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TK A,lamaF.nraa CnmmnV dIaCCI Ul dally
under obligations to it for the very latest papers
iron we eastern cities.
The American Express Company baa onr
thanks for iti dally favors In the shape ot the
very latest eautern papers.
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
To the Union Democracy of Franklin County.
Notice is hereby given to the Union Democ
racy of Franklin county, - to meet on Fsjdat,
Annua 2d. between the hours of thru and six
o'clock, p. m., In the townships, and six and
iioht p. m , In the wards, at the usual places
of holding elections (excepting Norwich town
ship, which will be held at Sohoiiild's School
House, and the 4th ward at Gavin's room, and
the 1st ward at E. Bbllik's), to appoint del
egates to attend the County Convention, to
meet at theV -y Hall, in the City of Columbus,
on Satuidat, the 3d of Adooit, for the purpose
of appointing delegates to the State Convention
on the 7th of August, to nominate a State tick
t. .
. The following Is the number of delegates al
lotted to each ward, based upon the vote oast
for Supreme Judge in 1860, allowing one for
eaob fifty, and an additional delegate for each
fractional twenty-five votes so cast
1st Ward,
2d '.:
4th "
6th '
Montgomery Tp
Truro "
Prairie , "
Mifflin '
Norwich - .
Jefferson '
Jacksoo '
Sharon - . ''
Brown "
Wm. DomoAW,
. H. W. MiLLia,
Jons) M. Pooh,
J. RtlrlHARD,
R. PicKiaiL,
ii. a. Hion.
WM.Coona, .y.
J. Bolin, ,
Atix. THOMrsoN,
James Hoslookm,
County Central Committee.
1 Attmtio. Vcdettes No. 2. All persons
knowing themselves to be members of the "Co
Iambus Vedettes No.' 2," are hereby ordered to
appear at their Armory on Town street, at 8
o'clock on Monday evening next, July 29th, for
ah. Iu....lnn nf ImnAPtint hlllltnMII. ' .
IUV NlUSWfUUU " . w.j - - j
EJJ Ul ULI v. uv -
jiyg4-4t,.v, . . ... ;
D Major General Johk C. Fasmout visited
Camp Chase yesterday mornlcg. He vwaa re
ceived by officers and men with due honor, and
after having viewed the troops and their quar
ters, he returned to ,he city. After spending a
tm hnnr. it.h ftnvArnnr DcNNiaow at his resi
dence, beneral Fsimont and lady took their de
parture for the West.
Bor Soldi i Phohakoeo. Michail Bums,
a boy a few days paat thirteen years of age, who
had enlisted, without his father's knowledge or
consent, and was a fifer in Company G,' Captain
fl. TtasTiOi me iweniv lourm ivcgitueus un
at Camp Chase, was, on the application of his
lamer, rATnica cuhih, ui m uuuu.j,
terday discharged from the service by Judge
Alsirv, on haheat eorpui. ... ;"''"
D" Yesterday evening, we stepped inlo the
Grocery establishment of Wat. II. Restibaox,
106 South High street, beW 81 ate, and were
taken through the four stories of his building,
which are well filled with a large, choice and
admirably arranged stock ol every sort of goods
in this lino of business. Mr. Ristiiadx. has
been .fortunate in laying In a large assortment
of snch goods early In the season, at compara
tively moderate rates, which enables him to
furnish his customers with the best and the
cheapest at once.
ST The following named delegatos were
elected in the Fourth Ward to meet in Town
ship Convention this (Thursday) evening, July
25th, to nominate a candidate for Justice: John
Weaver, 0. P. Hines.S. Bacher, II.-Wilson,
F. Foroof, H. Wetzel and John Philips.
0,The Sixteenth Indiana Regiment, Col.
Hackiman, numbering 980 men, passed through
this city, yesterday, on their way, It was said,
to Washington. '.' '
Thk Fourteenth Regiment. This Regiment
oi three months' volunteers, under b com
mand of Col. Steadman, passed ' through this
city yesterday afternoon, on their return heme
from Western Virginia, their term of enlistment
having' expired. . They are principally from To
ledo and-the surrounding country.' ,J '
The officers and men of this regiment have
seen hard service; but hare borne themselves
nobly and gallantly . They have been ia several
skirmUhes,as at Pbilltppl, at Laurel Hil!,'Cheak
River,' and other places, and have had to under
go severe and protractedi marches over maun
tain.heifiran4 across' deep ravines and gorges,
encountering the chills of the mountain air at
nightahd the Intense heat of the sun by day.
Yet though their fades are tHnned and bronsed,
the men look hardy and robust.. 1' -The
Regiment comes baok " with." only loar
teen of its original number -missing five of
whom wer killed' They bring with them va
rlons trophies taken from 'the, secessionist, as
flags, sword, ate. Onlo has reason to be proud
of the brave boyg coinposlni" the fourteenth,
and of their effioient field hod company officers.
D" K writer In the ZAnesvilla Cearicr. advo
cates the establishment of a National Armory at
that polat.-V'r -. . :
Clothino Contacts. U," S. Qaartct Mat
ter DioamsoN, on the 23d lust., awarded con
traots for thirty thousand 'suits of army cloth
ing.'all to be manufactured in Clcoln&atl, and
delivered, within fifteen days. r . .:. v i
The fontraqts are with . ' . '
H. Hatik k Bros..... .lo.eoo gaits.
HtldelbAdh, SmoDfood 0..... ........ IOOuOi? "
BUvUarBntaan....... ........... 1,000
Oohra, Qalkmaa Oo...... 1,000 s ". ..
BstwMB aweral of tha Mmnufwlann..., , a.ooo ; "
r- ,'. , -i ' r . ' v t i . ii ii - ' t
ToUU......m... w.. ........ 30,000 SaiU.
The VmmtreM mentions that Mack Bros:
have contracted with the Columbus mills for
fity thouund yards of cloth for army overcpaU,
to be delivered at the rate of one thousand yards
..A... ' ' " J A
1 Iff ll I I I ' I MM-MM MM--W ll ; U
HT The Commissioners of Hamilton County
have fixed npod. the following rules aa '.the
amount of relief to be granted to the families
of volunteers, in the several cases namedi- . v
Wlftwlthoet ohlldrtn....... ....... il on avrfnk.
Wlf with on chlid ...... i as ,
wtfwUalsarUiNhildrtr 1 so
Wirt with t-ar rara htldrao. a -"
' Bapaadaal parenl-. ........... ICQ ; ,
Whta tba iMafifilly approtohlni Daas lUpnee! wm
the U UrkVorM it aritb. 'psInT iaTthe IkotUA
mmp wu saved. 14t aill frhe bare btsa , UJara IV
PtlMNMat SMOiwaoas t S)c(ua rt tbe' alarm, ail
save the eoMBnlty. rria's Diarans AuauTvs Is
rare aad salt. Vspot, Ml Wasblagto strest, Xev
Killed and Missing—Mr. Breckinridge.
Washington, July St. Information reached
here this morning that the Confederate piokets
extended to wnere Uen... rvier tormeriv en
eam'ned. in the neighborhood of Fall's Chnroh.
ine most serious apprehension is still telt for
lion, a urea iiy t ?- ' i a r ;i .i .
.. Msj'. Bldwell. of the 1st Miohigan Regiment,
who assumed the command of the regiment af
ter Col. Wilcox fell. Is bnsllv en.acad In gath
ering up his men. He estimates that 30 or 40
will oover the killed, and double that number
tne wounded In nls regiment.'
The business of the War Department to-day
is remarkablv heavv. TaleeraDhio, dispatches
heavily accumulate, the senders tendering troopa
In surprising nombers. 'Illinois, has offered 17,
and Indiana 10 reclments. . . Some of them have
already started, and others will be en route tomorrow.'-"
Ambolaoees, 'containing the wound
ed, oontinue to arrive. ' " "'
A Times dispatch says our loss and 'wounded
will not exceed 600, though the missing will be
three times that number. . ' . -
The surseon In charee of the hosDital at Cea-
tervllle, states that when he left there 'vaster-
day morning, the rebel piokat were within a
hundred rods of the village. There were 130
In the hospital when he retired;-'.' ;
Purine the fight the Rebels carried American,
flags to deceive our : men-.--The' rebels'- sharp
shooters also fired on tae vivandlers who were
earrvlce water to the wounded; .The rebels also
shot at the ambulances which were bringing off
the bounded . They also fired point blank at
the hospital buildings, and It Is said by some
that they fired the building.
senator Breckinridge visited the rebel oris.
oners at Fairfax Court Honse and Cen tervllle,
and does not, In his interviews with them.
oonoeal his. sympathies with , them and their
eause. . . t
The Tribune's dispatches say that Cant. Sey
mour, of Anderson's command in Sumter, was
aotively engaged yesterday in dlspoaing the ar
tillery in defensive works in Virginia to the best
advantage. i--t . .
bsverai freen regiments were posted in the In.
trenobmcBts, lying on their arms all bight, but
nothing was seen of the rebels, who have not
ventured beyond Centerville. ".v.Cv-j
It la reported to-day that the rebels evacu
ated Manassas and were moving towards Rich
mond. Towards noon large trains of baggage
wagons were seen going towards . Manassas
from the enemv'a lines, showing that thev
ware at that time preparing for t baokward
movement. ' ' .' ."'- ' -
The Intelligencer this mornine ", aava. wa
learn that two officers ia Ellsworth's Zouavea
arrived here last night, one of whom left
Centerville at 4 P. M., the other Fairfax Court
Honse at 1!) M. ' They both report that ap to
that time; at these respective points, no seces
slon forces had appeared, a, fact whloh would
seem sufficiently to Indicate that it is ao part of
their purpose to undertake anything like an ad
vance towards Washington. ,' Affairs wear a
mote cneertui aspect to-day. " '
Fresh troops are contlnuatlr arrlvlDir.'' Bae-
gage wagona and oommlssariat.' supplies seem
to oe as pientuui aa neretoiore, and altogether
there is a gathering up of army fragments.
' In the present confused oonditlon of affairs It
Is impossible to procure full lists of the -'killed
and wounded. There cannot be any offioial re
port giving the Information.' The names of
such, however, as can bs reliably ascertained,
are transmitted aa soon as received. '" '
Men ordered to Washington—The
69th Re-enlists for the War—Col.
Wilcox reported Killed.
[Herald's Dispatches.]
Washinoton, July 23. About 20.000 "men
have been ordered herefrom the different States.
to wnicn tne uovernort or several States pf
new ,ogiana and jnsw xorK respond nobly.
The President and Secretary -Seward visited
the fortifications on the Virginia aide to-day,
and were received by thejk&riant 69th with the
greatest enthusiasm . The President asked
them if they intended tore-enlist. Tney re
plied yes if the President desired. He an
nounced emphatically that he did, and wrote
thorn a letter complimenting them on their
brave and heroic conduct and expressing the
hope that the whole regiment would re-enlist.
This was received with cheers, and a determi
nation expressed to so In for the war and to
stand by the Government and flag forever. -
The barbarities practiced by the rebels at the
battle of Bull Run are unparalleled.' A private
in the 1st Connecticut Regiment found a wound
ed rebel lying in the sun, and be carried him
gently to the shade and gave him a drink from
ms canteen. 1 be rebel revived and deliberate
ly shot his benefactor; - Another Instance where
a number of our wounded had been placed to
gether in ths shade, wtror deliberately- fired
upoe, by the rebel cavalry . .'.
The Michigan regiments at one time march
ed up to the heaviest of the rebel batteries,
which bad been several tlmea ansuocesafullT
charged by the Now York Fire Zouaves.- They
were subjected to a terrible fire by artillery and
rifle. They, aa well at the Zouaves, were
without support, and after three ineffectual at
tempts were oompelled to abandon the effort to
take the battery in this case, v .:,
Col. Wilcox, whe was reported wounded and
taken prisoner, is reported killed. The total
number killed of the regiment is estimated at
40. . It is the general opinion of nearly all the
officers that the loss of the enemy was nearly
twice as great as ourBf . ....-,,.);'
Missouri Union Convention.
Jirriasoit Crrri July 23 --Th State Conven
tion passed a, resolution this morning by. 45 to
21, declaring the bflioa of the President of lbs
Convention, held by Gnerl Sterling Price at
tbe last session, Taoant. General Robert Wil
son, former Vioe President, was onanlmonalr
elected President.-: He Is a suuoch Union maa
A motion waa made to declare the offloe of
Daniel Keeler vacant, as he was elected as a
Union man at the late session of the Convention
and haareiuoe edited a secession papers.' iir w
Uriel Wright made a violent disunion sneeoh.
denouncing the .Administration 4s revolution
ary, despotic, and usurping unwarrantable pow
ers, ana aenoumoiDg tne union leaders In Mi.
Louis and tbe State." The matter was referred
to a committee of three. .U ' v"
A committee of . aeven was appointed,
vne irom caoa ioDgressionai Uistrlct, whose
dutyIt'1S"M "reporto"the" Convention
what action"' they' deem 1 It advisable to
take In the "present dlstraoted.. condition
of the State. The following gentlemen
were elected, au union mens la order from
the 1st to the 7th Congressional District -
Messrs Broadhead, Henderson t W, A. Hall,
w , r. Hail, w . vongias, Hendricks, and Bigg.
Adiourned till 3 o'clock r. u.
At the afternoon session Ex-Got, Stewart of
fered the following resolution - , ,
Rttohtd. That in the opinion of this Conven
tion the Executive Department of the State has
expatriated itself .
- lie spoke In favor of the Convention going to
work to fill the Taoanof.'" Referred to the com
mittee of seven appointed this morning.; ' ' '
,;! On motion the Convention adjourned until to
morrow momrng.' . r i.
JariasowCrrTiJ4y4 In the Convention
this morning, Mr. Waft Introduced a reeol.tlon
to the effect that any ehauge in th Executive
or Government of the State by (he present Con
vention would not 'oonduoen to. the .wellare.. oi
niiaaoun. ' i no resolution waa strongly debet
cd and finally referred to"th oommlttee of
seven chosen to report what action this Con
vention shall take. Had a rote been taken, it J
After some other unfmportantMfosWthe
convention aajourned tiu to-morrow mornlns-.
The Convention is waiting .for .the report of
me committee or seven, wmon representa ev
ery Congressional Oistriot of the State, be-
rore.Uking any .action. ; i wiUjepo to-morrow.
"" --'. 1
, ) The State Government m the Exeeatlvt De
partment will be re-organlisd it is thought, and
tne present inonmMnte removed." i -c ,
[Special to the Commercial Advertiser.]
. Wasmihoton, Jafy 84-The body f Colonel
Cameron of .thsTTSth, Regiment, and (Mother
pi najDeaeMrj.oLaraaaot neaa reoovat
ad by the messenger sent .to abtaln, Ii. . It is
reported that the bouse in wbioh it wae deposit,
ed waa burned, and it la faaaod that the body it
reduced to ashes Id tjis conflagration. 1
Kiw !Yor. July 2. PruanUxfuaera bav
goae to. Waahlogiqaio ,ttid.yi,1t,lcjrej1irjc ,i
to theGovemment. ' "f
A special dispatch isji the nomination of
voooeny tor Governor of New Mexico was rt-
jsvtva py sne penattt - .
From New Mexico.
; iNMPtHDENCE, Mo.', July 23-The Santa Fe
Mall and Qarton City Express arrived yesterday
with dates ta July 7tb from Santa Fee, and July
11th from Canon City. JJiulnesa Uj new Max
From Arisona we learn that the Palo Alto
mines are bains- worked very successfully, and
at a clearing up or a roetraa tne amount ot
quarts obtained waa very rich and of such a
character as to encourage the operators to more
diligent labor. "-.';
Granville very Is a candidate for tbe Con
federate Congress, from the Meesllla Valley.
Mews from Uacon Ulty unimportant.
Passengers by the stage were Hon. John S.
Watts, J. E.'Buro, of New York city, J. M.
Jackson, of Arizona, and Jack MoDonald, of
lbs Rocky Mountains..' !"..-.
Kama were more abundant man usual at tms
season. At the .base of the Rocky Mountains
and on the plains the roads were very bad, but,
notwithstanding, the s age oame in ahead of
time, aa it bas beretofo.-e done.' - - 1
The whole tribe of Kiowa Indians were west
of Pawnee Fork, about 60 miles on their road to
rort Wise to meet their agent and receive tbeir
pensions. They were friendly. . -
we are cretined to learn mat tne accident
whloh Mr. Andrew Stewart met with at Coun
cil Grove, la not of snob a serious nature aa was
at first anticipated, and that he will soon be
able to resume bis journey.' ".
: The proprietors of that line are beginning to
reap tbe reward of their energy and determined
purpose of carrying the malla and passengers
through to New Mexico and Pike's Peak in
double quiok time. ; v . r
Arrival of the Arabia.
New York. Julv 23. The . Arabia,
Liverpool on tbe 13th and Queenstown on the
itn inst , arrived this afternoon.
LlvxarooL. JulT 13 Advioee from Wan-
cheater are favorable. Market firm, but busi
ness checked in consequence of the firmness of
.Wakefield. Nash. & Co., and Richardson,
Spenoe & Co. report flour dull and American at
25s28s,k -Wheal dull and 2d51 lower for
red Western; 9s 6dtls for red Southern; lis
lls Cd for wbite. Corn quiet and lesa firm;
mixed 28s 6d29s; yellow .2929j 6d.
Weather unsettled and wet. 1 ' '
The same authorities report beef firmer and
fine qualities advanced 2s fid. Pork steady.
Bacon dull. Lard steady and more doing; sales
at 48s 6J50a. . Tallow dull at 47s 6d50s.
Tbe Brokers' Circular reports coflee quiet
and rice steady. ...
London Market. Barings Brothers' circular
reports wheat steady and firm. - Flour dull at
s.biOg'.fft oa. sugars firm and t)a signer, uot-
fee firm. Hioe auiet and unchanged., Common
Congo tea lldQie&d. . .
me aame circular reports an improved de
mand for U.S. 6's at 73. '"- '
Prinoe Napoleon and wife would nail from
Lisbon oo the 8th, for New York.
The Archbishop of Ferrara, Cardinal Val-
einilie, is likely to succeed in the Papal Chair
in caae or tbe rope'e death; . 1
Tbe Saltan of Turkey bas dismissed bis se
raglio and retains only one wife. '
Tne latest price of Illinois Central shares
was 3738 discount; Erie Sl22; New
York Central 6971.
Havaa Maarrt, July 11. Cotton quiet, but
firm, with more buyera than sellers.
- LivaarooL, July 14. Flonr .quiet. Wheat
firm, owing to wet weather. Corn firm at the
extreme orioes ol Friday. ' Provisions auiet.
London, July 13 -Consols olosed at 9090
for money, U4au for account.
'' ' -
Fort Kramit. July 23 TbePoney Express
passed. here at 11 o'clock p. m., on the aid,
with San Francisco dates up to tbe 10th. '
. Got. Nye entered on bis offioial duties aa
Governor of Nevada Territory, at Carson City
yesterday.. He made a speech and oreated a fa
vorable Impression. - 'i .
Intelligence received here by way of Los
Angelos, the 11th, from tbe vicinity ot the new
silver and tin mines in Southern Calilornla,
represents a state of society among tbe miners
aa bordering on savage lawlessness. '
At one camp In Holcomb Valley, a desperate
fight, in which eight or ten persons were wound
ed, is stated to have occurred. . The party of
secessionists which left Los Angelos and went
to the South, overland, not long since, in com.
pany with Gen. Johnston, had been beard from
on the Colorado, which they had crossed going
east. , - r- i i . -
Tbe names ft six or seven men, of some lit
tle prominence, have bean published as belong
ing to this party;, and it is presumed that not
many . more than .that number left, although
some accounts state that eight or. ten men start,
ed together.
" - '
An Important Movement at Old Point
Checked by the Bull Run Disaster.
movement from Old Point waa to have taken
place to-day, but has been deferred ia conse
quenoe of the sad and unfortunate newa from
Washington. r wu . ....:.!
. ' Out troops are impatient to avenge the dis
asters at Great Bethel and Bull Ran. -'
.The gnn boat Penguin, stationed at Newport
News, yesterday allowed a heavily laden schoon
er from Norfolk to pass up James River. 8he
was probably loaded with cannon, destined for
Kionmond,' Uniy aix shots were fired at her.
The Coaled eratea in the vicinity are allowed to
do quite as they please. i - ' ' .
Ammunition for the Seat of War—A
Gun Boat Engages a Rebel Battery.
Boston, July 24 200 tons of powder and
one. million '. ball . cartridges . ware sent from
Watertowav araenai yesterday for the aeat of
warv,,- i --.. j t t.i
A letter received from New Bedford States
that tbe gun boat Maasaohusstls had a two hours'
engagement on tbe tn, witb a rebel battery on
snip island, at the mouth ot tbe Mississippi,--The
ranee was too great for effectual service
Tbe Maaaachutetta was slightly damaged in the
i ."1 . tr-
Gun Boat Engages a Rebel Battery. From Missouri.
i aTM.ioiiis, juiy advioee irom, jortnern
Missouri art to this effect! Sunday mornior a
body of CoK Smith's MlssburtZpnaveswent to
Danville aad arrested four men who bad been
engaged in haosmir Colonel Sharp and Lieut.
Jaeger. 1 They took them to the outskirts of the
town and shot them. ' . ... . . ;
One. of them, Robert Jerriu, waa a lawyer.
and formerly editor of the Danville Herald.
Two) men, concerned In the same outrage, were
shot bear Mexico, In Brain oonnty, by a compa
ny ot cavalry under Cant Smith.' .
Four others esoaped on horseback. One of
those shot wak Capt. Cimary. - ';
1 A rebel at Mexico, named Meultric, reports
fully seven thousand troopa atatlonod at differ,
ent points north of the Missouri river.'' It Is re
ported that a .large body of rebels from south
east Missouri, are marching on Pilot Knob, the
southern terminus of the Iron Monntaln Rail
road, aBd that Colonel Bland, atatiened at that
point, baa sent bere for reinforcements.-''1
j' '-Mu.j u .. j: . v."l ttn
'WatRtNonoN, Jnly 23. It Is now well ascer
tained that the" killed will' fall short of one
thousand, v-. i r :; . v vo i .
Col. Erlstein. of the Pennsylvania 26th Reg
iment, returned to the battle-field about eleven
o clock Bdnday night and brought off si pieces
ef artillery, wbkh.be delivered to the command'
Ing offioerton the Potomac yesterday evening.
He reports that tbe field was clear and not an
enemy ia tight. - '
The. President and ' Becretrfy of War' are
rigorously at k wgrk - f eorganlalng , a. powerful
army. . .).: t-vk
Within the hat tlx honrs over- 6,000 fresh
men, with a number of batteriet of artillery,
have been aocepted. " ' " ' V . n.' '.-
" A nomber of reglmenta have arrived.- Every
day "win Drug immense retniorceeienw w the
. . . ... .
. Ten new regimental will be In Baltimore by
this evenlnri J .. - ? .. v. ...
The tesponae . from every quarter hu baeo
moai gratirymg and truly patriotic
1 Captain Tyler reoeived a letter this" morning
from Captain Gibson, of the Franklin Brigade,
dated : at Copterrllle, atkrag Jor tiorse-fodder,
irons wnton it appoara our troops art still there
V Balimom, Jitly SThaMassaonusetta' 6ih
Begimeat, aaabe iUlayofwe, hava re enlist'
ed. . !i
. Marshal' ltane Is re Wrtei as Ivlne- at the Fort
J.8UID, lever.. . -v . sti" r. r
UTTJ)iS aftornooo J)f. loll, of Prior George
COBOty, oaim wn arreoieu in rv aaOlDgsOBea ID
chars of uttering treaaoaable laacaaaa aaarhat
the Government. He would have been hang
by tbe mob bat for the aotlve Interference of
several Uuttea Btatea omoers.
Missouri Regiments Organizing for
Three Years.
Rt; fjiin.. Jul 23. A Scrlngfleld corres
pondent of tbe Democrat, nnder date of 20th,
writes aa follows) r
! Colonels Slgel and Solomon are reorganizing
their regiments for the three years' serrlce, re
ceiving many recruits from this vicinity.' The
entire force now here is over 8009, nearly all oj
whom will re-enllst for three years.
Gen. Sweenev. with a force of 1,200 men,
started to-day for Forsyth, on White River, in
Toneyeonnty. r .
The balance of Gen. Lion's command left
Camp Slgel, twelve miles northwest of here,
to-day, and will go Irlto camp at Little York,
ten miles west, on the Mount Vernon road.
Other offensive movements will be made next
week.. . "
' McCulloch Is still at Camp Walker, Ark.,
witb 5000 well armed troops. . Jackson is some
12 or 15 miles this side with 10,000 poorly arm
ed and undlsolpllned men.
' Forty-nine men from Carroll and Mason
counties, Avk , arrived here on Tburaday last
and enlisted for three years..
The Home Guards here have been relieved
of active duty, and . are now harvesting tbali
much complaint ia made at tba tardiness with
which onr troops are supplied with tbe necessa
ry stores and provisions- '':
List of the Wounded that have been
brought in.
Julv 23 The followina- wound
ed have been brought to tbe hospital at George
town: J.' B. Gllmore, 1st Minnesota;' Thomas
Dengman, 2d Michigan; Henry MoCullum, G.
waisen, J. mmmery, A. tiugby or Brlaby, W.
Ronre, C. C. Davis, Lieutenant Merldan, of
Wisooasln: O. S. Mavnard. H. Ginlev. C. A.
Garren, R. J. Simpson, William Fuller, L. M.
Preston, J. Warden, G. Maynard.G. D. Bay
bam, W. L. Llnch.S. M. Bond, Harvey MoDan
iel, Cornelius Scheyvin, W. B. Datcber and C.
A. Keys, of tbe 2d Wlsoonsiu; Lieutenant
Lovlan, nf Sherman's battery, painfully wound
ed in the foot. ' 1
Most of .the wounded are doing well. Also
In the hospital: M. L. Phelps, 2d Wisconsin;
E. B. Simonds, 1st Minnesota: William 8ieg-
ler, 1st Michigan; Thomas W. Connls and
Thomas Crestly, 2d Wis. ,,
Loss in Ohio Regiments—Gen. McClellan.
- iaa,
Washinoton. July 24. Ten' prisoners wars
brought in to-day. They were Georgians and
South Carolinians. ' -
Gen. MoClellan ia expected to morrow. '
Balls found on the battle field show mhel arms
of English manufacturer '
Some of ths light batteries and single pieces
of cannon are being sent in, among them the
rmea on ponnoers leit on me nsid.
lbs entire lose killed. wounded and misaina
In tbe Ohio First and Second Reglmenta Is re
ported to be forty. - -
Washinoton, July 23 Midnteht. Gen. TV
ler is in the oity to-night. He eays he knows
nothing about Federal troops throwing up In
i....k...,. -. i.i. . r r
Gen. Lee going to Lynchburg.
Baltimore Julv 23. A anaolal dl.nth in
the Tribune save letters have been raeaivait
from Richmond communicating Intelligence that
ueu. use i mat city on tne ltsih lnat , witb a
large force lor Ljnchburg, en bis way to inter
ceptGen. McClellan.
Fire Zouaves.
July 24 Tbe utmost excite
ment oontinuee to exist in Alexandria. Tbe
cttirens anticipate an advance of the- rebels
wunin nours. . .. r
But fifty pf Captain Leveridge's Fire Zou
aves, Company E, have returned out of ninety,
seven.- '.
It is asserted that there are no Federal
troops either at or south of Fairlax Court
House. -. )-..
NawsuarroRT, July 24 A vessel iust ar-
rivea reports oeing cnasea three noors on bat'
urday by a privateer, undoubtedly the Jeff. Da
via. ...
Fire Zouaves. [Special to the Post.]
Washinoton. Julv 24. It Is rumored tint I
utiei will occur between Burnett and Richardson
rnends are trying- to arrange the matter.
Gen. Wadsworth arrived from Fairfax Conrt
House, where he remained to care for the
wounded, and reports the rebel forces coming
on. . Our troops are only out as far as Bull's
Cross Roads . - . .
Large numbers of our scouts are out in all
. A slave escaped from the rebels says 90,000
ratiuoa were issued at manaseas on Bunday.
" -----wH.mi(s.kaa.lamBBiAmma-Hs
The Five Millions Loan.
New Yorx, July 24. The subscription list
of the five millionsdollars lean on 60 days Treas
ury cotoa at par, footed up early this morning
over mree millions oi dollars, it is supposed
that tbe entire amount would be taken before
the close or the day. The Assistant Treasurer
did not nrge tbe matter during tbe excitement
of yesleiday and the subscriptions since Mon
day at noon have nearly all been voluntarily
made. - - -
' Wabhinotom, July 24 A special dispatoh to
the TrlDone says the report that the rebels
shelled and burned Ludley Cburoh, used aa a
hospital by oar troops, is conflrmed, aa also the
fact that the wounded fonnd on the road were
bayoneted by the rebels.
The Five Millions Loan. Thirty-Seventh Congress--Extra Session.
. ; .-.... t Ble , , .
Uoont. Mr. Bllloti, from th wmmitt u Oom
meroe, reported a bill, which wa pd, authorising th
FreMnt, by and with th advte of th Senate, to ap
point oonml at any foreign port where be may doom It
advtoabla, for preventing piracy, at a (alary not aaned
tag 1 1. MX per annua, tbolr efno U eoaeawtien Istanal
Fao shall be rtord.- - -i. . . .
: Mr. Bwigwlek, from th eonmitte n Miral Affair,
reported a Mil aulhoriiog th appointment of an Aatlat
ant Secretary of th llavy, at a eatary of 83,000 par an
num. Famed. Alaw, Benat bill providing for aa In
rea ef th dlcal oorpe of th Bavy. Faand. '
. Mr. Blair, from th oommltto on MIIHary Affairs, r
ported Senate bill anthoriatng th FreMnt lo accept th
iwvlewtf 50S,00 volunteer. Faewdv - - - . .
'V. . ' ..
Cincinnati Market.
Th buoyant feeling whioh ha eharacterlaed. batioeea
amongatthgroor, during th kit week, naaoa
what inbeided. To-lay'a trad wa not heavy, and that
there ahould b omlhinf of a pan ta th Mtlv mor
mentof lb leading alaple 1 to b ipctd. Jobber
hav taken atook freely, and good mice hav beta mad
to outiid purchaser, to that th flret ffot of propoMd
modifications in th tariff ef augara, ten and coffee, baa,
In mo aeaiui,bn anticipated. Bugar ar quoted
at 748Xo for fair to primes coffee at 14X0BISK for
fairand prime) molaaiee at 313ia. Thefignrearap
reent the working oonditlon of th market In round
lot. Bom of tbe dealer, itrong In faith, hold at high
erflgu'ei. ....
FLOUB -Th trad IS, as during this long ffm pait,
eonftned lmot entirely to a regular oonaumptlv de
mand. Thbj varle but little, of oor, In amount Mi
week with another, and pile ar kept very iteady, not
wlthitandlug th fact that th stock U very light per
hp lighter than ever before at this aeuon Of th year.
Th demand rune upon th betl gradea aad kn them
relatively higher than th lew. W qao wparfln at
V ff extra, ot; lamiiy, som mi. . v
WH1AT Then hu been me demand for wheat
from abroad during the week, which ha eon trl bated a
little to theeupport of th merle there, aino our local
millers ar nearly all Idl, Te-day the market wa again
eaeter, particularly for now. eld being aoaro. New rod
wa quoted at 70c; old a 7S(80oi white nw at goo,
and old at 90c. ' Than I less activity ta prim Kentucky
whit than uauat at thia aeaaon of the year, front lata,
tor miller. Aalof It waa made today at OOs. ,
CORN Ho got to BSa aa a et ftgurS again. "
OATS Were in Urge receipt to-day, and will aot bring
vvwr .jo in duik.
, BARLEY Bas no market. '
BYB Sells oocMlooally at 40e, biit It Is In nry Uaft
d nquett. . T .
WHIBKY-pCommaniled 13 vy Madlly U-dey."' '
l. ,..'... . ,'it, 4 v l u Oommerofdl, ,
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, July 23, 1861.
"t LOUB8alt of SO bbl red doabl extra at $4 TIT it,
an 40 M family extra at S4 (0. .. . , .
WMAt UDobtngui; aeof I cars now at Wo, 4
aoarcoiuatw. an on troea. v,,,, i-..:tfwt
- OORHlaltat30o-no salts. ' -t
' OATS Quiet t a. - I
BlOaWlrtaSSabel 44 bbit 4 lq and 5S to (1
BUflB Pall at 81 niastarksf tssaaUstalL M that
BB1BD AFFLKS Bate f ii bblsat lo. ,
.1-1'; rr-i-t '-f.Mt-4 u I.s
Philadelphia Market.
tXOITB-Qutot; extra f.mlly at 80 M.
WHBAT-lo demand! rod, II IS; whit at 81 JO la
Mall for New York Oltr. Bottos, Albany, Buffalo,
Fittibnrgh, eteabenrlll way. Cleveland, Zaneivilla,
Newark. Qranvllle. Waehinaioa Oltr, HaIUuof. rkilit-
delphia and Mew Orleans, vloaa dally (Bunday xopt
ed) at 8 o'clock p. .
A turouih null for Mew York and Cleveland los
dalljKBundaya txcepUd) at o'olook p, an. .
o. u.av.a. way saaiicioa oaiiy (Banaaya w
septM) at 9 o'clock p.
Central Ohio War M
antral Ohio Way bail Closes dally (Sunday excepted)
at 10 o'clock a. m
Cincinnati Way Hall slose dally (Sondaya eioepUsd) at
o clock a. m.
Cbioaio. Dubnoaa. Delaware, Marion and Worthing-
ton alalia clow daily Sandays seeptod) at o'clock
, m. i
Mall for Xenia. BDrlnifield. Dayton, Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indlanapoli, Iutavlll, St. Loni, and Detroit,
clone dally (Hondayi excopted) at I o'clock p. m.-
A through null to Xenli, jprlnirfletd and Cincinnati
eloeea daily (Sundays axoapted) at 1U o'clock a. m.
Urbana, Piqua, Tiffin and UAon City mall oloaea dally
(Bnnday eioeptod) at 8 o'clock p. m. ..
Laoouter, IiOian, NaUonvIlle, Clroleville, Obllllcothe.
Porumonth, Waebington O. H., Athens, Marletla and
Billeboronih mall do dally (Hon day exoepted) at 8
o'clock p.m. . '
last Way Mall by National Boad to Zaneivlll eloses
dally (Bnnday excepted) at 14 o'olook aw
BarriibnrgU llail olose daily (Sundays (xotpted) at 3
o'olock p. u. ' ...
Mt. Vernon Mall, by way of Weitervlll and Sonbury,
loie daily (Sunday exoeptwl) atS o'lock n. m.
Dumin LI all clotes aaiiy(Bunaayi exoepuuja. o oi:
. m.-
Lanoaater Way Mall closes dally (Bundays excopted) at
'olook p. ia, - " . "V--
Malla from Mew Tork. Boeloa. PhlUderphla, Buffalo,
Albany, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenia,
Detroit. Bnrlnrneld. Cincinnati. CuillloOth. Bt. Loala,
and all Southern eitlo, arriv between th hour of 8
o'clock p. at. and 4 o'olock a. m.
Malls from Indianapolta, Chicago and Dubuque arriv
at 8:40 a. m.
Malla from Waeolnfrton City, Baltimore, Wheeling,
Kanervilla, Newark, Btenbanvill, Mt. Vernon, and th
0. O. B. E. Way Mall, arriv at IS o'clock m.
Way Mail from Cincinnati arriv at 3 o'clock p. m,
woeultr Mall arrive at B e'elook p
Bast Way Mail oxer th National Koaii arrtvasatll
Mt. Varnon Way Mall arrlTCs at 11:00 a. n. '
Mall from Dublin irriTaa at It a'elock
Crbaua Way Mall arrive at 0 o'clock p. m.
Barriibargh Mail arriv at 1 1 o'clock a. m .
Idtncaiier Way Mall arrives tYi o'otock m '
OUio dellverv ooea everv dav (except Bunday) from
7 o'clock a. n. to & o'clock p. m. Open oo gnndaye
from 7H to 8 o'clock ta th aaorolng, and from i to S
o'clock Id tb eveninf.
Rail Road Time Table.
LiTTiAt MuMl 0UJct Zawia B B
"loaves. Arrive'
Cincinnati tscommodatloa. 5:00 A. M. 9:10 P. M.
" . BiprtM.. 11:40 A.M. . ii:u3 a. ai.
Mall and AooommodaUon.. 0:10 P. M. i:00 t. M.
Might Bxpr via Day ton. 18:00 mtdalgbt.. Z.'M A. B.
, , Jro. W. Dohertt, Agent.
OoMmaus at Oukvrlahs B. B. ' .
Night Ixpreaa ,...S:40 A. M. 11:15 P.M.
Hew York Bxpn 11:10 A. M. 10:50 A. M.
0.0. fcO. Way Bxpr.... fcJO P.M. 7:80 P.M.
41 Jun Fattsrsox, Apnt.
Oxrnui. Ohio B. B. r
No. 3 Kxpreil. .......... 3:3)1, M. 11:81 A. M.
No. S do it: 15 P. M. - 11:43 A. M.
.... .. yf , 1. Jill, Agent.
PrrraiCRnt Oeumac la CwcuniATi B. B. . -
Mail Train J3"A.M. 112JA.M.
Ixpralraln .11:15 A.M. 8:45 P. M
-, Joa. Koaiaiox, Ageot.
Ootomos s IinAoroLm, B, B. -f K
No. 1 Exprcai 0:30 A. V. . 9:00 ?, M
No. 8 " 3:00 P. M. 8:45 P.M.
Aocommodatloa ' . ' 10:SO A. U.
0. W. Palm. Ajent.
' Wholesale and Ketall Denier in
So. S3 Fifth Btrest, :
Keep onstantly on hand all the va
'- ' rlona BHAKIM of
XrtajpoirtotdL Oleraxra.
Oct w iyd . " '
NSW STYLES Haln St Son, Mo.-81 Booth
Bigh atreet, have juat opened new atyle of Clotb Cia
Oklar. BAeuouia and BAOOjea, made In th neweet and
moot ityiitb. manner..- Also, Mnperb Plain
Black Sitka, very; heavy, dtilgned expreeily for
Mantilla and Baqulnes. - - laprilS
diitmtlng complaint as "
Mad by 0. B. SBYMOCB It 00., 107 Nassau Bt., N ..
Frio tl per boxi ot free by poet.
U buoukb, new tyle,jut opened by
Mo.tS Bon th High etreel.
Tho Public Works of Ohio.
' Orrira or Tna Lauaxs or rmt PnaLao Works,!
Oouiaaos, Juno.lJ, Itkil. ) .
TUB undersigned having bsoomd th Leeaees of th
Public Work of Ohio, under th aot of May 8. lettl,
and having entered Into the pcnoMion ot said Work,
hereby give notice thai la operatic g nndar aaid lea,
and discharging their dutle under th aame, th bui
ne will be triune tod with tb publto through agent
appointed by th Lease, nnder such rule, regulation,
restriction and limitations, as shall b prescribed for
their government. " ..
Those Agent for th present, will oonsist of on flea
cm! Agent, a Treasurer and Bcratary, for too Central
Office of the Lessee at Columbus; and th neceaaary
number of Superintendent of Repair and Collector of
Toll on th several Work embraced In th lease..
Th General Agent lhall ea the principal executlv
ofBoer of th Lessee, and shall have charg ot the gen
eral business olllo atOolumhu. He aha II hav super
vision over th business ot th Leasee with th public
and a anch agant shall xecute all contract, xoept
those for labor and materlala eonnaoted with th ordina
ry repair of the several Waits, and h shall audit and
settle all accounts.
. Th dutle of th Treasurer and Secretary shall b
such as are usually discharged by similar officers in other
Th Superintendent of Bepalr thsfl, on their ra-
speotiva dit islona, bar power to employ and diaeharg
all nboTdinatcs and laborers, and to purcbat alt tool
and materials ntotaaary in th ordinary repair of snch
division, and tb same shall be under their special di
rection and management.
The Oolleotos of Toll. Water Bant aad Fine, ar
Invested with all th authority and power, provided In
th law of th Stat and th renialtoae
9l th Board
of Public Work, mad for that purpose, when such Col
lector acted andtr appolntmtnt ana authority irom tbe
Stat. - ... wV.' ,L V
No Individual member of Iha. Lessee shall hav th
right to tranaatt business In th nam of th Leasee,
with any person or person, In any other manner than
through th appointed aawnta, antes peollly authoris
ed by lb Leawe so to do; aer thai! aay on of th ap
pointed aganl have autnority to transact any ouatneaa
In tba nun of tb Lessees, except in th particular
branea of th baalnes eonndod to him, and stvbjeot ta
the rostrlatlaaa and Umltationa of hi agency.. .
No authority to borrow money on th credit of th
Lessees, shall ever xlst m ny Lessee, Agent or othor
employe of tba Loess ss, unless ths saa saall b 000
f erred by a unanimous vote of th Lessees. at a regular
meeting, and th amount so authorised to be borrowed
epeoined In th order aoa entered oa ta toaraau ....
w. Af amy annv ts the . flanaral Avant of tha
Lessees, BanjAnia B. ,B"ith, Treasurer, and ionn
Jovcn, Becretery. "' ' - ' iJk - ' -
Th Superintend te ar Benairs ar . - t -
On the B.fcl Canal and W. At M. Boad Joaxm
Coorca, Tboha BaowK, Wa. J. jAcaaoa and A an am L.
Baokob. ;...., - r ; x. - '
On tho Ohio. Walhondlng and Hocking Canau and in
Muakingua Improvement Bobbut H,N
uoBW, TaosU
Mtuaa. lnn MoOaBTflv,
AtasaaAT and
Bdwabo Ball.
Th Collector 00 th Oanali, Muskingum Improva-
ment aad Mama Boad. ar tb asm thai were In th
serviee ef the Biat at th Urn of the tnalaa af th
Laj but all th afoiwaaid agsnte Bold their ippoint-
mnt at to pieara anuopuon 01 in ijessee.
KENT JABV18,' I ' "
TUOMAS brown,"-
fl 'J f: t
. ( H 1 .
of VJ Fubilo Worts. '
HOW A IX D & O O '. O .
Gnu Ar no. 3, bocth matt
Mtxaaalu oni new make e . " v ,
-.1 -AMERICAfl WATCHES, ; -:
mannfactnatd by' Bt- nOWABP h-46 BoMmt, Mas.
Tho Wateh re tar aoawrter to anything over ofarwd
to IboruMte. berto4ir. Bs-ing th omlualv agaaey,
I oa nail aaoa at prise le-swAtt th ua Jt hare iust
1 reea4rBalaa'toob bc:il-tx.i rni i.
' I i:,fiL .'MUi 1 v w . - J J.f-
BaanafaoinrM ay APruarutt, laagi, a 00 ( also, a
iMattortMutof - ".-'
In Gold and Silver Oases, at Panto prlots. .
- janJJ W. J. SATAflB.
An sxperlnoed Mure and leant Phyatolan, prooU
to th attention ( mother, hoc , -. ...
soothing syrup;
9 .
w ft..: :
which (really facilitate th pro of to thing, by soft.
ning tiui gum, reduoing all IntiunmaUop will
all InflammaUoB
i allay
ALL PA1M and ipaamodio action, and )
Depend avoa tt, aotlu-at. It will gtv revt to youraelvee
We hav out uu audio Id thi Article for over ten nan.
what we have saver been ahl to eevnT anv other Died I.
Anuai, xu arraux A UUB, when timely oacd. Mer
er did we know aa kutane oldlenliarMttoa by aay o
who used it. On th contrary, all ardell(htd with It
operation, and (peak In Urnu of oommendaUon of it
magical eDect and medical virtue. W apeak In thl
matter "WHAT WM DO KNOW;" attar ten yean) dxrx
almoat every Inttanc where the infant la anfiering from
pain and exhauatlon. relief will be round In fifteen or
twenty minute after theflyrup 1 administered.
Thia valuable preparation i to pnoorlntlon ef en of
Mewlngland, andbuboan tued with MBVBB IAIL
Itnotonly relieve UK child from pain, but taviior-
ate th tomaoh and bowel, orreota aoldlty, and rival
ton and merry to in wnol lyatcm. It will almoet Inl
tantly relievo f . . - -
emtLsa is tzx bowils, aid wind coiio
and overcome sonruuiont, which, If not apwdlly rem'
died, ena in araui. we believe it tne nasi and BUB'
B8T RMMMDT IM THM WORLD, In all caaei of DYg
arise from teething, or from any other oaue. W.
would aay to every mother who hue child rafferlng from
any of the foregoing oomplaint DO NOT LSI TODM
land between yoa and your aallerlng child, aad lb re
lief that will a 8URB yee. ABBOLDTBLY BUBM-Ho
follow tbeaa or UHenedictn, if timely and. fall di
rection for uing will aooompany oach bottl. Mop
enuln unleat th rae-almlle of vujtTAB St rBBKINBi
lew York, I on the outild wrapper. ' ' :
Bold by all Druggist throughout the world.
Principal Of rice, 13 Cedar Street nr. r.
. W. A. Batcholor! Hair Dyel
This splendid Hair Dye has as qual Inttantanaon la
effect Beaatlfhl Black ar Natural Brown no staining
the akin or Injuring tne bur rancaie tne aur an '
effect of Bad Dye, and Invigorate th hair tor Ut7
Bon ar genuine antes slgntd "W. A. Batehelor."
Bold everywhere.
Jyl2:wly . , ... 81 Barclay Btret,Mw Yon. -
Wm. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye!
Tne Original ani Best la the World!
All others an mar Imitation, and ahould be avoldtd
If you wlih toeaoap rtdicnl.
OKAY, BBD OB BUBTY BAIB Dyed Indantly to
beautiful and Natural Brown or Steak, Without Injury to
EalrorBUn. ' .:"-
awarded to Wm. A. BateheloT sines 1839, and ovor 80,09
application hav been mads to ths Hair of his patron
ef hi famous dye, . , -, - ,
or aot to bs distinguished from nature, and Is warranted
not to Injur In th lt, however long it may be eon tin
ned, and th ill affect of Bad Dye remedied; th Hair
Invigorated for Ufa by thi splendid Dye-
Sold in all eities and towns f th United State
Druggist and Fancy floods Dealers.
iLrTh Genuine hu the name and address upon a steel
pbtoongraviug on four tide ot each, bomvot WILLIAM
JylS wlv 81 Barclay tret. Mew York. :'
! , ' '.' : hbwabkohio,
Iflaaafaelarera at all klatole af fas
labia and Stationary Hteana Ea-..
i flnea, saw ItltUi, Urlat Will,
Vo. dec. ...
LANS A BODLEl Stattnl 47. t 1. JBZAXD YBtalenl
, A CO. Btaimllttl
a Oar Portable Eoarlne and Saw Kill
Wu awarded th Brat premium of B50 at th Indiana
State Fair for lNW over Lane ac Bod ley's on account ol
Price, lightness', simplicity,' economy' of fuel
1 and superior character of lumber sewed.
Our Stationary iDfloe was awarded at th sam Fait
th first premium of $200.
Onr Portable Bngtn was awarded th first premium ol
1W at th Fair at Mamphte. linn., over Blandy'a Da
vall's, Columbus Machine Co s., and Bradford At Co'a.
by a committee of practical Railroad Engineer-.. - -
For pries and term addrea .,-.
dec5-atwlyoolsN ... ., Newark, Ohio
' OF it .- :.'
Spring Summer ' Millinery.
" Trie Stoolt Kopleml sheet-
'PATT.Y:. ' V:';:'V
jj r r. "re if ' " ,
1! new YORK,.; ;
(I MT STOCK OF ' 't ti i
Spring & Summer Millinery
Is aow ooraplote, comp rlilng every variety of Mllln
ery; also, a Urge assortment ot Babrauterka,. Hosiery
and Notion. 4to., and fa .oan title and) price that nan'
aot fall to suit all who may favor as With S salt. The
goods hav been bought at Panic prloea, aad will b sold
at a small advance on cost. . vii U .;'-. y
' . (PI 34 i If M-rfMMjf . . : i t' . ' '
Mist M. E. YOUNG, late of New York C ity,
will" nperloteiid the Mnitssry BerartaMnL ' Bet toag
txperlsno la th molt PaiMotmbt Bstablbhmant In
Broadway wlUalonaba a warranty that sh will b abl
to giro satire aattsraetlea la attsr of hut 4 all who
myhw ho trtth thai t orders . J Vt. i . t :.'v
A th Udletaf 0lambaaana vanniry win paws ao-
eoptmy aincer thanks for their liberal patronage, and
I womd respectfully eoucrt oauaaanci laaaama.
;j it h. wahe;
' 61 Eaat Tewa 84 Celambas, O. "
Ohio i WMtej'. Salplnir SprLbga
raki-ias Dsaiata soajumko H,i aaatAaoa,iPAj aa
I . -' ACOW-IOe.VB) A BtBMVJBi UIW . .ssuii
lwts Center t. 0.,Blawar Co., Ohio,
aay S8;dlmo,
"They go Rigbt to the Spot.""
Instant Helief! ' Slop yonr Cough I
" , rarity yon Breath! ;; y',- , j: ,
Strengthen yonr Voice! '
' ARB '1.' ' .' -1
' ! good for singers.
- j, 1 ,:jC
Tbey relieve a Cough instantly. ' - -
The clear tbe Throat. '
Thej give atrenjrtb and voiume to tbe voice.
They impart a delicious aroma to tbe breath,
They are delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
' barm any one. . '.. ' . ' t ',';.
. 1
I adviM every ons who hu a Cough or a huaky Voice
r a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of th Throat, to get
package of my Throat Confections; they will relieve
yon hutantly, and yon will agree with m that thy
go right to th ipot." Yon will find them very neful
and pleamnt while traveling or attending pabllo meet
tup for atlUlof your Cough or allaying your thirst If
yon fry one package, I am safe In saying that you will L
var afterward! aomldtr them tnditpenjabl . ., ,
Yaa will find them at th Druggist and D talari la
I . - . . -. 5 f ; 2 - : ! r 1
- i . PBIOB
... . ...
j ' 7 r - -
My signature Is cn each package. All others are
counterfeit. - - . in . .
A package will b ant by null, prepaid, en receipt of ,
Thirty Cent. ..,.
Addret, 1 - ; -
Henry C. Spalding, ,
' 'j NO.. 48 CEDAE 8TBB1T,
.1 ' NEW YORK.
By th use of the Fill th periodic attacks of Str-
Boas or OicJt Etadach maybe, prevented; aud If takes
at the commencement ot anattaok immediate relief from '
pain and sickness will be obtained. .
They awldoa fall In removing th Jlantta and
wA to whloh females are so subject. , .
Thty aot gently npoa tb bows Is removing O0MI1
us. .
For LiUrary Xe. SudmU, Delicate femals
and alt person, of udmUtry labiU, tliay ar valua
u s LamaUv4, Improving tb apptUU, giving km .
9tt)r to th dlgeetira ergaoa, and restoring th oatur
elutlclty and strength of tb whol system.
TBI CBl'HALIO FILLS r th relt of tetig love
ligation and carefully oonducted experiments, having
teen In us many years, during which Urns they hav
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and soger
log from Headache, whether originating in the Mt-wmi
system OT from a deranged state of th ttcmaeh.
They ar entlrtly vegttabl In Shelr enmportUon, an
aay bs taken at all time with perfect safety without
making any sbangaot diet, and flrao of sw -
iiiagrtmiH lasts rmdtrt U eaty lo udminit'er lAm ,
The genuine hav tv signs tutea of Henry 0 Spalding
on each Box. - .
Sold by Draggtauaad. all other Dealer in Mcdiotn.
A Box will b nt by mall, prepaid, on. receipt of th
tPxrloOfTQS.OentB. -
All order abonld b addressed to
, t S Cedar Street, New VarM.-:
' j From th Bnmlnar, Ksrfolk, V. . S.
OephatleFIII acoompllsh tha object for which (bet
wsr mad, via.: Onr of headache in all It form. ., ;
From th Xxamlner, Norfolt, Ta. '".'.;"
They have bean tested In more thaa a thoumnd eases
with sntlr success. p -
j -, Frm the Democrat, 8U)loud, Minn. , ,7,',
If voa art. or hav bam. troubled with tb headache :
end for a bez, (Cephalio Fill,) o that yoa may hav
them In oas of an attack. , 1-. . ,
. From tb Advertiser, FrovUenoa, B. I.
Th Ceohallc Pill ar aald toba a rematkahly effeclive
remedy for th headache, and on of th very best for
that very frequent eomplatnt.whiea has am bean di
' From th Western B. B. Qaaatte,' Chicago, III. .V.. 1
W heartily aadort Mr. Bpanldlng,' aad hat warrraM ' '
Oaphallorill. .. . . - "'
'. From tb Kanawha Tall Star. Kanawha. Ta." '
W ar (art that person suffering with tb headache
who try thtnt, will stick to then. . . , . ,
From th Boatbarn Path Finder, rTw Orleans, La.
Try tliaml yoa that ar afflicted, and w ar sare that
your testimony can be added to tho already aumeron
List that ha received benefit thtlno ether tnedtctn tan.
produo. . T'l. ' .v '; .
! Frost (W Bt. Loak Daaoeral.
th lamens demand for th arttel Osphall Fill
I rapidly lnreasioV . ,M i t :l KJ
j From th Baattt, Davanyart. Iowa. w j
Mr. Svaldtnc would not oonnact hi nasaa with aa
Hole h did not bum to waassss real aMrit, - - .
ilj-i' ingte bottl' ot f SFALDIWa'B PB.PARIH:;3
wiu wuisavew nms iMoot aanuali..ij . Krr-i
' il ALDINQ8 fRCPAitED OlAE I 17. J
' SATB THB FIB0l , .....
BOONOMTr . f -eJM.., 1 . DISPATCHt (., (
-I JETA tarns as Tua Savws Ktaa.nQt
' Ataotrtdwnt wm happen, eve)' In well regnbitsd Iaa
file, tt I vary nestrabl to hav om eneap aud an
ventenl way tor repairing Furultura, Toys, Oraekory ,
aaMs all oh aer)ienere. anil as auus.uoui 00 an il
t without It. It aalway ready, aad Up t tb sU K ,
feu point,' '
B.--A Brash aooompaais tack boUISk '"
caste. . Addm. -..''- .
. CeJar StrNewVora. S '
M eefiafa a'mH'aetpreai pereone art attemrftna' i'1
wala utTn th nsuspetlDg puhlio, Imiuutons of m ' J
rltlPAaaO b)LCB, I wowld autton all Mroatoa '
Basins betor pnrshaelng. and see that th full nam.
Is th oalaid wrapper; all sUxrs art swUdliui saa '
(traits. ,

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