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under obligation to it for (he yery latest papers
ironi the eastern cities. v -i
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tbauks for ts daily favors la lbs alaape of tbs
rery latent eastern papera.
To Union Democracy of Franklin
M W. t , , ' -ii . r . i
- Notice la hereby given to tbe Uuion Democ
racy of Franklin 'ceuuty, to meet oa Fbidav,
Auouit 3 J, between Ibe hours oCVhrk and nz
o'olock, pi m., in tbv towdihlps and six and
iioht p. a., la the wards, at tbe usual places
of holding elections (exoeptlug .Norwloh town
ship, which will be beld at SoHoriiu'f School
House, and the 4th ward at (Uvea's roomraod
the lit ward at . Billm's), to appoint del
egates to attend the County Convention, to
meet at tbe City Ball, In the City of polombiis,
on Satubday, the 3d of Acquit, for tbe purpose
oi nominating a Union Democratic State ticket.
The following is the number of delegates al
lotted to eaoh ward, based upon the rote east
for Supreme judge in I860, allowing one for
eaoh fifty, and an additional dolegate for ekeb
. . . . . :
traotion 01 twentj-nve votes so cast:.
1st Ward,
ft1 '
Mifflin - .
Jefferson "
31 "
4th " ,
5th " :.
Montgomery Tp
Truro , "
Prairie "
CliDtOD "
Pleasant " ,
Brown 'Miri "
Wm. Douioan,
Jorte M. Pooh.
T 1 - . '
J. BOLKH, ' '
Aui. Thomhon
J amis HoiLocna,
J. XlKintlAKU,
R. PicktatL,
- County Central Committee
Board of County Commissioners.
Board of County Commissioners. TUESDAY, July 16, 1861.
Relief was granted ir'om tbe Volunteer Fond
to the following persons:
Theresa Lamer, $4; Ruth. White, 4 Maria
Morltz, 4; Elliabeth Plotls, 3; Mary Dunn, 4j
MaryOelgetz,4; Barbara Class, 3 60; Wllhel
mena Reuah, 6; Nancy Lamb, 4; Than Rose,
5) Theresa Nabarth, 4; Catherine Rofflng, 4,
Magdeline Weemer, 4; ' Mary McKeever, 3)
Rose Miller, 3j Nancy Miller, 4; Elliabeth C.
Luse, 4; Somcsla Rammell, 5; Sophia Shuckart,
4; Phebe Smith, 3; Dor at hi a Humbioh, 6) Isa
bella Leacb, 4; Mary Buckley, 9; Sarah E.Am
brose, 5.: Making in all $93 60; ' .
Tbe masonry of the bridge orer the branch
near Dr. Stephenson's was awarded to Welch
& Compton at $4 95 per pereb, and tbe su
perstructure to Orien Ltndin, at $100, tojbe
completed to the satisfaction of the Com mis1
sioners. 1 ' .-....
How thi Fou Prisonirs or War wiat E
TRArrto The four prisoners of war alluded to
yesterday wsre brought here, on Tuesday last,
July 16, by Lieut. W. H. Fan of tbe 17th Ohio
Regiment. ' Tbe following Recount of tbe rso4m
optrandi by which tbe Virginian! were made
prisoners, Is given in the Cincinnati Commercial:
Lieut. Free, with twenty-fire men was eon
ducting a transportation train from Ravenswood,
Va., to Parkersburg. On Sunday last he stop
ped at a farm bouse to bait the horses; he Im
mediately found that tbe women of tbe bouse
sympathized with secession. Tbe farmer was
absent. Free, thinking he might learn eome
facts of Importanoe, assured tbe women that be
was an officer from Wise's brigade. At first
they mistrusted bim, but at length gave blm
their confidence, and treated blm very kindly.
He learned that the farmer would be borne at
night, about ten o'clock. He came. Free soon
gained his confidence, and was told that meet
ing was arranged at a neighboring house, for
the purpose of planning an attack upon Union
men. Free pretended to need a guide to ehow
bim tbe way to Wise's camp. The farmer,
named Frederick Klger, sent for aome of his
neighbors. Three ol them came, one of wblcb
wae recommended ai a guide. Free became
satisfied from thslr conversation that they in
tended barm to Coleman and Smith, Union men,
who had been influential, and at a concerted
signal called bis men around him, and declared
himself an offioer ot tbe United States array.
Klger and) his rebel friends were seized. Tbe
Lieutenant immediately ordered e march, and
the next morning delivered bis prisoners to
Captain Stinchcomb at Parkersburg, who lent
bim with three guards here.. Tbe names of the
5rlsoners are Frederick Klger, David H. Toung,
oho W. Wigal, and John H. Lookwood. ... ,
.1 .I . 1 1
ST The Fourth Wisconsin Regiment, Colonel
Halbirt E. Paini, consisting of 1Q39 effloers
and privatea, passed through Cleveland, on
Taeeday, July 16, on their way East ' ' (
.V" ' 1 " 1.",'
ET Henry Harris, who represents himself a
resident, of New Orleans, was arrested In Cov
ington, Ky., on Tuesday, July 16, for treason.
Two trunks of contraband goods were found in
his possession. ' He wai taken to Clncrhnati
and dellverel to tbe proper authorities. "' ' -
Thi Rifliujor RxoosD.Noe. t and ttl
of the Record have just been issued In a double
number. The dates are brought up to May 13,
1861, the date of the admission of Arkansas In.
to the Sohtherri Confederacy. The documenta
ry part of this double 'number is highly Inter
esting and tmporUntt', embradDg'-Rbont fifty
double-columned pages.' ..Tbe. portion devoted
to tbe humors, Incident and songg of . the war
is also very attractive. " "
The "RobeUiou .JUoorA" U, published ln"
form suitable for binding, and Will' mate v three
valuable volumes, or probably three series ef
volumes, relating, to th0rearRbeinou..'tTbe
numbers,' Ri they appear can be obtained, at
KiifMiDr on state street, near tne . roetoiuoe.
, j , 1 ,, , 1 1 w ,1 t 1
ST There Is no disguising 'the fact, says the
Louisville Dm$erut, that many thousands of
the poptt)a(lotkbf 'Louisville bavvgbpi awny
some to tb 86nerft army, tojne to the' Feder
al army , but Mny mora to' other : points,' In
search of ROmethlDg to do.
it 1,
O Ib debate la the Virginia House ol Buret
among other; things, the stamp', Rot uaoofisatu'
tlonal and void, Patrick Hurt Raid la tbe
course of a. speeoh;!, teeming' ,Uh ''bitter, 'In'.
Teotires "Camar had hli Brdtor, CHRkua'Ihe
Seeond'had' his Caomwil and Ororu'i'Um
Third' VTreason!" ctlef the Speaker iJ'Trea
on! Treaepol'f echoed from every part of the
house-" jney proAt by their example," exolalm
ed HRRRT.'fldishlng the eenCedcewhlle hli eyes
flashed Arte. "If that be treason make the
most 01 it, , iK ., ., ;t1; in ,.
r 1 1 1 I ' 1
mi .
07 The; Paris Dtbati, Imitating the Loudon
Timrs, has' sent out a jpeclal correspondent to
aeep an eye on weiAPiwieair warw a . , r t r
OT The wtoef. ei eeeftlnr
and Irelandi on tbe' 80th of Jttne4b eame
evening It was Msa her. ti) itta t ,1 ,7 Kf, i
" 1 i r 1 1 'if' 11 - - I
ET There Rre nbw" twelve prisoners ef war at
Camp Chase.
1 Uriom Copmi, L,IW July 16, 1861. Matoh
for $1,000, mlla. bests, best lares' in flit, to
f agpnst fl t
- ;v..a u n
Sua McLaughlin nanus
Dim mat Booki. . .
IBM! k.
: u v r 1 . -
JCrhaa illta, tad ran'
Ju. MoUun cuu b. 14
flora lemple....
The following extract! front the New York
Trlbunt'1 report will give eome Idea of ibis
splendid raseiiv fin 1 1' '
The matahtraoe between FlojTemple and
Ethan Allen, and bis running-mate Socks,, Bad
been looked forward to in sporting ciroMS) wits
tbe greatest interest. This eroaa partly rom
bo isci iaai rue nouoie team waa oacae to 1
very beavv amount bv John MoTrlssey and 1
few others,nd In oari from the enlendld. oondi
tlon of Ethan, and. the great perfermanee .of
nimseit and mate la their exercising trots re-
. VritAear. Ther double team 'drew the' Iu
side, and after one score tbe horses got off very
nicely together. 1 Sam McLaughlin, who drove
the team, commenced bis old, game of getting
at flora, and got bar off her leet at the. first
turn; but bis own team became excited, and
Jbthan broke badly as they n eared the quarter
. There waaa great oloud of dust, looking like
gold-powder In the slanting sunshine, and out
01 it loomea tbe forms or the three splendid
horses, rushing down the course a if swept
along by a wnlrlwlnd. As they reaohed the
stand, tbe wildest or lee were uttered, and short,
nervous chcere given by those who saw their fat
votites ahead. Then in an Instant tbe horses
came up with the pickets, passed tbe score, and
in second had awept by like. dream. As
they rushed ; past tbe stand, and the flee fell.
the mulltude oheered to tbe echo, and many a
hat was flung Into the air. , Everybody knew
that great time had been made, and those who
had bet that nothing better than 9 33 and 3 37
would be'.inade, looked chop fallen enough.
There wae a great rush of the erowd toward
thejudge'e stand, a moment Of breathless ei-
lence, and then R great outburst of applause as
ii was aDDounoea mat us aouDia team von tne
heat In 8.22. There waa a boa of excite.
mens, ana every tongue seemed going at onoef
for the time was two seconds better than' waa
ever made to wagons before, ,.' , .-.
Second and Third Htalt. The horses did not
get, off for the second heat for nearly an hour,
Biuoe oam. wci.augniin perversely prevented a
send-off by not keeping bis team In hand for
Flora to get a fair start with him, . At last they
got the word, and went off well together, the
team a trifle ahead If anything-. The half mile
of this beat was made fri 1U1&; tht milt in
353 still better than tbe preceding one. ' The
team won tbie heat by about a length, and it
waa as dear aa could be, that Flora had.no
cnance of aaving the race. . - . .
There was no scoring for the third heat, the
hones getting off st tbe first attempt. Flora
broke al the turn, RS before, but eaught coon,
end tbe double team gained en advantage which
they kept throughout. , The quarter was made
in 37 seconds, tbe half in 1:15 and the mil
in V-JUfi. EthSB Allan and hie mate Boeka
winning the race, after a contest which will be
memorable in eoortlmr circles for ' all tlma. not
only as the fastest of the kind thus far made,
bntone of .the most prettily conducted through-
OUt... ,. - i-.i . 1 Ki.n n.t :
[Correspondence of the Cincinnati Commercial.]
The Killed and Wounded at Cheat
The Killed and Wounded at Cheat River.
Fodstirnth Ohis Killed Saaanel Mi lie.
Company A., shot through the bead; Henry
Kelfeifliyer,, iblrd Sereeant. Comoanv C. kill.
ea oy cannon snot tnroegn lett oreaat, k Mortal
ly wounded Daniel Mills, Company A., in
leg sloes died: John Kdeehonse. Comnsnr A..
shot in side. Seriously wounded Henry Mor
row, Company B , in side; Casper, Sinalf, Com
pany Dm in wrist. , Slightly wounded Capt,
rlsner, Company U., la faoei Privatee S. Rich.
ards, in arm, Rlohard Henderson, in calf of
hie leg; Orderly Charles Greenwood, alone the
elde of his head; William Smith, Company K.,
buckshot in hip flesh wound; Lieutenant Sher
man, Company K., finger7 shot oft. Several
others were slightly scratched. .Total killed, 3;
mortally wounded, S; otherwise wounded Ut in
Rll.12, ...
We were under wav in the mornlne bv three
o'olock. The sky was overcast and the weather
sold. 1 A drizallng mist commenced falling,
which, in an hour or two, turned into steady,
chilling rain, 1 the eiouda pourlos: down their
burden In such torrents as you are accustomed
to In a June tnunder shower. We forded Lead
ing Creek twice, and by the time we reached
the miserable little village of .New Interest, at
tbe foot of Laurel Mountains ('another ranis
of the Alleghanlee, from wbleb tbe Laurel
Hill range ie a mere spur), there was not a dry
thread in our clothes." Every hair1 on our heads
became a conduit for tbe descending bounty of
Jupiter Pluvius. Passing the village a few
miles we struck directly over the mountains,
lor Cheat. River. by bv-road Which t the rebel
bad taken. It waa of the worst description.
At every step the mud grew deeper and the way
more difficult, and one felt as though somebody
was tnggtog at his heels to pull off his shoes.
Now slipping down in the mud, now plqogtng
into a pool knss deep, staggering about la the
mire like drunken mea,lhe eoidiers, elated with
tbe prospect of a fight, pushed eteadilv and
bravely on. So thoroughly wae the mire knead
ed py tne lest or ine ioonsande,' pursued Rnd
punning, that it flowed down the mountain road
like thick tar. Every rivulet, too, became a
torrent, while the ereeks, swollen with the
burden of the rains, became dashing and foam
Ing rivers. In the Laurel Mountaina we found
mora evweneee ot tne. disorderly flight of the
rebels. For miles; tents, tent poles, knapsacks.
everything, indeed even- to personal-appsrel(
waa strewn in an indiscriminate litter, Rnd
trodden down, under their flying feet, Here
were-more wagons upset, and kept from plung
ing over gorges down which it made me dlzsy
tq look Only by the dense thlokets of chapperel
and the , trunks of trees.: Everywhere it was
disaster following disaster. , Occasionally we
halted, and tboee so fortunate aa to have them;
munched their wet crackers with as much satis
faction as you would sit down to a banquet at
tbe Gibson house. Others stretched tbemselv
out along the roadside, and eome were so weary
tuai tut m uuwu iu iua miuuie 01 me road to
resit . a lew gave cut entirely ,u - ,3-i -At
laet ws emerged from the. Leave! Mann.
tains', and came out in the Cheat Rive? at Kabl
er's Ford about twelve miles' from, and due
south from St. Ueorge. , It was then noon. Our
advance consisted of tbe Oblo 14th, Col. 8teed-man-,
750; Col. Mlllrey'e 9th Indiana, 500; Da
mont'e 7th Indiana, 5Qr and tw- pieces' arMl-
lery wito, u men the total being 1849,1 xj,,
reserve was an rout or more oemnd, their
much being double, wearisome beCauee of th
neoeesary halts, and roads made worse by hose
woo naa prcceuea mem. . .
" The boys were glad to plunge Into ihe ford,
as the swift flowing water of the Main Cheat
purged tbem of heavy loada of mud with which
moat were plastered to their waitabands. Emere--
Ipg rem the ford, our advance earns m sight of
the rear ot the fugitive army, at the aeoond ford
below, where their baggage train was at rest,
and their infantry drawn up to pr'oteot It. The
advenes regiment, halted Ull Damont'a and tbs
erinbry came up to their aupport, when the un
luoke firing of a gno by bhe ol our men get the
whole body lo motion.; ;...,
me onaaenow became hlchlT aultW tk.
rebels pitched tbe rest of their, e&mp,eqaineire
In. A (k. Kn.liAX. .Iks m . I -,
iuw uiv vusu, u. viuowa urew meir. trunks,
contRjplng their peradnaf effects, Into the gullies
and ravines, end their privates gave op their
blankeU, knapsacks, and canteens to the inex
orable necessity ot flgho or eetreatlngy and
they preferred the letter. , Our Sdvanoe pushed
thenc so hard that that formed In line end com
ounoed s scattering fire, when our artillery
opened on them'! and they toatRdtlfrenewed
their stampede. TbisUnd,however,k4jiTen
their baggage train time to get underway. .The
pursuit was nolly kept up for three miles, and
they showed ae wonderfel aa egUtty la flight as
Porterfleld's army at f hllllpol. j-i a iJf,
iwiinin a mus 01 tne next lora,, tne moon
teloe recede oa both sides from the river: The
most of this comparatively level bottom land fa
comprised la tbe farm ot Mrr James Cofrlck,
and the fords ere known by his nameY ' la
crossing tbeflrsj ef these fords' to tie right side
Of tht river (is we -were Advancing) - one of
their wagoM Btred, and those In the rear had
to halt until It could b feJiereeWTh -Mhala
meantime drew p la JU t en, the opposite tide
la ei oat field, sad . wevwooneealed by rati
feme) -and -th Uesjsnd " boehee fringing' bat
bank of the river.-, The bluff la from hSta m
leet hlgher-than lbs land op, the oppoelU -side,!
va iMiwiBiiKs was adraaotnf, 'With
Capt Mow's company throws out as skirmish
ers. As the skirmishers pressed 00 toward the
ford, the teamsters cried oat, "Don't shoot!
don't shoot l We are going to surrender.'.' The
Cantaln than called to tbe Colonel, "t-ome on
Col. Steedman, they art going to surrender,"
end the reetment was ordered to advance at a
double quick. ( As be came opposite : tbe; bank
sphere tne rebels were' drawn up, uenuarneK
orled, "Three oheers for Jeff. Davis," M that
Instant tbd whole line was a blase or light, as
they poured destructive volley upon the 14th.
The men came to aa instant halt, and returned
the compliment without changing position, and
tnen advanced pearer ins river, toning position
behind a worn out fenoe. ' Tbe rebel battery
then ooened fire, and Barnett's artillery wae or
dered up.'. The action became general. Mill
rov's regiment came OP to Steedmaa'a support,
but were oomnelled to deliver ea oblique, fire.
Capt. Benham then ordered Dumont's six com
panies to cross the river about three hundred
yards above tbe lord, pass obliquely up toe an
tram our right, ana take tbe enemy in tne rear,
The bank was exoeedlncly steep, almost per
peadioular, but two companies had succeeded iq
olamberins; no, when the order , was counter
mandsd.'and Col'. Dumont ordered dowa the
river to the ford, nnder cover of the bight on
their side, and proteoted by the fire from Steed
man's and Mlllrov's regiments, to take them lo
front at tbs road, '- 'f.he Colonel executed this
eraer in gauant style. . nis ;ine instantly lorm-
ea and marcbed down tne bed or tne river,
Where the water was frequently waist deep, and
the moment the bead of his column appeared,
the rebels ceased flrine along the entire line,
and stampeded through a wheat field down to
tne aeoond lord, tne omoers vatniy trying to
rallvthem: rJ ' ; 1
Gso.Garnett waa, the last to cross the ford,
which he did on foot, and stood by the river
shore, waving bis handkerchief, and calling
tbem to come back end dispute me passage ot
tne ford Major Gordon of tne U. H. army at
this "moment, appeared on the opposite side,
wbich tbe rebels bad just lelt, and seeing tnem
huddled in the road called to tbe advanoe of
Dumont's command, which was rathing along
like a whirlwind, to come on. Gen. Garnett
directed the attention of his panic stricken rear
to tbe Major, and a volley of bullets fell thick
as nau around blm, many lodging in tne syca
more stump on, which he was standing. The
Major at the same tims saw Garnett and point
ing him out to a squad of Capt. Ferry'e com
pany, Sergeant Burlingame drew a deliberate
sight on tbe General and fired. He was seen to
throw up bis hands and fall back on tbe sand.
At tbe same Instant almost the only man who
bad tbe pluck to stand by tbe General1, (a
Georgian, be it said, to the ebame of tbe chiv
alry of Virginia,) fell dead by bis side. Da-
mont's regiment bad come up in much less
time than It baa taken to record this event, and
poured a raking fire into tbe enemy, who made
a stand of some ten minutes, during which the
tire was sharp on botn sides, and tnen tbey ran,
crowding upon each other In the wildest confus
ion. Dumont's regiment crossed the ford, and
chased them two milee np tbe St. George road,
where they gave out from absolute exhaustion,
and blvouoked for the night. -.,-., ,
.' Major Gordon had crossed tbe ford In the
meantime, and came np to General Carnett,
who was In tbs last agony of death.. He dis
covered his rank by tbe star on bissbouldtr
strap, closed his eyes, and seizing a linen band,
kerchief from an Indian boy, tied up bis face,
and composed bis limbs. , . c . .
.i he motion waa .over; Tbe reserve 01. tbe
army came up soon after, and each regiment
was assigned quarters on the battle field, built
rousing fires, and proceeded to drv their olothea.
ine wounded or our own ana tbe rebel forces
were carried off on litters to hospital Quarters,
where they received Immediate surgical aid,
while the dead were collected, and a guard
plaoed over them for the night.
The Federal Army, 53,000 Strong, on
its Way to Richmond.
[Times Dispatch.]
v Washinqtoh,' July 16 The army in Virginia
to-day took up tbe line of maroh for Richmond
via Fairfax and Manassas. The force starting
to-day is fully 50,000 strong, the number reach
ing by aotnal count about 53,000. 1 - '
Col. Burnside'e brigade went over tbe Lone
Bridge at 4 o'clock this afternoon, and struck
the road tor rairfax Court House. The 27th
New York, Col. Slocum. went' over at five
o'clock, and also took the Fairfax route.
Reported Forces of the Confederate
Philadelphia, July 17. A gentleman ar
rived in. thia city this morning who left Rich
mond on the 9th Instant, and esoaped via Ten
nessee, lie saya when be left there were about
10,000 troops In Richmond and several fortified
camps commanding the Approaches with heavy
batteries, one on tbe Aquia Creek road of heavy
guns. There were three regiments at Howard's
Grove, east of the oity, and two regiments of
flying artillery near Rocket, Regiment after
regiment was arriving via Daweville. Five
regiments, with a email baggage train, left
Riobmond on the 8th to reinforce Gen. John
He estimates there are not less then 60,000
men under uen. tieauregard at and around
Manassas Junction, and reinforcements of mill
tla are being forwarded daily. It waa reported
but discredited there were 10,000 at Aqnla
Creek. ' ' " " : !
Anderson's Works hava turned out, several
oannon. Also a large number of gun oamages,
shot aed shell per week. Sloat's former sewing
machine factory hu been turned Into an armory,
and was engaged in altering guns; also all kin ls
of cavalry and artillery equipments
l here was a great scarcity of leather and oil
cloth, bat the earns eetabllshment bad. recently
received s supply of leather from Kentucky.
Thirty barrels ot oil had just been received at
Kionmona, oearing tne marie rniladelphla. ,
. a mao named veoow nadereoted a percus
iloo cap machine, which turns out 30,000 dallv.
He is also engaged In building three more. " He
experienced difficulty In obtaining detonating
powder. -A man from New Orleans was en
gaged in making it. Debow is also construct
ing telegraph instruments, ana recently con
structed an Infernal machine. , He has gone to
Norfolk to give it a preotical teeu. - k , w
Tbs steamer xorktown aas been raised, and
IS mounted with eight 64-pounders at Richmond.
, Tbe estimated number or men at Yorktown
wae 15,000, and from 10,000 to 20,000 at Nor-
folk. . it .1 J-H!' J- ' '';U. .- 1 . .
Troops frdm Pensaoola at Richmond general
ly concur in the Impossibility of taking Fort
Pickens. It is said that they were induced to
oome North by representations that Fortress
inuuruo wuum mi ma eaaj pray. , ,
rrovisions are at present plenty la Klobmond
and vast crops of oereala are being harvested.
a letter from Alartinsburg, dated July la,
saya that General rattersoa was, moving on
Winchester by two different routes ? , t
Tbe Washington Star confirms the report
about the rebel eteamer Yorktown.and adds
that two officers, lata of the Federal Navy, are
making surveys ot the river to get her out into
the pay. Commodore strlogbam Is prepared to
meet her. '('i. ! - -
, , 1 i 1 11 1 11 1 r ,r-iSt !,
Three Months' Volunteers Going
, FortrRss Monros, July 17. The 3d and 4th
Massachusetts Regiments, whose three months
time is up, leave for Boston at once. Brigadier
uenerai rieroe win return nome. '
' Several companies went out from Newport
News last night to surprise, if posslble.la body
i light horse who have for aome time hovered
la the violntty. Tbey had cot returned at the
departure of the morning ' boat from-- Newport
flew. ' '
Advance of Genetal Patterson's Column.
Pbiladruhia, July 17The Enquirer hits a
letter from Hunker mil in relation to tbe ad.
vaooe of Gen, Patterson's column to that point
On Monday., : Tompkins, with the Rhode Island
Battery, led the van. 1 Six hundred ef the rebel
cavalry, ander Col. Stewart, charged on tbe
23J Pennsylvania regiment, but not seeing the
battery, whioh opened on them, breaking tbelr
charge. The rebels quickly retreating, were
pursued by Col. Thomae, of the regular cav
alry; and one eeptalQ' and a private wre cap
tured. .... , . . n ...Mna ii
The Privateer Sumter.
- NSW YpX. July 18 The bris Danbar. from
aeofuegoe, reports that She was baited on tbe
88th' alt , by the privateer Sumter, and replied
in cyan tan man proxen fingllgn. one lett, sup
pva,uig aua.TanBM.wae a loreignec.--
.( a-jfTi 'i a :.iv.
INIW -YtmsV Jaly 1T.The Persia BAllert ttia
6mf- Bhe bad aa passengers August Belmont,'
Edward Canard sod tamily, and Charlotte
The Privateer Sumter. Thirty-Seventh Congress--Extra Session.
' -
8uut. Ir. Latham lntro4aed a bill to Mcure 1hs
ipcodj piiMg of troops and munition of war to tht
nelflo eouf.' Holered, to salooteommltte on tus Faolno
nauroaa. l.- , i
Mr. PearaoproMntedamomorialfroiBthaFollcsOom
mlifionor of Daltlraore, now confined at Tort MoHonnr.
Tb memorlallits solomnly deelare that thaj hay al
ways dlscbargtd thsir duliei falUifulljr aed Impartiallr,
and In obedlonco to the law, and Confutation, and Uiat
allsyidonc to thaoontrary la faho. Thar fnrthar do
olara that tbs troundi sat np b Senaral Bank! for thalr
arrtat had no foundation la fact, and that Manual Kana
la a aentleman of lntenrtty and worth, and that no bod
of nan are leas llabla to the charge of anlawfnl aombi
nation than the police force of Baltimore. The memo
rialists aubmlt that tha proclamation by which they won
arreated hu no warrant law, and they as the Inter
poaltlon of Oonireia. i
Mr. Pearca aaid tbe saemorlaliita were known to him,
and ha believed them ta bo men ot the hlsheat Integrity,
and faithful to tha Constitution. Be did not believe
thatanr nroof aoald be farnlahed aealnit them. The
memorial waa referred to tha Jadlolaiy oommUtee. '
Mr. Orlmei. from the committee on Naval analis, 1a1
troduced a bill to provide for th temporary looieaea of
we navy. 1 u ..141 m i
Mr. Roote alaled that then waa pratalng neoesilty for
tha paaaage of tbe bill. The bill authorlies the Secre
tary of the Navy to purchase or hire aoeh vessele as may
be necessary durloa; tha war, to suppress piracy and
render eueetual the biocaaaa. u appropriates f j.uvu,.
000. . l l. . t ...'.,.. I r ,.. . 1
The Bonaa reaolntlea rerardlae the adjournment an
rrldar. waa taken no and laid aa ma labia so sir lima
for fionaldeiition.
The bill to provide for the batter organisation of the
military aatablishment was taken ap. 1 -
Mr. Wilson offered an amendment to the whole bill,
comprising nearly all the amandmanta heretofore oner
ed. and further arovldtne? a retiring list for tha army.
air. urlmea offered an amendment proviaisg a retired
list for the navy. . "' ' ' ' ' '.- ' ' '
Mr. Bala sooke aralnat anr tnorei of Soldiers, and
elUnngb. he was wllllrjg to have a retired list, (his waa
Mr. Wilson at some lenith advocated the DUitee of
mh un iu nwiiuu ... ,
uie diii mw amenuea. , ,K . . , ..'
Mr. Orimes's ameDdment was adopted. '
Mr. Orlmea offered an amendment, to extend -the re
Urine list to tha marine corns of tbe navy. Adopted,
Mr. lisle moved to atrlke oat all that portion relating
to the retiring list of the army ana navy.
Afiara long discussion, the amenpmentwas disagreed
to yeas II, nsjs S7. .. '
Mr. Wilson at soma, length advocated the passage of
the bill aa amended. '
Mr. Orlmea a amendment waa adopted.
Mr. Grimes offered an amendment to extend the retir
ing liat to the marine corps of the navy. Adopted. -
jar. Hale moved to striae ont all toil portion routing
to the ratlrlne list of the army and navy.'- After a long
dlseuaaion the amendment was .disagreed to, yeas 11,
osys 7. - ......
Mr. Ktce offered an amendment that the brevet' Lieut.
General be retired and there be no redaction of salary or
subsistence. Agreed to, yeaaHO, naya H.
Mr. Sherman imcred to give the retired list simply
proper pay, and na other allowance or emoluments.
merman's amendment was eaopwa. ' - '
Mr. Bale moved to amend so that officer having
brevet ranks would not receive any Increase of pay.
Agreed to. . - '-
jur. eakor moved mat Lieutenant uenerai scoti be
excepted. ' ' ' . ' "
Mr. Nesmllh said he aaw no reason for exception. '
Mr. Baulsbury aala he should vote for It because he
was glad that great captain had not resigned and taken
6 art with the aeeeder. Agreed to, yesa 30, naya 6.
aye Breckinridge, Carlisle, Johnson of Missouri, Nea
mitb, Polk and PawelU v
sir. voater moves to stnte ons to provision relating
it th aupertntendent of the Military Academy so as to
leave It as It Is. Agreed to. 1 Senate Adjourned. '
Ilocsi. Most ot the day ha been eonaumed In dis
cussing a resolution appointing a committee to examine
and lnqnir Into allcontraots made or to be made by th
War Department. " '1 ...... i , .
Mr. Helios g or 1111D01 nrred ma ob eotlons to the
resolution on the ground 'that there war no sueelflo
eberge. - -' '
Mr. van WVeK said trier wen specified ehaire or
fraud by contractors. " Be understood without doubt
that wlihlD two abort months there haa been a avetem of
plunder, which, for audacity and wickedness, ha never
wen surpaiseo, la nts conviction. He referred U the
axoeae or pay for beef, hats, etc. Be charged no depart
ment with complicity, bat he did say there were men that
naa taxen aavantate 01 tne necestiir or tne timet, and
plundered tbe country. Take the case of the ateamboat
Celallne. Bhawaa chartered for S 10.000 per month,
and (50,000 wars to be paid for her In tbe event of her
aeatrootion. lie would say to the Uouse, tne country
and th War Department desired an examination into
this affair. . j . , . ,
Mr. Kellogg moved to lay the resolution on the table.
The motion waa disagreed to by a vote of 48 against 77.
Th resolution waa than adopted yaa 81, naya 42.
. The Boas then went into eommlue of th Whole on
th Mil to provide for an tnereuNd. leycnna from im
port, to pay the Interest oa the poblia debt and for
other purposes. : u-' 1 . n- 1
Mr. Morrill, of Vt. , would vote for the proposed bill,
although it did not meat with hi oordlal aapport.
Mr. Pendleton offered an amendment to reduce duly
en Iron. Rejected. -
. Mr. Ward lneffectnallv endeavored to amend ao that
the bill take effect en the 1st ot September, Instead of
immediately, w unout eouoo tne uommittee roae.
Mr. Tallandigham gave notioa oi bills to regulate and
enforce th will ol habaaaoorpus.,, .
Dispatches from Washington.
[To the Associated Press.]
; Washimoton, July 16. The army baa ad
vanced. Gen. McDowell left at 3.30 p. m. to
go somewhere. Tbe first brigade of the fifth
division ia commended by Brig. General Lewie
Bleuker. Last night the brigade formed about
tbree miles Irom tbeir original location
To-day they were at Hunting Creek, Va., ten
miles from Washington, ana are to torm tbe
vanguard of the whole column. This forward
movement of the troops has had a wonderiol
effect upon the siok list. It hae nearly closed
out tne bospitais,
' Washington, July 17. The Republican this
morning says the general movement was in the
direotion of Fairfax Court House, which is no
ereat dlstanoe from the right ot General Mc
Dowell's line, though it is near fourteen miles
from tbe extreme right.' me army will bait
for the night this side of Fairfax Court House
-which the enemy will probably take occasion
to evacuate to-oight and resume their maroh
in the morning.' ' 1
The Intelligencer says an officer arrived here
last night dlreot from Martlnsburg yesterday
morning. He eaye Gen. Johnson broke np his
camp at Bunker Hill on Monday, and commenc
ed the retreat of his whole army towards Win
chester. Gen. Patterson, with bis entire force,
Immediately went in pursuit, and was about
eleven milee ia the rear of Johnson. "1 - '
[World's Special.]
All the militia of Eastern Virginia are or
dered to maroh for Staunton. ,
The Times says Mr. Shanks, of the Indiana
11th Congressional Diatrlot, Has been appointed
aia on uenerat. sremonts staff, ana bas aooepted
the appointment, v'v .V ', j.i.:.. ...1 , :, .,
The .Tribune's 'dispatches say the Columns
this p. m. probsbly moved on! to the advaeeed
pickets. .To-moirow morning at early' dawn
they will press forward upon the enemy. The
first fighting will probably take place at Fair
fax C.H.,, whert there.' jtra nine rebel rrgl-j
mentgaVe ;,...-. 'u - ,' .) ' i,'
It- ia believed that it la the design of our
Generals to avoid Manassas Junotlon, and, if
possible, circumvent it. A positive intention is.
howsver, to allow so delsya, bat to push vigor?
ously South, and fight their way to Riohmond.
11 is aieo supposea idsi tne movement to to is
Important point will not ba direct, but by flank.
ana tbet our columns will pass around tbe eitv,
and approach it from the South, atter cutting off
all communications. """
The report that the Hon1. Jos. Holt, of Ky-,
will be appointed Justice of the Supreme Court,
is without, foundation. . There will probably be
ao new appointments until the Court has been
re-organiaed. u ,; it 11
Iniermation received to-day states that the
rebel 'forces at Ocooquan, Dumfries and ons or
two other points on the Potomac have been re
moved to Manassas Junction. , . . .
Reports from Arizona and New Mexico state
the secession leoling la those territories to be
very strong, the inhabitants being mainly set
tlers from Texaa. : It will be aeoessary to send
United States troops to Fort Bliss lo suppress
. From IntelUeenco received.bere bv the last
mall from Vera Cms, It ia stated and; believed
that' J. T. Pickett, late Consul of tbs United
States at Vera Cms, who wae recently in tbie
city, has gone up to the Mexloan Capital asths
dlplomatlo agent ot the rebels, wjtli, the hope
r .1 :,. r I- 1 1 1 ) "-
ot wreuuivounug luinister vvtwui. in aistego
[Herald Dispatch.]
The discovery of a pass tb enter the Raima
kanaqck river lines oa the. person b a mao re
eeotly found at Richmond, and thai effort rf the
rebels to create a difficulty in ceoeequenoe be
tween tbe ritish Minis r ana our Govern
meat, lias on tuvestlgatlon.tnraed ou( Ito- be, a
very Rlirewd rebel trick 10 involve our. liovera
ment in a auarrel with tin aland. i" t-
[Special to Commercial.]
VrAsiniaTOi,-Jttly-n. A ege-4o-the
War Uepattment says tnat-r err rax uourt Hbuse
was occupied at innrise, tn reoeis bsviug pte
vlously abandoned, ,tae place. r '
PHiiARBtvtDA, Jolt 17jTke Meat phlsv Ave
UBcbe, of the 13th last., has a, etory thai tbe
Ddvateer flu niter had- entered. Bsisick. Jlsv.
briogles C&fOUO Eaftel rifle orl1rTioiter of
rifled eannod.tsFten from an bflgusn Bmp Muhd
to New 'OrleB.irhrob tad been etdefed awav
from the Bilize bj tbeblocka'bg iquttdror:;' ,
.f rLO, Jnlv iT.ThfL'M Wlaajl.gl-
LI... v., .-m.i-iX 'tVi-Ito fc-.1?,
mfnl luntxpebtedly rrlved here this tn0,BiBg,
Tltev Were reoeived by the Buffalo Tigers and
breakfasted. Tbey leave by the Erie road this
[Special to Commercial.] THE MARKETS.
NEW YORK, July 17.
FLOOR-Tha market may t4 eboted Ss.'.MtteV, out
the demand la not ao active a yesterday, notwltbatand-
Ingthal there la s altsh daellne in .nainia.
Blas of 1 820 bsrrela at mi TVatS tti for auperflne atau
4 1CKS4 24 lur wXtraaUto7SUIWnperniweaterni
4 7S'sV4 bg for enaaawn ta aMdioa aataa wwteraj (4 7(
sv4 bo ror (hipping nranaa extra rouna stoop vuio,
S4 (5dlS for. trad brands do., Inn market eloslng rather
quiat, with shippers holding off, and the market a shade
Brmer for common iradea. Canadian flour: Bales' of 800
barrels at S3.30&3 60 for superfine, and 4 05(97 for
common to shot) extra, f ' ; V'l I
HYH VLOaH Bbady at a 1 j ft
OOHM MIAL-MJnlct and Matiaatly aaebaegi
of 100 bhls ehotcai wasUra at S3.
W 11 UK K A ahad firmer and rather mora doing ; sales
of 1 000 bbls at I8lo;o, chiefly at the inside prloe. -
W.I V A T WhMl l'k.4 h.l(n. mnS BBOM bcMinkBSdohw
frrpvnn.1. unri lr.nM.SnH BrO maSarlally - seatricted by
lb Hotted supply of really-prim eonn parcels. Sake
ot 18,400 bushele Ohicsgo spring at WaWo; 18,000 bush
Racine spring at 935oi9 000 buihel Milwaukee elub
at80g6c;S,lt0e tmabals Amber Iowa at 7iSli l,70O
bushels winter red aestern at (1 0&31 11; S. SOU bnshele
white western at $1 803.1271 new amber Jersey at SI Mi
300 buthela new white Palawan at $1 31; 81 OOO bashel
white aisiouti U SI 2; 300 boaheU whit Kentucky at
1 83. rid , Ii i . it 1 vi ; , .
STR-Unchanged; North River is quoted 6JS07c; salts
of 1,500 buthela weatern at 400.
. BAULKY AND BARLEY. UAl.T0onUnnes dull end
nominal and unchanged.- '''" .
CO UN Bather more steady, and In moderate demand
tor export and home consumption. ' Bala of 79,000
bushels at 3B($40o for unsound new mixed western)
.1111,. J.,jnuf..M.InullA. '1,1
OATS In moderato'.reqarat. gale at 873la for
O enadlsu, and 31 33c for State '
PORK Oontlnnee steady! sale of 8000 bbl St 11 09
1J 75 for mess; $15for unlnspecUd do.; S 10 19 50
for prime " '
' BHHff Without Imnortint chanM In srlce and In
moderate rtqueat: tales of 350 bbl St S4 SO for
country prime; 55 50 for country mess; e&10 50
ror repacked mess; SI0 50 11 60 for ex trs, mess. Frlme
mesa beef eonttnaes dull and nominally unchanged.
BEHf DAMS Bute quiet; sales of 50 bbls prim
western at 114 .. .1,
' OUt MB4T8 May ba quoted a shade easier; ealea of
13 Beds dry Suited shoulders at ool range, Vitswa, iot
shouKmsi a)oo for bamaauB -t . I. .'-Kt
BAOON Ouiet and uncbanred.
LARD Ia qulat and steady; sales of MO barrel at
BDTTIB-Ts selling at 712,'o for Ohio; 83)13X0
foratate; 13X91B0 for Delaware and Orange county
OHIIB8K In limited rcqnast at 37c, ai In quality.
8DQAB Raw without material change in prices, bat
la fair requeatr sales of 1481 bbd Onba st 4J,8Xc, in
eluding 48 bhda New Orleans at 8X0. and about U boxes
of llevar,aat7o. ...
OOrrKE-Rlo atlll rule strong, with an active de
mand) ether descriptions era vary firm, bat there Is only
moderate bueineaa dolngt aala of 8500 bag XI St li
14fo, Laguyra at 153tl5)ic; 100 bag of Uaracaibo
at 16c. - , . '' " i- '
STOCKS Active, excited and higher. ' Chicago and
Rock Island 45; Galena and Chicago OCX ! Michigan Cen
tral, 44V: Ulchlaan Southern, cuaranieed. 32K: Chi
eago, Burlington and Qulncy 8J; Olevelaud end Toledo
New York Central 78; KrlelW; Harlam IS;. Bar
lem, preferred, 87; Beading 39X; Panana , 111;
Hudson. 17K: Missouri 6's 45: Tiralala43xr. acrln 15:
Tennessee 44) LonlslansSO; North Carolina 57 ; U. S.
5'a 74; coupons, 80. . ..
Cincinnati Market.
ILOOK-Oar market hu a better tone. Tha slock ba
Ing very light, any lmprovatnl let the damand la at
once very sensibly reit. lue trade doing la almost en
tirely for the supply of orders far eoniumara or th local
jobbers, and haa consequently no particular elasticity.
Buperoae cannot b Bad, of good grades, at loss than
(3 75. Ixtraa command $ 4, and the higher grades run
np to 84 75 for fancy. A good proportion of the tales
ia for account of th army.
., WUKAr Holders war generally Brmer to-day, to
that tbe market la better then- It hu been duilng th
weak, th offerings war mainly of new.- This ta taken
leu frequently than the old. Prime old Bed la quoted
at 75o . White at B0 to 95c. '
CORN Is bald at 30c., bat the market haa been main
tained during the week only by the light receipts, having
no inherent atraogth. DiiUllers do not new-offer over
880. , f . ; ...,..'
OATS Daring th week hav bean easier to buy at !4c
than to sell, and were to-diy still more heavy. 23c. may
sow be regarded as tbe fair quotation in balk.
BAULKY Is entirely neglected, and reliable quota
tions can hardly b given.
BTB waa sold again to-day at 40s., and sellers can
not do better. .-....
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, July 18. 1861.
FLOOR Noiblng of consequence doing. - --, .
' WHKAT Somexhat scarce and In local demand for
milling. 8aleof 1500 buihel t red from s tor at Oo.
CORN Bale of one oar at 30oata oa track, aad L do
from store at 31c. .
OATS Baleaof 9aanat!9cnts. -; -
HiaaWWES-firm, with Sales ol 50 bbls and 25 bbls
at 14 cents.
BUTTER Bale of 10 kegs fair quality at 8 cents.
' B0O9 Salea at 8 centa. . .' , '
; DRIED APPLES Sales at 3c.
,'.;.', , ' . tim 5 t Ltaitr.
, OF '
Spring &, Summer Millinery.
- The Stock Replenish txl . ;, .
J,- DAILY, ;
' NE W .TORK,...::'-
. ' ai. '1 ,J . Hf Tl S,
.'4.1 ;W- . .t,4 ,rJ
' Of !! r-fa, r ; ,
my stock or
Spring & Summer Millinery
.. Is sow complete, comprising every variety ot Millin
ery; alio, a large aaaortment of Xmbroidsrlea, Hosiery
and Wotlons, See., and in quantities and prices that cant
not fall to suit all who may favor as with a call a. The
foods hav been bought at Panle prloe, and will be sold
at a small advance en cost. " ' ' ' -1 :' a- l" '
m W . . . i M r 'II r r
Miss AI. E. YOUNCi, late of New York City,
wilt superintend the Millinery Departs a. Her loag
expert sna In th moat Fashionable btebUahmsat lo
Broadway will alone be a warranty that she will be able
to aire entire latlafaetien ha auttara of tasta U all vka
nay favor her with fhalrrdi,VJ( ,'-J Se4 . ; '
Th Ladle of Columbus and vicinity will i lease ac
cept my sneers thanks fbr thslr liberal patronage) aad
would reepeotfully loliclt a eonliauane of the aeme.
r .,1 i
Rin,1 ware;
set TSwb St., Cwlsriabns, O.'
88 East
; tit.
t .tn "
ct trtemtaellewloikOksernt.l . i
As all sartia) auamtaaterinw Bewloar atadaloa are ob
liged to pay Mr. Mow a lloenae an eaeh machine said,
and are a so compelled to make returns to him, under
oain. as t toennmber bom, bh book give aoomot state
ment, rrom tnu twiraoi eoaroa are aave eetainaa toe
following etattttio. Of th machine made In the year
1859, tier werweoli, - - - .-'
BV Wheeler Srimroa.Vi;.Y..kCt,SnS hI'
. I n, I.hf. Singer a, Oa......-. 10,11 )D.,n
) Qroyar, t Baker..., . ,.. . v lO.Sfca) y , -Bhowlni
th aala ot Wheeler At Wilasn te fee dinM
those of any other Company ' ' ',
, iwaWed the hlghet premlu'me-Hit th
1 r I UnltaABtates fairaof IHjeVliiWssjd ISttUj kir
I Ohld Star tain of 1859 and 18rM
j I antat aeariy tOl th County lalrahvtha Btahu.
'Our bricee, at tb late reductloa, care cu lot a one
lock nidi machine now told, and bat a tits hlaher than
tb Interior t VtrMt aAotat sficA MacMntt, now
forced upon the market,- - -
Loci sTtcas thalynwMehaanot ,ba raveled. -It
t Aun os Both ataaaot Vi gooda, teavlag-M rdfft or
mkrtnOnlM under tiU. ' '
jus JoAtnee iasr-tf(l I faofw, ma tntrmeUok
given la tbelr waef free ef errarn. -- A...
f 1 I .H l vAsB nBgw ih viiiaailinaf.
I ,, ..... ,.,WU.BUMNBB,aaOn , ,
daa fawdameawnra. flka's ODraHca.Clnctocatl. ,
- ...i.-tor the VXtttun BmUBJ
" n .4nwavwarnvrnafc
t! Jlstrssring eomplalnt, is;'",
,:irlBJBr,,i., '"
tea aa Via w 'a . w . . - mi '- a, ."
i-A A.VIA will A A IjlUAAkJkl A JkB,
MadabeO. B. USTMOCB CO., 107 Hsm Bi.. Ss.i-,,
J Fries Bl pot Boat Met fra by poet.
aiia, ssussiiiii1 -
JL tlUJCiUIS, weW ity aiaajau apetiad w r 1 1 i
n I .-
i Balis Ba BOB.
ale. t eW BWbeOeet.
Yt7AKtl)-i.WHl,( Ouatoman.at at. WUT'I Via
'JY irt faotpgvapb, SsUary, to bara, a'astowrasb
made, either entered as abtia. f all aiaee. In abort, all
binds of Helle;ravaa saaoa uy wlasr and In tha beat
style of the art.
High street, 4 doors North ef th American Hotel,
B.T "JT"S.
Columbus, Ohio,
latxpfrieoMd Nan Mid f PbjttoUa, imaU
' o taa awamsBn oa sawsneB
Jfl fo i'C&tLDE&( .TEE'
J ! wtvmmkvmuKwm asAuiiiaejaiBbs sassBr
; . ,--. ii : 'jifL. . : t. .
which a-rcalls' faoUltotaa th ros of tMthlut, by soft.
nlng the gums, reducing all inflammation 4 mifmj
ALL f.vut UHlspaaajouic ikuuu, im ,,..c,,,, h
Depend upon It, mefliars, tt will gly net I youraehra
man ' - .... - .. . . . v ,
xxtxii aso aEAiTH to Toina'nrilxis.
We hata nmt an and sold this article tor ovar tan man.
wnat we aava never Men aoi to aay Ol any owes mem-Ino-MVllB
ANCB, TO JKIfKCI A OCKB, when tlmaljr need. Def
er did w know an lnatano of dleaturaetion by any on
who used It. On tha oontrary, all ara delighted with lu
naraUona, and apeak In terma of eommendatiM ef lta
magical eneota and medloal virtue. W (peak an (hi
manor -rr xsai' rt m uv n.siurf : airar ten years expe
almost every tnetane where the Infant Is aafferrna froai
pain and exhaustion, relief will, be found la nf tsea at
twenty minutes alter tnenyrap te administered.
Thi valuable preparation is th praecrlpUon of one of
the moat BXPBklBNOBDand BKILUUI. NDB9B8 In
New Borland, and bas bran need with BBVIB, fAtlr
not only relieves th ohtld from Pain, but hi vino
alee tbe stomach and bowels, oomots acidity, sad a-ivoa
tone and energy to the wbol system. It will almost Inl
Btauuy sviivvo . .
GKlPiia 15 TBI I BOWattsATOWlNfl C0U
and overoome convulsion, which, if not speedily rem
died, end In death. We believe It the BUST and 8UB
KBT RHMBDT IN THI WORLD, in all eases of Dlt
ainijcity and siAJumtBA m VHimmtH, whetha
It arises from teething, or from any other cause. Wa
would say to every motherwho haa a child suffering from
any of the foregoing complaints DO NOT LBT YODB
ataad between yon and your suffering child, and the re
lief that will be BURS ye. ABSOLDTCLY grjRB to
follow th in of this medicine, If timely Bead. lull di
rections for aslng will accompany eaeh bottle. None
Sinalne unless the feo-elmile of CURT1B at PBKRlNBj
ew Tork, I on the oatdd wrapper.
Bold try an uragguta throughout tn world.'
Principal Office, is Cedatr Street N.T.
manufacturers mil atlnate ef For
;. sable and Htatlanarr tsteam En
' fines, Maw mills, rtet iriillw,
' V. dbJ. B. J)UVALL JUatmltf COLVXBVS
7 , 4 CO. StmHlll
Oar Portable Zogla and few KUi
Was awarded th first premium of $S0 at th Indians
But lair for 19C0 over lane St Bodltr's oa account ot
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy ,of fuel
' aad superior charaoter of lnmber sawetl.
Our Stationary Inirlne was awarded at the same Fall
the first premium at t . ' '
Our Portable Bnglne was awarded the Brat premium oi
B1O0 at the lair at Memphis, Term., over Blandy's On
vall's, Columbus Machina Oo'a., and Bradford St Oe's.
by a committee of practical Bailroad Bngineers.
yor puce ana wrrna aaareoa
'i WILLAJtD WAKHIB, Treasurer,
dacJ-dfcwlyeol. . . , , . ,. L: Newark, Ohio
No. 4 '(wyivib Block.
: il 'P.; STONE &' (yflARRl"
. IBB GOODS, and invite th poblie to inspect
them.' No such stock of Goods haa ever keen brought te
tht market. Th South, la consequence of th failure
of th grala drop, has not been able to purahaa th ca
nal quantity of rich good, and thi faotha foraad th
import r a au uieaa aa eoou aaeuoa. uar coyer
(Mr. Stone) being la New Tork at these large sal, took
ad nutate of tbem, and wa can and will aell oar goods
here, at less lhan any one who purchased two weak, sine,
paia ror tnm in new sore., uar stock is oompiet in
every aopartaeni ot . .
ii ? OKLEANS, "
I. X 1 .! .... -,
Fife Thaosand Dollars Worth
flight, in., One Day, . ..
Mn's,ids aad Chlldraae Onovr Shirt and Draws ra;
Ladlea, Mlaaa aad Children's Hosiery of all kinds, In
Wool and tsrsb'i Wool; fleecy; lined and Cotton Glove
at avary man.. .1 man
A cerBplete assortrnent of all the usual Tarts
ae of ,..,':, :t, ;.'.'.
FLANNELS,- " ' Vi.y f .:, . j.
RIBBONS. .' - '
,1 ad
Iaditi and Geat'i Linen Camerio Hand.
..i kerohiefli, ., to.J a
.1 ': .X Cl.:j )..!
' To bSraona wha call on aa. are aladaW nvworda t
show trann the largest, beet aad eheapeet stock of Ooode
ree seen la thi market, or pay them one dollar ft
rwur wane looking. . , . .
.'uect-eiyxtawitw. btu a o naaauiy
Wkalasmla Sana. He tall Dealer 1st
PtT, i ;S.B Oi; G.H,,7P aa,
Seen aetaatlym hamel all itae tsv
i, (.- rtaaa BaABlaJ I,
T'. . 1 1 ' i i Iwl e.l i
Ixatijportocl. Oisaxna
I- . . -' ' '' ' i -
TTAU't .a .
raaTTLiah Bsnawa aoaiaiwa awenae Twssuisoa, cist M
j,,. I aoceiiaioniTie tiaaocaB,aJlT. l,,
" ' A. SWATH II,
v M ... M a v 1 n - n.i.
lifvu venter sr. v, arviaware vv., vuio.
may xoiuiiKV, ,
"They ga Eight to tfee gpt."
Inetaikit Hellef I r , step fmmr cmgUX
; Parlfy 7otir Breatthl .
j j"w,v,.,a .... j,
btreagthesi your Voice!
. : ABB
They relieve a Cough Instantly.
Tbev clear tbe Throat.
They give strength and volume to the voice.
Tbey impart a delicious aroma to the breath.
Tbey are delightful to tbe taste.
Tbey are made of simple borbs. and cannot
.. uarm any one. .
I advise every one who haa a Cough or a hasty Voice
or s Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Tbroa t, to get
pact age of my Throat Gonfeotlons; they will relieve
you Instantly, and you will agree with me that "tbey
go tight to th spot." Yon will find them very useful
and pleasant while traveling or attending publie meet
ings for stilling your Cough or allaying your thirst. If
you try n package, I am safe In saying that you will
ever afterwards oonsider them Indispensable.
Ton will find them at tbe Drugjliti and Dealers In
' PBI01
. i
Sly signature is ca each package. All others are
A package will be tent by mall, prepaid, oa receipt of
Address, '
Henry C. Spalding,
' ' ' KEvV YORK.
CURE vr?
By th use of theee Fills the pertodle attacks of JVer
eott or Sict Ehadack may be prevented; and If takeo
st the commencement of aa attack Immediate relief from
pain and sickness will be obtained.
They seldom fall ia removing th Smma and
ach to which females are so eubjeot.
- They not gently upon th bowel removing UmM
for Ukrarn Mm, Btu&tntt, Delicate Female
and all tenons of mtdtniary habit, they are value
as a LamaHv, Improving th apptlU, giving ton
law te the dlgwttv organs, and restoring th natur
elaaUcitw and strength of th whom system.
TUB CBPHAXIC FILLS sr the result of long lives
tigs tlon. and (artfully conducted experiments, having
been In use many years, during which ttm tbey have
prevented and relieved a vast amount at pain and infer
leg from Head arm, whether originating ta tha auraona
system Sr from a derangadstat of th tttmack.
Cher are ntirly vegetabl ia their composition, an
may s taken at all time with perfect eafety without
making any change of diet, and the niuaoa of ton
ditaarmabi Uut rtndtrt tt taty to mdminU'er Vum
The geunln bar flvs stgnetaiaa of Benry 0 Bpaldlng
on eaoh Box.
Bold by Druggists and all other Dealers In Medlclnee.
A Boa will U sant by mall, prepaid, ea receipt of tht
Frloo, as Oexitfl.
All orders should be addressed to
i 48 Cedar Street, New fark.
from th Examiner, Norfolk, T. '
Cephalle Pills accomplish the object for which may
Were made, via.: Cure of headache In all Its forms.
' From th Kxamlner, Norfolk, Ta.
They hav bean totted in more than a thousand case
with entire i
. ) From the Democrat, St. Oloud, kllna. - -
If yS are, r have been, troubled with th headache
send for a box, (Oephallo Fills,) so that you may have
them in case of aa attack.
From th Advertiser, Providence, B. I.
- Th Oepballe ptllt are said to be a remarkably effective
remedy for th headaohe, and eat ot the vary beat for
that very frequent complain t.which ha aver been die-
From th Western B. B. Osteite, Chicago, IU.
We heartily tndors air. Bpauldlag, and his unrivaled
Cephalle Fills.
From the Kanawha Valley (tar, Kana wha, Ta.
We are sure that peruen suffering with the headaali -who
try them, will stick to them.
..A. I ' V
" From the Beuthera Path finder, New Orleans, la.
' Try them I yoa that are afflicted, and we are sure that
your testimony can be added to th already numerous
Liat that haa reoeived beoeote that an ether medicine can .
prodnoa. , .-. .
From tb Bt, Louis Detnoeral.
the immena demand for the article vOephallo Fill
It rapidly increasing . ,
From the Oaaelta, Davenport. Iowa. '''
would not cacaeothrs nsrae wtta sa ar-
Bel h did not know to poa
i real merit.
IOA Vlngle fcottl of BPALDlNQt PBBPARBD
I . . . . ;
trt.y win eave tan uraet ire eott annually .jji
J . : I (1 I lUdUaa.-V 1 ' U . ! , , V ;
j ' ...-
mz-wa m as m iia
I BAti tMriBOBii 1 m r
? ,'. ILT"A Bnroa ts Tuti lavas Wm.nJJl ,
-Aeaeoidenta will happaa.avn ks well ngaiaaed (mat t.
Hlee. t very smdiewM aa aavw aoase eaaap and eoa
vaaaeatjWty for repairing I oral Car, laya, Orockary ,
aaeata all such easergenciee, and aw BeuMUoHl aaa afford
ta bt without tt. lliaalwayaaeady.Bndapaaaiiaatkk
SngpolnA.'. . , . ,
"J L I
, "uaaruu ui sisai ttuusa." ,
t-vA Brash ateompaalM each botlUu : ''
--r. a.'
. No. 48, Cedar Btraet, New TtA.,',' 1
0ACTI0N. ' - -;
, As eerula tnprinolpted pereona art tatamptina t ir
palm ot th tmtaupaotlng pabllt, hnltationaof ta '
1'aVBPARBD 6LCB, I wowld caution all persona tat -
mim iSlt Prehaain, and ea that the full name.
Is ea the ouUld wrapper; all other are ewlndiini eee
terftits. aov

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