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J -m7 -i ' MI?:"-"' ?-.)..
The following new view of tb Southern, ar
my In Virginia la from letter written in Rich
mond by the correspondent of tbe Charleston
Mercury, on the Friday before, the battle:
Great complaints are made of the want of
executive eflloleuoy. Besuregara oas muon wo
mall a ioroe for the work before him. Wear
left to fight desperate odds, and if we conquer,
may effsot little beyond. A vlotory and adequate
force wonld cause Washington instantly
to fall, redeem Maryland, and procure friendly
treatles'wlth foreign nations.'' The Government
seems to rest satisfied with the Immense re
spousibility thrown on this General.. The peo
ple have no idea of how few men be has rela
tively, and would hardly believe it if told.
They have imagined, or have been led to be
lieve, be has au army of forty thousand men.
It might not be deemed "prudtnt" to say how
many or now lew be nasi but It is a very in
sufficient force to do the work before him
Twenty-five to thirty thousand is really alt He
might Have bad one hundred thousand or aiore,
bad tbe ..War Uepartmenl accepted the reel
ments from North Carolina and other States
when offered, Instead of haggling about twelve
mouths', men, and men tor tne war, ana about
appointments . of. .staff ofHoera sad equip
ments. ' While the truth is kepi from the peo
ple, the Cause is staked upon desperate cour
ses, valuable lives are lose, and the whole earn
paign may become luefllo.tnt and .indecisive.
even victories, uuiee we be in position to loi
low them op properly, lose their importance.
Not lamet but tffeot. Is what ie wanted.....
A portion of Gen. 'Johnston's command has
been abked. by Gn Beauregard, ' wbo has been
solicitous to ooiiceal his lamentable weakness
from tbe enemy, tearful that a knowledge of the
trutb might ijtpoae bis wbole force to deelruo
tlon. A Cabiuet meeting was held to-day on
tbe subject. , It is probable tbe' order for this
movomeut has been sout, and that by to-morrow
evening Beauregard wili be reinforced by John
ston. Had tbe enemy been In greater num
bers, and bad shown mora skill and cour
age) at Bull.Ruo, our army must have fallen
baOk. r
The Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle and Svitintt o"
July 26m, eyt . ' j ?.
Bv Sunday uext Beauregard may have CO, 000
under him, and by tSuuday after probably 60,01)0.
Every train from the South la bearing lie great
burden of soldieis to Virginia . Twenty tbous-
and have moved perhaps m that direction with
in the last six or eight days.- Let tbem all go
on all tbat cm go, and, that luteod to go at all,
just as fast as possible
- MINT. :.,' .!', .-
The Richmond correspondent of the New
O leans Ddia, writing the day after the battle,
And as for; Gen. Scott, though the movement
against Gen. Beauregard may nave been made
according to hie order, I. doubt whether that or
der was given In accordance with his deliberate
views of policy. Precipitated into tbe measure,
as I believe, bv tbe clamor of tbe politicians at
Washington, and by tbe blood-thirsty rage of
tbe Black Republican press, be was quite will
ing to remaiu at a distance, and leave the im
mediate responsibility of failure, if the meas
ure should fail, witn bis subordinate) officers,
while ready to appropriate the credit of suc
cess to himself, it tbe measure should suc
ceed. '' :'
It is not easy to believe that Gen. Scott, If left
to pursue his own plans, wouiu stake tne issue
of a campaign on a battle fougbt under the cir
cumstances of tbat of the 21st. - Two months
aeo he committed a mistake by baiting at Alex.
andria, alter crossing tbe Potomac, instead of
pushing forward briskly toward Richmond, liut
tbat mistake sprang from excess of prudence.
and it is not reasonable to deduce from snob a
mistake another arising from the opposite fault
of rashness. For rash it certainly was to at
tack Gen. Beauregard on eroood wbioh he him
self bad selected, and elaborately fortified. ' Po
litical considerations must have prevailed over
military considerations when Ueneral Scott con
sented to tbe attack, without the support of Mo
Clcllan from the west, and of Patterson from the
north. It was a fatal departure from tbe ana
conda policy whiob be had previously been pur
suing. Tbe consequence is, the backbone of the
is broken.
RICHMOND, July 25.
lina, who has just .arrived from Manassas, says
16 were killed, and. between 40 and 50 were
wounded iu the North Carolina regiment. Tbe
only officer killed was Fisher. ' '
[Special Dispatch from Manassas, dated 23d, to the
Charleston Mercury.]
Thirty wagons,- loaded with a large number
(about 600 prisoners, were brought to Rich
mond to-night. Eight hundred more, it is said,
will corns to morrow. Among them is Ely, an
Abolition member of Congress !' ';.;,.
After Lieut.-Col. Johnson was killed and Col.
Wade Hampton was wounded, General Beaure
gard rode up in person, and led the Legion in
to battle. Each of the compauies behaved ad
mirably. -Tbe legiouloat in killed and wound
ed 113. ...
Gen. Bjuham Is again at Fairfax : Court
House, 14 miles from Alexandria- - i '
When the fate Of the battle balanced in the
scale, late in the afternoon, and some of Ged.
Johnston's regiment showed signs ot wavering,
he seised tbe eolors himself and led the ad
vaoce, thus' turning the tide of battle in our
favor. Claw's brigade, coming np about this
time, waa mainly instrumental la obanging the
fortune of sbe'deys ' - 1 -
Richmond, July 85, 9 P. M. Hon. Robert
Toombs, bf. Georgia', having been appointed a
Brigadier-General of the C. 8 . Army, the
Preaidoot to-day nominated R M. T. Hunter. :
of Virginta',; as Secretary of Btate. to succeed
Mr. ToomUn.i.Ths nomination ha been con
firmed. W 4 .. ex.-.. ,..'!
Mr. Banks and the other gentlemen deputed
from Charleston to attend to the comfort of the
wounded .-andekk among the South Carolina
voluuiieitV bans r gone to day to Culpepper
Court - fioue,"'wbcre, a. large ' toumber of tbe
wounded are now placed. There are enough
nurses here. Advise no more to come on in
that capacity; u ,u :.
We select ' the oUowlog pajagraplis from a
long and Well' written, aooouat-ot the battle,
which, appeared in tbe Richmond PlBpatcht"''
"Utt Friday, the lU.b, Gen. Josepn E .John
ston, who bad. oonioaudd the army. of the
Sbenautloah, posted at Wluchester,' arrived at
Maoaesns Junction with 4.U00 of bi' ditisloo,
.to reitilorcs Geu , Beauregard ' a Tbe remainder
of hie army (with-tbe. exception of a eoffioieat
force to bold Winchester) were Intended to ar
rive on 8turday, tue SUthf but la consequence
of some railroad iaauliy they did not reach
the soeae of conflict until Sunday, between the
hours ot two and three o'clock, when tbe battle
was raging M JM bight 'r ' ,: V
"On . .-eBornine of .. tbe battle, Generals
Beauswgard, Jutmston and Bonham, aeoompanid
by tneir aids,-dme callopior no the hill. And
dismounted oft the auoimit.,'.'The Generals bold
an earnest oonvrauon for ,.a,fw mtnuwa,
while taking a survey of the field, and wswhing
the auccesslve 'challenges from the enemy's
pasMTieev . . ,,,4. m--i a -j- It ' -i - yy'csff
The correspondent says that, though the U.
8. troops opened with cacoon on tb rijjot, rJsan;
regard detected that as a feint,", and ."was seen
to direoi Gen. Johoatoa'e attention partibnlarlv.
' witb bis band, toward our exuem lets, a if be
knew the straggle was to be made there."
I should ber remark that It had b Gaa.
Beaureward'e purpose t make the auaoki in
stead of waiting to receive itj bat from tome
cause unknown to me, be preferred to let tbe
enemy take tbe InUladvet perhaps for the rea
son tbat; wen. jonostoo' division bad been de
tained On the rallroid. - '" .
As 1 hrvrsalaTOerr. Bssnrrgsr T was iiot de
eeived, for the imfreote cloud of dust apptat
lot above tne wo jok, lndioated beyond a ooubr-
tbe Federal column were moving in solid mass
es In anotkerdireetton, and one wuloh was un-
Just at this Urat:: br the aid of eor ilissai.
we oould, sse'their gone brought to bea oa th
hill where we stood, for Id few Qm.en,fo the
smoke wss dlseovered Usulnsr from their batt
ries of riflsd cannon, and before soaroely a word
oould be sald( tbs peculiar whls aad hissing of
tbe balls notiflta ui that -their aim naa been
well taken. ' -- -'
" Several balls fell in a field immediately be
bind ns, and not a hundred yards from tbe spot
where the generals stood, t An officer ot uen
oral Beauregard's staff requested n to leave the
bill, and at we moved awar a shell burst not
2U feet off. Colonel Bonner calculated with bis
watch the time taken by the balls to doss nil
and made the distance l mile front the ene
my's battery. ' Tbe enemy no doubt dUcovered
the horses of the eenerals. and thousht ltaeood
opportunity to display their marksmanship, and
oredlt is due to tbem for the- aoouraey of their
Thev nresssd on lef IT flank for several boars
with terrible effect, but oui men flinched not
until their numbers bad been so diminished by
the-Well aimed and steady rollers, tbat they
wereoomnel led to lve way Tor, new regimenu.
The .seventh and eiehtb Georgia reelments,
commanded by the gallant and lamented Bar
tow, are said to have suffered heavily during
the earlvoartof tbe battle. -Kemper's, Shield's,
and Pendleton's batteries were in this part of
tbe field, snd did fearful execution. --j
I am Inclined to believe there was tome mis
take during the day, in the delivery or sxeoutlou
of an ordsr of Gen Beauregard's respecting an
attack on tbe enemy's rear, which wae not er
feoted.4.v .,!--. .i:t V - "v
Between two and three o'clock large numbers
of men were leaviog the field, some of tbem
wounded, otnere exhausted by tbe long struggle,
who gave a gloomy reports; but as the fire
on both sldee continued eteadily, we felt sure
tbat our brave Southerners bad not- been eon
quered by tbe overwhelming hordes of the
North. It is, however, due to trutb to say tbat
tbe result st this hour hum trembling In tb
balance. We bad lost numbers or oar most
distinguished officers, , . Generals Bartow and
Lee bad beea stricken down t Lieut -Uolooel
Johnson, of tbe Hampton Legloo, bad been
killed; Col. Hampton bad been wounded, but
there was at hand the . fearless General wbose
reputation as a commander was staked on this
battles and with that chivalry watch ! his na
ture, General Beauregard promptly- Offered to
lead tbe Hampton Legloo Into tbe aotion, which
be executed in a style nnsupassed jtnd pnsur'
passable) " .j-..- ci --''hmVj :. t..v' i
Your correspondent beard Gen. Johnston ex
olalmtoUen Cucke, Just at" the-eritical mo
ment, '-Ob for four regiments'." ' His wish was
answered, for in the distance our reinforcements
appeared. ..... n ; : ; : . ,
, Tbe tide of tbe battle was turned In our favor
by tbe arrival of Gen. Kirby Smith, from Win
Chester, with four thousand men of Gen. John
ston's division. ' j:P
General Smitb beard, while on the Manassas
Railroad ears, tbe roar of battle-. He stopped
tbe train and hurried bis troops across the field
to tbe point' just where be was most needed.
Tbey were at .first supposed to be the enemy,
their arrival at that point of the field being en
tirely unexpected. .' : - .;- ,
The Adams Exprese Company place ns daily
under obligations to it for the very latest papers
from the eastern clues. - . :. ! -
The American1 Express' Company ha our
thanks for its dally favors in ths shape of the
very latest eastern-papers. . .-. jj t i.- v
For Justice of the Peace
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
To the Union Democracy of Franklin County.
Notice le hereby given to the Union Democ
racy of Franklin county, to meet on r rid at,
Adocst 2d, between tbe hours of three and six
o'clock, p. m., in the townships, and (iX and
eight n. m., in the wards, at the usfjfal places
of holding elections (excepting Norwloh town
ship, which will be held at Sohofield's School
House, and the 4th ward at Gavir's room, and
the 1st ward at E. Killer's), to appoint abl
egates to attend the County-Convention, to
meet at the City Hall, in the City of Cotambns,
on Satordat, the 3d of Adosjit, for the purpose
of annointioe deleeates to the State Cobvention
on tbe 7th of August, to nominate a Slate tick
The following is the number of delegates al
lotted to each ward, based upon the vote cast
for Supreme Judge in 1860, allowing 'one for
each fifty, and an additional delegate for each
fraotlonlof twenty-five votes so cast
1st Ward,- -
7 Hamlltoj ! To -13
2d "
5' Mifflin"'-'--"L,r
5 Washington " 3
6 Madison. . t . 1
13' Blendon' S
6 'Norwich: '
,4 . Jefferson.' - ''I1. 4
4th "
5th "
Montgomery Tp
Truro - .
Prairie ': "
3. Jackson : . t "
3 Sharon " '"2
3 Franklin 5
Clinton "
Wm. Domioan,,
H. 8. High,
H.W Miller,
John M. Pooh,
J. Reinhard, .
SAM'tDoTLE.t ,
J. Boxen, .
'( !
Alex. Thompson,
Jabis Horlociei,
.;4.; . , . L .unty Central Cdmtiigtee. ' ;
a : .
Armv 80R3Eotri.-By referene to the ad-
f. . " U 2. , l1 : i '.- ''-(MB a-"
vertisement efjw. J. W 4amilton. it .win ne
teen ths there jkrlll.be an- examination- of ap
plicants forSorgeon la the army in the Hall
of the HooJ.pf Representatives onTnesday,
Angast 13th." j: ' r j- ..-" r-
' ' '-
Mator's Coort. W should say Hymen's
Court rather, for yesUrdaj.afteritooa'our wor
thy : Msyor, who Is freqdebtly called npoB to
settle matrimonial difficulties, was waited upon
at. hi office, oyer the JHsrlLet House, by a lov
ing' oonpl who wanted to be joined in tbe bonds
of holy wedlock. 'His Honor was prompt In re
ponding to" the oairranr thul, fo Ihe cpnee.
what wu wont to be the Police Court, became
the' Court of Hymen'.? iZ.
it was one or. tne pisasant episoaes mat some
time occur to vary the dull round of trying and
sentencing drunkards and vagrants. "I We be
lieve, however, that thli is the first hymeneal
case Major Thomas has bad slnoe his inaugnra-
tion into, tne omoe nt.spoiy n.iv.f uopw
hwwiil have maov morer add can- assure all
who eeek Hymen's Temple, that they will not
ly find a. belter of more courteous minister
to offlolatr at theaitar thai tbe Mayor oi
m 'I r
Heavy Contracts. U. 8. Quartermaster
DieitiNsoNj'at'Clnornnatl, .ajTaTdedT, dufTngth
pat wsek, the following .'ocatrsot'. army
ololhlngt 15,000 sockv' at S 10 pef doien, to
Lowmaa Jt Be iS.Oao'd. at 3J5, w Mok
& BrtT t 30.000:'ihlrti to 'Ldwmid' tVBro.. at
$13 per dossnr 15,000 drawer, at 5 76, to
Kiddskopf. xo. M3.UUU flrawerstoateadman.
Carlisle k Shawfat 6t 6,000 cape and eovers,
at. 80 cents 'tiacnMeybsrg' ftttellmsif and
5,000 hats, to Camp fc Co., at 10 cents eaoh
,i.1.l.r... t.1 j.ni.4 I' Art a.. 'li- -
17 Col. MoCooKltook owttmsftd at Cams
Chase iaflaoe ot Col. Ttrrs, who left, wljh.hU
regiment, the 26th. '
!t.t ! ' "W)j
s BTTh Twenty Sixth Regiment, Col.
which hu boeb nnder marchlcg orders for torn
dayj put, left. Camp. Chaif iftj h Kauawha
rsgloor ysttarday
i 1 1 ' n i""1 " m i . ' j r k : t
JlTThe ColttmbniTeiiettei'ab4 fenctblel
wte yesterday mastered but "of "ssrvlo by
.Msjor BoiiAtilt. 4 ' ""'r-
Mb Tos Hi.. wCClreuJf 'Jai fl
Ctaralaiiir'''! ' ;' i' -H
(LT The Fifteenth Regiment, Col.; Q: W
Andrews, leaves Cmp-Cliasfl this, morning.
Tbe companies win be mustered out of service
at different points before they receive their pay.
A' Hot Pat r-Yesterday tbe thermometer
stood at 97 In tue shade-i-foor degrees higher
than on Wednesday ' We are now having prob
ably the hottest weather of the season. ' At all
events Jwe hope it will not be any hotter'. . V
t We call yesterday a hot day and so lndeea it
WS But Wednesday night and last night were
hot nights also more unbearable to sensitive,
nervous people than tbe hot days. , How many
sqoh, alasi are compelled to pass the' llvs-lobg
night in one oontinued agony, sweltering on their
beds, "seeking est, but finding none," while
- . . ., -11 : 1 .111-.... - t...U.
tne musaueto. iixe otner oeiiiKerruw, wmm
big coming with martial tnuelo
; . ka:,
tf Tfie! Second German Regiment, Colonel
Moor, embarked at Cincinnati on Wednesday
last,' to proceed np the Ohio river to the seat of
war In Western Virginia. ' ' . ' , ' ' J -
The slaves who run awsy from their mas?
tere in Virginia, are set to work at onoe by
Geo- BoTLEa, and made to keep St it,: much to
their annoyance. One of them having been
pntto it rather strong, said "Golly, Massa
Butler,' 'dis1 nigger never bad to work to bard
before guess die chile will secede onoa moah."
, O The process of mustsring companies of
the First and Seoond Regiments out of tbe ser
vice was going forward at Camp Chase yester
day. ' v"v ; J c j j
BT The Sixteenth Regiment, Col. Irvine, ar
rived at Ztnesvilleon Wednesday last, and took
up its quarters in Camp Goddard, where tbe
companies will be mustered but of the service
W la,tn tbat as tbe train on the Central
Ohio railroad', beailog this regiment, was com
ing west from Bellstr, two soldiers being on tb
tup of tbe cars, were killed by coming in con
tact with a bridge," JVloy soldiers . have lost
their lives in the same careless manner. :'
Hot Weather at Cleveland One of the
Cleveland papers notioes tbat the thermometer
stood in tbat city, on Wednesday evening, at
194 degrees. Lake Erie may be soon expected
to boil. - , .
The Attack on Ciariiioton. Clarlngton is
a small village in Monroe county, situated at
tbe mouth of SuoflaE Creek, wbioh empties into
this Ohio river. We mentioned, some day
since, a rumpred, attack upon that locality by
seceesioniiits from' the Virginia shore. The
Woodefield, Monroe county, Spititof thmmtef
gives the following graphic account of the ex
citement prodoeed by the report ' .' -.;
To attempt to give any particulars or any ad
equate description of the scenes enaoted during
the day on which the news was spread over the
eountry that Clarington was attacked by seces
sionists from over tbe river, would be altogeth
er useless. - The number of secessionists and
the amount of people murdered by them, as the
rumor flew on the wings ef'-'tho wind, was mag
nified to moe( horrible proportions:' Tbe rumor
traveled all over the counties of Monroe, Noble,
and the creator Dart ot Belmont, and was tele
graphed to Columbus and Bellair. At Bellair
there were three regiments who signified their
willingness to depart immediately for the seat
of war as soon a tbey were informed where the
seat of war could be found., ; When the news
reaobed Woodeneld (and it came by a reliable
messenger), tbe number of secessionists was
300, and tbe number of people already killed
was 50. When tbe report got ae far as Sum
merfield the secessionists numbered 4,000.
From all we can (ears of the affair, if the ru
mor had been true, at least 5,000 men, beide
the threes regiments -from Bellair, would
have been on band to welcome the secessionists,
and the welcome would have been so warm, that
very few of them would have gone back to Vir
ginia again. About the most ludicrous report,
among the hundred .that were circulated, was
that Got. Dennison, anticipating the attack, wae
seen riding through Noble couuty at full speed,
rallying tbe people and calling upon them to
turn out. . One man aotnally aaw the Governor
as he rode by, and eays he sosmed very much
excited. . The affair has demonstrated this, fact:
that if an invasion should occur (of which there
ia not the (lightest probability), tbat the invad
ers will discover that It to about ae unwhole
some business at thef could be engagad In.,'- ,
From Washington.
- .Washington, July 31. It is not true, as it
has been represented, that tbe Ohio troops ob
jected On tbe night previous to the battle to
marching nnaer ueo. ocDencx. ., . ,
In tb bestowal ot military honors and title,
the valuable servioe of Colonel Stone are not
overlooked, and he, too, there Is little, If any
doubt, will be promoted to a Brigadier General
[Herald Correspondent.]
Information ha been received here, that
since the affair at Bull Ron the rebels have con
centrated, an immena army In Virginia, and
have now an available force of 340,000 men.
North Carolina, Mississippi and Alabama at
onoe agreed to double tbe quota already-levied
on tbem. It appears that the rebel troops do
not Intend to make an attack upon this city.
A Lieutenant ef tbe regular army, wbo was
captured,' and made bis esoape from Manassas
last Monday, states that from conversations
which he overheard, it k not their intention to
advance opon Washington; The coestiou bas
been discussed, snd Gen. Beauregard was op
posed to spy such policy. His idea i to aot on
Ike defend. Up to Monday bat law troop
had left for 'the direction. of Washington. A
large number bad been thrown forward toward
. r.t -
r air tax. .. . . . h-jj
He is of opinion mat iDey intend to matte a
atand at tbat place, as implements for intrench-
ments and fortifications bad beet) .sent out in
large quaotitiee. Nearly all tb prisoner, he
aay, have been sent to Richmond) tbere were a
great many of onr wounded yet at' Manassas. .
i At the meeting of tbe New York delegation,
yesterday, Mr. Corning, of "Albany, proposed
tbe following resolution: '1 "
Reiolved, Tbat, In tb lodgment of the New
York delegation, Gen. Wool should be called
into aetive ervio atone. . -i r-.t. I
Adopted unanimously, " ..';;' ; 1
It is reported that Hon. Ben). Wood bas of
fered to go to Richmond tondvor to procure
th releaa ef hie oolleatua la Congress j Mr.
Ely, and Col. Corcoran, and tbat tb Prldnt
bas tbe matter under advisement. ."
[Special to the Tribune.]
oiTh follbwlog came were lent to the Senate
for Commissioners of Subsistence, with the
rank of Captaiui Wm McDongl, of Ind.
Nathaniel MerloaY'of Ohloi Wm. C. Faskiog,
Uat.cC Woods. J. N. CjwIbT. of-Iud.l W'W.
Jackpoo, of hi Riobrd McAllister, of Iowa;
Soeed Butter, of 111 1 Fraouls Drr, of Onto. !
, i n loiiowmg a Assistant .-Hiuuierauatera,
with tb rabk of Captain t Gntn.b , Owen.,of
Miohleam Nathan Barker ol Missourli John
G-; Claik of Oblof John J; Elliott of Ohio, 1.1
L. Dodge of Illinois j U. a Baggss, JaS.Brad
haw ol Indiana i John W. Tailor of Iowai C.
W. Mauitou, S. Lowry of OOler Jobn-W.
Rankin of Iowaj Reuben E Hatch, J W. Felt,
I. W. Sbaffor and G. A.. Fierce, orjlllnols
Cnrtlssof Iowa. --o ... .
Thar le no eoafirmatioa at- headquarter of
tb defeat or Ged,' Wise elBuUtowO, Ju west,
rn , -
[World's Dispatch.]
Yesterday, General Beauregard was reeoa
aol Wring ia Droa withia S or 4 miles ot tbs
Chain bridge, and-left a party of 10 or .15 of
niatrroopeeoouting there, aut in ten mmutee
afterward th latter wer all' made prisoners
by Capt, Mou, of New York, and a Union oom
ptny that went out foi th purpose of capturing
tbem. . . i -,i .- , . -4 i .... u- tH .
,.Tb whole Dumber killed,- missing' and
wounded of the Fire Zjoavea Is 235. They are
to be tent to New York, being thoroughly d
moraiixea. . ...
XSTAMTBD-lO.ooo Oaitoatrs to My IS etnt Ambr
K9" '.lt; 71"'1 Chaap Aabrelyp Jtvou, K
01 Wla iuni( vviawnai VU9
The Confederate Congress.
New Orleans,' July 31. The- Congress at
Richmond has been in secret session ail day
Tbe following- has been made pubUo i
'A resolution permitting the 1st regiment
north Carolina volunteers to be mustered Into
service for tbe time agreed upon by tbem, when
tbey volunteered, and paid on tor. service ai
read nAarA. Thi Includes the oav of Ml
vte cadets from the North Carolina Institute.
The President aonroved ol a resolution max
fng disposition or the donations made by the
churches on fast day, to relieve the wounded at
JUaoassai. Tbe amount is ja.au w.
News from the Kanawha.
' Clarkbburo, VaT, July 31. A dispatch from
Gen. Cox on the 29th inst., to, General Roso
orans, reports bis arrival at Gaaley Bridge,
Wise retreating on Lewisburg, which, ocording
to intercepted tetters,' is to be his1 rally iog
Gaulev Bridee was entirely destroyed; - It
would take three day's to construct a floating
oriage -n y? , 7.A . .; .-: .f.i-i:-
Wise bad out down trees across me roao. ana
destroved all the brldeee. - " --
Gen. Qdx captured 1,000 flint lock muskets
ana several kegs ot powaer leu Dy toe reoeis
The Legislature of Maryland.
Washjnbton, Jnlv 3L-rIt waa rumored among
tbe secessionists tbat the Maryland Legislature
will attempt to bass an Ordinance or secession
In' seorot, session, '-The' Legislature, however,
is elosely watched by Geo. Dix. u.i ... -.-. r
A Rumor—New Fortifications.
Washinotom, Jnlv SLTnero is a rumor in
the citv lo-dav that Geb1 Le 'i advanoiDk
with large force upon Banks' position at Har
per's Fsrry. t.-t , j , a i: i '
Tbe brigade or federal troops unuer -com
mand of Lulonel Howard, is Dually engaged in
throwing up entrenchments four miles from Al
exandria. , ,) ... . .
McClellan's Movement—News from
McClellan's Movement—News from Texas.
Washinqtoi July '' 31. Seven - additional
regimtnut nva goun up to "tue haiu pridge
tbi morning where three or four are now post
ed I 1 . -1 1 -... j .
There are fresh Indications of' tbe Iniugure
tion ol a moie vigorous policy. ,. The cuuu. rj
may leel ounttdent, now tout there i earuest-
oras aud ene.' g in every department ol tbe War
office. . MpClelUn inspire and supervises every
We learn from a source entitled to credit,
that Fort Fillmuie, TeXus',' has been reinforce
by teuoompanfesf also tbaf Col Canoy bas fi--
Ud out ancb an .expedition against rort ttliu,
now g&rrisoned by Texans, as ta make it cap
ture certalrf."' Mmwiw tc rrn.:n-; r.--n
Southern News.
LoOiBvu.LE,July 3l.-?Tbe Richmond Examin
er, ol tbe 27 in says that th ConfUer.e force
have been moved forward far beyond Manassas
rnsoners were still being brought in.
Thousands of the enemy's dead still xemain
nnbucied. mi t ;..r? ; .. c'i -i (.,;-.
Gen.' Beaoreard, It Is eaid positively, is cot
at Manassas, ,.'; ::': rr, r
; it ia certain we captured jk.uuu nandouss.
witb which the Federal expected to manacle
their prisoner: - - 1 ' "''''
Uavis bas telegraphed the Georgia regiments
to " come on i we have taken 22,000 stand of
arms." . t -: ' t n
Fairbanks, Ad juta'bt ot a Michigan regimebtr,
is a prisoner at tticbmond. I be Enquirer pro
poses hanging him as a rabid Abolitionist.
Thirty gunners arrived here last night for the
gunDoate, now ready to leave for Uairo. - -
C. S. Smead. of this city, is manufacturing
cannon lor the Home uuards... . x , .
j . - - '
From the Plains.
Leave4worth, July 31.nTbe Conservative
has advices from the Osage Indian Region, that
Mr 8choemaober,T Chief Missionary of that
tribe, has been comnelled to leave bv secession
lata, i A force of 100, men, under Judge BrOwn,
of Humboldt, has left Allen county for tbe
ussge country, totiieperse tne rebeiB e 1
Tbe Times says there is a large body of Paw
noes and Cheyeanea in the vioiuity of Marys
vilje,' Marshall county, Kansas and it Is thought
tney will inaugurate hostilities, bavmg been
tampered with by secessionists In that, region
Alter. th -recent skirmish at Harriionville
and dispersion of the rebels, Jennison and bis
men robbed some stores of clothing, etc., which
be distributed among tbe troops..' Jennison is
not in tb U.S. service, but lit' this skirmish
aoted in cohoert with the Federal trooDS..
The trial of D. R. Anthony, publisher of tbe
conservative or this city, for killing tu v. bat
terlee, editor of the Herald. ' clbsed 'yesterdar.
Tbe jury were oat but twenty, minutes," return.
lng a verdict or aoquittal. f . , v
Prince Napoleon Gone to Washington
j . ton.
, ,ITw York, Angbst 1. Prince Napoleon Bo
naparte,', and. .a' portion of .his Suite left 2or
Washington by tbs evening train ' yesterday,
leaving the Princess and other-ladies of his
party at the New York Hotel. ; t ' -'
The Prince will take a tour through (ha West
and return in a few weeks, .i .tn,. i -1
Retreat Confirmed.
Washington.' Au4. 1. The followlntr orders
have just been promulgated : i-stjno 1
Sesrohes of houses for arms, traitors or spies,
and arrest of offenders in suoh matters, shall
only bo made in any department by the special
authority of the commander thereof, exoept In
extreme cases admitting of no delay, 'i; i';
.,- : ijy command ea . u -t- -,." -
Lieut, Gen. SCOTT.
E. D. TOWNSEND, Assist, Adj't Gen.
, Another order has- been issued by Gen. Scott
to the armv. or Mrsotowhoritt conssndetioeof
the; war, may. be near the grounds and tomb Jif 1
rr asuuigivBMi regara au laeaa a soared. : -. 1.
Wise' retreat ia confirmed'; bat uder what
aircumstaaces is nnknoWrL' '' i "
--- "-7-1
"1 L't
Rumor of Military Changes—Engagement
with Rebel Boats.
f Ntw YoK'. Aaeust l'.5-The Baltimore Amrr'
ot jetetdaj eealog has the following ru
mens which prevailed' about .Cortress Mooros I.
Tbat Ueoeral Bailer wewld be placed in an
Cther sailltary departmentand tha eommaod of
that depsriment wonld b assigned atO General
Lieut. Crosby, U. S. navv,.wal sent by Com
modore Biricubam, with an armed tnir, to the
mouth of tbe Pooomoke river, for the purpose
ol firing upon a cumber of boats said to have
been carrying supplies to tne confederates to
the eastern shore of Virginia from Baltimore.
Tbe tug was well armed and manned.- Tbe
Lieutenant bad order to aot determinedly
Toe result had Dot transpired, but about nine
O'olock at eight a brisk cannonading waa beard
in tbe direction ol tbe a" two moke, and it appear1
ed that more thaa eur party waa engaged. . a
Thirty-seventh Congress—Extra Session.
( . . . siea." - ...
- BkaUb - . M.ut t .....
reprted a bill, which was passed, autburlsio addl
tiunal enlistments la lb nary for thiea years or daiuf
tbowar. -.-j i,.... ,
atr. Bterene, from th oommltta of War aa Means.
rep..rtoa bill wLich was pa.se l.appropIlaiin a lull,,
Cue for fteU .tortiasstloos lor
tne oeisns of Waahtnf-
tea. .--. - v
Mr. IIUvanartm thaoomaUUaaof Oonaranoa on th
supplemental loan bill, made a report, explaining that
the daiignmenia of the two Houses had aeea eompro
mised by atrlkhig ui B vt oeou In certain oases, aad
substituUngd; also, modifyUg tb sub-trcasary aot, so
that, instsad ol goia ana surer neing immediately paid
Into tb treasury, st no required, th aeon de
rlred, frua th loaf may rsmaia out in. paraoacc ol
Mr. Conkllng loqalrsl 'wnether tht Vosiulttot r
talned tbe dUe from. TirglnUooiree, sugar, etc.. as a
pledge for th loan.
. Mr Stvmii replied that tbaSeamtvwsnl so content
(o that, and sather than lose tbs bill, tb ommiMe had
agreed to abandon that lauss. ths report Wa adopted
ly 83 again" ' ' 4 -r-.-v-
From Harper's Ferry.
Bahdt Hour. Md.'. AQCQSt 1 No fariorbint
movemeota have yet taken plaoe. An addi
tional fore ha aa seat to- guard tha- fosd al
HarperM Ferry.' "f- fUlTXJT f-'l
Oa Tuesday n shi ltas roDOrtcl that con
siderable bodies of rebel forager were, within
tlx mile of th terry, wbioh. give sum ta the
suspicion that a much larger body la,h.erof us
than Leesbura. -tj ., .k Kifii.,i,
- Soma thlok Get. Johnston's armjvU q ibs
hots northwest.
Official from Gen. Cox—The Retreat
of Wise—Gen. Cox Occupies the Kanawha
of Wise—Gen. Cox Occupies the Kanawha Gen. Wool to be called into
of Wise—Gen. Cox Occupies the Kanawha Gen. Wool to be called into Active Service.
just received front Gen- Cox, commander of the
WASHisaTOH. ADeuat I. umciai oispatcae
Federal forces on the Kanawha Klver, m ,vir-
fflnlai state that the: K.Dawhai Valley is now
free from rebel, troop. Cox1 rapid pursuit of
Wise's force resulted in ,100 capture ol i,uyu
wuu pi Hiu aiui m .uugi uiyuiia w. guuyvwr
der, left behind by. the enemy, in their, flight
Wise and, bis force' were- completely routed!
there was no cbance for a Dgnt, as tne reoeis re
treated faster than tbe pursuit oould Da mace.
Tbelr force is stated to be 5,000 or 8,000.. .Tbe
enemv burned alt tha bridges in their retreat.
Gen. Cox adds that be ia now fully ocoopjlog
the Vallev. and tbat the people are returning to
their bouses, from, wblcn tbey naa oeeo ariven
oy tno reoeis.. . 1 1 M '. '
Great rejoioiags have bee made on the JC
nawhs river at the retreat of Wise, i .
It is rumored that Gen. Wool is to be called
into active service and- to assume the command
at Fortress Monroe. In place of Gen. Butler;
the latter will, be ordered to co-operate with
Gen. MoClellan.; jit is also reported that ben.
MoCall, 6f Pennsylvania, is to go W Harper's
Ferrv. ' j.ivi .i,'a.
All quiet in tbe Federal caosps ron tne ro
tomaa, last night, ids neavy rains nave rais
ed the stream so that it I Impossible to ford it
[Special to the Tribune.]
CaDt. Rowan, of the Pawnee, has received a
letter from Alexandria, stating tbat tb Confed
erates had taken all the upper worke of tbe
steamer Page, pnt six guns aboard ber, and all
the float . boats on . tbe.. Rappahannock were
brought over to tbe Fotomao. mere is said
to bo a great many at Aqula Creek. The Paw
nee has been ordered to Aquia Creek in oonse-
quence. ' i . ... u
The Government bas arranged with four man
ufactories to bays 60 rifled- cannon turned out
per week. One firm contracts for three' hun
dred made. ' ; ,f rf , .T'f
Sixuen officers of the Garibaldi Guards, dis
satisfied witb experience and incompetency to
discbarge tbeirdutles, have resigned and return
ed to .New York.
Washington. August 1 Prince Napoleon
wili be tbe guest of the French Minister while
nere. n .. - f r n . '! i s f
Mr. General Gaines returned from 'New
Oiteans a-strong Union woman. She considers
toe Southern Confederacy a failure, and each
wtt toe general feeling tbere. -., . : ( v -
Cairo. August 1 Scouts iust In' jeport Jeff.
Tbompsou, with 5 00U lebels, encamped thirty
miiee south ot Bird's Point, . There are 3.000
between Charleston and New Madrid, and 7,000
at tbe latter place. -i-s- -'
, . .v.
Cleveland, 'Aug.-- l.-t- Lieut. Bargees, of
tbe 7ui Kegimeul, the flaindealer's correspon
dent at Buiitown, Virginia, Of tbe 28th, says:
Colonel fjier reached Buiitown that day, and
found that the rebels bas fled. 1 yier advanced
to Flat Woods and the rebels still fled.. Hear
iog tbere that Cox- had driven ' Wise from
Cbarlestown, Tyler-considered him completely
surrounded. .
Rumored Fight between Sigel and
Louisville, Aug. 1 A dUpatch from Nash
ville to tbe Courier says tbat McCulloch had
defeated Sigel in Southern Missouri, killing
9,000 snd losing 600. The report ia not be
lieved at tbe Courier office. ,
' The Richmond Enquirer of the 29th says, a
Pennsylvania regiment-had been-captured, by
tue UJUlederates. - nn- i-;r8 ; - -
J. K. 8tcpheneorr, In a card In the Nashville
Union of this morning, says Judge Catron will
not Undertake to bold the Federal Court at
Nashville again, no .matter what may occur.'.
.. - t r - ! '- I ' - a tev-.r
Nominations for Brigadier Generals.
New York, August 1 The following Oom
Inatione for Brigadier General were sent to the
benate to-day; tbe dates of tb a commissions are
May 17th s. Col. 8amuel P Heintaelmaa, of 4b
17th Infantry; Col. Andrew Porter, of the 16th
Infantay,-the present-Provost Marshal of tb
oiyt; Uol. Wm. U. rranklin, Second infantry;
Col; Chaa. H. StoDe,14th Infantry; 'Lieut.
Col. Thomas W. Sherman! 5th Artillerv; Jo
seph Hooker, of CaUforoiaJind Ulyssus 8.
Grant, of Illinois. ,
Captain in the ' Regular 'Army Frederick
W. Lander, of Virginia; Edward D. Baker, of
Uregooi K. r. Keliv. of Virginia: John A
McClernand, of lllinoia, M. C. from tbat Stat.
[Special to the Post.]
Washinotom, August l.-A lettes from
resident of Washington, now in Riohmond, aay
recruits tor tbe rebel army are amuggied down
the Maryland shore of the Potomac from here,
and are then taken across the river by teasels
in the employ or tbe enemy.;- ;-';'; - "'f '
Cincinnati Market.
"Bmlneu la reneral in ourcltv was to-day slmost eom-
pletely enenrAled. Soma salei of 8ngar wen reported
it tbs Qroean, but ths market is without a aial new
feature. - - - - - - - ' '"-
ILOfJB Ball, and supernns1 could not welt be sold at
over 3S0; extras and family remain nominally a last
quoted. ,. . , , . ,. , ' ' '
WHEAT OodUduss ts bo taken by an eaUid de
mand, at about tbs aaaa ranr of prises last gi ran 70a
far new red; 60e for new wbila. There Is no oM offer
ing. Tbo ajaallty of the le Morally good, son ef
It am rate.. .
i;uivnim at wo.
Ryg Nominally qaottd at 4o
OAl'S Steady at 83er
WHUKY-f at np to-day to ltjio-
UI J.ivi k"i,.t
QmmertUaf ,
CINCINNATI, July 31. Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, August 1. 1861.
CFLO0 esoarroliextraatet'r f
WHEAT Heavy i Sales of 600 kuthols Inferior' red
float at 63c; two oars red on trask at 83o; one ear at 85a;
one car red and whit at 84 and ftto; 450 Saaheli of rod
from etoro at 88o,an4 on car tofeitor new white at 90.
CORN-QaloiatSle. , I Mi I
OaTB Salea or 1 ear at 91c.
BIQHWIN K8-Bales of 100 kbll at USs.
BUrrEK SmilldaalanaoodatSa ,
-jsauo oaieeatoo. ' i . I 5
6UOULDltit8-8ale salted at
mi -i --i.My, hh.Jm
i W. A.' Batehelor'tt Hair Dye!
This splsndld Hair Dy bas a aqual tnstaatanaoas )b
sffecl BeaiiUfal Black v Nabiral Brown no staining
tbe skin or lnjarlcg ue Hair raaaecMaiaaaosar an '
affect of Bad Dyes, aad JnTtgorata !th balr .tor Uf
Boa are swnnin niee signad W Avtcnsiav."
BoIdrverywberaT ttTiT M t.. ,i. a
)yiawl.i.ji,. ci ttarelnaHiwTor..
i Wm.sAvBAtohelor'i -HaiiDyeJo
' The1 OrirfiUf ' ina'Bsst tt "ltd rw&Aa t
AU others are mere TmliaUon, and thoilld Is avoidad
ifyo wish feeaoap rldlcai.' ' JrrRtm; J .jh.-j
' at AT, IT OS tTJBTT HAIB VyadT hMStnib S
beautifDltnd Wstaral Omri ot Basrh, erithoat Injury t
Ilslfor BU.- VI JUiJJ' rtl
Swarded to Wm. A. BaSohalorarac TB3A, and rsasBS.ao
appUcatioaa hav beea mad to th pssr f Us ltrect
of hie huaoos dya, ,. ,. .
WM. A. BATCntLOR'l HAIR DTB arodaewaeol
or not to be distinguished from MtariTeua'ts warranted
aot to lnnre In th least, howerer long It stay be contln-
the nf affaem af Bad tWaaramaW: 'tha Hilt
-v- , .- . -'T ' .W-.
In riio rated for llfs by this splendid Dy.
Sold in all aities ana, towwhf th Unltod I tar, .
rraguaodraDcy (soooaDsalsra, Uilii. ljf.ij
ILTTb Seam heath setae d ifldrsos apoa atotl
plat engrartng o tsar aides o sash koavof "''"
AV. JtAVVUMUVm, woareaa-. .--... i-tr:;
. . , CUABXJih fe ATCHItOB, hoprieW. "
jym miw . ,...-.-.- a naroiay airoot. new aora-
Wtteleastle knel MUtlDAtwr tm
r,?If.:fil,BTJRGH, Pa.
K.P cosiatmtttlry j timm alljdsawsv
, j ras, oiia(ia?ij a
TTT AMTaTO-Me.ortO.8eo easterners to hsrOard
VV mnha-tnarlefuH lenrtb or SimDM -tfa. M
WITT 8 fin Art Pbrofrapfe fiallery, ois Mortk f
tha American Hotel, Oolumpoa, vulo.
islpiiSSu .no
iniBt?: Let, Js;D ,r7
Aa azperieaeed ifaneaad leaaati. rhyaWaa, prsatnli
1 to tb attention of molben, not
s o a mi 'jta vs jitu p,
which areailv fadlitatoa tba oroeeaa of taothlaa. In aafk
oning tbe raaa, Mdoctn all kisamautio will, allai
AU,F4liMdasaMBodisoUoa,aiul(l- ,
Depend tpoolt, mother,' it will give rest to yoartervas
We hay pntayamiauid Uilt artlci tot ove ton yoari,
no van Al, ut AlOfcA-IUJtau AHV !JlUi Ji,ollt,
what w hav never peon, able to say of aay other modi'
AMUS, TO KfrKOT A CCAK, when Uotoly oarS. Mo
or did we know an butane of dlaeatlifaailoa kar anv ana
wbo oaod IV " Da tka eontnry, all are delighted with lis
BpenuioDi.ana epou in term, or eoamenaauoD or lis
magical eteclt aod medical Tlrtues. W speak in thla
matter f WHAT Wl DO KHOW i" after Sea years' expo
almost every Intune where the bifant la tafferlng from
uhd aaa nwDHah -reiier win oe ronna m fifteen or
twenty minotee after the Sy rap is adminletared.
This valnabW preparation If the presort ptton ef on of
ths most BXPE&IKNOBD and BKlLLrrfL nB.sm i.
Mew Kngland. and bu been used witb NEVES IAIL-
It not only relieves the child from sain, oat invfanr
ale ab stomach and bowels, overset acidity, and give
n no eneriy ui we wnoie sysem At Wiu almost ul
stantly reiier j . ai . . v
and overcome obnToisioni, wnich. ff not speedily rem
died, end tn death. Wo bailers It ths BEST and SOB
EPT REMEDY Iff TUB WORLD, in all cases ofOfd
ENTEBI and DIAfiEH(EA 111 CHILDREN, whethe,
It arises from teetbiog, or from any other caose. W
would say to every mother who but child snfferio tram
any of the foregofpg complaints DO NOT LET YOCH
stand between yoo and yoar suffering ehild, and lbs re
lief that will be SURE yee. ABSOLUTELY SUBS to
follow tne use or tnis medicine. If timely used. lull di.
notions for niloi will acoompany oath bottle Nope
genuine onlemtb tec-simile of OURTIS PBRKINH.
New Vork. h an ths ootaii) rrappr. - -Sold
by all Drngglato Utrooghoat th world, ' -:-
Pr -clra-IOfrc-, 13 fettar Street N.f",
An Effective, - Safe and .ZconomicaJ
i ) i . " .Compound, . . .v.'.!,
To its original color withont dyeing, and prerentlrf
. 1 , ' B air from tarninggray.' ,ft
And coring H, ebon than I th least partlSlsof vteUI
I or recaperaUv energy remaining. .
" 'AndaUentanaoasaffection of ths Scalp.
Imparting to it aa animated gloss and arllllaaey, makins
It soft and silky In Its lex tare, an ceasing It to car1
readily.' - ,
lbs great celebrity and Increasing demand for this an.
eq oaled' preparation, convinces tb proprietor that on
trial la only neosasary to aatbty a disosmin public of Iu
superior qualities over any other preparation in as. It
oleanaW the head and scalp from laud raff and other
eulaaeona diseases, causing th hair -to grow luxuriantly
giving it a rich, soft, glossy and flexible appearance, and
also, when the hair I loosening and thinning, it will give
strength and rigor to the roots and restore the growth to
hose part which hare becom bald, oaoaing it to yield a
roan covering 01 nair. ,
-Cher ar hundreds of ladies and gentlemen in New
Tork who bare bad their hair restored by the nse of this
InviirSrator, when all other preparations bars failed, i,.
M. has in his possession loiters Innumerable testifying
to tbs above foots, from parsons of the highest radaecta
biUty. It will effectually prevent tb hair from turning
until the latest period of lite; aad incases where'tha hair
has already changed Ita color, ths ns of the Inrlgorator
will with oerulnlfmtor it to it to its original hue, giv
ing It a dark, glossy appear acoa. As a perfume for the
toilet and a Hair iteatorauva it is particularly recom
mended, baring aa agreeable fragrance; and the great fa
cilities it affords in dressing tha hair, which, when moial
with tha Inrigorator, aaa b dressed -In any required
form so as topressrv it also-whether puUnloria carls;
hence th great demand tor it by th ladies ss a standard
toilet article which none ought to bo without, ths pries
places it witnin tne reacn or an, Ming - - -
-.'V j Only Twenty-Five Cents
per battle, lobs bad at all rerpooUMs Druggists god
I . xenamers.
I. MILLEB would call tbe attention of Parents and
Oaardlans to the nae of bis Inrlgorator, in cases where
Urn children's hair Inclines to be weak. Tbs as of St
(ays the, foundation for igoodKtad of Aair, aa It re
moves any Imparities that may hav beoomo connected
with tha analn. th removal of which Is aooeaaarai both
for th health of tbe child, and tha future .appearaooe ef
IH stair. . .,.,
Oaotiow. Hon genuine without ths facsimile LOtTIS
MILLER being en th owter wrapper; alao, ! SULV
tER'8 HAIR INVIGOBATOR, M. V.f Wows to -ths
glaaaV '
Wholasal Depot, 56 9ey street, and sold by all ths
principal merchants ana Druggists tnrougnont ths world
.Liberal dlaooantto purchasers by tbe quantity. ' - -
' I ales deal re k pimais to tha'Aaaerlaaa rablle my '
whlob. after years of sclentlfla sxperlmentlng, I hart
broashl toperfectioa.' it dyee Blaik or Brown Instantly
withoofinjnry to tb Hair or Skin; warranted th bast
article or toe aiaa in axuKsno. v . - t . j..-,
Depot, ' W$yf. St, New York.
n.nmfactnrer af all klS r
table atai Htatiamary axearm asa--.
tTtme. bAaot irtilla, Uriel mill,
r" atas dec J
A CO. Boattnttttr. '
Onr Portable XntTtae- and fair BUH ":
Wss awarded ths first premloaa ol tM, at tbs. Indiana
gtis. Fair for l'W) nrer Laa As Bodkey'a: ca eooeant ol
Prloe, lightness, simplidt; ecohOm bf fuel
. and superior charaote of lumber sewed.
Our Stationary Bngln wu awarded as lb wuaa fall
th frst premium of SaXW. t '"i
Our Portable Bngln wu awaro- a tne nrss prawn am
BIOS at th Pair at Memphis, Tenn., orar Blandy't Co
wall, Oolombu Machine Co's. , and Bradford (Jo's,
by a oommltte of practical Railroad Engineers."
i - - WUiLARD WARNER, Treuarer,
dooS-dltwlys!.-' - - - - - Newark. Ohio
11 CaraerSarisiK ft; Water St..,
assl Manalbetarars of Brass aad Oompoaitton Outings,.
a fisWhe amis nor o an veaenpuons. . . i4
w- fitrriCIL CUTT1NC. AC
ttokllMV ,
how Loir, .bow sxsro&xa
Trfw. PTTBt.TanitD hi! VflB BATtjiJ. TREA
o Smlaal Weakaeaa, sWjmaI Uability, Nsrroaaaeu.l
aaluritarf laeiavi ae4 Impoianoy, rasalting from
SsH-abnea, lao. By Robs. 1. Uulrarwell, M. IV. . Seat
ndy seel, la alaln aarelop. to any aldrespu
rdd. vecetpt f aw taaaps, by Dr . CUA8. 1.3
LINB.IU!! Bowarst; New fork. PostOfSo BojuKa
Afim. (ffji i'jot J W rlll:3mdAW
" 1Ucy-d .Eight to the pot'Jh
Ipjetaait Belief ! lisp Mr Cenghl
Ci . Prlf f ywair Breatk! ,
L,tJ.di ttiema-tBea year Vwlcet : "":,"'
i:ir, ,,.(!):., , . '
Tbey relieve a Cough instantly. . ..
Tbey dear the Throat. . . . , , . .
Tbey give strength and volume to the voice.
Tbey impart a delicious aroma to the breath.
Tbey are delightful to the taste. '"
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
barm anyone. . ,, . .
I adrlM (very en who' has a Ooogh or a bosky Vole
or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of ths Threat, to gat
a package of my Throat Oonftotloas; tbey will ralhrr .
you Instantly, sad yoo will sgre with me that "they
ft right to tb spot " To ' will Hod tbem very aseful
sod pleasant while trarsllng or attending patilio meet. ,
lags for stilling your Cough r allaying your thirst- It
yj try ons package, I am safe in saying that you will
erer afterwards eonildar them Indispensable.
to will, find them at tb Druggist and Scalar fat - '
; i . , .
ilj tignaturs Is on each package- All others ar
4 package will be sent by mall, prepaid, oa receipt of x
Thirty Cents. i ; - - -
Henry O. Spalding,
eu Sk
By ths nss of then Pills th periodic attack of Jkr
on or Siak iTaodacAs may se prsvanted; and If taken
at rhe commencement of an attack Immediate relleffmm
pain and sickness will be obtained. .
They seldom tail In reaovtnf the Jlauna lad , .
acU to which female ar a sunjaeU ' '
They set gently cpon ths bowels rsBoriog OmSs
lor Literary Jfe, & admit. Delicate female
and all personi atudmtary kabitt, they ar value
u a toaotfe. Imploring th mppettu, giving tons
vtfar t tbs digaetire organs, and restoring ths aatar
slutieity and atrenftb of ths whole ayaum.
, THE CEPHAU0 FILLS ar the result of lung lures
ligation and carefully conducted experiments, baring
been In ns many years, during which tun they hare
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and voder '
lng from Headache, whether originating in the furotms
System or from a deranged ttata of th sioewicJU . .
Tbey ar entirely vegetable la their soarpoaitioa, so
maybe taken at all times with perfect safety without
nuking any change of diet, and t As aossnoe ot aay
dltaorabU kule render It taty to odmMt'tr Mam
eMldrm. .... ,
j BB WABB Of COUNTB arBITl I " ' '..V' -.
Thsgennln bars fits ilgnatuiaa of Henry O Bpeldtng . '
on each Box. . M .', , ',' - , -j
old by Druggists and all other Dealers 1 Mediotnes. . r
A Box will be sent by suit, prepaid, en receipt of the"1
Zzloo9 SO Ooxxta.
AU orders should be addraased to
s ' It Ctdar StrettrNew Vrh.
Vrom th Kxamoer, Norfolk, Va.
Cephalic Pills sooompllsh th object. lor wbioh tbey
war mad, vis.: Ours of headache la all Ita forms. ' ' "
VramlsaBaasaiaar, Nor(alk,ts --, .
Thar bare beea tested br mors thaa a thousand eases
With entire i
from ths Democrat, IU Cloud, Minn. -1
If you are, or hav seen, troubled with lb headache
sand fur a box, (Oephali Pills.) s tbat yo stay bar ,
tbem in ease of an attack. . j .
, J .-- -. . . me .
I from tb AdrerUssr, PrwvMsnca, 1. 1. - i
bs Oephalls Pills ar said to be a remarkably effeotlre ' "
remedy for tb beadacba, and en of th van beat for
tbat very frequent oomplalnt,wMeh hu over bean dts
00 re red. .- , m ; ' ' ,- i I '.
7- from the Western R. R. Oaaetta, Cblcago, Ill.
' W heartily endorse Mr. Ipaaldlna, and his unii rated
0ethali Pills. ,.r:i,,i.,iii,.
' fro Kanawha Valley Btar,aTjmawba,Ta.r,.l1"j'
W ai sur that persons suffering witb tb headache j ..
wh try tbem, will stick t thorn. - '1. ' I I .'.-.J:','
' f ( . '
from tha Southern Path finder, few Orlaaaa, Ls , a , vt
Tiy them I yo that era afflicted, and art srs sur fhau-Hv -your
teMBBonyaan a added to the already Daraeraaa - '
list that hu reeslred beaeBM that as ether medicin can
"' from the St Louis Demoorat. v
The ImsaetM demand for th arttcls tphH Pin'
Is rapidly uwrauing.
from the Basalt, Da Ten port. Iov.
Mr. Spalding waa I aet oeoneel hie nam
Ucle he did aT Sane to onaseas real merit.
i with u ar- )
T-A sing I bottle of. SPaLOUI't PRBPAtlH
OLTJS will an tea time luooataaauailyJI
l e i s
J m-va 1 AJ CabU
I ! tjti "', .. ; i
, Hy A Ititoji n Turn Bavu m."! "
As aocidenU will happen, era aa wB regelated nu
Ule, It Is very desirable to hav
i aheap aad aaa
vanarot way for repairing faraltart, Tqya, Crockery, J
Ti- sp ALDnifl'i prbpabbd dLtn "' ) '.' 2'
Mesa all snob aaa erg eoc Ira. and aa aoasahold oa aSorr
lab without IW , It Isalwas ready. and ap to th sue
Ins point.
V. I. A Brash seesmparlu eaoh saUle. V - (
ssatevii'i ' i, Aadraae, ,. . , -.i.of
Be. o. Cedar luaot. Ham Vork.
''i iti 4
AS oertal anprlncipM penwm rd AttevnpUng t ,
Pilm off on tbs aneaptln( pabllo, Imltatloac of m
RSPARBD 8 LOB, 1 would aaulloa all preens tap,,
ssaia bojora purchasing, aad sea that tlie'ull aa.. ,
Mktbotoidwrapparsalllbnartwinujmseo, '
isrielts, rUHr .! ' , .

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