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KirrFXinrr . .muxes, Pnuwwn.
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The OMo'Statcsmati NeWpaper
I r r r - . -
ThodjrelgrMw(Uellto eVaoeAb' party the
Ohio Statesmen Newspaper "Office . ' The recent dlffloaltj
between rhe Publieher df th Blatwrnaoanrl 0.' Xtr
grapa end the Vrhll oqodct .srclsed.tewrd it,
have and trill donrlnu t Impair th. weefulneei to
datlr bun, while In ear basils:-the roldrr to ?.
onelly, may, petpap. be MsSed .trough the lew, but
not without . Ths Injury to th prty and th
prtnotple which the Btiteeman eipoasei, and for which
Ueoatends, wait be adjudicated I eurlof law and
' measured by dollar and cents; bat yet these are t to
be overlooked or lost eight ot.;. At M present time, It
li Important tht nothing should eobarrase the lrela
tlon ol thle Old end' Established pemoerstlc Journal,
and It being tanowtbU ,for the preeent proprletore to
here thoee faelUtlae, ae'oessary for the complete lucceu
of thedally leiue of the paper, they nave tnougui u
vlsablo to offer It for aale.
An additional reaeoo tor offering the paper for eale, it
foond In th fact, that W oannot glv the necetaary per
tonal attention t the business or editor1! department,
which coouM be btowed by the ownere of the estab
lishment. - . ,
An.! alBBl') i l I i i Ph. Ohio Biateee-o.1
Democratic State Convention.
At a meeting; of the Uemocratlo. Suit Cen
teal Hfimmittee held lu Columbus, on the Sih
d.Tof JuW,'l8trtriai ilC -HCf J
Retolvtd, Tbt it li expedient to hold a Demo-
Ofaiio State CooeptiOD l vuiurnuun, uo i . j-t
bo nominate Domocrttiiu State Tiqkel,o be
apported at the October ekouou. ' - .: '
Retdeed. farther, Th.it all tbe electors of the
State of Ohio, who are-in lorol perpetuaimg
the principlee upon wliioh our Uuiou wM Jound
ed, and ure couvinced that the present Suite
are wnol y In-
tiid National Administrations
eompeteot to manage the. JtoTtrnnreoi, iu
nro-nt -riticul ooudiiion, well a all who are
oppoaeUd the gro8 txtraagaoce and corrup
tionnow ao alarmioglj preralcnt hi public al
tHira, be earneellj mtited to unite with the
Democracy in tnia hour of our ceootrj t peril,
and Ibni redeem the Stare, and place its ad
ministration ift-ooaipeteo haudp ,r -
Rcolvtd, further, that the basW fepre'en
tatiou io eaid Cooveutibu be one delegate for
every 500 roteo. aud an additional delegate lor
a fraorton of 250 and apwaroa, out IocThomm
J. S. Smith, foe Bopretne Judgev at the October
election ia 1S6U, and that it be recommended
tHat tbe-oouuucaveleoL .weir ueieftc.vu,"'
ba.ii. :j Hf .'iflfi
The Denoerae; of Owe
and alt vtbec eon-
nerraiiTe Uuioo men, who are willing to co-oper-ate
with tbem on the aboTe baeis, are reqoeited
to meet in their rtpectie couotiee at such lime
a the local commiti.eea.ma J. designate, and ap-
p jlnt delegates w'ihebemocratio Convention
on the 7th of Aoguijtaoitiate State
ticket to be supported at. the October election.
It it presumed that no lover oi ms suuuwj
ill require prompt'trig "at thls'tinieto induce
him to dUcharge his duty, aud therefore the
Committee is iropressed'whh the belief that the
counties 7Ul eagerly: rtspond to this call od
that an iaiDOsine Convculionwill aiaeinblejn
Columbas at the tHue" designated above, and
put in nomination ticket, of good and true
men, to be supported for' the warioos. State of
Boes' on the 2d Tuesday In October next."
WM. MOUNT, Chairman.
WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary.
Union Democratic and their New
Since "unr IndeDeridehce- was' achieved, the
country has been .engaged jn two warav it was
otrried successfully through both by Democratic
Administrations, to which there was in each
cue an nntlring and relentless opposition "
Several times prior "(6 the" present outbreak',
the country was en the verge of a civil war, but
was on ench occasion saved fram plueglpg into
the horrible 'vortex ty tbe skill aid paltibtiam
of Democratic e'tateemeri'CaiiiL'by the Unanimity
and conserratigm of the Demooratio inassei. r j
The Desjocratie party bas ever stood firmly
by the Constitution, the Union and the rights of
the StateeJ'tlv ias.by'the compactness and
strength of Its orpaniztion, presented an Im
passable barrier to she encroaohnient of Fed
eral Qr centralizing Voeri do lhB one hand, D('
oi the other, to nullification and secesstOB move
ments tending to weaken an4 :ditmmber..Uie
Union., ,, -, .:z . : ,,
AH these daegers tow- threaten the Uaion
and the StateislThe" former . is ia danger "of
diimembermeot, and the States are threatened
with anBiujattoawIa 4his season of peril, to
which; Xbi '.Bark "est days ijf the Jtevolutlon 3can
hardly be eompe'red,' Demooratfltre asked to
abandon heir party which ias he'retofoe stood
by the "Flag of our Conntr7,H and saved it
from desecration by wither external or interna?
foes.",Tbev are Invited io amalgamate with.
mMhrdon organliatioa, haviof its birth in the
oitterest aecuouauBui, auu o juju..-..
growth add' gross obesity to constant feeding
upon political prejudice and bigotry. iJDmo
orau are coaked tto sft , lbvinglJi at the same
feast and vote tbe same picket with men who,
ever einoe they became lUpuhlioaui, tave Jseen
unsparing .W their! abate' of Democratic men
and meateres, and have hoQorad.-.the former
with the titles of tniJuSavetsV n8 J'BofagV
faces," for their patriotic effort to preserve tbe
Integrity of the Union, without evaitating. the
country and staining it all pyer with bloa.y'
Generals Wools and Harney.
Th nannle of the eodntrv are botHf" demand
ing that Generals Wool sud daRNtv shall be
called Into aotive aervloe. I Gml, Woot'will not
be called into active service o loeg as C'
on oa prevent it, and if Fain Btaia co
control matters, Gen. BatittT will not be put In
Mnmmri. T!i.ia was undoubtedly the' cane
o( Gen. Bnc being removed rpm the. 'com'
nit .tRi t.nnin. We have seen the effects
of bla managemeot Are men to be murdered
bv InoomDfetent'officers, and these old veterans
os'trarised, te gratify the malignity of Canaaow
and FaanK Bi.aii.1 .' Let tbe people know.
One of the Organs of the Visible Admixture
The weekly Dayton 0tiU Idittdtjy W. H
DMBET.arges the paeeege of tbe bill introduced
by the Abolition Eehatb.TbiiUdf of. Kansas,
te abolish slavery la tbe siavw 8tates.' He hopes
It will immediately become a, law," as it "goes
straight to the marrow;'.; :,
The Pomeroy WU that goes to the "marrow"
will be a portion" r the "Wni f the new
"Union" party. It wilt not be tiwned In tbe
rosoiatieoeii bat U will be one of the private ua
deretantfings7"v "Vt.-vT . Tr- .-tj -rs-
The Direct Tax Bill.
j tbe tax bill paeeed lbs Hoaee of Representa
tives by a vote of 77 yeas lev 60 nays, ; iris
doubtful as to its passage by the Senate ' Borne
of tbe Republicans, it Is thought, will fly the
, ack. They still keep aa eye on the people.
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.] The Army Beaten to Save the Republican
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.] The Army Beaten to Save the Republican Party.
The WjuhWion'oorre&condent of the New
York Jetrraei f Commtru, after sUtlpf the
tact thtt the late, miscarriage,- deteat na nta
rrace ef our armv at Manaaaas was caused by
Gen. Scott belnc oomiielled to move before be
was readv bv the inoeasant clamor and Intpor
tnnlty ot members of Congress, and the threats
and abuss of a number of rtepuDllMU, papers.
auust -i
xMamhera of Conmas ertvatelv ctm snlv
eling to the Preside nt, and fceolared that the
party was rained, and that it could not be Kept
p unlets he would1 order la movement against
thuonom,- Tha Praaidafit vielded to this ap
peal, as be bad done on a remarkable occasion
halnvA. ahan ha vara aa order wblOB taaugure
Ud the war. Gen. Seott yleldedto tho order
ef the President, thouen against nis own men
nation and Jadgment. The movement was an
entire abandonment of Gen Soott's plan of the
ampaJgn,"--.1"' v "-v ' "' ' ' '."
brave men were 1 slaughtered,' the
ennntr hnmillated. becaose the Step that led
to that result was regarded as necessary by the
Republicans to save the party from ruin. The
eountry was to lake the frightful risk, in order
tobeoefll mlwhlevoos party organisation.
Tbe President and Cabinet nave, shown all
through a much greater "Jtard for party than
they bare lor country.1 tne jeerwei ay wnn
mret pertinently says:1' " " , ' " "'
"The aaesllon now ts, whether the Execa
tlve Is to be ruled hereafter, at heretofore, by
Infatuated and Interested partisans, and whether
tbe war is to be put under tbelr conduct. - If so,
no capitalists, at home or abroad, will contribute
to tbe war funds: nor an so army be raised
and kept m the field for sit months, much less
for two years,' which is the soonest time in
wblch the rebellion can be subdued. Secretary
Chase! it Is known, has taken a firm stand
asalnst tha oolltlcal interference with the con
duct of the war; but members of Congress will
bs able to counteract his Influence."
ipWiutM. 'or the tlew'Toik in of tU
Times, Io bis account of the battle, says,:" Gen
eral Schiiiok, who exhibited throughout the
whole kffilr the moat reckless bravery, now
ordered bis men to emerge and charge the mala
battery by a flank movement, bat owing to tbe
remonstrance of nearly all tbe officers, tbe des
perate project rl abandoned..,;. . ; - ; . .
This is the point in tbe battle where the vol
nateers eay "Col. MoCoox saved their lives."
' '
Harrison County Republican Convention.
The Cadli RtpuMeun eon Ulna a call of the"
Republican County Central Committee for a
Rrpublican Convention, to DonTinata ft Rtpubli-
can connty ticket.:, Tbe oall annotmoes, "The
Repnbliean' elector of Harrison county-t are
hereby notified to meet in their respective town-
hipe,". etc. "NaryM Democrat is invited to
partake or participate. Harrison county ia av
reliable Republican county. Nonparty to be
task )n patriotism" there., a ... -.'
r ' ..... I :
V For oar part, we can not refrain from e
pressing that our heart ia in this movement.?
We clip the above from ope of tbe Republican
county papers. The editor's ''heart" and Tote
hue been in every movement sgalnst the Demo
cratic party. No matter what was the name of
it."' Be was a Whig, a Know-nothing, Bepub
licau, and now be is trying to be a "Union"
man in name.- Hie "heart", bobs about con
siderable, bat always against the Democracy.
This RefMictn editor farther says: '', .
! Party spirit, we trust, baa found its grave,
and as for antecedents, we are prepared to sup
port a candidate irom one party as cordially as
from another." .y., , ,
; i We are glad to hear that the editor has pot
his "party spirit in Its grave." Though he Is
young man, lie has put three or four of his
oartv spirits in' their crave. . And now at lai t he
"prepared te support a' candidate from one
party as cordially as from another. He can pro
vided he Is not a Democrat. ,
Illinois Finances.
i The Chicago Times makes an appeal io the
people to come np and take $250,000 of the
"Popular Loan" which the Governor proposes
to the people In small sums at 6 per cent., at 90
cents on the dollar. The Timti aayi this Is
necessary for the fiscal wants of the State for
war purposes, as, "for tha present, the negotia
tion of her bonds In the Esatern money market
baa faHed.,; V.V, '."'",., ,.
Severe Irony.
G air lit, or some one else, says In the Tri
bune, "We deeply regret to peroslva that Mr.
Tudblow Wuo deems it necessary, at the pres
ent momentous ' crisis, when1 Ike very exis
tence of the nation haDgT tremblingly in tbe
balance, to attack one of the members of the
Cabinet, as especially responsible for the de
plorable oatastrophy at Ball Run."' , 3; ! :
We hope Giiiliv will not deny writing the
above, i j tfli,-.-.a---tl-.. .. :.-!! .
-nil J I. 1 . 1 " 1 ("..I , '..1 '
17 Tha New York WsrM says, in speaking
of the gallant Col.' Qowart'', ' ' ': ." 1 ;.
"By no means should such ia gallant, trained
and experienced officer be lost to as In the com
ing campaign. He waa in tbe United States
service jor ten yeara, won laarels in tha Mexi
can war, was sasistant professor at West Feint,
and left his preeent professorship in tbe Roches
ter University to take command of the, Thir
teenth, which he led close on ' with our brave
Sixty ninth through the murderous fire at Ball
aJ-" . v.i V, T-...; Jirt ,i-8 .'. nM : V
If this is good reasoning for CoL Qmnv, how
will It do to apply It to GerJ. Jom E Woott
Will the JFsrM please Inform Its readers why
is so mate in relation to the ostracism of that
gallant old General? ; i oi-:. . i
-''ii ' i
Disbanding Themselves.
The Republican State Central Committee
have canouied np a ufi( arrangement for
disbanding the old Republican party and organ
ialng a new one I Tbe disbanding of tbe old
concern In Ohio is proper enough, but tbe oper
ation of getting cfp another and putting a Union
tail to the Republican kite, it peculiarly amus
ing. Tbe leaders have taken good ere not to
make any practical move in the matter, or aall
anv convention, until the' 9th of Ana-net. hoe
days mfttr th Dtwioerarie Stttt Ceawati.
Wnat wisdom In lhatt What a powerful and
generous tffort that is toward Union and har
mony ! ' Tbe effort mast convince every body
of the purity of the Intentions of these Republi
can leaders. ".The boat made plans of men and
mice aft gang sgieej' Mahoning fienttntl.
The tie York Tkm hayat I '. '. V, 1 ? QA
wwThaiai f nts Annk fthatt. fnnt rriraift '
vioos necessity, tbe active force wblch tbe reh-T.
sis can bring rate tha held at now eoacentrated
Virginia, It la the battra-groand of their
selection, and . npoB . which they have
staked their all. We have it from, tha
authority that within that 8tatc they hava wow
tem-l75;UOO menrwxost of them well armed,
snd led by ekillirjl add desperate officers, who
see in defeat their own destruction and dis
grace.. Tbelr army It oomposed. or the. very
UiU of the South . Oace destroyed, it saa sev
bs repiaeed, either In men or material. oav
a smair portion of It baa been drarted rrom
tbeyoer mktta, who are too listless and degrad
ed to be of aay reliance if broaabt into the
t)1f1l$. . .
BmotJLit Mr-rriwo A member of tha'Tlat
Jtrglmeut ot Hew York states that la ooe of
the charges of that regiment upon a rebel bat
be met at the petal et tbe bayonet a menf
bj)Lons '
of tbe y .rglnia legimenw, with whom
be bad formed intl mate eolations efisjendsblp
wtiile 4he vwbel aoldiar waa at aolleg in Mew
York." Each instantly recognized the wtber,
and jnsUad of carrying out the work of death,
they shook hands and separated D(trU Fret
Mr. Cox's Resolutions.
, : Mr, Cox to Introduce the follow
ing: preamble and resolullons, 'They wers read,
and Mr. Washbdrn of course, tibjsotedjo their
Kntroduotions -- .fr,r-r.':r
' Whiskas, It Is the part of rational beings to
. terminate tbelr '..difficulties by rational means
and lnasmnoh'.aa h djlferenoea between, the
United Slates authorities and the eleven seced
ed State bava resulted ia a.atate of war, ohar
aeteriied bv bitter hostility and extreme atro
city, and although tha party ia the ; seceding
8 tales are gully of breaking the national Union
and resisting the lawful authority, yet be It
RetolBtd, That while we make increased ef
forts by our army and navy to maintain the in
tegrity and stability of this Government, the
common laws of war, those maxims of human
Ity, moderation and honor, whloh are part of
the international code, ought to ba observed by
both parties, and a stronger reason exists, for
such observance between two nations inasmuch
at the incensed parties bare a common ances
try, history, prosperity, glory, Government and
Union, and are now unhappily engaged In laser'
ating theu common country. i ;
Second. That there ought to be left open as
between two nations tbe same means for pre
venting the war being carried to outrageous ex
tremity, and there ought also in the interest of
etviuxetioo to be left opsa soma 'mesne for the
restoration of peaoa and the Union. ' :
. Third. That to this tod tbe restoration of
peace and tha Union on tha baaia of tha funda
mental prinoiptee of the Constitution, there be
appointed a committee of one member from each
State, wbr eball report to thle Hoase, at iu
next session, suoh amendment to tbe Conatlta
tlon of tbe United .States aa shall assuage all
grievances and brlpg about a reconstruction of
the National Union t and that for tha prepare.
tlon of suoh satisfactory adjustment and the
conference requisite lor tost end, a commis
sion of . oitisens of; tbe United State be
appointed, consisting, of Edward Everett of
MaasachuaeUe, Millard Fillmore of New Ysrk,
R evenly Johnson of Maryland, . Martin Vn
Burenof New York, Thomas Ewingoi Ohio,
Franklin Pierce of New Hampshire, and James
Ontario of. Kentucky, who shall request Irs at
tbe so called Confederate States tbe appoint
ment of a similar commission, and who snail
meet and cooler an the eabjuot in tbe dry of
bomsvUls. en the first Monday in September
next, and that tbe commute appointed from
this House notify said cornmissiooer of their
appointment and lunotion, ana aavise ana oon-
ler with these, and report tbelr aedon ts the
next session as an amendment to the Constitu
lien ef the United States, to be proposed by
Conzress to the states lor tbelr vatincaiion, ac
cording te tbe Sih article of said Constitution.
Mr. Cos moved a suspension ot the rules
.The queatio was shea determined in the
negative 45 against 85. - . . -. . .
X HAOMeetrs. Alien, Aoeone, uaney, ( ra ;
Burnett, Calvert, Cos, Cravens, Crlafield, Crit
tenden, Donlap, Grideri iiaigbt, Uardlng, Uet-
man, Jaokaon, Johnson,' Law, x,eary, txgae,
May, Mallory, Measles, Morrie, Noble, Nor
ton, Nugen, Pendleton, Perry, Reld, Richard
son. Rooiason, Smith, Steele,- (N J ) Vallaa-
dlgham, Voorbeea, Wadsworth, Webster, White
(Uoie;. wmtime, wood, wooaren. t. -NAYo
Meairrs. Aldricb, Arnold, Ashley,
BUxrit, Bailey, Baxter, Beaman, Bingham,
Blair Mo.). Blair (Pa.), Blake, Buffingioa,
Campbell, Chamberlain, .Clark, Collax, F. A.
Conkling Roscoe Conkllng, Conway, Covode,
Cutler, Davis. Dawes, Delano, Diven, Duel),
Edgerron,' Edwards, Eliot, Feasenden, Fran
oboti Frank, Gooob, Goodwin, Granger, Hale,
Harrison, Horton, Hutehins, Julian; Kelley,
Kellogg -(Mich.) Kellogg (ill ), Lansing,
Lxmis,TLorejoy, MoKeao, McKnight, 'Me
Pherson, Morebead, Morrill (Me.), Morrill
(Vt ), Olln, Pike, Pomeroy, Porter, ' Potter,
Rice (Maes ), Riee (Me.), Riddle, Rollins (N.
H.), Sedgwick, Shanks, Sheffield,: Shellaber
ger, Sherman, Spaalding, Stevens, Thomas
(Mass.), Train, Trowbridge, Upton, Vandever,
Van Wyck, Wall, Wallace, Walton (Ms ),
Walton (Vt.), Washburn, White (Ind ) - Wins,
low, Worcester, Wright, r . , -. -a .1-
Adjourned, !- 'r .'
The Wool Market.
The wool market, save tha Wellaburg Her
ald of reoent date, at least the fine wool market,
almost a total failure this season. . There ia
some little demand for coarse wool, suoh as or
dinarily brings 85 to 33 cents par pound, but for
tha finer article, each as eonstitntes tbe bnlk of
that raised in this violnity, so far aa we can
lean, there is absolutely no demand.. It will
keep, however, fully aa wall aa cotton, and all
Mt. Vernon.
Last fall wool was In good demand. ' It was
not only nsed by the manufacturers , for cloth.
but entered largely Into (he manufacture of Re
publican speeches, There being no demand for
that kind of speeches now, the material used in
their wanulaoture is, as a natural consequence,
very mnch reduced In price.
A Jr
cd i'
A Fair Proposition.
The editor of the Cadii Sentinel makes tbe
following proposition' to the editor of tha Re
publican, the Republican organ of Harrison
U '.-.Is'. J -
-AltbouRh we spent fifteen months of oar
beet lays in doing bard service for the defense
war country era are still willing to defend it
longer, li we can get tbe oo-operatlon and as
sistance of our satrtetts neighbors of the Cadlx
Republic. . And to give tbem an opportunity
chew to the world that whea they aay
"strike? and display their patriotism oo paper,
they, intend to aet tha example, wa make to
tbem the following proposition! If every person
eooneoted with the Cadis Revublicmn office, ed
itors, jours, apprentices, devils, and all. will
corns forward and treely volanteer their services.
snd vein tbe army, and Walk into ths ranks and
shoulder their atasketain defense of their coun
try in this its time oi need, and close an tbelr
esiabJlshmant uatil the war la over, tbe Sentinel
effiea with all of its occupants will da the same.
Aod aa a company Is about full and starches to
day, now gentlemen, either abow your bravery
and devotion to- your conn try, that you pretend
juat Bow te think ao mnch ef, or forever here
after hold your peace abeat tha toryism or trai-
toriam ot otnere.". 1 .-.. :. vi
Will tha Rffubliein editors accept I ' -
Terrible Loss to Ohio.
Ex-AdTtrtabt General Carrloeton. now a Colo-
in the regular aervloe, bat been heard from.
tie went to Bull Run; to improve his experience.
was neither killed nor wounded. It Is quite
likely, however, that he Waa seized with tha
panic, bat instead of making straight for Wash
ington, aa tbe civilians did, flew into the arms
tbe enemy. "He is amobe tbe captured.
Poor Carrington! Ha did moeh in this State to
iojare our cause, to dampen the ardor of our
volunteers, and fill the hospitals of oar cimps
Under these circumstances It was cruel In tbe
rebels te capture blm. 'And now his milltarv
career is ended very suddenly ' brought to a
tArmlnatlnn lm9m ail akl m ;-
We are aura that In the cantors aY ths Ex-
Adjutant General, the ' rebels ' bave performed
signal service to the conn ry.' Can't Beaure
gard ao as toe favor to capture General Hill,
and a few more 'of Governor Dennlson'a pete 7
Ohio,' we are sura, will take It at a great favor
he will manage to get bold of ficbenck, and
keep him out of barm's way. Cincinnati
Timet. ,, ," ; -- -
i. " ' - ii 1 1 1 ' i ' ' '
" vUJ'r"", GireiaaU Ths following
a Hat of the Major Generals, Brigadier Geo
rais ana assistant Adjutant Ueoerals or Vol
unteers recently appointed, in tbe order of their
rank.- The aommiattoaa of tbe Major Generals
all near data May J6tb; those of tbe Brigadiers
l7aY ' ") '"' " i.'w . t ei - "- J
Major 7HtrlwN. T'. Baakt, John "A" Dix,
Benjamia P. Butler.-' ' t-..:;Ji:
Brigadier Geaevela-lJoeeph LyoB, of Missoa
rif Jota Pope, of the Topographical Engineers!
George A MoCall, of Penwjlvaoit: Bemael
Curtis. Of lowai Philio Kearaev. nf N..
Jerwey) Joseph J. Reynolds, ef Indiana; Rnfus
King, of Wisconsin i' JD. Cor, of Ohio;
Stepheai A. Horlbut.' of Illinois: Julia 8lri.
Misaoavit Robert 0. Soheack, of Ohioj B. B.
rreatise, -or tiiioou. -"
Aetutant Adjutant Qtnttait Donn Piatt, of
Ohio. Aseistaot Adlatant General, rank of Carl
tela Jeeepb 8 flmith, of NeW Yerkj Mareat
Parrott, ot Kaneast' Hfrrrf J. Blddle, of
Peaneytwaoia: Oeonr 8.' Rose, of Indiana:
Simon M- free ten, ef Illinois. "'' ; n
. ; '' ' ' - ' -
(OT The Commlsriaaerl of Hamilton county
paid out on Saturday $3,010 to tbe families ol
Withdrawal of Troops from Hampton
One Thousand Slaves the
Fortress—Approach of the Confederates,
FotTEtss MoNaoc. Julv A7. Three remain
ing oomtanies of . the (our regiments erdered to.
w asnington will leave uia roini vj mo uaui
more beau Thirty iiok gawlth iBsmtn rvaih
Ington, la cbart 4t Dr.rWalnfrightH the
Seott Life Guara X x ' 1 v
It beeame apparent early last evening that
tha Confederates meditated" an attack upon
Hamptons Th Troy and JUar Jrvebor' kegi
tnenu. four Massachusetts comDtnieS, and the
naval brigade constituted our entire available
force outside the wans or na .rortress. j-teo.
Butler determined to abtndon tbe town in case
of a formidable advance, and at 7 o'clock the
order was given or families, and goods to be
removed within one fioux. " a
Orders were also issued to burn the town,
rather than hava it fall la) the hands ol tha ana
my. The General weU-dnderstands that tbe
possession of Hampton by the Confederates will
be of no partioular importance. A stampede
of the colored population took plaoe, and during
all last night and to-day the road has been lined
witn refugees to the fortress, ana army wagons
snd carta, bringing In goods from Hampton.
1 he road bas presented & most interesting ana
piottretqoe appearance, i Nearly , a thousand
contraband men. women and children must bave
corns in durlna theJatt tweoty-foor boorc For
tbe preeent, those not employed in the Fortress
will be quartered In and around the Seminary
Building, lately headquarters oi ooi. uuryca.
' About 9 P. M tbe naval brigade and Massa
cbusetts companies came in and encamped near
tuwsorwews..; . . ..... . ..... . i ,,
Max Weber's regiment came la daring; the
morning, and will oasupy uamp uamuion
Ao alarm occurred this taornlog, aod several
buildings In Hampton ware fired by our troops
Tbe secessionists will doubtless ooeupy the
plaee to-morrow, unless it should be burned.
A flag of truoe oame In from the Confederates
proposing to exchange cnnrtiirx jor. uaptam
Jenkins. '''.:. -.WY.i'L
[Correspondence of Cincinnati Commercial.]
Congress can't Adjourn for a While
The House will Kill the Senate
Tariff Bill—The Senate will Kill
The House Direct Tax Bill.
1 There is now oo protpeot of the House ad
journing this week. Tbe Senate baa yet three
very important bills before It, which will be dis
cussed at length. ' - ' . .
' 1 tie House baa nnimed easiness, except the
tariff it will probably kill the 8enate bill,
which Is a. perfect monster of high tariff stu
pidity., .: . , '
The Senate will probably, kill the. Direct
Tax bill ot tbe House, which will necessitate a
tedious compromise, as some direct tax is abso
lutely necessary; to sustatn'the credit, of the
Government. : M V.VV"! ' r
Tbe Indiana aeleeation reeomiaeBdi the Jbl-
lowiog to tbe fresident for Brigadier Oeneralss
Clooela Dumoot, Milroy, Wallace, Love aod
Tulev-i-tbre of whom will, brDDoluted. - No
Major General named for Obtbwbich baa Mc-1
Clellaa already, uor for Indiana: The Illinois
delegatioa"doantmoualy rseommend- for Major
beoeral txlonel--tlnnteTiTjr Jiltooie who ao
greatly distinguished himeelfln leading suo
cessful attack In the recent battle. -";- ..,.;
Extraordinary activity now prevails at the ar
senal and navy yard. Splendid parka of artil
lery, with tnoueands of rined cannon balls,
shells and other shot, are rolled oat continually
lor aistriDution. unite a sweep or removals
occurred to day in tbe Patent Office. 'Tbe de
partment Is to ba made telf -sustaining, nd the
decline of Dusmess .necessitate a heavy re
trench ment of salaries.. x Ji.XJ.. SIGMA.
Democratic Convention.
Pursuant to a oall of the Democratic Central
Committee of Miami county; Ohio, otto of the
largest and moat enthusiastic meetings conven
ed at the Court House in Troy, ever held in the
county, lor oountv organization, .on Saturday
toe. 2 an lost. "1 he. court Houee was almost
entirely filled, which showed that the Democra
cy "Know their rights, and knowing, dare main
lain tbam." v. - - . s. i .
At the proper hour the mcetibd was called to
order by Henry B. Smeluec , Dr. Geo, Keiier
was unanimously elected chairman) and Henry
n. omeiuer appointed secretary. . The Chair
man stated the object of the meeting, when busi
ness waa instantly commenced by appointing
uoi. wm. i.. i nomas, J. t.i juciiinney tiq ,
and Col. Joaiaa Wastlake a committee on Res
olutions. After retirlog fur a few minutes they
returned, and " through tbelr chairman, Col,
1 nomas, reported the following resolutions,
without one dissenting vote, vis: v ' " -
1st. Rettlved, That- tbo-gisUt calamity
which can befall a nation, civil war, which Is
now upon as, has been brought about by a will
ful disregard of tbe sage oouosels of the "Father
of bla Country,' and In face of the warning of
the Democracy of the Union...'. . ,'- ..-'.
2d. Reaoloed. That the peraiatout and otter
refusal ot the Republican majority in the last
Congress to call a National Convention, evinc
ed either total incapacity of aur rulers to man
age our national affairs, or a Area" purpose to
bring about the calamity which' is now upon
as a dissolution of tbe Union and civit war, .
ja. itfiwnea, ipat m order to avoid tbe at
tar aod Irretrievable rain of our -eonntrv, the
people tbe sovereign people must come - In
their strength to the resohe of a braken Con.
stitution and Shattered Union '..-.Yei r ,i t? '
4th. Reeoloed. That the Detnoeratlo'DartV
bat from the foundation: of ths Government
malnuined with unswerving fidelity .the Na
tional Union and the rights of the States.
. 5th. Reioloed, That, although tbe people
oannot aot directly and' . Immediately ,'opon the
National Government, they .may, through .their
State Legislatures, demand of Congress at its
next session to call a National Convention or
adoot some other aultabl mean of rjacifioAtionri
and that the will of the people may be ' made
known ioa Constitutional and effective form.
1 6th. Rtioleed, That the plea 'of "neoeeeity"
ioterpoted ia defotis of the aoknowledged " vio
lations of the CoDstitotlon on (he -part of tbe
rresioent, is tne plea of .all tyrants, ana, ir ad
mitted in a single instance, free government 1
at an and tha form may be left) but monarchy
7th. Reiolved, Thai the invitation of tbe Re
publican State Central Committee to tbe Dem
ocratic State Central Committee, to Join tbem
to forming a nnion ticket, is hollow and raise,
well knowing ae they ,d'd that It wonld be
Ignored, aa it bas been, by tbelr own party
leaders, and received, as it has been, in Its tree
Character by ths Democratic party throughout
theState.j , j t Sis, w. A i t W
After the reading and paasaKe of tbe resolu
tions, Judge Barret moved that tbe meeting
proceed to the aeleciion of a Central CommiM
tee, whloh was accordingly done. The follow
ing gentlemen were eeltoted: : , , , ,-s
Concord Geo. KeUer, H. B. Bmeltzer, W.
W W.iUoe. 'I -
JEta.attWobn McNeaL ? ; ,
Zt.tArt.A Q.Selby.i' t j: 'U Vi 'm v
Sorinocritk John ft. Boulden. ,
ifrot-Jmes8iins,Jr ; , .
rTastieofoa J F. MciCinnev. Anirast Toma.
W.O Alexander. .... :
Ar Worly. , ti. . j , ,
Aetwtoa John Hale. . -j : u
JsfaartM Josias Weeflake. ' cr.nn.V.
StauttiM 8amUel NoffinjCT.
Vio-John O, Ireland., J , -tin
J F. McKlnnev. Eso.i then moved that every
good, sound Democrat of Miami 'County con
sider himself a delegate to tbe Democratic Stat
Convention to be held ia tbe oitv of Columbus
Oa the 7h day of August next; which was unan-
imitllfll, nUMil -Mi. . . ' v.; .:?
i Oa n.allnn 'hf "tTrC lfoTtiferirtTrT'niiTSrr.
oeedinga of this meeting vert .ordered to be
printed In the Troy Times, Dayton Empire,
CiootnaatT Enquirer, vObto Bvatesajaa and
Medary'e Crisis. " v" - "
After some most etoellenl "remarks by varl.
oat gentlemen on 'motion of W: Yf. Wallaee,
the meedng With the greatest ef gaoA faeling
for tbe cause of tbe Union, adjourned. i""
GEO KEIFER, Chairman.
GEO KEIFER, Chairman. HENRY B. SMELTZER, Secretary.
Awrriuafiaoarsvaosi AlaaaasASwwDr. Stein J
berg, regular -aiy aargeoD, statlone kfAr
tington, reacoea her to-day irom' manaesat,
whence he eactpiJott "ad-' He Sot fifteen
mile down be-rivtr,'an4 there- managed to
eroas. lie eonflrms onr previous) eepprta that
oar weanded eve well -eared for, cCo VVood,
ot the 14 hTew York. 1. Jn tha btMnitai sod
nll. I 'J,, .. t . V. .
woods.ln card of aoma of hia bora, before fiual i
ly falling into tha enemy's bands. TXasa. I
GEO KEIFER, Chairman. HENRY B. SMELTZER, Secretary. [From the New Orleans True Delta, 27th.]
New Orleans Men Killed and Wounded.
. p , v ed.M j , (;., ;
Richmond, July 25-Maoi JJobor( 'Wheat,
of New Orleans, Is shot through tbe body. His
I A 1. . ( . -r
Ths following dltpatch baa been received, In
answer, to 'ap Inquiry ront a gentleman of this
oity ae to lbs killed sod' - wOanded In Company
B, Crescent Kiflaa:.. . ,. .
MANASSAS, July 24, 1861.
' .N.O.:-8toeker Brook's
; Company B, Crescent Rifles, Seventh Kegl-
LYNCHBURG, July 25, 1861.
J." WrBrlehkm, Esq , N. O t Crescent' Ri
fles, Company B, In battle Oh tha 18th and Slat.
LYNCHBURG, July 25, 1861. A. B. BREEDLOVE.
MANASSAS, July 21.
Arthur CWaugh'.N. O.i All bohived ad
mirably Charles Lester .has.beca kiJlcdNo
Capt Co. C. Crescent Rifles.
MANASSAS, July 21.
John William. A. Son. i N.'. O.: A. Bank-
smlth and Frank Williams, of the Fourth Com
pany Washington. Artillery, are unhurt. W
have had a complete victory,. ,j .' ,'y,r'y
MANASSAS, July 21.
- II. W. Reynolds, Jr.sJoenoa D. Reynolds
Headquarters Ohio Militia.
COLUMBUS, July. 31, 1861.
For the purpose Of fixing, the prices of the
first isiue of cloihlng to' the1 Ohio Volunteers,
made by tbe State authorities, a Board ot .val
uation Is .hereby appointed, to' consist-of the
Field Officers and Quaretrmeeier of -each -regU
moot, who eball fix tbe prices to be cha'gel for
the said clothing issued to the men ol their re
spective regiments. '-J'.'1-' t rvu-mj
By order of tbe Commander-in-cnier, "'- '
C. P.
Adjutant General of Ohio.
Ohio BmaaDiiss Ohio recommends ths
following lor Brlgadiersi Col Sbetman, Colonel1
McCook, Gen. Bates, Colonel Anaora, General
Scblelob, Gen. G. W; Morgan and Col. -Tyler.
Tbe bames are In -order of preference. '"Col.
Sherman of tbe 19th Infantry,- la a'brother of
Senator 8berman, commanded the A Brigade of
Gen Tyler'a jjivition, and is esteemed, highly
by army officer. ' CoU McCook "commanded
tbe First Ohio .Regiment, and Is believed to bave
saved Gen. Sobenck's Brigade by ble presence '
of .mind and. gallantry at- Bull Una AH .the
others, rxoept Colpnel Tyler, bave been or are
io toe army : Uenrral morgan ; was promoted
lor service io Mexico . - Colouel Ansore was
the. Florida .war.r-'fViiune. ,.! ( (.-,' ,',
1 We iuppose Amoat sbonld be Colonel Am
Mo'n .TV. " ii is 't '.".ir :: '.'. .- j tr-
. . c :..''MaawMBMa ' ' 1
On the lit hut., at the iceldenee of th bridet father,
Ool, a. P. ecTrais. of Baliimor. Qhio. by the Bev. Mr.
Kiss, Mr. N. 0 BLairtca. of atna, Ohio, to aliei Maar .
J, terrain, of the former plaoe. ; .- i , 'iu ::;..'?-
O OKIVID at the Qfflje of the Broretary et slate,
until - r.jj...i , .-iii : v. t. .. dyu -"". -i
Monday, the 2d day of September next, at 13
i 3 - 0 olOCK AIm c.r .:i
for famishing ths State ot Obis with Fael, ai follows: -
80,000 Bushel of Coke, to weigh not -lei than' 40
ponods to the bushel. - . , t t
10,000 Bushels Coal, to be of the best quality equal
- at least to tne lower vein or Uockmg Coal, and free
, irom slate, (leek and dirt.-
Th fuel to be delivered, without charge for ach de
lirery, at the state House In Olumbue.
' Proposals to be accompanied by samples, and to spec I
fy th kind, quality aod price of the fuel proposed to be
furnished. - -j.
Kach eonlraotor wlllts required t glr bohd, with
approred security, In double Ik amount of the con
tract, conditioned for the faithful performance -tf bit
entrant. -' - r .'
The bids to be rs As and th contract to b (warded In
accordance with tbe terms of the aet entitled "An aet to
proTlde for the purchase of Stationery, fuel, amt other
ardolee for the General Aesembly and State effiecre,"
passad ttaroh 11, 1863. Be Bwan. Kov.JBtat. e8j
Ourwi SlUeJ. . ; , , v , ,-.( .: , -
Bids t be Indorsed on the envelope, roponl (or
famishing fuel for the Stale." .. , 3
, Fus 1 furnished by the contractor most In all. cases
oe equal .n qnanty to me simple, into ruie wui.ve
rigidly enforced. - - ''
Secretary of Htate,
Colombns, Ohio, August 9, 180l-ltd.
kJ OSlVSUat the Office of tha Heorctary.of
the SJ day of . September ; next, at
I -. - . ; . j ."GOD,-. -, -, 01a Err
fdr furnlihlng papr for the nn of tbe Stat of Ost, as
iouowk , i. :, . . ,. -. : - t'::.rt 'n Ir
8,000 Beams Double Super Boyal Printing Pper,fl7X
by 41 lncbes, to weign not leas man aa younoajto the
'U1. .
lOO Beams Double flat C tp, It by 37 inches, to weigh
at letit 26 nonndato the renin. " '-
lOO Reams Brochure Cover Paper, assorted colo're. fO
. by 87 Inch, to weigh at leaet w pound to th ream'.
The qnantltteeabof named to be Increased at the op.
tlon of tbe Seoretary of Htate. - ' .
Bide must b aoeompaased by samales ef the paper,
and must specify the prioe at which each kind and quali
ty will be delivered at the Stat House In Oolamou.
No samples of an Inferior article need be presented ; the
paper must be of the best qua liy.. r - . - r,
The delivery ot the Super Royal and Cover Paper Io
commence on toe nrsi or novemoer next ensuinf, and
oontinne ae the paper eball be needed. - --- -"-
To deliTerr of the Double -flat Can io eommenoe'oa
th first dar of December next, and continue as above,
tne contract will be required (according to la), condi
tioned for the falthlui performane of each contract.
The bids to be made and .he eontraota awarded ia .ao.
oordance with (he terms of the "act to provide for the
purehsse of Stationery, Fuel: aod other articles for the
Oeeeial assembly and Stat Oihoeii," passed. Starch 11,
1863. 6ee Ourw. 8198; Swan's Slat. 803. '
- Bids to be ludaieed on the enrolopes, - ''Proposals for
furnishing paper for the Htate." -v"-,
Bidders era uia red that no piper will be reoelred
oiees it conforms la every respect With the sample.
TM provliion Dill be etrietly adhered to.
i .;.. t . i , A. P. RUeSBLT,,
' .'. t'. '.!,' ) '.'TJifU. i Semury of BtaU.
. Columbus, Ohio, August 3, lE61-dtd
Examinations x)f Surgeons.
JL tbe wurMseaf eiamlolng Surgeon and Susiieoa'
aatee to tne o. v . si-, at u suit or tn-uusai aup
resentatlre. hi th (ity of Columbus, on TUSBUAlf.
lugust 13 cotsmenetng at 8 o'clock p. a). . . ,i ,
nous oui men ia gua neaiin ana temperate nanus
need appiy. i Burgeons must be men of luand Surgeon'
Mates of 5 year', experience. All an required to be
medical graduates In good standing among medical men.
In estimating cxperieoce, two year, are allowed for eve
ry year of hoapitaL'aueanaoce.l Certificate wevarlng
tneo prerequttttee jcutt be Oled with tbe Secreiaryjbe
fore tbe oandidat will be admitted to examination.
It Is hoped this no Hoe. will be steel ved at an answer
all lettrs-ot; ioqaivs, .r-r. - i , - i . ,a
"tV5' k ,ri ;- ..ava-i t-.Ki wi , t 'i.r.'.. i-TlV
i j i.i.t ,.,j.i. .. , r .', v 7.-,wt if .s.-vj
jxiBi BTttiS jCTJEEB Ifmt.ys
i , J4" WHITE 'miUT'lfah'i ('BestSranijaij
1 i.ii ' t ... '.r a . i.
Frencaand Tarkiih Prnw.e8FiB(';'
i Zuto CurraktB iind .iUtiiinB.
tor takwhottsalc'snd reran by '- ' r.' 1 i' '." !' ,
v 1 lUifirtW twX-KsaviflAtp:,:
!ill31)jl .tulMi , JOS South High Street.
sislii ii sum
RECUUIX3 wanted:
. ,lK.Vr". J
' kut. UjJwti X 9 -i?3 A J1M
lSthgiiiienS, Infantry,
j Col. H. B.CAKRiBGTUiT,Tjprnnianaing. -
THE Ilt,atrKTB:H-4p' THIS
BSaiMBHt are asia Mroadwsf Hotel, Oplambue;
where recruits will be examined for ollatiaent between
ttie hours of Sa.rn.aad 18 m-,aod 1 aud lp, m."..'
j This Regioeut is upon tbe ew, fieneh bisls of three
aattailons of bOO men each, thiroogbly -quippd,.rm,
4 with .the best improved rifled arms, ,anii jOacedJa
aondilien for aotite sorrioe.. . ,
I ---- -Oarft B.-W KIILOOO,
I JlyW3itlIW.( -H ,,.i-nr:. ReemlUng Oflieer
'WSW BTTLK8 il-lvV ft won: N. i,,.dn-,i
Waw eTTLF.8-il.lvV ft )on, Ho. w)-8osta
High street, 'beve Juti opened new styles, of Ctni Oik?
eoLaa. Baeqirwie and Baoeo, mad In th newest and
moat etylleb manner. Also, Supers) BMaUrJ
Hlack Silks, very heavy, designed eipreuly for
ManUllai and Baequine. apr,ll
v 1
Ep.'Onio 8tatuiui P least, anno'
perthaijoani of the voters of thtpoiihsr party -Ibie.
eoaniy aesire.to oar wen. uruwoid, or snaronjown
ihlll. fnr HHt n.srfe Htsis.Mnt.flM.
fttL.'ii, Fs.Pjrv rjwi'swiiwr'
aaast la yu?
Tours, truly,
MOSES DAVIS. Justice of the Peace.
PleaMonioeeDeli0aolj'rit for r?VWn 10
tneomoe oi juiuce or tne reaoe or Montgomery town
- a t vii.To1 Pavers.
.1 llll'
IJ Central Ohio Lnnatlo Aiyiam until noon of MON-
DaY, ADO. fllb, for finding material!, and grading,
aurfabM and DTlnr tbe aidevalk in front of the Aulna
gronndi, on Broad street. The grading to be to the line
required by th Olty Council. Tbe curbing to be of
Iood sound ltmettone, tour mcnee tnie', ana nmln
resaed, each stone to be at least two feet long and 18
itirhu lda for at least th ee-fourths of Its ltniith The
bHok to be hard and well bnrnt, laid' Io sand, and In
Herring-bone style. The work to be completed by the
first ef Oetoher next, and when done subject to the in
spection and aoceptano oT the Reeidint 1'rusleee. The
bide to epeel J price ef curbing per foot, running meat-
re, and the paving per stjuar yard, laoludiog grading
&EALED Proposals wfll:b reeelved at the'aafler
muter Oenoral'a Department In the city of Oolum-
tus, mull 13 M, of f rlday, AugnitSd, for the following
8.000 Infantrv Overcoats, all wool sky blue Kersex.
... . -s i ; . , . r. rT '-;
840 OTercoats for, mounted men, all wool sky blue
. 700 Caralry Jaokets, all wool heary dark blue olpth.
1,300 paire Trowsers, all wool sky blue Kersey, relai
j h. Yoioea Qouoio oioiu ' , . , - t i-'
1,900 pair Artillery and uavilry book, pegged.ersew-
"''J , ?.-' J ;' . s .T4t a -m
BOO pel re Blankets. i ,.,., IJ) ..uo. rfi
AU.4ba aboT article are wooired Wiwof milertel
aod style errepondlng ia everr respet4 the State
anay swaslaiion.. . . .. ' t.
I Baople patterneof each artlole may be seen at the efVl
ae ol en Ua, terms te, SeneraU Oolaaibus. .' . i
I Bide boii be made eeuarately for each article. At
aaaM tab Indorsed on envelopes, i ' sf. '.
! sor an accepiea mos, tne parties will be required to
!ie bonds wiib euOiiiteni security for the fattfu per
orseanci) vt the oon tract, and to name tbelr samlee in
hair bids; aod in esse of failure In the time of aelirery,
, ui ijintiiiy oi uia arueira, tne aute leserree tne
ightto purchase them elsewhere at the expense of tus
i fayment to be made at the pleisure of the State with
in ni
I All
uett days from the cumnletieo of the contract..
I All arilcka shall 1 e eulject to Inspection before being
reotlved by the Stat.
j Uellrery to be made at Columbus, "one-fourth within
wo weeke Irom dice of oontiacc and one-fourth of the
whule number each week thereafter until the contract la
rmplete. , ,, -,A . ,.v ... . ... .,
Ho bids will be received from parties eho are iof'ei
jsgeil in tbtnannfctue of Slothing.5- --''-- " -
an propovai snouid be addressed to- f
. ase'tQ. U. General.
Jly7til j "I c.i?.'J.siJ07 '-' Oolumbn.Ohlo.
I' ii '! ' . i" " . .' ' 1 r i T.i '.
Orrtct or ths pbKHlsstOKut or tits SikKiho f cthdY :
( r r yrt -r rr' ., Oot,oee, July SO, 1861,
I vr i.ioi.it ur utiiu,
TBE Btafe ef "Ohio desires to borrow ooe million and
fire bandred Ibousaad dollars, and to that end tbe
Vommiseioners or the sinking rood of the state, under
vie minority or an act or tne general Assembly, will re
ceive eealed proposals at their office In the city of Co
lumbus, until IS o'clock, H., of the 3d day of august,
4rt st the ateeey of th But. No. Si William street I.
th cliy of New York, until IS o'clock, at., of the 7th
dsyof angoet next, for- the purchase of ai,50,O0Of
ne runaea ana registered debt or the Bute, tuariag
iutareat from the first day of Auguit., ltOl, , at . tbe rale
ef. six percent., per annum. Bide will hj received or
! 1st. Certificates redeemable at rh ftar Tsatausf 11
tne city oi ijoiumbus, July 1st, lew, tne interest, pitia
ble semi SrJouslly the Bret day of Hay and the first day
If November in each year, at the Stat Treasurer." "
2d Certificates redeemable at theagencyof theStsfe
t the city of New York, July 1st, WW. tbeHntereet par-"
able aemr-annaally, th Bret dey of January and ah erst
Say or July inraooyearalsaiaagenoy. t it w ' m-
Jtach prevaoamuel tat distinctly for which of these
flassee of ecrtiBcatee It is made, tbe amount, of either
wmcn is aeilred.sand tne pncaXor cacb one hundred dol
lars of each class proposed to be taken. In cue any
Sroposal shall not designate th olsae of stock desired
by the bidder. It shall be deemed to have been payable
Iuero tne oiu is received. . - .
No conditional bid, orbld iot abtornt In Its terms,
111 be eoasidered.i r-'-r-ir .-Vii i.i"i'i'i, i'i i. .
) rayaietrtwr the amoont of th repetlv Ud leedved
n New York, must b mad at th. Stat Agency within
three Cava after the aoceptmo thereof and of the bids
reoelved at Columbus, within ten day after the aeoept-
anoe thereof; at whloh times lb ftroper Qt.rtifieates will
rreaayior ueiirery..- :.
Certificates, payable at the State Treasury, will be is
sued In sums of S 100 and nowardT and those naTable In
Hew York will be issued In sums of (500 and upward
r tne option oi tne bidiier, .
The Certificates will be payable, unconditionally, July
i, jroo, ana are, oy in act authorizing tne loan, exempt-
en irom taxauon y ue Btat. b - - - .
I Proposals for fie loaa must be enclosed In a sealed en
velope, and addressed ts "lb Commissioners of the
Sinking fund," at Columbas, Ohio, or at No. 25 Wil
liam street, New fork, and, Indorsed,. ';rropoaals (or Vhi0
-i .'o. 'M t . W. XAYLBR, Auditor of State, i,.,-;
I , . a Ij A. r. ausSliLh, Beureiary ui State, .
. if,T.nio,;JAME atuttaait, attorney ueneral,
s r , tiomaaiasiouir of thBmkln fund
I Jlo23-dlaug3 ,s : B0J , j n, ., of, to But of Chlo.1
.1 ut i t
auwararsniaKas aao waoueuusaataaa fa r:
No. 308 W. Baltimore-street,"
V '. ttrf. ,....'. V.S ...
i - (aawwaw trtemrv am, owAn.l r : J u.
, f i:t '.-.'.i.-iy i.( .e'.uii. ,) , n ls,w
' ' ;;'BAl.TIHIOKEt' tiid
Larg AiiortmeDt " Of Piece and Tarnish lp
' . ' Good ConsUnUr 6a Band,
Ootauiy ' ' '
.1 ,
xj iiuuusn. now styjes.justopenxi oy v
. . h a in at aow.
1 n 1 l at- aaAwaw A
No. fifi South High street. 1
HEALTH, the blood mtutb purified; and all med
icinal are unless which do sot possets th quality f
atimulatiaf the blood tp dJseharge iu smpsrltlea Isto the
bowel. BaawsaaTa's Pit44 ponea this quality .la. a
high degree, and should be in ewery family, v I bey are
equally useful for ehlldrea and adults adapted tp btfb
sexes, and are at Innocent ai bread, yet'ajcwr irraxnvg
A Manicun. 1
Th Bon. Jacob Beyers, of BprlngvlllInd.7wrfir
Dr. Brandreth, under date of Bay 11, 1S0I-, . .... ,0 ,
"I have used vonr Inralnabla.Teeetabl Unlvareal
Pills In my family since 1838; they have always bartS,
eveu when other medicinee were of ne avail. - L bar
been the mean of my neighbor Being hundreds o dol-
lar worth, and I am aatisned tbey bar reeaive
thousand nor cent, in blessed baaltb, tbrourb tneir as
Tbey are used In thle region for Bllloas and Li ear Dte
eates, lever and Ague, and all rheumali cases wkh to
moot perfeot suoeess. In fact, they ar tha groat re II
aoec la sickness, and I trust yoar vensrabla ur. aeay-a.
long apareo-10 prepare so excellent a meaicin lor
of man... . 7 1 ,-w .
Please send ma th lowaat nrloa bv tha mm.H
Bold by Jobs S. Coos, Druggist. Ooltunbua. and be
11 Mnuhl .l.H I. nhH.I.,u ' ' r I
Jlylidawlroo. . ,. .j, .1-,w
"""A' ' jra,a.tn u
In all ease of oosttvenese, dyrpejtla, bilDews ndlrVwi
affections, pile, thenmatlsm, fevers' tad ague, phsU
nat head ache, and all gensral deraagssii.ls ef stalls-1
thaw Pill have Invariably proved a oertaia and speedy
rkaudy. A single triaTwIll plaoe the Life PUU beyeod I
reacn afaompetltlon la th Mtlmattoa of every pa-
tjeel. if. t u t $ ..... -s; -1 urn. at sefcilei 0 T i
D r . Mofltt's Plusni Bitten Win eel SMtett sfUtHyf
nraototu la all aase et Mmii deMltty, Bytpvpsts; Bead I
ache, to slrknen Incident to1 female. In dellosM, health,
and. .vary Bl4 of wmkpaaS at th ilgvava- rgan.
lor sal Bv On w. a. mofjaT, 3S, Aroadway, . T,
letter written by.jhe Revv J. 8j Hota, paster ot at
Plsrrepolnt-Btreet Baptun) CBilreh,' Brooklyn, H. T.,to
''Journal and Meeeeuger." filoeiniia.O;jd
W B I,... .mil .itl.ii U..
Tmsurw's tcioTHiw Btserroa Oanaasa SawrrMt.,K T
geeecaA'vertUmenUn youi ,sV)liiena. ofJUat'l. ,
rHiK eraor bow w never said a word I 1
lnravor evavateutmedietntkeforalB our Hint bniwt
feSloseepwIled Weay t sreler that thaJleo btua
we ruve ma 1, am atom rr as- 'ate, rr
Obeou II Is ptetMbly one of the moot (nrosasful medl-
mroftMSay, becaus It n of the best. Andthes
your readers wuo nave table, eaa't 00 better tnaa
laylBa supph.w cV7:lydw I
J j
r.,SnV --rr.-.t. a.a 'v..
&00 Tarda Trurellnr Sreai QooHa tl2u sninani.
ausio. ranis Englleh Berafea t lBXvalue (9 oent. '
1UUO rarda frneh OrgaoSleS at ht)4. Tain to aeatti)
xuuo jarae iaai uaiorea wae at is, Tela IS eenis.
KiOO ward! Foulard Preu Silks at 37W. nlna so Mti.
1A00 rard 8apr Plain Black Bilk at l 00. valoadlULS
Bobel of Organdie Berage, and Ingliah Borage, at on..
BAlA:iOrt,rt 'J
39 8onth nigh street.
tew- T sr t , . -r .-.
Efegaiit lace Mantillas.
i g,u,;-. ; vhi'v.
OafoBgyffiL. "High St.,
UAvn just opened an Idtoic of very large and
handsome uj. .
Dnaun i nnviTMn . . . ,i
, vun,a,' ruciKOtl, AND UHAW llbLA '
vVidb 'Feench Laces for Shawls'
Verv Peeo French Flonncln T .una it. , l v ,
Chanttlla. Jit 6anvttat , '
yalenciennei. Point do . Gazis. Bmtiala '
o and Thread Laces and Collar.. -
? .-.-vr -:-. :i i. -r: . - In new Shapes;
i .. i?u:ia i For traveling!
Traveling Press : Goods. k
'BTLK, roil, PI OBtfaVIB, -.: . .u -J-LAVELLA8,
DttOOHB VAtBHOIAB, o. fco. "
The beet and most fashionable styles in the city,
' BAIN gONw ' I
SO Boulh Ulgb Street.
... .i .-'
Vtrocenes, .,rK
f'oreigultviid'Domestio Liquors,1'
.Fruits, etc. etc.,
N 0.. 34, NO R TH H 1 0 H.ST RE ET,
.... ,... .., To .. .
Nq:;1O0, :South ' IDgh. Street,."
the old stand reoenlly occupied by WM. McDONAXD. ,
' He It In dalljr receipt of "
.Which h will ull
Cbeap fv Cafth r Country Prodnco.
.?'- ,' ' t - '
frOoods dellTend to City trad frse'of ohargTJ
! '(8OC0BS8OR TO KcUBb's; BESTlBATji) - J '
No. -106 South Hign 'Street,'-
" " CI.C .t r. 1
-'-'J'MAi:isrV,a1' u".
.'. I;" .'' ' l :'l J.-D 1 -s. - '.I': .. I.'
Foreign and . Domestic Fruits,
' i f '7 ' r- -' "1 ! ' '' i i -1 I i ;
jjlyld .... 1.1 -e '
- - ..
Steam' Betwaen Ireland aad America ?
; i - - - ' ...... , a ... ...
wew york. boston and galway:
iu, loiiowiug new ana magntnosnt nrst-ciasepaadl-wbeel
Steamships compose th above line:
iDBI4TIO 8,888 (on burthen, Cpt, J. tflon'r r
."l.'.V.'.r' iformerlrof theColUnsLloe.)' , . ,,. .
HIBERNIA,,.-At,eOOtnabiTthen,Cspt.K. Pmows. .
OOLUMUIA, if .4,400-. " n V : , t K.Lirrow. ' .
ANGLI,., v,,. 4,400 .., . j Nionouo.
PAOlflO,.!.-- 8,000 .! f 7 I. Ban, u .
P1UN0B AlBKKT. ( Screw.)' -i. t . -:s - . . .. ;
3,300 " ' -7i f'.Wauaa. .
On. of the above ship will leave New York nr Boston
alternately every Tuesday fortnight, for Oalway, car
ry Ins ,111 government malls, k touching at St. Johns,;,
too . ntesmors oi lots no nave seen constructed with .
ireatea t care, under the suoervlsion of the eovern-
ment, hare water-tight compartments, ant) era unexeas-, .
for comfort, safety and eped by any eteame rs afloat. -They
art commanded by able and experienced e file re, j
every eterUon, will h made to promo t th eoaiforl
paasenger. -iAn.experlenoed
Surreon attached te each ihlo.
!.!'( .1 1UTXI OPf ASSAOB... If-'V. 1
flrst clus N. Y. or Boston to Oalway r Liverpool $0O
Second olast, ' .--- - - . 75
Mrstcuuj. r,""T E -lS John's 35
third-class, " " to Oalway or Liverpool,
or aay town ra lretuin, on a tun way, - - on
Tbird-claes naasenrere are liberally supplied with pro
visions of the beet quality, aooked and served by ths ser
vants or in uompaoy. i 1 - 1 r ,i ;.
Parties wishing to send for their friend fro as the old
country can obtain tickets front any town on a railway. In
Ireland, or from the principal cities of England and Sept-1
at very low setae, ... ....... .
raeseugert for Hew .York, arriving by lb Bostoa
Steamers, will be forwarded to New York free of chare.
for passage or further, information, Pn,7 to , '
-m ... . Wit 11. wICKHAh,
ai me omoe 01 tne uompaoy, on tbe wbarr, loot of
Oanal street. New York.'
aprillftdant. -t i .. . . '
w '. ' 'win
.a; cm -in mi.r r .tit
rv 1 ii tsn C3U : .t v
1,000 yards Baosr Plalsr Blaok Bilks af ! 00 vaioe
Stsoperyaru. .-. j'4 wiyij .7:1 r.,f
8,500 yard Traveling Dress sal Mantle jOpjo at
It l"t eats vale go enuj per artl. j
3,000' yrd Whit ' Brllllantes af 18 1-3 cents
valu SO oent per rd.
SrOOO rard riot' and Domeetlo Olnghatni greatly aa '
-ALSO:- .
. ir :
MT-JlJTSt' TTTia -V tl-jl
... il,- , ' i
all materlale, made'ln lh most stylus manner kfli
tatteVTsTir PloBthrTaiolt SlBStorTffTle In"
efty. " "" ' ' '
.iaiis zcrn j, vain. a sow,
vra fOH 1 - . S9 Bath High, street. H
;i ft r
Canton LlattingaLT, r
0-4, White aasl Ked ne)
Whit. Che
Checked ef superior quality, for

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