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1) 01)10 ..Statesman
MAS1?E5jn MILLEK, FuMUhsrs.
TiKOi W; IVIAftVrKnnTe' EallOf.
'' TIIUfcSDAYMORNlNG, JULY 25, 1861.
Democratic State Convention.
At a meeting of ibo Democratic Slate Cen
tral Committee bald Id Columbus, oo the 5th
day of July, J86V, it was "n
RettUtd, That It W eipedient to hold a Demo
oralio Slate Convention at Columbue, on
nrl.t Ana-Bat Tlfo-leit
I, nominate a Democrats State Ticket,
auDoorted at the October election,
" further. That alt the elector. of the
state oi . . . ,. f0Ua.
St E" present But.
eu'. I, " , ji-i.trtlnna are wholly In-
competent .4 anage ,T,.Tr,nS
present critical condition, as well mi all who aw
opposed w we gr. ..--p---- ,
t on now BO aiarmiuK'ri" ---.r r . h
fair, be'fafuc&tljlnttted-to unite with the
mm, vu ,i.. f nur country's reril,
.TZrUetbeStat.; place' Hi M
. . ' . k dim deleirate for
tation in saia d.l.'iat. lor
every 6UU votes, ana au
a fraction of 200 Ke!
J. 3. Smith, for Supreme Judge at the Oolobwr
, . ,V .54k.t th recommended
e ecuon in iouu, - -- , - r - .v.i.
basli.' " ...
The Democracy of Ohio and all other con
servative Unon men, who are willing to co-oper-tin,
m, i above basis, ereteqaeeterJ
HO W IIU wuvaaa vtm
M meetlMfcelr respective counties ateaebtime
as the lpcl committees may designate, .
-i..fT2ftSafc:.- to'tha Democratic Contention
on to DOtdntt . State
tlckaH.-to.be supported at the uowDer, piw,..
iTis'prwunTei that no lover of hU country
wimrVrrriWtP'ing hi timet. Induce
him to Ufcrbnrge his duty, and therefore the
Committee is impressed with the belief that the
coanties will eagerly respond to mis ca...
tbatM JaipeCoBvenUon.wiU fssemble In
Columbus at'tbe time designated above, and
put in nomination a ticket of good and tree
,ueu, to be supported for the various State of
(ices on the 2d Tuesday in 'October next.
WM. MOUNT, Chairman.
WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary.
WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary. Pomeroy of Kansas--A Bill to Abolish
It has been predicted that so soon as Pontaot
au?. jii Iani 'dlegtaf "the Senate of the
United States by their presence, the nigger
queBoo -wonld.-be 'bvought before th.eonntry
in a more advanced state. The question of
slavery In, the tcrritoriee U-exheuited. We
now have the uHi'ma'te iutcntion of these men.
About the Brstact of thiB Kansas pestilence In
the Senate, is to introduoe the bill "To sup
press the slaveholders' rebellion," which Is as
foiiow' HUiiren t.t-
Lhe Constitution, M
herein set fjrlh, and as a great , militarj eewsitlj
forced upon OS By we reoemun, -
.. n . ..J i... ik. ai Haute tf Kf9
" iB u rfiuu'u v., ...v ' - '
rritnUtinn, it CngTt$i atiembUd, That, from
and )Ur tricrO?ger ran av., iui.
he no Bt41cry'orviuvoluuUry Bervltudeln aoy
of the States of this Union that claim to have
seceded from the Government, and are in open
and armed resistance to the execution or tbe
laws and provisions of the Constitution or the
Doited States; and,
..r. ,. ...i.J Thl imm.iitel UDOD
.i. ...... ..r ihi. nt. the President of tbe
UotOBDteiV V a
Uuited States shall cause his proclamation to
be iasned, setUBXIBrui' w tmiHiui., u u-
i .m.Mnn of all nemODS held as
I'UUUIUUUni cuiiiuviji-..- -V, r -
(.laves in any or the aforesaid Slates, under the
liwfl.tbereuli ail oroeyng an v"j.""
l'ivb Vo eciiouto all such maucipaWd Slafes
m sbalt ark it, aud accept the services ot all
who may tender thenj in behalf of tbe Govern
ment,'il, in the judgment' of such officers sucb
services nhall be useful or necessary to the
prosecution of this war."
VVbat an utter absurdity it is to talk about
fiishtiuit for the maintenance of tbe Union of the
olatt'S, uuuer eut;i irvumDi,uv,.
proposes to repeal the fugitive slave law, and
PoutRor prupese.to"aholiBo.iUTer7 in the
States. It is uselees to argue the power of
Congress to do this. It would be an insult to
the intelligenee'Of 4be people. It will be laid,
there is no danger of Congress passing such a
law at tbjs session. One would suppose this to
bS 'thecW; but there i no" telling whit such
-ni An Tt kmMw. clearlv indicates
what these men axe driving at, and what they
will do, bo soon as they are able. It ia tbe ad
vanced guard jf Abolitionism apw, just as Gm
DiNns"'tcnomcn,bf hlrtripe'Vere; ten and
fifteen yean since.
This rebellion it. tjij exueo, but without, their
action would be the' same, sooner or later. It
is a mere question of time. While the gallant
Union men of the-South are at their peril,
standing up for the Union, these Abolitionists
are giyiqfhedipuionistB of tbe.Souib.lhis
meet Anateriat" aid arideomfort.- While the
army of the Union is slowly moving to the South,
and thousands of ou. gallant men are leaving
their bodies on the battle field, this moral pes
tilence, fearing that his coadjutors In the South
may fclit'oveiciwe, comes to tbel rescue, with
thii ' new fire-brand." How many Union men
will be found in the whole South, when tbe res
olutions ot LoVtJoY'ana tbe Pommot bill are
read to and by the people? The truth is ai
olearas&ooa day, thatthese men are alarmed
lest tne Union may W saved! "More' Abolition
fuel must be added to the already consuming
flame which te fast burning es ear eeuntrj!
We regard thli movement of Powiaot as the
Inf ftf AhnULaAnUm. . Whein
started A 'ok theff tfcheme of disuniob! they did
not intend to atop short of accomplishing their
devilish purposes. The; begin to fear mat tne
war will not be prosecuted to the extermination
of slavery and the Union. They lee some vi
tality tn tfiit Union mehvof the outh left, and
thv fear it mav revive: thev. therefore, pro
ceed to arm, the .disunionista with weapon! to
acoorripfieh' Che total' destruction of the Union
senttment?' "fiavls, Beauregard, nor any other
man inibet South coulij possibly write a docu
ment or hlake k ipetcathat would aid the rebel
cause so much. The leading of this proposed
bill, through the-eiave States, will dffTBore Jo
'unite the entire population against us than any
tuingxrtii"cou1dijKMUty "desire. '.TftTfjege
gti 14 bitrie, teferted'ti? becaptla-id A
us at liull kan will not do one bnndredtb part
of the damage In this war, that this Repul lican
Senator from JKanaas bu dooe.v. r
Be went to Kansas to commence mischief,
he has bow crawled fate tbe Senate of the
United States tu uuuBummatrhirdeslgns.
Slavery. "knowing Ones."
ilAmwiSi-tiUeft-d-lbftWiw Jettexajriie
Washlngtee oirespendenta eyf the ,Kew York
and Philildlhiaipirvon armj noTementt
Oao"would- fuppoee1, who flitf not know them
pell",Uia Ibejf ieVi afl "ol'retfreoTirini
Slavery. "knowing Ones." Gens. McClellan and McDowell.
. jtjtf fcolr?o "iJeritSod .tUCcW,."(.tcCutt5
will supersede Gen. MoDowcix, and that 'Ui
a tier will take command oi a brigade.
Slavery. "knowing Ones." Gens. McClellan and McDowell. Joshua R. Giddings on the Proposed
Slavery. "knowing Ones." Gens. McClellan and McDowell. Joshua R. Giddings on the Proposed Union of Parties.
The Ashtabula of the 224 July W
talna a letter from Mr. Giddihqs, on. the sub-
o4f a Repablieaa State Conventiont which
we reproduce and append to this article., from
it we are led to the conclusion that we have
heretofore placed Mr. Giddihqs in a false posi
tion en the Question of anion of partledZi. He It
outspoken and emphatlo against U, and notlfles
the StatelCommlttee of hie party, that should
they omit to call a Republican Convention, "the
people wiU bold one," and should tbe KepuDii
ean oartv abandon Iti principles, "another party
will take them p and will assert ana maintain
tbent -to theW full and final oonsummatlon,H
Mr, Gipnmee holds an Important end lucrttlve
office rem Mr. Livcoln. Be has reeenuy oeen
at Washington, and is In the confidence of the
President, and his letter may therefore be re
tarded as the expression of the views of the
Administration. He U for the extinction oi
slavery, and regards that as the ehief mission
for which the Republican party wae erganlxed.
The OM Stars Je.iraa!. of yesterday has a
bypoeritieal leader on the subject, In whloh It
professes love for the Union,, and pretends to
advocate a Union party organisation, but oo
the express basil of an nn conditional support
of the Administration; and Mr. Giddwqs aa
sorts that the action of tbe Administration "has
been directed to the support of our (Republi
can) prlnclplee:" - - V. V1
These thloee te to show the wisdom oi the
oall of the Demoeratle State Central Commit
tee for a 8tate Convention', and will unite all
true Uoion men in support of the measure.
Nothing in the future Is more certain, than that
inch union will take place, on the basis of tbe
Union, the Constitution, and (he Enforcement
of the Laws.
Here ia Mr, Giddinos's lettert '
State Convention.
Ma. EwToar I notice that some of oar Re
publican editors are urging the policy of calling
no State Convention for nominating State offi
cers end ethers Insist that we shall abandon
all party platforms and unite with all who wish
to save tbe Union. , -
I do not clearly understand what la meant by
abandoning party platforms, nnlese it be Intend
ed to abandon the principles on which the Re
publican party was founded, and oo which H
came into power. There is surely nothing In
the name of a party, except as it represents
principles;' and the abandonment of tbe Repub
lican oartv most mean, and is, and will be un
derstood as an abaodoement of tbe principles
which have given it life, power and influence.
But it ie said that we must unite to save sue
Union. The Uclon ' was also founded opoo
Drlncinie. Its onroose and deaien was clearly
stated by those who formed it. They proclaim-
ea to tu woria met u waa mtuiuwu w
so tar as its powers extended, the right of all
men to life ana liberty, it tne union oe sepa
rated (rom a Darticular purpose, it becomes In-
significant and unmeaning. If, however, it be
prostituted to tne support ot Slavery, it Becomes
hateful in it character, and no man in tbe free
States would shed his blood for the i support of
laoh a Union. 71 ' "
Tbis savinc thai "we most unite to save the
Union" is not of recent origin. It was first put
forth by Southern rebels. They demanded that
Coogrese ehould deny the right to petition,
strike down the freedom of debate, pass tbe
Fusitive Slave Act, annex Texas, extend si a
very, repeal the Missouri .'Compromise, and
make Kansas a slave Bute te "mm Im Unit."
They insisted that the very principles for tbe
support oi wbicn tne union wae instituted,
should be abandoned and repudiated, in order
to save the Union. -The doctrine of 1776 were
reiterated by the Republicans of 1656, but were
denied by a majority ot tbe lodges oi tne su
preme Court, vet Northern Democrats evaded
the issue in the campaign'of that year. Except
tor this evasion Xreemont would bare beea
elected. Tbe will ot tbe Creator, the self-evl
dent truths of man's inalienable rights, was as
omnipotent then as they were in tbe Rjvolution
of 1776 ot 011860, -,-? ... j - -v
Our principal labor for twenty -five years has
consisted In retting oor friends to adopt, avow
and sustain the primal truths which lie at the
basis of .our government and not overcoming
the streneth oi onr opoonente. I do not hesi
tate In saying that every editor and writer of
oor etate wno nsa express eu ine wisn wai we
shall abandon our platform, admits its truth and
juatiee, and will say at once that he Is ready to
support it, but be will add, tne yougias men
will not, or the Bell Everett men will not, or
that certain Republicans will not. Indeed, Mr
Doueiaa has often told me, that we never could
saeceed in getting Whigs to sustain tbe declar
ation of buman rigbts, and w nigs oiten assured
me tbat Democrats would never admit tnat uoa
had endowed all men with the . inalienable
rights to life and liberty. .
All tbese men were willing to support liberty
and luetics, but fearing that others would not
do it, they would insist that onr party should
not base their claims to success on tbese attri
butes of the Most High. But at length after
twenty years of constant labor and untiring ef
fort, the issue npon human rights was felly
made up. On that Issue we triumphed. Tbe
President In hie inaugural, and the action of the
Administration bas been directed to tbe sap-
port of onr principles. Those who oppose us
bare either rebelled against the Government,
or acknowledge the joetlce of our cause and
act wiln us. J be spontaneity witn wnioo tne
people of the loyal States have come up to the
snppori ol those truths whioh Inspired the
heart! and nerved the arms of our revolutiona
ry fathers, has no parallel in the history of
mankind, never wm our cause so strong as
at tnis day. never m tne History or onr na
tion.'has any party held such Indisputable sway
over the Government aa that now in power
Three hundred thousand men are In tbe field
with eannon and masKeta, and . swords to bus
tain onr doctrinee a many more are anxious
to entente military service lor tbe same par
pose. .Oar doctrinee and the manner in which
the people have ilsen in their support have at
tracted tne admiration or tbe Ubristiau world,
Proclaiming the imprescrlptable..righu of ha
man nature, aa tbe basic of oor organisation,
and lupportlng those right! by the moral and
physical power or twenty millions or people,
we present to civilised nations a spectacle of
higher moral sublimity than has previously ex.
iated. , : t . : .
At laoh it time, under each eircamsteneee, we
are called to surrenderOar doctrines; discard
oor principles, and go into an uncertain Indefin
able organisation to aars tbe Union. The stale
cry which retarded our triumph for the last ten
years, te bow revivea as tne very moment waen
our victory ia near its final accomplishment.
Ia conclusion I may remark, that should oor
state iommittee omit to call a Republican
Convention, I give lt as my opinio that the
mm sntt Wf ens. U boa 11 tbe RecrabUi
party abandon its principles, I give it as my
opinion, that another party will take them np,
ill assort and maintain them to their fall and
final consummation.
Jefferson, O., July 22, 1861.
Jefferson, O., July 22, 1861. "A "Wide-Awake" Youth.
Some dsys since, eae of thee young gsntle
men described by' the Boston Pm sb one bt
thoM 'lek, long haired, wild-eyed lookiag
men. , wis traveling on fhe ears la MtMachu
setts end "avowed that while the real liberty
cause our ermiee were (-fighting for, woe Id Id
iots the ptotectloit of Bavea,iaid be thought
God did not care mush for tbe Constitution and
theUoioa.", m
An and nan littior by hlnrreplled, "Young
man, we Csa't frsterqhe, 'jour God V not my
God." ' Thanks to- the patriotic' eld man for
the rebuke. ..-t r-fi -
A Union Ticket.
la one of the oountiesof Vermont a .4' Union"
CoBvendoffitoTiominate r"UntoTrcket;w
held. There were ine'osodidatee Dominated,
ttA tf whom ' tere 'tool-djM 1 Republican,
and one fellow who they oall a Democrat, war
nomluftted for prottmtlDg attorney I "Tut)
lines are almost abolished la that county.
Incompetency of the Administration.
v Some of .theteepublloea. paper! tad politlolani
have boiled over with rage at what they have
termed the Impudence and disloyalty. f the
Demoeratle State Central Committee, Dtcaose
it expressed the opinion that the National Ad
ministration waa Incompetent for the -great
work It bad inagurated. To all each gentle
men we bive a Httle erldenoe to offer In sop
port of the opinion' of oar Committee, taken
from their own tide of tbe house. Tbe follow
log article iron the New York TYieaM of tbe
23d of July, we offer for their consideration with
oat note or comment: '
Incompetency of the Administration. Beaten for a Day--How to Conquer
for all Times.
friends of the preach t Administration were re
alised yesterday by the news of the great battle
fowght and lost on Sunday. A million of men,
overflowing with patriotism and panting with
ardor for the fight, have been eager to join
the glorious hosts upholding our flag and the
earns of oor national existence. Money without
stint has been ready to flow at the demand of
oor Uevernment ae tbe water gushed fortn whn
Moses smote the rock. All that could be de
sired, In men and means, to secure a crushing
victory over the rebel troops, has been impa
tiently awaiting the beck of the powers tbat be
at Washington- Bat a strange paralysis has
seemed to have hold of the men In authority.
An Ul-timed and miserly anxiety about tbe ex
pense te be Incurred j a blindfold trust of the
gravest responsibilities In Incompetent hands;
an Inexplicable rejection of Offered cavalry and
artillery) a general lardlneso and Inefficiency
of preparation; and a fool-hardy and inexcusa
ble nndsr-Mtimate or tne etreogtn or tne en
omy -the have prevailed at Washington, nfttil
they have made shipwreck of onr grand and he
role army. ' 1 '
That quadruple tbe force whloh we had might
last m well bare been in tbe field, no one
deoiw nor doable. What apology tbe Gov
ernment has to offer . to tbe humiliated aad
aetooaded country, and to tbe friendsso
uselessly bereaved of the wounded and slain,
we oaaoot conjecture; bat whatever it may be
w are emite sale in tne ooocinsioa tnat it
will be found altogether Insufficient and on
satisfactory, v ' ' ..
We have fought and beea beaten. God for
give oar rulers that tbis Is so; bat it Ie true,
end cannot be disguised-' The Cabinet, recent
ly expressing, la rhetoric better adapted to a
love letter, a leer of being drowned In It! own
honey. Is now nearly drowned in core; while
oor boo or oa tbe nign eeas bas only been saved
by one daring and desperate negro, and be be
longing to the merchant marine. Tbe "sacred
soil" of Virginia is crimson and wet with the
blood of toouaeude of Northern men, needieniy
shed. .The great and universal questioa pervad
ing tbe publio mind is: "Shall tbis condition of
things ooatlneel" -
A mimm tMTweoar eeseit tmu asmm
Us immtdittt rttirtmnt f (m intent Ctbintt
frm Us ate pUem tf pmttr, satteA, Jtr om m
sew sr tmetktr, tktt ktmt smim thtmttltet intern-
ptteut tt fill Give as for tbe President capable
advisers, wbo comprehend tne requirements ot
tbe crista, aad are equal to tnem; ana, tor tne
army, leaders worthy ol the rank and file, and
oor banner, now drooping, will eoon float once
store In triumph over the whole land. with
the right men to lead, our people will show
thanaalaaamniwnniiarahla. '
Onward, then, to victory and glory! bat let
not tbese who hold plates of Mspoeeiblllty die-
regard for a day longer the means requisite to
eucoeoe. Oo Uoveromenl la irjetmnea ana in
tended for the general good; and no private hv
terMt or personal ambition should be permitted
to remain ea obstacle to the achievement of that
Eeatobjoot. Tkt ptepli ttill intitt weea mm
tdt tf Exteutitt Drftrtmentt; and then vmtn a
half mUlitu tf troopt mni tkt iett qtuliM and
atlett Captatnt, Ooltntlt and Ventre li tkt conn
try tanfufnith. All these most be had, and
witbout delay. -.. rr. .j
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
[For the Ohio Statesman.] Propositions from a Union Democrat,
CINCINNATI, July 23, 1861.
' Col.' MaHvriNNr: I . ask thei privilege,
through your Journal, of suggesting the follow.
lug proposition as expressive of the sentiments
of the Union Democracy, aod suitable aa
platform for the approaching Convention: :
1. The Union Democracy of Ohio, now that
the war hae been inaugurated, are in favor - of
the moot vigoroui prosecution of It, until all
wbo have taken op arms agaiast the Govern
ment, are reduced to allegiance or punished as
traitors. w.- - ': .,.
2. They will never submit to a separation of
tneee la tee, eo loog u a dollar or money or a
drop oi blood remain! to this generation. - Let
Southern eeoessioniBte and Northern Abolition
iete take notice. - i , r l s -
3. The old bonds of effeotion between the
States, by whioh alone the Union was formed,
oao never be restored or preserved without a
clear understanding: of tbe eaoeee of oar present
national calamities, and the utter removal of
sooh eauses. . v.
4. We believe the Union could never have
been formed, except on tbe plan of leaving to
eaen ouue enure ana sovereura rontroi over its
looal and domestio institutions.. In thit tpktrt
Slate linet aretacred, and the atvtrtigiUy of the
Sttttt muei M tretartt. ine national Uov-
ernment waa and ia pledged to absolute neutral
ity on tbe question or slavery. , ,
6.' All agitation of that question In connec
lion with oar national politics bas, therefore,
been a departure from tbe true letter and spirit
of oor Constitution, and the aoitattrti kotk
sectieM marl be tttti mom. The South will
menace that Itetitotion for themselves: in the
Union it let alone; out of It If interfered
with. vr-.-i - - - '
6. Abolitionism in all IM phase! has been a
spariooB and ' Quixotic philanthropy. . Except
It waa Intended to oreat over tne constitution
In raids opoo the Bouthern State!, or break It
down by a regular National Convention, It has
bad bo rational aim. ' it naa airmen society,
promoted Infidelity, divided the eharches, and
most destroy the Union unless it is effectually
tut under perpetnai bonds to Keep tbe peace.-
t baa already achieved endiees evils botb for
the white and black races. " - '
T. We were opposed to a resort te the mill
tary arm ot tbe Government, until ail honora
ble and peaceful means of adjustment were ex
boosted t aod we did hot think each means ex
baaeted, when thi war wae preeipltated by the
actions ana demands or secuoneitsta on etofi
tide, over the opposition of true Union men on
both sides, aad witbout allowlne: the I people an
opportunity to aettle the dispute through the
8. In toil view w still adhere so a belief
that a National Convention should t once be
called, and the question of slavery ia the terri
tories be thereby adjusted on tbe basis at the
so-called Crittenden Compromise. Wo saa
neither be coerced Into this measure oi peace
by Soothers: bayonets, nor eoereed oat of it by
nartv intimidation. This measure we advo
cate, whether the seceding Btatee would -take
part ia each Convention or not; and regerdlees
of successes or disasters ia battle, i .'.. -
9. The secessionists, having undertaken to
overthrow the govern meet, witbout reiving npoa
those checks In our system whioh were ample
for their security, and without having oaffered
any practical evil, most be reelited with tbe
lame weapow to wblcn tber have appealsdi
Altbouih we are loath to believe that the peo
ple of any Stale would Intentionally do wropg
ana persevere ia so ooiog, tnie attempt or re
spectable bodies of people la tbe Soothers
States ie nsworthy of them, dUaa trout lees and
te them, aaa oUscraoeful to the whole country.
Iteaust therefore be resisted aa Inteoaooal and
0 BT Handreds of ssea have) cone into this
war with an a iter lor political object beyond.
If they ean only escape without disgrace, bring
ing away the addition of Major or Colonel, or
General, they will have tbe capital to set p ae
bravo, eelf-eaeriflclDg defender of their - coun
try, with a peculiar title to seats Id Congress,
and other high aad important positions How
many seatlemeo there are who -have emerred
frees lawyers' offices and doctors' shops, lute
tho-SMsr 1 ana wbo, tf virtas 01 tae glory
tfeey ere about to arqulre, see la themselves
Presidents ia embryo, cannot be told; but if tbe
eember oonld be accurately Mertalned It
would probably be startHne- to the tasophiett
jaudrwe-ohould find that me) bad a tek 'of
aoesihlo Presidents. whlc4i,f if they eould be
ulckled down, U be vied la order, swooid "-list
us at least half a doses centurlee. Cfaeiaaetf
Hon. C. L. Vallandigham.
. v : - , ?
We alluded, some days elnoe, to a slander,
gotten op by some Infamous person, relative to
the conduct of Ms,.VAixaiuiaaui towards hie
aged m6tber.-"We publish tb'e following edito
rial from thq ew york 7&n, and the eom
munloatlon oootradlotibg' JtheJalander.' 'flow
can suoh a wretoh be oaffered. to ilveta that
community? "
Tbe TriiuiMsayi:
"We printed, some dayi since, a communica
tion, respooalbly indorsed, from New Lisbon,
Ohio, charging tbe Uon. u. l,. vauanaiguam
with leaving his aged mother dependent oa oner
lt far tha neceasariM o( life. We Print here
with another letter from several citliens of that
place, giving the other elde of the story, and
varv aanerelv oohtredlotln the former. Mre.
V., It appears, receives $100 V" Mnnm from
tha fnrul for the soonortof widows of Presby
terian ministers, to whloh she Is entitled, bat if
otherwise aided and supported by her ion.
flnnh hi tha naaa. Mr. Vailandinham would
seem enUreiy vindicated from the uperslona of
oar former correspondent.", , .'. ',,;'. ,i
Mr. C. L. Vallandigham and his
Sia We. the undersleued, eltiseni of New
Lisbon, Ohio, feel it to be a doty Incumbent on
ns to reply to a communication puDiisnea in i
recent number of the New York TrUnnt, writ
ten at this nlaee on the 4th day of July, 1861 , by
a correspondent of that paper, signing himself
F , la relation to the Hon. C L-Vellendighem
and his atred mother, who haa beea a member
of tbe Presbyterian Church of thii place more
than fifty vsars. and la the widow of the Rev.
C. Vallandlgham, who had been tbe pastor of
said Church for thiity-two years op to tne time
of hla decease. " ' - ?
The cemmanioation referred to abounds in
the most false charges, and grossest and moat
infamous misrepresentations, such as no man,
baviog a particle of regard for truth, honor, or
honesty would ever bare aarea to oommit to
papers and should tbe name of the author be
divalced, he will be treated with tbat oontempt
aod eooratbaisnon a miscreant aMervea.j 7
lie first charge tbat Mr. Vallandiibam "is
l,h ia tkt tare tf tie nariik" This ia absolute
ly lalie, and is wen Known to oe laise oy every
individual In this community.' Mrs. Vallan
dlgham has never reoeived one dollar from tbe
fresbyterlan unurcn 01 new iiiiDoo, or rrom
any other eouicM,- as charity, as it war wholly
anoeeessary from the abundant provision made
for her. and her two daughters living with her.
by her son, the Hon. 01. Vallandighaa, and
from an annuity or one nunarea aouars, drawn
annually 0y her for many years, from tbe"Fand
for Wldowi end Orphans of Deceased Clergy
men of the Presbyterian Church oi the United
States," which she bas received as a matter of
justice, and pot or chanty, ..
He sets fortner: "ine uongregatioo 01 tne
Church ol wblcn ine it a member, nave also,
from lime to time, furnished tbe means of snp-
fiort, without which She mast have Buffered the
ast degradation of virtuous poverty tbe Poor
House-1' :This la wholly false; she baa been
amply provided for by ber son, the Hon. C. L.
Vallaodieham, who purchased for her the "old
homestead," that in It she might pass her de
clining days, it being endeared to ber by many
fond recollections. - tie Keeps 11 in repair, paya
the taxes, and baa furnisaed ber witn her
other meant of support, with exception of the
on- hundred dollars above referred to.
No man oould be more kind, tender and affec
tionate toward ble mother than he ha been-
none more considerate as to her support and
comfort. - -
Fisaia A. Blocksom,
H. H. Gaieo. .
Jsjmw Wit,
H.Wincs, , .
D. Sramoia,
John Clakki,
Thom4S G. Hostoh,
Wiujm Dokwsnt,
J. W. Dot on,
S. MoirrooMitT.
New Lisbon, O., July 15, 1861.
Major General Robert Patterson.
Major General Robert Patterson wai born in
Ireland In 1792, and emigrated to this country
when unite young, taking up bis abode la Phil
adelphia. He .received a collegiate education,
and early manifested military inclinations.
Atter graduating at college, ne waa appointed
First Lieutenant in tbe Twenty-Second Regi
ment of Tegular U. S. infantry; in April, 1603,
he was transferred to the Thirty-Second in
fantry, appointed Assistant Depot Quarter mas
ter General (with the rank of Captain), Janu
ary, 1B13, and Capteln-in-line, 1814, and there,
npon relinquished rank in the staff. : He retired
from tbe army in the eame year, npon tbe dis
baodmentof his regiment. -He subsequently
followed the profession of the law In hla adopt
ed city, and for many years was connected witb
the military of Philadelphia. In 1847 he was
appointed a MaiorGeneralj)fvolunteere, and
proceeded to Mexico and assumed command of
bis division, tie was actively engaged in tne
siege of Vera Crux, but shortly afterward his
health failed and be returned to the United
States, and waa therefore unable to take part In
the well contested battles in the upper pert of
Mexico, whloh crowned tbe American arms
witb glory and conquered peace.
This Is the veteran patriot and soldier "whom
the Abolition squirt of the Cincinnati . Qazttta
chargee witb "treachery" nd .suspicions, of
"inldelity" to hia eonntiy! ' - " f rf
Lieut. General Greeley.
We forgot precisely", what it waa which this
powerful offiaer proposed to do, la ease the Fed
eral forces were not la Richmond by the 20th of
tbla month. It was something "grand, gloomy
and peculiar" but the particulars have entirely
escaped our recollection. What a pity it is, that
those wno do not nnaersiena tne oauaess as
signed to other men have not discretion enough
to retrain from meaaiing witn it. 11 we are
not misinformed, the affair at Bull's Run would
not have taken place. If Gen. Scott eould have
been permitted tarvxeroise hi! owt judgment.
Bat tbe " press arc is seia to nave oeen sucn,
that he waa directed to order an advance, which
proved premature, and onr men were led into a
nartlal ambuscade and suffered loss though they
behaved witb a gallantry which oould not be
surpassed. We hope It was hot, to gratify the
cariosity of members of Congress, who ssem to
bare seen the- affeia from seme distance, that
the troopt were thai pushed forward. 'We hear
or otber members or uongress lnterieriDg 0 tri
er wise in the army, in such a way aa Is likely
to produce disaffection In the ranks. 'Why do
not the offloers arrest them, and find means to
teach them better7--JSstea Ctmntr.
[From the Commercial's Special Correspondent.]
PtTTsstraoH, Jaly 23. Col. Fremont passed
West at noon.
left tbla morainr, two tuonsand strong." y tber
regiments leave this week.. The excitement it
nnabated. .Lompanle are last filling np.
.There waa shipped fro, the Aretoal, ia tbe
past twenty-fomr hoars,, thirty-five thousand
pounds or shot aad shell, forty thousand pounds
of small amatmltiourieventy-flre theosand
pooods Jof eight-Inch Columbiad ammunition,
and all the artillery harnese ready.
At four 4bio-P. M.rthreeears of -the Pitts
barg k Clevelaad train broke through tbe tr es
se! worksvoL tne Allot beoy.- One man wae
killed and throe others badly lcjored. Tor
renoe, baggage master, had both lets broken.
Tbe train waa bound East, containing fifty
teamsters rrom Cleveland, ror unoie a am., r.
.. Geo. MoClellao wm due this train, but did
notcome. The ears fell the distance ef 40 feet.
On ear, fortunately empty, was torn to atoms.
it will be Bone days before tbe warns ean pass.
Tbe locomotives snetained so iniury. , . ,
; There la a ettlteaa' meeting to-night, to- vol
nnteer both men and to tbe
The accident wae occasioned by a train back
log oat at tbe eame time the Eastward bound
trala wa going In. The bridge has a double
rack, and botb engine hapoened noon tbe same
section. Eds.Com . v.. "
....ii'j Jul hi 1 1 r .11 . .. t ,t,f, ..
North Missouri Road.
Kkovub Tain Rasoaso. We are authoris
ed to lay that regular trips on" the North Mls-
eoorl Railroad will be resumed this day) (Moor
day, tbe first train leaving at 6 o'oleok A- n
There are bow no obetraetione whatever to the
free passage of train! Oa fbie read from here to
tbe terminus at, tjadson CltyiW,. IMU Hi-
Washington County.
jre'rlior Tjemocreoy of Wsshlngtoojjeoo
ty nominate their eoonty ticket ea Wxomeoar,
tho 14th of Aogsst.
Who Ordered the Advance.
The Republican pa'peri are disposed to abase
Geo. 8oott fbt narohlng oar army on Manassas
before It was ready, and wUalnflf qnaU' num.
ben. Tbe following from the Philadelphia
Nor A Aurictn,i Republican paper, throws
some' light) ofl the matter.'" It appears the
movement w ordered by Mr. Lmooui, against
the judgment of Gen. Soott: . r . :a .....
WashinotomI July 17. It is well understood
here that the final order for the march of the
Federal armv towards Richmond, did not meet
with the cordial .approval of Gen. Soott, wbo
entertained the opinion . and. belief that the
tmnna wara nnt In the thorough condition neces
sary lor the emergency that, might arise. In
another,, week, or fortnight at least, all would
have beea ready, but the order! from the Presi
dent were. imperative, and were, therefore,
obeyed., ' . ; T ... .. . ' '--j'
".Thi Washington tptcial (or thefucinnatl
Gatttu gives us tbe following items: . . -
Arnold Harris, former publisher -, of the
Washington SttUe, haa gone alter the body of
Col. Cameron with a flaa of truce.' . " J"
Chaplain Lancey, of the Connecticut First,
who was taken prisoner, hae escaped and re
ports thattbs rebels killed many prisoners.
The Ohio Regiments have rendeavoused in the
pity. -Thus far but three of their men ctn bo
made ont killed, with some forty missing. Tbe
six wounded at tho first battle have escaped
from Gentreville hospital and aro well oared
forbore. , . "
The soldiers are aulte ready to blame tbe of
fleers, on whom, in fact, a great deal of blame
is laid.--' Many regiments refuse to go into the
field with tbe same officers.
It ia asserted on very good authority tbat
General Soott states that he wal forced into
precipitate advance by the Importunities of
congressmen. . : . , . ; ;
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer's Special.]
Reinforcements are beginning to come in
Great preparations are being mad to receive
tbem. ' r - .
J Sherman'! Battery yu not taken; it returned
to-day; lost caissons only. .. , , ; . ,
, Senator Foster is aot killed, nor even wound
ed. Mr. Ely, member of Congress from New
York, is mlMlns. ' Several surgeoris were taken
prisoner!. Tbere ie a teport of the advance of
tne uonieaerates-. uonsiueraoie eiarm among
tbe people, Arlington Hfghts pan repel tea
times their number. ' J " 4'
Some Georgian prisoners were brought in to
day. Ellsworth's Zouaves attacked them, and
would have killed them but for the interference
of the authorities. The Confederates are con
fined io the Old Capitol.
Tbe Sitw York Jrune or today aemaodi
the resignation ot the whole Cabinet, charging
them with Incompetency, and blames them for
the late defeat, -by not giving General Soott
more troops.1 General Soott, In tarn, blames the
Tribune, and papers ef tbat ilk, wita tne oism-
tere. He would not bare moved for some time
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
Union County—Democratic Meeting
The Democracy of Union county met at the
Court House la Marysvllle, July 6ih, 1861, and
organised by electing Jesse GUI, Chairman, aud
A. J. Ferguson.-Secretary, ox said meeting. On
molioahwat . ..! i. uo: i. !iVi,'-
Reulved, That a commlttee'of seven he elect
ed for a Central Committee of this county.
The following persons' were -"elected: Aoil
Woodworth, A. F. Welkins, James Thompson,
Wm. Cartmell, Philip Snider,. Geo. 8tewert,
Judge Smith. V - ' i t .;
Reeolttd, That three delegate! shall be elect
ed to attend the. Convention .in Columbus on
tbe 7th of August. " "" "
Elected by acclamation: Adam Ritchie,' Dr
Kennv. H. J.King. , ' ' r ' ' ' '. :
Alternates Mr. Abraham!, Wm. UaySr A;
J. rertusoD. ' ' .
Kfo(ef, That a committee , or five bo
elected for the purpose Of drafting resolutions.
i Tbe following gentlemen were elected by ac
clamation: David Robb, Aeil Wadsworth, Dr.
Kenny, James ThomjisoD, Dr. Henderson, and
introduced resolutions which were read and
adopted. ' ... .- -';.'.""' "
Rttolttd, Tbat as soon as practicable alter
the State Convention, tbat . a convention be
called at Meryavule, for the purpose of noml
Dating a Democratic ticket. ' v . : i
JESSE GILL, Chairman.
A. J. FERGUSON, Secretary.
IleUe way's Pills and Oilmennt
..... Cancer.
Tbe days of "brillant operations" are no
more. 'The discovery of Holloway's Ointment
dispensed with the necessity of -the -knife,
wbicb freauentlv endangered the life of the pa
tient. - Tbousands of females have been oared
of cancer in the breast by the medicating ao
tion of the Ointment, and their lives spared to
their families. Tho salve follows tbe cancer in
its tortuous winding, and imperceptibly,' but
thoroughly aod painlessly, eradicates It lrom
the s?etera. The Pills cleanse and purify tbe
blood. Sold by all Druggists at mo and
$1 per box or pot. t ,i vs.t.-. 1
- ' r "-'"-' 1
. ,11
V'Stimula-timo OnautNT.". Suoh is thej'faUe
of a brilliantly compounded preparation (orig
Inating with the famous Dr. Belllngham, of Lon
don) for Improving the growth, and beautifying
tbe condition of the bnman hair. We learn that
Messrs. Uoraoe L.-liegeman dc. Co of Hew
York, have obtained the entire agency for tho
American continent and we therefore Invite at
tention to their "Stimulating" announcement In
t lJ" 1 A 4't .lCl U.C V4
rpHIRl will be a meeltnr of lh Damocrary ef Jlliml
jl ooanqr, atus voert. (lens. in xroy, oa. 7
Saturday, the 27th day of July, A. D. 1861,
at 3 o'oloek' p. in at wiMeay, tor the pirpete of ap-
poinnng voiegawi w ine eiaw uonvannon wuicn is to
M BcialaceittmbasonthsYtner Ansiutaaxtr ...
ny orair 01 ui vemocraitt ucatral Vommltle ef
Mlamj eonjitjr, .
.T OKOi XXni, Cnalrma.'
. .. ;;;ciirBoo,ooo,,:fI ,
Orrics or ras OoaaraneiaB or vas'limrisa Pdnbi .
f,'-rr "-rTSBTiTrOiiio,--i
Cownsci, July 20, ISM.)
TBI But of OhleleSUMtO' borrow oa atl'lten and
tit hand red tbeuaan! doilara, aod to that eoa th
uonmuatoiMis l UK Binning rand of to Stat, ante
to aathorltf of an act of th aoral AMtably, will r
Mhn waled prorxwali at their offio la the oltr ef Oo
Inmtna. nutll 12 o'clock, 11., of the-M dey ef AucaU.
and at th agency o tb Bute, Ho. S3 William tmt. In
u cuyoi flew ion, nnui 1 o clock, M.of Ui7Ui
dijrof Angtut next, for th pnrohaM of 1 100,000 at
to ranaca ana nrguterea aetit 01 in Biat. bearish
later! from tb first day of Augurt. lb6L at tba nl
or tt per omrt. per
Jia win be resolved lor
either of tb foliowin olaaw of etockt:
Ut. 0rUfiete redeemalil at tb rtat Treaiuryln
th lty of Oelomboa, Jolj lit, 1SC9, the inUreet paya
ble emi annaally tb firit day of slay and th Aral day
tt November In aacll year, it tb BtaM Trtaeury. . ...
' Sd. OertlBcate redeemable at the agency of tb Ctal
In tb city of New fork, July let, 1808. lb Internet pay
able lemt-annnally, the flrat day of January aad tb first
day of July in rack yar atfMdsgeooy. , . .
Boob proposal ant atat llttinotly for Wblch of thai
elaaee tt ortlneU)S It Is marie tb amoaot of rttber
whlob Is detlred,an! tbe prloefor each an hnndrod dol
lar of ear eleM propoeed t be taken- la any
nropMal ahall net deelgnaU tk eta of took 4lred
by th bidder. It ihall be deemed te bar ka ayabl
Where th bid I neclveS. . .v .
eondUtooel bid, or bM not' abaoluU In Its torat,
will be nwitr4. 0 K .( ,
Payment or tlx smonnt of the retpeotlTe MA raoelred
la Mew York, tract be made at th Stat Agency within
tkn aytftTthaooepUii thereof; and of the bid
notived at Oelamba. within ts day after th aeospt
aao thereof; at whloh tunes th proper Certificate will
be ready fer dellrery. a r m "' 'i; :i (Aiir
1 0rUacals, payable at tb BtaWTraesary, will a t
ud UMsuef 100 and p ward; aA thee yiyebk) la
New Terk will be bm4 kasanu f $500 and apwanW
at tb option J tb bidder. . . , , .
. Th OertlnoaU will b wklaMdlMMalrf,aly
1, lets, and an, by th aot Mtborraing to loan, exempt
ed from taxation by tb SUM. 1
FroaosBle for tS loaa rnent be enotaseA In s Seated en
velope, and add! to Th OemalDlonerr of the
Slnkiac f aad," at OohJabT, Ohln. or at Ma SS WIU
Itoa trwV MtW Trk, tod Indonrd -prjjioialtrjTOhi
)! ft : a, wt 1 TlEn!fcmoVr fi '1 r
A. P BU4KCLL, Secretary of .ut',?i
- - JAHIt MUBSaT, Attorney Oeseral,
tioaunlMlontrs of tb Sinking Vnn
JI9S-ataa3. of th Suit tt Okie,
Justice of the Peace.
stal lsiToai-PUass anaonnea the as ef Jacos
KM,rmm u a audldato for JmtW ef the raaoe,
ui .iu Muntaiaasrr tewmhlprAag.'
J, 18sl,'saliiol to lh dsolilon ol IM mmocrauo
ation.aaieehebU(4,,J i.i r '"
tLl. L-i i i Bl,BX v "
u. .wm M.k. nnnmaaa a. W. VaSsea as. S
n,iul.ufr Julio f tL Fwm. at th eleeUon in
UmUtomrv Umubb, Aarut i, 1881, snbjset to u
Benooratle aeminatlea, aa! sMlga 1 ' 1 "t.W'
fntvH, iTindiii: . . t . r -..-.t 1 ''
1 .....m, afl s eaaduiats for rs lsotion v
lbs offlos el lattice ef the fssoe ef M sntgomsrj town.
election te bs asls Anfosi e, itw .
-11 k--i-
mium nE$TiEAtJx;
i' wv il
.'J L-T
GroceriBy ;
' nor"
. Produce, . ,
x:.Foreigli',ahi Bomoslio Liquors,
e-v -n ' il i'Aia ril" '.-v. '
J?TUira,iOr 3W.f
' -i ,;e-.l
"t r.,' ' j"r-'i
o..'v ijte rr-Z '-.;' '' . ' ' ' '
TO '
(.-..,. . z 1
, No. . 106, .South ffigh Street,
To old stand raoenlly occupied by.WM. mcuunAtoi
H wm' dally rwoeipt of '-' Jl
Vaieh ks will sll .. r -
Ctaoaa far Caam.ar Caaatry Preaace
.' 1 . . .7 .. 1 .. - .-til
TT? Ooode delivered te Olty trad free'of tharg.cai
IK" :1 : 11
yf.1. ll. BESTIEAUX,
"'' (oUOCIBSOb! 10 snktli'e'WSSiaABX)-
'NtV 100 "Bbiith rHW Street, ;
-tu.-ii--i;..ii-j BIALIft It
j-e it-.i 'i f.i U !.-. i it' . '
: PR6Vi8idN8, r ,
"'-.. '. . -jt I..; J. 4
t Foreign , and . Pomestia tFruits,
i . .rt .1. : .-. l 1 - "i i : gi'
Jly )yev .r !'
BAIN & son,
Ho. 29 South Eigi Street, Colombna,
.ww wrtv nivaiTMfl
3000 yard TiavIleg" Dress Goods at 8,', value
S500yard TravellnrDrea floods at 12, ra'ae 50 oti
SOW yard Snglieh Btrage at I'-iH, valne cent.
1000 yard French Organdie at tf. vain SO oent.
900q yard Tut Oolorad Lawns at 10. value U cent. '
1000 ward Ionian! Drew Bilk at 37X, valu 50 cents.
1300 vard Saper Plata Black Bilk at ai 00. valu a I as.
Robe of Organdi Mrag, and Bngllih Berage, at one-
halt their val. t ; '"'
i -'-l . -.;.. BAIN St BON, . .
:.'-Jet 7 M. i .oalh High street.
. ! 'j .' . 'I . . '' '." ' '!
Elegant Lace Mantillas
1 iBAJXSkT'db SON,
N-o. 29.Soutli Higla St.,
TTATl jut onened ' inyolos of very Urg and
XX bandaom " .-
Widh French IiAcia for' Shawls.
Very Deep Frensh Flouncing Laces.
Real Thread, French, Chantilla & Genevese
. VEILS. .
Valenciennes, Point da Gaze, Brnueli
al and Thread laces and Collars,
T -" v., In new Shapes,
,,M!'J'-J"t- ' ' ' For traveling,
"Traveliiiff Press Goods.
TnS beat and imoet faihloaabl styte In th (rtty, '
'at tkry ucyw naicrcs.
BUM Jt 80N , -
eSl 8 Sou Ik High a tree U,
At, OliOAB. 0UIUB.
Also, other make of spring
aieaaoioUM,taau aewrsnis miztarew mnainre, aj
ssissnd Buttons teawtoe..- bain a bom,
aprilt . as. St Booth Hlghstre
HEALTH, Tb blood anst be parlfled, and aU SMd
leins are awlst whloh do aot possess th duality of
stimulating tb blood to dlatherg Its imparities tnl tn
boweli, BBAaeaara'B frua coues this quality in 'a
high degree, and thou Id be bt rry nuully, Skey are
equally uaeful for children and adults-adapted to both
sens, and ant a Wootnt as araad, rt most irrtcvivs
as a Mssicnra. ...in i"t .?
Ths Hob. Jaoob Beyers, f (prlngv!, led., write
to Dr. Brand re th, nndr date of Hay 11, 1861. . ,
"I have and your Invaluable Tttable TJnlvenal
Pill In ay family sine 1B38 they hats always oared.
even warn ether awdtttnw war of ao avail. . A aav
been Ik ana of my nelrhboiw Bring hsadnde at dol-
an wonn, aoa 1 am satMBee tnay aav reeei-red a
thousand Dr oent. In bleeeid haaltlu Uuoath their dm
They are utedia Ihl ration for Billow and Liver Dir-
au, layer and Agae, and all ybauaati with the
aw senam uooe. xa aoa, uey are in gnat rall
ane la deluxe, and I trust yonr vanerabl llfmay be
long ipared to prepar so exMlrenl t, mediolns for Ih
nn of man.
riean nod m th tovt yrio by the gTO."
Bold by Joaa B. Coos. SrnnrlsL Oolumbu. and In
all reipeclable tetSm la Mdiciuc. . '
jiyisaawiae. . . .-; ,
norrAt'i liii-B pills. '.,
Ia all aw of ooUrnal, ppl. MlUaw and Ut
afaotloBS, plkts, rhwmauaa, eevers aad agm, ewsM
at head ache, and all gsral torangwantef health
tbese HU har invariably pevrta a esraat ed spndy
raMd-Atagl trial will plus the Life Fill beyond
sWtaaefeapewttoa la' th wtlmatioa ti rryy-
Dr. HoSat's Phoenix BllUm win ts round dually tf
Bcaetons la all of nervous deMUty, dyapep'. httt
a, tbe sleknass bMtSwnt te ain mdaUean naaltk,
end vry kind ef Wwakusa ef the dlretlr errant,
for kato ky Dr. W. B. If 01 fAt, S3S, Breadway, BT. X,
endhysUBrawrwrnt, O (
"Hia following I an extract from a
Wttwwrnienhr UmJUV. J. Ho una, paattr of (he
nsrnpetat-BtrMt Baptist Charon. Brsoklye, K, T., t
lhaMJwmM aaa stsaawgwr, Olneteiaa, 0.,and sntaks
volames ta nver e Biat world-rewewned aMdWae, (U.
VissMK'SBMrxarM iTHtry ro Jwueean Tarraymt, ..
We we en adverttmeBtr tn ywur nmntr of Ma
fii"txi'l Boo-rtiH Bvarr. How W sever mid a word
In ftitnr or a patent ajiiioo before, in sur lire, but w
fewlt -itniiMi w wy to yeur readar that thlauno sua
bur1-! t Tiflr, ana iw rr to m .tu. n
cuiM.' li u prosily en or the nt (amnrul aedt
el net e the day. brauuM H Is on ef th knt. And tkoa
of your reader woe ar btMw oaat't d bet ton- than
lay las supply.". ee87;lydw
Summer Arrangement.
Summer Arrangement. Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
Por dneinnati, Bayton Indianapolii!
Throuiili to Indianaooli! wlthoat Change of Cars
. -A -
and but One Change oi w
. , Colutnbul an'd St. Louis, ...
Four Trains Daily from Columbus. ;
' ;; - FIRST TRAIN. '
.nnAMnr.iTinM mi. I a. at.. toppuiH
,i.7..iL.. fininmha. and Cincinnati aod Dayton, sr-
riving Tat Olaelnnl atlOOS a. PMo.
8 10 a.m., connootlri at Dayton for Indianapolis aao
in iveet. - - -
' -
.. I . ... . n .i.n.i...tljr.naa.
' no. I axi'KKsa at ii.ua. a,., ii ""v
London. Cbarleeton. 0darvllle, Xenla, Bprlnr Valiry,
Oorwln, Import. .rt Anetent. Morrow BI., J.
rostr, iisvaiane ana miiroro, Mnim, r;--7 -at
4.30 p. m.,Dayton.at. p. .,nntlrwtthth.
Ohio and aiieitilppl Ballroadfor LonUvlll, Ky.,
anne. Cairo, BU Louis. NewOrlean. to.! at Baywo
for IndlantpolU, Lafayette, lerre OauU, Chicago aad
all Weitern point. ., : .
MATT, at 0.10 p. m., (topping at all alatlon between
Columbus and Xenla, and at Spring Valley, Oorwln,
Morrow and lioveiaaa, arriving a. www ....
MflHI BXPBBBB, via Peyton, at M M aMnlght,
topping at London, Xenla, Dayton, Mlddletowe and
ll!nlltogn. arriving at Cincinnati at $M
Ion at 9.55 a. m. oonnottlng at Oinclnnatt witk (he
Ohio aod altilalppl Kallroad lor LonlevUl, BvanavUla,
Vinoenn, Cairo, Bt. Loul. Mamphla, MW OrUaek,
and all point South and Boatk-weeti aleo, at Dayloa
for Indlanpolli Laytto, Irr Haute, Chlcate, t.
Try lor furthr Information and Through Tlokett,
apply to M. L. DOHEATY, Ticket Agent, Union Depot,
Columbu. p;w.1TEAMB, '
. ffgnertl Ticket Agent, Clnclnnall,
' : Afeot, Oouunbes,
Superintendent, Cincinnati.
Columbus, July 14, 1861.
Steam Between Ireland and America.
. ,
Th following new and magnificent tnt-claas paddl-Whel
BtoaBuhlp oompoM th above 11m: -
ADKIATIO, J.888 ton burthen, . . Capt, i . Utxtt
(Vomierly of th Collins Lin.)
HIBBRNIA; 4,400 toni burthen, Capt. !f. Paowa.
COLUMBIA,"" ' 4.400 44 - . . ' . k. Laixca.
ANOLIA, ' '4,400 " " MtoHOUOW.
PAOiriO, S,oo " I. Buna..
PKINCK A1BBRT, (Sorew.) '
3,m " . J.WaUsa.
On of th above ihlpe will leav New York or Boiton
alternately vry Tueaday fortnight, for Oalway, oar
rylng tli government mall, touohlng at Bt. Johns,
N P.
Tbe Steamer of this line have bean cod, true ted with
th greataat ear, ander th tnpervtiion of th govm
ment, have water-tight oorapartmenls, and are unaxnl.
led foroomfort, nafety and fpeed by any l teamen afloat.
Thwy era commanded by abl and xperienod omeera,
and every exertion will bt mail .to promo t th ooa'ort
of jMsnnrer.
An;ezperienoed Bargeen attaobad to each ahlp.
Vlrtt-ela M. I. or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool 100
BMond-cl, " " .75
Pint-el, ) to Bt John's 35
Ihlrd-elaat, " - - t! to Oalway or Liverpool.
or any town in Inland, on a Railway, - - - JO
Thlrd-clau paanngen an liberally supplied with pro
visions of th bnt quality, cooked aad served by tb r
vant of th Company. -
Per tie wiahtng u nnd for their friend from th old
country ean obtain tloket from any town on a railway, la
Inland, or from tho principal cltle of Bngland and Scot
land, at very low rates.
- Paaengen for Mew York, arriving by thaBattoa
Steamer,, will be forwarded to Mew York free of enarg.
- Por paiaag ox further information, apply to
Wm. 11. WIOKHAH,
At th office of th Company, on th wharf, foot of
Oanal (treet, New Yrk. - - w- .
,aprlU0;d6m. . . , . -. .
An Effective, Safe and Eeonomioal
.x Compound,
To It original color without dyeing, and preventing
Hair from turning gray.
And ourlng It, when then la th lent partlsl of vltall
. or roupratlv tnergy nmainlng.
And all cutaneoue affections of ths Scalp.
Imparting to It an uneqaled gloea and brilliancy, making
lt soft and illky . In it tMtu.ro. and oaualug It to out
Tb great celebrity and Ine rearing demand for this un
qualra preparation, eonvlnoe tbe proprietor that on
trial I only neeaamry to tatbfy a diaoernlng public of It
taperior qualltie over any other praparation in ut. It
ieanie th bead and scalp from dandruff and other
sutaneoo din, eauiing th hair to grow luxuriantly
giving It a riob, toft, gloeiy and flexible appearance, and
a lo, when the hair is loownlng and thinning, it will glv
tnngth and vigor to th rooa and roe to re the growth to
hon part which have beoom bald, causing It to yield a
rwh covering of hair.
Then an hundred of ladle and gntlmea In Hew
York who have bad their hair restored by tb un of IhM
Invigorator, wha all other preparation hare tailed. L.
til ha In his poMouion letters Innumerable teatlfying
to th abov fact, from penon of th hlgneal rdwcla
bllity. It will effectually prevent th balr from turning
until th tateat period of 111; and In ease whore'th hair
ha already changed 1U color, th au of th Invigorator
will with cerUlnty rwtore it to it to It ong'nal hue, giv
ing It a dark, floaty appnrino. A a perfume tor th
toilet and a Hair JtoelonUv lt it particularly neem
aanded, having aa agreeable fragran; and th gnat ta
ellltie it afford in dreautg lb balr, which, wha aolM
with th Invigorator, nan b draend In any req wired
form so as toprenrv It plan,wbtbr plalnjorln anrls;
hno th gnat demand for it by th ladle a a atandard
toilttarttole which non ought to b wltboatt tb price
paces it within ths reach ( all, being . .
Only Twenty-live Cents : .. t'.
perbottl, to b had at all rerpectable Drnggiits and
.' ." .-' t T Psrfemers.- - w 4
L. MILLBB would sail the atlentlenof Parents and
Ouardlana to th an of hi Invlxontor. In can where
th children' hair Inollnes to b weak. Tb of tl
lay Ih foundation tot tgood Head of Xatr, ae It n
oves any imparl tie that may hav bnoow ennotd.
witb lb lealp, Um removal of which a neoeeaary both
for th health of tbe child, aad tb ftunpparanoe f
its Hair. v t ....-
Oatmoe. Hon genuine without th fao-rtmil LOTJlg
HILLBB being on th outer wrapper! also, I. MIL
LIB'S jBAia IHTiaOHATOft, X., blown U tb
''holeeale -Depot, ta.TJey giaaet, and sold by all ths
principal lUrokaea and Druggiit thnughoettbewwld
Liberal dleoount to bumhann by thqactiqr.
. . . . -. . f ,
I the derln te ptwnnt Ie tb American Pabiie my
htw ajtv tstnujOT n.rijrTAjrxous
which, after yean of soiantlfle experimenting, I nave
brought to perfection. 1 1 dye Black or Brown Inetaotly
wILhoutlnJnry to th Hair M BkuM warranted th beet
erttotonf lhkladlnaxkrtan.. r" '.
Depot, 66 Dey j 8t,. New'-York.
ects&dawly.',"', : ..'.. .Sm vt('
ABB'yNO "W" . O B1 B5 B I K I
itOOO ysrds Bnper t Ula Black Sllki at 1 OO-valt
at aepwpawv ' --t- - ' - - - -
t,500 yards Traveling Bnst'and KanH' A aod at
, If ! oent valu fO seals per yard, -.r.
8,000 yards Whit Brilliant at lll-t eent
valee 80 fenti pwjard. '.,7u i "
,000 yards Vine aadStssaitt Olnghsaa freaUy aa
dor value.
-ALSO;- , " t
LAROS AND desirable lots of
cbaud, tottlasi) muT
TXttvr andJFaaMonaetaltr Xhrawa GoodsJ
faihBsoet dttirabUstylM sad sA Very tewere Hrtwe,
iw i l, H - '. mi Hi l-.l M31
Or all aaterisl, Brad to th Boel styllib manner almrs
thsatut Paris Paihions-tbe ast ewgant Btylat'la
Ih city. .
. BAIH at aoift'.
may JO ; .He. Sou High stmt.

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