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xunFEinnr miller, rnuuhtn.
W. MAWVrKHtBYa Editor.
Democratic State Convention.
.-rTr"' il. n il. Ck.u Pan.
1 rvii m riwu i ."w v-ww-..- - -
' trl fcotamlttee held la Columbus, oa the 5th
day of July, 18G1, it was
Re tolctd, That it W expedient to hold Demo
orJio State Convention at Columbus, on
Wtdnmdai, AWBUSit Tift, 1861, -
la nominate ft Democratic State Ticket to be
. . .Sapoorted at the October election. .
-1 Wovrf, funher; That ftll tbeeleotors pf jhe
Slate of Ohio, who are in favor of perpetuating
the priuclplei npon which our Union wee found
ed, and are convinced that the present State
and - National Administrations are wholly in
competent to manage the governmeu in
present critical condition, ae well at all who are
oopoeed to the gross extravagance and corrup
tion now so alarmingly prevalent in puollo ef
f .ir. h .,r.tl invited to unite with the
Damoeracy in this hour of our country's peril,
and thus redeem the State, and plaoe Ita ad
ministration In competent hands.
Were, further, that the basis or represen
tation ia said Couveutiou be one delegate for
, every 500 votes and an additional delegate lor
ll fraction of 250 and upwards, cast lor Thobu
J S. Smith, for Supreme Judge at the October
i iMKii a,,rt t.hit it be recommended
tut the counties elect their delegate! on this
The Democracy of Ohio end all other con-
errative Uuion men. who are willing to co-oper
ate with thtm on the above basis, are requested
to meet in their respective counties at such time
aa the local committees may designate, and ap
point delegates to the Democratic Convention
,.n thn 7ih nf An nut. to nominate ft State
ticket to be supported at the October election
t It ia presumed that no lover: of hie country
will reouire Drorrntine at this time to lndnce
1 him to dlichargo nls ouiy, anu luereiwrw
'; Committee is impreesed with the belief that the
oountics will eagerly respond to thie call, ana
that an imposing Convention will assemble in
Columbus at the time designated above, and
nnt in nomination a ticket of cood and true
- men, to'be supported fir the various Stato of
Bees oa the 3d Tuesday In October next. ; .
WM. MOUNT, Chairman.
WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary.
The Grand Army Moving Southward.
The 16th July, when tbe grand army of fifty
tbousnd strong under Gcueral Scott, et for
ward from Waibicgton, will be noted in the
calendar and in chronological tables, at one of
the remarkable dnje of this eventful year, 1861.
The whole country will watch the movements
of thie great army with eager and almost
breathless interest. This military demonstra
tion southward is looked upon as in reality the
first great practical effort on the part of the
General Government for crushing out the re
bellion. Hitherto, its military operations have
been principally cjr.fio.cd .to States over which
the rebellious Confederacy did not claim do
minion, or to portions of tbe country where the
Uuioa eentiment was more or less prevalent.
Now an advance is to be made into what may
be called tbe enemy's country, and every heart
throbi with anxiety as it glances at tbe mo
mentous results that hacg upon the success or
failure of the grand expedition.
We trust that the grand army will fulfill the
expectations of the mass of the people, who
regard It not as an army of conquest and tub
jagaticn, but as setting forth on a mission for
the restoration of peace and harmony. While
with a vigorous and unflinching hand, it should
disperse tbe rebels (ound in arms against tbe
Government, it should commit no outrages upon
the persons or propertyof private and nnoffend
iug citizens, because tbey happen to reside on
soil over wblch secessionists have unfurled the
r.'bel flag. Ic should prove to the Southern
people, while oocupyiug their territory, that the
oldiers of tbe Government come among tbem
not as enemies but as friends, whose sole object
is to restore to tbem tbe peace, safety and pros
perity they formerly enjoyed under the protec
tion oi the Stars and Stripes.
We rejoice, in common with the great body
of our fellow citizens, that tbe main army,
about which so much has been said for the last
two months, ia at leneth in motion. The two
Ohio Regiments, the First and Second, we are
nrond to learn, are placed among the forces at
tbe head of tbe onward movement. They have
been pining away with comparative inaction,
and are eager for an opportunity to distinguish
themselves in an encounter with armed rebels.
Their wish may now soon be gratified. One of
two things mutt happen either the rebels
must stand and fight or run before the advance
of the Union forces. They will have now
chance to prove their pluck as well a I their
firmness and attachment to tbe seditious cause
they have undertaken to defend.
There are many reasons why we should feel
dered the grand amry to move onward. One is,
that it promises to sootch the bead of the seces
sion serpent and prevent it from extending Its
slimy trail over the Border States. While this
military demonstration will keep alive and
strengthen the determination in the loyal States
to maintain, tbe Constitution at all hazards,
and at any cost, it will give confidence and
hope to the Union men In tbe Booth over whom
secersion bst inaugurated ft "Reign of Terror."
Besides it will make foreign powers see that
the Federal Government baa an unshaken con
fidence in Its ability to sustain itself, and to
cause the Constitution to be observed end the
laws to be faithfully executed, notwithstanding
rebellion has assumed such formidable dimen
sions. Foreign powers, especially Great Brit
ain, from whom we have most fears, will te
little cautious, we apprehend, in view of this
grand movement Southward, bow she ignores
our blockade of Southern ports or attempts to
violate it. At all events, we may feel pretty
certain that European governments will be In
no haste to provoke our resentment before some
indication ia given of the final result of this
grand Southern expedition. ...
Like the children of Israel on the shore of tbe
Red sea, we wait to see our veteran leader,
General Scott, like another Moses, stretch his
rod in the shape of a bright, polished sword,
over the turbid .and angry waves of disunion
and roll them back, so that the armies of the
Union shall move forward with joy and songs of
triumph. '"
Notwithstanding the dark ' and ominous
secession cloud that now obscures our Southern
horizon, we trust it will soon move sullenly, but
finally off, and leave the American Eagle free,
In a clear sky, to gsze onoe more upon one Uni
ted, nappy and glorious l,nd or rromisei '
A private company at-New Orleans, has for
$150,000 taken out a contract to elok, born,
aeuroy, or take the Brooklyn. To accomplish
tbic otjeot they have taken the tug (propeller)
Enoch Train, and are casing her with iron.
Sbe hac seven solid ieet of wood on ber bow,
and this is covered with iron. The plan is for
her to take the Brooklyn amidships, and run
her down. . ;., , .
R. -
Admixture" Party--The Trap being
Admixture" Party--The Trap being Set.
This old Abolition agitato has been absent
from his post in Canada, where It wis hoped be
would takVup his future abode, on ft mission oj
mischief at Washington twanging the tactics
to Be""pureoel j LovwV an4 lie -AboHtloa
erew, end has at last turned up here In CoJim
bns as ft member of the Stats Central Commit
tee of the late Republican party. Hie special
bueinces, we leant from bb Influential Republi
can; was to galvanize the mortal remains of the
late Republican organisation, breathe new life
into U, label, ii;VUnlon,,, and, stort it on ft
new' mission 'oi'jaischlef.i fie ft -was that
gathered together the remains of the Whig end
Koow nothing'pMtles (soob, as he could use),
and breathed, Into them tbe breath of Aboli
tionism, and called it "Republican." ItV
ing accomplished the mission for which it was
organised by him, end Is now .Ialling lot 4e
oay. be Is here on leave, to organise anew; the
elements, with such atbeean Inveigle into, lis
meshee from the Democratlo party under the
name of that Umou which he, and men like
him. hava bean for rears olottioc to destroy
We are right glad he has taken this piratical
craft under his charge. No one Whor enlists la
the concern, can now be deceived. All he and
his friends now , want, to give the party any
chanee of success, Is to pot up some man who
claims, and has been recognized at a Democrat,
for Governor, and wbo did lot vote for Linooik
and the Chicago platform, and sprinkle the
tieket with Just salt enough to prevent the Abo
lition smell. ' . ", ; ' . V. '
It would not do to bead the ticket with an
avowed Republican of the Chicago platform
stripe. Well do the managers of the concern
know. this. Some gentleman, must head the
ticket, who was a National Union Democrat and
supported Dooolac; otherwise he will not do.
With such man at the het of the ticket,
thev thick it will oover no anv Quantity of Ab
olitlonism at the UU, especially If it is lattU,d
"Union tioket." This dodge will not answer at
this time. : V. !! 1 "
We ask in all candor, whftt would the old Union
Democrats, and ftll other true Union men think
of the sincerity of ft "Union" ticket gotten op
under tbe auspices of Joshua R. Giddikoi, Ben,
Want, AiHiir, Lottjot and men of their well
known Abolition sentiments? Do they not
know that they would control, it, jast as they
have the Republican organization?
Even now, in the midst of this war. when
Democrats are told to hold their breath speak
not one word abojt their glorious o& party ig
nore its past glorious history, of whioh every
Democrat is proud Lotejoy and men of bis Ilk,
in and out of Congress, ere 'pressing on with
their war of abolitionism. "We ask our friends
what party organization will exist to meet and
overthrow these men, whom all prefers to de
spise, if yon Ignore and disband tbe Democ
racy? 1 :' . ;- '
The Albany Evening Jume, a leading pa
per of tbe late Republican organization, has
tenturtd to administer a alight rebuke to Lots
jot for introducing (he negro into Congress,
and it Is met by ft severe rebuke for so doing by
tbe Charleetown (Massachusetts) Advtrtittr, the
editor of which has just been appointed Post
master of that place by Mr. Lincoln. Tbe
Advtrt'uer says t. "We must say to the venera
ble Albany etultifier, that Instead of ceasing, In
Its elegant language, to 'toot out the fltyre,'
we are of opinion that it Is about the timeto
Blow to trot kirn out. Nor talk or rnoao
Thua it Uj yoa night aa well tell the Aboil'
tlooiet "not to pray" (they would obey that
much sooner) as to cease their political clamor
about slavery.' , After an election was carried
under tbe came of "Union," every man who
rebuked negro fanaticism, would be denounced
aa a "stoUifier," Just as Thobaow , Wits now
is by this Abolition Postmaster. ..
.We are told that new, just at this" particular
jonotare in our national affairs, it Is absolutely
necessary to Ignore and abolish our organisa
tion, that we may be considered patriots!! We
reject the aanmptloa 'e fefe." L We tre told we
must fall back upon the times of Mr; Moraoi,
when all opposition to the Democracy had been
crushed out, and be was ie-eleoted without op
position, only one Tete; being out for Mr.
Adams!! We suppose It is designed that wo
must break np the old Democratic organization,
so that Mr. Lucoui can be re-elected for sec
ond term' without opposition. , The effort to
make a Jackson of Mr. Lihcolh has signally
failed they now propose to try and make ft
Monboi of him. That wotld at least continue
GiDDiNos as Consul to Canada, Bohjhoams to
China, Cash. Clat to Russia, Sartit to Porto
gal, ate., and the thousands of like cues in
their places. The pnly way this can be accom
piisbed.is to disband and break op the old
Union Democratic party. It its organization Is
maintained --and not bstrayed into tbe bands of
those who for ft half eenvury hare meditated
and labored for its destruction it will as cer
tainly take charge of the Government at tht
end of this Administration, as the sua rises and
sets. ".' .
If the Republicans are convinced that their
organization la wrong, and sot compatible with
tbe existence of the Union of the States, they
ebonld abandon sot only It, but its principles;
and not abandon their mbm and frgnixalin,
and try and perpetuate their destructive princi
ples, b7 covering them under a patriotic name
wherewith to mislead the people. V
Is it Inconsistent?
We see it often stated by some of bur Repub
lican friends, that "We thould sink tbe p ertuee
in the f airier." .This is ell very well for those
who feel that their fvtg fealty has conflicted
with petrtsltm. For ourselves, we have always
belonged to the old Democratic party that has
sustained tbc Constitution and the Union, and,
therefore, it is not neoeeeary for oa to or
ignore our party feeling to bo jsefrtaic, ' Those
who think their party feeling has been in con
flict with patriotism, should stai it immediately.
Webope tbey will do to.' Many Republicans
have became satisfied on this point, and they
are clamoronl for sinking their party name and
organization. : ; ; "; ; ;
Richland County.
From the Shitld md Btnntr we learn that the
Union Democracy of Old Richland appoint their
delegates to the State Convention on tbe 3d of
August.- They nominate their county ticket by
primary election on the 17th of August. .The
Ban wr adds; .... w, -,, .
"It may not be amise, here, to remind but
Democratic aspire tc for official favor, of the
importance 01 abstaining from engendering bit
ter feelings by aorimoBleuc bite at competitors
for nomination while it doec great injury ' to
the cause, and necessarily weakens the ticket.
(of wblch onr wily oDDoneote have alwavi
reaoea tne aa vantage, 7 st ie tar irom oeioi e
benefit to those wbe adopt thie mode of tactics
preferment- Let all, therefore, make it
point to treat their competitors with kindness
and fairneee in oanvaning fog support, and our
victory ia Onto ber will be n easy one."' 5,
Officers of the Army in Congress.
It would appear irorn tht following, that the
more made In Congteesby Mr. Valla diqkab,
oa the unconstitutionality of offloers of the
army holding seats In. Congress, has not been
without effect.
1 The New Yerit ioeen of '"the Ad.
ministration, comes down as follow: AT"
-It is 4 plby that members of CoDfrcasVwbo
doubtless mean well, should wait to be told bv
political adversaries, like Mr. Vallandlgham, of
unio, mat tbey violate their constitutional duty
in retaining their seats after they have been
mustered lot the military eervlce of the Uni
ted States. The Constitution plainly prohibits
it. ujt atq not, the position le unseemly ana
dlscr&ftable. If Oregon Is entitled to the un-
trammeled cervices of Mr. Baker in tbe Ssnate,
he should not put himself at the disposal of the
rieetaeat, ine Secretary or war, ana tneuen-erel-ln-Chlef
ia the field. Their orders may at
any time deprive bis Stato of her -Representative,
It ie so with, other gentlemen of the
uouse of KepreeeaUUvee. it is wnoeaoaamg;
it furnishes a handle to enemies; it makes
weak spot laaa otherwise Invulnerable array,
that a representative, ia a elvil capacity, should
vote himself a ootamlsaion, pay and emoluments
In a military office. Practically It le a matter
of no great eonsequenoe, because, without the
preeenoeof the gentleman to whom we reler,
Congress will cee that tba war does not flag,
and lor that reason they should yield to the
force of tbe objection and avoid the verv appear
ance of evil. It will be cald at some time that
the ermy nude, as well as executed our laws,
and that onr coldiere went law Congress end
paid themeclvee as representatives for getting
up a hisi tU, in order that they might draw
rurtber pay aa warriors, we mean bo lmputa
lion on their, moll vac; bat, gentlemen, with
draw, withdraw! It le not becominr to your
respective States to have their representatives
in your seats ay leave of General Scott. ',
The Telegraphic Anaconda Tightening.
The dally preee of this city commented on
the course of tbe Asecciated Preee ia attempt-
lnsr. ss it averred errooeonsly. however, for it
was the Telegraph Company that tried this
speculation to charge the newspapers of this
oity a large prioe lor toe rreaident e message,
after having raised the ratec for regular die
natches verv oooeiderablv. . The OAie SUtu-
man copied the article, and added comments of
its own whictt we old not cee, out we understand
that, amooc other tbinss, Ue StefetaM called
for an association of tbe western press. On
Wedneedav it published the following notice.
from the Associated Press: - ? v 1
CLEVELAND., O., July 16, 1861.
To tbc Editoi ov tbi Statcsbabu f 1 '
Bib Tbe New York Associated Press bss
need its beet eodeavore to. supply the papers
generally with impartial and reliable reports
If there be cases oi failure, they do cot arise
from negleot or want of industry on our part.
We object, therefore, to anv editor snaking- his
dissatisfaction tbe besic of personal abuse of ns
in tne columns or bis paper; ana I am aireotea
lo inform you that the Acseoiation'c reportc
will not be delivered to alter to-
General Western Agent.
The Cincinnati Gutrtt, from which we copy
the above, is in error in its statement that the
SttUtman, on the occasion referred to, called
for an association ot tbe Western Press. We
suggested that the dally press of Ohio should
take some steps to shield itself from imposition
and extortion; but we did not Indicate what, In
our opinion, tbey should be, and we 'confessed
our ignorance as to wbo was to blame the tele
graph,' the Associated Press, or f somebody
else." In due time we shall ascertain by a due
oourse of law what our righto are and whether
tbey be of any value. We made other com
ments on the. accuracy and reliability of the
dispatches, and in this only expressed the public
lodgment ' j - ''n '.' '. -
Congress on the Tariff.
From the Washington correspondence of the
New York TWeene of the 16th, we copy tbe
following: " " '
M. r.wm'a Tiurr Kill Ri.niTTn inn
The committee en Wave and Means decided
this morning against Mr. Chase's tariff. 'They
will report a bill supplementary to the Morrill
tariff, correcting some clerioal errors, and in
creasing duties upon some things. It lays ft duty
on tea of fifteen cents, oa coffee oi five cents
The duty on surer is to bo advanced two and a
half cents. Iron and steel remain as under the
present tariff.
So a Republican committee have rejected Mr.
Chase's tariff bill. We suppose If this com
mittee bad adopted it, and the Democrats voted
against it, tbey would be charged with trying
to embarrass the Administration In raising
money to carry on the war. Pennsylvania iron
Interests have defeated the proposed change on
iron, and to make np for that, one cent per
pound additional le put npon coffee!
Gen. Patterson's Camp.
The correspondent of the New York
from 6 en. Patterson's oamp, says: J "
"Tbe health of the oamps bere Is very good.
Provisions tre reasonably abundant, but forage
ia becoming scarce. It Is dlffiault to procure
hay and corn without coing to considerable
distanoe from camp. The rebel cavalry arc on
the watch for foraging parties, and frequent
casualties attend them. Yecterday a body of
men from the Nineteenth New York Volun
teers were foraging come ten milec from camp,
and had left the road for en adjoining field,
when they were seen by a body of secession
cavalry, which baited, drew np in line along
the road, and commenced firing npon them.
They killed one man, member of the Twenty-eighth
Reiiment, who had Joined the oartv:
I did not learn bie name, but was told that he
was a locksmith from Lockport. Two men of
the Nineteenth, Company E, were taken orison
ere. When last seen they were being ran off
oy tne eiae or we norses, escn Deing beid by
the collar by the rider. None ot the rebels
were killed, aa our men were taken by surprise,
and were unable to return the fire with any
eneet. me secessionists, wniie tbey remained
here, made a pretty clean sweep of everythloB
In the way of provisions in the Immediate
vioinlty, and I believe that most of the beef
now need ic brought from tbe North.1'
It ia not all business with the Administra
tion, Now that tbe Government has been cet
going and the war to crush out rebellion out ful
ly la motion, our national dignitaries are bav
ins! ae eve to recreation. Two naw barraa ara
building at the Navy Yard, Washington, one
for tbe President end his family, and the other
lor toe cabinet. These are to be i teet long
ana o ieet wiae, to oe putiea oy ix oars. , .
Wc find the above in the Okl tti Jeemaf
yesterday morning. Mr. Lihcolr and bis
Cabinet, it seems, have determined to take
their recreation, .end the . "rail splitter" will
while away bis time on tbe PotomaeeA" ba.-ge
"palled" by twelve men.- The peopfe would
naterally ewppose that the" "powers- thtt be"
would " have .serious Impretslonf about these
times, and would, realize 7 most profoundly
the deep retpoaalbllity resting apea there bet
seeme tbey care not a wblt for" our' trouble
are having bargee built at tbe Washington
Navy Yard, at the peblie expeaee, we ecppeee,
sport aad play opoa tbe waters of the Poto
BiaC. "Nero fiddled wnlle -Rome was' pprning.
A ( '':t '''
-.. 1 1 -- - - - - i 1 ..
Cas'ir 11 sot We re credibly nftirmed
tbat a ceceeslon flag of Only 17 starsi was rale
ed,'a short time ago, on the term of an Aboli
tion secessionist, named Crookeey, , In Perry
township! " Tbe Democrats did not, leer the
vile tBInr 'down, but ridiculed the miaarabU
traitor, till be took . It down! Abolition seoce
sionism ts about played out In old Coshocton,
and the Republicans' talk about abandoning
their -wicked party organization.. Jt Is about
time they were starting- some new hnmbuB.
Cnkotttm Dtmmtt. re; 1 1 y :n ' rr.v
We cnppoee the mat bed one of the flags
"left over" front the last election, and wiched
compare It with tbe oondltfon of things bow
nletinr, wi utsit designs. i"-
Gen. Henry A. Wise's Proclamation.
RIPLEY, July 6, 1861.
Ta tha true and loyal dtlaenc of Virginia on
til the Ohio border, and more particularly to
those of Jackson county, I would earnestly ap
peal to come ta. tbe defence of tbe Common
wealth, invaded. And intuited as she is by a
ruthless end unnatural enemy. None need be
afraid . that they trill be held ooountablo for
oplnloea, Votes et cote, uede the deloaloni
which have been-practiced upon tbe North
western people, if they will oowretum to their
aetriotte duty and acknowledge their allegiance
to Virginia ana cer Vouieur "i ,
true end lawmi sovereigns. io "
men, so was I, and we held a right to be so un
til oppression and invasion end war drove us to
tbe assertion of a second independence. The
sovereign State proclaimed it by her oonventlont
and by majority of more than 100,000 votes
at the polls." She has seceded from the old and
established a new Confederacy. She has com
maiutal tut wa-mnat obev her voioc. I come
to execute her commands to hold out the olive
branch to her true and peaoeful citizens to re
mi Invaaloa from .abroad, and cubdue treason
only at home. Come to the call of the eoantry
ae ber native eonc.
HENRY A. WISE, Brig. Gen.
Another Brigadier Overboard.
of the Cincinnati Commercial.]
WHEELING, VA., July 17.
Through cowardice or Imbecility, Oen. Hill
permitted the eecapa of Garnett's fugitives ptar
Oakland. They numbered about fifteen inn
dred, and were exhausted, and probably would
have aarrendtred without reeicuag. iiurc ad-
a.Lt- - 11- 1 . Ll f .1. .
iun was wi.aiu mus uu un v. uniu,
eacer for the frev. when he . suddenly ordered
ft eountermsrch, airalnst the expostulations of
offloere and men. He afterwards received strong
reinforcements, and. returned, but Gen. Mo
Clellan being disgusted with his operations
and feariGB dlaaeter. had ordered him to a too.
The enemy being; relnforoed, end Hill having
allowed the right opportunity to pate, should he
meet diiaster, tbe fault will be bis. major
Marey goes to Washington, as bearer of dit-
ptacnes. , ..
Gen. Lee and Gen. Scott.
, A writer In the Albany trpiicays::
t Gen. AfoDowell, new In command at Arllo
ton Houas, wse formerly a personal intimate
iriena ot lien. Lee, now commanding tne aoutn
era army. Tbey graduated In the same class
at West bint, and have alwaya been very muoh
attached to each other. Uen. iucuoweil now
quarters st hie tent, a oamp bedstead and camp
etove, rooju table, ana bi tmoK being an bis
furniture, near the Arlington House. He de
clined oompyieg bis friend's bouse, and gave
strict orders that the most severe penaltlec
should be inflicted upon any peteon, officer or
Srivate, frond guilty of Injuring tbe fountain or
efacing the grounds; even a tree is hot to be
felled tot any purpose whatever. Col. Lyon.
of the Eghtb, however, occupies a portion of
tbe bone . It le said thai the parting between
Gea. Scot and Gen. Lee was exoeedinely pain
ful. Ther bad been Intimate personal frleods,
ana uen.Bcott begged or uen. iee not to re
sign from the American army. "For God's
sake, doc t resign, Lee." . "1 am compelled to,"
was tbe seply;'Mi oacnot oonsult my own feel
ings in tils matter." These two old friends,
who had fought- side by side on- the fields of
Mexico, stood, each grasping tbe otber'c band,
wniie tbe tears were coursing down ueir cbeeko,
too full of feeling to find utterance for one
word, abrat to part, perhaps lorcver, certainly
to find thmselvea in the future armed against
each other and occupying the poeition, In place
of bosom friends, of deadly uncompromising
foes. , -
Huron County.
..The Onion Democracy of JIuron county' ap'
point their delegates to the State Convention
oa Saturday, the third of August. ..
On the subject of breaking np the Democratic
party, the NoewaDt Extmintr sayc.-r -.
"Umou TicBir." The Plataieefef, in con
section with the two Black Republican papers
of Cleveland, hac of late been advocating the
reaeingof a mongrel "Union ticket" in Ohio,
at the October eleetioh. We do not know bow
thie plan may work in other parts of the Sute,
but here in flaron eountv it meets with no fa
vor, so far as we omm laarn, from tne Demoera
07. Our party has labored too long against the
causes which have led to the present terrible
crisis, to abandon their organization and aid in
placing in power those who have denounced
tbem as "sUveocrats," "dongh feoee," "nigger'
drivers." etc., for advocatine the causa of tha
trAeii Union, as egamat their narrow-contracted
frortnern sectionalism. We have been hooted
at and abused too much to allow these oixieen
ctarred banner gentlemen, wbo bare been, un
til eery rrecmuv, for 'letting; tbe Union elide."
to allow tbem to nse the Democratic party as a
shield against the odium which justly attaches
to them. The Democrats of Huron eountv are
now, as tcey ever bare been, for tbe wbolb un
ion, but they will protest, and even revolt, if
occasion demands it, against being tacked to tbe
"letter end" of Abolition lira. Wm thararrm
feel Justified is saying, ao far as this county is
concerned, that the PUidmltr'$ efforte to
swallow up the Democratic party by Union"
wun toe lag eaas ot sectionalism, will prove
unavailing. , . .. ;-:j, .
Coshocton County.
The Union Democracy of Coshocton hold ft
grand Mats Meeting, on Satcidat the 3d of
August, to appoint delegates to the State Con
vention, and to have a good time generally.
Success to then.
One of the Schemes of Corruption.
The Washington oorreepondent of the N. V ,
JWt cays: , . ' 1
I have beard oi a wagon contraot whioh it is
to be booed will be overhauled bv Mr. Van
Wyck'a committee. I understand tbat ft manu
facturer in Brooklyn, New York, sent an agent
bere come time ago with a Drooosiiioo to aall
eererat hundred wagonc to Government. ' He
was Introduced by a senator to the proper officer
in tbe War Department, from whom ha lmmmA
that the Government had no need of wagons
that it would rely on steamboats and railroads,
and thus dispense with the olJ-fachloned modes
of Uaoaportatlon. The poor fellow went home
with a flea In bis ear, and the manufacturer
made np hlc mind to the cad conclusion that be
had on hand a quantity ot wares which would
have to watt for a market until the revival of
business after the termination of the war. But
be was sooa roused from his melancholy mood
by the arrival from Washington of contractors
for the War Department, wbo were ready to
purohaseall hlc wagons, and a good many more
that be could furnleh., I understand that these
lucky favorites received from the Government
MrtwMitrt ptr smmb mere thtnth manuUe-
fevers tftftdu ceil tAeas far. The parties who
are to reap thie rich harvest are well known
here. . They have been great jobbers under pre-
ucuing aassuuetraHeirs, ana arc distinguished
for nothing so much as for their Intense hatred
of Republicanism. Net one of them hac the re
motest connection with wagon-making.
MEMPHIS, July 10, 1861.
1 Mr. John Creigfatoo, Of Memohis. has shown
me e double-barrel cbot gun, to whioh be hat
amxea a bayonet, making it a moat formidable
weapon. I am aatlsfled that the double baml
shot gun, with tbs Minis ball and sword bayonet
attached, Is as deadly a weapon, and would be
as enieieat on tbe battle field, aa troops could
be armed with. - The eountry Is fall of these
arms, as a wita tnem tuty tneueana more troops
could be thrown Into the Held for the nubile de.
fence; and I advice all men having a double-
oerrei coot gun to nave tne bayonet attached.
me oeyooei ia nxea ana unfixed in a
Maj. Gen. commanding Army Tennessee.
Hocking County.
Tbe Union Democracy of Hocking county
hold their County Convention to appoint dele
gate to the State Convention, in SATpkoaT, the
3d of August. : . ' - . ''Z "' 1
-- '
8oothzim Gobboat. Tbe first gunboat for
operations agaiaaf Cairo, arrived at Memphis
one day lael week. The Bulletin says she had
several 68-ponnder guns onboard, together with
other arms and ammunition, end eta ran Ilk
deer.- .
From the Southern States.
BV CoariDBBATi :lrB!c. rlfsSBSe. Fl.,
July 7. First Lieut. ParetobaJ, of the Columbia
Riflee, arrived here yecterday with ft guard of
84 nen, la charge of a prize crew, consisting -of
1st IeaesMMkb. Seldeo sod nineteen sail.:
dar Keys by a detaobment under the command
offtlsJ.W. M Umllb on board the steamer
on. which weri notDm dd ina na ujflk. . at v.t
maaison. cour prizec were taken, among wmou
la the schooner Fancy, with rallread koa - which
was recently captured off the mouth of the Mis
ciseiDot. i i
iiiieut. Bciaoo was tne tseeena Lieutenant t
tha United StataC teanar Miaurtheaatta. Ill
The captured vessels are now at Cedar Keys,
ffiiMen nriaooeri wero ioudu ou aoaru uv
sohooner, consisting of tbe crew;'and who were
greatly rejoiced at their unexpected releaee.
- Selden Is the first Lieutenant offloee captured
by the Confederate loreee. ; He' ita native of
Virginlft-Rkamena Enquireri'1; JilJ' t
[From the Richmond Enquirer, July 12.]
Cobbamp ExrtOiT or ' tbk JBldzs.' A letter
received la this olty from Charleetown, the pec
ent headquarters 91 veneral . vvue, cays tnat
the health of that gentleman Is rapidly tmprov
ingi "He Is beoomlng almost robust endures
fatigue and labor with cheerfulneet and Impu
nity." - .'' ' ,v .. ..
The writer, speaking of the" opers,tions In
mat quarter, say s tnat uenerar nf 11 pro
Seeding vigorously against the terlea of ., thai
oountryi " 4 '-'' ,.' ' ' '" ""iMr
1 "He aelaes traitors, ind the'entmy ;etoMet
the river Somewhere and Seisec eltitena Who are
loyal, to bold At hostages. Th General's time is
half taken PP with trying traitors. "The other
dav we eausht a sov (ft German Jew), with
elnthln atnra snrLb flva thonaand dollare'He
was esught fair, and too plain to deny, abd SO.
be torieltod all hie ctoex, wbtoa ciotuee our
poor mountain boys. He was warhed by tbe
General that he had to kneel upon hie coffin
which made him tarn pale: end' when he waa
told tbat he had loit all of hie pack, he blubber
ed like ft baby. Three nlir.hu ago we bad to
eeleot eight hundred and fifty men to roth np to
Ripley; tbe Rlohmood Blaec started at one
o'cbxki Oa one hour's notice, and got thirteen
milec np roootaiuo river belDre tney were over
taken bvthc horses cent- to 1 take them no.
Lieutenant Colonel Patton was in command of
two corps of oavalry and , three companies of
infantry. The Ohio troops, two hundred strong,
had run to Ravenswood. The next -day while
scouting, our troops got into a hornet'c best of
sharp shooters, concealed on a high. hill. One
of our boreee was touched by a rifle ball, but no
one hurt. The cavalry stopped and cent back
fbr infantry. The Blues rushed forward, and
suddenly came upon tbe enemy posted fwo hun
dred feet above tbem. ' The pines west round
the hill to gist In their rear, and tbey immedi
ately fled.; The Bluet descended to an old mill,
which they found barricaded, but unoccupied.
Directly they saw tbs enemy coming down the
hill. The Blaec rushed upon them, headed by
tbelr Captain, wbo cried out; "Let every man
piok bie ran and firt!"J"Tby hereupon opened
a galling nre upon them, Kunnff a uaptam
Bordette, mortally wounding many, add secur
ing eight prisoners. ' Tbey then took possession
of the mill, in whioh they found some provis
ions, percussion caps, ste. - Tbe Blues are a
legion here; let Richmond hurrah for them.
We continue to mutter la companies, but need
new arms, rifles, powder, and two or three 19
poand howitzers." - - ' "f " ' ! J ,'.
Ricbbond, July 11, 8 a. m Beverly Tucker,
late Coneuito Liverpool, has just arrived, via
Quebeo and Kentucky. He brought Important
dlsoatchea from Europe to the Government,
and reportc a most favorable state of things
abroad for the Confederate States. Oar Com
missioners are not permitted to make any offi
cial communications with the governments, and
as such are Ignored; bat with patience are wait
Ing until the Confederate States can achieve
their independence by anna. There Is no doubt
that they will then be recognized and treated
in a friendly manner; - All this is learned by
Intermediaries and back door unofficial inter
views. 80 far from being rudely treated, the
Commissioners, on the contrary, are treated
with muoh civility, and are much dined.
Tbe Hon. Mr. Ashmore, of South Carolina,
hac been appointed agent of the Postoffice De
partment ;! .!.VI 1
The old United States Postmaster at Boons
boro, East Tennessee, has resigned, and turn
ed over hie omce to his successor, just, appoint
ed . ."
Government Is in dally expectation of a bat
tie on tbe line of tbe Potomac. : Great prepare
tion and bustle in consequence are now going
on. . , . .-. - j .
The Macon (Ga.) Citizen reflects very se
verely npon Gov. Brown, of that State, for hlc
course in refusing arms to Georgia troops who
wisb to serve outside of that State, nnlees they
comply wun stringent terms prescribed by Dim'
self. The Rome True Flag joins in the con
aemnatton 01 tne utiien.
It is said that a slater of General Beanretrard
is living in juaaieon oquere, flew. lore::
Putnam County.
The Democracy of Putnam county have nomi
nated Johh .Couhxbobab for 8ber)ff. D. L.
Cams for Surveyor, and Comxad Uzkbt for
Commissioner. . - r., , ! .
Tbey will bo elected by a large majority.
[From the Baltimore American of Monday.]
[From the Baltimore American of Monday.] Return from Richmond of Hon. Henry
whose to Rich
mond about two weeks since bas been frequent
ly noticed, returned to this city on Saturday
evening, ana is now quite prostrated by indis
position at ma ooantry residence, near Cock
neycville. It wac reported yesterday, that
whilst returning from Virginle, he had met
with a serious accident, but this it incorrect,
Whilst riding In a buggy wagon with ft friend,
tne norce became unmanageable, and tbe vehi
cle overturned, but he escaped with a few alight
oruisee. 1 1
Mr. Mav. before proceedlnrr to" Richmond.
had an interview on tbe cubjcot With President
Lncoin ana uenerai Scott, and stated frankly
that be proposed to visit Jefferson Davis, and
other prominent men of the Confederate foroes,
eoureiy upon mc own responsibility, and not In
his official character. Both approved of his
motives, and General Scott wrote him a cpeolal
pats, by the aid of which he wac enabled to
pass the lines of both armies without molMta.
tion, and reach Richmond in the usual time of
travel. Me waa cordially received by the par
ties whom he visited, nearly all of whom he
had served with daring a previous Congress.
Mr. Msy waa soon satiated that the present
difficulties of tbe nation ean only be cettled by
a sanguinary war, and not. by ptclflo measures.
01s uesigu wac to return to .Washington, and
take his teat at the ppeolng of Congreec, but
for nearly week he waa very 111. and left Rich
mond in opposition to the advice of hlc attend
ing pbysioian. Soon as be recovers, be will
proceed to Washingtonand enter upon bis da-
es as member 01 tne House.
'' aaaaaaaaaaaaa ' "
July 11th, Jov Ami, aged It Bnmlhi.',soa'bt Bra.
ryanai. Virginia WUion. , ,. , j .....,) V;.; ! "
fee fairest lower of the Pmlrta la (on '
' Thsswtettst-ths lOTillest-beit; ',' ! Ij ;
'lis the rate ef porfwtlon the oarUast plaaksd
. Aad wls4 to me aaartoat ef "
.. .t (IUOCIB0OB TO MoKBB It BKinAtJ)i 'Jv,1
!. I . .1 111 K 4 " k '.,.. j
M ,100, , South jltga'1 Street,-
Foreign -ni;ppme$c Froiti
F L 6 D R, S A t Tr tl i UO RB.'fc'TC
I '.'i. nit I 'ae
Justice of the Peace.
. Ma. IniTOBi-Plsase aanoanee tht name -of Jacob
XaoKsaiiTTsa u a eUtdtiati for greatlts of fte, f ebe,
at theeoBlDg elsetlee ta Miwftgofy towhAlw-
5, 1841, safest to ths declflon eAibe DsmtoraUo aomln-
atloa, aa maoh eMI,uf.-' .v
. , ... .- A hobT OI DxtlOOBAta.
xfai BntroaWf ltase aanootioe A. 1
oodiatefoMttoe of the Peace, at
- .
W. WAasgji u a
tne election la
Koatfomory towaablp. Aaitist (,1601, sahjetl to the
I PomoersUq uoBjIaation, aad obllf ,'",-" t
Mult L 2dl.Jj 1 LajAtrY Diu6oiATr .
' P loass aoDoanoM sas as a candidate for re Actios to
1 a-caj (Hf
ths offloa of Jostles of ths Poaos of Montionurr town
alB at aa slastUn le hKf AweM 1.' IBM.
vn; .
1; IV I '
1110 11 H 1 " '
1 V;Z..- Prpviaions,
SToxeigti and Dom&tioXiquow,-;
a FlUitS, etC e&, " ' '
'4';."'f'iM iifip'iai iioki mom .
iNO. 34, N ORTH H 10 H ST R BET,
i'rI J
v ' No. 106,' .South ' Hignr 'Street,
The old stand rec'sally ooebpfti hrWM. MsDOSALD;
B b In dally receipt of ,'-' j
' '-IT I.-'I
,ri5r..i:. wwah.be wm sou ; ,( )
Cheap for Cash or Country Produce.
H7 weeds doUrerod to Olty trade frseTof clarge JCS
11.10 " , f'
, . ..... - . "
OVRIlVii af natr aiert HASOlINES I
O NBW BTtL Ilaln ic ttWB, Ho. 8 South
Bich stroot, havo Just oponod aow itylai or sjwtm uia-
cnuaa. Baaaouna and Baoqois, nad la tee aeweai ana
moot stylUk - nnnaarM . Ann, Baperb Plstln
JBIBCIc Bllka, rery htary, dailtned ozpraMly foe
B. A Oil 5B.R A SS. WQ BKS,
' 'liirn.rllnrlllf A. tTata BtO..
,1i"rni m n ci i -. mi , t ' ,
o ol-xxxxxfoxua j OHlo.
tad Mamrfaetoren of Brejs mod Ooaipoeltlon Oastlngs,
. . j iinianea anaa wonvi airvtaorirnionp.
Electro' Plating. and gilding!!
Ho.' 29 South High Street, Colambus,
k & how oipiama : 1 :
l, 5000 yards IraTellnf . Diess, Ooods at,Taloe
uxmnii. . , 1 . .
J500 yards TraTHnrDrets Ooods at!2K, rales SOets.
tOOO yards Snfllih BorafM at 12 X, rains 8S eooU.
low yards rroncn orsanaies at ixx, yaina xu cants.
80Da yards Fast Colored Lawns at 18, Vain IS ocnt.-.
WOO yards Foalard Dron Silks at WHi re hit 50 eents.
Km yard eaper nam niaoa ana at e 1 vu. Tama u 1
Robts of Onandi Banco, and Ih llah Berate, at one
halt their rain ;
SO Booth High street.
Elegant Lace Mantillas.
cto esozu,
TT1T1 just opsntd aa lnrolc of Tory lane and
1 a. handaome
Wide French -Laces for Shawls.
Very Deep French Flouncing Laces.
Real Thread, French, Chantlll & Qenerese
Valoflciemiei, Point da Omo, Brouela
ana Tnreaa Lcei and CoUb,
In new Shapes,
' - For traTeling.
Traveling Dress Goods.
k L1TIUAI, BB00H1 TAXSNCUS, as. Jto,
, Tha boat aad saost faahloeable stylos la the olty,
Je2l j, 1 .. fi t. f Booth BKhSueet.
Canton Mattings.
J4 64 6-4. wblte Red asasl
t WhIU Chocked of superior quality, tor sale by
h93 " 'X i
Mo. W South High sti
HBALTHe Ths blood most be purified, aad all sied
UlnM are neelees which do not poesies ths quality ef
sUmalatlag tbs blood le dlohargo IU imnartHes tete tbe
bowels, BaamaaTa'B Pius poops is this quality la a
high degree, and should be n every family, they are
squally useful for children and adults adapted to both
saxes, end are as tnnoeent ss bread, yet Best arraimva
as a Bssicm. - . j. ,
The Boa. Jacob Bayers, of BprlngTl". Ind., writes
to Dr. Brandreth, eadtr date of May Jl, 1881. ,
"I haTO need voar Invalnabli TaMtaala TTclr.n.1
Pills tn my family alnae H38i they bars always eared,
Ten wnen owor moawinei were ae avau. i nere
boon tao moans of my aolghbora aalag handnds of dol
lata wortb. and I aa saitefled thev hava raaatnd
thousand nor eent. in bloeeed baaltb. thrauh iaar mmm
Tbey are need In this region for Bilious and Llvsr Dla-
eae, ferer and Ague, aad all rhanaaatla oases with tho
moat ponooi auocoes, m not, tbey ara tbo neat rail
anos in Swansea, ana 1 trast yoar venerable life may be
long spared to prepare so exoellent a aaedleiae for tho
an or man.
Ploase send me tbe lowest arias a the
' Bold by JoaK B. Oooc. Druntit. flslnrnkn. ..4 k.
.11 ..Ul. A.., I. . '
JlylMawlmo. ,, , .
raoFFAT'B urzi fili. .
In all oaeea of ooettvKress, dyvpwpela, btnioM and1 Hvr
ueoHou, wua, rnaamauaa, revere and scaee, ebsH
aats bead aoboo, ead all asnsad aaranaomiata f haalta
ffaese PUB bars Invanafcly prered eartara and speedy
ramsdy. .A single trial will place tho Lite Pill beyond
tha reach oieosapettUoa la tbe esUmattoa ef every pa
nt.? . J TI HM r . 1 ,,
TTHoOat's Phoenix Bitten will be fraud aauallv af
Jcacfooi la aU eases ef Bervoas deWlUy, dysaopda, bead
ache, tbs sickness Jaeldenl to temaies tndeUoam healtb,
and every kind ef weakness et tne eigaetivc wrgaas.
loe saie by Itr.W.B.MOrTAT.tw, Broadway, Wr T.
abanirrtiawt.',,'V-i r Baayat-dAwl .
Tn fouowwi u.sjxextiaci irom
Utter written, ay Sao BV- A I. Hohaa, pas ei the
PkmeelBMlsett Baptist Cliareh, Brooklrs.N, t.,fe
the Joayaal CM sumiagir,- tnacinaan, v., and speaks
relaaMO ta Bam ef that WwrM-tencwaeil mtdlcUte, Mas.
Wnmewt BVrsTsm trier roa CaniaejBr Tsrrra ,
'"Wisseaa edrsrtlamenl ia wear aolmaaa attfaa
ITmlow's Bdotane traor. Howwt never aalda word
tn favor of a patent medicine before la onr Ufa. -bat we
feol compelled to eay to your readers that tblo 9 no, buaa
oug.waevaTaon, m inn rr re m au. rr
ouumu- U la pi seat lyeae at the sadet eareomfnt modi
otaaiwftaodaywBiianssttBiaaeef the seat, and those
yoar read re Wbo nave babies eaa'tde better than
lay ma nirif'- f. ecOTilydM
WM. L. HEYL. Summer Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
for ClnoiiWfttl, Dayton A rndianapoliil
Through to indlanaooiiTwithoet Change of Cart
.and but One Change of Cars between
1 1 M ' Colombia and St. Louis.
Four Trains Daily from Columbus.
, riasiTaiLiN.-'
AOOOMMODATION at 8 a. si., etopptof at all sta
tions Wwreon Ootnmlms and Olnolnnall and DwtoBV ar
rlTiatat Otactawtt at 10 05 a. ..and at laoBat
8.1oT.,enitliiiatPayUa for IodlaoapolU aid
tbs West.
" Ko.' 1 IXPRS38 at 11.40 a. m. jtopplng at Jofftrson,
London, Onarlostoo, Oodarrlllo, Xtnla, Bprlo Valley,
Conrln, Vroaport, Vort Ancient. Morrow St., Mbaooo,
toaior'a, LoTolani and MiUord, atrrrtnf et Cincinnati
at 4. JO p. m.,Darton alt. 45 p. a.,oonoootlnirellb uo
Ohio and Mlululppl BallroaA for LoaH Tills, Kj;
ami. Cairo, St. Loan. Mew Orleans, oto.i at Dayton
for Indianapolis, Lafayette, Torn Haate, Chlcajo and
aU Wutorn points.
"I ",' .1 THIRD TRAIN. .
t MAIL at 0.10 p. mstopphif at alt stations bstwatn
Oolomboa and Ami la, and at Sprint; Valley, Conrln,
Morrow and Lorolaad, arrlrlng at Ouxtnastl at a. .
' MIGHT BXPKIB8, Tla Dayton, at 19 00 midnight,
etopplnf a London, Xosla, Dayton, Iltoalotova and
HaalUon, arrtrto at Cincinnati at t.W a. in. 1 at Day
ton at 8.55 a. aa.f eonnestlnz at Cincinnati with tho
Ohio and tWaleelppI Railroad tor Loalrrtllo. IratuTlllt.
Tlnotnnta, Cairo, St. Loala. Mtmphli, Mew Orleans,
and all point South and Booth-wait; alio, at Daytoa
for Indianapolis, Lafayette, Terrs Haute, Ohlcaso, oto.
' Vrr tot farther Information and (arongh TlokoM,
apply lo At. L. DOHKBIJ, Tlcaot Agent, Onion Sopot,
Oelnmons. 1
Qeneral Ticket Agent, Oinolanatl.
,vv,...-..rx.-.T..... .: aeoat, Oolomboa,
. ' Buperlntentlent, Olaolaaatt.
Oolnmhus, Jaiy 14, J8C1. - ' .
Steam, Between Ireland and America.
1 ..
- The following new and megnlftonit flrst-elass paddle
whmt atcamabtpt ceenpooo tho aboTS line:
ADRIATIC," S.&8S Ions burthen, Oapt, J. Kasbt
T ?'i (Tortoorlyoflhe Collins Lino )
HIBEHNIA. . 4,400 tons burthen, Oapt. N. Paowam,
COLUHBIA, .4,4tiC " , " M. LtiTcn.
ANOLI A. 4,400 " . ' ..." MiewoiaoM.
FAOIIIflVC W0 " " f I. flana.
tMXOa AtBRRl, (Serw. ' '
ri , . . , 3.3W) .- ,,-( 4,r.wAlia.
' One of tbe abors ships will lea re Now Tort or Booton
alternately orery Toeoday fortntht, for Oalway, car
rylne lbs gorernnwat nails, touching at Bt. Johns,
Tho Bream. of thta line hare been oonatrootod with
tho greatest ears, under ths snporrlaloa of tbe goran
tiont, bars water-tight ooeapartmeaU, and are naeiael
kd loroomfort, safety and apoed by any staaaaors afloat.
Tnoy are commanded by able and asporleneed officers,
and erery exortloa will be aaade so promote the comfort
of psssetifoiv -.
Anlcxporianced Inrgaaa ataaebed saeaah ship.
rirst-class Ny . or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool SIOO
Beoond-claas, " " " 75
rirsfralaaa. ;; to ft John's 35
Third-class, ' " to Oalway or LlTsrpool,
or any town In Inland, oa a Railway, - - - So
Third -claet paeeengeri are liberally supplied with pro
visions of the beat quality, cooked and aorred by ths ser
vants of the Company. m
- Parties wlahlng to send fbr tbelr friends from ths old
country can obtain tickets from any town on a railway, In
Ireland, or from ths principal cities of Rngland and Boot
land, at very low rates.
Passengers for New York, arriving by ths Boston
Bteamere, will bt forwarded to Mew lork free of oharga.
lor passage or farther inform atioa. ap ly to
Wm. ti. WIOKHAM,
At the orflee of ths Company, oa tha .wharf, foot of
Canal street. New York.
HOW LAM D k A8PIN WALL, Agents. '
aprlll9:d0m. . . .
An Xfiwotiv-e, 1 Safb and Economical
To Its original color without dyeing, and preventing
Bairfrom turnbiggray.
And caring It, when there Is the tout paraele of vltall
or reeoperatlvo energy remaining.'
.1 And ail Mtunoas affections of tbe Scalp.
Imparting to It an oneqated gloss and brilliancy, making
It soft and silky In its texture, and eaoeiag it to cur'
readily, . - !(...
The draat celebrity and lacraefng demand for this an-
equaled preparation, cenvtaeas the proprietor that one
trial la only aeaeeeary to aau.ry a dlaoernlng public of Its
suMrioratulltlesoveranTotharDronarationln na. It
steansoe tbs bead and scalp from dandruff and other
euauieeas diseases, saucing tbe hair to grow loxurtantlr
giving It a rtoa, soft, gloaey and flexible sppearanee, mat
alaa. where the hair la loosenini and thlnnlna. It alii it
sereagtband vigor ta the room and restore the growth to
neae parte wMc nave become bald, caulng Uloylelda
reeh ooverlng of aair.
There are bond reds of mdles aad gentlemen la New
York who have bad their hair restored br the u of thu
Invlgorator, when all other preparations nave failed. L.
M. has In bis possession lettera Innnmerabla leatlfyliig
to the above facta, from persons of the bigbeet redaocte
Mllty. It will effectually prevent tbe hair from turning
antll the tatast period of life; and Inceeee where'the hair
baa already cbanaed Kaootor, the ase of tbe Invliorator
Will with certainty restore It lo U to lis original hue, glv
Ing It a dark, flossy appearance. As a perfume for the
toilet and a Ilalr Reetorative It Is nartwalari nsam.
mended, having an agreeable fragranoe; and tao great fa
cilities It affords In dressing the hair, which, when moist
with tbe Invlgorator, can be dreseed la any reqnlred
form so ae lopreeerve Its phm,wbeherplalnorla earls:
benoe tbe great demand for It by the ladies ae a standard
toilet article which none eaght to be wttaowMs tbe price
ptaoeo It witsiA the reach of all, being v ...
Only TwentT-IiTi Cant. .
par bottle, to be had at ali saspeotakle BraggUts and'
i. rmann. .
L. tflLLll would call the attention of Parent. anoV
Ouardlans to the use of bla Invureratar. In reeae whan.
the children's halrlaollnse ta be weak. The nee ot It
tars the foundation foraeoed Aeari Aae. as It re
moves any tmyurlUee that may have beoome oonneoted
with the scalp, tne removal of wntcb m neoeeeary both
for the healtb of tka child, and the to tare "appearance of
SB Hair. A ' " v' "
OaOTtow. Rone genome without the rac-atmlle LOTJI8
If ILLBB being on the outer wrapper; alao, L. MIL
LIE'S HAIR IaVIOO&AIOB, N. Y., blowa In ths
fleas. ' - - i
Whomsale Depot, 5J Dey street, sal sold by alt the
principal Marchaata aad Sraarista Ihroagboal the world
Liberal dlsooanl to purchasers by Ins quantity,
J also desire to present to tbe American PabUe say
which, after years of soieotifle experimenting, I nave
brought to perfection. It dyee Black or Brown Instantly
wlthoutlnjury to the Hair or Skin; warranted the beet
article of the kind la sxlatanoe
Depot, 66 Dey .. St, 'ew uYork.
CetKdAwlr. '; .. (i. j ..:
BAIN" & SOisT;".
10. 89 I0UTB BIQS"; VtiJXS,
liOOO yards Baoer FWa Black BUks at 11 00 TaUe
'tl 5 for yard, j j f ,
ttSQO yards traveling' Dseee aad lfaaUe Otods at
Ii lBeeeita ralae SO eents peryara.;"
SlOOO faels TrW Biflllabtei at it f-9 oenU
valae BO oenU per yard, :.-; wr?r
SrOOO yards fine end. Soaeatia (Uoiiams'gfeatly en
eervsVse. . . ,-7f t m
'CHAIXII, nillJaSD BUM, jMir
Keyrsm yaehiona We Pro Goods
ta the Host deslrtols styles and at wri lowers prices.
Of all materials, made m the saost ttiriah manner' after
ns lateil.Ptrls1 Tathloie-rthe moet aiegaotets In
thSeity.' -n 1 1 i-n.i iTJ w
ay e. 8ath High stmt

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