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Tbe Adams Expreei Company places us daily
; under obligations to it for tbe very latest papers
Irom the eastern cities.
The American Express Company bag our
thanks for its daily favors In the shape of the
ery latoet eastern papers.
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
' Notiee li hereby given to the Union Democ
racy of Franklin county, to meet on Feidat,
August 2d, between the hours of thru and six
o'clock, p. m., in the townships, and en and
tiQHT p, ni i in the wards, at the usual places
of holding elections (excepting Norwich town
ship, which will be held at Schofiild's School
House, and the 4,h ward at Qavia's room, and
the 1st ward at E. Seller's), to appoint del
ee-ates to attend the County Convention, to
meet at the City Hall, in the City of Columbus
on Saturday, the 3d of Adouit, for the purpose
of appointing delegates to tbe State Convention
on tbe 7th of August, to nominate a State tick'
The following is the number of delegates al
lotted to each ward, based upon the vote cast
for Supreme Judge in I860, allowing one for
each fifty, and an additional delegate for each
fractional twenty-five votes so cast:
1st Ward,
2i "
4.1b "
6tb "
Montgomery Tp
Truro '
Prairlo - "
Clinton "
Pleasant "
Brown "
Wh. Domioan,
H B. High,
H. W. Miller,
Wm. Coofir,
John M. Pcqh,
A lis. Thompson,
James Horlocker,
County Central Committee
Collection of Taxes. The Treasurer of
this couuty, up to last evening (Saturday, July
20), had collected on the last ball year's dupli
cate of taxes a sum total of $100,570
The Treasurer will commence returning the
township duplicates to the County Auditor to
morrow (Monday, July 22).
Owing to the Urge amount of taxes yet un
piid, tbe Treasurer will continne to receive the
taxes due in this city for a few days of this
Tbe amount of taxes collected on the June
Davmeot of last tear, was about $93,000, The
delinquency of tbia year will probably be five
or six thousand dollars greater than that of last
Considering tbe tightness ot the times in rc
gard to money matters, the Treasurer thinks he
has made a good collection. Tbe grand dupll
cate for 1860, lor all purposes, is about $42,000
ereatcr than was that for 1859. TbiB shows
that, although the grou amount of the delin
quency will be greater this year, it will not
proportionally vary muota from that of 1859.
The First Sunday inn the Proclamation.
This is Sunday. Thirteen weeks or just
three calendar months ago, was the first Sun
day after the issuing of the President's procla
mation CAlliog for volunteers. It was an event
ful day that Sunday, April- SI, 18CI. These
are some of the events that make that day
The railroad between Philadelphia and Balti
more was taken possession of by the U. S. Gov
ernment; Giottoc .Wiluam Brown, Mayor of
Baltimore, had a consultation with the Presi
dent of tbe United States in reference to the
passage of Northern troops through Baltimore)
Worcester, Mass., Third Battalion of Rifles ar
rived at New York j a mass meeting of citizens
numbering many thousands, was held In Boston,
Mass.; the First Regiment of Rhode Island
volunteers passed through New York, Gover
nor Sfracue accompanying them; the Sixth,
Twelltb. and Seventy-First Regiments of New
York State militia left. New York; tbe U. S.
branch mint at Charlotte, North Carolina, was
seized by the State authorities; In nearly all the
churches in New York, and generally through
out the country, war sermons were preached;
the Fifth Regiment of Massachusetts militia,
with the Boston Flying Artillery Company, left
Boston; a meeting of Californians was held In
New York to take measures for tbe formation
of a California Regiment; and tbe burial of the
American Hag was celebrated at Memphis,
, Such is the record of a siDgle Sonday in war
times. But it is a .bloodless record. The
forces on both Bides have been actively prepar
ing during the past three months for the work
ol carnage and death. Many great battles
have been fought on Sunday. It seems as
though the demon of war delighted In doing his
horrid work on tbe day sacred to rest and piety,
ilow many hundreds or thousands of our coun
trymen and friends may bo horribly mangled or
s'ain outright on this day we know not. But if
an engagement should take place, may the God
of Battles, grant that the Flag of the Union
shall wave In triumph over the field of carnage!
Hymeneal Marriage lincenses . issued la
this county during tbe week ending Saturdays
Jaly20, 18G1: : , ; ' ' .' .
John Gutbmicht and Barbara Brodbeck; Jon
athan Swagler and Mary C. Baror; James Ba
ker and Charity Harter; Bonjamin Strain and
Harriet Murray; Hiram Harter1 and Mary Ann
Collins. , . i , j.-:.
We are authorized to state under this head
that on Tuesday, July 3, 1861, at the lata resi
dence oi the bride's father, Captain Theodore
Jones was married by tbe Rev. Mr. Trimble,
to Miss Mait Virginia Menelt, . all of. this
city. .' '
Notwithstanding the Ucil was late in coming
to a knowledge ot the prebloui secret," and
though be missed the accustomed printer's bribe,
a slice of the lusoious cake.be congratulates
the gallant Captain and bis charming bride up
on the Union thus happily perfected. Etto per
p't! -:"-''" .. -
AwoTHra Mmoa SoldieDischaoib Yes
terday, Charles . II. Richmond-, a soldier at
Camp Chase.'who wail under age, and had ' en
listed without his father's knowledge or con
sent, was,' on the appljoation ol the father,
Theodore Richmond, of .Richland couhiy, dis
charged from the service by Judge VUBiRryon
naooaa corpus. . -. c . ; ,.., i'.
' .aj
t '
H7Wt learn that tbe Military Hospital at L.
203 South High Street Is to. be discontinued to.
morrow, and snob or the inmates, as are net tit
to be discharged, will bs trauifflu'ed tohs Jl?K:,
pltal at Camp" Chasi,
. r-y ni fauna
irv w....h A 'V
"win. u w i.w.n ywMiyamjl vuf hum
Portsmouth arrived at Camp Chase oa Friday
KIT A company of eighty-seven men under
Capt. Nilson Wills arrived la the olty jester
day noon, reported themselves at headquarters!
and then marched to Camp Chase. They are
from Stafford, Monroe county, and are mostly
young men who promise to make good soldiers
This Is the fifth company from Monroe county
already in the service, and makes the sixth
whose serviees have been tendered and accepted.
We learn that several companies in addition to
tbe six are already formed or soon will be.
Monroe Is the nursery of men whose patriotism
manifests Itself not in words but in sots.
State Fair The next Ohio State Fair will
be held at Dayton, on the 10th, 11th, 13th and
13th days of September, 18C1. -.
Any person Davloe one dollar, may enter as
many different articles for exhibition, as he or
she may own, in any oi the departments, except
horses and cattle; in these, the entry fee will
be one dollar for the first entry, and fifty cents
tor eacn auaiuonai entry.
All persons Intending to exhibit at the Fair,
are reepectf ully solicited to forward their entries
with tbe appropriate entrance fee enclosed, by
mall, to tbe Seoretarv's office at Columbus,
Ohio (direct to J. H. Klippart, Cor. Seo. O. S.
B. Agriculture), until September.
On and after tbe 1st of September, the Sec
retary's office i will be removed to Dayton,
where entries may be made from 9 o'clock a. M.
to 3 o'clock, r. m., until Tuesday noon Septem
ber 10th. .
Eutries must contain not only the exhibitor's
rame, bis post-office address, county and State,
written as legibly as possible, but also the name,
sex, and age of the animal offered for exhibi
tion, as well as the class in wbioh it is intended
to compete. Tbo list may be made in this
Nam and ruidtnet of txhibiter.
John Johnson, Fredricksburgb, Knox county,
Animal or Art lot Enttrtd Clait.
1 Devon Bull, "Jim," 5 y'rl
old. Sweenatakra.
1 Bar Mare, "Kate,"4jn
old, Single Ilarneii Dorse.
10 poandi June Butter. Farm Produon.
8 Poll Gloxinias, Amateur List of flowers.
03" The Eoglish House of Commons was oc
cupied on tbe evening ot the 17th ult. in discuss
ing tbe propriety of allowing Blondin to walk
the tight rope at the Crystal Palace, carrying
his little daughter. The result of tbe discussion
was the request by the Government to the Di
rectors of tbe Crystal Palaco to interdict the
Er The Journal culls attention to a danger
ous dead-fall in the shape of a leaning pole in
front of the Theater, late tbe Republican Wig
Swimuinq School. There is a swimming
school connected with the Catholic Institute at
Cincinnati. The dimensions of the swimming
echool room are 33 by 24 feet. The "tub"
measures 28 by 21 feet, and is eight feet deep.
The stage of water generally used Is five feet.
Tbe art cf swimming Is taught In twelve les
sons for $3. Boys will seek the water as natur
ally as ducks, and often get drowned In their
daring attempts to learn to swim. Wby should
they not be taught tho art scientifically 1
O Thirteen now gunboats are to be built at
Cincinnati, to be delivered at Cairo on or before
the 20ih of September, 1861.
O During the week ending Friday, July 19,
thirty-nine marriage licenses were Issued In
Hamilton county.
Guardiaks Appointed. The followicg guar
dians have been recently appointed by the Pre
bate Judge of this connty:
On an inquest of lunacy held on Wednesday
July 17, Massie W. Hammer, of Madison town
ship, was adjudged insane, and to need a guar
dian of bis person and estate.- On the Friday
following, Ralph Hammer, his son, was appoint
ed such guardian,
On Friday, July 19, Frank Maoujre, of tbis
township, a minor, made choice of Gilbert C
Collins, who was appointed bis guardian. Tbe
appointment was made to enable Frank, by the
consent of his guardian, to legally enlist in Col.
Carrington's regiment of regulars. .
On Saturday, July 20, Mary Ann Collins,
being of tbe tender age of fifteen years, and
needing a protector, Inasmuch as her father
lived afar off in Iowa, chose Andrew Collins,
who was appointed her, guardian. The kind
guardian immediately gave consent to bis
ward's marriage with the man of ber choice,
Hiram Harter, and thereupon the Clerk of the
Probate Court,, do, less ) accommodating than
the guardian, fortwith issued the requisite li
cense. '
Wh Don't You Advertise? The Cincin
nati Press puts this question, and then aaysi
"To business men who are oomDlaintnir of
dullness of tbe times, we address these few re
marks Why don't yon advertise? It Is lust
tbe thing to help you out of your difficulties
to brlni you oath customers and plenty of pat
ronage, In tl-nes like these It Is tbe cash rjur-
chasr$ that read the advertisements, to cost
tbemsalvea where to get tbe best bargains.
There is no mistake about It it is no humbug.
If you can offer the public any advantages to
make their purchases of yon, lose no time to
inform them of tbe fact. Do not lament over
dull tianes. Stephen Girard always embraced
that opportunity to extend his advertisements
during dull times and a revulsion in business.
He said, "where so many tightened their nurse
strings, and ceased advertising, he took great
pains oo extena Die in a very Judicious manner,
and inform tbe publio that be was still prepared
to offer them good Inducements. In some
eases, after a man has ordered his advertise
ments to be discontinued, we have heard tbe
question asked whether such person has not re-
tirea irorn easiness! mere is nothing unreas
onable about such a question in times like the
present. It contains more truth -than poetry.
Cash buyers consult advertisements more tban
you may think."
Rail Road Time Table.
Littl Mum k Onvunvi fc Xwu B. K,
'. Arrives
Cincinnati Accommodation. 5.00 A. M. . 9:11) P. M.
" Kxprei 11:40 A.M. 11:03 A. M.
Mali and Accommodation.. 9:10 P. M. 8:00 P. M,
Night iUprefi tI Daytin.)x:00 midnight. 8 20 A. M.
,' Jno. W. Douirtv, Agent.
OoLcliacs k CuvitAHD R. B.
Night Vxprrat .....3:40 A. M. ' 11:15 P. M.
New YerkKxpreii 11:10 A.M. 10:50 A.M.
C.C.fcO. WayKxpreu.... S:.I0 P.M. 7:50 P. M.
.Jakes AVmaioM, Agent.
OBTTRALOniO B. R. . , , . . .,
No.SBxpreii 3:30 A. M. - 11:35 A. M.
No. 3 do V:I5 p.. M. ll:iS A. M.
' ."Mr. J. tut. Agent. .
. Prrrmen, Columbus Cutcuuun B. B.
Mail Train 1 30 A. M. 11:9$ A. H.
BxprMSlraln ...11.S4A. M. 6:45 P.M.
h. " '0,r R'l""i Agent.
No. 1 Bzprsw :30 A. M. . 8:00 P, M
No. 9 " 3.00 P.M.. 8:43 P. M.
Accommodation.... . J 10:W A. M.
O. W. Burnt, Agent.
Wttoiesale and lletstll Dealer la
i. .. J No. SKI JBmh Btremt.' ,
R.cp coaataany on Band all tbe va-
4MV tHLIrA .. . - . ' '
tTrANTID-xie.Sa0.O0a OaitntMM to bin Card Phate.
ivv (iph pact fail leoim or stmou . but, al M.
Win 'a Viae Arl Pbotocrapa OalUry, 4 doors North of
Um AmerteM Hotel, Ooliuuboa, Ohio.
[Correspondence of the Cincinnati Commercial.]
The Fight on the Kanawha.
Repulse of Ohio Troops—Capt. Allen
and Lieut. Pomeroy Killed—Col.
Norton Wounded and Taken Prisoner
—Several Statements of the Affair
—Account Given by an Eye-Witness
—Rumor, Wanting Confirmation,
the Capture of Col. Woodruff
and Others.
arrived from Parkenburg yesterday, bringing
the latest intellleence from the Kanawha River
The reports being somewhat contradictory, we
give tbe statements of both loyal and rebel
Cant. Hush Camcbell, of tbe government
transDort steamer Mary Cook, who came pass
eager in the Dunlelth, reports that a severe ac
tiou took place on Thursday afternoon, between
the rebels and the Federal troops under Colonel
Lowe, of tbe 13tb Ohio Regiment, and seven
oomDaniea of Col. Norton's reelment. Cant
Campbell did not learn any satlsiactory details,
but states that our troops exhausted alt their
ammunition, and retired, alter severe loss, with
their two field nieces. Tbe Federal fleet was
lying below Pocatelia creek, and the action took
place at "Soarey," some distance in tne into
rior. It appears that our troops were sent out
with orders to make a reconnoissance, but cot
to attack the enemv. who were in a strongly
entrenohed position, numbering 1500 strong
uoless it appeared tbe position couia do easny
Cant. Camcbell reported that Col. Norton
was aeverelv wounded, while eallautly encour
sginz bis men to oharge, and he wag left on tbe
Hem and capture ! ny tne enemy.
The extent ot our Iobs is not xnown, out we
Infer that it was quite serious. The enemy
also suffered severly. Col. Lowe sent back dur
ing tbe action for ammunition, and Gen. Cox
seut it forward with reinforcements, but our
troops were met returning from tbe field. Lt
Pomeroy, of Oltowa, O , was mortally wound
ed, and he was Bent to tbis city on the steamer
Dnuleilh, but he expired at Galllpolis. One
private in tbe cavalry company which forms
part of Uen. Cox s brigade, was killed. Col
Woodruff and Lieut. Uul jNell, ot tne Xi Ken
tucky Regiment, and Major Ve Villiers, of the
bih Ohio, were at the engagement as spectators,
and when Capt. Campbell left Pocatelia creek,
twenty bours alter tbe coLUict, tney naa not re
turned. The inference Is strODg that tbey were
taken prisoners, and we are alraid our troops
met with a severe reverse. Uapt. Campbell re
ports that they fought gallantly and did not re
tire until their ammunition was completely ex
Capt. W. O. Rosebcrry, who it will be re
memoerea was arrested ai ri. neasanc, va.,
and taken to Columbus, Ohio, but subsequently
released, being charged with a sympathy witb
the rebels, was also among tbe passengers by
the steamer Duulietb. Tbe followiog is bis
version of the conflict:
On tbe 17th, Gen. Cox ordered the 12th Ohio,
Uol. Lowe, two companies ot tbe iUst (Jbio, to
gether with tbe Cleveland Artillery and Cant
Rogers oavalry company from Ironton, Ohio, to
cross tbe Kanawha river at the mouth of Pokey
Creek, twenty miles Deiow cnariestoo, and re
connoitre the rebel camp five miles above, on
tbe south side or right baud bank of tbe Ka
oawba, three miles below the mouth of Coal
river, and to cannonade and draw them out in
order to estimate their force, and, if easily cap
lured, to take their batteries, the enemy being
fortified. When within three hundred yards of
the battery, tbey were fired Into by rebels un
der command of Col. Tompkins, from three to
five pieces of artillery, when a general engage'
ment ensued, lasting about two bours, when tbe
rebels were reinforced, and tbe Federal troops
oompelled to retreat. Col. Norton, of the Slat
Ohio, was wounded, shot in tbo hip and taken
prisoner; Capt. Allen killed ball In tbo fore
bead, justbetween tbe eyes; Lieut. Pomeroy was
shot through the hip. He died oa tho Pnuleitb,
when tbe boat was near uallipolis. ihe re
mains will be forwarded to bis home In Ottowa,
rutoam county, Ubio, to day. Lieutenant rome
roy and Captain Allen were in Company B,
xist umo, Colonel nor ton. uunog tne engage
ment, Col. De Villiers, 11th Ohio, Col. Wood
ruff, Lieut. Col. Nell', and several Captains, of
tbe ii Kentucky, mounted, rode up opposite tbe
scene of action, and had not returned to their
camp up to 13 M. , on the ldih inst. The rebels
were renortea to De lauu llrone. previous to bp
ing reinf orced. A flag of truce had been sent
out by the federals, asking the privilege of visit
ing the rebel oamp to gatber the dead and
wounded. Petitions were also sent from Pt.
Pleasant, signed by Capt. Roseberry, and other
prisonors, recently iu cbargo of Capt, Norton,
asking the privilege to bring the Colonel back
wno was reputed wounaea.
Lieut. Pomeroy, of Company B, Slst Ohio
Regiment, who was mortally wounded in the
battle, and brought on board the steamer Dun
lelth, received every attention from the officers
of the boat, tie died as tne boat was Bearing
Uallipolls. ' 1
A gentleman who was in the engagement, and
whose character and rank are sufficient guar
anties of the correctness of his statement, gives
us tne . louowing version ol tne asair on
Wednesday afternoon.
The lia Ohio and parts of two companies
of tbe Slst, started to oapture a battory at tbe
moutn ot acarey creek, aoout tnirteen miles
from Cbarleatown. Tbe battery was supposed
to be supported by about 700 men. Wbea we
reached the bill where the battery was planted,
the rebels opened fire upon us from two piece
of artillery. . We had also two pieces, and tear
ing down tbe fences, the guns were placed in
position, and our forces wheeled into line on tbe
brow of tbe bill in such a manner as to bricg
our fire to bear upon the enemy, wblle we had
partial protection from theirs by a fence on the
top of tbe bill. -
We were seriouBly annoyed by a flanking fire
on tbe river, and also trom a large log bouse on
the bans ol tbe creek. Vetachmeuts or two
companies of tbe 31st and two companies of tbe
l.b, obarged upon tbe bouse and routed tbe
rebels at the point of the bayonet. Tbey re
treated across tbe creek, oovered by the fire of
their own men fording it, as they had previous
ly burnt the bridges.
in tbe meantime our artillery naa silenced
their battery, entirely destroying the carriage
of one pteoe, and our boys twice silenced tbe
fire ol tbeir Infantry. At tbis Juncture tbey re
ceived reinforcements (tbeir force was nearer
1,500 tban 7UO at the outset), and our boys
had completely exhausted tbeir ammunition.
Tbey therefore commenced a retreat, in good
order, so soon as they bad got beyond tbe range
of the rebel's single re-mounted piece, reseir
ing tbeir last single snot in tbe cannon for
any emergency, should the enemy attempt a
pursuit. ' ' ' '
in tbis manner tne retreat was kept up tin
we fell la with the balauoe of the 31st Ohio,
uoder Col, Nibleyi the boys were then so ex
hausted, having fought for three hours, and ex
hausted every round in tbeir cartridge boxes,
that the attempt was given over, r
Uur Intormant puts tbe loss on our side at 4
killed, S mortally wounded, 3 missing, aqd 17
or 19 more or leas seriously wounded. Of those
Instantly killed were Capt. Allen, Co. IJ, and
Geo. Blue, Co, K, Slst. Lieut. Pomeroy has
since died of bis wounds. One man bad bis
hip torn away by a oannon ball, and must die.
Capt. Bloan of the 12ih was wounded, but not
dangerously. Tbeae were all tbe names be
eould recall. Col. Norton was supposed to be a
prisoner. He had been wounded aud taken to
a bouse a fourth of a mile from- the hospital,
but tbe guard placed over him bad been oallod
off to take charge of some prisoners taken dur
ing the engagement, and he was seen, or some
one supposed to have been blm, in the band of
tbe rtbe. ..-.
The painful bews that Col. Woodruff and
Lieut. Col. NefT, of the 2d Kentucky, and Col.
De Villiers, of the 11th Ohio, bad been oaptured
while reooonoiterioe. needs confirmation. Thev
bad left Gen. Cox's earns to ascertain what was
going oo, at tbe time el the fight, and bad not
returned wnen our Informant loft, tboucb, Just
as ine noat was pusning out. us beard tbe Doys
in oamp give three cheers, and saw some one
that be took to be OaU W., riding Into camp -
It is not uoirequent tnat omoers on reconnoiter
lnf ' expeditious remain' out for a considerable
time lunger than they anticipated when setting
out, and tbe friends of these gentlemen should
not be nooasy about them, al least until further
intelligence arrives,
[Telegraphic Correspondence of Daily Commercial.]
From Cairo, Ill.
Cairo, 111., July 19 J H. Kenzie, State
Paymaster, arrived last evening, from Chicago,
and will probably commence paying the troops
next week. The money is now nere.
A portion of Captain Smith's Artillery com
pany left yesterday. The rest will remain here
until further orders. .
Company A, Uth Regiment, returned last
evening fulj. There is no delay in filling up
toe vacancies occasioned dt tne witndrawai ol
members. A privato belonging to this com
paoy was drowned this morning at Bird's Point,
while bathing.
The steamer City of Louisiana, with about
one hundred horses, arrived to day Irom St.
Louis. This makes upward of three hundred
horses and mules here.
Evervtbina progressing finely at this point.
No news from the South to-day. . .
[Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette.]
OAKLAND, VA., July 19.
Gen. Hill's column returned to-day from tbe
second pursuit of the remnants of Garnett's
army. Besides bringing four pieces of tbe
rebels' artillery, he effected little except a bard
Six to eight thousand rebels are reported at
(via Washington.)
There was no attack to-day on tbe rebel bat
teries. Gen. McDowell's command of forty
thousand men Is concentrated here. We took
eleven prisoners to-day, who say that Beaure
gard has thirty thousaud men at Bull River.
The rebels bayoneted our wounded In the
woods yesterday.
J. G.
Important War News!!!
Union Troops Killed
and Wounded.
Ohio Officers Killed and Wounded.
[Special to the Commercial.]
Washington, July, 19. The iniormation re
ceived at the War Department is that the rebel
battery at Bull's Run bas been taken by our
troops. Particulars have not yet transpired. -
[Special to the Post.]
Washington, July 19. A dispatch received
here from Richmond, nates that Letober has
Called out nearly all tbe militia of Virginia in
order to give battle to the Federal army.
News of the defeat of Lieut. Col Pegram by
Gen MsCiellan, had reached Richmond,
Papers trom riortn UaroiiDa report tbat a
Federal war vessel, carrying 44 guns, bad at
tacked fort Uatteras, but with no tttectlve re
Vice President Hamlin left tbe city this morn
ing, accompanied by the Caliiornla delegation.
who brought a Uag ijr me first Maine llegl
ment. Tbe presentation will be made at Ceu
Mr. Potter and other members of Congress
Dad leu tne city lor Manassas.
New Yoke, July 19. A special from Rich
mond in the Times says that our loss was 1U0
killed and wouoded. This will batten tbe at
tack on Manassas, which doubtless wiil be made
to morrow. Tbe rebels bad rifled cannon. Tbey
lost but a few men.
[Tribune Special.]
New York, July 19. Tbe Secretary of War
says there are more than 50 of our men killed
and wounded, among them five captains and six
Another source reports the work was carried
by the Zouaves and Massachusetts 5ih. There
is no doubt tbat the enemy is now falling back,
and the rumor that Manassas Junction is occu
pied is permaps only a little premature.
Washington, July 19 Colonel Richardson,
repreeentative from Illinois, arrived here at 3
o'clock to-day from tbe seat of war. Up to tbe
time be left Bull's Run (8 o'clock this morning),
there bad been no general fight since yesterday
at 6 o'clock. There were oecarional shots by
skirmishers on both sides. Gen. McDowell In
formed Richardson that be should first examine
tbe looations of 'he enemy's batteries belore
engaging him. Col. Richardson Bays tbat Gen.
McDowell thinks tbat 40 will cover tbe number
killed and wounded, and of these three were!
killed, twenty-nine wounded, and the remainder
misBing. - - . .
.The members of tbe House ' who witnessed
the fight, were Messrs. McClcrnand, Riobard
son, Loveloy, and Logan, of III.; Noel, of
Mo. j Dunn, ot Ind ; and ex-Representative
Hoard, of N. Y.
It is Col. Richardson's belief, from what be
ascertained when at tbe seat of war, tbat tbe
Confederates bad upward of 50,000 men at tbe
Junction, or who could coon be concentrated
there, i . . . .
Washington, July 19. An official dispatch
to the War Departmeut, received to-day, an
nounces tbat tbe advance of Gen. MoDowell
bad not moved oo Manassas to-day.
. An official dispatch reoeived at the War
Department, and dated 7 o'clock this morning,
?;ivee the particulars of tbe loss of the Federal
orces at the engagement at Bull's Run yester
day. It states tbat our loss is only twelve kill
ed and forty wounded, Tbe contending armies
were In sight of each other rjp to tbe bour tbe
dispatch was closed. There has been no fight
ing since yesterday. Tbe Federal foroes are
reconnoiterlng the position.
PmLADELrHiA, July 19 The Inquirtr in this
olty has a special dispatch, saying that a terri
ble battle was going on all nigbt at Manassas
Junotlon, and. that, the Stars aud Stripes now
Boat over It. .,...
"Anothor special to tho Inqmrir says the cap
ture by the Federal troops of Manassas has been
announced in Congress.
Another dispatch to tne Associated fresa says
that tbe fight was still going on at Bull's Run at
7 o'clock, and that tbe above dispatch is prob
ably unreliable.
Washington, July 19. Col. MoClernard of tbe
House of Representatives, left Headquarters at
Centerville, at 9 o'clok this forenoon, bringing
the official report of tbe battle at Bull's Run.
He arrived here this afternoon.
Last night, after the firing ceased, Genera'
Scbecck's brigade proceeded up the Gainsville
road to tiank tbe position ot tne three more
prominent batteries which had opened upon our
The confederates wno tougnt tne federals at
the Run are, it is said, those who were driven
back from various places between Fairfax Court
House and Uenterville; In addition to rein
forcemcnt of five regiments who were brought
op from Manassas during tbe aotion, which eon
tiuued about five bours. In spite of the vari
ous rumors, the condition of affairs at the close
of yesterday may be characterised as a drawn
battle, there being no decided result, the Con
federates nowhere showing themselves during
the battle, tbey beiog altogether concealed by
woods, ravines and entrenchments, from which
tbey direoted their fires. , -
. A gentleman Just from Centerville at six
o'clock this morning, reports that all was quiet
during tbe nigbt; tnat no movement was autlo
I pa ted to-day, and tbat tbe only alarm during
tbe nicht, was by tbe firing of tbo picket
it is ascertained mat aoout ou oi our troops
were killed and wounded during yesterday's
engagement at Bull's Run. The rebels are still
in possession of the batteries, and it is expected
IDat tney will make a stana at mat point. , ,
Ool Wiloox's Brigade arrived at ' Centerville
from Fairfax Station last nigbt.
Tbe Federal foroes lie over w-a&y to fecair-
noitre, and it is expected thai they will attack
tho batteries again to-morrow. ,,v,Hir,,. -A
negro from the secessionists' eamn reports
his maiier, Colonel Fontaine, of Wairenum, as
killed, together witb a large number oft rebels.
This statement is corroborated by a membsr.ef
tbe 1st Massaebnsette Regiment, who was In
the engagement. Tbe list of our killed and
wounded baa not yet been made out.
An effloial dispatch has been reoeived from
Geo. McClellen, dated Beverly, July 19th, say
leg tbat one of Gen. Cox's regiments, the Seo
ood Kentucky, defeated and drove six hundred
of Gen. Wise's iorce out of Barboursvilie, in
Cabell county, on the ICth lust. ,
Kansas City, July 19. The Fort Scott Decs
ocrat, of the 13th, furnishes the following
Ges. Lyon, who is now marching south to
ward Bpnugueld, bas about o.uuu men. induc
ing Major dturgis's command. He has 23 pieces
ot field artillery of all descriptions, an abood
ance of ammunition, and a full train of baggage
wagons. r ' '
McCollocb and Jackeon have retreated across
tbe Arkansas line for tbe purpose ot drilling
their troops. Their available force Is placed at
17,500, Including the Texan Rangers and a
Missouri regiment. v .
Uen. Lyon's strengm will De petwecn iu.uuu
and 13,000.
The Jay Hawkers, under jannisoo, nave Deen
stationed on the State line below this place
some days. -
Jnnison will maintain a foroe of from 200
to 300 men in that place until the troops ar
rive. .
A train which passed through tbis place about
a month sinoe with the families and property of
U. S. soldiers, from tbe Indian country, was in
tercepied and searched by blm a few days since,
and a quantity of ammunition, wagons, eto ,
taken ruisaesaion of. JannUeu save his receipt
for the articles seized, to be held subject to tbe
order of the U. S. Government.
The owner of the Drooertv taken, stated in this
place, on bis way up, that half of tbe profits of
tne trio should be used to purcnase arms lor tne
Southern Confederacy. He was notwitntue
train on its return.
Boston, July 19 The schooner Lapuring of
Holmes Hole, reported being informed by the
Sow and Figs lightship, that a brig and pilot
boat were captured yesterday off No Nansland
by a privateer.
Gen. Patterson—Col. Sigel.
Washington, July 19. An army officer who
arrived here to-day from Gen. ratterson s di
vision, and who left there yesterday, states that
he bad already commenced bis line of march
for Winchester, but tbat tbe main division was
moving slow aud with great caution
Upon tne representations ot uoi. rrank r
Blair. Jr.. Col. Sicel. tbe hero oi tbe recent
great battle in Missouri, baa been made a Brig
Washington, Julr 19. I learn from sources
entitled to unquestionable credit that the Brit
ieb Government, acting in concert with that of
France is about to request of tbo United States
Government tbe exemption ot one Southern
cotton port from the blockade, bo that thev may
get neediui supplies pi tne staple, xou may
rest assured tbe Administration will under no
circumstances concede it.
Boston, July 20 The inward freight depot
or tbe Boston Mame Kallroad was aestroyeo
bv fire this moruing. A considerable quantity
of merchandise stored therein was badly
damaged. ---
Maj. Rawling Killed at Hampton--A
Fortress Monroi, July 19. At midnight a
party consisting of Oapt. flalliday, lapt. fed
W. Jenkins, Lieut. Johnson and a private, aleo
Edward Rawllogs, Major of the Kentacky Light
Cavalry, and H. W. Shurtliff, of the New Yoik
lllitttTuttd Neva, left Hampton without permit
sion on a scout. At bait' past four this morning
the party were surprised in tbe woods, a ebort
distance beyond JNew Market linage, by twenty
rebels. Rawlings was iustantly killed by a
bullet through bis head. Johnson aud Shurt
litf were aleo seen to fall, and they must have
been carried off as prisoners. The others
Three companies went out and brought in the
boaj ot Kawlmgs.
Maj. Rawlinga arrived here yesterday morn
ing. He was formerly connected with an Illus
trated paper in New York,
Tbe Confederates fired some heavy guns last
evening from tbe Pig Point battery.
The quaker City picked up a man in a sail
boat Irom Norfolk. He reports only what was
well known, namely, tbe raising of the United
States eloops of-war in Norfolk and the rifling
ol cannon at tne navy xard. inere are not
ten thousand troops in Norfolk and vicinity..
fie says that the Confederates feel sure of suc
cess and they are determined to. fight to tbe
last extremity, inere was much depression
on account of tbe rebel defeat iu Western Vir
ginia. ; ,
From Missouri.
. St. Louis, July 19. Tbe Republican's Sau
ls re correspondent sajs, it is probable Col
Lamby will Boon send a fores to recapture Fort
Buss, TexaB, wbere there Is a large amount ot
army stores belonging to tho Federal Govern
ment. -
: Dr. Porter, from Springfield on the evening
of the 16.h, arrived to-nigbt, and reports Jack
son and MoCullocb's forces at Camp Walker,
ten miles south of the Missouri line and Yell
vllle, Ark. Their pickets extended as far as
Neosho, within thirty miles of Camp Charles.
Uen. rope felt to-day lor St. Charles, wbere
he will establish his headquarters. His com
mand in North Missouri will be 7000 strong, and
so posted that Jefferson City, Boaneville, Lex
Ington and all the principal points in tbe north
era part of tbe State will be at easy striking
Tbe Federal troops and Home Guard at Jef
ferson City will enoamp outside the oity limits
during tbe aeeeion ot the Siate Convention.
Tbe following proclamation is just received
from Brigadier General Pope:.. ..
St. Louis, Mo., July 19ib, 1861.
To tho People of North Mittovri:
By Virtue of tbe proper autborityul have as
sumed command in North Missouri. I appear
among you with a force strong enough to main
tain tbe authority of the Government, and too
strong to be resisted by any means in your pos
session usual in warfare. Upon your own as
surances tbat you would respect the laws of the
United states and preserve peace, no troops
have hirberto been sent into your section uf
a be occurrences ot tne last ten days, how
ever, have plainly exhibited your lack either of
tbe power or inclination to fulfill your pledges,
and tbe 3overoment has therefore found it ne
cessary to ocoupy North Missouri with a force
powerful enough to compel obedience to the
laws. ! j. . 'J , '
So soon as it Is made manifest -you will re
spect its authority and put down unlawful com
binations agaioBt it, you will be relieved ol tbe
presence ot tbe foroes under my oommand, but
not until then. . ... ? - , ...... ...
I therefore warn all persons taken In arms
against the Federal authority, who attempt to
commit depredations upon publio or private
property, or who molest unoffending and peace
ful citizens, that tbey will be dealt with in tbe
most summary manner, without awaiting civil
' ' - ' -..
Brig. Gen. U. S. A. Commanding.
Killed and Wounded at Bull's Run.
BuU's Ron, Julr 134 A. M From careful
Inquiry and personal observation, the number
wounded on the Federal side amounts to 60 and
killed 40. There bas been not firing' to-day
Tbe Confederates are still in possession of tbeir
orinoi nal battery.' ' .. :','T'"i
With a spy glass large b (idles of Confederates
were seen moving right ana, left apparently
finding tbeir base line or operations and, not re-
Batteries are being erected on our side com
manding theirs, wbioh - aro . of a substantial
character. The indications are tbat there will
not be a general forward movement before Sun.
day morning, nnleea the enemy shall provoke
Ann. - ...'-.
This afternoon an order was read to the troow
uoder Geo. McDowell, both at Centerville aud
falrfax Court House, prohibiting theft of every
description, and enforclug respect for persons
ana property, and stating tbat the beaviest pen
alties will be visited on them for the infringe
ment or tnia orders also tbat soldiers Will not
at aoy time constitute themselves Judges of the
aoutiiernare -. - - .
1 All rumors of fighting to day are untrue. , ,
' '
[Special to the Post.]
j WASHmGTOff.'July SO It IS believed anoth
er battle will not be fought at Bull's, Run. till
Sunday or Monday moraing.) (The rebel force
at tbat point baa been largely Increased, and It
Is supposed that Johnson's oolumu from Western
Virginia baa formed a junction witb Beaurc
grd' forces.
Cincinnati Market.
ILOUtt Then m no ehann In tbs quotations to
day, bat Um market was not very well upportid by tho
demand, vaiie'noo qaoua ai J '; oxirm t t w;
family at (4 50(4 75. As berotofon, tbo dlBeraaos
hetvceii iha huh and low trades la nnnrailly wtds.
WHBAT-N Ii osorod man frraly, bat tho demand
leem moatly o the old, and 67o yt batbol differ.
.m. In nrlca in favor or uu latter. ) mioo. 'AQerO
worn Mies of new red at ?0c; of old at lis. While, old,
U In 'al' reqoeet at eawvuo per outnei.
COKN Will not oooiraand from lbs dttUllers mora
than ana- hut iLe mukot Ii not frte at ibis flgare, iime
ft batbol hUber being generally uked.
OAT s Aro quoted as oo jreiterday Arm, and bard to
buyatxao. .... ,
BArll.Ez AN1I Rli'-An ami nuu aim ucbicvicu.
WHISKY-Selli readily at 13o..
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, July 19, 1861.
virkrru t,t lltftl.hTa avtraat 1 25.
WHEAT Salei of tiro cari led on track at 90c, and
on car vtblte at ft 00. Tbo market U very dull at
theeo flgirea. . w -
. OORM Unehannd.
1 .Tl Hal., nf four eara at 22c on track.
HIQUWlNEa-HiTo adraactd. sales of 23 barrels
''sHOULDERS-Sales of a few buodred pound conn
try at Sc. . . ,
Philadelphia Market.
VT.nnR-Flrm at S4&4 C5.
W II K AT in moderate demand; red Sjl 13; wblte
tl 15118.
COHN-n la limited demand at 03S53c for prim
An experienced Norse and Female Physician, prescnti
to tbe attention ot mothers, bor
which greatly facilitate tbe procew of teethlnir, by toft-
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ALL VAl antispasmodic acuon, ana is
Depend upon it, mothers, lt will give reel to yoartelvci
We have pot up and eold thli article for over ten yean,
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er did we know an Inttanoe of dinatlafaatlon by any one
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operations, and apeak in terae of commendation of It
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pain and eiBauitioo. relief will be found In Uliecn oi
twenty minuiei alter tbetlyrnp la administered.
Tbi valuable preparation i the prescription of one of
New England, and ha been used witb NEVER FAIL
It ootonly relieve the child from pain, oat Inviyor
ate the atooach and bowel, oorrrot acidity, and aivei
lone and enerity to tho whole ajittm. It will almost In
itintiy relieve
and overcome convuiiton, wblch, If n't apeedily rem
died, end in death. Wo belier It the BEsT and 8UK
lt arise from teething, or from any other chum, W
would say to every mother who hi a child anfferinr from
any of tbe foregoing complaints DO NOT LET YOt'B
stand between you and your lufferini; child, and the re
lief that will be SURE ye. ABSOLUTELY StTRE-to
follow the use of Ihlsmedicine, if timely used. Full di
rections for using will accompany eau-h bottlo. None
genuine unless the lac-simile or tutu IS So PLRKIND,
New York, is on the outside wrapper.
gold by all Drugglita throughout the world,
rrl'icipal Office, 13 Cedar Street N.Y,
eolS7-dfcwly. '
raaiiufnctnrcra of all klnde of Por
table) aud stationary steam En
gines, saw mill, i. rut jtiiiu,
tVC.t cVCa '
LAJZS EODLEi Beattnl B. dt 1. SlANVTBtatml
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Our Portable Eofrins and Saw Kill
Was awardod the first premium of SSU at the Indiana
Stat Fair for I'M over Lane t Botliy't on account ol
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of furl
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Onr Stationary Engine waa awarded at the aam Fall
the first premium of 200.
Our Portable Engine was awarded the first prcmlun ol
910(1 at the Fair at Memphis, Tenn., over Brandy's Do
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W1LLABD WARNER, Treasurer,
dec5-dwljeot. . . . Newark. Ohio
Spring & Summer Millinery.
The Stock RplenUUert
s . i t
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Miss M. E.YOUNS, fate of New York City,
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a tstrvi a
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Henry C. Spaldiog,
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They leldom tall in removing th Aautta and
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TUB CXPHALIO PILLS sre th result of long inv
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From th Examiner, Norfolk, Ta.
Cephalic Pill aoeomnilsh the object tor which U.-:
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From the Examiner, Norfolk, Va.
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From th Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn.
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From the Advertiser, Providence, R. I.
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that very frequent complaints which ha ever been dis
From th Western R. B. Qsiette, Chicago, III.
W heartily endorse Mr. Boauidlni. and hi unrivaled
.." Trod th Kanawha Y alley Star, Kanawha, Ta.
We are sure that person suffering with the beadaoh
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From th Southern Path f indir, NawOrlaan, La.
Try thsml you that are afflicted, and we are sure that
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From the 81. LealS Draioorat. ' '
Th Immense demand for th artlole .Cevhallo Pllla
ll rapidly Increasing, ; , . . 1
. From the Oaaetto, Davenport. Iowa.
Mr. Snaldlni would not ooanect hi naa witk aa rar
Uclah did not An top oases raalmwU. , , ,,
Uj iHgiw w.nv vi Drauvipn-s rnarsnsv
UL.ua win aav era time it oot annually -'
- " ).! r
BATH THI FIBOIBt " ' c - '
Aij BTi-ivai iar auui eiwm am.-- ,. ,
Aaaooldent will happen, la well rtwwlaud fata '
Hie, It li very desirable to have- oas abeap eadtoa -
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B. B. A Braah ccompante ch bottl. ,
Addm. "
Wo. 48, cdar Street, New Fork.
A certala aSprlaSlpM ewraUn are atteaptlnf .
lira uffoa the unupetliif pablia, imitation a .
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itald wrapperUll then are swindliuaeta
Vrrfelt. aov

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