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(Dl)ii Statesman
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The: Ohio- Statesman New spapcr
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Th aadaralgned will Kit to Ik aiwpralj part U
Otis, BtaMelsaa Sewiptpar TJffic.'' th recent amenity
ira tltA rubllehtrt ef th Statesman ed In Tl
graph, till th tyrannical conduct ag trCistd toward It,
bar tod will station to Impair th aafulaesi of tb
tolly towi, whlit 1 eurhande.. It Injury teas pr
ally, may, pt rbtpt, bt tatuflfd through tb law, but
not wllhoat delay, n Injary ta. Ib party and Uw
principles which, tlx AoImiimm ttpotuasv u Its which
It contends, casn b adjudicated Is t court f. Ml
aasatured by dollar aadeuts; batytUMar not
bt vrlcoho or lost "Sight of. ' At th pnwat thaw, tt
li uaptrttat that a thing thtuld rirra ta lrue
Um ol this OU n aUttbllthed IHmacratl Journal;
idttbio iapettsbts In tbt prestot proprietor I
1m uim tMUltlM, sstrr for tb nplt imow
ut tbt dally Istu ol tb paptr, tby hav thought It ad
viaabtsteoffwitforSAl.1 T-'-v. ."Vl' '
Aa additional Taeaon tor oisriog" th paptr. for wit. J
found la tb fVthHrBnotrlTtb utusasiiji pw
total attention to tbt basin or diurlal department,
wblb ahould b bttowd by tb owor of th est-
Aug. 1, 1631. Pob. Obto Statwmin.
Democratic State Convention.
At a meeting of the Democratic State Cen
teal Committee held in Columbus, on the 6la
diy of July, 1861, it wb ' ;
Retotvtd, That it it expedient to bold a Demo-
oratio State Convention at Columbus, on
- Wednesday Augnit Tito. 1861
ti nominate a Democratic State Ticket, to be
aaooorted at tha October election.
Rttoltxd, further, Tbat all the elector of tbe
State of Ohio, wbo are w Uvorol perpetuating
tbe principlee upoo waioh our union wasiouno
ed, and are convinced that the present State
and National Administration are wbolly In
competent to manage tie government in it
preeeot critical condition, a well a all who are
opposed to toe gross extravagance uuu currup-
lion now ao alarmingly prevalent io pnblio af
faire, be earnestly invited to unite with tbe
Democracy in this hour of oar conn try's peril,
and thus redeem the State, and place iu ad
ministration In competent bands.
Rctclvtd, further, that tho basis of represen
tation in said Convention be one delegate for
every 500 rotes, and an additional delegate for
a fraction of 850 end upwards, cast for Thomas
J. S. Smith, for Supreme Judge at tbe October
election in 1660, and tbat it be recommended
tbat the counties elect their delegates on this
The Democracy of Ohio and all other con
e ervativt Union men, bo are willing to co-operate
with tbem on the above basis, are requested
to meet in their respective counties at suob time
as the local committees may designate, and ap
p)int delegates to the Demoeratio Convention
jo tbe 7th of Aueoet. to nomintte a State
ticket to be supported at Ibe October election
It is presumed tbat no lover of his country
witl require prompting at this time to induce
him to discharge bis duty, and therefore tbe
Committee is impressed with the belief tbat the
counties will eagerly. respond to this call, and
that an imposing Convention will assemble in
Columbus at the time designated above, and
put in nomination ticket of good and true
men, to ba supported for the various 'State of
Sees on the 3d Tuesday in Ootober next.
WM. MOUNT, Chairman.
WM. MOUNT, Chairman. WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary.
County Convention.
Toe Union Democratic; County Convention
will meet at tbt City Hall, at tm o'clock this
morning. It is hoped all tbe delegates will be
In attendanoe,. and tbat good, sound, reliable
Uniun Democrats will be seleoted as delegates
to the State Convention.
Gen McDowell—The Ohio State
From tbe Ohio State Journal of yesterday .
we clip tbe following paragraph:
"All goes to show that the Administration
' and its i nicer are now fearfully la earnest.
Tbat the , drunken stupidity ef McDowell and
l be paltry maneuveringsof Patterson ar to lead
brave troop to defeat and slaughter no more.
tne iioo-neartea old Uenerai is also roused be
yond all former wont. His brave heart baa
sternly resolved that tbe laurels be baa won on
all tbe well-fought battle-fields of bis valorous
life, from the plains of Canada to tbe mountains
of Mexico, shall not be torn from his venerable
brow by tbe vaunting band of treason snd re
From the above, we are advised that the "Ad
ministration and its officer are fsarfully in
earnest." Can it be possible tbat tbey bav
been joking for tbe last fonr months? W
thought when Mr. Lincoln started out in this
matter, on of two things were true, viz, be did
not comprehend tbe magnitude of jh under
taking, or that he wanted to scare the rebels
into submission, end had but a faint "" Idea of
what it required to-even score them.
Th mean flipg at Geo. Ixviif McDowtu Is
scandalous. W bav known hiin from child
hood, and until the battle of Ball Ran we have
never heard it intimated tbat be was even "a
drinking man," much less a dronkard. For
many years be has been under the immediate
eye of Gen. Scott, and if he bad been a drunk
ard, doe any one suppose Geo. Scott would
hav entrusted blm with that important Com
mand? Not for on moment. W feel confi
dent In saying tbat it is a malicious slander. '
W hav aeea enough of tbia. On after
another of bur officer bar been thus slandered
for the purpose of shielding tb Administration
from its capital blunder in this Bull Run battle.
Must tb best men of our army be thus dispar
aged to shield tbe Administration from its just
If oar troop have been led to "defeat and
slaughter," it baa been under orders from the
Commander-in-chief, Abraham iooln, against
th judgment of Scott, and tb fttrt of Gen
McDowtu, thai th odd were too , much
against them. We shall soon expect to hear
tb aW soldier abused, to vindicate Lincolh,
Camkboh ft Company.-' i x
The Administration.
Tbe very best cridenc tbat could Be offered
to f rv th utter incompetency of the Admin-
titration, to manage tb Government in .its pret
est perilous condition, Is tbe strenuous efforts
made by its organs, to charg th aaiserabl
blonder at Bull Run on a portion of th Repub
lic, prs, and Csoeressmen. If tb President
and Cabinet have 'no mor bualosM.'iior us
tbaa to allow Republican newspapers and Cob'
gressmta to plung tbsro into such a disastrous
affair, tbey r utterly unsafe, and Incompetent
to th discharge of the 'dutl devolving ttjoa
them in this crisis. ..
Hancock County, Georgia.
Hancock county, Georgia, cast 775 rot, el
which six hundred were against sseaealon, tad
yst tb county turned out 350 soldier for tb
war. Th black population Is over two to on
in th county. ' '
ST Tb Dsmowatic Stat Convention Ja New
fork, aaeets at Albany on th 8th of August." I
Hancock County, Georgia. Democrats are True to the Government.
;Th late manifest of the' Repa'jlioaa State
Central Committee, begins with tbe statement
tbat "It is the duty of all eitissna in time of
national Derll to lay aside all difference of
BoliUoal opinion, aad- unite' In defease ef the
Government." t
There may be with Republicans, but ther i
sol with Democrats, th i slightest necessity, to
la aside an colltiealesiniott thrv may enter
tain, U order tbat they ma b united' U defense
of the Government. . They stand" pUdgsd by
their fealty to the prtaclplee of Dsmoeracy, by
their love of thecoantry and tbelr attachment
to the Union, to deleod the Consti tntlonal Soy
rnment of th United States against all aUaek
of open or aecret foe. !
Never fin time of national peril" (and the
country has been W peril often sinee tb forma
tion of tha Uoioa) did tbe apposition to tha Ds
mocrscy "lay aside all' difference 6( political
opinion" and qnJU ltm CemocraU "in defease
of tb Government." Th Rep ab lies as mani
fested no such disposition last year when tbe
"national peril" was so Imminent tbat every
patriotic man trembled lor the' future of bis
country. They maintained their aeotional view
and elected their sectional President, reckless
of consequences. ' . , ; ,
. Republicans hare controlled the admioistra
tionof ear Slate Government for -nearly four
years. In th present crisis, hey have so mil'
managed It that the tide of popular Indignation
is turning against thsm, and fully aware ol their
sinking condition, they call upon Democrats
who are and ever hav been for the maintenance
of th Government in all its Constitutional yig
or, to help then retain a portion at least of the
offices. They know that tbe mass of the people
are at heart Democrats, and are now turning
tbelr eyes to that old Constitutional Union party
to save the National and State Govern menu
from th peril in which both are Involved.
If Democrats held any principles adverse to
tbe maintenance of tb Government In Its Con
stitutlonal integrity, tbey might with propriety
be called upon to lay tbem. asld and forever
repudiate tbem. Sat they soorn the Imputation
tbat they hold any such principle. . Let those
wbo ar conscious that they have upon their
tools the stain of Disunion, or are noting with
Disunlonists, North or South, dear their con
science of that political ain, and not aeek to
make Demoorats partakers of their crime.
Mr. Cox's Resolutions.
Tb Republicans appear to be very Indignant
at Mr. Cox for introducing' tbe jesolntlonsj we
published yesterday. For the life of a w can
not imagtn why; unless It be to find fault with
every thing that a Democrat does except shoul
dering a musket and volunteering in tbe army
as a private soldier. . Tbey like, this, and of it
they do not complain. . . " . '' ' -
We do not understand the resolutions that
Mr. Cox propose to Interfere with any war
policy of tb Administration; but not entirely
despairing of saving tbe Union, and being aox
Ions for it, ba ventures to make on mor effort.
We suspect th Republicans are worried at
being compelled to go on tbe record against
them. W say to all such, If you think there
ia no hereafter go on. , ,
If the Democrats want to pleas th Aboil
tionista, let then all go Into the ranks, and
let them do th commanding and contracting,
and then w will hear no complaints but If
you can't do either, then jola the "visible
almlxtur" party, and vote with tbem. '
Mr. Cox's Resolutions. Beecher's "Independent."
The Administration ha chosen the New
York Indtptndtnt to print the publio advertise
ments. It is the bitterest Abolition disunion
paper io th United State. It ia but a pice
oi tb same Abolition spirit that appointed Gro
duos as ConsuJ General to Canada, , u
W snppos tb aew party will sustain this
by rtsstatisis a a part of tb policy of tb Ad
ministration. ' V ,' ' ; '
There Is no direction In which we faxa which
does aot present some positive Impending
evil tbe result or toe Jgnorenoe and partisan
blindnea of tb Republican leader,' Tho it
I universally conceded tbat the slain of Bull
Kan were murdered by tb Wilsons, Itoveloys.
Chandlers, Greeleys, and others of that ilk.
Uticago Timti. ,,'..,. .. .
There la no doubt bat thee men did all ia
tbelr pawer to bring on th disastrous batti of
Bull Run, but th question arises, could thee
men order Gen. Scott to make tb attack? If
not, wbo did? Our cotemporary ot tb Tint
knows tbat Mr. Lincoln Is tb Commander-in-
Chief, and oould bav prevented this murder
which he charge on Wilsok, Lovuor & Co,
Why not plac th responsibility where it be
longs? If oar men had gained a victory, there
would be no loss of men to claim tb credit
"Old All's" great military sagacity would b
landed to th skies.
It any of the recruitiae officers need men. to
an np regiment, tney can procure on Hundred
sturdy fellow at th Custom Hons. These
men ar unemployed at tb Cos ton Heuse; and
sine tbey ar receiving very large salaries, U
Is but fair that tbey ahould eerr tbelr country
in aom way. Let them go to tbe wsr; and let
tbelr pay go oo for the benefit ot their families.
There are several renileatoa in tb revenue
service aow, wbo, last summer, declared that
tbey would do tb fighting if there wa any to
be done. We hav tbelr speech to this effect
Delore us. Vnrur. i.
Tb Cnrier ahould not forget tbat these fel
Iowa fought tbelr battle in tb Wide-Awakea
laat fall. . . .
Col. James B. Steedman.
ssmbws i . . .
While our members of Congress are recom
mending men for Brlradlsr.General, w would
simply suggest, from th name w see men
tioned, at least one eould be much Improved by
substituting that of CoI.Stxxmuh. There ar
few Men better calculated to make a good offi
cer than Stiiedham. He is brave, full of ener
gy, ihtelllgeot, and know how to command men
and preserve their respect and confidence. . .
Hi service In Western Virginia entitle him
to consideration and promotion." J ; ,;' ." ,-
It ia aald that Charles Sumner, th Senator
from this State, wrote a letter to tbe District
Auornev here, a few dava befor th dsfiat of
tb Federal force at Bull Ron, in which h
stated tbat t bad ssea tb President, and af
ter great exertion, bad obtained from blm a
promise tbat be, tbe rresident, wouia give posi
tiv orders to Llsut. General Scott to make ao
Immediate attack Upon tbe position of tb
rtoel torce. 1 tbis KttWMM roit. ,s
' Information has beea received that 8eoator
Wilson and Ben Wsde went to Manasee in a
carriage, each with a rifle, to be boulderd is
cas of a rapid retreat of th enemy, and with
out personal danger. Bat owing to aaexpected
circumstances, th rifles were; neglected aad
lost in th bnrrled flight of thair owaers.
Meet virtu., O Snatori 2fest PM. .r A-,
! " " ' -i
A Nona Anmviaaiar-Th data of th
revert at Ball Ron I tb anniversary cf the
battle at Shrewsbury, in 1403, betweea Henry
IV aad lleorv rercy itiowpur;. - upward of ,
eight thousand person were slain in tbe oa-'F.
. I u. : j
OlOt, turn icuvwhw vmm vi turn mjwmmtm
waa loocntin cgyp. waiv ziss, om aom
n . v s mi. vrtd wt
part defeated Murad and tb other Beys; Cairo
. a a .1 TT t . a .1 t 1 J
nrrandercd to tb French, and th who! pf ;
Lower Egypt submitted to th Com lean.
Col. James B. Steedman. Gen. Scott.
Tie New, York HtrtU publishes a list of Re
publican Senator, which U denominates tb J
oobia Club of th Senate, f They are a fol
lows: ' 'v1
T.8.C Pomeroy, Kansast Jamei Lane,. Kan
sas; Charles Sumner, Massachusetts- John P.
Hale, NeW Ilampthire .Daniel Clark, New
Hampehtff ; Lyman Trumbull, Illinois; ' Z
Chandler Michigan K.S.Bingham, Mloblgani
Benjamia F. Wads, Oblpi Jams A. Doolittle,
WiaooDsln; J. W. Grimes, Iowa- M. S. Wilk
inson, Minnesota! L. M. Merrill, Maine; Wm.
P.- FasMDdea, Maine; Preston ' King, Nsw
York. , ni -3,-. ..
' The Etrtld says of these men:
' It will be observed that the names of Sena
tor Pomeroy and Lane, border ruffians from
Kansas, and Bingham, of Michigan, tak the
Slaoee 6f those or Messrs.: Foot, .Foster and
immoos gentlemen wboss conservative views
entitle tbsm.to this correotloo A the black
list now stand it exhibit -.th- lull roll of lb
Jacobin blub of tb Senate which is responsible
for th disaster-at Bull Ran. "These fanatics,
finding that tbe good sense of th other Sena-
tors preventea mem iron usurping mo pK
of tb Commander-in Chief by formal resolu
tion, worked upon tbe President through private
interviews, tnrougn tneir tDoution ana inoeoai
ary organs here, and through old - Blair and his
ueierous progeny, wbo imagined that they
were In Jackson's time, and could now play at
their old game of bluff and brag.
These parries are responsible for our1 defeat
at Ball Hun; for tney insttgaiea tne m-iimeu,
ill-prepared and Ill-omened advance, and tbe
country wbieh they Imperilled should hold them
to a rigid account for tbelr Ignorant blundering
and presumption. Polittcisns such as these do
harm enough In their own places; but when
they mind their own business, they ar in aom
tori endurable. But when they talk Presi
dent into aednclng our leading General into
suob a fatal advance, they deserve tb utmost
and severest reprobation, mat tney am mis
is andenlable: and it only adds to their Infamy
that thev Drevioualv offered a resolution in cau
sa superseding tbe veteran tiieuienant-uenerai
Scott for inefficiency and dllatorineu", baaing
their resolution, we presume, upon the Tfibunt't
coars-es tbat lien, ncott sympatnizea wun
traitors and was unfitted for bis position by in
oapaeity. Tbe darkness of a caucus meeting
eannot bide suck doings from the publio eye;
sod the Guy Fawkeies, wbo would set the
temple of liberty sfltme, can neither escape
detection nor pnnishment..
The new "Union" or "visible admixture'
advocates, ar called upon to Indorse and sup
port tbe tear plicf didtated and carried on by
suob men as these. - To repudiate them is to
repndlste the policy of the Administration.
Tbey are so odious now that this Republican
party dare not sustain tbem, and as it is im
portent they should bs sustained by some per'
sons, tbe Democrats are invited to do it.
Iowa Democratic Convention.
Tbe Dubuque Herald thus spsaks of tbs plat
form adopted by the State Convention:
Tbe enunciation of faot and of principlee
put forth by tbe Convention challenge contra
diction and scrutiny. - Tbe faot ia declared that
all the troubles In wnicn ibe country is involved
are traceable to tbe promulgation of the fanat
ical sentiment that there can be no peace between
tbe North and South till slavery be abolished;
yet tbat th South should hav sought redress
of It grievance in the Union and through
tbe Constitution, and not by separation aad re
bellion. - Tbat tb Democracy will defend th Union
both against Abolitionism and Secessiontsm,
that it will support th Administration while
the Administration respects th Constitution,
that peac ia tb normal condition of tb Union,
and by peac only can It be preserved; tbat
usurpation of power by tb Executive or by
any officer of the Government I Intolerable aa
leading to despotism; that war will bring
upon the oountry ruinous taxation which ahould
be avoldsd, and that to avert threatened and
impending calamities, peac ahould be restor
ed speedily as possible, consistent with the
honor of the country and th Interest of tb
peopl. - - a
Close Shooting.
Io noticing tb return of one of th Con
necticut Regiments, th Hartford Time saysi
Th Hartford Cornet Band lost all tbeir In
struments. Tbe bass drum was completely
riddled with balls. Mr. , th drummer,
(trapped tbe drum to bis back, and ran with tbe
multitude In tbe retreat from Bull Run, and
three or four Confederates fired at him repeat
edly, riddling the drum, but fortunately miss
lag the drummer. Mr. King, the leader, re
ceived a bullet on the tip ot niarirbt elbow
He was standing behind a big tree for protec
tion, and in routine egalor-t It, on elbow alight.
ly projected jun far ooougb to permit a uoo
federate bullet to grsx It, without hitting tbe
bone.- He was also bit by a bullet dn tbe pock
et, but tb metallic mouth pieces lor lbs lostru
ments being ia tbat pocket, took tbe wbole
fore of tb ball and aaved bis ill, lie Dr Inn
bom a Confederal snare drum as a trophy
His son wa hurt by being run over, In the re
treat, by a run-oarrlaae.
Tbe UantaB for tbe regimental State color
vu shot off aa ths troops retreated from the
Held. . .
The Disbanding of the Party.
A correspondent, in another column of tbis
paper, disposes of some of th grit argument
other for abandoning or disbanding tb
JJemoeratic party attni particular srisi. Any
thing additional on thia aubject might b so per
ilous at this Urn. There is no danger ot any
such thing happening. ' Tb Democracy cannot
disbanded aserely because there I a war up
tbe country I There ia ao occasion lor snob
course. - Tb auggestioa too strongly resem
ble th plan adopted io organizing; a Connecti
cut military company, which "resolved tbat tbe
members disband in eee of war." bucn a pre
cedent ia unworthy of imitation On th part of a
great patriotic Union party. Why aboold a
good and waoieeom luetitution be broken up
th very time when tbe need for It is more
self evident than aver?. It seems strange that
good men should consider It necessary to aban
don a true and genuine Union organization In
order to sustain aad preserve tbe Uolon.. We
aot in for a mixed up Union party, com pos
ed ia part of bogus Union polltioian. If tb
Dsmoeracy of the North were ever right in
tbeir honest principle tby ar right yet and
correct principle bould never be abandoned
especially while they remain perfectly consist
with th popular wish and demand for the
preservation of the Union.- But more of tills
hereafter, if necessary lfAMi ffmlisel. "
Thdt la th soundest kind of talk, and will ba
responded to by every true Union Dsmoorat ia
Ohio. , If the Republieaa Committee ar aatla
Had, that tb principle of tbeir party ar In-
eompstibl with tb existence of tbe Union of
State, and that th peopl will so decide
tb Batter ia submitted to tbem this fall,
then they did right In disbanding it. For our
selves, we ar not of th belief that this i th
cast with tb Democracy therefor we see no
reason to .dealr our party dlsrJanded. "If w
wr ever right w"r right now..'.Tbey
war alfaye wrong and the condition of .the
country proves It oneloaivlly. ;
jit I -ii M
It I aald that while Senator Wilson weaaaak
his maaterly rtrat la Virginia, oa being
repulsed by a teamster who wegoa he sought
occupy o protested, u piainur accents,
that b wad Henry WUaoa. of MsasaohaMtta.
res poos of th teamster was to tbe point
"Hnry Wilson b d i. , I bar kicked blm off
wagon six times already." BUm Pit,
..No state of Iblngs Oxespt Know-Nothlagls
ould ever have brought tbil fellow Into th
8nati to disgrace tb teat one ocoopled by
DAMICL VVUJTia .,. , , ... ni
Clermont County.
Tb following ar those ale led a deWttos
from Clermont county to tb Democrat! Ula
Cooveationi M. H. Davit, Henry Gattber,
rinoacarjoen,ury. mi; atoa.
. Roudebush, Heavy Morgea; David Kir
nn a A u .1 f i . .
gae, ifiuiB,nnwnri "( awoey, Ut
P. Emery. J- H. finaeb. Dr. t. Kenafdr
Eseklel Lackwoed, J. . Griffith, Was. T. Gil.
Alien, Posey Cbaidia, lwee CUtaa, Jr,
Wat Roudebutb, O. t. . Tm.
Gen. McClellan's Discipline.
The following order baa just been promulgat
a: . ;.t ; ; ;,. , A. t-,
WASHINGTON, July 30, 1861.
Th General commanding tb Division bss
with moon recret observed that lew numbers
of officers and men stationed in tbe vicinity of
Washington, are la tb habit of frequenting tbe
street end hotels of tb oily w This praotio la
eminently prejudicial to good order and mil-
ivary Tiiscipiin, and must- at one o uisoou
tinued. x r.-.-i'-'r
Tbe time and services of all persons conneot
d with this division should be devoted to their
aoDronrlate duties with their reeDeotlr com
mend, It is therefore directed tbat hereafter
no officer or soldier be allowed to absent him
self from his camp and visit Washington, ex
cept for the performance of torn publio duty,
or tne transaction of Important private business,
for wblcb purposes written permit will be given
by the commanders of brlgsdes, The permit
will state tbe object of the visit. Brigade com
mander will b beld responsible for tbe strict
execution ot this orders -
Col. Andrew Porter of the 16th." U. 8. In
fantry is detailed for temporary duty as Provost
Marshal in Washington, and will be obeyed and
respected accordingly." Col. Porter will report
in person at these headquarters tor instructions.
Assistant Adjutant General.
Additional from the Late Battle
Field—The Killed and Wounded
Number of Prisoners—The Confederate
Army—Affairs at Washington
Army—Affairs at Washington etc.
We copy tbe following from tbe WashiDgton
Hfrt .. . '....r.'.-r :. . -,.
Edward P. Dohertv. of comoanv A. SflntT
First New York Regiment, with Cant. Allen.
of tbe Eleventh Regiment of Massachusetts.
arrived here this morning, having made their
escape irom ujji nun, wnere they bad been
niu a pnioner. iney wanea all tbe wav
getting past the enemy's sentries by a clever
rase, and then, guided by tb moon at nloht
aod tb sun by day, made their way to this city
by a circuitous route, striking tbe Potomao as
high as Leotburg. Tbey were examined before
tne a unitary committee to-dav. aa to tha eondi
tion of our wounded at tbe hospitals of the ene
my. They state that the report Of a hospital
beinr burned with our wounded in It. h th
n .-j . i . ., ' .71 "
wuuicuerB, u srrvaoou. ana lev mat th in.
feiing are well cared for by tbe enemy. There
were xou wounoea soldiers at tho Studley
Church hospital. Tbe Confederate claim to
bar from twelve to fifteen hundred federal
prisoners, forty-two of wbom are officers. Held.
iiue ana sun, ana twelve or our medical staff.
They also claim to have taken fortv.two nlenu
of our artillery.
in umtederateasar tbat from 1.800 to 3 000
were xtiiea or onr men. Two regiment hid
oeen ueuuiea to oury to aeea. They would
not, however, bury tbe dead of tha Hth New
xork regiment (Zouave;, 150 In number.
Ibey say on tbe other side, tbat thev hava a
force of 10,000 at Csnlreville, 10,000 at Fairfax,
with cavalry la large force, at Leesburg one
egiucoi, ana me same ai sou a mills.- .
Ibey talk about an advance on Washington.
and say they intend to oross tbe Potom so seven
teen miles above Washington. :. .
rar. Dohertv ssys be saw lour cart load of
small arms thrown away by our men, pass by
bis prison quarters, picked up by tb Confeder
ates. Tbe soluiers of the enemy were also
equipping themselves largely with tbe clothing,
blankets, knapascks, etc., ot our soldiers, found
upon ths battle-field. Th Confederates boast
ed Ibat tbey bad a big trap laid for oar army If
it bad got to lb Janttlon. They bad 80.000
men there on Sunday, and would have bad
10,000 men more from Richmond but for an
accident to tbe train, by which tbey could aot
get up In season. The engineer of the train
was shot as ft traitor, tbey believing thai the
cars were run off purposely by hiau There la a
scarcity of provisions at Manassas, especially
Of flour. , . r . -
Another authority says that son of th vol.
unteers from Baltimore were killed.
An Incident of the Bull Run Fight.
T th Editor of tkt iVets York 2Wli :
Tb loUowing incident, detailed by an actor
in tb scene, la so creditable to the parties, par
ticularly to tbe Fire Zauavea, that Its insertion
in tbe Timtt i asked for in consideration fnt
tb lam of th gallant men who participated in
tb affair: - r 1
Sbortiy after the Parrot t rifled 30-pounder fell
into th bands of the enemv.GenMcDowell
role up, unattended by any of the officer of
ois stair, to ue oetaohraentoi Marines under
the command of Major Zeilen, and said, "Ma
rines, I want you to bring In that gun,'.' pointing
towards the 30-pounder. At the word Major
Zeilen formed his men for a charge, and ruebed
forward. ' On nearlng tbe gun they were receiv
eo oy men a aneet ot are that tbey were com
pelled to retire to reform under shelter, having
met with considerable Io. A second time tbey
were iea orwara nv tneir omser ana reDii inert
in Ibe same manner, with greater loss, and fore.
a to eex oeiter again. Mere, on reforming,
not more than twenty men were found available
lor a third attempt. While waiting for a third
Onset, a group of about twentv Zjnaves. who
seemed to take In tbe dilemma of Major Zsllen,
ran up to blm and gaily said to blm. Come,
Captain, we'll help yon this time." Another
charge then but with
Many of th Marines and several of the Zinavea
fell under tbe murderous fire. Maior Zsilen him.
self being wouuded above tbe elbow by a shot
was vore away part of ms coat ovsr tb breast
Headquarters Ohio Militia.
Headquarters Ohio Militia. ADJUTANT-GENERAL'S OFFICE.
Columbus, Aug, 2, 1861.
Th Adjutant General ot Ohio requests that
each ot the commiasioaed offioer of th 11,
fid, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, ltith, 19th, SOtb,
81st and 921 Regiments, Ohio volunteers, send
to blm without delay nl postouiM address. Im
portent business frequently require oommuni
cations to ba aent to tbem from this office, and
unless tb desired information Is obtalaed. tbe
Interest or tbe service and frequently their own
private interest will suffer.
Newspapers throughout the Stat will confer
favor on many or tbeir friend by calling at
tention to tbis notice.- - - - ?
Adjutant-General Ohio.
Militabt ArroiMTMtMT. Captain Thomas H.
Ford, of our city, has received the appointment
Lionel ot tb wd Kegimenl Ublo Volun
teers, and ba opened a recruiting office In
Mansfield for 1000 volunteers. Her la a fin
cbanc lor young men who wish to serve their
oountry under a good, experienced aad humane
officer. . Col. Ford ha appointed Mr. E. H.
8weeney, 1st of Georgia, Lieut. Colonel, and
by the way, en ot the beet appointment in
Ublo, a Col. Sweeney graduated at tbe West
Point Military Academy with tb highest hon
ors, and in the asm clae with Beauregard and
sioteerBDB. n u a native oi mansueia, ana
the son of th let Dr. D. J. Sweeney, of tbis
olty. . . . -. ' - i ' " -.
Col. ford bat also appointed ut. liewetl,
Mt, Gilead, Major. Tbl. alio, I an ex
cellent appointment. W predict tbat Colonel
Ford' Will be one of tb crack regiment of
Unio, oAtttd ej HtntuT' ..... :; t
Tb Chicago Tribnn mtke th following
report aa to tb condition ol tn nwiy nivet
crop: . . ,. it .'. n t 't
With retard to tbe yield of wheat this year,
account differ very materially, but this rnneh is
certain It feu not been damaged to any great
extent, either by rust or blight, and tbe proba
bility i that there will be nearly, If not quite,
average crop. Tbe winter wheat thresh
ing outwtll, aod wa ae aceoant front tsctioni
where it will average tweaty-five to thirty boab
1 to tb aor la otbar plaeee, Afteea to twenty
bushels. Tb quality, loo, 1 excellent. 7 Tb
corn crop look well, aad promise a grat yield
tb central and aontbera portion oi OUnoisi
while In tbe northern part of tb Stat and ia
Wisconsin, It is thriving, though somewhat let.
oat crf I good, bat tbe breadth sown was
tbaa last jeer, r Baslar I a 10 light, bnt It
will "''.'-;;'"" ? w r-' :Vs':llwu
aw awid, in.
... .'. f,T',
AiirvaLOf Akotms FsmcbT Wa Vissw.-
Tae French wsr steamer Cstlnet, Com.Febres,
arrived froat Brest, wbeo she tailed June 17,
Halifax Jaly 97. Tb C. 1 a side beel
yensel, of 4U0 tons, earrjlog eight guns and 179
en. , iwji . ta ( .1 'v i.f.
t, mm 11 . , ? a
Tt KsotBckr ettaU lctioa take plac nsit
Monday. ;
More Southern Accounts of the
More Southern Accounts of the Battle
[Correspondence Petersburg Express.]
. Our regiment by this time bad eome lp reach
fofth enemy's cannon.The" balls fell before
ana oehlnd us, but ao damage was done.
We now threw our knapsaoks away to engage
In a hand to hand fight. We ran to the point
Advancing In front of the cannon, we got with
in musket shot of our enemy, and ell to. the
ground, baring a alight mound to protect oa.
Had we been standing, scarcely one would have
been left.. Twloe did th cannon ball throw
dirt upon me, and musket balls whistled, by the
hundred within a few Inches of my head.. Sev
eral of pur regiment (18th Virginia) were kill
ed, bnt tbe exact number I know not. Yqung
Hatchett was wounded, hot. not' serlouBly, the
ball entering hi leg. 1 Men .would-rats tbeir
heads a few Inches from -the .ground to peep,
and several times were shot in that position.
Men lei 1 on rnvrirhl and lft.:-'l!;".'"'. .."'""
W remained about ten minutes receiving
tbe enemv' fire, and were not allowed to re
tarn fire. ' Tbe command to fire" came at last,
We rose and fired with deadly effect upon -onr
foes W rushed forward to tb top or th bill
and fired again: also a third timer ' Now for
tb first time tbe foehegan to retire In a ruq
and great disorder. 1 think tbat a great ma
jority of the regiment upon wuloh we fired were
killed. - JNo boasting, liod ioroia: to mm an
praise Is due. At our approach the enemy 'left
an excellent Titled batterr, mannea oy regulars,
in our hands; Tbey fonght until all tbelr
bones were killed, and nearly every man. we
were now left victors of the field and started In
pursuit of th foe. We followed them .for a
mile or so, and were then brought back, within
a mile of Manassas, marching at blent -a ai
tancs of six or seven miles. The fight lasted
eitrht hours from nine to five. -. ;
You cannot desoiibe tbe horrors of th fight.
Noise and confusion of many kinds prevailed
the firing of cannon, tb discharge of musketry,
tb whlziing of balls, tne bursting oi nomDs,
tbe roar of artillery, the tramp oi norses, tns
advance of Infantry, tha shouts of the conquer
Ing, the groans of the dying, the shrieks of tbe
wounded, luge numoers ot ma oeaa mug oa
tbe ground, the crying of the wounded by scores,
and all enveloped in a dark cloud of smoke, all
go to make one vast spectacle of norrors sucn
as I never wish to see sgain or hear. Many
were the dead and wounded over which 1. was
lorcsd to pass botb of our men and our foes.
Oh, how I wanted to aid tbem bat could not.
The fight was desperate. Tbe enemy succeed
ed in carrying oil hundreds of their dead, but
left many behind. Our cavalry, who pursued
them in tbe direction of Centreville, report the
road strewn with dead and wounded. ;
Our enemies are not cowards.' Many men
were found with bayonets In them, some side
by aide, each with bis bayonet in tbe other.-
Certainly this was the worst of tbe fight. Gen.
Beauregard, wbo commanded in person, told us
tbat be would depend principally upon the bayo
net. Gen. B. cheered us as we advanced, and
our loud cheers In return 'were said to bav
frightened th enemy. ' - ' -
Treasury. Departm't, Aug..l, 1861.
Winnie t inn lAi
J srsatary si th close el kasinti, July.II, ltxl.
fialaoe 0nral Rvno Van! 17.74 57
taking rand lie 117 67
BUI COnaion BchotlVand 143,1V9 90
District School Llorary " ... S3 66
Bank Bwltmptlon - i.. 1,331 30
national Koad . f .. v 4 11
SpsrecDt, - : 'x,....,., IB Ot
Seneca Oo. Buk . - '. .......... 1,189
Olty Bank Olncinnatl H 1,066 IS
OanUBsakCUnlan " '.....,..'.' 1,M 13
Balaac la Treasury ......r.....iJ,370 77
abort named balance ooniUta of tbt fol-
lowing Items: - , . . .
Currency $74,481 OS v .
Byuotn.... VI. 834 76
X. Jtxcnaog. WSS7 01 '
Oompit Oft, etc., In transit for ....... .
'oonecuon ... I7.SW C8
Due from frttao It. Banks... BUI 95" r
National Boad stock 60 37 SSS3370 Tl
K. If, TATLBB, And. cf Stat. .
au3-lt-- ; "T";r
The Court . of Common ' Pleas;
Franklin County, . Ohio.
Joterb TJenrr BrrekenrlJre.
y BrrekenrlJfe, - 1
, Moabl. Brltton, ' I
rtM Bbraai tt a). .' ') -
oy nit uuaraian, i
Bale In partition.
X. tht laid Ooort to mt directed, I wilt offer for salt
public auction, at tha door f th. Court Bout In
tne cliy ol uoiuiatjue, on . 1 , -
Saturday, the 14th day of. September," 18G1,
btteeen the boars of 13 o'clock ni., and 8 o'clock p.
at., the following dttcribed real aatate, aituatt In the
ooantv of Imnklin. and Btatt of Ohio: . 1 . ...
Beglnnloe at Ibt M. W. eomtr of said Iraotof 138
tarea tnd J poles, in tot petition and writ of nartl.
tioa deeerlbtd, and running thtnot with 'bt north lint
aald tract N. 64,'deg. 30 min. B. 146X poles Io a poet
int center 01 in road, n . . corner to aald traot;
thtnot with tbt road S. 37 dag. 30mlo. I. pole, u
pottin tha road; theoee B. 61 dag. 30 min. B. lit 3-lC0
paltt to a poet In tne wett lint of aald 13J acres and 43X
poitt: theaot tt. 9i W. 4I polet to tbt brilnnlng, con.
talnlbg 39 acre. Subject to the dower e.iat ot B II ta
bs th A. Dajntudt on 11 tart of aaid traot.: '
Apprauwd al $30 BS 100 per acre.
OBO. W. HtyPiliN, nbtrid,,
Prlnttr'sfees, 96 00.
au3-ltdwtd. " '.
Probate Notice.
Settlement of Accounts,
been Bled In tb Probst Court of franklin county,
Ohio, and will bt board for settlement on Wtdnttday,
the SSihday of Anguat, A. D 1861, to wll: .. ,:
Tbe float account of 0. 8. Innlt. guardian of. Mtrgs.
Ware ham; Ih final account of I.. Bnnn, guardian
John II. (sharp; th Bnat account ot John P. Brack,
admr. of Philip Bcbwllk, dee'd ; lb final account of
Thomas Bell, admr. with will annexed of Susannah
Turner, deo'd; tht final account of Bophla M. Wetter
nil Hiuiuujtpunnaiw anal , nvvNTm
tt. W..i.r..lU tha lul wnnl mi fl.lU. fl.nnn.
raardlan of Kiebard M., Samuel e., Mary B. and Susan
uarton: in ant account, or ueon Beoalaman,
admr. of John Utmsr, dec ; tht Brat momuI ol Or
aotrlr. suardlan ofOitn Ii. Bberlrs th first 0'
count of Henrr Bldtnour. admr. f Baiattl Kramer.
dee'd; tbe Bret account or David mayden. auardlaa or
btirt of at. Balibury, dee'd; th first account of
tlcaataman, gaardlaa of ih minor heirs ot Jail
Bcnauman.acc a; in nrst account oi at. v. Keif
winder, guardian of f ranois H. Mtiawender; tht first
account of J. W . Ilowarvl, rtturdlan of William Walton
tht first aocoant of Oalitla Carton, guardian of
tiamti,!. b. varton. . . .
4 H. B. AlBEBY, ;
sagSJltwl. ' ' ' . ' v" Probst Jadg. ,
0B1VBD at th-Offl;t of th Beortlary of Biats,
ntll (., i : j. J. ,- ,
Monday, tbe 2d dsy of Ssptetttbar tilxt, at 12
,0'ClOCIt Jl., . , . , ,, ,
furnishing fh Btat ot Ohio with Fuel, at follows:
80,000 Bushels of Cokt, Io weigh aot It tbaa 40
pounds to th bushd. "
10,000 Bntbal Coal, to bt of th best quslity equal
at nasi w u lower Ytiuoi uwtiag voatana m
from elate, aliok and dirt, , ,,j ,,,
Tha f aal to ba Sal I rare, without rharz for Mob da-
lirery, at tu Btat aloaa ta vtBmou. , ' r .j .
ProDaaala to bt aeoomoanM by amplt. aad to total
the kind, quality aod prlo Of tb fuel proposed to bt
lack aoolraotor will b iiulred It gtr bands, with
approved etearity, la double Ih asaount of ta oa-
tract, waaiuoaM lot ta rauorai panormtw ei lit
oontraat. ' : - .- ,o wt. a
Tha aids to bt mad aad th contracts to b awarded la
aceordaiMt with Use tarma nl tb act Mlitle "An aot t
rid for lb parahatt of Stationary, foal, aad ether
aruciet lor in ueneral Assembly ana iat trmotre,"
paased March 11, 18, Be . fiwaa js y Btat. 86;
Ourw. SlSO. ' j ..'.,, ..arl.- irn,
Bids t be todorttd on lb tavtloM.jl'f ropotilt for
farnlahlng fuel for tht Btatt." . . ..
f ut 1 furnlthtd by tbt contractor taut In all oases
eo.ua! la quality to tb twmpl. TM rvlf viil U
, , . r , . Baerttary tt Btat,
Columbus. Obld, August 9, 1801 did.'
Examinations cf Curgeoris.
Ibt purpt ef txamlnlng Surgeons and Snrnton'S
statH tt tht V. v. at., at ut nan or tnt ttoimtoi jt
retantallvtt, ta Ih eity Of uolamou, oa XUBBDA
August l. oMMning at S dock p
Mot bnt man
- - - ' r ' ,1
Md 0nrv.tnraaoi
Males of Sy tare' ixsuImmm' All r feqaired to bt
a . .., , tlwul
leal imdaalasrln goad ta(dlagaiM Bednai Mn.
esllmaiisg exptnaoct, tw yeart are allowed for
year of hoepltal aiteudana,' CwUBcates (artriag
prerequUita anuat bt filed with th Betrtitqr&i.,
tht otodulatt Will b tdmltttd te tsanlaatlcn. m
lib) booed thKaouo wlUb rolvd aaaaaaam
ollltirt Of Inquiry.
. n. uaan-igw, Eeo'y.
In. cma Itatukas: Pla announds la your pa
jr that many of the voter of th aorthetn part of this
county deilr to bavs Oan. Orlswold, el Ibarod town-
sblp.-tor car next Beprntstlv.
Justice of the Peace.
iDtroB liATiawir.r: '-'' T-? -''.T-J-
fleassnoBnm aiasean41datafV reeteetWa to
th offio ( lostie of 'the Paevat tlonlgomery town.
Justice of the Peace. WM. L. HEYL.
'- a M"?To Pavers. r"""':.V
iatnl Ohio Lunatic Asviam until aoon of MON
DAY, AUG. 6th, for nndln mattrlals, and gradlDf,
enrMna and navlnt th aidawaUt la front of tb asjlua
grounds, on Droad stmt. Tha grading to b to the line
required by the Olty Oounall. Ih corblng to bs of
good sound UmaitoM, four inches twot, an nammer
dresacd, tach ston to be at laaat two feat long and 18
Inches vidt for at least th aa fourthi of Its lnth. The
brick to ba hard and well burnt, kid In and, ana la
HtrrinQ-bmt style. The work to bs completed by ths
flrat of Oatohat next, and whan don snblaot to tbt In
spection and acceptance of tb Reaidsnt imateas.. Tha
bid to tvactry price f curbing per foot, running meas-
ura, ana ins paving par square ysra.inoinaing graamg.
. lySBald- f, ,n . -A.HILM, Sunt.-
OBlVCDat the Offlca of tb Becratary ol State,
'" . . -.
tbe Sd day of September' heitat
i ' ' . uwu, . .. , . . I
lor furnishing paper Jtr tb ut of tb Stat ol Ohio, as
tiOOO Beams Double Super Boyal Printing Piper, S7
by SI inoha, to weigh aot leas than 98 poundsito tb
' ream.
100 HaamsDoublalUt Oap, 16 by 87 laches, to Weigh
at least Ut pounds loins ream.
100 Raams Broohur Oovar Paper, assorted colors, (0
i by B7 Inches, to wlgh at least 118 pound to th ream.
Tb quantities abore named to be Increased at tbt op.
Hon of th Becratary of Btat.- - .
, Bid must b aoeompanied by samples of th paper,
and mutt specify tb prlo at which each kind and quali.
ty will bt dtllverad at lb Btat Hons In Columbus.
no samples of aa Interior article need be praaenttd; tbt
paper mutt bt of tb beat qua lty.
i Tb delivery of th Super Boral and Oorer Ptntr to
eommtnot oa th Bnt ol Noramber next ensuing, an
oonunusa lb paper shall be needed. i J '
Tb delivery of th Double Plat Cap to commence oh
tb Brat day of Deoambernext, and continue tt abort.
Bonds, with approved security In double the amount of
tne otnuaoa. will ot rvouir (aceomicc to taw), oondl-
tlontd for th faithful Dtrformanot of tach contract.
Tha bids to be made and ibt aontraott awarded la ac
cordance with th term of tb -act to provid for the
purenas or station ry, rati, anaotnar aruciet for th
ueneral Assembly and Btat Ufflcti," put March 11
iw3. mm uorw. hiimi wan' But. sot). - -
Bids to bs lodorstd on Ih envelopes. ,'ProDOsals for
farniahini Dtntr for tbt Btat."' j
tiiaaa ra ar aaaurea that ao paper will b reottvM
uniea u conrormt in erery respect with tne (ample
ii provision viiu eonrxcuy aantroa to. , .
, A. r. HUSBSLIi,
. . Beortlary of Btat,
Columbus, Ohio, August lftll-dui
" ' ' - - ' ' " '
: ' " ' ' WRITS WHEAT PtOTTB (Best Brands. j
Frenoh and Tarkiih Prunes, Figi,;, ' .'
: I
Zante Curranti and Baiiina.
r T
For tale wholesale and retail by . v -' '
I '"" ' ''" '. '"WtB. EBSTIEACX, "
JlyM. ".. 'w.. "xi 'i 100 S)Ua Bigb ltrt.
Omcsor TmOottaistJorator tbi Bunrtw loitni''.''
or ti 8tt or Ohio.
Cotoatcrs, JnlySO, 1?1.
TBI Star of Ohio desires to borrow on million tnd
llrt hundred Iboustod dollara, and Io that tnd tht
CoDunlaalosera of th Sinking fund of th Btat, under
th authority of an act of th Oenaral Assembly, will re
ettv waled propoxate at thttr-ofllct in lb oil of Co
lumbua. uatll 1! o'clock, M.fof tba3J day-iof august,
and at tbt aieocy ol th Btat, No. SS William street. In
th city ot Haw Xork, Basil la o'olot. al., ar tht 7th
dayol augnst next, lor tb purchaa of 1,500.000 o(
th funded and Erglsttrad debt of the Btat, bearing
Interest from tbt Oral daj ot Aoruir, lt6l, at Ibt rata
ol all per cent, ptr annum. Bide will b KCtirtd lor
liber of th foUowlnt cUtiet of ttockt; '
' 1st. Oertifieatt redeemable at the Ptate Treasury In
tht olty of Oolumbnt, July 1st, 1BCA, tha lntreit paya
ble ttml annually lb ftntday of Hay and th Bnt day
f Hovembcr la each rear, at tb Btat Treasury.
34.- CerttnoaUa radetnablt at tht agency of th Btat
Ih the cltjof New York, July lat, 1860, th lottreat par
able eeml-annually, tht flrat day of January and tht Brat
Car of Jul In tacb rear at eata aiency .
Back pronoaal anutt ttat diatlnctlr for which of thee
claatet of eortl flea tea It Ja mad, tht amount ot either
wnicn is aeiirea, ana tot pnee ror etcn on hundred dol
itrt or tacn slat propotee to b taku. In sat any
proposal shall not deaignata lhacliat of etock eelrtJ
by tb bidder. H ahall b daamad to have beta payable
wnr ine ma it ractirea. i -. : . : ''
, Bo oondittonal bad, or bid not abtolnt la its terms,
Will b oonaidared. ... i , .
Pcyasant of th amount of th rttptcttv bids noslved
la Hew Vork, muat b mad at th But Agency within
Ure daji after th acaepUnot thtrtof aad of tb bids
Retired at Colombo, within tan dare after tbe accept
anot thereof) at - hlcb Uuue the proper Ctrtlfioatet will
urn rauy lor ueiiTory.
. Certificates, parable it th State Treasury, will be Is
sued to snmt of tioo and upward; aod thoae payable In
New York will be issued In tarns of 500 and upward
Th Oertlflcate will be payable, unconditionally, Jaljr
i, loon, ana are, sy intact authoruing th loan, axempt-
irvni nxauoa of id Dial. . -
Propoaals lor tt loan Bust bt tnolowd In a sealed a
jelopc, and tddrttted to "Tb Commissioner tX lb
binking Fund," at Oolumbcs, Ohio, or at No. S3 Wil
liam street, New York, and Indorsed "Proposals for Ohio
1 B. W. TA-YtBR, Andltot ef 8tat,
' .If. VTTJDVl O . - u . .
I. .. JAMES MCRBaY, Attorney General, ,
I Oommlasiontr of th Binking fund -
.Jle23-dtaug3 . t otth Stat of Ohio.
r I BI 'WHAT'S IIY A JtAlffEl"
Tb numerous kind Of adulttrattd and annriona 1UU
Sratni for lala la tha markat llh mtillMlln.
" ,0 Stl 1 U BtHtt,. With CapUVt(ng Dam,
' inn, uuui pacieee wnua pirvngta ana purity ar
wanting. , James Pyle's Dletttlo ba both strength sad
purity, and Is truly valuable, Depot 345 Washington
ttrett, New Tork. Bold by Grocer everywhere.
HEALTH, Tbe blood most bt purified, and all med-
Icln ar astlet wblcb do not post th quality bf
llmuiattog tb blood to ditoharg ibt imparl tits lot th
bow It, BiAMiRrra' Pius possess this quality In. -a
blgb degree, and should bt In every family Tbey r
squally useful for children and adult-adapted t both
stxes, and art a Innocent u bread, yet nor rr rvnn
as a mniciM.
Tbe Hon. Jacob Byr, of BprlngviH. lod.i Wrlle
to Dr. Brandretb, under dat of May 11, 1801,
"I bar nscd your Invalnabl Ter table Unirsrsal
Pill In my family lnc lKUt tbey hav alway aared,
tven wbtn other medicine wart of no avail. I bav
been tht meant of my neighbor nalng hundreds f dor
lara worth, aad X am satisfied they bav received a
thousand ptr oent. la blttted htallb, through thair na
They trt used in this region for Bilious and Llnr IHc
aaiaa, fever and Ague, and all rhaumatlo oa with tb
moat perfect tuccta. Ia faot. thav ar tha mat rail.
ene la ticks eaa, and I trutt year vnrabl lift atay bt
laog tnartd la prcpax so excellent a medicine for tb
at ot man. . w . - ;.-..
Fleas tend m tb lowest prlc by tb gross.'
Bold by Joan B. Cook, Druggist, Columbus, and by
v,.. 'i u.-f, -j KtM
Jlylsdawlmo. . ...,-.- j..w M
In all oases of oottlvtnatt, djnpeptia, klUloa and Hvm
affections, pile, ibtumatuna, ftrtrt and agaat, itatt
aal bead aches, and all gtntral ilsisimmalt ef ataltb
thaa PI1U hav InvarUbly prored eartarn aad tpttdy
rssvedy . A nngl trial wm ptto tb LIT Fill beyond
th nach ofcompetUlon In the MtlmaUoa of evtrypa-
Hsata ?f .1. J . f jtm-M-.rl .rI tWc'UH '
Pr.Mofsl'tEbcnlxBiltwiaiM Ibtni fliryf
icaaiout in aUtaMaaVjatrrM debtUty, aympala; Bd
acht, tb deknet iaeideiyt to fannies ID delicate health.
an rtry una ei wtainaag ol. thtajgttwTa .oigaaa.
For sal by Dr. W.B. MOffAI, V BwMdwar,
and by aU DragntkK ' t-oev'!-"; ;0AySft(Xy,ii
1 ! . 1 u iia.iiil 'IS' Ml I n I ii I
The followtej "M;t9"rtftW ftonf j
kt4rwrUtntTy tb luv. J. f. Holm; PMtor el the
ntnliil-0itH BpiiH Chnrcli Brpoklyit, N T.,to
J ttraaaWrfaitl CI I n4 n ma H Cm. . am4 atllSaaVai
IW' - - tfinisU lOUPi-awrWUi,, Wmvstjwi-. mtjmi
-vetttWlanHd Mdklna, Hu.
t Mitfiffili flamamTMiM
"Wktetao dvrtrrnenJn yoar ooloaaa. jtKaa
Wtmuw's Booth ma Bur. Vow w never aald a word
. - - MwlUn. In nr.
tm.vw ... , - -
i MaUad aa-aa a teal laaSeis that tbia la nb hum
bMr wa a, r, w-m)w -rr we ss'iu. nr
uiat. It notably aetofth moat tucossa fnl madl-
inn of lb day, becaaa M 1 on of tht bast. Aadtbttt
your raadara who hart bablea oan't do better than ..
In supply.". ec7:lydaw
Efbj29 South Sigh Street, Colombus,
i ll now orrKBina
I. 8000 ytrdt Ziartung Dress Oood at SHt valaa,
j... rcwrnta. . '
SajTjymrxU Traveling Dress Ooods atlSX, va'o M tt
WW ytros angliaa naracea at ix, Tain o awnu. .,
1090 yard! t raaoh Oriaedlaa at lHi, valut St cants.
(OOg yards Past Oolorad Lawne at 10, valut 13 otntt.
1000 yards Poulard Dreti Bilk tt 37, ralae SO cent.
151HI yardt Buptr Plata Bliok Bilk St I 00. vain S)lSSf
Babes of Oraandit Berace, and Bnglleb Berage, at on.
half tbelr value. , a . , r i ' I
lilW St BON. '
99 South Blgb Street.
Elegahtlace Ivlantillas,
n XiJXXN, cto SON",
3STo. 29;.S3titinEDgli St.,
HATI just opened an, tnyoic bf vary large and
bandanm' "
Wide'French Laces for Shawi&T
Very Peep French Flouncing Laoes,
: Real Thread, French, Chantllla ft Genevose
' VEEL9. '
Valencienuei, Point de Gaze, Brussels
i and Thread Laoes and Collars,
! . .' In new Sbspes,
I T .- For traveling!
: Traveling Dress Goods.
LAYSIXA8, BR00BI TAtBNCI18, Ac. 4.0.
Tbt beet and Most fashionable stylet In tbs city,
r, . t , r . t i ovn,
i J91 rA i - i .. ' 59 Beam High Strttt.
I -
rr S A Ult
urocenes, .. t . ... 7.
j ,.j Produce,- ,
j .-rr-.r-rz-.z "Proviaions,
t J' a,.-b '' .' '
j Foreiga and Domestic Liquora, ;
Fruits, etc. etc.,
NoIOa, outh High Street,
Ik old stand reoently occupiad by.WM. McDOHALD.
" ' "
, He I In dally receipt of
. Which bt will sell . .
Ctieap far Cash ar Country Produce.
XsOoQdsellyertd to City trad frea'of cbargt.U
, No." 106. South -High Street,'
' DIALER TH . " ;
v ..--., . ' '
' Foreign an JDomestic Fruits,
FLOlipr, SALT, tIiU0R8,'ETC.
Jlyl3 - . '; '
Steam Between Ireland and America.
' . tiiyr TORg. boston and ibalway .
Th following new and nagnifieat firtt-class paddle -wheel
Bteamthip eompott tht abort lint:. . .....
ADBUTIO, 5,888 ton burthen, Capt, J. MiCRT
, (formerly of tb Collin Una.) , '
BtBEBKIA, 4,400 ton burthen, Capt. If. Paowt.
COLUMBIA, 4,400 " " H.Liitcb. ""
ANOLia. ' v " " 4,400 ' mcaoucH.
PAOIflO, aeoo t. Sana.
( 3,300 ' J.WAUtn.
s Ope of the above thlp will leave New York or Boston
alternately every T need ay fortnight, for Ualway, oar- '
lying th gore rnment mailt, . touching at Bt. Johns,
Tb ttevotra of tbi lite bav bee constructed with
lb greatest ear, aodtr th luparvialon of lb govtrn-mnt,baTwatr-tlgbt
eompartaMnt. and ar nnexoel- -led
lor comfort, aafaty and ipaad by any eteamers afloat. '
They ar ommaoded by abas and experienced oOoert,
and erery exertion will bt made to promote th comfort
of paaaenrera. . .
Aa;ezperlenoed Surgeon attached to each ship., .
flnt-clatsN. x'.oratonto6alayorl,lTerp)oll(n
Beoond-claa, . 7j
Urtt-class, " .: , . ., : tool JobnV 3S
Thlrd-claat, .. to Oalway or Llvtrpool.
or any town In Ireland, Xb a Railway, - - - 30
Thlrd-claa pattengert an liberally supplied with pro
vision of th best quality, cooked aod tarred bv th aar-
Ivants of th Company . . - r. . ..
! , KETUBIf TICKETS.-- v...
Parties wishing to sand for thair frtead from tb old '.
country can obtain ticket from any town on a railway, in '
Inland, or from th principal cities of Bngland and boot
land, at very low rata. '
. fasBgsn for Haw Torky arriving by th ' Boston' '
Bleamers, will bt forwarded to New York fie of eliarge.
Mot pastag e f arlbn Information, spb ry to
At tb offlos of th Oonrpaay, on th wharf, foot of
Canal street, New York..
. ,apU0:d6ni. '
I ' ' a i r immmlH it r i "
::i B AUNT & SON; . I
' ' 0. 29 I0UTH man BTKOT,;' -' "
lrOWJytiSoMr Plain Black Silks MIl OO-fTtJrf' '
, it tS ret yard. J Jj J 1
fltSOOyard Traveling Dr aad Mantle Goods', !(
a-Beentswjraia SO saU par yard. c- t- y i
8rOOOrrdlJRUtBrJUlnte- l-12 18 cent Zl.
vala BOetnUptrjard ;, , ,
SO0O yard Tin 'ana Dometllo blnjbims g'reatly an.
tJtsewsCCiA -.... wit..i
.V' ,.tri7iU-sat-3?"'--1nr)''J in.
'KOZUIBQTrZS, BAIZOgTir-tg.! v.'v-.
TTeWtr and Fswahkmabla ZreM Gtqq
a sh most oatlrabi ttyltt and at very lowtrt prices.
rr I l-rliil-'" ri'na m ('..
Of all materials, mad la th mot stylish manner after
th laittt Jaxl4TaalUcn-Oi kiost elegW styfciTi n
ths dty. .
aj'.W'.":-fl 1Xtt Vj St. WSautbHIgbXrm.. '
,v - -
Ante HFIalta a)4 HA mmott in
, nut vutoked of tupetior ouaniy. yor sal ny
1U1H At BOH,
aabSl Ma-WBoatllBlghtt

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