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I- 7
1T Adams Express Company plaoes us dally
under obligations to it for tbe very latest papers
frnm th naatprn ritiM.' 1 f( ' 1 ' I
The American Exnress Company has our
thanks (or its daily favors in ttie shape of tbe
very latest eastern papers. . ' , ; .
irnn s;unii;iifttf Tf.lt. 'n "
'i. j i 1 1 i ' ii ii i i
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
Notice is hereby given to tbe Union Dsmoc
racy of Franklin comity, to 'meet on Fbidat,
Adoost 2d, between the bows of thbsb and six
o'clock, p. m., in tho townships, and six' and
iioht p. m , in the wards, at the usual places
of holding elections (excepting Norwich town
. ship, which will be held at Schofiild's School
Houso, and the 4th ward et Qavis'i room, end
the 1st ward at E. BeLLta's), to appoint del
egates 6), attend tbe County Contention, to
mset at tbe City Hall, in the City of Columbus,
on S.TUto.r, the 31 of AtfooaT, for the porpoae
of appointing delegates to (be State Convention
on the 7th of Aogoit, to nominate a State tioa
t- . ,-.,..'..'
Tbe following is tho number of dolegates al
lotted to fca'ch ward, based npon tbe Tote east
for Supreme' Jutige in I860, allowing one for
each fifty and an additional delegate for eaob
fractional twenty-ate Totee so cut- j-.'j
1st Ward,.'
Hamilton"; .'j Tfl.':,'", 3
Mifflin ...n.;r"..;.
21 " :.r
4ih " .; . .
5th '
Montgomery Tp :
Truro " '
Prairie "
Clinton "
Brown "
.. 5
Wasbioetoai .tV.r 3
Sharon '
Plain" '
--.- II.
" i ' rt
a. s. hwh, ,
J. BOLIlf, ' '
A Ltz. Thompson,
James Hotxocna,
. H. W. Miiais,
Joftiv M. Pooh,
Sah'lDotlc, '
K. PicKtatr.,
.County Central Committee
Attihtio Vimttis No. 3. All persons
knowing themselves to be members of the'Co,
lumbus Vedettes No. 9," are hereby ordered to
appear at their Armory on Town street,' at' $
o'clock on Mondiy erenlng next, July '29tb, for
the transaction of rery Important Jjnsinese. -By
order of the Commandant. :
-4t. k ;
Probate Court of Franklin County.
Tbe tallowing beslnen was transacted Id tbe
Probate Court of this county, beginning -with
Monday, July 22d,and ending with Friday, July
John D. Wagner and Citharlri'e Fitch', John
Frei and Barbara Keller. Jetbro .Denton and
Margaret R. Frume, Michael Conner and Mare
Ljod, Jahn H. White and Ruthella M. E i Shotts,
Woodward T. Padget and Lydia Jones. :'yj
Tbe following guardians were appointed for
the purpose of enabling, by their consent, their
respective wards to be legally enlisted In a cat-
airy company! ' -
Philip Ackerman for Valentine Koch, of Co
lumbus) (Gordon Moodle for Thomas McCale,
of Columbus; Lewis Davis (or Joseph M. Sharp,
ot Westerrillo; D. fj. Tnft' for Henry Sibelj
Geo. Evans for John Sullivan, of Columbus,
formerly of New York . '
tbe an
purporting to be the last will end testament of
Davio Smilit, deceased, of Norwldlrtownsblp,
was presented for, but not admitted to Probate,
owing to want of evidence identifying it as such
last will and testament. On tbe 24th inet.,
David Smilit, son of the deceased, was ap
pointed Admlnittrator of ble estate. ' .
Diicuai or a Soldier on Habeas Coa
rus. On Thursday, July 25, on tbe application
of the lather, Eli McQiiooor, of Richland
county,. Judge Albmt discharged on Aa6e
evrpM Moirs MqGkiooo from the U. 9. ser
Tice. B4 Mt ; minor, under eighteen years of
age, and had enlisted without hie father's eon
sent in Capt. Tom , Ford's company, and eras
afterward transferred to Company D, Capt.' A.
C. Johnson, 21th Regiment, which left' Camp
Chase yesterday morning, July 26. "
The son at the time of his discharge was
sick in the Camp Hospital, lie, however, ob
tained a free pass and went homo In the care.
Tbe father, being uoabla to pay his fare, set out
for borne on foot.- ' ' " " ' ' .
FatU Accidknt at Camp ChakOo Thrat
day sve'ulng last, July 25tb(as Sergeant Mrrsa,
of Company C, Capt. BieoiMS, Q4th Regiment,
at Camp Chase,' was in the act of priming bis
muiket in th' company' quarters, his finger
slipped off the hammer, discharging the gun
Thetat passed through board partition and
struck Oli Anderson, a private la the same,
cotnpDy, severing ,the . femoral attery and
breaking the thighbone. It was lound Impoeaible
. to stop the fljw of Moid,' end "tbe unfortunate
soldier died). shout two o'clock the next morn-
, log. -n- 'ii. -.ii - . ... ... 4
HrlBAtNEtT'e Battery- or - L1gh. Artillery,
which oaused theraoe at Phillippl, and routed
the rebels t Laurel JJill,' Krrlred ''t', 'Cainp
Chaieon Thursday, July 25, brtnglog a seotlon
of rifled cannon, a flig, and mules, Uken ' from
the seeeeslonlsts. ' ' ' 5 ' ''
HT Ohio, U Is cow stated, If to have'1, thirty
fire regiments of Infantry for the war; slxteee
companies or eight squadrons of oavalry, of
whioh two are lq Virginia, two In Camp Chase,
and four to be raised r end she will have -also
I WKIf4W IVUK UU . ) .-C u lL..qi
' mm ' ii . i -,u :
HTfTbe.' Clndnnatl Enquirr Jeami'.ftom
Lieutenant Poi, that at the Rich Mountala en-
gsgementtbree rifle-guns were jereled smd
fired.1 at Judge Ki,of that eity, by rebels',
who were only twenty yard Jrpin.1 the . Judge;
neither of which took effeet. ' The rebels were
in ambucde, e.nd were arrested. M ill &!
Crfthe Indianapolis jSenlintl ha'i bteu hoai-
ed Into ft premature announcement of the death
ol Atii, BbVnkttI At? .. the Cincinnati .Press
says, Is no the hatt bit frrf,'' "
FroM turn MiLirART Paies we are Indebted
to''Fftld'Note, edited fAVKU JUlM,
of thlreHy," for ;the ;follpiB, from the MpiUr
rressi'. ..m .,iKf!vO iji'iib a Hiir.u xl
. "July 18 ForwaIO to Rtoirsiofib! '
JuIt 17. A Country. Horse at Arltniton
Heights east shoe, and 4he Orani.rmy-ceii'-
BOt go lorwara ioaay TBswnurt ), ,-,nk,v ,
July 19, Bull Run baMerfee eHtaVen, and
th anarti driven back tthotk Mammae-
July20.-rllLjs rsportei the.jBucnjyliVve
vaouated Manassas, and all fled, to MJcUmond,
July 81n4ioo boot w au cut to pleoes,
stod driven back Into our- entrenohmento at
' Caur Chasb. CoL E. P. Friri U now the
Colonel Commanding at Camp Chase,' In place
of Ckl, SoAtmoi. who has left wltb me regl
.' There were' yesterday two, foil.; regimen U In
camp.t TheS7tli Jias lt ;eomoaniei and will
soon be full. There are two companies of artll
lery. and two of, Savalry In camp,, There are
about fifty patients In (he Camp Hospital.
The 94th Reglment left the camp-yesterday
tbe 25th was under orders to leave at ) two
o'clock this morning, and the gGih B expeoted
i j m ,
Tx TwtifTr-FooTH RioiHiliV.-i.ThIe regl
ment left Camp Chase jesterd mornlngi Joly
25, for Western Vlfglal: 'f "'! --i
;t db loiiowmg iaaintot ineomcsrai . . ,
ColqelT-Jioo? -ft-., ;, '
' Lieut. Col. Sampil A. Gilbert.
Biajor Lbcim. Bumia. , c, ; Mk ,.,iJ:
Snrgeon Datid Wiiih .
Mate J. M. Cooai. m v
Company A-Capt. Lymah Kellogg
B -. -I Shelton Stnrgee.
Q- ,, ,s, David J, Rlggini
D Jlloscs J. Patterson,.
E J Samuel B.' Jsoksoo . .
. Fr-. ' , Albert 8. HU. .. T'Z
G Henry Tervjr.' i -
, H- dm. Arnold';,'.. ' ;,i
,I t Jos.BvHiIL
Kt ."Joslsh Given. Vi ., '.
, ?' -
tq "Ficjd Notes'! of .this date has the fol
"Maj, Jaoi Bohmii, Eiq.r u .1.-' : :
-Vtar .r: pease inrornt'tne readere or
FUU Nctti that We were more scared than hurt.
and that we eaa bold the public olfioes against
any force that oan be brought against ne. - -
" OliU ABE." J
lET On Tbtirsdiy nkht'lsst, Capt.' Foiio, Ute
Lieutenant Governor, arrived at Camp Chase
With company from Richland county . ' . .
. 03 , John Qroisbeck has'bten' tppointed Col
onel of the 30th regiment; i-
Fifth Wisconsin Regiment, Col. Amaia
Coli,' passed through Cleveland, "on Thursday,
July 25, en rtuti to Washington. : '
D" J. M, Cooxc, of Toledo, has been appoint
ed Snrgeon's Assistant to the 24th regiment
vice Eeoba Piasce resigned, ,.'V-V !'
.. ST LiiffSCttM "GwVuNii 'off. Cincinnati, hu
been apeolnted First Lieutenant, and detailed
Post Adjutant at Camp Chase.' " "
i i
IfT' An exchange menUosa that." In. the Mie-
eoorl Convention lately, Ex-Go V.' 'Stewart. ' of
fered ' resolution to tbe effect lhat tbe Ex
ecutive Department of that 8taU bad txpttiattd
iteelf, referring doubtless jo ,'Gov." Jackson's
long-winded proclamation ieeued joat before he
left Missouri for Arkansas.", , f
BTj A Cleveland paper calls' the Fenolbtee ot
this city the Tlne'Mti. Doubtleao V mistake cf
the printer la omitting the little prefix . o
J'. -' i hi ' i " i i urn i i .i I .1 v V
Tux Ohio "EoOcational Monthly- Tbe
number for August his - several : choice educa
tional essays, and the prooeedingA of the Ohio
State Teachers'. Association, held at; Elyrla
early Id this month, i' We learn that tbe elrcu
Union of the Monthly U prlncjpally amoSg pro
fesslonal teachers and the taemben of school
boards. While all these should have it, we
think parents and guardians would find Ii a val
uable auxiliary to enable them better to appre
ciate, nd aid the effprts j( -the. intelligent
teacher.' 'Its eminently practical character, Un
der the management of ite present editor, Mr
White, Is its great recommendation. '
The Monthly la published in this city 7by E
fn & Co., at one dollar; a, year. ,
Loss or Hair. Much of thlJ deprivation is
caueed by sheer neglect after JUness, or eome
other temporary drain upon tbe follicles at tbe
root of be hair. ,Pt, BelUngham, of .London,
nas idenuaed bis great name Wltn JiSUmul
liig Onytunt," Invented by him expressly to
meet auoh emergencies. Messrs. H. h. Hegt
man St Co., of Now York, now have the entire
agency for the , AmerlciantlneM. '- Tbls m
quite a sufDoienl iodoraeaaent of the "anlvenal
reputation of tho artiole. See their advertise
Consumption. How often do we bear the
death of a friend by the band ol this fell de
stroyer, and when we ask the particulars, the
answer often Js : " Tbey bad a humor, it set
tled on their lungs and they died.'! i Dor4 tfcen
Is admitted that humor wss tbe primary eause
their disease.. It Is these humors Upon which
we wish to speak .. Kennedy'a Medical Discov
ery has been belore the public for soma twelve
years, and in tbat time IU merits bar been
thoroughly tested, i certificates are dally being
received bj Jtf Proprietor from all directions, of
persons ouret ot "humorous diseases) sow if
these persons bad suffered these humorl to re:
mato In thttr system, they might ere tbtt hate
been throws into jt oonsumptioai or other fatal
malady. .Delays axe dangetons '';;,,,,:';.,
Oltr Boton,'JtIbAo, Buffalo,
PltUbaifh, HtoaWavllI wr, OWvtkMid, iumrlll,
Nwtrk, SimoTllK Whtnfa OIr. BklUMicm, Ptllf
itlphia tad Mmr OrUkas, Iom daUjr (aaDdavs except
d) at o'clock e. m.
AthroBgh ault for Trkan4 Otovelanl etoitc
SUy (Snadajt uccptcil) at I o'oleck p. b. a
43. 0. St 0. B. K. Way Hall clows dallf ffluodav
eptd) at 9 o'olook p. m. ..i '.! '.'
Ocntral Ohio Waj lll altum Sally (Sundays excepted)
at 10 o'clock a. a.
Olnctnnatt Way Uatl clotw dtllf (Baodn excepted) at
o'clock a. m. r" 1 i
Chioiro, oboi,J Delaware, Mrt and Worthlnf
ton auils eloaci dally (Handaye aaooptcd) atoloclt
p.m. i
tUIIiforXmta, BpriDiHeld, Drcn, ffoMo, Olsclo
Btlt, IndlADapolIc, LuUvllli 81. Lool,, and Detroit,
cIqm dallf (Haadayc enjepteel) at B o'clock p. .
luimga ntll t ZodIa, Sprtfflie and OiDortattl
lot dalli (SondAy xit1) at 1 0 o'elotk a. -
vnana, riqaA, Tims aui ouioo Ulty mail clotce dairy
(Dandayi oxoepud) at S clock P.m. '-.'
UncMtw.LtffU, MtUonTlllo, Olrrlevllle, OhinicotM,
PortuaoaUi. WhUigton 0. U , AlhouA,MrttU
HUUborooili bmiis oloM daiji (ttodays txectedpae
But ftaykUU by KattonAl" rWd to Hmcsvtlle o1om
dally (Sandan cxmptcil) at IS o'clock mj ' '
HAirttbena Mall elotrf ,llly (dandays excepted) at
O'clock . .' 1 !':. ui. ...... 1. . .,
Mt. VtrnoB Mail, by- way of WeMrfineaa BeaMr,
CloM Sally (8day exccptal) at o'clock pk .
Jlablla Mall closes dally(Baodart esecettdlai ejleck
b. at. -
teeaster Way Hall cloaca daily (Sasdays axesptod) at
Malls froa BocUa, FliUadelphla, Bntalo,
Albany, Pttttburih, OlcvcUad, Dayton, TgUdo, Xcsla,
n.li InUwAaM fn4lmtX, nhllllnn! B, r LaIv
and aH Soalaera cilia, arrtrd Mtwcoa tho hours ol it
clock p. . aoill oolocka. .-- t
MallirrxaABdJaiiaeUa,OUcao, eadJJubuiiM arrive
otltew a. '' t--' ----
Mails frota. WMhla?ta Olty, Balttnor, .WMeltor,
Zanecvtlle, Mewaik, 8teoDBVill(, Mt. Vcmon, and Uio
- O. B. B. Way Mail, arrive at It o'clock m.
Way Mall from Olnoinaorl entvea at Se'eteck- B. ar.
Itaaeutar Mall arrival atS o'clock p. a. ..... ( .
Xut Was Mall over the Nattoaaf Boad arrtves at 11
clock a. m, , i )Ui i 1 '-' h i . .! t
MU Tonwa Way Mall arrlvee at U M r. a. a
Mail froaiDeMln atrlvw a U o'clock a. , ,, u
Dreaaa Way Mail arrival at 9 o'clock p. a.
.. LUrrtekarf h Marrie at 11 o'oleak a. ah
.LaaoHtw Way Mail arrival at 13 o'eloak BW - . -.
Office delivery oct ever day. (ccl(tandak) (rea
o'clock a. hi. to 8 o'clock B. m. . Oiteft on Bundaya
to 9 o'clock b the mcfralnl, 'and Troa i to
YtrfNTED 10,000,000 Otm.nnan In hare Card fhoto
Ii etaphs aMi fall Urmia or almula tmita.at M.
WlTt'S Vine Art fhptof raph Qt liery, 4 door North ef
wa AHonoaa noiai. uuiiiauiua. 'tiaio.
From Louisville and the South.
,,LootsvillE, July 25 We have Richmond
dates to the, 22d. and Nashville to tbe 24th.
The former give no particulars of tbe battle of
the Slst, ana toe latter ooiy meagre dispatobes,
most of which baa been telegraphed of the re
treat or tne Vonieaerate lorces from rairix
Court House and Centreville to Hull's Ran, and
the flgbt on the loin. . ' i . -
The Richmond Examiner of Saturday, says
the retreat from these plaoes was in accordance
to orders, null's Kun being seleoted as tbe bat
tle ground- Our troope, after firing several
hundred rounds, withdrew in order, before ad
vancing for a fall baok on Bull's Run. -"Here
tbe retiring forces were met by tbe
Eleventh. Seventeenth, end First Virginia Reg
iments, and waited, expecting a fight at day
break. About 4 o'clock In the afternoon, the
mala body of the foe arrived within half a mile
of the Run, and made three several attempto to
advance, eaob time being repulsed with great
slaughter;-" Tbe retreat had every appearanoe
of a signal rout, leaving the dead behind and
losing six pleoes ot artillery. Two Virginia
regiments 'pursued some distance, capturing a
number of prisoners. Tbe enemy, in their sev
eral advanoes, behaved at nrat wltn great spir
it. Quickly rallying and closing no moved In
columns, but finally broke and gave way nnder
tbe murderous execution of onr musketry and
artillery. , . . , .'. uj
. Wednesday afternoon diBD&tcbes were sent to
Johnston to repair with a portion of his com
mand to reinforce Beauregard. Tbe army, as
the advanced, disnlaved their accustomed van
dalism, burning and destroying villages. Fair
fax Court House, Oermantown and Centreville
were reduced to ashes: men and women were
fleeing In every direction. The battle extend
ed along uuire Kun the distauce ot a mile, and
within the space were left nine hundred and .
eighty-six dead or wounded. Our loss was one
hundred and thirty-seven killed, wounded and
missing. Missing since returned reduce tn'a to
amy .... . ;
' The number of the enemv eneaeed waa vrl
ously estimated at between five and ten thonsand,
wbile our lores little exoeeded tbirty.flre bun
dredJ " ' .' -.-
The Richmond Whig calls this fleht a skirmish
of first rate proportions
, We bear that tbe Provost Marshal reoorta
having burled nine hundred and eighty three of
tne enemy. . . . .,-,.,,
' our luiantry made a biyonet charge on the
enemy wnion swept ail Dstore it. -
Among the unreported officers killed sre Geo
Mun of tbe New Orleans artillery. Mai. Harrl
son Kirk Smith, of Florida, and Col. Johnston
of South Carolina. ' i
Latest Pensacola dates report the capture of
small sloop by tbe blockading fleet, and the
arrival, on tbe 19th, of the Macedonia. The
schooner vigllanoe, charged with furnishing tbe
blockading squadron with provisions, was seized
at Bay St. Lirais, on the 20th, and a guard put
on board. .
The blockading sauadron at the mouth of the
Mississippi was reinforced on tbe 20th. bv tbe
arrival of five war vessels. The force now con
sists of the Brooklyn, Powhattan, Colorado, and
nve smaller vessels.-' , - ; . .... i i.u
Private dlsnatcbes to a gentleman In Lanii-
vllle from Nashville, says Davis admits In bis
report to bis congress the Confederate lues in
killed and wounded in the late battle to be three
thousand. Tbe same dispatch states that Wade
Hampton s south Carolina legion was entirely
oomp. -
The Missouri Convention.
JrrriiBON Citv, July 25. Iu tbe Convention
to-day, Mr. Broadheed, from the committee of
seven, presented the report of the committee
The report alluded at length to the present nn
paralleled condition of things, tbe reckless
course of the recent State Government, and
tne Vignt ot tne uovernor and other State of
ficers irem the Capital. It deolareS the' offices
of Governor, Lieut. Governor and Secretary of
state vacant, ana provides mat tnese vaoanoies
snail be niiea by tbe Convention, tbe officers eo
appointed to hold their position until August,
tow, aiwoicn Time it provides a special elec
tion by the people.
It repeals tbe 4th section of the 5th article of
the Constitution ql the State; shall consist of
seven members, and that four members In addi
tion to the three now comprising tbe Constitu
Hon, shall bs adopted by the Governor chosen
by this Convention, to bold office until 18C3.
when the people will be permitted to decide
whether the thaogo shall- be permanent, r it
abolishes the Bute Legislature, and ordains
that in case, before tbe let of August, 1BG2,
tbe Governor chosen byjbia Convention , shall
consider that the public exigencies demand it,
be shall order a special election for members of
the Mate Legislature. ' " '
It recommends the passage of an ordinance
repealing the following bills . passed by the
Legislature, in secret session, In May last:
ine military r una Dili; tne Dili to suspend tbe
distribution of tbe School Fund, and the bill
cultivating friendly relations with Indian tribes,
it repeals the bill authorlr ing the apolntment
01 one major uenerai or tne raissourl Militia,
and revives the Mllltla Law of 1859.
-A resolution was passed that a committee Of
seven be appointed by tbe President, to prepare
an aaoreee to ine people or tne state ot m
sour!.-' ' iJ v ' ' ' - '"
Statement of a Virginian who saw
the Fight.
PaiLaJDtxrau, July 25. Tbe Evening Bui
lelin has an interesting statement received from
tbe lite of a wealthy Virginian, residing a few
miles frojJ Manassas Junction. He witnessed
the battle Sunday, and describes the conduct of
Vbs federal troope as daring and brave In every
reepeet. He states that the rebel loss is-be
tween 3,000 and 4,000. : The Black Horse Car
airy, tbe eraok regiment or Virginia, was most
terribly eul up. . Only 200 out ot tbe regiment
weresavea,---- '
' Oar Informant says It was k most fortunate
thing tnat we did not drive tbe rebels beyond
maoassae, tor witoin two miles or tbe rear at
tbe Junction, the' ground for many sores Is
mined in the most artistic manner, and tons of
gunpowder placed tberev Our informant thinks
tbat tbe Government is not aware ot the eaxant
ef the rebel preparations to destroy our troops.
upwards oi la.ouu negroes were employed to
work in the intreuchmenta at .Manaseae, and
about tbe same number employed on those at
Richmond ' Gen. Lee waa not at Mahaaeas
during the battle, and la how at Richmond com.
mandiag an active- force, estimated at 10,000.
Richmond Is surrounded with mines like thoee
at Manassas. ' If tbe rebels find that tbe Union
mea are going to lake tbe olty, it will be blown
np.l Had tbe Federal forces got beyond Ma
naeaka ast. Sunday, Beauregard admits tbat
"tbe rebel cause would have been lost.? .''"i
An Impression prevails at the Sonth that tbe
North has no money, and eannot get aovc The
rebels are nnder the delusion tbat tbe heavy
soma owed tbe North by tbe South will be. the
mesnsoi making ni Bankrupt, and tbat u.Jcs
than a year the North will succumb. .- .i '.. . .
There are 'two regimente or well drilled ne
groes at Richmond. ; ' ;-' .;;
. uur lniormant nearo. no news ci any slave in
snrreotloce. The bitterness of feeling at the
South against the, north U described as most
in it :T.r i..
iNoiANArous, July 25. The 6th Indiana Regl
moot, Col. Crittenden, arrived hero to-day.'
Alter partaking or a collation prepared, by the
dtl.-.ens, they were weloomed in snort but pa--trlotio
speeches by GovAlortou and Judge Co
burn. Tbey will remain at home for , a abort
time to recruit, and go for tbe war. V "
The President has accepted ten additional!
regimente from- this State, whioh , will make
thirty regiments from Indiana.' " i "
r Col. Wallace's Ztuave regiment will arrive
here on Saturday.-, They have already -a aufC
oient number encamped here to fill up the regt
ment for three years, snd will return in- a few
The Sixty-Ninth and the War—Connecticut
Regiments Picking up
Jaly -The men the Six-'
ty-Nlnth declare that a, majority of tbat regiment
will come back to serve during the vu .v :o.
The Coaneotioat rbglmentey which etme hi
the latest from the battle-field, sated the Gov
ernment 1200.000, by, the collection of .stores
wnion naa osea abanuoned during tbe retreat.
i - - i
TottDo; July 25.-The Mth; Ohio Rcglfflenj
returned to day from Western'Vlrgthle, thefr
Wrmof enlistment having expired. Tbey were
enthusiastically weloomed. The majority Of
the members art ready to re enlist for the war,
after a few weeks furlough. .
What Gen. Patterson has to Say.
Baltwoee, July 95. A private letter from
Gen. Patterson, dated Harper's Ferry, 22d rnst.,
says Geuu:Johnston retreated to Wlnohester,
wuerejue; oaa lurowo up-extensive luirmcn
mentej and bad a large number of heavy guns
I should- hiava turned hif Msltion and attack
ed him in the rear, but he bad received large
re-enforcements from Mississippi, Alabama Snd
ueorgia, a total force or over ao.uuu coniede
rate, troops and 5,000 Virginia militia. ' My
loroe was less than uu.uuu nineteen regiments
whose term of service wae up. or would be
Within a week, all vefuslng to stsy one hour
over their time but four, namely: two Indiana
regiments and tbs 11th and 21th Pennsylvania
Four regiments have gone home, two go to-day
and three to morrow To avoid being cut off
with tbe remainder. I fell back and orcunled
this place. ,.ir.. w., . .." v?; ;i . ,.
Arrest of Col. Miles.
[Special to the Cincinnati Commercial.]
t Washinoton. Julv 25. Col. Miles, who com
manded the Reserve corps at Centreville, dur
ing the fight at Bull's Run. has been placed un
der arrest for derollotionj of doty : r , , , ,
Ida Minnesota first Regiment appears to
have buffered the most severely of any in tbe
field.' The number of Its killed is ascertained
to be 6C, and some more are still missing. Tbe
men,- however, are undaunted and are ready
sgain for notion. ,u;i;..;....h-.-t'
Reported Fight at Harper's Ferry.
BALtmot,JuIv27. Keports hiving become
current that a fight had oocurred at Harper's
Ferry, a dispatch wss sent to the agent of the
Associated Press ib?r to make1. Inquiry Into the
matter.. Ia answer, the followlhg diepatoh was
received with no signature, od therefore not
entirely creditable r '' ' '-" m.....
" res, we have had a severe fight, but we
roniea inereneis completely." , ,. . , ,
The Position of the Rebels.
Washington. July 25. The Renolote has ar
rived from a oruine along (he shore of Virginia.
She csptured two rebel schooners and a sloop,
ana iouna new reoei ostieries on' tne rotomae.
One mounting it guns'.'"' The reported occupa
tion of Fairfax Court .House is confirmed... .The
rebels are planting batteries of artillery. there.
It is believed Senator. Simons's substitute for
tne tarut act win. pass, . ; ;
wugrce win not aajourn mis weK. ,
Names of Wounded.
Washinoton, July G. Tbe following. aro
the names ot tne wounded In-the Ueorgetown
Hospital irom tha West: t red. Etnisenburgand
M.S. Nichols, 21 Michigan i Phillin Lawrence.
aa Wisconsin) josnua weiioreten, 11. Vender
worm, II. a. Bottell, and W. S. Cornelius, 1st
Michigan: G. Donahue.' T. Murnhv. C. Beal
myertN,FFldridge1 2d Wisconsin. . , ,,
Names of Wounded. The Killed. Wounded, Missing and
Prisoners of the Second Ohio.
Washington, July 26 The following Is a
list of tbe killed, wounded and missing In the
Second Ohio Regimentiuj. -.,.
Killed Surgeon Alfred Powell; Lieutenants
J. W. Dempsey, and Samuel Irwin; Sergeant
A. Donnell; Prlvatea Straud, Thomas I. Lani
gan, Polk, Bush, John Cregan, John Mct'arland,
Corrler,;Wm. Maxwell, Michael McCarthy,
Wm. Balrd. Morrow, Robert Tape, Polk, Me-
VormicKana jas. ranrpny. i ,
. .Wounded James Morrison, allshtl- Palk.
Larken, James" McNamara George Taylor,
voior oergeani jonn u. morris, tjtrgoant J. V
Wilson, Corporal W. A. vTuoker.- elightlyi J
MeKornan. badly; P.1- Mollin, H. Filr.pawiok,
Jno. Bush, Adolp. Wabuck. Patrick A. Denln,
dangerously; Dan. Morrill,' Israel Ferguson,
Sllgnuy.j-1,,.:.. 1. .- :; ,
'laken prisoners Assistant' Surgeons J. A.
Forgeson and W. A-'' 'Connelly; Hospital
Teamster Howard;. Surgeons Bay aud Joseph.
Missing Second Lieutenant Henry Simpson,
j0.u; sergeant Major Wm. J. Thomas; and
li others.
Deserter Second Lieutenant Frank R. Mott,
Company I. .
According to General Order No. 45, in the
future no volunteers will be mustered into the
service who lsj unable to speak the English
WDguago. ... . ; ...jU- ,-
Capt. Van Vleethaa been appointed Quarter
master of the army of the Potomac, and has en
teredonbisdutfeVj,!; " ' L ?'J
There seems . to be no doubt that Cols. Pu
moot, Millay and' Wallace, of Indiana, who have
so distinguished themselves in Western Vir
ginia, have been or will be appointed Brigadier
Generals additiod to' J. .' Reynolds of tbat
State.-. Brig. Gen. Morris will be honorably dis
charged from, the eervloe to-morrow. . Major
uenerai Ban ford, or new-York; brig. lien.
Runran, of New Jernevi Brig. Gens. Cox. Sch
leich and Bates, of Ohio, are also respectively
to be honorably discharged. Tbe first named
Auguit 15thj and the last named on tho 27 tb,
and the others on the 30 th lost. ' '
More of the Wounded.
j. Washinoton, July 25. The following wound
ed wee sent to tha Washington Infirmary to
day : Minnesota First . E, Hess, Davidson
Anthony, Crocker A. Fergusons Franois Gibson,
Joshua ley, tfiram Hardens, Stephen Johnson,
John Amour ; Wisconsin second l nos, Cros
by, F. M. Sock ; Michigan First Martin
Wooden ; Ohio Flrnt S. Thompson.
More of the Wounded. Thirty-seventh Congress--Extra Session.
, ., ........... elon. ;,.
BanATt. Mr. renendenaude lapert from the cobv
niltcee on Leglilatlve -apptoprlatioa BUI. The report
was Bgrcoa w, aco iim mi i pwNgi : - . .. . .. .
Mr. Jobnton, ofTemMatca, noved to take op the res
olaUon he offered yesterday . Agreed to.
Mr. Bale, rroa tho oomnittoe on Maral iAalrs, re
ported a resolution, that a Kleot committee be aDDolnt-
ed, to Inquire , Into the olrcnmitancca of tbe .annender
ana anponuon or wo property oi ine united sutei ana
Navy f anil it Peniacola and Norfolk.
ar. Tromoan moved to aaa tne armory at Harpers
ferry, which Wis anted to. add the resolution was adoot-
A. ... I .
Wr. Howe offered a reiolutlcn requiring tne Prealdent
toiotorm tho Benaiewnat initraotioos nid been riven
to forelgo Ministers In reference to the'tebolllon, Aireed
to. ' ' ". .
Mr. Sherman, from the committee on Finance, resort-
el back tho bill to indemnify' the States for expentea In
curred to defend tke Government. Puted. - "
Mr. 81mm ona, from the committee on finance, report
ed an amendauut to the bill, to ralte revenue. Tbe bill
vu taken up. . , .
Mr. areocenrure uia ns coma not vote for tbe reio
lutlcn, at be thought It did aolltate the facta la regard
to the ear belnc forced On the oonntry by the Southern
dliunloatita. HU opinion was', that the pretent condi
tion ol thlngt was due to tbe refuial of the malorlty, Lut
winter, to make any conciliation. De did not think tbe
attack ob fort Sumter wai cause for a general war. and
tbe Freildent ii retponllble for the general war. He did
sot thick tbat Congrats bad dote lit duty to tho whule
country. i. i i - t - .
He beUerea tbe wan was nrotecutod tor the surpoaa of
auhjugatlon. and not for the maiotenance of the Oooeti-
tution, tor tae uonttituuoo it iramptea oo every ay.
Be believed If tbe war wae carried on twelve monthe tt
would be the (rave of CooalltntioBal Liberty, that It was
n't iumble Judgment,' peace waa what we need for the
reiteration ot tbe Government, and the preservation of
Constitutional Liberty. . . , , .
Six. Bherman aaid he thanked eed 'tint Wat not the
voloe of Kentucky. SjjgJ
I Tnr-.B U r Blhmi1.An rl.lnir tn A. MMnn.l m.Il
Latton, aaid tbe rem.ru he made yetterday were entire
ly wlthoat praoedltatioa. If, la tbe heat of debate, he
hid wounded the feelloge of any gentleman, he regretted
It.' ilf be bad violated the oourtety of the Houte.be
made bfo humble acknowledgments. Bit statement was
not prompted by any one, but waa made In jutlice to bit
own feelloge.' Tetterday Wat Ike oaly oeeaeloai ka -had
bees led loto a pergonal ooutroverty, and he went furth
er than be Intended- . , . . ...,, .". . ."'! '..
an. uuraeit waa not m nil teat airrrog' tne eirpiana1
Hoa. '-
' Mr. Slevent, from the committee en Waye and Meane,
reported tbe Senate bill tupplementary to the lata loan
ot, with an amendment authoriting the Secretiry of the
Treaeary to nx tbe denomlnauoa ot xreaeuiy bolet, be
w fifty dollare, which he may exchange for cola, bear
log Interett at 0 per cent, per annum,
it uu
amount la
tary to aegotlate tho loan, the aggrei
-re mn
te amount of
be T nature no tea sot te eaoeed a250,0u0.
i The duties on Imports, tea, coffee, tugar, tplcet, wlnei,
Ito))rs.and all auch exclae and Internal dutlet and taxei
at may be oolltcted, ana pteagea ror tne -redemption or
the debt inourred. , Adoptedone mijlotlty, and then
UTt tevenS , from the committee on Ways and Means,
to whom the direct tax and Internal doty Mil waa yetter
dtv referred, reported that they wer onabl to devfte
soy proylilod which would be Oonitltutlonal aid at tbe
etme lime carry into eneci ine innracnoneoi ine uoute.
" The Bonate'tamendmenta to the bills for the ptyment
ef th Bait mor police, mating approprtallont for facil
itating the coinage cf 'old dollars, and for the mannTac'
lure aad parents oi naw-tiguaia, werw ooptta -
Houteaoleutwet.";f....u. ' " l JV' tH-
Bbota. MrDav W. from the committee on Elections,
reported a reiMntlon tbat Mr. Shell it entitled to nil
eeat at a Inembef from Oregon Inttead of Mr. Thayer,
whonewoeeupletit; - " :j t.
t mr. IDQCTfr nu.ni MU ,uito..w- - -
, Mr. tenron moved that when the llout adjourned It
be till Monday,.," " " ..
, Mr. Celfax Inqf M jf V. StevenS. kf Moreraltise
a waytanJAieant.woeniiwaapoMiuw jpr veouie
to adjourn itid , 'llL"" ''"
-ma. etevent repnea mil ii arproira inur fn .rw
enate. He mtfrtd tb to lata oomralttee of the Woola
to pontlder tin tax bill. , Xb Ueua by tu. actionoiv
Svat mtaauro would be able to tttenmue,as to wUether
Boston. Julv 35. It Is reported tbat Prince
Napoleon and Us wife bare arrived at Halifax,
Confederate Forces—Aquia Creek.
arrived ffcuterday,. report that the nbuU sure
organliing large forces en-tbe F.vstern shores of,
Virginia, and tbat a Urge amount of provrslone-
ana army stores are carried tneneo aeroee toe
Hay into tne Kappaflinuocfc eud x ore w vers,
and thonce tranaporttd bv way of Fredericks-
burir and Jni the Richmond aud York River
Railroad to the rebel army on the Potomao. -
The Yankee has arrlvsd and bronebt import
ant Intelligence la regard to, the operation on
tha Virginia bank at Matthias Point. '
At Aquia ureK tne reDeu are ousy ereoting
baUeries. Tbe one at Matthias Point fired Up
on tbe oropeller. Sophia on Bunday morning.
THe Levi Yankee returnea tne nre.
Ohio Troops.
WAHHwaTOri.IuIv iff. Eight'new regimente
from Ohio have recently been accented.
Cant. Harris, of Cincinnati, for his bravery in
tbe late detton, is authorized to raise a regiment.
Col. MoCook had previously obtained similar
aumoriiy... ... ...
IV ew roeimenti are being eoastanuy icnuereu
aud accepted. -u i I; tJU UUt' .
The Military Bill, Etc.
Washinoton. Jfdlv 25. The two branches
Congress have compromised on their disagree
ing amendments to tbe bin increasing me mil
itary establishment;- They have agreed to the
Senate bill with a proviso tbat tbe regular army,
which Is made to consist oi 40,000, shall be re
duced to 23,000 at the end of the war without
iurtber legislation. All officers who may oe
assigned to new regiments are, on tbe latter
being disbanded, returned to their former poti-:
It is thoueht tbe Senate will not agree to all
appointments to these new regiments.
Only a few regiments have yet made out their
lists of killed and wounded, r
. " . ' r-J "1
LomeviLLi, July S6. Passengers just arriv
ed from Tennessee state that troops in' large
numbers from various encampments ID that
State ard rapidly being harried into Virginia
si'"' I . ' ' '
Gen. McClellan at Philadelphia.
' Philadilahia, July 25.-Gen. McCIellan ar
rived here at 3.30 this morning. Tbe greatest
anrhnaiaani rPAO a! IaI
Beauregard at Harper's Ferry.
BaitimosBt July 25. It Is reported that JBau
regard has gone la, the direction of Harper's
Ferry. ,,,-, ,,i ,, ., ' ,' '
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, July 26. 1861.
retail ouotatlose eomcted bv
Wm. H. Bettleaux, whcletale aud retail grocer. No.
108 geath High Street, itv , . , ....... , .
Wheat. 50aeOc,S 0. Sugar l.-.-.TaOc
Oate bu ....
OoraV on. ..
Urd i ..
Maple do.r 910o
Holattet Vtgal 40rS0e
.. Bc12Xc
....... 10.
Syrup 9 sal 6075o
Tea I,... .500., 750.91 00
Veddo fea. SI 004
Dried Applee ka. .' 1 00
Dried Peachei... 3 75S3 08
Rio Coffee .... 15lo
Java do 8092je
White Beaut bu.t 1 00 1 85
rotaAoee, new 9 ira.&U&GOt
BieeSifc Bo
Broomi doa.'AlSOtSllS ,
Bay 9 ton . Si 00
Salt in tack.
Bait bbl..
Soap (nci). iXSHc
Beer 9 cwt
Heme 9
ilhoalderi S. .
... sum
riour t ddi (t Mxsia'A
WattoWbealde S.rxa4.5
Rye floor 11.., S H
Candlea,Tallow,b. l'-'Ko
Oandlei.OpALbOx.. loo
Oheets 9 ft 8!lSfX
.. -J U(
Salt Pork cwt,.
, sasioc
wooa o cord..,
Hacktrel No.lhfbbl
Mackerel Nolqrbbl
S5 Homlnx er hath. . SI 00
ti SOjtehltky per. gall. 8S0J1 00
White Fish per h'fbbl SI SO Raitiot, M R. Box....X SO
White lithperqrbU $1 lot N , Layers ..3 Si
Cod Fiah 9 ft..w . Be " , Bultan l Jo
Herring 9 bbl S5 00 Vlge 9 B 12H15
OoroMcaltt bu....X.i40cTrunet 9 .;...-8l'iHo
Egge ei dot eclWool Twin Wo 9 lb.
Dried Beef.......... . 1301
Flour tales at 4 009 4 85 for new red. and'
4 50 for white; market uatettlel. i -.-r,.. , i r
Wbiat dullatOO70u. - .. .-.'. . . ... i
, Ooxa aalea at 18c. ' - .n-.
Oato tele dull at ISlSIGo. , - - , -.
. Rte email sale at 4S(35wc.
, Bat aaltt at S50.
PoTATota-talee at x03?5c.
Brii.-aletat87c$125. ".-" f.ti t
. Halt mlea at SI SO per bbl. "
Whits fun rule at $8 50S7 00perbbl- J
u Sugara, Ttea and Coffee advancing. f
New York Cattle Market.
' According to the report! from the tevertl market
placet Is the city, there have been received thliweek: '
Bbeep ana
B'vet. Cowl.
At Allerton'i, S.eofi 19
Browning's.... 45 15
O'Brien' 7 19
Chamber lla'e.. V7 ,34,
Rec'ed Sunday
Sold ba'n.Bcr. .441 ..
Vealt. Lambs 8 wine. Total
840 901- .... ,
S7 4,593
131 1,434 .... .
i 4,16 i... .
T'l pr't week
At. number
9 Wk,l'ty'r.
600 11,095
1031 13.336
4.3C1' 356-
' 34? 9.709" ' T.IWr i.,!I63
at ef the
Drove-yardi, 44th-et, report tbe Cattle in Market tma
tho following Btatei:
' 18Kentucky....7..'.:i.i "152
Ohlo...M.M.. ....... 4 18, Inwa.. ... ....-.,.' ,14
loduwa 6''iSlichiin 21
Wcdbidt. July For1 aaee la manv weeka wa
bare a better market at the oloae than at tho opening.-
Really it had regularly improved tine yetterdey morn
ing. Bom of tbe broken bold suite ttlll earrrln the
mornlne, 'halting for the market to open" that ia,
for boyert to come to thtlr termi. Others, fearing that
tbe second aay wouia oe lite in other cloerog days of
late, hurried through their ealee. clotlct no earl In tb
day, and tbat giving Ihote wh had held an opportunity
to put oo from one to three dollareahead, which thty
did -to meet quite an active dement tbafiprtuf ap about
four o'clock, and eonilnaed till dark, taring not more
than two hundred head untold eome ettimata not onr
ob hundred bead. : -, .- -,
Thai morning a lot of John T. Alexandtr't lllfaole rat-
tie one hundred and ility.four head, which were leltont
at irate throe weeks ag were brought to and put upon
the market at a stiff price, say an average of S 10 a bead
more thaa juat such bullocks sold at last Wedneada
morning, and all will be told at higher rates than could
aar been obtained yetterday, to tbat tbe market wblch
opened at an advanoe. and bald stiff all Tuoeday, clotti
waty tun otiier,anu win more man verity our remarka
of yetterday, and tuitaln our 8 gu ret In tbe table of quo
tation! at f ally halt a cent net per peand above I ait week,
aotwithttaadlBi the average qoaltty oi the stock Is not
to good. . . ....
several luecaiatort, trutuer- tnat the advanr-a will
continue, have already ttarted Watt to bay cattle before
to newt or tne iia jetcnei tne waer or drorii in
Iraatltn . We thould not like to Iniure tbeie Eentlemen
a large profit on their talei next week. .
Receipttthlt weeli, lf.OSS.-. Notwithttandlai tha re-
celptt thii week are to much lighter than latt week, tbe
price of oM thp is not as good. Lam be ar better.
We found the trade at Browntng'e on Monday Very flow,
with only about 1,100 bead, mostly thp, r eai. On
Tueeday Ihearrtvala were tut aboat 500, aad tradaatlll
more dullno demand except for the beat clui. We
enticed a lot sold at S3 75, which welched at Albany
I05X poondi eechr the bayer rectlng tew eat of hucr
dred. .-Xheet wer medium wool. aaeea.io( good, fair
quality, that war wall (ed latt winter.
L,amoa oi rery nne quaiuy nav neen told ar ratei
equal to Ko-a pound, but tbe gtneral price Is ltkftlle a
pound for ta net wetgnt or meat, at which they ar In
active demand . It ie only poor ttock, old or young, that
IllS I
at rulnout prion,' w iH w yc . .... iblio j 1.1
Rec&(iarbitweelr,t,OS. tvi.ll
Unrw D. Grant, Saaerlntandent ot tb Market, rf Lit
narta tha followln fle ureaaa lha currant ratal tn-itaw ; I
. .1 flra.na Mora, v n..ffroii ..awwnvA. - ' r -
. .". J. : : 7 -r . I ,
x) DUtUleryHoga. grp)...rt...4x4oi-ri
Tbie it a Very great advance lor one week in July tb
Ireateetwe have ever known in Atldtummer. Litt week
.Heavy corn.fed Hogi,.n..7..-.3V3'o
Light prim Hogt 4 o.
Diitillery Hew..-.V.r.Ar.v. S3jef .
And that vrae evdvana f 'c po th prariout
week. Now th Jump It nearly two centt pound.
Some tblppere who told Hogt at lXc. , ft at Chicago,
which are now ia thii market, teel ' UttM aore, Tbe
telegraph It already at work ordering mor hogt forward,
so w shall tooa have another glut, aad hen drn goet
tbe 'price agtls. Uoga ai. vary plenty in th ooantxy.
but oheap wntoke? maket cheap pork for the poor, . If
ooni it not dlitilled, it goet Into
aiiuiieu, it goea lnio wi
Boric, and beef and
mutton, makjqg men, rich
tod cheaptand lard and tillow
New York Market.
NEW YORK, July 25.
r ABHEB Market lower for Pearle, and anchanged for
Pots.-aalet ef 7S barrel! at 5 50 and 5 Ki (a the
lorrner; ana j x iur u' lausr. w i . , , , ...
, COTTON-ikmUnuei arm and aotlvai SIe .efl.COrf
I 1 . J .1 I TT , t- -
. rLOUR Hove doing for exporL aad market $c better;.
Sale of M.SOO barrel at S- 0OA4O5 for tuptrSne
Itat; St0d t5for iextr state, Including choice at
S4 30;t3s3&t for aaparfinaweatarn.aad S4 IS440for
oatmoo to medium extra weatera; et cxsio uu lor anip
ping branda. extra rtd hoop Ohio) . S 7(KS 14 for
a kmii Am., lha atarlut Akjlad dulL a rartharad-
vane in heigh la matariallV checking the export de'
maul.. Canadian nour may be quoted a inane nrtner ror
,n anulna with A fii hnninea dolnir. Sulfa of 1 000
rtwrtltat J Si) 43 85 tot Superfine, and 84 13ffor
womSion tcBoo iCXl , ?Ilt.;Jf
-.RB VLpORz4uie;(and price nominal) anchaot-
OORW MEAt Rultt ttrady. Sales 100 barrels at
S9 S59890 for Jereey.
WHIoRt-Eirmer. Bales of 450 barrels at l&Stt-Xe.
WHEAT Opsjnsxl qaitj flnD, and oloied dull! faith'
e edvanee on frelghlaokeakliig the export demand. Paleo
export i
21,000 butbelt Ohtotge aprlsg at WMet 1,000 eatbelt
Haciao nrtntr at tmctveet a,ww imiaela atuwaukae
crhal''JiXt; 9,500 buahela ImheD Iowa at SI 61;
1400 kuahale Green Bar eprlne at Si OSKt U.408 buih-
ala winter red weetem at 01 Ml 13: 1.600 auabela Am-
bar Delaw re at Si 80; and 5,500 buthelt white wettern
atS180(19l. r . -jr .
RYE Rules IA favor of buyer, WMb tales of 14,000
btuhelt at eoo for wetUia. and 4SaVWo for Inferior and
ooenmen Oanadlan; and oTi JMo lor good and- prime
BaRUT-Ii entirely B0inlbat.'-J 1 J C-.v
OOBN Quite aotlve for ecoort and bam coniuoip
lioa. bat orlcet' have arjderro&a ao atatarial obAaie,
BaleaoflliOO butbeie at SbtsViS for danMged new tailed
weiternt sssxsrorootBBoa lepiuMooi aoo tor wit -era
yellow1. and48r,e white wettara. i . , ,,;
VATB own at mwxao tox iMpaat w.'?mic, fux
Bute ana waturai. in,, - ...,.t v. . .
PORKSatHUM delne.aad aaarket oontlaaea ta fa
vor of buyers. ' Salts of 300 bote at f IS its (or tav. and
firovprltM.f - ' ' ' -' ' i i, .--, .....
: BBBr-ha markatla BrmaeUfe.and aahada firmer.
Salee of 1.000 barralt at S4iS14 50 lot concur DrlaM: IS
S 50 ceuntryBMet; SSiaVlO SO fot repeoktd uieu) f II
(sU SO for extra neat. Prime moot beef eonU4M 4hU
ano nominal. . f n . . n oi'i t. i. .
BSlf HaMSRule quiet: steles U 1K15 tor eett
era. " . .i r ,
CUTaflATS-OonrlBiiadBll: ealee of 75 khda dry-
salted bama ob prlrau terme. . Xae Btnge Is Hti)it
lor anouiaera: oetoriitmi. , . , ,, ..-.., - , . ,
- . BAOON Quiet) taleeof SO bods dry tailed theuUtrt
BUTTER In mademta m,I Minv. fnr AM.
end 8 130 for ttate. . , tj ., m,u. i ' , - v
BTOOKB-Oloaed lower and dull; Obfcago arid Sock
It I and 40; Cleveland and Toledo 97: O.l.na and Ohi-
cigo fllXi Illloolt Central Bcrlp63X; Michigan- gouto
orn, Guaranteed S7; do R. B . 14; do Central, 14; Pan
ama 109; Harlem preferred, 25; Krie34; New York Cen
tral it; new jeraey aeoona bonoa luXi llllnoli Cen
tral bonde 705 HrleTblnli Silt California 7'a 76: Ken.:
tucky 6'i7S; tlleaoarl 't42X; Ttrdaiae't 461 Ten
neuee ft 42; TJ. B. 6't 81; couponio3.
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, July 25, 1861.
FLOUR TJocbknted.' No sales. r.u-uv
WHB AT Quiet and anehanted; tales of 1,700 uabele
red rrom ttoreat two: i ear roe ane woite at wc asd
(I, and 700 buthelt white at e. -' .. . -. -i
COHN NO tales. --- .ai ...1.1,1
OATS Quiet at ate. i ,'.!.
HIGHWINBS Balet of SO belt at 14c- ')
BUTTER Dull atfrSSc. '' - - - - " -IOG8
8a!ctat8c.' , -""''- -i.k..
DRIED APPtklB Salt of IS bbli at 3c, ''"''
No change In other artielet and market lenerallr
aau. 1
Cincinnati Market.
- The Grocers continue to bava about all the builaeit
there la doice. Mr taleeof Surar. Coffee aad alolaa-
aea, were made to-day, maintaining quit fully the
ttreogth ana tmprevmg tendency or pneee. rrtmt tugars
are generally beid at HK.aioiaatat at .iwgwj la crpreat
end oaa cooperage, uouee at maWi'XSio prime quail
ilea. - ' . . . .u. . i . ,
ir LOUR There w mrt a vary mtrloted boatnen. Su
perfine li quoted at Z 75; extra at S3 904; Family at
S4 50S4 73. Ia IU pretent aerveleet eoadltion the
market M very. Bard to quote accurately, ine ttock.
howevor, It very light, ana holdert are sot paaued
WHEAT It train Irmralerlv reported. New Iioniv
la moderate reqoeat at. 7073o for red, and 80(3850 for
wbltet urn red nrm at jisesu wntte at sw.-
CORN It quiet it 28c. - - - '
OATS Sell llowly at83o. ... ,.,
RYE It in but light requeit at 4X$4lc.
IVUIBB. Had a gcoamarket at iv.c. - . ,
" Vi r i j Commtrtial.' '
An experienced Nurte and Female Phytlclan, pretcntt
, to tne attention oi mouiert, ntr
' ' FOR CHILDREN TEETHaJ-G,'!;:;'.' t
which greatly facilitate thtBTOoeat of teething, be toft-
en log the gumt, reducing, all inflammation -will allay
AuLifAiw ana ipumooic asaoa, and i .; .,,.n
Depend npon It, motlien.ll Wit rtve rtsttgyuuiielves
snd ! , . . . js u i7 ''
We have put op and told th It article for over ten yean,
wnat we nave never Deen aoie to any oi any omer ment
akt.n r u tiDm,. . nt" i, u l . , i M
mud, iu aiiaut a, uuiu, wueu wimij uaeu, iier
er did we know- an Inttanot of diaeatlt taction by anw oak
who need IU On tb oontrary. all ar delighted with iu
opeeatioui, and tpeak In tenet of commendation or tti
maitical eHecta and medical virtue. We tpeak to fbti
matter "WHAT WB DO B.NOW ;" after ten year' expe
almoet erery luttanc when th infant ie tuffering from
pain and whauttioa. relief will be found in nftetn or
twenty minntea alter laobyrup it auminuterea. .
' l'hif valuable preparation it the prescription of one of
New England, and haa bean ated with NEVER JAIL-
1NQ 8UCOH88 in
II notonly rellevet the child from pain, but lnvlror
atet th ttomach and kowelt. oorrtctj aoiditr. and tirei
tone and energy to the whole jyiteov It will aUuot InJ
naniiy iwiibt
mrim a thz bowtls, aud wind colic
and overcome oonrumont, which, If not ipeedlly reme
died, end in death. We believe it th BEST aad 8CR,
B8T RBMEDX IN TBB WORLD, in all caaet of Dlf
it arise from teething, or from any other eauae. Wa
would lay to eTery mother who hat a child nfferlnd from
any of tbe forego!
oomnlalntt DO NOT LET YOUH
etadd between you and your suffering child, and the re-
lUrthatwillbeBtrKB yet. AB80LUTBLT STTRB to
fellow tha at ef tbltmedioine, if timely uaed. Full dl
reottontfor uilng will acoompany each bottle. None
rename unleat the rao-Mmiie or uuuiisec PBRKINSi
New York, it on the outtide wrapper. -- ;.J.
Bold by ail Druggittt throughout the world.
Principal Of flce 13 Cedar Street BUY.
, ttST-dkwly. - At .'iJ
"' i NEWARK OHIOl J HI A x,lfj.
taannfaciarers off all kinds or for
able ana NtationarT steam eb. .
Clues, Maw mill, tATlst Mill. , .
LAKSk BODin Beatm fc&r. lHAJfH Tttdtml
KACmmt CO. BtMvlUt'BAMQAfr
et 00. ttalml IHt''"v'' -'
Onr Portable Eoaina and 8a Hill ! '.
Wt( awarded the first premium ot SM at.tha.tiitUna
Btate lair tor Vu60 over Laos t, Bydley's , on account 91
Pripe, lightuess, simplicity, economy of., fuel
and snpertw eharaoter of lumber sawed.
Oar Stationary Bnfrme was awarded at th tame fall
the Ant premium of 1 200. '
Onr Portable Engine wai awarded the Brit prefStnn ol
S10U at the fair at Memphta, Tenn.,ver Blandy't Do
van's, Oolumbui Machine Co't., and Bradford at Oo'i
bya commute of practical Railroad Bnglneeej. 3
Fpr price and termi addrert ' " " ""
i ' wuiwna.'iw.T'fi -w a .
-rd4oMwlloU, ,
! t - f 1 .. ,.
1,11 ,t .L.r 4J
a mti
111 Ai no. as, 10cm mou st..
HQ VMKUiuv veir mw mkwb-
laonrac tared by' 1'. tlOWARD'fl'oiionVMui.
Tbet Watcbee ar far tupcrior to anything erer offered
to tke public, heretofore. , BaviDg Uie exclullr Agency,
fea eell them at price tfl gull the timet. (J) hAvejuti
tttafufkotatred yl aaSrUTOlf, KM.AOT HQ, t al. a
toeiaoVtmeTrv'g,&w-''"c" ear o1nrejt-
KNOLlSti; 4?tp,9triSS WATCHES,""
. In flold and Bllvtr Oaaes, at Panic price.
1 MRS. wmsLow,;1;
- 1-
Step fnr Oengfet
Purify roar Breath?
a a j .- .-1
7 T
Htrengfttett font YolceT"
rnstaatl llellel?
i ;i : V
I-'- fi.-eU I ... rfl r -t-
r. :
If . ',
"good for consumptives a a
' I t I
4 ' ' a,-,, (
I 1 'iki
,OrITLBBrt CRT tO -. , , , t , , , . ,
'fi r: .' loin,-,
Triey jrelieve a Cough instantly.
Tbey blear the Throat. ' v'"'
They give strenjrth and voiunie to the voiee.
They impart a delicious aroma to the breath,
They'are delightful to (he taste-
ihey( are made or stmplo herbs and cannot
.-.Jiarta any one.
.1 1
I . 3 ... i. . si
' , I adviM every one who bu a Cough or a husky Voice
er a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of tb throat, to get ' ! 1 'tt
a package cf my Throat Confections; thty will relieve
you lattantly, and yon will agree with mt that "they
go right to the spot." You will And them very etefal . . ,b
end pleamot while traveling or attending public meet
bunt far Hilling your Cough or allaying 'yeur thlnt If
you try one package, I ant taft la ttylng that yon wUl . r
ever afterwards coniider them tedltpenabl - I ' ' -- i d XI A
tod will find them at the Druggist and Dealcri in
Medlclnet. ...... '"'
. ,' PSIOB , , i,., ,ri
' - , v. U .t
Uy.iignaturt it cn each package, All othirt are.
counitrfeit.'- -. '. ' v i .iui
A package will be tent by mall, prepaid, on rectlptof ,.. ,.
tifrtyCentt. - - . , : . ... .:,.., ..-..,,,.
Adqrett," - ' ..t-,
n - NO. 48 CEDAR fiTfttlT:'
the ate of the Pill lb pertodls aOaikai of Sr
or Sick HtadacK may be prevented ; aud if taken
at th ommencement of an attack Immediate relief f rem
palnandtlcknt flObebtJBd , ' ,' t .' ,
They seldom fall in removing the Auuieii and 1
ooAt towhlchfemaletaroio tubjaot. ' .'. ' ):" u
- Tleyact gently upoa the bowelt removing .uieM -j ,,
For Liurary Men, J&udtnt, Delicate female
and all pereonj of qxltntary abUt, they ar value
at t tamoHv, Imprevinf the appttitt, giving tons
jer to th Algettlv 0 react, and ret to ring th oatnr . 1
htaileltyaoditrengthof the whotetyiteai. , . , , (: ,.
TbB CIPHALIO PILLS sre th rata It of kng invet
ligation and carefully oondnctedexperimenU, having f t .
boe4 in at many yean, during which time they have
prevented and relieved a vaat amount of pain and tufler
Ing from Headache, whether originating in the fierevwt
aTstam or from a deranged ttate of the ttowuieA. fci''-
Iley are entirely vegetable In their oompoeitlon, an
may be taken at all S)mea with perfeot ealety wlthutt
making any ohange of diet, and th abtmo 0 anv
dlMareeaett fatf fVtitier tt erxy to adiMnft'vr Hum ',.'
kji I BBWA11B Of COUNT B nFBITS I ,w. , ,"''
The'genuln have five ilgnituiei of Henry 0- Byaldltig 'it
Bold by Druggtiti and all ether Dealers In KedMasat r' .
a!box will be teat by mail, prepaid, oa receipt of the
AlBox will be
A 1 orders the
loop u3 Oonta. .A
rt rhdfiM b addroated to '--
I Baa7waaa7tfi.caaAanaN.tfi
4S Oedtar titveet, New Verk,-,'';
from the Examiner, Norfolk, Va. ',
OtphalloPHlt MBipHih the oUeof to which tbet
were mad, vis.! Our of headache In all He forma, 1
' 1 ji
From th Examiner, Norfolk, Va. i.a;.i
They hare been totted In more than a thousand tutt-
with entire
f rata th Democrat, 8t, Cloud, Mian.
you are, or have been, troubled with the betuachq . ,
iur a uox, tuepnaiM rni,) to tnat you may have ,
in cacao an attack.' , , ,, ' "
from the Adrrtir,,ProvideBeB. I.
ie CeDhalto Pillt are laid to be a remerkahlv etrti
remedy for th headache; and on ef tb verr beat nt 'J
thai very frequent- oomplehit.whtou' ha ever- betw dkv v.-
eovtred. HHffy, .. :...U8.-.--. i
krom the Weitern R. B. Giietle, Chicago, 111. x (. (
we heartily endortellr. 8paulding, ant hit unrlraladji, !
rjepfcalioPUle. .-.( -' -. j.u I;.. .-,i.ijf.f.
g j fro btBjanawba Valley Star, KBwna, VVrt
tffa a, a at. .a that UHm, antTaMaM. wIM. tha l,MAb,la .
wfcdti7 them, will lUek to them. 1 . at j.'inJiOC
oat th Soatfaern Path fiader, NearOrleaaS, la-;'-.A.'' A j
Try theml you that are afflicted, ami We are tare that
your teat unony can be added to-the already numeroui '
lilt that hat received beoeltallhAt Ac Other AaMklnaaao.
Prouc tr.."a imrT.
from the Bt. Loult Deaaoeraii i
Tbe Immiot deoiiaa for S Artklt .Oephalle Pllla
U ripldla Increaiing. ,
j '''rrdnl thWrte,'Davenpbrt.- taCMJttOrJ
Mr. SpaldlBg-would net eoaneelhls oatn trkh aa ar-
Ucie hi did nottnotS to edeaeai real merit.' '
IXyi' ifngi
botO ' ot SPAtDIrrO" MrrPIItWT, tA
111 tart ten tune ru coat aonan nr
- - . .1 . .. . f,.r-?fi
m3 '
t-e f, taak- , 0 -it
, bats las ruajsi TT
aooNOU1.tU"Jo ivaj.ciiitJrcfii
t ID'A Stitcb m Turn Savei Jtue."aO Tn'JT
At acotdSnto win happen VM m Wen Mewl. tat tapk '
lite. It tt very deal rant to hav eom eheaa end cot'!
nwntent way fee repairier Varnttar, toy, Crocler
aieeb all took amerKetet. an bo aoiuaaeui aaa aaVrd .
to b without lb It It ahrajra ready, and mp to the ttlck '
Ingtolnt. .vi.i ; . . - 01
1 ycBBrci n ivxbt trrM.'-iv..-fc er
M irrrA Brath Socoeipaniet each battle..
1 IJua
a xv aa, a vi Bl Say t. S. If a,
Mo. 48. Oedat, gtryt, iw Tstk
,M rfVg.im(i.-1iva4'M..,i,., - ,H,
AS otrtaln eW4W VeM'iH'anemfm iff
illta o oa the raniatlrig pnhli, fnitattont 01 ei
'BBPABBD WLDJi, I wwutd aaatlaa alt pervMrneo '0
tS.',:"rt percrtMing, and ee that ah full i,-tiek toaa
tne 01
1 outtld wrapper; all others ar swladllug

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