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under obligations to it for the very latest papers
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Ihauks for Its daily favors Id tbe Bnepaoftha
very latest eastern papers. "
For Justice of the Peace,
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
Notice is hereby given to the Union Democ
racy of Frauklin county, to meet on Fiidav,
August 2J, between the hours of tbrkc and biz
o'clock, p. m., io the townships, and six and
iioht p, ra ,ia the wards, at the usual places
of holding elections (excepting Norwich town
ship, which will be held at Schopiild's School
House, and the 4lh ward at Qivn's room, and
the lit ward at E. Belur's), to appoint del
ec&tfs to attend the County Convention, to
meet at the City Hall, in the City of Columbus,
on Saturday, the 3d of Aoqust, for the purpose
of appointiug delegates to tho State Convention
on the 7th of Angnst, to nominate a State tick
The following is the number of delegates el
lotted to each ward, based upon the voteoatit
for Supreme Judge in 1860, allowing one for
each fifty, and an additional delegate for each
fractional twenty-five votes so cast:
1st Ward,
2d " :
3d "
4th "
Montgomery Tp
Truro "
Prairie "
Clinton "
Pleasant V
Brown "
Perry "
7 Hamilton Tp.
Norwich .. .
Jefferson '
Plain i.
Wm. Domioanv
H.W. Millsr,
John M. Pucjh,
J. Riinhard,
H. S. High,
Alix. Thompson, '
Jamis Horlockr,
: .
County Central Committee
Public Auction.
Will be solJ, on Thursday morning, Aug. let,
at 11 o'clock, at auction, No. 11 8tate street,
all the unclaimed baggage of the Neil House,
consisting of Trunks, Carpet Bags, etc ,
W. R. KENT, Auctioneer.
Court-Martial An order for a' Court-Ma
tial In the caw of Lieutenant Stratton and
others, charged with committing depredations
on the property of Virginians, appears else
where. It bits been some time since these men
were sent back to Ohio in disgrace; but it is
said that a Court Martial was ordered, as soon
as a petition for it was presented. Governor
Dinnison's order, forbidding payment to the
Lieutenant and his men, has been rescinded. -'
.ETHihrt M. Davis, of Cincinnati, faaB
been appointed Clerk in tbe General Commis
sary Department at Washington City. He la
ppoken of as a young man of fine promise.
O" The County Commissioners on Monday
last granted relief from the Volunteer Fund as
follows: ' Francis C. Lawson, $4; Mart J.
Bom, $4,
Blackwood's Maoizihr The number of
Blackwood tor July, 1861, opens with a reviewof
Hook's Lives of the Archbishops of Canterbury.
The series of articles, under tbe head of Judicial
Puzzles, so interesting to every logical and legal
mind, Is continued. A lucid, and withal a de
tailed account, interspersed with pleasing epi
sodes, Is given of the celebrated esse of Spincir
CowriR, which was tried at the close of the sev
enteenth century, and occupies no inconsider
able space In English judicial history.
Tbe XVI Ith Part ot Norman Sioolalr is fol
lowed by another delightful essay on Book
Hunting. Tbe humor and pointed satire of the
article on the Barbarisms of Civilization are
both amusing and instructive. There are but
few who will fail to sympathize with the writer,
while he narrates the vexations be was subjected
to in experimenting with ; patented inventions
which promised- much, but treaDjr performed
nothing. ' i .
The concluding article on the disruption of
the Union betrays what we should expect from
a British tory journal, a great want of faith in
tbe stability of the American Union.. It of
course does not think our Federal Government
strong enough, and predicts that the Republlo
must fall to pieces. Tbe article is, however,
well written, and presents the writer's view of
our case In a strong light. -
Blackwood . is re-published every month by
Leonard Suott & Co., New York, at $3 a year,
who with it will furnish either of the British
Quarterlies at $5 a year for both.'"'
Ohio Wmuyan . University. ,Tue ,' com
mencement exercises of the Ohio Wesleyan
University, at Delaware, took, place on Thurs
day, July 25th, in the spacious church edifice on
William street;,- J; J- ."- ;
The exeroitea were opened -'with prayer. and
then proceeded in, (be following orders - 1
Opportunities Gideon D. Wilcox, Worthing-
tOO. : - . .-. ..;
The Prinoiple of History Wm.D. Warnock,
Urbane.'- ' -?t.-h .i- ii-m.; h-: ....
Clvilizatton Thomas Tlppett, Worthington,
Time Forms and Tries the Character
W. Kooinson, jnansneio.- s.-r.-j ;, .
Ideality, its Power. nd Worth Clark
Quirk. Elvria. . r ', V
"Watchman, what of (he NlghtfV-Leonard
J. Powell, Portland, Oregon. : j U: ? .'. r.-
Tho Teachings of the Dead Centuries Jas,
W. Newman, PorUmonthT ;
Sparks Harlan P. Hall, Ravenna, w ,,,
Astro-Hiatorlo Fancies Hugh iUGwynne,
Bellefontaine." :- ;
Revolutions' Develop tJenlus John F. Earl.t
Akron James H.Davidson, Burlington, :.,.;..
'Our Own Deeds are onr Doomsmen" John
WCunningham;New Jlnmlcyi ;'-""
The Power thai Triumphs-rGeorge R ', Cfow,
Kingston ' ' 1 i r- a:l ) "- i.r
Unresting, TJnhastlpi;-Meo. P. Clark, New
Castle, Penn.-' .... .. .' ' ' ! " i '
Stephen A. Douglas WlllUm'Ceftinaj' Ken
ton, , ;'; :-t'.9t :; t.na ,r,n u:..ii (ulxi
- Shares In the Toils of Life John W. Cald
well, Clroleville , - V; , ' l" "'"
Garlbaldi-Leonidas HV Bradley, .Marshall,
Illinois'.' V '. ' "'" .: 5':- i.t.,M v
The Mission of Maip-ancls AiBUnchsrd,
Wheeling, Va.- , t.:.c ' ,. ;,; -Human
Exoellence, taxed but tintepreseated
Le Roy A. Belt, Delaware.' '"'''" i,L.;uil
What nsxtT Wesley C, Barri Blboxnfioidl ''
Cavour Franklin Baker, Tiffin., i .;,,?,'
'It still moves" John 8. Atkinson', Eden.. :
Liberty John V1. Afidrwsi Dayton. " ,J
Eloquence of ' AcUonChiUIoni B. JjAllen,
Fredeticktown. ' -. . ,. flv t
Oratory, Past and Present Louis M. All-
brigbt, rtmsnnm - i,
Tbs exer'oises were closed whh a Bakoalaore
ate, by President' Mtai'wcit, udder,' ose6s-'
ploes the Institution has, dutliigMheil tnj
IxeuW; i ' - ? I" ! w y tan t:i t i. K
t ullit4 b) US 0. t.A. )(
utrptie of the volunteers oonoerned In the
rloton melee on State street, on Tuesday after
noon, was brought before Mayor Thomas yes
terday morning, plead guilty; and was fined fire
dollars and oobU. -' ' 7 ' '
!" Rev. D. A, Randali., Pastor of the Firsi
Baptist Churoh of, this cUy.'bes returned home
front visit to Palestine. Oa Tuesday evening
last, the members of hie congregation gave him
a -reception attpe cnurcn, wben bis many
friends tendered htm a' cordial welcome horns')
O This Is the first of Augusfv Jalj was aa
eventful month, noted for Gen.. MoClillan's
success in Western Virginia; for the success
also of the Federal troops In Missouri; for the
march of the grand army from Wanhington, and
tbe sanguinary conflicts at Bull's Run . Tbe past
month, is also noticeable for the extra session of
Congress, which commenced on Independence
day, and is not vet ended, though it was predict
ed that the sesslou'would not last over a weokl
But Congress Is, in one respcot, like an Indian
Council. It meets to have a great talk. ' - :
ST A company from Lanoaster, and one from
Circleville, arrived at Camp Chase yesterday.
07 "During tbe shower on last Monday morn
ing, two men In Cincinnati were struck by light
ning, one of whom was almost instantly killed,
and the other severely injured. - .
Bounty and Lands. The Cleveland Leader
says: .'"'
Liberal offers of bounty and land have in
tain easM bn made br recruiting officer
to those who consent to join their companies.
These offers are, however, entirely unauthor
ized, and nnless Congress, by tbe passage of a
law for the purpose, shall sanction snob extra
remuneration, volunteers wilt be disappointed
at the termination ot their term ot service. , .
Consumption. How often do we hear the
death of a friend by the hand of this fell de
stroyer, and when we ask the particulars, the
answer often la : ' They bad a humor, It set
tled on their lungs and they died.", Here then
it it admitted that humor was the primary oanse
of their disease. It is these humors upon which
we wish to speak. Kennedy's Medioal Disoov
try has been before the publio for some twelve
years, and In tbat time its merits nave been
thoroughly tested ; certificates are daily being
received by its Proprietor from all directions, of
persons cured of humorous diseases ; now If
these persons had suffered these humors to re
main la their system, .they might ere this have
been thrown into a consumption or other fatal
malady. Delays are dangerous. ;
Loss of Hair. Muoh of this deprivation is
cansed by sheer 'neglect after Illness, or some
other temporary drain upon the follicles at the
root of tbe hair. Dr. Belllngham, of London,
has Identified his great name with a "Stimula
ting Onguent," Invented by him expressly to
meet such emergencies. .' Messrs.. H, L. Hege-
man & Co., of Mew xork, now have the entire
agency for the . American continent. - This is
quite a sufficient indorsement of the universal
reputation of tbe article, See their advertise:
ment. -.;-.,-
Rail Road Time Table.
Littls Mum fc Ootomoi k. Xixu B K
LeAYefl. Arrives
OlootonaU Accommodation. 5 00 A. " ' 0:10 P. M.
" KxpraM 11:40 A.M. .11:03 A- M.
Mall anA AeeommodtUoa.. 0:10 P. M. 8:00 P. M.
Might Xxpreis via Dajton.lfcOO midnight. 3:20 A. M.
J no. W.DommTT, Agent.
Coudo at Curuuro B. R. .. .
Night Ixpran 3:40 A.M.. 11:15 P.M.
New TorkKxpreii 11:10 A.M. 10:50 A.M.
. o.U. wayaxpreH.... :m k.m. v:sor. a.
r ' Jamu Patterson, Agent.
Owtrai. Oaio B. B.
Ho. 3 Ixpreai
No. B do
.... 3:30 A. M. .
.... 8:15 P. M. '
11:25 A.
11:43 A.
i .1 W. J. Yell, Agent.
Hall Train 3.30 A. M. 11:25 A. M.
xpreM Train 11:25 A.M. v 8:45 P. M
Joe. BoimtoN, Agent.
CoLcmoi k. IifDtmorout, B. B. .
do. 1 BxprcH 6:30 A. M. ' 8:00 P. M
No. 8 ' 3:00 P.M., 8:45 P.M.
Accommodation .........' - ' t 10:50 A. M.
r;-.0. W.. Smith, Agent.
Malli for New York Oltr. fiofton. Albanv. Buffalo.
Pitubureh. etenbesTiile war. OleveUnd. Ztneerille.
Newark, QnuiTille, Wuhlngton Oily, Baltimore, Phila
delphia and NewOrleaae, close daily (Sundays except
ed) at 8 o'clock p. m. -
A through Ball for Vtw- York and Cleveland elotet
daily (Sandaya excepted) at 8 o'clock p.m.
0. O.ao. R. K. War Mall cloaca dallv (Bnndari ex
cepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
ventral unio way mail closes caiiy (.eanaaya exoeptea;
at 10 o'clock a. m.
Cincinnati Way Uail oloaea daily (Bondayt excepted) al
o eiocic a. m. .
Chicago, Dubuque. Delaware, Marlon and Worthfnr-
ton Mails eloaea dally (Bundayi excepted) at ( o'clock
Malli forZenla, Bpringfleld, Dayton. Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indtanapolia. Xoaiavllls. ttt. Loale, and Detroit.
elates dally (Sundays exoepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
A through mall lo Xenle, Bpringfleld andClnclnaaU
eloaea dairy (Bundayi excepted) at lOo'olocka. m.
Ortoana, Plqua, Tiffin and Union City mall elotra dally
(Bnndayi excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
Lancaater, Logan, Heuonvllle, UlrcleTUie, ORIllieoue,
Portamoath, Wathlngton - 0. H-, Athene, Marietta and
HllUboranph malli eloee daily (Bnndayi exoepted) at 8
o'clock p. m. J '
Xaat Way Mali br National Bnad to ZantirUle eloaaa
dally (Bnndayi excepted) at It o'clock m. .
uarrutrargn nail cloaca daily (Sundays exeepted) al
i'olockp. m. . w . ..; .
Mt. Vernon Mall, br war of Weftervllle and lunbnrr. I
ekxee dally (Bnndayi excepted) at 8 o'clook p. m.
Duoun nail oioaei saiiy(sanaayi exeepted)at 3 o'clock
laneaater Way Mall closet ttilr (Baodan excepted) at
I Mailt from New Tork, Boeton,' PtiltaJelphla, Buffalo,
Albany, PltUburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla,
Detroit, Bprinitteld, Cincinnati.' Cbllllcothe. St. Louia.
and all Southern citlei, arrive between the houra of V
o'clock p- m. and 4 o'elook a. mi '. . . .
. Maili from Iiullaaapona, Chicago .and Dubuque arrive
at 3:40 a. m.
Mailt from Waahlngtoa CityBatttaora,' Whaeling,
Eanetvtl)e,'Hewark, SteabeaTille, Mt. Vernon, and the
0. O. B. B. Way Mail, arrive at 13 o'clock m.
Way Mail from Cincinnati arriret at 3 o'olock p.m.
, Iiancaater Mall arriret att) o'clock p. m. i -
Bait Way Mail orer the National Bead arrives at II
o'olooka. m. '
Mt. Vernon Way Mail arrives at 11:00 a.' m." " i ,: ;
' Mail from Dublin arrivet at 18 o'clock a.
i Hrbaoa Way Mall arrlTet at 0 o'clock p. m.
Harrlabnrgh Mall arrive! at 11 o'clock a. m.
Laneaiier Way Mall arrivet at 13 o'olock m.
Orhot delivtnr ooea everr dav taacaot Bnndav from
7 o'clock a. m. to 6 o'clock p, m. ..Opea on Buadaya
from in to U o'clock In the morning, and from 5 to S
3 ) 1 W. A. atohelor'i Hair Dye! i.;
H . -'i3A.;W - . ,f .,.(,-.:-
XnU tplisdld Bah Dy hat ne -aal-MnitaBtantoui;le
Sflect Beaullrul Black or Natural Brown no Staining
tbe akin or Injuilng tuellair'rmcaiei me ut'ar an '
effect of Bad Dyet, and invigorate- fcatr for life.
Root are genuine . anlem figged "W,- A.' Batchelor."
'bldeverywhtrS.U vi 9iv-ai w tri. . -j ...j
j Wm. A,'. Batoielot'i Hair Dyn "
The Original and Besi ta- thoVoVlil
All others art mere ImluUoiuVand ihont be avoided
lfyoawlJhldeecaperidienJ.r:!i M ir-l'l..
,aBAY, BID OB BUBTI BAIB Dyed initantly to
beautiful and NaturalBrpwa pr Black, without Injury to
Balr or Bkln. . i"1.," "
'Jfimiir.' BBDllJ'AND DIPLOMA! bave ate
awarded to Wm. A. Batchtlor state 1839, and over 80,00
typBeathias bavaeean atade le the Kali of kls patroai
if hit famoBi dyti " . i. ,'
WM. A. 1 ATCBJtOM KAJB) DTI prodnoeta ool
V not to be dlitlng-rtahed rna -tatarai and Is warranted
nc t to kij rt U Iba lead, lowerer long it may ba eonUn-
VMd,aa4the Ul eneets-tf Bad Dyti remedied! tht Hair
BTivniw iw turn ma apraaia A-yv.. tii I t 'i . t
' BeM-nai
aft aitM and wnt of tht United Btatta i
DrtggtttaitaBoy floodt Dealeiw.' '.;'' 'it
a ltTTDie Qe-tabe. eat Bame and addrtis apoa a steel
i era
('." -.
Destructive Fire in Pittsburgh—Destruction
of the Depot, with Twenty
of the rennsyivania nauroaa vompaoy,r aoci
dently took fir about o'clock this afternoon,
and waa entirely consumed with all Its contents.
Fire supposed to have originated la the base
ment, where about three thousand barrels of oil
were deposited. . The flames spread so rapidly
it waa Impossible to arrest the fire or save any
thing In the bulidlDg. In a quarter of an hour
the entire structure was a sheet of flames. It
ts supposed the oil was" all consumed, with ten
rreignt oars, ana gooas supposed net to exceea
In value five thousand dollars. The depot was
valued at one hundred thousand dollars, and was
built in 1854. -The amount of insurance la
lareo. but not vet ascertained. All houiea In
tbe rear alley, mostly occupied by families, num
bering perhaps twenty, and seme dwellings on
fenn and Liberty streets, were oonsnmea oe
Mm. ..... '
Several badly Injured.' All the goods to and
from tbe West are transferred about two miles
from the Duquesne Depot, and none but goods
for Plttsbnreh are destroyed. Tbe Railroad
Company have taken prompt measures to erect
a temporarv building to accommodate tneir
trade until the depot can be rebuilt. No ineon
venleneewlll result to tbe business of the com
pany from tbe disaster. ,.! . '
Rebel Batteries on the Potomac—Arrests
Ohio Brigadiers—Further Advances
100,000 Union Troops at
[Special to the Tribune.]
Washington, July 30. The Navy Depart
ment has .received letters from Commander
Craven, of the Potomao Flotilla, dated on the
tMmer Yankee yesterday, which say: They
found a concealed rebel battery at Marlbo
ough Point. We opened fire oa them, whioh
tney returned with a rinea oaonoo. uoe snot
look effect In a wheel house, but didn't do much
damage. There is at least one regiment of
rebels there, and they have mounted five rifled
cannon, and Are more on tht opposite side of
the creek.
The Freeborn has a sohooner in tow oaptured
while crossing over to tho White House Point
taking the Jeff. Davis Mail and Express Com-'
pany, which made regular trips between Wash
ington and Virginia.
Employees of the Government were arrested
this morning by order of Gen. Scott.
Ohio recommends the following Brigadiers:
Col. Sherman. Col. McCook, Gen. Bates, Col.
Ammen, Gen. Schlelch, Gen. G.W.Morgan,
and Col- Tyler. The names are In order of
preference, .
A number of officers of the Fire Ziuares and
the 79th have resigned, and others will follow
tbeir example. '
Tbe 25th New York Regiment has been
pushed forward to Cloud's Mills, fire miles and
a half beyond Alexandria.
. Col. E. D. Keyes assumes Col. Porter's brig
adethat officer having been appointed Pro
vost Marshal.
Gen. Banks had 14,000 men In his command
yesterday; six regiments had Joined him within
30 nours.
Col. Gordon's 2d Massachusetts Regiment is
still at Harper's Ferry, and momentarily ex
pects an attack, but feels ready for It.
It is believed there are now not far from
100.000 troops on the line of the Potomao and
at Baltimore. "
A Disgusted Rebel.
St. Loms.July 30. It It stated on reliable
anthorlty that Geo. Watkina, wbo has been in
command of the rebel forces of southeastern
Miesourl for some time past, resigned on Satur
day last, and strongly urged all his troops to
aiaoana ana nave notning more to ao wit a mis
rebellion. Watkins is a man or large property,
and tbe reason assigned lor this sudden change
in bis conduct is toe contemplated passage ol a
confiscation bill by Congress.
The payment of three months' Miesourl vol
unteers commenced to-day, three hundred thout
and dollars having been received here for that
purpose, uen. fremont's headquarters were
to-day connected by telegraph with all lines
East and North.
A Disgusted Rebel. Election of Provisional Officers by
the Missouri Union Convention.
JsFf ersor Citt, Juty 31 The Convention
this morning eleoted Hon. Hamilton R Gamble,
of at. Louis, uovernor ot Missouri, by ba
votes; Willard P. Hall, Lieut. Governor, by
61 votes; (tfordecal Oliver, Secretary of State,
by 61 votes. The opposition were exouaed from
voting, as they protested against the power of
tbe Convention. Ho votes were cast against
any of the candidates. : . .
Gov. Gamble will be Inaugurated in the Con
vention at 3 o'olock p. m.; also, the Lieut. Gov
ernor and Secretary of Slate.
- Tbe election of the Governor was met with
loud applause.
The Convention will doubtless adjourn this
evening or in the morning.
Confederates Reported to be Crossing
the Potomac in Force.
Washington, July 30. Reports are circula
ted to-day, and tbe names of prominent gentle,
men given as authority for them, that tbe Con
federates bave either commenced moving, or
have made arrangements for the Immeditte
passage af 40,000 of their troops across the Po
tomao from tbe direction of Leesburg into Ma
ryland: This correspondent, however, has no
means of. verifying the statement.
From Harper's Ferry.
Washington, July 30. Col. Stone arrived
here to dsy from Harper's f erry, baring left
there last evening. .His division is now sta
tioned there. He, tars Banks is strongly post
ed, and entrenched,' and can withstand any at
tack, and Is receiving reioforoements daily. No
thing la known of the rebel movements. . .
Special Order of General Pope in
Mexico, Mo., July 30. Brigadier General
Pope has issued a special order a&alguing Brig
adier General Hatlbat to command the United
8tate forces along the Hannibal & 8t. Joseph
Railroad. Col. urant win command at Mexico
on tbe North Missouri Road. Col. Ross will
occupy Wirrsntoo, and Col. Palmer will post
his regiment at Renick and Sturgeon, making
his headquarters at Renick. ".
. " a . .. a .'. .
Tbese several aisirioia win no niviaea into
sub districts, not exceeding seven miles in ex
tent, and the commanding oiacers are instruct
ed to report to tbvDlstrict Headanarters, at
Mexico, the names of persons suitable to be ap
pointed Superintendents and Assistant Superin
tendents, whose duty it shall be to protect the
railroad property in their respective divisions
Men of property and respectability, without re
gard to political opinion, are to be aeleoted for
these positions.' ' '
All illegal assemblages will be promtply bro
ken np, and all persons taken In arms againat
tbe United States will be lent to Mexico to be
disposed of by the commanding General.. No
arrests will be made for opinion's saki unless
the parties are engaged in open acts of hostility
or are stimulating others te such acts by inflam
atory words or publications.-" t :! i
Tbe restoration of peace and safety to a re
gion distracted by civil. commotion, and the pun
ishment or tne luiamons assassins ana inoenai
arles Infesting the country, la announced to be
the mission of the forces In North Missouri. '
' Tbe troops are oautioned against excesses of
any kind, eapscially depredations on tbe posses
sions or- property of any oitizens of Missouri,
and anr infractions' of military discipline and
good order will be visited with tbe greatest se
verity possible under tne aruoies oi war
Southern News—The Policy of Keeping
Cotton at Home—The Battle of
if LorjisviuE, July 30-The Memphis Appeal
l urging the planter! to keep their cotton at
home, and says that should tbe usual quantity
ba brought to Memphis, say 400,000 bales, and
stored io our warehouses this fail, the tempta
tion for the enemy to essay its capture would be
extremely great, particularly as ootton will be
very aoarce at the North next winter. It would
be tantamount, Indeed, to offering twenty mil
lions Doausio Invasion of tho -MiStiteippl val
ley, and; for( a successful . expedition against
Memphis.' ii ... . , , ,
- A dispatch from Richmond to tbe Charleston
Courier, 0I tbe 35th. aati. Col. Wade Hamnton
and Gen. G. ii. Smith, who were wounded, are
doing well. ' 1 be aame dispatch says tbe Feder
al lose ot Manassas was about 800 killed,
3000 wounded aOd 1000 prisoners, and thr Con
federal uu oa sou mued and 1300 wound
Id. .sxuu " " k
Impending Indian War—Indians Solicited
to John the Rebels.
' Browmvilli. N. T,. July 30. A large nam
ber of Indians are nqw on the Republican Fork
and riatte River, ostensibly upon tbeir annual
hunt, but really to fight tbe Pawnees. A rumor
reports that tbe Arrapaboes and Klowas are
nearly 6,000 strong, and the. Cheyennee 3,800
In number, and that the latter are seeking the
aid of the Pottowattomiea and Otoea.
Some political contentions have occurred in
Southern Nebraska. Tbe secessionists have
been in constant communication with the In
dians of that section,- and tbe Otoea acknowl
edge having been solicited to aid tbe Southern
Confederacy. A majority of tbe warriors were
In favor of rendering the rebels assistance; but
they had been dissuaded from doing so. Tbe
settlers on tbe Big Blue are In great alarm and
many of them bave moved away witn their
families and stock. '
Scouting parties have, been sent out from
Kansas and some of tbe other Eastern counties
of Nebraska to assist Union men and prevent
outrages by secessionists and Indians. i t
l bree wagon loads of arms and ammunition
are reported to have crowed the Big Blue some
days sgo in the interest of the Southern Confed
eracy. -
New Jersey Called Upon for Five
Trenton, N. J., July 30. Gov. Olden to day
received a call from the General Government,
for five regiments of volunteers, for three years
or tbo war. .
Regiments. General McClellan Inaugurates a
Wholesome Reform.
Washington. Jylv 31. Gen. McClellan has
issued on order saying he sees with much regret
tbat officers and soldiers are in the habit of
leaving camp and visiting hotels- and other
places in Washington; tbat their time belongs
to the country, and ought to be devoted to tbeir
amies as ouicers and soldiers, and positively
proninits it in future. -
Missouri Union Convention.
Jeeferbon Cut, July 30. The Convention
to day declared vacant the offices of Governor,
Lieut. Governor and Secretary of State, by a
vote of 50 to 25, and the seats of the members
of tbe present General Assembly were vaoated
ny a vote or ox to ao.
l he Convention adonted. without material
alteration, the whole balance of the report of
me committee oi eignt, as neretoiore reported
i ne convention will to morrow bddo nt a
Provisional Governor, Lieut. Governor and
Secretary of State, Judge Gamble, of St.
Louis, John B. Henderson, and General, Tho
L. Price, are spoken of for Governor all Union
men. . . .
The Convention will undoubtediy adjourn to
Rumor of a Great Battle in Western
Virginia—600 Federal Troops Reported
[Herald's Dispatch.]
Clarksburg, Va., July 30 Wehave exoiiine
news to-day of an engagement between Tyler
of the 7tb Ohio Regiment, at tbe head of 3,000
troops, and Uov. Wise with 7,000 rebels, at
Bullstown, in whloh 600 of our men and 1,500
of the enemy were killed. .
Wise is retreating.
I give this for what It Is worth.
All Quiet at Harper's Ferry—General
All Quiet at Harper's Ferry—General Banks Strengthening his Position.
Baltimore, July 31 From Sandy Hook, Md ,
we near mat an is quiet al Harper's f erry, to
Gen. Banks la occupied in strengthening
himself, and forming the army Into brigades,
His position commands Harper's Ferry, and can
catnj oe ruauo impregnate.
Tbe railroad bridge is to .be immediately
reDuiii. . .
The Trial of Col. Allen.
Fortress Monroe, July 30. Col. Allen's ex
amination has to-day been brought to a close.
ine case win oe transierred to the War De
partment at Washington. . It is thought by
many too onarges will not oe sustained.
Southern Reports of Unperformed
Louisville, July 31. The Journal copies tbo
following dispatch, dated Culpepper Court
House. U ' tta, from the Boutberu paper; '
A whole Indiana regiment was captured yes
terday. They were caught in tbe mountains
near Leesburg, and were nearly starved out.
we also captured yesterday Major rotter and
a party oi new x oraers.
[World's Dispatch.]
Washington, July 30. A detachment of U.
a. Cavalry left to-uay for Harper's terry.
Gen. McClellan visited the Senate and Honee
Co-day, and was warmly received.
[World's Dispatch.] Thirty-Seventh Congress--Extra Session.
. - aieu. . - -
approving acta
wo rreiiaens waa uxen up.
Mr. Pearce ipoke at arme lenith aialnit the renin
Hon, and aald the President bad no power to impend
ine wru oi naoeai eorpua, or impnaon mt roiiot bom'
mltetonera of Baillmort , ,
The reaolution waa onitooned till to-morrow.
The tariff Mil wae thea taken np and paned by the
following votea:
Viae Meainu Anthonv. Baker. Clark. Oallamar.
Cowan, Dixon, Doollltle, Pemenden, loole, fuller,
Howe. Klne. Lane of Indiana. HcDoniall. Morrill.
rumaroy, cimmoni, oomner, lea xyck, rTllklnaon,
Wtlmot, Wilaon !N.
Naya Ueaira. Bayard, Brecklnrldire. Brliht. Brown
ing, Oarlitle, Orimea, Harlow, Uarrla, Jobnaon of Ten
neatee, Johnion of Rtiiaonri, Kennedy, Lane, Latham,
rearce, roia, roweu, we, eauiiDury ana xrnmbaii
19. ...
Tht bill to inppreM Iniurreotlen wtt taken np.
Mr. Trumbull ipokt in faror of it.
A meuaire from tht llouae announclne the naaaaua of
the Tax billanda reaolution to adjourn on Friday, was
received. ...
The Tax bill wu taken up and referred to the commit
tee on Finance.
Mr. McDooial ipokt at tome lenith. He concluded
that tht President wat perfectly Jniitled In all he bad
done. j ,, , .
After farther diKanien, tht bill Wat poitponed till to
morrow, and made the Ipectal order for one o'olock.
A meatage Wat receired from the Bonae, itating that
they baddliagreed to the HD.eao'meat to the Tariff bill,
and asked for a committee or Conferenoe.- Oommlttte
wu appointed. Aojoorned. ' s '-
IJouia. Mr. Olln, from the Mllllarr Committee, re
ported a bill, addlug to the Weit Point cadcti a number
equal to that of Bcnaton and KepreMntatirei, to be ae
leoted from the Blatea, on the recommendation cf mem
ben of Congreai, at pieicrlbed by the former law.
When the dutrlclt neglect to lend RopreientatlTei to
Congreai, the Prealdeni ahall . fill the vacanclet correi
pooling with tin repreientatlon of iuch dlitricti. All
cadeta now in, or who may hereafter enter the Military
Academy, abau tvear to lupport tht Constitution, bear
true allegiance to tht National Government, and main
tain and defend the tovereignty of tht United Btalet,
paramount lo any and all allegiance, tovereignty, or1
fealty or country whatsoever, and tbat they will obey all
ordera of luperlor ottioera. Any cadet refuting to take
tblaoatn la to nt diamuaea rrom the Academy. '
Mr. vallandlinara objected, i A pcnonal colloquy
took place between Messrs Olln and Vallandlgham,.
Mr. Bttveni moved to lay tht bill oa tht table. . Mo
tion lost. Bill subsequently paaaad,
Mr. Bpauldlng offered a resolution which wat adooted.
that, the Senate concurring, both Houses close tht Dret-
ent session on Friday next, at noon.
Mr. Kngllsn, rrom tbe Committee on Naval Affaire.
reported a bill for the temporary Increase of tht num
ber of Acting Midshipmen at the Naval Academy. He
explained tbat the effect wonld be to add era hand red
and eighty four new pupils, there being one hundred
and twenty vaoanclei from tht disloyal Statu.
Mr, Burnett apposed.
I the bill passed.
i Mr. Klce, of Mi.. from tht Naval Committee, re- !
parted a bill authorising the i construction of twelve
email side-wheel steamers, of light draft end great swift-:
new, ana appropriating fi.vuv iu ror tne pnrpott.
Mr. Itlot aald the naral force waa not adequate to mala
tain aa effective bloekadt, and suppress prlratemltige -
ine Department st engaged in aaotrtaininf What ves
sels an suitable for thtae purpoaea. The ittamera pro
posed being of light draft can penetrate Into bayoai
and Inlets, and can carry each one or two guns. Passed,
A bill prohibiting tne aale or Intoxicating liquors in I
tht Dlatrlotof Columbia to soldiers, rassedr. j
Tht House then passed the Benata bill te banish fraud
In contract! with the United Statet. - -
Mr. Dawet tailed Up tht Oregon oontMttd elootlon
J4 ................ .
She committe! on Station! reported Mr.- Bhlel wat
entitled to a seat and not Mr. Thayer. The former wat
then sworn In. " ' i ij' t
Mr. Potter, from tbe Beleot loss mi t tee appointed to
ascertain tht number of person! tow employed In tbe
several Department!, whe an known to enter lain teatt
Blnts of hostility to the Oevtrmneni, and hast re (msed
to sake tht oath ef alngtiace, madt a report to-day in
part. Tbe committee asked leave to eontlaat tat same
daring the reoess of Congreai. Agreed to. . t 1 .uwu
orse. toamittet.
Rported back the Senate bill iron ifsrrtng the control over
the DlMhct AUeroeyi and Manbali front tbe Becittary
of the Interior tt the Attorney General. Passed.. . . , ,
Mr.l Blair, from tht Military committee, reported a
btU providing for the auonihly payment of tht troopl
Pasted. , ? . . -. . , i , . p -.- fl .
; Mr. Hay asked leart to introdnct a pnafnblt leltlng
forth tbe clrcumitancee attending tbe arrest and Impri
sonment of tha Baltimore Police Oommlsslonem assart.
log that tht writ of habeas eorpui bsd been treated with
oontempt. In that a military despotism has been tstab-
, i i. . i i t . Ai ...I ; t,K .
that their arrest ar d tnprttor mentwtrtwlihoat a war
rant, and l! flagrantly unconiiliuuonai ana tllea-al.
. Mr. Blngbam raised the point that this resoluiron wi
exnluded ander rule for, tht jovtumeat ( tht buelne
01 tht leisioa, . . , '.'.
Tht Speaker dtcuta Ult Uf psini inulWlll Mni.
LoDisiu.i,' Jnly SO. Tbe Richmond Bank
Convention adjourned, after advising tbe loa
federatej Government to Issue $100,000,000 ia
IreMuryiiiDfcB i jl , f tl ? p
Toombs las resigned tbe Stele Secretaryship
of tbe Cootaderate, Sttei -Jaunter, or, va ,
suoeeeds him': J 1 f i 1
Tbe Government gurrooata 'eroated Portland
bar to flew Albany, ycsteraay.wnero utev wui
be (quipped. rj 'tf T ' f, 1 "f..JP
u ssj ' " ' " ,f'
Nebraska Troops for Missouri.
OsiiH, July 30 Five companies of tha 1st
Regiment Nebraska volunteers, Col. Stager
commanding, left on tbe West Wind tnls ssern.
ing for St. Joe. I bey take two pieces oi can
non with them. ...
Weather intensely warm and crops heavy. : :
[Special to the Commercial.]
WiBHiNotoa, July 31. The Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad is now open front Cumberland to
Wheeling. t .
John Holshan. ol this city, baa been arrested
and imprisoned on charge of treason, in hav
ing aided in tbe panic in the battle of Bull's
nun. . i-j j';?;-, . ' . ,
Secret movements are now in croeress to ef
fect tbe removal of secession clerks from tbe
Departments. 1 ' '
. Col.Farnbam, of tbe Fire Zouaves. Is fast
recovering; be baa not become insane aa has
been stated in tne papers; be will be out In
lew days. , , , . .
The Fire Zouaves, much to their eratiflcation.
received arrearages of pay to-day.
It was rumored among the secessionists (bat
tbe Maryland Legislature will attempt to pass
an ordinance of secession In secret session
The Legislature, however, is closely watobed by
uenerai lmx.
There is a rumor in the city to-day that Gen
Lee is advancing with a large force upon Gen.
Banks s position at Harper's rerry.
The brigade of Federal troont under com
mand of Col. Howard Is busily engaged to day
in tnrowing up iDtrenonments lour miles from
Alexandria. : . ; i
General McClellan expresses tbe opinion that
this will bo. an artillery war, and aeks for as
many batteries as It la possible to provide.
" A regiment has been sent by Gen. McClellan
to extend the Hue of pickets alone the Potomao.
from here to Harper's Ferry. This will insure
early notice of any movements of the rebels
there, and will put ao end to their correspond
ence with Maryland. ;'.
[Special Dispatch to the Governor.]
July 31, 1861.
Gen. Cox was at Goubey Bridge on the S9tb.
He took one thousand muskets and several
kegs of cannon powder, left by Wise, who "cut
and run." (
Tbe Kanawha Valley Is now free from rebel
tien. vox is doing (rood for tbe Union oanse
by iudHous kindnees.
1 be people denounce Wise for wanton de
struction of property.
Cincinnati, July 31. Gen. Cox reached Gan-
ley Bridge on tbe 29th. There were one thou
sand flint-lock' mnekets and several kegs of
powder left behind by Wise in his retreat.
The bridge was totally bnrned. It was thought
tbat Wise would make a atand at Lewltborg,
wnere oe expected reinforcements from tbe
East. He lost one thousand men by desertion.
Hince leaving unarleaton, Wise, in bis retreat
up the Kanawha has burned a number of
valuable bridges, and oarrled elf most of the
wagons and teams in tbe valley. . .
New Yore, July 31 Gen. Beaureeard in
his official account ot the battle of Bull's Run,
states their lots waa about 400 killed, and 120
New York Market.
NEW YORK , July 30.
ASHES Quiet wllh sales at tS 23 for Pott, and 5 57
for Pearls. - .
COrrON Continue! In fair request, but transitions
an materially restricted by tha firmness of holders.
Mies or i uuu Dales at 10 cents ror Middling Upland!.
rLOUH Less dolor, and tht market for common to
mad i am grades Chi lower. Sales or 13.800 barrels at
4 004 u& for superfine Mate; t 85aX 33 (or extra
itate; S3 80S4 OS for superfine western; S4 4 33
for common to medium extra western; $4 B&s4 93 for
inipping orandi extra round hoop Ohio; S3 05(0)6 10 for
trade brands do. The market fur Canadian flour rules
heary, Bales of 800 barrel! at 8j3 854 for luperflne,
and 84 937 for common to choke extra. '
RYU f LUUH-Quiet, with sales of 30 barrels at 13 40
taij ou. . . ,.
OukN MEAL- Quiet and unchanged.
WHloKV-Markot dull aad drooping, gales ot 350
barrels at 17c.
WUB aT Demand less active, and market scarcely so
firm; to tell freely, bolder! wonld bare to lubmil to a
decline of at least S cent! per bushel. Baiea of 16,900
bushel! Ohiago sprini at H43Wj: 6.000 hosheli north'
western club at VJc; 3b,0U0 butheli Milwaukea elub at
rxsujc; 44. mm bushel! Haoioe spring at 94(Bdo; 1D.8O0
bushel! winter red western at $1 10iaU 16; 4.3UO bushel!
white western at fl xo.
KYS Is without change; sales of 14,000 kusheli
western at 48o, and 1200 nnsbeli North Hirer at 63o. .
DAltLBY Conlinoel nominal.
COHN Market osened steadv. and tlosed a shade
firmer, with a brisk demand for export! aad home con
sumption; isles of 104,000 bnsheli at 444ao for ship
ping mixed westers; 44x46e for very choice do; 4&9
44c for eastern dot 38t4Uo for dimaged do, and 44460
for western yellow.
OATS Dull st 2x32Sa for Canada, and 32933o for
State and western.
l-OHK Market a shade firmer, with a moderate busi
ness doing; salei ot 430 bolt at 1 13 30 for mete; tlO 339
10 30 for prime.
uaar steady: email salts at S 4X1)4 so for country
prime; 933 30 for country meat; aw1050 for repack
ed mess; 111 30i$13 30 for extra meal. Prime mess beef
till ruletTtryqultt. '-r ' ' 4 , i
iiir uaais selling slowly at an sow is.
OUT MEATS Continue quiet: talet 30 hoiaheadi dry
salted nana at So. Tha range 11 4H5 for ihoulden;
50 for hams.
BAOON Uuiet: aalei of 130 boxes thort ribbed middles
atsxo. t ' : -i u ( i.i i .
LAKD Continues steady, with sale! of 100 barrels at
89o. . . ....... .
BUTTER Dolr, at 7MXl for Ohio, antTBatfc for
0UK88E Steady at27c. '
BTOCB.S a shade hlkher. with only a moderate
business; Mew York Central 75,; Harlem 1U;: Illlnoti
Central Bortp6!iV; Harlem preferred, 84; U. 4c P. D.
O. 14; Brie 84; Panama 70K; Tenneesee 8's 491;
Missouri a'lijf U. 8. 5't. ef '74, ocoDCnsTO: Oblo-
81; North Carolina O'l 40j; OeorgU S i GO. " ,
Cincinnati Market.
In brodaos. there le but little doles' beyond what Is
Identlos.1 tt a regular local tradet. Dairy product! art
very dull.
JLOUK Tht demand ran more on tht low iredei to
day than It has daring tht week, but it was in great part
limited to prion that are between the market 03 50.
But few holders are disposed to sell fair brand! at less
thin S3 60.. Some hold at (37093 75. Extra are quo
ted at 44 30 for family.
aHAT A better basinestbai been done in wheat
during the week than for tomrtimt hitherto. Reoelpts
have Improved materially, mainly from Kentnoky, and
have met ordera bom abroad.- Price! are Irregularly
quoted, ranging from 65c for fair new red te 73 for prime
do, - Old red ii iaroe,aad quoted at 80s.-1 New white
command! 809830. old would Mil at iWo.-
tJUttN Owing to llsht reoelpU durini tha middle of
mt wees, aiiarqca a lugnt aovanct, rat again ttitiof
readily at 9H. J 'iiuu j ; , . . , ,.
OATB lrnwularlty In the reeipti affsctj their erics
mora than any variation in tht demand, particularly aa
me exporta amount scarcely to anything. TS-oay uey
were hard to My at leas than 4o, but Vic may be legard
ed ai the average standard of the market. . ,
BARLEY Hai no fair quoUtioni. " 1 "
RYB Hat been In some requsat daring the) walk,
sndhai brought 44o from store. Tht buiaeii In it Is
trilling. .
WHISKY From having a good market llnce ear last
weekly review at 13K. bat advanosd to day to 14a, and
la firm.
i I
. fiommttcial.
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, July 30. 1861.
FLOUR Market aulet and unohansed.
WHBAT Bales 1 ceroid red at 87oi 9 do old white en
track al 5c; I do at !.' . v j v
OATS Balet of 1 oar oa track at 22c: and 1000 bush
afloat at aie. . 'f ' " I M :
TBIOHWINRrS-galetofSObbltatlSc." ' ' 1
BUTTER Dull at ft88fl. . f. 1 rTi
EaaS-Qultt. Balet at So. ' i
. . ...
j .'.s. t. i't, .' 1.1 ,'-.,1," .ftV,
Ohio' J White V, Sulphur ; Springs,
- 1 ssawaa atssaskss "aiiia t
UCkHnHKIt LU,, UniUs;
This Fa vorits!. Kesok1; vnu. be ovm
. ui .,"F0R'.VIaIT0BS,,';; ;,;J;,v::
Junbio, lOOl.
ratiuui Bsauuaa tuaoiire acautt TBiuuton, oxDU
accoauiinikTXB it axoooan sum. (
! -t lrin.it .
,m..;."U tewli Center P. O-.Desaw
BajWiaTJuov! J 1 ff "r
-3 I
.ircti 1' r'tiro?
Aa IxperieDced Nurst and Itraalt Phyttciaa, presents
.- i to tht attention of mothers, her
soot HfNG ; f1aW
which greatly facilitate the process of tee thing, by soft
ening the gums, reducing all lnnammatlort will allay
ALU SAJ.S andapumodio action, and it
Depend ueon It motlMrs. 1 1 wlli sriyt rest to reuraalyaa
earn i . . i. i..-a1t '. . ,
We bare nut ud and sold this article tnr oyer ten -vflare.
what we haye never been able to say of any other medl
stnua, to sra(jl A CUEK, when timely used. Nev
er did we know an Instance of dlssattifaetlon by any one
ww umu iv. ua uie contrary, an are deligntea witn lis
Optrationl, and IDCak 111 terms af Itnninenitatlfin nf it
magical eSecU and medical ylrtnea. We speak M thti
matter -WHAT WI DO KNOW;" after ten yean' expe
alraoat every Instance where the infant is suffering from
ymtu uu uumuuuh, rviICI Will DO lOUMI U BltOen Or
twenty minutes ater theByrop Is administered.
This valuable preparation ii tbe prescription of onr of
New England, and hat beta used with NKVKB. Viit-
not only relieve! the child from nain. M anin.
ates the stomach and bowels, correott acidity, and giye
tone and enenr to the whole system. It will iimu ini
stantly relieve
OEiPiia nr the bowiis, astd wind colic
and overcome convulsions, which. If not speedily reme
aieu, ena in aenirt. rre Deiteve it me tSN&i' and BUB
B8T REMEDY IN THE WORLD, hi all easel of DYS
It arisei from teething, or from any other causa. We
would say to every motberwbo haaa eblld antTerine from
any of the foregoing onmplatnta DO NOT LET VOllu
stand between yoa and your eunering child, and the re
lief tbat will be SURE yet, ABSOLCTBLY SITHB te
ioiiow ine use oi tnts medicine. If timely and. Fait ii.
reetionsfor using will accompany each bottle. None
genuine unless the fae-slmile of CURTIS ft PERKINS;
ew York, Is on the outside wrapper.
Boia by au vroggiii! throughout tba world,. , . ,
Prlicipal Office, 13 Cedar Street M.V.
An Effective, Safe and Economical
! Compound,
To Iti original oolor without dyeing, and preventing ,
iiair irom urn ing gray. - - ,
And curing it, when there la tht least paraelt of vttali
or recuperative energy remaining.
Andalloutaneouiaffectlom of the Scalp. ,
Imparting to It an uneqaled glom and brilliancy, maklot
It soft and illky in its texture, and causing it to cur'
Tne great oeiennry ana increasing aemana ror inn no
equaled preparation, convinces the proprietor that om
trial l! only necessary to sau.ry a aiacerning public or Its
superior qualities over any other preparation In use. It
eieanaei the head and scalp from dandruff and other
cutaneous diseases, causing the hair to grow InxurUtntlv
giving It a ncn, soil, gioasy ana nexibie appearance, and
alio, where tbe hair li loosening and thinning. It will give
strength and vigor to the roots and restore the growth to
hose parts wnicn nave Become taia, causing 11 to yield 1
resh euvering of hair.
There are hundred! of ladlet and gentlemen In New
York who have bad ineir nair restored by the ose of this
Invltorator, wben all other preparation! have failed. L
al. has In hut possession letters innumerable testifying
to the above facts, from person! of the highest redeecta
bllltv. It will effectually prevent tbe hair from turnins
until tbe latest period of lire; and incases where the hair
hat already changed ita color, the use of tbe Invigoratnr
will with oertainty restore 11 to it to its original hue, (riv
ing it a dark, glossy appearance. Aa 1 perfume for tbe
toilet and a uair tics to rati ve u is particularly recom
mended, baying an agreeable fragrance; aad the arret la
bilities it affords In dressing the hair, which, wben moisl
with tht Inviporator, can ot areaaea in any required
form so as to preserve its place, whether plalniorln curls;
hence the great demand for it by the ladies as a standard
to et article wnicn none oumit to ne wiuouuai tne once
places it within tbe roach ot all, being
Only Twenty-Five Cents .
per bottle, to be bad at al. reepeeuble Druggists and
L. MILLER would call tht attention of Parent! and
Ouardiant to the use of hit Invigorator, In cases where
the children'! hair inollnet to be weak. Tht oat of It
lays tht foundation lor a aaoa saa of hair, as It re
moves any Imparttlea that may have become connected
with tbe scalp, the removal of which Is necessary both
for the health of tht child, and tht future .appearance of
Its Hair. ; . ... . .
Oarmowr None genuine without the fao-ilmilt LOUIS
MiLiiKa Mine on tne cuter wraDDer: aiao. 1.. mil
Wholesale Depot, SS Dey street, and sold by all tht
principal Merchants and Druggist throughout tht world
Ajioeru uiscount w pmrnasnia uy sue quantity.
I also desire to present to tht American PubUe my
which, after years of tctentino experimenting, I have
withoutlnjury to the Hair or Skin; warranted tht best
article of tht kind Inaxistaanev . , f , ,.
Depot, 66 Dey St., New York.
'..KkJ.JsVal. '1
VjieuiuBvvv jvj;
Klannfactiirertj ef till kind of Por
table and autlanary steam
ITtaea, Haw nuiav Vrlai Ml 11a. .. .
UKSJb BODLXi Btatm B. ot . BLAND TBtatenl
ff.JsJiff. HUT ALL Beatmlll.COLUMBVS
ITACmmCO. Mtatemltlt MAPtOSJi .I-
et CO. BMtmHtllrr s r- t4 v ,
Onr Portable Knglna and taw Mill
Wai awarded the first premium of 50 at tha Indtant
State lair for I960 ovtr Lane It Bodleyi on account ol
Prloe, lightness, BlmpHcity. eoooomy o fuel
Land inperior cha'raoter of lumber eawexl.
ir Stationary Engine wat awarded at. the jama Pali
the first premium of S&W. -
' Oar Portable Engine wat awarded tht first premium ol
100 at the Pair at Memphis. Tenn., over Blandy'i Da
vall'a, Oolumbui Machine Co 1., and Bradford et Go's,
by a committee of practical Railroad Bngineen. ;. ,
for prioe and terrai addreti
" WLLLAED WABNBE, Treaslref, :
decS-dfcwlyeols. Newark, Ohio
Corner Spring t Water 8ta., "
CoXxxxxxJoxtJf . Ohio.
Ud afuufaeturen of Brest aad Composition OwUnaw,
j Vinishea rirass worst ot an vetenpneoew
Electro Plating and Gilding!!
bow tan; how iKsraaiD
ItttrT TTTBLTgnitTj. OM tn "ltATUllE: TSm T
of Seminal Weakness, Sexual DebiHty, NerveosneM,Ia
vtluntary Rmiaaloni and Impolmcy, resalrlng frees
Belt-abase, etc By nor. . wuivvin si. in nem
wider teas, In a plain envelope, to any address,?!
paid, on reoelpt of two ltampt,byDr OUAB J.Q.
Klilc5, I7 Bowery, Mew Xork, Poit OrHoe Bo. Mo
a kha . 1 . t ill tMrfll .amMiSf
Vv lie r
i Ilil T
K I Ml .
.sr..,:i, !rf.-r
iur.!'jl"l rl'r-t i
go Big.t to the Spot"
1. 1'
Inttant BaUaf 1-
top ja Capfht ,
iTH A i PmtllT Breath!
j- ; Etreng-tkesi f oar Voleel
ff n ;I 3 I '.C
fe i : a 1 ir.
" ' ' .. $ ".I : r, . v .--
-, ABE
jW . I .. '
. I - ,
IT.. (,. . '
.' .'Ill , . GI.mEMEB CAERT
t .'.. - ,
( 4 . .
They ralieva a Cough instantl! .' i - ' ' ! '
They clear tbe Throat.
Thay give atreogtb and voiume to the voice.
i t
They impart a delicloos aroma to the breath.
They are delightful to toe taita.
They are made of simple berbi and cannot
harm any one. .
'. r , I " ' ' '
I advise every out who has a Cough or a husky Voice
era Bad Breath, or any difficulty of tht Throat, to gtt
a package of my Throat Oonfectlont,' they win relieve
yon initantly, and yoa will agree with mt that "they
go right to tht spot." Yon will And them very useful
and pleasant while traveling or attending publio meet
ing! for itllllng your Congo, or allaying your thirst. If
yoa try one package, I am safe In laying that yon will
ever afterward! consider them Indispensable.
Ton will find them at the Druggists and Dealtn in
My lignaturt it en each package. All ethers art
A package will be lent by mall, prepaid, oa receipt af
Thirty Cents.
Address, . t ;
i Henry C. Spalding,
Nervous Head ache
By the ate of these Pilli tht pertodte attacks of Her
txwt or SicJt Btadaclu may be prevented; and If taken
at the commencement oi an attack Immediate relief from
pain and sickness will be obtained.
Tkey seldom fall in removing tht Natn ind .
ocAs to which femalei are to euhjtot.
. They act gently uyea the boweU removing Oottir
MM. l I .
Per LiUrmy Mm, oWsnii, Dtlicate Vimale
and 'all persona ot$4dmttuy Habit, they art value
ai a lamaMt. improving tha appiii. giving foot
etosv to tha dlgeitlvi organs, and restoring tht attar
elasticity and strength of tht whole system.
, THE CEPHALI0 PILLS sre the result of long loves
Ugailon and carefully conducted experiments, having
bee! In net many yean, during which time they have
prevented and relieved a vast amount of patn and luffer
ing from Headache, whether originating in the aereoais
system or from a deranged itate af tht stoma ca.
They art entirely vegetable In their composition, an
auy be taken at all timet wltb perfect safety without
staking any change of diet, and (As oewertoi of any
ttoast-asaliZs toiU renders K easy lo mdmtnU'tr tAesn
The genuine nave tvt tlgnataiet of Henry O Spalding
on each Box.
Bold try Sruggtiti and all other Dealer! ia Medicine.
A Box will bt tent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of tht
3Erioo, CO OontSe
All erden ihould be addressed to
j HENHt C. aPAtiDINO, '
48 Cetlsir Streets New fork.
from tht Xxamloar, Norfolk, Ta.
Oephalle Pllle accompliah the object for which tha
were made, via.t Cure of beedachs In all ill forme.
' from tht Examiner, Norfolk, Ta. .
They have been tee ted in mora than a thousand case
wltb entire locoots. . . ' :
from the Democrat, Bt. Cloud, Minn.
If yon art, or have been, troubled with the headache
tend fur a box, (Cephalic Pills,) to that yoa may have '
them in case of an attack, i (
' . from. the Advertiser, Providence, R.I.
the Oetthailo Pllli are said to be a remarkably effective
remedy far the headache, and one of tht very beat for
that very frtqutnt eomplalnt.whloh has aver been die
! from tht Wcitern R. R. Oasette, Chicago. 111.
We heartily endorse Ur Bpaaldlag, and hit agrfvalad
j fro Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Va.
We ait inn that persons suffering with the beauache
wbo try them, will ittck to them. . ..
- from tht Southern Path tinder, Nsw Orleans, La. v ';
try them I yon that art afflicted, and ws art sure, aha! .
K or testimony can be added to the already auaaseMsa'.
t that has received benefit! tbtt no other medirlue eaay' ')
produce. ,. ' '. . , "
I from the St Lewis Dssneorat.
fat immensa. demand br, tb trUclt yOiphalle Pllle
It rapidly IrtoreasiDg. -' I .t... J
from theOaaette, Davenport, Iowa. '- 1
Snaldin sreald not tonnoet hit saai with aa at-
tlsls be did not hum to wosssss real merit.
-! .. i . . :
T7A Knglt bottle .of SPALDING'S PREPARED
VIjUO will save vesa stnvss iieoovAaauHiiyji,!
sPALDfNGs Prepared gluk i
wsaassssssa .1? ,'-M r ii
BOONds,t1 ( f, , PISPATOHi
nj'A BTtTca ta Tisn livet ta.,rjX ,
Al accident! will happen, even In well mala ted fam
II lee, It It very desirable to have some cheap and cor
violent way BMsOjairtag fnrltmre toys, Oroekery
riMtt all took eawrgeaesss, sod ao heesssiold oaa aferd I
to be without H. It laalwiyt teesi and ap tt the ittck
tng-point.- - t"- i . ' Vji. ' "
-ussruii an m.mm.. mvvmm.
M.-Alrnn arcrlanrer.iacll bottle. "
temtt. adaress, -
At tertaln anprloerpted persoril art tttemptinf t
palm aff on the unsuspecting pebtio, anttatlone of
PRBPARED OLD 8, 1 wonld eaertma all pertoat tea
atalne before aarahaalns;, aad tee that tbe tall name, i
sj ra wees
oaWde eraappertaU ethers art ewuxiling ooej
.e.-...r -i s K"V MS
? 5
,3 V.

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