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MiM .WW 1111111 liill 'i 'f -.T'IT" - . .
t MUJUUNCJUfcV. W, 1861.
Democratic State Convention.
i v '! V ' 'J' TK Pin"
Ait tneetlb'g of tie Democratic But Ceo
tral CommtltM held la Columbus, ea tba 5lh
day of July, 1861, it was
ktttlvtd, ThatHrffdtM(UholRi a Demo
or tlo 8tat Convention at Columbus, oa
Wednesday. AttfMt HU little
U nomliikte AjUemetmw'fltfcte,!
supported at the October election.
ftssolerct, farther, That all the electors of tbe
dtate of Ohio, who are In favor of perpetnatlng
the principle upon whleh out Union ja found
ed, and are convinced that tbe present State
and National Administration are wholly in
competent to manage the government in ltt
present critical condition, ae well M all wa
opposed to the gross extravagance and corrup
tion now so alarmingly prevalent In public af
fairs, be earnestly invited to nnlU with the
Democracy la thle bow of our oeentrye peril,
and too redeem the Bute, and place it ad
ministration In competent hands-
Rcttlvtd, farther, that th basis of represent
tation ttt eald Convention i a dlegatex for
very 800 votes, and an dditlonl deleerat tor
a fraction of 250 and upward, cast for Thomh
J. S. Smith, for Supreme Judge at tbe October
.iui..i. irrii H thit 1t be reoommendea
that the counties elect their delegate on this
bails. ... . . j ., - , - r
Tk. n.,,.. if Ohio anJ iirothef tOB-
M-ritlri Union men. who are willing to e-ODr.
iik thm on the abov basis, are ireuested
tn in thprr iesneeilve counties' atfsubh'tlra
as the local "committee may designate, en
tjlnt delegate Jo. Democratic Convention
on the'i'o! August, to nominal k'State
ticket uMDDne4t the Octoaat wecuea
It is preeumed t no lover of his conntxv
Will require prompting at tbU toe to Induce
him to discharge hi duty, ana iDr,r-.u
Committee I impreseed with th belief that the
counties will eagerly respond to tnis can, ana
i-.! Convention will eesemoie in
baft. H o .
Columb tb,fiimw'H?r??'
put in nomination a ticket of good and true
men, to be supported for th various Stat of
tbe 2d Toeaday In October next.
WM. MOUNT, Chairman.
WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary.
WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary. Final Dissolution of the Republican
WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary. Final Dissolution of the Republican Party.
The Republican. Stat Central Committee,
.Iter a laborious and mournful session, onThnrs
Jay night Uid out and 'plVoea copper "on the
eye of the Republican orgaoiietioo. Judge
3rotnmtf wa preeebtfend. we tndeeaUnd per
formed the mournful service well. The Judge
... in .t ltebirth and atUe deatW , Ji was born
July 13tb, 1854, deceased July 26th, 1861, just
seven years and thirteen day old. It Is sup
posed by many that luTeatFwes effected with
hareditarv ecrofula. at least something was
wrong in the. system tictufe l death tW
immature age. It has accomplishea gra nam-
. ia so short a life,Tbe U resolution re
quesU tb prese to publibh th demise, bl the
d and hour of the funeral is not staiea
What snrJ)rlB aaioBt fj IV&P'
ice these, to them sad rites, they ask th Dem-
- ocratic 8tate Central Committee to follow their
precedent. The Dsmecratie Stat Central
Committee were not delegated such poeer.
Tte Democracy placed them ln that position to
take car of 'and preserve from narnv lb good
old Democratic Union party and Its organist-
tion-not to kill It or-f aooouaee hKdead.
We oubllsh the notice in th proper column
The Journal fails editorially to even notice tbe
dewth or ths cause. We suppose It 'concludes
that "the least said, the soonest mended." Mr,
Gidowos was in the city 'the day befor. but
would not remain to see bis progeny put ia the
coffin. - ,
The War Must be Made Successful.
After the disaster at Vicnua aod.Ct eat Beth
el, it was supposed that our civil and military
authorities would ietrn wijdom:Yroi experi
ence, and avoid the repetition of former egrt-(
gloua blunders. Bat the same r&abness and in
competency have brought '6n molhef 'defeat to
th grand army at Manassas, that throw all
former reverse of the campaign Into the shad.
Ar tWltvea of our soto'rer and the resource
of th country to continue to be wasted in this
manner? Is tbia geaw-ptbioaapsign to pass
way without any assured result?
Everybody In.th lojaj State say the United
States ar abla to' whip "lb sc'esionit. ' k W
sayo too. But it is high time to (top brag
ging, to which, w llegeonr Sonthsrn brethren
are Inordinately prone, and show out ability by
our deeds. We boast ot our men and money,
and, with these " sinew' of war," In which w
are o much itrooger than th secessionists, we
It 1 evident to every man, soldier or citlsen
that tbe course hereteta trsned in th con
duct of tb war mast be ebanged, or th war
will b protracted lndtfioiflHrand end in th
ltlaat nnl Dtut) cauniry man m "wmii"
tloo of th Union. ZZ." T-
Th peat, though It ha galled tbe loyal peo
pi to th quick, may bt overlooked, If orni
thine la rpeedlly don to retrieve tl mistakes
aad disaster Jot Jf tip shou bfolloed
by another series of blunder, tb opinion wui
gain ground, unjust though it may be, that
those who toncu th iprlngl at Whlogtoo that
' .miiinr In motion, are fhemeelve so
managing rar ibat pea ehU not fa t-l.
stored to our distracted ana nieeaing oounuy,
until th Giopiko project of nnlvereal negro
emancipation I realised. esv:b Uoloa finally
and fowet rnt asnndr. To keep thl nspl
aim from takloc fait hold of th popular mind,
th war mu hot oily" 1 Woe'eciived' 'vlgorou-
i. Kt BflMaafallT. tor th ind pnrpos of
.-- ...
saving tbaUeUa. t,n
D Jonva K. Gipoino did not remain at
Celussboe antil tb Republican ConunlUee de
liberated.,, m fpund; Jilmelf Jn. ; rnlneylty,
(tb members hot aUendlbg) very wellj.'ind put
. .' a. I. Utpmfill laaft In thm mrtm
To defcotleei of dndga wawiaa .wae. pbow
dsaAfftta th! f"re'iPlY fit' W
QfD if tdrptis.HnB Vo confounded him ihat bi
Uft, not, wsjwvjrtFiih6nt ; wasnlng th Com.
mltte that, If they abandoned the Chicago
platform, tbetr So(n 1U Seeled.
rr" Tb I' VemiiV'eV I liitpubllcan party of
OhJovaad tot ui4t th pnhUean .Ptafi
Cmtral fmBUtee,.on, tkal.nbjeW Thur-
day, I th best proof w can offer in support of
tb action ot in uemwrnviy wu.. Vv -mitfea.
Inikfimaa ICbaMntitm.to nf 'natet
DMOMatbxiAl tat tickatn thu i)l
Angus iV )omirty mpi,.iiiaf-th
Goe.rcrtrrrit pd W; exoerieoe . 'e,Wf " ttiai
no othar than tne vemocreuo party can am .
Imnresscd with thU belief', Sepubllctn Cpfti-
mitto htf abandwed th fleld and thot. ;
knowUdgd ' Incompetency of its' men,
ineaanre and principle.' i
Getting at the Facts.
Vf copy tbe following Istrona lb Bpstoe Poii
of the 9iltL lij wofald tn 'that, after Gen.
Scott, Gen. Pattmsoii, Gen. McDowUi, and
other General hav all bad their .full share of
abus for th blunder at Ball's Run.lt turn
out that th President gav th ordeif iti Den.
Soon traumltted it to Gen. McUqifru w
the isddl on th rlcbt horse; .
?It U id and Velleve"d 'ihat 0eSrScott was
Sfcsosed to McDowell' 'adVtnce.'and that be so
toi& tb rrMtdeat." It era understood to. oe
nm, Moif. luaiM tn n.v ma anranoe iur i
ortwlv days In order, probsblyAo be sure of
rattamsr oo-operation dbi vn rreuuou. .u
slsted upon anlmmedlatenJovement, whereupon
Gen. Seott said he could net scorn thereepott'
IMltt nf ririnff the order unlees 10 directly
commanded by the President, when the latter
replied, "Then, sir, I glv th orar," ana, in
m4MMM.c. Sentt transmitted U.and Gen.
MsDowell, with Inadequat force, marched to
defeae. leading Mr brav m to dlsseter and
deaths If th President ha yielded to tb clamor
of iDartiaaBS. ia Coneres aud onf-to Lorejoyt,
Blalrs. ttaes, Greeley wid RaymondsInstead
of fedheving to thounsi of competent military
advisers, he has committed a fault which merit
th severest ezeoratlon of vry loyal Amerknn
clUteni W hav had enough of inch vaunt
iDtaaaiChaadleKTrainbulULan, Wade and
otiera of their Ilk in- Congres hav given ns,
anBf aoeb ell tun-uch fettering treason
Is baa roe throucb the oolnmns of the N. Y.
rtRd Timu.i The ottlsnc of th Po
fi will not endure It much-longer. Frothy
defnagoguee hav abused tae-trablio ear, Imper
illed tbe Government, destroved the prosperity
of I tbe people, aad bsearde alt tb blessioge
wdn bv our father aad beaueathed to undeeerv.
ing obUdrm. nnUl spirit be been kindled that
will aooa bUe toctn into a consuming eimi,
If itai unpad eat week of mlscbier I not abated.
Tier ar wretcbee. faedtnr npoa publla eon-
triete, seeking pnblio position and mere party
advantages, who held, not thai coantry a we
feracf a straw' weight ageiaat tb aratllea.
tien. el their aordid aabiUon . and bell-bred
deeira loe rereote. .-iSoefa traitor are nor
dejngsroo thanthe at .Usn bat the
baturtea of both wlU eooa J anmaeaea, mam
wlea they are, the rwtcibution demanded by an
outraged peopjawuiieww-"-.--
A Move Made Contrary to Scott's
A Move Made Contrary to Scott's Wishes.
"'WAsmBQTo'ii.'Jnlj ltrli.ia weli undtooi
bare that th final order for the inarch-of th
Fideral army towards Richmond, did not meet
with tb cordial approval of Gen. Scott, who
entertained too opinion ana neaei mat ine troops
were not lb the thorough condition necessary for
rTb above was taken from a fetter of .' that
date written to the Philadelphia Worth Arrurv
h-' '."". ..' --. ( ' .i i.-.'
IThe ordef "Fotiaard to Richmond'1' was un
doubtedly forced from tbe Cabinet, by certain
New York, newspaper,, Commanderi-la-Qhlef,
ajf ' by .the Impatience of some . member of
ogres'(vwhote impuUea, outran, (helf jodgr,
" ' ".'A - . t,
pen. Scott wis forced to yield to this pressure
or! throw up hi commission. Th Utter calamity
would have been worth a hundred thousand
mien to la rebel army; it wonld nave been a
geeatet calamity, at th present crisis, Vban" i
toe terrible defeat or the troops. . nence ooou
vlkMMi ahil ttWti.ra thm rMiitt.'-' ' '
jKeW Toflt meane wnos vote na
inreeaabk lh Ita crv "forward td Rich
itttibntea "th Bull' Rnn defeat to
mlnalltyoti the part ol th AdmlnltUatlon
oot-eahin 'out more' meq. Thl 1 cool,
itntba clamor for th advance of our aodrHled
in Was the suole of datlV production. . What
men .we had lacked discipline and drill, and yet
General H. G. wonld have doubled . the number
oi raw roops and thus doubled onr defeat. ' If
every man knew what hi "speciality', In this
wbrld lv, and then had the sens to mind hi
of n business, humanity wonld gain ,mucb
tUe improvement. Clteelead Htrtld:
fU arc somewhat surprised that tb HirM
ild publish thl Washington letter t the
tk Amtrifm, la this manner. W published
111 on th S25ih lost- as"ft was printed iah
Norlk Amtridm. m follnwsi' i-v '
'W(uiraT0H, July 17. It la Well underetood
hr that the final order for tb rr h of th
federal arm towards Richmond, u ot meet
wth to cordial, approval of Gen. jtt, who
eateriaiaed the opinion and- baiief that th
ttpops were not in th thoroush condition a
sary lor th emrenov that anlahtaris. In
siother week, or fortnight at least, all would
hve been ready, bnt tb order from tbe Presi
dent were imperative, and ..were, . therefor,
obeyed." v v -w-kphi - .r it .i-t ,
ill WlU b observed (bat Mfftlrild appres
ei aU after tb word "arise, whleh lUtes that
"tb ordera from the President war imftrailt'
aid were, therefore, obeyed." Does the Preel
dent need th! snppreeslon of fact?.; ';
A False Report.
We ar jNjoioed to lra thaaVtn ttatement
wa copied yesterday from the Washington R-
piWicaaof th23drtbatizo'ttrboyof th
VieoVte were killed at Ball' Ktfa, U not Une-
bin JdtcEwM hail reeeived a letter from hi oa
spying they vera all right, sad .would, be horn
sue Q statement should only ba aaaaa.-apon
pisltlve authority, "as they are calculated to
cAosa great pain t frietds. ' - 't
The First and Second Ohio Regiments.
-asiwMia. - -
from. all the reporu. weread of the,batUe,of
HuU's Roa, wa eve satisfied that av r gar
lsvnt, bo;1 fif'tb 1st and 21 Ohio Regiment,
gallantly performed tb put allotted them by
th commanding officers. If the battle ended
djsitronily'to;por,t)raveirpcp8, tbe blame
dea aot open b first and second OhloJ ' ' -'
w andentand a Jen wtaUtwtoa on
tajsrsdayieBd at expected torn tcdj;
Gen. Scott.
. .
Son oi tk fimbllon pre are seme on
dnv Ecott for ordering tb attack befor be
a ready. Tb Indiana Slate Jearwal taya
V If General Scott did ft, be I not the
oriels, i If u did It fearfollv and batltat
lfgly, aadertb clamor of the New York press,
ha is (till tot th a ought to ba."
I no alleviation (if that matter to
that the General may not bat known that th
enemy wee so strong, vlt was hi business to
w, as iasi wiw an approacp. fo exactnees'
It I well understood chat Mr. iMcem hlm-
lf ordered th' attack, and l It bad been
cirtfnl th arrwonld he filled with praise to
"old Keu BpUttor.'ii.Tb -Republican
am almost avery pereoa'.'even the poor team-
, but aet bar word of condemnation for th
tfreeiaeni. vm
- ! ii i i
I ST Tb Jnrnai of yeeterdsy morning ba a
(weeping attack on" thf field officer, of the ISth
Qhlo Regiment of volunteers, jnst returned to
ad out of service, " Tbtt paper" make no epe-
ojfi chargn against th' Offloer referrtd to, but
assails them generally, al though it must be
Wholiylgnovent about what It .lays. -If fit
rngimeittl dlvdlsd an! tcparated, w mppoa
it wa boanf f prders.tp.4bAt affect from the
pvopaSj anhvty, And -that tb offleerf ;f ;th
rtgtiaeat had bothlng to y ab)at th matter.
Their duty waa eoarwto obay order. W
believ the field effioara pf.fjba 15th ara.aU
Democrat, and that fact may accoupf for th
a ttaok tt the! ewr ael ; ;i i -, o u
CotWeouacvr ar Woaa The report era
chrrent In tbe etreete yesterday, that e mi II era en
dlrtot from Richmond statee tbat they saw Cola.
WeodrolT, HK4 ut Mm vuuera, lately akea
DisoDM n alaaewha, in that city. Thev
were Iff good healrn and hard at work; stripping
i6hrtc6 for their board and clothe. Col. Wood-
rilTairv-well thaak his stars that ba ha mat
With no worse fat for dubbing hi Wretched
regiment of Kentuciian. -i,mfui iamtkt.
Judge Thurman.
: W ar authoriced by Judge TkuspUN to aay,
thstahlleba fully approve af 'th action of
the Central Committee, ha I hot be contld
ered candidal fot.Mmlna,4o.,prJllvrBO
or any Other offloe. Ha prefer to be could
etMas aerfinir' lis ranks' df the Democraej,
as) baretoiriJfee' tb CenrtlfutiaV aadlth
Republican Infidelity.
TbeWgBer latwptloo of th Repnblloan
press is full of Infidelity. It now professe to
believe that th defeat and lose of life in the
battle before Manassas, was shaped by Divine
Providence, because, had the . Federal' troops
triumphed there, !'thI waqld hav inarched on
to Rkbnond;ana. eeded 4hia war .oin a fall
baebti 'ThloDowins paragraph' on this tub-
jKf.frorfthii "New. York TimtU i-opled IDR
the Jeuraal:. ,, . .. r , j ; n
" Tm Rat'oLT is t a PaorHicvt Ther i a
divinity haplog th oour of thl wv. d
must accept iuTortunea and It misfortunes with
pnn&l trust and hoDfifulneas. ' Tnere it on
thing, and only one. at tb bottom of the. fight
ml that U the trtaao. And vet. both North
and South ar studiously Ignoring th feet, and
deceiving themselves end trying to deceive tbe
world as to the causa ot th quarrel. , Tb South
Sretenijs to dc ngniing ior uucppuucuuv
ehtlne- for the establishment of human bond
age as th bA(Js of republican government
Tbe fiorta, or ioyai tate. ciaim o uui-ina-
for the re-eiUbliahmeul of the Constitution
and laws, and to have no thought of property or
social Institutions In their- minds. But they
know that until slavery cbangee its relation to
Government, end becomes it complete subject,
Instead of Its arroirant master, tb peace and
safety of the RepuM ar Impossible., y ,.
-. If enr army bad been victorious at Manassas,
tfaev would bave marched On to Richmond, and
ended tble war on ,a false basis, both parties
Ijrrjorlng to the last the cause of the war., i Tbe
God that rales over all. and doe exact justice
In the end to bond and free, Would not permit i
compromise of this Sort to, fureotair Hi provV-
denee. And He baa awaaeuea tne nanons y
th shock of an earthquake;.; V-', , V- -
' : What outrageous. Jnfidele ,tb en mast b
who can Indau appao vingly owpy eneh article
mi the dbow. Bat udh ia tbe sentiment of tbe
ruling1 eletn'ebt'H iB Republican 'party, Inrela
flo? ,l jjba abolition, of slavery, and the fact
fhaa. thev ar In for .that t mast not (be lost
eight bf by th-poptV To losnre ' tnccess In
tblp'war, every 'tnA "and. every press holding
suci 'seatlm'enta' ma b,ql. down, and that
Proposals for Clothing.
Ey reference to .our advertising columns it
will be seen tbst proposals are to be received
forarmy ctotninguntil Friday, August '3i'P
oVwek.tt moo. . -at ' '' :
.i - mi. mm mi. i .'.-.,
Proposals for Clothing. A Generous Offer, All Things Considered.
... , !,..". laOV.-l t-'l- .210.
) We und'crsUiidthrt the'rlepntlioans oi, CUr-
mont eountv have Offered the Democracy . W.
6f the county efflses It th Demoerata will John
them la making atlokaf. This It Iltferil;, tthe
U fs coteidered that bid Clermont can give from
urea to fir haoared emoarauo majority. nn
Aahtabnla oonnty, tksj Rapnblicana hav about
dOOO majority.' Ia that county they don't want
uemocrataon jneir , rcaei. , jney pan pipci m
without their votee :. .;i .y v '.
t.v t. ' ' ' 1
Proposals for Clothing. A Generous Offer, All Things Considered. Gen. Wise's Officers in Western Virginia.
I ,"-1 . :..nl .SJ1SS1 ., (:;, ,.ri.f.
Gen- Heaminceen. Col. .Frank. Anderson,
Moss. Pardlxon. CaoV Bookhola and Coi. Aid
er maotloned among the xprienoea sol
diers attaahed to Gaa. Wiaa'a division, a Tb
two first era wall known-rf the aUara we
coov tha followinc from th Mobile) Newnt-i!a
I oae, fardigoo, a very iearnearenonmaa,
woo I a master oi tofaotry tactics, aaa espeei
alls skilled ia bayonat eierols. ; Jd bas alvea
moot valuable Inauaettoa' to tha folio ears of
Wise. , Mou. P.tI aa admirabi .teacher 01
modern laasroaeee and oae of tha best writers
of .the dai., tie ia ardent) devoted to the
Sou then cause.. ... : m,wn a
i Capt. Buckholu, a Geratan, and a-, highly
accomnlished artlllerv offloer, .... Ha hss written
a work on that subject, ,, His knowledge and
praotieal aklll ar vary thorough in tha depart
ment of the military scisnoe to which he has
devoted himself. ,
Col. Alden, an Italian, from Garibaldi'
armv. . He i a maxnifioant cavalry offloer. A
commission wa tanderad him by Lincoln a
Colonel r cavalry; bnt be preferred to aervo
tb Southern Confederacy. - He daolare that
ba "nsvr fight for tha Qovernment, but for
tbe nnl;" "never for prerogative, alweya for
liberty." , He la a man of great physical pow
ers, and an offloer . great experience. .
Another Reason for our Defeat.
1 1 i'ii '
Col. Dixon Hi Miles, who wu , assigned the
oommand of one dlvialoa Of tha reserve, on boa-
day, nas neen arreswa, ana wui oa connrmar-
tialed for having been actually orunx npoa in
battlefield. H did not know; what ha wee
about, and did not follow order. Had he bean
aober and attended to hi duty, he might have
prevented the retreat- Ciwlf Kaut.
I tThU, to some eiten takes tbe blemf from tb
poor teaautare. r -. , .!-,-.,., vi i.-xiin
Ninth Ohio Regiment.
' At last aeoonnU th Ninth Ohio Regiment,
Col. R. L. McCook bad returned to Bookhan-
soo. Jl Ja auted la military olrclea that Gsn
McClellan bad ordered Col. McCook to report
with tb regiment at Washington. Tb with
drawal of so macT.thre months' regiment from
Western .Virginia, may render it necessary for
ihereriment to remain there for tbe present
W ar Informed that Cheat Mountain fas,
beyond BnttonvlUe, bas bean dartified ia such
mune that 20X00 Mbiasraot take It Geo
Reynold (a West-Pointer, of Indiana, Is Jn
command with four Indiana regiments.; Jt Js
Mid that the Guthrie Greys will probably go
Into camp near Bevelry; Ho mora- beantllnl
summer encampment can' ba selected on ths
ontlntnf,', ,Oar Informatioa concerning, ,th
Ureys, not 0hiUte..-Heunrfii.. -...j
" ' -;
; .tut-. i
1 The Philadelphia correspondent of" the New
York TWeuae uy a woman has bean detected
In draw Id a pav Irom tbe volunteer und foe
three hnabaads.-oUim for tw. others lor men
not married, while other have been allowed for
five, tlx and seven cblldr,, when they had but
ene, aad ia some Inetanee none -
... t - - i :. x
Items from the New York Papers.
[From the Tribune.]
It i now laid that Gen'. Pattereon ' Bid hot
d'wobey any positive order from beaddturftera.
but ruaeaaarded tha fltronceat tntimaUont that
be wa axpaeted to advene. Why no poel'lv
order wae eent blm l a question not 71 an
About 60 Zouave went off in tb oars thl
moralng. 1 Eleven wer stopped at the Relay
Hons. -.evivS; u ,.r4Vi.-5. i k3.
' "Oh hundred or on hundred and" flltv of 'the
Clh JUaaaacnnsetMr wbos term of enlistment
be expired, started from the Relay House this
morning for borne. " The rest will atay to long
a their services are needed.
GaoaorrowM, Wednesday, July 94, 18CI.
Cspt. J.irnp Kiaasa, of theM.e York SUtr-alnUu
, , CoL Corqoraa if a prisoner at Manaaaas Juqc
ri.natnr Latham, bv carbett (Olicltation.ha
Ahuh-1 to-da aa order from wie war vepart
ment to ralee a full regiment of Infantry and
hnmirMl MTPtrr. three voars' volunteers. In
CalUoral."t pvotiet ta overland msll, treae-
ra.aad migrattoevtromiaraoa vaiieyiqrori
C0l.' .;riO'A. TV BIMh 01 too ora ibipuitj,
leave b the.' f 'Agut by raestns, to
take eeaMana f tm rorea,aaq give it
The sraat oueetlon now I, who brebipltated
thnnluoky movement against th Coafoderai
forces, by which th Federal troop nadw Oen-
eral MoUoweU auSered a terrinie aeieas at w
naasas Jnnetlon, and wer forced to retreat In
dlawder'W-lhelrrqttarter at AMianoria-ana
A.llnvtnn H.loht. Onl Rl.dk ReOUbllOn D-.
per thinki .Providelo ibad a dlreot ban&la UJ
Another putj Uall down Jo Sneml PAteriod.1
The President, It wonld seem, tmnas wenerai
MoDoweUleeeneartWe, for General McClellaa
bas been called to take hi plaoe; and the tele
graph laya all the blame on tbe teamster at
tached to the army, who, poor devil, seeing
duiffw m.n.ntn tlhaia. took fright and run,
oansiog everybody els to run. Aoyootywr all
these , cause may be satlslaotory, just as one
bappsna to fancy. Bnt It appear to u. that
the "forward movement", propelled by Mr. F.
Blair in hi New York and Washington speech,
ee, had mor to do with It than anything: lsj.
Blale went to New York brlmfall of ilgbf. I He
there mad a speeoh, about tbe first ol July, in
which h Molded Geo. Scott tight handsomely
lor the dilatory manner In which h was pro.
naarfinv. and nuA the old General to th bene-
flalal result growing Out f th active mov
meat at Camp Jacksoa and -BoonvUle. itha
imi riiNMe mftunt nf whleh ha been to throw
Into Mletonrt about 20,000 troops, the most of
whom .could nave been better employed else
where.! . Tb 1 thing! took with tbe Z tub and
all the blood-and-thunder paper. Blair went
to WehIngton saturated bl brothr,-.Mnt-gomery
Blair, with all hi "forward to Rich
mond" movements; nrged him, a bl Post Of.
flee duties were not vary Important, to k oa
himself some ol Cameron's responsibilities,
b being, Jaereover, busy In divr jwcunlary
specuI.Uons and the Cabinet wae by these art
aroused to the necessity of doing omtbing
quickly, whether tbe chief of the army wae
ready for It or not. We have the evidence of
the New York Cmmertitl, tbat General Soott
yielded an onwIUlug aeseat to these hasty move
ment he was not ready, but gav way before
tb pressure ol the Blair faction and th war
member of ibe Cabinet. ' 'The sequel is toM In
tha defeat and rout and demoralization of Mo-
Dowell's creat arT. and in the confidence
whlob It bas given to tbe army' of tha Confed
erate Statee, and their improved pas! Hon befor
tbe world ,RiiMipw. ' i 1 ! V
CALIFORNIA VOLUNTEERS. Who Did It. Pay of Census-Takers.
; We tre ftquested by the
memoer ior mis ois-
triot to publish tbe foliowihg. It answers many
ioqulrie addressed to Congressmen. f.r,,rf
WASHINGTON, July 23, 1861.
1 How. B. 8. Cox, en-wf Rtpreimmwt,
WmthinaumSlt : In reolv to vour several ap
plication in behalf of Assistant Marshals wb
were employed in taxing me censue in wuio, 1
bave the honor to inform yon tbat alt the Assist
ants In th United Statee, numbering beta-ecu
4,000 and 6,601), bave ewoeteod their first one
half payment, and soma 1,300 their second ona
h.lf naiment : but. owincr to tbe disturbed con
dition of tbe national finances, we are often com
pelled to suspend payment for a time for want of
funds. M (act a money can be obtained, jt is
mv ouatem-to remit final payment to Assistants
in the precise order wherein their returns were
made, and tbia. ie done wltbontTagard td jolisi. !
tatlous. Exception le eometimee maa in caeca
of extreme urgency, but only la eoCtuw here
Assistant may bave taointtes ior oorrowing on
tha strength of their claim, lam always willing
to make a statement or their acconni, wnicn.
When assigned (accompanied by tbe receipt op
piled by this Office as to form) for Value receiv-,
d. will be naid to the aaeienee. If our requisi
tions upon tbe Treasury could d met promptly,
all the Assistant wonld ba paid In a few week,
but delayed a w necessarily ar,aoma month
must elapse befor all these aocounte are settled.
1 f, 1 nave tne nonor to ne,
I With thgrMtst respect, C .i'
1 Your obedient servant,
WASHINGTON, July 23, 1861. J. C. G. KENNEDY,
' Th Cewonrrtial's Washington special of the
Sain!!- ' - - ' "
' Constea ha it last aattled the vexed'que-
tion oi a permanent armv. the House agreeing
to eompromiao with th Senate on tb rel action
of tbe army to twenty-nve inousaon at me euu
nf tha war.- - Tha thirteen reelmehta alreedv
organized end to be. formed, , will inereas
tha regular army to forty thousand duriagtba
Tar. .!'-; n: . it ' ' '
Another Important nrovUioo is, that the reg
alar army officer may be employed la volunteer
forces, to any extent, .preserving their rank as
regulars at tho end of th war: ' ' J
The House got into a snarl about taxing
slaves the earn a real estate, in tbe direct tax,
ation bill. A singular division of opinion was
manifested. Lovejoy and other radical, Repub
licans wouldn't vote for it, because It recognised
laves aa proper t v. Bineham of Ohio, and a
majority of tb Republicans toted for It, because
it bad always been oono. 1 Asnrucay ana Mary
land voted for it ... Northern Democrats nearly
all refused to tot. Carried by on majority,
It begin to be doubtful if tb bill passe.
The odium of a direct tax is strongly nrged,
Dunn, of Madison, sooke anainst it. - i ? -
1 Tha bill mpownng in secretary 01 tne
Treasury to offer nine per eent. on treasury
notes, if aeeeeeary;is tegardsd by many ai in.
Jurlous to tha national oredit. ,wl ..t. ,
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer Special.]
BALTIMORE, Thursday, July 25.
A latter received from Leesburg, written by
a soldier of th Confederates, engaged la the
fight, state tbat Genera,! Johnston arrived at
Manassas ai twelve o eioca on Donuay, several
hours after th commencement of tbe battle.
Two thousand be report ss the) killed and
wounded of th Confederates! HO states tbst
not 'mora than twelve thousand were engaged
lu the battle) oa their aide at any one, time.
Baaaregard had sixty thousand in res owe at
tb J auction, oy wnion ne relieves, nis men
during tbe day.
Tbe tonteaerates ouriea us reaerai oeaa in
tranche, with th honors Of' War, and ar ex
tending the-same care to the wonnded at U fctv-
p to tnair owa men. . . . . r .-. ,,.i :
: .Tb South Carolina troops were, by reqoeet
aaalgned h. fwat of th rmy,: and nnerd
very heavily.1 "Colonel Wad Hampton' Cav
alry aleo euffrsd much, tb Celoael hlmaalf
blng killed .- -
1 Mr. Kiy, a memoer 01 ongr ironr neir
York. Is a prisoner at Richmond -- "
1 General , McClellan paesed through her for
Beauregard Before the Battle.
I 'The Lynchburg Virfimtm aa tb
which anowa tbat Beaut etsrd war en ruard t
f Gen. Beauregard, on Wednesday, having re
ceived Information a to th ontempiated
movement of tbe enemy, dispatched a a esse n-
ger to Gen.JBonbsm, commaqding at Fairfax
uourt xtouae, witn intelligence mat tne enemy
would reach that place at ten o'clock -next dav
(Thursday), end with orders to Gen. B , that
npoa their Appearing, ka moat "fall back to
ward Manaseae without making a fight
EvervthloK was tot la radloea tor th strict
Obeervaoee oi Oea. Beaarecard'a ordert, and,
are enongh, next morning, within twenty rnio
nte ot the tine, as stated pv Oea. B., tba ene'
a appeared la eight. Oen. Bonharo then com
Bteneed to fall back, bnt, contrary to order, one
gun of the Alexandria Artillery, n4er command
af Cspt. Kemper, tree opened npoa tha advan
cing enemy. Four shot war frad, every one
ef which, It I uid, mowed down th enemy, but
tha horses attached to tha rnn becoming nn
maaegesble, and tha enemy by tbia time being
very eloaa npoa bias, Capt. K, waa forced to
leave hi position and abandon hi fun,, not,
however, before spiking 'it, aod .taking ibis
pores, which he detached from it.
1 Oar troops eontlnaed to fall back until they
reached Bull's Run, when a stand was made, the
enemy In tba meantime advancing, until they
reaohed.Oeutrevllle, where they baited;' at
thoe tba poeition of affair remained until ye
terday poralBg.rrr i". m. ,.'...t- . ti-t '
Pl , I lS.Irfl
, lli. I I
I .PTb CinclnoaU frese. receive tpeoial
dispatch by the Crlae-Liae. The following Is
toe latest,,,,., . f , ,., , a -a' m fk "
! GaixiroLis, JalyStf AraMttcfcoleapf,
tressed la volunteer aoiform ana Belonging
to Outbrle' First Keataoky uegimrntr was
brought down tide eader-arreekf She ac
knowledged being -a epy and ban - beea In camp
sinos tbe regimeut was ovganikM., w
,.jT-r iy s 1 pppp ii- jt v ;v.p"T "
I IT Ohfo has cow twanty-nve rifled canoon,
eat daily.
Beauregard Before the Battle. The Retreat from Bull's Run.
Tbe war correspondent of tin" NfYek,
rrrW,glv the, foUowig detcrlpWo of th
retreat: r:.J
..But what a aeenak-euid w-eieinaw
of tbat tumultuous retreat. For three mtiee,
beat of federal woe pi all detached from their
irgimenta, all mingled In one disorderly rout
were fleelog' slong the road, but mostly through
theJpt oa either ld. Army wagon,Juulara
team and private carriages, choked tbe pass
age.tbmttlibg against aoa ether, tmld elouds
of dust, end eiokeuiog sights and sonnda. Hacks,
containing unlucky ipeotatori of the Ut affray.
were emeaneu iia glass, . ana , tne ooeupaawi
were lost tight of In tb dtbrii. Horse, flying
wildly, frem, the battle field, many of them in
death agony, galloped at random forward, Join
ing in the , tampede. Those on foot who
could catch them , rode them bare-back, at
much , to save Uiemaelve irom oeing run over,
as ia make auicker time.i. weunaeo .men,
lying along tha ; bajik-th few eitner leit
oa .tb. field voor taken to t.i oapturea
bospiui. appealed with, raiaeo, - nanoa to
those who rode horses, beirsids to be lifted bs
hlod. btrt few1 regarded such petition ' Then,
the artillery i such as was laved, came thonder
la along, smashing and overpowering every
thing," The regular cavalry, I record it to their
aaame. mined in tne me et, auainr to lis terrors
ibr they' rod down footmen without mercy.
Qneof the1 great 'gun was overturned and lay
atnld the ruins of i vatston, as I passed it.' 3
saw ad artillery mad running between tho pon
denial for and after-wheels of his gun-carriage,
hanctntr ott with both bands.and vainly striving
to lump noon the ordoanoe. The driver wer
snurrlna the boreesi be could not cllnr much
longer, and a mor agonized expression never
fixed tbe featore of a 'drowning man.1 Tba
carriage bounded f rom tbe roughness of a teep
hill leadlnw to a creek. he lost bis hold, fell, and
la an instant tb great wheel had crushed tb
111 oat of him. Who ever saw molt a flight?
Could tha retreat at Borodino hava exceeded It
Ii eonfnslon and tumult? . I think not. It did
uot alack io the- least until Centreville wa
reaahed. There th sisbt of the reserve
Miles's Brigade formed in order onth hill,
seemed eomewhat to reassure th van. , But (till
the team and foot eoUUer pushed on, pass
ing their own csmps anU heading swiftly for
tba distant Potomac until for ten mile th
road over which tb grand army had to lately
passed south ward, gay with unstained banner,
and flushed with sprety of strength, was cover
ed with tbe fragments of its retreating forces,
shattered and panic earicken in a single dev.
from tb branch rodte, th trains attached to
Hunter's Divieioa ctngbt tbe' eopttgton; of the
tliebt, and toured into it already swollen cur
rent another turbid 'treibet 'of eonfdsion and
disuia7. ' Who ' over a' "n "more shameful
abandonment of 'munitions1 gathered at snob
Vast expensed The teamders, many bf them,
out the tvtoesof their horses; bud galloped from
th wagon, i Other threw odt their load to
accelerate ' their flight, and grain, pick and
shovels, and provisions or every kind iay tram
pled ia tha duet for leagues.'.-' -Taodsenda ot
mnskete etrewed the oute; . when some of ns
succeeded In rallying a body i fugitives,' and
tormina: them ia a line aorossn thev road;' hardly
one bnt had thsown away bie arms. :i It tba n-
3 my bad brought ap.hi artillery and served It
pon the retreating train or had intercepted
uf progreaa with ,.n,va hundred pf bis .cavalry,
he might nav oapturet enoegn suppues ior a
weex'a aaasi 01 1 uiuaagiTiuK. at is was,
enough, wea left behind to talk tha atory ot. tba
panic .The route of the Federal army emad
4ompltT: ,;,!! ij mi! r 1 -to .imv-n ; it.- : .n-
The Bepubllcas State Central Committee, at its see-
don la this city on Tbarsdsy, July 33, had the following
action ;V'J t , f-A ft i .A
i wr r. L. n, .ii ,i.. I. -m .
ttonal peril, to Ity uldealldtffereneesof political opin
ion and unite In defense of their f ovomment; therefore,
ffeteteed . Tbat It ! not bow expedient to call a Con-
Ventlea ef the Eepnblloan party for the aomloaUoB ef
effleprs to be chosen at the owning State eleetton. '
Btulmtd, Tbat4he Democratic Oentnl OommlKee te
reeneetee to anitewita tax uomainee in a eau ror a
lont peteease SeniPjnHoa, ror tbe parses or nomine t-
ln a laiubw etau iiMres, and mat tne cause bmkppm
te all wb are la thvor ef tb anoonditlonal pneervation
Of ths Union of Ihe States, of tbe maintenance ot the
paternity of the N.tlenal Ooremment, and 'of the vie-
enue and eontlnaed nroseeutlen- of the war now serried
en for that parpoeei and that the pnpoellloa te sptd
Oommlitap be mule by the Xxeoutlw Coomlttee.
ieeefeed, ShU In the erent of the refusal of the
Seaueratl Central Committee to acoept tbe proportion
lor nnlca by the 9th of Angnit, the Executlr Commit
tee is directed to inue to the reopie or Ohio Mil lor
OonTentlon of Delegates roa nominating ' OonYenUon,
to be ehoeen wltbont reteieuce to party, open tbe simple
basli ef the maintenance of thegorenimentand the t op
Breetioa ef the rebellion aialntl It.' ' " -
j SMOlmti, That the Seoretary be reqneeted to furnish
oopletof the foregoing preamble and reoolutlone to the
psperi ot this city, and that the Frees of all parties in
vie Bute do inTitea io panuin wo
; On ihet5lh tut. , by the Bev. Hr. WUUrd, Mr. Joan
H. Waive to Mite Rcihilu M . I. Bkotts, all of this
it his residence, No. 70 Wtt Vriend-itreet, last srso,
lot at 8X o'clock, Pniur ftixp, aged 70 yeirs.
i The fnnsral will be from tb reildence on Sunday
morning, July 28th, at 10 o'clock. The friends are lavl
ted to attend. .. ','
' July 28, 1801, Ta.ic A. iiTon, ion of Thos. B. and
Mary Ann Aston, aged 16 months.
I Their friends and acqoalntanees are Invited to attend.
bit funeral from tha residence of his parents, 107 last
forth ilreet, at 10 o'clock this morning. , .
lALID Proposals Will be recetred at lbs Qaarlet-.
K maauruenerarsaiepanincniin ue city or uolum
boa, until 19 M. of Friday, Apfimll. for ths folbwing
snpplles: - ';- ' rrrV...,tJ, ,
! 8 000 Infantry Orsrooats, all wool iky blue Kcraey.
I j BtO Overcoats lernjeuad msDll wool eky blue
I 700 Corel rj Jaeketp, allwooi heavy dark blue cloth,
i 1,300 palia Ireweera. all wool sky Uuajtareay, reln
J forced double dicta
i j0Q pairs Artillery and Cavalry Boot, pefged oi few-,
' '' , i Jii-jUAUU'UJ
j ' 800 pairs Blankets. ' ,
' Alf, the 'ebmlartlOHM art Nttirid tons of aiaterial
and style oorreepondlng in erery respect to (he 8 tale
Army Regulation. J-"
tampl. paUemof peck article Tray be aria at ths of
flce ol the Qartaraaater Oeneral, Colambul. '
: Bids must be made separately for each artlcie, (he
Same te be Indorsed on envelopes ..'..',:
i for all aocepted Wile, the parlies will be noairad le
give bonds with mffiolant secarlty foe thp tail Wui per
formance of the contract, and to name (heir sureties la
their Mdst mtt Id ewe of failure In the lime ot delivery,
or the qaallty of the arttoles, ths State TesSrves tbe
right to purchase them elsewhere at the expense of tbe
eontraotor. - "
far meat te be made at the pleaspre ef Ihe State wttfe.
la ninety days from the ecenpurttoa ol she contract.
, All articles shall to subject to laspeetien Jjetore kelpg
received by the smtp." - -
i Delivery, te be made at Columbas, one-foarth 'Within
two weeks from date of contiaek, and one-fourth of the
hole number each week cbereafter Qntll the contract la
suiapisaa. . I . u r . . m
. ao suv win ee reoewrpa rraa peraee cv are not sn
gage ta the tmnufaetufwefotelhlng,'
. all propceele Shoot be eeM,ppStd -"' "V'r
-.-.a "-01. -B.4VBI0HT.'" -l
1 iii- .c.iil.l!
'-Aesteji pt.enereVf"
'J' '" "'U. "' U.T c,,n'tw,' Ohltii",
i v . '.
I P.:"'.
dson l. CoBvere,) f-. -V-'
vs. a i BuperlorOrttt.'1
nr. J. HIeeetal. ) ' -
'a J."
to me directed from the Superior, Court et frank
Un panaur. Ohio. I will Oder tor pale al tbe, door of
the Court Bonn, In the city of Qoliuabaa, la .aaldeoanty
8at'nroVy,tton 4ay bWepUmbaV.!pV7bi&y,
between the hourt ef fSo'eloek, f.( and S e'elock, P.
She following deeerlbed seal eotote. So wttt -jr, ,.
Lot Mo. eight (t), In William S bpIpd's eddlUba fc tht
Slty of Colunibaa, la franklin oounty, Ohio, as pee te
eorded plat thereof In Reoorder's office.-. -r , .
, Appraise at BIW.OO .'
''-ryflifh Tri.ntTfl'MtJ, Sheriff, -rC
: Jly!7IWA4t: V ' Tanklln counly.Ohio.
T rrlnlertfee. n.SO " " - v
rr-, i ,f v, BIQNM JotT 0, 1801.
erttfp tlkfct -lb. ppvtaerahlp tptietofere SXtetloe) be
tweea Baaauee Doyle, John BUHemaa. Hlrhard Irani and
Zips 0 iwerford, ander the Sraa Mmee of Bldlemea, Bvans,
Orawfer Co., and B. Boyle Oo., bee thle day been
dlteelvee by mutual ooneent,Bepmel Pay le rearing from
said Arm, end the remaining three parluera, Bid I, man,
trans and O rev ford, are entitles) te alt the notes, pp.
ononis and property beionflng to said flrma and agree to
pay art the liabilities; they baring the right to uj the
grip asms IO settling up ths bnilncea. B. Doyle Is pot
tobs held rI wiiU)!efnrny bnalneas traatncled during
tbe paat year, all accnunte sot notei Ttmln Ckh py
I Bliped aud deltvered Oi s tit day of July, 1811, '',
j Blgaed
. DOXIM. - '
HTieJ the vetsr. ef ft"-
eountr desire to have Oea. flrUwold
Ol pui-
thlp,rbvavhTt Bcpnteotauvv,
Justice of the Peace.
linn gtavaaepiri - .1 r -Pk)aMsmismsoaadldttSvfcrtr4f;llgl
ths offloe of Justice ef the Wae oT" ptoitgomtry lown.
Justice of the Peace. WM. L. HEYL.
j M 'li800lOOO." '
orfJ6ittpwsov ' ',nBi ,,
T.. ' , m hi Suva r Oato. t t
. i r- ' n in LC. i '1 r ' . vn 1 ol
oSwiibs, July so, 1M1.J
' r -i .-aaoptpt jn wtai. irai.i
th. pMlhn
laaibap, eotu l .o owck, m.
o'olock. Mm or u Sil a.y oi
:j Tel iMBtati, Ho. 85 William strjst .In
and at tut aptae;
tbe lty of Hew Tor;, until o '! " .
dtvef ae.to Ihe preht of 1,560,000 of
tti laDd'd aad R'ftPttrW UpM of the Butt, bearlii
lotpntM tropi Ibe nt par ef Augmsl, UB1, at tb rate
of etaaoropnUMraDaaoi., Bids wUI toe rtntlndfor
PlUlPEpf IhpfOliPWUWplPPPPlOf stooksK I ,-,- .'.' .
1st. .oeruaoaips leapeiatnip p
,1, .ruaoat tedPtaaMU tap ma imnnn
It of Oolompua,Jaljat.a868. ;Ue laianM pwa
mumi aaaaell' Ihe ftrstaar ef M ay pod ths first daf
! Sd. Certificates rodMoaltle at the aRtner of ih Suit
it. tk. .it. mi s.w fork. Julr liL ISC, tbe Iaurt ptr
ble temi-anadallv. the first day of January aod, the first
day of July la taoo jprnnioinnj.
I Hvh nrmuiMl BUt .t.tP dlitluOtlT fof
which of these
i. mm, .lu, .ranM to be taken. Ia one any
i .h.n ot dMimli Ibe clui of Slock deelrajl
j iheWdder. It shall be deeaed to have been payable
wnen tee mo io ipcpitwi. .. - . , - v j . r,y . i
" No oondltlooal bid, or bid not abjalnfe la Its lermi,
will be oonsldered. ,- -
i ,. .mnnnl Ih. rpineetlv bids' reoelTtt
in New Ior. must be nude at the State Attmj wltbia
thrM d.n arter the aoceDtance Usreor; ana oi ue stas
reotlMd at Oolambns, wltbia ten days titer the aosopt
Mh th. nrnn.r CprUficStee Will
be ready for 'delivery.,, .. ,r ', '
Hew Itork will be lamed la sums ef 500 and upwards
at the option of the bidder. , tl
T TtOertlfioateewllIbeayebr.eDooiidItloany,Jaly
1 , 1868, ene pr, by ttte n wiUjoWlPf the 1(P, iXtmpW
d from taxation by tbe Bute, . , .
i PBM.i.waplauPipMbppnetrisedlBpSaledpn-
lam street, New York, and indorsed
Loan." '" ' " " ' '-'
I k. w. ftnn, aaiitPT ot tte. -
i 1 j ... r. aunmuui pppipipjj oi pwip,
JAUKS ssuaaai,anornpy wenprmi, -
.loo-.'.i (.;,.
vempiiseionen m uiiiupf ua
. or me state r vnie,
r "r1
. . DEAllEIt 1I
I it .
ji ii ci
t.1 :t yrn.
i .'ui li-.vPt.nvifl1flt13.
ji, -i -
Foreign and Domestic Liquors,"?
...z.t.a iFroitsi etc.'. etc... .-i.
I of : tuiUl'1 hi v . r i. j i ; n.i-.. ; i .
""" RIMOVW Uli StOER 1011 ?;
No!.34, N O RTH 111 Q U "'TE fi t,
"; Np;:106, ;South High , Street, '
Theoldptaod reoeally oo copied by JVM. McDOSAlD-
He Is In dillyjeeetpt of " ; '-Jt" -
" ' r- - ' ....
' .'.. 1 . .. w ilJi J n,i-i 1 T r . - - . i' ., ' .
Goods delivered to City trade free. of charge CH
' '' (incClSSOB tO KiKtt k EiTIIAUX) "
:;No. O.SoitliHigh Street,
. aoIT7TvX13TJ0 :
1 :t.m '..::.-'.
.nil.. ' i t ' i 1 !:. y
.1-..,-..... .i :: I t. i. ... ,t---ii '
- Foreign and Domestic ; Fruits,
. i I i. -.
ftnrto Q a V T'-V t Tl VTftR R PTH
BALTi llUUUIlSi c, I
JlyW llr ,a.i ,il '. ' J . V !. I -.'; -r. ti..-,ii .
CLOAK CLOTHS. Also, other makes or Bpnng
U loak Clothe, fn all desirable mbmree-Blndmm, Tea-
eels and Buttons to ssatehr
i ..Mia mA.T., ...
MUlrf at bob,
Ho. 9 Bonn High stree '
I . ... . TUB RVBICOrt PASSED. .
I Ctrisr passed the Knbiooa to destroy the liberties
bis 0008117..
.' iames fvls W Peeped the bousde of
f1" r" 7 '
sratus ssaksrs, to destroy their poisonous dc
ttodAra Balsratus I
penBaas;ant) ta trod seed kUpar tlststw Esleratus,
bare the lives ef thoustads. Depot, 34S Wathlogton
street, New Tork,
1 iii i
IIEAaLTHt Ths blood mail btfcurlned, sod All and-
telaes are aesiess which do ot poesMS the quallbjef
stimulating the blood to disckarge Hslmpatles lato ths
bowels. BaaaiaiTa's rats possess this quality la
high degree, aad should ba ta every family.,' They are
equally Bteful for children and adults sdsttsd te both
sexes, and are as Innocent as bread, yet ITost si
las a atsicntai ''-','
' Tbe Boa. Jaeob Beyers, of tprlngvllte,lad. wrUra
to Dr. Brandrelh, under date ot May 11, IBM.-' f .'
I "I hava need voor Invaluable Vegetable tTnlversal
Pills In my family a loos 1838 they hare always cared.
Ken when other meatempp wrp bo .tw. . bbtp
ta the BMaas of my nelghkore aelog huodieds of dol
lars worth, and I am setiafied they have reeeived
thousand per cent. In bleaeed health, through iheir use
irkn .re pmA In this reaiea for Billons and Liver Dis
pone, fever aad Ague, aad all rheumatic eases with
moat perfect enoaeie. an nH aoj an up iiw rait
aaoe la nlckaeep, aad I trass yoar venerable life mar
long spared to prepare so excellent a medicine for the
i fiease send me the lowest price by the gross.'"
i Bold by Joem E. Coot, Drnrtlst, Columbus, aad
til iwSpeotable dealers la Saedloluca.
I jiyindawimo. . :;;H::V;. .'I'.v.V
w mac
I Iaallssweteosttveesspss1s,pllBoM
bJfeeUons, piles, ypaamllsav fevers tad pgaas, ebstl
feat bsad acbes. aad all general derangesMatssf beaUa
these fills bave to variably proved pertain tod speedy
remedy. A slngU trial till place the Lift) tula beytmd
tlteieaclefeepipetttlaB la. tbaesttmaUos et awry pa-
Hent. r " . . . ....
, Dr. Moffatl nomja Bitten wlif B found equally ef
toadons Ih krt oajes of harTDU debility, tmpaU, head
acts, ths Sickness luddeot ts Biaelas to delicate 'bealtt,
tad every Uadal .vwakneae et tbe ga1tT).etsaBS.
for t)e bf Dr. aT..'pttftAT,v Sreedways R.' T"
tad.lry.sTlDru'gglrts. Tl
Mtterwrttteafaf'tMItevi'p'. ' Bolato, paste of the
f lerreppkU-ptreei piPt Church, Sreokrya, M. T.,U
Uie "Jopjtml adMimeaerr ChtcJBnptl, P., and epvaks
velomes In favor of that wortd-rea owned atcdlotne, Mas',
f ipeurw'a Boffhtiaa Ixaov rot Caitsksa Tssmnnw
: upr. MPpa dvewtlsment la volar eolemhj- bt tut
yUamuam't geoaei Bvaasv -tfe.ipaaeaeaUev.eJtl
kifprot of a patent aadldneperoraba par lire, but.we,
a-el c'lmpeiiod to pay to yuur narture that this It nd baja
ka.-o n.va Tinr it, aao aoW rr Yo, ti
iLuara.. Kt IS protnMy onuofthe asovi anrvepafal tt.fdl
etnea ot ,; e ih, lale one of the betl. Aod thoe
of jtmr rma.ra wue uarV eauiee cau't do better thu
lay Ins supply.1 vof7:iyakW
TrrATiT&rs O U,
jiSi 29 South High Utreet, CoiumoM,
,.. ia: esaU.. ' ! ;aS en rtt. -
KlOrds IogUhJ toraw g w
8UU0 yards lot J1o":,1m UXU SI 37H, Tlus 50 cenU.
OI UfUWW s"p-v , , n
halt their value
South High Blicttl
Elegant Lace Mantillas,
!l -rtjXN 1 c SON",' ' . .
-kr too A-rSfVf fHiffh St., 4
v', ,rt 9tw Md
, LACE MAMTIl-l'AS Au rum i
Wm TTwitwrrn T,ACl!9 ' FOR SHAWLS.:!
beep rieoch Flouncing Laces. v
iieal Thread, French, ChanUlla ueu.,
tin . Mra - .
ValenoiellllM, Point it GaZ6, BnUI8J ;
v.i.;,-.. In new Shapes,
I . . For traveling.
i Travftunsr ogress jruuu, , .
OW0W, ,
JIIIAB, rVU vn.ii . -.i
The best and nost fashionable styles la the otrjr,
a s w av ontf
S9 lkaU. Hlfh Street -
1 . r n 1 1
Summer Arrangement.
Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
I fjS fa rJ t,' '"" ' )X" JTZIT i
.. .
Throuth to Indhtnaholis witnont unantre oi uare
and but Ono bn(e of Cars between
Columbus and St. Louis.
Four . Trains Paily from Columbus;.;
ACCOMMODATION at S a. a., stopping st si! iU
lions betweea Oolnmbue and Cincinnati aod Dayton, ar
frlng at Cincinnati at 10 OS a. m., aad at Dayton at
lua. m ,cveneotlr.gat Dajton for Indianapolis aid
re West. . . ,
: No. 1 IXPRE88 at 11.40a. m., stopplngat Jefferson,
London, Oaarleetoa, OPdarellle, Xeoip, Bpriag Valley,
Corwln, treeport, ifort Ancient. Morrow St., Lebanon,
Voater'e, Lore land and Milford, arrlrlng at Cincinnati
at 4.30 p. m., Dayton at 8.45 p. m.,eonneotlnwlth the
lohleandMleaUiluplRallroaafbrLoBiiTllle, (y., Tin
oaanea, Oalre, at. l,ouis, Hewuneane, etc.i at
I for Indianapolis, Lafayette, Terre Uaate, Chicago and
all Western points. -. "'-
W L.T I. .1 fl I, . . afnnnln. . .11 .Lll.n. httwmrn
bolumbne and Xenla, and at Bprlrf Valley, Corwln,
Morrow and Lore land, arriving at Cincinnati at S a. m .
NIGHT IXPBIBB, Tla Dayton, at 13 00 midnight.
Stopping at London, Xenla, Dayton, Mlddlatown aud
Hamilton, arriving at CinolnnaUat 4.85 a. m.) at Day
ton at 8-We. m.', eonneotlng at Cincinnati with the
Ohio and Mltilmippl Ballroad lor Loulsrllle, Erantrllle,
Vincennee, Cairo, Bt. Louli, Memphli, New Ortoani,
and all points Boutb and Bonth-wett; also, at Dayton
for Indianapolis, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Chicago, etc. .
ITT for further Information aad Tbronth Tlokets,.
apply to M. L. DOHBRTX, Ticket Agent, Union Depot,
folumbns.. -. . . - ,
I :. - T. W. BTKADEK, "
- ' Oenernl Ticket Agent, Olncmnstl.
( I ; ; ;jno.w.dohirtt,
I ..... - Agent, Columbus,
" '' - S. W. WOODWARD, '
, : . apperlbtendeotfOioclnnatl
r Columbus. July J4, 1SC1.. . , .
I aaent, nare wauwiigm eompinmenie, ana era nexeei
FLOUR, ieaior.0nfort.ifeti-and meed bv any steamem afloat.
bteam Betweea Ireland and America.
,t ' ' 1 i . i i i ii -
The following new aod magnificent Ant-class paddle
wheel Busmebips eomposs tbe above Una:
ADRIATIC, 8,888 tons burthan, Capt, i. Maoav
(rermerlyortheCsUlnsLlae.) '
HIBIRNIA, 4.400 tons burUiSn.Oapt.lt. Paoetp.
COLUMBIA, 4,4(i0 - k. Limn.
ANOLIA, 4,400 - Nioboukx.
PAOIIIO, B 0UO ", ' I. BatllB. , .
PUNOK AtBIKT. (Screw.) '
, 3,300 J.Wautar
: ' One of the shore ships will leare New Tork or Boeto
alternately erery Tueaday fortnight, for Oalway, car
rying the government malls, touching at Bl. Johns,
The Steamers of this Hoe nave beea eonstracted with
I thl grtateet care, under the aaparrlslon of Ihe govera-
They are commanded by able and experienced omoera,
and every exertion will be made to promote the comfort ,
of paesengers.
Autezperlenoed Burgeae attached te each Ship. , "
-. . UATE OP PAtSAOE.' - -
rirat-class H. I. or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool 1100 .
Becond-olaw. " " " ; r: c T9.
flraMlaaa, " " to Bt John's 35
Tblrd-claee, " " ' to Oalway or Liverpool.
or any town la Ireland, on a Katiway, - - pu
fhlrdBMPDaappDceraare liberally eapplled with pro
visions ot ths beet quality, cooked and served by the ser
vants of Ihe Company.
' tartles wishing to send for thslr friends frota ths old
? tun try can obtain tlokets from any town on a railway, ia ,
reland, or from the principal cities of Cogland aad scot
land, etvpr low rates. . .
Faapenrere for New Tork, arriving by ths Boatoa
Bteamers, will bs forwarded to New Zork free of chariot'
i for passage or further Information, apply to -
1 N ' . . K . . r Wa.H. WIOKHAtl,
! At tbe office of the Company, oa the wharf, foot of
Canal etreet New Tork.
. - HOWLAEfD ea ABrXEIWALIj, Agents. .
JJ. '..tie, .i -mmaam ' ' ' ' ': 4 ' -
I BAIN &SON;; 1 1
ABA; . No,"vr;;oFrBR)No 1
I iO0O yards Baeer rta'la Black Bilks at tl 00-vaUe
j U tf par yard- ' . t
4,800 yards Traveling Crete and Mantle Oeods at .
i 19 1"8 esabt value SO cents per yard.
HiOOQ yards White BrllllinUN at 12 lt 'eenrsj
i value SOosntsperjard. '. "" - - -
i . . ,
rsOCO yards fins and DomeeUo Olnthams greatlv un v
der valuer . ...s ,' I
(- ALSO:-.- '.- ".'-! '
KOZiatBIQTJXS, BAUOSLVIS.io , .'. , ,o l
cBiiin, rouuso iilm,-''...j ;..
svausB smasB.umtAi,'! '
fiervr mA STMhiraeYble) TOtfm Groodc
lu the meet deeiaakie etjlea and at vt r; io pars nrlcea. T
, fc.. ,u w. m. ,1. V ......
t)t a aiatsrWst amde la lbs taest styiiah msnnes afttr
the latest Psrts faahlone the most elegant styles ta
the etty.
;j!l f.j . tsAlll SON,
" .' Kc. 29 Booth High strtet.
amy 30
PIUOHAX property belonging to the eiUteef frank -O
raven r, deceased, eeaalettog chleayxif a BOMB)
pod DEAT, will be aold at publlo vendue, at Ihe corner
Of High aad Oherrv etreets, In Oolambus, oa the Both
fay of July, a: p. lfOl, oommenelog al 10 e'elock In
Ihe foreoeoa." -"'-- ' ' '.
Warden k DreMl, Att'ya.! ti ' ! AdailaJetmaar. A
Jell- wit i.
l 1 ' a ' i 'i T' - srnrs . . '
lore vautlng i-tiir m un.'-. r-iru son.r tap.
oameof AKiIelHOfMl PtTriOJlPbiM, Vie diaiolv-
d by 'mutual content on, thp Bret day ,of April, Mdlwl
tbe pulaeaaot U(e drm wiUp jseltlad k.l.. A.
Aaarraoae, who oeatlnaes the butlneis at the old eteud.
. a. a ABMSTRon. 1
Sayl'J-d3f, i B.XHOairiWN.

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