 01 B. fwtVOTT OO., m "aanai flgj
an uw mw paMT-unj
DBTJflIlf H'-t
T eff w p. T bibbons tabs, aub
XJ yOUBl?ewsrjiaa,asioianMy
- -J a
I ! -t.j
. ; r ", - ,
ftp ; ZZV1. '
,M IJITl -.,1 I'M ,'.', .,,ti
: - r - .
Aa experleaood nan M Female myiieiaa, ptaeaH
,f I j to th attention of mothers, her
rt h'n rrt Tf 'T UT fl' -tJ XT T) TT tJ
which graatty fadlltatus thsproeeee ef teething, by sort-
enlng tbe gums, reducing an umanraation wu amy
ALL FAiJs antlspsjinoaioacaoB,aouu.
Depepd upon U, mothers, It will giva rest to yOBrsolves
and I r-.- v - , I ,'.., ,, -'-u
vmn in exalth to toot uhahii.
Ws bar nut up and sold this artW for over tea years,
wuai wa rare nerer oeon aDio 10 aay ox any ouier meni
ANCB, TO BFFBOT A CTJBB, when timely ard. Nev
er did we know an Instance of dliaatlifaatlon by any on
who used 1U On the contrary, all are delighted with Its
operations, and speak In terms of oommendatlon of It
magteat elleeta and medloal virtues. W apeak in this
maUorfWBAT WB DO KNOW;" after ton yeara expo
almost every Inatane where the intent la suSerlng from
pain and exhaustion, relief will be found In tfleco or
twenty minutes after theSyrup Is admlniatered. ...
This valuable preparation I the prescription of one of
New Bngland. and has bfa BMd with MBVBB FAIL
INaBUOOBBSIn - ' ' - . , .
It not only relievos tbeohUd from pain, but Invuror
ate the stomach and auwel. oorreot acidity, and cItoi
tone and energy to the whol system. It will almost tn
auuiiiy niiav
and overcom eonvauions, which. If not epeedlly rem.
died, end la death. We bellere It th BBS! amd BUB.
BUT BSalBDT IN TUB WOBLD, la all aaee of DY
It ariaes from teething, or from any other eaus. Wa
would say to vry motharwbahiat child aaffertng from
any of the foregoing eomplarnte DO NOT LBT VOUB
stand between yo and yurnffringchlld, and th r
llef that will bSQBB-9s, ABbOLDTBLY 8DBB to
follow th as of this medicine, if timely used. Full e
rectlont for asing will aoeompany each bottle. None
genuine unions tbe fao-slmll of 0U&II8 St PBBKiiiS,
New York, Is oa th oatald wrapper.
Bold by all Druggists throaghoat tha world... . '.
FfI act pal Office, is Cedar BtvaetN.Y.
oc6T7-dfcly I,,!
Itlannfactnrera af all klmda of Por
table and MiamoMyy bteam Ea
f ine, saw iratu, Urlat nulla,
LASS SODLSi Btatml E. ot 1. BLAXD T Stolen
MACHIXB CO. Btatmltll BRAD10RD .
i ' 00. BtalmltUt
Our Portable Sna-iae and Saw Mill
Waa awarded the first premium of $M at th Indians
Btat fair for 1C0 over Lane k Bodley'i on. account o
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy tof fuel
and superior character of lumber aawexl.
Oar Stationary Bnrlnewas swarded at ths same tail
ths grit premium of t'MO-
Oar rortable angtne was awardea tne nnt p remittal oi
aiuuat tne rair at xtempnis. xenn.. over aianay s va
vall's, Columbus Haohln Go's., and Bradford at Co's.
by a aommltteo of practical Ballroad Engineers.
g or price and terms address
WU. LARD WAXNXB, Traaeurer, .
decS-dftwlyeols. . . Newark, Ohio
CALL AT IfO. 83, SOUTH 111311 ST.,
and examln or new make ef .
manufactured by 1. HOWABD At CO.. Boston, afaas.
Then Watches ar far superior to anything ever offered
to the publio. heretofore. Having the axcluslv agency.
I oan sell them at price to suit lie times. I hire Juat
recoiTeu a large aioca ok
manufactured by APPLBTOK, TBAOT, c 00 ! alas, a
fins aatortment of ''..' ' ' " '
In Oold aad Bilver Oases, at Panic prices.
CLOAK CLOIH8. Also, other makes of Sprin
U loaa uiotna, in an aeeiraoi mixture Binainra, xas.
sels sad Buttons to match. - BAIN4i80Nt
aprllS No. so Boata High itre
Corner Sprlaff V Water Sta.
W. B. POTTS & ' CO.,
' 1T.J. OIll 1VIQTO ,
tnd Hanufaoturers of Brass and Composition Outings,
W inianed Brass worx or an vetonpuons.
Electro Plating 'and Gilding!!
febl l-dly
Wholesale and Retail Dealer la'
PIT :sSBTJRaH; Pa'.'
Koaa coaataatly hand all aba wa.
.., - - rloaa BMANsavl O .jL'
' '-mm'-" " '7mi ' ' ' " ' '"'f
Ohio W hite Salphnr ym$$
Tm4 Favorub Resort willbb open
! FOR VISITORS, .t-b:U'--.
Juno lO, lQOl. e
rAMnats ptsutnra aoAJtniit Bosnt vsnsaASoii, ca4 si
j j AOppamoaaTBD ax aasooas xatxs.
,'. r rvm t.. i J A. BWATSIBV
Lewis Centsr t'.V., PeUwsrb O0-, Ohfo 1
max SSrtlnao,- r atwy Zir.1-ftajt.uw
:irial. liaon
VvfARrtAlVTED FABU10"1 ' '7",?','V
V .I.lBa Shirt Besoma . Plata and fancy . V, '
.... 1 Bklrtiu aad Boaoaa Liaene. T ' ' ! '
j 1 l,i dm ahMtlngaaadFUIow Casings. 1 1.;
m., ,- , .fcoren vamoneeaoa mm uao. , ,
, I , , ,K Uaeu fockatiaoda'fa, ail ilacs.
I ,sl '; kj t IJnu Tnwalllnga and Diapers
,.,,.( i, . binm ewm aio v vrm,
,.., Usea Table Cloths and Batla Damask.
o .' .' Line Twel with colored bonier.
I -' Lrkea BlairOovarianaaA Osaai. t
febw i a. iv Bonto ltUQ itree. ;
T TAmvr rvocu. ' ,
Praia VBanMU atilla," Ipriagaeld, Oth beat bran J of
(laaitiniaaM aa hi market,
Batltfaetlon guana;aeV
lormieoaiyat - i WU. MoDonalD'B,
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llM Boath Blah strwt,
ejj ; Eight to . the vSpwt,1,
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ijlTM Vnritf f u Brestfh!
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FOR LECTURERS. ' . I i . ;
;;, oood for public speakers,
?..Yv G90Pf:P.R f QNSUMPTIVE3, cr .
V OiNTLIHIN CABBY' ' , . i f j ,
i .
' j. m
They relieve a Cough Instantly. :
Tbey'oIeaHhe Throat. ,
They give strength and volume to the voioe.
They Impart a delicious aroma to the breath,
They are delightful to the taste.
They aje made of simple herbs and cannot
barm aoy one. :
I adrlas every one who hu a Courh or a ho.ka Vain.
or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of th Throa t, to get
e package of my Throat Confections; they will roliere
voa Instantly, and you will aire with ma that "ta.
torlihtto theipot." Yon will find them verv niefnl
and pUeaeot while traveling or attending publio mct-.
mgs rr suuugyour vougn or aiiaymg your thirst. If
yon. try ona packsgs, I am safe In saying that yon will
ever afterward oaaldr tajeat iBdiapsnsabi.
You will find them at tbe Drugglits and Dealers In
Medicines. r ' - ' ..'
My signature is cn each package. All otters ar
A package will be sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of
ThlrtyOents. ' '
Address, .
Henxy C. Spalding,
. ... T
. By th as of the Pills tha periodic attacks of A'cr
MM fjilck Htadaclu mayb prevented; and If taken
at tha oommenoement of an attack immediate relief from
pain and sickness will be obtained .
They seldom fail la ramovlnf the Savta and
exvU to which females are so subject.
They act gently upon the bowels removing Oottiv ,
for Literary Mm, Sudtntt, Delicate Female
and all peraoni of sedentary kabitt, they are value
as a lamaUv. Improving the appttiU, giving ion
M0r to the digestive organs, and restoring th natur
slsstialty and strength ot th whole system .
THI CBPHALIO PILLB r th mult of long loves ,
ttgattoB and carefully oonduotad experiment, having
Mxt In as aaany years, during which time they have
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffer
lag from Headache, whether originating in th nmrnmt
system or from a deranged state of ths ttonaeh .
They are entirely vegetable In their composition, aa
aaayb taken at allttmea with perfect safety without
auxins; any ehang of diet, aaxi t aintc of any
ilmoMtabU tail rmdtn it cuy to mJminU'tr tfun
oMIdrm. . . , " ,
The genuine hav Bv slgnatai of Henry 0 Bpalding
on each Box. ..v. -
Bold by Sruggtita and all other Sealers la Medicine.
A Box will bo sent by mail, prepaid, oa receipt of the
3Fxrloo, QO Oorata. .
All orders shonld ba addressed to
- -1 1 48 Ceaar Street, (few irork.
L.; .T la-a-fl 1
i yromthIxaainer, NorfoIk,.Va.
Cephalic Pills aooompllih th object for whioh they .
ware made, via.: Our of headache In all Its form. ?.. .
'"'' front th Bxamlner, Norfolk, Ta." 7
They hav beea tested aa saora than a thousand cassi ,
with, entire suooess. o.j , r-
". ..' from the Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn. "
If yoa an, or hav bora, troubled with th headache
send for a box, (Cep hallo Fills,) so that yoa may have
them in oaae of an attack. ;-.i..(V.';
- - l , c -V- f , I . r w . . . ,
Tram the Advrtlsr, Providaao, B. I. ;
Th Oeohalla Fills ar said to ba a remarkably effective .
nnaedr for th baadach. and aoa of th very beet for
that very frequent oomplaint.whicivjias ever been dis
covered, j T r T'' ,i . . , , - , , . . -
I (it . ' r i ( f 1 ' ,
' from th Western It. B. Oaxette, Chicago, III. ' ' "
"w heartily endorte Mr. Bpauldlng, and bis anrivsld
Cevballc rills.
. , . Trent ths Kanawha Valley star, aaaawna, va.
- Wa ar sura that persons suffering wlta in aeaaaca
riuB will atilr In Ihaai.
If uv tJ ."l " - . ,. .
from, th Southern rata rinaer, newvrieano, ui.
'iry theml yoa that ar afflicted, aad w are sur that' j";'''
yoar talBnanyoaaBaaoea m, u muy oranmu,
Lit that bae recelred beneoia tatce other medicine can "a
j from the Bt IuiaVaaworat.'' '1
Th hnmeni demand for th article Jspaalss Ttlk) f r
la rapidly laoreasing. .rSVi,.
from ths Oasette, TJavanport. low.
Mr. Bpalding wobU aot, ohnot hi sua with aa ar-
UclhdidBotaatoBoBeaalariU' i. - aJ . 4 1 H i
rrrr r.j
TTjA : single rUS X Ut AMBiaS PBafABBB .
"ilt-tTBI a.111 aaiaa tan limaa Ita Anal annnallv iTT '
, U i u'J t-,Wai'.if, , t,'ll 17ul
AUmq'o PRSP-AREPj 0J-O 1
I T sata ins ruvm
. r-'t JET" BTransiat Tta Bavsi lilj,',8r
" As sicidsBts will happen, ma ta wAl rrhratrd am
niea.lt at very dealrabl to havw me ohoap aadooBl J
venlena way for repairing farallar, fay, Orear-f
I a. I . . - '- ' ' '-" ' t.-t
VI f ! WAXiTsrrimPiBOLnaT a
f meets ill each amargeoelea. d4 b kaaeahoM B afford I
to be without U, llBalwajrSjrwy,a wy.-aiHca
W.V..n.smrimriiat'i. " -
iA Bvaaa pnk-,aca w:" ; . f J
tea t
"X' '",', t HnintT o. mubttro,
, ,t,-. - Bo. 4S, Uedac B treat. Dew Tork.
::v; ; 5mo. -??;ii
1 ,
As atresia anprlaotpted prMll ar eMaxnwtlng- t :
Pilea ttoa lb nntuapaotlng pnbllo, tuliatioae of at .
BBPABBl. fiLTJB. 1 would aaattoa all awMie as i -t
amis tv-rnre purrhHlng , and tkat wm nill o, 1 '
lltpsVALDlMtl fKBrABaBBLnaril - ")
IS 4UieoUde wrpper;allthreare swlndungen "
torfeita, ' ' - a

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