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Tbe Adama Express Company places ua dully
under obligations to it for the very latest papers
irom tue eoBtcra cities.
Tlie American Express Company has our
thanks for its daily favors in the shape of tbe
very latest eastern papers.
Far Justice of the Peace
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
Notice is hereby given to tbo Union Democ
racy of Franklin county, to meet on Friday
AunusT 2d, between tbo hours of threk and six
o'clock, p. ni., in the townships, and six and
iioiit p. iu , iu the wards, at tbo usual places
of holding elections (oxceptiog Norwich town
ship, which will bo held at Sciiofikld's School
House, and the4th ward at Gavkr's room, and
the 1st watd at E. Bkller's), to appoint del
estates to attend the County Convention, to
meet at the City Ilall, in the City of Columbus,
on Saturday, the 3d of Auoimt, for tbe purpose
of appointing delegates to the State Convention
on the 7th of August, to nominate a State tick
Tbe following is tbe number of delegates al
lotted to each ward, based upon the vote cast
for Supreme Judge in 18G0, allowing one for
each fifty, and an additional delegate for each
fractional twcnty-Gvo votes so cast:
1st Ward, 7 Hamilton Tp. 3
21 ' 5 Mifflin . 3
3d 5 Washington 3
4th " U Madison " 7
Mb ' 1.1 Blcndon " 2
Montgomery Tp C Norwich " 3
Truro " 4 Jefferson " 4
Prairie " 3 Jackson " 6
Clinton " 3 Sharon " 2
Pleasant " 3 Franklin " 5
Urown " 1 Plain " 4
Perry " 4
II. W. Miller,
John M. Puqii,
J. Riinhard,
Sam'l Doyle,
II. S. High,
Wm. Cooper,
J. Bulen,
Alex. Thompson,
James Horlocker,
K. Pickerel,
County Central Committee
Arrival c? the First and Second Ohio.
Yesterday, tbo news early spread through the
city that the First and Second Ohio Regl
. merits, which had marched In the van of the
grand army In its advance from Washington
upon Manassas, and had played their part so
uobly 1n tbe memorable battle at Bull's Run,
would arrive in tbo afternoon, directly from the
seat of war.
Soon after dinoer, tbe military companies,
already in tbe city, with a band of music,
marched to the Depot to welcome their fellow
soldiers of tbe First and Second Ohio, and eg
cort them Into tbo city.
A large throng of several thousands of citi
zens, men, women und children, assembled at
tbo depot, and lined High street from that
point to the State House, eager to catch a
glimpse of tbe brave Buokeye boys returning
from the battle-fields of Eastern Virginia.
At length, after long and patient waiting, the
trains bringing the First Regiment, under Col
McCook, and the Second, under Lieut, Col. Ma
son, arrived at the depot, and were welcomed by
the cheers of the thousands there assembltd.
. Tbe two regiments after partaking of refresh
ments which had been prepared for them at the
depot, formed into line, and escorted by the
military companies of the city, marched to the
grounds on tho west of the State, House, where
they received the congratulations of their friends
' and a hearty welcome back to the Capital of
Ohio, which they had left more than three
months ago, In obedience to their country's tall,
to dofend ber flag and prove Ohio's loyalty to
tbe Union.
These returned volunteers, in their bronzed
faces and stern countenances, bear tho marks of
exposure and hardship, but at tho same time
show that they possess the mettle and grit of tho
true soldier. They have learned in these few
months what they could not have learned in as
many years in camp at homo. Tbcy have,
irom all we can hear, both officers and men, so
conducted themselves in camp and field, as to
honor the State that sent them forth to do their
country's bidding.
The Reception to the Volunteers at the
Theater. The reception and banquet given to
the Vedettes, tho Fencibles and other returned
volunteers of tbo city, at the Theater last night,
was a highly creditable affair to those entrust
ed with its nunagoment, and especially to the
young ladies on the several committees of ar
rangements. Long and richly laden tables filled the body
of tbe building. There was a large assembly
of citizens and strangers present, filling all the
spire space below and the galleries above a
great proportion of whom were ladies, .whose
glowing cheeks and rparkling eyes told with
what pleasure they welcomed home our brave
Tho returned volunteers were escorted into
tbe Theater, by tbe Home Guards', the Cold
stream Zouaves and others of our resident citi
zen soldiers. The. evening was pfieJ in mu
tual greetings and congratulations, with a Bub
dued, yet cheerful and animating gaiety.
At about ten o'clock, the assembly was called
to order, and the Divine blessing Invoked In a
feeling aud appropriate manner by the Rev. Mr.
Trimble. Then followed the feasting, and the
joyous and general hilarity usually attendant
upon such an occasion, especially among those
who have been separated and long held In sus
pense as to whether they should ever meet
again in this world.
The pWsant reunion at the Theater last night
will long be remembered, as one of the bright
oeMB in the journey of life, by all who partici
pated in It, and by those particularly who there
had the pleasure of welcoming home their old
friends and associates, the fame of whose con
duct in their country's service had preceded
their arrival. '
ST Jamij W. Chenowith, ol Cincinnati, has
- been arrested on a charge of treason In furnish
ing the rebels with pistols. Jndge Lcavltt fixed
his ball at $5,000. His case will be for hearing
at the Ootober term of tbe U. S. Circuit Court
at Cincinnati. ' .
The Ohio Nineteenth. This regiment of
Ohio volunteers was at the battle of Rich Moun
tain, and Is now encamped at Camp Chase.
They will have a dress parade this evening at
elx o'clock. Let all go and see the boys, who
have signalized themselves by gallant service.
They are on tbolr return home for a brief res
pite, when many of thera will again rtturn to
fight the battles of our country, until the Stars
and Stripes ware over every State of the Union.
O Col. Isaac H. Marrow', of the .Third
Ohio Regiment, arrived In tbe city yesterday,
on a brief visit to hit friends. Bit Regiment
li at Cheat River Pas.
Statistics of Franklin County. We art
Indebted to the obliging Clerk of the Probate
Court, R. F. Nkibwinder, ior the following ab
stractof the Report of tho Probate Judge of
Franklin county for the year ending July
18C1, to Edward D. Mansfield, Commissioner
of Statistics, In accordance with the act creat
ing a' Bureau of Statistics:
- No.
Marriage Licenses Issued 455
. Marriage! under Banna . . 10
Willi filed 38
Lettera ot Administration granted
Foreign born penoni naturalized KO
The National! tea of the persons naturalized
were as ioiiows:
. , No.
HeMe-Oassel..... 4
France 0
Prussia 23
Baxe-Melnlnrcn (German?) 4
Ireland 07
Baden 39
Wirtcmlwrg 2"
Switzerland l'
Wale 10
England 8H
lleaien Darmstadt (Oermany) SO
Saxony ....... 4
Mecklenburg (Germany).... 0
Nasssu 0
Hanover-" 7
Oour-IIesaen (German j) 8
Bootltnd 4
Canada 1
Belgium 1
Brunswick ; , 1
Col. A. McDowell MoCook We bad tbe
pleasure of meeting this gallant young Colonel
of the 1st Ohio Regiment. Ho Is looking very
well, considerably browned by the sun and in
excellent spirits. He will proceed to enlist
men for'a new regiment. His headquarters
will be at Columbus, and he will also open re
cruiting offices at Dayton and Cleveland,
It was gratifying to hear the universal com
mendation from the gallant men under his com
mand. We heard the remark, "that is the man
that saved our lives." He will have no trouble
making up a regiment. Men feel a confidence
that in his care their lives will not be lost
through ignorance or carlesBness. Sucoess to
O Capt. Coe, of Utica, Licking county, ar
rived at Camp Chase, on Sunday morning last,
with a fine company. This Is the fifth compa
ny that Licking county has sent Into the field.
Two more are nearly ready.
The Twenty-Sixth Regiment. The follow
ing are the officers of this Regiment, which
leaves Camp Chase this morning Colonel,
Ed. P. Fyffe, of Champaign ; Lieut. Colonel,
E. R. Eckley, ot Carroll Major, C. N. Degen-
fold, of Erie ; Surgeon, W, C!endenin,of Ham
ilton : Mate, Andrew Saline, of Union.
O According to previous announcement, the
Twenty-Sixth Regiment leaves Camp Chase
th'is morning for tbe seat of war.
ID" Over seventy thousand rations were dealt
out at Washington on Friday last.
U The last Lancaster Union records four
fisticuff fights, and then adds, "the people are
screwing their courage to tbe sticking point."
O The Eleventh Indiana Regiment, Colonel
Wallce, passed through the city on Sunday
evening, on their return home from Western
Virginia. This is a fine regiment of brave
men, many of whom will doubtless re-enlist for
the war.
0Tho Fifth Ohio Regiment is at Parkers
burg, the Tenth at Weston, and the Sixth and
Ninth tn route for the Kanawha.
ID" Tbe Government has directed the equip
ment of 30,000.troops in this Department with
in fifteen days from Thursday last.
ID" The Second German Regiment, Colonel
Moor, left Camp Dennison yesterday for Wash
IDThe total number of marriages celebrated
Hamilton county during the year ending July
was 3,045.
Rail Road Time Table.
Litti Mum t Ooumoi XunaR. R,
Leaves, . Arrives
Cincinnati Accommodation. 5:00 A. 11. 9:10 P.M.
JSxpresi 11:40 A.M. 11:03 A. M
Mail and Accommodation.. 9:10 P. M. S:00 P. M.
Might Kxprera via Dtyton.l2:uU midnight. 3:30 A. M.
Jxo. W. Dohcrtt, Agent.
CuLDMBDI fc Cuvn.ANO K. R.
Night Express 3:40 A. M. 11:15 P. M
New' York K.xprree 11:10 A.M. 10:50 A. M,
C.0.&0. Way Express.. .. 8:.t0 P.M. 7:50 P. M
J Mia Pattirson, Agent.
CtNTRii. Orrio R.
No. 3 Express
... 3:30 A. M
11:23 A.
... 2:15 P. M
11:43 A.
W. J. Fn.L, Agent-
MallTraln 3.30A.M. 11:25 A.M.
Ktpreaa Train 11:35 A.M. 8:45 P.M.
Jos. Roiimoif, Agent.
CoLPMnti It Ikdiinofoln, R. R.
1 Express 6:30 A. M. 8:00 P. M
No.2 " v... 3:00 P. M. H:45 P. M.
Accommodation . - 10:50 A. M.
C. W. Smith, Agent.
Mailt for New York Oltv. Boston. Albanv. Buffalo.
Plttaburgh. vteubenville wav. Cleveland. Zaneaville.
Newark, Uranville, Washington City, Baltimore, Phila
delphia and New Orleans, dole dallv (Hundava eicept-
at t) o'clock p. m.
a tnrougn man ror new York and Cleveland closes
daily (Sunday! excepted) at 9 o'clock p. m.
0. 0.4c 0. R. R. Wav Malleloaea dallvtanndanex-
cepieuj M O'CIOCK p. m
Central Ohio Way Mi
iatl cloaei dally (Sundays ezceptid)
iu o clock a. m
Cincinnati Way Mall cloiei dally (Sundaya excepted) at
o ciucaj.. m.
Chicago, Dubuque. Delaware. Marlon and Worthlnr-
Maili cloaei daily (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'clock
Mailt for Xenla. Bprlnefleld. Davton. Toledo. Cincin
nati, Indianapolis, Louisville, St. Louts, and Detroit,
cloaei dally (Sunday! excepted) at 8 o'olock p. m.
A through mail to Xenla, Springfield and Clnolnnatl
cloaoa dally (Sundaya excepted) at 10 o'clock a. m.
Urbana, Piqua, Tiffin and Union City mall oloiet dally
(Sundaya excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
Lancaster, Logan, Nelsonville, UlrclevlUe, Chlllicothe,
Portsmouth, Washington 0. II., Athene, Marietta and
lllllsborouth mailt elote dally (Sundaya excepted) at 8
o'clock p. m.
Knit Wav Mall bv National Road to Zaneaville closes
dally (Sunday! excepted) at 1-2 o'clock m.
Harrisburga Mall cloaei dally (dundayi excepted) at!
o'olock p. m.
alt. Vernon Mail, by way of Westervllle and Bunbnry,
owscvaaiiy (aunuayt excepted) at SI o'clock p. in.
Dublin Mail closes daily(Sundayi excepted)at 3 o'olock
Laocaster Wav Mall closea dailv I'flundavs executed a
o'cluckp. m.
Malli from Mew York, Button, Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albany, PltUbnrih, Oleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenia,
Detroit, Springfield, Cincinnati, Chlllicothe, St. Louis,
all Bouthera cities, arrive between the hourtof i
o'clock p.m. and 4 o'olock a. m.
Mailt from Indlanapolii, Chicago and Dubuque arrive
3:40 a. m.
Mailt from Washington City. Baltlmon. Whtlnv.
Zaneaville, Newark, Bteubenvtlle, Mt. Vernon, and the
v. xv. n. tt bj biiui, arnrv Kt mociocvm. - -
Way Mall from Cincinnati arrive! at 3 o'clock p.m.
Lancaster MaII arrive! at B o'clock nai. .
Bait Way Mall over the National Road anivei at 11
'clock a. m.
Mt. Vernon Way Mall arrive! at 11:00 a. m. i"
Mail from Dublin arrlvet at 13 o'clock m.
Urbana Way Mall arrlvet at 9 o'eloek p. m.
llarritbnrgh Mail arrlvet at 11 o'olocka. m.
Lancaster Way Mall arrive! at lil o'clock m.
Otlice delivery open every day (except Sunday) from
o'olock a.m. to a o'olock p. m. Open on Sundaya
from 7X to 9 o'clock in tut morning, and from S to 8
Irish Linen Goods.
Linen Shirt Botomt Plain and fancy -
. . Shirting and Botom Linen
. Linen Bheetlngt and Pillow Cuing!.
., Linen Oambrlci and Long Lawns.
- , Linen Pocket-handk'ra, all alses.
Linen Towelling! and Diaptrs
, linen Napkins and D'Oyliee.
, Linen Table Clothe and Satin Damaakt. '
' ; . - Linen Towelt with colored borders. , 4 .
1 - Linen Stair Oovwrlngi and Oraah. -
l - . lorieleet lowprlcee.
a.v. M BAIN k SON,
febW tjo. M South Utah itrett,
TELEGRAPHIC Our Wounded and Prisoners at Manassas
An Important Rebel Movement
Alexandria, July 27. Mrs. Hinsdale, whose
husband is a member of tbe 2d Michigan Reel
ment, which is now on the Virginia side of tbe
Potomac, has returned from Manassas Junotlon.
She was at Centreville during the engagement
on Sunday, and waited there for the return of
tbe soldiers, loosing ior ner nusDana. railing
to soo him, she supposed bim a prisoner at
Manassas. Thj enemy captured and conveyed
her thither, and employed ner there as Hospital
nurse. On Thursday she procured a pass irom
Gen. Beauregard and bis consent to leave. She
walked to Alexandria, where she arrived this
mornine. fatieued and exhausted. Her husband
was not a nrisoner. but returned with his reci
ment. She reports, as being at the Junction, a
large number of our wounded.
1 be enemy say they nave over I.uuu prison
ers. Mrs. H. brines verbal messages irom sev
eral to their friends, and says that the wounded
are well cared for.
Tbe offer of liberty has been granted to those
who will take an oath to not again take up arms
against the Confederates. A lew had done so,
but the maioritv refused.
Ot the prisoners in the hospital are Henry
L. Porrin and Lieut. Underbill, of New York,
wbo are employed as hospital stewards, E. l .
Taylor, of New Jersey, Surgeon, Quartermas
ter C. J. Murphy, Dr. Swift, John Bagley and
Verenburg, of the 14th New York, are in the
hospital. Surgeon Buxton, of the 5th Maine,
and the Surgeons of the 38th New York, 1st
Minnesota, and da U. a. Infantry, are prisoners.
i nev were all taken at our hospital, near tbe
battle field. Mrs. Hindsdale says that the Con
federates burled their dead as fast as they could
be recovered, and that the enemy represented
they bad but about CUU, but their wounded ex
ceed 1.000. She saw many of our dead un-
buried as ebe passed over the battle field, and
distinguished some of them by their uniform.
She says tbe enemy's force is very large at
Manassas, and that the officers aro very busy
in drilling and disciplining tho troops; that Gen.
Beauregard is constantly on the move, going
from one part of the camp to tho other arrang
ing, as they said, for some great movement.
Tbo reports are that a large force of tho enemy
Is at Fairfax Court House, with heavy guns-
From Louisville and the South.
Louisville, July 27. Tbe Richmond Whig
of the 21th, regarding the battle at Bull's Run,
says the enemy opened tbeir batteries of heavy
artillery and small field pieces about 8 o'clock
in the morning. The enemy's force, as near as
can be ascertained, was at least 50,000. Our
force was 20,000. Men never fought more des
perately than ours. The number of our killed
and wounded cannot be ascertained estimated
at 500 killed and wounded, while tho enemy's
was not less than several thousand. The Ogle
thorp Light Infantry, of Georgia, were cut to
pieces. Barlow's Fire Regiment of Georgians
were nearly annihilated.
By the cars last evening, Jell. Davis returned
from the battle field. In response to tbo en
thusiastic calls from an immense orowd, he al
luded to tbe grand absorbing topio of tbe day.
The enemy, with taxes they had been imposing
oa us ior m years, nitea out an army on a mag
nificent soale, bad to come over to Virginia
with ammunition, arms and ambulanoes, fitted
up in Btjle and luxury, as though they thought
they were still taxing the South. Five or six
hundred wagons of provisions of every kind iu
abundance tor the whole campaign. Their fin
est Parks of heavy and light artillery were
now ours. They fled and lei t everything they
could throw away. The train brought in GOO
prisoners, and there are 200 moro coming, in
cluding 65 officers. Tbe probability is the ene
my lost 10,000 men. Our casualties will not
exceed 1200.
The case of the Commonwealth against
Green for killing Tompkins, after two days' ex
animation of the witnesses, was submitted with
out argument. Judge Johnson said he did not
consider it necessary to analvzo the cano. As
he had carefully examined tho notes taken, his
opinion was that tbe killing was excusable, and
that the prisoner must be discharged.
A gentleman fom Huntsville informs tho
Journal that be heard Gov. Harris, of Tenn.,
say to the mail agent, that after Monday next,
all mail matter crossing the Kentucky line go
ing South would be examined.
We learn that tho Union men arc being driv
en out of Faducah in large numbers. Promi
nent among the persons expelling Unionists is
White Fowler, United States mail contrac
tor, one ol the Vigilance Committee in tho
Gen. Flournoy, ot Ark., is dangerously ill in
tnis city.
Louisville, July 27. Gov. MagofDn has ap
pointed a messenger to receive the Stitoarnis
recently taken from Alaylield by Kentucky aud
lennessee secessionists.
Louisville, July 23. Tho Montgomery Cm
federation of the 23d says : The Norfolk Day
noon reports a nightly riot between soldiers and
It eays that soldiers have entered the houses
of tbe citizens and committed horrible depreda
tions. The Confederation requests tho Day
Boon to particularize herealter, so that Alaba
mians need not bo implicated.
Rebels Dispersed at Springfield, Mo.
FonsYTHE, Janny Co., Mo., July 27'. Gen
Sweeney's command, which left Springfield
on Saturday last, arrived here to-day and dis
persed a band or a hundred and filty Rebels sta
tioned here, and took possession of the town.
Five of the rebels were killed and several wound
ed. Three of our men were sligh.ly wounded,
out none Killed.
The first and second stories of the Court
House here were filled with blankete.nrovisions.
camp equipage, etc., which, together with two
tuns of lead found in a well, and other articles
secreted In different parts of tbe town, in all
valued at between $15,000 and $30,000, fell in
our hands.
Mr. Wilky, correspondent of tbe N. Y. Times
was slightly wounded.
Washington, July 27. A report has reached
here that two countrymen, while accomDanvintr
Union lady to ber home outside Alexandria,
were seized by a body of secessionists near tbe
Theological Seminary, about a mile and a half
westot rort Ellsworth, and carried olT. The
lady was allowed to return.
Two ol our picket guard were shot by rebels
last night, within three miles of Alexandria.
it was reported that a company of rebel cav
alry came within three miles of our lines at
Arlington last night. Everything remains
quiet to day.
J he arrival of General McClclIan seems to
have inspired new life Into our troops, and vig
orous measures for the resumption of tho cam
paign are going on. Alculollan was closeted
with Gen. Scott yesterday, and crossed the Po
tomao last night.
It is now believed that our loss at Bull's Run
on Sunday will not exceed tbe following figures :
timed ouu, wounded vuu, missing sm. .
By order of tbe War Department, the troops
stationed here will be paid off on Monday.
A large amount oi funds has also been sent
to Harrisburg to pay the Pennsylvania troops,
Gen. Dix and the National Guards.
Baltimore, July Gen. Dix addressed the
members of the National Guards this morning,
appealing to them for the sake of their coun
try's interest, which demands every sacrifice at
this time, to remain a few days longer at their
camp, until bis arrangements bad been perfect
ed; If any of the men bad urgent business or
domeetio calls, which demanded their immedi
ate attention, he would immediately grant them
passes to Philadelphia, but he would request
the regiment to remain until Wednesday next,
when they would certainly be allowed to return
After the General had closed his appeal, Col.
Tyler put the question, those in tbe negative to
order arms, and tbose in the affirmative to pre
sent them. Every arm was presented) and at
Instance of the General, three rousing
cheers were given for the Guards.
A Fight between Home Guards and
Rebels—The Latter Dispersed.
Rolla, Mo,, July 27. A fight occurred day
before yesterday al Lane'e Prairie, 15 miles
from here, between a party of 70 rebels and 15
Home Guards from Kolla. The Guards were
surrounded, but they made a determined stand,
and after few volleys, dispersed the rebels,
killing their First Lieutenant and mortally
wounding three others. One Lieutenant and
two privates on our side were severely wounded.
300 Mounted Rebels Attacked by 50
United States Troops—The Former
Routed with a loss of Six Killed
Kansas Citv. July 27. Col. Weir, command
lug United States troops, arrived here this
evening. . From him we have accounts of a
skirmish with 300 mounted rebels at Harrison
ville. Missouri, on the night of the 25th inst
Tbe rebels were discovered posted on the billa
surrounding the town, and were attacked by
Capt. Williams with 50 men, killing six of the
rebels and losing two of his own force. After
tbe third round tho enemy fled precipitately,
some of them throwing away tbeir guns.
The following morning tbe Federal troops
onucr commando! major van worn iook pos
session of the town and erected tho Stars aud
Stripes over their Court House. Having re
ceived orders to withdraw, tbey returned to
this place, where a portion ot them will bo Uc
tailed as au escort to government trains for the
Several stores are said to have been ransack
cd by the United States forces, but Colonel
weir pronounces the statement wnnout tounua
tion. It is stated the enemy In the country sur
rounding Harriaonville number from 600 to
i, mi. .
St. Louis, July 27. General Pone has public
ly notified tbo people along tho North Missouri
Kaiiroad, that tbcy win be held personally nc
countablo for the destruction of bridges, cui
verts and portions of the track within five miles
ot each eida ol them, and that it any outrages
to railroad property are committed within tbe
distance specified, without conclusive proofs of
an aotivo resistance on the part ot tne popula
tion, and without immediate information to tbe
nearest commanding officer, a levy of money or
property sufficient to cover the whole damage
done will be mado and collected. Divisious
and sub-divisions of the road will be mado, and
superintendents will be appointed, wbo will be
neid responsible lor the railroad track within
three districts. '
General Pope will withdraw bin forces from
the line of the road as soon as possible, and
concentrate them in one camp in the vicinity
of Mexico, Anderson county, where the strict
est discipline will be Imposed and.active meas
ures taken to perfect their drill
it is understood that Gon. fopa will carry
out tbe same plan on the Hannibal and St.
Joseph Railroad.
Explosion at the Navy Yard—change
of Commanders.
Washington, July 27. This afternoon an ex
plosion occurred at tbe Navy Yard laboratory,
by which two men named Freeman and Brown
were so badly hurt that they died soon after
wards. Two othors, named Ray and Martin
were very seriously injured. Freeman and
Brown had nearly all the flesh blown off their
arms, faces and upper portions of their bodies,
and died in horrible agonies.
Gen. Ladwallader has beeu tendered tho posi
tion now held by Gen. Manrfield. Gen. Run-
yon'sterm of service expired to day. Col.Frauk-
liu will HHeutuo Col. lieinzclman's command
until the latter recovers.
New Albany, lud., July 27. Tho Ltdgir
gentleman Irom southern Kentucky re
ports rumors afloat in secession ciroles that se
cession troops are about to move towards Cairo,
intending to land In Missouri and attack Cairo
Irom tbe rear.
Indiana Volunteers.
Indianapolis, July 23. The Fourth Iudiana
Regiment returned home last evening. This
regiment did tbe hardest fighting at Rich M inn
tain. The regiment will be reorganized and go
lor the war.
The 19th, 20th and 21st Regiments will leave
for Washington this week. The new regiments
will be ready for the field In ten days. '..
From Fortress Monroe
Fortress Monroe, via Baltimore. July 27
To-day all has been activity at Fortress Monroe-.
During the night an order arrived from
Washington for lour regiments lo be imme
diately transported to Washington via Balti
more. Steamers have arrived for that pur
Colonels Baker and Dnryee's regiments have
started, and the 3d and 4:h New York will fol
low iu a few hours. Thjy go to Washington
for active service in Virginia, and their place
at Old Point will be filled by a large number of
Ia consequence of this movement of troops
tho contemplated advance to Fox Hill, about
five miles Irom Uld Point, has been abandoned
Hampton is still held by a strong force.
Newport News will, it is believed, with
stand any forco Col. Magrudcr can bring against
Fortress Monroe, July 28. The Odd Fcl
Iowa' Hall, jail aud four other buildings in
Hampton were yesterday burned by our troops
in apprehension of an immediato attack by the
secessionists. Uur troops were entirely with
drawn last night.
Max Weber now occupies Col. Duryces's for
mer quarters.
Part of Hampton Bridge has been destroyed
to prevent communication with this sido of the
creek. Tbe place is not yet occupied by the
A flag of truco camo into Newport News this
morning with a proposition giving our troops 21
hours to leave. Iu case the place u not evacu
ated they will force us out.
I be gunboat Dale, m guns, at once went
up from Old Point. The Albatross and Pen
guin are also stationed there, whllo the Min
nesota and seven gunboats at Old Point are
ready to assist should Newport Mews bo at
Col. Phelps says he can hold the place against
twice bis own force, which now consists of five
effective regiments. Our entrenchments are of
a formidable character.
a Ths rebels have to day been practicing from
a battery at Willougbby roint, some four miles
below Sewell's Point, and just below the Rip
ps. Heavy Bring is now going on at fig
The Potomac well Guarded—Collision
between Federal Pickets and
the Rebels.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
Washington. July 28. The Potomac River
below Washington cannot be orossed bv the
rebels as Secretary Welles, has ordered a power
ful naval force to guard the river. The river
above Washington to Harper's Ferry is equally
secured by Union forces that line tbe banks.
a The story that Gen. Lee intends to cross the
Potomao between this point aud Harper's Ferry
cannot be true, as be has no desire to be sand
wiched between McClclIan and Banks.
There will be an entire chance in the whole
organization of the army, by placiug each brig
ade aud division upon a more satisfactory ba
sis. . i.
About midnight laat night, there was a collis
ion between our pickets and the rebels in the
vicinity of the Chain Bridge.
It was believed that Beauregard (fas about to
attempt the execution of his menace to break
fast in Washington, this morning, but upon the
return of our reconnoitering parties from Fair
fax, all apprehensions of au immediate attack
was removed. . .
A reconnoissance was made last night by a
large force of cavalry and infantry in tbe direc
tion of Fairfax; a portion of tbe party proceeded
as far as the Court House, and found no signs
of the enemy there, or on tbe route, except tbe
mounted picket guard, which retired at their
me withdrawal oi tne reocis irom tne vicin
ity in front of our lines of fortifications adds
strength to the rumor that their main body is
proceeding towards Lieesourg and Edward's r er
ry. . It may be possible, however, they have by
the aid of the railroad Irom Manassas, dispatch
ed an overwhelming body to attack the Union
armv of the Shenandoah at Harper's Ferry, and
drive them back across the Potomao.
Col. Cameron's Body not Found
Cols. Wilcox and Corcoran taken
to Richmond—The Mountaineers of
California be called to Washington.
ton. '
Washington, ' July 28. Wm. Burch. Hie
owner of Ibe earriage iu which Messrs. Harris
and Magraw went to recover toe bod; of Col.
Cameron, returned late this erenlug. lie was
compelled, before released, to take an oath not
to reveal aoythiog relative to the force or de-
leoses of tbe rebels, or wuat Be saw tbee,
lie Is consequently chary in his commuuloa
tions., ' -i! -1 w
lie states that the party were allowed to
pass cp to Manassas, where npon ?e8cnUoa
themselves to Gen. Beauregard, tbey were1
arrested and placed In confinement for several
days. In tbe meantime, Messrs, Harris and
Magraw were eent to Richmond as prisoners.
Mr. Burcb finally, through the intervention
of personal acquaintances at tho Junction,
was examined and dismissed, aud allowed to
Ho learned that Mr Harris would probably
through the influence of prominent personal
friends, obtain bis release, but there is no
probability of the immediate release of Mr
Magraw, who is a Pennsylvanian. Both were
believed here to be very deeply imbued with
rebel sympathy. Burch was not permitted to
exnuiiue the battle field.
It is supposed Col. Cameron' body lies un
billed on the field or has been huddled into e
trench with tbo bodies that have beeu thus
Mr. Burch says tbo hospitals aro crowded
with wouuded. He reports, that our wounded
aro well cared for, that the reoet cnicis naa ue
tormiucd not to agree to any exchange ot pris
on era.
Burch's carriage driver states that be beard
that Cols. Wilcox and Corcoran have both been
sent to Richmond. Ho also states that when he
loft tbe Junction earlv this morning Gen. Beau
regard was making preparations to recapture
Alexandria to-morrow or next day. In confirm
ation of this it is reported that Gen. B. has sent
information to this effect to a prominent seces
sionist residing in Alexandria.
[Special to the Tribune!]
Culonvl Lander will be authorized to organ'
ize and summon here tho men of the mountains
and of the Plains, with whom be was associ
ated, and become vcrv popular when engaged iu
opening the Overland Mail route to the Pacific.
Sherman's battery crossed into Virginia last
Chiuaoo. April 29. Tbe Sixth Wisconsin
Regiment passed through this city last night en
route for HnrrUburgh, whore they are to receive
[Special to the Tribune!] Rebels Marching for Bird's Point.
Cairo, Jnly 29. An Eoglisbmna, a deserter
Irom tbe rebel camp at Union City, arrived here
on Saturday night, reports that the rebels there,
at Randolph and Memphis, have reoeived marcb-
ug orders, and that their destination is Bird's
Point. They aro to rendezvous at New Mad
It is reported that the steamer Prince of
Wales arrived at New Madrid on Saturday,witb
a load of horses.
Later from Europe.
Care Race, July 29. The Africa, from Liv
erpool on the 20th, arrived here Sunday even
ing, i no advices are lour days later.
BreadstuOs dull with a declining tendency.
Provisions quiet.
Consols at H!ira89 for money. wnzaJ0
for account.
Tbe message of President Lincoln bad been
variously received by the English press. An
obstinato struggle was predicted. Tbe London
Times thinks the acknowledgment of Southern
independence will be tho issue ot tbe contest.
From California.
Fort Kearney, July 2C The Poov Kinross.
from San Francisco on tbe 17th, has passed.
l ne telegraph is completed nu miles east of
Larson Valley. I be company expect to have
it through to Salt Lake by Dec. 1st.
bnakura, the celebrated sbasbone Chief, had
arrived at Carson City to Inquire what the
Overland Mail and Telegraph Companies in
tend doing with his people. It is presumed be
win oe satisned that no aggressions are intend
The distance botween - Carson Valley and
Salt Lake is 536 miles. The Overland Mail
Company will have stations every 12 miles
Indianapolis, July 28. The Tenth Iudiana
Regiment returned here last night. Tney all
look bealtby and are in fine spirits.
This regiment did the hardest fighting at
Rich Mountain. The regiment will be re organ
ized and go for the war. Tbey bring with them
a youug.Virginian who acted as guile for them
In going round the mountain to attack the ene
my. Their loss was five killed and a good
many wounded. Most of the latter will recov
er. Captain Miller, who was supposed to be
mortally wounded, is improvidg finely, and
hopes are now entertained of his ultimate re
covery. Tbe 19i.li, 20th and 21st Regiments, under
Cols. Meredith, Brown and McMillan, are now
fully equipped, and encamped here. Tbcy will
go to Washington this week.
The Zjuave Regiment will reach this place
to-morrow morning, uoi. Wallace, wbo is now
in Washington, telegraphs that they will be
ordered to Washington as soon as re-organized.
Ten more regiments will be ready for the
neiu in ten days.
From California. Thirty-Seventh Congress--Extra Session.
8knt The joint resolution approving the act! of Hie
rresiueni waa caaen up.
Mr. Johnson of Tennesaee, proceeded to ipealc at
length in favor of the resolution.
Air. Johnson'! speech waa long and able. In It he
several times referred to Breckinridre'i late eueech.
He quoted from the Alabama paper! that a monarchy
wai desirable and alio from Mr. Russell's letter to the
London Timet. He also nuoted from the Kichmnnri
paper! which tald rather than submit to the United
Blutet they would rather so under the rule of the amis
hie Uueen of Great Britain. lie quoted frome Memphis
paper which laid if necessary let Harris be Kins; and
the Mayor of Memphis be Dictator. He also minted
from vartout Southern document! and contended that it
wai plain there was a desire to change tbe character and
nature of the Government and erect a irreat alive
empire. The issue ia now fairly made up and all those
miavoroi a Free uovernment must ataml bv the Con
Housk Mr.l,inghamsaid that one hundred thousand
men were within forty miles of where he stood. In conspir
acy to pull down the pillars of the Temple of Liberty .and
blot out forever the experiment of a free representative
government. Men from Mew England, the Umpire
Slate, and the quiet Welfare here to defend tbe Capital,
Conatitution and Union. They must be naid. fed and
clothed. The meani for these purposes cannot he post
poned till the next session. If they are not provided
now, there must be another extraordinary session. If
Congressmen fail to pasa these measures to sunain the
creiiil or the government, our bond! and notes will fall
to bo cent! on the dollar, and tho difference would ro
into the pockets of the shy locks.
Mr. McOlernand tuggetted an amendmeut to Mr.
WickliQVt Instructions, namely that the bill be recom
mitted to the Committee of Ways and Meant, with In
structions to reduce one-half tbe amount of direct taxes
apportioned to the States, in the first jection of the bill,
tnd to make np the amount dtalred by extending the
lis, ot utxauie personal property.
Mr. Morrill luerireited a modification, which Mr. Mo.
Clernand accepted, via: That the committee on Ways
and Meaui be instructed to report forthwith a bill on
the basis of tSO.OOO.OUO by direct taxation, and that
such other lumt as may be necessary, be raited on the
personal Income and wealth of the country.
Mr. Stevens spoke of the Inlurloue effect of the Im
pression going abroad that the tariff Is to be oontlnually
shitted and changed one thing one day, and another the
The question wai taken on Mr. McOlernand'a motion.
at modified by Mr. Morrill, and determined in the athr-
tuallve 78 agalnit33. Thii tuperceded Mr. WlckluTe't
proposition. Adjourned.
Cincinnati Market.
mercantile buslneii thera wai but verv little dona
to-day, aud produce remant generally dull,
f LOUR Waa. if anvthinr. a little mora Irrerutar In
price than on yesterday. There la but a very limited
demand, and Holders are rather mora nerveless. Super
fine we quote at S3 75 asking buyert tack down lo
3 SO to 3 60.
WHEAT New tells about as freely at yesterday, but
because of a little eaaler market, lied being quoted at
Tlta. Old Bed it scarce, and not to be bad at leaa than
CORN It easier to sell than to buy at We.
OATS Are firmer, and hard to buy at 23c Sic It
asked. '
BYE Was told at 43o.
WIIISKEV-Ii steady at 13Ko.
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, July 27, 1861.
Thera It very little doing to dav. The onlv sites
worth reporting are :
WHBAT-U15U bmhelt old Bed afloat at 89';. and
one car choice new Red on track at 87c.
UUBN-ubO bushels from store at 35c.
Tho market otherwise Is unchanged and dull. '
NEW STYLES Haln dc Hon, No. i South
High street, have Jul t opened new slrlet of Cloth Oir-
cnnRa. Basquuvn and baoqun, made tn tho newest and
moit atylish manner. Also, Muperb Plain
Hlack Mlkw. very heavv. deiiined einresslv for
Mantilla! and Basqulnee. (aprilS
or Seminal Weakneat, Sexual Debility, Nervousnesi.In
voluntary Kmiasioni and Impotenoy, resulting Irom
Self-abuse, o. By Boot. i. (juiverweii, at. o. sent
under leal, In a plain envelope, to any addreei.poit
Ja, " marti:3mdfcw
aid. on reoerpl ol two stamps, ny ir. vuab. j.u
An experienced Nurse tnd Female Physician, presents
to tue attention oi mowers, iter
which greatly facilitate! the process of teething, by soft-
ening the gumi, reducing all inflammation wll I a liny
all f AIM and spasmodic action, anu it
Depend upon It, mother!, It will give rest to yourselves
We have out un and 1,0 Id this article for over ten veara.
what we have never been able to aav of anv other metli.
Afluis, tu triKUT A CURB, when timely used. Nev
er did we know an Instance of dissatlifaetlon by any ont
who used it. On the contrary, all are delighted with lis
operations, and ipeak In terms of commendation of itt
magical e fleets and medical virtues. We speak In this
matter "WHAT WK DO KNOW;" after ten yean1 expe
almost every instance where the Infant la suflering from
pain and exluuiiUon, relief will be found In Ultcen or
twenty minutes after theByrup is administered.
This valuable preparation it the crescrintlnn of on.nf
New England, and hat been nsed with NUVBa VAILr
inu nuvtiKHn in
It not only relieve! tho child from pain, bat invhrar.
atte the stomach and bowels, correct! acidity, and gives
tone and energy to the whole system. It will almost Inl
nanny relievo
and overcome convulsions, which, If not speedily reme
men, enn in ueatn. we believe It the BKST and SUR
it arisei from teething, or from any other cause. Wa
would say to every motberwho haaa child snffering from
any or tho roregoing complaints DO NOI LET YOUR
stand between you and your luuering child, and the re
lief that will be BU11B yes. ABSOLUTELY SURH to
follow the use of this medicine, If timely used, full di
rections for using will accompany each bottle. None
enume unlets the rac-timila of UUltlldeX fERKINH,
lew York, Is on the outside wrapper.
Bold by all Druggist! throughout the world.
Principal Offices 13 Cedar Street N.V
ITInniifactitrore of all kind of Por
table and stationary stnain F.n
KIiicn, Saw MUls, Urlat JUUIh,
dtC.f cVCa
LAKEJt BODl&i Seatenl IT. I. BLAST) YBeattnt
J. ot J. 11. DUTAZL Beaten til COLUMBUS
t CO. Beatmlllll
Onr Portable Engine tnd Saw Mill
Wat awarded the 11 nt premium of (SO at the Indiana
State Fair for 1CC0 over Lane t Bodley's on account ol
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of iuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Engine wai awarded at the same Fall
the first premium of tOO.
Onr Portable Engine wai awarded the first premium ol
SUM at the Fair at Memphis, Tenn., over Blandy'a Du
vall's, Columbus Machine Co'l., and Bradford fc Co's.
by a committee of practical Kaiiroad Engineers.
For price and terms address
dei-.l-d Awlyeols. Newark, Ohio
An Effective, Safe and Economical
To IU original color without dyeing, and preventing
Hair from turning gray.
And curing it, when there la the least particle ot vital!
or recuperative energy remaining.
And all cutaneous affection! of tho Scalp.
Imparting to it an nneqaled gloss and brilliancy, making
it sou ana limy in in texture, ana causing it to cur'
The irreat celebrity and increasing demand for thii un-
equaled preparation, convmcei the proprietor that ont
trial ia only necessary to tattsfy a discerning publio of its
luperiorqualltiet over tny other preparation in naa. It
eieansei the head and scalp from dandruff and other
cutaneous diseases, causing the hair to grow luxuriantly
giving It a rich, soft, glossy and flexible appearance, and
also, where the hair it loosening and thinning, it will give
strength and vigor to the root! and restore the growth to
hose parte which have become bald, canting it to yield a
rcsh covering oi nair.
There are hundred! of ladlet and gentlemen In New
York who have had their hair restored by the use of this
Invigorator. when all other preparation! have failed. L.
M . haa in his possession letters Innumerable testifying
to the alKivo facts, from persons of the highest redsecta-
billty. It will effectually prevent the hair from turning
until the latest period of life; and iu cases wherethe hair
hat already chauged ita color, tho me of the Invigorator
will with oertaintj restore it to It to Itt original hue, giv
ing it a dark, glossy appearance. At a perfume for the
toilet and a ilair Kestorative it u particularly recom
mended, having an agreeable fragranoe; and the great (a
oilltiea It affords in dressing the hair, which, when moist
with the Invigorator, can be dressed In any required
form 10 as to preserve Ita place, whether plainlor In curls;
hence the great demand for it by the ladiet aa a standard
toiletarticle which none ought to bo without,!! the price
placet It wiuun tee reacn oi an, Ming
Only Twenty-Fiva Cent
per bottle, to be bad at all respectable Druggist! and
L. MILLER would call the attention of Parent! and
Guardian! to the use of hit Invigorator, in cases where
the chililren'i hair Inclines to be weak. The use of it
lays the foundation tor good head of hair, as It re
move! any impurities that may have become connected
with the scalp, the removal of which li necessary both
for the health of the child, aud the future .appearance of
Its Ilair.
OiOTion. None genuine without the fac simile L0TJI8
MILLKR being on the outer wrapper; also, h. MIL
Klt'S llAItt INVIGORATOR, N. Y., blown In the
Whole-sale Depot, 58 Dey itreet, and sold by all the
principal Merchant! and Druggist! throughout the world
Lioerai uiiooun. to purcuaien ny tne quantity
I alio desire to present to the American Publio my
which, after yean of tclentlflo experimenting, I have
Drought to perfection, it ajet Bitot or urown instantly
wlthoutlnjury to tho Hair or Bkiu; warranted tht best
article of the kind in exiitanc.
Depot, 56
Dey St, New York.
, Corner Spring VWter,8te.(
Oolumtoua, Olxlo.
W. B. POTTS & CO.,
dod Manufacturers of Braa and Composition Castings,
Finished Brass Work of all Descriptions.
Electro Plating and Gilding!!
ID Offlcei, 829 Broadway Mew Tork City,, and
Pariowi' Boildmo, Columbnt, Ohio, ' y;
O'Careful attention paid to Collection!.
" They go Right to the Spot."
Instant Itelief !
Stop your Congli!
Pnrlff your Breath!
strengthen yonr Voice!
They relieve a Cough instantly.
They clear tho Throat.
They give strength and volume to the voice.
They impart a delicious aroma to the breath.
They are delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm any one.
I advlie every one who hu a Cough or a husky Voice
or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of tho Throat, to get
a package or my Throat Confection!; they will relieve
you Instantly, and yon will agree with ma that "they '
go right to the spot." Yon will find them very useful
and pleasant while traveling or attending publio meet
ing! for itllllngyour Cough or allaying your thirst. If
you try one package, I am safe In saying that you will
ever afterwards consider them Indispensable.
lorn will find them at the Druggists tnd Dealers la
My signature ii en each package. All others are
A package will be tent by mail, prepaid, on receipt of
Thirty Centi.
Hemy C. Spalding,
By the me of these Pills the periodic attacks of -Vn-emu
or Sink Headache maybe prevented; and if taken
at the commencement ot an attack Immediate relief fr nn
pain and sickness will be obtained.
They seldom fall In removing the Tautea tnd
ache to which females are to luhjeet.
They act gently upon the boweli removing Ooetir
For Literary Urn, Studenti, Delicate Female
and all persons of ledentary habite. they are valua
u a Lateattve. Improving the appetite, giving tone
vigor to the digestive organt, and restoring tht natur
elasticity and strength of the whole system .
TUB CEPHALI0 FILLS in the remit of long loves
ligation and carefully conducted experiments, haviug
been In dm many yean, during which time they have
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffer
ing from Headache, whether originating in the nerwxs
system or from a deranged state of tho etomacA .
They are entirely vegetable In their eompo.ltion, an
may be taken at all timet with perfect aafety without
making any change of diet, ami the abtente of any
dleaareeaole tatte renaert U eary to admin it'er tAem
The genuine have five ilgnatuiet of Ilenry O Spalding
on each Box.
Bold by Druggists tnd all other Dealen In Medlolnet.
A Box will be lent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of tht
UPrioo, 23 Oontjs.
All orden should be addressed to
49 Cedar Street, New fork.
From the Examiner, Norfolk, Va.
Cephalic Pills accomplish the object for which thev
were made, via.: Cure of headache in all it! forme.
From the Examiner, Norfolk, Va.
They have been tested In more thin a thousand eatee
with entire success.
From the Democrat, 8t, Cloud, Minn.
If yon are, or have been, troubled with the headache
send fur a box, (Cephalic Pills J io that you may bava
them In cat of an attack.
From tho Advertiser, Providence, R. I.
The Oepballo Pilli an laid to be a remarkably effective
remedy for the headache, and one of the very beat for
that very frequent coniplalnt.which hat ever been dis
From tho Western R. R. Osteite, Chicago, III.
We heartily endorse Mr. Spaulding, and hit unrivaled
Cephalic Filli.
Fro Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Va.
We tie tun that persons snffering with the headache
who try them, will stick to them.
From the Bouthera Path Finder, New Orleans, La,
Try themt yon that are afflicted, and wo are sure that
your testtmonycan bo added to the already numerout
list that hat received benefits that no other mediciuo can
From the St. Loult Democrat.
The Immense demand for tht article .OeDhalle Pllla
it rapidly Increasing.
From the Gatette, Davenport. Iowa.
Mr. Spalding would not connect his name with aa ar
ticle he did not tooo to ooasees real merit.
JJjA tingle bottle of SPALDING'S PREPARED
uiiUt win aave ten iimea iv cost annually -JJH
JJJA Stitcb tn Tum Bath Smi.'-(
As accidental will happen, area In will remitted ftm
lliei, It It very desirable to have tout etieap and eon
venlent way for repairing Furniture, Tors, Crockery
meets all inch mergooelet, tnd bo household ean afford
to oe wunout it. it itaiwayt ready, ana np to tht stick
ing point, , ,
UBMrui. in bvki uuuui."
N. B. A Brush acoompenlet each bottle. '
etnti. Address,
Bo. W, Cedar Street, New Tork.
Ascertain unprincipled persons aro atumnti..
iBlm off on the antusueettng uublla. imlutlnn. J .
RBPARED LUB, I would caution all persons toe
aaalni before purchasing, and see that the
lrpBPALDINQ'll PHBIatllnain t.
run i
it ob the outside wrapper) all otnert an ewludlujj eoa
'terfelts. ,',

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