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fciS'XPESS'? MILLER, fnollsliere.
iV.'i. TV. MANYKJiJl. Editor,.
SUNDAY MOftNlNQ.'JULY 21, 1861.
Democratic State Convention.
. .. . .i
At a meetiinz of tbe bemooratio Slate Ceib'
tral Committe held la Columbue, on the 6ib
divot" July, 1861, It wit
B,Mi,d. That t ft eiDedtentto nold a Demo
oratio State Convention at Colnmbui, oq
TVetlnpidui. imuit 7t UOl
nominate Danioeratio State! Ticket, W be
eupported at tbe October eleouon.
K.oio-d, futiher, That all ttaeelectori of tbe
State of Oblo, who are in lavoroi jwrpcvu.wug
,i. i :i... n.nn hl, h our Union wag foooa-
od, and are convinced that tbe present State
aud National Administration are wool y In-
tha internment la Its
preeeut eriUoal condtilon. aa well ae all who are
opposed io me grose , . ,r - r
. nrva ent la sublio af-
r.u k. invited to unite wUb the
T l ekla Kami nf one country'! pen
.. .k.. ..,im th. Statu, and place Ita ad
UU IUN9 ... -
.it.i.ii.- if. nnmnotont hands.
n ..i.j r .v..,. tha hagta of repreten'
titionltt eaid Convention bt,"".!
even 500 votes, sod an additional delegate lor
a fraction of 250 and opward", ca.t tor gamut
J. S. Smith, for Supreme Judge at the October
-i !..i ,ocii .nj thii It be recommended
tbat the counties elect their delegates on tbii
banla. .. .. - - - -
The Democracy of Ohio" and all other con-
a.rrativc Ilr.ion men. whoare willing to co-oper
ate with them on tbe above baeiu, are requested
to meet la their respective counties at such time
aa the local committee! maj designate, ana ap
point delegates to the Democratic Convention
.v.. ik f i.nmt. in nominate ft State
ticket to be supported at the October eleotion
It is presumed tbat no lover of lis country
11 n.ni,iM nrommlns at this time to ludoce
him to discharge his duty, aud therefore tbe
Committee Is Impressed with the bcliet tiiat toe
counties will eagerly respond to tnis can, ana
that an imposing Convention will asscmoie in
Columbus at tbe time designated above, and
out la nomination ft ticket of good and true
men, to be supported for the various State of
ficcs oa tbe 24 Tuesday In October next.
WM. MOUNT, Chairman,
WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary.
Joshua R. Giddings issues his Bull
Joshua R. Giddings issues his Bull "The Basis for the Proposed
"Union" Ticket.
In our piper of Friday morning we stated the
tact tbat GiDdincs bad lelt his post in Canada,
aol came home for the purpose of arranging
nutters for the fill election He was at Wash
ington, and last arrived at bis
at Columbus at
hose In Ashtabula county, and from there has
iisued his ball, a tbe basis for the formation
of the "vielblo admixture," or new style
"Uulon" party , composed of wen like himself,
ail inch Democtc.s as may des're to cluster un.
der his Abolition wing. '
He addressee a long letter la tbe editor of
tbe Ashtabula Sti.htitt, the basis of which Is tbe
proposition recently introduced into the Home
of Representatives by ote Lovmjy, a rank dis
union Abolitionist from Illinois. His principal
object appears to be to mike an insidious
attack on the conduct of Gens. McCliilan and
Butlkr, relative to their proclamations and ac
tions io relation to lugllive slaves. He com
mences his sermon as follows: .
"Fooitive Slavis To tht Editor of the Senti
nel: Tbe prostitution of our military force to
tbe catching and returning tngitiv slaves re
cently exhibited in Western Virginia, must leave
a stain upon ibe character of tboee engaged in
i:, and reflec', upon tbe service in which they are
It U plainly intimated thitbeoiusc our army
bis not adopted the policy, followed by th
Abolitionists before tbe war, of stealing and
running off slaves, it has left "a stain upon the
character of theso cujged in it."
Giddino's proceeds;
"That most illustrious statesman of the age
iu which be lived, declared tbat tbe fugitive
lave held from the Creator the same right to
live, tbe same right to defend life, and liberty,
ol tain Knowledge and erjuy nappineas and hea
ven with which God has ecduwed other men
lo invade tnese rignta, constitute ft crime
against God and humanity. It is an offense
against the first, the essential element of our
government. It is a violation of the vital
priooiple on which the Republican party came
into power, which, tbey etaud pledged to main
tain. To involve our soldiers in tbe disgrace
of catching slaves, or of serving nuder officers
who disgrace tnenueives and regiment by
cttchioz alaves, constitute ft violation of the
President's proclamation, a violation of the con
tract of enlistment. We advise our soldiers
who enter tbe military service to vindicate tb
Government, to maintain lie dignity, and op-
no Id ita laws.' wo man wno volunteered lor
those high and honorable objects expected to
serve under slave catcher, or to maintain tbe
barbarous enactments ol Virginia or becomesub
servient to custom or laws wnico disgrace the
age in which- we live If .State laws or State
canatltiuloo are to govern oar Ohio troops,
they are sworn to uphold those of onr owo
State, which know no slavery, but wbiob look
upon that Insii'ution as heathtnWb and barbar
How familiar this sou u do! We are almost
forced to believe w ere listening to tbe Aboil
tion harangue! of tbe last campaign! What
loud shouts this kind of talk would bring from
Demoorate who might Join this new Union par
tyl What words can express meaning more
clear? "Evnr airiicTina hi cndekstands
that whili Staviar xxists, theri can is mo
Umion aMonq THist Statu." If yon Join this
new party, and are food Union man, whit
must you do to preserve the Union? Abolish
slavery! Joshua baa laid that "there cm be
oo Union while slavery exists." Giddihos pro-'
coeds B lollown- .. , . ,. j-
"But I bear some men say, we have fagi
tiv slave law, tbat tbe Constitution provide!
for tbe delivery of fugitive slaves, i do not
propose to argue tbat question now, for, admit
ting tbat construction of ibe Constitution and of
tbe fugitive law &lxssJu.ihe most arrant slave
holders, yet tbey only txtend to tbe capture of
Juxitivcs who "tmip4fromnBi,UUtMthtr,"
nf mil her dtiighfat wcr tlaothulkr, until this
war, ever held it to be our duty to leud an army
to Virginia to oaten br slavee while tbey re
main in tbat State. No Constitution, no laws
ever authorised e Qiartermaster or other mili
tary offloer to ait In judgment upon the right of
a fellow man to liberty. Tbe act of Judge
Key in passing sentMM of slavery npon tbe
fugitive was tbs exercise of no power delegated
to him. It wae rank vsurpaliooi tb exeroise
of revolting despotism, and tbe fate of des
pot abouM await Lim." t u :
How familiar skat aasl "Doughfaces"
and Mft!ftboIdrs!" ' What oahanttn; music
that would be to Democrats, who join the new
"Union" party. Just fora jn.oment consider
how they would cheer at tbat kind of stuff be
log poured out1 -irom kd'AboIilioo Union stump
(psaker, at "Union" meeting! What Democrat
iui not heard Jest such (tuff belched forth for
years, by awry Abolition speaker, from Cham
and Liccout dowjn to the Imallett'pettlfpgger
la the (wautryt x a',,"
And now! we are Invited lo'sbanJon oar gal
lant old Union parte, and join a ime esaerr , to
be managed by such wenM Giowitfls, Wads;
Lovtiov and Compsny, who are to lead give
tone and dlreotlon to it. Tbey profess to be for
th Union of th States, and in the earn breath
tell us that " there can ho no Union while
slaver; exists." We ask our good Union nea
of the country if they Indorse that doctrine?
Axe they to be used ft puppet to dance to such
music a this, given out by the bead of that
movement in Oblo? ..
Giddinos conclude! is lollows: ''.. ,
'But I am aatonlihed to hear men inquire.
wljat thall our army do with fugitive slaves?
I reply in the tame langoag which I have used
lot iwanti.flva vear. Lh them ihm.- Lit
thkm taki oaii er thihssivm. If General
MoClsliaa deslrsa, he may legitimately forbid
them Irons entering bit campi he may forbid
his men from employing any oe who i not ft
solditr. He may exclude both master and slave
from his encampment; or be may do General
Taylor did, exclude tbe master onlyi or he may
do a Mr. Adams proposed, git tfrrrfy U tkt
Wiwi. But neither be nor any other officer
holds tbe legal or constitutional right to employ
our men in catching slave. And when our
neighbors or friends, who have volunteered for
th patriotlo duty of maintaining our Federal
Uevernnent, ana upnoiaiog it nooor ana Dig
nity, are compelled to see fellow being leiied
within camo bv soldiers of tbelr own reeimeot,
dnggti before military csxeowti, and doomed
to chains, and sighs, and suflsrings, by petty
uenroer. it becomes our dot? to speak for our
soldiers,, who are not permitted to speak for
tnemseive. ,
"We are proud of our salient men who stood
foremost at Pbillippl, and could even look upon
their dead bodies with pensive pride, should they
fall in honorable battle, but we protest against
tbsir being involved t A iitgrte of lifting
under tffietr Kho ttop t 6fCemtAe6W-oad'
or Soutturn caUhpulet,
Our gallant offl;ers "coxcombs," as Gidmmos
oil! them, have not doomed our soldiers to
chains, for any sot connected with the slave.
It is ft siander upon them. Gen. Giorok B.
MoClku.au i not tbe man to deal unnecessari
ly harsh with his men. We were satisfied
that, from lh day he Issued bis sensible end
patriotlo proclamation to tbe people of Virginia,
tbat be did not go there to interfere witb.cr
abolish slavery, but to protect the Union people,
would be attacked and abused by these Abo
lition disunlonlst. Tbey saw by his course that
was not fighting to accomplish their deslgne.
was conducting tbe war to suppress rebellion
preserve the Union. Tbey were urging on
war, to abolish slavery, with tbe declaration
tbe Union could not be saved until slavery
Mr. LwcoLit should remove Giddwoi imme
diately, if he is sinoere in hfs avoutd object of
war. Mr. Gioomoi ha been to Washing
lie is in confidential relations with Mr.
Lincoln, and the people will believe, if Mr.
iSDiNOS I retained la bis present honorable
lucrative position, that he does not speak
unless it is with Mr. Lincoln's consent.
We shall see.
Political Intolerance.
Some miuds are so narrow and bigoted that
tbey cannot conceive bow man can second the
effort of the Administration to sustain tbe
Union and enforce the law, without yielding ft
blind and unquestioning acquiescence in all its
mea9ors, however much they may evidently
tend to thwart tbe end professedly in view.
Yet the fact is patent to all, that ft majority of
those who are making tbe greatest personal
sacrifice to sustain th Government, did not
train In tbe ranks of those who placed th pres
ent Administration in power; and are not ol
the class who seem to think no one should be
permitted to question the wisdom of President
Lincoln and bis Cabinet.
It is not the man who always flatter and
cajole bis neighbor, tbat I hi best friend.
One mark of true friendship is, that it points
out fault ft frankly aa ft commends vUtoaw.
The true disciples of our Savior were not all
included in those who clung about his person
and shared the loaves and fishes.
The noblest defenders of English liberty, and
the boldest champions of tbe constitutional
rights of the Eoglish people, have been found
in tbe rank of those who opposed enlarging
the prerogative of the Crown, and denounced
royal assumptions of the powers of Parliament.
The measure of an Administration are to be
acquiesced in and submitted to, when they have
the force and authority of constitutional law;
but in every free country are always open to
criticism and animadversion without suspicion
of disloyalty or treason to the Government.
The greater the peril to the Government, the
more imminent tbe danger of it overthrow,
the more free and untrammeled should be the
expression oi opinion. Possibly, the danger
may be everted by ft ohange in tbe measures ol
the Administration possibly, by giving those
measures a more united and hearty support
these things are legitimate subject of discus
sion among ibe people, end be who denounce t
fellow-citlien and brand Mm as ft traitor and a
ympatblier with leceeslonists, for taking either
rosltlon, prove himself ft fanatlo and ft bigot of
the darkest dye, and ft (ympatblier with those
who would overturn tbe Government by destroy
log that freedom of speech and action, which
the Union wa formed to protect and perpetuate
Gens. Patterson and Johnson.
We clip tbe following from the special of the
Leader, dated Washington July 19, midnight:
It Is reported tbat Geo. Patterson's column
has fallen back opoa Martfnsburtr. ' Reason as
signed, want of forage for borses! Should this
be so, the cooseqneoce may be serious, from bis
fallins; to check Johnson' army of from 16.000
to 20.000 men. It i believed that Johnson ha
ucceeded In avoiding Pat erson and effecting a
junction with Beauregard. This Information
eomss from reliable sod official source.
It is believed tbat Johnson has proved him
self to be too much for Patterson's generalship.
ratterson s part in toe game wan to prevent
Joboeon from forming a janotion with Beaure
gard ry attacking htm,-wtren be moved.- Mil
itary men here ay tbat Patterron ha been com
pletely befogged. Should it prove true that
Joboeon baa succeeded In avoiding Patterson
aid Joining Beauregard, then tbe rebel force
at Manasaa will exceed MoDowell's army by
10.000 to 35,000 men. In that case look out
(or a terrible and long oootested battle, unless
McDowell delay proceeding till Patterson is bar
riedop. ' - ;
Gens. Patterson, Hanks and Dix.
It Is reported thai Gen. Pattmson has been
(uperseded-by JSeo. Baais, and-that Gen. Dix
takes command of Fort Melfenry. in place of
Gen. Banks. , " ' '
sills also reported tbat tbe armies near Ma
nassas are not more than two miles "apart, and
tbat the picket are continually firing upon each
other. '
Carr. Sloan, formerly Jadge Sloan, of Hills
borough, was wounded at the skirmUih on the
Eanawhe, by a shot la the body. W bope th
Jadge' woaad I not dangerous. - -,
UTThe Republican, Central Committee
of .Ctyaboge county, are notified to meet at
HiiaIi GaiiwoLo'l law office in Cleveland, to
consult over the condition of tbe party, end see
whether toe rotten hoik can't be fixed np to go
throogh one more fight.' Tbey will no doubt
try ad ran, tier again, but they will hart to
chance her slxteen-starred flag and Abolition
Now and Then.
' In the year 1853 JmusoN Dayis mad ft
pilgrimage through the New England States,
nd in many place h wat Invited to address
tbe people, wbloh he complied with. At fanenll
Hall In Boston, he made what was regarded at
the time a a very able and patriotlo peob, lo
Whioh he uttered the! following sentiment,
which we find floating around In. the paper.
Nearly all the Republican paper are for th
firtt timt publishing thsm, though the speech
was made three years slncei
"Among th culprits, there ie none more
odious to my mind than publio officer who
take an oatb to support tbe Constitution the
compact between the dtateo binding eaoh other
tor tbe common defense and general welfare of
tbe other yet retains to himself mental res
ervation tbat be will war upon the principles
be bas sworn to maintain, and upon tbe proper
ty lights, tbe protection of which are part of
toe compact ot tb Union. - (Applause )
"It is prime too low to be named before this
assembly. It is on which no man with self-
respeet would ever commit. To awear tbat he
will support tbe constitution to take an office
wbloh belonee In many or ita relations to all
tbe States, and to use it as ft mean of Injuring
ft portion of tbe States of wbloh ho is thus the
representative, I treason to everything honor.
sble m man. It is tbe base and cowardly at
tack of him who gains tbe oocfidenoe of anoth
er, In order tbat be may wound blm." '
Tbe reason the Republican papers did not
publish these extract at that time was, they
were direoted specially at those of their own
party, who were opposing tbe execution of the
fugitive alave law, after taking the oath
"support the Constitution and execute the
laws." He charged that they took the oath
with "mental reservation," and this he re
garded aa "a crime too low to be named before
tbe assembly."
It will be observed tbat there wa "applause '
It mast, however, be remembered that the
'applause" did not come from the papers and
persons who publish and applaud tboae eentl
mentt now not they; tbey felt tbe shot too
sorely for tbat. Tbey abused and vilified blm
for it, considering it aa direct assault npon
them, as it was intended. It wa the Democ
racy and the conservative men of all parties,
who applauded it then, as tbey do now.
Mr. Davis thought he wss saying something
very severe against the Abolitionist in 1859,
Tbe Abolitionists now think they are very se
vere on the disunionists of the South, by re
publishing what Davis said to Am. Tbat will
do pretty well.
The Tariff—Coffee and Sugar.
tbe Cincinnati
We clip tbe following from
Enquirtr'i commercial article:
The news published this moroine tbat tbe
Home of Representatives passed tbe Tariff bill.
levying a duty of 15a. per pound on tea, 10c. on
coffee and 5c. on augar, produced a very great
excitement among tbe dealers in groceries.
But few ot tbe Importers were willing to fix a
price on any article, for (ear further ad
vance would be established in ft day or two.
Buyers were as anxlou to purchase ae holdere
were determined not to sell. In the morning
ale of prim New Orleans sugar were mad
8)0., which, at tbe close, could not have
been duplicated at 9c. Crushed sugar advanc
ed to 10)c., with eales, and more could have
been sold at that price, but was held at lie
Coffee advanced Irom 14o. to 16c, closing
firm at that price for prime rtio. There are a
few holdere of coffee those who feel confident
tbat the bill will be defeated in tbe Senate who
are willing to sell prime Rio at 15o. Tbe
sales are 375 bag at 14(15Uo., among
which wa on (ale of 250 bags at 14($15)o.,
tbe latter price for prime, but not etriotiy prime.
Molasses is held at from 3135o. per gallon,
depending entirely npon the confidence holders
have in a still further advance.
The Oautte'o special, from near Manassas
Junction, aays:
The 13th was finally sent to their assistance,
but tbe position of th ma u to
MyHMMin iroos. it waa itroogiy am
buscaded and onr troops finally retired, tbe ad
vantages being to great on tbe othor lid a to
render it madness to continue tbe attack unless
their position could be flanked, which we were
not prepared to do. Tbe continuance of the
attack nnder the circumstance wss, In my
opinion, a piece of very bad judgment. Our
troope ehould have been withdrawn at once
when the enemy' position became known, as it
was needless waste ot human lite. Our men
maintained themselves bravely against a close
and deetrnotive fire. The enemy were support
by a heavy force in the rear, whom we oould
through tbe opening In tbe woods, deploy
down to the support of their riflomen. Tbe
musket fire was continuous and inoesaent for
about an hour and a half. Capt. Ayres's artil
lery attempted to assist onr men by tending
gun Into tbe woods, but they were useless,
owing to tbe concealed position of tbe enemv.
After onr troops retired, Ayrea'i (formerly
onerman s nailery;, ana two gun unaer Lieut.
Benjamins opened nre, irom the eminence on
river where be itood, and a cannonading
kept np lor over an hour, but without much
damage, probably, on either eide: tboueh the
oaonon balls from their gone flew thick around
and tome tall ducking and dodilnir was
ny civilian, unr loss may reach titty or
sixty killed and wounded, Including thoee left
tbe woods.
A general battle Is Impending, when we shall
attempt io ontnana toe enemy.
i oe voweaeraie rorce ie larger than was
supposed, and probably does knot fall short of
J. G.
Contracts in Massachusetts.
We clip tbe following from tbat able and re
old paper, the Bnhn Courier, which
that swindling in contracts ia not confined
any particular locality:
No doubt, a fair price had been paid for mis
erable articles and the qnestlon is, how and
So far as we know, tbe contract have not
open to competition at all. We are Inform.
that tbey were distributed among certain
at the State House, eouvenientlv enourh
situated to get all th advantage of the eontraote,
either Incompetent or indisposed to fulfill
own part la good faith. For example, one of
strict adherent to the main cbanoe would
procure tbe rubber Roods from a manufactory In
own town another could oblige hi neigh
and bimaelf by having a few pine boards
together at borne nnder tbe nam of "army
wagon,' and tbue get In an old debt due him
self, and so of other article. - Thus tb
whole honorable body of Incompetent civil
ians bad eaoh hi share of tb Commonwealth'
money, and th troope the wortbleve trash
supplied to thsm, and tbe State tb sham and
Tb cublic demand that no mora anch hum.
dlturee ae the b Incurred. And it also ha
right to claim tbat secular nroDoeala shall ha
adveriiied, epecilying the itylo and quality of
vHiiH oeeaeo, ana mat tne parties furnish
ing them shall give bond, a usual, that all
artlclee shall bo each a I agreed. W
think something more Is necessary. In New
a respectable oommlesion bas just been
Investigating thl elasa of fraud, and bos made
report; showing np tbe guilty parlies to
deserved eensure. In this 8iate eaoh a com
mission oould render similar stood rmblla .-.
vice. It 1 certain that under the pretense of
extraordinary patriotism, men hava takea out.
rentage of tbtir position to plsy a very nniairJ
game towaroi ire bonamoawealin, Inflicting, for
sake of pelf, at least discimfort and prlre
tlons upon those who wert to fight th battle ef
country. . . . ,
Preble County.
Tne Union Democracy of Frebla county ap
three delegatea to tbe State Convention
Saturday, Joly 27th. ,
Tuscarawas and Jackson Counties.
, , , ' : I
Jackscn countlei appoint their delegate! to, tha being
The Union Democracy of Toscartwai and
State Convention on the 3d of August,
News from the South.
Tb Philadelphia Pitt ol the I8ub contains
an artlola two column In length, giving tome
Interesting Information in relation to matter in
the South, from which we extraot tbe following.
Th Prill says:
W had a very Interesting interview yester
day with an intelligent gentleman, who was
formerly a resident of this city, but who has
been living for om month in Rlohmond, Vir
ginia. Atter many nnsuocessiul effort, he wa
tortunate enough to secure a pas to enable him
to reach the North, and he left the oapital of
th Old Dominion on tbe 9tb of July, ft wa
impossible at that time to travel on either ol
tbe direct routes, and he went to Bristol, Ten
nessee, where be wa arrested and lodged in Jail
over night, but released the next morning, alter
an examination by the military authorities.
H then proceeded to Nashville, Tennessee,
where a similar fata, awaited him; bat, after
aom difficulty, he also obtained hi release
there, and, proceeding dlreot to Louisville,
met no further obstructions on his Journey, tit
Cincinnati, rittsbarg, Harrlsbarg, and Lancas
ter, to tbii city.
Soma of tbe intelligence he communicated to
m wae of a very Important character, and it
wa all full of Interest. He Informed ns, for
Instance, that great pains had been taken to fit
out tbe steamer York town, wblcb was formerly
oonneoted with a line running between New
York and Richmond, eo tbat sbe may break tbe
blockade, and commit fearful ravage a a pri
vateer. It was supposed tbal by this time she
would be finished, and her crew ia already en
listed. Tbey have rased her down fore and
alt, and have put on board of her eight sixty
e'ght pounders, four forward and four aft. A
space of thirty feet on each side of the wheel
house is covered with five eight inch wrought
Iron plates, and a protection also ha been
placed in front of tbe engine bouse. (The floor
of the deck is also proteoted with Iron, and tbe
pilot is secured as much as possible from danger,
cut our lniormant oeuevca mat, notwitoeianaing
these precautions, a shot fired into tbe beam
will disable tbe engine. Thie information mav
be of some servioe to onr oruisere near Fortreie
Monroe and on tbe Potomao, who. we trust, will
keep a sbarp lookout for tbe eteel-olad York,
town, and prepare to give a good account of
The total number of troops oo the official
muster roil oi toe toniederate army In Virginia.
few weeks ago, was one hundred and eighty
thousaud, but it most be remembered, that thie
formidable array embraces all those who have
arrived from otber Southern States, all tbe raw
militia impressed into tbe service in Virginia.
and thousands of men who are heartily disgust
ed with, or deadly hostile to, secession, and who
will embrace tbe Bret opportunity tbat offers to
eecape from tbe secession ranks.
It wa supposed tbal at Manassat Gap and
Manassas Junction about sixty thousand troooi
were stationed, at and near Norfolk about twen
thousand, in tbe vicinity of Richmond about
seven thousand, mat Ueneral Johnson had from
fifteen to twenty thousand exclusive of his re
cent reinforcement of five thousand, tbat in the
neighborhood or Fairfax Coart House there were
the time of bis departure not more than from
fifteen to twenty-five hundred. Tbe remaining
troops are scattered at different point through
tbe Slate, embracing in part tboee who are
under the command of Gen. Wise, and thoee
wbo were recently defeated in several battles by
Gen. McClellan.
Men are found in the rank of almost every
from thirteen to sixty, and many of them
crippled or deformed, a tbey have no rigid
inspection and gladly accept all wboee services
they can obtain. There is no uniformity In
their clothing, and often member of tbe same
company wear suit of different color
la conversing with troops from tbe South, be
expressed surprise that Fort Pickens bad not yet
been captured, but tbey replied that it wae now
strong to be taken, except with great loss of
life, and there wa little probability of ita toon
falling into their hand. Ol the capture of
Fortress Monroe the soldiers seemed more san
guine. They said tbat when they were ready to
march against it, tbey would soon find means to
force our troope to surrender.
Public sentiment in tbe city of Richmond has
recently undergone a very considerable change.
Some five or eix weeks ago, scarcely a man
could be found, who had not been carried away
vu accession excitement, out now, among
the masses and the workingmen, a Union feel
ing Is rapidly being developed, and, if a fair
election could beheld at thl time and public sen
timent truly expressed, a very large Union vote
would be polled. Ou ibe utber band, tbe poli
ticians and those who at present appear on tbe
surrace to control puouo sentiment, are very
iouh ana outer in tneir aenunciations ot tb
North, and declare tbat tbey will never be sub
jugated tbat, no matter bow large may be our
torce, or now many vlctorle we may win, tbey
win ngni lor inoepenaenoe until their last dol
I spent and their laat man killed,
Great palm have been taken to fortlfv Rich
mond, and it I tb prevailing opinion there tbat
even u our ermiee enouid. bv anv cbance. an-
proach that city, ibey would be unable to enter
several beavy batteries, mounted with i
large number of 6d-pounders, have been erect
on In tbe direction of Acauia creek, an.
other on James river, another out bv Howard
Grove, towards Norfolk; and the beet noes to-
I- A. !. 1 I t I I- . i ..
waroi ma city, wuica is irom too northwest, is
guaroea, ana tney oeuevo can be success
fully defended against any fore we can muster.
Provisions of aom kind are now beoomlnv
scarce In Richmond, and command high prioee.
stock ot bacon 1 vary low. but this vear'a
of wheat nod corn Is a very fair one, and
i little probability of any want of these
article in tu Bomb during tn coming season.
Virginia and Tenneesee tbe yield bas been
unusually great. Oar informant taw In tbs
former State oo plantation containing 2,000
ana in tne otber i.euu acres of first-rate
wheat, and many excellent crops of corn. ' '
Tbe effect of tbe blockade are beginning to
seriously felt. The stock of aalt and loath
and many other artlclee for which there I
demand, ar eery lew, - lee I also very
ecu can oniy oa ootainea ate once rane.
from five to fifteen cent per pound, and then
wiiuuhi puywoiaa prescription, tot a
of Ice-water fifteen cents Is charged at
ot tne qohsis. aoe cargo recently taken
tbat city by the St. tiichtUi, after her cap
ture by tha pirate, Captain Thomas, wa die.
of by th Stat taking half of it. and th
nan wa obtained by Mr. Crenshaw, the
proprietor of tbe Spottowood House, where Jeff.
and ramliy are quartered. ' -Notwithstanding
all the orocautiona which
been taken, good of great imporianoe to
insurgents are etill occasionally forwarded
them Irom tbe North. On th fourth of J ul
barrel of linseed oil arrrired there from
city of .Philadelphia, and wa of great use
them in the manufacture of oil-doth for
haversacks and knapsacks. It wa obtained by
ft Co.,' of Richmond; ftnd it might not
amisa for oar authorities to Inquire what
of our establishment furnished it.
About six weeks ago buckles and aewlntr
for tha manufacture of military equip
oecame verv scarce, out iur. King, of
firm of King 4 Lamberti wetrt-to Massa-
cbusette, by tbe Louisville and Nashville Rail
and obtained a rood tupply, which he
back with him by tbe tame route.
There it etlli olentr of emolovment for all
understand an trades neefnl iu assisting
tbe equipment of tbe armr. and thev ar
busily at work. Tha Union Manufactur
ing Company, wbloh la nnder tbe superintend
auoe of G. P. Bloat, formerly of thie eity, bai
contract to alter o.vuu gone Irom Bint to per
uMion locks, which be it now doing rapidly.
When tbe war first broke out there wae a
aearolty ot caps In Virginia, and it wae estimat
ed tbat there were not mora than three for each
in the Southern army. A Mr. Da Bow
comtnenoed to make a maohlne to menu
faoture them, and Anally succeeded In con
standing one capable of turning out 40,000 par
without tbe fulminating or detonating
powder. Tbe first efforts to make this powder
fatal to tboee employed. Mr. Fincb, a
chemist, alter suooeeding la manufacturing It,
endeavored to coatluae tha tmeloeea In bis
boose, bnt an eiploelon occurred by wbiob
building wat destroyed, his wile and oblldren
bnn, hie own eyes blown out, tod such
Injuries Inflicted upon him, tbat after lin
gering a short time In great agony, he finally
expired. Undaunted by thie disaster, another
was obtained to continue ita manufacture,
in a few days a similar accident occurred
bead wat blown off, hit arms torn from tbelr
and hit asalatant also killed. Notwlth
standing tula another manufacturer baa tioce
""""nea, aun ina insurgent army ie now
welt supplied from Riobmond, and, it la
believed, by aa establishment at Memphit, with
percusiion cap. Mtanwhll. Mr. D Bow I
making three more oap meohlnet two to be
used In Virginia and one in North Carolina
He Is also busy at work at an infernal machine,
to blow up forte and vessels. It It connected
with clock-work, so arranged that, in any period
after it Is let from five minutes to twenty four
hours, fire may be communicated to a barrel of
explosive matter. ' It Is on an entirely different
principle from the machine recently found by
one or our vessels floating in tbe Potomao, and
th Rlohmond secessionists seem to entertain
great bopss of its utility in inflicting Injuries
upon as. At one time there was a great want
or powder In tbe soutb, wbloh ia now being sup
plied by manufacturera in North Carolina or
The machinery for tbe manufacture of arms
at Harper's ferry bas been removed to Fayette-
vtiie, JN. iJ., where two nundrea andventv-
flvemen have been cent to put it Into operation.
Tbe design is to chiefly manufacture there
Morse's breech-loading rifles, for wbioh they
have obtained all tbe necessary patterns.
The Tredegar works at Riobmond are very
busily engaged manufacturing arms for the
rebel army., Tbey turn out two bci-pouoders
sua two o pouoa oowuzers, or smootn boreoan
non, and a great quantity of shot and shell,
every week. Mr. Anderson , wbo is at tha head
of the establishment, bas formed the operatives
Into a military organization, called tbe Trede
gar Battalion, of which be Is tbe commander.
Jefferson Davis takes a ride in tbe evening
tnrougn tne city on a nne gray none, and ex
cites considerable enthusiasm among tbe cltl
let) s, with whom be ie rather popular. Alex
ander U. Btepbena was not in the city when our
informant leu mere, duc wat expected soon
All tbe Secession Cabinet, and a good many
memoere oi toe congress, wnicn it to meet on
the 20th of July, had arrived there. Tbe
secessionists expressed great indignation at
the proposed secession of Western Virginia
from tne eastern pari oi mat estate, and
of East from West Tennessee, which tbey
thonght entirely unconstitutional and rebellious;
but wben tbey beard tbat there was a disposi
tion npon tb part of Western Kentnckv to se
cede from the loyal portion of tbat State, thev
declared It to be a very righteous and perfectly
legal movement.
Uolonei uregg's aouth Carolina regiment.
whoee term of service had expired, had reached
Rlohmond from Manassas on their way home.
Tbe Colonel tried to get them to re-enllet and
go back, but only eixtren out of the whole reg
iment were willing. Tbe men were nearly all
mechanics, and were dissatisfied with the ser
Lieutenant Colonel Bowman and tha other
officer of the Pennsylvania volunteere cantnred
on tbe Potomac, had been at large on parole In
nienmona; out on ftionaay of last week tbey
were agaiu put ia confinement la a tobacco
warehouse on Main street, near tbe Rockets,
where about fifty other prisoners from our ar
my are confined.
Ia passing through Tennessee our informant
learned that General Anderson, in command of
nasnvnie, ordered two regiments on Wednes
day to East Tennessee, and two mora were to
tbe next day, to overawe tbe Union men of
that region. ' .
Vinton County.
The Union Democracy of Vinton county, had
large and enthnslastlo meetiug at Hamden,
and raised a hickory pole 138 feet high. The
meeting wat addressed by Mr. Gcnnino, One
thousand true Union Democrats were present.
The McArthur Democrat gays, "it wat the
most entbusiastio mooting wo have attended
yoare." : . .
Holloway's Pills and Oitmennt—
Tbe daya of "brillaot operations" are no
more. Tbe discovery of Hollowav'a Ointment
dispensed with the neceaaltv of. tha knir.
hich frcquentlv endangered the life of th t.
tient. Thousands of females have been enrcd
cancer in tbe breast by tbe medicating ac
tion or tne Ointment, and tbeir livee spared to
their families. The salve follows the cancer in
tortuous winding, and imperceptibly, but
thoroughly and painlessly, eradicates it from
the system. The Pillt cleanse and purify the
blood. Sold by all Druggists at 25a.. 62c. and
1 per box or pot.
Pmrns on Tin Faci How often have we
heard the remark made to us: "I would give
tha wou if these pimples on bay face were
gone." Now, friend, yon are not called upon
give the world that it not yoare, bat if you
are willing to give a dollar, those pimplee can
every one be obliterated; they proceed from a
humor io the blood tbat must be driven from it.
bottle of Kennedy's Medical Discovery will
this, and then your, ekin will become like
alabaster. Surely you cannot doubt thit fact
when the worst cases of Scrofula, Erysipelas,
and all other kinds of humor are cared by the
of from one to three bottles. We believe
tbe Discovery, and wish others to join ns in
"Stimdutino Okoocwt." Such is the title
a brilliantly compounded preparation (orig
inatlog witb the famous Dr. Bellincham, of Lon
for improving the growth, and beautifying
condition of tbe human hair. We learn that
Messrs. Horace L. liegeman dt Co , ok' New
Tork, have obtained tbe entire agency for the
American continent and we therefore invite at
tention to their "Stimultting" announcement In
another column.
SPECIAL notices;
When tbe stfaltblly approaching Dans stepped urjon
Ibe thistle, be erlea cat with pain, ana the Sceuiab
camp was med. Let all who hava beta injured I,
poisonons eoapoaBdi or taleratm ilvs tbs alarm, and
save the community, rru'i Dimrrie tUiiiiTus
pure and sari. Depot, 345 Washington treat, New
Tork. ,
tlEALTH, The blood mnitbi purified, and all med
icines are useless which do not posseii tbs quality of
suauutloi um blood to discharp Its Imparities Into the
bowels, BautraiTa's Puts possets this quality la
high degree, and should be la every family. Thar are
equally OMful for children and adults-adapted to both
sexes, aad are as Innocent as bread, yet host trrscrvs
as a MtDlCIXS.
int uoa. aoo Bejeri, of Bprlngvllle. Ind.. wrltea
to Br. Brandnth, under date of Way 11, 1801.
"I hava uaad vnnr lnvalnahla Vti,i ttim i
Pills In my family ilnoe ItOdi they bars always cured,
- - - vmms uivuKiuiva ,n OI no avail. X save
mi iavau vi Bvignoora uiiDg nnnareus of dol
Ian worth, and I am laUafled they hava reeslvid i
thooaand Der cent. In hlautd hulih. thmn.h .....
Tney ara need la thisreaion for Billoaaanit M... ii..
aatae, rarer aod Ague, aud all rheumatic cure with th
" fiwnw. aa iaoi, uwy an in great fall
aoo in sKiuaea, and I tratl your nrM llf may b
longaparad to piepar o excellent a m41lne for tha
as of maa. . . .
flea atad me the lowtt (riot by the gross."
Bold bv Joan R. Coat. DrnrtrliL r)itnn.hn ...i v.
.11 a...... i ii.r". '
einiimr4j vlil III ! V tAU. iUCJ I
JlyiMawtae. . . .. .
inorrAT'ti viwe nix. ' '
la all cam of eostivuess, dyspeptia, bUlloaa aod liver
etreetlOBS, piUa, rbeuaattam, fevers and nrne. bsU
oat bead achat, aad all gnoeral deraafceaMnte of health
theae Pills hare Invariably provod a oortala and speedy
raeay. a single trial will laoe the Life Pills beyood
tbieidiofomputoa Id the eeUcuUoa of every pa
Or. Moffat's Phoenix Bitters will be found equally ef
acaetoot In aUoasM ef nervous debility. dynxDiia. haad
ache, the sickness Incident to females la delicate health.
ana every tina or weaknees or th digestive organ,
for sal by Dr. W.. MOFFAT, 835, Broadway, H. T.
and by all Dragglste. - ' aiayW-dJiwly
Tbe followinf la an extract from a
kMr written by the Rev.' 3. I. Boime, 'paster of th
Plerrepolnt-ttnal Baptist Church, BrooklyB.lt. T.,t
Umm Journal and Uoangr,n Cincinnati, 0., aod ipeaki
folamei la favor f that world-iwowned.jBedtc.Ullt Ha.
vTrmujer's SooTauie Braor roa Oausami Tawnuw
"Wear an advrtlemot la your eolumni ofllaa
HowwBvraalda word
Wwuw'i goomwo tvaor.
in favor or OMtaot mdtcin before la onr llf. but we
vuvwiivw hmj w jrvwr marl, uiai ULStaDO bum
lug we s tuo rr, iow rr to a all n
(. It I probably on of tb moat raroaMful medl
Jnf thdy, beaua It I on af th bnt. And tho
of yoar reader wbo have babies can't do bettor thaa -lay
laa supply." ecJI7:lydw
Justice of the Peace.
Ma tlstToa: Floats annoanes th nam! of JaCos.
KaoaawsiTTB as a candidal for Jostles of tas Ftaot,
at the coming sleotlon la Montgomery towinhlp, Aug;.
8, 1861, jnbjeot to tha dtoUloa ef thl DimooraUe nomin
ation, and much oblige,
- ' , A HOST Of DBMO0BAT8.
Ma. Kpitob i Please announce O. W. Wuson as a
candidal! for Justice of tha Faaoe, at tha election In
Montgomery township, August 5, 1EG1, lukjeot to. th
Domooratlo nomination, and oblige
PleoManDOUDcai mi at a candidate for reelection to
taaomo oi tfoauc v. mm mmmxm vi oioDigomery town
ship at an election to be held August , 1601.
Groceries, -
', ; ', Produce,
" Provisions,
Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
Fruits, etc. etc.,.
No. 106, :South High Street,
Tie old stand recently oocupled by.WM. McDONALD.
He bio dally receipt of
Which hi will isll
Cheap for Cash or Country Produce
ITj Ooodi delivered to City trade freejof charge JTT
Corner Spring 4c Water SteM
OolxxxjaTouja, Olalo.
W. B. POTTS & CO.,
And Manufacturer! of Brass and Composition Outings,
Vlnishcd Bran Work of all DeicrlpUonl.
Kicetro PIatiBgand Gilding!!
febl 'GlHlly
No. 106, South High Street,
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
No. 29 South High Street, Columbus,
8000 yard Traveling Diess Ooods at 8X, value
2500 yard Traveling Dram Good at litf, va'a SOcti.
"" jarua jvogueo oarage at value X3 cent.
1000 yarda Fraocb Orgacdloa at IS, value 90 sent.
2000 yard Paat Colored Lawn at 10, value 1 eenU.
1000 yarda Poulard Dn aa Bilk at 37X, value SO oent.
19 yard Super Plain Blaok Bilk at I 00. valu am.
Rob, of Organdi Bcrage, aad lngllah Derage, at one.
half their value. .
St Booth High Street.
HAVB jut opnd an Invoice of rtTr larie and
" ""IblUty.
Qrak f. '
Elegant Lace Mantillas.
23 AXN c5 SON.
3STo. 29 South High St.,
Wide Feench Laces 'for .Shawls.
Very Deep Freneb. Flonnolng Laces. 1
neal Thread, French, Chaotllla i Geneveae
Valenclennei, Point do Gaze, Brussels
ana Tnreaa Laeei ana Collart,
In new Shapes,
For traveling.
Traveling Dress Goods.
Th beat and most fashionable styles la th eity, -,u
. 9 gonih High Bu-eet. ,
. aT?k
I'll i lit l VID Vur? -s
Irom tb New ork Observer.1 .
As all nartlM i..nnf.Mnn. w..i.f.. .- nu
to py hlr. Ilow a lioaua on Mb siacblB wld,
are a 10 compelled to max latum to him, andar
aa to the number sold, hi book glv acorreotstato
ment. from thl relltbl louro w hav obulnd th
utl0;, 0' the machiDH mad In the year
there wr old, - - -
' By Whlr fc Wltaoa 81.305 . .
' I. Jd. ginger 4k Oo H.9
Orovar k Bajt.r..w......l.- Viol
Ihowlnc tha itU. nf a. wiimh aa bo etataU
of any other OoopABy,' . . n'.
Awarded th hlght prelamt th - - . . ,
Patted But fair of l&M, mt n ISM; u.
. ltoat tha ..v,,. , mi
Ohio Stat lair, of IBS and 1B90- . .
end at nearly all th Oouuty lata la th Stale,
Our erlcM at h lata radaatloa. on a Iota djj mv
ta aaaotilD now oia, mam wm nin oigner maa
Iniartor Hmo el tHcA maoMnjl, now
a poo tha aiarliH. - '
iiio tb onlyoa which oanoot bravld. It
luu on Bora awaaol lb cooda, leavUut MO rWom or
atainetitt mmdmr.tid. -
mmrxmua a yoan, tmamttmeUon
la tbaur " rra ot nan
WM. iUMNMR awui
ec3Jiswd3meiwla Pike's Opera Hem, Claetaeati.
CLOAK CLOTHS. Ala, other makee of Bprlni
loak Ulotiuulnall deairable muitur blodlnr,!.
ana duiwd, io aiawa. BAIn at BUM.
aprUS . South High stre
Summer Arrangement.
Summer Arrangement. Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, Dayton ft IndianapoLU!
Through to Indianapolis without Change of Cars
and but One Change of Cars between
Columbus and St. Louis.
FoUI TraiQS DU1V 110111 O01U111DUS.
AonoiuMnnATlON at 5 a. m.. stopping at all sta
tion! baiween Ooluinbui and Cincinnati aod Diy ton, ar
riving at Cincinnati at 10 OS a. m.,and at Vartonat
8 10a.m., connecting at Dayton for Indianapolis aid
tb West.
no. i jbj.rJ.ri3B ai ji.ava. m., iiupiiiua ,biwiv.
London. Onarleiion. Cedarrllla. Xeula. Bprlng Valley,
Oorwln,f reepoit, Ifort AncltDt. Morrow St., Lebanon,
foater'a, LoyelanS and Idllford, airliing at Cincinnati
at4 30o. u..Daton ita 43 n. m.-oonneatlniwltb tb
Ohio and Mieiiulppl Kailroal for Louiiville, Ky., Vln
ceonee. Cairo, St. Loun, New Orleans, etc.: at Dayton
for Indlanapolie, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Chicago aod
all Western polnu.
MAIL at 9.10 p. m , stopping at all itatlons between
Columbus and Xeula, and at Spring Valley, Oorwln,
Morrow aod Lorclaad, arriving at Cincinnati at 2 a. m.
NIGHT EXPRESS, Tla Dayton, at IS 00 midnight,
stopping at London, Xenla, Dayton, Mludletowa and
Hamilton, arriving at Cincinnati at J.S5 a. m.; at Day
ton at S.SSa. m. eonncotloa- at Cincinnati witb Ibe
Ohio and atlieinlppl Railroad lor Loulivllle, Eraoavtlla,
Vlneennea, Cairo, Bt. Louie. Memphle, Nw Orleans,
and all point South and Bouth-weit; also, at Dayton
(or Indianapolis, Lafayette, Xerre Haute, Chicago, etc.
Tn For further Information and Through Ticket,.
apply to M. L. DOHEKTY, Ticket Agent, Uulon Depot,
General Ticket Agent, Cincinnati.
. Agent, Columbu,
Superintendent, Cincinnati.
Columbus, July 14, 1801.
Steam Between Ireland and America.
The following new and magnificent flrt-cla paddle
wheel Steamships compos th above line:
ADRIATIC, 9,888 tons burthen, Capt, 3. Hacrtr
(Formerly of tb Collins Line )
niBERNIA., 4,400 tons burthen, Capt. N. Prowik.
COLUMBIA, 4 4t;0 " h. Lima.
ANGLU. 4,400 " ' " Mcuouox.
PAOlrlO, 8 6U0 ' " ' I. Bmhu.
3,300 J.WaJJCUI.
On of the above ships will leave New Tork or Bostun
alternately every Tuesday fortnight, for Galway, car
ry inn the government mails, touching at bt. Jobns,
N. F.
Th Steamer of tbls Ho have been constructed with
lh greatest care, under lh euparvlslon of th govern- .
mcnt, have water-tight compartment, aud are unexcel
led lorcomfort, safety and speed by any steam re afloat.
They ar commanded by able and experienced ofllcera,
and avcry xertlon will be mad to promote th eomfort
Ot puMnger.
An;experienced Hurgean attached lo each ship.
Plrat-clui N. I. or Boston to Galway or Liverpool 1100
Beeond-olit. " " 75
First-cues, " " to St John's 34
Third-lai, ' " to Oalway or Liverpool,
or any town In Ireland, on a Railway, - - 30
Thlrd-clat posiengers ar liberally tupplled with pro
vision ot tb beet quality, cooked aud served by th er
vant of th Company.
Parties wtthlng to Mod for ihelr iriend from th old
country can obtain ticket from any town on a railway, in
Inland, or from th principal cities of England and Beat
land, at very low rates.
Passenger for New Tork, arriving by th Bolton
Bteamara, will bt forwarded to Mew Tork free of charge.
For passage or farther Information, apply to
Wa. li. WICKUAM,
At th office of tha Company, on th wbarf, foot of
Canal itreet. New York.
An Effective. Safe and Economical
To its original color without dyeing, and preventing
Hair from turning gray.
Aod curing it, when then 1 th least particle of vltall
or recuperative energy remaining.
And all cataneou affections of tbe Scalp.
Imparting to It on uneqaled gloss and brilliancy, making
It aort and silky In It texture, and causing It to cur'
Th grtat celebrity and Inereulng demand for this nn
qualed preparation, convince lh proprietor that ona
trial la only neceaaary to satisfy a discernina- nnhlle nf it.
superior qualities over any other preparation la us. It
eitanse tbs head and scalp from dandruff and other
eutaneoo duwaaes, causing th hair to grow luxuriantly
giving it rich, soft, gloeay and flexibl appeanoca, and
also, whar the hair lalooenlngand thinning, It will glvo
trength and vigor to th root and reitor the growth to
hoae part which have become bald, causing it to yield a
resb oovarlng of hair.
Thar ar hundreds of ladle and gentlemen io New
Tork who have had their hair reatonid by th uee of thl
Invigorator. wben all other preparation hare failed. L.
M. ha lo hi pouwMlon latutra Innumerable tettlfrtcr
in.fL '.ft01? rrolB1P")' 0' " higheat radweta
handaome It will effeotually prevent tha hair from turning
huui uv iviHfu ui IMO, I1U lo 08 WOOIO IU BAH
ha already changed ttacolor, th as of th Invigorator
will with oaruinty restore it to it to ita onrtnal hu.
Ing It a dark, glouy appearance. A s perfume for the
tollatanda Hair Beatorailr it I particularly recom
mended, having an agneable fragrance; and Ui great (a
ollltle It affords In dressing th hair, which, when mout '
with th Invigorator, can be droned In any required ' '
tons to a to proterv It plao, whether plainer lo curls; '
bono th gnat demand for It by tha ladle a a standard
toilet article wtuoh son ought to b without, tb orica
places It within th raaoh of all, being
, Only Twenty-Jive Centi
bottle, to b bad at at) toaptetabl Druggist and
Perfumers. . -
L. MTLLIB would call tha Attention of Parent and nn
Guardians to the use of bis Invigorator, in caa where
children's hair inclines to be weak. Tho dm of It
th foundation for apoodAaad 0 hair, as It re
move any Impuritle that may bar become connected
wiin in scaip, tn removal or watcn u neoeetary both
tbe health of the child, aad future .appoeumc of
Hair. ( ;,lr
CiDno. None genalp without th fao-itmlle LOUIS
KILLER being on lh outer wrapper; alio. L. MIL
glamt. ,..,,. -.. ..
Wkolrnl Depot, it Dty itreet, and soMby U the
principal Merchants and Druggit tjiraotvuh world '
Libermi discount to parcUkier by th qaaa UtyT
also desire to praaeot to th American Publio my
which, tftur jean of dentlflo experimenting. I hare
brought to narfMttnn. It rite niv A. nM,H i-
66 Dey .Sty New York.
1000 yard Saner PUia Block Silks at 1 OO-rala
tl SS per yard. '
- -,.- . t- 4 r-i, c
8,500 yard Traveling Dress and Mantis Goods at "
IS I-aeeate-valae SO een'J per yard. . '.! .Al
SiOOO yard Whit Drllllantei at 12 12 cents yK
Tola SO cent por yard. ! -
SiOOOyard Pin sad Dometllo OlBghsms greatly tjn.
dervalu. ; , ; ... , 4.
CHAUIS, f OrIAED BUJJ, ' ! . ',
i - lAWNS, CALIOJES, tOtUtfB,1
Nwr nead JMonabla Ttream Good
lh ot deiUfltb sty and t very ler prlee.
all nattrlaly, Bad la the Oioit itylUh aiaooer afb.. '."t
Utest Pari rihions-the most elega&i etyleltn ""
ttteetty. .WfU
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