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The Ohio, Statesman -Newspaper
Tlx undersigned will Mil to n aooeptablt part the
Oil SUInau newspaper Office, therecsnt difficulty
ptween the Publishers ot ths Statesman end i Teto-
repb, enoT tlx" tysannleal oondsct exe relied toward tt,
have and win conUoug lo Impair lbs usefulness of ths
dally Imo. while In iut bauds..; Ths Injury to as Vf
snally, may, perhaps, be satltlled through tlx tow. I
not without delay. He Injury to the part? end ,M
principles which ths BlaUman espouses, and for which
neontis. e.nt he adjudicated In court of MUJ
measured by dollars and oents; butyet these ars not to
b) overlooked or lost tight of. At the present line, it
It important thai nothing mourn caoarraaa- w
U:m ol thlt Old and Kstabllshed Demosratlo Journal;
and It being Impossskls for 0 present proprietor! to
bare those facilities, necessary for tb complete inecess
of ths dally Issue of the paper, they bare thought it ad
visable to oner It for sale. - t : : i
An aildltlonal reaion for offering the paper for sals, to
found in the fact, that ws oannot giro the necessary per
sonal attention to the business sr editorial department,
which should ,be bestowed by the ownerstof the sstab
llshmcnt. ' . a ; ; MANypENlir fc MIIX1Ei
Aog. 1. mi.. , . ,jab. Onto Btateemen. -
Democratic State Convention.
At a meeting
Committee held la Columbus, on the Bth
dar of Julv. 13C1. it was .
Rtiohtd, That it ii expedieut to hdld a Demo-
oratic state vyouventiQu nv vuiumuun,
WmlnaulM. Allinit 7 til I lSGlt
' t-o Dominate a Detnocratio State Ticket, to be
supported at the October election. ' .
Rttolud, farther, That all the electors of the
state or Unio, who are in iavoroi pcrl.u...uH
the princlpleg upon which our Union was found
ed, and are convinoed that the present State
and National Administrations are wholly in
eampetent to manage the government in it
present critical condition, ai well as ail who are
oppoaed to the gnats extravagance and corrup
tion no so alarmingly prevalent in public af
fairs, be earnestly invited to unite with the
Democracy in this hour of our country's peril,
and thus redeem the State, and place its ad
ministration In competent hands.
Rewind, further, that the basis or represen
tation In said Convention be one delegate for
every 500 votes, and an additional delegate lor
a fraction of 250 and upwards, cast lor Thomas
J. 8. Smith, for Supreme Judge at the October
election in 1860, audtb u it be recommended
that the couples elect their delegates on this
basis,' . . ' . .. .. .' . "'.
The Doerai.y of Ohio and all other con
servative Cofon men, who tre willing to co-oper-ate
with tbem on the above basis, are requested
to meet in their respective counties at such time
a the local committees may designate, and ap
mint delegates to the . Democratic Convention
on the 7th of August, to nominate a State
ticket to be supported at the Uctooer election.
It Jj presumed, that no lover of his country
i;ii rarmira nrntnDiiuff at this time to induce
." i r o
hi a to discharge: It'ie doty, and therefore the
Committee is impressed with tho belief that the
counties will eacerlv respond to this call, and
that an imposing Convention will assemble in
Columbus at the time designated above, and
pat in nomination a ticket of good and true
men, to be supported for the various state oi
in October next.
WM. MOUNT, Chairman.
WM J. JACKSON, Secretary.
Sectionalism must be Repudiated.
In time of Deace. Democrats opposed the Re
publican organisation on account of its sectional
character. In this lime of war, tne cnaracier
.k.i nrnmiiuttlrm ramaina unchanged. . It is
still sectional, only more intensely so than ever
beforo, laboriously seekiDg to aggravate and
render permanent the estrangement between
tha North and the South.
A Republican Administration has control of
the Federal Government for the time being.
It is eogogedin aa iSuti w'ittBft.iMl. V-PMi-tary
fore a rebellioa la the Sotrthern, tstates
All true Union metr, Nortl and Sonth, wish It
success in this enterprise, and will encourage
and aid it to the full extent of their ability.
But it does not follow from this, that thsj
must needs amalcamate politically with Repub
licans, and bv such a coarse sanction those seo-
tlooal views which Ibe Republican Readers
avince no dianositioE to abandon. 1 On Uie con
trary, there is now a most urgent' .necessity (bat
every true friend of hU country and every gen
nin lover of the Uaioa shoold keep aloof
from all sectional organizations.. V He. should be
a Union man a no-rarty man, If you -please
in the trae sense of the word, with no uiut ;of
' sectionalism. . . '.
It Is plain to every .man of common sense that
sectional parties the Republican In ibe North
and the Secasaional In the South have involved
the country In this unhappy civil war. It fs plain
alao. and becomes more evident from day to
day, that the sectional controversy, in which the
disputants on each side have assumed a nosliie
attitude, can never.be settled and peace and
harmony restored asof old.by war alone. ; The
war will never be ended j tbq Union oannot oe
saved, unless tbroneh the inflnence and exer
tions of a universal Union party, not confined
to one section, but repudiation alj gectlonalisra,
and Identical la principle asd action wit the
Ota union f emoorsup ereuutuua
The Tariff Bill.
' Tha tariff bill nassed the Senate br a vote of
22 , to ", 18.,"'.John fnistair; ppi
' dodgai tb tota- .'''-- .- ;
. Bin. Wanx is awaaS nut to draw avoWet
on soldiers-for retreating from Ball's, Ran,
when be himself was tea msoh of a'aovaid to
fce tha mnslo andtgta 6n the passage of a
tariff bill. , .. , . '. .. 4
' Messrs. BaowMiNO, Gbimes,: IlAti-pw,,
hi and 'Tximwn.i, ' Republicans, ybfed with
BaiotiMaiiMa and others against tha bill. t
A New General.
The Philadelphia Prat has a' correspondent
who sljrns himself '"Occasional," who Is now try
ing to Impress the world thst he too is a, great
military man. ' He has already commenced giv
ing Out the programme of the next battle. We
suppose as -Gouxcx haa resigned he takes lis
place. He baa evidently mote presumption than
good sense. ,. ... t' t i . - . r
Tb Democracy of Iowa held their Bute
Convoutton at, pea Monleion the 24th inst.,
and nominated for Governor Hon. Charlies Ma
' son; for Lieut. Governor, MTtmia L. Fishie;
for Supreme Jadfie, J.tM, E.wood. , Judge
Mass wsf 'Commissioner of Patents daring
JWiJeut Tiiac' Administration, end la one
f the ablest men 1n the West " Tbs Dabaqae
Heriid ssys oi tne LODVesuoom .i t:
DtMOcsATitT BtATt ' CosvxNTiOH-Wa bsve
lenly lime to say, at the boar of receiving the
proceedings of the State Convention, tha never
before la Iowa was Denooratia Stater Con
veatioa as harmonious and determined as that
whlon met on tha 24th last.
Reported Severity of Gen. McClellan.
. . , ;
The Pittsburg) peters report that General
McCk'llsn ordered, the .exeoution ol twelve
traitors at Bevelry, who had been released on
parole end had been re-oaptured In arms against
the federal ssMaswrW araBoliaed ekxibi
the truth of the report, but nevertheless just
suoh a course Is demanded to Insure anyi respect
at all to an engagement not to take up" arms
against the United States. A few examples
ot the kind would bave it most salutary sffsct.
We copy the abovo from the Sandusky
ter. Prisoners oi war, when released on parole
of honor, and are found again In arms, should be
dealt with as .severely at. circumstances will
permit. But this hanging business, is a Bma
that two oan play at., Ws have a very large
number of our gallant officers end men, and
one"member pf Congress, In the bands of the
enemy. , Is it possible that men bave become so
desperate and maddened ss to forget that if we
commence thlt system, our gallant men will
mw with their lire for the act! There is no
danger of the editor of the RtgitUr he is Safe;
but II he were a prisoner at Rlohmond, we think
bis blood would become chilled when he heard
that our government bad executed, the rebel
prisoners, n .
The Journal of yesterday morning says; -
"Colonel Wilcox, wounded at the Ball Run
fight, is doing well at Richmond, as bis wile
who went on to Washington to ascertain the
facts about bis late learns bv dispatch from
bim. lie was shot through the arm and oth
erwise Injured. ' He Is surrounded by old West
Point classmates, who treat him well. His wife
has returned home In good spirits."
f At IS HUB uur UIVU WIHV mw in
after they were released on parole of honor, but
we fear' the difference will not be considered,
and that our gallant men will pay the penalty.
We plead for the lives of our .brave men who
bars fallen into the hands of the ensmy. I bey
must not be sacrifice in retribution for the ex
ecution of rebel prisoners. ,' ' (,'.'.':
. We are glad to hear that the brave Wilcox
la well treated at Richmond. "
The Cleveland Herald, Leader and
"Brown and I."
These two Republican no-party papers are
engaged in a nice quarrel over a letter written
by Hon. A. G. Riddli, relative to the Bull Run
retreat; and after reading the letter, at an 1m
partial reader, we have no hesitation in say
Ing, that the Htrtld has tha better of the con
troversy. ' Mr. Riddlx should be ashamed to
see the letter in print. , That our readers may
have an idea oi the controversy, we publish a
portion oi the letter:; ; ,;' ' ' .' '
Thc Panic Just as the drsgoons turned
back, a cry was raised that the "Black Horse,"
a formidable body of tne reDet oavairy (ana
these were part of tbem), were charging upon
as, and it seemed as if the very devil of panic
and cowardice seized every mortal soldier, offi
cer, citixen and teamBtsr, No officer tried to
rally the soldiers, ot do anything, except to
spring and run towards Centrevllle. There
never was anything use it, for causeless, sneer,
absolute, absurd cowardice, or rather panic, on
this miserable earth before'. . ';
Off thev went, one and an ; off do wo the bigb
war. over across fields, towards the woods, any-
where, everywhere, to escape. , w neinenit com
municated back to the soldiers still in the woods,
. , .... i .
and so on back to the regiments who had just
driven eff the rebels, I do not know, bnt think
it did to a partot them, for a share of our army
seems to have been demoralized, If not broken
ap :.; ' y. . ' " '."
i We'll, the farther' Xhcv ran. the more fright
ened they grew, and although we moved on as
rapidly as we could, the fugitives passed us by
scores. To enable them better to run, they
threw away their blankets, knapsacks, can
teens, 'and finally, muskets, cartridge-boxes
and evervthine else. ' -
, We called to them, tried to tell tbem there
was ho danger, called them to stop, implored
them to stand. We called them COWARDS,
4.oti.a- them In tbs HOST OFFENSIVE
TERMS, put out our heavy revolvers, aud
threatened TO SHOOT THEM, but all in rain:
a cruel, crazy, mad, hopeless panic possessed
them, and communicated to everybody about, in
front and rear. The teamsters all turned their
heavy wagons, and lashed their horses to a rnn,
and mixed and mingled with a crowd of running
footmen, citizens and horsemen all raised an
obscuring cleud of dost; and thns the tide filled
the entire highway (a macadamised turnpike)
with a heterogenous mass of flying madmen,
inteut upon nothing but to escape. ;
The heat . was awful, although now about 6;
the men ware exhausted their months gaped,'
their Hps cracked and blackened with the pow
der of the cartridges they bad bitten off in the
battle; their eyes starting in frenzy no mor
tal ever saw tuch a mass of ghastly wretches
: As we cams on, borne along with the mass,
enable to go ahead or pause, ot draw out of It,
with the street' blocked with flying baggage
wagons, before and behind, thundering and
crashing on, we were every moment exposed to
imminent danger of being npset, or crushed, or
of breaking down; and for the first time on this
strange day, I felt a little sinking of the heart,
and doubt whether we could avoid destruction
in the immense throng about us and nothing
but the remarkable skill of oar driver and the
strength of our carriage, and endurance ot our
horses, saved us. ..Another source of peril
beset ns. As we nassed the poor dement
ed, exhausted wretches who could not climb
into the highclose baggage wagons, they made
frantio efforts to get on to and into our carriage.
They grasped it everywhere, and got On to it,
into it, over it, and implored os every way to
take tbem on. We had to be rough with them.
At first they loaded ns down almost to a stand
still, and we had to push, them off and throw
Ih.m nut. Pin&llv. Drown and I. with a rjistol
each, kept them out, although one poor devil got
in in spite ot us, ana we luggea tne internal
coward two miles.' I finallv opened the door
and he was tumbled' out. A poor boy we brought
all the way back to Centrevllle. , T"1 j ,.
. That was ertaUy tery bjrafeiMri Rionii
and his friends "called tbem cowards, denounced
them in the most offensive 'terms, pot out out
HiAvr aivoLvxas and , threatened' to .shoot
tbem," etc. s Of these soldiers say they, Too
mortal ever saw such a mass of ghastly wretch
es." "Their lips crocked and blackened with
the powder of the cartridges they bad bitten off
In the battls their eyes starting In frenzy."
This was truly te horrible sight.- About this
time the' said Riddli "felt a little sinking ' of
the haast" as to how "we could avoid Jiesirne-
tlon." That was an Important point to him and
his araoe companions, who pointed theirheavy
revolvers" out of the windows of tho car
riage, and "threatened to shoot tbem." The
soldiers should not bave hesitated a moment
they should have takes them oat of the car
riage. ..They had no business there. - '.'i 1 1
But another ''peril" beset "Brown and I,"
says Riddli. The soldiers wanUd tp get In the
oarriage, "and one poor devil got la in spite of
ns," and,"B(0WQ.and IlL'.'flnally Opened the door
and tumbled him out" ' What a wonderful feat!
What bad fellows, to ''tumble the poor devil
Tbe greatest feat of the fleeing Congressmen
Is described as follows by AlbiwG. -. ' -
"Tbaetheraideof Centrevllle we bad over
taken Senators. Wsde and Chandler, or saw
tbem in the erowd, the 8ergeaDt-at-Arms of Ibe
senate, and a Mr; taton. or uetroit, witn
whom we were In company nich of the way af
terwards." -,'; -- ' -'" f.
Wby didn't "Brows and I" get out and make
a stand before they overhauled Wads, Shxs.
man &. Co., with their "heavy revolvere ? ,-, '
k Wads planted himself With a cocked MMay
nard" in the attitude of batUe; Chandler' with
a revolver sear him; aad we placed ourselves
except Morrisby themt and sit with loud vet
oes commended one and alt to balf. sr hate their
brains blown out, . Osr sotlon instantly checked
tbem. Many on horseback undertook rto dash
by, and we seized the br idle-reins of their bor
iss and compelled tbem to itop."v..-14
What a mtnificent light, to gee Want,
C&AKDtta, "laows and h" plants J wUh"oock
ed revolvers and'.eomriandina oue.and all to
hault, or have their brn'ths lown eat " This
must have addea to the consternation. Toe Idea
of the army being hemmed in on one side by
secessionists, aud Abolitionists armed wiinheevy
revolvers on the other, was enough to vf!6
But the richest part of the affair Is this :
"Seven men staying a crowd maddened and
desperate with fear; Wade firm and bold, as
an old liont Chandlsr franticallv excited, and
the rest of our band struggling,' commanding,
entreating and threatening. As roa mi, I sot
ovsid, caring for nothing and nobody, and de
termined, as we all were, that the men should
stop there." ?
Seven AbblitionTsta "alajing a crowd mad
dened and dtperate with fear'f with Vnlnety
thousaod" secessionists la their rear! - We don't
wonder at the Soldiers being alarmed st being
thus surrounded by dlsunlobtsta. . But It appears
they went ou towards. Arlington, not fearing
.death from the "old lion" or "Brown and I."
(t is a wonder that the' army did'nt stop when
they saw Albert "thoroughly roused;" but the
men did not know so wall as his friend "how he
would act." i They certainly did'nt notice bim
If the black, soowling countenance of Wads,-
and the wall eyed, cadaverous, lank-jawed face
of Riddli would not stop tbem, or at least make
them sh sr off the road, they were pretty badly
aeared. .' ". "" ' 'V. .' .','-'''
, The Journal of this morning accounts for
some things. Itaayar '
"It Is rumored, also, that certain civilians
more explicitly, members of Congress owe
their imprisonment in the rebel camp to being
found 'dirguised' wltn liquor."
This will not apply to Riddle, as it Is uuder
stood that he drinks nothing but buttermilk and
whey; :.-. .i -.'':;
We hope (he Htrali will be successful In in
ducing the Leader to publish the whole .of that
letter. But never let the "remarkable skill of
our driver, and the strength of oar csrrisge and
endurance of our horses," be forgotten, as they
undoubtedly saved the lives of "Brown and I.'.'
Sweet Talk.
. There is a bitter little Abolition, paper pub
lished in Holmes county, called the Republican,
which is a curiosity. ' It-ssys:1' ' r '' '
"The patriotism of the Democratic people
has been aroused, and tiiey are no longer dis
posed to be the mere tools or corrupt party
leaders, but to act as good citisens for toe inter
est and welfare of the country. In the field
are thousands of good Democrats, who, when
the emergency came, rallied nobly to the de
fense of their country. . It matters not to tbem
who or what their leaders are, so they are good.
and tried men.!' ... ,
Now, ain't that oily t How sweet it would
be, if the "patriotism oi the Democratic peo
ple" of "Little Holmes"-would become so
"aroused" as to put the supporters of that pa
per In power ! Of course there are "thousands
of good Democrats la the field," as there al
ways have been "when the emergency came."
They always "rallied nobly to tne aeteose oi
their country," and that is the Very reason they
will not rally to the support of the Republican
or its Abolition frIends7;They rallied in "dfr
feoseof their country in the war with Mexico,
and the Mexicans were told "te welcome them
with bloody hands to hospitable graves," and
such papers as the Republican said. Amen! .
: A few months since, thsse "good Democrats"
were "doughfaces," lave-drivers," and all
such bad fellows. - Now, if one half will go
and fight, find the other half join the Republi
cans, what nice, patriotio people they would be,
wouldn't they 7- v : r.-j ' , '
Gen. Wool and Secretary Cameron.
The correspondence between General Wool
and the Secretary of War places the latter in a
position the reverse of desirable. Gen. Wool
is, next to General Scott, the highest officer in
the army; and in these times, when the country
does not abound in officers ot fighting experi
ence, the public has been anxious to know wby
it is that, instead of being confined to the rout
ine duty of an arsenal, he has not been called to
the seat of war. The notion that he is intel
lectually senile, or rendered incapable of labor
bv Dhvsical weakness, is negatived by the ju
dicious promptitude of his movements while he
was not prohibited to act, ana Dy tne vigor ot
bis nen. His services to the country have been
twenty times as important as those rendered by
the erentleman who holds the office of Secretary
of War; and, all things considered, it would be
easier to supply the place of rar. Cameron man
to find a man with as much military character I
Bod experience as General Wool. Unless there
are reasons wbioh do not sppear, it tne country
is to lose the assistance ol either in the emer
gency, it should be those of the politician. If
General Wool can not be emancipated until
Mr. Cameron is relieved of the troubles and
trials of official life, the sooner be is relieved
the better. Cin. Pren. - . , . ..
The Ashtabula Sentinel—The "Visible"
Admixture" Party.
TheSertfisW ssys of disbanding 'the Repub-
lictn party: ,' . ' '." ':"".' ' ,J
. (Ve are free to say that we dislike this ar
rangement, as a virtual disbanding of the Re
publican party, constituting on tha part of our
Central Committee a very fair imitation of the
Ball s Run retreat. . But being only an Individ
ual, we cannot .hold a party together, and shall
not attempt it, Tbs principles we have always
maintained, are-still worth contending for, in
out estimation, aud we oaa sund .by tbem 'H or
out of a party. ;,.,,: -ava t.:? it al
The Sentinel will not be required to maintain
its Abolition principles out of the party. The
new party will, be bontr61ledV"by the same prih
styles. It is only a mask to carer the deform
ities' ef . Abolitionism. '-lt- la the- lion akin
thrown over the same bid irnimsl. ''The ears
will suck out. . , , -, , . .
ill I 'J,'.
. The Springfield Republican says the negleotof
am Wool la exoitiog complaint la all sections
of theeoantrv.) His integrity is in the way oi
peculators-r-bis bravery and military knowledge
cause envy ana jeaioaiy, a .i)rwy-'. t-svtjj
1 The'Cinoinnati CmuUreUl, r Republican pa-
p'oriaW: '"' "The Secretary xf warwanted
Pennsylvania, friend of his to have a chance to
steal something. - '.TberBfoce tha veteran Gen
eral was ordered back1 to Troy:"'- The "Penn
syl vsnla friend" alluaed '' to," tre , Suppose, , h
CmttiiiNM, tt,A$. New .York WarU,
. '- 1 : l.i.' i . I. .i1
. ,. .
It Is stated tbat Senator Sumner was so per
severing in his efforts te induce Coi, Codwin to
resign .bis commission toot Lieut. Cat Wells
might succeed bim, that bewlsited the Colonel
at his camp, and hod the effrontery to urge It
upon him there..,-Aa army officer , advised the
Uoionet ii oumner came again on sucn aner
. rand, te arrest bim and put .bim under guard
We wish be had done so the first time Sum osr
visited him. ,.U. ha bad, and could have kept
him until the. war was -concluded, he would
bave rendered a publio service, Uattun Fett
, Among the representations by Repubiioan
members of Congress to the President to In
duce him lo give the order "Forward to Rich
mond'' was, tbat the party would be reined un
less .that movement should be made.' It was the
same consideration of serfs Which prevented
the acceptance of the Crittended compromise st
a time when its acceptance would pave avoided
n.. j mil t;tUH nJ...iiu, .. : ' vJ . - . .
RirtrstJctN Stati Cokvsstioss RepaUican
State, Cunveations will meet at jjea - Momes
Iowa. Julv 31st, and 81. feel. M1bb, Sept 4th
The first is to i select1 candidates for Governor,
lileatanaat-Goref nor aid Judge ef the Supreats
Court; the etbtneandidatea fur Goveroorr Ljea-UoMt-Govemor,
JBacretary ol State and Slate
A very loud "Whsper" to "Uncle
A very loud "Whsper" to "Uncle Ab."
Wa oon the followi sitlcle fron the F
olnnati Times, ooe'of fls eadlng orgsns of-the
new "Union" or Ne-paty party. 1 be tail to
"UnoW Abe""Ts to lhe oint,aad mlgnt be re-
"party In patriotism," wile he Is daily using
the porifioalgoillotloe, iieoapltatlng every Denv
ocrat hi "can Telr-df elHoa, even rdonT to
the poor ostlers in tha publio stables. Read
thearUoleV Commeotiare if nneoesfarjf
A Whisper.
Unola" Abe, a word In your oar, In your
message to Congress yoj spoa aeproviogly and
wnrthilv nf the volnnteas.' You had seen them
looked on them as ttey passed in review by
the White House, or ss1 they paraded In vast
and prond columns overtne Long linage, or as
they lay in camp, on rei soil, ready to sacri
fice their lives for ther country. The other
bight, as yoa promenided . in . the beautiful
grounds of the Eieoutile mansion, if yon had
lidtnned von could havsheard the roar of can
non reverberating in -tie distant hills. 1 We
wish that you, yes you, Uncle Abe, had been so
near to those roaring etnnon, that you could
have seen with your otn eyes the behavior
of those troops how they charged upon
those death-dealing canton, charged again and
again, eaoh time with tie ranks less lull, but
nons the less determined. And when they fell,
to hear them with their dying breath . about,
"On! on!" to their comrades.' You Would
have wept, Unole Abe, IT you could -have, wit.
heed that scene a scene which added new
hwter to the clarions sane of onr Republic. .
' Then, Uncle Abe, ss you wiped away the
tear, you would look again and sea those brave
men retreating Del ore uie toe. iuro your as
toniahment. and look into their haversacks
Bir Iwinra ainoned to a vallinir " Uv
. .mlnrinr tba moat exhausting
labor, and one bard biaouit eaoh to eatl 0,
Uncle Abe, when you learned this fact, did you
not bow your bead in shame, and tremble lor
tha sRffitv of onr belored Republic? Such
ka trnnna. anno noble fellows, such invlnol
bis soldiers, starred to exhaustion on the field
of battle! :- . . I
- Don't av it was not vour fault, uncie Aoe
At vour door lies tbe trine. Before Goo" and
man von are rennonsible. You retain, vou per
gist in retaining, at the head of .the War De
ptrtment, a politician who rolls In corruption.
He has quartered bis friends in the furnishing
department of the army, and, like master like
man, they rob .the gallant soldier of his food
avan unon the! field of battle. For heaven's
sake, Uncle Abe, open your eyes. Sink all the
no tin an into tha natriot. cast panv to tut)
dogs, and drive these heartless thieves out of
the Temple of the Republic. You must do it,
Uncle Aba. lf.vou do not. the blood of thous
unrta vill ha unnn vbur hands, and the wails of
millions ot freemen wilt, rens you eara,s5 wis
great Kepabiie fans into ruin i . - k-.'
[Telegraphic Correspondence of Daily Commercial.]
Tha President has" reouested theCongresslon
al delegations of the different State? to make
advisory recommendations for the' appointment
of military officers ot nigu tana.
' Tha un o deieaauon nas axreea to recom
mend the following for Brigadier Generals, in
order of creterenoe as; Stated: lol. wm. 1.
RhBrman.-Col. A. McDowell McCook. Gen
Joshua 11. Bates. Col. ''Jacob Amnion Col.
Newton SchleicbrCol. G.W. Morgan and Col.
Taylor. ' ...'.'
The matter of the selBOtion of a Major Gen
aral. creatine much difference of opinion, was
laid over for another conference, .The nomina
tions, of course, are to be made by the Presi
dent add confirmed by the Senate, who have al
so under consideration tbe former' appointments
of Brigadier Generals Schenck and box. j
Gen. Binks has overtwenty thousand men
opposite Harper's Ferry, with one regiment in
the town.
About a dozen arrests were made here yes
terday of suspected secessionists, employed in
m int? cartridges at tne arsenal. -
In Cooeress to-day nothing remarkably in
teresting happened. . Trumbull, Pearoe, Car
liala and. HaDonsal rnaU- alahorata argnmenu
on habeas corpus in. the Senate. . The House
passed five, bills with a rush and, adjourned
The Enemy Compliments Gen. McClellan.
, Cletlan.
, The New Orleans Tros Delta, has an article
boasting of tbe superior generalship shown thus
far In tbe war by tbe southern omcers. it con
cludes with tbe following oompliment to Gen
We bear that McCIellan, an officer of no
Questionable capacity, an accomplished, enter
prising and successful soldier, is to be put at tbe
bead of their invading armies, subordinate, only
to Lieut. -Gen. Scott. -We do not regret this
chanee so far as ths fame of Beauregard Is con
eerned; on the contrary, we rejoice that it has
been made, because we know there could be
little credit In scattering such troops as hsve
hitherto encountered our beroie. men In battle,
led on by tbe Pattersons, Butlers, and auoh like
Doliuoal trash.' JUoClellan is worthy ol iieau-
regard's attention, and while we bave not for a
moment a doubt or . the result or tneir nrst
measurement Of arms in the field,.' nor of any
later conflict, so far as tbe honor end reputation
of Louisiana's great soldier Is involved, we hope
wneu tuej sre lace w lace srrajcu sguiuDi, ci&uu
other, no great disparity of fores nor deficiency
of material will be allowed to cripple our side
on the eventful occasion. In pretence of an of
ficer so thoroughly a soldier as McCIellan, it
will not do for our gallant boys to sleep or be
negligent on outpost duty In contempt of their
foe. tie win, if any one can, make something or
the sons of the pilgrims, the descendants of tbe
May Flower's passengers, and . therefore -our
complete satisfaction tbat one whom it will be
really a great honor to defeat is new to be put
st the bead oi the Lincoln army of eubjugatlon.
The Enemy Compliments Gen. McClellan. And Mr. Washburne asks a Question.
"Mr. Wsshburne As my colleague has re
ferred to Gen, Scott's remarks, hs might. al
lude to what the President said " .'
"Mr. Richardsoa-I will do so. : 'Tour con
venation implies," said tbe President to Gen.
Scott, 'that I forced you to battle.' To which
Gen. Scott replied, 'I bave never served under
a President who haa been kinder to me than
von have been.' i But 'Gen. Scott did not re.
lieve the President 'from the fact of the latter
having forced him to fight the battle. Gen
Scott thus paid a compliment to the President
Where does the responsibility of the forward
movement rest I . Does the President of (lie
United States intend to shirk It? Did Mr.
Washburn e suppose tbat a detailed account of
this conversation, would place the burden upon
other, and whose, shoulders Did he not see
that it would be the most damaging of all things
to tbe rreeident, to place tne wnoie scene be
fore the public fj vYneu the veteran hero, 'with
the courage" ot a-noble soul, dared accuse
himself of what no generous mind could for an
Instant bave dreamed, la the presence of the
only man in tbe country who had the power to
order bim to act against his judgment, what
quality wa that which indueed tbat man to at
tempt to screen himself from -tbs eonsequaooet
of the order by indirection T Wat It a Jackson-
ian quality 7 Was there any of the " I take the
responsibility of it" spirit in thst question, put
at such a time, to such, a man, nnaerouon cir
cumstances 1 Very little, we regret to say, very
little indeed. And the endeavor pr Mr. wash
burne: What was it?, . To (brow the blame If
blame there ie, off the parly.. Js there no man
In the Government willing to take tha conse
quences of bis own actsl Is the pari afraid to
accept the -consequenoea of the orders of tbe
omcers of its choicer, Jrot &e credit of man
kind, we hope not If- by tbeir weak yielding
to a supposea popular asmana uiey save s
monstrated that thev have been heretofore in
competent ;tq' bovibn, let the ol imatfully own
it. and turn over new leaf, abd til Will be for
given; "To err is human," and' the people
will reaauy exercise tbe ' divine right or lor-
glvenesaButtosbl;k ispsliry,aji4.tIta peo
pie win never pass it over, whan once convino
ad that It is seriously attempted.'- Jow glori
ously does tlieeonductof the gallant old ohlef,
taking to himself all blame, contrast with thst
Of the President snd his satellite, attempting tO
.scape fT It. . .Incompeunt for peace, and In -
competent- lor war, from this time forth let us
bear no more of this second Tr1""", frnt
hereafter pfon thst great right arm. which is
moved by a soul large enough to take to Itself
tk .n..nnA..x. ? .,., !,?. ,. D.,,.
the eotiseqQeuces of another a errors.-i?Mfa
Minister Harvey.
Mr. Harvey, 111 nlst to Portugal, h as . tofc.
lished a long letter In -the' Phils delphla.iVfla
Anutican, respecting the allegations agalust
him in referenoe to oorrespondlng with traitora
at Charleston, m which, among a great oeai
tht is nothing to'the-pttrpose", h6 'laysi-The
faot Is, theuorernment was , in possession oi
very titttetf the eviustioes wbifcb,bad accumu
litcilii tWaiJilngtoarloaglbelore the publio
seizure was ordered, severalweeks before I left
tha. and before I bad received or aosepled my
commission. If there was anything to know, it.
was known fully aad entirtly, as will be shown
wneaevef lecessary, nmnn tue iiwisiikh
Is. withnnt condition or reservation. I ne state
of facts then existing. at Washington justified
m tfr.wtd. such as thev were, and which -, were
bot only known to those high in authority, but
were commended as useiui ana wormy. uu
mltted to their Inspection every line received by
telegraph, and never held any other correspond-
anna hilt, that, direct or indireot." Mr. Uarvet
should bave told us who those, were.''high lo
....... L . ...1 VT. 'j;..At.
autnorlty, ' to wnom nesuumium uinnivu
a. anil rhn. ha eavfl. annroved of them. Who
were they, or who was het.,The. publio Wild
nae to auow.,, ,. . r, i , -, u
[Special order, No. 550]
-. A general liouri-martiane ocruujr iiiiuiuvu iu
a.At at f'.ftln mhni.nn the'llth dav Of August,
as oti pnnn homnftnr as nrsctlcable. Itfr the trial
of Lieut. Strattoii.or theitn negimeni, u. v.
M.. and of such other prisoners as may oe
brought before it. ; ' '. , ' : '...'.
1. Lieut.-Col. EW, Hollingsworth, , 19th
Regiment:- .1 'l-ij y -i.- Ml
, 3, CapUUrbin Boan,19iu Regimdn. ,.
r 3'.'; L. P. Buckly .-...' .., , .
4. , "' (Andw. J.Kouklo,,, .
A l. i "'"PetorA. Tyles, ,;; - . , .
-7- '- AsherCook V ',: .'W :" .
' H. Malor Martin Walker. Slat Regimetit "
That portion of the Ohio Adjutant Gener
al's General Order, No. 29,' so far as It inflicts
punishment on the Accused,. Is- bereny .re
scinded. ', . "
-- '
Adjutant-General Ohio.
Headquarters Ohio Militia.
Columbus, July 29, 1861.
No exnense of subsistipg Ohio Volunteers en
listed slnoe the first day of July, A. D. 1861,
will be recognized, unloss Incurred after; such
Volunteers leave the place of - enlistment for
the place of general rendezvous! and the Com
missary General will hereafter -audit accounts
for such expenses . in accordance witn tms or
der. I I. 1 ' uisjI'.j i: j ',i n-.t i ! tar :
order of the Commander-in-Chief,
Adj't General Ohio.
The Steamer W. I. Maclay Fired into
Two Persons Wounded.
I The steamer W. I. Maclay, Capt- Conway,
bound from Cinoinnati for this port,-was fired
into at Caps Girardeau,on Saturday night, a lit
tla after 13 o'clock.
The Maclay bad landed at Cape Girardeau to
discharge freight and passengers, and bad no.
trouble whatever with any peison or persons at
that place. ' It was late at night and very lew
nersons were seen. The officers discovered
number ol tents, presenting the appearance, of a
camp, above the town. ' Soon after the boat had
left the wharf, to continue her trip to St. Louis,
between two and three hundred shots were fired
at her from shore. ,. '.. " '..
! The shots took effect In the texts, pilot-house,
and hurricane roof, somo.of them' entering slot
of empty barrels, on the roof. . I wo or three
shots passed through tbs bulkbeading of the
texas, and one of them took effect 'In tne head
of the cook, who was asleep In his berth.
struck him on the left temple and passed
around the skull, making a severe nesb wound
Another paBied through Ibe leg of a cabin boy
in the same apartment. No other damage was
done to either crew or pasaeogera.J Amoog the
latter were about fifty soldiers, belonging to
one of tbe Illinois Regiments s Cairo, ou. their
way home. i- i . . aw' i ( . k
' No cause can be assigned for tbe firing, and
the parties committing the aaaault are nnkuown.
Tbe balls were ounce and a quarter round mus:'
ket balls. - , -, . . - n. . - :i :
: The boat got out of the way as -soon fas -she
oould, and arrived here Sunday morning with,
out further accident. ' The passengers of the
Maclay publish a card In this 'paper confirming
the above statement. St.'Louit Republican.
The Court of Common Pleas.
Franklin County, Ohio. -
: Joecpta lien 17
nry Bnekenrldfie, - 1 , 1
m.Noahf.Brluon, l8a,iBpar,ia0B:
By me uuardlan,
Oeorge Waihlngton ghrnnetal." j- ' '
the eaid Court to me directed, I will Oder for rale
at politic auction, at the door of the Court lions In
tne city ol Uolunibue, on - ,
Saturday, the 14th day of September, 1861 i
between the hours of id o'clock a m., tnd 4 o'clock p,
m., the following deocrlbed. real eetate, sllaate In the
county of rranklfn, and Bute of Ohio being a part of
the Virginia Military Heeem, 'on ths west Sank of the
Bdoto river, ana part or eurver a, are nunarea and
thirty, In the name, of John Trabue, bounded and de
scribed aa follows: ,., -. - it i r- - t.
Beginning at aa ath and Dlckory upper back corner to
the original lurrey) running theuce with Uie upper line
thereof . 03 act. m. norwiei to a po in tne center oi
the road In uld line, corner to A. I. HcDowell'i traet;'
thence with Uie linear oald tlouewel re tract . 31 ,
B. HS poles to a poet near a monad, another nf said
McDowell'! cornere; thence B. 03deg. W. 161 poles;to
a maple, inthebaok line of the erlatnalaurvey; thence
Vi7 deg. W. 141 polea, to the plaoe of beginning, contain
ing one nunered ana uiiriy-DTe acres and ioriy-tn,ree
and one-half polei; oonvryed to the laid Robert Breck
enrldge by Benjamin B. Doddrige, Jane SS, 1833, ai ap
pears of record In volume 1 1, pme-9Wf of ths reeordof
deeda of tald franklin county..' f ,T t I U ' P '
Appraiaed at SJU B5 100 per aere.
i r:rqEd..Y. nrrpnTis, sheriff.
Printer'efeel, W.-' ---
augl-ltdiww. ' V
Mm SUOAB CUBED laCsr'' "
. '7BIJE,HEAT FL0UB,( Best Brands.)
PreBott niid TarkisFpruiies, Fift,'. -r
J Zaiite CurraiLta ahd.ilUIui.
For sale wholeiale aad retail by
- . ;.t j.ini
''aw a . J't
jmi 1. 1.. .rr-
, lua outh lllgb 8(reet.
m VQavejsir
BI I W 1 1, b W. MKCm VK D AT T II F.
Central Ohio Lunatic Aayium until noon of MON
DAY, AXJO. tlth; "for flnHlng'matrrtali, and grading,
mirhlof and pmlntt tht iHrvalk lo fmnt br the Aeyluw.
gronnSe.-onJlroeSetreet. fas gnvllng tone u the Hoe
resnirad by tha City CMnetl.v-Tba.enitting to lis of
good eonud lisietton, four-Hnalies thiol, ana hammer.
dresKil, each etons to he al leuttws feet long and 18
inches wide ferat Mut thresoairthe ef lie leant...' The
bHck be harS and well burnt, laiil la sand, and In
lltrritig bime etyle; The work M be ewmpletea by the
Sret ef October neat, and when Oona auljael to the to.
epectlon and acceptance of the Beeident Trustees. . The
hide te epecliy pries sf snrbinK per foot, rnnning bmnu
nre, and the paving psr square yard. SMslndlog grading.
JliSWdtd . i-., .i.i. Jt. JlILl.1, Sept.
- : - ' '
..uaii.-.a, h ,.M ,
18th Regiment fcSInMtry.
Col. jli.E. CAftRINGtO pom'mVndin ,
KJtUlUBNT arw at the Broatlsky UaM.-Oolumbnj;
where Mcralle vlll lis examined for enjlilmenl between
the hear of t a. m.ad 1S. ami 1 and S p. a.
This Regiment II npda the new Vrenoh basis- of .three
battalions of fcUO suu each, thoroughly auippad.. arm
ed with tha beet tmprgred xjtlcd arms, .asd plaocd in
condition lcautljeriie.i ivj i
r-. r. is- wr.r nnn
'j3H3tAtw.m'Jl-. Vt JRMtrdlOflnUtticer.I
v" 111 ' ' '
O NSW STYLUS Haiti V Mont, Ho. elOBonth
Ulsh street, have luat opened new styles of Cluts Cia-
onLaaa, B,oik and Bacwh, mule In the neweet and
juntiiiaeand naaqnisei i. Ju.t-a-i (eprtu
i - v -
' rynrKVt.nmT' oi WJtrKH.PRoor
XV ."r'19; ,T?n
0 oak Clothe, lb all desirable ailxiane btodlnn, tat-
. ml mWM mU. B4IN . m ,
,prUj w0, Jonui High .trt
r tha voters eflhsnnrtirsHft of &ai
eoiuiif detlre te bare flea. OrUwold,. f IliartB ewn
at.1. a... A.t 1MH.aastmllwBi. 1 -
wuty iv IJtAsiAe pVriSVUaWHl
lease announces me m a oaull4Ate tit ft '
offloe St Joitkeol Um ' eaotf MaoftiJni
lection, to
CALED Proposals will be received at the Qnarler
nmartmant In tire city of Colum
bus, until U Al, ef Jrtdajr, August 8 d, for the following
I'P""1- v , . ... -. tl
u fwvn TkfaRi.A nm.nu -w,.i rfti nf mae&crHT.
'.' Van. '- " ' a-,J
700 Cavalry Jackets, all wool heavy dark bine Wolh.
1,300 pairs Troweers, all wool aky blue Kersey, rein-
fntnA Hnnhla aloth
100 pairs AtiUlery.aaa) Cavalry Boots pegged, r sew
ed. - ...I.IO-- H ' i
MO palia Blankets. ... ,
an iha aaava articles are reuulred lo be of saalerisl
and- style snrreeposdinf la ever lespeot ts the State
iriM.K..nl.linn. .' 1 h -
I Ssmpis patters at seen aniere may do boss st urn n-
nre ot tas.UMtsrmaster uenerai, uoiamous - . -
llUds most be mads separately for each article, tbs
aama to ha Indoraad on envelanes. .
I for all acoented bids, tha parties will be reqnlred to
o4v hnnd. with aufflclent security for the faitkfnl per
lermancs oi tns conuract, ana w name meir sunnas m
their bids; and Incase of failure in the time of delivery,
or tbe ouality ol tbe artiolea, tne state reserves ins
j Payment to ie made at Uie pleasure of the Stats w lib
la niaetr days from Ibe completion of the contract.
All arllclee snail te subnet to inspection neiore neina
rcmiveu uj tuo duiui.
Dalinrr ta bs mule at Columbus, one-fourth wlthli
tiro weeks from date of oonttaot, and one-fourth Of the)
Whole number each week thereafter until tht contract u
opmplete. . .. -r . ; . . . ' ..-, - .
No bids will ns received rrom parues sno are sot cu
.,2u ,u wra u..mh...h.w v. ...... ..... I,. . .
ju proposals snouiu ns aaoraaam w - , ,
' GEO. B. WBionr, t
'- i- ' t II i. . v Aaa'tQ. M. Uenerai, ...
Jli27tu ' ' Columbus, Ohio.,
!ir-- (,t
i :
rrtci or Tns OoMMissiosnt or tits Riinnio) f our,'
. - .... or tui ST4TS or fjuio. .
J ' ; T ',,' V Coldmbcs, July 20, 1801.
nrMi! state nf Ohts desires to borrow one million and
iL fire hundred thousand dollars, and to that snd tbe
Commissioners of ths Sinking fund or ins state, onosr
Oie authority of an act or tne uenerai aasemoir, win rm
mIts aealsd nranoeals at their office la the silfof Co-
bimhiia. nntu 13 o'clock. If., uf the 3d dav of A must.
2nd at the agency of ths Slide, No. 23 William street. In
ths cltv of New l'ork. Until 19 o'clocK. M-, of the 7th
i.nl m,mt next, for the nurchaae of ai,50a,U0Oo
the funded and Hrgiatered debt of the Bute, bearing,
mterertv from the first dsg of Aaguel. 1H61, at tbs rate
ef sis per cent, pet annua. , , Bids will bs. teccireo rpr
Inner ot ths followlnt classes of stocks; . .. , - - j
1st. OertlQcsles redeemable at tha f tats Treasury in
ie city of Columbus, July 1st, 1P6H, the Interest paya
tlS semi annually tbe first day of May and tht first day
at November in each year,' at the State Treasnryi'
2d; Certificates redeemable at the agency of ih State
in iha cut or New York. Julv 1st. 186H. ths Interest pay
able eeml-anansllr. the first say of Jan nary and lh first
dsyef Soly tnvseb jest ataxia anenoy. ....
I Kach proposal must stats distinctly for which of these
(lasses of eortlfioatee It -Is mads, the amount' of either
which is desired, snd ths price lor each one nundroa aov
lara of eneh class nrooosed to be taksu. . la saasssw
proposal sball not designate ths class of stock desiraj
(y tbe bidder, it shall bs deemed to have. been payable
where the bid Is received: , " '
( Ao conditional bid,. or bid not siiolnte In Its tennl
will be considered. - -
i Payment oi ths amount of the respective bids received
In Now YorkV'aost be mads at ths Bute Ageasy wltnm
tnres dayssfter thsaoospuees therssf; euKt-of ths bids
received at uolsmtMl, Wlinin isn aays sitsnno sonepa
Snce thereat; at hich times the proper OertlflcaieS wUI
be ready tor seiirery. . - -- -.7-'
Oertlfieatsa, paesAls at the State Treasury, will be is
sued ts sural ot flOU and upward; end ttwse payable la
New York will he issued In earns o( M)0 and.npwan
al the option of tbe bidder. . A . . -
The Certificates will be payable, unconditionally, July
, 1609, and are, by tne act autnontmg tne loan, exempt
ed Irom taxation by tne stats. '
1 Pronoeala for the loan must be enclosed in a sealed en
valniM. aad addraaaed u rhe Oommiatloners of the
linking Vnnd," at OolumhWf, Ohio, or at No. 5 Wtl-
lism street, New York, and indorsed "Proposals for unto
r0"' ' a. w. TtTLaK. Auditor of Stats.
, , . . A. P. BCsSKLL. Beoretary of State, '
,J, 1 -Ii" .JAMES MUBBAY, Attorney General,
, '.' : Commlssionen of the Blnklm fund
Jle23-dlui3 . ' . " 1 of the State of Ohio
Baltimore Clothing Honse.
I t ' ... ' 1 ' . ;
'' .' r-." ' -- . -
HaJinracToaiM ami WHotcuxS biaubs ID
No. 303 W. Baltimo&steetv;.,:
I a .-.,,, t. '. t'l 1 -.-.-.s fi .-. i- ');'
i ' (tarvraew uasarr ami wowaas,) - t, 1 ....
A Largs Assortaiant ol PUea and Tumlsbln
I 1 ' - ' eoeds Constaatlv aa Eaai - . i
: 'OelJAllV- 1 - '": "
L;': " ,
WJhlesale sttisl Ketall Dealer 1st
No. Fifth. Street. " "-
. P 1 T .r & B tf It G II, Pa.
K.t .vaiastmsitly bstnst all ttaej va
i, nana UttAH UH t)t
Octl:n lyd, v.. -. : , J ,. ; ;
XJ HUUUEiS, new styles, just open ra oy
1 j.-.l : 1 BAIN a ION,
aprili L .1 - -1 . 1 t I Vs. to Boath High Street.
TO" rtl?SXOKE".ltE 8ICtt TO
IIEAJaWni Tbe blood must bs poriaed.aad all ed-
iclnes are neeless which do not possess ths qaallty of
stimulating the blood, to discharge ts impurities Into the
bowels,' feaiifiai'rii'B'PiLU' possess this Quality in a
high degree, and should bs lavet famllV."" f bet tre
equally useful for children and adults-Adapted to both"
sexes, and are as Innocences bread, yet aosT.trrsctiva
as a mnicisa.i ! V' V , , e.11
Tha Hon. Jacob Bejsrs, of SprlngvlUe, Ind,, ,vUs
to Dr. Brandroth, nnder dais of May lliacw,' lu ;
"I have need your Invalnabls TSgstsbls Cnivereal
Pills In mv family since IKtBl they bars slwan enred.
even when other medicines wers of no avail.- I have
been the means of my neighbors using hundreds of dol
lars worth, and I am satisfied they have reoslved ' a
thousand per oent. In blessed health, through their ass
Thevars used in this ration for Ullloasaod LrvsrlHs-
eases, lever and Ague, and all rheumatic easts with the
most perfeot eucoess. In fast, they are the great rll -anoe
In sickness, and I trust your venerable life may
spssed. I
of man.
ts prepare so excellent a snedieuit for the
Please send ate ths lowest pries by the gren."
Sold by Jons K. Oooc, Druggist, Columbus, and by
all respectable dealers la. medicines. . t :.j y,
jlylSdawlmo. ' r-.ij ,11 ;t tcu.j
miori-AT's MrjapiLiLi,..
In all eases of eosUveness, dyspsps1a,MUlosaad llvsi
affection a, piles, rhenmatlam, fevers tad tgnes, ebeU
aats head aches, and all general darangemants sf hoalUt
tbess Pills have Invariably provsd a sertsla aad irnsedy
remedy. A single trial will place the Ufa Pills beyond
tbs reach Ofoompetltlon bt the estimation of every pa,,
tient.-- -"-
' Dr. Mofafs PtosnU Bitters will hi fbahd sqna'lry'ef
acaotons Wall esses of nerveot debility, dyspepsia, bead
ache, the tlckpeeS Ineiaeet' to females b lelteabf health,
and Svery ,kind kt.wtaknsai of ths dlgoitfvt organs,
for salt Sy Dr. W.fl.KOirAT, JJfi, Broadway, at.:T.
Isttsr written by tbs Aer. -JS. Hobas, pevtsv s tbs
Herrepolnt-Btreet Baptist pbjrch, Brooklyn, M. T.,te
tne "J onroat ana meesimgef,-'. utnounan, u., ana speaks
volumes In faror of thatTrerld-rsnaamad medicine, Mas,
Wnmow's BomrssSvtW rea OanvMuai TarrBiisi
"We see1 aa ' edvSrttiment In roar eolumns sfMas
WimUiM't 8ooTnins Braor. Now we never said a word
In favor of a patent medicine before in our life, but we
fast aampelled to say IS yoor readers that this a So hum
bogws suits Tiiias sv la asw it To ss MX A
ouiiasa -II a protsbly cneof ths meat saroesafal medl
eineeorshsday. baoauss It la ens of tbs beet. And those
of yoorraaosre Whs htVt babies oaa'ldo better than t
lay In a supply. . sc7:lds;
N & SOW,
Hlah Street, COlUmDUs,
SOOO jards Xiavellng Drees Goods at 8X, value
liiKoente. ..... ........
Sflbyardi T raveling Drea Quoit at!2K, value SO eta. '
1000 yards freooh Organdie, at lit. valaeSUosnts. ,
Sgnn vanle FaetOolortd LatrnSal 10, value Ueeate. 1
JOUO vanle f onUrd Dreee Silks at 37K, value U centi.
1MH) yards Bnper Plain Black Bilk at $t 00. valae fltt.
aahsa at -OnandU Oerags, and Bag I tab, Bacafa, at sas
Lalf their value. .,. ....
I h k X pain as sun, '
I'fi u it t 'j i i C89 B,gh 'rM,'
til A T . l IVTm MsVillft m
X3.XlNr 'cto SON,
N61' 39 Sdutli ECigli St.,
HAVl jast spssed Sntlnvolos of very large and
T -1 T f-1. t
Vtry Deep French Flouncing Laoes.
Real Thread, French, Chantllla k Genevese
Valonciennes, Point de Gaze, Brusiela
and Thread Laeei and Collars,
.tri,?i - ' 'i-.i' In new Shapes,
i - For traveling.
Traveline Dress Goods.
Tbs best and most fashionable styles In the city, .
- BAIN Se SON, - ,
fit Bonlh High Street..
ic: s.i .
JEA1.EU. im . -
trodarje,1 : ' ' :
Fpreigu (ind Domestic Liquors, ?
Fruits, etc. etc.,
iOej JSouth High Street,
the old stand recently occupied byWH. McDONALD.
He Is In dally receipt of
..wr,T.'0 "j-vVhichhswIUsell ' '
Cheap for Cash or Conntry Produce.
fcy floods delivered to City trade frce'of chargs.cOI
Jly -
No.; 10G, ; South;' High ; Street,
OoXaT73itX73 9
. 1 w j.-. )JALEB IN
Foreign and Domestic Fruits, '
flour,' Salt, liquors, etc.
JlyH.' 1 1 ' .' t . . t a . .4
Istoajra Betweeta Ireland and Amerioa.
1 . ; ." ' '
j The following new and magnificent firit-tlaas paddle
wheel Steamships compose the above line:
ADRIATIC, 5,888 tons burthen, ' Capt, J. Uaoar
" ' (formerly of the Collins Line.)
COLUMBIA,. . . t'f'O ", :M.Lsitow.
ANOJilA.- .4 4.-4UO v . i . MiuaoieoR.
i-ayiriu, . a.ouu r . i.on.
t. .1..... .. S3W.". "1 J.Wauria.
I One ot tbe above ships will leave New Tork or Boston
alternately every Tuesday fortnight, for Oslway, car
rying tha government malls, touching at St. Johns,
N. F. . , '
I Tbs Steamers' of this 11ns bavt been oonetructed with,
the greatest cars, nnder the supervision of ths govern
ment, have water-tight compartments, and are unexcel
led lorcomfort, safety and speed by any steamers afloat.
They are commanded by able and experienced officers,
and every exertion will b made to promote tbs oomforl
of passengers.
1 An'.exnerlenced Surteon attached to each shin, '
Pint-class N, X. oi.Boetoo U (J.lwaj orltvsrpool 10S
Beoond-class, ... " . , . " . ;r '
rirsHslass, I t.. tsSt John's7 ' 3S
t .
. to uaiway or Xiiverpooi,
1 or an town in Ireland, on a Kail way
. sv
Third-class passengers an liberal ly supplied witn pro
visions of tbe bert quality,-Sooked and aerved by the ses
vanla of ths Company.
Parties wishing to send for their friends from the old
country can obtain tickets from any town on a railway, in
Ireland, or from ths principal cities of England tnd (Scot
land, at very low rates. - ' ' ,
Passengers for New .Torkv arriving by tbs Boston
Bleamsrs, will bs forwarded to New York free of charge 1
1 for passage or further Information, apply to
, . ,, ,- -v WM.U. WIOKHAM,
' At the offloe of the Company, on the wharf, foot of
Canal street, 5erT4rk;
UOWLAND St AnrlllWALiu, Agents.
aprlll9:d6ffl. J--
.t---", ..:.'- tr - ' .'' . ' .
HO.' 29v IOTJXH "man ,;TBOT,' 7'
A. n sb, ft p'T, U 6 FffS B IN a i
1,000 yards Saner Plain Black SUks at at 00 value
1 S5 per yard. ','.'lM,lV. 'j.'iV
9,500 yards. Traveling Dress and Mantis Cloeds at
19 1-teents raise 20 oents per yard.',
3,000 yards Wblta BrllHantes at 19 I9 cents -
. value 20 oehU pef jard, . ..'. '.
3,000 yards Pint and Domestic Ginghams greatly as
deevalns. 4 '
1-1 ui TT-!IJr0t-.li,f5O VJ'
MOZiMKiTOI, BAIZOBTJniS,T' tt p2"ti.
, CTQtiM!Emasi,:uvEUAi
Nej-w- 'and B'aahlona'ble Drerw Crood
In tha ulaMl.M.rf.l. at
Of all materials, mads In'ie most stylish manner af tef
ths latest Paris Fashions its most elegant styles ts
" BAIIt at son,
mav30 .'ISJt; !t:.i lt. CO Boath niah street.
Oaritoil Llattinga.
4'"84i WKttSJ- ttt Rett"al
Whits Checked ef superior quality, for sals bz

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