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(The (Mix Statesman
Tbe Adams Express Company places us dally
under obligation! to it for the very latest papers
Irotn toe eastern clues. : - v
The Amorloau Expreaa Compauy hai out
thanki for iti daily favors in the Bbape of the
very iaton eastern papers
For Jiulict of the Ptace,
LOCAL MATTERS. To the Union Democracy of Franklin County.
lira toaair.
Notice is hereby given to the Union Democ
racy of Franklin county, to meet on Fsidat,
Aooust 2d, between the houra of thru and six
o'clock, p. m., in the townships, and sis sod
iioht p. tn., in the wards, at the usual places
of holding elections (excepting Norwich town
ship, which will be held at Scho'ield's School
' House, and the 4th ward at Gavis's room, and
the 1st ward at E. Bellib's), to appoint del
egatea to attend the County Convention, to
meet at the City Uall, In the City of Columbus,
on Saturday, the 3d of August, for the purpose
of appointing delegates to the State Convention
on the 7ch of August, to nominate a State tick
et. i . .
The following is the number of delegates al
lotted to each ward, based upon the vote oast
for Supreme Judge in 1860, allowing one for
each fifty, and an additional delegate for eaob
fractional twenty-five votes so oaat:
1st Ward,
2d "
3d "
5th "
Montgomery Tp
Truro "
Prairie ' "
Clinton "
Pleasant "
Brown ".
Perry 1 "
Washington ,J''
. Madison
. ' 4-
Wm. DottlOAN,
John M. Pooh,
J. Rbinharo,
Sah'l Dotlc,
H. S. Hioh,
Wk. Cooper,
J. Bolin,
Alix. Thohhon,'
Jamis Horlocker,
County Central Committee.
Attention Vedettes No. 2. All persons
knowing themselves to be members of the "Co
lumbus Vedettes No. 2," are hereby ordered to
appear at their Armory on Town street, at 8'
ntfltiwtV'nn Mftndav pvonini- next. Jnlv 29th. for
the transaction of very Important business. ' .
By order of the Commandant.
Democratic Township Convention.
According to previous notice, the delegates
elected on the preceding evening from the sev
eral wards of the city and from the township oi
Montgomery, met in Convention at the City
Hall, on Tbursdayvening, July 25th, 1861, for
the purpose of nominating a candidate for Jus
tice or the Peace of said township, to ne votea
for at the election on Monday, August 5th, 1861.
The Convention was organized by calling J.
J. Rick lit to the chair, and appointing N.
Mauris, Secretary.
On motion of M. D. Lathrof, the Convention
proceeded to ballot for a candidate for Justloe
of the Peace. The result was as follows:
There were 42 ballots caet. Of these Jacoi
Kronenbitter resolved 27, and Christian Beetz
Jacob Khonenbittsr having received a major
Ity ol all the votes cast, was declared duly nomi
nated. , The Convention then adjourned.
ID" A gloom overspread our city j eater Jay
afternoon on the receipt of news through a
Washington paper, that six young men belong
ing to the Vedettes, whose names are given in
enotner column, naa oeen suiea at me name
of Brll'a Run. At two o'clock P. M , yester
day, R. S. McEwen and others telegraphed to
Captain Tbiuii to ascertain if the report was
true. At the hour of going to press last night,
ws had not learned that any answer had been
received. From other reports wbioh seem to
UUUtrautuii hum iu kuv vv rouiugwu yayvr, I
possible that the sad intelligence may turn 'out
to be incorreot.
' D" The Fifteenth Regiment, Col. O.) W.
Andrews, arrived in the city yeaterday morn-
Jog, from Western Virginia, tit Loveland.
This Regiment has been fortunate in having
lost but one man, and that from sickness. The
men showed the marks of having seen hard
service, though they appeared In good trim,
wnue marcning through our streets on their
way to Camp Chase, where they went to be
mustered out of the service, as their three
months' term has expired. . , V
m , ..
1 O The ceremony of laying the corner stone
f the Ohio Wealavan Kemala Collie, at Dala-
. , o -
(Ware, took place on Tuesday afternoon, July
23d. Speeches were made by Dr. Hum, of
.Ma t. T. T7. . -P A U TT! I.-
and Granville Moody, of Cincinnati.
IDT R. Kemnedt, near ths Postofilce, has for
sale the ' Rebellion Record, Harper's Weekly,
Vtnity Fair, eto , eto. The Ksbellion Record,
in the- double number-juBt Issued, has the ad
ansa or coward Everett, deitverea at tne
Academy of Muaio, New York, July 4, 1861.
Every Americu, and especially every Jouog
nan, should possess and read this address. ' :
' ' ' -J.. It fir,
"Our Coontrt Forever." We .have recslv
d from the publishers, Messrs Seltxer &,
Webster, music dealers of this city, a beantlf ul
iheet of music, entitled "Our Country For
ever," a national air with chorus, arranged for
the piano by Edmund Mattoon melody by
The words as well as the musio are patriotio
and adapted to the hour and the country's
need.. ' - ' :
, I ..: i.i in -'I 1
ICrDrvT. W,FoR8B, t)( Madison, county
is, by appointment, Drill-master of Cavalry at
Camp. Chase. ., Vi. ,, ,',.; . ,.m,5..
ST. Rev. Zachabiab Reoan, editor of a Re
publican paper, the Steubenvllle TrueAmtricm,
Is Chaplain of the Twenty-Fifth Regiment, at
Camp Chase.' He ranks as Captain; and -draws
the pay of a Captain of Cavalry, -,'-. . Vi :
07 Anangements bave beep made to protlde
EugliSb. rinestor UanK oomvanlea of regiments
to formed. f-
(O Gov-Dennison Is Informed that a bill bag
passed both Houses of Congress' providing for
the payment of the expenses of the nine Ohio
Regiments transferred td the Federal service
under orders of Gen. McClellaw In Western
I I l . , ... ' .
ST The Ttsnty-third Regiment, Col. Soak
von, lienl. CoI.Stanlet Matthews, left Camp
Chase yesterday morning, for Bellealr, ets the
Central Ohio, Railroad, , Their destination tIs
aid to be western Virginia, to relatoroe wea
Cox on the Kanawha. 'V.
ii in i in Miiiiiiiiwiiiiiiniw'"ninrn
The Atlantic Morthlt for Aooobt. We
hive only had time to glance over the pages of
this number of the Atlantioj bat we feel war
ranged In laying that the reader after perusing
It will, if he have any gennlne literary taste,
with that there was more of It. . He will desire
especially that there oould have been a redupll;
cation of such articles as "Trees In Assemble'
gee," and "Concerning Veal,' not suoh veal as Is
found In butchers' shambles, but thai literary,
logical and metaphysical veal which the soul Is
oftentimes compelled to feed upon for want of
the more solid and nutrltlvs beef,
"Agnes of Sorrento" (Mrs. Stowe's new sto
ry) is continued, and groira in.tnterest. Among
other articles in this number are ."Miss Lucia
da," a New England Tale "Flbrllls," an essay
on the fibrils, cotton, flax, eto j "Nat. Tor
wia'a Insurrection;" " Reminiscences of Stem.
tn A. Dovolas," a sketch of personal traits
and incidents in the life of the great Western
Orator and statesman, tolerably free from par
tisan prejudice; and "Mail-Clad Steamers,"
an essay recommending the employment of Iron,
plated steamers In the Government service.
"Where will the Rebellion Lsave us?" is a
question more easily put than answered. The
writer of this artlole thinks that the present
geographical limits of the United States will
remain unchanged, and the Union reconstruct
ed upon some suoh principle, applied In the se
ceded States, as has been acted upon In Western
Virginia in the attempt to put in operation a
new State Government.
An article on "Theodore Winthrop" who
fell at Great Bethel, concludes the series of
prose contributions In this number of the At
lactic '
There are several poems of no Inoonsiderable
merit, and the "Reviews and Literary Notices,"
thougl brief, are interesting. .- " ..
The Atlantip Is, published by Ticknor &
Folds, Boston, at $3 a .year, and sold by R.
Kennedy, Columbus, at 25 eents a number'
ST Six companies of the 27th Regiment are
now at Camp Chase. The Regiment, It is ex.
pected, will soon be lull. , r
ST Ohio, it is said, is to have for the war
thirty-three regiments of infantry,' seven batte
ries of artillery of six guns eaob, and twelve
companies of cavalry.
ST The Seventh Indiana Regiment, Colonel
Dohont, passed through Cincinnati, on Wed
nesday morning, on their return from Western
Virginia. ' '. ' ' ' ' -
, i .', , - ' '
6T There were at the State Arsenal in this
city on Wednesday night sixty thousand cart-
idges. : ,. :
Rail Road Time Table.
Liil Mum k Ooldhsoi It Xbha Bi R.
Leavei. Arrives
Olndmutl SooomaoJaUoD. 5:00 A. M. . 91U P. M.
. XzprtH 11:40 A. M. , ' 11:U3 A. M.
Hall and AccommodatUn.. :10 P. M.: 8:00 P. M,
Night KxpraM via Daylon.l8:00 midnight. 3:20 A. M.
. N , , p ( Jo. W. Dohutt, Agent.
Colonics fc Oi.ivii.aiip R. K.
Night Ixpreu. 3:40 A. M. ' 11:13 P. M.
Nw Torkxpreti 11:10 A.M . ' 10:50 A. M.
0.0. JtO. WSipreii.... 3:30 P. M.. 7:S0 P. M.
. 1 -y "JXkct Pirrntioii, Agent.
Okntral Ohio R B.
No. 3 Bzprau
. 3:30 A. M. 11 25 A. M.
, :15 P. tl. 11:45 A. M,
No- 3
S W. JPiil, AgtnU .
Pittibcroh, OoLomoi k Ci cinnati B.B. ' '
Hall Train- 3.30 A.M. .11:13 A.M.
EzpitH Train. ........... ....11:25 A. MV BMg,M.
Jo. RoaiincH, Agent.
No. 1 Exprtn S:30 A. M. S OU P. M
No.S 3:00 P.M. 8:45 P. M.
Accommodation 10:30 A.M.
0. W. Bmitb, Agtnt.
Mails for New fork Oltr. Bolton. Albanv. Buffalo,
PUUbargh, tteubenvillt way, Oloveland, ZaoutIIU,
Nowark. OranrtlU, Waihlniton Oltr. BalUmoro, Phlla-
dslphla and NewOrleani, cloio daily (Sundays except
ed) at 8 o'clock p. m. , t
A tbrongh mall for New York and Olereland cloiet
dally (Snndaye excepted) at So'elook p. tn.
0. 0. tc. 0. B. B. Way Mall oloiei dally (Sundays ex
cepted) at 9 o'olock p. m.
Central Ohio War Mall closes daily (Sandaie excepted)
at 10 o'olook a. n. - . r k s - . i
Olnolnnatl Way Mall dote dairy (Sunday excepted) at
o oiock a. m. -
Ohlcwo. Dubuaue. Delaware. Marlon and Wortblnr-
ton Mail olceea daily (Deuidays excepted) at 8 o'olock
. m.
Mall for Xenta. Sprinrfleld. Dayton, Toledo, Olncln-
DatL IndlanaDoli. Loulivill. St. Loot, and Detroit.
cloee dally (Sunday exotpted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
A through mall to Xenla, Bpringneld and Cincinnati
cloee dally (Sundaya excepted) at 10 o'clock a. m.
uroana, riqua, limn ana union uity man cioae aaiiy
iunday axoepted) at 8 o'olook p. i
ijaDcaiier, aiokbo. neieuBTHie umunnuii uuinioutuv.
Portemonth, Washington 0. H., Athena, Marietta and
Hllliboroupb. mail cloee daily (Sunday excepted) at 8
o'clock p. at. ..-..r,-' ,
But WavMall to VaUonal Boad to Zanearllle olosos
dally (Sunday excepted) at 19 o'clock m.
mrneourgo. Bell cloee daily (dunoay excepwuj atx
o'olock p. m. i- - i ( ,
: Mt. Vernon Man. by way of WesteirTlIeanl Sunbury,
loe dally (Sunday excepted) at 8 o'clock p.m.
i. m.
Laooaater Way Mall close dally (Sunday excepted) at
'clock p. m.. ... J ;.
Mall from New York. Boeton. Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Allmoy, Pltteborgh, Olereland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla,
Detroit, Springfield, Cincinnati, Cbilllootho, Bt. Loul.
and all Southern citiee, arrive between the hoar of S
o'clock p. at. and 4 o'olook a. m.
Maila froea IndianaDolla. Ohieaxo and Dubuqua arrlT
at 3:40 a, si. -
Mall from WMhlnrton Oltr. Baltimore. Wbeellnt,
taneirlll, Newark, BteubenTille, Mt. Vernon, and, the
. O. B. B. Way Mall, arrrr at 13 o'clock m.
Way Mall from Cincinnati arriree at 3 o'clock p. to.
lianouteiMaU arrive avS o'olook p.m.
Batt Way Mail aver lb National Boad arrive at 11
o 'deck a. .' r - j..... -
Mt. Vernon Way HatlantTM at 11:08 a. a. ,.
Mall from Dublin arrives at 18 o'clock m.
vUrbana Way Mall arrlree at 9 o'clock p.m.
iiirruoBign auu arnrea u At o cioexa. D. , ,
.ancaiter Wy Mall arrive at 12 o'clock m '
Office delivery open ererr da (eaceot Bundavl from
7 o'cloek a. m. 8 o'clock p. .' Open o Sunday
from 7X to 9 o'clock m the morning, and from 5 to 6
eWook In lha evening. V ', .
for all Throat and Lone Complaint,: betadng, with
moat perfect reeulte, Wuooruia Coosa, Onaomo am
Oohhor Ooceae, Bronchial and Throat OoKTLAtirn,
always forerunner of Consumption. A a BooratM
Sraor It hu no tuperlor. Freed from all Opiate or
ameuc propemee, may be a lee ay moil oeiicat coniti;
tattoni, and with perfeot eonfldence. '
HUNNEWELL'S w ' v T 1 '
Taa OMATwr Htnait Onn ever offered to She
world, eoatalnlnf not a paroeia of Opiaun, nor any nb
tanee bat It atriotly veretaol and nod tod nimertiea.
A Retaedy for MitmAMiA, lUnosUTm, Goo,
Xoora Am Da Rem, Oatarri, Kota e 11 r Isvbr,
and all minor norven uompuvnie. .
Vor Loa or Butxr, and Headache m ail it Tarletiea,
It ha no equal, and. to wuicn noet nnaonotea teetmonl
! are offered. , v i S -J
Warn. DnniuM TRinN It li a moet perftet remedy.
foa Bowb. CoRrtiWT, after rmrn(t the pein It ao4
a a pnyaio, a met unporwat wuw eue u vmugmr
tni efrBte ot mnum. ' - -
. n PhnioUn. formnlaa and Trial Bottles will !b mt
sad to Dealer or Invalid a detcrlpUT pamphlet without
"ptar-tatnp.7 i 1 1 "f'lAnn i s( .iiT'.a
Prepared under the special wpervtiton of
chemist and Marvaceuiih,
V. 1 To sCoamereUl Wharf, Boston,' Krss-
; To whom plea dlreot all eoausnglcatlons,' '
' frlcee lrretoonth Kemedy, !H cints per MttU.'
M Small " M -
lit ' me juoaynck i v u
For nl bytbenu
jrholenle and retail dealers,
Buynwly t ' Agent for Oolambn, Ohio.
WAWTID lO.WOOO Caetomw to errs Card Photo
rraphasmeefaU Imgtli or imnlo-,kt. at M.
Wltri liuoArtPhotogmpheallary.4 dooralorth.of
tne America Atomi, uoitusoa, unio.
Col. Cameron's Body Found—No more
Offensive Operations before Fall.
; Washinotow, July SI. It Is untrue that our
troops have returned to (airtax Uoort nouse.
Oar pickets only extend two miles beyond Alex
andria. - ' '
It is stated that the party to bring in Colonel
Cameron's body bave found it; bat they have
not yet returned. '
The Herald's Washlotton dispatch says the
ront of the memorable 91st ha virtually thrown
the Government back on to the defenses ooou-
Dled three months aero.- No more offensive op
erations from this olty need be expected before
(all. The severe lesson of Sunday has Induced
the President and the members of the Cabinet
to entrust Gen. Scott hereafter with the abso
lute control of military matters. ' ' ' '
The Secretary of War baa accepted a regi
ment of cavalry raised in St. Louis. Tbev will
be mustered into servloe August 1st. -
AU letters accepting regimente, written since
the battle of Ball's Run, contain the following
language: "Your regiment is accepted with the
distinct nnderetandiog that this Department
will revoke the commissions of all officers who
may not prove competent ior command."
From Louisville.
Louisville, July 24. A speoial . dispatch to
the Memphis Ar jus, from Richmond 32d. says
Beauregard commanded on the right at Manas
sas and Johnston on the left. T .
Sherman's battery Is oaotured. Beauregard's
horse was shot from under him. -
General Barlow, of Georgia, and Bee, of South
Caroline, are dead. . ...
The Lynchburg regiments are cut to pieces.
The Argus editorially says Governor Jackson
recently addressed a number of Mlsaoorians,
who are now forming Into a regiment near that
olty, and who are being equipped rapidly to re-
tarn to mat city.
Louisville. July 25. A speoial to the Cou
rier, dated Lynohbnrg, July S3, says the rebels
captured sixty-three oannoo, 25,000 stand of
arms, 1200 horses and all the stores and provis
ions, valued at sji,uuu,uuu. a baggy and
epaulettes marked Gen. Scott was captured.
The rebel loss Is reported to be 250 killed , and
1,000 wounded. The 4th Alabama Regiment
suffered severely, as did Wade Hampton's Le
gion. Another dispatch says the Confederate loss is
2,000, and the Federals 15,000 killed. The
number of wounded and taken prisoners Is not
known. Two members ol Congress are taken
The Journal says a Kenlucklan, escaped from
Peneacola and arrived here, save there are onlv
5,000 men before Fort Pickens and that they
are miserably lea ana ciotnede receiving do pay
ilnoe March. Large numbers bave died of ty
phoid fever, and there have been many deser
tions. Almost the entire force were disgusted
and wonld return home If they could.
The camp of State Guard at Mulbrough's
Hill, was abandoned yeaterday and arms re
turned to this eity. Also the camp of State
Guard at Cynthlana.
The 26th Indiana Regiment, at New Albanv.
Is now full, and the officer has arrived to mus
ter the troops into servioe. ,
Gov. Jackson, of Missouri, made a speech at
Memphis, wherein he said 400,000 troops could
readily be ralaed to do battle for the South if
they oould get arms.
tie bad left a,UUU or 3U,0U0 men under Ben.
McCullooh and Prioe who. armed, had marched
on Springfield the day of his departure with a
view of attacking Slgel's force. By this time
we attacK nas aouDtieis oeen made. The Uov-
ernor is quite sanguine ol relieving lie- State
from Lincoln's despotism, but desired tbe co
operation of Tennessee and other Southern
States by way of expediting tbs matter.
Kentucky deserters from Camp Uoone, In
Tennessee, say they were required to take oath
to snpport tbe Constitution ot the Confederacy
and to serve three years, and invade Kentucky
any time the presiding officers, should see prop
er. , i , , i ... . -: .r i :
Tbe large Government building wilb.ltbe naw
yard Inclosure, has beenburned.
From Louisville. Col. Corcoran's Body in Richmond.
[Times Dispatch.]
Washington, July 24 A letter received In
Washington to-day from Richmond says the
mortality among the rebels was greater than
en our side. It is now asserted that our loss
will not exceed eight hundred.
- Col. Corcoran is reported dead and his bodv
in Riohmond. "
The West Point batterr Is badlv cut uo. It
lost all its oalseon and equipments, five pieces
and forty horses. Five men were killed and
seven wounded. All the guus were thoroughly
disabled before they were abandoned.
Ihe Arret battery, formerly Sherman's.
was brought off without aov loss of oonaeauence.
Tbe Seymour battery was all saved excent
one du-pounaer riaea gun that was thrown oil
nn . . . - . f
toe oriage ana lost.
The following are the casualties: la the
2d Michigan Regiment, killed, nonei wounded,
Henry Koltlger, Company H, in the side; Mat
Woolenwicker, Company G, dangerously in tbe
siae; wm. marcs, iompaoy a, and a skirmish
er shot In the leg.
Col. Terrell, of Kentucky, serving in Schenck's
Staff, was not killed as reported; his horse was
BDonrom under Dim, and he suffered a severe
oontruEion of the hip.
Washington, July 24. 1 have reliable in
formation that the regiments thai were the most
demoralised In the Suoday fight will be disband
ed or reorganised so as to give them efficient
officers. ... ,.. .-
' -
Spies Arrested.
Alexandria. July 24. A vonng'man named
John Bradley, studying for the ministry, son of
a weaitny oiuxen, and UoiamDus Bradley were
arrested this evening by the Provost Marshal,
as spies, for taking Information to Manassas.
The evidence against them is almost positive.
Burnett and Richardson.
Washington. Jul 24. Th altaraaLion In tlia
House to day, between Representatives Richard
son and Burnett has led to conference between
friends of the parties, with a view of the amica
ble adjustment of the diffioulty.t
Gen. Johnston's Forces.
Harper's Ferrv, July 25. Gen. John ion's
force was 42,000 men before bis marob to Ma
nassas; composed oi Infantry, artillery and cav
alry. ., , ... ,.,... . .. , .-
tvolonel btewsrd's cavalry went to Berryville
to observe the movement of General Patterson's
column. Tbereator the cavalry went with Gen.
Jobuston. They had, at Winchester, 67 piece
of artillery. ,
Uenerai Wise has been recalled, it was said.
with his troops from Western Virginia. Gen.
Beauregard did it tn opposition to Geo. Lee's ad
vioe. - ' 1 - ' ' " ' : i
Gen. Johnston's Forces. Enthusiastic Reception of Gen. McClellan
at Pittsburgh.
PiTTSsonaH, July 24.- Gen. MaClellan arriv
ed to-night amidst tbe firing of oannon, fire
works and other demonstrations. '
An Immense oonconree met him at the depot,
and he waa escorted bv the military, firemen
and oitlsens to the Mononirabela House, and In
troduced to tbe populace by Judge Shannon,
when j he made a felicitous acknowledgment
which waa received with enthusiastic plaudits.
p will leave In tbe ill o'clock: train eastward.
[Special to the Tribune.]
Washinotos, July 34. Caleb Lyon preaeated
to Mrs. Lincoln last evening;, a finely wrought
silk flair, captured by the Zauaves from a Louis
iana Regiment. Tbe flag was 6 er 7 feet long,
and In the union had aa embroidered cotton bale,
with tbe name of tbe Regiment Tennesse
[World's Special.]
; Prof. Lowe made a balloon reoonnelseanoe to
day sear Fall's Church, and reports that tbe
enemy are largely encamped between rairrax
and Centrevllle. In oomlnct down he landed be
tween the enemy's pickets and ours, and came
near oeiog caognt.
Other rebel prisoners wers brought in to-day,
among mem is uoi. riartiett, ot tbe ain Missi'
GioaovrowNt July S-l.-A telegram hat been
reoeivea,' eayiog tear uoionel Corcoran is 1
prisoner laoassas and slightly wounded. '
,ci.;i 1, 1 . 1 1 11 ' 'i 1
The Five Million Loan.
' Boston, Jul; 25. Tbe olroular from Seore
Urv Chase, asking a loan of 5.000.000 from
the Boston banks top sixty days, at tlx per eeas.
tuterset, la being readily responded to 1 Yester
day several ef the banks tobsoribed som $150,
000 each, while ths others concuf,
Foreign News by the Arabia.
lathe House of Lords on the 11th. Lord
Palmerston denied tbe rumor that tbe English
Mioitter at Vienna bad recommended the tn-
peror of Austria not to receive tbe address of
the Hungarian Diet, unless it recognised his
Sovereignty as tbe King Qi Hungary.
r la the House of Lords on the 12(b, tbe Duke
of NewoaBtle said that no information bad been
received respecting tbe operations of tbe Mor
rill tariff, recently enforced, In reference to
goods shipped to Portland for Canada.
The London Ubronloie says that bora cigin
Is spoken of as tbe successor of Lord Herbert
as Secretary of War.
i no London jMewe ouoiisues an auoress oy
the Sunday Reform Union, proposing a national
reform movement. . .
A foreign nobleman, named Baron de Videl,
well known to London society, had created con
siderable sensation by attempting to murder
bis son by beating falm on the head as they
were passing along a qolet lane near London.
Tbe son Is nearly of age, and report says on
reaching twenty-one he is entitled to a large
lortuoe. which tbe Baron is onaoie to pay.
The Baron made , bis escape to Paris, but is
said to bave been arrested, although there were
difficulties about delivering blm to the English
Minorities.' . -.,
The bids for the new 4,000,000 Indian loan
were opened on tbe 12th. Tbe aggregate bids
reached 21,000,000 sterling. Tbe minimum
was fixed at 98, and it was supposed that the
whole loan would be placed at considerably over
that sum. !:'
Rothschild did not bid for a largo, amount at
98 and would get nothing. . .
r ranoe is said to bave sent another note to
Switzerland, asserting the right of French sov
ereignty over tbe Valley of Dappen, bat declin
ing to eater into any further discussion of the
subject. ' - - "
ihe raris journals generally applaud tbe km
peror's letter relative to tbe lotroiiuoiion of free
laborers into the French colonies.
Tbe Paris Steele, in tbe course of Its re
marks, says by advocating tbe processes which
lead to liberty, against those which directly or
Indirectly favor slavery, it very clearly shows
tne sympathies ot the trench government in
the conflict which now rages In the American
union. ...... ,. v
It is asserted that the Dutoh Government
bad resolved to recognize the Kingdom of Italy. 1
oteps nave been taken lor nutting tbe Van-'
Ish army, except the artillery, on a peace foot-
Humors bad been current that ' Uenmark
had Issued a circular note, announcing that
it had no intention to Incorporate Schleswig
wiia Dinmark, but an official denial is pub
lished. Tbe commercial pressure In Russia continues.
Tbe National Bank has raised its rate of dis
count to seven per cent. Orders have been
given for tbe Issue of small silver and copper
money to a large amooot. wold is not obtain
able. Acoounts from tbe Interior show that
there are continued disturbances.
Tbe Sultan of Turkey bad Inaugurated a
most wonderful reform, having abolished the
harem completely, he having had always only
one wife, as in Christian nations. He also or
dered that the jewels and valuables of the late
Sultan be sold, in order to raise a fund for the,
payment of his personal liabilities. . .
Accounts lrom tbe famine districts In China
have Improved. Copious rains bad fallen.
uveriand advices of May lltb, report that the
natives are preparing for. new hostilities, and a
general native insurrection waa anticipated.
, it is reported that Geo. Cialdinl bad been ep
pointed Lieutenant of the King at Naples. .,
' Fortress Monroe, July 24. Important ic
connolssanoes are taking place to day, of wlili h
I shall say more to morrow.
Michigan Troops.
'Detroit, July 25. Colonel Stockton. of. tbla
State, has authority from tbe War Department
to raise an Independent regiment ior the war.
Three regimente partly organized, the officers
of which are now in camp of instruction, it is
expected will be put op a war footing at once.
The First Michigan ' Regiment, composed of
three months' volunteers, wilt return borne to
be re organized for three years. -( -' "
Michigan Troops. Thirty-Seventh Congress--Extra Session.
. .. , .. UOU.r t 4
giNATt. The Joint reeolntlon to approro or the act
of the President wa postponed until g rldayr "
The bill for the better organisation or tbe military waa
returned from the Houie with an amendment a a eubati
lute. The Senate refuted to concur in the amendment.
The bill to promote the efficiency of the army wm die
cuned el leoith.
The bill providing for the pejment of the government
ponce oi Baltimore puintt. , AUJournea. ,
Hooii. The bill to appropriate 1,300 S0O le build an
iron or ateei-olad (hip or btttery waa paaeed.
- Mr. Burnett, ol Kentucky, and Mr. Klchardaon, ot
Illlnoi, btda pereonal alteraatioa daring a debate on
the bill appropriating 91,(100,000 to pay the O. 8. pi lie
at. Baltimore, iue out wa pueea.
New York Market.
New York Market. NEW YORK, July 24.
FLOUR Hoary and So lower. The export demand ia
materially checked by the advance In fielghla, while the
home trad refute to buy more than ufflclent to aupply
their Immediate demand Bale ot 10,500 barrel at
(4 for superfine state 15(3)4 35 for extratute; 3,800
do at l for superfine weatero, and $4 1094 40 for
common to medium extra weeiem; (4 6034 OS for ahip
plng brand extra round hoop Ohio; t) 058 10 for
trade oranut 00., tne manat doling neavy, wun down
ward tendency. Canadian Bourdull, and common grade
rule heavy. Balea 750 barrel l S3 70 3 80 for u per
fine, and 4 1097 for common to choice extra.
Ill f LOUR firmer. Bales 300 barren at Ml 41KS
3 90. ...,...
CORN URAIr-Rnle onlet.; Biles 100 barrels calorie
at SS 9S. ':
WttldRY-Acuv an orm. sales i,3iu barrel at
ASHES Steady. Sale 75 barrels at H S3 for Pot.
and S3 0SH5 75 for Pearl. -
COTTON OonUnuee onlet and Arm. Withimil sale
at 15c tor middling Upland. ,
wttJtAi openea quit arm, wun a aught upward
tendency; but an advance In freighta materially checked
the demand, and the market cloetd heavy. Sdet of
85,000 boebela Chicago spring at 7593c; 13,000 bruhel
north-WMtern elub at eOlo 18,000 buhel luoln
spring at 0w598o; 8,000 buahel fireen Bay spring at
oc4.$ 1( 90,ooo buahel Milwaukee club at 5&9So; 18,
800 buahel eoft do at StitfWlo; 18,500 bushel Amber
Iowamt 1 00X1 01; 6,500 buahel winter red weit
ern at (1 11 15; S .000 bushels whit western at (1 SO
l; 500 ImsbeUwbit Michigan at SjliT, 2,800 buah
whit CallfornU en private terms. .
KXli Kule in lavor of barer, with sales of 7.000
bushel at 4lio for western, and O&SGTo for North Hirer.
V A KLAi 1 is quiet ana nnanangea.
COM Market opened quit Arm and closed aulet:
price are without any decided oaaags. Sale of 114,000
bubals at 40348)40 for common to prim new mixed
western, and 4dc for wanarn yellow.
VAXB Are quiet at sawso. ior Canada. andX.'X3lc
for it.teand weitern.
POKK Heavy, with only a moderate demand. Balee
of BOO bbla at 15 Si515 37 for meai, oloatng with teller
t13 18Hn10forprlm.' . " i .'. 4..
gssr-umt moreacuv and traa man. 1 sal
ol 8 500 bbls, chiefly extra me, at full previous prtooa
144 St for eoaotry prime; SAV3 30 00 an try mew;
S10 3U lorrepackea meeei viwaosil w for extra
ees. Prime men beer eenttnuee anil ana nemlnai,- -BSE?
BaHS Hal quiet; sale of 75 bbls western
at 15o
CUT HI ATB Continue Inactive; saws of 30 hhd dry-
aahed ahouldeta at 4Xc. The rang I 4(35o for
shenlder; Swoo for haau.
BACON Dull and nominal. '
LAUD I quiat and firm: sales ot 350 package at
80c. - .v . u . ..
BUTTXR Is selling at 7lowo for Ohio; SAlSXc
for state. . . . .. . '.11, . ..
. CHKBeE-gteady at 37c, as In quality.
'OOFfXE Pending auction sale of Santo announced
foe to morrow th demand continue limited, but the
market still rule very firm. W hare only to notice
aale of 7(10 bag of Bio at l'2XHo. , x . ,
iue uenmiBi quiet ana uncnangta; sail 1 or so tcs
at 6xo, as In quality.
BUOAH Raw I very strong and th demand Is mora
active; sale of 1,400 hhd Cuba at 45;(o OS bhda
Porto Bieo at OU(37c: 130 bhda Alelado ea private
terms; 850 boxes Havana at ,'ifXci and by aactien 80
hhdi New Orleani at 4(B6c. . .!.
MOLAShEb Quiet and steady,' sales-of 40 bhd Porto
Blcoat 87(wy. ..-. .
TALLOW There stilt oontlnaes to be a good buii:
dolnr. and tbe market la llrmert aale of 05,000 oonnda
at 80 for western; Sis 14c for Ohio .and, 8aVo or
pnmecuy. r, , , lt , ,A. lt
1 1 11 111
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, July 24, 1861.
FLOUIt-Sales'of 100 bbU red wheat double extra at
tSTJfY"' - ' " 1 ' ' ' " ' ' -
WBU AT Pull; aale of 3 ears red on track at OOo; 1
oar whits on track at ft; and ovu busneii uo irom store
as o. ' '
OORNSal cl 1 cat prime yellow at 31c en track! I
OATS Quiet at 2So.o i i . M ft AlK
HIGH WINKS Bale of 100 bbli at 14c. ,.vni
BUTIBB DullattlS9c ' i -.'t
KGQ8 Dull at 80.
OHEKSaV-Very irregular: le are aaaklnfl lnanail
lote. They range from S to 7o, ccording to quality
' URTKD APPLiR Hal of 15 bbl at 3o.
1 ..' ' at?w.
Cincinnati Market.
The Grocer Ufd fair Molamee, Segar. Vid
Oorlee, to-day, at roll' prices. Th aale wer wail t
vlded In lot, and civ evidence thai bare re than salt
freely th eeatimapt of holders a to th fatal Mara
of the market.
Produce of all kind I very sluggish and dull, though
v"1' "' ""
not riibed upon the market much .beyond Ita current
warn. - K i m m m r -VLOCBr-Bemaln
a but ajnated, with a very lndiffer
ent feeling on the put ot the fewbnyer there may bu
WaEA'i W rather Irregularly reported to day.
Receipt an light, and aMa ouUlde leniMid at etlll ev
Krlencad fie .aroeunt of old In the market I very
ht, and a this 1 moit In requeit by our local or near
by mill. Iti held firmly at 7fH)e (ot red and 859 0c
for white. Mew red may l ujted firm at TOa; 75(j?3o
I Mked in om lmtaaeea, sew-whlM at 80ScUot trial
new Kentui-ky white wa offered at 67o.
COBN Weeaold to a pretty large amount at 88c. ,.
OATB-arUadyat83e-'r , . - .... jU , :-i
JtVB There wu om requeit. From itora It wm
0ldt4lo. ,....,rr;. ..-
B A RLE 71 edtlrely Mglaetedt ' . 1 - i .1 . r I
WHISKY- Wa put np Sio to-day. and (old urettr
freely at 13Xc.
r ,. I . ' . 1 1 ii . i I
A., P. STONE. &,0'HARIU,
1KB OOODB, and Invite the public to lnepect
them. , 0 ibob- toek of flood has ever keea brooght t
tlili market, The Bouth, Uooaaeqneeo of the failure
of the graia crop, faaenot been able to- purchaw tbe u
nalajtmntlty of rich gooda, and thi faotkaelorood the
Importer to tell them at pnblls auction. Our buyer
(Mr. Stone) being tn New York at thee large sale, took
advantage of tbem, and we can and will cell our good
here, at lem than aoy on who purahssed two woeke ince,
paid for them In New York. Our stock i complete In
every department of - ' . r t
. OTTOMAN VELOURS, " t? rr, i".
-,, 2 li BROCHE VALENCIA3, T71-. t
' - , fancy woven fabrics,
. , . all wool delaines,-
; ;;; , poplins, prints,
' $t U 'IV; 3 MDELAINEa-
' Five (Thausand Dollars Worth
Bought in One 5 Day,, J (
, j LADIIsSV' FUjS,-; 1 .
Men', Ladle and Children' Under Hhirti and Drawer;
Ladiee, Hiiiee and Children' Hotlery of all klnda, In
Wool and Lamb' Wool; Fleecy Lined and Cotton Hoy
of every make, ,.i , ,, .j,,',:,'.
' ' ' ALSO '
A complete assortment, of all tbe usual varie
ties of ' '--
Ladiei and Gent's Linen Camtrio Hand
kerohied, Ao., &c.-- i
To pereon who call on . , we pledgo our word to
how them the largeet, beat' and cheapaet stack of Sood
erer teen In thl market, or pay them on dollar per
hour while looking. . .. , .
decl-41i2tawllw. BTOKI k O'HARRA.
Pt'RCHANEU WANTED forSOO package of
Stationery and Jewelry, for nl at price u In
voiced, leu 10 percent, diwount, at the eipreee office at
Columtui, Ohio.
Also, genie wanted to ll the beet packet of Italian
cry (with -r without Jewelry) in the market, at pricei
lower than can be purchased eliewhere. Addrea, with
lamp inclosed, s .at ,r,
jlyl5-4tw 1SI Court street, Boston, Mats.
Margaret D. Phillip' Estate.
the underlined hss been dnlr annointed h the
Probate Oorut ef franklin ooaoty, Ohio, Admialtratrta
or the citato of Margaret D. Phillip, let of ald county
deceased.- t.- ...... -.. v " ,
Dated Jon S, 1881. UkY MATH1B.1
Je7:dltw3w . . . - . .1 . -
The Public Works of Ohio.
. ., Orfica or ths Lhsb oi th Poauc Woaxi.i '
, i v 3 Colombo, Jam 13, J881. J j;
ryM underslrned having become th Lessee of the
1 Public Work of Ohio, under the act of May 8. 1801,
and having entered Into th pcaoeeewn ol laid Work,
hereby giro notioe that In operating nnder ald lea,
and discharging their dutle under th same, th bual-
nea will bo tnnsaoted with the pablio through arenl
annointed br the Leneee, underraca rale, rarnlation.
restriction and limitation, a aball ba prescribed for
their government.
Those A rente for the present, will consist of on Gen
ralAgent,a Treasurer and Secretary, forth Central
OQlceofthe Leuees at Columbus; and the neceseary
number of Superintendent of ILepeir and Oelietrton of
Tolls on tn several Works cmbraeen In tne leae. -
The Genoral Agent lhall b lb principal ezeoutlv
ollicer or the Leieees, and snail save chary or tn gen
emlbasinowofbooalOolambu.' 11 lhall ban super
vision over the business of th Lexeee with th puoile,
and a such agent shall exeoule all ntroaa, oanept
thoeeror user and aaiertai ooaaaeiea win in ordina
ry repair ol th several Wort a. and h abaU aadll and
aettl ill account. ' .- -
Th dutle of th Troasarer and Secretary bau be
men as are wrually discharged by similar ofSasa ha other
ease. 1 - - -i --.
Tb Superintendent of Kepalr shall, on their re-
(peetlv divisions, ban power to employ and dlaenarg
all subordinates and laborer, end to parcbas all Mola
and material Beoesary in tho ordinary repair of uch
division, and th earn (ball b under their speci&l di
rection and management. (.,-, .
TbeOolleetoreof Toll. Watr Bent and Fin, are
Invested with all the authority and power, provided in
th law of lb Stat and th regulation of th Board
of Publlo Works, mad for that purpose, when such Col
lector acted unaer appointment ana authority iron, the
No individual member or th Leasee shall ban th
right to tranaact boslaea In th nam of th Leasees,
with aoy person or pereon, In any othir manner than
throarb. th appointed areata, nnleee (peciallr eathorlat
ed by th Lesseee o to do; nor (ball any on ot th ap
pointed agents ban authority to tranaact any business
in the nam of tb Lasses, except in tb particular
branch of th business confided to blm, and aubject to
the restriction and limitations of bla agency.
No authority to borrow money on the credit or tb
Lessees, shall ever exist In sny Lessee, agent or other
employee of the Lessee, unlet th earn aball be con
ferred by a unanimous vet of th Lessee, it a regalar
meeting, and th amount to authoriied to be borrowed
specified In the order and entered on the Journal.
Geo. W. Mawtmcitv la tba Oenaial Agent of the
Leseees, Bckjihim B. garniv Treasurer, sod John
Jovca, Secretary. , . r ri '
Th Superintendents efBepalre are: 1
On the at. B. Canal and W. BSc M, Boad Joseph
Ooorra, Tnoaus Baow. W. J. Jacjuom and AnrisKli.,
Bacxd. ' '
On lha Ohio, walbsadlng and Hooking Oaaal and th
Moaklngum Improvement Boaaar B,Ncif, Tnowae
Blaxaa.t Dmrits UcOtht. BTLvxena MiObiay and
Inurnii R.t.,.. ... t
Tb Oollectors on the Canals. Unskingam Improve
ment and Maume Road, are tbe m that wen la th
erriceof-thc Stat at tb time of th execution of the
Lea: but all th aforesaid areata hold their appoint
ment at the pleasure and option of the Leieee.
H..trjT JnviB,
1 'illl IN I .' JCBBPH OOOPEt, 1 ;
' v . .s WM. 1. JACKSON,
. ssn r 'i S. , THOMAS MOOBB, -
,- l nf, 1 fl!-J.- ,lvs THOMAS BBOWN. ....
i.Jt.n- v j v 1 - LM of tb Publlo Work,. ,
I.I1.A..1. x '
and examine our. now make ot . , . ...
manuractiredlry I- HOWARD at CO , Boston. Mae.
Thee Watches are far superior to anything ever offered
to the publlo, beretorore. Having to exclusive agency,
I can sell them at price to suit ta time. I havejuat
retired a large stock of M . ,
AMERlCAlfWATClrE9,!''.l V
mannractared oy At-ri.ii.un, traci, a co ; also, a
finsanortmeatef I ri ,f ( 1 1 p. I ; f I '
'j InQolJandE
lijiitW . , v
envet Oae at rkrnV prior, f
N1W BIILKS-Batta dt . No. ft Sooth
Hlrh atreei. nave lust otxned new styles or Clots o-
cnaaiu. Bao.outs and SACQCxe, mad In th neweat and
most stylUh manner. AUd, Haper) Plain
Black SllKSi very heavy, designed xpTeeery foe
Mantilla and Baaqulne. . T -- laprfU
'and f IBM ANE1TT 0TTRBJ of tf
:dlttrln( complaint aa
. j . -sepTS xit -- (
tB B 0 N C S I A 1 piQ A E E T X B p 7
sfatattiy 0- B..BITMOTJB OO,, 107 Vaaaaa tt N u
IJ I mm- rnoe per otafni tree eypoea.,;, n, , -l
4yeV4fcWll . '.! ,f,j.. ,i.4 ,,v,,-JI
AS auunaat waw ayie, jue openra ny
- ... ...
..;,.( ., BAIN St BOW,
Kft.tHoathHIgk street.
An azperlenoed Kuree and lemale Phytic Ian, prestinu
.A lit. .ItMitkiB rJ MkH. ku
wbick rilf hailltatea the Drooee of teethlna. by Ijft-
enlng Uie gums, reducing all InnammaUon-wil L allay
Depend apon It, motte-., It will give net lo yourtelvee
IQH . ....... .m m r . t - ..Ci.iin.'--
Wohaeeputupandeuld thUertlcle foroverten yean,
naun bail, am uuKfluaL:j(niiJiuia,oiit,
what we bar nerer been able to say of any other medi
cine SB VBtt has it failed, in a binglb inbt
ANCE, SO ylKOT A OUHB, when timely naed. Nev
er did w know an uetaaoo of dlasatlafaeUou by any on
who used It. On the contrary, ell are delighted with Ita
operation, and pak In term of commendation of Its
magical en ecu end tan teal virtue. W ueak in thl
matter "WHAT WI DO KNOW;" after ten year' expe
almoal erery miunce where tbe Infant t ntfferlnr from
pain and exhaution, relief will be found la Sfleea or
twenty minute alter Uieeyrop u admin UtereO. ..... .
Thi raluahle preparation Li the preeorlpUon of one of
the moat IXPSKIKNOKD and BKlLLfUL NCRaig In
New alngland. and ha been need with niYIB, rAlL-
. ltnotonly relierei ih child from, pain, bat Invlgor
ate the itomach and bowel, eorreoU acidity, and give,
tone and energy to-the whole systca. . It wUlabauat InJ
itantly relieve
oBiPiia a ra Bowui, ako winii cotri
nd overcome eonvnuions, wnlct. If not tpeedlly reme
died, end In death. We believe It the BBBT and JUR
IST RSMKDY Itt THI WOULD, in all ne of Dr
it arlae from teething, or from any other canae. W
wonld ay to erery motherwbo has a child mfferinr from
any of the foregoing eomplalnte DO HOT LET TOCB
Hand between yon and your suffering chIM, and the re
lief that will be 8UR yea, AB30LUTRLI 8HRI to
follow the uie of thumedlclne. If timely need. Fall di
rection for arisg will accompany each bottle. None
gennlne nnltee the fac-oimlle of CURTIS A PHRKINB,
New York, on the ontelde wrapper . .j-' i
I (old by all DraggKta threughout the world. T . ;
Principal Office, 13 Cettatr Street N.Y,
octS7-dwly. '" ' - " v :
I W. A. Batchelor'i Hair Dye!
I t . ,
This splendid Hair Dye baa no equal Instantaneous hi
ffect Beantlf al Black or Natural Brown no staining
the skin or Injuring tit Eair remcaiei tne eceur an
effect of Bad Dyes, and Invigorate th hair tor life.
None are genuine unlet signed "W. A. Bachelor."
Sold everywhere. -
J I I ,1: OHAB. BAT0H1LOB, Proprietor,
jyE2:wly 'Bi Barclay Street, New Ton.
, 1 WmA. Batchelor'i 1 Hair Dye! ''
The Original and lest la the WorUi -
AU others are mere Imitation, and should be avoided
If yoa wish to oapa ridicule. . ,.
GBAT, BSD Oft BUSTY. UAUt Dyed IntUntly U
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
awarded to Win. A. Batchelor sine 1839, and over 80,00
appucation have been mads to th Hair of bis patrons
of hn famous dyai
WM. A. BATCHKLOB'B HAIft DTK prodacaaaeol
or not to be distinguished from nature, and is warranted
aot to Injur In the leaat, however long It may bt oontln
oeJ.and the 111 effect of Bad Dye remedied; th Hair
Invigorated for life by this splendid Dye. '
Sold In all cities and town of th United State.
Druggist and Fancy Goods Dealer. ;.
Hjtm Gennlne ba th nam and address apes a steel
plat engraving on four aide of each box, of WILLIAM
. SATU11A.LOU, Addrea
1 0UABLSB BAT0BIL0B, Pioprietor,
Jyl2-wl? 81 Barclay atreet. New Xork..
-1 ii (-j
" j ., MrTABK OHIO, ;
Rlanufacturerw of all kindle mt far
tabla sad Stationary Steam En
gine, saw mills, Urlst Mllla,
1 - cVO. eVC
ih'Sdt BODLIi Btatml M.tl. SLAHVYBoattnl
J. & J. B. DUYAJ.L Stottnlll C01U3O3V8
t OO. Btabnllltl "
I Oar Portable Xortae and law Kill
Ws awarded ta first premium of B50 at th Indiana
Stag lair for 1560 over Lan StBodley' on account ol
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of foe)
. snd superior character of lumber sawetl.'
Our Stationary Engine was awarded at th asm Vali
tbe first premium of S'.'OO. . .
Our Portable Engine wa awarded the first premium ol
1 1W at Ui Pair at Memphb). lean., over Blandy'a Da
vail', Columbus Machine Co s., and Bradford Av Co',
by a committee of practical Railroad Inglneers.
rorpneeana tenne aoarrie -
W1LLABD WARNER, Treasurer,
decS-dltwlywl. ' Newark, Ohio '
Spring & umm'er"-, Millinery.
' ' r Hit ,.TIr
I;.-., ... . ; ;s
Tli Btoclc RaplenlaVifxl
datTiY ; :
1 ; r.,tt
. ! NEW
"Wt STOCK 'Of " "
. r -
Spring & Summer Millinery
Is now complete, comprising every vartaty ol Mllln
ery; also, a large tstortment of Embroideries', Iloelery
and Motlona, to., and tn quan title ana price that can
not fall to anlt all who may favor n with i cell .'' The
goads bar been bought at Panic prices,1 an i will ie sold
aiasmaiiaaranceoncoit. 1..' I
M I L L I H E B Y 1'1 i '
Miss Mi E. YOUNG, late of New York Cily,r
will snpwiotead th Millinery Department. Her long
experience' In th meet laahlonabl Establishment In
Broadway will alone be a warranty that ah will be able
to rlv entire satisfaction in matter of taste to all who
aa favor ber with their order.' J ' 1
' heLadlCf Oclnmbwaxd Wnlry;lVpsffi ac
cept my sincere thank for their liberal patronage, and
I would respectfully loltctt a cCBflrluane of ht same.'
:,.;Rr hw&jxeCv;
I et Est Tawt 8. CaltHaaeia, 4, .
Ohio -Whitd Sulpliiir - Springs,
- tl IbeAt -X 't 1 -r .1-
This Favpbtte: Resort will be open
Juno, lo,XCOI.
raajaur itnurs aoaSBiw WWOve ttrsison, eaS n
AOCOKMOOATan 4.1 axeocxn auxig.
fob boos chotoematios;
ewitjt; fcISS,,l l"
'1 . Lewis Otnter P. 0- Delaware Co., Ohio.
ay SW;dlmo.
I at t a tit Kellef I . ntpp yeur Cetfgb!
1 . . .' .
r ; I f farlfr ranr Breath) ' " . ''
. it
I ' f. rt f ..j . 1 4 1i 1.. . 4
' - I LADIES ARB nETTanTrn ttrrmrr
fipiimvaiti 1
chiLdben cry roa
The relieve a Cough Instantly.'1 ' ' ' l- '1Vli'
Thiy clear the Throat. : ,
Thtj give strength aod volume to the voice.
The Impart a delicloos aroma to the breath.
They are delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herb and cannot
narm anyone. ; , . 1 :
1 adviie every one who Las a Cough or a hasky Voice
or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of th Throat, to set
a package of my Throat Confections; they will relieve' ' '
yon instantly, and yea will agree with m that "they
go right to th spot." You will find them very useful
and pleasant while traveling or attending publlo' mt, -
togs for stilling your Cosgh or allaying your thirst If
yon try one package1, 1 am safe In saying that you will
ever afterward consider them IndlspeaaabUv , l( ,-.
Yoa will find them at tb Druggist od Dealers in K'
1J 1
Uf signature la cn each package. All other
counterfeit. . . . . 1 i
A package will be (ent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of
Thirty Cents. i .
Addreas, . .1 . '4 .-.
Henry O. Spalding,
' It. . ,1
v I
,4v . '
By th us of th Pill th periodic attack of AVr
eotw or Bid Beadatio maybe prove tad; and If taken
at & commencement ot an attack immediate relief fmui
pals and sicknea will be obtained.
They atUonl (all in removing the A'ou,j and
adt I which females an so subject.
Tiey act gently npoa the boweU removing ibut
Itar literary Mm, Sudtntt, Delicate Female
and all pereooj of ndtntary hatdtt, they are value
u tattHtWc. Improving th appttti, giving U4
iffer to the directive organs, and restoring th natur
alastloity and strength of th whole system
Iff 1 CBPHALIO PILLS era tb result of long lnvee
ligation and carefully cosdooud experiments, having
been h a suay yearm, during which time they have. ,
prevented and relieved a vaat amount of pain and auler
lng from Headache, whether originating in the nrm
system or from a deranged state of th otomach.
They are entirely vegetable In their compoaltloa, an
may be taken at all time with perfect aafety without
nuking any ehnng of diet, : and th aoeawos of any
diaartcM tail vendors if Kuy to mdminU'tr tm
oMUrn. -v
The gennlne have five elgnatuies of Henry O Spaldlag
en each smb. , .;. , ;
Bold by Drngglst and all ether Dealers In Hedloloce'.
4 Box will be sent by malL prepaid, on receipt f th
Xxloo, Q3 Ooxxta.
All order should b eddies! f . ,,
Cealar Street, New Vara... ,
. , ', , 1 j ' ' . ' . , j .
1 lif?lh
' a
From the Examiner, Norfolk, Ta. -" -'
, deshalic Pill ceomplleh the object for which Uier
were made, vla.i Onreof keadach in ad la fcrm. i
j i ... jfn 1
I from th Examiner, Norfolk, Ta. .1
They hare been tested In mora than a thousand ea"
with entire tncoess. -
I from the Democrat, St, Clsad, alum .
O yon are, or bar bone, troubled with th beadaoi -send
for a box, (Cephallo Pill, so that yoa may have .
them la eaao ot an attack.
j From th Advertiser, Providence, B.I. " "'
' the Oepnallo Pill are laid to be a remarkably effective
remedy for th headache, and one of th vera best for
that very freaneel eompaiat. which, has aver keen dii j
covered. J ' 1 ' ' ' 1 i - -. i 10
i I Irom the Western R. B. Oaaette, Cnkago, if).
We heartily tndone Mr. Bpauldlng, and bla unrivaled.
Cephalic Pills. ' , " vt,.-.
I Irom the Kanawha Talley Star, Kanawba, Va. , ,',
' Ws are sure that pereon suSering with th kaaeaok : 'h i
n try them, will alkk to thea.i. ..af,A
rom th Southern Path linden, New Orleans, La. i .
' try themT yoe that are afflicted, and we are aar that .
yoar testimony can be added to th already aameron
list that has received benefit that no other medicine can
prodao. n.V .' :i'v .1 ' t f 17. , -v a
I Proa th Bt. Loala Dcmocratn ''-'' X T'lTt
Th Inunxnoe demand for the article iQeeiballo Pill
I tapldly anrlng. .1- &h (
rpidly I
riwathaat, iMirwaort, toe- -, 1 1 . . 1
smr. Dwiuiug w aiu nut vuuuboi du otUBV Willi U IT
tic la h did moi ktno to vmn iml cverita
ITA .ln'gm bottle Vf 1 fcP'AfcDIltO'B 'pklpAkD
til, tin win save ran rtme roieoetannnalty.JT ' -
-'' ' - - . fm rfj'd
tooNosrn T ' ' . dibtatchi
HJ-'A iVrrrcjl it lavta lian'Xl
As accident will happen, veea ts MlMeMlaeed aaa 1 t
Uie, It knrr deelrabl km cjm haaaSca ; f
veniect way fo repairing Inrnikanv Tor. Orockeryt
Inta act - . i ' m.
aeet all asoh asvgeealea a4 heewiMia can affi td -to
be without H. It toalway ready, and apt theebik
iagsolnt. .-..,
' usaruiiia arui uuu mm.i i
V'fi Bresh ermrapanlet each bottlrV - '
- Wo. d, Oedar prMNew Tort.
, OAUTIO,l,lt""aoilJ t'
- If if 'll-t-tMitl a, .11
M riain unprincipled r n no an iiaiMa
aim eSoo the anwpui( parti aUattoemot' '
B.BPABKD blLCK, I woald eaataaa ftU pes .
bclr HrdiulM, Md oeo tba the frill
eee that the full mn
t t iu-Brai.oiu n rtntrABgDaLUBflf t t,u ,,.-
tl dalsld wmpper, all other are iwtadiuig ,
terfel t. a(

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