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The Adams Express Company places us dally
under obligations to It for the very lateat papora
Irom the eastern cities. .
The American Express Company has our
l,hauks for Us daily favors In the shape of the
very latest eastern papers.
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
Notice Is hereby giren to the Union Democ
racy of Franklin county, to meet on Friday,
Acqost 2d, between tho hours of thrk and six
o'olock, p. m., in the townshipB, and six and
noHTp. m.,ia the wards, at the usual places
of holding elections (excepting Norwich town
ship, which will be held at Sohovield's School
House, and the 4th ward at Gavin's room, and
the in ward at E. Bcllir's), to appoint del
egatei. to attend tho County Convention, to
meet at the City Ilall, in the City of Columbus,
on Saturday, the 3d of Auoust, for the purpose
of appointing delegates to the State Convention
on the 7th of August, to nominate a State tick,
The following is the number of delegates al
lotted to each ward, based upon the vote cast
for Supreme Judge in 1860, allowing ono for
each fifty, and an additional delegate for each
fractional twenty-five votes to cast
1st Ward,
!J "
3d "
Montgomery Tp
Truro "
Prairie "
Clinton "
Pleasant "
Brown "
Perry "
" 3
" 3
" 1
t. 4
H. W. Miller,
John M. Pooh,
J. Riinhard,
R. Picks rel,
II S. IIioh,
Wm. Cooper,
J Bdlen,
Alrx Thompson,
j am is horlocker,
County Central Committee.
SATURDAY EVENING, July 20, 1860.
At a meeting, held pursuant to notice, at the
Gait House, by the Township and City Com
mittee, it was resolved that the Democracy
meet la their respective wards, and at their usu
al place of voting, on Wednesday evening, July
241, and select delegates to attend a Township
Convention to be held, at the City Hall, on
Thursday evening, July 25th, for the nomlna-
lion OI a csuuiuaio lur j unuvv v ."w ."v.
1st Ward, Gait House, - 7 Delegates.
Deshler's Flour Store, 5 " ' -,
United States, - 5 "
New EuRland, - - 1 "
Union House, - 13 "
Township voters will meet between the hours
' of 6 and 9 P. M , at tho Court House, and the
Ward voters between the hours of C and 8
o'clock P. M., at the places above designated,
in the several Wards.
E. P. BELLER, Chairman.
J. W. THOMPSON, Secretary.
Attentiom Vedettes No. 2. All persons
Iambus Vedettes No. 2 ' are hereby ordered to
appear at their Armory on Town street, at 8J
o'olock on Monday evening next, Jaly 20th, for
the transition of very important business.
By order of the Commandant.
ET Major General Fremont and Lady arrlv
ed in this city last evening, and took lodgings
t the American Hotel, He was Immediately
called on by the Governor, State officers and
many others. In response to solicitations, he
appeared on tho baloony of the hotel and made
a brief speech, acknowledging the compliment.
Gen. Fremont is, we understand, on his way
to the field of his military operation.
"Back Again. Josho R. Giddikos returned
to thU city last evening. He is understood to
have in charge the management of the "no
party" movement, which the Republicans de
sire to inaugurate in Ohio. Democrats wonld
look well, training nnder Old Jobhoa!
O Sergeant William Johnston, of the Ord
nance Department at Nowport, Ky., Barracks,
died on Sunday hat, July 21, at the age of forty
nine years. He had been in the United States
service thirty jeus, having served In the Flori
da and Mexican wars, and at the Newport Bar
racks for the last thirteen years.
(LT Lieutenant Colonel Burbank gave up his
command at the Newport, Ky. Barracks on
Monday last, July 23, and left for St. Louis to
organize the Thirteenth Regiment of United
States Infantry, of which he will be In com
mand. . His abacnoe from '.the Barracks leaves
Captain J. D. Wilkins, of the Thirteenth Regi
ment, In command at that post.
O Tne nine Ohio regiments and the Indi
ana regiments of three months' men in Western
Virginia have been ordered home to be mas
tered out of the service. A large portion of
the men have signified their determination to
re enlist for three years or during the war.
The Ohio regiments are to report here. The
Seventh Indiana passed through this city yes
terday on thi lr way to Indianapolis.
Capt. M. C. Lillet s Company, the Colum
bus Guards, arrived home early yesterday morn,
ing from their station on the Cincinnati and
Marietta Railroad. Their place, we under
stand, is supplied for tho present by the Dayton
Zouaves...' ' - ' .
ET Another Company arrived at Camp Chase
yesterday. It consisted of about one hundred
men nnder Capt. Hirrino, of Cambridge,
Gtternsey county. -
Ohio Commissaries Ths following is a list
of the Commissaries appointed by Governor
Dennison for the Ohio Volunteer Militia In
active service: .. ",
Robert H. Thompson, Assistant Commissary
of Subsistence, with ths rank of First Lieuten
ant, to take effeet from the 20th of April, 1861.
Theodore H. Tallmadge, Assistant Commis
sary of Subsistence, with the rank of First
Lieutenant, to take efTeot from the 13th of May,
1861. ', . " . -i'' e i. ... 't.'l- ', ; i - 11 ,. ;i
Marcus Glmouton, Assistant Commissary of
Subsistence, with tbe rank of , Second Lleaten
ant. to take effeot from the 15th of Mar. 1861.
Horace N. Bill, Assistant Commissary of
Subsistence, witn tne ranc oi uaptain, to take
effect from ths 17th of May, 1861. ,.,
John Q. Lane, Assistant Commissary of Sub
sistence, with tbe rank of First Lieatonaot, to
take effect from tbe 17th or May, 1861.
Nelson H- Van Vorbes, Assistant Commissa
ry of Subsistence, with the rank of First Lien
tenant, to take effect from the 18th of May,
1861. ' ' '
L. 8tarllce Snlllvant. Assistant Commissar?
of Subsistence, wtth the rank of Second Lien-
tenant, to take t fleet from llto May, IBCl.
Anthony D. Bullock, Assistant Commissary
of Subsistence, with tbe rank of Captain, to take
entot irom 84 June, leui. ,.. . ., .. , - ,
Theodore . Greenwood,' Assistant Commis
sary of SubsUteooe.wHa tbe rank of First Lieu,
tenant) to take effeot from 16th Jans, 1861.
Tbe duties of suoh Assistant Commlsarles
being assigned to them la the Quartermaster
flnnflrai'a dnnartment.
Calvin Goddard has been appointed Assist
ant Commissary, with the rank of Captain,
to take effeot from 13lh May. 1861, and is
assigned to the Paymaster-General's depart
Proposals and Awards or Army Contracts.
The following statement of the proposals for
army wagons and harness, will show the compe
tition for that class of work, and the rates at
which tbe Ohio Military Board has contracted:
W. M. Taylor, Columbus, Ohio, ten at $105;
conditions, one month.
Elllfrlu & Thomson. Wheeling. Vs., twenty
at $90, according to specifications.
Bill, Ward k Co.. Newark, Ohio, twenty at
$85, according to specifications. .
Busby, Little & Co., Wheeling, Vs., twenty
five at $73, at Wheeling witbin twenty days.
Busby, Little k Co., Wheeling, Va., twenty
five at $73, at Wbeeliog witbin one week.
Peek & Prlncle, Columbus, Ohio, ten at
$85 75, according to specifications.
Peek k Priogle, Columbus, Ohio, ten at $00,
according to specifications.
Hall, Brown 6 Co , Columbus, Ohio, fifty at
$89, twenty-five within thirty days, balance in
sixty days.
Newark Machine works, newatK, unio, ten
at $89, according to specifications.
Cbas. L. Southwick, Columbus, Ohio, forty
at $73, according to specifications.
John McElroy & Sons, Delaware, Ohio, ten
at $70, according to specifications.
U. K March at Uro , Lebanon, unio, twenty-
five at $75, according to specifications.
wm. Spiekler, Dayton, umo, fitly at $!, ac
cording to specifications.
Sam. Frye k N. Wilkinson, Newark, Ohio
fifty at $32, according to specifications.
W. B & J. Blackburn, Lebanon, Ohio, forty
at $21 50, according to specifications.
James By on &, J. F. Kinney, Columbus, Ohio,
fifty at $21, according to speoifloatione.
Lewis Greiser, Cincinnati, Ohio, fitly at $22
40, aocordiog to specifications.
moores & (Jo-, iincmnaii, umo, nuy at
$21 90, according to specifications.
Jos. mobetu, ioiumbus, unio, nity at sm tv,
according to specifications.
U. W.Uawk, Alt. Vernon, unio, nity at
$21 95, according to specifications.
John a. Kobe, Cincinnati, unio, titty at xm,
according; to specifications.
utinsiian &. Marshall, Cleveland, umo, nuy
at $22, according to specifications.
s. K. Kyle, Alillord, unio, lilty at sw o,
according to specifications.
John A. Matlack, Lancaster, Ohio, fifty at
$22 25, according to specifications.
W. a Hi. Blackburn, Lebanon, Ohio, fifty
at $20 50, according to specifications.
W. B & J. Blackburn, Lebanon, Ohio, twen
ty at $21 50, according to speoifioatlons.
Montague & Rogers, Granville, Ohio, ten at
$30, according to specifications.
George W.Cusbman, Columbus, Unio, nlty
at $'2 75, according to specifications.
Wm. Burdell, jr., and J. U. Montin, Colum
bus, Ohio, fifty at $22 75, according to specifi
cations. J. L. McGruder, Mcchanlceburg, Ohio, fifty
at $21 50, according to specifications.
Lvon and Wheden Marshall, Hebron, Unio,
fiftv at $23. according to specifications.
John V. Ball, Columbus, Ublo, fifty at di,
according to specifications.
James S. Wetberbee, jr., Cincinnati, Ohio,
fifty at $25 50, according to specifications.
The awards upon these bids were as fol
To John McElrov k Sons, Delaware, Ohio,
ten armv baggage wagons, at S7U each.
To Charles u. BouinwlcK, uoiambue, umo,
forty armv baggage wagons, at S'U eaob.
To W. B. k J. Blackburn, Lebanon, Ohio,
fifty sets harness for wheel horses, at $20 50.
Form or Application vor Relief mom the
Volonteer Fund. The following form of an ap
plication or affidavit by the wife of a volunteer
for relief from the County Volunteer Fund, may
be varied to suit the case of an application by
the minor child or children, or by tbe dependent
parent of a volunteer:
Tht Slat of Ohio, i County.
A. B. being duly sworn, says that she is the
wife of C. B.,wbo, at the date of this affidavit,
Is a private in Capt. company (A) in tbe
Regiment, which Is now in tbe service of
tbe United states nnder tbe requisition or the
President, for in the actual service of the State
of Unio) ; that be was enlisted by , at
In tbe county of, and (State of, and
was mustered into tbe service of the United
States (or the State of Ohio) on the day
of 13, and is now in actual servios with
said regiment! that tbe said C. B. was a resident
of t rankiin eonnty at the time of bis enlistment,
ana baa resided therein for tbe period or
prior to bis enlistment and that tbe affiant and
the said C. B. were married at , in tbe
county of, and State of-, on the
day of A. D. 18; that the affiant's wants
ana L jceseities are such as to require relief nnder
the act authorizing tbe County Commissioners
to afford relief to the families of volunteers,
passed May 10, lotil, and that sbe is tbe Identl
cat person mentioned in tbe annexed marriage
certificate (oinnexed affidavit or l.Jr , and that
she has not made application to nor been fur
nished relief by the County commissioners or
any other county in tbe state, or umo.
RUIli fur New York Oltj, Boston, Albany, Buffalo,
Plttikurah. kteubenvlll way. Cleveland, Zueatill.
Newark, Granville, Washington Oily, Baltimore, Phila
delphia and New Orleani, cloM dally (Sundays except
ed) at 8 o'clock p. m.
A through mail for New York and Cleveland eloses
dally (Snndaya excepted) at t o'olock p. m.
O. O. St O. B. R. Way Mall closes dally (Bnndays ex
cepted) at 9 o'clock p. m.
ventral unio way Mali closes dally (Sundays excepted)
at 10 o'clock a. m.
Cincinnati Way Mall cloiei dally (Sunday! excepted) at
o'clock a. m.
Chicago, Dubuque, Delaware, Marion and Worthlnf
too Malls cloaes daily (Sundays excepted) at S o'olock
P-.m'.. . . . .
naiurnr ienia, uprinineid, pavton, Toledo. Cincin
nati, Indianapolis, LouiiTllle, fit. Lonla, and Detroit,
cloiaa dally (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'olock p. m.
A throueh mail to Xenla. Sprioallold and Cincinnati
elotee dally (Sunday! excepted) at 10 o'olock a. m.
urcana, riqua, limn ana union uuy man cioeea aaiiy
(Sundays exoepled) at 8 o'olock p. m.
ljanoaater, Logan, Nelaonrllle, Ulrcievilie, Uttimcotne,
Portamouth, Washington O. II., Athens, Marietta and
Hilliborouih malls oloie dallv (Sundaja axoepted) at 8
o'clock p. m.
Baat Way Mall by National Road to Zanenllls oloses
dally (Sunday! excepted) at 13 o'clock m.
ilarrliburgu Aiallcioies dally (eundaya excepted) at
o'olock p m.
Mt. Vernon Hall, by way of Weiterrllle and Banbury,
Cloiee dally (Snndayi excepted) at S o'oloct p.m.
Dublin Mall oloaei dai)y(8undays exeepted)at 3 o'clock
p m.
Laneaiter Way Mall cloies daily (Sundays sxcepted) a
o'clock p. m. t
Albany, Pltuburgh, Olerelaad, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla,
Detroit, Bprlngfleld, Ginolnnatl, Chilllcothe, St. Louis,
and all Southern oltlei, arrive between the hours of 8
ocioup m. and to clock a. m.
Malll from LndlanaDolli. Chimin urf Dnhnnna irrlTB
at 3:40 a.m. '
Mails from Waaalngton City, Baltimore, Wheeling,
ZaneTtUc, Newark, SteuhenTiile, Mt. Vernon, and the
O. O. B. R. Way Mall, arrive at 18 o'clock m.
Way Mall from Cincinnati arrive! at 3 o'clock p.m.
Jjanoaatar Mall arrive! at 9 o'olock p.
Baat Way Mail over the National Road arrives at II
o'clock a. m. . . ,
Mb Vernon Way Mall arrives at 11 tt) a. sa.
. Mall from Dublin arrives at 19 o'clock m.
TJrbaoa Way Mail arrlvea at 9 o'clock p.m.
Barrlaba'gh Mail arrive! at 11 o'olock a. m. ..
Laneaiter Way Mall arrive! at 19 o'oloek m. 1 T
Olfloe delivery open every day (except Sunday) from
7 o'olock a. m. to 8 o'olock p. m. -Open on Sunday
from 7X to 9 o'clook In the morning, and from i to 8
o'clock In the - ,
Wholesale and Hetall Sealer 1st
No.' Fifth Sfcrejet.
Keen constantly am rtand all tne Va
rions ItuAltus of . ,
Xxnjpox'toca. Oisaros
Oct. MTd :
WANTED W.OW Customer! to boy IS cent Ambro
types at M. WITT'S Cheap Ambrotyps Room, Mo.
Further from the Great Battle.
Wabhinoton. July 22. The Herald's dispatch
says the rebels ontnnmbered ns three to one.
Alter tne aay naa oeeu wuu uy u, irnu kub
troops were sabstltated for those who were de
feated. The ammunition of the artillery had
been expended in the contest, and as tbe caissons
were rushing at lull speea to tne rear lor a new
supply of ammunition, the movement was con
strued by teamsters and civilians here Into a re
A nanio among tbem occurred they ran tor
their horses, and without waiting to asoertaln
tbe facts, cut tbe traces of the wagon horses,
and commenced a precipitate retreat. The con
sternation thus oreated was communicated to
the soldiers in tbe rear of tbe column at the
very moment when a charge of fresh cavalry
from Manassas Junction was made upon them.
It was nothine more nor less tbau a stampede.
The enemy themselves were unaware of it
Tho result it in a great measure attributed to
the tardiness of Patterson.
Gov. Snraene'a braverv during tbe whole
day challenged nnlversal admiration, and aided
by Mr. Uaston, raymoster oi tne inu new
York, succeeded in bringing some degree of
order out of chaos. Tbe brave Rhode Island
ers were formed in the rear, to be ready to op
pose tbe advance of pursners. The number of
Killed and wounded bas been greatly exagger
ted. Gen. McDowell behaved with tbe greatest
bravery! but this was unavailing to arrest a
panlo in the rear.
Among tbe wounded now in me w asuingura
Infirmary, are Sergeant Maolin, 1st Minnesota;
John Morrison, Beoond Ohio; A. W. Spass, 21
Wisconsin; S. Warner, Second lieutenant, let
Micbiean : H . N . Cook. First Ohio ; Col. Slocu in ,
New York 32d, wounded not killed.
Tbe Associated fress agent irom Lentervine,
at 3 o'clock this morning, gives tbe names ot
the dead there. Among them is utuina or tne
2d Wisconsin.
Sherman's battery, or the greater part of it,
has returned to Washington. Tbe reasou of the
capture of other batteries was that our horsemen
were shot.
Fire hundred of the enemy's cavalry have
been seen since yesterday, near Bull's Run
Tbe Fire Zouaves fouebt like devils. Tbe N.
Y. 71st, ltb and 27th, and tbe Minnesota and
Maine Regiment were tbe praise or all.
Tbey were mowed down like grass by tbe bat
teries upon which they advanced. The flag
of tbe Minnesota Regiment was completely
Col. Wilcox, of the 1st Mloblgan Regiment,
was wounded and taken prisoner. Lol. Wood,
of the New York 14ib, was wounded and taken
Tbe lollowiue is a list of the wounded
brought from the battle-field at Bull's Run, to
tbe Government Hospital, up to a r. 01. this
Second Wisconsin Regiment, Co, A, Wm. S
Lynch; Co. E, James A. Bugbee, W. Rouse,
Harvey MoDaniel, Henry R. McCallnm, D
Bahne, Samuel N. Bond; Co. K, C. Kehriever;
Co. C, Corporal C E. Dow, Lieut. A. A. Mer
edith. Third Minnesota Regiment, ijo. n, J no
Judklns, severely. Second Michigan Rcgl
ment, Horace Kingman.
It is now estimated that the killed on our
tide amounts to between three and five hun
dred. Capt.D. H. Telllnghast, Assistant Qasrter
Master U. S. A, is reported dead. Captain
Ayres, U. S. A., is not taken prisoner or killed,
as reported.
Tbe whole of Sherman's battery Is safe.
Col. Blenkner, commanding a brigade, picked
Up tbe guns of Burnside's 21 Rhode (eland Reg
iment, whioh bad been left behind, andjbrought
tbem In.
Hon. A. B. Ely, of tbe Rochester District,
and a companion, are missing.
Capt Griffin lost sixty of the borses on bis bat
tery, but brought away one gun.
Col. Corcoran of the 69th New York Regi
ment and Captain Edward A. Wilder, Company
A, First Massachusetts Volunteers, are missing.
It is feared that Corcoran is dead.
Killed and Wounded of the Michigan
First Regiment.
Wabhinoton, July 23. Tbe morning Is occu
pied in putting affairs In order on tbe Virginia
eide of the river witbin the original Federal
The Fire Zouaves will reudezvous at the
headquarters of the 12th Regiment to day,
when soma accurate kaowledgo of their loss
will be ascertained.
Tbe last seen of tbe gallant Col. Wilcox, of
tbe 1st Michigan Regiment, he was lying
wonnded on the battle field. Ho is either dead
or a prisoner.
Ia the 1st Mloblgan Regiment tbe following
are ttnown to be killed: Uapi. witnincton, Co.
D; Captain Butterworth, Co. C; Lieutenant
Monk, Co. Fj Lieutenant Carey, Co. G;
Orderly 8ergeant Lewis Hortleyer, Co. H;
Orderly aerseant Hortleyer, Co. A: Fri
vatee, Richard Jones, Co. Aj James Kelley,
uo f i and Dotn tbe color oearers rrivates
Cunningham of Co. A and John Stafford of Co.
G are among tbe wounded. Major Bidwell took
tbe plaoe ot Col. Wilcox and managed to bring
tbe Regiment out of the field in the best pos
sible order.
A Zjuave drummer, who was taken by tbe
rebels, but escaped, reports that tbe secession
ists have an immense number of prisoners in
their hands. It is supposed they were princi
pally picked up on the way. Only 15 members
of the 1st Ohio Regiment are missing. The
officers are all safe.
Massachusetts Troops for Washington.
Boston, July 22. Orders have been received
hastening tho departure of the 12th Regiment.
Col. Webster, which will leave to-morrow eight
via Fall River. The 13th Regiment, Rifles,
Col. Leonard, and Major Cobb's splendid bat
tery of artillery will probably leave witbin a
week. . ,
Rebel Report of the Battle.
Richmond, Va , July 22, via New Orleans.
Tbe reports of the killed and wonnded were
so unreliable last bight, owing to the confusion
following the vlotory, that ws refrained from
mentioning them, fearful of giving pain to
anxious hearts. Gen. Beauregard and staff are
safe. Beauregard's horse was shot under him:
Gen. Johnson commanded the left, where the
enemy mads the fiercest attack.
President Davis reached the field at noon and
took command of the center. When the left
was pressed the severest, he disengaged a por
tion of tbe enemy's force and decided the for
tune of the day. No other reliable reports are
receiveJ, but are hourly expected. It Is stated
that the enemy was commanded by Gens. Soott,
Patterson and McDowell, and it ie reported that
the latter is seriously wounded.
Another Infernal Machine—Important
Movement to be Made.
FoitTaieS Moniioi, July 22. An Infernal ma
chine was washed ashore this morning, intend
ed to destroy a ship of war. -
Tne tloyd Run will soon be moved to a posi
tion to annoy Sewell's Point. Tbe Union will
also soon be mounted.
Important news may soon be expected from
Old Point. '
Louisville, Jul S3. Union men are rather
depressed, but very resolute slnoe the reception
or tne news adverse to tne reaerai army. Be
cessionlsts rampant; bat their Intended manl
testations were checked or tne Killing ot iomp-
Washington. July 32. It is estimated that
33,000 oi oar troops were engaged in the battle
yesterday, and only 15.000 at any on time.
Tbe whole battle oconrred within the radius of
a mile. It is now thought the enemy left some
of ths battel les for the purpose of decoying our
troops on.
Rhode Island up and Doing.
PaovmiHci. Jalv 23. Lieut. Governor Ar
nold has issued a nroclamatlon naylne- tribute
to onr ueaa soldiers, ana calling lor tne enust
ment oi mora men.1 A lerco ana spirited meet
Ing has been held this mornlnc, whioh expresses
the determination of Rhode Island to redouble
her exertions In support ot the Government.
f New York, July 83. A private dispatch says
tnai tne ust iteciment bad i killed, iuu
wounded, and 300 taken prisoners.
New Tout, July 83. Ths First Regiment
of Sicklei's Brigade left yesterday. ' Another
regiment of this brigade will leave this after
The Number Killed Less that Supposed
—Members of Congress and
Civilians Added to the Confusion.
Washington, July 23, 11 A. M. Later ac
counts show the number of our killed is much
less than supposed. ' Officers' lists are preparing
as rapidly as possible Col. Mars ton, or New
Hampshire, member of Congress, lost an arm.
Col. Lamar is slightly wounded. Got. Sprague,
of Rhode Island, was in tbe thickest of the bat
tle, and made a gallant appearance.
The regiments which have suffered the most
are the Fire Zouaves and C9th of New York,
the Connecticut 1st, Massachusetts 1st and 8ih.
A great number of members of Congress and
civilians were on the battle field; and their
flight added to tbe oortfusion.
Tbe number of our troops actually engaged
iq the contest did not exceed 20,000.
Killed and Wounded—Rebels at
[Special to the Commercial.]
Nsw York. July 23. Major Harris left with
flag of truce to day, to recover the body of
Col. Cameron.
Tbe Assistant Surgeon at Centerville hospital
says that the killed and wounded will not ex
ceed six hundred.
Centerville was occupied last night by Vir
ginia cavalry, and the scouts stretched to Fair
fax. They were very industriously engaged
in picking up knapsacks, canteens, etc., on the
road. There are no prospects of the traitors
Tbe Government Is hourly receiving offers of
regiments, which are acoepted. '
Misiortune has had do disheartening enecta.
Eighteen cannon were lost in the retreat.
Cant. Gore, of Hartford, shot an Alabama
Colonel, and captured five rebels.
Cause of the Panic—Splendid Charge
of the N. Y. 69th, and Zouaves.
New York, July 23. A spectator of the bat
tle oi Bull's Rao, says the single cause of panlo
was a charge by a Urge body of cavalry among
tbe teamsters and straggling soldiers who weie
in the rear of our main forces between Bull's
Run and Centerville.
When Gen. McDowell found that his reserve
was on the retreat it was too late to counteract
the mistake; and be (hen commanded tbe main
body to fall back, which It did quietly and in
good order. Tbe men who had been fighting
all day without water and food, were in a state
of complete exhaustion.
A spectator, an Englishman, who was present
at all the Crimea battles, says their fighting
bad been of the most splendid kind. Such
charges as the Fire Zjuaves and theC9th Irish
Regiment, he bad no. seen at Inkerman or tbe
Tbe following dispatch from the Secretary of
War has just been received by tbe Union De
fense Committeo of this city, dated Washington,
22 J:
"In reply to your telegrams I will say, cheer
your friends to active exertions, that we may
epeedlly retrieve our misfortune. We are mak
ing most vigorous efforts to concentrate a Urge
and lrresistable army at this point. Regiments
are now arriving.
"Tbe works on tbe south banks of tbe Po
tomac are being well manned. The uapital is
Cairo, July 23 Rebels are rapidly organiz
Ing opposite bere, In Kentucky. It is currently
reported that Watkins with 2,000" men is en
camped within seven miles of Bloomfield, Mo.
He bas no field pieces, and his men are poor
iy armed.
Claib Jackson and staff were at Memphis on
eaturaay last.
An attack on Bird's Point is threatened. At
Memphis the loss of the rebels in the fight at
Manassas is estimated at three thousand.
Gens. Johnson and Jackson Reported
Killed—The Rebels in a Starving
Baltimore, July 23. A gentleman from tho
valley ol Virginia says General Johnson left
Winchester on Thursday at noon and reached
Alsnassas during the battle 20.00U etroog.
It is confidently asserted at Winchester that
Gen. Johnson was killed at Manassas. It was
also rumored, but not certain, that Gen. Jackson
was killed.
Messengers sent from Manassas represent tbe
rebel army as in a starving oonditioo. and all
tbe produce in the neighborhood as being seized
and sent down. The suffering at Winchester
was very great.
Entrenchments at Centerville by
Federal Forces.
Philadelphia, July 23. The Bulletin of this
city bas s special diepatob, dated Monday eve
ning, stating that Senator Wade had arrived at
Washington. He states that he left two divi
sions or the army at centrevme. i be enemy
remained in tneir entrenchments.
Gen. Tyler had thrown up entrenchments at
ucntrevnio. mere waa no prospect ot an at
Gov. Sprague spiked the 1st Rhode island
battery la tbe field.
Geo. P. Putnam, of New York, slept at Fair
fax on Sunday night, and in the morning walked
to Alexandria with 150 army wagons. Tbe
main body of tbe army was then resting at
Detroit, July 33. A private dispatch receiv
ed bere this afternoon, from Manassas, via
Richmond, says Col. Wilcox, commander of
the second brigade, third division, is a prisoner
at Manassas, slightly woanded J
From Baltimore.
Baltimore, July 33. Immediately upon the
confirmation of the retreat of the Union forces,
tbe 13th New York Militia, whose term of en
listment expires shortly, unanimously signed a
paper to re-enlist tor three years.
Uen. Banks leaves for Gen. Patterson's col
umn to morrow morning. The city continues
In great excitement. Tbe secessionists are
overjoyed. Efforts are being made by leading
secessionists to keep tbe more disorderly quiet.
Tne presence ot a considerable military force
may be required to keep the rebels In Baltimore
quiet In their present delirium of Joy. Like
oossea of Beauregard are sold on the streets.
A beavy ana steady rain prevented a large con
gregation of people from assembling.
Paymaster McPhail, of tbe U. S. A., oontra
dicta tbe report that Sherman's and Burnside's
batteries were captured by the rebels.
The Unionists In Baltimore very generally at
tribute the defeat of tbe Union forces to tbe
inactivity of Gen. Patterson, who, it is report
ed, was a doxen times ofQoially telegraphed to
engage Gen. Johnston at any odds on Sunday.
- Thirty arrests were made for attempts to In
cite mobs.
The Retreat of our Troops.
Washington, July S3. A gentleman of tbe
Associated Press furnishes the following:
Tbe retreat ol our troops to uentervilie was
successfully accomplished by 8 o'clock laBt
evenlog, the regiments regaining tbe positions
evacnated In the morning, by those that suc
ceeded in reaohiog Centerville, the reserve force
under Col. Mills being posted beyond Center
ville. At one o'olock in the morning the re-
treat from that point commenced and was main-
tainea in good order to Arlington xieignts ana
Alexandria. The army in Its retreat left be
hind a largo amount of provisions and ammu
nition. ; '.
About ninety army wagons fell Into the pos
session of tbe rebels. As fast as our troops re
treated, tbeir positions were occupied by tbe
rebels, till after Fairfax Court House was pass
ed, after which the pursuit was not continued.
In many instances the teamsters unhitched tbe
bones and abandoned the wagons when there
was not the slightest neoeetity. I nt rebel oav
airy1 was the terror of tbe volunteers, who were
compelled to keep tbe woods to avoid being
charged on by tnem. ,
Not so Bad, if True.
Washington. July 23. A private dispatch.
via Baltimore, says afcareful examination leads
to tbe belief tbat only about auu were Killed
Tbe Connecticut regiment, heretofore reported
badly ent up, bare nearly an returned. Tne
reDorts of the decimating of the 71st regiment
of New Yoik and the fire Zouaves, are not
true. !.,. .;!-; '
No fears are felt by the Government relative
to th safety of the Oanitol. .
, Gen. MoDowell is now at headquarters at
Arlington Heights. The regiments composing
bis division will resume tbeir former position
some nave already done so.. . , . . . . ..
rtAMTED 10,000,(100 Customer! to nave Cart Photo.
yy. graphs suws fall lennin or simple outs, M si.
WITTS tins Art Photos raph Gallery, 4 doors North of
ins American uotsi, voiumou, vnto,
Not so Bad, if True. Thirty-Seventh Congress--Extra Session.
sioa. . -,
Affair,, reported back Uie bill to provide Inr tbe traui.
portation of arms and msnltlone of war to loyal ctilxens
In rebel Statea and provide for the expenae of organlelng
reirimenU. eto. Tbe nil makes an appropriation of
OOO.OOO Paaaed. ...
Mr. Sherman, from tbe k Inaneial Committee, reported
back ths bill to refund duliea on armi Imported by gtutea.
Failed. , i -
Honn.Mr. Porter reported the bill dividing Ken.
rucly into Judlolal dUtrlcia and aboliahlng the preient
BlitrlctOourte, and, ai amended In m.tlon of Mr.
Blair, of MlMoarl, abolUhln ths two Dlatrlet Courts In
Mieaourl, and creating one Dlitrlct Court In thelrttead.
In the courie ot the debate Mr. Crittenden opposed
tho bill, saying It waa an abuse of tho power of Congress
and an Innovation of the Constitution mads of removal
of a J udgo to effect suck an objeet by the abolition of the
Oourt aa now proposed. The bill paaaed jess 79, nays
Cincinnati Market.
COFifKE There waa no change amongst tbe Qrocers
to-day In prices of leading staples, but a fair Monday's
business was done.
8UUAR At tbe full of our last quotations.
VLOUit The demand waa moderate, and not suoh as
to produce any new Impression on the market, though
holders are firm at the rang of figures last quoted.
WHBJAT The market la Irregularly reported. There
exists still some ontalda demand but tbe millers are not
bnylngmuoh. Old red ws quote at eOo. scarce. New,
75o Whits 85o.gl for prime to choice Kentucky. ,
CORN Will not bring over 28o.
OATS Vlrmer, and held mostly at S4c. i
BAUIiKY AND UVU-Noihlng new can be said of
WUIBKV-Steady at 13c.
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, July 22, 1861.
fLOUll Sales of YM bbls superfine at S3 10. The
market Is quiet with no other sales of consequence.
WHEAT Quiet. Bales of two carl red on track and
4700 bushels do from Itore at 90c, and one car whits from
elore at 8 1 .
COKN No sales.
OATrt Quiet at l!3c.
HIQaW 1NKB Bale, of 15U bbla at lie, and SO do at
BUBS unil atfe.
Nothing doing in other articles. Mai ket generally
The Public Works of Ohio.
Orrirs cr thi Linrcs or tbs Public Works,
Coluhdus, June 13, 1861. )
TIH undersisned having become ths Leasees of alio
Pnblio Works of Obio. under the sot of ku 8, 1801,
and bavin; entered into ths possession of said Works,
hereby give notice toat in operating nnaer sain lease,
and discharging their duties ucder tho same, tho busi
ness will be transacted with tbs publlo through agent!
anpoloted by the Lessees, under such rules, regulations,
restrictions ana limitations, as luau do prescrinea lor
their government.
Those Agents lor tne present, win consist or one uen-
eral Agent, a Treasurer and Seoretary, for ths Central
Office of ths Lessees at Columbus; and the necessary
number of Superintendents of Bepairs and Colleo'.ora of
Tolls on the several Work! embraced in the lease.
Tbe General Agent shall be ths principal executive
offioer of tho Leasees, and shall have charge of tbs gen
eral business olHoe at Oolumbui. lie shall hare super
vision over tho business of tho Lessees with the public,
and ai inch agent shall execute all contracts, except
those for labor and material! connected with tbe ordina
ry reptlra of ths several Works, and he shall audit and
settle ail accounts.
The duilea of the Treatu.-er and Secretary shall be
srach as are usually discharged by similar officers In other
The Superintendents of Repairs shall, on their re
ipectlve divisions, have power to employ and discharge
all subordinates and laborers, and to purchase all toola
and materials necessary in tne ordinary repair or such
division, ana tne ume snail no under tneir special m
rection and management.
The Collectors of Tolls, Water Rents and Fines, are
Invested with all the authority and power, provided ia
the laws of the State and tbe regulations ol the Board
oi Fublio Works made for that purpose, when such Col
lector! acted under appointment and authority from tbe
Mo Individual member of ths Lessees shall have the
right to transact busloess In the name of ths Lessee,
with any person or persons, In any other manner than
through the appointed agents, unless specially authorii
ed b the Lessees so to do; nor shall any one of ths ap
pointed agents havs authority to transact any buainess
In the Dtme of tho Lessees, except In the particular
branch of the business confided to him, and subject to
the restriction! and limitation! of bil agency.
No authority to borrow money on the credit of the
Leasees, shall over exist in any Lessee, agent or other
employee cf the Lessees, unless tbe same aball be con
ferred by a unanimous rots of the Lessee!, at a regular
meeting, and the amount so authorised to be borrowed
specified in ths order and entered on the Journal.
Gso. W. MiKYRitnv la ths Oeneial Agent of the
Lessees, Bn.ju . BsuTU, Treasurer, and John
Jotcs, Secretary.
The Superintendent! of Repair! are :
On the M. at, H Canal and IV. RSr. M. Road Josna
Coomt, Thosus Brown, Wm. J. Jackson and Annua L.
On tbe Ohio. Walbondlnc and nocking Canals and ths
Muskingum Improvement Robsrt 11. NuasN, Tnoaaa
EnwaRD Ball.
The Collectors on the Canals. Muskingum Tmprovo-
ment and Maumee Road, are the same that were in the
service of tho Siats at tbs time of tbs execution of tbe
Leaset but all the aforesaid agents tnld their appoint
ments at the pleasure aud option of the Leisees.
Lessees of the Publlo Works.
Je Il-d3taw3
and examine our new malts of
manufactured by S. HOWARD St CO , Boston. Mass.
Tbeie Watches are far superior to anything ever offered
to the publlo, heretofore. Bavins the sxoluslve sirency.
I can sell them at prices to suit the times. I have Just
received s largo itocs oi
manufactured by APPLE TON, TRACT, ft 00 ; alio, a
flns assortment of
In Gold and Silver Cases, at Panic prices.
Jan53 , ,W.J. SAVAG1.
Corner Spring V Water Sts.,
Oolumbuo . OHIO.
W. B. POTTS & CO.,
liud Manufacturers of Brass and Composition Castings,
Finished lirass work of all Descriptions.
Electro Plating and Gilding!!
febitn-diy 1 1 v - ' '
From the New iorkObeerrer.l
As all parties manufaetnrins Bowing machines are ob
liged lo py Mr. Hows a lloenss on each machine sold,
and ars a so compelled to males ra turns to bun, under
oath, as to tbe cumber sold, nil boots kits a correct state
ment. From this reliable sou roe ws havs obtained ths
following etattetlos.- Of tbe maohlaea made In the year
itny, tners wsrs sou, . . i -
: ' By Wheeler at Wllion... ....... S1.30S . .
' , - I. M. Stager At go .10,953 ,
I Ororer ft Baker 10,20
Stowing ths sales of Wheeler At, Wilson to be (touhl
those of any other Company." , , ; .
, Awarded the hlhe premiums at the-
. United States Fairs of lb68, IMS and 18 Wi
. ' - mi i- slsoal ths - " -i
1 Ohio SUts Fairs of 1859 and 189Sf ...
- - and at nearly all ths County Fairs m tbs Btaie. ,
' Oar prices, it the late redaction, are as km a (Mty
too srtcvi msenino now sola, ana mat a trine Burner wan
ths Interior two WreaJ chain Itich mooMnss, bow
Ibrosd nnon the market.
Ths WHEELKB St WTXBOrT MAOHflfl mares the
Loot Stich the only one which cannot be rareled.- It
Is Au or) Bora Sinn of ths goods, leaving no rldg or
M maeMM$ warranted 3 vsare, and tottnuHon
ftvD In their use, free of ehsrte. .
I H. ORART,81 High it., Oeltnnbes, O.
i -ur;--. . wm. bdubbb oon'
.. ee3-9awd3mstwsa Pike's Open Hovse, CloeianaU
. Canton Mattings.
6a -4 White and Karl and
White Ohseked et superior quality. For ssle by
sain aa eu.-i,
sahu No- so south nigtt st
An experienced Nurse and female Physician, VrseW
to ths attention of mother, her
which greatly facilitates the process of teething, by soft
ening the gums, reducing all Inflammation wll I allay
ALL PAIN and spasmodic action, and Is ;
Depead upon It, mothers, It will give rant to yourselves
and , . . - ,. - ',' ."
Ws have put up and sold this article for over ten years,
what we hare never been able to say of any other medl
ANOE, TO EFFECT A CURB, when timely used. New
er did we know an Instance of dissatisfaction by any one
who used it. On ths contrary, all are delighted with its
operations, and speak in terms of commendation of It!
magical efleota and medical virtues. Ws speak la this
matter "WHAT WE DO KNOW;" after ten yean' expe
almost every insunce where tbe infant la suffering from
pain and exhaustion, relief will be found in fifteen or
twenty minutes after theiyrup is administered. .
This valuable preparation la the prescription of one of
New England, and baa been used with NEVER FAIL
It not only relieves the child from pain, out Invlgor
atea the stomach and bowels, oorreota acidity, and gives
tone an energy to ths whole system. It will almost In
Itantly relievo
OB:P:HO in the eowils, ato wind colic
and overcome eonvnietani, wnloh. If not speedily reins
died, end In death, we believe It tbe BBbT sod BUB'
It arises from teething, or from an ether cause. W
would say to every mother who hssa child suffering from
anvof tbe foregolns complaints DO NOT LET YOrjB
stand between yon and your sufferlngchlld, and the re
lief that will be BU KB jes. ABBUHjlULl SURE to
follow the use of this medicine, if Mmely used, full di
rections for using will accompany earh bottle. Nope
genuine unless uis iao-atmiie oi uunxio ec i-jittltlliS,
New York, is on the outside wrapper.
Bold by all Druggists inrougnoui ins world. ,
Fri tclpal Offices 13 Cedar Street W.V.
irrnnu fact urc r of all kinds of for
table and stationary- Mteam eii
(rincs, Saw mills, Wrist mills,
4c, dec.
LASEdt EOSLSi Btatm! B. t I. BLAXD Y 11 talent
Ss CO. Beatenlttll
Oar Portable Engine and Saw Hill
Was awarded the first premium ot (SO at tho Indiana
Stats Fair for lc60 over Lane At Bodley'i on account ol
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Enirlne was awarded at the lame Fall
the first premium of S AK).
Our Portable Engine was awarded the first premium ol
(iuu at the ralr at uempms, ienn.,over uiandjr s va
rail s, Columbus Machine uo's., and Braarord a oc's.
by a committee of practical Railroad Engineer!.
Vor price ana terms address
W1LLAKD WARMER, Treasurer,
dccVd&wlyeoli. Kesrark,Ohio
W. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye!
This splendid Hair Dye has no eqnal Initantsneoni ta
effect Beautifal Black or Natural Brown no staining
the Ikin or injuring tike Eair remedies tne snsur an
effect of Bid Dyes, and Invigorates the hair for life
None are gennlns unless signed "W. A. Baieheler."
Sold everywhere. - ''
CUA8. BATCH ELOR, Proprietor,
JytS wly El Barclay Street, Hew Tort,
Wm. A. Batchelor'i Eair Dye! '; .
The Original and Best in ths Woildl
All others an mere Imitations, and should be avoided
If yoa wish to escape rtdloule. '
GRAY, BED OR BUST! HAIR Dyed Instantly to
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, Without Injury to
IlalrorBkln. ..it
awarded to Wm. A. Batchelor since 1S39, and over 80,00
application! have been made to ths Eair of his patrons
of his famous dyei
WM. A. BATCDELOR'S HAIR DYE produce! a col
or not to be distinguished from nature, and Is warranted
not to Injure in tbs least, however long it may be contin
ued, and ths 111 streets of Bad Dyes remedied; the Halt
Invigorated for life by thil splendid Dys.
Sold In all oltlea and towns of the United BUUs'
Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers.
IOTho Gonulne has the name and address upoa a steel
plate engraving on four sides of each box, of WILLIAM
Jyl2 wlv SI Barclay street. Now York.
Summer Millinery.
The Stock He)plnlshml " '
". NEW. YORK.-
Spring & Summer Millinery
' Is now complete, comprising every variety of Milla
eryj also, a large assortment of Bmbroldsriet, Hosiery
and Notions, Sto., and In quantities and prices that can
not fall to luit all who may favor us with a call .The
good! bavs been bought at Panlo prices, and will be sold
at a small advance on cost. . ', -r v
Miss M E. YOUNG, late of New York fcrty,''
will' superintend ths HUlinery Department. Her long
experience In ths most Fashionable Establishment lo
Broadway will klons be a Warranty that Ihrwlllte ablo
to give entire satisfaction ia matters of taste to all who
may favor her with their orders. rv, , T'- ;-,
The Ladles ot Columbus and vicinity wiirpjeasV ac
cept my sincere thank! for their liberal ratroaeg and
I would respectfully solicit a continuance or, the tame.
- sh F.i
East Town St., Columbns, 4J. '
Okio -While; Salphuc" Springs,
- fti- Vte!wir.'"'siir
, Juno lO, 1CQ1.
rd s
raara.ru Btsiains aoaxsiM twatus Tan ssusok, caw n
!il aocosix oniao t a anoeiD kitis. '"c7
'fob Boons oa Krosmno:
I ':-r -.'.r. ' 3- A- BWATNli,,":
Lewis Center P. O., Deliwars Co., Ohio,
tail S8;dlmo.
They go Bight to tkegrst., j
, k1t i U ..uia f I J . ?
Instant llellef I Step wsmr Cengfe!
- I Purify-roar Breatb!
- ?., 1 ? ..! " If,
i "4 ;.t v'' I',
ji .a
. . i .
Tbey relieve a Cough instantly.
They clear the Throat.
They give strength and volume to the voice.
Tbey impart a delicious aroma to the breath.
Tbey are delightful to tbe taste.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm any one. '
I adviie every one who has a Cobgb or a husky Voice
a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of ths Throat, to got
package of my Throat Confcotlons; they will relieve
yoa instantly, and yon will agree with me tbat "they
go right to ths spot.'' Yoa will find tbem very useful
and pleaant while traveling or attending pnblio meet
ings for itilllogyonr Cough or allaying your thirst If
yoa try ons package, I am safe In laying that yea will
ever afterwards consider them lidispeasabls. .
You will find them at tbe Druggists and Dealers In
sly signature ii cn each package. All others are
counterfeit. ... ' v - , .
A package'wlll be sent ly mall, prepaiJ, on receipt of
Thirty Cents.
Heniy C. Spalding,
NO. 44 CEDAR STRUT, ., ,
: , NEW YCjRK. , .
t t
By the use of these Pills ths perlodto attacks of Ar
tout or Sick Headaoh maybe prevented; and if taken
at the commencement of an attack Immediate relief f r ia
pain and sickness will be obtained.
; They seldom fall la removing the Xcnuea and ,
acKi to which females a-o so subject.
They act gently upon the bowels removing
For Literary Men, Students, Dolloate Feoaie
and all persons of ndtntary kabii; they are valua
ss a ZoooKs. Improving the appettU, giving tone
ttyor to tho digestive organs, and restoring tbe tiatu'
elasticity and strength of ths whole system,
r TUB CEPHALIC PILLS ire the result of long lnves
ligation and carefully conducted experiments, having
bees In use many years, during which Urns they havs
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffer
Ing from Headache, whether originating in tbe ntmov
system or from a deranged state of ths tiomaci.
They are entirely vegetable la their eomposition, an
may be taken at all times with perfect safety wltbcnt
making any Changs of diet, and (As alunct of s
ditaorteaM taU render it oaty to adminlt'tf Viem
children. ... . . .
The genuine have five itgnatmee of llenry 0 Sralflreg "-'
onoaohBox. - - r
Sold by Druggist! and all other Dealers In Medicines. -A
Box will be sent by nail, prepaid, on receipt of the
2Pxloe, SO Ooixtia.
Al orders ebooJd be addressed to ,
' 48 Cedar Street, New Verss. , .
From ths Examiner, Norfolk, Vs.- .".." '
Cephallo Pills aeoompllsh ths object for which .they
wire made, vis.: Ours of headache In all Its forms. 1
From ths Examiner, Norfolk, Ta.
They havs been tested In more than a thousand easei .
With entire success.
i From the Democrat, St. Cloud, IHnn.
If Tonara.orhavs been, troubled with ths headache .
end for a fesx, (Cephallo Pills,) so that yoa may have,
them in ease of an attack. .( 4 .
1 j Irom ths Advertiser, f lovidencs, R. I.
- The Oechalla Pills are said to be a remarkably effective
remedy for ths headasha, and ons of ths vsry best for
that very frequent complaint whlsh has arts been din
oovsred. " '
I " . i , an ..- t ,
From the Western K. R. Gaietie, Chicago, III.
We heartily endorse Mr. Spaaldlng, and his unrivaled i' :
Cephallo Fllll.
' From ths Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Ta. j . i .
' We are sore ftiit persons nffering with the beadswhil . '
who try tbem, wtlliUck to them, y,
From ths Southern Path Finder, New Orleans, La JJH .
'. Try them! you that are affllctsd, and ws ar itirslnai '
your testimony can be added ro the already numerous
list that has received beaettts tbat no other medicine o
produce . i. .; j J ,.Ji. io. t,
j From ths St. LouU Dsu)cratltCC33 TllA
Tbe Immsnss dsmand for the, article tTJephallo Pills
Ii rapidly Increasing.
,;,,ro(heistto,,iavpirt. IfW S
Mr. Spalding would not connect his name with as ar
ticle bs did not. fcesss to eseess toa) atsrlf; j n ; j
' 1 " 1 1 1 r ' t i. a I t
HT-A stogls Dome ; ot' SF.ir.Di'fl-pftEMftm
41L.US1 wui save ten xnues vino, .sodsbiit' it --'
mm "nniiVti
i nail viis niusm
-J. , m I, ii ii
J, hoonomyt IL .sitxt CuiJL.. WWACBi
' i TT7"'A finrca nt Tin fUvas Hm.'.'J2 ,
AiaoeMsnls'snn harrpsnVavsa sa irsll suhatsiesllart:-,
Hie A It Is very eesMbis to havs woes etusip knd oowt
vsnlent way rr- repautn sTtrniesnv woss, isrooxerp
. i it i, ff1 'y ' i s
sT)f)ra 'i FRBPAiUDsJLrja r
saeets all t
ssob saergssetes, and naSMuxusU esa affoid
total without It.
It is alwso-etwy, ssmI mp to the etkk
sTt: i .it- r r .1. I... 'its'f vl i
In Anlnl
1 U b A Bmih acrompaalrt eacli rMfle,
,i i . M. . Anurwvs, . , n , , ,
rL" f HK!tBT"ft. ttPALflira,
No. 4S, Oeda etrsirt, pcwTorky
, ''-OjiOTio1','1'J vv.A
i. ii'SN-'j ,jn ,t
As ssrtsia isbyrtsdpled ysms an sttsmssntf si
Ptlsjs off on the snsuepeoting satilla, tsnttsMons of ta
USPAESB sjl.UK. I srwald sastlon sit mtuses ' '
ssBias bjfors parchulns;, and see that Uis rull suime " trta
ft ilf-Bi-Aiaiuu a rnrisuui.us,ji i
Is oa the outside wrapper; si I others ars swlad Hog eoa "
Isrfeita ao

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